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Broken World RP [Roleplay] [Modded] {1.17.1} {Custom Fantasy Races} {Custom Weapons} {Unique Skills} {Accessories} {Narrative} {Whitelist}

2023.05.28 17:23 BrokenWorldsST Broken World RP [Roleplay] [Modded] {1.17.1} {Custom Fantasy Races} {Custom Weapons} {Unique Skills} {Accessories} {Narrative} {Whitelist}

In the wake of undead hordes bringing about the collapse of their homelands, two factions set themselves adrift upon the sea–totally unaware of the other group's parallel tragedy. They discover magical mists, impossibly thick and dark. Inside these mists is a strange continent, where long ago armies clashed, gods were born and died, and where the hands of fate are your own. It is a shattered continent, named Nebelloren.
This is a role-playing server utilizing the Mod Figura. Members of our community work together to form characters and tell immersive stories.
Our Races and Factions:
The Imeris Entente, originally founded and comprised of the proud Dwarven clans of Votha, the star-gazing high-elf Caeli, and Humans recently returned from Hell called The Lambent Front, has recently been joined by the mysterious Myriad; constructs who awoke from long slumbers upon the arrival of newcomers on Nebelloren.
Made up of the comfort-loving halfling Cuthail, the plant-like elven Kihai, the spiritual and orcish Hjen and the traditionalist monster-hunting humans, The Endless Spears, the Wildchoir prides itself on becoming one with nature. They will find the earth of Nebelloren has time and time again been scarred by foul deeds. The spiritual wounds they will find go deep, and not be easily healed.
Our Cities:
The peoples of the Wildchoir and Entente are dispersed across this continent among three freshly founded city states:
Far to the west, nestled between the tall cliffs and trees of the jungle, there is a sprawling town with the warm sand and air that comes from the tropics. The waters surrounding the port are a dangerous beauty. The winding paths cross along the cliff faces, leading to tall towers that overlook the sea. A town of learning, and of ambition. A town of scholars and artists, traders and craftsmen. A town of discovery and commerce, where all are given the incentive to push beyond themselves, to be greater than they ever imagined.
Within the Wyrmwood, settlers of a curious town have carved out a refuge amongst the dangers of this dark forest. Navigation is difficult below the trees' suffocating shade, where deadly beasts lurk and prey upon lost travelers and those without direction. Wyrmheart is a town of misfits and strange ilk, where many find safety and acceptance and live free from judgment. Built in the shadow of the dark and mystical Wyrmwood, it is a town where innovation in the practical and arcane is constantly brewing, and where the shadow of the forest commands only the greatest respect.
High above the cresting waves of the eastern coast of Nebelloren lies a mountain, and upon that mountain lies a city. White stone walls and red roofs kiss the clouds overhead. Banners of stark red and gold dot the interior and exterior of the central complex. With rapid advancements in artificery, Hythe is defined by the innovative spirit of its engineers, and by its steadfast defense against mysterious invasions from the mists. It is a town of laws and order, imposed by a well established bureaucracy, determined to keep its people safe.
The World 🗺️
Role-Playing 🎭
How To Join:
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2023.05.28 17:23 The_Patriot No "Green Acres" for insurrectionist shitstain couple Dale “D.J.” Shalvey and Tara Stottlemyer
The owners of “Free Folk Pastures” are no longer free.
Instead, Dale “D.J.” Shalvey and Tara Stottlemyer, who run a regenerative cattle and poultry farm 45 miles north of Charlotte, have become North Carolina’s first husband and wife sentenced to prison for their roles in the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol.
On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly of Washington ordered Shalvey and Stottlemyer to serve 41 and eight months, respectively. They will begin their sentences at a later date.
Kelly, who was appointed to the bench by former President Donald Trump, also ordered both to serve 24 months of supervised release. Stottlemyer will spend the first third of hers on home detention.
Assistant U.S. Attorney General Anthony Franks had recommended a 51-month sentence for Shalvey and 18 months for Stottlemyer.
Both pleaded guilty in October to riot-related felony charges: Stottlemyer, obstruction of an official proceeding; Shalvey, obstruction and assault on a police officer.
The couple, the parents of a 2-month-old daughter, moved to North Carolina after taking part in the attack on the Capitol by a mob of Trump supporters intent on overturning the Republican’s election loss to Joe Biden.
Shalvey was arrested in March 2021; Stottlemyer was charged six months later after the couple had relocated to Catawba County.
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2023.05.28 17:22 KoroSenseiX Reform of the NY Welfare System

WHEREAS, the welfare system plays a critical role in supporting vulnerable individuals and families, ensuring their basic needs are met and promoting economic stability; and
WHEREAS, it is essential to update and expand the current welfare system to address emerging challenges, improve efficiency, and enhance the well-being of all New Yorkers in need;
NOW, THEREFORE, I, KoroSenseiX, Governor of the State of New York, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the State of New York, do hereby order:
1.1. The State of New York shall conduct a comprehensive review of the current welfare system to identify areas for improvement, inefficiencies, and gaps in coverage.
1.2. The Department of Social Services, in collaboration with relevant agencies, shall lead the review process, engaging with stakeholders, community organizations, and individuals directly impacted by the welfare system.
1.3. The review shall encompass an evaluation of eligibility criteria, benefit adequacy, program administration, delivery mechanisms, and coordination with other social support programs.
2.1. The State of New York shall assess and adjust benefit levels to ensure they are adequate to meet the basic needs of individuals and families receiving welfare assistance.
2.2. The Department of Social Services, in consultation with experts and utilizing available data, shall determine the appropriate adjustments to benefit levels, considering factors such as cost of living, inflation, and family size.
2.3. The State shall enhance the accessibility of welfare benefits by modernizing application processes, improving customer service, and implementing online platforms to streamline access and reduce administrative burdens on recipients.
3.1. The State of New York shall expand employment support services for welfare recipients to facilitate their transition into sustainable employment and economic self-sufficiency.
3.2. The Department of Labor, in collaboration with the Department of Social Services, shall develop comprehensive job training and placement programs, including skills development, vocational training, and job search assistance tailored to the needs of welfare recipients.
3.3. The State shall foster partnerships with employers, industry associations, and workforce development agencies to create employment opportunities and promote job retention among welfare recipients.
4.1. The State of New York shall adopt a holistic approach to the well-being of welfare recipients, addressing not only their immediate needs but also their long-term prospects for success.
4.2. The Department of Health, in coordination with the Department of Social Services, shall integrate health and wellness services, including mental health support, substance abuse treatment, and preventive care, into the welfare system.
4.3. The State shall collaborate with community-based organizations and nonprofits to provide wraparound services, such as childcare assistance, transportation support, and financial counseling, to enhance the stability and self-sufficiency of welfare recipients.
5.1. The State of New York shall enhance public awareness and outreach efforts to ensure eligible individuals and families are informed about available welfare benefits and support programs.
5.2. The Department of Social Services shall implement targeted public education campaigns to reach underserved populations, address stigma, and provide clear information about eligibility requirements, application processes, and available services.
5.3. The State shall collaborate with community organizations, faith-based groups, and other stakeholders to expand outreach efforts and establish partnerships for effective dissemination of information.
The Department of Social Services shall establish mechanisms for ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the updated and expanded welfare system, ensuring accountability, efficiency, and positive outcomes for recipients.
6.2. Regular reports shall be provided to the Governor's Office, the State Legislature, and relevant oversight bodies, analyzing the effectiveness and impact of the welfare system updates, with recommendations for further improvements.
6.3. Based on the monitoring and evaluation results, necessary adjustments and refinements shall be made to ensure the welfare system is responsive to evolving needs and continues to support individuals and families effectively.
This Executive Order shall take effect immediately, and the implementation of the updated and expanded welfare system shall proceed expeditiously in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the State of New York to be affixed.
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2023.05.28 17:20 mrfuzzytheslug Introducing: The Gamut, again. (updated magic system, yellow text = new additions)

Introducing: The Gamut, again. (updated magic system, yellow text = new additions)
Although it hasn’t been very long since my last post, I’ve done a decent amount of developing this system further and making necessary changes as well as adding new concepts. The theme of my world/story has always sort of been about the shift from natural living to industrialization and how technological advancement breeds a disrespect for natural law. Adding the augmentation aspect depicts that point further, mutilating the body with new technology in order to increase the magical output without crossing the threshold. Hope you guys enjoy reading this! Thanks for all the input you put on my posts, I read every comment even if I don’t respond to it.
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2023.05.28 17:13 AttemptUpper3142 New Covenant is a Guarantee to Gods remnant chosen by Grace

Romans 11 5 So too at the present time there is a remnant, chosen by grace. 6 But if it is by grace, it is no longer on the basis of works; otherwise grace would no longer be grace.
God spoke of the coming of the new covenant in Jeremiah 31
31 Behold, the days are coming, declares the LORD, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah. 32 It will not be like the covenant I made with their fathers when I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt— a covenant they broke, though I was a husband to them” declares the LORD.
33”But this is the covenant I will make with the house of Israel after those days, declares the LORD. I will put My law in their minds and inscribe it on their hearts. And I will be their God, and they will be My people. 34 No longer will each man teach his neighbor or his brother, saying, ‘Know the LORD,’ because they will all know Me, from the least of them to the greatest, declares the LORD. For I will forgive their iniquities and will remember their sins no more.”
35 Thus says the LORD, who gives the sun for light by day, who sets in order the moon and stars for light by night, who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar—the LORD of Hosts is His name: 36 ”Only if this fixed order departed from My presence, declares the LORD, would Israel’s descendants ever cease to be a nation before Me.”
37 This is what the LORD says: “Only if the heavens above could be measured and the foundations of the earth below searched out would I reject all of Israel’s descendants because of all they have done,” declares the LORD.
Verse 37 is probably the most overlooked verse. This completely destroys the idea that person who is part of the children of promise can lose their salvation.
Now who is this covenant with?
Galatians 3 16 Now the promises were made to Abraham and to his offspring. It does not say, “And to offsprings,” referring to many, but referring to one, “And to your offspring,” who is Christ.
29 And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s offspring, heirs according to promise.
Romans 9
6 But it is not as though the word of God has failed. For not all who are descended from Israel belong to Israel, 7 and not all are children of Abraham because they are his offspring, but “Through Isaac shall your offspring be named.” 8 This means that it is not the children of the flesh who are the children of God, but the children of the promise are counted as offspring.
Hebrews 9
15 Therefore he is the mediator of a new covenant, so that those who are called may receive the promised eternal inheritance, since a death has occurred that redeems them from the transgressions committed under the first covenant.
Romans 8 14 For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.
28 And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. 29 For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he might be the firstborn among many brothers. 30 And those whom he predestined he also called, and those whom he called he also justified, and those whom he justified he also glorified.
Ephesians 1
4 even as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before him. In love 5 he predestined us for adoption to himself as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will, 6 to the praise of his glorious grace, with which he has blessed us in the Beloved. 7 In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace, 8 which he lavished upon us, in all wisdom and insight 9 making known to us the mystery of his will, according to his purpose, which he set forth in Christ 10 as a plan for the fullness of time, to unite all things in him, things in heaven and things on earth. 11 In him we have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined according to the purpose of him who works all things according to the counsel of his will, 12 so that we who were the first to hope in Christ might be to the praise of his glory. 13 In him you also, when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation, and believed in him, were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit, 14 who is the guarantee of our inheritance until we acquire possession of it, to the praise of his glory.
The New Covenant is with The Children of the Promise, which are the offspring of Abraham. The Children of Promise are children of God. The Children of God were predestined to adoption. Which gives us a consistent reading with all the texts presented especially Roman’s 8
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2023.05.28 17:13 StormofSteelWargames What a Nerf Herder

What a Nerf Herder
Despite the true defenders of law and order across the Galaxy standing defiant against the Rebel terrorists, they are defeated by underhand scum tricks and the Rebels blow up the shield generators. #whatacowboy
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2023.05.28 17:11 LawStudentAndrew [WTS] Gold CACs, 90% Junk, Trime Lot, .999 Fractional Silver, VF-AU+ Morgans



I provide insurance and/or signature confirmation at your request and cost. I am responsible for getting your package scanned by USPS; once it has been scanned you are liable for the package. More info at bottom
Group 1:
3 x better date peace (34d/34s/35s) - $95 for all 3
2 x holed morgans - $24 each
3 x au/ms slider 1921 s/d (2xd, 1xs) Morgans - $120 or $45 each
Group 2: 15 x VF/XF Pre-21 Morgans - $40 each (min 5)
Group 3: 10 x XF/AU Pre-21 Morgans - $45 each (min 5)
Group 4: AU+/Slider Pre 21 morgans - $49 each (min 5, no cherry picking)
A couple probably should be dipped, a couple of bu's here, most are just on the line between au/ms
2.75 Troy Ounce Silver Fractional (pours/round) (3x.5 1x1 1x.25) - $85
Gold CAC
1938 Mercury MS65FB Rattler - $320 (See comp below; similar rarity/date)
1937 Mercury MS65FB Rattler - $330 (Comp 65FB CAC Gold Sold for $406 on GC a couple of weeks ago)
20 Trimes - silver three cent lot $180
US 90%

