Short french tip nails

The C was sold to pay for polish 💅

2011.03.25 14:31 Teatoly The C was sold to pay for polish 💅

The C was sold to pay for polish 💅

2023.05.28 18:53 Open_Detective9893 Working at mastro’s

I was curious to see if anybody on here has ever worked or currently works at mastro’s ocean club. I nailed the interview and got the job but at the end the manager tells me “just so you are aware, as for some people this is a deal breaker, we do have the highest tip out in the country for servers. We tip out 42% of your tips to the assistants.” Of course I said yeah that’s ok because I was on the spot but that seems very high. So I’m just looking to see if anybody has any feedback on working there as a server and do the high price tickets make up for the massive tip out! Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.28 18:52 IndustrySerious NBC Universal Internships

So I applied maybe a few months ago for the summer internships and I got denied for them. When I applied, I didn’t have strongest resume or long portfolio. And I was in my first semester of being a film major after switching from English. I want to apply to the ones that I think that I’ll be good at and excel and I did two more short films, used different cameras, adobe premier, etc. Are there any tips that someone could give if they ever interned for NBC? I’m starting my senior year in the fall!
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2023.05.28 18:50 RileyRazzmatazzz My book collection

My book collection
I've been collecting for about 3 years now. Most books are from 1850-1940, my favorites are the school books. All of these were thrift store finds that I got for about $4 each. I have no idea the value of my collection or even how to go about getting such information.
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2023.05.28 18:46 Little_Blue_Otter How do I keep my tattoo safe and clean while working dog daycare (outside all day in the heat)

So, I’m getting a new tattoo in a few days, it’s Ellie’s tattoo from the last of us part 2, so it’s pretty decent size. I just started a new job at a pet daycare/boarding place a week ago. I made the tattoo appointment before I got the job. I’m worried about it getting infected or messed up which I have to work with big dogs that like to jump. We also have to stay outside for 8 hours with little to know shade, watching the dogs. I’m short, 5’1 so even if I held my arm up it would still get hit. I’m so also worried if I use long sleeves the sweat will get it infected since we only get one 15 minute break durning the shift. Any tips or tricks I can use are much appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.
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2023.05.28 18:38 comeEnme Thoughts on this kit? Slightly confused because it says it comes with a 70cc treats kit but it’s labeled 65cc

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2023.05.28 18:36 pannukeeki Did I make a mistake?

I’m not sure how to feel about this haircut. I asked for ”it can be really short but I still want to look feminine” and I don’t know if the haircut is bad or am I just… not feminine nor pretty. I’ve always been really insecure about my face and hair so I just can’t form an opinion. After shower it’s kinda wavy and it’s cool but after a while it just goes straight and… I feel really ugly. To be honest no hairstyle I’ve had has felt like ”ah this is the one!” and I’m losing hope.
Here’s some pics of me
Any tips or comforting words..? 🥲
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2023.05.28 18:36 SavingsSpare8104 How can I quickly dry my nails?

How can I quickly dry my nails?
Have your nails ever been perfectly manicured or pedicured, waited a long time, and then discovered that they still had smudges on them? Believe us, we understand. We're providing advice on how to dry nail paint quickly because of this. So, here are a few trade secrets you might want to try out!

1. How much time does nail polish require to dry?

The drying time will vary depending on the type of nail polish being used. Several things can affect how long things take to dry. The type of polish used, the thickness and number of applications used, and whether or not you incorporated nails art beauty are a few examples. In spite of this, it usually takes between 10 and 15 minutes for nail polish to dry. The best course of action is to stay away from any dangerous activities, even if your manicure or pedicure seems dry. In the case of a pedi, avoid jogging shortly after getting your nails done.

2. Why isn't the lacquer on my nails drying?

Inadequate application is the most frequent cause of your nail polish not drying. Drying time can be significantly sped up by applying too many layers, applying too many coats too quickly, or applying too many coats. Additionally, if you've waited a while and your nails are still wet, check the bottle's expiration date. That nail paint bottle may have been stored for a lot longer than you realized, and now it is just bad.

3. How may nail polish be quickly dried?

The fact that you don't have a lot of time can be a contributing factor in the issue. Or perhaps you're just tired since your most recent manicure was destroyed while you were waiting for it to dry. You've been contemplating how to dry nails quickly, whether it was because of a terrible experience or a hectic schedule. Nearly all people who enjoy nail art think about ways to reduce drying time. That nail technicians have developed a variety of tips and tricks is not at all surprising. So, if you still have questions about how soon nail polish dries, read on. To find out, keep reading!

