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Community dedicated to the upcoming MCU film "Spiderman: No Way Home" Remember the human. When you communicate online, all you see is a computer screen. When talking to someone you might want to ask yourself "Would I say it to the person's face?" or "Would I get jumped if I said this to a buddy?" Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in real life. Read the reddiquette DO NOT Insult others. Constructive Criticism, however, is appropriate and encouraged. NO SPAM!

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All things Spider-Man: No Way Home & everything related to the No Way Home Spider-Verse.

2023.05.28 18:41 stefatra What is the right way to deal with a confused and unruly patient who has the potential to get physically violent?

After I obtained my Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) license, the nurses at the hospital I just started working at have been making me sit with the patients who need a constant observer for most of my shift. I've never had to babysit patients before, so this experience was brand new to me. Last night, I was assigned to watch this 62-year-old lady who's a fall risk and has a tendency to get up out of bed and walk out the door because she thinks her friend is coming to take her home. I explained to her MULTIPLE times that she needed to stay in bed because of all the worst-case scenarios that could happen if she tried to get up and walk. The first time she did under my watch she almost fell but I was there to catch her. She didn't seem to care that she almost did and continued getting up as the shift progressed. So naturally I had to be by her side most of the time. She thought I was trying to get frisky with her since I'm a male CNA and called me a fucking pervert. Again, I explained to her that I was only there by her side to make sure she didn't fall and hurt herself. The message went right over her head. Just when my shift was about to end, she, all of a sudden, believed her friend was on their way to pick her up from the hospital and she got up out of bed to get dressed. I told her if she could wait in her bed for them to come even though I knew no one was coming but she insisted on getting up anyway. She had an IV in her arm and I told she couldn't walk or risk having it torn out. She ended up pulling apart the tube that connected the IV to the machine as retaliation and started walking. I wasn't sure if I should've used excessive force to keep her in bed, but I knew if I continued to push her further, she was going to hit me or bite me for sure. Also, she could've accused me of abuse to her nurse and family and I was not in the mood for that either. She ended up sitting in my chair until the nurses came to deal with her, and I went home. I'm not exactly sure how to handle a situation when it escalates like that, so any and all tips would be much appreciated.
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2023.05.28 18:41 Gazrpazrp Water damage from adjoining townhouse

I live in a townhome with adjoining homes on each side. I noticed water damage in my downstairs bathroom a few months ago, had leak detection conducted, determined that I was losing a small amount of pressure (most likely slab leak), had a full repipe done bypassing the slab run. Just had the drywall patched and water has reappeared in the downstairs bathroom post repipe. The neighboring unit has been unoccupied for about a month now.
When I first noticed the water I contacted the property management company managing the neighboring unit (Coldwell Banker) who sent a handyman to check their side. He said it was dry on their side and that was that. After that, I had the leak detection done, sent a copy of the report (that suggested the other side get theirs checked as well) to the hoa asking that they forward it to the owner of adjoining unit and to please have them check for leaks on their side from a leak detection professional, not a handyman. No response. Not even an acknowledgement.
Our plumbing was constructed in the same way but opposite (like a mirror image) where the plumbing comes up from the slab in the exact same location on each side of our adjoining wall. Therefore it's difficult to tell if the source is from my side or there's.
Now that I've had a full repipe, have the drywall guy coming back out tomorrow to make sure they didn't puncture a pipe during patching, what is my recourse when I send the hoa a description of what is going on and I get no response again? This is in Florida btw.
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2023.05.28 18:40 dragody iPhone locked by passcode / after a change

This is going to be quite a long post and I would appreciate any help that I can get from people on here. iCloud support has been quite unhelpful, but I purposely created an ACC for Reddit to see if anyone has ever encountered this.

Basically, a few days ago I changed my passcode on my iPhone from NUMBERS to LETTERS. This is important. FROM NUMBERS TO LETTERS. However, as I went to check my password (if it works, knowing I still have touch ID, lol that was a mistake) I realized my keyboard did not change. So, I had a password full in letters, yet to enter my phone I had to put in a set of numbers -- KEEP IN MIND, my passcode was full letters and I just changed it. IMPORTANT: My keyboard DID NOT change. It didn't fucking changed form pinpad numbers to letters (regular keyboard). \Also, under the pinpad numbers there are letters so if anyone know how to type letters through pinpad please let me know. Thank you.*

Thinking I still have my touch ID, I just used my fingerprint. It did not go through which if you ever had an iPhone you know if your touch ID doesn't work a couple of tries after, it will require a passcode. And well, how do I enter a passcode full of letters if I only have a pinpad. Well, I tried entering my passcode before the change - maybe it was a bug. Nope, nothing. After trying multiple variations and options, I got locked. One minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, and so on. Up until, I got a white screen - which we know what means.

I got a white screen saying press home to recover. At that point, my body filled with fear since that phone wasn't backed up since December bc I downgraded storage since I couldn't afford paying 10 bucks a month anymore and all the notes & pictures weren't synced. I had about 20,000+ new memories, some of the best times of my life fucking ever, some of the most valuable notes ever written on that damn phone -- and I am not ready to loose it. I swear. They are not backed up on iCloud at all, only up to December. I don't give a shit about contacts, sm or any of that. Notes & Photos are my 1 priority.

So, pressing the home button was a nightmare. I pressed it, thinking my phone will be wiped clean. And, nope. So essentially what it did was is I got a white screen saying phone couldn't be backed up from backup which I assume what it wanted to do was to recover the phone from a backup. I attached a picture if anyone wants to see it.

From there, I just left the phone with no use. I was so frightened to even do shit bc of how much valuable memories I have on there. I contacted a friend who specializes in iCloud stuff and they said to contact the iCloud support. He mentioned they could somehow unlock the phone distantly (?). Left me confused there, but since I am not pro in this I trusted his words.

There it goes - I contacted the support, explained my situation. The person said to download iTunes, use a USB cable to connect the phone - press volume keys and home - and my phone should show up on the iTunes app and I am supposed to click update and the screen should clear up and get the passcode screen or whatever. Of course, my ass panicked, bought a brand new (not apple tho) cable to ensure the USB is not a problem. Downloaded the app, did everything - nothing happened. So, I just decided to click the volume keys n home which had even a better effect - keep in mind I am still on the white screen.

Well, the phone turned off, and then I turned it on with my background, my mobile provider, battery, my reminders and everything as it was left when I got blocked. I have now a screen saying Enter Passcode, Touch ID requires a passcode yada yada - as a norm if your face id or touch id didn't go through. I tried entering multiple passcodes, variations, and every single time I would get sent to the white screen saying press home to recover which later on - every single time required a passcode TWICE. So i pressed home, then I had to put in a passcode and then verify it. The thing is it literally did not give a shit if there were the same sets or no. Like the verification doesn't matter bc which ever passcode you put it still goes through. I was like what is this security lol.

Thinking this is somewhat good news, that I can at least see my background now and my phone is only unavailable for 15 minutes everytime for some weird reason. I messaged the support again. Umm, unfortunately, no help whatsoever. The lady said she can't help with this and sent me to a senior manager - whatever that is through a phone call.

I am on the phone with some guy - explained my situation all over again and said this is the first time someone every came with such an issue. I was quite frankly flabbergasted. How come over the decade of the company's nobody ever had such an issue. He said; most likely recovery is the only option. Losing everything since the Decemeber which is the last backup. Or I was also advised into some recovery programs. (If anyone knows some suggestions please go ahead and write them - free or no doesn't matter)
So that was quite unhelpful as they never encountered such a problem. Atp, I am very desperate if you couldn't tell.

I know technically it is my fault, and it is not my fault that the Apple support couldn't do shit but I mean...

I tried looking up how to unlock a phone on YT with no passcode hacks lol maybe some magic will help, uh.

There it is, if anyone knows how to get this fixed or this is the end. Thank you for reading is long ass post, I appreciate it.
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2023.05.28 18:40 Fantastic_Zone_2977 Spider verse movies be feeling like, "What about me!"

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2023.05.28 18:40 Tough-Truck A couple of other colour coats for the new doc ock minifigure.

A couple of other colour coats for the new doc ock minifigure.
Which colour is your favourite!?
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2023.05.28 18:39 Tough-Truck A couple of other colour coats for the new doc ock minifigure.

