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Resort in Wayanad Premium resorts in Wayanad

2023.03.22 12:48 Mount_Xanadu Resort in Wayanad Premium resorts in Wayanad

Resort in Wayanad Premium resorts in Wayanad
Whisk her away to a romantic luxury resort in Wayanad this Valentine’s day and celebrate the bliss of your companionship! The luxurious rooms, beautiful views, and top-notch services are the perfect way to show your partner how special they are.

Hold your breath for a brand new Wayanad experience together at one of the best five-star resorts in Wayanad. Make your Valentine’s day reservations to explore one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in India.

Romantic Experiences Offered at Honeymoon Resorts in Wayanad
Choose a premium honeymoon resort in Wayanad for a truly memorable Valentine’s day experience. From intimate candlelit dinners to blissful spa treatments, the resort offers everything you need to sweep your loved one off their feet.

Sip champagne by the poolside as the sun sets over the mountains, or take a romantic walk through the lush gardens. With so many amazing experiences on offer, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect way to express your love.

Candlelight Dinners With a View

Nothing sets the mood for a romantic Valentine’s Day like a candlelight dinner with a mesmerizing view.

Mount Xanadu, one of the most rated resorts in Wayanad, is located in the foothills of the high western ghats mountains and offers panoramic views of the forested valleys and rolling hills below. Our chefs will prepare a special candlelight dinner for you and your partner, with wine pairings and all the trimmings. Treat yourself to a romantic gateway this week!

Explore the Vast Natural Beauty of the Region
One of the best things about this luxury resort is its location in the heart of Wayanad’s natural wonders. You can explore the area’s vast beauty and wildlife right from the property.

The resort itself is surrounded by acres of pristine forest, and there are plenty of walks and hikes to take in the area. If you’re lucky, you might even spot some of the local wildlife.

There is a lot to do in the local area. Just a few kilometers away, you’ll find the charming town of Kalpetta, with its markets and temples. And if you’re looking for a bit more excitement, Wayanad is home to some of India’s best waterfalls and wildlife parks.

Pamper Yourself & Your Partner With a Spa Package
Nothing says romance like a luxurious spa package for two! Indulge in a richly deserved pampering. Relish the relaxing ambiance of the spa as you choose from an extensive selection of packages, including aromatherapy, reflexology, body scrubs, a Jacuzzi, and steam bath services.

Personalized spa packages are infused with natural ingredients to nourish the body and mind.

Make it thrilling and unique
Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all the same. You can make it an extra special occasion by exploring the different activities and experiences you can do together.

Take a romantic tour, try a regional dish together, sign up for a couple’s massage, or set foot for an adventure!
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2023.03.22 11:57 Bulbasaurus3084 Bonne nouvelle

Il paraît qu'on parle pas assez du positif. Du coup pour ceux qui avait vu mes précédents post vous savez un peu mais les autres en gros ça fait un an que j'ai une relation cheloue avec un gars . On était pas en couple mais pas amis non plus. Bref montagne russe, emprise sur moi et tout. Y a deux mois je fouille dans son téléphone et je découvre qu'il me ment et quand je fais l'innocente en posant des questions comme si j'étais au courant de rien il me ment en face. Et quand je le confronte sur ses comportements que des excuses de merde etc. Mais je continue à le voir. Bah ça y est ce matin je lui ai envoyé un message et je l'ai bloqué. Hier on a discuté ça donnait rien, c'est comme parler à une huître.
Le message de ce matin : "En fait j'en reviens toujours au fait que le problème c'est même pas ta relation tordue avec cette tarée. Mais c'est que t'as été malhonnête. J'ai supporté plein de trucs depuis que je te connais. Notamment le fait d'être ni une pote ni ta meuf. Mais ouais les mensonges en fait non je digère pas. Tu m'as menti les yeux dans les yeux. T'es content de m'avoir quand tu te sens seul et que tu veux parler de quelque chose. Mais à côté tu me respecte pas: me mentir c'est pas me respecter, juger tout c'est pas me respecter, me baiser quand ça te chante sans avoir de tendresse ou des mots gentils à côté c'est pas me respecter. J'en ai marre d'être un toutou, tu m'aimes bien certe, mais désolée pour moi l'amitié c'est pas ça. Oui tu as des côtés gentils quand tu répare des trucs ou quoi. Mais ça rattrape pas le fait que je peux pas te faire confiance, que ton comportement ça m'a fait me prendre la tête parce que je comprenais pas. Et que même maintenant je comprends pas. Vraiment les coucheries et tout c'est fini. On se verra en soirée, center parc etc. Mais là c'est stop d'être ton animal de soutien émotionnel. J'en peux plus de donner et de recevoir en face des comportements de merde. En tant que femme tu me respecte pas C'est ultra douloureux pour moi mais maintenant cette relation sans queue ni tête c'est fini.
J'espère que tu vas trouver un boulot qui te plait"
Et voilà c'est bloqué c'est fini. Je ne me sens ni triste ni heureuse ni soulagée. Juste c'est fait et je regrette pas. Y aura des moments où il me manquera un peu mais ça va vite passer.
Bref je me sens comme une Queen et j'espère que tous les gens qui vivent ce genre de relation pourront en sortir et se sentir mieux. Bonne journée à tous :)
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2023.03.22 11:07 Vault_theory_2 Fallout_timeline_headcanon (I don't know where to put this headcanon on reddit and thanks for getting my other account banned from reddit) (Fix it thank you for your feedback)

1945 -1969

World war 3 starts in result of the transistor be destroyed or never invended. this also includes other inventions, laws, business, history information, music being destroyed and people being born and the usa as a whole.

The usa broke up in to parts:

Us states or union states:

Freedom states:

Confederate states:

Independent states:
AK, AZ, CA?, CO, HI, ID, MT, ND?, NM, NV OR?, SD?, TX?, WA?, WY

allies between states are unknown and independent states are on there own.

Confederate has taken over human side of the enclave. Why enclave is asking where the vault is so it can be invaded ending the union us and anyone that is not under this enclave. that is because all vaults are under the us flag or people that want the us to be put back together.
So Confederate is now known as the enclave

China is allies with Confederate so thay can get a procentage of oil in Alaska. The Chinese you see in the us are mercenaries.
It thay did start the nuclear war in 2077 the capital in D.C. would be gone and they would not stop at Alaska they would of keep going through Washington, Oregon and California and maybe Hawaii.
They would have navy ships and a lot of solders to invade the west side of the us but they didn't even touch wa, or, ca it look like that didn't have there navy and soldiers anymore which explains there had to be a nuclear war before October 23 2077.

The us won the Sino-American War in 2076 the Confederate didn't like that and wanted Alaska oil. or maybe didn't want to lose again ? and so thay started making a nuclear steady with China probably giving more oil percentage to join the war so when October 23 2077 came thay where ready ending the last remaining us within two hours and so the fallout universe begans.

Zax computer in Washington DC ravin rock was built to help put the country back together.

If the us loss this war thay would go to space and find a new home.
The vaults where a back up plan if space was a no go. Apparently thay found out that there where spys in vault tec which made The mystery stranger and if the vault where used the mystery stranger would hide within the vault to keep it running right and if the vault dwellers left the vault he or she would keep them safe at all costs.

In the event that the vaults need to be used all vault tests will be stop except under the circumstances of vaults built around that test will continue either a couple of months or a couple of years. The us made it if the us loses the war the vault dwellers from all vaults will be the backup of the us. one vault dweller will be sworn in as president of the us and another will be sworn in as vice president and so on.

It is also believe that California was neutral after the great war until the explosion of the oil rig in fallout 2.

October 23 2077 means the great civil war or the us 2nd civil war.

Vault tec was probably created a couple of years after ww3 also applying there was a war before October 23 2077 and that the green country lodge bunker was upgrade by vault tec.

Also there mite be evidence that vault tec builds some vaults under ground to the surface ?

Confederate spys entered vaults to sabotage the vaults or turn the tests back on.

Fev virus was made to help get rid of radiation and it also has side effects that includes mutations. Also fev is air, water, ground and any where radiation is it also probably there.
And thay mite of also put 75% in nuclear bombs.

Brother hood of steel democrats ? or maybe Republicans ?

Enclave Republicans ? or maybe democrats ?

The brothers hood of steel from fallout 3 is the last remaining democrats or Republicans from California also brother hood of steel mission is to not let civil war or any war happen again in the us. also fallout 3 brother hood of steel outcast is from Washington DC or wherever fallout 3 take place.

Canada is temporary annex in two places one over washington to Alaska and the other over North Dakota to Alaska.

Also Mexico was nuke or bombed by whatever part of the us thay attack.

Also Mexico and south America are dieing or dead because of the new different creature released or made in the wasteland and the deathclaws where created by the Confederate releasing by accident or on the battlefield. the us created the scorchbeast to encounter this.
South America has no power armor no vaults only regular bunkers.

In fallout 3 dlc mothership zeta the laser beam that hits earth is probably the glowing sea ground zero in fallout 4 because you don't see a nuke falling and the mushroom cloud is much bigger than the nuke from fallout 3 and fallout 76 and when you see the mushroom cloud from space it look like it is the same cloud. also if if is from the lazer 95% of everyone in Boston is dead or a feral ghoul. This making father insane making people that he could save into syths if thay where turned into a feral ghoul is was all ready to late. The blast also effect the vaults vault 111 complete computer failure, vault 81 mole rat escape, vault 95 damage inter walls. Thay never got the warning untell it was to late also it possible that the ground zero in the glowing sea it would have been 5,000 to 15,000 rads after the hit. also you know that guy from the beginning from vault tec and thay didn't let him in the vault if thay let him in fallout 4 possibly would have been a defant game or would have never come out at all.

After October 23 2077 one state to take over the whole us ?

Did the Confederate or union mess up the US money ?

Was child of Adam made before the great war ?

Would nuclear winter push new
creatures in to south America ?

Vault 120 somewhere off the coast of the us or Alaska or Hawaii and maybe more vaults are under water or on the cost ?

Japan and taiwan is under China's government possibly ?

Korea is whole again maybe ?

India and Pakistan war at each other ?


1: the us flag 13 stars

2: no one is cleaning or rebuilding city's

3: you can nuke city's with in us borders and there are planes and military tanks, apcs, big cannons which should be on the shore line or overseas or in the ocean

4: us robots attacking

5: people attacking others for no reason. Not over food or water(1-5 rads will not stop someone from drinking or eating also rad away and rad-x will helps with that. ) but territory

6: the capital is still there but the white house and part of the history museum is gone

7: a us t45 power armor shooting a us combat armor solder in fallout 1
And the background look to be in the us and in fallout 3 trailer the soldiers that are fighting at each catheter look to have the same uniform

8: some animals may of gone extinct in world war 3 and even more in Oct 23 2077.brahmin Not one regular cow. Also cows would take generations to become brahmin

9: the geck should of been made during the great war or after not before the war this is also why there had to be a war before October 23 2077

Will the us return back to the usa or is it gone forever stay tuned for the fallout tv show or the next fallout in the game series.
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2023.03.22 10:33 maxmandragoran Desperate husband of wife, 15 weeks pregnant with twins, uncontrollably angry with me and wants divorce. I'm mad with worry. (Very long post)

We've been married 8 years, have no kids but had two 2 miscarriages in the past 6 years, which took a toll on our marriage.
The 1st miscarriage in 2017 was at 17 weeks, a baby girl we wanted to name Joy. We were both devastated but she believes she grieved more than I did, although I was always the one who had hoped for children while she never wanted any up until then.
The 2nd miscarriage in 2020 was around 12 weeks. It was the first several months of the pandemic. We work in a hospital and the intensity of my duties kept me away for days at a time. Even when we met, I tried to keep a distance to keep her safe from possibly catching the virus, which she understood at that time because the Covid situation then was very severe worldwide and there was still a lot we didn't know about it.
But after miscarriage, she resented me bitterly. She then decided we'd be better off without kids. I didn't want to cause her any more grief, so I went along. Since then, it's been up and down, mostly downs. Eventually I started to spend even more time at work to avoid her wrath at home. We still see each other at the workplace (she's another department) but at least it's civil.
Last year, through a series of misunderstandings, she started to accuse me of having an affair with our colleague. This colleague was my college ex, we moved on 20 years ago, which my wife knew about too. I swore my innocence repeatedly but she refused to accept it. We argued for months. In the process, I said some nasty words, said it wouldn't be surprising if I left her for that woman since my wife was such a terror. I deeply regret it now. I don't think she herself truly believes, but she took my words as admission of the non-existent affair and demanded a divorce.
We started proceedings and separated last April. She still lives in our house while I've practically moved into my office. But on occasions when I returned home to collect stuff or when we attended events outside, we'd enjoy our time together - like the dates we used to have before everything went awry. We managed to have some very good sex too, so I started to find more excuses to "pick up my stuff" couple times a week and she never turned me down.
I'd say our relationship improved drastically after I agreed to the separation. I didn't have the time or interest to date anyone else and to my knowledge neither did she.

