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Tilt-Shift Photography/Photo manipulation

2011.05.06 12:42 Tilt-Shift Photography/Photo manipulation

Mostly selective focus photo manipulation Some Tilt-Shift Photography

2013.11.15 00:21 Tezerel Reddit's Home for LotR and Hobbit SBG

Reddit's home for the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, by Games Workshop.

2016.06.09 20:35 DestroyAllBears The Meadows Music Festival

From Founders Entertainment the creators of The Governors Ball Music Festival comes The Meadows. A music festival entering its second year, being held this September 15th - 17th in the parking lot of Citi Field

2023.03.22 12:56 reneedescartes11 Storage Solutions for Nuts/Bolts/Fixings

Hi folks!
I'm after a set of drawers (ideally 50-60 with options to place dividers in them) to store various fixings and fasteners.
A lot of the products I see look cheaply made and seem to have a poor build quality.
Does anyone have any recommendations. I'm in Australia so would prefer products I can buy locally.
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2023.03.22 12:56 JiveBunny Flying with Film - how are you finding it in 2023?

Going through Heathrow this week and searching around online isn't so helpful now the new CT scanners have been introduced at UK airports. How easy have people found it to get hand-checks recently, whether at Heathrow or elsewhere? Have you tried getting your film developed before your flight home to minimise the risk, or is that more hassle? I know a lot of people tend to buy film at their destination, but with the cost and availability of colour film at the moment I'm also wondering if people are still doing this too.
(I did once travel with a lead bag for film and found that the security people put it through the scanner, wondered what the big black thing was, and then put it through the scanner a couple more times until I realised what was going on!)
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2023.03.22 12:56 DailyHoroscopeIndia Todays Horoscope for ♓️ Pisces! (22nd of March, 2023)✨

Welcome to your horoscope for March 22nd, 2023! Pisces are known for their creative and intuitive nature, so today is the perfect day to tap into that energy and make something beautiful. You may find yourself drawn to places near water, like a lake or a beach. You may also encounter colors like blue and green, which will bring you peace and relaxation. People you meet today may be helpful in some way, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Your thoughts may be focused on the future and what lies ahead. Dreams could be vivid and meaningful, so take note of them. Food-wise, try something new and exciting. Watch out for any unexpected surprises that come your way. As far as hobbies go, why not try something creative like painting or writing? Activities like yoga or meditation can help you stay grounded. Animals like dolphins or fish could appear in your life today, bringing with them messages of joy and abundance. The favorable color for Pisces today is blue and the lucky number is 7.
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2023.03.22 12:56 jryad Should I go back in?

I am an English teacher, well I was. I left teaching with Whales to become a missionary but got jaded with the church and now want to teach English again (kind of).
I was fired from Whales because I did a no call no show thing. It was stupid because it was good money but Whales went belly up a month after I sunk.
Should I go back to teaching?
I have 4 years of experience and CELTA/MA Tesol. I have been out for 2 years now because I don't want to work for $6.50 an hour.
What are my options and how long would it take to get back in the game? I liked teaching a lot.
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2023.03.22 12:56 MrBuckBuck (Not really) Fun facts & stats from the Wizards' 112-122 loss to the Orlando Magic

