Calories in a turkey club sandwich


2019.07.31 18:04 zapatistang Gençlerbirliği

14 Mart 1923, Ankara Sultanisi’nden (bugünkü Atatürk Lisesi) bir grup öğrenci, beden eğitimi öğretmenlerinin yaptığı takımı beğenmeyip bir futbol kulübü kurmaya kalkıştılar. Sonra öğretmenleriyle sulh oldular, beraber kurdular kulubü: Gençlerbirliği doğdu. Bir rivayete göre Ankara gelinciğinden esinle, bir başka rivayete göre o sırada Karaoğlanoğlu hanındaki dükkânlarda başka renk kumaş olmadığından, kırmızı-siyahı seçtiler.

2010.01.08 11:37 trabzonspor 🏆Welcome to the home of the 21/22 Champions Trabzonspor.🏆

Trabzonspor is a professional Turkish football club located in the city of Trabzon, Turkey. Formed in 1967 through a merger of several local clubs, Trabzonspor have won eight Süper Lig championship titles, 9 Turkish Cups and 9 Super Cups.

2020.07.18 08:47 Alanyaspor

A subreddit for Alanyaspor professional soccer team. Alanyaspor is a professional Turkish football club located in the city of Alanya,Turkey.

2023.03.22 14:47 445diethelp First month update from being 445lbs and suicidal because of it.

Holy shit you guys. I really want to thank all of you that gave me advice when I was so down. I didn't know where to turn, what diet I should do again, what stupid rules I had to follow.
Somehow all of your words hit me and it finally clicked in my head. I'm not dieting, I'm changing my lifestyle and making better choices.
I woke up the next morning, cut out all the juice and switched to just water with my cirkul bottle. I got to work and when I ordered my salad I thought....I don't really need the cheese...thats just extra calories that I don't even taste that much. I swapped my creamy dressings to vinaigrette. My snacks are either veggies or fruit. I mentally round up all the calories so I have an idea of where I'm at for the day. And for the first time in my life I didn't feel like I fell off a diet when I ate a cupcake for my mom's birthday, I just ate it and enjoyed it. I counted it and moved on. It didn't even hurt my stomach the way cheating would if I had been on keto!
I have never treated myself nicer and I'm thrilled to say that in my first month I've lost 30lbs!
I know that's fast and not typical, the last week I hadn't lost anything and I assumed my body thought maybe I was trying to starve it so it was storing back up, I kept going and trusted the process and the scales moved again this morning.
It's going to be a long road ahead of me, but I think I actually got it this time guys! Now to add in walking and light exercise this month! Thank you all 💕
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2023.03.22 14:45 Nelyonelyos I'm definitely in a calorie deficit. Why am I gaining weight?

Hello all, I'm a 24 years old biologically female, 163 cm (5'4) and weigh 64 kg (141 lbs) right now.
I've started trying to lose weight last November at a starting weight of 66,6 kg (147 lbs) and had my BMR calculated at a doctor's office (they calculated it as being 1288 calories). Based on this number, I calculated my TDEE at the time as being 1545, so I started eating at 1250 calories a day, since a 300 calorie deficit seemed reasonable to me. I ate like this for the entirety of three months, and I lost 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs) in the process. Frankly, I didn't understand why that was the case.
After reading a lot of material online, I was under the impression that the weight loss was supposed to be faster than that (most guides claim that a healthy and sustainable weight loss rate is around 1-2 lbs or 0.5-1 kg per week) and that you should reduce your calorie intake some more if it went this slowly. So I took 200 calories more off, ate at 1050 calories a day and kept this up till the end of February, by which the scale had crawled down to 65.1 kg, so a loss of 300 g (not even 1 lbs), which might not even have been weight loss per se, but body fluctuations.
I was growing frustrated at this point to be honest, other people I know who had gone through their weight loss journey told me they had a much easier time, and I didn't understand why I'm struggling like this (still don't). I was hesitant to do this, but everything I read once again said, if your weight loss is this slow, the deficit isn't big enough, so I took another 200 off and am now eating 800 calories a day, starting with this on February 27th. This finally started working, and I steadily lost 2 kg (down to 63.1 kg/139 lbs) over the span of 2.5 weeks, but last week, I, for some reason, started getting heavier again. I was under the impression, that even accounting for body fluctuations, the trend was supposed to be downwards, and not go up for almost an entire kg (2 lbs).
Has this happened to anyone else? I'm very hesitant to eat in a larger deficit than this, and I'm also very sure I'm tracking all my calories correctly (I track every single gram in myfitnesspal, weigh everything I eat, don't use oil, spices or salt for cooking, drink only water and don't eat snacks, carbs like bread, rice, potatoes, noodles etc. or sugars like fruits and refined sugars).
Any advice would be welcome, I just don't understand what else I'm supposed to change to finally get to a steady weight loss rate.
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2023.03.22 14:45 Yuloff Oldest and Youngest parts of the EU

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2023.03.22 14:45 West-Inspection3873 Quick bite near 1300 block E 4th that doesn't need reservations?