Min purchase of $100 from this section or the rest of a lot

$6.05 Face Cull lot - $112 (~18.5 x face)
17 barber dimes; couple damaged - see pics - 24x face for the lot - $40.8
$16.25 face barber quarters; all but 1 or 2 with dates - $5.75 each (23x)
$9.5 face dateless slqs - 20x face
$4.25 face special lot of slqs almost all with dates 1917, 1923, 1924, 1920s; only dateless are 1917 d/s - $104
$6 face washington quarters - some well circd all with dates - 21x face
4 x barber halves - $52 for the lot
$3 face walkers - 24x
$7 face franklins - incl a au/ms - 23x
$6 face kennedies (one cleaned, one polished, rest au/ms) - 22x
Misc Slabs
1882 O/S Morgan AU55 NGC - vam 4 L/MDS I believe - $130
1953 S NGC Franklin MS65 "W" - White - Rarer Old NGC Designation - $70
1958 D MS66 PCGS Quarter - Toned - Trueview - - $35
1958 MS66+ Toned PCGS Quarter - Trueview - - $45
1958 Franklin Toned MS66 PCGS - Trueview - - $65
I accept PPFF, Zelle, CashApp, and Venmo FF. Venmo GS is NOT accepted. I also may accept cash, USPS Money order, junk silver, generic rounds, and governmental rounds as payment but it is not guaranteed.
I no longer accept crypto under any circumstance.
I will not ship outside the US
Shipping in the US is $5 for 4 or fewer ounces, $6 for 5-13oz, and then $9 for anything above.
Priority SFRB = $9
I provide insurance and/or signature confirmation at your request and cost. I am responsible for getting your package scanned by USPS; once it has been scanned you are liable for the package. I offer 3 insurance options which range from $.50 to $.80 per $100 of coverage. More detailed information can be HERE. If it is lost in route I will do everything I can to help you recover it and file insurance claims if applicable but I will not provide a replacement or a refund if insurance has not been purchased. Any purchase made is subject to these terms.
Note: NO NOTES WITH PPFF - if a note is sent I will issue a refund
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2023.05.28 17:10 KoroSenseiX Sanctioning Business Tourism to NY

WHEREAS, attracting businesses to Upstate New York can stimulate economic growth, create employment opportunities, and revitalize local communities; and
WHEREAS, offering incentives and tax cuts to businesses considering relocation can incentivize investment and drive business tourism in the region;
NOW, THEREFORE, I, KoroSenseiX, Governor of the State of New York, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the State of New York, do hereby order:
1.1. The State of New York shall develop and implement targeted initiatives to promote Upstate New York as an attractive destination for business tourism and relocation.
1.2. The Department of Economic Development, in collaboration with regional economic development councils and local stakeholders, shall design marketing campaigns highlighting the advantages of Upstate New York, including its business-friendly environment, skilled workforce, and quality of life.
1.3. The State shall actively engage with national and international business organizations, chambers of commerce, and industry associations to promote the benefits of establishing businesses in Upstate New York.
2.1. Eligible businesses that relocate their operations to Upstate New York shall be provided with tax incentives and cuts to encourage investment and job creation in the region.
2.2. The Department of Taxation and Finance, in consultation with the Department of Economic Development, shall identify specific tax relief measures and incentives that can be offered to relocating businesses, with a focus on reducing corporate taxes and providing exemptions or credits for qualifying expenditures.
2.3. The State shall establish a transparent and streamlined process for businesses to apply for and access the tax incentives, ensuring clarity and efficiency in the evaluation and approval procedures.
3.1. The State of New York shall increase capital venture injection for businesses that choose to relocate and establish operations in Upstate New York.
3.2. The Empire State Development Corporation, in collaboration with financial institutions and venture capital firms, shall establish programs and funding mechanisms to provide access to capital for qualifying businesses, particularly startups and small to medium-sized enterprises.
3.3. The State shall actively seek partnerships and collaborations with private investors, foundations, and other funding sources to leverage additional resources and maximize the capital venture injection available to relocating businesses.
4.1. The State of New York shall provide comprehensive business support services to assist relocating businesses in navigating the transition and establishing successful operations in Upstate New York.
4.2. The Department of Economic Development shall establish a dedicated unit within their organization to offer personalized assistance, guidance, and information on available resources, incentives, and regulatory requirements for relocating businesses.
4.3. The State shall facilitate networking opportunities and collaboration platforms, connecting relocating businesses with local industry leaders, academic institutions, and research centers to foster innovation, knowledge exchange, and potential partnerships.
5.1. The Department of Economic Development shall monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the business tourism promotion initiatives, tax incentives, and capital venture injection programs.
5.2. Regular reports shall be provided to the Governor's Office, the Department of Taxation and Finance, and relevant oversight bodies, analyzing the outcomes, challenges, and opportunities for improvement in attracting businesses to Upstate New York.
5.3. Based on the evaluation and monitoring results, necessary adjustments and refinements shall be made to ensure the optimal utilization of resources and the achievement of desired outcomes.
This Executive
Order shall take effect immediately, and the implementation of initiatives to promote business tourism and offer tax incentives and increased capital venture injection to relocating businesses in Upstate New York shall proceed expeditiously in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the State of New York to be affixed.
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2023.05.28 17:09 KoroSenseiX 2nd Small-Medium Business Revitalisation Scheme

WHEREAS, small businesses are the backbone of the economy, driving innovation, job creation, and community development in the State of New York; and
WHEREAS, reducing the tax burden on small and medium enterprises can stimulate growth, enhance competitiveness, and encourage entrepreneurial endeavors;
NOW, THEREFORE, I, KoroSenseiX, Governor of the State of New York, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the State of New York, do hereby order:
1.1. The State of New York shall increase support for small businesses through targeted programs, resources, and initiatives aimed at fostering their growth, sustainability, and resilience.
1.2. The Department of Economic Development, in collaboration with relevant agencies and stakeholders, shall develop and implement strategies to streamline business registration processes, facilitate access to capital, and provide tailored support services for small businesses.
1.3. The State shall establish a Small Business Assistance Center to serve as a centralized hub for information, guidance, and resources, offering business development training, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities.
2.1. The State of New York shall lower the tax burden on small and medium enterprises by introducing tax relief measures specifically designed to benefit businesses falling within these categories.
2.2. The Department of Taxation and Finance, in consultation with relevant stakeholders and experts, shall review existing tax policies and regulations to identify opportunities for tax reductions, exemptions, or credits for small and medium enterprises.
2.3. The State shall provide incentives for small businesses to invest in research and development, modernization, and job creation through targeted tax incentives, grants, or subsidies.
3.1. The State of New York shall streamline regulatory processes and reduce bureaucratic barriers that hinder the growth and operation of small businesses.
3.2. The Governor's Office of Regulatory Reform, in collaboration with relevant agencies, shall conduct comprehensive reviews of regulatory frameworks to identify outdated or unnecessary regulations and implement measures to simplify compliance procedures for small and medium enterprises.
3.3. The State shall enhance digital platforms and online systems to streamline interactions between small businesses and government entities, making it easier for them to navigate regulatory requirements and access necessary permits or licenses.
4.1. The State of New York shall promote opportunities for small businesses to participate in public procurement processes and government contracts.
4.2. The Department of Economic Development, in coordination with relevant agencies, shall establish programs and initiatives to increase the visibility of small businesses in government procurement, simplify bidding processes, and provide technical assistance to enhance their competitiveness.
4.3. The State shall set specific procurement targets for small and medium enterprises, encouraging government agencies to prioritize their participation in contracting opportunities.
5.1. The Department of Economic Development shall establish mechanisms for ongoing evaluation and monitoring of the impact and effectiveness of the support measures and tax relief programs for small and medium enterprises.
5.2. Regular reports shall be provided to the Governor's Office, the Department of Taxation and Finance, and relevant oversight bodies, analyzing the outcomes, challenges, and opportunities for improvement in supporting small businesses and reducing tax burdens.
5.3. Based on the evaluation and monitoring results, necessary adjustments and refinements shall be made to ensure that the support programs and tax relief measures are effectively meeting the needs of small and medium enterprises.
This Executive Order shall
take effect immediately, and the implementation of increased support for small businesses and lower taxes on small and medium enterprises shall proceed expeditiously in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the State of New York to be affixed.
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2023.05.28 17:04 iamthetrippytea Okay I did it, I finally was able to express my response to this argument, and I’m low key really proud of myself (response in two images) did I say the right things, or what should I add to this? I’m still in the process of my deconstruction so I know it’s not perfect

Okay I did it, I finally was able to express my response to this argument, and I’m low key really proud of myself (response in two images) did I say the right things, or what should I add to this? I’m still in the process of my deconstruction so I know it’s not perfect submitted by iamthetrippytea to exchristian [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 17:02 Lamarian67 WICCA - Chapter 25 - Those in Low Places (Part 2)