A song for the current mood - In the Shadow!.
  1. The Wizards are now on a 32-40. It was the Wizards' 40th loss of the season
  2. It was the Wizards' 72nd game of the season, with 10 games remaining for the regular season: Nuggets (tonight, at home), Spurs (home), Raptors (road), Celtics (home), Magic (home), Knicks (road), Bucks (home), Hawks (road), Heat (home) & Rockets (home).
  3. The Wizards went to 12th place, 2.5 games behind the Bulls (34-37 record) in the 10th place (same record as the Pacers, but Conference Record is worse), 2.5 games are also the same amount of games the Wizards are ahead of the Magic at the 13th place.
  4. The Wizards are currently 16-18 at home games & 16-22 at road games.
  5. The Wizards are now 16-19 in the year 2023 (16W & 19L) - from 16-21 to 32-40.
  6. The Wizards are now 4-10 since the All-Star break.
  7. The Wizards are now 3-5 without Kyle Kuzma.
  8. The Wizards are now 12-14 since the trade with Rui Hachimura (12 W & 14 L). Before the trade, the Wizards were 17-13 (17 W & 13 L) with him (in games he played), and 3-13 (3 W & 13 L) in games he wasn't playing. Overall, the Wizards were a 20-26 record before this trade.
  9. The Wizards had their 3rd consecutive loss, having a 3 losses, 1 win & then 3 losses again, after tonight
  10. The Wizards lost 6 out of their last 8 games, including 8 out of their last 10 games.
  11. The Magic finally won the Wizards after 7 straight losses, it's their first win since December 27th, 2020 - 113-120 to the Magic.
  12. The historical head-to-head matchup during the regular season - Washington Wizards vs. the Orlando Magic: 60-74 to the Orlando Magic
  13. The Wizards are now, including tonight,16-8 (16 W & 8 L) when Beal takes between 9 to 17 FGA in a single game (including 17 & 9) - making anywhere between 13 to 29 points. He had 15 FGA & 16 points tonight. The "funny" thing is that in all the other scenarios (Including when he too twice 7 or fewer FGA because he got injured), the Wizards are still now 6-18 (6W & 18 L) - making 8 points or fewer, or 20 points or more (he had two 20 points game, once 21 points, once 22 points, once 24 points, the rest that isn't 8 or less, or are 25 points or more).
  14. The Wizards are 4-24 when an opponent scores 117 points or more against them this season.
  15. The Wizards are also 7-26 in games they score 112 points or less (0-3 when scoring exactly 112 points)
  16. The Wizards are shooting 36.1% from 3PT or less in their last 6 games, after shooting 10/32 from 3PT (31.3%) tonight), shooting twice in the lower 20% from 3PT as well.
  17. The Magic scored above 40% (12/27 3PT 44.4%) after 5 straight games shooting 34.5% or lower (twice below 30%).
  18. The Wizards are now 5-8 in games Kristaps Porzingis scores 30+ points.
  19. The Wizards tied their 3rd worst rebounding night with 33 rebounds.
  20. The Magic had their season's 2nd best FT%, with 24/25 (96.0%), as Markelle Fultz ruined the 100% when he missed the Magic's 24th FT attempt (the Magic were 23/23 FT (100%) at that point - a season-high, as the Magic were 20/2 FT vs. OKC on November 1st,2022 - 108-116 L).
  21. The Magic were 23/23 from FT until Markelle Fultz missed mentioned earlier, so it's likely to assume it's also a season-high for the Magic in terms of straight made free throws this season (I've other games who had 23+ FTA, didn't find, but I want to check again).
  22. It's the first time this season the Magic scored exactly 122 points tonight, and they are 9-5 in games they score 122 points or more.
  23. The Magic were insane in the 4th quarter - -12/16 FG (75.0%), 2/2 3PT (100%), 9/10 FT (90.0%), 12 rebounds (1 Off. Reb), 8 assists, a steal & 4 turnovers - 35 points. The Wizards, on the other hand, went 9/20 FG (45.0%), 3/11 3PT (27.3%), 3/5 FT (60.0%) - both misses by Beal, 3 rebounds, 6 assists, 1 steal & 4 turnovers - 24 points.
  24. Every player on the Wizards tonight who played scored & also made a field goal attempt. Anthony Gill had his 2 points in 34 seconds.
  25. The Magic dominated the paint with 52 points in the paint vs. 46 points in the paint by the Wizards, the Wizards had 9 2nd chance points vs. just 2 2nd chance points by the Magic, and the Wizards had 17 fastbreak points vs. 16 fastbreak points by the Magic.
  1. Kyle Kuzma missed his 8th game of the season, including 7 out of his last 20 games.
  2. Bradley Beal had 20 points tonight & now he is 163 points from breaking Elvin Hayes' franchise record in points (regular-season), with 15,391, as Hayes has 15,551 points.
  3. Bradley Beal got fouled out for the first time this season (6 personal fouls), and for the first time since January 5th, 2022 - 111-114 L to the Rockets.
  4. Bradley Beal had his 2nd worst FG% game of the season - 4/15 FG (26.7%) - his FG% season-worst is 4/16 FG (25%) vs. the Boston Celtics, on October 30th, 2022 - 94-112 L.
  5. Bradley Beal scored 13+ points in his last 25 games.
  6. Bradley Beal had his season 3rd best in terms of walking to the free throw line, as went there 10 times tonight (made 8).
  7. Bradley Beal went back to his old haircut.
  8. Kristaps Porzingis had his 13th 30+ points game of the season - a career-high (he had 11 like these in the 2017-18 season & 10 games like it in the 2019-20 season), as well as his 4th game of the season scoring exactly 30 points.
  9. Kristaps Porzingis had his 5th straight game with 2 blocks or more (2, 2, 4, 2 & 2 blocks tonight).
  10. Kristaps Porzingis scored his 1,399 points of the season - keeps on shattering his total points in a single season (which was 1,196 points in his sophomore year, in 66 GP). If he maintains this, he will also break his PPG record of 22.7 (48 GP), which currently stands at 22.9 PPG.