4. Polish that dries quickly

It didn't take long for nail polish makers to grasp the difficulty of long drying times as more people entered the beauty business and regularly used nail polish on their clients. Fast-drying nail polish was created as a result. There won't be much waiting required after using this type of nail paint. On your hand or foot, the first nail should be dry by the time you get to the last nail.

trendy short gel nails

5. Dryer for nail polish

One of the most widely used methods for accelerating nail polish drying is a hairdryer. Just bear in mind to always use cool air, never hot, when setting your blow dryer. If it is set to warm air, your nail polish may end up melting rather than drying. Additionally, make sure the air burst isn't too powerful. In the end, you want your lacquer to dry rather than blitz it off your nails and onto your cuticles. Additionally, if you don't have access to a hairdryer, you may try fanning your nails with some paper.

6. Swift-drying drips

Oil-based, quick-drying drops are a great substitute for a fast-drying top coat because they don't add a second layer to your nail. The drops maintain the color while absorbing the solvents in the nail polish. The drops create a sort of barrier after you apply them to your nails. They protect your nails from tiny foreign objects like dirt or dust. They simply slip off, not setting in the polish. The composition of these products also makes them a fantastic cuticle moisturizer. A win-win situation, indeed!

7. How quickly does water dry nails?

A cold water nail polish method may be what you're thinking of. You can try two other approaches, though. Start by soaking your freshly painted nails in cold water. To avoid leaving smudges on your nails, make sure the water is flowing short gel nails natural steadily but not too quickly. Before painting your nails, use the second technique: place two or three ice cubes in a bowl of cold water. Following the completion of your nail painting, wait two minutes before dipping your nails into the bowl and holding them there for five minutes. When you pull your nails out, you should notice water beads forming on the nail plate. It will result in your nail.
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2023.05.28 18:36 NanoSpectro Easy way to grab deepsight in the new dungeon without dying

Not sure how easy to execute this is on controller, but if you play with mouse and keyboard here’s a little tip:
You may have noticed that if you sprint jump through the deepsight, it immediately kills all your momentum. Meaning you’re forced to stand still for a second eating wizard bolts like a dummy. Oftentimes, this leads to an inopportune death, or puts you low enough for other ads to kill you while you run away trying to recover.
Thankfully, there is a way to carry your momentum while jumping through the deepsight. Picking up only kills your forward momentum, meaning if you quickly turn around while jumping and picking it up, you’ll still have the momentum from your jump. This little trick helped me a great deal to pick up the deepsight with boss aggro while taking very little damage. Most of the time the deepsight animation finishes playing as you land or shortly after, meaning you can immediately go back to running around.
It’s worth noting that this also works with other actions that kill forward momentum, such as placing a rally banner. That’s actually where I first learned of this bug a few years back!
Once again, not sure how easy it is to execute on a controller, but I watched one of my controller buddies do it a few times in some of our runs. Probably requires a high sensitivity though.
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2023.05.28 18:32 RBZL FAA Investigations for Pilot Deviations: Everything you never knew you wanted to know!

Hey everyone. As a bit of background, I'm a former FAA Aviation Safety Inspector (ASI). No, I'm not your_friendly_asi, though I've communicated with them. I've previously posted about my path to 1500 hours, and I've made incognito comments about what the FAA is or isn't likely do while I was employed as an ASI. However, the FAA's social media policy is both ambiguous and strict, so I was careful about what I said. Now that I'm no longer employed, I'm comfortable sharing a bit more about the ASI job, and what the FAA (either as an agency, as a FSDO, or as an individual ASI) is likely to do in certain circumstances.
Of course, one of the biggest concerns as a pilot is what happens when you become the subject of a FAA investigation, whether you were the one that screwed something up or you were caught by proxy (i.e. as someone's instructor). There are a lot of misconceptions among the pilot community about what's going to happen to you, and what you need to do. So, let's talk about it!
Obligatory note that I am no longer employed with the Federal government of the FAA, and that the information below is my personal viewpoint and not an official position of the FAA. All of this information is available publicly via FAA orders which dictate how investigations and deviations are handled. I'm not telling you anything secret or proprietary here. Also note that each FAA office can operate a little differently, but still be within the policies and guidance.

Why would the FAA investigate me?

The FAA is charged with investigating anything which falls within it's 9 "areas of responsibility", as mandated by Congress and 49 USC. See FAA order 8020.11, as revised. Those areas include the competency of FAA-certificated airmen, and violations of Federal Aviation Regulations (14 CFR). Therefore, if the FAA becomes aware that there is a possibility that you may have violated a regulation or that you might not be competent for whatever reason, the FAA is mandated to look into it.
You would probably find yourself in this situation after making some sort of error or mistake. It's not hard as a pilot to violate a regulation, if we're being perfectly honest. 91.123(a) is probably the most common violation - failure to comply with an ATC clearance. This is fairly all-encompassing. You could take a wrong turn during taxi, land on the wrong runway, get off your assigned altitude or route while IFR, or anything else you can think of which ATC instructed to do but you didn't for whatever reason. And this is just one single regulation in Part 91 - obviously there are hundreds of regulations in 14 CFR which you could potentially run afoul of, though ATC clearances are the most commonly investigated because ATC notices you deviated from your clearance and essentially snitches on you (not hating on them - more on that later).