Now, about 2 months ago, she suddenly turned all cold and angry again for no discernible reason. She called in sick for a few days and ignored all my calls, messages and shrugged me off when I checked on her.
2 weeks later, my brother finally learnt the truth from another colleague - my wife is pregnant, with twins.
I'm very hurt at the way I had to find out, but that's beside the point. The colleague later told me she explored her options for abortion but did not or has yet to go through with it because my wife reportedly told her she "knew it would break (me) for real" if she did.
Hearing that, I was reaaally hopeful that this pregnancy would save our marriage. I have been so miserable.
But when I approached my wife about her pregnancy, I discovered that she was (and still is) in a terrible rage at me. She keeps telling me not to get my hopes up, keeps flinging the abortion threat in my face, says she'd rather raise the children on her own because I'll never have time for them, insists she still wants to go through with the divorce, will take care of herself, won't need maintenance, and basically many illogical, contradictory and hurtful things.
She has even been trying to convince me that the babies aren't mine. But in one tired distracted comment while mad at me, she said they've driven her crazy "just like their father". Another day, she declared she hates me and hates my babies. Yet another day, she blamed me for picking a good date to intentionally knock her up - we spent the whole stretch of Christmas Eve to New Year's Day together, had unprotected sex throughout often at her initiation, and now her EDD is the date of our 1st miscarriage. Unless she managed to slip out in secret to bang the deliverymen, I really don't see how the babies aren't mine.
She also said she's gonna quit her job and move out for good so we never have to meet again. And she is really packing up her stuff at home into big boxes and has been researching renting dubious walk-ups in lousy neighborhoods far from me.
Meantime I'm relieved at least she's still seeing the OB and taking her iron, folic, screening tests and avoiding alcohol, caffeine etc. While mostly cold and snappy, she still lets me take her out for meals several times a week and never rejects food or massages from me. The other day I even spotted two twin pregnancy books on her car seat when I peeked in. I was incredibly heartened.

I have no doubt she's terrified and conflicted. But she's so stubborn and angry that I just can't get through to her. She's made clear counselling and therapy are out of the question, and I can't slip her any tranquilizers either since she's pregnant.
I'm worried sick about her for so many reasons:
She's pushing 40 and that already puts her at significantly higher risk for many pregnancy complications, carrying twins to boot. So far no major issues detected, the usual anemia, low BP, some spotting; cervix unremarkable. But her face gets a gaunt green cast from nausea or headaches most mornings even now, and though she's showing quite a bit, she has actually lost considerable weight. She was already borderline underweight. Can tell she gets dizzy or breathless easily but she still insists on climbing up and down needlessly packing her boxes and even wants to lug them down the stairs herself. Of course I put an end to that nonsense when I see it, but I'm really terrified she'll hurt herself trying to prove some reckless physical feat when I'm not around. Or pass out in the bath alone at home.
She goes on about me never having time for a family but bars me from her OB visits - which occurs at our workplace! I've had to install "spies" all around her to find out how she feels, yet even that is difficult - the guys are useless as she knows their loyalties to me and I can't be too pally with her women friends in case she develops another misunderstanding, which would be the worst time for that to happen again. So far only my brother and his gay partner have been my greatest help as she genuinely adores them. She forbids us from telling both sides of our parents about the pregnancy and keeps trying to suck in her belly to keep it a secret as if people are blind. She was never like this before.
I'd like her to take a long break from work or even quit entirely so she can get sufficient rest and hopefully regain her sanity, but I know she'll be insulted or suspicious of my motives and it will also be much harder for me to keep an eye on her if she's not constantly pottering around near us. She might also use that newfound free time to really run away forever.

I really really really want to be around for her and our babes, but I'm so scared of destabilizing her with anything I do or say.
I've turned this over in my head time and again but I truly truly don't believe that we have reached the end of our marriage. I feel like there's still so much evidence pointing to the fact that she still loves me.
Many people claim it's clear I'm a calming presence for her (the irony!). My bro says even now her eyes always sweep the room until she spots me. She still publicly defends me in arguments in my absence and is always empathetic when I have a trying day (as long as it's not caused by her). I don't know what I would do without her.
She seems to have it all together in public but it's a different story in private. These 2 months, in the rare few instances I've dared raise my voice back at her or when her rage has driven me to break down, she would become immediately contrite, retract her words, apologize profusely, and then inevitably become distressed to tears, at which point I would have to spend more time consoling her. Those are also the only times she allows me to guide her in techniques to calm her erratic breathing. But sometimes I think I'm having a panic attack myself.
It's all terribly exhausting for us both but even more so, it is simply gut wrenching for me watching her. The 2 miscarriages left me wracked with guilt; there are many things I wish I did, I truly don't want her to have to go through that trauma a 3rd time. I'm a medical professional and there's so much I know in theory but I am really at my wit's end when it comes to my delicate pregnant wife who's perpetually in an uncontrollable rage at me. Everything I've done is wrong. I'm so fucking scared. I'm so fearful I will again unwittingly hurt her irreparably. And there are still so many weeks more to go. I don't know if we can make it.
When I ask what she wants from me or what I can do to make things better, she says impossible things like carry the babes myself, leave her for good, or to father other children with other women. My god.
I have thought long and hard about it and have put this to her as gently as I could: I don't need to have kids. She doesn't need to have kids. If it comes down to that, I would save our marriage over saving the babies. Or if saving our marriage is impossible too, it would be OK as long as she is happy and healthy again. Mentioning this invariably leads her to more rage and more inconsolable tears. She is incensed that I'm "choosing between them" or trying to force her to choose, which I'm not! I'm just trying desperately to say there's no pressure, there's nothing I could ever want so badly that I can't do without, I swear it. I'm just so afraid she can never be herself again. Should I help her arrange for an abortion and make her go so that the choice is mine?

I've tried so hard to analyze and identify/eliminate any potential causes for her rage.
I never comment on her growing belly or boobs in case she flares up. She definitely likes belly rubs, back rubs, calf and head massages so she certainly doesn't hate my touch. She doesn't gag when we kiss. It's not about the sex either; in fact it seems to put her in a better mood for a very short while. We're not financially strained (unless she really intends to divorce me and refuse a cent while trying to raise the twins on her own) and both of us can arrange for prolonged time off work if we really need to. We have a part-time cleaner so any chores she ever does herself is because she wants to. Anything she can't tolerate, I've stopped eating as well. I've given her copious supplies of vitamins, essential oils and home remedies for her nausea and headaches. I've been spending so much more time with her now, work is really just an afterthought. I've tried ignoring her provocations but she would follow me and demand a response then accuse me of patronizing her. To protect her sense of independence, I even let her continue to drive despite my concerns about her terrible driving.
There are some things I can't compromise though - no way I'd let her have sashimi or lift the heavy luggage and boxes herself. Admittedly I'm a bit of a nag about drinking enough water, taking her supplements and BP monitoring. But can I really allow her to be so reckless and go her own way?
I suspect my presence alone might be a trigger for her rage. But apparently not having me around distresses her too. 3 times these 2 months, I was shocked to learn that when I missed minor meetings or events without first informing her (though I had no idea I was expected at all), she disappeared into the bathroom to cry. She insists it was nothing but once let slip that she thought I stayed away because I was angry at her, which is so irrational. Why would I be angry at her??? My bro and his partner concluded that my absence was the only consistent factor for her odd behavior.

I'm ashamed to be such a bumbling clueless husband. Truth is she's surrounded most of the day by people and family perfectly equipped to handle any physical problem that might occur. Yet I've never felt this stressed, helpless, blindsided and impotent my entire life. I am at a total loss. And it's been only two months since I found out. Last night she screamed at me to just stop bothering about her. So today she drove herself to work while I stayed home to despair over the keyboard wondering if it's tears or rage now because I actually heeded her advice. Maybe I should have feigned ignorance about the pregnancy from the start.
It was very hard for me to put this all down in words, I'm sorry it's so long and incoherent, but I've really reached my wit's end. I don't usually log into Reddit, so this is a measure of my desperation. If anyone out there studying this convoluted essay can help figure out any hints to the root of my problem or if anyone can offer a desperate man some sound advice - that works - on daily methods to handle my fiery pregnant wife or tips on how to dissipate her flying rages... please help me. I will be eternally grateful.
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2023.03.22 09:59 LeChat_Perlipopette [Persona5] (POUR LES DÉBUTANTS) Le Jazz Club