  11. Kristaps Porzingis was the only player among the starting lineup who had a positive +/-, with +6 (though he had some questionable shots at the end).
  12. Kristaps Porzingis played the 3rd most minutes in a single game he had this season - 38:15 minutes.
  13. Paolo Banchero scored 12+ points in his last 10 games.
  14. Paolo Banchero had a career & season 2nd best of 8 assists, 5 games after he had a career & season high of 9 assists in the 126-114 W over the Heat.
  15. It's the 3rd straight game Franz Wanger scored 20+ points (20 points tonight), after scoring 11 to 17 points in the previous 3 games.
  16. Gary Harris tied his season-high of 22 points he had on January 25th, 2023 - 126-120 W over the Pacers
  17. Gary Harris tied his season-high of 6 3-pointers (6/9 3PT tonight 66.7%). He had 6 3-pointers (6/6) in the 126-120 W over the Pacers on January 25th, 2023.
  18. Gary Harris is 9/13 (69.2%) vs. the Wizards this season (he didn't play in one game), coming off 3/4 from 3PT (75%) in the 118-138 L to the Wizards.
  19. Corey Kispert had a season-high of 3 offensive rebounds, tying his career-high in offensive rebounds in a single game as well.
  20. Corey Kispert scored 10+ points in 9 out of his last 11 games, despite 9 points he had tonight - a career-high as well - he never scored 10+ points in 9 out of his last 11 games (including last season, I checked) - congratulations to Krispy!
  21. Corey Kispert tied his season 2nd best of 3 assists (season best is 4 assists), for the 4th time this season. All in all, Corey Kispert had 5 times this season 3 assists.
  22. Deni Avdija had his 9th double-double of the season (8 double-doubles are points & rebounds, and once points & assists (was 1 reb shy from a triple-double).
  23. Deni Avdija had his 12th 10+ rebounds game of the season.
  24. Deni Avdija had 10+ rebounds for the 2nd game straight (11 rebounds last game).
  25. Deni Avdija made three 3-pointers tonight, for the 3rd time this season, and for the first time since February 8th, 2023 - 118-104 W over the Hornets.
  26. Deni Avdija had 2+ assists in his last 10 games.
  27. Deni Avdija had his 10th 15+ points game of the season, as well as his 29th game with 10+ points this season.
  28. It was only the 10th game this season Delon Wright didn't have a single steal (out of 43 GP), and the 4th straight game without a single steal.
  29. Delon Wright hasn't scored more than 4 points in each of his last 5 games (2 points tonight - 2,0,4, 4 & 2 tonight).
  30. Johnny Davis played for 5 straight games - a career-high.
  31. Johnny Davis played only 4:01 minutes in the 5th straight game he was playing (18th game overall this season), the least amount of minutes he got since February 14th, 2023 - 126-101 W over the Trail Blazers. In the previous 4 games (chronological order): 7:27 minutes, 18:32 minutes, 18:51 minutes & 12:52 minutes (last game vs. the Kings).
  32. Bradley Beal had his 48th game this season scoring 12+ points. Either way, in two games he scored below 10 points this season due to an injury during the game.
  33. Out of 64 GP this season by Kispert, he was 0% from 3PT only 6 times, & 14 times between 0% to 20% - including tonight's 1/5 3PT (20%), 8 times shooting 33% from 3PT out of 17 games shooting between 20%+ to 40% Overall, he has 35 games shooting 40% or higher this season.
  34. Monte Morris scored 10+ points in 4 out of his last 5 games.
  35. Monte Morris had 8 assists tonight, for the 2nd time in his last 6 games.
  36. Daniel Gafford scored 12 points tonight after 4 straight games scoring fewer than 7 points. In fact, he scored 10+ points only in 2 out of his last 10 games.
  37. Johnny Davis was 0/1 from 3PT tonight, which means he is 1/9 from 3PT this season.
  38. Johnny Davis scored in each of his last 4 games.
  39. It's the 10th straight game of Deni Avdija without a single block.
  40. Deni Avdija had only one block in his last 17 games. The last block was on March 2nd, 2023 - 119-108 W over the Raptors.
  41. Kendrick Nunn hasn't scored in double figures since February 14th, 2023 (126-101 W over the Trail Blazers) - playing in 11 out of the last 14 games, never scoring more than 8 points.
  42. Ex-Wizards, Moritz (Mo) Wagner scored 13+ points in 6 out of his last 8 games.
  43. Cole Anthony scored 14+ points (16 points tonight) in his last 6 games, including 6 out of his last 7.
  44. Kevon Harris played 15:50 minutes tonight & had 0 points, 0 field goal attempts, 0 free throw attempts, 2 rebounds (1 Off. Reb), a block & 2 personal fouls(plus/minus of minus 6).
  45. Kevon Harris had the 4th block of his career (and season), having 3 blocks in his last 8 games (1 block each time). Now he has more blocks this season than Gary Harris (3 blocks)
  46. Caleb Houstan was close: In 14:06 minutes, he ended up with 0 points on 0/1 FG (0/1 3PT), 0 free throw attempts, 1 rebound, 1 assist, and 3 personal fouls (plus/minus of +5).
  47. Markelle Fultz scored 12+ points in his last 9 games, including 16 out of the last 17.
  48. Cole Anthony tied his season-worst of 4 turnovers. It's the 3rd time this season he gets 4 turnovers, and the first time this year (both 4 turnovers games were in December).
Tonight's food is bland like the food you get in the army. Maybe it is because we're tanking, I don't know.
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2023.03.22 12:56 JamesAndDaGiantPluot Leak in my apartment damaged my TV and mold is now present