Visiting and going to a show at east Austin comedy club tonight. Where can we jump in real quick to eat beforehand on the fly without reservations?
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2023.03.22 14:43 Theweirdposidenchild I accidentally spoiled the game for myself because google gave me a completely unrelated answer. Thanks google👍

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2023.03.22 14:43 algifen I (24F) am struggling to set boundaries with my (22M) bf regarding going out clubbing.

So I’ll start with the funniest thing about this: we met at the club lol. We live together in a smallish uni city and have been together for a year and a half. He’s very carefree, treats me right, is a good person in general. But we struggle to agree on this one issue, specifically whether it’s fine for him to go to the club with his guy friends and spend the night dancing with other women.
He (supposedly) always announces that he’s taken, there’s no touching involved and it’s mostly due to his role as a wingman for our single friend (who I know has issues with himself and struggles to respect boundaries and has one night stands whenever possible). One time he went to visit his friend to another city and left me home as they wanted a guy’s night out, which made sense to me, sure. Then he danced the entire five hours with a (F) friend of a girl that the said friend was trying to get with and followed her on Instagram the day after (she never followed him back which makes me cringe a little but whatever). On another, more recent occasion, they went to the club with the boys and one of our girl friends (that I trust very much), while I was away at home a state away, getting some doctor check ups. I had aggressively convinced myself to trust him and that nothing bad could possibly happen. Then I came back and we had an argument that led me to going through his messages (I know, I felt horrible) and him looking up these two girls that they’d met there for several days in a row, even after I was already home and asking THE guy friend and I’m quoting here, “how were her tits?” - meaning a girl from that same night that he’d slept with. Those are the two examples I know about but there were other times they went alone.
I myself go to clubs from time to time with my girl friends but my biggest worry is always making sure I don’t give off a wrong impression and not spending time with men one on one - most I’ve done was third wheeling while my friend was trying to hook up with some guy and in those situations I usually just look for a group of girls and dance with them while keeping an eye on said friend from a distance. That doesn’t happen much, though and we usually just dance in a circle with the girls.
I never thought I was the jealous type, but I will admit - I do feel jealous. Especially after the last time where he didn’t mention anything to me and I had to find out for myself and confront him. I feel embarrassed that my boyfriend is out there, talking to girls at night and apparently getting their names so he can look them up on Facebook later. I know that I shouldn’t have snooped but now that I know about it, there’s no going back. And I get that we all look up a person just out of pure curiosity from time to time and I respect that. I know that there are always going to be attractive people around and we can’t help sometimes but feel attracted to them too, without acting on it. But the Facebook searches combined with the boob comment has made me wonder what really happens on their nights out. I’d be grateful for any advice on how to set boundaries when it comes to clubbing as people who both want to enjoy life yet be together in a relationship?
TL;DR: I feel like my boyfriend gives women the wrong idea when he spends the night with his guy friends and while I trust him that he wouldn’t cheat, I feel jealous and embarrassed by it
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2023.03.22 14:43 tkcn [Mod approved] Solidarity concert for the earthquake victims in Turkiye and Syria

On March 30th, a solidarity concert for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria will take place at the Jerónimo Martins Grand Auditorium.
Salvador Sobral, Luísa Sobral, Janeiro, and Milhanas will be performing on stage, each with their unique talents.
This concert is being organized by Nova SBE, and additional details can be found on their website. If you would like to attend the event, you can purchase tickets for the concert or make a donation via the following link:
Thank you for considering supporting this worthy cause.
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2023.03.22 14:42 random_poster1 (selling) Alice darling, walking dead S11, mindcage, scream 2, birdman, strikeback, top gun maverick, christine, katy perry, wakanda forever, call jane, hitman's wife, equilibrium, phantom thread

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Alice, darling 4K Itunes/HD Vudu - 8
Alien Covenant 4K Itunes(will port) - 5
All eyez on me HD Vudu/Itunes - 4
Amazing Spiderman HD MA - 4
American Heist(Adrian Brody) HD Vudu - 3
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American reunion HD Itunes(will port) - 4
Anchorman 2 HD Vudu - 4
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Argo HD MA - 2
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The Artist (2011) HD MA - 5
Atomic Blonde 4K Itunes(will port) - 5
Avengers Endgame 4K MA - 5
Avengers Age of Ultron 4K Itunes(will port to MA) split - 5
Avengers Infinity War 4K Itunes(will port to MA) split - 5
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Sony Pictures Movies Anywhere reward - 4, current options:
Moneyball (2011) in 4K
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The Professional (1994) in 4K
La Bamba (1987)
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Are We Done Yet? (2007))
Universal Pictures Movies Anywhere reward - 3.50 , current options:
8 Mile 4K
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Meet the parents
Liar Liar
Get him to the Greek
The Cat in the Hat
Charlie St. Cloud
Bring it On
The Breakup
The Bourne Ultimatum 4K
Paypal ok
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2023.03.22 14:38 Utrecht2000 Season Ticket for Next Season

Hello everyone! After the summer I'm going to move from the Netherlands to Colchester to study at the University of Essex. Since I've been following my club FC Utrecht here home and away, I would love to do the same with Ipswich. I only have a few questions. First, is it possible to get a season ticket and away tickets as someone who is totally new at the club, or is there some sort of waiting list? Second, what is the best place to meet other Ipswich fans? I don't know anybody in England yet and hoping to meet some at Ipswich. If you could help me out that would be great!
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2023.03.22 14:36 beej1254 Can anyone double check me to make sure I’m on the right track?