Opal stood up with a sigh, grimacing at the pain along her back and arm. She looked down on the man crumpled on the floor. “Sorry Devona. But life’s a bitch.”
“...fuck you,” he mumbled.
Opal’s eyes widened slightly. “Man, he’s one tough cookie. Not much he can do now though.” She pulled the documents out from her bag to verify that they were still there, and then slid them into her jacket. She turned to leave before pausing. Something felt… off. Her eyes scanned the area and she tensed herself. Even with Opal being as alert as she could, she didn’t see the fist coming at her face until it was too late. Her vision spun as her head snapped back, feeling her feet leave the ground as someone slept her legs out from under her. She pushed herself off and jumped to her feet, only to be met with a swift kick waist. She tried to swing her crowbar but a hand wrenched her wrist to the side and a knee slammed into her stomach. She doubled over and felt her lunch struggle to the surface before she was promptly slammed face-first into the wall. She slid down like wet spaghetti onto the floor.
She turned her head to the side to watch the retreating footsteps as she waited for her entire body to stop aching. Devona, if that was his name, was already sitting up, wincing but very much functional despite the blood dribbling down his face. She could see the figure now crouching beside him, doing something with their hands. It took Opal a few seconds to realise that they were signing something.
-you alright?
Devona nodded, rubbing his bruised cheek. “Yeah, I’m fine, Harlow. Don’t worry about me.”
Opal would have sworn out loud, but the pain in her face was making it hard to speak. “Are you kidding me? They sent the damn wolf after these documents too?” Speaking of the documents, why was she after them again? She frowned and rooted around her memories like a child digging in the sand. Right, to sell the information within. Wow, she was scatter-brained. Probably to do with the ringing headache she had.
She had to get away. But with her current situation, a foot race would be a pointless endeavour. All she needed to do was get to her motorcycle parked a few metres away, and she’d be able to depart. She looked over the side of the roof and studied the area. Then she rolled over the side. She grabbed onto the railings by the side and yanked them off, managing to swing herself into a window after skidding down several metres. If she couldn’t outpace Harlow, then she could at least slow them down. She shoved herself to her feet and started to run, the sound of someone scaling the wall already behind her. She shoved desks and cabinets in front of doors as she ran, the only sound she could hear being her own footsteps and bated breath. If she got caught once, if she slowed down for a single second, she’d be headed for the rocks.
She turned the corner and felt that same shiver of anticipation run up her spine. They’d caught up to her, somehow. She readied herself and ducked under but still caught the edge of the hit as Harlow appeared from behind her. She grabbed an oil can and crushed it behind her back, spilling it down onto the floor. They rushed forward anyway, using the momentum to slam into Opal and throw her across the floor. This time it was her scrambling upon the oil to get up, grabbing onto the wall to try to pull herself up. She was instead hoisted up and thrown through the door and onto the clean floor of the corridor where she pushed herself up and began to run again. Something nagged at her but she ignored it, electing to get to the exit as fast as possible.
She finally shoved the door open and ran upon the gravel, finding where her motorcycle was parked. She kicked back the stand and revved the engine, tearing off as fast as she could while weaving for good measure. She relaxed her body once she reached the empty fields of high grass, shooting a final peace sign towards the dwindling buildings. She reached into her jacket and then realised that the documents were not there.
God. Fucking. Dammit.” That conniving bastard. They’d probably stolen the documents during that final tussle, and the nagging feeling she’d so carelessly discarded was how strange it was that they didn’t continue to chase her. There was enough time to go back, perhaps she could -
There was a massive explosion from one of the buildings, loud enough for the windows on the neighbouring structures to shatter. On second thought, perhaps she’d let this one go.
Claren soared through the air and slammed against the ground and wall, bouncing around like a handball. He pressed a hand to his head with a groan as he stopped, barely managing to dodge the glaive that slammed into the ground and sent a blast of lightning into the earth. As he looked, he could see that metal had been infused into the bone and flesh that comprised the glaive. Laurel came at him again, swinging her glaive again and again as lightning coursed through her body. Claren blocked her attacks, but he was forced to the defensive, the lightning preventing him from getting close.
He pushed forward nevertheless, grabbing onto the end of Laurel’s glaive as she tried to drive it into his chest. He didn’t know how much longer his shield could keep up, but there was no chance for him to take a moment to recover. He could feel the heat from the electricity scouring the air, not hot enough to injure but hot enough to hurt. His fist connected with Laurel’s face and sent her flying backwards before she launched herself forward with a burst of electricity, sending him slamming through the door and into a hallway. He didn’t have time to test if his bones were broken before she was launching herself into the air, electricity worming around her like a writhing cocoon. Claren rolled to the side to avoid her slamming into the ground, sending shards of concrete everywhere. His thoughts rushed around his head as he jumped to his feet and started the process again.
Claren didn’t have time to consider the ramifications of why her magic was so different to what it had been before. All he had was to try and hold her off for long enough to… what, exactly? Figure out a way to beat her? For backup to arrive? Have the crime lords escape? He almost laughed at that one - internally, of course. He barely laughed out loud. He’d dedicated most of his life to law and order, and here he was: potentially throwing his life away for a bunch of high-end criminals. The thought of it casted a bitter taste in his mouth and he could feel his teeth grit together. The sudden, uncontrollable action startled Claren enough to make him almost freeze up. He’d trained himself for years to hold in anything of that ike, and here he was, in the midst of battle yet unable to compose himself. He smoothed his expression again and hit Laurel across the head with a hook.
“You know,” Laurel managed between breaths while dodging and weaving, “this would be a lot easier if you just stood aside.” Her glaive gave her the advantage in reach, but Claren’s bubble provided him with enough manoeuvrability to get in and out.
“I mean,” she continued, “why bother trying to save people like that? They’re scum, or lower than scum. Just the greedy pigs of the world that managed to get enough money to stay on the top of the bottom.”
It was such a mirror of his own thoughts that he almost, for a second, considered it. He tried his hardest to push her words from his mind and levelled his gaze at her. “I don’t make deals with people like you. Not to mention, you already murdered the English council, so don’t pretend like you’re above them.”
Laurel scoffed. “Please, they were politicians. Barely even people.”
She stomped her feet and a wave of electricity radiated off of her, scorching the ground and furniture around her. She raised her hands and a scent of ash filled the air. Fire suddenly flared into existence all around her, bright and blindingly hot. Claren had to jump forward as he felt himself cooking alive from the fire that rose just a few inches away from him. Laurel opened her palm and a wave of flame erupted from her hand right towards Claren. He expanded his bubble just before it washed over him, keeping the scorching heat away. He rolled to the side and outstretched his hand into a finger gun. His shield was sucked around his hand and onto the tip of his finger, hanging there like a dew drop. It fired off and slammed into Laurel, sending her flying backwards. It shot back and wrapped around Claren just as another wave of fire rushed at him.
He dodged to the side as she swung wildly with her glaive, the blade lit by flame. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out his yo-yo. Laurel guffawed as she saw it, her voice revealing the emotion that her mask was hiding.
“A yo-yo? Seriously?”
Claren’s shield flowed over the yo-yo and he lashed out with it, wrapping around Laurel faster than she could register. He swung the yo-yo around and Laurel followed, being slammed all around the wall and floor like a ball attached to a ping-pong paddle. He pulled and she spun like a top as the yo-yo retracted to his hand before crumping to the floor.
“That’s Captain yo-yo to you,” Claren said dryly. The bubble from the yo-yo started to wash over him. It wavered for a second, and then shattered. That was not good. But with Laurel out for the count, he should be able to wait out for his shield to form again.
Laurel stood up. Claren was momentarily taken aback. Someone who was without any physical enhancements should have been taken out by that assault. She stretched her neck and arms.
“Nice trick. Wanna see me do it?” She lashed out with a strand of lightning, faster than Claren could dodge and wrapped it around him. While it was much faster, it barely tickled his skin as it pressed against him. Then the strand of lightning erupted into flames, and Claren could feel his flesh start to bubble. She slammed him all around the room and the world began to blur, his vision flashing white intermittently from the agony of the experience. She brought him in close, spinning him around like a ribbon dancer would, and punched him in the face. He collapsed to the ground as the last of the fiery electricity stopped holding him up, body still steaming as his wounds hissed.
Laurel picked him up by the collar and dangled him in the air.
“Like I said. This would have been a lot easier if you just stood aside.” She was tall, tall enough that with the two of them at eye-height Claren’s feet couldn’t find the floor at all. She started to carry him towards the window and Claren thought about how high the mansion was from the ground as she threw him through it.
Cirius had taken a quick break when he felt his eyes start to slide from their sockets. He excused himself to the bathroom, died, and then came back out as fresh as a daisy. Ignoring the incredibly confused and alarmed expressions of the crime lords, he continued to lead them out until they were in the front yard.
“Welp,” he said, “you can all go home now.” He heard some commotion from the mansion, and turned around. The noises stopped.
Huh. Must have been the wind.
The window shattered and Claren hurtled through. Cirius scrambled around the lawn and managed to catch Claren, taking the brunt of the fall as the man slammed into him. He was burnt heavily all over, and a hiss of pain escaped his lips as Cirius set him gently upon the ground. He looked up as a figure jumped down, landing on top of a car as electricity coursed around her. It was the woman from before, still brandishing her glaive and with her mask covering her face. Bauble, was it?
“Hey,” said Cirius, because he didn’t know what else to say.
“Hey,” she returned casually, leaning against her glaive onto the ruined wreck. She seemed to be trying to appear flippant, but too much of her weight was put on the glaive for that to be true.
“Did you do this?” he asked, gesturing towards Claren.
Cirius nodded. “Not going to lie, Bauble, you suck. I kinda have to fight you now.”
Even with the mask Cirius could feel her glare. “First off, it’s Laurel. Second off, I don’t have time to waste on you.” She directed her gaze towards the crowd and waved her finger around. The crowd surged as if trying to disperse before she slammed her foot and sent a wave of fire soaring up to block them.
“Not you, not you, not you,” she muttered. “Ah, there you are!” The flames dispersed and the crowd backed away from the man she was pointing to. He looked around, as if for anyone to help. Everyone turned and ran towards their cars, getting in and driving away within seconds.
Laurel twirled her glaive and jumped down. “I’m going to kill you now, okay?” She dodged leisurely to the side as Cirius tried to tackle her, sending volts of electricity through his body with a casual backhand. She grabbed Cirius by the collar and threw him with a blast of lightning, hurtling him several metres away. The man turned to run and she shot out a small bolt of lightning, seizing him up and collapsing him to the ground. She stepped forward, scraping the glaive across the scorched grass before being slammed in the back. She whipped around to see Claren pointing his index finger, his face screwed up in pain yet eyes forced open.
“You really don’t know when to quit, so you?” she snarled. She hoisted her glaive into the air but was interrupted once again as Cirius popped out and managed to grasp onto Laurel’s leg. Before she could kick him off, he clambered up onto her back and clung to her.
“What the fUCKKK” she yelled, the yell turning into a screech as Cirius bit down as hard as he could on her shoulder. She wheeled around wildly, shouting curses to the sky as she tried her hardest to shake Cirius off. He continued to hang on, his fingers gripping tightly and only the gloves preventing his nails from sinking into her skin. Fire and lightning roiled off of her yet Cirius continued to cling on. She slammed her back against the mansion again and again. Cirius heard something crunch from within his body. Still holding on with one hand, he grabbed a disk from his pocket and tossed it into the air. Dropping down, he kicked at Laurel’s feet before running away as the disk exploded and sent debris tumbling down onto her. He ran to Claren and hauled him up, trying his best not to touch the deep burns. He turned his attention to the man who was still lying on the ground as if pretending to be dead. Cirius walked over while holding up Claren and kicked him in the side.
“Ah! Just kill me quickly!” he screamed before seeing that it was just Cirius. Cirius stared down at him.
“Just get up and help me support Claren.”
They managed to get into a building and barricade the door. Cirius propped Claren up against the wall as the man started to pace the halls.
“God, where are the guards! They should have stopped her!” he yelled. Cirius grabbed a pen and threw it at his head.
“Shut up. She’s going to hear us.”
“Hear us! Who cares if she hears us! She’ll find us anyway! We’re doomed!”
Claren slitted his eyes open. “Keep it down. I have a headache and it’s…”
“Killing you?” Cirius interjected.
Claren raised an eyebrow. “No. My wounds are killing me. My headache is simply a pain to deal with.”
Cirius chewed his lip. He needed a plan. Devona and Harlow were both off somewhere else, and he didn’t have time to wait for them to come around.
“Think, think,” he muttered to himself. An idea sparked in his head. It wasn’t very good, but it was all he had.
“You there,” he said, pointing at the man who he had thrown the pen at. “Uh, what’s your name?”
“Winston Haxter,” supplied Claren with a pained voice. “He’s the one I was supposed to be negotiating with.”
“I see, I see. What’s your discipline?”
“I, uh, can run well.”
Cirius hummed. “Super-speed, eh? Yeah, I can work with that.”
“No, I run at normal speed. But like, I don’t get tired. I can just keep running.”
“Huh. So you have infinite stamina?”
“Yeah. But like… just for running.”
Cirius hummed again. “Well, I can probably still work with that.” He stepped towards Winston and pointed towards a long hallway. “Alright, when she gets here, you’re going to start running down there.”
“What! She’ll kill me!”
“Come on man. Your magic is literally just running. You can outpace her. ‘Sides, I have a plan. Claren’s going to be at the end of the hallway, and he’ll bubble the two of you up. I’ll distract her and lead her far away where I’ll… I don’t know. I’ll figure it out.”
Winston stared at him. “You’ll die.”
“Oh, most definitely. In fact, probably several times! But hey, that’s just how it is.”
Winston’s face dropped even more, if that was even possible. “You’re absolutely insane. We’re all going to die.”
“Nope! Just me! Anyways, go wait by the hallway. Don’t want to lose any ground.” He walked over to Claren before Winston could protest. He sat down next to him.
Claren titled his head down. “Mr. Walker.”
“You up for the plan?”
He shifted his body and winced. “I am. I don’t think it’s an especially good plan, but I don’t see a better way.” A strange expression settled over his face. It took a while for Cirius to discern it. It was discontentment, irritation, bitterness. Claren seemed to recognise this and swallowed the expression.
“You know, it’s not too late to toss Winston at her and walk away.”
“What did you say?” Winston called out.
Claren sighed and his shoulders sagged. “No. That’s not for me to decide. I have a job, and I need to do it.”
“Why? I mean, you clearly don’t want to protect him.”
Claren looked away. The two of them sat in silence before Clarne spoke up again. “I need to do my job because it’s… it’s not a good job. It doesn’t feel good to look people you know have done horrible, horrible things in the eye and shake their hand. To watch them walk away and know that you could have stopped them but… couldn’t. Or just didn’t. I won’t - I can’t let anyone else do that.” His hand reached up to the two rings on his fingers and twisted them - a golden band with a bright yellow gem and a silver band with a cool blue one.
Cirius stared at the ground. “Wow. That kinda sucks.”
Claren huffed a laugh. “That it does.” He shook his head. “Look at me, talking about my feelings while on the job. How unprofessional.” He staggered to his feet. “You should go and get prepared. Won’t be long until she finds us.”
Claren was right. The door was thrown off its hinges and a figure ducked down. The light glinted off the white mask as Laurel stood in the frame. She stared down across the room at Winston, who was doing a very good job looking like a deer in headlights. She cocked her head to the side. Winston bolted down the hallway, his breaths sharp and panicked. She blasted forward with a bolt of lightning, each step energised as she leisurely followed him.
Laurel ran down the hallway, every step bringing her closer to Winston. Cirius let out a silent exhale. It was time. All the doors along the hallway were open, and a short figure jumped out of one only to be met with an immediate blast of lightning so strong it sent the figure slamming back immediately. Laurel had anticipated a trap being laid. Unfortunately for her, Cirius had anticipated her anticipation. The makeshift, stuffed, humanoid doll wearing Cirius clothes smouldered, the string that attached it to the tripwire carefully hidden across the floor snapped from the sudden force of the lightning. At the same moment as she turned to unleash her magic, Cirius leapt from the opposing side and tackled Laurel, sending the two of them crashing to the ground.
Laurel grabbed him by the arm and slammed him into the wall, fire roiling off of her and washing over him. Cirius kicked at Laurel until he felt it connect with something hard and her grip loosened. He dropped down as he realised that his eyeballs had been burnt off. He scrambled around blindly for several seconds before a glaive tore through his chest and ripped him in half. A foot stomped on his head again and again until his skull cracked open and his brains were mushed upon the floor. Laurel stomped on the desecrated body again and again until blood and gore started to coat the cuffs of her pants.
“You know, I’m starting to feel a little insulted.” She whipped her head around and stared at Cirius, standing there perfectly fine.
“Wha- you-” she looked back at the corpse, then at Cirius. “I killed you!”
“You missed.”
She looked back at the corpse. “No I fucking didn’t!” She grabbed her glaive and threw it at him, slicing his face wide open along with the rest of his head. The top half of his head slid cleanly off and onto the floor.
“Missed again,” said Cirius from behind her. She gathered lightning in her hand and sent a bolt right through him.
“You should really aim better.”
“What the fuck!” Laurel screamed. “I killed you! I killed you several times!” “Yeah, I get that a lot.” He dodged the glaive being thrown at him again and turned to run. Laurel charged after him, each charged step leaving cracks within the floor. He ducked down as she ripped through the air, fire and lightning trailing behind her. She brought down a wave of flame with a kick, following it up by swinging her glaive as it crackled with lightning. Cirius ducked under, rushing forward through the flame and punching Laurel in the stomach. His gloves glowed for a second, a frosty cyan that pierced the air, and a blast of energy ripped out that slammed Laurel into the wall.
Cirius was hit with a wave of exhaustion. He’d died thrice in a row, and although there didn’t seem to be any limit on how many times he could die and revive, it certainly wore on him after a while. He needed to think of something to do. Laurel was already drawing herself back to her feet, her mask shifted to the side and revealing her cold, hard eyes that blazed with fury. His mind scoured all of what he knew of buildings like this.
The boiler room! Of course! If I can get there, I can blow this place sky high and take her down with it.” He forced himself up and started to run, turning around briefly to wave at Laurel. As expected, she gave chase, her movements more akin to a rabid animal than a hunter. He ran through winding corridors and locked doors, barely dodging the stray bolt of lightning or fireball. He could already feel the exhaustion from dying and reviving thrice in a row; he’d be too tired to outpace Laurel if he had to die again.
He reached the door to the boiler just as Laurel caught up, tackling Cirius and sending him crashing through the old, rotten wood. She kicked him in the face as he slid across the floor, preventing him from righting himself. She stepped forward and pressed her foot down on his back.
“I wonder,” she said, “how many times can you die until it becomes too much? Is there even a limit for you?” Her voice was sing-songy and slightly manic, like glass about to shatter into thousands of sharp, sharp fibres. Cirius rooted around his pocket. He didn’t feel any explosives. He clicked his fingers and a spark flicked to life, the cyan light barely visible before fizzling out.
“I mean, if there is, I certainly haven’t reached it yet.” He clicked again and a bigger spark emerged. He managed to shoot it out of his index finger right towards one of the thermal tanks. The tiny spark travelled through the air, hit the tank and did absolutely nothing.
Well. We’re screwed.” As Cirius started to lament his poor planning skills, Laurel’s head snapped up.
“What was that?”
“Uh. Nothing,” Cirius replied like the excellent liar he was. Laurel cocked her head. “Oh, so that sound from behind that thermal tank over there was nothing?” She lifted her arm and her hand flared with electricity. “Hope you won’t mind this, then.” She shot a bolt of lightning and hit the thermal dead centre. There was a beat of silence. “Oh, fuck.” A moment later, absolutely nothing happened.
“Oh. I really thought those were going to explode. Like, as soon as I realised I had blasted lightning at a thermal tank, I was all ‘that’s going to explode’.” She laughed. “Wow. That’s pretty funny.”
Cirius felt something brush up against the hand that was still in his pocket. He pulled it out.
“Oh hey! I still have an explosive disk!” He activated it, threw it at the thermal tank and the world exploded.
“-ey. Wake up.” Cirius blearily opened up his eyes. He was laid out across the floor next to what presumably had been the building. Claren was crouched next to him, snapping his fingers in front of his face.
“Oh, good. You’re awake.”
Cirius nodded and got up. He was so incredibly tired, but a sense of accomplishment filled his chest. “We did it.”
Claren nodded. “Indeed we did.”
There was a small silence before Cirius broke it. “Hey, about what you said before. I know it probably isn’t much, coming from me, but,” Cirius hovered his hand above Claren’s shoulder. “I think you’re really awesome.”
Claren bowed his head. “Thank you, Cirius.” He stared at the hand. “I’m sorry, what is this?”
“Well, I heard from bossman that you don’t like physical touch. So I’m doing this to show reassurance while still respecting your boundaries.”
Claren blinked. “That’s… pretty thoughtful, actually.”
“Hey, uh, am I safe to go now?” Winston asked, standing a few feet away and ruining the moment.
“Yeah, it should be all good,” Cirius responded before a bolt of lightning ripped through Winston’s head.
Claren immediately flared up his shield around the two of them, blocking the next bolt of lightning. Laurel, her mask half-shattered to show her furious eye, tuxedo torn with skin scraped raw underneath, and arm clearly broken staggered towards them.
“You clever, clever little fucker. You led me on quite the wild goose chase.” Her mouth twisted into a manic grin. “Typically, I’d just leave you be. But now? I think I’m going to kill the shield guy first and string out his body across the buildings here. Then I’m going to throw the little one in a box and toss him into the deepest, darkest part of the ocean.” She hoisted her glaive as lightning crackled around her, larger and more volatile than before.
Claren narrowed his eyes. “Cirius. Are you in any condition to fight?”
Cirius shook his head. “Going to be honest, this feels like a running situation.” As if on cue, a wall of flames erupted to life around them.
Something silent flew through the air. A thin, red line appeared over Laurel’s cheek. The crossbow bolt embedded into a wall. Laurel turned around and Harlow faced her, holding a crossbow aimed straight at her. There was a beat of silence as Harlow stared her down, their message held clearly in their hands. Laurel stamped her foot and a circle of flame enveloped her. When it cleared, she was gone. Harlow stared off towards the air, as if contemplating pursuing her, but turned to Claren and Cirius instead.
“I must admit, it would have been very useful having you here earlier.”
I was busy, they replied as they poured a blue vial over Claren’s wounds.
“Where’s bossman?” “Right here.” Devona popped into existence behind them and his eyes scanned the area. He looked down at the two of them. “Claren. You don’t look so good.”
“I could say the same about you. Broken hip?”
“Certainly feels like it. Cirius, you alright?”
Cirius flashed him a thumbs up. “You know it.”
“I’ll inform you of the details after I get these wounds treated,” Claren told Harlow. “I think I’ll be fine to walk on my own for now. I’ll let you know if I require any assistance.”
They made it all the way back to the original drop-off point and called Axon. After Claren explained a basic overview of why they were so late and Harlow was forced to promise to describe everything that happened, the portals opened up. Claren waved Harlow and Cirius through but held Devona back.
“Yeah? What’s up?”
Claren hummed. “Cirius was… the only reason that I survived. If it wasn’t for him, then I wouldn’t be here right now. He may seem strange and irrational, but-”
“When push comes to shove, you can count on him.”
Claren nodded. “It took me a while to realise that. But from what I’ve heard from Axon, you seem to be able to put up with Cirius’s less serious side very well. How is that?”
Devona scratched the back of his head. “I don’t know. Guess I’m just used to it.”
“I see.” Claren bowed his head. “Goodbye, Mr. Verdant. And do get that hip checked.”
“Jamie, no! That’s a terrible idea!”
“Come on, Vivian. It’ll be great! I’ve constructed the perfect plan!”
Vivian folded his arms. “Oh yeah? And what is that, pray tell?”
“Alright, so, in order to make our own water-slide, we steal all the blankets from all the houses and wet them. We tie them together, and then we attach it all around the town and slide around! It’d be amazing!”
Vivian stared at his twin sister with a mix of disbelief and amazement. “And how are we going to attach it all around the town?”
She faltered. “I’ll… I don’t know. I’ll think of something.” She clasped her hands together. “Come onnnnn Vivi, please!”
Vivian sighed. “Fine. Just this once,” he replied, perhaps for the fifteenth time.
“Yay!” Jamie slung her arm over his shoulder. “I promise you, this is going to be awesome.”
“I’m sure,” he responded dryly, but he couldn’t hide the small grin on his fsce.
Laurel Pariah was pissed. She winced as she jolted her broken arm, and she felt how her entire body radiated with pain from every movement she took. The wind was howling, so she didn’t hear the footsteps approaching until they were right behind her.
“You’ve returned,” the figure said brightly.
“That I have.”
The Dreamer hummed, and Laurel shifted her gaze to see him picking at his nails. “Did you achieve your mission?”
“I did. I just ran into some… complications.”
The Dreamer chuckled unkindly. “I can see that.” He cocked his head to the side, his expression hidden behind a mask decorated with white stars. “You broke your mask again. They’re not going to be pleased if you keep doing that, you know?”
“They collapsed a fucking building on me. What do you exp-”
The Dreamer put his hands up. “Hey now, hold your horses. Yes, yes, opponents were tough yadda yadda. I get it, I really do. Sucks to get your ass beaten so often, doesn’t it, poor little baby? I mean, I wouldn’t know, but still.”
Laurel grit her teeth. “Go fuck yourself.”
The Dreamer laughed. “Well then, I’ll see you later, Demon of Babel. Toodles!” He walked away, deep into the thicket of trees until he vanished from sight. Laurel kicked at the dirt before turning to walk away too, leaving only the wind to howl to an empty sky.
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2023.05.28 17:00 KoroSenseiX Reforming The NY Beuracracy