A couple of other colour coats for the new doc ock minifigure.
Which colour do you prefer?
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2023.05.28 18:38 Pavke How does Magic Find actually work? An Advanced Guide to Magic Find Formula

Warning: This will be a long nerdy post with a lengthy explanation of Magic Find mechanics, including math and graphs. (18 graphs, 4280 words, 20342 characters).
If you don’t want to read this wall of text, you can Ctrl+F and search for TLDR

Frequently, people inquire about the optimal amount of Magic Find. The typical response is that more Magic Find is generally better, but there are diminishing returns. Often, an EffectiveMF graph is referenced to illustrate this point. For example, one of such posts from a month ago.
However, relying solely on EffectiveMF graphs and diminishing returns can be highly misleading! Effective Magic Find is just one small component of the overall Magic Find formula! The Complete Magic Find formula takes several values from the game into the account when calculating your chances to get Unique / Set / Rare / Magic items. The final results are intricate and influenced by various factors. it is not as simple as this graph:
Why is this graph misleading? What does it actually tell us? Effective Magic Find grows Logarithmically, it has diminishing returns! Great! So, what does that mean? How does Magic Find and EffectiveMF actually affect our chances to get Unique, Set, Rare items? How many rare items do we get with 100 MF vs 500 MF? EffectiveMF for blue Magic Items grows linearly. Great, but what does that mean? How many more Magic items do we get?? Is there a limit to MF? This graph doesn’t tell us much unless you are very knowledgeable about the Magic Find process!
To answer all these questions, I have developed my own Drop Calculator with some advanced functions that showcase the actual distribution of items based on player Magic Find stat. My Drop Calculator takes into account all possible variables of the Magic Find function and displays the results in nice Graph form. Before showing the Item distribution graphs, I will first try to explain the complete MF Formula.

Selecting the Base Item

Selecting the Base Item is the initial step before the game applies the Magic Find formula to determine the magic quality of the item (Unique, Set, Rare, Magic). Examples of Base Items are: Diadem, Shako, Short Sword, Long Staff, Mage Plate, Sacred Armor etc..
Magic Find has no effect on Base Item selection! The Base Item is decided through Treasure Class selection and random roll mechanism. It is a fairly complex topic and deserves a post on its own. I won't go to much into details since Treasure Class selection is not the main focus of this post, but in short:
Each monster in the game from Act Bosses through Elite Packs to white trash monsters is assigned a “Treasure Class”. A Treasure Class is essentially a group or collection of items that can drop from that particular monster. There are many different TCs in the game typically comprising combinations of Item Drops (Base Items), Gold Drops, Junk Drops, Rune/Jewelry/Charm Drops, and NoDrop (indicating that no item will drop).
With random rolls, the game determines the type of item that the monster will drop, be it equipment, potion, rune, gold, etc. Once the item type is established, the game then checks if the item can be upgraded to Unique, Set, or other rarities. For the purposes of further discussion about Magic Find formula, we will assume that the game has selected an equipable item (Base Item, be it a Weapon or Armor). So what happens next? How does the game decide which quality to drop?

Selecting the Item Quality

Now that the game has the Base Item (Diadem, Shako, Mage Plate, etc.), two functions are called one after another to give the Base Item a specific quality. (There is some other stuff in between these two functions but this is the gist of it). Functions are pseudonym named: RollMagicQuality and MakeItemUnique (or MakeItemSet, MakeItemRare etc. depending on the roll from RollMagicQuality function). RollMagicQuality function is the main function that determines if the items will be a Unique, Set, Rare, Magic item. But let's first talk about MakeItemUnique:
MakeItemUnique (or Set, or Rare, or Magic) function confirms the roll from RollMagicQuality and double checks if the selected Base Item can drop as a Unique item. This is where you get those “Failed Uniques” as triple durability Rare item drops.
The MakeItemUnique function also determines which Unique item will drop if there are more Unique items for the selected Base Item. It adds up the Rarity value from the UniqueItems.txt file and rolls a random number to pick a Unique item. Examples are Tyrael’s or Templars Armor for Sacred Armor, The Cranium Basher or Earth Shifter for Thunder Maul, Azurewrath or Lightsabre for Phase Blade, etc.. Selection is fully random and can not be influenced by the Player.
There are 3 ways that Unique Item can fail to pass the MakeItemUnique check:
  1. A Unique item will fail to roll if the Quality Level (qlvl) is higher than Item Level (ilvl). Quality Level refers to Level value from UniqueItems.txt file and its fixed. Each Unique item has a predetermined fixed Quality Level. Item Level is a different stat, basically ilvl is a level of the monster that dropped the item. When ilvl is lower than qlvl, a Unique item will fail to drop! Example of this is: Arachnid Mesh can not drop from Pindleskin! Qlvl of Arachnid Mesh is 87, Pindleskin is a level 86 monster that drops items with ilvl 86. Since qlvl of Arachnid Mesh is 87 and always higher than ilvl of Pindle items, Base Item Spiderweb Sash will never be a Unique item.
  2. A Unique item will fail to roll if Base Item has no Unique version. The Item can pass a Unique check of RollMagicQuality function, but MakeItemUnique is the one that actually makes the item Unique. If there is no Unique version of the selected Base Item, the Base Item will fail this roll. Examples of this would be the Unique Archon Plate. There is no Unique Archon Plate, so every time the Base Item AP drops and passes the RollMagicQuality check for Unique item, it will drop as a Rare item with triple durability.
  3. A Unique item will fail to roll if the same Unique item has already dropped in the current game session. Everytime the MakeItemUnique function makes the Unique version for a selected Base Item, it logs the Unique drop in a special List of dropped Unique items. The function checks the List every time it tries to roll a Unique item. If the Unique item is already on the list, the selected Base Item will drop as a Rare item with triple durability.
Base Item needs to pass all 3 checks of this function for the item to successfully drop as a Unique Item! Same thing applies for MakeItemSet, only now the Failed Set Items drop as a Magic Items with double durability.
Before the MakeItemUnique function is called, the Base Item needs to pass the RollMagicQuality selection.