How would I know I'm being investigated?

Ultimately, you'll know because eventually someone at the FAA will contact you. It will usually be an ASI. Depending on the source of the report and the workload of the ASI, you may not hear anything until a month or so after the event. The ASI may send you a formal Letter of Investigation (LOI), a Compliance Program and Pilot's Bill of Rights (CP & PBR) brochure, or they may just try to give you a phone call initially. ASIs CAN text you and email you! Many ASIs are issued cell phones, and nothing says they can't try to get a hold of you using any means. My process was to call the pilot and ask for an email address so that I could send some information that way, instead of needing to physically throw something in the snail mail. Policies can vary by each office, though.
If you mess something up and ATC issues you what's known as a Brasher warning (i.e. "possible pilot deviation" usually along with "I have a phone number for you to call"), it doesn't guarantee that you're going to end up being investigated. Depending on what happened, though, ATC may be required to submit something called a MOR, or a Mandatory Occurrence Report. So yes, ATC sometimes snitches on you, but they're required to for certain things. It can also be controller and facility dependent as to what they will file reports for - if a facility is seeing a lot of the same deviations/violations, they might start filing reports even if it's something minor in order to try to put some attention on it higher up. This report makes its way through the ATC chain until it is eventually forwarded to the FSDO with responsibility over the event. If you're a GA pilot, the FSDO covering the geographical area where you messed something up will investigate. If you're a certificate holder or fly for one (part 121, 135, etc), the report will go to the FSDO, CHDO, or CMO which manages that certificate. Routing all of this is a whole process, which is why it can take a month or more after the event to be contacted by the FAA.

An ASI contacted me after some sort of event happened... F*%#. Now what?

Straight to jail, obviously. Might as well cut up your certificates too, before they come pick you up. It will show the ASI that you feel bad about what you did, and that you respect his authoritah, which may lead to a reduced sentence.
Nah, you're probably one of about 12 PDs (Pilot Deviations) on the ASI's desk right now. Remember that whole mandate for the FAA to investigate certain things? The ASI is most likely not out to get you, he's just doing his bureaucratic job. Keep in mind that an ASI is also a pilot, holding at least a Commercial Pilot Certificate and meeting Airline Transport Pilot qualifications, and if he's a General Aviation Operations ASI he's also a current CFI with at least a few hundred hours of instructing. He's going to contact you as described above, send you the Pilot's Bill of Rights in some form, and probably try to schedule a time to talk with you about what happened. This will normally just be a phone call. The ASI might also ask you to provide copies of some things, like your logbooks showing that you were current and had the appropriate endorsements for the type of flight you were conducting. Your pilot and medical certificates can be looked up, but you may also be asked for copies of those to verify that you have them in your possession and that they match. Other things may be requested, as appropriate, depending on what exactly happened.
The purpose of the interview (phone call, or otherwise) is for the ASI to determine a few things: what happened, why it happened, if it was intentional, and why you are or aren't likely to do the same thing again. In short, the ASI is tasked with gathering all of the facts associated with the event, and performing a Root Cause Analysis to determine why whatever it is that happened did happen. Your input and perspective as the pilot is very important to this, because nobody knows what you were thinking or what you were seeing except you. Without your input, the ASI has to make a determination on what to do about the event with only the other limited information available.
The possible outcomes of this investigative process are typically: No Action, Compliance Action, Remedial Training via FAAST, 49 USC 44709 Reexamination, or Enforcement Action. There are also things called SNAAPs which are basically warning letters, but they aren't commonly used in most FSDOs for GA pilots. Ultimately, the ASI and the FSDO/CHDO/CMO is empowered to take any action which they feel will ensure continued safety of the National Airspace System.

Some of those outcomes don't sound encouraging. What's going to happen to me? Sounds like "straight to jail" is still on the table.

