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The subreddit for underrated bath and body works products that the people have to know about!

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For anyone who is interested in not buying products from Bath and Body Works for any reason.

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a place for lovers of skincare and makeup to share their daily scent choices!✨ categories: body lotion/cream, shower gel/body wash, hand soap, perfume/mist, lipbalm/gloss, hand sanitizer ________________________________________ Please share the scent name, product type, and company name (example: Bath & Body Works Hello Beautiful Fine Fragrance Mist). If your fellow Redditors are interested in trying the product(s), this will make it easy for them!

2023.03.22 13:29 DailyHoroscopeIndia Todays Horoscope! (22nd of March, 2023)✨

Greetings everyone! On this day of March 22nd, 2023, the stars have aligned to bring you a unique and personalized horoscope. Let's see what the universe has in store for us!
♈️ Aries: You're in for a wild ride today Aries! The color yellow will bring you luck, and the number 3 will be your guide. Be prepared to find yourself on an unexpected adventure, filled with new people and places. You may encounter a purple butterfly, or a mysterious stranger who will offer you an interesting opportunity. Keep your eyes open for hidden treasures, and your heart open for new experiences. 🦋
♉️ Taurus: Today is all about taking risks Taurus! The color green will bring you luck, and the number 9 will be your guide. Don't be afraid to take a leap of faith and try something new. You could find yourself in a situation that requires quick thinking and creative problem solving. There may be some obstacles along the way, but if you stay focused and keep going, you'll find success. 🐂
♊️ Gemini: Today is all about exploring your creative side Gemini! The color blue will bring you luck, and the number 4 will be your guide. Take time to explore your passions and hobbies, as they could lead to exciting new opportunities. You may find yourself drawn to music, art, or writing. Keep an eye out for interesting objects that could spark inspiration. 🎨
♋️ Cancer: Today is all about connecting with others Cancer! The color orange will bring you luck, and the number 8 will be your guide. Reach out to old friends or family members who you haven't spoken to in a while. You may find yourself having meaningful conversations that could lead to deeper connections. Don't forget to take time for yourself too; indulging in comfort food or taking a relaxing bath can do wonders for your soul. 🧖‍♀️
♌️ Leo: Today is all about embracing change Leo! The color red will bring you luck, and the number 6 will be your guide. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone; take a chance on something new and exciting. You may find yourself in a situation where you need to make quick decisions or take risks; trust your gut instinct and don't be afraid to take action. 🐆
♍️ Virgo: Today is all about being organized Virgo! The color purple will bring you luck, and the number 7 will be your guide. Take time to plan out your day and prioritize tasks that need to get done. You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed at times; try to focus on one thing at a time so that you can get everything done efficiently. Don't forget to take breaks throughout the day too; it'll help you stay focused and motivated. 📝
♎️ Libra: Today is all about learning Libra! The color pink will bring you luck, and the number 2 will be your guide. Take time to learn something new today; it could be anything from a new language to a new skill or hobby. You may find yourself drawn to activities that involve creativity or problem solving; these can help stimulate your mind and give you a sense of accomplishment when completed. 🤓
♏️ Scorpio: Today is all about taking care of yourself Scorpio! The color white will bring you luck, and the number 5 will be your guide. Make sure to take time for self-care today; whether it's getting some exercise or spending time with friends, make sure to do something that makes you feel good about yourself. You may find yourself feeling anxious at times; try doing some deep breathing exercises or meditation to help calm down any nerves or worries you may have. 🧘‍♀️
♐️ Sagittarius: Today is all about staying positive Sagittarius! The color black will bring you luck, and the number 1 will be your guide. Keep an optimistic outlook throughout the day; even if things don't go as planned, try not to let it get you down too much. You may find yourself facing challenges that require creativity or problem solving; stay focused on finding solutions instead of dwelling on any failures or mistakes made along the way. 🤩
♑️ Capricorn: Today is all about setting goals Capricorn! The color grey will bring you luck, and the number 10 will be your guide. Take time today to think about what it is that you want out of life; set realistic goals that are achievable within a reasonable amount of time. You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work needed in order to reach those goals; break them up into smaller tasks so that it doesn't seem so daunting. 🗺
♒️ Aquarius: Today is all about getting creative Aquarius! The color brown will bring you luck, and the number 11 will be your guide. Don't be afraid to explore different ideas or projects today; let your imagination run wild with possibilities of what could be created from nothing but raw inspiration and creativity. You may find yourself dreaming up wild concepts; just remember not every idea needs to turn into reality in order for it to have value or meaning for you personally. 💡
♓️ Pisces: Today is all about listening Pisces! The color gold will bring you luck, and the number 12 will be your guide. Pay attention closely today; listen carefully not only to what people are saying but also what they're not saying as well as their body language and facial expressions. You may find yourself needing advice from someone else in order to make an important decision; trust their judgement but also make sure it aligns with what feels right for you as well before taking action on anything big today. 🤫
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2023.03.22 13:27 mpdope Semen retention side effects

If you dont have organised life or things to redirect your energy or certain act, it works against us, how? Because what happens inside their mind or in life they dont understand, thing is that we have to learn how to manage our mind, reach what is mind, god , and life about. Negative thing about retention without purpose is harmful because mind is not organised they have to figure out if they dont and still proceed to reten then all sort of things their mind makes, Semen retention gives us Crystal clear thoughts, What happens is people get attracted towards it Because in starting stage like atleast 1 2months they think it is all they ignore the other side which is by retenting body have collected all sort of energy human requires to operate extra miles. But if your purpose only needs little energy rest is used against yourself. I have been on for 1.3years, 5months, and so on. Ofcourse things happens like telepathy, Psychic experience, ability to communicate with animals too, we receive far more information then usual because it strengthens our memories. But remember its not hours days months or year but whole life. So nothing happens if you have experimental mind, just be honest with yourself. Porn is harmful thats a fact, even thinking about girls can make semen water like. Side effects are real because body carrier more than it needs so it will happen. But it all depends upon our goal. I would suggest everyone to reten their seed experience everthing by yourself. Because i have heard many things after years, months, and dats of retention if they ejaculated they will shameful, more horny, anxiety, many things, but the point is its your own mind which makes you suffer because you depend upon that thought of semen retention. But let me tell you if you have good wisdom over mind, scriptures, life in general, where we came from, who are we then its the most powerful thing, because now you have filled your mind your past with good knowledge, experiences so even if comes back you learn from it. 😄
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2023.03.22 13:26 OmegaRees Tempering

My magic system is called Tempering and involves the manipulation of erosia, an energy from between dimensions that naturally destabilises physcial reality.
A cataclysm millions of years ago flooded the world with erosia which warped the world beyond recognition. Weakened erosia eventually crystalised into a form known as godstone which now forms a rock layer in the earth corresponding with the catalysm. Godstone is a source of erosia.
Conduits are individuals that have been granted specific abilites by lodestones - artefacts created by the deities that once ruled the world. Lodestones alter a person's physiology, allowing them to bleed erosia from godstones, filtering it through their bodies and manifesting as a specific ability in the physcial world. Conduits "bleed" erosia from godstones, with what rock type they can bleed determining on the lodestone. Excessive or prolonged bleeding and tempering results in shardsbane, a condition where the filtered erosia can crystallise within your own body which can spread and eventually lead to death.
There are three Castes of conduit which are based the type of lodestone and power granted: (names are working titles)

1 - Clastsmiths temper physical matter, altering its arrangement and structure rather than directly altering composition. There is no destruction or creation with Clastsmithing, only conversion of matter from one form into another without altering composition. Clastsmiths bleed sedimentary godstones. Clastsmithing is divided into three schools:
Shapers deal directly with the atomic structure of matter, negating and strengthening atomic bonds to disaggregate and recombine matter into new structures.
Melders are able to alter the state of matter, instantly changing a solid to a gas or even plasma while retaining the initial composition.
Mimics possess the ability to copy the physical properties of matter directly onto their skin.
All three schools share similar limitations and necessities. The most prominent of these is proximity to the target. In order to temper a material a Clastsmith must have an affinity for and proximity to that material. For instance, if a Clastsmith wanted to Shape or Meld oak, then they must first be in physical contact with some oak. Once they begin to temper, their abilities will allow them to temper any object that possesses the same molecular structure as that oak i.e. any other oak in the room. The extent of this tempering bubble depends on the quantity of erosia bled.
Mimics on the other hand, need constant contact with their material, which they often achieve through the wearing of jewellery of different materials or through swallowing/inhaling mixtures, meaning that substance is in constant internal contact. E.g. a Melder could liquidise something, allowing a Mimic to ingest and then mimic that substance.