Le club Jazz est débloqué par le confident de rang 4 de Justice, il vous permet de booster les personas des membres de votre groupe. Il donne également des points vers leur confident.
Chaque jour a une certaine boisson
Monday: * Level Upper : Corps - Un niveau supérieur, HP max augmentés de 20
Mardi: * Soda puissant - 4 points alloués au hasard à la Force, l'Endurance, et la Chance (pas de niveau supérieur)
Mercredi: * Niveau supérieur : Âme - Un niveau supérieur, SP max augmenté de 10
Jeudi: * Soda Magique - 4 points alloués au hasard à Magie, Agilité, et Chance (pas de niveau supérieur)
Vendredi : * All Soda - Chaque statistique augmentée de 1 point, HP max augmenté de 10, SP max de 5
Samedi: * Un des cocktails de la semaine en rotation hebdomadaire
Dimanche: * Cocktail original - Enseigne une nouvelle compétence
Saturday Drinks * Niveau supérieur : Corps - 6/25, 8/6, 9/24, 11/5, 12/10 * Soda puissant - 7/2, 8/13, 10/1, 11/12, 1/14 * Niveau supérieur : Soul - 7/9, 8/20, 10/8, 11/19, 1/21 * Magical Soda - 7/16, 8/27, 10/15, 11/26, 1/28 * All Soda - 7/30, 9/3, 10/22, 12/3, 12/17
Certains jours, un artiste (Lyn) se rendra au Jazz club et boostera les effets des boissons
Les dates des performances en direct sont:
Compétences du dimanche soir
Tétrakarn * Érige une barrière sur un allié qui reflète une attaque physique * Disponible le 26/06 et le 2/10 * (Le personnage de Noir apprend cette compétence naturellement au niveau 38)
Matarukaja * Augmente la puissance d’attaque de tous les alliés pendant trois tours * Disponible les 7/3 et 10/9 * (Le personnage de Skull apprend cette compétence naturellement au niveau 58)
Marakukaja * Élève la défense de tous les alliés pendant trois tours * Disponible le 17/07 et le 16/10 * (Le personnage de la reine apprend cette compétence naturellement au niveau 48)
Masukukaja * Augmente la vitesse / évasion de tous les alliés pendant trois tours * Disponible le 31/07 et le 23/10 * (Le personnage de Fox apprend cette compétence naturellement au niveau 49)
Matarunda * Abaisse la puissance d’attaque de tous les ennemis pendant trois tours * Disponible les 8/7 et 11/6 * (Le personnage de Panther apprend cette compétence naturellement au niveau 41)
Marakunda * Abaisse la défense de tous les ennemis pendant trois tours * Disponible le 14/08 et le 13/11
Masukunda * Abaisse la vitesse / taux d’évasion de tous les ennemis pendant trois tours * Disponible le 28/08 et le 27/11 * (Le personnage de Mona apprend cette compétence naturellement au niveau 55)
Charger * Augmente l’efficacité d’une attaque physique lors de votre prochain tour de 2,5 fois. * Disponible uniquement le 9/4 * (Le personnage de Skull apprend cette compétence naturellement au niveau 63)
Concentration * Augmente l'efficacité d'une attaque magique à votre prochain tour de 2.5 fois * Disponible uniquement le 25/9 * (Panther's persona apprend cette compétence naturellement au niveau 62)
Makarakarn * Lève une barrière sur un allié qui reflète une attaque magique * Disponible uniquement le 30/10 * (Noir's persona apprend cette compétence naturellement au niveau 44)
Heat Riser * Augmente l'attaque, la défense, et la vitesse/évasion d'un allié pendant trois tours * Disponible uniquement le 12/4 * (le personnage de Noir apprend cette compétence naturellement au niveau 75)
Debilitate * Diminue l'attaque, la défense et la vitesse/évasion d'un ennemi pendant trois tours * Disponible uniquement le 12/11 * (le premier personnage de Crow apprend cette compétence naturellement au niveau 70, son second personnage connaît cette compétence de façon innée)
Danse Ali * (Passif) Réduit automatiquement de moitié la précision des attaques entrantes * Disponible uniquement le 1/15 * (le personnage de Violet connaît cette compétence de façon innée)
Maître des armes * (Passif) Réduit de moitié le coût en HP des compétences physiques * Disponible uniquement le 1/22
Maître des sorts * (Passif) Réduit de moitié le coût en PS des compétences magiques * Disponible uniquement le 1/29 (le dernier cocktail original du jeu)
Si vous amenez Futaba un dimanche, elle apprendra un type de compétence différent
Les compétences de Futaba
*Première visite : Enseigne Support Boost 1, qui a une chance d'infliger Masukunda pendant le soutien moral * 2ème visite : Améliore le Support Boost 1 en Support Boost 2, qui a une chance d'infliger Masukunda ou Marakunda pendant le Soutien moral * 3ème visite : Mise à niveau vers le Support Boost 3, qui a maintenant une chance d'infliger Masukunda, Marakunda, ou Matarunda pendant le soutien moral. * 4ème visite : Enseigne l'augmentation de la fréquence de soutien, ce qui augmente le taux de déclenchement du soutien moral.
*Les stats et les compétences du Jazz club sont transférées dans New Game +. Les compétences du dimanche peuvent être réapprises à l'église. Vous ne pouvez pas récupérer les compétences de Futaba à l'église. *
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2023.03.22 09:49 Treuzz Nouveau boulot, changement appart et impôts.

Bien le bonjour a tous,

Je viens à vous car ma situation va changer (en mieux) mais avec certains détails que j'ai du mal a appréhender actuellement.
Je suis actuellement dans un boulot avec un package à 25k€brut + 13eme mois + ticket restau (80€ pour moi et 80€ pour la boite) + bonne mutuelle tout payé par la boite + prime de vacances qui s'élève à 1/4 de salaire + astreinte qui rapporte 100€net (2jours de TT/semaines sans primes) + 9jours de RTT
Je vais commencer un nouveau taff dès début avril avec un package un peu curieux pour moi mais que je trouve avantageux pour mes objectifs perso. Je vous explique =>
- 24k€brut sur l'année + 120€net de prime pour le télétravail chaque mois (3jours de TT/semaines)+ forfait repas qui s'élève à 19€net par jours travaillé + Prime vacances de 500€ sur laquelle je donne 100€ (prélèvement de 10€ sur les 10premiers mois de l'année) + chèques cadeaux à no¨¨el de 150€ + PEE ou si je décide de mettre 200€ la boite abonde de 600€ + PERCO que la boite abonde de 700€ par année travaillé + 10jours de RTT + promesse d'augmentation a hauteur de 5% minimum par ans
Aussi, je serais éligible à la prime macron qui sera d'une hauteur de 3k€ versé à partir de Octobre sur 12mois (donc +250€net non imposable de Octobre 2023 à Octobre 2024) ce qui fera monté mon net après impôt chaque mois a environ 2150€
avec le premier package (mon taff actuel) je me tire un net après impôt chaque mois entre 1530 et 1650€net/mois
Avec le second package sur un mois entier j'aurais environ 1900€net après impôt si je ne m'abuse? De ce que j'ai compris, le forfait repas et la prime de télétravail est exonéré d'impôts ? J'ai du mal a trouver des informations précise a ce sujet car j'aimerais simulé une année fiscale pour moi avec ce package mais je ne sais pas du tout comment m'y prendre.
Le but de ma simulation serait de voir si avec ce salaire je serais éligible à la location d'un bien en dispositif PINEL. Je me trouverais dans une zone "B1" et louerais avec ma copine qui sera elle, en alternance. Le revenus fiscal par personne pour les zones B1 ne doit pas dépassé 32 084 € pour une personne seul et ne doit pas dépassé 42 846 € pour un couple.

En gros ma nouvelle boite essaye de faire un max d'optimisation fiscal en payant un petit brut avec beaucoup de primes comme vous l'aurez surement compris. Ce qui me plait plutôt bien car j'ai besoin d'un max de caillasse (comme tout le monde?).
Que vais-je déclaré aux impôts et à la CAF ?
NB1 : Si je suis en arrêt maladie je toucherais pas mon forfait repas je sais, mon futur patron m'a dit qu'ils n'enlevaient pas la prime de TT même si en arrêt maladie.
NB2: Pour ce qui est des retraites ou du chômage je ne suis pas inquiet. Je sais me débrouillé et rebondir en cas de besoin, je suis jeune et se sont les 25meilleurs années qui compterons a la fin pour ma retraite, pour un peu que j'en ai une d'ailleurs.
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2023.03.22 09:43 pleasantsarah Do I just make a move or do we have a talk first? How to navigate when newly dating as a clueless "virgin"

So me 27F dating a 23F for 3 weeks now. Already on our first "date" it ended with me spending the night at her place, and since then I've spent the night 5 more times and one entire weekend and couple of days where we wake up together and part ways for work.
Ever since my second time staying the night we have cuddled for hours, lightly groped, had make out sessions, and pretty much always tangled together in bed or the couch. Me 27F is however, very new to dating and I'm still almost a virgin. I spent most of my 20s working on myself, losing a lot of weight and coming out and dealing with depression. She has had previous relationships and previous experience despite the age difference which is normal and fine.
I just feel kind of awkward making a move or taking it to the next level physically. First of all I wrote "virgin" because I only ever had one relationship 7 years ago that lasted almost a year. We had sex once or twice before she came out to me as aesexuall, which I was fine with as we still cuddled and kissed but just did not have sex. This was 7 years ago and I've not had sex or dated since, and even before that I barely even got started so I kinda feel like a virgin anyway.
The girl I'm seeing now does not really know exactly how limited my experience is, but I did tell her I have not dated or seen anyone in a long time and have very little dating experience. I'm fairly confident, I initiate cuddling, kissing, and always compliment her and embrace her which she seem to really enjoy. It's just, I'm not sure how to take the next step.
It feels awkward because of the experience difference and with our age gap. And since I have so little experience, how do I even do it? I don't wanna come off as creepy or weird by making a move and then what if she really didn't want it? But I also don't wanna do nothing and then she gets bored and frustrated you know? I wish she made the first move towards sex because I'd feel a lot more confident after the first time or if I knew 100% she wanted to do it. Is it weird to talk about sex before having sex, is it like a mood killer?
Maybe I'm already not taking hints due to being a clueless dumbass. When cuddling she usually take my hand and place it on her breasts and massages it. She constantly wants to me to caress her thighs and hips and always push back when spooning and caress my hip and I can feel her breaths getting heavier. To me this is just cuddling and not an invitation for more unless clearly stated. She has not said anything about being frustrated but I just feel like she might eventually get bored of me if I don't do something more.
Sorry for the long text, help a clueless person out?

TDLR: New to dating and sex. 27F with little experience dating 23F with more experience. Not sure how to initiate sex first time in new "relationship". Should I talk about it first or just let it happen? Don't wanna come off as creepy or pushy but also don't wanna do nothing and make her bored and frustrated. We both make a lot of sexual puns / jokes (not really about us doing it) but in general neither of us are very prude and I'd say I'm a sexual person despite my experience just got into this later in life due to mental health.
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2023.03.22 08:33 ecocottageisland Experience Luxury and Nature at the Resort in Chilika Lake Puri

Chilika Lake is the largest brackish water lagoon in Asia and is located in the state of Odisha, India. It is a popular tourist destination that offers a unique blend of nature, culture, and adventure. The lake is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, fishing villages, and wildlife sanctuaries, making it an ideal location for a resort. In this blog, we will discuss the Resorts in Chilika Lake Puri and their features.
The Resort:
The resort in Chilika Lake Puri is a luxurious resort that is located on the banks of the lake. It is surrounded by lush greenery and offers breathtaking views of the lake. The resort offers a range of accommodation options, including luxury tents, cottages, and villas. Each accommodation option is designed to provide guests with a comfortable and relaxing stay.

The Best Resort in Odisha is an ideal location for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday. It offers a range of accommodation options, dining options, and activities that cater to the needs of guests. With its beautiful location, luxurious amenities, and range of activities, the resort is perfect for couples, families, and corporate groups. So, if you are planning a holiday in Odisha, be sure to consider the resort in Chilika Lake Puri for a memorable stay.
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2023.03.22 08:12 pocketfriendly1 Common Mistakes to avoid while opting for a couple body massage

Massage can take many forms, including Swedish, deep tissue, sports, hot stone, etc. Each type of massage has its specific benefits and techniques, and the choice of massage depends on the individual's needs and preferences.
Overall, incorporating massage into one's life can positively impact both physical and mental health and can serve as an effective tool for stress management and relaxation. This blog post will uncover common mistakes to avoid while opting for a couple body massage.

Read More: Common Mistakes to avoid while opting for a couple body massage
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2023.03.22 07:01 Smezziamo DOWNLOAD Illuminati Club di Frank Merenda ► VAI SU SMEZZIAMO.COM

Scopri come scaricare il corso Illuminati Club di Frank Merenda su SMEZZIAMO.COM ad un prezzo super-scontato, praticamente (quasi) GRATIS!


Come scaricare (quasi) GRATIS Illuminati Club di Frank Merenda? organizza gruppi di acquisto per i tuoi corsi online preferiti, condividendo il costo finale con altre persone e fornendo accesso agli stessi video e file come se avessi pagato il prezzo intero.
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Come acquistare a prezzo scontato Illuminati Club di Frank Merenda?

Non perderti l'opportunità di scaricare gratis il corso Illuminati Club di Frank Merenda. Grazie al servizio, ora tutti possono avere accesso al corso a un prezzo super-scontato fino al 97%. è un servizio innovativo che consente di risparmiare sui corsi acquistati e di condividere il costo finale con altre persone. Ciò significa che è possibile accedere all'Illuminati Club di Frank Merenda a un prezzo estremamente competitivo, praticamente gratis.
Non solo, il download è immediato subito dopo l'acquisto e i file scaricati sono gli stessi identici prodotti distribuiti dagli autori originali. Inoltre, acquista direttamente i prodotti dai canali ufficiali e garantisce aggiornamenti entro 48h dalla loro uscita.
Quindi, per accedere al corso Illuminati Club di Frank Merenda a un prezzo straordinariamente conveniente, non c'è niente di meglio di Non esitare e scarica subito il corso!

Di cosa parla Illuminati Club di Frank Merenda?