I'd say that over about 95% of the time, a PD is going to be resolved with Compliance Action. This is part of the FAA's new Compliance Program/Philosophy. I'd really recommend a quick read of FAA Order 8000.373, as it's only a page and a half and really sums up the point of the Compliance Program. If you get the CP & PBR brochure (see it here), it also explains the general idea. The FAA at one point figured out that to actually enhance aviation safety, they needed to obtain the perspective of pilots involved in deviations. Pilots aren't willing to share information which might be incriminating, though, if there is no incentive to do so. Why would you tattle on yourself if the FAA is just going to use that information to work on taking your certificate away via Enforcement Action?
The Compliance Program allows an ASI to resolve a probable regulatory violation or deviation without resorting to Enforcement Action. The potential corrective actions are pretty limitless and are at the discretion of the ASI and the office, but typically this is accomplished via Compliance Action Counseling. The ASI is going to review their Root Cause Analysis with you, and offer feedback and suggestions in order to help ensure that the situation does not occur again. This is normally done via a phone call, with a follow-up letter. For simple violations, half of the time I would simply complete counseling on the phone immediately after the interview with a pilot. Occasionally, Remedial Training would be suggested if a pilot was very rusty and the event involved something like a runway incursion where the consequenses were potentially more serious if things happened to go really sideways.
The thing with the Compliance Program is that the ASI needs to be confident that you also understand the root cause of the event, and that you are willing and able to comply with applicable regulations in the future. "Willing" means that you're willing to openly talk to the ASI about the event and share what happened, what you learned, and how you plan to mitigate against such a situation in the future, so you might want to think about that before your conversation. "Able" means that you are competent and proficient enough to exercise your privileges without invoking future violations, among other things. Entering into the interview conversation having already thought about the root causes, and what you've already done or are going to do to ensure that the event won't be a repeat occurrence will do a huge amount to assure the ASI that you are indeed willing and able to comply in the future.
If there is a serious question as to your competency, you might be looking at a 44709 reexamination ("709 Ride"). As most pilots know, this is essentially a checkride, or a portion thereof, conducted by the ASI to evaluate whatever Areas of Operation of the applicable ACS or PTS that you have been identified as potentially being deficient in. These are fairly rare, and generally only occur after things like accidents where a pilot's actions or story indicate that they really may not have known what they're doing. If you mess up an instrument approach in IMC reeeeally badly, ATC has to intervene repeatedly, and you don't think that you did anything wrong after the fact and that it was all ATC's fault, you may also be looking at a 709 ride, for example.
Enforcement Action is typically reserved for the most egregious violations, or violations where a pilot willingly and deliberately engaged in a violation or another sort of illegal activity. If you're flying with literally everything expired, both in terms of yourself and the airplane, and you're doing other dumb and illegal things during that flight like buzzing people or houses, there's no way that you shouldn't have known better. This is the process in which your certificates are in danger, or you're looking at civil penalties or criminal charges, as applicable. If you made an honest mistake, even if it resulted in a totaled airplane and a hospital stay, Enforcement Action is extremely unlikely because the Compliance Program is designed to handle most unintentional violations. Enforcement cases are also a huge workload and pain in the rear for both the ASI and the office.

So for each outcome, what does it mean in the end? Will it be on my record anywhere?

For Compliance Action, Remedial Training, and a successfully passed 709 Ride, typically, no. Once you successfully complete whatever the requirement is for you to return to compliance, you'll receive a letter stating that the FAA/ASI have determined there is no cause for further action and that you may consider the matter closed. These events don't show up on any record that the FAA would normally forward about you, i.e. in a PRIA request or via the Pilot Records Database. However, many aviation employers and airlines do now specifically ask if you have ever been the subject of a FAA investigation, a 44709 reexamination, or something along those lines. Whether or not they have the means to verify this with the FAA, I'm not sure and I honestly really doubt, but it would be at your own risk to not report such events to an employer if asked.
For a failed 44709 Reexamination (x2 - you usually get two shots, unless the first one was so terrible that the ASI believes you have absolutely no chance whatsoever of passing a second time) or Enforcement Action, those will turn up because the result will usually be a certificate suspension, revocation, or downgrade. Enforcement Action will likely having you talking to the FAA's attorneys in an attempt to settle the matter with a suspension or something similar. If you did something really big, illegal, and intentional, you're probably headed to the NTSB judges eventually, though they're backed up years because they handle all of the Department of Transportation cases and not just the FAA. They also do so with only a handful of judges.
So really, an honest mistake with today's FAA isn't that big of a deal so long as you weren't intentionally violating regulations, and you're willing to talk about what happened and why it's not going to happen again. The ASI will appreciate your cooperation in quickly clearing another PD off his task list, and you can get back to flying without the trip to jail.


Why are pilots so afraid of this process, then? If you're not lying, it doesn't sound so bad.

The "old" FAA didn't have the Compliance Program. The only tool in their toolbox was a hammer (Enforcement Action), and every violation or other problem was a nail. Any little mistake that a pilot made did carry real jeopardy that their certificate was in danger. Obviously, that didn't foster trust that the FAA was really there to help, because they often weren't. There was also a time before ASRS/ASAP reporting and other programs which reduced or eliminated the penalties in exchange for information sharing. Essentially, the FAA finally figured out that if they wanted to improve aviation safety, they needed honest and accurate information from pilots. Pilots weren't inclined to share information if it would be used against them and enforcement was the only outcome. Programs were created to remove the consequences of an unintentional violation, and those are now the primary ways that deviations are resolved. Many pilots are still afraid of the "old" FAA, even though in practice it no longer really exists.

Do I need a lawyer to talk to the FAA or ASI during an investigation?