RollMagicQuality Function

RollMagicQuality is where the magic happens! (pun intended!). RollMagicQuality is the function that actually picks the quality of the Base Item, based on your "% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item" stat and other variables in the game. This function determines your Unique / Set / Rare / Magic / etc probability.
Based on your %MF and other variables, RollMagicQuality function will first try to roll for a Unique item. If that random roll is lower than a certain number, the Base Item will not be a Unique item and RollMagicQuality will try to roll for a Set item. If that fails, the function will try to roll for a Magic item and so on.
The order for selecting Item Quality is always: Unique > Set > Rare > Magic > Superior > Normal. This order will be very important later on. If the Base Item passes one of these checks, the RollMagicQuality function stops and the above-mentioned MakeItemUnique(or MakeItemSet, or MakeItemRare, etc) will be called.
Step by step walkthrough on how RollMagicQuality function actually works. After the explanation, I will use my Drop Calculator to showcase the drop rates of different quality items based on Player Magic Find.
Step 1) Chance = (BaseChance - floor((ilvl-qlvl)/Divisor))*128
This is the code of the Magic Find Formula. Game reads the required values from a few sources, the main one, and the most important is itemRatio.txt file. This file determines your drop rates of Unique, Set, Rare and Magic items more than your Magic Find stat!
itemRatio.txt and values within it are extremely important. The game utilizes different values depending on the Type of the Base Item. In other words: Class Specific items, Exceptional/Elite and Normal items have different chances to become Unique items. If we look at itemRation.txt we can see 6 rows:
From this, we can conclude that there are 3 types of different Base items: Normal Base Items, Exceptional/Elite Base Items, Class Specific Items. When the Base Item drops, the game checks item version values from weapons.txt and armor.txt and class specific values from itemTypes.txt. Based on those values, the game loads required BaseChance and Divisor values needed for the Magic Find formula and calculates your Chance: Chance = (BaseChance - floor((ilvl-qlvl)/Divisor))*128
Step 2) Chance= floor(100*Chance/(100+EffectiveMF))
After the first step, the game adjusts your chances with EffectiveMF. EffectiveMF is calculated with the formula: EffectiveMF=floor(Factor*(MF-100)/(Factor+MF-100)) Where
This is where that intial Graph comes from. It shows the EffectiveMF with diminishing returns. Here is the Graph again in more detail:
Here, we can see something interesting for the first time in this post. Graph is NOT continuous but has rather discrete jumps. This is the result of the game using integer division for its calculation. For example:
  1. You have 697% Better Chance of Magic Items on your gear. To calculate the EffectiveMF for Unique drops, you first add 100 to get Character Magic Find and then use this formula: floor(250*(797-100)/(250+797-100)) = 184% EffectiveMF for Unique items
  2. You get two more Small Charms with 7% mf and now you have 711% Better Chance of Magic Items on your gear. EffectiveMF for Unique items is now: floor(250*(811-100)/(250+811-100)) = 184% EffectiveMF for Unique items! Exactly the same!
Going from 697 MF on your gear to 711 MF on your gear did nothing to improve your chances of getting Unique items. There are “Break Points” for Magic Find!
So, the game calculates your EffectiveMF and uses that value to get your new Chance: Chance= floor(100*Chance/(100+EffectiveMF))
Step 3) Chance=max(Chance,minChance)
Where the minChance is the value from the "UniqueMin" column from itemRatio.txt. Game checks if you have reached the maximum Chance for selected rarity. There is an upper limit on how many Unique, Set, Rare, Magic items you can get even with millions and millions of Magic Find on Hero Edited items!
That limit is unreachable for Unique items with standard game gear. But it is easily accomplished for Set, Rare and Magic items. Effects of this upper limit will be seen later in the Graphs.
Step 4) FinalChance=Chance-floor(Chance*QualityFacto1024)
Game adjusts your chances once again based on the QualityFactor of the monster that dropped the Base Item. Higher the QualityFactor of the monster, the better chance you have of getting Unique, Set, Rare, Magic items from that monster. This QualityFactor has a huge influence on your overall chances.
QF of 1024 means that ALL dropped Base Items will roll that quality and QF of 600 means that 4.8% of dropped Base items will become the desired quality at best. Here is the table with all monsters that have specified QualityFactors:
You can see that Andariel has the highest QF of them all. That is because of “Quest Bug” that now became a feature in D2R. Act Bosses also have high QualityFactor. QF of 1024 for Magic items means all these monsters will always drop at least a Magic item and won't drop standard White items.
Final Step 5) random(FinalChance)<128 than: item is Unique
Game randomly rolls a number between 0 and your FinalChance. If that number is lower than 128 then the selected Base Item will become an Unique item and the above-mentioned MakeItemUnique function is called to double check if the selected Base Item can become an Unique.
If the randomly rolled number is higher than 128, selected Base Item fails and the game goes back to Step 1 and redos the process all over again for Set Item check. If that fails, the game redos the process for Rare Item check and so on. Again, the order for selecting Item Quality is always: Unique > Set > Rare > Magic > Superior > Normal.
Now that we know the process, let's look at one example: Let’s say you have 500 Magic Find on your gear, you just killed Hell Baal and the game dropped you a Diadem as a Base Item. What is the chance for that Diadem to be a Unique Diadem (Griffon’s Eye)? Lets go step by step while looking at itemRatio.txt file:
  1. Chance = (BaseChance - floor((ilvl-qlvl)/Divisor))*128. Diadem is an Elite Expansion item, so BaseChance will be 400 and Divisor will be 1. Qlvl of Diadem is 85 and ilvl is 99. Chance = (400 - floor((99-85)/1))*128 = 49408
  2. Chance= floor(100*Chance/(100+EffectiveMF)). To calculate EffectiveMF we use =floor(250*(600-100)/(250+600-100)) = 166 Now we can calculate the Chance= floor(100*49408/(100+166)) = 18574
  3. Chance=max(Chance,minChance) minChance for Elite Expansion items from itemRation.txt is 6400. Our number is higher so we use 18574
  4. FinalChance=Chance-floor(Chance*QualityFacto1024). The QualityFactor of Hell Baal is 983. So we now have: FinalChance=18574-floor(18574*983/1024) = 744
  5. random(FinalChance)<128. we randomly roll a number between 0 and 744 and compare it to 128. It's basically: 128/744 = 0.1720430108
Everytime you kill Hell Baal with 500 Magic Find on your gear and it drops a Diadem, you have a 17.204% chance for that Diadem to be a Griffon’s Eye. With 100 Magic Find on your gear you have 11.063% chance for that Diadem to be a Griffon’s Eye. Going from 100 MF to 500 MF will increase your Unique chance by 6.141%!

Graphs, Graphs, and more Graphs

Now that we know how to calculate our Unique chances, it's time for some Graph! Please keep in mind, these graphs do not show your chance to get a specific item. These graphs show your chance for the Base Item to become an Unique item based on your Magic Find on your gear!
Drop Calculator goes through the complete Treasure Class list for the selected monster, pulls all Base Items that can drop and their probabilities, goes through all necessaries files like treasureclassex.txt, itemRation.txt, weapons.txt, armor.txt, itemTypes.txt, uniqueItems.txt and gets all needed values we talked about and calculates the probabilities for each point of Magic Find and for more or less, each monster in the game… But let's start with something simple:
Chance for a Base Item to become an Unique item (Boss)
Above graph shows the chance for a Base Item to become an Unique item when killing the Act Boss (Duriel, Mephisto, Diablo, Baal). Nothing abnormal here. The more Magic Find you have on your gear the better chance you have for a Base Item to become an Unique item. With 300 MF you have a pretty high chance to get a Class Specific Unique item at 25%! Here are some key details:

Chance for a Base Item to become an Unique item (Unique monster)
Above graph shows the chance for a Base Item to become an Unique item when killing the Unique monster in Area level 85. (standard Pit run, CS run, AT run, WSK run), just for the reference point, Our chances are much lower than from killing an Act Boss. It is because the QualityFactor for Act Bosses is 983 while QF for Unique monsters is 800. (all other values are basically the same except qlvl-ilvl difference which does not affect drop rates that much).

Chance for a Base Item to become an Set item (Boss)
Above graph shows the chance for a Base Item to become a Set item when killing the Act Boss. Now things are starting to look interesting! Why does it look like this? Because you can reach the maximum chance for Set items easily with enough Magic Find! After reaching that limit, your chances won’t increase any further. In fact, your chances for Rare items start to drop off with more Magic Find! It is because the game always checks for Unique > Set > Rare etc in that order. So more Base Items will become Unique items before they can become Set items.
For Normal Items, it maxes out at 290 MF, for Class Specific items it maxes at 255 MF and for Exceptional/Elite items it maxes out at 520 MF. After those values, you will see less Set items.

Chance for a Base Item to become an Rare item (Boss)
Above graph shows the chance for a Base Item to become a Rare item when killing the Act Boss. Now things are starting to look really strange! You reach the maximum chance for Exceptional/Elite and Class Specific items early on; you never reach the maximum chance for Normal items. Your chances for Rare items start to drop off with more Magic Find! More Base Items can become Unique items and Set items (or Failed Set items) before they can become Rare items.

Chance for a Base Item to become an Rare item (Unique monster)
For reference, chances for the Base Item to become a Rare item from a Unique monster are more flat but they still have maximum values and very slowly drop off with more Magic Find.
Now that we know the chance distribution per Unique / Set / Rare, let's look at some graphs for Normal, Exceptional/Elite and Class Specific items per monster kill.
For this part, we can pick the Monster that we are interested in, we can pick an Item Type we are interested in and the quality level of the item (qlvl). If we look at the initial formula above, the quality level is used in the calculation for a Base Item upgrade. Qlvl only affects the drop chance a little, but I wanted to be accurate as much as I can:

Chance for a Exceptional and Elite items to upgrade to specified magic rarity (Boss)
Above graph shows the Chance distribution for all Exceptional/Elite Items that drop from Diablo. Something looks strange… After 420 Magic Find, NO Magic quality Exceptional/Elite Item will drop! But you are sure you saw some Magic items when you were farming Bosses, right? That is because the vast majority of Magic Exceptional/Elite items are Failed Set items! (when farming bosses). There are very few Set items compared to all Base Items. So when RollMagicQuality Function is successful for Set check and calls MakeItemSet, the MakeItemSet function can’t successfully make a Set item because there is no Set item for selected Base Item. Value of 71 for qlvl is used. It is a median level value of all Exceptional/Elite items that can drop from Diablo.
We can see chances for Unique Diadem (Griffon's Eye) is about 17.181% while chances for set Diadem is 46.292%. Ratio between the two is 2.69. If we go to any Online Drop Calculator, Maxroll Drop Calc for example, and we pick Baal (Baal because Diablo can't drop Diadems Base Items) and we compare the chances. We can see the chances for any Player count has same ratio as 2.69.

Chance for a Class Specific items to upgrade to specified magic rarity (Boss)
Above graph shows the Chance distribution for all Class Specific Items that drop from Diablo. Same thing is true for Class Specific drops. Vast majority of Magic quality Class Specific drops you see from Act Bosses are actually Failed Set items. Value of 43 for qlvl is used. It is a median level value of all Class Specific items that can drop from Diablo.