2 - Fluxweavers temper energy and are grouped into Plutonics and Volcanists based on whether their abilities focus energy within themselves or externally. FLuxweavers bleed igneous godstones.
Plutonics are able to absorb and release energy in their own bodies. By absorbing the heat from a fire, they are able to focus and release the power through enhancing a physical or cognitive attribute.
The level of energy a Plutonic can absorb and use depends on their own personal experience. In order to temper energy, a Plutonic must have experienced that form of energy, gaining a flavour for it. A Plutonic wishing to temper the hear from a blaze must have experienced an equal or larger energy source of the same type otherwise their bodies will not be accustomed, and they will experience the effects of exposure – e.g. burnt.
Volcanists temper external energy sources. They are able to drain and convert energy sources, adding to existing sources to amplify their power. Volcanists are able to store harnessed energy in external objects or “over-charge” them to create explosions or other effects. These source of stored energy can be tempered by Plutonics. Volcanists are able to convert their own energy sources, but since they cannot be amplified this is dangerous, with Volcanists often being referred to as “whistlers” due to their ability to safely amplify sources with their own sonics.
Like Plutonics, Volcanists must have experienced the energy source they wish to temper, but since they are not directly absorbing it into themselves, they do no need to have been affected by it.

3 - Warpwrights temper space, locally warping it. Warwprights can bleed metamorphic godstones.
This is where I need advice. I want three abilities here, two will likely be expanding and contracting dimensions, but I'm struggling to come up with a third. Any suggestions on this and any limitations? Please ask questions as it will help me expand and develop my system. Thanks.
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2023.03.22 13:25 GlowUpManagement The Future of OnlyFans: Trends and Predictions for the Platform and Content Creation Industry.

OnlyFans has become a popular platform for content creators to monetize their work and build a community of fans. Its subscription-based model has disrupted the traditional content creation industry. But what does the future hold for OnlyFans and the content creation industry? In this blog post, we'll explore some of the trends and predictions for the future of OnlyFans.
As OnlyFans continues to grow, it will face increased competition from other platforms that offer similar subscription-based models. Creators will have more choices for where to host their content, and platforms will need to differentiate themselves to attract and retain users. OnlyFans will need to continue to innovate and improve its features and functionality to keep up with user demand.
OnlyFans has faced criticism for its association with adult content, but as the platform expands, it is becoming more mainstream. In the future, we can expect to see more celebrities, influencers, and creators from various industries joining the platform to monetize their content and connect with fans. OnlyFans has already expanded beyond its roots in adult content to include creators from a variety of industries. In the future, we can expect to see OnlyFans expand into new markets, such as fitness, music, and education.
As OnlyFans continues to grow, it will likely face more regulation and oversight. Governments and regulatory bodies may impose new rules and restrictions on the platform, especially regarding adult content.
Despite challenges and competition, OnlyFans is poised for continued growth and innovation. The platform has disrupted the traditional content creation industry and created new opportunities for creators to monetize their work.
In conclusion, the future of OnlyFans is bright. The platform has already disrupted the content creation industry, and we can expect to see it continue to innovate and expand. As the platform grows, it will face new challenges and opportunities, including increased competition, more regulation and oversight, and a greater emphasis on diversity and inclusion.
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2023.03.22 13:23 Grvin_Dancing_Queen long post. unidentified hormone issues

so ive posted here a few times about the troubles ive been having with hormones in the recent years in the wake of having some pretty poor care when switching to injections. i was hoping it was going to get fixed when i got an actual endocrinologist but the issue is still ongoing and i have no idea what to do anymore. just asking for any insight or experience that some of you might have with this. ill try to post the numbers as i know them but some i just dont remember or dont have access to.

so around 7 years ago i started hormones, i just started by taking 4 mg of estradiol orally. before too long the doctor said my E was around normal female ranges and my T went down a bit but was still pretty active, but i felt good and i was just trying to dip my toes in slowly so i was happy with that, i saw minor feminization and was having a great time.

then around 2 and a half years later (5 years ago) i moved up to taking sprio at 50 mg, and again it was pretty great, it came with the side effects and the transition on to it was a little rough (lots of fatigue and such) but after that things were great. more feminization, thicker hair, my body felt good. though i never really saw the kinds of results that many many others see. even after years passing was just kind of a pipe dream. also through the years i learned that many people are not huge fans of spiro so i did eventually want to get off it

then about 2 and a half years ago i moved to a big city and had much greater access to transgender care and wanted to try injections so i could get off spiro and do mono therapy. so thats what i did, and this is where things get all jacked up. i started on subcutaneous injections which for the first bit went well enough until I started getting extremely itchy bumps where I would inject that would take weeks to heal. So I moved to intramuscular after a couple months or so. now each time I would go in for blood work my E lvls would be HUGE like 1600-1800 pg/ml huge and my T was in the single digits. I would get blood work around every 3 months and the first two times we assumed it was because I had blood drawn close to the injection day but after the third time 9 months we realized that they were just like that. Now around the first time I got my blood tested I started to realize that I was losing hair, like a lot of hair, wads of it. which I could only assume was related to the recent hormonal change and the insane levels I was getting. after that third blood test we lowered my dose and it went to around 600-800 and I was still losing hair but it was reduced significantly, I also noticed my finger tips peeling and wrinkling but idk what that means. Oh also my provider tested my DHT but said he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

after another several months I finally bullied my provider into sending me to a proper endo to try and fix whatever is going on. I went off hormones for like a month or so then went to patches which were very inconsistent and itchy and I hated them so I switched back to oral just to get something consistent. I went back to 4 mg oral just like originally but also went on finnasteride this time along with it. at this point the hair loss stopped, but my E levels didn’t budge from baseline, to this my endo was just like, "Idk why that is sorry."
because I had nothing else to really go on I assumed it was some wack conversion to an androgen like you read about here pretty frequently on Reddit. so I decided to try bicalutamide in the hopes that it would save me like it has others. I stopped the finna and went on bica where my E went to about 90pg/ml and my free estrogen was around 197. at this point I wasn’t feeling great I was tired and just felt kind of bleh, which we assumed was because my levels were low so we bumped the dose up to 6mg and after a few weeks my hair promptly started falling out again as well as my skin dried way the fuck out, my fingers were even peeling and wrinkling again. So I obviously panicked and called my endo and we went back down to 4mg but so far im still losing hair with dry peeling skin and I’m fucking exhausted all the time. There is a solid chance I’m conflating some things but I can’t tell heads from tails anymore and it’s been over two years of this struggle and I’m just demoralized. Ive Lost so much hair and progress. Not to mention the stress and heartache. I simply don't know what to do now.
sorry if this was a bit of a ramble, I’m tired and desperate and just am grasping at straws now. Looking for anything tbh.
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2023.03.22 13:23 Direct-Royal9822 How long will it take to get stronger?

I've started a physically demanding part-time job that requires me to stand up and lift packages the whole shift. I've noticed that it's a bit heavier than I expected sometimes and the shift basically feels like a workout. I'll get sweaty and sometimes if it's a high-tempo day I feel weak and kinda struggle to keep up. I keep a bottle of water with me but it only helps a bit.
The best thing to do would be to find a better job but I kind of need money right now and not in a few weeks or months. Due to this, I think it's time for me to get in shape in order to not suffer too much at work.
I'm not really looking to change my body aesthetically or becoming a full-on body builder; I just want to be able to do my job without feeling like I wanna pass out lmao. What I want to know is if working out at home 2-3 times a week with body weight and some dumbbells would be enough, and also how long it would take to see results? Can I expect to feel a little stronger quickly or will it take months?
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2023.03.22 13:22 Own-Ad-8445 Need help with my Fakemon typing

Hello, I'm currently working on my mythical Fakemon for 3 months ago. During those 3 months of designing my Fakemon, I struggled to achieve to draw is almost done. However, I'm in the middle of a dilemma about what type my Fakemon accurately describes my Fakemon perfectly. I discussed my Fakemon's typing with my closest friends at Discord, but I wasn't satisfied and still conflicted about the typing. And my friend always told me that I have to make sure my Fakemon isn't way too OP from the stats and typing, even though I felt tempted to do that. I was going to select Normal and Fairy-type for my Fakemon because it fits so well with the description below. Especially, I am most specialized in Fairy-type. But I don't want to lose some elements that I remain toward Normal-type. Here is what you need to know about my Fakemon and it's lore;
That is all I could share with all of you to help me with what type my Fakemon would be.
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2023.03.22 13:22 NoSwimmer638 propanolol for ET while having severe asthma

So I've been recently diagnosed with ET, I've known I've had it for a few years but never got around to a diagnosis as I've been studying nursing. I understand the effects of propanolol has on the body especially when having asthma. My asthma is controlled and I'm on Fostair inhalers 2x daily. Wondering if anyone is on the same boat (obviously a very shaky boat). My propanolol is 10mg OD for a week (assuming it's to see if I have an adverse reaction) and I've not taken any yet as I'm abit worried/curious. My tremor is quite bad at times but I am able to manage with invasive procedures in work, I wouldnt say it interferes massively but as we all know it is progressive.
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2023.03.22 13:21 Chaiilatt3 My mum kicked me out but wants to keep talking to me- what should I do?