No. If you have access to one at no cost through another benefit like AOPA or employer insurance, go for it. However, lawyers just become an intermediary to work through, especially for simple deviations. If you want to minimize consequenses, you're going to personally talk to the ASI and you're going to openly share information about the event. A lawyer can't get you out of an investigation or the outcome, because they can't override the very broad 49 USC authority that the FAA has been given in both investigating and reexamining airmen. If you know for sure you're looking at an Enforcement Action, you can still settle with the FAA attorneys on your own, but a laywer at that point is up to you. Heading to NTSB court? Yeah, lawyer up, because you done messed up now, A-A-Ron.
You are always free to retain a lawyer and direct the FAA to communicate with them at any time, and most ASIs really don't care one way or another, but I would say it's an unnecessary expense if your deviation was an honest mistake. Do whatever makes you feel better, though.

Should I really talk to the ASI during the investigation? This seems like a trap.

As explained, the Compliance Program is only an option if you're willing and able to comply. If you're not willing to openly and honestly talk about the event, you're not really willing to comply. The alternative if you are determined to have violated a regulation is Enforcement Action, soooo... your choice!

What if I don't want to disclose everything to the ASI? What all do they know/have access to?

More often than not, the ASI has the ATC data regarding the event. This includes the radar data and ATC communications. They can play back the portion of your flight in question, so they can see where you actually were, what you were actually doing, and what was actually said. They of course also have access to the FAA databases for your certificates, medical, aircraft, and prior contact with the FAA. I wouldn't suggest lying about any of that.
An ASI reviews all of this before reaching out to you, so usually your conversation is just to fill in the gaps and figure out what was going on in the airplane from your perspective. If I can see or hear from ATC data that you took a wrong turn during taxi and then were embarassed about it before I even talk to you, I probably just have one or two gaps to fill in as to why it happened. Otherwise, unless this is the third time you've come up on my desk this year or you tell me something really abhorrent when we talk, it's almost certainly going to be a Compliance Action Counseling conversation and then good day, sir.

What about the NASA ASRS report? Doesn't that get me out of jail?

Kind of - honestly, an ASI typically isn't even aware if you filed one, or what the status of that is. It would likely come into play if you were facing Enforcement Action. Filing a report will not guarantee that an investigation does not occur, or that you will not need to talk to an ASI. It only guarantees that you will be immune to civil penalties or certificate suspension if you file a report in a timely manner, and you weren't doing something illegal. The information in your report also can't be used for enforcement purposes. That said, if the FAA finds out about a potential violation a month later, and you knew about it but didn't file a report, you generally can't go file one after the fact as an oopsie-daisy to try to avoid the consequences. If you suspect you violated something and you're worried about it, it never hurts to file the report. And as explained above, unless you were grossly deficient or intentionally violating a regulation, you're probably only looking at Compliance Action either way.

I received a Letter of Investigation. Am I in more trouble than just receiving the CP & PBR Brochure? What's the difference?

Not necessarily. You're supposed to receive the Pilot's Bill of Rights in some form before the FAA talks to you about an investigation into an event in any substantial manner, regardless of the nature of the investigation or what the expected outcome is. The LOI is required to be sent to you prior to any Enforcement Action, so some ASIs/offices send out LOIs for any report of a Pilot Deviation just in case something is discovered which pushes it into enforcement. Both the Brochure and LOI contain the required Pilot's Bill of Rights notification, so either one works from the ASI's perspective of simply being able to talk to you about the event. The LOI does inherently come off as more intimidating, though, as it's more formal and on the FAA letterhead.

An ASI randomly handed me a CP & PBR Brochure on the ramp, at an air show, etc - am I in trouble?

No, unless they wrote something in the brochure indicating something specific about a potential violation. ASIs are supposed to share the brochures to raise awareness of the Compliance Program whenever they interact with pilots.

I had a bad interaction with the FAA where _____ happened, and it was nothing like what you said.

Sorry about that. Like I said, not every office is the same. Generally, ASIs want to use the Compliance Program to get things out the door where they can. Maybe you got a grumpy ASI, or their office had seen that sort of thing a lot and was cracking down, or there was more to the story. Like any organization, let alone being the fed, there is some inconsistency between regions and offices. Every ASI I personally knew would have done their best to be fair and to follow the CADP (Compliance Action Decision Process), which I more or less explained in the sequence of events above.

I have another question about what the FAA would or wouldn't do.

