Carbide burr for aluminum

When do you count 1st click?

2023.05.28 17:53 MackieGalvez When do you count 1st click?

I dunno if this sounds like a noob question. Ive had my C40 for a few months now, done a few cleaning cycles already, and clicking back to "0" has always stressed me out. Haha
From here do you count zero clicks?
A) from the tightest setting (no tighter movement possible on the clicker)
B) from the moment the burrs don't allow any movement (which is 2 or three clicks looser than A)
Thank you!
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2023.05.28 17:52 Cheesypower Wings of Freedom - Part 12

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Even almost a week later, Yegel was still soaring on the hope from that day. A weight on his eyes that he'd never even noticed had been lifted, leaving him more alert and awake, the whole world more vibrant and colorful.
Of course, the morning after had brought clarity- and an additional helping of stress. Having had the time to calm down and examine it, he was realizing that the fact he now saw humans as people was dangerous- especially with such an important and dangerous screening coming up. If he accidentally sympathized too much in one place, or had a reaction that he would never have had before...
...He still couldn't bring himself to regret it though. Even the fading of his emotional high hadn't erased what felt like an important revelation- that he no longer thought of humans as predators with interesting quirks, but as real, actual people, with true empathy and sapience. They were still predators, still alien in ways he couldn't understand- but now, that didn't feel like the same kind of impenetrable barrier that it used to be.
Still, now he had to be even more careful going forward- regardless of it being the truth, nobody else would believe him about a predator species being fully sapient and civilized. If anything, trying to convince anyone would get him institutionalized- and he was already fighting far too hard to keep himself out of those nightmare-makers for as long as he could manage. At least with humanity being extinct, the topic was unlikely to come up, but he hadn't made it this far in life without preparing for even the unlikely.
Caution was still warranted though, and so he'd been spending his time preparing and watching the manifests for incoming ships- so when he saw a group of scowling figures approaching him from behind at lunchtime, it was less of a shock and more the realization of inevitability.
Exterminators. Just what he needed to deal with today.
Sighing quietly, he fought down the rising panic and instinctive urge to run, and instead pretended not to notice the approaching officers- running never did any good, and trying to fight back or protest would lead to... retaliation.
Their timing was just the worst though- he'd been looking forward to having lunch with his friends, and taking a chance to decompress and relax. He'd been meticulous so far this week at maintaining his stress- other than his newfound indulgence in forbidden predator media- so it wasn't like he was scrambling to calm down. However, he really could use every bit of patience and composure he could get.
The grasping hands roughly pulling him out of the lunch-line, however, clearly didn't care about that, immediately starting to goosestep him through the cafeteria, regardless of the whispers and stares now coming their way.
"Lieutenant Yegel," a vaguely-familiar voice barked harshly as he was shoved forward, "your presence is required immediately. You are coming with us."
A bit late to give him a warning, wasn't it? Especially since he wasn't resisting in the first place. It was just theater to them- reciting something because they were supposed to, despite the outcome having already been determined. It was better to just not antagonize them-
"You know," he couldn't stop himself from saying, "If you wanted a date, you could have just a-"
A massive fist slammed into him, burying itself beneath his ribcage. The words died in his throat as all his air was forcefully expelled, his talons leaving the ground as he bent double over the grey three-toed paw.
"Quiet, predator," the Takkan ground out, slowly removing his forelimb from where it had been buried in Yegel's gut. "you'll only talk if our boss deigns to let filth like you waste our air, got it?"
Wheezing in reply, Yegel fought to try and recover the air that had been forcefully driven out of him, the exterminators yanking him by his wings and dragging him onwards. Perhaps it was good that he hadn't eaten yet- nothing there to have upchucked other than the vile spittle now burning at his tongue.
Guess he must be a new transfer, Yegel thought offhandedly, glancing up to see them approaching a familiar eating area. That would be a useful distraction from the main threat. Fighting down the pain through bitter familiarity, Yegel did his best to relax his feathers and his mind- he'd need all of it for this next mental sparring match.
Ornate doors covered in intricate patterns were thoughtlessly slammed open as the Exterminators dragged him into the private eating area, the shift between industrial flooring and soft, luxurious padding making his dragging talons catch on the delicate textiles. Vibrantly detailed paintings hung amidst sprawling vines imported from Nishtal, cast in cool, fluorescent light that made their rich colorings shimmer as he was dragged by. Even the tables and chairs were carved in the old Krakotl fashions, padding clearly intended for nesting rather than the utilitarian perching of the seats in the mess-hall.
It wasn't perfect though- spots of dull gray industrial walls poked through gaps between the wood, and the carpet was peeling in places, revealing the dirty standard flooring beneath. Despite the valiant attempts, any further inspection made it clear that this was all inserted after this area had already been built- a veneer of elegance plastered over a crude, utilitarian base.
Unfortunately, he did not get the chance to indulge in the comfortable seating, instead receiving a sharp blow between his wings that pushed him to the ground, heavy feet planting themselves on his back and neck to pin him to the ground. Iron grips continued holding his wings, pulling them painfully above his back, where they felt moments away from getting dislocated. Dragging in a rasping breath, his eyes roved to the two exterminators now aiming their flamethrowers at him, a young krakotl female whose adult patterns hadn't even fully come in yet, and a grim-eyed Gojid with distinct scarring, who at least looked somewhat professional as opposed to his partner's obvious anger and twitching trigger.
"Oh, fer Intala's sake," a familiar wheezing voice groaned in exasperation. "Can't trust you Grucknut-heads with anything, can I?"
The Krakotl tottering into the room was puffing what rough, stringy feathers he had left in irritation, a walking cane thunking on the floor as he hobbled over to a table decorated in a carving of two krakotl in flight- though from this angle, it looked more like they were plummeting to the ground. The skin around the geezer's eyes was wrinkled and gathered into such heavy bags that he seemed to be squinting at all the world around him- though Yegel certainly didn't miss the cold, calculating glint buried deep within his eyes.
"Off!" He barked, clacking his way over to where Yegel was pinned, angrily thumping his cane against the very confused Exterminators pinning him down. "Off him, you nut-skulled lunks! Bad enough you can't remember simple instructions, now you make me correct your messes meself? Off I say!"
In the face of the irate elder, the befuddled Exterminator's grips on Yegel loosened, finally letting his wings fall slack enough to make his chest stop feeling like it was stuck in an industrial compressor. Gratefully sucking in air as his rapidly-bruising side twinged, he looked up to find the his crotchety savior kneeling next to him, one wing resting on his cane as he creakily settled into a crouch.
"Sorry about the fuss," he wheezed, flicking his tail angrily at the young krakotl who had been moving forward indignantly. "Ask them to invite somebody to mealtime, and they go and pull this." A shaking wing reached out, offering it's grip to Yegel. "Up you come, boy. I'll not have you eating off the floor like some animal."
Yegel eyed the shaking hand, before planting his wings on the ground, fighting through the pain until he'd pushed himself onto his talons through his own strength. A glimmer of something oily flashed behind the old man's squinting eyes as he watched the display, snorting in amusement when Yegel reached out and pulled the Elder to his feet instead.
"Wasn't much of a request," he commented, carefully ignoring the angry shuffling of the people he knew had flamethrowers trained on him. "I don't suppose you're just wanting to make another sales pitch, are you Geezil?"
"Hah!" the old man barked, toddling over to a cushioned seat, "Always so blunt, Yegel. Straight to business, every time!" The younger krakotl female stepped forward, gently helping the grumbling man into his seat, where he sighed and immediately settled back into the cushions. "Ah, don't worry, got more to say than the usual this time- but first, got a special something for our meal."
With a flick of his wing, he signaled several servers to quietly enter the room, carrying a wide array of dishes and platters that were quickly and efficiently distributed to the relevant tables- both for the old man and Yegel, and even for the other exterminators, who glanced warily between the food, Yegel, and the officer watching everything with a hawkish stare. None of them seemed brave enough to decide what to do- or to stop Yegel as he began moving forward.