I started actually counting calories 3 days ago, going on 4 today. From what I gathered, being a male, 34, 5’4” and working out 3-4 times per week, plus walking a lot, my recommended daily calorie consumption is at 1600 calories to lose 2lbs per week. I am currently 180 lbs (finally weighed myself in the am without cloths) and I’d like to drop some body fat and gain muscle.
The last two days I’ve felt like I’ve been eating well. A good variety of fruit, veggies, and protein. At the end of the day, I don’t feel hungry, but last night I had 200 calories to spare. I didn’t eat anything because I didn’t feel like it. Things seem to be going well, but am I on the right track?
I’ve not really had many hunger pains, but when I do I’ve eaten a banana or an apple
Also zero sugadiet soda has really been great to help with hunger too. Is that ok?
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2023.03.22 14:36 MaryFinishedTheMilk feeling bad about myself

i've always been a chubby girl. and honestly, i never cared.
i always loved to cook, and I have a sweet tooth. I like to eat pizza or eat a slice of cake, but i also love fruits. i always knew how to divide my eating habits.
until highschool started.
i started to notice that all the girls were skinny and had long hair, and had perfect skin. those were the girls that had boyfriends. and its obvious for many friends of mine that i'm a hopeless romantic. i look forward to a highschool romance, and i have less than a year to live that before going to college.
and here he gets into the story. this year, this guy joined our school, and he is simply adorable. he is one of the nicest guys i've ever met. he likes my art, and he admires that i'm a writer. he is everything i wanted in a boy. although i'm not the only one. there are many girls liking him as well. and all of them are skinny and beautiful, and i feel bad about it, because i think that maybe he won't like me because i'm slightly overwheight.
it started. i started counting calories, drinking more water, eating way less than i used to (and tbh, i was never much of a big eater.). but nothing changed, and he didn't look at me. i started doing makeup (not heavy ones, only concealer blush and mascara), wearing more skirts and even putting perfume on daily. but nothing ever changed.
and then it hit me. no guys ever asked to go out with me. the one who asked me left me waiting the whole afternoon and never showed up. maybe that was because i was not skinny. all of my ex friends had multiple guys asking to go out with them, and i was always left aside due to that. no guys ever liked me back, and i think its because i'm chubby.
i look at myself in the mirror and i start to take notice of all the little things that boys wouldn't like. I have stretchmarks on my thighs, my belly is divided in two (due to stretched stomach tissue), i have body hair (i have testosterone problems as well) and i have little scars on my arms from my skin picking. my thighs are too big, and my arms are too fat. i feel like my shoulders are really wide, and i feel unproportional.
to make it worst, parents and relatives. holy shit, they say they are the most supporting people in the world, although they are the ones who always say that "boys like skinny girls." . and i'm part of a latin family, so those comments are in the middle of nothing.
i'm not even talking about my interests, because thats not even the subject. i'm a movie enthusiast. i like animations and i love reading. but the girls that are considered pretty are "nOt LiKe oThEr GiRls" , y'know? they watched wednesday, don't like pink like other girls, and are "one of the boys". really. that leaves me pissed, because those are the most annoying types of people i've ever met, and those are the girls that get boyfriends. i feel bad. i know it's because of my body, boys just care about appearances these days, and i know it. i have some friends that tell me they didn't go out with some girls because they're fat, or that they wouldn't go out with girls that have out with stretchmarks. i hope the guy i'm having a crush on is different. i hope he likes me for who i am one day. but still, i'm trying to change myself. last time i ate was last night, and i'm only eating lunch for today.
i don't know if i need to hear something or if i just need to take it off of my chest, but i hope i somehow find a solution to this.
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2023.03.22 14:31 pretty_princess_lexi Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

I've been wanting to get a nose job for years now but I'm scared of being botched. I'm black with wide nostrils and a round (I guess button) tip. I love my profile as I have an upturned nose and just want to bring my nostrils in(alarplasty) and make my tip smaller.
I'm scared of leaving the country even though I know a lot of women go to Turkey. I live in the Southeast of the US, but I don't mind traveling as long as it's reasonable. I heard there are good plastic surgeons in Atlanta since the demographic is mostly black but it's hard choosing one with only a few pictures to go from.
What should I do? Price isn't such a huge factor although I wouldn't want to spend the prices I've seen in Beverly Hills for plastic surgeons. I just have to worry about accommodations if I have to travel really far.
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2023.03.22 14:29 bling365 Advice for a Heavy Drinker