I love my mum. She was my favourite parent when I was little because I was her favourite. She treated me more as an equal rather than her child. But that wasn’t what it seemed. She would constantly flip. Sometimes she was cruel, isolating me from my friends & siblings, manipulating me, gaslighting me & then other times she would be so kind, supportive & caring that I would question everything.
During the covid lockdowns while she was at work I was at home- not doing my online schooling but helping my siblings with theirs. Bringing them food, running them baths. All by my mum's order. I became depressed- she weaponised my mental health, telling me my friends were toxic and making me like this. She took away my devices so that in a time with already limited contact with the world I had none. One time I stole my phone so I could message them, & mum caught me. I stood my ground- she threatened to kick me out.
I never did that again.
After that hit rock bottom, luckily my dad got me the help I needed. I became close with him- which mum hated. The cycle of supportive to manipulative continued & I realised that I needed to leave. My Dad said that I could move in with him after I finished year 12 when he wouldn’t have to pay child support which I promptly agreed to. Before I could tell mum, she pulled me into her room just before my finals in senior year & oh so casually told me she finally had money to buy a house; but there wouldn’t be room for my brother & I. I was crushed. Yes, I was planning to leave but the way she so mercilessly kicked me & my brother out when she would no longer receive child support- like that was what we were all along, income.
I know my Mum hasn’t had the easiest life & so I assumed therapy could help her as it did me. After I finished hs I told my Mum I was planning to move to Dad's, & I asked her to go to therapy so her relationships with her kids could improve. She went off at me, accusing me of calling her a ‘monster’, abandoning her and conspiring against her with my Dad. I left grabbing a couple of things. Later, I returned with my dad to collect my stuff & contact with my Mum was limited. She called me a couple times to ask me to do her favours- go to open houses during work hours, set up tutoring for my siblings, take them to appointments etc.
Now she wants to talk more regularly because “she doesn’t know what to tell people when they ask about me” I don’t know if I should. On one hand, she’s my Mum- I miss her & I love her. But on the other hand, she doesn't seem to care about me and only hurts me.
What should I do?
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2023.03.22 13:21 Pretend-Adeptness-96 I have been a PreCog all my life

As I have been saying, I am a 55m and I have been a PreCog all my life, this is my attempt to save people besides myself. My safety is never in question.
I revealed to my family and friends in June of 2022 that I was a time traveler via documents, FB messages, etc... After that I started posting in reddit timetravel but I didn't know about removing posts so that was some chaos I had to smooth out.
In my third post I announced:
There is a time traveler who I will call “J” and she is disrupting the normal state of time and space.
J has the ability to communicate to us all. I am not special in that regard. She communicates via dreams/visions and I can tell the difference.
I am sorry if this is disjointed, if it helps think of the movie Memento).
J does not see time like I do, so she may not present things in order from our perspective... we good, things make sense at the end.
J is constantly trying to make this easier to understand for everyone to understand and she is constantly fine tuning things to get enough to understand. Her plan is for our descendants get to the stars. She keeps jumping back to her train station, making changes to try to get you to understand.
As near as I can tell she needs the help of our descendants, but I do not know how true that is, as I do not trust her.
This was how I started it my very first try....
If you do not have a physics background that is fine. I will not get into a physics lesson. But, I do have one ask.
If you do know someone with a physics background, ask them if what I am describing is possible if the MWI theory was true. What it would mean if there actually was an infinite number of timelines and you had the ability to move between them.
How many are thinking LOL?
This was the issue with a previous timeline… we had trouble with this part.
Nobody got it in time, so things went dark.
That is ok my timeline fam, hopefully infinite universes get widely understood this go around as J uses the infinite part to try to make it easier to understand…
Now I don’t have to spend much time on MWI.
Adapt, learn and repeat.
I will use movies as examples as much as possible to make it as easy to understand for as many as possible.
Infinity of universes examples are in the the awesome movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. There is also the awesome movie Everything, Everywhere All at Once, and how they represented the infinite of universes.
The only thing I want you to focus on is universes and the infinity of the choices.
That part is so true(infinity). J claims that there are no sausage universes, we are never rocks, we are never paint, or any of the other things. It is an infinity of different versions of us all slightly different. She literally has infinite number of possibilities, but the light makes it easier. I have not looked at them all, it takes me forever to peer into one.
I have been calling the timelines but others want to call them universes, multiverse, etc...
We are talking about the same thing. The universe is affected by the flow of time, and I can be outside the boundaries of this universe projected into the Yeoh Dimension which lets me 'turn around' and look at the infinite of universes, they all move evenly, steadily following the march of time... so I call them timelines.
A timeline is a single universe from the HumanVerse.
The HumanVerse is a subset of the infinity of universes, to be part of the HumanVerse the timeline must contain human life.
I am a human and give 0F about timelines that do not have us.
If you see me use the word timelines, if you want to think universe, multiverse, whateverse... we good. It is the infinity part I need you to be thinking about, the infinity of options J has.
Now I want you to think what it would mean if there actually was an infinite number of timelines AND you had the ability to move between them.
I figured out how to jump between timelines, jumping from a flesh suit body on one timeline and jumping to my body on another timeline.
I have had the ability since I was 9 when I fell face first into a bonfire and quickly left that timeline/universe.
The last timeline it was at this point in time when I started to get into the cat theory, I found out he was a pedo (I do not know what I do not know).
So I jumped back and created my Mötley Cat Theory to avoid carrying that name into the future.
The Mötley Cat Theory
This theory is like a certain quantum cat theory put forth by a known pedophile, with some important differences. The cat is not in the box with a device that has a 50% chance of killing it. The cat is in a box with a device that can affect the cat in an infinite number of ways, setting an infinite number of states that the cat can be in.
Obeying quantum theory, the cat is every state until the box is opened and the state of the cat is known. The state of the cat when it is put in the box is not in question, it is set, constant and establishes the direction of the flow of time… from the known state of the cat to the unknown infinite states of the cat.
The box that the Mötley Cat is put in is what I was taught to call a “Black Box”. In science and engineering, the term black box refers to any complex device for which we know the inputs and outputs, but we do not know the how of the black box, as the inner workings of the black box is unknown.
The output of the black box are the timelines that come out, and I illuminate the ones we want. J bundles them and I am on the timeline heading towards the light.
I hope enough people can understand the Mötley Cat theory and hope my blatant theft of this theory from the pedo doesn't ruffle too many feathers. Mi scusi!
The first crossroads is the upcoming debt ceiling and the Quantum Outcomes that result from setting that cat's state. I am just looking at the lit timelines and seeing the easiest path.
I humbly propose we just raise the debt ceiling now to avoid any issues.
The second crossroads is the upcoming election fight between Biden and Trump in 2024.
I am trying to avoid chaos, and to try to keep everyone calm. I think my proposal will do that.
Welp, time to see what spawns from this as we all travel forward in time.
I would suggest before making big decisions you should sleep on it and see what J sends you.
I am hoping to use Reddit to communicate.
If you find me as you go down the rabbit hole and think I want to meet anyone, you are wrong.
I am asking to be left alone, just like I said months ago. I am a 55m with heart troubles.
It is a paradox, I want to be left alone, yet I had to talk.
Grrrr. Damn you irony! Please respect my wishes.
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2023.03.22 13:20 MelasD Amelia: The Level Zero Hero Chapter 82 (An OP MC Isekai LitRPG)