Yegel carefully pulled out his own perch, keeping his own movements slow as he settled into the admittedly-luxurious seating. Commander Geezil, the one in charge of the base's Exterminators- and probably one of the oldest individuals still serving within that institution's ranks. He'd heard the rumors about this being an unofficial forced retirement- storing him someplace out of the way when they couldn't make him quit- but he'd come to know the old man too well to believe it. He'd chosen this post himself- and Yegel still couldn't figure out why.
"Sir," the young krakotl started, giving Yegel the stink-eye from across the table, "I must ask what you are doing- you are well aware that he's-"
"Accused, girl," the codger interrupted, frilling his feathers derisively, "by a bitter fleet commander with a record of incidents from his troops longer than his crew-lists- and a penchant for lashing out at those he thinks insulted him." Seeing her shrink back at his harsh tone, his tattered feathers smoothed back down, a shaking wing reaching out and gently patting her shoulder. "Ah, it's politics, grand-daughter- a vile game of inflated egos and pointless posturing. It's like a courtship dance with a Duerten- unpleasant, filled with angry words, with a result that's unpleasant regardless of success or failure- but if you try to skip out, you're liable to lose an eye or worse, hehe."
"Still," she insisted, though much more hesitantly now, her eyes not quite as harsh as they flicked over at him, "with a list of incidents this long, however justified, you must admit it is a clear sign of a violent, unstable nature. If he were to suddenly lash out..."
"I've personally reviewed each incident," the commander snorted, swirling an eating utensil through the bowl in front of him. "Didn't find a single one where he were in the wrong. Besides, were we really concerned about his mind, we got a perfectly good doctor right on-base." His gimlet eyes turned to Yegel, the corners of his beak turned up in a smirk. "You're familiar with her, of course?"
"Indeed," Yegel admitted, keeping his wings at his side despite the tightening of his stomach as the smells of the meal assaulted him. Everything the old man was saying was already known between them- and while it might be simply for the benefit of his new underling, Yegel knew better than to assume there wasn't a different, less obvious purpose. "I've been screened by her multiple times- just like the doctors back on Nishtal, got clear marks across the board."
Her expression was twisted, clearly unwilling to accept that but unable to think of an adequate rebuke for it. "All the same," she started, shifting her wings to roll the fuel tank for her flamethrower from side to side, "I'm uncomfortable with this- it's dangerous to be eating with a predator, especially alone. Just because we're in the room doesn't mean we'll be able to react in time."
The old man's features wrinkled as he scowled, beak half-open, when Yegel jumped on the opportunity. "Actually, I agree," he stated, taking a bit of mischievous glee in the way their expressions popped in shock. "I would feel much safer if someone was sitting with us, to keep me safe."
Beak dropping open, her gaping expression twisted between shock and indignation as she choked at such blatant disrespect- but whatever retribution she thought to unleash was cut short as the old krakotl burst into loud, wheezing laughter, his bony wings thumping against the table as he howled in glee, making the dishes rattle dangerously. His laughter echoed through the room, to the visible discomfort of every other exterminator, half of them sinking back down from where they'd half-risen from their seats.
"Cheeky to the last, you are!" he barked, clutching his chest as he giggled dry, crackling chortles. "Ah, you have a point- best you sit with us, my dear- get introduced with- with this handsome young fella. Yegel, this is Lialu, daughter of my firstborn, and as you can see, the unfortunate inheritor of the branch up his bum." Kalina squawked indignantly, raising a wing as if to smack his shoulder in retribution, but her eyes flicked to Yegel as she paused, slowly settling back into a tense at-ease stance. "You might be working together someday- and if things go well, maybe a little more than that, hehe!" The sour twisting of her cheeks showed exactly what she thought of that idea.
"I'm flattered," Yegel droned dryly, "but I think if she hasn't even gotten her adult patterns, then that's far too dangerous for me."
"As if I'd be interested in such a disgraceful troublemaker in the first place!" she snapped right back, wings half-raised in a gesture of disgust. "tarnishing my career so early would be pointless- and I have no interest in such distractions anyways!"
"Bah, you're fourteen already, better that you start looking for a partner now," the geezer griped, ignoring the way she rolled her eyes uncomfortably. "This work's dangerous, girl- you can't plan for the future as if it's guaranteed, or else you'll find you've missed out." His eyes went a bit glassy and unfocused, staring off into the walls in an melancholic reminiscence. "Regret's a heavy thing to bear, and the years are never kind..."
The two younger krakotl shifted uncomfortably as silence fell, glancing between each other uncomfortably as he lapsed into old memories only he could see. Yegel was silently thankful for the break- these gaps in the old man's train of thought were the only thing that made these conversations manageable.
Unfortunately, Yegel's stomach decided to interject by gurgling it's frustration at being empty, snapping the greying elder out of his thoughts as his gaze snapped across the table. Yegel fought back the urge to flinch, if only barely- and even that was enough for the old man's eye to sparkle with something that made Yegel's skin crawl beneath his feathers.
"Ah, I've been distracting you with my yammering, haven't I?" the Head Exterminator apologized, gesturing grandly towards the array of filled dishes. "Go on, eat up boy- you've got a busy day ahead of you after all!" His wrinkled wing-hand receded from gesturing, and patted the young female on the shoulder. "You too, grand-daughter- gotta keep your calorie intake up to maintain those muscles- gear's heavy, and always getting heavier!"
Whatever his tone and attitude might have suggested, Yegel already knew that it wasn't a request. Gritting his beak, he delicately scooped up a bowl of thick, viscous algae, and methodically poured some into his beak.
Silty and clinging to his tongue, Yegel knew intellectually that this was a high-quality blend- that the consistency and density of the meal spoke of great care taken in the growing, filtering, and preparation of this dish- completely unlike the usual clumpy, soil-tainted slop served in the cafeteria. It was the sort of dish that must be incredibly expensive, even ignoring how far they were from anywhere of any importance- a culinary treat most on the base would have fought fiercely for a chance to try.
Yet as he consciously swallowed it down and discreetly clinked the bowl down on the table, all his tongue could taste was ash and flamethrower-fuel.
"Good, isn't it?" Geezil prompted as his grand-daughter also set her own bowl back down. "Straight from Nishtal, that is, grown properly in the pools, instead of them techno-vats they got on this here base. Reminds me of when I met Laila, you know- or rather, when I first worked up the gumption to ask for her time..." The old man chuckled to himself, his eyes staring off into the distance once again. "Stars, she was beautiful- and me a strapping young lad, straight from academy- big-headed from training, yet a fumbling mess with the other sex. Took me far too long to even make a pass, and longer still to make it official- kept finding excuses, when I really was just scared she'd say no!"
Yegel suppressed the urge to sigh, and found himself sharing a commiserating look with the exterminator who clearly had been through this rambling story almost as often as he had. Maybe he'd entertain the idea of bonding with her over it, if only he wasn't painfully aware of how strongly she and her friends wanted to reduce him to a pile of charred carbon. At least he wasn't suffering alone.
"You know, we got some side-eyes because of our difference in age- I was a fresh recruit, and she had been in the service for twelve years," Geezil confided absentmindedly, a dreamy expression on his face even as his granddaughter blanched and leaned away. "Ah, but we made it fine, found our happiness- and you should too!" he shifted, refocusing on his two unwilling guests. "Ten years made no difference, and you've a difference of what, five years? Not even that!"
Yegel inhaled deeply, letting his chest fully expand as he held back the surge of emotion that would certainly have worn through the elder's patience if let loose. Releasing the air in a deep sigh, he wrangled himself back into a restrained, controlled frame of mind. "Is trying to play matchmaker with your grand-daughter the only reason you arranged this meeting, sir? Because I stand by my utter lack of interest in her."
"Ah, you know it's not, you stiffneck," the old man grumbled, shifting around in his seat as he picked through his own spread of food. "You're a perfect fit for the corps, and we both know it. You got enough fire in you to want to fix the rot in society when you see it, and a good head on your neck as well- just gotta give you the training to aim it right, if you know what I'm saying." His cane reached out and tapped Yegel on the side jovially- and Yegel winced as his bruised ribs ignited in fiery pain, unable to stop a strained hiss from escaping his beak as he bent in place from the automatic tightening of his muscles.
