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A community dedicated to the times Reddit has made a positive influence in society--be it a little boy getting thousands of greeting cards or a hungry family getting pizza. It's about bringing the world of reddit just a little closer and using it's platform for the sake of good.

2023.03.22 12:48 nicheonlinetraffic1 Get traffic to your website

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2023.03.22 12:48 piracyshadow18 Severals "CUSTOM + Diecast 1/64th Racing Champions

Hello everyone from my currently rainy and cold France! I'm sharing with you several custom diecast models that I made (except for the #4 Kodak car), as well as blistepackaging that I created using Photoshop CS2 (I know it's old). I made a little mistake on Darrell Waltrip's vehicle, as I still had Ricky Rudd's name on it! For the most part, I paint by hand with a brush. I actually have very few resources and definitely can't afford to invest in a pressure gun, so I make do with whatever I have on hand, like I did with my circuit + cardboard +sand. For the painted vehicles, I used Revell paint and printed stickers. (again sorry for my bad english )
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2023.03.22 12:48 TimRosa Stand Up

The game is not made for the 1 percent; it's made for everyone else. These changes to revive farming will only affect the lower, mid-tier and upper mid tier players.
I feel that the company and some elite players are mad everyone has a chance to complete challenging content now, since it takes away profit for the company, sense of superiority and importance for the elitists.
Eternity of Pain or its equivalent will come eventually, many other pieces of content similar to this will as well, but I think the timing of this change was carefully planned, so it could be experienced by a less majority of the player base.
I did all the content, I got the REAL throne breaker title pre-nerfs, did v6, did book 2 and the difference is book 2 was fun, you could use cool alternatives for nodes and challenges, of course the content is not made for the 1% of the player base, but I think it's asinine to believe that the game as a whole is easier because of this. (Thus justifying this revive farming overbalance)
For the entirety of the Act 6, we we're subjected to such a ridiculous jump in difficulty, that it got everyone used to see this as the norm.
This of course was a mistake, because I feel this happened because Kabam started to resent the fast explorations of their new content, by YT's or high level players, so they designed act 6 in a way they felt would give the content more longevity, which ended up backfiring because people didn't just want to do it. (I feel that once again, this is the reason for this revive farming change)
Abyss of Legends was released and IRONICALLY the most awkward thing happened, tons of whales beat it 100%, yet these same individuals refused to touch Act 6, because it required a lot of time, effort, energy, skill, planning and patience that they couldn't be bothered to even whiff a fart at.
Then finally, they tried to do the same for act 7 in its beta and people just gave the up and threw the towel, Seatin released his alliance leaving video and since then we've been in this damage control, time erase, time frozen loop where things got really derailed, they had to rush 2 progression titles and with all the bugs, lags errors and general shenanigans from Netmarble, they’ve been limping ever since, fiasco, after fiasco, after fiasco.
So they went with the safest, smartest play:
Cater to the minority, going back to their stance in act 6.
Look, I don't pain or judge spenders, whales, or anyone with the pecuniary fortitude to do so. However, let's be real:
Whales: Your money is already made by Netmarble, you will spend, will play the game, through complaints, angry rants they will always be in the game, because they are symbiotically infused with MCOC, they are already too deep, that stock is safe, made and guaranteed by Netmarble.
They realized, they need to keep the elite interested and invested, the more value to accomplishments in the game, the bigger sense of power they get, by nerfing revive farming, they are effectively increasing elitism and lording over players, while the middle class slowly fades away.
Is the game too easy that it warrants this change?
This game is as hard as you want it to be, but if we’re being objective, I believe the answer lies in your roster. New content is only easy if you have all the right counters, infinite revives will not ever change this, you need all the right champs, now if what you want is to be challenged regardless of skill and playing well, like Abyss of Legends, that’s different, that’s just hard for the sake of being hard, because being KO’d just because is not difficulty, not even a challenge really, it’s just artificially creating a wall for the sake of road blocking those who are not willing to pay the toll price. This of course is deemed “healthy” by the developers.
But diligently farming items: Bad.
Spending real money to accomplish the same: Good.
Both achieve the same, because the content is designed that way.
That is such a malicious and cancerous game design, paths that only 1 or 2 champions can do, and then leave progress up to fate or just open enough crystals, spend enough, grind enough or just swipe your card enough till you get what you want. Cause now grinding has been demonized by Netmarble (which is a change that has been prevalent in all their games, along with their infamous predatory practices)
That type of content is just poison to the rest of the community.
MCOC has programmed us to think this is “challenging” content, when in reality is just flat out a parasitic game design, created to demoralize and humiliate players.
Game is in an extremely bad spot, whoever feels otherwise maybe needs to get with the times and realize this is a game for all of us, not for the elite, 1%, have it all crowd.
Play the game the way you want, don’t be manipulated by the company and disregard their attempts to do so, no deals, no money, no crystals, units for hard content, it’s time for a change. #standup
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2023.03.22 12:48 Feisty-Inevitable-54 Your Dream Home Awaits: Prestige Villa Hyderabad