Illuminati Club: la setta segreta e occulta per imprenditori che vogliono eccellere Sei un imprenditore ambizioso e sai che la strada per il successo è lunga e tortuosa. Ma cosa succederebbe se potessi accedere a una cerchia ristretta di grandi menti del business, in cui condividere segreti, intuizioni e schemi di pensiero ad altissimo livello? Se questo suona come il tuo sogno, allora l’Illuminati Club di Frank Merenda è esattamente ciò di cui hai bisogno. I grandi geni del passato come Beethoven, Lincoln, Edison e Da Vinci hanno fatto parte di gruppi esclusivi che si riunivano per condividere conoscenze, segreti e intuizioni prima che chiunque altro ne venisse a conoscenza. E oggi, l’Illuminati Club di Frank Merenda offre una formula unica per imprenditori ambiziosi, che desiderano raggiungere il successo a livello mondiale. Il corso si tiene solo 5 weekend all’anno presso la sede di Mendrisio, svizzera. Durante ogni weekend, avrai la possibilità di ascoltare relatori ospiti con esperienze e idee straordinarie. Avrai anche la possibilità di interagire direttamente con loro, ponendo loro domande e ricevendo risposte personalizzate. Inoltre, avrai la possibilità di confrontarti con altri imprenditori che hanno fatto la storia, apprendendo da loro e ricevendo input che possono trasformare il futuro della tua azienda. Ma non è finita qui. Durante i pomeriggi di ogni weekend, avrai accesso ai Fast Implementation Bootcamp, sessioni di implementazione rapida. In questi bootcamp, verrai suddiviso in gruppi per livello di maturità, di bilancio, di tematica e di attività di marketing svolte. Ogni gruppo sarà affiancato da un team di tutor specialistici, tra cui un tutor finanziario, un tutor esperto di marketing automation e lead generation e un tutor esperto di copywriting. Avrai così la possibilità di lavorare immediatamente su tutto ciò che hai imparato durante la fase di insegnamento teorico. In breve, Illuminati Club ti darà accesso a una cerchia esclusiva di imprenditori, dove potrai condividere segreti, intuizioni e conoscenze a livello mondiale. Avrai la possibilità di interagire con grandi menti del business, ottenere risposte personalizzate alle tue domande e sfruttare questa opportunità per eccellere nel tuo settore.
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2023.03.22 06:41 ThrowRAsadbeau AITA for ignoring my bf after our vacation because he brought his brother along?

I (M23) am a pharmacy student. My bf of four years (M32) is a lawyer. Between stress at school and the stress of his job we barely saw each other let alone had any intimate time. We decided to take a vacation where it would be about us and regaining that lost intimacy. So day 2 of 5 of our vacation in Turks and Caicos someone is knocking at our door, I thinks it’s cleaning so I open it. To my surprise and complete confusion it’s my boyfriend’s brother (M29). I ask what he was doing here thinking maybe this was a fantastical coincidence , he says that my bf invited him. My bf looks a bit sheepish but says that he thought it would be a nice bonding time for him and his brother if he tagged along. Even though I was furious I decided that I could make it work we had a lot of things pre planned/prepaid so I figured his brother couldn’t come with us to those activities. Well he didn’t tag along because my bf decided to go with with brother. Horseback riding was traded for wakeboarding, couples massages was traded in for snorkeling and riding ATVs, getting a nice quiet table in the back of the restaurant for two turned into a nice quiet spot in the back for three. Intimate time in bed turned to a quickie in the shower so he could leave for golf. At that point I had enough. I pretty much spent the trip alone. As soon as the morning came to leave for home I didn’t utter a word to my bf. “Do you have the hotel keycard?” Silence. “Want me to carry to bags?” Silence. It didn’t say anything to him until he broke down a few hours after we got to our apartment. He’s been really pissed that I’m ignoring him but I can’t help but be so angry that I continue to do it. AITA?
Edit: For those asking we met at a trivia night. Also yes it’s his real brother
Edit 2: Maybe this might change some of your thoughts on this matter but he paid for the trip. He financially supports me and my schooling is paid for by my parents.
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2023.03.22 05:52 AgreeableQuarter8389 What's your take on Homosexual's Marriages?

*Kaun hai ye log? Kahan se aate hain?
*Agar ye Bimari hai to abhi tak iski vaccine kyu nahi bani?
*Kya ye Bimari Chhune se failti hai?
*Ye agar un-natural hai to aisi kaunsi unnatural method ka use karke log Gay or Lesbian ban jate hain?
*Jo log Hetrosexuls hai, kya unhe kisi device ya injection ki madad se Gay ya lesbian banaya ja sakta hai?
*Kya Hetrosexuals ko shock treatment dekar ya dawai dekar Homosexual banaya ja sakta hai?
*Har religion homosexual ke against hai. Lekin uska kya jo ek Atheist hai. Scientific Logic pe baat rakhta hai? Kya Uske rights protected hain?
*Humari Central Government ne to apni Narrow mind soch ka example dete huye to yeh statement diya ki "Marriage ka Purpose bacche paida karna hai". Fir to wo straight couples jinke medical issues ke chalte bacche nahi ho sakte humari Central government ke hisab se to unki shadi ka purpose hi pura nahi hota.
Another point is agar shadi me physical relation ka purpose bacche paida karna hi hai to Government ke hisab se to log unki life me khali 2-3 baar hi physical hote honge.🤣
*Again kuch mand buddhi logo ka bolna hai ki Islnse humari society pe galat impact padega. 2018 me Homosexuality ko decriminalize kiya tha to kya ab humari society ka structure kharab ho gaya? In logo ka ye bhi bolna hai ki aisa karne se sab Gay or Lesbian ho jayenge. koi inko batao ki koi Gay ya Lesbian aise hi nahi ban jata.
*Agar Same sex Marriage recognise hoti hai to bhot sari Homosexual ladkiyan after marriage rape hone se bach sakti hain. Or bhot sare Straight log aise logo se shadi hone se bach sakte hai jinko unke sath relation banane me koi interest nahi hai.
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2023.03.22 05:47 DogshitHandGrenade PXMD - Shorts need this to drop 5-cents per day just to break even. They want your shares now but retail owns the float… and we haven’t even started to get attention.

PXMD - Shorts need this to drop 5-cents per day just to break even. They want your shares now but retail owns the float… and we haven’t even started to get attention.
PXMD - Due Diligence - Who is shorting PXMD?

Hey Potato Fam, I couldn’t help myself I had to write another DD as I think I’ve just cracked the code on why this stock is shorted so much. Hold on to your tots, shorts will want your shares badly in the next couple days.

1 How the Lincoln Financing Works
You will recall from my initial DD that Lincoln will receive 12.9m shares and give PXMD $20m. But it’s not so simple. Lincoln can only ever own 20% of PXMD and therefore can only get (dilute) 2.3m shares given the low share count of PXMD.
The dilution (issuing) of shares to Lincoln occurs when PXMD wants it to occur. They have 30-months to do nothing if they wish. It benefits PXMD to issue these when the stock price is high so that Lincoln has to give PXMD the most amount of cash per share.
Lincoln would prefer for PXMD to stay as low as possible. At the end of the day Lincoln will get the exact same amount of shares (ownership) and the lower the stock price, the less they paid for that ownership.
Lincoln received in November 195k shares just as a fee for setting up this financing facility. You will see in my chart, I believe these were immediately sold in order to convert to capital for Lincoln.
Issue of Shares Examples:
If PXMD issues 2.3m shares to Lincoln @ $1.50/share Lincoln therefore just paid $3.45m got 20% of PXMD.
If PXMD issues 2.3m shares to Lincoln when the stock is @ $8.69, Lincoln therefore just paid $20m and got the same 20% ownership of PXMD.
You see now why Lincoln may have an incentive to keep the price low. You also see why I don’t think this can go much over $8.70 because I think PXMD will try to use the whole facility around that price. It could still go higher, because if it does PXMD basically gets to reap the same $20m and give up less ownership.

2 How PXMD was prepared
Between November and February I believe Lincoln was shorting the stock in spurts in order to drive the price lower. They were doing this at a time when they knew PXMD needed to raise their working capital for 2023. What Lincoln didn’t expect was the LIND deal (see DD Part 1). The LIND deal effectively gave PXMD $3.68m of cash for working capital they needed for 2023 with no dilution for 6 months and a slow dilution runway after that. This gives PXMD time to issue positive PRs, stock market to recover, and stock price to rise before they tap into the Lincoln financing at much better rates.

3 So who is shorting it today
You will see in my chart. I think today’s shorts are actually algos that went haywire. At the beginning of March a quantity of (23) insider trades (sells) were registered. On the surface this quantity looks like a lot. In reality all were under $50k and many under $5k which is all rather insignificant. I suspect this was insiders harvesting cash for upcoming tax season.

These are tiny folks
I believe algos saw this quantity of insider trades and issued a ton of shorts. Really, given the 817k free float size it only takes a very small short position to send the Short% sky high.
These shorts are stuck in a losing position with an extremely high CTB. At $2.5/share, 450% CTB and 252 trading days per year, the shorts are paying $0.045 of fee for every trading day. Meaning they need the stock to go down 4.5c just to break even. It’s a losing position and they need out fast.
Hey yall, I know it’s early and it doesn’t feel like this stock has traction. That is okay, it will not take much for this baby to pop. 817k free float is tiny. If there are only 3000 of us, we would all only need to be invested $680 into the stock for us all to completely own the free float. I suspect we are way above that.
I am not a financial adviser, I am a potato. This is not financial advice
Much love, party on Potatoes
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2023.03.22 05:31 crispychondrocyte Cervicogenic Headache Cause?

Info: 21M, 5'7, 160 pounds, white, cervicogenic headache for 7 months as well as likely hypermobility type EDS, prescriptions are adderall IR 10mg 2x daily, no drinking or smoking.
Hey y'all, Ive been experiencing what have been diagnosed as cervicogenic headaches for a little over half a year now. They started after I tried going on a run and went a little to intense, I suspect I somehow strained a neck muscle resulting in referred pain from my cervical region to my head. The pain is side locked and only occurs on the top right side of my head. I additionally experience a sensation of tightness on the front right side of my throat. I had a cranial MRI which showed nothing out of the ordinary in the brain or the cranio-cervical junction, however my neurologist deemed a neck MRI to be unnecessary. Initially the headaches were a constant pain on that side of my head, however with some physical therapy exercises they've gradually evolved to an intermittent but still daily piercing pain that comes and goes in waves, almost like a muscle spasming repeatedly and then calming down. Other than the throat tightness, I feel no pain in my actual neck, and I do not present with any limited ROM, however my hypermobility likely complicates this (I am not formally diagnosed with hypermobility type EDS as rheumatology has been difficult to get an appointment with, however an orthopedic examination determined I am hypermobile, combined with a long history of injuries and fun joint related party tricks and hyper elastic skin provides supporting evidence that I have it or hypermobility).
Until about 9 weeks ago, I hadn't received any treatment for the headaches other than 10mg nortriptyline for a few weeks, which didn't seem to do much. I then started PT 9 weeks ago. I was able to go to PT 3x a week for 3 weeks, was given manual therapy on my neck, and was given isometric exercises to strengthen my deep cervical muscles plus a set of stretches that I've done everyday for the past 9 weeks day and night. I had to go back to school 3 weeks in and could no longer attend PT, but I've continued the exercises. The exercises are 3 sets each, held initially for 5 seconds (now 10), with 5 second breaks in between. The first exercise is applied pressure to the back of the head with both hands, and resisting this pressure by pressing my head back against it. The second exercise is the same concept but instead pressure applied from the front of my head. I then do an exercise where I press against either side of my head (3 sets each side), and resist using my neck muscles. The stretch is pulling my head down towards my armpit and holding for around 30 seconds, being careful not to apply too much pressure and or cause pain. I don't experience pain or discomfort from the exercises, and they've been manageable.
I've also been keeping track of my pain for the past 6 weeks via a pain journal/excel sheet, where I document my pain level on a scale of 1-10, percent of day I was affected by the pain, and percent of day I felt tightness in my neck. I also document medication use, hours of sleep in the previous night, caffeine use, running/exercises, and if I did a heat treatment. I've also recently made a tracker that enables me to log when I get pain and how bad they are, although I've had difficulty adhering to this and have only had it for a couple weeks. I've seen a slight downwards trend in my pain, however its difficult to tell if this is real improvement or just me getting more used to functioning with the pain, as well as just the nature of pain to fluctuate (aggregating the data in an attempt to mitigate the impact of fluctuation shows a more positive trend, but still hard to tell as I've had bad weeks where the pain increases). I will hopefully be soon starting PT again specialized in cervicogenic headache treatment, as they haven't completely remitted after 9 weeks of exercise. I'm also trying to sleep in better positions, and was instructed to sleep with a neck brace, although this hasn't seemed to do much.
I've found that running and caffeine seem to cause my pain to remit for up to 10 hours at a time, as well as my adderall to some extent. I'm aware that all of these have some shared and some different potential mechanisms of action for reducing pain, from vasoconstriction, to modulating neurotransmitter activity, to endorphin release, to anti inflammatory activity, etc. Sometimes they seem less effective but usually I get some respite. Bad sleep also makes my headaches more frequent and worse, as does prolonged poor posture such as holding my head forward or my head down. Stretching seems ineffective for me, as does massage. The PT I saw said that he could feel some spasticity in my muscles, and that even over 3 weeks it improved, but I don't have any insights past that. I've read that physical therapy as an intervention for cervicogenic headache can take up to 16 weeks to see significant improvement, but on average takes 8 weeks. I'm will be asking the PT I see some questions about what my expectations should be and if complete remission is probable, but I also thought I might as well ask here.