Feel free to post it or DM me - I can't guarantee any specific course of action or outcome, and I don't speak for the FAA officially, but I might know some stuff about things regarding your Q.
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2023.05.28 18:25 Icy-Ambassador-3934 Extreme exhaustion, dizziness, migraines

Hi everyone. I’m 25f, 5’5 and weigh about 125lbs and I’ve been struggling with my health for the past few years. Since I was a teenager I’ve always had very low energy but in the past year it has gotten drastically worse to the point where I can barely leave the house as I’m too exhausted. Even if I’m stood up for a few minutes I begin to get dizzy and have to sit down. I even have to take breaks during showers just to sit down for a minute. I’ve been to a doctor many times and done blood tests and wore a heart monitor for 72 hours but the only thing they found was my thyroid is slightly under active and I was put on levothyroxine around three months ago but I haven’t noticed any changes. I try to go for short walks to build up a resistance but this hasn’t helped. I sleep about 10 hours a night and wake up stiff and sore and even more tired. I’ll give you a little symptom list. Any advice is appreciated
Extreme exhaustion (made worse by even small activities) Dizziness when I stand or bend my head down Joint pain in shoulders and knees Recurring infections in ear piercing that I’ve had since I was a baby, my nail cuticles and gums (Not sure if this is relevant but it stuck out to me) Very sensitive to temperature and swing from boiling hot to freezing cold Excessive sweating Out of breath from basic tasks like walking to the bathroom Very bad migraines that lead to vomiting, a spinning sensation and blurred vision I often feel the spinning sensation even without the migraines when I’m just lying in bed Terrible short term memory and forming sentences Bad concentration Blood pooling in hands and feet
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2023.05.28 18:25 a_man_and_his_box [FO4] Trying to solve a mystery, not getting ammo from gun pickups, and there are no loose guns in the world.

So I read this post:
And the long reply that goes with it. And my problem is: none of it works. The original guy saying you need to pick up the gun separately in order to get the clip worth of ammo -- nope, doesn't work for me. Importantly, I noticed it doesn't work because somehow in my game, there are no loose guns anymore. If anyone dies, their gun is melded to their hand, and cannot be manually picked up. No guns scattered on the ground after a fight. Instead, you have to go into the inventory menu for that body, and select the gun that way. And doing so does not give a clip's worth of bullets. It gives no bullets.
(To clarify, I can see the guns on the bodies, as I said the gun is held in the hand. However, it cannot be picked up or taken out of the hand, as it isn't loose on the ground like in my previous games. All guns are now "one with the corpse." The gun can still be taken by going to the body's inventory menu, but no ammo/clip comes with it.)
ALSO, the guy who replied to that post and said he tested it tons and works in various ways -- none of those ways work for me. I have no way to get clips of ammo. What am I doing wrong? I test on both my survival mode game, and a hard mode game. Neither game works, even with different characters.
I have a short mod list:
*HUDFramework.esm *StorageBot.esl *SimSettlements.esm *SettlementTidyBot.esl *Settler Sandbox Overhaul.esl *Faster Terminal Displays (20x).esp *Journey.esp *QuickTrade.esp *BTA_ForceOpen.esp *Scrap annoying things.esp *HoloTime_2.esp *Fog Remover II (AIO) Recommended w Dust-Leaves-Debris.esp *Fog Remover II (AIO) - Interior Fog Remover.esp *Companion Fall Damage Immunity.esp *PiperCaitCurieDialogueOverhaul.esp *Use Console Commands in Survival.esp *3DNPC_FO4Settler.esp *cVc Dead Wasteland 6.esp *cVc Dead Wasteland 6 DLC.esp *cVc Dead Wasteland 6 DLC2.esp *Quick Save.esp *FO4 NPCs Travel.esp *mso_sms.esp
Any ideas? What causes guns to meld to NPCs, and clips of ammo to be missing from guns when picked up? Thanks for any tips.
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2023.05.28 18:24 AliceHoning Girls, need your advice on meeting for the first time in a foreign country!

Girls, need your advice on meeting for the first time in a foreign country!
I am unsure if he is legit or if this is a possible scam. I have read the wiki and I know 'if you have to ask if it's a scam, it probably is' but I am not sure about this one, it might not be? I am located in Belgium so this would be a short flight to Denmark. (About a day in travel in total) I am just curious why he would ask to fly someone over without even having a conversation first. I look nice but not THAT stunning or anything. I haven't answered yet. So any helpful advice on which questions to ask to determine if this is real and safe would be much appreciated ! Or more importantly, any actions to take to make sure I am safe if I were to take this trip. I have only met with POTs in my home country and always follow the rule to meet in public but meeting in a foreign country sounds like an entirely different approach. Thank you!
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2023.05.28 18:20 ninjaturtlebomb Help with Stairs

Long story short: is there something I can put on the stairs to provide more grip or a back pack like product to help me carry a pittie?
Howdy! A pittie at the shelter I work at has been there 2.5 years (nearly her whole life). She’s had trouble finding a home due to dog reactivity on leash, some stranger danger (can pass by people fine but doesn’t like being approached), and getting mouthy when over stimulated.
Still, I’ve seen her make so much progress despite being at the shelter all this time. Im getting my own place in august and want to foster her even if just for short periods at a time to continue working on her issues and give her practice in a home environment.
My concern is there’s 3 sets of stairs to get up and she doesn’t have experience with them. The back set would offer the most privacy but they’re made of wood and don’t have lots of traction.
Apart from continued practice, is there anything I can put on the stairs or something I can use to easily carry her (55 lbs)? Any tips or product recommendations are appreciated.
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2023.05.28 18:20 Special_Grapefruit40 Blister on Toe