Hi, need some advice on quitting. I have been a pretty heavy binge drinker for the past 7 years. My daily intake after work is 10-12 beers a day in about a 3-4 hour time period. On weekends drink up to 20 a day.
My goal is to quit. Rehab not really an option now. Is it safe to quit cold turkey. Anyone else been on this daily level and quit cold turkey?
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2023.03.22 14:29 thatguybruv Surrey in the 2023 County Championship

This applies for the first block in the champo of 6 rounds

The following players wont be available for the start of the season:
Will Jacks was one of surrey's most important players in the last season scoring [email protected] in the championship, striking at 77 and was also hugely important opening in the blast which got him an ipl deal and England debuts in all three formats, county fans will never forget his demolishing of simon harmer to save the match against Essex. He is injured and out of the ipl, unavailable.
Sam Curran has regained his ipl deal after a great winter for england and reinventing himself as a death bowler and strong hitter, he played most of the blast as well as 5 champo matches, scoring 454 runs @ 75 with a strike rate of 79 including his maiden century in senior cricket. He'll be missed as he goes off to india.
Reece Topley also has his first ipl deal, he only played 3 matches last season taking [email protected] but with a much greater career record its another hit to the depth. He'll be much more important in the blast where he'll be available.
Tom Curran is currently injured and also has left red ball cricket for the time being, got his maiden century at Northampton after working on his batting during his injury.

The following players didn't play a first class match in 2022 or since then, some will be available but unlikely to be selected:
Laurie Evans hasn't played any cricket recorded on cricinfo since the hundred and hasn't played first class in a few years now as he comes to the end of his career.
Jason Roy after being dropped from the england t20 side wasn't able to retain his form in that format but did score an incredible 145* (63) for quetta in the psl and has scored 2 odi centuries from 9 innings in the winter, his last first class match was in 2020 but without an ipl deal or much england selection he may return to first class cricket.
Chris Jordan's last first class match was in 2019 for sussex, I don't think first class is included in his surrey contract.
Sunil Narine is T20 only.
Matthew Dunn only managed to get into the heavily weakened one day side in 2021.
Nick KImber only featured in the one day cup and is yet to make his first class debut, though the bowling all rounder could this season.
Josh Blake is surrey's third choice keeper and is yet to make an appearance outside the one day cup, may do if Jamie Smith is called up to the england side or is injured.

The following players are available and hasn't played a cricinfo recorded match since last summer:
Connor Mckerr played three FC matches for surrey in 2022, finding it hard to nail down a spot there so went on loan to kent at the end of the season for game time, he took 8 wickets in those 5 matches.
Dan worral was a key part of surreys championship success since switching his allegiance to england and moving to south london, in 9 matches he took 39 wickets at 24 with an economy below 2. He'll be very important this season.
Ben Geddes played three first class matches in his second season of senior cricket, captaining the youthful one day side and scoring 176 runs @ 44 including his second FC century.
Jordan Clark played 11 games in the championship and was incredibly important though he is most remembered for his roses hattrick of williamson, bairstow and root. He scored 481 runs at 43 and took 30 wickets @ 35.
Rory Burns, the captain leader legend won his second championship as skipper averaging 40 with 3 hundreds and was one of just 3 players to play every game, the reliable top order alongside him of Amla and Patel. He scored the winnings runs of the championship.
Dan Moriarty appeared just once last season as a victim of Batty's part time spin approach, he was much more important in the blast and got a 100 gig, I imagine that's where his career is going.
James Taylor played the first three games of the season taking 4 wickets but got an injury, he hasn't played since and I'm unaware of his progress, he may still not be available.
Ryan Patel nailed down his spot in the surrey side playing all 14 games and averaged 35 opening the batting and his medium pace entertained some fans at the oval greatly. He also earned a spot in the county select xi to face the kiwis.
Nico Reifer made his first class debut against the sri lankan development xi scoring 68, he's from barbados and the cousin of the West indian international of the same name. I imagine he'll earn a few more appearances this season.
Nathan Barnwell also made his first class debut against the SLCDXI but I imagine he will struggle for appearances.
Tom Lawes' debut season in senior cricket was really impressive, playing 6 championship games taking 18 wickets at 22 and a valuable [email protected] runs will see him play quite a few surrey matches this season as he also made his blast and one day cup debuts.
Cameron Steel, Will Jacks' understudy bowled well when used in his 5 championship matches after signing for the club, taking [email protected] but his batting wasn't up to his usual standard with a high score of 48, he was born in the US so I wonder if they've tried to sign him.
Dom Sibley resigned from warwickshire, he played well there scoring [email protected] and upping his strike rate to a mighty 42, his return should really help the top order with Amla's retirement.
Amar Virdi's only first class appearances was for somerset on loan where he went wicketless, despite lions appearances and an incredible record he's unwanted mostly by surrey, having not made a t20 appearance in his career. I think he could likely move for more matches.