Chance for a Normal items to upgrade to specified magic rarity (Boss)
Above graph shows the Chance distribution for all Normal Items that drop from Diablo. Things look a little better for Normal Items. Magic quality items slowly drop off but never reach the bottom. It is because of Divisor value for Magic quality in itemRatio.txt file. Value of 28 for qlvl is used. It is a median level value of all Class Specific items that can drop from Diablo

Chance for a Exceptional and Elite items to upgrade to specified magic rarity (Unique monster)
Above graph shows the Chance distribution for all Exceptional/Elite Items that drop from standard Unique monsters from Level 85 Area. Just showcasing the upper limits of monsters that are farmed regularly. After 490 MF your chances for Unique items will continue to increase, but chances for every other quality will flatten out or start to decrease. Same goes for Class Specific items, while Normal items for Rare quality will continue to rise slowly.
Now, let's combine all Graphs per Item Type into one Graph that shows Base Item chance to upgrade for selected monster and its Treasure Class:
Based on selected settings; (what monster are we looking at, Player and Party Settings and if the monster is Terrorized or not), the Drop Calculator picks the corresponding Treasure Class for that monster. It calculates the probabilities for each single Base Item drop for that selected Monster. it checks what Type each Base Item is (is it Normal, Exceptional/Elite or Class Specific item) and calculates the cumulative upgrade Chance for each Unique / Set / Rare / Magic version based on Normal, Exceptional/Elite or Class Specific distribution…
For Diablo kills (for Act 5 (H) Equip A Treasure Class) Item distribution is:
If we apply what we have learned so far, we get a Final Graph that looks like this:

Final Chance Graph
Above graph shows the final Chance for Base Item upgrade. I would like to point out that the reason we are seeing Magic items here it’s because Normal Base Item drops make up 67.85% of all Diablo item drops. Normal Items like Clubs, Maces, Flails, Cap, Quilted Armor, Light Plate etc.
We know that not all Base Items have Unique and Set versions. If we apply that to our calculations and move every item that will always Fail the Unique check and Set check, we get the Final Item Distribution percentage per Magic Find with our gear:

Item distribution
Let's look at Andariel's final Chance for Base Item upgrade and Item Distribution percentage:

Final Chance Graph (Andariel)
Item distribution (Andariel)
Because Andariel is now “quest bugged” by default, her Quality Factor for Rare items is 1024. Which means, technically, no Magic item will drop from her. ALL Magic items from Andariel are Failed Set items.
Let's look at Unique Monsters final Chance for Base Item upgrade:
Final Chance Graph (Unique monster)
Chance for Unique upgrade flatlines rather quickly. It goes from 3.510% at 500 MF to 3.959% at 1000 MF. Chance for Set upgrade basically maxes out at 300 MF. Chance for Rare continues to rise slowly but it is because of Normal item types. Exceptional/Elite reaches max around 490 MF and Class Specific reaches max at 220 MF.


More Magic Find is always better for Unique items. But for everything else (Set, Rare, Magic items), more Magic Find can mean less! No matter your clear speed or players in the game!
If you want to maximize your chances for that elusive item you are looking for you need to have the optimal amount of Magic Find for that specific item
Just considering EffectiveMF graph is misleading because it doesn't show the true extent of diminishing returns of your Magic Find Gear.
If you have any questions or remarks, please let me know.
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2023.05.28 18:37 Electronic_Ad1036 How do I set boundaries with my MIL without starting war?

If you see my previous post - you’ll get context of my first proper meltdown about my MIL.
Finally, we moved into our new home with her (the one we loved and which afforded us all the space in the world). My SIL asked my MIL to visit her so I could get a nice break from her and so she’s been away in Europe for the past 2 months which has really afforded my husband and I much needed time alone, and myself deeper perspective about what kind of environment I want to create for our baby (who is expected to arrive in 2.5 months!) and what kind of expectations I have for my own life (where I am not being pushed around by my MIL and her issues).
I’ve been nervous about her return back to our home (she’s going to be back in 2 weeks), but I’ve been reading books about setting boundaries and lurking around here reading all the kind advice. As a first time mom, I’m also very mindful about being assertive about my needs because that’ll help me provide for my LO better.
One of the first steps in doing this was that I did not speak to her at all during her time in Europe. I know this bothered her, but in the span of the two months I’ve had two grandparents die, been admitted for an emergency in my pregnancy (all ok now) and every time she called me I told her I didn’t feel ready to talk and stuck my ground. This annoyed her a lot, but it gave me so much peace to not have that sick feeling of rage and annoyance when she calls me and interrogates me and makes everything about herself. In turn, she has been calling my mom when she knows she’s staying over with me to try and get me on the line - my mums the best though and always saves me from it.
Everyday over the past few months I consciously reflected on what bothered me about her and felt like I was at best adequately prepared to identify what my boundaries should look like.
But then in quick succession I got information that threw me off a little bit. Now I’m more sure than ever about setting those boundaries but want to know what is the best way for me to do it without objectively being rude or offensive or disrupting the peace in my house and maintaining the cultural norms of not being disrespectful towards elders especially the in-laws.
(1) I met my best friend and she told me that when she was last visiting our home 6 months ago, my MIL overheard a conversation between her and when I wasn’t at home she started interrogating her about what I was telling her and asking her questions about my husband and I and our choices about healthcare during pregnancy (none of anyone’s business).
(2) On her first weekend in Europe she blatantly lied to my SIL about incidents when I was rude (literally making things up in one instance).
How do I initiate this when she’s back?
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2023.05.28 18:37 Miserable_Risk2223 AITA for telling my kids' grandmas to stop re-dressing them after I drop them off?

I (f) have 3 kids, and ever since my first was born, I have had the same issue consistently with her grandmothers. I would send her to their houses to be babysat while I worked and 7 times out of 10 would come back and they would have her in clothing that was 2 sizes too big and almost falling off of her. They claimed that the clothes I put her in were so tight that they were "cutting her in two", but that is simply false. And has continued to be a pattern with my other two children. To be clear, I dress my kids in appropriately sized clothing, none if it is form fitting after they get out of the infant stage (I have severe anxiety about sids and smothering so no loose/too tight clothes for infants is a rule in my house for fear that it will somehow creep up and cover their mouth and nose while they sleep or cut off their circulation) So, to explain, if my child is measuring 0-3 months, that is what they will wear, not 6-9 months and so on.
I tried gradually setting a boundary by noticing the clothes when I would come in, and changing them into the appropriate size right away and in front of the grandmas to get my point across. But they still continued to change them into bigger clothes when I was gone. I would also make the comment that we appreciate the clothes, how nice they were, and that we would save them, at home, for when they were able to fit into them. This has not worked to this day and I finally reached my breaking point when I came in to find my 9 month old in a 5t shirt. He isn't even chunky or large for his age. It seems to get progressively worse, as they think that each week the kids go up a full size in clothing. My kids have never done this and have always been right on track with height and weight.
I am also afraid that, since my mother likes to buy my now 8 year old girl clothes that are two sizes too big, that she is going to get a weight complex and eventually start thinking that she has a weight problem. Because that is what happened to me. I was always a little chubby and was around a 2x my whole life and still am, and when I was in high school my mother would buy me the baggiest clothes, I am talking 4x clothes, and when she buys me clothes now, its the same situation and I have to throw them away because I will never be able to use them.
I ended up having a 'meeting' with the grandmas and telling them what I felt. They knew what they were doing crossed my boundary so they immediately made me the villain stating that I am ungrateful for the clothes and that I am dressing my kids in clothes that are too small. When they are the only people out of our whole family that think this, and the rest of my family respects my boundaries. I ended up telling them that if it didn't stop, I wouldn't be able to leave my kids alone with them any more.
So, am I the asshole?
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2023.05.28 18:36 Historical_Culture73 [TOMT] [CGI SHORT] Early 2000’s

Hello friends, Please help me solve this puzzle. Every once in a while for close to 20 years I scour the internet for any sign of a Pixar style short film that I saw. It was very late at night, I had young kids and I was delirious some of the time but I’m 100% sure this wasn’t a dream.
This is my best description of what I thought I saw. I hope I remember it correctly, some of it could be my imagination. I just can’t believe after all this time I’ve never been able to find it. I haven’t looked since last summer. I’ve given up hope but if anyone can solve this it’s the fine people of Reddit!
The story very much reminds me of the movie UP, but I’m positive I haven’t confused it with the film I’m looking for. It’s way too dark for Disney.
Old man and his wife live in a perfect little cottage style home with a front porch and a picket fence. Wife gets sick and passes away. The old fellow is very depressed when a cat starts coming around. I think he’s annoyed with it initially but must let her into the house eventually because as he’s about to swallow a bottle of pills the cat comes along and knocks them on the floor and saves his life. The cat was his wife reincarnated!
I’m guessing it was about fifteen minutes long and I’m sure there was no words spoken. I feel like it was all set to piano music and it may have been in black and white. This was probably on a cable station like AMC or Showcase late at night after a feature movie.
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2023.05.28 18:36 juniorluna Questions on V12 HT