Your Dream Home Awaits: Prestige Villa Hyderabad
Prestige Villa Hyderabad is a residential villa project located in the bustling city of Hyderabad. The project offers luxurious villas that are designed to provide residents with a comfortable and lavish lifestyle. The villas are spacious and come equipped with high-quality fittings and fixtures, making them ideal for those who appreciate the finer things in life.
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2023.03.22 12:48 young_and-menace MJ fans, let’s be honest. Is thriller truly Michael’s best album?

Many believe thriller is Michael’s best album because not only is it his best album sale wise, but is it truly his best lyrically?
Me personally I think that thriller isn’t Michael’s best, but it isn’t his worst.
Can I get some backup here?
(coming from a BAD lover)
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2023.03.22 12:48 daltze A little break through

I’m making an effort not to mask anymore AND not apologise for it. I’ve been working on telling people what I need in order to * do the things *
I have a really awful memory and it’s been so liberating to just say “Thanks so much for your help today. I have issues with memory and I need you to email me a summary of our discussion. “
Same thing at work “It’s really easy for me to miss your messages, so if there’s something you need me to follow up, I need you to email it to me. Thanks for helping me to make sure I don’t miss anything important”
It seems so small, but damn I feel so good not apologising for this kind of thing anymore!
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2023.03.22 12:47 kwozzies Tiel fans... Where are you based?

Seeing as this sub doesn't allow polls, I'm curious.
I owned my first cockatiel when I lived in New Zealand a million years ago.
I am now much older and am in Australia so daily I drive past flocks of wild cockatoo, lorikeet and galah. No tiels though. I went to the local RSPCA pet supplies store to get cat food and fell in love with Bird in the adoption area (he was a found bird, no microchip and clearly from a loving home, as he adores my cats and dog and is frustrated by enforced social distance 🤣)
I would love to hear your stories of how your little love entered your life
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2023.03.22 12:47 TheWorstImam Any pve only option?

I just started to playing on my console and Im on my own in the game with a 1-2 size ship and in every 15 min when I land on an Island someone comes and destroy or steal my ship, I know that it is a base mechanic in the game but Is there any chance that I can play like pve only ?
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2023.03.22 12:47 Allincavs Dual citizen help!! how can I travel with two passports?

Long story short, I have two passports - China and Canada. I'm currently going to uni in Australia with a student visa on my Chinese passport. I am planning to travel to New Zealand next month with my Canadian passport since Canada is a visa waiver country and I don't wanna spend couple hundred bucks on NZ visa application if using my Chinese passport (plus it will take 2 months).
Problem is, I entered Australia with my Chinese passport (cuz it has student visa), so can I use my Canadian passport to book the flight ticket to and enter NZ, that is, only showing my Canadian passport on the way to NZ. And when I come back to Australia, I only use and show my Chinese passport (to fly and enter Australia). I don't know if this is doable cuz I have never done it. The ultimate issue from what I see is that, when exiting a countries, the custom officer will see a completely different passport than I entered the country with. For example when leaving Australia, the customs will see me use Canadian passport, however I used my Chinese passport to come to Aus, so there's no record of entry on my Canadian passport in the Aus's system. Will they question if I have snuck into the country in the first place? Same goes for NZ, will they catch me cuz I used a brand new passport they have never seen before to leave the country? Especially if they stamp my passport both on the way in and out of the country to keep a record.
Please provide your opinion or any of your experiences travelling as a dual citizen in which you needed to switch passports
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2023.03.22 12:47 qartas Is season 3 moving a little slower than the other seasons?