The following players are available for the first block and have been playing other matches recorded by cricinfo in the winter:
Ben Foakes played 3 test matches scoring 2 fifties, batting well and keeping superbly as usual, when england doesn't take him i imagine he'll be first choice for surrey in the summer after scoring [email protected] in the championship last summer in 9 appearances.
Jamie Smith, second choice keeper who played superbly in his 8 matches, scoring [email protected] including a 234* at bristol on a pitch ollie pope called "a bit flat". He played 4 lions matches in the winter, scoring a century in a first class match at galle, a 50 against the sri lankan presidents xi and some top keeping.
Ollie Pope, invincible at the oval scored [email protected] in his 8 championship matches striking at 66 with 2 run a ball centuries at the oval. He scored 108 in Rawlapindi and 60 in multan whilst stepping in behind the stumps for an ill Ben Foakes. He scored 115 across 4 innings in the test in new zealand and played 2 franchise matches for the first time in his career for the gulf giants scoring 18 runs in 2 innings.
Angus Atkinson was extremely important in the blast for surrey and in the championship bowled very well in the 4 matches he was included in taking 13 wickets @ 28 and will build on those this summer I'm sure. He also had his first franchise winter at 24 years old, playing 10 of the desert vipers 12 games, taking 9 wickets with an economy of 7.8 and was unused by islamabad united in the psl.
Kemar Roach will return for the first block after proving incredible in his 2 previous seasons at the oval with 25 wickets @ 26 in his seven games last season. He played 4 tests in the winter taking 9 wickets including a devastating fifer at centurion.
Sean Abott makes his return to surrey, at time of writing he's currently bowling at chennai, playing well in this series in his international return in the last year. Played well in all three formats domestically including 21 wickets @ 29 in the sheffield shield for new south wales.
Jamie overton, plagued by injury played 1 match in the winter in a lions match in abu dhabi. Last season he played 10 games with his performances earning him a test debut with 34 wickets @ 25 and 355 runs at 29.

Thats your lot
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2023.03.22 14:28 croatiancashgang Teams you should watch 2023

CSKA Sofia stadium in the heart of the Bulgarian Capital
CSKA Sofia has had a recent renaissance having being first in the Bulgarian 1st League as it stands overcoming serial winners Ludogorets whilst only losing 2 games this season. The owners in recent season have been overly optimistic and want CSKA Sofia to be the Best of the Rest in Eastern Europe a position occupied by Shakhtar Donetsk and Zenit St Petersburg (the latter being banned from UEFA Competition). CSKA last season hired Alan Pardew the former West Ham United and Reading coach and he only left due to the ultras despicable racist chants towards black players in the squad! This season CSKA Sofia are 1st in the league 4 points ahead of Ludogorets and CSKA Sofia play an attractive brand of football that can hardly be seen anywhere else in Eastern Europe football. They are also in the quarterfinals of the Bulgarian Cup where they play Cherno More and in 2023 they will be an entertaining side to watch and follow.
  1. SC Dnipro-1
Oleksandr Pikhalyonok winner vs Veres Rivine
Ukrainian clubs have suffered since 2014 with many teams being liquidated or being run with low budgets. This is one of the reasons why the Ukrainian Premier League is less competitive with all by one Ukrainian Premier League trophies being won by Dynamo Kyiv or Shakhtar Donetsk (undeniable the best two in the country) with the other Ukrainian team to do it FC Simferopol being liquidated. I have followed SC Dnipro-1 since August and I saw their rise because as of December 2022, SC Dnipro-1 topped the Ukrainian Premier League. In fact SC Dnipro-1 won both Dynamo Kyiv and Shakhtar and only had their only loss in 2022 against Krvbas Krvyii Rih another club located in the Dnipro Oblast. In 2023 the team has slowed down a bit crashing out of the Europa Conference League to AEK Larnica 1-0 on aggregate. Also since the Ukrainian Premier League has restarted SC Dnipro-1 has only won one of their last three games which was against Veres Rivine. Still they haven't lost their flare and with the Burnley and Nottingham Forest linked Dovbyk, 2016 Sudamericana winner Domingo Blanco and Oleksandr Pikhalyonok they look likely to regain the top spot in the Ukraine Premier Leauge or at least qualify for the Champions League in the first time in their history.
  1. Union Berlin
Union Berlin managed to salvage a point vs league leaders Bayern Munich
It is almost impossible for a real football fan to make this list without brining in Union Berlin into the conversation. In less than 15 years Union has come back from the 3. Liga to competing in the Bundesliga and challenging for the Bundesliga title. The East Berlin side has finished 11th, 7th and 5th in the last 3 Bundesliga seasons they have competed in and by the rate of their improvement this season they are just just five points off 1st place Dortmund and if the last 3 Bundesliga suggest something it is the fact that they can win the Bundesliga or at least qualify for the Champions League. Union has lost less games this season than Dortmund and has humbled the likes of RB Leipzig, Dortmund and Ajax showing that they are a strong side not to be messed with. However just like Dnipro-1 they crashed out of the Europe in shameful fashion losing 6-3 to Union Saint Galliose in the Europa League last 16. Union boasts the likes of Becker who scored 7 goals this season as well as Frederik Rønnow who has made key saves in this season. Time will tell if Union Berlin will win the league but they are a fun team to watch.
  1. Lazio
Lazio wins 1-0 in the Derby Della Capitale vs Roma
As a Lazio fan I know that watching this club is annoying if you are a fan. Lazio keeps losing to small teams they should beat but Lazio compensates this by having huge wins against huge teams such as Roma, Napoli (only one of two teams to beat Napoli this season), Inter Milan, AC Milan and Atalanta. Yes Lazio really did score 4 goals against the reigning champions AC Milan! Unfortunately Lazio is the only team in this list who cannot win anything even though they are second in Serie A but are almost 20 points away from Napoli. Lazio also got knocked out of the Coppa Italia by Juve and are out of the Europa League after coming 3rd in a group where everyone one got 8 points but only Midtjylland and Feyenoord qualified with Lazio coming third and the Austrian team Strum Graz being knocked out all together (I feel bad for Strum Graz). By the way watching Lazio as a neutral is interesting as they play from the back and have the most clean sheets in Serie A. Lazio hasn't been scoring as much as last season but that doesn't mean Lazio cannot wrap up some thrillers. Overall Lazio is such a tough team that even Napoli looked like school boys when they played against Lazio. I just pray you don't view my inclusion of Lazio as nepotism but you feel this as me actually being fair.
  1. S.S.C. Napoli
Napoli in the Champions League
The only Champions League to make this list, Napoli is going to be the most interesting team to watch in the Champions League this season. Napoli would be the first Southern Italian side to win the Serie A in almost 33 years and it seems done and dusted as Napoli are 19 points away from 2nd place Lazio and it seems that Lazio will have a league and European double. Napoli this season has only lost to four teams which are 2nd place Lazio, 3rd place Inter, last place Cremonese who only have 1 Serie A win but who knocked out Napoli in the Coppa Italia and Liverpool. Napoli play an attractive brand of football with Kravaskelia dribbling catching the eye of many big teams in Europe and Hirving Lozano assisting him on the other side of the wing and these two turn provider for Victor Osihmen who has scored 21 goals. Napoli have a tough bench and has a decent defense with Kim Min Jae eye catching performances in Serie A. However time will tell if Napoli will win the Champions Leauge as the Serie A already have Napoli name written on it.
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2023.03.22 14:28 kurtc0bean Weight loss and endometriosis