Immediately, the entire room fell deathly still. Where once the silence had been uncomfortable but tolerable and interspersed with the inane sounds of clinking dishes, now it was an oppressive, choking claw squeezing around everyone's neck, unbroken by even a single breath of air.
"Barum." Geezil's flat, quiet statement whipped out through the stillness, a single cracking note that made the Takkan flinch in his seat. There was no waver in the old bird's voice now, only a cold, hard surety that made Yegel's feathers itch. "I was very explicit in my instructions. Was I not?"
"The- the predator resisted!" Barum tried to protest- though the waver in his voice clearly made it more of a plea. "With how dangerous he's proved to be, I had to-"
"Dangerous?" the drawled interruption made the hulking, thick-skinned exterminator flinch back from the dull-feathered bird barely half his size. "I see no injuries on any of you. There has never been an injury from officers bringing him in to me. I... was quite clear about wanting him brought here unharrassed." A single beady eye bored into the towering gray alien, making him shrink into himself under it's heat. "Do I lie?"
"S-sir please!" Sweat glistened on the Takkan's thick grey hide as he cowered back, his seat clattering to the floor as he stumbled. "It- I apologize, I swear I thought it was necessary! It won't happen again, sir! Please!"
Yegel knew what was coming next- the tightening of Geezil's beak and raising of the feathers on his back were a sure sign of how furious the old man was. All he had to do was sit back quietly and let it play out, and it would be both a distraction that bought him time, and retribution for the unnecessary blow he had taken- and was probably going to need to see the doctor for after this- if he was in a position to visit her, of course. Geezil's eyes were hard and cold, focused on his subordinate- getting between him and the subject of his ire would only earn him trouble... and yet, as Geezil's beak opened, he simply couldn't stop himself.
"While this is all quite engaging," Yegel interjected, refusing to flinch back as every eye in the room snapped towards him, Kalina's expression one of open shock while Geezil's screwed up in barely-contained fury, "but you said there was more to this meeting than making another recruitment pitch to me, yet all you've actually given besides that was an attempt to get me to go out with your grand-daughter." His confidence faltered as wrinkled eyes tightened, glaring holes into him, but he rallied himself and carefully considered his next words. "While your... repeated offers are actually quite flattering, I am quite happy with what I have managed to make for myself, without accepting favors or handouts- from anyone."
Geezil hummed to himself, maintaining his glare as the silent room held it's breath, before his jaw twitched upwards into a satisfied smirk, his eyes glinting as the granite in them faded into a smug satisfaction of having found what he was looking for. The entire room relaxed as he leaned backwards in his perch, Barum falling to the floor and trying to muffle the sounds of his heaving for breath. The gentle clinking of dishes and silverware once more filled the room in a very deliberate attempt at making noise, covering up the previous tension with artificial ease. Kalina was giving Yegel a look- not the pure disgust from earlier, but something confused, as if he were a particularly perplexing puzzle-game, or a problem that had suddenly reached an unexpected solution.
"You really can't help yourself, can you," Geezil noted approvingly, glancing over at his grand-daughter's reaction before nodding at Yegel- and making a jerking motion at Barum, who gulped and pulled himself off the floor, quietly hurrying his way out of the room. "So, I uh..." the light in his eyes faded, his beak clacking shut as he rapped his talons against his perch. "I, uh, huh... hmmm. There was, actually something else... Bother me, where were we? I can't remember..."
"I believe," Yegel commented dryly, fighting to keep his own breathing even, "That I was once again saying how content I am with my current position, and that even this doctor being imported just for me isn't enough for me to leave everything behind and run into the Exterminator Corps."
"Ah, right, right," he nodded, snagging on to the lead Yegel had thrown him, before pausing and looking out over the room. "I do respect what you've managed on your own," he finally admitted, setting his bowl to the side, "But this time... this doctor, he's not exactly playing fair. This is politics, the nasty sort- where he's going to do everything he can to make you disappear. Unless, of course..." reaching into his own pouch, he shakily produces a holopad that he slides over to Yegel, displaying a series of documents- and a prominent line for signatures. "You take an alternative. Sign up, and it'll be our own docs who do your eval- and you'll clear their tests just fine, I think. Might not be your ideal career path- but I'm loathe to let such a promising young man get screwed by Old-Molts with thin egos and sharp talons."
Yegel's first instinct was to push the pad away, to reject it like he usually did- but now, he paused, expression screwed up in conflict. A part of him was tempted- severely tempted- to accept- the part of him that was still terrified of the looming threat, that wanted to run somewhere-anywhere- and hide until this whole twisted situation just went away.
Was he being selfish, rejecting an offer like this? Wouldn't the right thing to do be to accept and guarantee he stayed alive, like Jelliba and Kallik so desperately wanted? Why take the risk, when safety was right here, just a signature away- something that would guarantee him the chance to see what Jelliba's final design would look like, to see Kallik climb through the ranks like Yegel knew he someday would? Was it pride that stayed his talons, or was he simply afraid of change?
"Seriously?!" his granddaughter hissed, clearly taken aback, unaware of Yegel's silent internal debate as she rounded on her grandfather angrily. "That's why he's here? So we can just ignore his entire history of warning signs, just because you like him? With a record like his-"
"-He'd fit right in," he finished for her, eyes narrowed in a disappointed glare that had her beak snapping closed as she shrunk back into her perch. "I know you ain't seen most of it, Lialu, but most of our recruits aren't exactly got glistening feathers. Heck, lots of our older recruits got worse on their record! It's half the point of the training regimen, to file down the burrs in their talons, make something useful from them."
File down the burrs... Was he really willing to accept what that entailed? What parts of himself would he need to sacrifice, if he went down this road? What would he become, on the other side of whatever training they had in store for him?
Would he still be Yegel?
Inhaling deeply through his beak, Yegel grasped the pad, which felt far heavier than it should... and gently slid it back over to Geezil.
"If I accepted now, that would practically be an admission of being sick," Yegel breathed, his heart pounding heavily within his chest. "I... am going to see this through- I will pass this evaluation, no matter what he throws at me- and then!" Finally, he looked Geezil in the eye, firming his own resolve as he squared his shoulders. "Then, and only then, will I consider your offer."
Geezil watched on, the burning tongues of some dark flame flickering behind his ancient eyes. When Yegel stood strong, his feathers crinkled into an amused display, even as he shook his head in mock disappointment. "Ah, you really are a fine young lad," he sighed mournfully, rapping his cane against the table. "Are you sure? The doctor arrived only an hour ago in port- this is your last chance, before we have to take you to your evaluation. And without anyone having requested the extra security of one of my officers, why, this might be the last time we see each other!"
Ah. So that was the old geezer's game. Yegel pushed down the rising surge of fear, quivering in his perch as he forced himself to meet the elder's gaze. "Then I'll go ahead and invite you myself- I'm more than happy to have an audience to me proving my innocence."
The old bird's beak twisted into an ugly grin. "I am sure you do. Lialu, go ahead- consider this a learning experience for the future, hmn? Now, I won't waste any more of your time- so off you go!"
The scraping of seats being pushed out was all the warning Yegel got before he was grabbed and pulled from his seat. "Hey, hey, gentle with him, you hard-headed brutes!" Scoffing, Geezil pushed himself back in his seat, glaring at his Exterminators as Yegel was unceremoniously dropped.
"So, you planned this all out in advance, didn't you?" Yegel guessed, pushing himself to his feet- and wincing as his side twinged in pain, reminding him of the rapidly-swelling bruise.
"Dunno what you mean," Geezil denied in faux apology, as his granddaughter gaped between the two of them, clearly lost on what was happening. "Figured you needed a chance to make the right choice- or failing that, a decent last meal." Waving his wing in disappointment, he gestured towards the door- which Yegel found himself getting rapidly pushed towards. "Good luck, lad- I hope to see you again someday!"
"Don't worry, sir," Yegel snapped back, shouldering away from his escorts and refusing to look back. "I'll be back sooner than you think."
The doors slammed shut behind his escorts, reflecting the young female's confused, conflicted gaze as she strode alongside him- Yegel felt a moment of pity for the young girl, who the geezer had clearly thrown into the deep end on purpose. Hopefully she caught onto the game soon, otherwise she'd end up as somebody's tool- though maybe it was already too late for that.