It’s fine that the story isn’t really going anywhere, but so few meaningful things happen in the episodes. And everything is grinding on at an even slower pace than usual. I’ll stick with it and look forward to every new episode of course.
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2023.03.22 12:47 DreCar Help finding an old song I used to listen to? Lyrics that I remember in body

It’s in the tip on my tongue. The only lyrics I remember are a female vocalist singing “come a little close, won’t you talk to me”, “pressure disappears”, “everything’s so clear”. I also feel like the title of the song was a woman’s name? But I could be wrong. Please help me locate!
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2023.03.22 12:47 pegaleon Özil retired from professional football

Meaning we will be seeing a juicy EOAE card rather very soon.
PSA: He's a German playing in Turkish Super League. German icons and heroes might come in handy if you guys wanna pay him tributes
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2023.03.22 12:47 mursenary13 Steering wheel buttons '23 P4X

I am enjoying the truck so far. A few little features that annoy me but the fact the steering wheel doesn't have some audio controls like changing the song or station is just a minor annoyance.
Anyone else annoyed by that?
Also has anyone got the bumper assist step for the truck bed? Is it worth it?
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2023.03.22 12:46 tacocravr_ Took 30 mg of Delta 8, still feeling effects

Hey y'all, this is my fourth time taking edibles, I'm currently experimenting to find the right dosage for work. Last night, around 6:30 to 7:00 pm, I took a quarter of a 125 mg delta 8 gummy, about 30 mg.
Around 9-10 is when it started kicking in, and by 10:30 it had taken full effect. I fell asleep around 11, still feeling the effects.
This morning, around 4:30 am, I wake up and feel normal, but over the course of 2 hours, until now, I have been feeling some residual effects begin to come back, namely a sense of focus and calm.
This isn't necessarily a problem, but it is interesting and I was wondering how long this is supposed to last? The last time I took a delta 8, it was my first time taking edibles and I accidentally took 60 mg, which caused me to have a very shitty night and then a week of the most intense focus I've ever had.
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2023.03.22 12:46 mostly_mostly12 I struggle with the thought that I should have done more...but

I really struggle with the thought that I could have done more, been less emotional, given him more space, whatever. But I realized that it's silly because it takes 2 people to make something work and if the other person isn't emotionally invested, nothing you do will ever be enough, they're just looking for a reason to bail. Hence, logically speaking, I don't care if he doesn't come back because it's a clear indicator of his lack of interest.
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2023.03.22 12:46 turbokungfu I just had a very vivid dream that I was sentenced to death

In this dream, I was still in the Air Force and given notice that I had to go for my final visit about my death penalty. I was not in jail, but I had to make this appointment. In my mind there was a chance they’d decide not to kill me. In the meantime, I decided to skip the appointment earlier in the morning to get a couple of required shots because it didn’t make sense and that it would hurt even more to get my death penalty shots on top of my vaccines.
So I spent the day waiting. Some people didn’t know I was going to die, and I didn’t tell them. There was a girl who knew, and put a hand on my back and said ‘I know’. There was somebody else who I thought knew but acted like it was no big deal. Anthony Fauci was in the dream and pulled me aside. He started out saying he talked to somebody about whether or not he should attend but then he said that he decided against it because the whole process ‘could take about 30 or 40 minutes’ and kind of acted disgusted. I replied ‘Oh, come on!’ And got pulled back inside. I wondered if I had been too rude.
For a while I was outside trying to move a truck I thought I’d take to the appointment. It would only barely do what I wanted it to do. It started rolling backwards and cars were on all sides of me. I could barely keep from hitting them and the gas, steering wheel and brakes had a real muted affect on the the movement of the old white truck.
Next I was talking to some lady about my case. We had the documents about the case and it. Had happened in high school. The papers were hand written but I couldn’t make out a lot of it but someone said they had really good handwriting. Apparently, the first two years I had denied any involvement, but then changed my story.There was a link to a video of my confession, but we couldn’t watch it. I really wanted to. It was a high school party and I don’t remember much, but should have had a lawyer was my big determination.
Then I was walking with somebody through an old Air Force building. It was a girl I intensely disliked when I knew her, but she was pleasant as she escorted me to my appointment. We were carrying two suitcases, but I only figured. one was mine. We passed a set of tables where I stopped to talk to an older Air Force leader I thought of. as fatherly. I told. him I wasn’t well and we hugged and cried. I wondered if he knew or if he could help and we continued.
We went down some stairs and walked on some platform and were told we might break. the platform by a chief. They told us that there were only six platforms left out of the 21 and the plastic flooring started to crack as I stepped off of it.
As we went down my final hallway, I wondered if they would actually go through with it. I wondered. If I should tell my parents and how they’d find out. I got sad. Now I have no shirt and a door. swings open and a chubby man with black rubber gloves reaches out.
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2023.03.22 12:46 Liljendal Second try: Were identifying symbols of Kingdoms, Dynasties, High Offices, Mercenary Groups, etc., common in Western Europe during the 10th to 12th centuries, prior to the rise of heraldry?