Has anyone else experienced weight loss or inability to gain weight with endometriosis? I see a lot of the endo community expressing weight gain but don’t see a lot on weight loss being shared. For some back story: I’m 28, have always been thin but lost weight a few years ago. I’m now considered underweight according to the doctors. I have recently gained some of the weight back, but it’s taken me two years (that includes weight training). I explained to the doctors that I found it difficult to eat when the pain was really bad and I would often feel nauseous. My pain is better now that I’m medicated. However, since gaining weight, my body is very uncomfortable and it hurts when I eat again. I’m now experiencing pain during sleep. I know what foods I can and cannot eat. And I haven’t changed my diet. I’ve only increased the amount of calories I’m consuming in order to gain weight. The doctors don’t seem to understand my problem.
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2023.03.22 14:27 jesusplayslax How does reddit think my application looks??

Hi!! I was wondering if I could get reddits take on how strong my application is. I currently attend a low tier academic school with an acceptance rate around 70%. I have a 4.0 first semester of college, with all As in my midterm report. First semester I took Latin lit in translation, philosophy, psych, religion, and first year sem(year long course). This semester I'm taking Latin with a concentration on Ovid, criminal justice, political theory, statistics and first year seminar. I am in pre law society, Philosophy Club, squash club, Psalm 150(singing group), Asian Student Association, men's spirituality club and I play NCAA Division 1 lacrosse. In high school i graduated with a 3.3, I also founded multiple clubs in high school. I was captain of my lacrosse team senior year. I also wrestled. I got letters of recommendation from my psych professor and philosophy professor. I am half Filipino half white male I'm applying to Nyu, Upenn, BC, brown, Harvard, Cornell, Reed, tulane, holy cross, uchicago and university of dallas, planning on majoring in Philosophy. The majority of one parents family went to harvard, they work there currently, I worked there over the summer. My other parent went to BC, got a PhD there and now teaches there.
What do you guys think? I've already submitted so I can't make any changes but I'd love to hear some people's takes on my chances of acceptance
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2023.03.22 14:26 Pirate_dolphin How I got Wegovy covered under Tricare Reserve Select

First off - my doctor is a champ. He stayed on the phone with them for about 30 minutes working this out and was calling me back and forth directly. So thanks to him.
Wegovy is 100% covered if all the following criteria are met (its on the form they have to fill out). It's more or less black and white. Everything met? covered. Not met? not covered.
Phentermine - a stimulant
Qsymia - a stimulant
Xenica - prescription version of Alli
Contrave:- a weight loss drug that is also a component in Wellbutrin the antidepressant (called buproporin)
Also, you need to have been on a calorie restricted diet for 6 months or more.