WHEREAS, ensuring an efficient and streamlined bureaucratic system is essential for effective governance and responsive public service delivery in the State of New York; and
WHEREAS, decentralization of departments can enhance local decision-making, increase accountability, and improve the overall efficiency of government operations;
NOW, THEREFORE, I, KoroSenseiX, Governor of the State of New York, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the State of New York, do hereby order:
1.1. The State of New York shall decentralize departments to distribute decision-making authority and administrative responsibilities across multiple locations within the State.
1.2. The Department of [specific department], in consultation with relevant stakeholders and oversight bodies, shall develop and implement a plan for the decentralization of their operations, taking into account regional needs, accessibility, and the efficient utilization of resources.
1.3. The decentralization plan shall identify suitable locations for departmental offices based on factors such as population density, geographic distribution, and specific service requirements.
2.1. Each department shall establish regional administrative headquarters in strategically selected locations to ensure efficient service delivery and responsiveness to local needs.
2.2. The regional administrative headquarters shall be responsible for coordinating departmental activities within their respective regions, including service provision, regulatory oversight, and local engagement.
2.3. The Department of [specific department], in collaboration with relevant agencies, shall provide the necessary resources and support to regional administrative headquarters to ensure their effective functioning.
3.1. Each department shall undertake a comprehensive review of their bureaucratic processes, regulations, and decision-making structures to identify opportunities for streamlining and simplification.
3.2. The Anti-Corruption Committee, in coordination with the Governor's Office of Regulatory Reform, shall lead efforts to eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy, reduce red tape, and enhance the speed and efficiency of administrative procedures.
3.3. Departments shall leverage technology and digital platforms to automate processes, facilitate online services, and improve communication and information sharing with the public.
4.1. Each department shall establish performance evaluation mechanisms to assess the efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction of their operations at both the centralized and decentralized levels.
4.2. Performance indicators shall be developed to measure the timeliness, accuracy, and quality of service delivery, and departments shall be held accountable for achieving established targets.
4.3. The Governor's Office, in collaboration with relevant oversight bodies, shall regularly review departmental performance and provide guidance and support to ensure continuous improvement and adherence to established standards.
5.1. Departments shall develop and implement communication strategies to inform the public about the decentralization process, changes in service delivery, and available channels for accessing departmental services.
5.2. Efforts shall be made to enhance public engagement through open forums, public consultations, and the establishment of citizen feedback mechanisms to ensure that local needs and concerns are taken into account.
5.3. Departments shall actively seek feedback from the public and utilize such feedback to inform decision-making processes, service improvements, and policy development.
This Executive Order shall take effect immediately, and the decentralization of departments and the establishment of an efficient and fast bureaucratic system shall proceed expeditiously in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto
set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the State of New York to be affixed.
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2023.05.28 16:59 AUWarEagle82 Examining the Real Numbers Behind Violent Instances on the Appalachian Trail

Examining the Real Numbers Behind Violent Instances on the Appalachian Trail
The Appalachian Trail runs along the mountainous spine of western Virginia. While numbers up to 2019 show the trail is generally a safer space, violence still happens on the trail. And you are most often very far from help from law enforcement when something goes wrong. (See the link for some details about violence on the trail.)
You should be prepared to defend yourself all the time as you don't get to choose when you are attacked. In certain subreddits (like AppalachianTrail) this statement is anathema. It appears many people would rather be attacked and suffer serious bodily harm than be prepared to defend themselves.
Oddly, in a recent exchange, I was called a "coward" for suggesting that we be prepared to defend ourselves. Never mind I have been assaulted several times in my life (in Europe and Asia) and had to use open-handed skills to defend myself because I was not permitted to carry other defensive tools.

By the Numbers
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2023.05.28 16:46 Walter_Blacklol Prism Political Quiz Results.

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2023.05.28 16:44 DurangoGango The Molech deal, cheating them all, and the Dark King


+Everything that has happened, will happen again. It is the way of things. Yet humanity’s death will eclipse the eldar’s annihilation tenfold, for we are evolving into a far more psychically powerful race. Uncontrolled psychic energy will tear reality apart. The warp’s entities will feed on the carcass of the galaxy. There must be control, and control must be maintained.+
The Master of Mankind
The Emperor's great and secret plant to save humanity originate in one terrible truth: that the human race is evolving into a fully psychic species and that, left to its own devices, it would certainly succumb to psychic corruption, triggering a Fall-of-the-Eldar event that will be even larger and more devastating for the galaxy. Not just humanity is at stake, but sentient life in the Milky Way and perhaps beyond.

Unthinkable Confessions

S1: There is a grand bargain here.
S2: I understand it.
S1: Do you? Already? Good. Very good. What is the bargain?
S2: [Silentium.] Infinite power cannot be overcome. We are finite, limited by law. So, deception.
S1: Do you find that unworthy?
S2: No.
S1: Because it comes from me.
S2: Yes.
S1: Speak freely. For once, speak freely. You are only just awakened – there may be few chances left for you.
S2: [Silentium.] You will cheat them. You will cheat all of them. And us.
S1: A risky strategy.
S2: There are no others.
S1: You understand it. And, tell me – do you understand the full implication?
S2: Ruin. Total ruin.
Valdor: Birth of the Imperium
But there is a problem. The nature of Chaos, of the Warp, is infinite and unbounded. It can not be defeated by matching power against power. The only possible strategy is deception: a gamble so staggering in its odds, it courts total ruin to even conceive of it.

The Bargain

‘At the dawn of the great diaspora, the Emperor travelled here in humble guise and found the gateway to a realm of immortal gods. He offered them things only a god-in-waiting could offer, and they trusted Him. They gave Him a measure of their power, and with that power He wrought the science to unlock the mysteries of creation.’
Vengeful Spirit
The Emperor went to Molech early in the Dark Age of Technology. He entered a portal straight into the Warp, and made pacts with the Ruinous Powers, gaining a measure of their knowledge and might that was the key to creating the Primarchs. We know it was a pact, and not outright theft, through ADB's WoG: (speaking of Fabius Bile trying to make Primarchs) "And even if he had all the lore (which he almost certainly doesn't) did Bile really make the same deal with the Ruinous Powers that the Emperor did, in order to make a real primarch?
Now, what could be the thing be that "only a god-in-waiting" could offer the Ruinous Powers? the standard answer is the Primarchs, for the Gods to have as their heralds; there's much theorising about which Primarchs were pre-agreed to go to which god. But I'm unconvinced: Chaos immediately turned them into Daemon Primarchs, suffering the same limitations as regular Greater Daemons; they're not something only a "god-in-waiting" could give them.
I prefer another theory:

The Dark King

‘Lord,’ says Actae, with some reluctance, ‘the Dark King is… it is the name first written in the time before man, and repeated ever since, unbidden, by the prophets of all species. It is a name symbolising the rising god to come.’
‘There are no gods!’ scoffs Raja.
‘You’re a fool,’ Actae tells him. ‘Before the fall of the aeldari, there was no fourth power of Chaos. The gods of Chaos breed and multiply,propagating like storms through the empyrean. They are born in turn, though they have all existed forever. Time has no meaning for them. The fall of the aeldari did not cause the birth of She Who Thirsts, merely her occurrence. So too with all other gods, be they foul entities of Chaos, or divine forces of sentient power.’
‘She Who Thirsts was born out of the death of an entire sentient culture,’ says John.
‘Such is the inevitable fate of all advanced, psychic species,’ says Actae. ‘And the Dark King is our fate. This war, my lord, is not one of loyalists against traitors. It is not about the conquest of Terra and mankind by Chaos. It is certainly not about a son at war with his father. This is the Triumph of Ruin. Horus and the Emperor have taken their conflict to such a pitch, that we are about to suffer the same fate as the cursed aeldari. The human race will die in birth-fire, consumed by blood-rage, pestilence, violent transmutation and blind desire. And from the grave-pyre of our civilisation, the broken galaxy will see Horus rising, absolute and complete, as a new, true and terrible god.’
The answer is staring us in the face. The Emperor knows humanity will evolve into a psychic species, then Fall. He knows the only hope to avoid this, the shining path, is to unite the species, wean it off reliance on the Warp by conquering and using the Webway, then slowly shepherd it into psychic ascendancy. He knows he lacks the power to do this, and there's only one place to get it: the Warp itself.
He goes to Molech, enters the Immaterium. He passes whatever tests the Gods set him, and strikes a bargain. They will give him a measure of their power and knowledge. He will use it in a war of galactic conquest, aided by Warp-infused monstrosities. Humanity will ascend and, in so doing, Fall and occasion the formation of the fifth God of Chaos. The Warp will invade reality and all will be subsumed into the Great Game.
He does not intend to do this. He makes the Primarchs, and sets about conquering the galaxy at incredible speed, but enacts an anti-Warp ideology, attempting to remove even the possibility of Chaos influence-through-belief. He forges a human link to the Webway, manifesting his intention openly. He cheats on his bargain.
The Gods respond. If the Emperor will not go on to create the Dark King, they will occasion its birth themselves. They concoct the Heresy, and pour their power into one of the Emperor's Great-Daemons-in-a-meatsuit. The conflagration plunges the galaxy into ruin and exposes much of humanity to the Warp. It is this plane of conflict that truly interests Chaos: the Wrap bleeding into realspace all over the place, psychic turmoil sufficient to fatally poison reality no matter who wins the war. Let the deluded and the hopeless fight on with all their fury and desperation: all they're doing is feeding into their own destruction.