Has anyone also experienced that he always gets blisters on the front of the toes with basketball shoes? With me, the second toe from the left always gets blisters and the nail bleeds. Normally I have in Nike or Jordan shoes the size EU 45 (US 12). But with basketball shoes I get blisters with all shoes from EU 45 - 48 (US 12 - 14).
My shoes so far were Zion 1, Adidas Dame 8, New Balance WXY V3.
Does anyone have a tip on what to do about it.
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2023.05.28 18:12 edi_confetti I just don’t want to be belittled anymore

Im in love with my boyfriend but lately I can’t shake the feeling that he’s a bit difficult. We’ve started couple’s therapy but the therapist we’re using is also his therapist. I don’t feel comfortable with that and I’ve let him know. He says I don’t fight hard enough for what I want in the relationship because when he asks me to explain things in detail and defend my point, I sometimes get flustered and give up. He’s let me know that I have a lot of issues and I’ve really been trying to fix them, but I recently pointed out that I feel uncomfortable with the amount of correction and analysis I receive from him. There are days where for hours he points out everything I’m doing wrong. For example while grocery shopping I made a joke about cereal and he said I was so judgmental towards other people and myself. This went on for several hours. I’m usually not allowed to interrupt or say anything because that upsets him. I asked if we could take a break for an hour. I asked if maybe the amount of negative things he points out about me could be less. He explained that these things were only negative because I gave them that characteristic. He said what he was sharing were just observations.
I feel that the amount of things I have to be careful about are getting out of control. He pointed out that I stomp around so I’ve started walking on my tip toes. He doesn’t Like the word “just” so I’ve started using it less. He’s trying to stay off sugar so I don’t bring sugar drinks around him because they’re too tempting. My hands get cold and he’s explained that hugging him with cold hands is a violation of his trust. Before hugging him I’ve now started to let him check my hand temperature. I started to keep my nails short because he says my nails scratch his couch (his couch is 10 years old and has large chunks of Leather peeling off of it). When he brings something up and I answer too quickly he says that’s defensive just because it’s an automatic response. If I don’t fight for what I believe in though, he says I’m not agreeing with him from the heart and just avoiding conflict. Even the way we kiss has to be a certain way.
I have to be very selective with my words. For example, the other day I asked “what are your plans for the space” when construction for a room in his house was completed. He explained that what I asked implied there should be plans. A less leading question would have been “do you have plans for the space” because I’m asking if plans exist.
I have pointed out that there are a lot of rules to follow and he has explained that the rules were created by me. That these are just requests and I’ve chosen to create rules for myself. He recently pushed me to complete a self growth seminar but the people involved with it are very pushy and keep telling me to “shut my brain off” and i just can’t. I don’t know how to feel less worthless especially if I’m the one doing it all. It just feels like that might not be the case. Am I just being difficult? Am I really hurting myself?
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2023.05.28 18:12 thegaecousin Made a KMK wallpaper ❤️❤️

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2023.05.28 18:11 chawki2020 Video Interview Mastery: Essential Tips for Nailing the Video Interview

In today's fast-paced job market, video interviews have become an integral part of the hiring process. As remote work and virtual interactions become the new norm, mastering the art of video interviews is crucial for job seekers to leave a lasting impression on potential employers. However, this digital medium presents its own challenges and advantages.
Video interviews provide a unique opportunity for candidates to showcase their skills, personality, and professionalism from the comfort of their own space, saving time and expenses associated with travel while still allowing face-to-face interaction. Nevertheless, it is important to recognize that video interviews require a different approach and preparation compared to traditional in-person interviews. Understanding the nuances of this medium can significantly enhance your chances of success and help you stand out among the competition.
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2023.05.28 18:08 Ikoikobythefio Dallas - to the Heads who told me to stay after my friend lost his shit, THANK YOU

Long story short, my buddy couldn't handle his acid and freaked out. We're in the pit and after he ran off up the pavilion having wrestled with security. I was asking around me, "should I follow him? He's my friend!" and one dude grabbed my shoulders, looked me in the eye and said "let him go. Enjoy the show." The jolly, smiling dude behind me with his girl that offered me some french fries said "he's with 30k friends, there's nothing to worry about."
Then I had hands down one of the top 5 experiences of my life. Beat trip ever. Drums and space dissolved me into the cosmos.
So thank you fellas for ensuring I had a good time.
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2023.05.28 18:04 johnnyhighschool Question on editing from SSD & backing up files from a shoot