Stomach roiling at the thought of what lay ahead, Yegel couldn't help the feeling of regret for not taking the escape offered to him- sure it wouldn't be ideal, but he owed it to the people most important to him to make sure he stuck around a little longer. Why he'd rejected it... he couldn't quite put it into words, only a feeling that it would have been... wrong, somehow.
The cafeteria murmured again as he was led through the mealtime crowd, catching the panicked gazes of his friends across the room. Kallik was halfway out of his seat before Yegel carefully gestured back, tapping his wing against his throat- and watching his friend slowly settle back down, Kallik's eyes growing focused as he turned and strode towards a different exit, vanishing into the distance as Yegel was dragged through a set of doors out into a cold, grey hallway.
Clenching his gullet, he carefully felt out around Kallik's gift- safely stored within his throat. The creeping tendrils of terror within his mind were growing stronger, but he chose to have faith in his friend- and resolved to make sure his efforts were not wasted.
He'd find a way through- he just had to keep moving forward.
one week earlier...
Once he'd had the chance to compose himself, Yegel returned to his viewing- he wanted to see what happened next, after such a massive shift in the struggle now that Eren had actually earned them a victory.
Despite that, Armin's narration pointed out that too many lives had been lost for any celebrations to be in order- a sentiment that Yegel understood, but... well, he wasn't as surprised to to see it from the humans anymore. Imagine, it wasn't long ago that he'd have been expecting them to revel in the carnage like other predators, uncaring of the toll in lives- yet here they were, deeply affected by the loss of so many friends and comrades, and instead of being baffled by it, Yegel completely understood their response.
Oh, and they'd taken advantage of their unique situation to even capture two of the smaller titans, presumably for study- which, given Eren's sudden new powers, was probably something that needed more study than initially presumed. Thankfully the restraints seems pretty extensive, so hopefully they could keep the monsters contained- but still, imagine being the poor soul tasked with keeping them locked down! Hopefully it wouldn't take long for them to get what they needed and dispose of the creatures.
Of course, with victory came the morbid task of cleaning up the aftermath- and not in the way anyone else in the Federation would believe if he told them. Gathering up bodies as respectfully as they could, instead of devouring them on the spot? He'd be hard-pressed to convince anyone he was telling the truth!
Wait... Marco?!
When did Marco die?! Yegel thought he'd gotten away after saving Jean! Maybe it was in the push to get Eren to the gate? Geez, and Jean was the one to find him- Marco had been so supportive of him, despite Jean's fear and self-doubts, always willing to give a word of encouragement and affirm Jean's place as leader... and now he was gone, with Jean being forced to help the cleanup crew's by giving Marco's details...
The female doctor brought up something Yegel hadn't considered- that the reason for the urgency of their cleanup was because of the risk of an epidemic breaking out. The dead had been left too long, and now there was a risk of a secondary disaster if the humans didn't hurry. Yegel had never really considered something like that- meat was meat to predators, wasn't it? The Arxur never seemed to mind eating bodies they stumbled across, so he'd somehow assumed that diseases like that weren't a concern for predators.
Just another area where the humans proved their difference from the greys, he supposed.
Thankfully, the camera hadn't focused on Marco's corpse for too long, so Yegel was able to contain his urge to gag, focusing in on Jean and his emotional response- and how expressive human faces were, even when covered by face-masks to protect themselves from germs and contamination. Of course that was when the scene shifted to Sasha and Connie, helping to clean up a massive ball of... flesh... that apparently titans upchuck when they're too full, since they don't actually have a digestive track... and a closeup showed a human mouth inside, still opened in a silent scream...
Yes, hello wastebin, been a moment since we last met, how have you been? Don't mind me, just emptying my stomach again!
...Yegel didn't like Sasha- she was clearly the most "predatory" of the humans- but at least here, the disgust and horror on her face showed that there were lines even she wouldn't cross.
Even Annie, the stoic female who never seemed to show emotion, was shaken- standing over a body, apologizing over and over again, before Reiner pointed out that contrition did the dead no good, and that they needed a proper burial. So the humans buried their dead? That was kind of similar to Gojid traditions for honoring the dead, burying them in vast family crypts.
But, why did the scene shift to a fire burning? What were they-
So that's what those grey flakes that had been falling everywhere were. Yegel had kind of been wondering about that.
So, they didn't even have time to give proper burials to everyone.
Yegel forced himself to take a deep breath, rubbing the sides of his head as he exhaled. He'd say it was similar to Krakotl death rites, purifying the body to drift through the divine winds of Nishtal, to be carried away to Intala's realm, but... in this context, it clearly must have been desperation and urgency rather than a matter of respect.
...Intala, please watch over them.
...Thankfully, the perspective then shifted back to Eren- who was now locked up in a cell deep underground, and chained to a bed. Understandable precautions- his powers were clearly still volatile, and the last thing the humans needed to deal with was a rogue titan wandering around.
Commander Erwin and Captain Levi were outside his cell, watching him. Erwin asked if he had any questions- which, well, Yegel obviously had several, but Eren was still disoriented from waking up. Which made sense, given how much using his power seemed to take out of him- he must have been exhausted after carrying that boulder for so long.
Erwin proceeded to ask about the key that had held such importance- and the secret that was apparently hidden beneath Eren's house. Eren confirmed, and Levi scoffed about how it must suck to have your dad and your memories MIA at the same time- unless it was just a cover story. Which- was a reasonable concern, but... was that what Yegel sounded like to other people?
At least Erwin confirmed that they knew Eren had no reason to lie- and proceeded to ask Eren what he wanted- what his intentions were. After all, to reach the cellar, they'd need to seal the breach in the other wall like they'd done in Trost- which required Eren's special power. Apparently they'd even conjectured that the Colossal and Armored titan must be like Eren- titans piloted by people?! Which did make sense- the Bad Humans probably had an easier time developing and using titan powers, since they weren't trying to fight or resist their predator instincts. That also would explain their motive- killing all the good humans would mean the bad humans would win, and be able to rule as dominant predators like the Arxur did.
...Was there a group of good Arxur once, that lost their own fight with the Arxur Yegel knew?
NO. No, that was impossible- there was no way the greys had ever had anything good within them- they were monsters through and through! Good Arxur? Ridiculous- just because humans were an insane enigma that broke every rule as if they were intentionally trying to didn't mean the same applied to other predators!
Unless of course, the good Arxur had all been killed-
No. NO. Yegel was not going down that path of madness! He was not!
...Erwin expanded on his statement, saying that was why he asked Eren's intentions- because Eren could save "us," presumably meaning the good humans. Eren initially said he didn't know- but then his past, his memories, all flooded through his head- his inner voice angrily declaring that he would stop this with his bare hands! When Levi pressed for an answer, Eren looked up with a downright deranged grin- and declared that he wanted to kill all the titans- every last one.
So that's how Eren turned out different- he'd aimed his instincts towards the monsters, and become obsessed with wiping out the titans, instead of wanting to consume humans like every other titan did. That said something about Eren's mental fortitude- and why he still had difficulties with his power. Actively twisting your instincts like that must cross a few wires, leaving him needing to actively learn things instead of simply doing what came naturally.
Levi seemed to like that answer, a gleam entering his eyes as he approached Eren's cell and announced that he'd take responsibility for him. Not that he implicitly trusted him, but that he trusted his abilities to kill Eren if necessary. He offered Eren congratulations, officially welcoming him as a new member of the Scouting Corps- and told Erwin to let the higher-ups know.
And then announced that, despite this meeting, Eren wasn't out of the woods yet- as he was going to stand trial, where they'd need to argue against him simply being killed.
Because of course it couldn't be that simple.
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2023.05.28 17:44 adhd-weeb my cousin sexually assaulted me my whole life and when i finally spoke up, my relatives still defended him.