Hi all, I have recently purchased a V12 HT and I have some questions about it, and was hoping some of you might have this wheel and can provide some insight
  1. My battery won't charge past 94%. The first time I plugged my EUC to charge, there was a spark between the connector and the port on the EUC. I reached out to Inmotion a couple of days ago, but there was no response. it's a long weekend, so I can wait a little longer. Should I be concerned? What should I do? I wish it could charge all the way to 100%
  2. The speakers are pretty much unusable. Every time I accelerate, the volume on the speakers gets reduced. It kind of seems like there's isn't enough power to go to the speakers during acceleration. When I accelerate, the music pretty much cuts out. When I start braking, the music comes back. It's pretty annoying and makes using the speaker at low speeds pretty much unusable. Is this normal?
  3. The lights on the side of the EUC seem a little dimmer than what I see online. During YouTube videos, it seems like you can see the lights on the side pretty well even during the daytime, but my lights are very dim and you can only really see them on at night. Is there a setting I need to change? I have only used the official InMotion app. I haven't tried EUC World or any of the third party apps yet.
I would appreciate any and all responses! I only have 20 miles on the EUC so I'm not sure what to expect
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2023.05.28 18:36 Satu97 Stay in TX or go back to Jersey

My wife (25f) and I (26m) are faced with two options to weigh and decide. Our answer will shape the rest of our lives. This has been racking our brains for the last week+ because we want to leave our house asap and sell it.
We can either move back home to family in NJ, get jobs and save up to buy an expensive house that still needs work (the market is terrible rn in jersey) or stay here in Texas and move to DFW and have a significantly greater quality of life.
We’re an hour south of Houston right now and we hate it. We have so many bad memories here, from cancer diagnoses, wage theft, lost the people we originally came out here for etc. we live in a beautiful home but we’re house broke because the work opportunities here aren’t fruitful if you’re not a blue collar worker. (We moved to a town where everyone asks why the hell we would move here of all places)
We can go back to NJ but we would be living in my childhood bedroom with our 2 cats, dog, and snake. We don’t even know when we’d be able to afford a place to own anytime soon there. The rent is astronomical as are the median home prices. Atleast 2.2x the avg cost of a home here in Texas (New constructions with marble countertops and slate showers for sub 300k, non existent in nj for under 450-500k).
We are fortunate to not have to pay any property taxes in NJ or TX so that’s not a con in either state for us. We have both been living together away from friends and family for 6 years now. We left because I was active duty stationed in NC and she was already in college, by the time my service was over we came out here for some family that has since cut us off knowing we have absolutely nobody out here.
We want to sell the house we’re currently in because we are miserable and depressed here, due to us not being able to afford to go on trips or the lack of nightlife/activities for non child rearing young adults and the fact that we came here for reasons that I’ve since ceased. Kids aren’t in our future so we’d like to make a positive out of no kids by loving our lives and doing the things people with kids can’t do anymore like taking the random getaways that we wouldn’t be able to afford with kids.
I did the math and if we purchase a home in the DFW area, we would have it paid off in 5-7 years (2yr flex for emergency funding) and that’s barely budgeting at all tbh, we’re just very fortunate to have those means. So we just don’t know if its worth it to give up this massive financial potential and stability of our future here to appease the people that miss us. Their take on it is “you didn’t listen to us when we said don’t go, y’all are miserable, and you’re just not gonna listen to us again and go somewhere else?” Meanwhile not a single person we know our age is able to live on their own in a decent house let alone a place without roommates at all and the people saying this either have to break their back with 2 jobs to afford ends meat or they’re getting tremendous support from family that we wouldn’t have. We love jersey and it’s culture, you won’t find it anywhere else, and we can go visit as much as we want if we live out here, but if we live there we’d struggle to even exist and take the time for ourselves. The reason I keep harping on trips and vacations is because my wife and I didn’t have a lot growing up and since we know kids aren’t happening, we’d like treat ourselves to a nice lifestyle. It’s not about the area for us, we foster animals and stay inside watching anime or playing video games most days. It’s really more or less will be able to use our money how we want to instead of dumping most of it into the interest of a home that we may feel regret over buying knowing what we could have else where.
It just feels like we’re bad people if we say we want to have a better quality home and more financial freedom for a ourselves since we’re not having kids. We don’t want to spend 30 years and all of our money to pay off a house and it’s interest when we can do it here in a fraction of the time while still saving money for other things like trips and date nights. Especially when we’re so young and fortunate enough to have this be our difficult decision. We also feel like we didn’t really give Texas a chance due to the year of us being here being so hectic and challenging and dealing with cancer and surgery and a bad ISD that committed wage theft. We’ve been told that we moved to the armpit of the armpit of Texas (Brazoria county Freeport area) and we think it’s be a night and day difference to DFW. We have a family friend in DFW who swears by it and can set my wife up with a teaching position at a local charter school. Oh we’d also have to make the 26hour+ drive to jersey with two cats a dog and a snake. The logistics involved with that alone scare us, godforbid one our cats got out of the car somewhere in the middle of the trip.
So essentially we don’t know what the “right” decision is and are afraid everyone back home will hate us for not coming back after venting to them about how much difficulties we’ve been faced with since coming here even though it really had nothing to do with Texas itself, we just got a lot of bad news since being here that made us really depressed. My wife’s Grandparents cut her off when they heard we moved to Texas because they couldn’t use our Nc house as a stopping point for their trips to florida and they took it as her running away from them even though we lived in a completely different state. she’s afraid she’ll be cut off again if she tells her we’re moving again in Texas and not closer to “home”. This really hurt my wife because she doesn’t have a relationship with her father and her mother passed away so her grandparents are all she has on her side.
TLDR: A couple is deciding whether to move back to their home state of NJ and live with family while struggling to afford a home, or stay in Texas but move to the DFW area for better job opportunities, quality of life, and financial stability. They have had a challenging time in Texas with bad memories and limited opportunities, but feel like they didn't give it a fair chance. They are hesitant to give up their financial potential for the sake of appeasing family, and aren't planning on having kids. They also worry about the logistics and stress of moving their pets such a long distance. If they choose Texas, how can they explain it to their family without sounding insensitive or selfish. They’re terrified of making the wrong decision since they’re so drastically different and have a lot of holdback when it comes to moving to jersey regarding finances and not being established in a career yet.
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2023.05.28 18:33 jamesaurelien 24 [M4R] Netherlands/Anywhere/Online - Alt nerds/creatives, let’s chat!

Hello Reddit! Preface: I am queer and polyamorous but not specifically looking for romance (although welcome!) - friendships are very much welcome too. I just want to meet cool folks and see where things go on a case by case. 💕
So, about me: my name is James and I am from the Netherlands. 24 years old like the title says.
I have a bit of a paradox where I prefer to spend my time at home, yet I can hardly sit still. I work fulltime as of now, I write original fiction (I have a book published!) and also fan fiction, I sing and am practicing harsh vocals (currently not taking lessons but wanting to pick them up again), and I also am practicing my drawing because I have plans/hopes to pursue a tattoo apprenticeship somewhere in the future. I have a degree in animal care but am currently not working in that field. You will find me mostly in my house working on my art, or doing some reading. I do also enjoy just lying in bed and watching some shows, although I have the habit of rewatching my comfort shows over and over again.
I am also big on ethics: I am antinatalist and vegan (8 years) and I do several types of vegan activism, been at that for years as well.
I am sober and I plan to stay that way, I am an atheist (and antitheist), I am neurodivergent (autism and ADHD-C). I have a huge Harry Potter (Marauders era) obsession, although I of course do not support JKR. My Hogwarts house is Hufflepuff. I love the band Ghost, also been listening to a lot of Batushka and making my way into the heavier metal genres. Snakes are my favorite animals. I love my weighted blanket and I love taking naps. I love nighttime. I love tattoos (of course otherwise I wouldn’t want to be a tattoo artist). I love star mint tea. I love Pokémon up until the most recent games and all. I am currently reading Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race. Eh… I think that’s all I got for now, haha.
Location does not matter, although local people would be great, it is not a requirement. Gender does not matter. If you cool, you cool. 🫶🏻
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2023.05.28 18:33 thrilly2008 How do I help my son?

My (42f) son is 15 soon. I usually trust him with phone / going out with friends etc. I don’t usually have any issues with him and I hug him at least once a day. However, I know there’s a lot of cyber bullying going on in his school and when he left his phone home to charge I had a quick check to make sure he wasn’t a target ( or a bully). I saw no evidence of either but I saw a new msg where he says he cries, hates the way he looks and his friend suggested he cuts back on smoking and vaping to maybe improve his mood (no clue he did either). Now I don’t know what to do with this info. I want to help him but to come straight out with it will maybe prevent him from texting friends about it in the future. Any ideas on how I should proceed? Thanks x
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2023.05.28 18:33 MaleficentPassion771 A rollercoaster of emotions, did I get the job?