I've been searching for information on the precursor to standardized heraldry in Western Europe (Eastern Europe and Muslim dominated areas work too), but have had little luck finding any information. I don't have access to a University database or similar, and my library only has local history and very few history books in English. The internet proved very unhelpful, even when trying to find simplistic information.
Most places I scoured agreed that heraldry really began in popularity around the middle of the 12th century, becoming established in the 13th century (the Wijnbergen Armorial was compiled in the latter half of the 13th century). Most of these sources also say that personalized symbols were not common until the mid 12th century at least, and then spread very quickly. I find it very odd that in less than a century you go from having near no tradition (according to the few places on the internet I could find) to an established rich tradition of heraldry.
The Pope carried a standard. I believe the crusaders during the First Crusade wore/carried some symbol of their faith. Ancient Rome had standards and banners. Insignias have a very long history, and I believe, were used in the time frame I mentioned. Decorating shields with paint was common among the Norse, and shield designs are seen on shields in the Bayeux tapestry. I'm certain I've come across mentions of Western European Monarchs bearing standards in the 11th century, but couldn't find it as a reference. Yet, information I could find stated that the painted shields on the Bayeux tapestry was nonuniform and was likely not used in an identifying manner of the bearer's status or allegiance.
I find it difficult to believe that there was little to no tradition in Western Europe during that time for heraldic-esque symbols, even if it was not a uniform tradition in Christendom as it would later become.
Did these symbols act and look very different to the heraldry that replaced them? Was there perhaps nothing to replace? Is heraldic tradition a simple evolution of earlier traditions?
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2023.03.22 12:46 esqqerv Sophia Leone is a hot little number that looks very sexy in yoga Pants

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2023.03.22 12:46 waytoplant-ann How can we help local businesses?

I have lived in Canterbury for about 2 years now. It's not a long time but the amount of businesses that have come and gone in that time is insane. Some of my favourite independent shops doing good food, good vibes, and good work for the community.
To name a few: The Big Drum, Bramley's, The Dog Store, Pork and Co
What is going on? I assume it is the rent, but I am just appalled at how we can have 5 different vape stores on the high street and yet some genuinely inclusive and lovely businesses are being shut down. Can the council do anything here? What can we do?
Mini rant, just sad and frustrated.
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2023.03.22 12:46 Valuable_winter3821 Weird Killer concepts I thought of before sleeping.

I'm using the web on phone so if everything is stacked together and hard to read, I apologize. Anyway.
This is probably a dumb concept but imagine if we had a killer who could shapeshift and turn into things like totems, for a limited amount of time (or no time limit, but you can't move.) Would be funny if a survivor comes to cleanse you but get jump scared.
Also am I the only one thinking we need a vampire in this game? May sound cliche, but I think it could be cool. They can have a power of turning into a bat to move around quickly, or maybe walk on the ceiling (I'm shit posting at this point lol) I liked to add something about survivors bleeding, but Oni already has that.
Or a scarecrow. There are several scarecrows across the map, it can teleport between them and look around, jump out of it to hunt survivors. I actually like this one.
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2023.03.22 12:46 Specific_Anybody_939 clear liquids from nipple?

hey guys! FTM here, 20 weeks tomorrow I squeezed my nipple today and a little droplet of clear liquid came out, is this normal? have any of you experienced this? i’m excited to see the boobies lactate but have heard it doesn’t happen until later
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2023.03.22 12:46 Asleep-Childhood-471 What Are The Causes and Treatment of Acid Reflux?

What Are The Causes and Treatment of Acid Reflux?
Having heartburn or acidic reflux once in a while is not an unusual thing. But, some people face the burning, bleach and discomfort every single time when they eat anything. Commonly, the muscular tube in our throat that allows the food to pass into the stomach from your mouth and then shuts itself down to stop coming food back again is called the oesophagal sphincter.
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