Ten years ago, Amelia woke up alone and lost in a broken world where she had to fight for her survival.
Now, after reaching the pinnacle of power, defeating the Void itself, and escaping the abyss, she has finally found her way back into the real world. But instead of finding herself on Earth, she is in the land of Vacuos. A fantasy world with magic, monsters, Classes, and Levels. A world that is governed by a System like it were a video game.
And when rewarded with a Class befitting her accomplishments— to become a powerful [Hero] that will forever dedicate her life to protecting this world that is not her own— she only has one response.
“Absolutely not. I’m going to live a normal life now, thank you very much.”
After all, who needs a Class when you're already the strongest anyways?
Read Chapter 1 Here
“Is this it?” Noele asked as she eyed the small cave.
The trail ended here. There was no mistaking it— the large hoofprints continued further into the darkness, so this had to be it. The Noble Spellsword glanced back and nodded at her companion.
“Get ready, Garron,” she warned him.
The burly man nodded, readying his large shield. He strode forward as drew her blade. The two adventurers approached the cave entrance, but a voice called out to them from the trees. They glanced back towards a nearby thicket. A purple man stood there, two arms crossed as he spoke loudly for them to hear.
“Do not damage its legs!” Xakor gestured at his thighs with his free hands. “The kretus boar’s meat is mostly inedible apart from its legs! You want to target its neck or underbelly!”
Noele blinked back at the [Chef]. “Xakor! What are you doing here? It’s dangerous— get back!”
“Xrr, I’ll be fine,” he said simply. He tapped a finger on the rings around his fingers. “I have my own artifacts to protect me. I would even be able to survive an encounter with an A-rank threat for up to five minutes, so there is no reason to worry for my safety.”
“But it’s still dangerous…” she trailed off.
“It’ll be fine.” Garron spoke up, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Xakor is the one who led us here. He survived an encounter with this kretus boar once before. I am sure he can handle himself.”
“Right.” Even knowing that, Noele still pursed her lips.
Certainly, it was true that Xakor was the one who sent them on this mission. He had stumbled into the kretus boar on the way to Wolfwater, and it had attacked him. Apparently, the [Chef] had actually hurt the monster with his artifacts before he escaped, but he knew it was going to pose a threat to the nearby villages considering its vindictive nature.
So he had hired both Noele and Garron to hunt down the kretus boar before it could fully recover. After all, it was a B-ranked threat, and its home was likely destroyed a few weeks back during the wildfire spurred by the Miststorm Riders.
Of course, Xakor had ulterior motives too. He wanted to stock up on meat for his brand new restaurant run by Amelia. Noele was still processing that fact— she couldn’t believe that the Patron of the Culinary Sciences was opening a restaurant here in Wolfwater of all places. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that he would ever visit her backwater village, let alone do that.
Noele had entertained the idea that maybe Xakor would open up one of his many restaurant chains in Whiteridge, considering that it was actually a city. But Wolfwater was a farming village. It only had a single inn for passing [Merchants] or [Traders] to stay. It made no sense for a restaurant to ever be opened up in some place like this.
However, it was actually happening. This was reality. And yet, this wasn’t even the most surprising part. Because he wans’t just opening a restaurant in Wolfwater, he was partnering with Amelia— a literal non-[Chef]— out of all people.
Sure, the blonde girl thought that her mentor’s cooking was pretty good— each time she had tried those so-called ‘Earth foods’, she had been impressed— but she didn’t think that it was anywhere comparable to Xakor’s cooking. Apparently, the Patron of the Culinary Sciences disagreed because he was letting Amelia handle most of the cooking for the restaurant.
Noele knew better than to question the cooking knowledge of a [Chef] who was above Level 50. But she still found it quite perplexing, even knowing that they were both otherworlders, so there was evidently some bias involved. The blonde girl wondered if this restaurant would actually take off, considering Amelia’s past track record with the food stand. Maybe having Xakor’s name attached would actually bring in customers.
However, nothing was certain. And while Noele hoped for the best, she was expecting the worst.
She shook her head as she strode forward alongside Garron. She had to focus right now. The kretus boar was close. And while it was weak compared to her, it was still a threat to the Steel Tank. It had to have been at least Level 40. Usually, only low-leveled monsters were harvested for food, while high-leveled monster parts were used for alchemy, herbalism, or even smithing.
However, the kretus boar was special because their legs were actually quite soft and tender, so they could be cooked and served as food. They weren’t a delicacy by any means, but considering their size, the meat from even a single leg could feed a family of four for months.
So the two adventurers didn’t want to damage the kretus boar’s legs. And not only that… well, Noele wasn’t going to be joining the fight either.
She came to a halt right at the mouth of the cave as Garron drew closer. He raised his short sword, edging forward with his shield raised, entering the darkness.
“Remember,” she called out. “No Skills.”
The Steel Tank glanced back at her, his lips twisted into a frown. And while he always wore a slight frown on his face even when he was in a jovial mood, she knew he was actually upset this time around. A little bit nervous too— very nervous, probably.
And he had every right to feel that way. After all, he wasn’t allowed to use his Skills. Noele wouldn’t let him. If he drew power from the World System, that would defeat the purpose of all this. He was the one who asked her to grow stronger like she did, and this was exactly what she had to do under Amelia’s tutelage.
Under normal circumstances, Garron could probably dispose of a kretus boar without risking his life. But since he couldn’t use his Skills, there was a very real chance that he could die to the monster. He drew forward warily as Noele just watched.
She said she wouldn’t intervene unless it really looked like he couldn’t handle this on his own. So she looked on as a figure emerged from the shadows. A looming creature, standing over twenty feet tall. It was the kretus boar, and it was already mad.
It beat its front hooves on the ground before charging. Garron yelped, bracing himself for the monster’s attack. It crashed into him as he raised his shield, sending him flying into the air. The Steel Tank landed with a groan as the kretus boar continued barreling towards him with a terrible roar.
Could boars even roar? Noele was pretty sure regular boars didn’t make that kind of a sound. But the kretus boar did. The Steel Tank scrambled to his feet as the monster’s footfalls caused the ground to quake. It rammed into him once more, but this time, he held his ground.
Garron grunted as he was pushed against the rock wall of the cavern. He clung onto his shield with both his hands, gritting his teeth as the Noble Spellsword pursed her lips.
“You have to surpass your limits!” she called out. “Do not use your Skills— overcome it with your own strength!”
“I… am… trying!” Garron shouted as he stepped to the side.
The monster stumbled forward, crashing into the rock wall, and he swung out with his short sword. He slashed the monster’s underbelly open as it reeled. But right as he circled around the kretus boar, it kicked out with its hind legs, knocking the Steel Tank’s shield out of his hand.
His eyes went wide, and it whirled around to face him. He tried to back away but the kretus boar was faster. All Garron could do was thrust forward with his short sword. The attack dug deep into the monster’s neck, but it wasn’t enough to take it down. Its eyes flashed, and it headbutted him, sending him crashing into the other side of the cavern.
Noele’s eyes flickered. She saw the way Garron struggled to get back to his feet. His chestplate was dented, and blood trickled down his forehead. The kretus boar charged his way once more. And the Noble Spellsword finally intervened.
With a single slash, she sliced the kretus boar in half. Her blade shone with a bright gold light, illuminating the dark cave chamber for a brief moment. The cavern was far larger and went deeper than she thought, but it didn’t matter. Her Elegant Noble Slash got the job done.
The monster collapsed, dead in an instant. Noele drew back and sheathed her sword in a single swift motion. She turned to Garron as he staggered to his feet.
“Are you alright?” she asked, running up to help him.
“I’m… fine.” The Steel Tank rubbed his forehead, wiping away the blood. He had a small cut just above his right eye, but he was otherwise fine. “Fighting without Skills is harder than I thought…” he murmured.
“Tell me about it,” Noele said as she offered him a shoulder. “It took me a while to get the hang of it, and it was only thanks to your help. So don’t let it get you down.”
He shook his head and snorted. “I’m not upset that I lost to a B-ranked monster— I’m more upset that I’ll have to get a new chestplate.”
The blonde girl chuckled. “Well, you still have plenty of time to learn.”
“I knew this wasn’t going to be easy,” Garron continued. “I saw how hard you trained to get to where you are now, Noele. Honestly, I’m more impressed by you now than ever. You are quite amazing.”
She smiled, nudging him as she helped him limp out of the cave. “Thanks— but we can talk about this later. Let’s just treat your injuries and let Xakor know it’s over.”
“Of course.” Garron nodded back at her.
The two adventurers slowly stepped back out into the clearing, and Xakor approached them curiously. The [Chef] had a bag slung around his shoulders— presumably to carry the kretus boar’s meat back to Wolfwater. They told him that it was over, and he quickly got to work.
Noele watched from the side as Garron took a sip from a healing potion while Xakor dismantled the kretus boar of edible parts. When they were finished, the sun was still hanging high in the sky, and it was time to get back.
It would be about sundown by the time they arrived in Wolfwater. It wasn’t a long trip, and they would reach the village a lot sooner if it were just the two adventurers. However, they weren’t really in a rush, so they took their time, leaving the empty cave behind them.
But the cave wasn’t actually empty. What Noele neglected to notice was that further down the tunnel was a second kretus boar. A smaller one— about three-quarters the size of its partner. It had been injured. Burned during the forest fire. But its partner provided for it, hunting for food for the both of them.
And when its partner didn’t return that night, it forced itself up. But all it found was a corpse.
It flew into a rage. Its thunderous roar sent the nearby fauna scattering in terror. It curled up into a ball, grieving over the death of its partner.
And as it lay there overnight, something found it. Something… sinister.
A depravity that had tried to crawl its way into the world, but was cut short before it could fully manifest. The trace remains of a twisted magic that carried the will of the Void. It had roamed around the village after the Cloying Witch was prematurely killed, searching for a new host. And now, it preyed on the lone kretus boar’s anger. It fed on the suffering of the world, overwhelming the World System’s control.
The monster mindlessly accepted this power, and its body began to change.