My apartment is in Los Angeles County. Due to heavy rain, water is leaking into my apartment unit. This issue began in January, and I reported it immediately. The construction team attempted to find and patch the leak, which took about a month.
On February 24, a strong storm caused the leak to start again, this time moving across the ceiling to the left of the repaired area, dropping water on my TV. The TV made a popping sound and stopped working. I reported the issue to the manager, who contacted the repair contractors to fix the leak but did not mention the TV.
The repair workers covered the crawling area with plastic and said they would return once the rain stopped. On March 6, I noticed green mold growing behind the plastic insulation where the water had been dripping. The rain had been inconsistent, and the repair guys had been busy with other leaks in the area, so they had not come back to my place.
Monday, March 20, and the mold is still behind the plastic. I texted the manager about it, and the repair guys said they would come over Wednesday, at 8 am. It has been a couple of months, and I am getting frustrated. Is this the expected time frame, or should I seek legal action? I want them to get rid of the mold caused by their neglect and pay for a new TV, which was caused by their earlier repairs. Are they liable for taking care of this?
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2023.03.22 12:56 EasyRider363 Greek travel guides for the Peloponnese

I see a lot of requests here for advice about visiting or traveling in the Peloponnese. I live there and make videos mainly covering that area, specifically aimed at the interested traveler or visitor.
I answer a few, when I can.
I hope the mods don’t mind me posting a link, but have a look at my site, hopefully many visiting will find the information useful
Andrew’s Expat Travels
Feel free to subscribe, Mani is up next and I try to post weekly.
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2023.03.22 12:56 CMDiesel I'm going to treatment today

Until now I haven't been able to make it more than a week without relapsing and wanting to give up. Only made it this far by being broke and sleeping a lot. I realized last week that my life is unsustainable whether I drink or not, I need to do something different. So I'm going to an in-patient program for a while. You've all been helpful in getting me to realize that I'm not alone and it's okay to have to make big changes to get results.
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2023.03.22 12:56 DailyHoroscopeIndia Todays Horoscope for ♑️ Capricorn! (22nd of March, 2023)✨