The Sacrificial Play

The figure shrugged, as though they discussed something trivial. ‘Some things need to happen, Kai. Even the most terrible things you can imagine sometimes need to happen.’
His opponent moved his Divinitarch into a blocking position, and said, ‘Because sometimes the only victory possible is to keep your opponent from winning.’
The Outcast Dead
The Emperor's original plan is no longer viable. The Webway is lost (though he tried as best as he could to hold on to it). There is no longer a path to ultimate victory, as far as he can see. The next best thing is to stop Chaos from winning.
It's hellishly complicated. If he loses to Horus, it's game over pretty much immediately. But even if he wins the immense psychic conflict, that might still be enough that the psychic pressure of those fighting for the Emperor will nucleate the Dark King around him anyway, doing for humanity what Slaanesh did for the Aeldari, except even worse.
The only non-losing move is to cause a stalemate. Soulkill Horus, hurt the Chaos Gods if he can (he can't defeat them outright, "infinite power can not be overcome"). Then, knowing he'll get badly wounded in the battle no matter what, get himself strapped to the Golden Throne, unable to die, his soul tethered to realspace, where he can fight off Chaos' influence without joining it. Now he can't ascend, and there's no alternate candidate for Dark King. Whatever faith humanity places into him, capital F or not, will not nucleate a Fifth God of Chaos, at least as long as he can hold on.
It's not great. There is still no discernible path to ultimate victory. But it's the best move he's got.
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2023.05.28 16:37 aWasabic Asking for a friend. Complicated matter.

his story: On November 26th, 2021, I went to the wrong gate at border. After staying there for four days, an official gave me an exclusion order and handed me over to the American police, saying that I could not come to Canada for a year. That night, I went to a hotel near the border, and the next day I entered the country illegally through the forest from Montreal. When I arrived in Toronto, a translator told me that my proceedings could result in deportation. I was scared, so I waited seven months to apply. In the meantime, I thought I did not have a UCI number, so I requested a new one. My translator was slow to start the process, and I only received my UCI number on December 6, 2022. Then, within a week, I went for a medical check-up. Meanwhile, on November 15, 2022, my common-law partner entered through a regular port in Montreal and stated that we were common-law partners. We are not legally married, but we live together. After giving my fingerprints, I received my ID, also known as a yellow paper, on May 18th. My partner will receive theirs on July 10th. I am on PRRA, and we applied for a work permit one week ago. They informed me the day after the application was made that if they need any documents, they will contact me via email. I also hired a new translator, who told me that within two months of my ID date, a decision would be made on my risk assessment in my PRRA case.
his questions:
  1. Can my case be combined with my partner's, and if so, can I pass the case when they win it?
  2. Will my PRRA risk assessment case be settled in two months with a positive or negative result?
  3. I want to put pressure on them to get my work permit because I need it. should I?
  4. What should be done during this two-month period for my case? By the way, I have a lawyer from Legal Aid.
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2023.05.28 16:21 deverbovitae Popular Beliefs: Faith Only

For by grace have ye been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not of works, that no man should glory. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God afore prepared that we should walk in them (Ephesians 2:8-10).
Christianity features many beliefs and practices that prove very popular. People hear about them frequently; their legitimacy is often taken for granted. The Scriptures commend and justify many such beliefs and practices, but we cannot assume that merely because a belief or practice is popular that it is authorized by and pleases God in Christ. We must test all the spirits (1 John 4:1); we must prove all things in Christ (Colossians 3:17).
A very popular belief, especially among Protestants and Evangelicals, features belief itself: belief in salvation by faith only. According to this view, the only thing that a person needs to do in order to be saved is to believe, or have faith, in Christ. This perspective often reduces faith to a set of propositions to which mental assent is given: as long as one mentally accepts the idea that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, such is sufficient to save. Does faith only make the best sense of what God has revealed regarding faith in the New Testament?
In English, “belief” and “faith” are synonymous yet distinct words. In Greek, the terms translated “belief” and “faith” are come from a single word family: most often “faith” translates the Greek noun pistis; “to believe” translates the Greek verb pisteuo. The Hebrews author provides a compelling definition for belief/faith in Hebrews 11:1:
Now faith is assurance of things hoped for, a conviction of things not seen.
Faith thus involves assurance and conviction; faith is grounded in knowledge about God and what He has accomplished for us in Christ, but is not merely that knowledge itself. One could know many ideas and facts about Jesus without necessarily having faith in Him. For this reason the Hebrews author goes further in Hebrews 11:6:
And without faith it is impossible to be well-pleasing unto him; for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that seek after him.
If we would come to God, we must believe that He exists. We must believe that God is the One Who Is, the Existent One, as good of a translation as any of the divine name YHWH (Exodus 3:14-15). Without a doubt we must mentally accept the propositions that God exists, is our Creator, has made Himself known through Jesus of Nazareth, who lived, died, was raised in power, is Lord, and will return (Acts 2:36, 17:23-31, 1 Corinthians 15:3-8, 1 Peter 4:19). We most assuredly must accept “the faith” as delivered once for all the saints (Jude 1:3).
But can faith rightly be reduced to mere mental acceptance of a set of propositions? James warns against such oversimplification in James 2:19:
Thou believest that God is one; thou doest well: the demons also believe, and shudder.
James is right: the demons constantly confessed their belief in Jesus as the Son of God (e.g. Matthew 8:28-29). The Scriptures extend no hope for the salvation of the demons! While mental acceptance of the proposition that Jesus is Lord is necessary for salvation, it by itself is not sufficient for us to be saved. Our faith must go deeper.
For our purposes the most important element of belief/faith is its demand of confidence or trust. If we truly believe that Jesus is Lord, by necessity, we must recognize that we are not Lord. To believe that Jesus is the Christ demands that we do what He says, just as the earliest audience of the Gospel understood (Acts 2:36-37). Jesus’ question resonates throughout time: “and why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?” (Luke 6:36).
First and foremost we must put our faith, or trust, in God in Christ for our justification. “Justification” is a big and loaded theological word that means “to be declared or made righteous.” In short, justification involves standing: on what basis can we stand before God?
It is true that many people believe their standing before God is based on their works. They believe that they have done what God wants them to do; if nothing else, they believe their good deeds sufficiently outweigh their bad deeds so as to justify their entrance into God’s pleasure. Such people labor under a delusion! We again turn to James in James 2:10-11:
For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet stumble in one point, he is become guilty of all. For he that said, “Do not commit adultery,” said also, “do not kill.” Now if thou dost not commit adultery, but killest, thou art become a transgressor of the law.
All the good deeds in the world mean nothing if we are guilty of a transgression on account of which we stand on trial: if we are on trial for stealing, and we have stolen but have not committed murder or adultery and have proven very benevolent to those in need, we remain guilty of stealing, and are rightly judged as transgressors. This is why Paul says that no one is justified before God by works of the Law in Romans 3:20: all have sinned and all have fallen short of the glory of God, and so on the basis of the Law all would be condemned as transgressors (Romans 3:23). Therefore, our standing before God is based on faith in Christ and what He has accomplished for us (John 3:16, Romans 5:6-11, Galatians 3:11).
In this way the Scriptures teach us that our justification is by grace through faith, and is absolutely not based in our works (Ephesians 2:8-9). We did nothing nor could do anything through our own efforts which could justify us, granting us standing before God, because we have all transgressed His holy laws, and through ourselves cannot atone for our transgression. We cannot earn salvation through our efforts; we do not deserve it, and it cannot be received like we receive a paycheck for work (Romans 4:1-5).
But does this mean that we are saved by faith only? In the New Testament the phrase “faith only” or “faith alone” is found only once, in James 2:24:
Ye see that by works a man is justified, and not only by faith.
How astonishing: the only mention of the idea is negated! How can this be?
In James 2:14-26 James anticipates how many would take Paul’s teachings regarding justification by faith further than God intended. James never suggests that man is saved by his works independent of faith, nor does he believe that people can be justified by works of the Law on their own. Instead James illustrates the essential nature of faith as trust: if you believe God is who He says He is, you will then do what He says.
Both Paul and James focus on the example of Abraham, and both center on the Genesis author’s comment in Genesis 15:6 (Romans 4:1-25, James 2:14-26). Paul focused on Abraham’s justification by faith: he believed in God before he received circumcision, and his standing before God was based on his faith (Romans 4:1-25). James focused on Abraham’s demonstration of trust by working in faith: Abraham received promises after proving willing to offer his son on the altar (James 2:21-23; Genesis 22:1-19).
Do Paul and James contradict each other, as many have claimed? Only if we demand a first-century text fit sixteenth-century disputations. When we hear what Paul and James have to say in their own context, we can come away with a more holistic understanding.
Ancient religion was primarily orthopraxic: based in right practice. It was easy for many in Judaism to reduce their faith to confidence in their election and a misguided confidence in their practice of the Law. Among Gentiles it did not matter how one felt about the gods; all that was important was to offer the appropriate sacrifices and prayers and hope the gods provided prosperity and otherwise left you alone. In all such religion the people’s standing was based in what they did. Paul did well to show how misguided such religion proved to be.
Paul and James underscored the fundamental importance of faith while fully affirming that faith demands obedience. Paul began and concluded his letter to the Romans insisting on the obedience of faith by the nations (Romans 1:5, 16:26); James speaks of faith without works as dead, like the body without the soul (James 2:26).
Faithful Christians maintain a tension between faith and works, manifest in Ephesians 2:8-10 and Philippians 2:12-13. We are not saved by our works but are justified by faith so that we can accomplish the good works for which we were created; we must work out our salvation with fear and trembling while God wills and works through us for His good pleasure. There need not be contradiction here; we can understand that nothing we can do can save us and thus put our faith in Jesus Christ for our justification and salvation while recognizing that faith without works is dead, and that trust without obedience is trust in name only.
Throughout Christian history those who have proven faithful to God have recognized that many truths of the faith seem mysterious, difficult, challenging, and do not always fit human logic. People have always been tempted to rationalize certain truths, to flatten them, and to insist on one extreme against another: all such endeavors lead to heresy. God is greater than we are and His ways are higher than our ways (Isaiah 55:8-9); many things make sense on the divine level that may seem contradictory on the human level, just like a three dimensional object would look distorted in a two dimensional world. So it goes with those who would insist on extreme and exclusive terms like “only” where God did not provide them and in fact explicitly negated them: they go to an extreme that is heretical. A man is no more justified by faith only than he would be by works only (Romans 3:20, James 2:24)!
Christians are not justified by faith alone. Christians are justified by an obedient faith (Romans 1:5, Galatians 3:11, Hebrews 11:1-40, 1 Peter 1:22). Christians can do nothing on their own to justify themselves before God; our justification and standing before God are entirely dependent on His grace and mercy expressed in Jesus (Ephesians 2:1-10). If we believe that Jesus is Lord, we must do what He says; we must prove obedient to His purposes (Romans 6:14-23). May we believe in Jesus as Lord, recognize our justification is by faith, and manifest our trust in Jesus through our obedience, and be saved in Him!
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2023.05.28 16:08 Intelligent-Cash-243 Fixing up old knives, and NKD

Fixing up old knives, and NKD
I have old set of Knives (Wolfgang Puck) that I’ve always liked. It has a 5 and 7” Santoku, an 8” Chefs knife and a 4” Pairing.
It’s seen some abuse from family and friends.
My brother in law tried to chop a Goose leg in half with my 7” Santoku and the 4” Pairing has the tip bent.
The 5” and 7” Santoku have been my favorite out of the set, so for my birthday I picked a 7” Japanese AUS10 Damascus Santoku from a local knife shop, and just ordered a Wheatstone. There’s also a Victorianox knife that a friend left us last year.
After getting the new Santoku I realized how utterly blunt all of our old knifes where and now I really want to get into sharpening them and getting them in shape.
Is there a way/how would I go about trying to fix the old bent knifes?
Also, my knee knife pictured aswell.
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2023.05.28 16:05 Dicerson1 Predators and Prey