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2023.03.22 13:18 JammyIrony Which brands can do no wrong?

Meaning, every product you’ve tried (or researched) is a winner.
Some brands have one stand out item (Baby Bjorn Bouncer) but also some serious duds (Baby Bjorn crotch-dangler style carriers), and these are the brands I trust to blind-buy products from:
I use their glass bottles (lactation consultant nipple shape approved), lanolin nipple cream, boobie ice packs, manual breast pump, nursing pads, ‘Hakka’ style milk collector.
I have their iconic Tripp Trapp chair, and wish I’d bought their oval bassinet/cot/bed conversion. I’m trying to find a second hand Lima carrier (Hip Dysplasia Association approved), and will definitely purchase their JetKids suitcase when I fly with a toddler. I like the idea of their folding bathtubs and the infant support but ultimately prefer the Schnuggle.
I’m obsessed with their infant bath tub - I hated bathing my newborn in a standard style ‘tub’ as I was so worried about their head going underwater (slippery) and it seemed such a waste of resources and time to fill a whole bathtub to use the AngleCare insert. The Schnuggle tub fills so quickly and baby is properly supported.
Their changing mat is a UK alternative to the Peanut (which you can’t buy out here) - dense ‘yoga mat’ style material.
I also like their nightlight - it is fully wireless, turned on/off by just tipping it upside down (great for middle of the night sleepiness) and ‘squishy’ so impact proof (if you’re giving it to older children) and safe to use around a newborn (ie knocking/dropping it). The charging base also has a thermometer and different coloured lights for temps.
I’d love to learn what brands you’ve found to be extremely consistent and reliable!
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2023.03.22 13:16 ResidentEivvil How do I find a job I can work with my disability & illnesses after being denied PIP(disability)?

I can’t do retail because of my mental health issues. I did it for years and many times i had bad episodes while on the job. Really not professional and ultimately lead me to attempts at bad things…
I have a physical disability (EDS) where I’m in pain constantly. I have a genetic condition which affects my joints. I’m currently cleaning but over the last year I’ve had over two months worth of sick days because it’s that bad.
So, any suggestions for a job which i can do with my bad anxiety/mood/autism issues, and isn’t too physically demanding so I’m not crippled to the point i have no life (like at the moment), and that i won’t get fired from for taking too many sick days? I only ever call in sick if i physically can’t get into work.
Please don’t think I’m weak or lazy. I have tried for nearly ten years now and I’m only deteriorating. I hate that I’m unwell. I’m a very motivated person so it’s more frustrating that my body doesn’t fit my mind’s energy.
(Wales, UK)
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2023.03.22 13:15 NeoLitter AITA for not wanting to be around my mom?

I’m going to add some TWs: fat shaming, body shaming. If you are sensitive to such topics, you better skip this post.
Hello everyone! First time posting on Reddit, since I mostly just lurk here and read posts.
I (20F) live with my mother. I’m her only child and my dad is not in the picture. She’s a great mother and I’ve reached a lot in life thanks to her, but the problem is that she can be a bit too harsh and straightforward for my liking.
My mom never talked down about my looks, until a couple of months ago, when we found out that I gained 12 kilos in weight. This pissed her off real bad.
She constantly tells me that I need to lose weight, sometimes calls me a fat cow, makes fun of me and mocks me. She’ll go out of her way to tell me that “these pants make your huge ass look even bigger” or “why aren’t you wearing ___? Too fat for that?”. She will outright tell me that I’m not attractive to men, then the next day she will tell me that I’m pretty.
This isn’t the complete list of what she does, it would take too long to describe everything. I have to add that everyone in our family is pretty chubby or even overweight, so was my mom. She started working out with a personal trainer and has been doing so for about a year now. I’m extremely proud of her and I see that she’s making progress, but I can’t help but feel that her workouts make her so full of herself.
Another thing she does is compare me to herself when she was my age. I don’t think I should mention that my self-esteem is lower that ever right now because of all this.
My old clothes don’t fit me and I mostly wear sportswear now, which pisses my mom off even more. She says that I stopped caring about my looks and that this is unacceptable for a young girl like me. But what she can’t seem to understand is that when my self-esteem is so low, I don’t feel like caring about myself at all.
So, naturally, I try to spend as little time with her as possible. Life feels like hell right now, because she’s on a sick leave (nothing serious so she can take care of herself) and hence is constantly at home. I went to my boyfriend’s place and have been staying there for almost a week now. Tonight I’m supposed to go home, but I dread to even think of it.
So, am I the a-hole for not wanting to go home to her?
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2023.03.22 13:14 donnamcgrat How does a healing crystal bracelet work?

How does a healing crystal bracelet work?
Healing crystal bracelets are believed to work through the energy vibrations emitted by the crystals they contain. Each crystal is believed to have a unique vibrational frequency that interacts with the body's own energy field, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. When the crystal is in contact with the skin, it is said to stimulate the chakras, or energy centers, within the body, promoting balance and harmony. Read more:
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2023.03.22 13:13 Practical_Effect_924 My (28F) Dad (50M) currently has a UTI and has a low body temp of 94.1f but feels ok?

My dad is 50M and extremely overweight, I don’t know his exact weight but it’s to the point he struggles to put his shoes on, can’t walk very far anymore and struggles to stand up from sitting on a low couch. He had a kidney stent fitted in 2016 but the operation went wrong due to his weight and the stent leaks so my dad is on a constant low dose of antibiotics ever since to prevent recurring UTI/kidney infections and sepsis.
My dad had to go to the emergency room on Friday morning as he felt so unwell and he has a history of UTI’s and sepsis, he ended up in intensive care 6 years ago with sepsis from a UTI and he has had sepsis around 3 times. But this is the first UTI/hospital trip he has had in years since being on a low dose of antibiotics. On Thursday night he didn’t sleep all night because he was freezing cold, sweating through his clothes and soaked through the bedsheets, he had a fever, and his blood pressure was 210/78 and he said he thought he was actually dying, so he went to the hospital at 6am. They did a blood test and ruled out sepsis and told him it was a UTI and gave him a weeks worth of antibiotics and sent him home within a couple of hours of going in and told him to go back if he gets worse.
He has 1 day of antibiotics left now and he says he feels much better than he did, however his body temp has been reading very low for the past 3 days. The most recent reading this morning is 94.1f. But he doesn’t feel cold, he said if anything he feels hot. The thermometer is working fine as two other people have taken their temperatures and they’ve both been 98.6f.
He’s phoned his doctor but the receptionist said there are no appointments today. Is this temperature anything to worry about if he feels ok?
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2023.03.22 13:13 MiraclesToday Wednesday, March 22, 2023 Non Real-Time Meeting of OA