Today, the 22nd of March, 2023 is a day for you to be mindful of your surroundings and take in the beauty of the world around you. You may find yourself in a place that is full of green trees, blue skies, and yellow flowers. You may encounter people who are wearing red clothing and carrying white bags. Your thoughts may be focused on the future and your dreams may be filled with images of success. As you go about your day, watch out for any opportunities that come your way and don’t be afraid to take risks.
Your hobbies today should include activities such as painting, writing, or playing music. You may also want to spend some time outdoors with animals like cats or dogs. Eating healthy food such as fruits and vegetables will help keep your energy levels up throughout the day.
The favorable color for Capricorn today is green and the favorable number is 8. Wearing green clothing or jewelry will bring you luck and success. The number 8 will bring you good fortune and abundance.
Good luck!
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2023.03.22 12:55 ChihuahuaMum1 Do you guys think I have a green tone to my hair or an I imagining it? Asked hairdresser for a warm blonde a month ago but looking a little muddy? I’ve not used any purple shampoo for months

Do you guys think I have a green tone to my hair or an I imagining it? Asked hairdresser for a warm blonde a month ago but looking a little muddy? I’ve not used any purple shampoo for months submitted by ChihuahuaMum1 to HairDye [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 12:55 Hunter_Lala Osaka vs Tokyo language schools

So I've been living in Osaka for the past 7-8 months or so and I absolutely love it. But I'm wanting to enroll in a language school because I believe my Japanese skills are not improving as fast as they could be because I'm doing self study. I believe I'll benefit better from a structured course to follow along.

That being said, I get lots of speaking practice in with my girlfriend (who doesn't speak English so it forces my practice in) so I want to find a school that focuses more on reading and writing; I want to reach essentially native level fluency (I know that will definitely take a while) but want to keep reading, writing, listening, speaking, skills relatively balanced.

My main concern is where to go. I can go pretty much anywhere in central Honshu (read as, basically anywhere between Saitama and Okayama)

What are your experiences with language schools and what are your thoughts?

What language schools do you recommend? I've done some searching already and found a few but want your opinions too.

If we go to Tokyo then chances are we'll be coming back to Osaka after a year or 2, and it sounds interesting but I definitely don't want to be in Tokyo permanently.
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2023.03.22 12:55 Jokse Looking for recommendations for a 2.0 system for 1500-2000€

Little background.
I have a TV wall already setup in my living room. It's total 2.25 meters long + 0.75m wide dish cabinet (or w/e you call, it's a giant cupboard with glass doors). So I have a total of 2.25 meters for my TV + audio setup + a hollow part that is 0.75m wide in the middle of that, that I will use for the AMP + something else (likely a PS5 in the future). Now I already have a 65" TV placed there and that takes up ~1.44 meters, leaving me with about 40 cm (~40.5 cm as far as I see with a measuring tape) on both sides for two speakers.
Important to note, is that we DO NOT want a sub. We have demoed some up to 1000€ and we never liked the sound. But even if we did like the sound - we just don't have where to put one. Sure we could get a wireless one and place it on the other side of the room, but that just sounds weird to us.
Now we already demoed some speakers and amps. Sadly I don't remember any of them, because I only wrote down what we liked the most and that was:
Speakers: Monitor Audio Bronze 100 for 525€ AMP: Bluesound Powernode N330 for 999€
The speakers we liked, because they had a decently punchy bass, and since we're not getting a sub - that is quite nice to have.
The AMP we enjoyed because it did sound much better than a 750€ Denon one (don't know the name, don't ask). It also has eArc, is very small and is also a network player (which is not a priority, but hey - it's nice to have isn't it?)
My question is: am I getting the best I can here? It seems to me like the speakers are too cheap and don't come close to being 50% of my setup cost (which I see recommended a lot). Problem is, when I asked the store managers for recommendations, they couldn't really recommend anything else with the same bass performance. But I'm sure that they should carry something right?
I am buying everything in Lithuania, and mainly from this retailer: Speakers (manufacturer list on the left, should have most models): AMPS (same as speakers):
Maybe you guys have some better recommendations for a 2.0 system?
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2023.03.22 12:55 92Codester [TOMT] Movie: Two kids have a foot race around a building.