let’s call him mauricio. i don’t even remember when it started, i just know my earliest memory of it was when we were about 2 or 3. we were in my mothers bedroom at my grandmothers house. everyone was in the backyard barbecuing when he starts kissing me and sucking on my face. he told me we were “loving each other.” i didn’t know what that was and i thought it was funny, until my mom shouted at us through the window and asked what we were doing & i responded saying we were loving each other. my mom immediately ran inside and up the stairs and discovered him all over me with a red face and my hair messed up. she got very upset, but his parents just laughed it off and said it was an innocent thing. after that it didn’t happen for a while, until one day he started kissing me again. i finally got to an age where i realized what was happening was wrong and i told him that. he said it was totally normal and that he loved me. when all of our cousins were there he would suggest playing hide and seek in the dark so he could kiss me and grope me without anybody seeing. he would ask all of our parents for sleepovers so he could slip his hand under my shirt as i tried to sleep. if pretend to be asleep and he would grab my hand and put it on his penis and start rubbing. as we got older, the more scared i got. because he got bolder with the things he’d do. as we got older, he got stronger. he was in football his whole life and once he hit puberty, i couldn’t fight back anymore. one time i was chilling in my room and he jumped on top of me and started grinding on me and i was screaming at him and trying to pjs him off, but i couldn’t. he only got off because he heard out other cousin coming, let’s call him alexander. he came in laughing and asking why i was making so much noise, HE made up a lie and they both laughed at me for it. i picked up a spray deodorant in an aluminum can and threw it at his head as hard as i could. he laughed at me and said it didn’t hurt. my other cousin (they were inseparable) looked at me like i was crazy. one night we all stayed at alexander’s house, i thought i was safe. alexander’s house only had one bathroom, and the lock was broken. so one day mauricio convinces his little brother and alexander that it would be a good idea to go into the bathroom while i was showering and dump a bucket of cold water on me and record it. they do it. i get mad. i cry. alexander cries and says he doesn’t know why he did it and he knows it was wrong. years go by and i don’t go back home due to medical problems i was going through. i finally go back. i’m about 17 years old. let me just clarify beforehand that i am not a skinny girl. i’ve always been the chunky cousin. i’m 5’8” and i’ve got chunky arms and i’m strong. apparently not strong enough. i went to my grandmothers house for the holidays. i was asleep in my room. with the door LOCKED. i wake up to the feeling of someone on top of me moving back and forth with their hands in my shirt. i can feel his hardness in between my legs. i immediately try to stop him and try to wiggle out from under him. i kick my legs. i try to push him. he pins my legs down and covers my face with a pillow so that they can’t hear me screaming. he tells me that he’ll get off if i stop screaming and stay still. i do and he gets up. he starts teasing me and asking if i liked it until he hears my mom coming upstairs. he smirks and walks out and goes downstairs to eat breakfast as if nothing happened. that always made me so angry. how he could act like everything was perfectly fine. he would always tell me he loved me and nobody else could have me and that he was gonna love to the US where it was legal to be married to your cousin. i thought he was crazy. but i was so terrified of him i couldn’t bring myself to tell anybody. i also knew he was the star of my family. the first male grandson. always in varsity football. always a straight A student. i knew if i said anything my family would fall apart. finally in 2021, i had just turned 18. he was 19. i went home for the summer. it had been a while since we had all seen each other so we had another slumber party. everyone was upstairs except him. i went downstairs for some water with a knot in my throat knowing he was going to try something. i tried to run past him but he caught me from behind. he groped me and rubbed against my butt and asked me if i could feel it. i started screaming and he covered my mouth and held my hands against my back. then he pushed me onto the floor and got angry that i wasn’t letting him kiss me. before i went downstairs i started recording a voice memos, knowing he was gonna try something. i recorded the struggle. i recorded myself saying, BEGGING no over, and over again. that night i decided i couldn’t take it anymore so i told my older sister about it. after that i told my my mom. after that she told my aunt and my grandma. they all cried and were in disbelief. my aunt asked my younger cousin if he had ever done anything to her and she broke down crying and said that that night when i went upstairs, she went downstairs to watch youtube because the wifi was better in the kitchen. he came up to her and groped her like he did to me and pulled her shirt up and took a picture of her breasts. she was 12. when i found that out i had a panic attack like never before. i was so angry and i felt so guilty. i thought if i would have let him do whatever he wanted to me for the last time he would have NEVER touched her. after that, her mom drove to his parents house and banged on the door to get him to come out. he wasn’t there. he was out partying with friends. they beefed her not to file a police report because if he got arrested he would be killed in jail for being a child molester. my aunt agreed to it and said she wanted a blood test to see if there were any drugs in his system that made him act that way and asked them to put him in a mental institution so he could get help. conveniently enough it came back that he had a drug in his system that night. apparently he went out to drink with friends and he claims they gave him an opened drink and that he started feeling weird after. my uncle who always called me his daughter told me that if it was really against my will that i would’ve spoken up sooner. my grandma defended him endlessly because “he was the outcast of the family now and somebody had to show him love.” i yelled at her that my dead grandpa would beat the hell out of him and forbid that he step foot in his house again and she got so sad at me. i didn’t care. it is true. it’s now been two years since i told everybody. my mom had started speaking to his mom again. his parents and my uncle and my grandma still defend him. i’ve gone through months and months of therapy and spiritual healing so i’m okay now. but every now and then i remember the fear i felt and how weak i felt and i just want to shrivel up and die. my younger cousin and i will never get justice. he will continue to walk around being the star of the family for the rest of our lives. i will have to sit back and watch my grandmother put my abuser before me until the day she dies. i love her, but i cannot forgive her. i cannot forgive my uncle either. they both try so hard to regain my trust and love, but i can’t do it. they’ve betrayed me.
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2023.05.28 17:42 highspeed_usaf [USA-OH] [H] Intel NUC 8 Turing, Netgear CM1000 Cable Modem [W] PayPal, Local Cash

