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This is the official community for Genshin Impact (原神), the latest open-world action RPG from HoYoverse. The game features a massive, gorgeous map, an elaborate elemental combat system, engaging storyline & characters, co-op game mode, soothing soundtrack, and much more for you to explore!

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2023.04.21 23:37 WildWes91 Wait are there actually people who believe Yang is Chinese?

Wait are there actually people who believe Yang is Chinese?
If it's because of her name than that's just ridiculous.
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2023.04.05 14:21 Technical-Abroad8918 [Master Post] Till The End of the Moon Promotional Materials

[Master Post] Till The End of the Moon Promotional Materials
Ahhhhhh Youku & Tata (production co) have been releasing SO many promotional materials ahead of the premier on April 6!
Linking them here as it might be difficult for international audience to access, which would be a massive pity as this is bringing Chinese Xianxia production to new heights!
  • Trailer 2 (focused on emotional journey)\*: Weibo, Youtube (Eng sub)
  • Trailer 1 (focused on FX & big sequences)\*: Weibo, Youtube (different BGM, Eng sub)
  • Concept Trailer: Weibo, Youtube
  • End Credits OST MV*: Weibo, Youtube (shorter, Eng sub)
  • OST List / Preview Snippet: Weibo (Snippets 1, 2, 3, Full list)- there are 13 songs by an all-star cast of popular OST singers including Mao Buyi (AoL), Zhang Bichen (TMoPB). Note that many of the snippets don't include the chorus, so take it at face value.
Specials (highly recommend these, but they are not yet available on Youtube):
BTS Videos:
  • Luo Yunxi & Bai Lu kiss scene\*: Weibo, Youtube (Eng sub)
  • Luo Yunxi & Bai Lu fight scenes\*: Weibo (ML), Weibo (FL), Youtube (combined, Eng sub)
  • Luo Yunxi & Bai Lu fun on set: Weibo
  • Chen Duling & Deng Wei wedding scene: Weibo
  • Sun Zhenni & Geng Yeting night market scene: Weibo
Important note: A lot of Chinese viewers have commented on how thin Luo Yunxi is now compared to his Runyu days. No, he is not trying to lose weight. AFAIK he is healthy and eats a lot. This is just his DNA + aging + overwork. It is what it is. Let's not dwell on it as it could be triggering for folks struggling with weight.
Posters: Here are the main ones - will link the side character posters at the bottom!
New Poster
Luo Yunxi Dunhuang style poster as Mingye
Luo Yunxi character poster as Tantai Jin
Bai Lu character poster Li Susu
Luo Yunxi character poster as Mingye
Bai Lu character poster as Sangjiu
Chen Duling character poster as Ye Bingchang
Deng Wei character poster as Xiao Tiao
Here are the other posters:
  • Dunhuang style character posters: Twitter, Weibo (this version has detailed explanations around the artwork but it's in Chinese only)
  • Traditional character posters: Twitter (main characters, side characters)
  • 12 Gods posters: Twitter
  • CP posters: Twitter (1, 2)
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