A little kid challenges an older kid to a foot race. They take off around this large decrepit warehouse, little kid wins by a lot. Big kid accuses him of cheating but can't prove it. I think two groups of kids watched it go down the big kids friends and the little kids new friends. Later the new friends find out the little kid is an identical twin and that's how he cheated and won.
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2023.03.22 12:55 confusedgal28 PIMOs and mental health

I've been PIMO for a few months now. Initially I thought I'd be able to handle living the best of both worlds i.e. still keeping up church appearances even with the newfound knowledge I have about TSCC. Fast forward to now and I'm mentally not well. I'm still living at home with my TBM service missionary parents and am financially dependent on them while I complete my college studies full-time. I've been struggling to look for employment but would like a decent job so I can eventually move out. However, with the current housing prices I don't think I'd be able to move out for a long time.
My social circle is mostly TBMs who've been friends of convenience since I've grown up with them. I don't know how to make genuine friendships at all.
I've had very low motivation lately, so my enervy levels are horrible. I've done a lot of emotional eating to cope with the pressure of studying and my faith crisis and have put on weight. But my low energy levels have prevented me from exercising as often as I should.
I don't have any ambition or passion for life anymore. I don't have depression. I just feel trapped. My parents don't know that I'm PIMO but have noticed a difference in my behaviour towards church, as I've been less inclined to attend activities and meetings. They have been reminding me to read my scriptures and pray more so I can strengthen my testimony, but I don't want to do this during a faith crisis. It feels useless. I feel useless.
How do you fellow PIMOs handle the PIMO life?
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2023.03.22 12:55 TrackaLacker Swim Micro Tanga Bikini Bottoms - Turquoise - S and 6 other listings are in stock at Skims

Swim Micro Tanga Bikini Bottoms - Turquoise - S Swim Micro Tanga Bikini Bottoms - Turquoise - M Swim Micro Tanga Bikini Bottoms - Turquoise - L Swim Micro Tanga Bikini Bottoms - Neon Green - XS Swim Micro Tanga Bikini Bottoms - Neon Green - S Swim Micro Tanga Bikini Bottoms - Neon Green - M Swim Micro Tanga Bikini Bottoms - Neon Green - L
As of 03/22/23 07:55 AM EDT
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2023.03.22 12:55 DailyHoroscopeIndia Todays Horoscope for ♎️ Libra! (22nd of March, 2023)✨

Welcome to the 22nd of March, 2023! Today is a great day for you, Libra. You are a sign of balance and harmony, so it's no surprise that you will be feeling extra balanced and harmonious today. You may find yourself drawn to places with a lot of greenery, like parks or gardens. You may also find yourself drawn to objects that are in pairs, like two chairs or two books. Colors that will bring you luck today are pink and blue. The number 8 will also be favorable for you.
Today is a great day for creative activities, like painting or writing. You may also find yourself drawn to animals, like cats or birds. Your thoughts today will be focused on finding balance in your life and making sure everything is in harmony. Dreams tonight may be about finding peace and contentment in your life. Food-wise, you should go for something light and healthy, like a salad or some fruit.
Watch out for any sudden changes in plans or unexpected events that could throw off your balance. Make sure to take some time to relax and enjoy the day - it's important to stay balanced!
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2023.03.22 12:55 OverallHousing9225 Managing mailboxes post hybrid exchange

I’ve now moved all my mailboxes, cleared the SCP, changed internal/external dns, and have all inbound and outbound email going via exchange online.
I have also removed the firewall rules pointing to the on premise server and removed the hybrid configuration
I have my last exchange server still powered on, but I want to turn it off (I won’t uninstall it)
How do I now create and manage mailboxes baring in mind I’m still syncing users from on prem via adconnect.
Personally I was just going to create a user in Active Directory users and computers, sync it to office 365 and then assign a EXO license and manage aliases using the proxy address attribute - is that an OK approach?
Thanks a lot
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2023.03.22 12:55 Ok-Programmer-3287 I resent my brother for making more money than me because I don’t feel he deserves it at all.