I'm mostly curious about:
•Do I show any signs of possibly achieving complete remission
•Is there anything I should also ask the PT I will be seeing soon
•Does the intermittent spasms/pain suggest the issue could be more complex than just muscular, and how might this affect my recovery (neurology exam was online and didn't really involve any testing, they mostly just came to the conclusion it was cervicogenic based on the info I gave and the clear head MRI)
Sorry for the long post and lack sorta general questions, just been feeling sort of hopeless with how difficult it is to identify improvement and how slow things are, if anyone has any other questions/information to give I'd love to hear it! Thank you!
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2023.03.22 05:04 ThrowRA_Frogs My (34F) Husband (38M) Treats Me Like A Child

I apologize that this is going to be long, but I need help with my marriage. My husband and I are in our 30's and are both family physicians. As a physician, mental health treatment is severely limited as we have to disclose depression, anxiety, etc. when applying for state licenses, board certification, etc. I constantly live in silent suffering, putting on a face for my patients and colleagues. I have crossed state lines and paid in cash to seek therapy but it hasn't been very helpful. I appreciate whoever takes the time to read this and help with advice.
My husband and I come from different backgrounds. I grew up poor in Appalachia, lived in a single-wide mobile home and ate things like ketchup packets, mashed potato flakes or coffee creamer. I had never went to the doctor and the first time I went to the dentist I was 17. My childhood was spent playing in the woods and babysitting my little brother who is 10 years younger than me. My mom worked the night shift and my dad worked the day shift. My dad was very religious, paranoid, verbally / physically abusive to me and my mom. One time I couldn't find the phone for him to call his cousin and he got mad, gathered up all my toys and burned them in the back yard. I began drawing my own paper dolls and when he found them, he ripped them up saying it was "idol worship." He would call me "child" instead of my name, for example, "hey child, make me a tuna sandwich." He always got the biggest portions of food. When I was 8 years old he told me not to call him "daddy" anymore to hurt my mom.
My mom was MIA with severe depression, just sleeping on her days off. Other things he did was beat my sibling so bad he couldn't go to school and I took video of it, showing the librarian who then called CPS. My dad was arrested, but since he was related to the judge, the case was dismissed. The years went by getting called names, hair pulling, doing all cooking and all the cleaning; he never lifted a finger. I was 16 years old when my mom found out my dad was cheating on her with a coworker and she needed the GeoTracker to go to work that night; he was going to take it to see his girlfriend, and he started beating my mom up. I jumped out the window to help my mom and my dad grabbed my hair, screaming, "I HATE YOU!!!!!!!" Over and over and over, his voice echoing throughout the holler.
Since I was really young I have experienced extreme empathy, to the point of being a people pleaser. I always wanted to help people and animals. I never threw trash on the ground, I helped injured animals. When I was 10 years old, I scooped up tadpoles from puddles so they wouldn't die when the puddle dried up and put them in an old broken fish aquarium, releasing them back to wild when they would grow legs. To this day, frogs have a special place in my heart.
I was bullied in high school because I brought paper dolls to my first day of freshman year, I was the youngest in my high school at 13 years old. My clothes smelled like moth balls. During a fake fire drill, students had to go on the football field and there an an instance where a male student urinated on me and threw a keychain at me that he lit on fire. I was bullied because I always wore coats, even in 80 degree weather. I was ashamed at how thin I looked, I have always looked way younger than what I really am. I attempted suicide twice when I was a teenager.
I made good grades, was salutatorian of my class. I was able to get a full paid scholarship to a nearby college but I rejected it and took out a massive amount of student loans to attend University 4 hours away. I wanted to branch out in the world and I wanted to become a physician. I wanted to see what was beyond the mountains. I truly wanted to help people as it brought me happiness.
When I was 17, I started my freshman year of college. I did not know how to drive, did not have a car, my speech / grammar was very bad (I had to learn how to speak proper English), I basically lacked common sense. I walked everywhere - to campus, to the bank, to the grocery store. I had severe social phobia and anxiety. My last class to complete my bachelor of science degree was oral communications (night class as I hate public speaking). Sometimes a grocery store trip took 2 hours. During this time, to make extra money, I began selling art on eBay, making enough money to cover the monthly rent an bills. I drew portraits and also anime fanart.
Fast forward through med school, my social phobia began to improve as I got more exposure talking to people. It was my first day of clinical rotation on internal medicine and no one would show me how to write a progress note except one student. I was so shocked that someone could be this nice, to take time out of their schedule to help me. I continued to follow him like a lost puppy and we became friends. I had never dated anyone before and after 6 months of being friends he asked me to go to Starbucks. We eventually got engaged, then married, and moved to separate states to do our residencies.
Some background information about my husband - he was born in India and moved to Canada as a child. His dad was in the navy and his mom was a teacher. They had servants growing up who did all the cleaning, cooking, etc. He was given pretty much anything he asked for, which looking back, explains a lot of his behavior.
After completing residency, we finally moved to start our family practice careers. When we started living together as a married couple, things started to change. He expected me to wait on him - cook, clean, head massage, fold his clothes - basically everything his mother did for him. And if I did not do something right or not do it right away, he would get upset and run and tell his mother everything. He talked to her about our arguments all of the time.
Overtime, he began calling me names like b****, neurotic, crazy, delusional, childish, etc. Several months ago I was washing a large plastic bin in the sink and he was concerned I would knock a glass onto the floor and it would break. He started screaming at me, took the bin from me, threw it in the hall and then slapped me in the back of the head. Over the years, he would belittle me, make fun of where I grew up, call me naïve if I did not know how something worked. A few months ago he wanted chicken and so I made some in the Air Fryer, but it wasn't the same as his mom's chicken, and he yelled at me, saying I ruined the chicken and told his mom. I offered to make the chicken again, but he refused to eat it if I did, and DoorDashed Chinese food. He also calls me weird and says no one else would put up with me - meaning my collection of Sailor Moon dolls and Animal Crossing merchandise is a turn off. (BTW, when I was in medical school, I played a lot of Animal Crossing back in those days, they were so positive!)
He will not let me sleep in the same bed, saying I disturb his sleep. He sleeps in the Master Bedroom and I either sleep in the living room on the couch or in the attic. There was an instant where he had gone to sleep and I needed a new toothbrush, so I snuck in the Master Bedroom, crawling with my cellphone light on, but he saw it, got extremely angry and went to knock everything over in my closet, screaming obscenities. I could not sleep that night and had to go into the clinic in the morning to see patients, pretending nothing was wrong. My eyes were extremely swollen from crying and the staff had asked if I was feeling ok, thinking I was getting COVID. I dreaded coming home, often times hoping I would get in a car accident and die.
Last year I was diagnosed with autoimmune diseases narcolepsy and ankylosing spondylitis after contracting COVID from a patient who lied about having it during the COVID pre-screen questionnaire. I had to establish with neurologist and rheumatologist for treatment, and now take medications. Due to my declining health, I had to leave my clinic job as a family physician and now I work from home via Telehealth.
Something happened last night that made me realize my husband does not love me, and honestly, I don't believe anyone in this world loves me. I don't think I love myself. I wanted to sleep in the same bed with my husband and he got upset, saying I woke him up with having restless legs. He threw the blanket off of me, tore off the heated eye mask I was wearing and turned on the tv to 80 points so that I would leave the room. He then passed gas extremely loud and then LAUGHED as I started to cry. I left, going up to the attic to sleep.
When I try to talk to my husband about how I feel, he always turns it around on me, saying I have a big ego, I can't take criticism and I'm too sensitive. When I request I would like him to be more positive, he says things like, "this is the real world, people aren't nice." I think he became a physician because he was expected to, not because he wanted to. He starts to say things like, "I do all kinds of things for you! I pay the bills, take the dog places, follow up on important tasks that you forget!"
I apologize for the long essay, this is the first time I have told my story, to strangers on the internet. I often think what is my purpose in life? I miss my patients from the clinic, I miss that human bond. Now I feel lonely, hopeless and don't know where to go from here. What can I do to improve my life and my self esteem without the medical board knowing?
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2023.03.22 04:46 Possible_Ninja Doctors/PTs/Massage Therapists for nerve or repetitive stress injuries?

Hey all, I've been dealing with some kind of computer-related repetitive stress condition for a couple years now. Similar to carpal tunnel, but harder to pin down the origin and treatment. Primary symptom is pain in the fingers, but origin could be wrist, arms, shoulders, neck, nerves, etc.
I've seen multiple doctors, physical therapists, and massage therapists, and unfortunately I get a lot of shoulder shrugging or generic advice/treatment ("take some advil"). The medical professionals I've seen don't have much experience with computer-related injuries or treating them successfully.
I'd love to hear any success stories from people with similar issues. Or any recommendations for clinics that take a multi-faceted approach (some physical therapy, some massage, and other treatments).
Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you!
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2023.03.22 04:21 nycpaddle 27 [M4F] seeking an anonymous massage ? Attractive dom here #NYC

Hello all reading this! I am seeking something that’s a bit of a strange request but figured I would give it a try, there’s bound to be someone who’s as kinky as me, I am seeking mysterious casual fun with lots of anonymity, sort of like a gloryhole but let me explain forward . First a bit about myself: I am a reasonably attractive, fit/ lean, originally from South America but raised here, I speak 2 language and working on a third, as for work I am in the business industry (trying to be broad ). I am looking for something who’s seeking to try something out of the ordinary with kink involved , I can also be generous with the right girl and possibly open to a sugar baby situation.
My ideal scenario would be: We chit chat online and see if the vibe is right , if so we verify body pictures with NO face , again anonymity is key here ! We schedule a meeting where I will get a nice hotel . You will meet me there and go straight to the room where I will be waiting for you upstairs . Now here is where the fun begins, when you enter the room to the left you will find a hooded mask and blindfolds that I will expect you to wear . I will also give you the options to pick 1 of 3 outfits to wear, they’re all incredibly revealing . . After you make your pick you will knock the bathroom door where I will be waiting and you will be facing the wall . I will guide you to the bedroom where you will lay down and I will give you a full body massage with baby oil. Perhaps I will have you on my lap, paddle you and leave your ass completely bruised. Perhaps I will have your legs side open, give you the best oral sex of your life or tease you and make you as wet as possible with one of my toys. there are a couple of more scenarios we can play out with and agree on but the main idea is anonymity. The thought about fooling around and teasing someone I won’t know what they look like drives me absolutely wild.
I will be wearing dress shoes, pants and shirt. If we vibe very well I will happily buy you some naughty outfits, please only females and possibly couples! Don’t message me if you’re not actually looking to meet, I don’t care how odd you think this might be. Again, I could be generous with the right girl , if this caught your eye then message me , discretion is a must !
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2023.03.22 02:31 Satharzn 33/37 [MF4F] anyone local to Maine or Northern NE thats wants to play with a couple?