Day 1: Applied on Linkedin for an entry-level Software engineer role, using easy Apply.
Day 2: The person who posted the job emailed me saying they liked my resume and I got selected for a "mail-to-mail" interview the next day, so I need to put aside 2 hours for this.
Day 3: The actual recruiter emails me a doc that has a few questions and says I need to answer these and return them. I have a hard deadline of 75 mins. Out of those questions, some are technical, some are behavioral, and a few are related to pay and joining date. I returned them after answering those questions.
Then, after some time I get an email from the recruiter saying they sent my answers to the hiring team, and they'll take a decision based on my answers. They want to expedite the process so I might not have any interview and directly get the offer.
After 6-7 hours, I got an email congratulating me that I got selected and I'll get a formal offer letter the next day
~~I was very skeptical of the entire process and felt something is wrong~~
Day 4: I got the formal offer letter with the pay rate being the lowest value I quoted in my range.Then, I got a call from a guy from the company saying, "we have sent the letter please go through it and get back to us"
I asked the guy 3 things "1. Can I talk with some technical manager to understand more about the role, and my responsibilities" To which he replied you can have that call after your tech setup is done which is very sketchy
"2. (I am an international student who recently graduated) My OPT start date is after a month, so can I join then?" To which he said we are ok with that date so yeah
"3. Is there any room for negotiation, given I am this this this, can you please consider the upper limit of the range I quoted" To which he said, yes we'll decide and get back to you.
After some time I got the offer letter with updated pay and joining date. I was asked to sign it that day itself, I read it thoroughly and signed it. (It doesn't have any weird clauses).
Then I got a mail from the recruiter that my check is being processed by the account team and once that's done I can use it to buy my work-from-home setup(iMac, etc etc). I received that check after some time, and I deposited it in my bank account. But it is still on hold.
I sent them the confirmation number of the deposit, they were like we can see a hold so can you deposit to some other financial institution you bank with. I said, let it take its time, anyway I'll be joining a month later, then they were ok with it.
Day 5: I get an email from the recruiter saying, some of my equipment is being delivered today so I need to pay some amount out of my pocket as the check is still on hold.I replied, I have an ample amount of time before I join so can you reschedule the delivery, I’ll wait until the check is processed. Also, I am just out of college, I cannot afford that kind of payment
~~Ghosted no reply~~ I tried to call the guy who called me the other day, but still no response.
~~I was convinced that I got scammed, and it was completely fake~~
Until that evening when the guy actually called me and said I understand your situation, is there any way for me to send that amount so that you can take the delivery? I again said the guy the same thing, that I am joining a month later, so why the hurry, then he was like “Yeah!! I will reschedule the delivery for next week.”
~~I am still very skeptical about this whole thing~~
I will wait until next Wednesday and think of reporting them
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2023.05.28 18:32 bill_e_midnight The victories worth celebrating

My last post
I’ve been meaning to write this for a while and life got in the way. So it’s a little longer than I would like. To anyone who reads the whole thing, thank you.
For those who prefer a TL;DR: My progress has been so fucking good. I completed a 4.2-mile race I’ve wanted to do since I was in college. I spent a week in Disneyworld for the first time ever and did multiple open to closing days without feeling like I wanted to die. I am on track for my goal of being under 300 pounds before my 30th birthday and take my first discovery flight on that day to begin training to get my pilot’s license.
I feel so fucking good.
Now onto the full post.
I never thought I’d write something like this.
When I was in college, my mother passed away unexpectedly. It was, as one might expect, extremely difficult and something I was nowhere close to being prepared for.
My mom was a spectacular woman in many ways but what I always admired her most for was not putting up with any bullshit people tried to give her. It was likely her upbringing in Jersey City, in the shadow of the skyscrapers of Manhattan, that fostered that.
When she passed, my immediate feeling was numbness. After returning back to school following all the business that had to be done at home, the feeling remained for a long time.
I remember not long after she passed, I was given my first internship. Since completing an internship was required for graduation from my program, it was something I had been long stressing about and venting to my mom about. So even after hearing the news I couldn’t celebrate.
Why should I if I couldn’t call my mom to tell her?
Suffice to say, my mental health after she passed was not good. I spent a lot of time by myself and when I was with friends I was not a pleasant person to be around.
It was around this time I had the idea of running a race that is organized by a foundation affiliated with my alma mater. I could not tell you how overweight I was at the time exactly but it was definitely well over 400 pounds so I knew I would have to do serious preparation to do it.
But I don’t think it will come as a shock that I couldn’t do it. It was a goal that simply was far too great for my current mental state and I gave up on the idea not long after beginning a moderate gym routine which I also abandoned to return to my room where I’d spend my time in much less productive ways.
It’s been over 8 years now since my mom passed.
If anyone has ever experienced loss in that way you’ll know that it never really leaves you. It certainly gets easier to live with but the thought of your loved one not being there for you is always there in your mind no matter what.
I have done plenty of growing in that time. I’ve had a few jobs. I started my first real relationship with a woman who I know beyond a shadow of a doubt loves me for who I really am and who I love in return. I have, what I honestly believe and will argue to the end of time, is the best group of friends anyone could ever ask for.
But there was always still this feeling that I was missing something.
If you’ve read my other posts here you’ll know I began losing weight back in September but really began taking it seriously around February. It was around then I decided to commit to walking more and more every day and being more mindful of what I eat every single day. During one of those walks it hit me that the same race from college was coming up in a couple months and they always have local versions of the race organized by the alumni associations.
I decided then to sign up.
I wasn’t planning on even jogging it. I was planning on walking the entirety of the race just so I could say that I could. But when I was on the sign up page it included a training schedule for people who wanted to prepare for jogging. The race is slightly over a 5K so the training plan is a somewhat modified version of “Couch to 5K” programs.
I realized that if I started the program that week that it would line up perfectly with race day. To make this as short as possible I’ll just say I was shocked at my progress in the program. There was only one training session I wasn’t able to complete. I felt great.
Mind you I was not jogging very fast, and still don’t go very fast on my jogs. Before the start of the race I had the goal of finishing in an hour and 15 minutes.
The run was not easy. Even with all the training I’m still carrying so much extra body weight that it is still very difficult. But I had so many of my fellow runners giving me signs of encouragement along the course I felt truly phenomenal.
I crossed the finish line in under an hour and hugged my girlfriend and cried. Her and my friends had come down from Los Angeles and made signs and all made t-shirts spelling out my name. Typing it now is making me cry again.
Race day was April 15, 2023 and I weighed in at 353.8 pounds.
Today is May 27, 2023 and this morning I weighed in at 332.3 pounds.
As of posting I am officially down 90.6 pounds since last September.
In the time between I got the chance to spend a week in Orlando visiting Disneyworld and one day at Universal Studios. It was the only week since I began training that I did no jogging but, in my humble opinion, I think I made up for it with the amount of walking.
Even on the “off” day I took from the parks I spent most of it walking all around Disney Springs and the resorts exploring. On the first night we stayed past close to ride Space Mountain and I felt incredible.
I love theme parks but for context, in the past I rarely if ever stayed to close because my body simply wouldn’t let me do it. We stayed to close multiple nights during the trip and I never really felt that bad.
I came back from the trip essentially at the same weight I left it despite having some poor options for food in the parks (literally the first thing I ate in the Magic Kingdom was a hot dog with electric green relish). The amount of movement during the trip was able to offset it thank goodness.
Upon return, I’ve tried to keep the jogging going although there have been one or two nights where I skipped it but even on those nights I went for my long walk. I’ve continued being mindful of what I’m eating while not feeling like I am missing out on anything at all.
Did you know you can get a power bowl from Taco Bell that tastes like all their other items but you can make it so it’s only like 450 calories for like a good amount of food? I just got that last night for dinner and while it’s not something I get regularly it feels like cheating.
Going to Orlando was a good reminder of one of the goals I have. For those like me who are big and also love theme parks, you’ll know that Universal is not a very accessible park. I can go on my soapbox but I’ll just say I think a lot of times it’s just out of sheer lack of consideration.
Despite my progress there were still several rides I couldn’t do. And even though I didn’t need a seat belt extender for an airplane I did need one for the Jimmy Fallon ride, but whatever.
But one of my goals from the beginning has been being able to go on thrill rides like those without worrying about fitting in the seats. I fully believe that goal will be achieved.
The other two goals I’ve had also are well within my reach. Firstly, I wanted to be under 300 pounds by my 30th birthday in November. At my current rate, I should be well under it by then.
I also have a goal of taking a discovery flight on my birthday as the first step to getting my pilot’s license. I’ll need to start calling flight schools to see if they have specified weight limits but I feel good about the possibility of it happening.
I still have a long way to go but there have been so many little victories as well. I recently have finally started seeing a difference in progress photos I take. There is a shirt I’ve had in the bottom of a drawer I wore maybe twice because it was too snug and I put it on recently and it was actually loose.
I feel really, really good. I feel like the things I’m doing continue to be sustainable. And I feel like I can do anything.
And I also feel like anyone reading this can do this too. Be consistent, don’t let one day define the story. It’s a long road but it can be filled with wonderful moments worthy of celebration.
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2023.05.28 18:32 Fickle-Entertainer84 My First Experience