Welcome to this non-real time meeting of Overeaters Anonymous! I’m MiraclesToday. I’m a compulsive eater and your leader for this meeting. Will those who wish, please join me in the Serenity Prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.
Overeaters Anonymous is a Fellowship of individuals who, through shared experience, strength, and hope, are recovering from compulsive overeating. We welcome everyone who wants to stop eating compulsively. There are no dues or fees for members; we are self-supporting through our own contributions, neither soliciting nor accepting outside donations. OA is not affiliated with any public or private organization, political movement, ideology, or religious doctrine; we take no position on outside issues. Our primary purpose is to abstain from compulsive eating and compulsive food behaviors and to carry the message of recovery through the Twelve Steps of OA to those who still suffer.
Our Invitation to You
The Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous
Abstinence in Overeaters Anonymous is the action of refraining from compulsive eating and compulsive food behaviors while working towards or maintaining a healthy body weight. Spiritual, emotional, and physical recovery is the result of living the Overeaters Anonymous Twelve Step program.
The OA tools of recovery help us work the Steps and refrain from compulsive overeating. The nine tools are: a plan of eating, sponsorship, meetings, telephone, writing, literature, an action plan, anonymity, and service. For more information, read The Tools of Recovery OA page.
Sponsorship is one of our keys to success. Sponsors are OA members committed to abstinence and to living the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions to the best of their ability. Sponsors share their program up to the level of their experience and strengthen their recovery through this service to others. To find a sponsor, look for someone who has what you want and ask how he or she is achieving it. Will all abstinent sponsors please identify themselves in their post?
According to our Seventh Tradition, we are self-supporting through our own contributions. Our group number is 99038. Please use the group number when making your contribution. As our virtual group currently has no expenses please consider donating directly through this link to the OA World Service Office, who provides resources for OA groups all around the world to carry the message to other compulsive overeaters.
Suggested guidelines for sharing: As you share your experience and strength in OA, please also share your hope. Please confine your sharing to your experience with the disease of compulsive eating, the solution offered by OA, and your own recovery from the disease, rather than just the events of the day or week. When responding to other member’s posts, please focus on your personal experience rather than advice giving. If you are having difficulties, share how you use the program to deal with them. If you need to talk more about your difficulties and seek solutions, we suggest you speak to your sponsor and other members after the meeting.
*This is a literature meeting. Today we are studying the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, Page 54.
Hence, we saw that reason isn’t everything. Neither is reason, as most of us use it, entirely dependable, though it emanate from our best minds. What about people who proved that man could never fly?
Closing By following the Twelve Steps, attending meetings regularly, and using the OA Tools, we are changing our lives. You will find hope and encouragement in Overeaters Anonymous. To the newcomer, we suggest attending at least six different meetings to learn the many ways OA can help you. The opinions expressed here today are those of individual OA members and do not represent OA as a whole. Let us all reach out by private message to newcomers, returning members, and each other. Together we get better.
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2023.03.22 13:12 vitargo-12 Vitargo Plain 50 Scoop - The best Pre workout Powder

Vitargo Plain 50 Scoop - The best Pre workout Powder

Vitargo Plain 50 Scoop - When it comes to high intensity training, Vitargo is KING. Vitargo is the proven, clean, and superior carbohydrate that outperforms the competition in speed, recovery, and performance.

Speed — Fastest Body Fuel™ A carbohydrate fuel that moves out of the stomach and to the muscle the fastest helps to alleviate stomach discomfort and fuel your working muscles sooner. Vitargo gets from mouth to muscle 2.3x faster than all other sports drinks. Pre-fuel, refuel and recover with the speed and comfort of Vitargo—no bloating, no crashing.
Recovery — Same Day Recovery™ By repairing and refueling your depleted muscles immediately following your intense training session, you will take advantage of the highly publicized “anabolic window.” This brief window of opportunity is when your body will drastically absorb and utilize nutrients—much like a sponge to water— in order to build more muscle. Replenishing muscle glycogen as fast and fully as possible after intense training is key to maximizing muscle recovery. Vitargo will replenish your depleted fuel reserves 70% faster and 77% greater than any other carbohydrate, leaving your muscles full, fed and fueled for your next workout.
Performance When it comes to what you put into your body, make sure the product delivers on its promises—Proof Before Promises™. The research shows that Vitargo can increase your performance by up to 23% compared to other sports drinks. Why settle for 2nd best? The research is clear, Vitargo is faster in fueling your performance so you can achieve your peak.
Proven — Proof Before Promises™ All of our product claims are grounded in REAL science back by peer-reviewed, published, University studies in humans on our product formulation.
Clean Vitargo is offered in 6 natural flavors (Fruit Punch, Grape, Lemon Lime, Mango, Orange, Watermelon) and Plain. It is certified BSCG Drug-Free (Banned Substance Control Group), gluten-free, halal, and kosher. Vitargo is naturally sugar-free and vegan.
Superior University studies show that Vitargo outperforms Maltodextrin, Waxy Maize, HBCD, Super-Starch and other Proprietary Blends in speed, recovery, and performance.
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2023.03.22 13:12 cherubroman Am I [27F] experiencing gaslighting by her [38F] or am I just incredibly misinformed?

I talked to my psychologist about how I don't want to have sex with men because I don't think vaginas are appreciated by men, in general.
I told her straight men sexualise and fetishize women who have penises but straight women and gay men don't do that with men who have vaginas. And that this means penises are more liked & valued. She said the vast majority of men have no interest in transgender women pre op and post op and that the vast majority have no interest in women who have penises nor that type of porn, sex work/sex tourism industry.
I said men are more attracted to a performance or costume of femininity (clothes, makeup, hair) than they are to actual women, so they are attracted to feminized men, and find a woman with an unshaven body, an overweight woman, very short hair woman or UNfeminine woman more of a turn off than feminized men. And that men think femininity=submissive and wanting to be fucked. So the men who look feminine are seen in that way. Whereas women and gay men are attracted to both feminine men and masculine men (think of all the androgynous male celeb heartthrobs over the years) and not just to masculinity itself, so they would find feminine men less of a turn off than masculine women. She said not at all.
I said oral is believed to be much more commonly performed on men than performed on women and that this isn't because of men being selfish, since gay men are men and have no issues about giving oral. She said oral is 50/50 between the genders.
I said vaginas are seen as gross and taboo and have stigma and that penises are more casual and normalised. She said not at all. She also said periods are not taboo, just private. I said gay men are known to be far more openly disgusted by and insulting about vaginas than lesbians are about penises. She said not at all. I said lesbians are more open to transgender women than gay men are open to transgender men. She said not at all.
I said large penises, boobs and butts are more appreciated and liked than any vagina type. I said that many bisexual men say that they are bi just for penis but not for the rest of a man and many bisexual women say that they are bisexual but for the rest of a woman but not the vagina. I said sex is not viewed as real sex without a penis and that sex is viewed to be all about the penis, so lesbian sex is not taken seriously. She said not at all.
I said vaginas are seen as submissive and penises are seen as dominant and that people think sexually dominant women are mostly about penis imitation in the form of strap ons and pegging. She said not at all.
I meant these things about people in general (not every single man or woman) and she said I was wrong about the vast majority of people. I even asked my parents and sister in a separate occasion, and they agreed with her. She also said people on Reddit who answer questions and ask questions are not so normal because most mainstream people don't do that, so to be wary of what I read on here.
What do you think?
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2023.03.22 13:12 ResidentEivvil How do I find a job I can work with my disability & illnesses after being denied PIP?

I can’t do retail because of my mental health issues. I did it for years and many times i had bad episodes while on the job. Really not professional and ultimately lead me to attempts at bad things…
I have a physical disability where I’m in pain constantly. I have a genetic condition which affects my joints. I’m currently cleaning but over the last year I’ve had over two months worth of sick days because it’s that bad.
So, any suggestions for a job which i can do with my bad anxiety/mood/autism issues, and isn’t too physically demanding so I’m not crippled to the point i have no life (like at the moment), and that i won’t get fired from for taking too many sick days? I only ever call in sick if i physically can’t get into work.
Please don’t think I’m weak or lazy. I have tried for nearly ten years now and I’m only deteriorating. I hate that I’m unwell. I’m a very motivated person so it’s more frustrating that my body doesn’t fit my mind’s energy.
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2023.03.22 13:11 HitTheWoeisme Don't Leave Your Shit in the Bathroom