Can travel under the right circumstances, Michael 37m♐️ & Meagan 32f♋️ Happily engaged couple, together going on 8 years, looking for our 🦄💘 = someone who loves to travel, whom may want to join us on an adventure/ vacation to festivals, trip buddy with us somewhere warm or just a night on the town and come home to continue the fun! Always up for an adventure 👭🧍‍♂️ONS or ongoing FWB welcome 🤗 Dog lovers welcomed ❤️
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2023.03.22 02:31 poohg1994 Any tips for itchiness/ mild redness and swelling a week out from session?

So I had my second session about a week ago and it was definitely more intense than my first and I don't think I was prepared for the aftercare involved. First session I experienced no itching and minor redness that went away within 3/4 days. My linework tattoos stayed raised for about 1.5 weeks before flattening out and at that point I considered myself healed.
A week out from my second session and I'm understanding the itchiness that everyone is talking about now. It's not terrible honestly- almost reminds me like a mosquito bite every once and I while it'll just start itching for a couple minutes. Tattoos are still faintly red and very raised though... Any tips for this? After my first session I was massaging with vitamin E and jojoba oil 2 weeks after my session and not sure if I'll be able to resume that as quickly with this session taking longer to heal.
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2023.03.22 02:11 BadDongOne Looking to downgrade from my 1998 Mazda 626 to a 3

A numerical downgrade only. After 1/4 century in the family it's time to retire the 1998 Mazda 626 2.0 automatic to a junkyard somewhere, rust is eating away at the rear frame near the suspension cradle and around the rear driver side door frame and the rear main seal has sprung a leak...not dropping the trans to fix that at 204,000 miles when the trans has been out once before for a reman unit and the seal was replaced then. Labor is free but it's just time to move onto a car from this century.
I'm eyeballing something around a 2016+ 2.0 Sport sedan with the 6spd auto for a daily driver. I just have a couple questions I hope someone here and help me sort out.
Most importantly, how much of a pain/impossible is it to change the radio and/or get clean line out from the stock radio in the 2016 model years? I've found info about the base system in older model years but I'm not sure if it's applicable going forward. My 626 has a small system (JL 300/2 running 2x 4ohm TangBand 6x9 subs free air in the rear deck wired down to a 2ohm mono and some amp running some Kappa 5x7 coax in the front doors around 120ish watt rms) and I'd like to do something similar in the new car since I'll have it for at least another decade I hope and I really do enjoy appreciating my own handiwork.
How are these holding up to rust? I live near Chicago and we salt like we're trying to turn Lake Michigan into the new Great Salt Lake, seeing that I'm looking to keep it for a decade it's pretty important that it handles this well. It's probably going to be staying parked outside, the garage is reserved for her car because I'm kind and for my summer car because it's only a 2 car garage.
How intrusive is the ABS and traction control? Like on a scale of 1 being ABS comes on after a wheel has locked and you can liberally apply brakes or throttle at the limit of grip and 10 being if you even so much as look at the gas or brake pedal when the road is moist the system is already killed throttle and began massaging your foot. My 626 doesn't have either, my 1st car and summer car have ABS that will let you lock a wheel a little before coming in to help.
FW6A-EL are mostly problem free with some rare instances of issues that may or may not have been owner created problems.
Really appreciate some helpful input and hope that it pans out to get another Mazda I can make my own again. Thanks everyone!
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2023.03.22 01:16 SK_Writes Headgames PART 2