Repost. For sale, with lower prices. Everything must go. Will entertain reasonable offers. All shipping is USPS priority mail and shipping to US only. Local sales take off $15 or 10%, whichever is greater. Local is 45342.
Intel NUC8i5BEH in Akasa Turing Case - $235 shipped; Timestamps
Netgear CM1000 cable modem - $40 shipped; Timestamps
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2023.05.28 17:34 MSpeedAddict [WTS] Vortex Razor Gen 3 1x10 Scalarworks LEAP Wager Machine RCA Ti BCG GQ Carbon Handguard


Optics Package

Prices listed in bullet points are for reference only from online vendors, not parting at this time
Total value of ~$3050 + shipping, yours for $2450 shipped insured (~$600 off purchased new online)

Rubber City Armory Titanium BCG w/ Adjustable Gas Key

  • Rubber City Armory Titanium AR-15 BCG w/ Adjustable Gas Key (lightly used; finish looks virtually new on carrier, normal wear on gas key, few hundred rounds) + brand new unused bolt and firing ping
Value of $390 new, yours for $290 $275 shipped

GQ Armory Handguard Forged Carbon Fiber 6″

  • GQ Armory Handguard Forged Carbon Fiber 6″ AR-15 + titanium screws upgrade (takeoff, 500 rounds) - not available individually, only on the flagship carbon PDW - Sells for $400 without Ti Screws + ship new
Value of $400 new, yours for $390 $290 shipped
Pricing based off the 10" version, equivalent pricing as options and wholesale cost per GQ and not including cost of Ti screws upgrade
The same handguard featured on our Paladin Carbon. Ultra light weight at only 5.15 oz for the entire system. Made from forged carbon fiber mated to a 7075 hardcoat anodized barrel nut. M-LOK attachment points at 3′, 6′, and 9′. Bonded carbon fiber picatinny rail. Our handguard has an ID of 1.78″ and will fit any silencers up to 1.75″ like those from Q, CGS, etc. Forged carbon fiber is extremely strong and durable given its weight, comparable to 6061 aluminum which is what most AR handguards are made of.
– LENGTH: 6″
Please see my other posts for available items:
All prices are PayPal F&F. Dibs beats PM, send PM within 15 minutes or goes to 2nd dibs.
Absolutely no notes of any kind with payment.
I also have Zelle and Venmo available at your discretion.
Please add 3.1% for G&S or use the fee calculator for specific payment.
When making a payment please put "dibs on XYZ" if you have not already.
If you have put dibs, please send a PM for payment information soon thereafter.
If you have low flair and have previously claimed an item that I am now reposting due to lack of payment, your messages will be ignored and dibs declined.
Trade Interests:
  • Dead Air Nomad e-Brake
  • Esstac 2011 Kywi Inserts (2+)
  • IWC 45 Offset QD Picatinny Mount
  • Liberty Precision Machine Atlas / Plan B Thread Protector(s)
  • Forward Control Designs Atlas / Plan B Thread Protector(s)
  • Liberty's Defense Suppressor Cover(s)
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2023.05.28 17:28 prestigewindow Benefits of professional windows cleaning