This story is a little hard to talk about, I've talked about it once but didn't wanna get into it much but thought maybe I should start from the beginning with these 2 orbs. I was only about 11 years old at the time, I had lived down the street from 2 other kids around the same age. I had been to their house many times before and had never experienced something so vivid. But either way I'm about 11 years old and the season outside was fall, I ran down the street to see if me and my friends would be able to hang out. I reach their home and knock on the door, their parents answer and proceed to let me inside. Now for everyone wondering what the set up to this looked like I'll do my best to keep the description but this was over 10 years ago and their house was honestly a disaster. So as I entered the door I'd step into the kitchen, as I stepped through I could smell something burning, it was strong smelling never smelling it before it hit me strong. Not knowing I figured I'd just ask one of my friends, but I stopped before reaching their living room because above their kitchen table I was seeing 2 orbs circling around each. Almost as if they were in fight for control of the house or just constantly in motion but you could see them vividly as they spun around in circles at each other. I couldn't help but stare in amazement from never seeing something so interesting. So I turn through this sheet they have in the doorway of their home into the living room. Sitting on the couch were both my friends playing Halo on the Xbox. I sat near them on the couch and asked them what had been burning and they told me sage, at that time I had no idea what it was but the smell was growing on me but years later my future friend would actually tell me what sage is used for. So after a few mins of watching them play I asked what with the weird light in the kitchen? 1 is black and 1 is white, I'm trying my best to describe what I saw to them as I came inside. They look at each other and a friend says to me that it actually isn't the first time this has happened. As we are all talking about the orbs somehow they made their way through the sheet in the doorway to the living room from the kitchen. But at that point it didn't seem like they were seeing it or letting it bother them but I kept my eyes on them until it got late and I was already given permission to stay there that night. As I began to head towards the bedroom which was back through the kitchen I accidentally ran through the orbs, nothing happened at first. But about 5 mins after walking through the kitchen into my friends room I went to turn on their tv. As I went to turn it on I heard this loud snarling then bark in my ear, I turned around and my friends were still on the bed. I asked if they heard that dog bark and they responded what dog? I said come on y'all didn't hear a dog just now, like you guys didn't just bark in my ear? Again they responded but confused no we don't even own an animal, also I already knew since that wasn't my first time there but I just really needed to know. After the first bark about an hour went by before I would hear it again snarling and barking at me that night. This would happen about 3 times that night. After that night my thoughts on the paranormal have forever been open and I'm curious to know more. But that was my first experience into the paranormal. Question how would someone go about documenting these paranormal events but with little to no budget? I want to try and debunk this small ash that seems to follow me for the past 5 years and now my girlfriend is starting to see it. Any ideas from anyone?
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2023.05.28 18:32 ThrowAwayHolidayFail How much longer should I (25f) keep waiting for my depressive partner (28m) to improve? I feel like my life is on pause.

TL;DR: My fiance is in a difficult situation with his job, but he doesn't take any steps to change the situation sustainably. He burdens me with a lot of emotional load caused by this and it is going on for a while now. I start to wonder, if I'm wasting my time waiting for his improvement and if it may be better to end it soon.
Hey y'all! This is my first post ever on reddit. I hope, I do follow all the rules :) (and sorry for the length. I didn't know how it shorten the story)
My fiance (m28) and I (f25) reached a point at which I wonder, if our relationship even lasts. We met 5 years ago and started out as aquaintances. We did so much together, travelled a lot, did all kind of fun activities and it was just great. We hit it off so good and about 3,5 years ago we started dating, moved in together and got engaged. It was great, we never had a major fight about anything, we share the same morals and got along with chores etc as well. We still did some great trips, however about half a year ago, this all changed.
My partner has always had some issues since I know him and I start to wonder, if they will ever get better (or if I should even expect improvement). He is in psycho therapy for almost two years now for his depression and they work on a holistic solution (addressing other issues, taking a close look on the family dynamic in his childhood and this kind of stuff). I think, that the therapy did help him, but I start to doubt, that the therapy will do enough for him. (It feels so bad and wrong to say it that way.)
Since I know him, he does always struggle with his job. He is a hard-working and skilled, experienced and educated, but only in crafts. He did not go to college after high school, because this was his wish (and I think, that this is completely fine). However, he hasn't found a job yet that he really likes, that's why he changes his job every few years. He doesn't put a lot of effort into finding a good job though. I tried to talk to him about the importance of a propper application, but he doesn't really see a point in them anyways and hates writing them. His plan is to write them thoughtless and get some jobs that may promise to be right and then find another job this exact way, if the previous one wasn't the perfect job for him. He won't go to school neither, which would allow him to do other jobs as well, because he doesn't like school. Honestly, I kept quiet until now, because I had hoped, that he would eventually find a good job and this problem would've solved itself. Hoewever, this did never happen.
The other issue, that affects me, is his inability to overcome his own bad emotions without pulling everyone around him down too. He doesn't want to do this and he feels really bad about it, however it still happens and I can't see improvement. It basically means, that no one else can enoy themselves, if he isn't in a good mood too. He doesn't provoke fights or is mean, but one can really kill the vibes, if they sit in a corner and go with "Why do you even bother asking me?!" or "*shrug * Whatever, I don't care". I am certain, that he does not do it intentionally, as I have seen this to be normalized behaviour within his family. He doesn't know how to regulate himself. I did try to communicate this with him, but he only understands it as "Suck it up and shut it up". Which is not true. I believe, that one can communicate negative emotions and yet still don't burden there loved ones with a constant bad mood. And he currently is always in a bad mood due to his job situation and I'm walking on eggshells to not get one of these snappy responses for any "stupid" or "pointless" question. I try to cheer him up and try to plan things, to distract him, encourage him to apply for another job etc. I don't know how to handle this anymore.
Today we came home early from the only vacation we could have together this year, because we can not take other vacation days at the same time together. We only did half the road trip, then on the ride to our next destination today he missed our exit (I even pointed it out to him previously, I really don't know, why he simply didn't took it or respond to me at all) and we accidentally went on the highway and had to drive quiet a few miles in the wrong direction. He said, that "This was it", took the next turn possible and we went on our way home (but he did miss a few exits too, which caused us to drive quite some miles extra, I didn't dare to ask for his reasoning, because the mood was icy). I offered to drive, since I do not want to spend the day on the road going wrong ways only and just accepted that he wasn't in the mood for holiday (this was not the first time, we quit something I really appreciated and wanted, because he wasn't feeling it. I did agree to adjusting the plans to accommodate him though). He finally agreed, and spent maybe half an hour looking for jobs, while I was driving. He finally threw his phone down and announced, that there were no good jobs available at all.
I feel so rejected by this, because right now, he is chilling with his friends in the garden doing a BBQ (maybe he's talking with them about his problems, making this time anyhow "productive" idk), instead of using our remaining holiday time to improve his situation. I'm torn. On one hand, I feel like, he should put his big boy pants on and finally write some neat applications and really put some effort into finding a job (or even going through some extra education to qualify for better jobs), even though, he may not like the process of doing this tasks. I did encounter tasks, I really did not enjoy, too to reach a higher goal. However on the other hand, I don't know what's going on inside of him. After all, he has depression and I don't. I will never experience the feeling, so I am hesitant to judge. It seems that he is not following his weird job plan that avoids writing applications and further schooling out of nowhere. He surely doesn't do this for fun. He is suffering a lot too right now and I doubt, he would maneuver us into this situation, if there was an easy way out. So I feel like, pressuring him into it, may not help anything and would only increase the stress for both of us.
On the quiet remaining ride back home today, I did question myself, how much longer I should keep waiting for him to finally get better. I think, that mid- to late-twenties is a good age to finally get your stuff figured out. When else will he? I feel like I waste my precious time by constantly adjusting and lowering my expectations according to his mood. I don't want this life for sure, but I really do love him (or at least, how he was at the beginning). I am hesitant to approach him or to even tell him, that he should figure his life out or else I'd leave. I think, that this pressure would block him only more so and won't produce anything benefital. I can't bring it over my heart to present him an ultimatum like this, because he might currently be going through something I don't understand.
Please, don't get me wrong. My partner may sound rude and reckless in this prescription, this is only because I'm describing problematic situations. He generally is kind and he acknowledges most of his wrong-doing. When we got home today, he apologized for ruining the trip and said, that I was so kind to him the whole ride back even though he acted that way.
I would love to hear your insight on how I could handle this and how I could help him efficiently. I know for sure, that I will be planning my next few trips without him. However, I don't know, how to gently tell him how I feel and I don't know, what I should tell him, which improvements or changes I would be expecting in the near future.
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2023.05.28 18:31 Narratron Magic School?