This isnt the only issue we've had with MIL's boyfriend touching our stuff. Before, it was stopping our laundry mid cycle to start his own, pushing our leftovers or groceries to the back of the fridge, and drinking our alcohol but leaving half a shot left.
Now, though, I had noticed both of my husbands body soaps i bought him from Bath and Body Works were gone, but the bottles were still sitting in the shower. He noticed me fixated on this, so he got upset as this is now the upteenth time MIL's boyfriend has touched our stuff without permission. We bring this up to MIL, but she tells us "That's why I take my shit out of the bathroom, so no one uses it". Her boyfriend, however, went on to leave a dish towel, a scale, and his entire shaving set up in the bathroom.
As a form of petty revenge, I began putting the towels and scale away, but decided to waste his shaving cream each day his stuff sat in there. Of course he only noticed his towel and scale missing, and this went on for 3 days.
Last night, MIL's boyfriend finally snapped and began yelling at MIL about "I don't know who keeos touching my fucking shit," and "I'm not playing these stupid fucking games anymore". But he knew it was us touching his precious towel, yet chose to yell at MIL for it while raising his voice in a 'You know who I'm talking to' way. MIL sat out there and listened to him, but anytime we brought up past issues (laundry, alcohol, the cat) she would tell us she doesnt want to hear it and walk away.
Although Husband wanted to pick a fight with the boyfriend, I told him that its best to just talk to her since even when we did directly bring this up to the boyfriend, MIL would rush out of her room to put herself in the middle of the argument. We did, but she immediately snapped at us to stop touching her boyfriends shit. I pointed out how she told us to keep our personal stuff we don't want touched, out of the bathroom. Of course she had no counterargument there, and her boyfriend is still leaving his stuff not just in the bathroom, but everywhere.
I'll continue to touch his stuff and hide it because if this 50, almost 60 year old man can't communicate with us, I'm just gonna keep doing it. When the argument was about his own dishes, the boyfriend would say "Yknow its crazy how theres 4 adults who live here yet no one can clean up after themselves", but it's apparent theres only 3 adults and one child MIL is still raising
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2023.03.22 13:10 Fourcruxes_Luyan 11.4.5 Sense Node 识蕴