(Inspired by this writing prompt, but put into its own post because replies have annoying character limits)
Kin'kar Q'qlan (Translation: He who Slays Death) considered the small prey creature before him. Though doing so was quite difficult, considering this was anything but the usual circumstances under which he does so.
Normally, when he is considering a prey creature he is thinking about its anatomical structure, its behavior. He analyzes its movements, its shape, its hide, its weapons. He formulates a plan for how he shall slay it and claim its skull. Utilizing whatever assistance was afforded him for that particualr hunt, he would identify its tendons, joints, cracks in its chitin if it were exoskeletal, and the like.
But now he is to consider this creature's words. Even now, several months after learning of this recently uplifted species, the very idea astonishes him. A prey species that speaks. He was sent here to as the most prodigious hunter amongst the Karkians (Translation: Hunters), and thus their best consultant in such matters.
He must clear his thoughts, he shall begin again at the beginning- when Humanity's existence was first announced by the Imperial Throne to the rest of the galaxy. Apparently the Imperial Throne had discovered the existence of a sapient species months prior- of course conducting its own investigations before making the discovery public. Normally such an event is already cause for a stir, as such species are rarely discovered as a Pre-FTL civilization. The period of development between pre-sapient and starfaring is, compared to the scale of the universe, quite short. It is commonly held that the odds of a sapient species existing in a stage of computerized technological development simultaneously with several other FTL capable species is astronomically unlikely once more than a handful of species have achieved FTL and began expanding to other systems.
But this particular discovery has shaken the foundations of everything known about sapient evolution. For many centuries it has been held by the wisest and eldest of all civilizations that the energy requirements of sapience cannot be sustained by anything less than an apex super-predator- an animal species which preys upon all other species in their planetary environment. To sustain an conscious mind requires frequent consumption of highly energy dense food, of which only a handful of species on any given world are comprised of. While omnivorous sapients are not unheard of, it is rare for circumstances to allow the justification of time spent for a pre-industrial sapient on anything other than mating, development, or hunting. For most, one of these things becomes a cultural centerpoint. For Karkians such as Kin'kar, Hunting is the pride of their people- so much so that they still frequently participate in technologically restricted ritual hunting both for entertainment, and as a method for the resolution of otherwise unresolvable disputes.
Yet, if the Imperial Throne's report is to be believed, this species descends from a sub-predator species. That is, a species of "predators" who are themselves frequently preyed upon by typically more powerful apex predators. Though Kin'kar is loathe to call such a thing a predator. To Karkians, you are either the hunter or the hunted, and never both. Yet, somehow, these prey animals evolved sapience and eventually overcame their evolutionary predators, no longer vulnerable to being hunted- but neither assuming the role of Apex hunter and super-predating. Not for food, anyways. Also perplexingly, their overcoming of this previously thought unbreakable food chain was prompted by technological development.
In other words- they became sapient before becoming their planet's apex species. Kin'kar unconsciously loosed several clicks, to the confusion of his guest. No matter how many times he says it to himself or confirms the accuracy of the reports, he can hardly believe it. According to Throne scientists, Humanity invented naturally developed Agriculture- a concept which was previously only theorized as a possible route to the energy requirements of a populous sapient species. Previously, the primary restriction factor for sapient species was sustaining large numbers- the energy requirements of conscious thought meant that species numbers were limited by the availability of food. Only slow development of technology allowing hunting of more and more prey species across more environments more easily could allow a species to grow and begin affording members time to focus on technological development rather than survival. Many scientists believed that, theoretically, the artificial cultivation of plant species could provide this energy- but such ideas were unilaterally passed off as impossible, as an herbivorous species would never be able to evolve the intelligence necessary to begin with, and most omnivorous species developed as a result of an environment were time efficiency was so extremely crucial to survival and food so scarce that it was unfeasible to waste any on such slow methods that could get them killed for no reason other than bad luck.
Yet here Humanity was- having just proven centuries of crackpot theorists correct. An omnivorous species of sub-predators which developed Agriculture as their primary means of sustaining large populations.
"Is something wrong?" the human spoke, their name was 'Isaac'- though this species was one which did not maintain meaning translations for most names and so Kin'kar knew not the significance of the title. Such an odd thing, to claim a name which has no meaning...
"No, apologies. I was lost in thought. Your existence... your people, that is, are perplexing to me." He responded in Honor-Authoritative, though he has been told that human translators are only capable of two tonal discrepencies. Communication must have been difficult for this species, yet another confusing fact.
"Yeah, we get that alot. The boys back home are still mulling over the Imperial Throne's scientific data. It's shattered everything we thought we knew about evolution." He spoke in what Kin'kar's translator indicated as Honor-Mutual. Normally, a Q'qlan would challenge such speech with a ritual hunt to enforce an appropriate speech tone. However, he must be lenient with this species who is unaware of his people's ways. They will learn- this is his mission, afterall. He has been sent by the High Order of the Huntresses to both share Karkian culture and learn human culture- so that the Matrons may establish proper political channels. Though not quite the hunt he is accustomed to, it is an honor to have been selected for such a task.
"The feeling is mutual. Humanity has shattered everything the galaxy knew about sapient evolution. Tell me, is it really true that your kind are not hunters?" He asked, expecting a particular answer.
The human, Isaac, spoke, "Well, sort of. We're not currently hunters, not really. We've long since surpassed the need to truly hunt for survival. There was a time in our history where hunting was critical for our survival- but once Agriculture developed, it slowly became a secondary, then tertiary concern. Until, eventually, it was simply superfluous and unneeded compared to Herding and Farming. Though the practice remained popular for non-food related materials, and even sport, until a a few centuries ago. Nowadays, hunting at all is frowned upon unless you're living alone in the woods somewhere and need to to survive."
Kin'kar was not expecting this answer. He knew, of course, that they were sub-predators. In the back of his mind, there was small relief that this species was not entirely herbivorous. They did have to hunt at some point for the energy cost of sapience. But to think that agriculture was so effective that hunting as a strategy became... obsolete? He knew it was not Isaac's fault, but the very thought made his blood boil. Literally. Karkian blood is, uniquely to their species, capable of boiling without causing damage- their veins are semi-permeable to gases, and on especially hot days the blood in veins on the surface of their skin would boil to release heat in the form of vapor. This also doubled as a way to apply scent markings to territory, and to attract mates.
"I'm sorry, you're, uhm. Uh... you're steaming? Literally? Wow. Uh, I didn't mean to anger you, deepest apologies." Isaac spoke, now in... Dishonor-subordinate? Kin'kar shook his head again, he must dissuade his instincts- lest this individuals fluctuating tone's confuse him further.
"Do not apologize for that which is not your fault. I was.. the thought of hunting becoming obsolete. For Karkians, the Hunt is a millenia honored tradition- to call it... 'unneeded' is... agitating. I cannot blame you, you did not know. You said your species used Herding as well? I was only aware of your heavy use of Agriculture." Kin'kar inquired as a way to distract from the agitation.
Herding was known to the Galaxy, even super-predating species cannot sustain hunting alone forever. As populations grow, industrial scale animal processing becomes an inevitability. Not the least because without it, a sufficiently populous species would wipe out all life on their planet! It seems even Humanity could not avoid this, which was oddly comforting. A small bit of reason underneath the foundation of this incredulous species. Kin'kar was still remiss about humanity's apparent disfavor for hunting- at one point they even engaged in it for sport! If that had been the humanity the Imperial Throne discovered, then perhaps this conversation would be easier held during a Communion hunt... but alas, the offer was rejected prior even to his arrival.
"Yes, as humanity spread out across the planet in our primitive days-"
"What?" Kin'kar interrupted, perhaps slightly dishonorably though he doubted the human even noticed.
"Humanity spread out across the planet in our primitive days?" Isaac repeated.
"You.. humanity encompassed their entire world before industrializing?" Kin'kar clarified, flabbergasted.
"Actually, before even agriculture truly developed, there were tribes of humans both nomadic and static all over the planet with exception to only a few particularly hostile locations that hardly supported large ecosystems to begin with. Even some of the most remote regions had human tribes, due to ancient geological landbridges that formed during the Ice Ages." Isaac stated with such confidence and stability that even the translator identified absolutely no deception.
This was entire unforeseen. Not even Throne data sharing revealed this. Most species did not expand beyond their evolutionary roots until they began to develop tools for surviving off-environments. Some rare species had durability enough to survive the entire breadth of a continent's temperature and seasonal terrains, but it was literally unheard of for one to be capable of surviving every single planetary ecosystem without the aid of technology to enable the hunting of physically more powerful predators and thus expansion of food sources for, of course, larger populations. Yet, somehow, humanity had done precisely that.
"How? How could a pre-sapient prey species spread across the entire planet and survive without technology to adapt to differing seasonal variations and weapons to hunt and survive its predators- especially foreign predators?" Kin'kar almost exclaimed, not even realizing what he had called humanity...
"I am sorry, but I must correct you. Humanity, even then, was not a 'pre-sapient prey species', as you put it." Isaac spoke again, again with absolute sureity.
"W-what!? But.. the records. The throne's data, the report I received. Your species is descended from prey animals, is it not? Hunteed frequently by... apologies for the enunciation of this word... 'Lee-oh-pahrds', 'Leeohns', and 'Huheenahs' even during your development? You've even stated that you hold life, even that of lesser species, as sacred and have extensive laws for animal rights?" Kin'kar retored, trying desperately to confirm his information.
"I see you have been.. at least slightly misinformed. Or perhaps have misinterpreted. Your report clearly is not firsthand, in any case." Isaac stated, quite calmly. He stood, activating the holo projector to show Earth side by side with what appeared to be a less evolved human.
"As you say, we are descended from 'prey' animals. A species of hominids, er, well I suppose that just means human ancestor huh, well. A species that came before us, were in fact prey to many varieties of animal in our evolutionary basin, the African Savanahh here-" the holo shifted to show the world's second largest continent, specifically the upper middle portion of it, "-Hyenas, Lions, Leopords mostly. But even so, they still occasionally hunted- only our eldest ancestors so removed so as to hardly be considered hominids were not omnivorous. However, hunting was difficult and infrequent- so ancient diets consisted of a mix of a variety of things including berries, nuts, insects, and whatever meat we could get our hands on. We formed large packs, herds, whatever you want to call the group structure to provide mutual support and keep eyes out for predators. The key to our success was that, even in those times, our intelligence vastly outclassed other animals and enabled us out to outposition, outmaneuver, and generally avoid predators whilst tricking other animals into traps they couldn't escape from. We leveraged our endurance to run down prey until it literally died of exhaustion, then stripped the corpse for as long as it took scavengers to push us away. The moment we began to make use of tools, however, it was over. Not even scavengers could push us away from kills, and even predators risked their own lives with every hunt against us. With tools, hunting in combination with foraging became the staple strategy for just under 2 million years. It wasn't until about a hundred-ish millenia ago when we finally left our evolutionary basin to other continents, due mostly to the Ice Ages forcing us to adapt or die. Thus began the great human migration to basically the entire planet, thanks mostly to lowered sea levels creating land bridges to other continents and prevalent island chains allowing short-term sea travel to the more remote locations. Agriculture didn't really come about until around 12,000ish years ago at which point civilization really kickstarted as tribes of maybe a hundred or so could finally start growing bigger." Isaac concluded, or perhaps simply paused, to allow Kin'kar a chance to process and respond.
"This... I..." His mind raced, shifting with great speed between awe, wonder, confusion, and... fear? Legitimate fear? His hearts raced, thumping their tandem beat as if he were on the trail of dangerous game. He could not shake it. The Throne's were wrong- as they often were the fools, Kin'kar should have known better. This was no mere 'prey' species- they were a trap! Their looks, their attitudes, their culture.. everything is just a trick! A facade meant to lull the other species into a false sense of security. But now.. now he could truly see into Isaac's gaze- see his intent. Where before Kin'kar was confused as to this creature's confidence, curious as to how a prey animal could maintain such a solid gaze. Now he knew for certain.
It was he who was being hunted. All this time, it was Kin'kar who was being analyzed. Studied. Picked apart. Were this truly a Communion hunt, Kin'kar would already have dishonored his people a hundred times over. He would have no choice but to return home in shame and allow another to take the mantle. He thanked the ancestors this did not come to pass.
This species, first a prey animal, in the span of merely 2 million years evolved into a what Kin'kar can only describe as an optional super-predator. A species that could easily overwhelm and dominate any ecosystem it was in- predate upon all of its top predators, and come out with more bounty for it. But they didn't. They opted for mutuality. They survived the predators, but focused on the core prey animals. They continued to supplement their hunt of less efficient game with foraging- using both tactics at once as most omnivorous species do. But not out of necessity. Not out of need.
But because that's just what they wanted to do. Because they did not need to hunt more efficiently. They had evolved an intelligent brain 'even back then' Isaac had said.. even before becoming the planetary apex. Just how efficient were they? Running prey to death by exhaustion? Not even with tools or weapons? Just.. chasing it until it died? How in all the galaxy could they support an intelligent mind on, ostensibly, such low energy costs? It was preposterous! Even the most generous theories tossed out such ridiculous notions as a herbivorous-favoring omnivore with intelligence...
There was only one question Kin'kar knew to ask. He was no scientist, but even he understood some biological basics.
"The translator should translate this correctly. How many Calories does a human require for daily functions?" Kin'kar asked, dreading the answer.
"Most estimates place it at around 2,000 for a healthy diet, though that can vary by as much as a thousand or more." He stated, his expression plain and unassuming as if he did not just invoke a ritual to make Jorq'inian roll in his grave. As if he did not just overturn over ten millenia of scientific research. As if his statement did not change the face of the galaxy. Kin'kar did not steam. He froze. The death sentence. The primordial locking of joints that was often seen as a sign of weakness, a base fear response instinct that Karkians possessed as a holdover from their ancestor species- from even before they had become super-predators. To show it in the presence of other Karkians was the surest way to lose all honor. To become outcast, destitute, and stripped of titles. Even though he was the only Karkian here, and thus his position maintained- this moment would haunt Kin'kar for the rest of his days. The day he knew true, primordial fear. When he finally grasped the sheer level of danger Humanity presented.
A species that defied Jorq'inians law of evolution. It all suddenly made sense. No wonder they did not need to super-predate to survive. They simply broke the laws and developed caloric efficiency beyond all theories. They could support a brain, advanced muscle structures, strength, endurance... everything on far less than any other species needed.
Kin'kars mind reached even further into the depths of terror.
They developed agriculture. The Theory of Agriculture was straightforward. On Paper it could provide far higher net energy than predation, if done properly. The main issue was that by the time any species had the means to utilize it, industrial scale animal processing had already developed and the relative cost of low-technological agriculture was just too high to warrant spending countless centuries developing it when one could simply just expand their current methods.
But Humanity, who was already so incredibly energy efficient. Already capable of hunting all they needed and then some, already in position to truly become super-predators; Humanity developed Agriculture. Twelve thousand years ago? Kin'kar hadn't even registered that number just yet, but now that he thinks about it, the average time between developing of mass animal processing and FTL was typically in the thirty to forty thousand range.
And Humanity did it in twelve. By the time most species were computerized and beginning to look beyond their planets, Humanity was tribal and farming plants.
And here they are, now entering the Galactic stage barely ten or so millenia after the rise of the first FTL civilization- the Imperial Throne. The speed of their development is terrifying. Kin'kar knew this could mean only one thing. This was them. This was the Junt'Bah. The unhuntable. The most dangerous game. The one species that no Karkian ever survived pursuit of. Rumors of their existence began only barely a century ago- when rumors of a world containing supposedly plentiful game was discovered and the parties sent to it never returned. Rumor has it that the first to go there returned after a successful first hunt. But the second was not so. The next party to follow never returned. Or the next. Or the next... information was scarce, as those who knew of the planet's location were either dead or so fearful of it that they refused to reveal its whereabouts. The rumors spread like wildfire, though the vast majority of Karkian society disregarded them as a pipe-dream thought up by dis-satisfied hunters wishing to make up pretense for fallacious boasts.
But now, Kin'kar knew it was the truth. The timing is too perfect. Barely a century ago, if the report is true, Humanity had began to develop basic tech-weapons and enter early militarization (at least what passed for such things in galactic society). If the first hunt was successful, that would imply some element of surprise was at play.. but if the subsequent ones were not. Kin'kar was in grave danger, did he know? Was humanity already aware of Karkians even before the uplift began? Was this some kind of trap? Would he ever see his mate again?
"Kin'kar? Are you alright? You look pale." Isaac noted in- damn the translator. He could be speaking primitive-infant right now and Kin'kar would still be afraid. He had to respond, to maintain some semblance of authority before the predator got any ideas...
"I am fine, I was just. Surprised, at the information. I will... have to update our records. Could you provide a more... direct document? I am not exactly a scientist, I am merely my people's best hunter..." Kin'kar spoke, unconsciously using Dishonor-Submissive...
"Ah, yes, your people. I was hoping we could discuss them some? I've just shared most of my people's history, afterall.." Isaac expectantly lead.
"O-oh, yes, of course..." Kin'kar submitted.
In the coming days, the Karkian empire would enter into a Defensive pact with Humanity in a political move that stunned the entire galaxy. Karkians were notoriously fierce and highly independent, militarily capable of resisting Imperial annexation whilst holding strategically important worlds that precluded annihilation class weapons. A fact that their High Order of Huntresses frequently leveraged during political talks and attempts to trade. Yet, for seemingly no discernible reason, they entered and equal-footing defensive agreement with Humanity- enabling the newly uplifted species to resist Imperial annexation and remain independant. Rumor has it this was preluded by a dramatic shift in Karkian authority, with nearly half their high order stepping down and being replaced by subordinates after some kind of cultural scandal- though no other species truly knew what happened when Kin'kar's report reached the council's eyes. They did not know how much blood was shed that day.
Humanity, for their part, was very glad to have the Predators on their side. Much better than the movies.
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2023.05.28 16:02 243f A glimpse into the abyss that is the vile ideology of Savarkar Politics