Part 1
Opening his eye’s, it was dark and Michael sensed he was sitting up rather than laying down as one expected to be when sleeping. His neck was sore and when he tried to move his head to relieve the tension, he found it impossible. He wondered if maybe he were still dreaming and tried to will himself to wake up, but nothing changed. He thought maybe if he pinched himself that would work, but he could not feel his hands, or the rest of his body for that matter.
At the back of his neck a dull pain throbbed as if tension had built up and he needed to pop his neck. It wasn’t sharp pain but rather irritating, and he thought he would go mad if he didn’t find a way to relieve it. Finding himself immobile with no way to relieve the tension, Michael changed his thoughts to take his mind off of it.
Remembering the visit from the prison warden, Michael recalled the man saying that certain precautionary medical measures were taken to prevent aggression and wondered just what had been done to him. He thought about what he knew of that could be done to prevent aggression and other than his earlier thoughts of reduced testosterone levels or increased levels of estrogen, he could think of nothing which would require immobilization.
‘Unless they castrated me!’ he thought suddenly and wished he could reach down to feel if his parts were still intact. But he wasn’t a sexual offender, so that didn’t really make sense. This thought calmed him and he continued to search his mind for answers.
Michael’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps coming closer. He couldn’t see anything, but he felt someone had come into the room with him. The lights came on, hurting his eyes and Michael squinted to shield them. He could hear the other person moving around but had no idea where they were or what they were doing.
Finally he could open his eyes fully and saw immediately that he was in a white room not unlike the one where he had received the shot. The wall in front of him was bare except for the mortar joints of the cinder block it was constructed of and a small stainless steel rolling cart parked directly in front of him.
“So, are we awake yet?” a man’s voice asked.
Michael tried to talk but couldn’t.
A face popped up in front of him, grinning at him in a weird way with eyes bulging. This guy was way too happy.
“How you doing, Michael?” he asked with his rather high, effeminate voice. “Did you sleep okay?”
Michael tried once again to answer but no sound came forth. In fact, he could not even feel his breath moving through his mouth.
“It’s okay, Mikey boy. I know you can’t talk, but what you can do is blink your eyes. So when I ask you a question, just blink once for yes and twice for no. Okay?”
Michael blinked once.
“Very good, Mike!” he said in a patronizing tone. “Now the first thing we need to do is make sure you are okay. So I’m going to pull up a seat and we’ll go over a few things.”
He stepped away from Michael’s view for a moment and returned carrying a clipboard and pushing a stool. He sat on the stool with a flourish, reaching down to adjust himself at the crotch and Michael found himself wishing he could do the same thing.
“Alrighty then, let’s continue shall we?” he said with a broad grin, cocking his head to one side. “Remember, blink once for yes and twice for no.”
Michael blinked once to acknowledge he understood.
“Awesome! Now, let’s see,” he said flipping up a page on the clip board. “Are you in any pain?”
Michael thought for a moment of how to answer. He wasn’t in pain, but he was very uncomfortable with a dull throbbing in the back of his neck. He blinked three times.
“Well, okay Mike. I see we have some work to do.” he sat up straight and laid a finger to the side of his mouth. “You blinked three times which is neither yes nor no, so it means something else, right?”
Michael blinked once.
“Okay, I asked if you were in pain and you didn’t say yes, but you also didn’t say no, so you’re not in pain but you don’t feel good.” He looked to Michael quizzically.
Michael blinked once.
“Oh good, we’re making progress!” He clapped his hands together and smiled broadly. “Is it a headache?”
Michael blinked twice.
“Alright, does your neck hurt?”
Michael blinked once, paused and blinked twice.
“Oh I see, yes and no,” He maintained the silly grin. “Your neck is uncomfortable?”
Michael blinked once.
“Let me see if I can help,” he reached around behind Michael’s head and began to massage the back of his neck.
Michael felt the warmth of the man’s smooth hand as he massaged and soon the knot began to relax. Looking at his new friend, Michael wondered what had brought someone of such a personality to work in a place like this. His blonde hair was shoulder length and stringy but time had not been nice as he was mostly balding on top. He had a very large rather pointed nose that sloped steeply back to his eyes. Up close he could see the eyes were somewhat sunken in and there were large dark circles around them, indicating the man did not sleep well. But what really got him was the smile. A goofy grin with his large but well maintained teeth.
“How’s that?” he asked, removing his hand.
Michael blinked once.
“Good. Now let’s get on with the other questions so we can start to get you settled in.” He looked to the clipboard. “Do you have any other pains?”
Michael blinked twice.
“That’s great. A lot of times, guys come out of surgery like you did and they have headaches or other pains and there’s not much I can do but give them a painkiller.” He noted something on his chart. “Now, your neck doesn’t hurt now but it may start to as the healing progresses so I want you to let me know if it does and we’ll take care of it.”
Michael blinked once.
“Oh by the way,” he looked serious at Michael for a moment. “My name is Peter and I’ll be the one who takes care of you from now on. There is another attendant by the name of Marco who comes in late at night, but he doesn’t do much other than make sure the equipment is running right. Marco is, how should we say, a little strange. And then there‘s Natalie. You already met her. The nurse who got the room ready when you first got here.”
Michael thought about the nurse he had seen. He didn’t really see her well, but figured it didn’t matter as there would be plenty of time for that. What he did remember though was she had a great body and it was something to look forward to seeing again.
“Anyway, Michael, we run in three shifts here. Natalie works seven am to three pm, I work three pm to eleven pm and Marco works eleven pm to seven am. So there is always someone here to see that you boys are taken care of. Okay, do you have any questions?”
Michael blinked twice.
Peter reached around to one side of Michael’s head and pulled a very thin computer monitor around for him to see, angling it off to one side so as to not block Michael’s view forward, but still easily seen. The screen was divided into several parts which looked to be medical monitors and a small box in the lower corner which reminded Michael of a chat box he and his friends used on the internet.
“This is your life support monitor and it also serves as a way for you to communicate with me.” He reached up to adjust a small object at the top of the screen. “I need for you to look directly at this point for a few minutes Mike so I can calibrate it.”
Michael looked at the point indicated where Peter’s hand rested. There was a small beam of light emitting from a very tiny hole and he could also see a picture of his eye coming to focus on one part of the screen. He realized it was a camera of some sort.
“This is an optical mouse,” Peter explained. “It follows the iris of your eye so that once calibrated, wherever you look on the screen, the mouse pointer will follow. And like a mouse, you can click on menu’s but instead of a finger, you simply blink twice rapidly to click the mouse.”
Michael watched as Peter continued to calibrate it and saw a mouse icon appear on the screen.
“There we go.” Peter sat back satisfied. “Now Michael, I need for you to look at the screen and look at what I tell you to so we can make sure the mouse is calibrated.”
Michael blinked once and turned his eyes to the screen. He watched the mouse rove the screen as it followed his eye movements.
“Look at the blue circle,” Peter instructed.
Michael searched the screen and looked directly at the blue circle in the corner as the mouse followed to rest there.
“Good, now find the red box.”
Michael looked across the screen, the mouse icon following his eye until he found the red box.
“Excellent. Now let’s do a little more. Find the word menu and click the mouse.”
Michael looked until he found the word menu above the small box which resembled a chat box. He waited for the icon to settle on the word and blinked twice. A small box slid down with menu choices and he read them, the icon following his eyes across each one.
“Okay Michael, this is your communication interface. From here you can type messages in the box below by opening the keyboard on the menu.” He reached over and pushed a button on the screen to make the keyboard appear on the screen above the chat box. “At first, your eyes are going to get very tired as you type messages, so don’t try to do a whole lot at first. As time passes your eyes will become accustomed and grow stronger.”
Michael looked at the interface and wondered just how long he was going to have to use this. The way Peter was talking this would be his only means of communication for a long time to come. Just what had they done to him to make it so he needed to be immobilized for such an extended period of time?
“Now, if you’ll look up here for a moment,” he pointed to an exploding star symbol at the top of the screen with a small black box under it. “Before you are finished healing, there are probably going to be times when you do have pain and since we won’t always be around you to know, you can simply click this icon and get a small dose of painkiller. After it is administered, the counter will appear in the box below the icon so you will know when the next dose is available.”
Michael blinked once.
“But I gotta warn you, Mike.” Peter got real close to Michael’s face and he could smell his aftershave. “The painkiller is a strong narcotic. The computer will only let you have a dose every two hours, but that is still enough to get you addicted. Once the doctor determines you are healed, the painkiller will be removed, so don’t get yourself hooked on it. I’ve seen a couple guys do this and believe me, the withdrawal is very painful and there’s nothing we can do but watch you suffer through it as you quit cold turkey.”
Michael blinked once.
He wasn’t interested in the painkiller. In fact, other than aspirin, he wouldn’t take any medications when he was free unless a doctor prescribed an antibiotic for infections.
“Okay, Michael, I’m about to get off shift so let me show you one more thing before we stop for today. On the menu, you will find the heading “games”. When you select it, you are given a choice of several different computer games which can be played with the optical mouse.” he looked at Michael and grinned proudly. “These were my idea and I programmed them in so you guys wouldn’t get too bored. I know it must really suck to be immobilized like that.”
Michael blinked once.
“So anyway, I would suggest trying one of the simple games like tic tac toe or hangman at first until your muscles get used to using the optical mouse. Also, the games will turn off for fifteen minutes of every hour in order to prevent eye strain and headaches that can result from these.” He stood up and moved the stool over against the wall. “I gotta go now, but I’ll be back in the morning. Get some sleep and play with the games if you like. Marco will come and check on you before too long.”
Michael watched him walk out of sight, listening to his footsteps fade in the distance. Suddenly he felt very sleepy and questions of his situation no longer seemed important. He looked at the computer screen for a moment and decided he would check it out further later on. Right now, he needed to rest. He closed his eyes and waited for sleep to come.
But sleep did not come as he could not make himself feel comfortable enough to sleep. The familiar pressure against the back or side of his head when he lay down was missing and he had the ever present feeling of sitting at attention. He opened his eyes and looked at the computer screen, considering if he should dose himself with the narcotic to induce sleep. He immediately decided against it as he remembered Peter’s warning about not becoming addicted. He would have to find some other way.
Wondering how he would deal with his inability to make himself sleep, Michael became aware of a squeaking sound. Very faint at first but it was slowly getting closer and louder. He wondered what it was and wished he could turn his head to see, as he could really only hear it out of his right ear. This meant the sound was originating in the hallway as that was the way Peter had gone when he left.
The noise came even closer and now Michael could hear footsteps walking in time to the squeaking as if the irritating noise was a marching cadence. As it shifted around his position, he watched as a gurney came into view being pushed by a very strange looking man. He assumed that this was Marco and knew the gurney was not for him as there was already someone laying on it, covered entirely by a white sheet and Michael found himself wondering why the person under the sheet seemed to have no head.
“Well, well, lookee here,” he said mockingly, as spittle gathered at the ring in the corner of his lower lip. “If it isn’t the big bad bank robber who killed all those people in cold blood. Not feeling so tough now, are you dude?”
Michael tried not to let the man’s words get to him. He had been taunted by guards and even other inmates before who didn’t believe he was innocent. This time, unlike those other times though, he had no choice but to keep silent.
“So you’re Michael Chaste. You don’t look so tough.” He leaned in very close. “In fact, you look like a bitch. That’s right, you heard me bitch!”
The man’s breath was horrible and Michael found himself wondering if this guy chewed on road kill at meal times. He had short greasy black hair, an eyebrow piercing, the lip ring piercing he had noticed at first and a tattoo on his neck of a flying bird which looked to Michael like a swallow. Oh the fun he could have with this guy if he had his voice and was not incapacitated.
“So, I guess Peter got you all hooked up on the monitor since it’s pulled around now. Enjoying them drugs, dude?” He looked at the screen. “Oh, you haven’t taken any yet, huh?”
He walked out of Michael’s site to the left and could be heard moving something around in a drawer. When he returned, he was carrying a small thin strip of something clear like tape.
“Okay Mike, here’s the deal. Since you can’t talk or even really communicate yet, let me give you the rundown.” He pulled the rolling bench over and sat in front of him as Peter had done.
“Open your mouth,” he held the strip close and laid it on Michael’s tongue.
The taste was very sweet and he realized it was also dissolving slowly. Whatever it was, he liked it.
“That my friend is a treat for you,” Marco said calmly. “I know I can come off all bad ass and all but really I feel for you cause it has to be one major bummer to be in your position. I don’t really care if you wasted a bunch of people. Hell, I’d waste people too if I could get away with it. Most of them are worthless as tits on a boar hog anyway.”
He spun around in the chair, as if making a point. “Fact is, I don’t think there’s any crime in the world so bad that you should have to be treated this way, but I don’t make the rules. I just exploit them.”
He got up from the stool and headed off around the room again. Michael could hear him running water in a sink and sloshing something around, but had no idea what was happening. Again he wished he could turn his head. After a few minutes, Marco came back and sat down. There were now dark blotches on his smock.
“So like I was saying, I exploit the rules to get what I want out of this crummy job. But I really can’t complain. I come to work about the time all my friends are passing out and I get off in time to sleep before it’s time to party again, so it’s cool.” Marco lit a cigarette. “Hope you don’t mind if I smoke. I’m not supposed to but there’s nobody here at night but me and you guys.”
He sat back and inhaled deeply from the cigarette and for once Michael could imagine what it was smokers got from smoking as he recalled his last smoke. The smell in the air was actually a pleasant change from the sanitary smell of cleaners, disinfectants and purified air. He watched Marco smoke and play with the cigarette. He was a strange one, but seemed to have a certain quality that Michael found he could like.
“So dude, I guess you met Peter.” Marco looked him straight in the eye. “Is that dude a flake or what? Man, the first time I saw him I was thinking to myself, dude, there’s a weird one if ever I saw one! And what’s with that hair? I mean, come on. If you’re bald on top you don’t let the sides and back grow. He looks like he tried to jump up too fast and his head pushed through the top of his scalp.”
He jumped up abruptly and did a little dance, ending up leaning back against the body on the gurney. He reached back and patted the stomach.
“Wow, that’s pretty muscular.” He pulled up his shirt to reveal a small paunch and rolls. “I wish I was that muscular. The chicks would really dig it.”
He walked to the far side of the gurney and lifted the sheet up between them.
“Holy shit!” he exclaimed, “Man, you were hung weren’t you buddy. Talk about a trouser snake. It’s like a damned boa constrictor.”
Michael could hear the sound of slapping and wondered just what Marco was doing to the body. He watched as he dropped the sheet and walked over to lean in close.
“Dude, you were really something, weren’t you?” He smiled and reached out to touch Michael’s nose gently. “I bet the ladies loved you.”
Michael was confused. What was he talking about?
Seeing his confusion, Marco walked over to the body and whipped back the sheet. Reaching down, he grabbed hold of the bodies penis and lifted it for Michael to see.
“Man, do you know what I could do if I was hung like that?” He smiled and seemed lost in his own perverse joy. “I could have any woman I wanted.”
Michael felt wrong. He couldn’t say watching Marco man handle the obviously dead body made him sick cause he felt nothing of the sort, but it did feel wrong.
“Oh, I get it now,” Marco said slowly. “You still don’t know what’s really going on yet, do you?”
Michael blinked twice.
“Oh yeah, Peter taught you the blinking thing. Good.” He walked out of sight, returning with something in his hand. “Okay, let me lay it out for you Mike. Part of my job is to take the bodies to the incinerator here and cremate them, which is what I was on my way to do when I stopped in here to see you. Being that you’re new and all, I thought what the hell, let’s take some time to get to know the new guy and maybe have a little fun. So here we are in this damned cold ass prison, just the two of us in a plain white room with a stiff, except the stiff isn’t just any stiff It’s you!”
Michael was completely confused now. What did he mean the stiff was him? He was right here looking at him and being talked to, so how could the dead body be him.
“Still confused, eh, Mike?”
Michael blinked once.
“Okay, maybe I should ease you into this and let you know what my job is really all about.” He sat on the stool and lit another smoke. “I come in here every night and, aside from cremating stiffs, I also maintain all the life support equipment that keeps you guys alive. I mean, there’s the blood oxygenation re-circulator which acts like a heart to keep blood flowing to the brain and the feeding solutions which are added to the blood to make sure you have the nutrients you need. That’s the easy stuff. Then there’s about ten other solutions that have to be added to the blood continuously since you don’t have the organs to make them. And of course, the blood is also then continuously cleaned so you don’t get infections or blood poisoning. I’m telling you, Mike, it’s like maintaining a whole laboratory for each one of you guys and I do it all myself.” He turned and looked at Michael seriously. “If it weren’t for me, I’d be cremating all of you!”
He got up, walked to the end of the gurney and began to push it toward the door opposite where he came in.
“I’ll be back in a few minutes, dude,” he called back.
Michael thought about everything Marco had just told him and tried to grasp the point that was alluded to, but never made. It was as if he was supposed to understand something that was beyond his comprehension and he couldn’t put it all together. He had said the body was him, but how could that be when he was still right here and the body was now on it’s way to be cremated?
“Okay dude. I’m back,” Marco said entering the room. He came back and sat on the stool once again. “So, did you figure it out yet?”
Michael blinked twice.
“Man, I don’t know whether you’re just not that smart or just in denial.” Marco sat back and moved something around in front of him. “Okay Mike. This is going to be painful, but you have to know before you can be moved into the ward with the rest of the inmates.”
He held up a small mirror so Michael could see himself.
Disbelief filled his eyes and Michael wondered how what he was seeing could be true. They had shaved all of his hair off, including his eyebrows and there were multiple patches with wires stuck all about his head which ran off to a bundle that wandered away from the base of his neck. Around his neck was what looked to be a black leather collar connected to some sort of rubber sheet which was in turn fastened to the tabletop his head protruded from. There were small silver bolts in the circumference of the leather collar and there was no doubt in his mind that they actually were attached to him in some manner.
He looked from the mirror to Marco and back again. Now Marco moved the mirror back a little to give him a broader view and Michael was horrified. He could see the edge of the tabletop under him now and below it, instead of his body, was a vat of clear liquid only a few inches deep. Now he understood what Marco was trying to tell him and he looked at the man as if he held some answer that would take the horror away.
“I’m sorry, Mike. Like I said, I do not think any crime deserves for this to happen to you.” He put the mirror down. “But that was your body I just took to the furnace.”
Marco got up and rolled the stool over by the wall. “I have to go and check on the others now, but I’ll be back in a couple of hours.”
He went out the door he had first entered and Michael listened as the sound of his footsteps faded away. His mind was numb and he couldn’t think. He wanted to scream and yell and rage at the world about how he had endured so much without ever once acting in any way to justify what was happening to him and now they had done this to him.
They had taken his body and mounted his head on a plate like a trophy. A living trophy. Michael looked over at the monitor and looked directly at the painkiller icon. He blinked twice, feeling immediately as the narcotic began to flow freely into his brain, numbing his thoughts and senses.
He looked again and saw the monitor was now counting down from two hours, but still tried to administer another dose. If he could somehow overdose, the nightmare would end. But the machine refused to respond and he was left to stare blankly at the counter as it worked it’s way down to his next dose.
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Eternal Convictions / HeadGames Steven Knies (c) October 23, 2009
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2023.03.22 01:12 Shynosaur [F4M, F4A] “And How Am I Supposed To Snuggle You When You're All The Way Over There?” - Accompanying Your Perky Crush On A Vacation [Best Friend Speaker] [Shy Listener] [Vacation] [Sharing A Bed] [Cuddling] [Ear Nibbling] [Friends To Lovers]

Description: You accompany your perky best friend on a vacation. It turns out she booked only one room – after all, she brought you along specifically because she wanted to snuggle with you (and to nibble on your ears)
As always, feel free to use this, monetization is okay, but I'd like to get notified. I'd like to hear what you make of it. Light editing (including gender-swapping) is fine as long as it doesn't mutilate the overall script. And please credit me as the author of the script as that aids me on my path to world domination.
If you liked this script, check out my other ones:

Aww, finally, here we are! Well, what do you say? Looks pretty fancy, huh? I know I said that before, but thanks again for coming along on this trip on such short notice. It would have ruined my entire vacation if I had had to come here on my own! I'm still not quite over how Hannah cancelled on me last minute! “Aww, Andy needs me right now! So sorry, hon, but I can't come along!” Like, really? Andy's not in the ICU, babe! He's lying down with a cold! Harr, why do guys always have to be such babies when they catch a frickin' cold?
Huh? Oh, sorry! Ranting again. Alright, alright, I'll stop. Don't worry, I'm not gonna ruin our entire vacation with my bellyaching! Deep breath. Grumpy me: off! Holiday me: on! Hah, that feels good! I like being holiday me! Just you wait, the two of us have an awesome week ahead of us! We're gonna have so much fun together! Hannah and I had so many activities planned. Like, tomorrow we're gonna have a spa day with massages and skin treatments and aroma therapy – it's gonna be awesome! And the day after we're gonna go shopping!
Huh? What do you mean? Oh, don't you dare bail on me too! Yes, of course you have to come along! I need a new bikini for the summer and since I don't have Hannah to advise me, you will have to tell me what looks good on me.
Huh? Yeah, I'm serious. Hey, you alright? You look a bit queasy. Was it the long car ride? They can sometimes get me queasy, too. Nothing to be ashamed of, buddy! It's probably for the best we'll get to our room soon. We'll just have to pick up our key card – Oh, hi! Yeah, we have a reservation. Huh? Yup, that's us. Thank you very much! - Phew! That was refreshingly uncomplicated.
Hey, what are you waiting for? Are you coming? Sorry? No, you don't! I already picked up our key card. Uhm, I mean, you just saw me pick up our key card. You were standing right next to me. What do you mean, “your card”? Oh, you mean, like, a second card to our room? Yeah, maybe that's a good idea. I mean, we're gonna be together more or less 24/7 for the next week, so one card should be enough, but you're right, maybe just in case-
Huh? What do you mean? Yeah, of course we'll share a room. I always share a room with Hannah when we're on one of our BFF getaways. Now come on! Oh, wow, you look, like, super-pale right now! The long car ride must have gotten to you worse than we thought, huh? Ah, but don't you worry! You know what? As soon as we have settled in and unpacked and stuff we'll go to the sauna together! You will feel like a completely new person after that, believe me!
(happily humming) Ah, there it is: 103, that's us! (door lock beep, door opening sound) Huh? What's this? Ah, bummer! It's one of those rooms with two separate beds. Well, never mind, buddy! Hey, you gotta help me with this one! If we get this nightstand out of the way, I think we can just push these two together and turn two small beds into one big one!
Hey, what are you waiting for? You expect me to move these bed frames around by myself? Give me a hand! Huh? Yeah, of course we'll push them together! I mean, look at them, one of them on its own is never gonna be big enough for the two of us. So then, you take the head of the bedframe and I'll take the- What? Yeah, we have to! Okay, genius, and how am I supposed to snuggle you tonight when you're all the way over there? Now get your ass over here and help me with this bed already!
What do you mean? Yeah, of course we're gonna snuggle! What do you think I brought you for? Okay, I also brought you to tell me what bikini my boobs look best in, and to have someone to talk to in the moor bath. Huh? Yeah, we're taking a moor bath together. We got one scheduled for tomorrow twelve p.m. Sorry? Yeah, of course we're gonna be naked! Are you planning to take a moor bath with your clothes on? What? Uhm, do you usually take your baths in swimming trunks? You're weird! Now help me with the bed already!
Ha, finally! Okay, on three! One, two, three (strained grunt, sound of bedposts scraping across the floor) Phew! Okay, that's way better! So, do you wanna take the right side or the left one? Actually it doesn't matter all that much, because I'm gonna end up nestled up to you either way.
(comfy sigh while stretching) Ah, I can't believe we're finally here together! This is gonna be so awesome! Man, I really needed this. So then, how about it? Wanna go check out the sauna with me? Huh? Yeah, maybe you're right. We should probably go have dinner first. It's getting late and I don't know when the kitchen closes. Alright, come on, buddy! Let's go grab a bite! Oh, and stop looking so anxious! We're on vacation here!
(fade in of shower sounds, coming to an end, door opening) You're finally done showering? Dude, you've been in there for longer than I was! I didn't think that was physically possible. You are probably in opposition to some law of nature or something!
Oof, I might have overdone it with dinner. It's probably for the best that we didn't go to the sauna afterwards. I might have fallen asleep in there and then you would have had to carry me all the way here. Oh, but did you try those grilled vegetables? They were awesome!
Hey, what's up? What'cha waiting for? Get in here! I had a way too long car ride and a few too many grilled vegetables; I need some tummy rubs right now! Huh? What do you mean? Yeah, of course I really want to do this! Why wouldn't I? Wait! Have you been in the bathroom for this long to try and weasel out of snuggling with me? Wow! For this alone I will steal all the crispy bacon strips off your plate at breakfast tomorrow! Okay, yeah, I mean, I would have done so anyway, but now I will not apologize for it! And now get in here!
(bed creaking sound) Ah, finally! Now was that so bad? Man, what even is your problem? I snuggle with Hannah on each of our BFF getaways and so far nothing bad has happened. Yeah, well, maybe except for that one time I- oh, but that's a story for another time. Never mind! For now it's cuddle time! Any preferred cuddle positions? Like, big spoon, little spoon, head on your chest- I mean, we have six nights ahead of us, so we can try out all kinds of stuff, but maybe you have a favourite or just wanna- Oh, will you stop it already? Really, your uncooperative behaviour is starting to irk me!
Fine, if you don't wanna pick, I will: Here! (comfy hum) A good, old-fashioned bear hug! Hopefully this will keep you from trying to sneak off on me!
(comfy mumbles) Hey, what'cha staring at? Is there a spider on the ceiling? Because if so, I hope you are aware that I will insist that you get up and I will not let you back into my bed before you caught it! No? Then what is it? Are you trying not to look at me? Come on, eyes on me! (giggles) Here we go. Hi! How do you like my pyjamas? Aren't they cute? Yup, they're teddybear pyjamas. My mom used to buy these for me when I was a little girl, and I guess she expected me to stop wearing them at some point, but I was like: Why? I'm not that tall, so they actually still make them in my size, and they're super-comfy and fluffy. Here! (fluffy sound) Super-fluffy, right?
Oh, come on, stop squirming so much! It's pretty late already, and we have a long day ahead of us. We should go to sleep now. (comfy sound) Just so you know, I move around a lot in my sleep, so if you should wake up with me on top of you, don't worry – that's normal.
Oh, and one more thing: Apparently I'm a sleep nibbler. I just thought I should tell you. Nothing bad, I promise! I never bit anything off or whatever. Okay, last year Hannah complained that she couldn't sleep all night because apparently I was chewing on one of her ears the entire time? So if you have any body parts you don't want nibbled, you might wanna try and keep them away from my face or else I can't guarantee anything!
Hey, stay here! Stop trying to shake me off! Coward! Are you that afraid of some nibbles? Come on, I need you to keep me warm! Put your arms around me already! (comfy mumbles) Hey, don't let me do all the work! Hug me back! I want back rubs! This is serious! I need you to cuddle me. If you don't cuddle me enough, I might get nightmares. And when a sleep nibbler gets nightmares, they might get chompy! And you don't want me to chomp you in the middle of the night, do you? See? So then, back rubs! And maybe you could wrap your legs around me as well. I like getting squeezed a little. Why are you even making so much of a fuss? I thought we were friends. Don't you like me? Oh, yeah? Then you wouldn't want me to spend the first night of our vacation alone and unsnuggled, right? Now come on, I'm really tired. We can talk tomorrow. For now just cuddle me a little, okay? Good night!
(comfy mumbles, yawns, slow breathing, then suddenly ear munching sounds)
(sleepy, puzzled) Huh? Are you awake? What time is it? Oh, uhm, did I nibble on your ear? “Among other things”? What do you mean? I didn't bite you or anything, did I? Oh, I'm so sorry! Do you want me to kiss it better? Wait, just let me- Hey, no, don't worry! I'm awake now! I told you I'm a sleep nibbler, but I don't bite people when I'm awake unless explicitly asked to, I promise! It's alright? You sure? Okay. Then let's just go back to sleep, okay? Hey, you untangled yourself from me. Can you wrap your legs around me again? What? Why not? I promise I won't bite you again. I only do that when I get nightmares. And I only get nightmares when I don't get snuggled sufficiently. So if anything, this was your own fault for not rubbing my back enough. You should try and do better this time!
Hey, what is it? I mean, no offence, but I cannot help but get the impression that you are somehow uncomfortable cuddling with me. And I don't get it. Don't you like me? I mean, we are best friends and we have known each other for years and I did think that you were rather excited when I invited you to go on this vacation with me. You didn't have to come if you didn't actually want to! I mean, I just thought it would be nice if the two of us-
Oh. You do? That's great! But if you do like me and if you are happy to come along on this trip, then why are you so uptight about cuddling with me?
Huh? Awkward? How is it awkward? We are best friends! If you can't snuggle with me, whom can you snuggle with?
What? Of course friends can snuggle! I snuggle with Hannah every time we have a sleepover or whatever! Huh? Oh, okay. You think so? Uhm-hm. I've never looked at it that way before. So that means we shouldn't- Even if we're best friends? Oh.
(in deep thought) Hmm, that is really bad. I mean, I brought you along because I need someone to snuggle so I won't get nightmares. But as it turns out, I can't snuggle with you because we're best friends. Because snuggling with your best friend is awkward, apparently. Okay, what could we do to make this less awkward for you? Hmm. Tricky! Oh, I know: You could simply fall in love with me! Then snuggling with me would be a lot less awkward, plus my crush on you would no longer be this annoyingly one-sided! A perfect solution!
I'm sorry? Yeah, I have a crush on you. Now don't look so surprised! Wait, did I never mention that before? Oh, dammit! That would explain so much!
Huh? Well, a crush means that you really like a person and enjoy being together with them and want to be together with them more and- oh, you know what a crush is. Then why do you ask?
Yeah, I have a crush on you! Yeah, a crush crush. Whatever that means. Is there another kind of crush? Like, I don't mean the “squeeze you to the point of breaking you” kind of crush – even though I do want to squeeze you! Just not that much. Like, I want to keep you in one piece. I need you to carry my shopping bags when we go shopping together, after all!
Sorry? Oh, uhm, I don't know. Maybe a year or so. I mean, this is nothing you mark on your calendar, like “July 1st: Grandma's birthday. July 2nd: Dentist at 5 p.m. July 3rd: Fall in love with your best friend” It just, well, happens. Like, one day you realise: “Hey, I feel really warm and happy around them, and I think about them a lot when I'm not together with them, and I want to do couple stuff with them”, know what I mean? But I would say it's somewhere in the one year ballpark.
Wait, you have a crush on me too? But then why were you this awkward about cuddling with me? You are weird!
Hey, if you have a crush on me and I have a crush on you, can we be, like, together now? You know, as in, like a couple? Really? Awesome! That means we can kiss and stuff, right? Oh, hey, you're making that face again! Don't you want to? You do? Great! Then come here! (kissing sound)
(content sigh) Aww, why didn't we do this ages ago? You know what, all of a sudden I am not at all miffed any more that Hannah ditched me for her runny-nosed boyfriend. I mean, I still get my cuddles and back rubs and in addition, I get some- (kissing sound, chuckle) I call that quite an upgrade!
(sleepy sigh) As much as I'd love to keep making out with you, it's really late already. We should probably try and catch some sleep now. We can kiss as much as we want tomorrow.
Uhm, hey, honey-bun – oh, uhm, it's fine if I call you honey-bun now, right? Excellent! So, uhm, now that we are, you know, together, can I nibble you again? I can? Oh, I love you! Good night, honey-bun! (ear munching sounds, fade-out)
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