11.4.5 Sense Node 识蕴
Sense means “clearly distinguishing”; has eight faculties: 1 eye-sense, 2 ear-sense, 3 nose-sense, 4 tongue-sense, 5 body-sense, 6 intent-sense, 7 preconscious, and 8 unconscious. Seventh sense preconscious, is also as Intent-place, is front six senses’ mobile working platform. Eighth sense unconscious is general root of all front seven senses. As illustration 11.4.5-1 shows, earlier six senses, each accumulates a node of habits; Sense Node is sum of those six nodes of habits.
Sense is meaning, is heart; more specifically, sense has the three significances: 1) “clearly distinguishing” is named as Sense, 2) “meaning and measuring” is named as Intent, 3) “aggregate arousal” is named as heart.
What is the “aggregate arousal”? Answer: it has three significances: 1) heart is capable to aggregate juristic seeds, 2) heart is those juristic seeds aggregated, 3) heart can arouse mature seeds into performance, let them become present bodily orally or mentally behaviors; more specific explanation refers to section 14.1 Aggregate Arousal.
11.4.5-1 Front Six Senses 前六识
The earlier six senses’ functions are clearly discernment. (1) Eye sense, that is, the seeing of seeing colors. (2) Ear sense, that is, the hearing of hearing sounds. (3) Nose sense, that is, the smell of smelling fragrance. (4) Tongue sense, that is, the tasting of tasting of tasting tastes. (5) Body sense, that is, the feeling of the flesh body. (6) Intent-sense, that is, the knowing of comprehension on laws. The six senses are exactly seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling, and knowing; and they also have name of “six feelings”.
了别就是明了地辨别。(1)眼识,即见色之 见。(2)耳识, 即闻声之闻。(3)鼻识, 即嗅香之嗅。(4)舌识, 即尝味之尝。(5)身识,即感触之感。(6)意识, 即知法之知。此六识,即见、闻、嗅、尝、感、知之义,还有六情之名。 Correlation to Heartland Laws 与心所有法的相应
The former five senses (eye-sense, ear-sense, nose-sense, tongue-sense, and body-sense) match with 34 heartland laws. 5 omnipresent heartland laws (touch, attention, acceptation, think, and mean); 5 circumstantial heartland laws (desire, resolution, spell, stillness, and gnosis); 11 benevolent heartland laws (faith, shame, sin [remorse], non-greed, non-irritation, ignorance-less, diligently advance, ease, non-indulgence, renunciation, harmlessness); 3 fundamental annoyances (greed, irritation, and ignorance); 2 medium latent annoyances (shameless and sinless); 8 large latent annoyances (depression, drowsiness, non-belief, slack, indulgence, lost spell, agitation, and improper know).
Sixth sense, Intent-sense matches to all 51 heartland laws (refers to migration node).
第六识(意识)与51位心所有法(参见行蕴)都相应。 Correlation to Environments 与环境的相应
Environments aggregated by eight senses can be categorized into the three types: 1) nature environment, 2) solitary-head environment, 3) environment with quality.
1) nature environment, that is, an environment with its own nature, which is born from a real seed and has a physical use. Manifestation shown by aggregately heart obtained counterpart nature is named as Nature Environment, has five aspects of significance: 1) gained from present-quantity; 2) have supportive medium, such as sounds must have hearable medium; 3) born from its own seed, not from the aggregately heart born directly; 4) it has practical functions and uses; 5) its nature and boundary system do not change with the change of the capable heart (i.e., mind).
一 性境,即有自身性质的境,从实种生,有实体用。能缘之心,得彼自性显相,名为性境,具足五义:一、从现量所得;二、有仗质,比如声音必须有耳听闻的质;三、从自种生,不是从能见种直接生出来的;四、有实际的功能和用途;五、其性质与界系不随能缘心的改变而改变。
2) solitary-head environment, is projected by its own heart alone, without other stimuli or nature, such as hallucination, dream, and occasionally popping out thoughts in loose mind. The environments’ formations are correspondingly following thinker’s opinions, and its existence rely on thinker’s inner thoughts. The book’s chapter 12 Meditation inclusively talks solitary-head environment.
二 独影境,即能缘心单独成相,心自己成相,没有别的本质。独影境的存在依于内滤所托。本书12《禅》中讲的都是独影境。
3) environment with quality, the objective environment is with medium quality, isn’t its own phenomena; has two types: (1) really with quality, (2) similarly with quality.
(1) really with quality, from heart to aggregate heart, is named as “really with quality”. That is, sixth sense aggregates all other hearts or heartland laws; and seventh sense (i.e., preconscious) aggregates eighth sense’s second quadrant (view quadrant).
(2) similarly with quality. From heart to aggregate color, is named as “similarly with quality”; the saying is that the environment is aroused with objective, has similar quality of that objective, such as according to sutra to make view, those aren’t front five senses’ objective environments.
三 带质境,谓能缘心缘所缘境,有所杖质而不得自相,谓之带质境。一、真带质,以心缘心名真带质,即第六识通缘一切心及心所,及第七识单缘第八识之见分是也。二、似带质,以心缘色名似带质,谓带彼相起,有似彼质,如依经作观,非是五识所缘现境故也。
In the respect of front six senses’ correlation to the three types of environment, front five senses’ counterparts all are first type: nature environments. Sixth sense can aggregate all the three types of environments.
至于前六识所对是哪一种境,前五识为缘性境;第六意识通缘这三种境。 Correlation to Three Quantities 与三量的相应
There are three kinds of quantities produced or received by the eight senses; the three are: present-quantity, metaphysical-quantity, and non-quantity.
1) Present-Quantity, during aggregative heart is measuring objective environment, the resulted fruit before any discrimination and measurement is present-quantity. Necessarily, present-quantity should satisfy the three conditions: (1) it is present, neither past nor future; (2) the being cognized component must be on manifestation; (3) on presentation aspect, the aggregative heart and the being measured environment, both should be on lucidly manifestation, are dependent mutually.
一 现量,能缘之心量所缘之境,没有分别计度的情况下所获之量果。现量具有三个条件:一、是现在时,以简别於过去或未来;二、心识认识的对象必须要显现出来,亦即必须是现行位之法,种子不能成为现量;三、现有,在能所位上,即能量之心与所量之境,二者俱是明白现前,和合俱有。
2) Metaphysical-Quantity, is speculating measuring fruit from reference, such as you see smoke on the mountain, you can infer that there must be fire there; you see two horns outside the wall, you can infer that there is a cattle outside the wall.
二 比量,是通过推测比度而获致的量果。如见山上有烟,推知该处必有火;见墙外有双角,推知墙外有牛。
3) Non-Quantity, is collectively referred to “similar present-quantity” and “similar metaphysical- quantity”. A “similar present- quantity” is a quantity that is similar to a real quantity but is not a fact of that kind. Similar Present Quantity, that is, discriminating intelligence differentially fetches quantity, such as, a wise man who knows that vases and clothes are born because of treatment and distinction, those are not by self-phenomena as its realm. A Similar Metaphysical-Quantity is from an inappropriate metaphor. Similar Metaphysical-Quantity, according to preconceptual intelligence wisdom first, the meaning of similarity arises, such as mistaking the fog in the mountains for smoke and inferring that there is fire there. For another example, when seeing a lifelike stone lion, one feels fear and does not think it is just a stone. It isn’t correct, is from factual stream but not real, is named as Similar Metaphysical-Quantity.
三 非量,似现量和似比量统称为非量。似现量是和现量相似的量,但不是那种现量的事实。似现量,谓有分别智,于境异化而取量。如有智者知道花瓶衣服等,因为对待和分别而生,由彼于义,不以自相为境界故。似比量是不太恰当的比喻量。似比量,依似因智为先,所起相似之义,如于山中误认为雾是烟而推度,那里有火。再比如,看见一个栩栩如生的石头狮子,心生恐惧,不认为它只是一块石头。不能正解,是真之流而非真,名似比量。
In respect of former six senses’ correlation to the three Quantities, front five senses (i.e., eye-sense, ear-sense, nose-sense, tongue-sense, and body-sense) only match to the Present-Quantity. Sixth sense, Intent-sense, can process all the three types of quantities.
前五识唯是现量;第六识中三种量都有。 Correlation to Ethics 八识与道德的相应
Ethical natures can be categorized as the three: good nature, evil nature, memoryless nature.
1) good, an action that benefits this world and others. Former six sense (i.e., eye-sense, ear-sense, nose-sense, tongue-sense, body-sense, and intent-sense) all have good nature.
一 善,能为此世及它世受益的行为。眼耳等前六识有善性。
2) evil, an action that can cause harm in this world and in other worlds. All former six senses have evil nature.
二 恶,能为此世及它世造成损害的行为。眼耳等前六识有恶性。
3) memoryless nature 无记性
Morally neutral, neither good nor evil behavior will leave no record karma, what memoryless nature is! The memoryless karma is also being called immaculate karma. What is karma? Answer: karma is the three karmas: bodily karma, oral karma, and intentional karma. Bodily karma is bodily behaviors’ habitual deposits, what the flesh body is. Oral karma is lingual habitual deposits, what the mouth’s speaking is. Intentional karma is habitual deposits of intents, what the mental thinks are. Memoryless nature has two types: (1) convertible memoryless, (2) nonconvertible memoryless.
三 无记,道德上中性,不善不恶的行为会留下无记业,即无记忆的业或称净业。无记有两种:有覆无记,无覆无记。
(1) convertible memoryless, that is saying of seventh sense (i.e., intent, preconscious), its behaviors are pollutions, don’t produce good or evil karma, that is called “no record” (memoryless). The preconscious memory is like the memory of a computer, it is updated and changed at any time, which means that preconscious is convertible.
一 有覆无记,这是在说第七识,前意识,其行为是染污但不产生善恶业,此称无记。前意识的记忆像似计算机的内存,随时更新变化,此说前意识的有覆性。
(2) nonconvertible memoryless, is saying of eighth sense (unconscious). Many unconscious properties remain unchanged throughout life, and it does not distinguish between good and evil, its nature is not contaminated, nor good or evil, so it is called memoryless, that is, without recallable memory. Nonconvertible means that everything from birth to death of a person will be remembered unconsciously, regardless of whether the person's consciousness remembers it or not, its past experiences all have effects on present and future life.
二 无覆无记,这是在说第八识。许多无意识的性质终生不变,且其不辨善恶,本性非染,亦非善恶,故名无记,即无记忆。无覆,是说一个人从出生到死亡,一切都会被无意识记忆,无论这个人的思想意识记得还是不记得,它过去的经历记忆都会发生作用。
Among eight senses, eighth sense (unconscious, also God-sense) is nonconvertible memoryless, seventh sense (preconscious, also Eve-sense) is convertible memoryless. Eye-sense, ear-sense etc. six former senses have all the three ethical natures; that is saying, among good laws, they appear as good nature; in evil laws, they show as evil qualities.
八识当中,第八识是无覆无记性;第七识是有覆无记性。眼耳等前六识这三种性质都有,于善法中,它们表现为善性;于恶法,它们就是恶性。 Correlation to Three Boundaries Nine Heartlands 八识与三界九地的相应
Life Tree Illustration 11.0
Nose-sense, (sexual sense), and tongue-sense exist in desire boundary only. Three boundaries nine heartlands refer to illustration 11.0 or chapter 13. Eye-sense, ear-sense, and body-sense exist in “five interests mixed dwell heartland” and “leave producing laugh heartland”, the two lands. Sixth sense (intent-sense), seventh sense (i.e., preconscious), and eighth sense (i.e., unconscious) exist in all the three boundaries nine heartlands.
一 鼻舌(和男女的性感觉)二识只在欲界有,不通上界。
二 眼、耳、身三识,唯在 “五趣杂居地” 和 “离生喜乐地” ,此两地存在。第三地及以上,前五识(眼耳鼻舌身)全无。
三 第六识意识,第七识前意识,和第八识无意识遍三界九地而有。
11.4.5-2 Preconscious 前意识
Preconscious is called Mana in Buddhism, and Eve in Islam and Christianity. Ancients said that it is subtle and difficult to distinguish, so they use its major companion "Intent" to represent it. Therefore, we call Preconscious as Intent in Buddhism. Preconscious is root for six former senses, is ever updating work platform of mind, which is constantly updating itself with the change of intention.
Ancients often used "measuring worm (inchworm)" to describe its behaviors. When inchworm moves, its hind feet are always grabbing something; its front feet are looking for a foothold, meaning. After the front foot is firmly grasped, the back foot follows. The way its moves as if measuring. Preconscious’ moves are very similar to those, and it means always. Preconscious is also always attached to something when moving; this attachment is the very tiny "inner ego" of human. The "small self" is called Fortune (福) in Chinese, “genius kid” in Buddhism, Brahmin in Hinduism, Abel in Islam, and Christianity.
古人常用 “步屈虫(尺蠖)” 来比喻前意识的行为特点。步屈虫移动时,后脚总是抓着些什么;前脚在寻找落脚点,思忖着。前脚抓稳后,后脚跟进。这样它的移动像是在丈量。前意识的特点与步屈虫非常类似,也总是思量着。移动时,前意识也总是执着些什么东西;此执着就是人思想内的很微小的“自我”。这个“小我”,汉语作福,佛教作儒童,印度教作婆罗门(Bramin),伊斯兰教和基督教作亚伯(Abel)。
In addition, preconsciousness can promote the formation of language, so ancients also called it "escalatory feeler", which means that it escalates language.
另外,前意识对语言的形成有促进作用,所以古人也称之为 “增语处”,义为对语言有增上的作用。
1) correlation to heartland laws 与心所有法的相应
Preconscious match with 18 heartland laws: 5 omnipresent heartland laws (touch, attention, acceptation, think, and mean), 1 circumstantial law (gnosis), 4 fundamental annoyances (greed, ignorance, arrogance, translocating body views), and 8 large latent annoyances (depression, drowsiness, non-belief, slack, indulgence, lost spell, agitation, and improper know).
2) correlation to environments 与环境的相应
All environments aggregated by preconscious are “environment with quality” (refer to section
3) Correlation to Three Quantities 与三量的相应
Preconscious correlates to non-Quantity (refers to section11.4.5.1-3) only.
4) Correlation to Ethics 与道德的相应
Preconscious’ ethical nature is “convertible memoryless” (refers to section
前意识的道德性是 “有覆无记性”。
5) Correlation to Nine Heartlands 与九地的相应
Preconscious exists in all three boundaries nine heartlands (refers to section, certainly excludes “Non-think sky” in fourth meditation skies.
11.4.5-3 Unconscious 无意识
The most outstanding character of unconscious is mutation. Mutation is saying that juristic seeds in unconscious are being smoked into maturity. Mutation is mature because mutations can keep karmas. And, chapter 16 of the book talks ten kinds of true-suchness, which are other ten characters of unconscious.
1) correlation to heartland laws 与心所有法的相应
Unconscious only matches with 5 omnipresent heartland laws (touch, attention, acceptation, think, and mean).
2) correlation to environments 与环境的相应
Whatever environments aggregated by unconscious are “nature environments” (refer to section
3) Correlation to Three Quantities 与三量的相应
Unconscious processes present-Quantity (refers to section11.4.5.1-3) only.
4) Correlation to Ethics 与道德的相应
Unconscious’ ethical nature is “nonconvertible memoryless” (refers to section
无意识的道德性是 “无覆无记”。
5) Correlation to Nine Heartlands 与九地的相应
Unconscious exists in all three boundaries nine heartlands (refers to section
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