(Originally posted on india but seems it got flagged, so I'm on next relevant sub I know where it probably won't get deleted)
While everyone is openly paying tributes to him today on popular social media. (EDIT: and now they've even announced a movie.) It is important to understand the thought process of the person who gave birth to the most popular ideology in India today. Here is an except from his book "Six Glorious Epochs Of Indian History" by VD Savarkar

Even now we proudly refer to the noble acts of Chhatrapati Shivaji and Chimaji Appa, when they honourably sent back the daughter-in-law of the Muslim Governor of Kalyan and the wife of the Portuguese governor of Bassein respectively. But is it not strange that, when they did so, neither Shivaji Maharaj nor Chimaji Appa should ever remember, the atrocities and the rapes and the molestation, perpetrated by Mahmud of Ghazni, Muhammad Ghori, Alla-ud-din Khilji and others, on thousands of Hindu ladies and girls like the princesses of Dahir, Kamaldevi, the wife of Karnaraj of Karnawati and her extremely beautiful daughter, Devaldevi. Did not the plaintive screams and pitiful lamentations of the millions of molested Hindu women, which reverberated throughout the length and breadth of the country, reach the ears of Shivaji Maharaj and Chimaji Appa?

The souls of those millions of aggrieved women might have perhaps said, “Do not forget, O, your Majesty, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, and O! your Excellency, Chimaji Appa, the unutterable atrocities and oppression and outrage committed on us by the Sultans and Muslim noblemen and thousands of others, big and small. Let those Sultans and their peers take a fright that in the event of a Hindu victory our molestation and detestable lot shall be avenged on the Muslim women.
(From chapter 8 titled "Perverted Conception of Virtues", under section "The Hindu chivalry towards enemy women", Source: page 179)
Previous section is titled "Muslim women too played their devilish part in the molestation and harassment of the Hindu women". He tries to villainize Muslim women, then wishes that they were raped by Hindu Kings. If you put this in perspective. It should be no surprise, that they welcomed Bilkis Bano case rapists and murders with garlands.
After reading this, any sane person would be disgusted by Savarkar, so this would've been the end of the post. But we live in a time when we're aware of the existence of vermin, who would actually agree with Savarkar. Therefore, I must also counter Savarkar.
The basic idea that Savarkar is trying to convey with all this, is that Hindus kings were "virtuous" and cultured and what not, while Muslim kings were all evil brutes. The idea, sadly the Hindu society today has also blindly accepted, probably because of subtle conditioning via popular media. In reality, this is far from the truth. There are parts of history all of us want to forget out, the parts which Savarkar forgets to mention. But it becomes necessary that one of those chapters of history be revisited: The Maratha incursions of Bengal.
The following are excepts from the book, "Fall Of The Mughal Empire Vol. 1" by Jadunath Sarkar:

The Maratha soldiers were notorious for their practice of gangrape in invaded territories from a very early time. In 1688 when they invaded the Goa districts under the eyes of their king Shambhuji, they committed this kind of outrage. A contemporary Portguese account of that war states: “These enemies were so barbarous that when a woman appeared very beautiful (lit. best) to them, five or six of them violated her by lying with that woman alone. Up to now nowhere else in India has such barbarity been seen, nor even among the Kafris (Negroes). For this reason, many women of Margaon ... threw themselves into pools, where they died of drowning. Others who bravely resisted the lewd intentions of some of the enemy soldiers, were killed with strokes of the broadsword, and of some others the breasts were cut off.” (Tr. from Pissurlencar's Portugueses e Maratas, ii. 49 (Source: footnotes at end of page 54 and page 55)

Another contemporary, Vaneshwar Vidyalankar, the Pandit of the Maharajah of Bardwan, wrote in November, 1744: "Shahu Rajah's troops are niggard of pity, slayers of pregnant women and infants, of Brahmans and the poor, fierce of spirit, expert in robbing the property of every one and in committing every sinful act. They created a local cataclysm and caused the extirpation of the people of the Bengal villages like an (ominous) comet .... In one day they can cross a hundred yojans. They slay the unarmed, the poor, women and children. They rob all property and abduct chaste wives. If it comes to a battle, they secretly flee away to some other country. Their main strength lies in their marvellously swift horses. Such was the tumultuous ocean of Bargi troops." (Source: page 55)

As the contemporary Gagaram writes: As soon as Bhaskar arrived again, he summoned all his captains and ordered them, ”Draw your swords and kill every man and woman that you see.” When the commander spoke thus, they plundered and slew on every side with shouts of kill! kill ! ! Brahmans, Vaishnavs, Sannyasis, women and cows were slaughtered by the hundred.” (Source: page 63 and page 64)
It should be clear that the Hindu monarchs were far from "virtuous". Today, history is being painted as Hindu vs Muslim. In reality, like all other monarchs, they only cared about retaining their rule and wealth, and couldn't give a fuck about the common people, be it Hindu or Muslim. But Savarkar carefully misrepresents the history to support his vile ideas.
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2023.05.28 15:46 MGK_2 I Tell You A Mystery