First time director here planning to do a rough edit of a short film I just shot. Shot on a on a BMPCC 6K G2 and used a T7 Shield 2TB when shooting. I also have an extra 1TB T7 Shield. The total storage size was about 700gb in the end. Am looking for some advice on two things:
My current plan is to format my extra 1TB drive on my laptop (Macbook Pro 14inch M1) and then take the footage from the 2TB drive and clone it to that 1TB drive (using clone tool). Any reason it would be smarter to format this on the Blackmagic? What would be best format settings?
My main question here is: which drive would I edit the footage off of? Does it make sense to have a third hard drive to edit footage off of? Also planning to edit first using proxy files. I'd love to avoid adding more space to my internal hard drive as I am somewhat close to full capacity on it (about 70% full).
Any tips? Thanks!
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2023.05.28 18:00 JazmineSails French tips

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2023.05.28 17:56 changing_everyday Tips for learning French language

So I am a complete beginner. I have never spoken a word in French. I don't know where and how to start. Could you please suggest me some books, online courses, free resources, apps etc?
Also what is the best way to learn a language from scratch? It would be great if you would share your own experiences of learning French.
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2023.05.28 17:53 2600_yay "Private spies hired by FBI and corporations infiltrate Discord, Reddit, WhatsApp" - [General News][Corporate Threat Intelligence]

Happy Sunday, folks! I read YCombinator's HackerNews since I work in computahs and this post (below) popped up on HackerNews today, so I wanted to pass it along to Apes here:
If you're unfamiliar with the YCombinator HackerNews site, you have to click on the article title to go to the news story. (Here's the news story's link if the user interface is still confusing: )

About the author

The post is on an investigative reporter's Substack/blog. From the 'About me' page on Lee Fang:

Lee Fang

I’m a journalist with a longstanding interest in how public policy is influenced by organized interest groups and money.
I grew up in the shadow of the nation’s capital, in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The proximity to D.C. made a difference. I pored over copies of the Washington Post with breakfast and rode the Metro into the city to attend protests and think tank lectures as a teenager. I quickly realized that the best way to make a difference and stay true to my values was probably investigative reporting, a career I’ve pursued since college. I place institutions and power centers under scrutiny, and while doing it, I try to remain skeptical and fair-minded.
In April 2023, I officially launched this Substack as the primary place for my reporting. Here are some thoughts about why Substack as a model for journalism appeals to me. In short, I want an independent platform to investigate, provide analysis and break news without any partisan or ideological gatekeeping. I hope to produce original reporting that you can’t find anywhere else.
and his bio page continues on.

The Reporter's contact info section

Taken from that dude's biography page (above)
I cover all kinds of issues of public concern. Send me a tip if you have a story idea or documents you want to leak. You can reach me by direct message on Twitter, Signal at (202) 394-9170 or email at lee (at) I am based in San Francisco.
My thoughts as a security-minded engineer: I would highly suggest anyone wanting to reach out to this reporter avoid using Twitter for anything other than requesting this reporter's email address or a 'dead drop [file depositing] location'. Do not send files or personally-identifiable information over Twitter. Since Elongated Muskrat has taken over that company data access controls inside the company are running horribly. (A friend still works there and thus I've been able to stay in the loop regarding that issue and other similarly-concerning data safety issues at The Bird Site.)
I'd suggest reaching out to the reporter over his Signal number or - best method, in my opinion - emailing him at his email address, lee (at), from a fresh/new email address. By 'fresh, new email address' I mean an email address that isn't tied back to you that you've set up using a computer in a public setting (like a library) that you're sure is safe / doesn't have cameras pointed at the computer.
If people need someone to walk them through the steps of setting up anonymous or anonymous+encrypted (PGP) communication tools let me know and I can write up a Reddit post on how to safely email as an Ape. I've worked in this industry for over a decade, so if you're super-security-minded I would suggest avoiding using mobile phone email applications as I'm sure Google (Android) and Apple (iOS) are scooping up metadata that could expose sender information on applications like Signal. Instead, I suggest emailing reporters from a computer, but there are some extra steps that you want to take so that metadata cannot be tied back to you. Let me know regarding a "how to set up and use PGP" post and I'd be happy to write up a 'how to' guide in this subreddit over the coming days.
I was thinking that given this dude's reporting - - maybe some Apes would want to reach out to him to provide some data that the community has collected over the past few years.
  • He seems like he's not afraid to dig into large, important issues like "threat surveillance" (which is what the blog post that I linked to above) is about. Threat intel is the term for the surveillance that US government orgs (who, under their charters, DO NOT have surveillance right over American citizens in the absence of a warrant or other investigative order).
  • It's certainly NOT kosher for companies to illegally surveil social media - like Reddit - for (real or perceived... and let's be honest, the threats are largely perceived threats) against a company.
  • This report guy seems to have balls of steel and doesn't seem like the type of person that's easily deterred by threats from shitty corporations.
  • With the economy getting worse in the EU (Germany just announced that it's in a recession now) and the US economy [not-so-]slowly going down the crapper it is all the more important to expose these corporate fraudsters and thieves.
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