My coverage:
I once tried Adderall for treatment of ADHD and had a horrible experience with it, and bad side effects, gritting my teeth a lot, dry mouth, insomnia, etc. Phentermine and Qsymia are out. Heart conditions, blood pressure, issues with sleep would also rule this out.
Contrave: I am on antidepressants so this interacts with them. It's out
Xenica: I verbally stated that I had tried the OTC version (Alli) and had bad side effects, dry mouth, GI issues (all the issues right off the box). They accepted this.
Following that I was approved within an hour.
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2023.03.22 14:26 marc_the_hitchhiker Traveler looking to make a group of friends in Antalya

Hey! I just moved to Antalya on Monday evening and have been slowly settling in my apartment. Last time I was here (December) I posted on this subreddit and got a couple of responses so I thought I will try again. Unlike last time, this time I'm going to be staying here for much longer (at least until 22nd of April, so still a full month).

About me - I'm a 29 year old guy from Poland, I work in IT and I'm trying out the digital nomad life, Antalya is my first destination and I hope it will be one of the most memorable ones :). I try to live an active life - I love long walks, I hike in the mountains, work out in the gym, train bouldering and play squash, not a fan of team sports though. I traveled a lot, including a lot of hitchhiking - I hitchhiked on 3 continents and traveled over 20000 kilometers that way. I'm a very open minded person - I think anything is okay as long as it doesn't harm others, I try not to judge people for the things we disagree on and I actually like to talk about those as long as the discussion is not turning into a fight. I don't really drink much, but I like to have a beer or two with a nice group of friends. I speak Polish natively and I'm fluent in English, I know cyrylic, but can't really speak Russian, I learned French but I can't say much more than "hey, my name is" and I can wish you bon appetit in Turkish.

What I'm looking for:

My only requirement is that you are respectful to others. Keep in mind that I plan to work on most of the days Monday-Friday (though I can take some days off if needed). Please say anything more than "hi" in the first message - I will reply to everyone for sure, but at least either introduce yourself or say what you are looking for.
If this post gets some attention (last time I got a few replies) then we can plan something as a group or even make it regular. If you DM me then maybe let me know if you'd prefer to hang out one on one or maybe go out together with other people.
Have a great day!
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2023.03.22 14:26 Life_Standard_4003 Calorie Deficit

I am having the MOST trouble understanding a caloric deficit. I have read a ton but I cannot seem to get the gist. I am 5'5 and a half and 210 pounds. I have started a fitness routine to include cardio + strength training. I am a teacher so I am up walking around the classroom, to the cafeteria and around the halls throughout the day. I aim to burn around 500 calories daily fro exercise. I burn more on days where I do a Zumba class. If we are looking at calorie intake from foods..
Let's use today.
Breakfast ( 258 calories) 1 slice of honey keto bread, 1 cup of spinach and a teaspoon of cottage cheese w/ 1 brown egg and a seedless sweet mandarin orange.
Lunch, I meal prepped Sunday so (305 calories) and it is 2 cups of broccoli spears w/ parmesan cheese, shredded and 4 oz of chicken breast tenderloins (2 pieces) and a romaine salad with carrots.
Snack today, I am having a Greek yogurt, strawberry (110 calories) and 2 medium strawberries (11 calories).
This is what I eat during my work day and I usually finish a gallon of water before I even leave. I will probably have a snack after work, something I can pick up quickly. A protein bar or some grapes (lets say 100 calories) and I'll get my daughter from school, go to the library, then to the gym. After the gym, I will have my last meal and that will probably be about 300-400 calories assuming I am going to do a big green salad with some ground turkey cause that SOUNDS GOOOOOD right now.

Okay so now that I have said all this. I will be under 1400 calories for the day and everyday going forward on my health journey. I do not understand TDEE or BMR, but taking these into consideration. Will I be in a deficit? I am currently really only limiting carbs, drinks aside from water and watching not eating after a certain time, 7/8pm.
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2023.03.22 14:25 notgodpo why do heated mixers not cook and chop turkey?

it says it cooks and also performs chop and pickup. Why does it cook the turkey but not chop it?
also whats the green forest in the middle of the building? its been a while since i've played and thats new
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2023.03.22 14:24 pdthrowaway104 [M4F] - Stressful day, help me unwind. 17 Prompts to pick from!