I Tell You A Mystery
Welcome here folks. It becomes a little too obvious to me on what is going to happen. It is not if, it is when. Let's reveal the thinking on why I say this. It all goes back to the Mystery on the 2022, mid-summer daydream run up. We are living in strange times. You don't need me to tell you that. From the surface of it, it appears as if we are going to hell in a handbasket, it is almost as if we are about to fall off a cliff, however, that hasn't happened, at least not yet. I get it, though at times, it may seem that I don't. The things we have experienced holding this stock are not normal, but neither are the times.
In the long term, Leronlimab shall become the CCR5 blockade of choice, the Gold Standard. That shall happen. It will be written into the medical journals and text books as the monoclonal antibody which cured humanity of HIV and shall become the standard of care in NASH and metastatic malignant tumors. Many of us here already know that this shall happen. So, I wanted to know more about Leronlimab and in order to explore LL, you need to know the company CytoDyn behind it and so I put together this page to help me understand them.
Both myself and a buddy of mine who you also may know, u/psasoffice do come together on occasion to lay down the dirt on that what it is. Today then becomes another instance of yesterday's conversation. I say this to say that in much of what follows, I am the messenger. The bike messenger who picks up the package, reads it while I peddle along, and then deliver it to you soon after the discussion. And let me tell you, u/psasoffice puts together the pieces, a puzzle master where no plot or twist is beyond his x-ray vision. As a matter of fact, He has been behind much of what I've written for over the past 6 months now; it might have been since October or even September of last year, when he sent me something which peaked my interest indicating that he liked what I was putting down, and then, with his perspectives and insights, it just kept expounding. You can see what I've written here , but somewhere around this post , I began talking with u/psasoffice and many of the articles thereafter have his influence.
There were many indications or hopes set that the hold will lift by a certain date. That didn't happen. It has been my notion, (not necessarily u/psasoffice's notion, but it may be), that when we see that Peace and Safety become raised of concern, then it shall be then when the hold lifts. Well, next week, America may default on its debt so then, the markets could quiver. That could lead to unrest. What I've said is that when there is rampant havoc & distress all around, and the masses screaming for Peace and Safety, so it is then when things shall begin for CytoDyn. I said it before and I'll say it again, that when this time arrives, we best remain still, stalwart, confident and quiet. We have seen the signs of where we are headed, and know, we have arrived, we are there. We have taken the exit off the highway and are nearing our destination. Therefore, when the strong winds blow, take a strong, solid and stout stance and know, that this moment was just one of the reasons why you bought your shares. This Initiating Juncture and the events which follow the triggering event of lifting the hold are not that far off, but rather, they are right around the corner. Actually, we have reached the destination, so get out of your car, take a breather and stretch. Shut your engines off. We are there. We did it. We've reached that point. Patience is a virtue. I sincerely appreciate all of you on this difficult journey together.
We have been living the same day again and again, like its Ground Hog Day over and over. All of us have been under the impression that all has been done. That all has been submitted. We understand that no more than 30 days should pass from the day the last submittal was sent before a Result is issued. However, we have the same lack of result day after day. Such a grueling process, what does all of this mean? It means that we have gone through the required process for so long and have paid a huge price, but despite becoming emaciated and haggard, we have finally arrived. Our heads were forced under water by manipulative hands for so long, fighting us against our wills to survive. Finding ourselves running out of air, we finally break free from the over whelming strength of that grip and take that needed breath. Those still here after so long shall find the answer they seek since their desire for this answer is as much as their desire for that breath of air. A Breath of fresh air is well worth the wait when forced underwater indefinitely, outside of your personal control.
Just 2 weeks ago, Cyrus took a leave of absence due to illness. Cytomight sensed he had something going on, but he probably was trying to stick it out, but in the end, he had to leave and now requires time to recover. Lets hope that when he recovers and is able to return, that the Result is already in by then. We already know that the Result shall be a positive one. Lets hope that on the day which he returns, that the NDAs, partnerships & collaborations which are all contingent on the hold being lifted have all or some, been already signed and activated, thereby allowing Cyrus to return as CEO. Wait! How can these agreements be signed if Cyrus lies in bed? Oh yeah, I remember now, we do in fact have an interim President Antonio Migliarese who is already versed in the signing these official agreements. What a Team Cyrus has put together. I love the profound wisdom of this strategic team and proud to own a part of it.
We recently got some awesome news in the way of CytoDyn's newly hired CMO, Dr. Melissa Palmer, who is nothing but a NASH specialist and long time expert in the field of Hepatology. Also, CytoDyn hired Dr. Salah Kivlighn, who has a rare blend of science and business acumen and has 15 years tenure at Merck & Co. What does that tell you? NASH is CytoDyn's #1 indication. Management at CytoDyn has been communicating that NASH is #1 on the docket for clinical trials since the time that Cyrus came on board, because it was his team which established NASH as having the highest revenue potential. Cyrus has been telling shareholders that NASH is to be CytoDyn's own, that is, without partnership, but this is becoming increasingly more difficult to adjudicate.
If CytoDyn does in fact have a clinical trial for NASH in design and development and in the running, then the Mystery of which I speak is, how does CytoDyn pull this off?
Lets look at some of the details. A Phase 2 clinical trial for NASH would be pretty expensive ($35-50 million) and large, (150 to 200 patients) and it could take 12-18 months before we see any results. In the 12/7/22 R&D Update, Management stated that they had hoped to initiate it by 3q 2023 and to be fully enrolled by end of 2023.
As a reminder of the 12/7/22 R&D Update Investor Deck found here. :
Slide 98
  • 1:31: 40: So in terms of what potential time lines can look like, I think it's really important to highlight that from a value-creation standpoint, and I've mentioned this before, we truly do need to generate a large robust and what I call unequivocal data set that will leave no questions left on the table, right? And that a strategic partner would find attractive and attractive enough to do a real value-accretive deal with the company.
  • 1:32:14: And so we've gone through and knocked out what the potential time lines are across each of the different areas that we presented on today. And we're -- as I mentioned before, NASH & Oncology are our priorities. However, because this is all going to be funding dependent, we're going to focus on NASH initially and work with co-development partners to the extent that we can to develop in oncology.
  • 1:32: 44: So what do we expect in 2023? So our largest priority is the removal of the clinical hold in HIV. This is essentially a gating step for us to be able to get back to normal operations as a company and do what biotech companies do, which is advanced therapeutics and try to bring them to market.
  • 1:33:10: Following the lift of the clinical hold, we expect financing to fund operations and to achieve this value inflection point that I've just alluded to. We intend on initiating a new NASH trial. We would like to commit to an investment in and advance longer-acting CCR5 molecules, as this is potentially the future of at least certainly HIV therapy, as Dr. Sacha presented.
  • 1:33:35: We continue to contribute in medical meetings and peer-reviewed publications. Again, the CD02 trial data is in process for that right now. We're going to continue to reshape our team and our capabilities in order to meet our goals. And at some point following the achievement of earlier metrics listed on the slide, we're starting a corporate rebranding as well.
Now back to what I was saying about the large and expensive clinical trial for NASH. What about the problem of recruiting the patients? There is huge demand for these patients. There is a lot of competition here. NASH patients are like gold to enroll as so many Pharmaceuticals compete for those patents for their own NASH trials. How does a small Biotech, pre-revenue company with only $5 million in available funds pull this off? Not only paying for the trial, but how can it show itself as having the clout required to round up those patients in a rapid way? My feeling is a partneCRO needs to be involved somehow.
First off, we know for sure, that the NASH clinical trial will not be entered into until the hold lifts. Once the hold lifts, we can expect near immediate revelation of how this will be accomplished. But, we can speculate as to how this will get done. u/psasoffice suggests that if we follow the money, we can find our answer. But you might ask, What money? We don’t have any. So then, what if we follow the share price?
Remember back to mid-summer 2022, when Cyrus was hired as President, share price was low and even fell following his hiring, but soon thereafter, in late July through August of 2022, the share price rapidly rose to $1.26 per share and then progressively diminished once again over the course of ensuing 6-9 months to where it is today.
Lets take a look at this so we can get to the secrets which will be revealed, where we can open the doors of the collaborations. You may ask, How did we get someone to accept a collaboration? When were the collaborations accepted? Along with Mazen Noureddin and Jonah Sacha, Cyrus presented the R&D Update Investor Deck on 12/7/22 and he was able to say all the things which were said then 6 months in advance and he said them essentially in a DEFA14A SEC filing. The forecasts made in this document and in this presentation were filed with the SEC in an 8-K.
So then, how long before Dec 7 did Cyrus know that the very things which he would plan for the company which he wrote about in the Investor Deck were so very possible to file it with the SEC? Let's say he knew of the strength of his forecast say 1-2 months in advance. Therefore, by mid October he was aware of secret agreements, Cyrus must have known of specific collaborations which would allow those prognostic statements to be made in the Investor Deck, but which were predicated upon the hold being lifted. Therefore, How long did it take Cyrus and collaborators to sit down and make the agreements of NDA? Again, another 1-2 months? So by August, 2022?
Now you can see why the share price inexplicably rose in July / August, 2022. A Collaboration on a NASH clinical trial occurred which also explains the result of these words spoken on 6/30/22 Conference Call by Scott Kelly after his trip to EASL in London: "37:10 Scott Kelly: OK, so we certainly acknowledge being more metered and conservative in our publicity. We will be announcing important presentations and studies on a going forward basis. Regarding the NASH, about how NASH attracted partnerships*, we just presented the PDFF and cT1 and biomarker data at* EASL in London*, just to shed some color on the importance of the EASL meeting, there were over* 7,000 delegates present or online from 114 countries*. There were* 1,722 abstracts presented*. There were only* 4 poster presentations selected for a walking tour with the chairman at EASL. And We were one of those 4*. I was present and I can tell you, it was* well received by the scientific community*. We* can not comment on potential partnerships. But there are multiple opportunities for NASH and NASH HIV."
What also happened in August? Only the removal of the first management player who’s experience was in Negotiation and Partnerships, Brendan P. Rae. No longer any necessity for Negotiation? I guess not. As time went quickly by, without any word of what was taking place, the share price began to fall. It became uncomfortably obvious that by mid November, Recknor had been let go. He was CytoDyn's most experienced scientific, medical and managerial player for NASH, but in the game of a collaboration, anyone and everyone is a commodity and all are replaceable. On the same topic, a significant stock bonus was paid to the president in September of last year after only two months on the job. Was a deal struck? Also, our very own CMO, Scott Kelly who coined the phrase: “There are many ways to structure a partnership.“ himself gets terminated in December 2022. A CMO possessing far more experience in the #1 indication than he could ever have was already being eyed and prepared to take that role for the biggest proving ground party that will show that Leronlimab eradicates steatosis and fibrosis in NASH and NAFLD. Welcome Dr. Palmer.
Once the NASH deal was struck in July/August, it wasn't long before the share price began to rise but just as quickly, it fell as well. Rumors of a partnership must have gotten out, the price ran way up, but then later, in late August, down it went. The stock price dropped because there were no announcements by either party backing the deal. That’s due to the fact that it is contingent on the hold lifting and that it could be a year out before this collaboration moves forward. The collaboration was put on hold along with the clinical hold. It was not revealed outright and therefore, shareholders were not aware of it, but it still exists and therefore CytoDyn remains confident. It is not a traditional partnership, but rather a non traditional one which we may use to answer the questions of how can the NASH trial be funded and how can CytoDyn have the utter confidence to put together such a timeline for proceeding in such a large scale Phase 2 trial in NASH without possessing the necessary funds itself.
How then can we define a Non traditional partnership? CytoDyn will not get a large upfront payment. Instead, CytoDyn continues on its own, however, all the CRO work shall be done by our collaborator. What’s is in it for the collaborator? They run the NASH trial because they believe Leronlimab helps their drug get over the finish line. But Cyrus was saying NASH would be Leronlimab monotherapy and wouldn't be combination therapy. CytoDyn just can't go it alone, it is too small, and a hard luck story company which has failed in its history thus far at every turn. For NASH, u/psasoffice is thinking GSK, while I'm leaning towards Merck.
All of us know that Leronlimab could do it alone in NASH, but that’s not how the Pharma game is played. CytoDyn needs help, and it has 4 different plays, and each play is devoid of a deep enough data pool which would bring in funding for that indication. Cyrus' long term goal is to build out a strong enough clinical trial data pool to present it to a partner or a buyer. So then, without any cash of our own, Cyrus' plan is to have someone else's funding, partner with CytoDyn and build for us that data pool and in the end, have exactly those same partners compete for the entirety of it, for the whole or part once that data pool is firmly in our grasp.
The same story goes for HIV-Prep and HIV-Cure which is probably being run by the 3rd party Research and Development Bio-Tech company Vir, in collaboration to develop the long acting or a more longer acting molecule of CCR5 blockade. Vir is pretty much a given with Scott Hansen's strong connections there. This was kept secret, but somewhat hinted at by Cyrus in the 4/11/23 Webcast .
We can apply the same logic in the Oncology study being run by MD Anderson using Merck's Keytruda in combination with Leronlimab. We had all been waiting to find out what had happened with the results of the MD Anderson study, and Cyrus threw us this line: "Leronlimab is currently being trialed in combination with Keytruda (pembrolizumab) in a breast cancer xenograft model in partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center." From here, he gave us a hint of what is to come.
It can be assumed that as these collaborations are announced, there shall be share price inflection. In his astute fashion, Cyrus has given us the secrets, but, because of these strange times, the share price has not yet moved. But what it has done is it has held us here, because we are above the times. And we may be seeing a default on the debt in the coming week as well, but remember to remain strong.
CytoDyn knows its has a problem. Therefore, while our collaborators are running these trials for us, CytoDyn itself, remains detached as we pursue other similar non traditional collaborations. The perishable, flesh and blood CytoDyn uses the strategy of its intellect and the power of its IP to become the imperishable CytoDynasty. As Leronlimab has many, many, many indications, so shall CytoDyn have many, many, many collaborations. This is the direction until Merck goes up against GSK who bids against TAK , (thank you Jake!!), for the likes of little CytoDyn who at that point, possesses the grand data pool which Cyrus coveted which was freely obtained in only a few short years of time well spent.
Oh Black Hole, do yourself a favor and swallow and regurgitate everything you just read. Where then shall you find your victoryzzy? I see you stabbing yourself and choking on your own stinger of death. Cyrus spelled it out for you dumb ass. Watch it happen before your blind eyes and you still will deny it even occurred. Oh, I hear it at the door knocking. But you are both deaf and blind. Why are you here? Only to be robbed and the longer and deeper you choose to remain here, the worse it will be for you. However, it is easily avoidable. Cut the short position and go long.
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2023.05.28 15:00 AutoModerator [Lore Sunday] - May 28, 2023


What is this thread for?

Curious about the lore for a TM franchise you haven't consumed? Got theories and need cited source material? Want to know how the laws of Nasuvese works on a fundamental level? Need to find that one line you can't find proof of anywhere because TM wiki is hilariously unreliable?
This is the place!
This thread will be a Q&A sort of location that will serve as a "lore library" of sorts that you can use for any inquiries.
This is NOT meant to be a place for containing all lore discussion and theory posts, as those are still highly encouraged to be submission posts outside of this thread so more people can see your ideas!

Translated Source Material Links

FGO Materials


Note: Nonexistent Tsukihime anime and first two of the Heavens Feel Trilogy Movie Series can be found in the internet somewhere, I believe in you to find them. Wink wink.
Note 2: Fate/Apocrypha and Fate/Last Encore can be found on Netflix, along with Deen/Stay Night as well as Zero, UBW, and First Order.


Note: You can support a lot of the aforementioned manga officially through this website!


Drama CDs

VNs and Games

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2023.05.28 15:00 crkachkake "What kind of beer do you have?"

So my wife and i are out to dinner with her parents and siblings, kids, etc. to a steakhouse last night. Wife's parents are TBM, her dad used to work in the temple, all that. They know we are out, wife's siblings and our kids our out also. Drinks are being ordered, and when its my turn i asked, "what kind of beer do you have?". Both of my in-laws heads swivel at the same time and speed toward me. Ahhh, it was hilarious to see them triggered. Made my evening. That's all. Carry on.
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2023.05.28 14:19 Sunnygirlishere Lawschool gpa pleas help

Hi People who have and maintained high GPA in law school, what is the secret?!
Appreciate Any tip related to this matter like time management/how to study, etc?
Please let us know what was the most helpful for you in order to get good grades?!
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2023.05.28 14:11 FreelancerIT URGENT: Sister harassed by in-laws, she's depressed, planning to get Divorce

Hi Folks,
This is getting serious at my sister's place. Need your help.
Last night the in-laws came at our place to 'sort' things out but instead left my sister here at home and intimidated us not to take here back in case she doesn't cooperate. They tried to fake a brawl by removing their own turbans and beating themselves and started shouting loudly to create a scene.
So here's the background:
The husband is not at all supportive to wife in major decisions. Since 3 years of marriage, he has been giving taunts to my sister that she has done the whole marriage in 3 Lakhs (3 Lakh mein shaadi krdi, jaa leja apne 3 Lakh aur nikalja yahaan se). Even while FIL being a gazetted officer and MIL being a school teacher (MIL), they expect my sister to do household chores - all while she is working from home with stressful jobs and earns enough to hire a full-time household with her medical conditions. Both my sister and husband are working from home IT professionals.
Some time back because of a quarrel, my sister came back at our place. She stayed for 1 Week, after which my father took an initiative to call her husband to sort things out. Husband came to our house and created a scene by saying that she doesn't contribute to home expenses. So the issue was my sister denied giving some money to her husband because he wanted to buy a new car. She realized over time that relationship the husband has kept with her has been materialistic and transactional. He counts every small expense and asks my sister to contribute. Recently he started demanding Rs. 50 for a pack of biscuits, because she has started liking those that her husband ordered for himself! He threatened to leave my sister at our place. Next time, something similar happened and my sister came home. She stayed here for 1.5 months and the ass did not do an effort to call her and get things fine. My father had to call his father and meet him and then take my sister to their house. They disrespected my father, shouted at him told 'what's is even your standard?" (Tumhari aukaat kya hai). My father had enough, told my sister to stay their, be strong and fight them.
An important Note: My sister has had 3 operations in last 1 year -
  1. Abortion because of Fistula Surgery
  2. Fistula Surgery
  3. Miscarriage Abortion (no heartbeat of the foetus)
Since then, the in-laws have been planning something. Husband started saying that my parents health is getting deplorable, they do not want to take stress of family issues and want me (him) out of this house. He started asking her to pack bags and move to a new house on rent. But she doesn't trust him and fears that he will leave her there and will go back to live with his parents leaving my sister completely on her own.
Their Concerns:
  1. My sister should respect her in-laws (she does already, touches feet till today)
  2. She should not believe in any other god. (My sister has faith in Guruji Bade Mandir wale)
  3. Give contribution to monthly expenses (does that already orders household stuff)
  4. Not have a maid (while the poor girl has had 2 miscarriages in last 1 year, makes food for herself and husband 3 times and also looks at household chores)
  5. Not 'lend' her ornaments to her mother which she did for one day (because my mother did not have anything to wear at a family visit) and my mother returned them back the very next day.
So, Last night, they came to our place to sort things out and did this brawl faking that we had beaten them. Left my sister here and refused to take her along. I threatened that "she will go with you, if not I will take her along". And that's where things went ugly where they removed their own turbans, started shouting very loudly.
What we did:
  1. As soon as they left the place, we went to the Police Station (nearby in-laws) raised a complaint (not an FIR, police did not write it) of Dowry and Harassment.
  2. Took policemen along, got her laptops, essentials removed from their house
  3. She's staying with us now.
What we want:
  1. Get rid of this man forever and his cheap mentality
  2. Don't want to drag it for long but teach them a lesson for sure (My sister had a miscarriage because of this ass***)
  3. Move on as their is a b'ful life ahead for my sister.
Please suggest!
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