Hey friends, if you want to skip the context, my actual questions are at the end of the post.
I've been running a Pathfinder for Savage Worlds game since the turn of the year, my group just hit Seasoned (the Savage Worlds equivalent of level 3-5, roughly), and it's going pretty well! (For the morbidly curious, I've posted a couple summaries over on the Matt Colville subreddit, but those maniacs are not exactly why I'm here.
As we discuss the future, my wife (who is a player both in my Savage Pathfinder game, and our other group, which is currently playing Dresden Files Accelerated) has often brought up the idea of a campaign based around a magic school, frequently citing a certain well-known module for The Dragon Game, though both she and I know it's actually not that well written, and neither she nor our friends would be likely to enjoy it very much without quite a bit of change.
SO. I have enough Savage Worlds material to make "magic school" happen pretty much however I like, but since I'm already running a game set in Golarion, and I'm positive there are at least a couple such institutions to choose from, that seemed like the simplest setup. And a bit of research led me to the Acadamae and the Academy of Secrets adventure, but I couldn't find much more in terms of arcane schools.
These then, are my biggest questions for you Pathfinder veterans:
First, is Academy of Secrets all there is, as far as "magic school adventures"? It looks like fun, but I was hoping for something a little more extended. Also, it's definitely not a starting adventure. I can make a campaign happen either way, I just like to get whatever guidance I can: a full Adventure Path would be ideal. I'll take a look at whatever's out there, though!
Second, are there other canonical "magic schools" on Golarion besides the Acadamae, even if they don't have an associated adventure or AP? The only other candidates I could find were the Academy of Applied Magic which seems to focus on producing magic items, and [Academy of the Arts]9 which seems pretty clearly no longer in operation.
Thanks in advance, everybody, and happy adventuring!
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2023.05.28 18:30 Fadeaway_A29 Car battery question

Hi want to preface this by saying I know nothing about cars. I was traveling for around 2 months and will be returning home to my car later today. This car hasn’t been started since then and i don’t have AAA what is the best way to go about this? Surely there’s no chance the car starts Whats the cheapest and correct way to approach this?
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2023.05.28 18:29 MrNavinJohnson Nepotism; My First Chat with AI

I wanted to discuss the topic of Nepotism today and rather than throwing out a random flag here on conspiracy as per usual, I decided to give AI a shot today.
It felt dirty and I've had no desire until today to open this door, but like someone's Grandma once said, "you don't know until you know."
Here's how it went for my first three free questions to Chat GPT:
ME: Is there an occupation or profession in the world where nepotism does not have a major influence upon the selection of those who work for an industry or company?
AI: As an AI language model, I cannot definitively say that there is a profession or industry where nepotism does not play a role in the selection of who works there. However, there are certain fields that may be less susceptible to nepotism due to their strict requirements and objective evaluation processes. For example, professions in medicine, law, and academia typically rely on extensive education, training, and standardized testing to determine qualifications, which may reduce the influence of nepotism. Additionally, some countries and organizations have policies that prohibit or strictly regulate nepotism in hiring and promotion, which can help mitigate its effects.
ME: Can you be specific in your claim and site examples of how professions in medicine, law, and academia typically rely on extensive education, training, and standardized testing to determine qualifications, which may reduce the influence of nepotism, and to what degree this is mitigated?
AI: In the field of medicine, individuals must complete rigorous academic programs and receive extensive training before being able to practice. Medical schools require high academic achievement, rigorous entrance exams, and often interview processes to determine who will be accepted. After medical school, aspiring doctors complete years of residency training, pass rigorous licensing exams, and undergo evaluations to ensure competency and professionalism. This process ensures that the selection of doctors is based on objective criteria, rather than nepotism.
Similarly, in the legal profession, individuals must complete a rigorous education and pass a bar exam in order to practice. Legal education typically involves earning a law degree from an accredited institution, which requires high academic achievement and passing a standardized entrance exam. After earning a law degree, prospective lawyers must pass a bar exam to practice law. This rigorous and objective evaluation process reduces the influence of nepotism in selecting lawyers.
In academia, individuals typically must earn a PhD and demonstrate scholarly achievement before they are hired as professors. PhD programs often use standardized exams (like the GRE) and rigorous evaluation processes to determine who is admitted. After earning the degree, candidates must demonstrate scholarly achievement through publications and other achievements in their field before being hired as professors. These objective requirements and evaluations help reduce the influence of nepotism, although it certainly still exists in some cases.
While the rigorous standards and evaluations in these professions do serve as barriers to nepotism, it is important to note that the effects of nepotism are not completely mitigated. In some cases, individuals may still receive preferential treatment due to connections or family ties. Additionally, it is important to remember that these professions are not immune to other forms of bias or discrimination that may affect hiring and promotion decisions.
ME: Is there evidence to support that those groomed into top positions within their respective fields are provided access to better guides through said challenges along the way, and that after these rigorous challenges are completed satisfactorily within each example sited above, that this is where the power of nepotism lies; regarding the hiring and promoting?
AI: There is some evidence to support the idea that individuals groomed into top positions within their respective fields have access to better resources and guidance, which may provide them with an advantage over other candidates. For example, individuals who have grown up with parents or family members who are doctors or lawyers may have access to better resources and guidance throughout their education and training.
However, it is important to note that the rigor of the challenges and evaluations that individuals face within these professions is designed to minimize the influence of such advantages. The evaluation process for these professions is typically standardized, and the criteria for success are objective and well-defined. While individuals who have had access to better resources may have an advantage early on in their education or training, the rigorous evaluation process and objective criteria for success mean that only those who are truly qualified will succeed in obtaining positions of power within these fields.
Regarding the hiring and promoting of individuals in these fields, while nepotism can certainly play a role, it is generally considered to be unethical and can even be illegal. Most professions have strict regulations and codes of conduct that prohibit the use of nepotism in hiring and promotion decisions. In many cases, nepotism can damage the reputation and integrity of the profession, and as such, is typically discouraged.
CONCLUSION: I guess what I set out to prove was that there is no magical no-pass line when it comes to Nepotism and Quid Pro Quo in the selection of who makes it to the top within any single industry. That question came up this morning while reading an article on the WEF and observing how ludicrous it seamed to me that anyone believes that any of them has any interest at heart beyond their own frenetic self-interests and that the sheer audacious postering of NGO's as decission-makers when it comes to matters of world economic, political and health issues.
I clearly had time on my hands this morning. Just wondering what your thoughts on Nepotism are and if the dumbing down of the American educational system had everything to do with those standards AI was so quick to point to were the main gate-keepers to positions like medicine, law and politics.
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2023.05.28 18:27 AndroidsHeart I feel GREAT after there a way to get this same energy without a long hike?

So, I'm relatively new to hiking as a serious hobby.
My husband and I have been getting in shape and in the last few years we took up hiking. At this point we can handle more intermediate trails.
Anyway, after an intense hike, I feel GREAT. Like I have energy to burn (after a short rest period of course haha). I can go home and cook and clean and do chores for hours afterwards, I'm bouncing off the walls. The next day is much the same.
I'm generally a low energy person, both mentally and physically. I struggle with motivation among other things. But after long hikes this seems to all of a sudden not be a problem.
Is this normal and why does it happen? How can I create this same effect at home?
I walk a lot daily, like 7-10km minimum. Some days it's more. But I'm not finding I get the same effect from all the walking, why not? Some hikes are the same length, but I guess they are more of a work out? I don't know what it is.
I don't really like exercising other than walking or hiking (I like running but have terrible knees, so that's a no go). However, I have done martial arts extensively as well as dancing work outs, and neither of those produce the same effect for me. I do yard work, to the point of sweating and being way more sore the next day than I ever would be from hiking, but again, it doesn't produce the same effect either.
Anyway, has anyone else found anything outside of hiking that produces this same effect? I don't have the time to go hiking every day and I don't live close by any hiking areas so even the drive to a good hike takes time. Like I said, walking doesn't cut it for me. It helps for sure, but it's not the insane energy boosting effect.
I get tons of energy after hiking, how can I get this same energy boosting effect at home daily (or more often)? Long walks don't do it for me. Bad knees, can't run.
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