Keeping windows clean doesn't seem to be a top priority, but it should be cleaned a minimum of 3 times a year. Many other aspects of your home rely on clean windows. There is no such thing as a bright and clean window to make your home look attractive.
Molds and unhealthy allergens in the home can cause respiratory illness and malaise. A healthy life is rewarded because it gives you more energy and enthusiasm to do what you love most. Clean windows contribute to good health and give natural light an unobstructed entrance to your home Anaheim Hills, CA., which improves the mood of everyone entering. However, keeping windows clean is a time-consuming task. Fortunately, a window cleaner in Anaheim Hills, CA., can help. These are some of the benefits of professional window cleaning.
  1. Keep Your Home Beautiful
No matter how clean your home is, dirty windows won't make it look attractive. Shiny, clean windows add to the charm and value of your home in Anaheim Hills, CA., If your windows are clean, your entire home will shine in the Anaheim Hills, CA.
  1. Eliminate Unhealthy Mold from your Home
Mold appears as unsightly dark black spots on windows and window frames. Mold grows and propagates in hot and humid places. Unfortunately, condensation on windows makes it an ideal place for mold to grow. Shapes can also form between the glass and the window frame, making them difficult to notice. Professional window cleaners in Anaheim Hills, CA., are accustomed to handling mold and can use chemicals and proper cleaning to remove harmful mold from windows and homes.
  1. Extend Your Windows’ Life
Over time, windows can be damaged by hard water, dirt, and debris. Dust and dirt that collects on windows can corrode and damage the glass. Unwanted deposits on glass, like stubborn scale deposits clinging to the shower, can accumulate in the aluminum dividers. Etched glass also looks bad and can be prone to cracking and tearing. Regular cleaning removes this contamination and prolongs the life of the window.
  1. Decrease Allergens in Your Home
Dandelions, pollen, dust and other allergens can build up on the windowsill and affect the health of you and your family. Symptoms such as headache, malaise, runny nose, cough, sneezing, and itchy eyes may occur. Professional window cleaning in Anaheim Hills, CA., can help reduce allergens in your home by cleaning the windows thoroughly.
  1. High-Quality Products
Using the right window cleaning products and the best tools can make a big difference. Professional window cleaning companies in Anaheim Hills, CA., have access to high quality cleaning products and equipment and have the experience to get the job done right for the first time. Your windows will be fresh and clean with no streaks.
  1. Prevent Insects and Pests from Making your Home their Home
Keep bees, ladybugs and spiders away from home. Spiders often consider windows a safe place to nest, but it can be uncomfortable for homeowners and their guests. They can weave spider webs and trap insect food in the corners of windows and under window frames. When flies and insects appear on the window screen, they are more likely to be prey to spiders. If you are cleaning your windows, this is an ideal opportunity to find and eliminate insect nests.
  1. Protect Indoor Air Quality
Of course, the perpetrators of window cleaning include fingerprints and water stains. But did you know that accumulating inside windows can be harmful to your health? Part of the accumulation is from smoking by burning candles, cooking, smoking at home, and even from the fireplace. All smoke film buildup accumulates in the windows and remains until cleaned, allowing the remaining smoke to be inhaled. Cleaning the windows will improve the air quality of your home in Anaheim Hills, CA., and allow you to breathe more comfortably than ever before.
  1. Discover Window Problems Early
Professional Window Cleaning in Anaheim Hills, CA., offers more than just window cleaning. They also carefully observe the integrity of your windows and point out the importance of quickly repairing loose or broken window frames, loose or cracked windows, and wood decay in window frames. If the frame is painted to close, or if the window screen does not fit properly, you need to deal with this.
Homeowners can save money in the long run if the problem is resolved early. Too many people are aware of the erosion of parts of their homes, which can be expensive to repair and require time-consuming remodeling solutions.
  1. Window Aesthetics
The appearance inside and outside the house is greatly influenced by the cleanliness of the windows. Having clean windows enhances the unique design of your home and makes a bigger impression on your guests. Natural light coming in through a clean reflective surface can also affect your mood and productivity during the day. The bright and open space makes the room more cozy and spacious. And if you're selling your home in Anaheim Hills, CA., clean windows are a big attraction to potential buyers.
  1. Safety
Cleaning the windows yourself is dangerous, especially if your house has multiple floors. It can fall by climbing the stairs to reach the high windows. Hiring a professional window cleaner in Anaheim Hills, CA., means you don't have to climb stairs or work with harsh cleaners. Professional cleaners can also detect problems that can occur with windows, such as broken glass, rotting wood, and defective custom screens. If the window sill is painted too close, or if it is difficult to open the window, you need to know and deal with it as soon as possible for the safety of you and your family. Addressing these issues early can save you time and money later.
  1. Save Time
We know that you are busy and washing windows is often a time consuming project. By hiring a professional window cleaning in Anaheim Hills, CA., you can devote your time to what is important to you.
By keeping the sliding function of the window rails free of debris and the hinges free of dirt, the windows ensure that the windows function properly. Over time, this also helps prevent future damage and protects the window as long as it can be used. It is less likely that a fully functional window system will fail. Removing corrosive contaminants from your windows will extend your life and save you money. We understand how important it is to keep your home clean and hygienic. That's why we listed some of the benefits of professional window cleaning as your guide.
Professional window cleaning should be scheduled a minimum of three times a year. Find a reputable, licensed and insured cleaning company. Check out our online reviews, ask friends and family for referrals, and find the best window cleaning company that meets your needs. If you need professional window cleaning, Prestige Window Cleaning in Anaheim Hills, CA., can help you see how good they are in cleaning.
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2023.05.28 17:28 singabore [US-NY] [H] Keyboards (LZ-MP, Volcano, Bumpers, Angel, Thermal, Singa), Keycaps(GMK Coral, SA Chronicler) Artisans [W] Paypal, Artisans

Hello friends, got some stuff to let go of. Here's a timestamp
Comment before PM
Maker Model ColoSpecs Extras? Price Avail?
Zap Cables Bumper Aluminum built with Zealios on a Copper Plate No $350 Ye
CableCarDesigns Angel Black with PP plate No $450 Ye
iLUMKB Volcano660 E-White built with Creams on a Brass plate No $800 Ye
Foxlabs Time80 RE Sky Blue wit h regular Aluminum Plate No $600 Ye
TX keyboards TX60 Antique Copper built with Creams on an Aluminum plate No $700 Ye
Yoot Calliope Silver unbuilt with Aluminum plate No $700 Ye
Singa Singa V3 Polycarb built with Alpacas on a Brass Plate No $750 Ye
Monokei Tomo Special Edition with extra badges No $800 Ye
LZ Masterpiece Silver built with Vint blacks on red Aluminum plate and hiney pcb stock pcb included. $3500 Ye

Maker Set Kits Condition Price Avail?
GMK Coral Base/Novelties/Coral relief alphas Used Sparingly, no shine $400 Ye