18+ only for these RP's please. I have a pretty down day so I'll be around for a long time today. Very much into tiny little fun-sized girls taking their first BWC or BBC
I tend to lean towards playing closer to my real age. (early 40's)
1 - First time doing porn : You ran away from home and moved to L.A to pursue your dreams of being a actress, only for it to never take off like so many other women. Eventually, broke and unable to get work you decide to go to a casting office for one of the big porn studios. They love you instantly and agree to use you in the next shoot. What you don't know is that the male lead they are basically feeding you to is known for breaking newcomers. Violent, rough and vicious are how people describe him in scenes.
2 - Celebrity Contest - You are a young starlet looking to get some more press. Your agent suggests that you run a contest for your fans with the reward being you. When the contract is drawn up you just sign it without reading it. Without realizing it you've now made yourself the winners slave who has to live with them for a full week, alternatively you willingly enter into a free-use situation with the contest winner. We can discuss what exactly the contest is, as well as anything else about the scene you'd like to alter. Please include the celeb of your choice
3 - The new live-in maid - You've taken a job for a very wealthy (and more attractive then you expected before the interview) single man on the outskirts of town. I enjoy this one both ways. Either it starts with a uniform sluttier then you would of liked and slowly progresses to me getting more and more aggressive. Or you decide to get the slutty outfit and pursue me aggressively.
4 - The Club - You decided to go out with your friends, all dressed as slutty as possible. They all pair off with a guy at the club fairly quickly but you head to the dance floor alone. You feel a very large man come up behind you and encircle your waist with his hands and begin dancing with you, grinding against your back. This one can go many ways, either I'm super aggressive, or I put something in your drink. Alternatively you are just a cock hungry little slut out to have some fun and its my lucky night. (A favorite of mine right now)
5 - Girl Next Door - You've lived next door to me all your life, that older single guy that seems to have all the toys and the party life style. When you got older and your parents retired and spend most of their time away, you still lived at home and spent most of your time out sun bathing. We speak often as my hot tub is near our shared fence. It was innocent when you were younger, now its flirty and I'm obviously checking out your body whenever you're in a bikini. One night you're bored and lonely and see me out in the hot tub listening to music and drinking beer from a cooler and decide to come down and ask to join me. Alternatively you could be the slutty girl next door and come over with the exact purpose of seducing me into some rough play. (This is one of my favorite ideas right now)
6 - Blackmail - You are a minor or major celebrity with a secret, it could be a sex tape or any number of other things. But someone has it now, and all you know is you are ordered to show up to a hotel room at 8pm tonight.
7 - The Party - You went to a party at some ones house you didn't know, of course between the joints and the booze being passed around it isn't long until you're completely trashed. Eventually one of the guys at the party takes you upstairs to "lay down", we all know what happens from that point. This can either be non-con, dub-con or could be that drunk you is slutty as hell
8 - Mind Control - My character has developed a app that will make people who use it completely open to suggestion from him. You could be a regular woman or a celebrity who he tricks into downloading the app, making you his own little slave.
9 - Pornstars stalker - Simple enough, pick a porn star and I'll play her stalker that eventually gets his hands on her to use like a toy. Or combine with some other prompts.
10 - Best friends girl- Your best friend has the most amazing piece of ass for a girlfriend. However one night she's hanging out, drunk and lets it slip that their sex life is less then impressive and goes on about how she just wants someone to rip her clothes off and use her.
11 - Down on your luck - You got kicked out of your house the day you turned 18. After years of not gaining any useful skills you find yourself living on the street. Until one day a man shows up offering to let you stay with him, no strings attached. Until the strings end up tied around your wrists.
12 - Need a ride - Maybe you're unable to find a taxi after coming out of the club, tipsy and alone. Maybe your hitchhiking or maybe your car broke down.
Either way I'm the first car that has stopped for you and you know what they say. Cash, grass or ass
13 - The Purge - Set to the theme of the movie, you're a hot little thing with no plan for surviving the night and decide to do what you always do. Try to get some big strong man to help you by flashing your tits and ass. Only he decides he wants to do a lot more then look.
14 - The Festival - I have several ideas surrounding this. Either spurred on by drugs or just the general atmosphere of the festival.
I don't want to go into too much detail here as I'd rather work it out with a prospective partner but it can go either very dark including non/dub-con or it could be that she is the one that comes hard for me, perhaps wants a RV to spend the festival with and views my needs as payment for it.
15 - Daughter's slutty friend - I'm looking for someone to play my daughter's slutty friend. Over the years you've gotten more and more flirty. Teasing me whenever you're over to our house or sleeping over on the weekend.
Few years pass and I get a divorce. You are staying over with my daughter and decide now's when you're going to make a run at me. Even packing something extra fun to wear when you sneak into my room later that night.
If choosing to go long term this can either be an affair or a long term sneaking around behind my daughter's back.
16- Obsessed with finding a BBC - I'm looking for a partner who wants to play a very petite woman who is absolutely obsessed with finding a BBC to see if she can take it.
Where you find me we can discuss, either a club, the gym or anywhere else you'd like. You come onto me and get me to take you home and I'm so excited to have such a tiny little thing to use I'm much rougher then you expected. Throwing you around like my own living fleshlight.
Today if you've read this far I'm really in the mood for a aggressive partner who comes for me for a change. If you want it to be a darker prompt perhaps she just wants to tease and I can't help myself once she gets me riled up.
Feel free to combine any of the above prompts if you'd like.
Only limits are bathroom play and animals. I am open to pretty much any kind of kink setup. Rough, Soft etc..
Please describe your character or include a reference picture. Please let me know what limits you have
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