My brother has always been a bit of a piece of shit. He lied all through college that he was going to classes and then dropped out halfway through, so my parents let him live there rent free. They paid for him to go to another college, and right out of college he gets an offer for over 100k (possibly close to 150k) and they’re paying for his masters, too.
I, on the other hand, worked my ass off to pay for myself through college, graduated with a good GPA (not stellar but what do you expect when you’re working at the same time as taking classes), and despite being in nearly the same field as him I can only get offers close to 50k. I suspect my brother either lied on his resume or is the luckiest bastard to ever live and found the dumbest company that thought he was worth that much.
I just keep asking- where is my windfall? When do I get to find a cushy job that literally sets me up for life without ever having to worry financially ever again? Where is my second college being paid for by my parents, and masters degree for free from some stupid employer? I hate to say it but I hope it turns out he lied and they fire him so I don’t have to live knowing that he gets rewarded for failing.
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2023.03.22 12:55 DailyHoroscopeIndia Todays Horoscope for ♋️ Cancer! (22nd of March, 2023)✨

Welcome to your horoscope for March 22nd, 2023! As a Cancer, you are known for being intuitive and sensitive. Today, you may find yourself drawn to the color pink, as it will bring you luck and good vibes. The number 8 will also be favorable for you today.
You may find yourself daydreaming about a trip to the beach, or perhaps a cozy night in with a good book. You may also find yourself drawn to activities like painting or gardening. If you do decide to go out, you may encounter people wearing blue and green clothing.
Be sure to watch out for any unexpected events that may come your way today. You may have some strange dreams tonight, so be sure to write them down in the morning.
Your lucky food today is anything with seafood, as it will bring you good luck and energy. You may also want to consider taking up a new hobby such as bird watching or photography.
Overall, today is a great day for Cancers! Be sure to take advantage of the luck that comes your way and enjoy the day!
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2023.03.22 12:54 DailyHoroscopeIndia Todays Horoscope for ♊️ Gemini! (22nd of March, 2023)✨

Welcome to your horoscope for March 22nd, 2023! As a Gemini, you are known for being witty and curious. Today, you may find yourself in a place with a lot of green plants and trees, like a park or garden. You may encounter someone wearing a bright yellow shirt, and they may have some interesting advice for you. You may also find yourself thinking about taking up a new hobby or activity, such as painting or photography.
You may have a dream about a white rabbit hopping around in circles, which could be a sign of good luck. For lunch, you might want to try something spicy like tacos or burritos. Be sure to watch out for any unexpected surprises that come your way today.
Your lucky color for the day is blue, and your lucky number is 8. Make the most of this day and enjoy it to the fullest!
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2023.03.22 12:54 DoublecelloZeta Apathy

I'm am 16M, an 11th grade student. For the past few months, I've noticed a severe lack of emotions inside myself. I want to talk through it.
Context: In November 2021, my grandfather died and a few weeks later I got cheated on and almost the whole 2022 went by with me trying to heal. And i can say i have indeed healed (whatever that means). I love classical music and any artform in general. I write poetry as well. So in 2022 I became familiar with a few very emotional anime Films and serieses like Your Lie in April, The Silent Voice, Five Centimetres Per Second, Your Name, etc. My musical horizon also opened up with me being introduced to Chopin, Mahler, and Beethoven's string quartets and piano sonatas. I used to write poetry as well, not quite often though. I'd say on an average....1 poem every 2 weeks? Weather, natural beauty appeals to me a lot. In December 2022 my grandmother died as well. And throughout the time I was busy preparing for one of the most important exams of my life, the 10th grade boards. There's that pressure plus it was decided that I'm going to an excellent boarding school for 11th and 12th grades so i have to prepare for their entrance exam as well. The entrance is in a few days. I'm not much worried about it though. But in this process i had to almost give up on reading poems, etc. I play the flute and my current one is broken, but my parents won't buy me one because it is distracting.
Effects: Even in 2022 i could feel "something". I could feel pain and sorrow, joy and love. But ever since my grandmother's death, i can't feel anything anymore. I've been through many joys and woes, but they don't affect me. I can't compose any music, and poems have gone down to almost nothing. Only 2 were produced this year. Since last few days i started "exercising" the emotions by re-watching those films and listening (after quite some time) those pieces. No feeling arose.
Issue: Is this some serious problem? Would this cause bigger problems in future? What should I do?
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2023.03.22 12:54 Eastern_King1941 I don't speak English. Can someone translate to Chinese?

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