Artisans closeup
Maker Sculpt Colorway Price Avail?
Tokkipee R1 Blank Tidal Pistachio $30 Ye
Nightcaps R1 Blank Neon Sherbet $30 each Ye
JAK The Dude + R1 Blank Big Apple $40 Ye
Ono.Key Naru Shellbrain $50 Ye
FRUMPZKEYS Runeclack Glory $60 Ye
Tokkipee Sakura Various $70 Ye
Ko Caps Aerophant Deadpool $70 Ye
Ko Caps Aerophant Hyperfuse $70 Ye
Ko Caps Aerophant + R1 Blank Flurry $80 Ye
Sodiecaps Jamjams Moogle $80 Ye
S-craft Pokemon Various $90 each Ye
CYSM Ice Cube Various $100 each Ye
JAK Noodle Ink Stained $120 Ye
JAK Cuddles Ink Stained $120 Ye
JAK Birb Ink Stained $120 Ye
Nightcaps Eggface v2 Island Wind $120 Ye
Nightcaps Eggface v2 420 $120 Ye
Nightcaps Nest Egg ? $150 Ye
Boop Cosmo Kind of Teal $150 Ye
Boop Keywok Kind of Teal $150 Ye
CYSM Boba Various $150 each Ye
Deathcaps Bad Lucks Various $150 each Ye
Hunger Work Studio Popsi Sweet Streak $170 Ye
CYSM Keyby White Rabbit Candy $200 Ye
Nightcaps Bongoface Blackstrand $250 Ye
DC Caps Astroboy Pastel Lime $300 Ye
CYSM Olifus Hanami Dango set $500 for the set Ye
Here's an artisan wishlist
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2023.05.28 17:26 Thug-Life-1987 Looking for BASED friends. That’s the most important criteria ;) 35/M/UK Mixed Race

Yo, exactly what it says on the tin bro. Looking for Based friends. If u know, u know ;)
About me. Half irish/Jamaican. I like skating, hiphop/indie. (Extra cheesy 80’s music) getting drunk. Philosophy. Musing over the state of society. Sometimes giggling. Enjoying the decline & eventual collapse of society ;)
Bill Burr. K-Dramas. XBOX. Anime. 80’s/90’s films. Cyberpunk. Reading about history. Learning new things.
If ur similar or think u would get on with me hit me up. Bonus points if u know/like MBTI
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2023.05.28 17:25 Thug-Life-1987 Looking for BASED friends. That’s the most important criteria ;) 35/M/UK Mixed Race [chat]

Yo, exactly what it says on the tin bro. Looking for Based friends. If u know, u know ;)
About me. Half irish/Jamaican. I like skating, hiphop/indie. (Extra cheesy 80’s music) getting drunk. Philosophy. Musing over the state of society. Sometimes giggling. Enjoying the decline & eventual collapse of society ;)
Bill Burr. K-Dramas. XBOX. Anime. 80’s/90’s films. Cyberpunk. Reading about history. Learning new things.
If ur similar or think u would get on with me hit me up. Bonus points if u know/like MBTI
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2023.05.28 17:07 BoydSt Insulation and sealing around windows?

Insulation and sealing around windows?
Looking for advice on how to seal and insulate around these windows before capping them with aluminum. Currently just spray foam but thinking custom-cut rigid foam where it can fit may be better? (Canned foam behind for air sealing but it’s not good for insulation). Additionally thinking of liquid flashing (vapour open) on top of whatever is just behind. That way moisture can get out better. Thoughts?
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2023.05.28 16:55 facetime010101 Johnson's Moisturizing Bedtime Baby Lotion

Johnson's Moisturizing Bedtime Baby Lotion
Caution: It's important to remember that these evaluations are guides to potential health concerns and not definitive measures of a product's safety or efficacy. They are based on individual ingredients rather than any negative effects the final product may have. The way ingredients interact in a formulation can influence their potential impact, and the presence of a specific ingredient does not automatically equate to harm when used in a product. It's always crucial to do your own research, consider the product as a whole, and keep in mind that personal reactions can vary greatly. When making decisions about personal care products, it is recommended to consult with healthcare professionals.

Brief: This product has gained popularity on Amazon, positioning itself as a competitively priced option that appeals to parents seeking a high-value baby lotion. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that this product contains five ingredients classified as having moderate hazard levels, along with one high hazard ingredient, namely fragrance. Among these, the preservative Phenoxyethanol has emerged as a notable concern for certain parents. Some people may experience allergic reactions to this ingredient, such as skin irritation or contact dermatitis. Parents who have concerns about these potential risks should exercise extra caution when using the product.

Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Isopropyl Palmitate, Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Sterate, Cetyl Alcohol, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Dimethicone, Cetearyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance, Polysorbate 20, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Carbomer, p-Anisic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Xanthan Gum, Ethylhexylglycerin, Titanium Dioxide.

Typical ingredients description and side effects

  • Dimethicone
    • Dimethicone is a type of silicone used in many skin and hair care products, including baby lotion, due to its smoothing properties and ability to form a barrier on the skin, which can help keep it hydrated.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Skin Irritation: Some people may experience skin irritation from products containing dimethicone, especially if they have sensitive skin. This can include symptoms like redness, itching, or a rash.
      • Allergic Reactions: Allergic reactions to dimethicone are rare, but they can occur. Symptoms of an allergic reaction can include hives, swelling, itching, or difficulty breathing.
      • Acne and Skin Congestion: While dimethicone is non-comedogenic (meaning it shouldn't clog pores), some people find that it can contribute to skin congestion or acne, possibly due to the barrier it forms on the skin, which may trap dirt or oil. This is more likely to be a concern for individuals with acne-prone skin and less of a concern for infants.
    • EWG Skin Grade: 4

  • Phenoxyethanol
    • Phenoxyethanol is used as a preservative in cosmetic products and also as a stabilizer in perfumes and soaps. Exposure to phenoxyethanol has been linked to reactions ranging from eczema to severe, life-threatening allergic reactions. Infant oral exposure to phenoxyethanol can acutely affect nervous system function.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Skin Irritation: In some cases, phenoxyethanol can cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction, presenting as redness, itching, or a rash. Babies have sensitive skin and may be more susceptible to such reactions.
      • Allergic Reactions: Though less common, some people may experience an allergic reaction to phenoxyethanol, which could result in symptoms like hives, swelling, or difficulty breathing.
      • Eczema: It is also a common allergic reaction to skin exposure of products containing one percent or more phenoxyethanol. Reactions only occur in the area of application and eczema subsides after avoidance of the product causing irritation.
      • Acute nervous system effects (infants): In 2008, the FDA warned consumers not to purchase Mommy’s Bliss Nipple Cream. Phenoxyethanol, found in the cream, was depressing the central nervous system and causing vomiting and diarrhea in breast feeding infants. Symptoms of a depressed nervous system include a decrease in infant’s appetite, difficulty waking the infant, limpness of extremities and change in skin color. There is no known health risk to the mother.
    • EWG Skin Grade: 4

  • Polysorbate 20
    • Polysorbate-20 is a commonly used emulsifier and surfactant in various personal care products, including baby lotions. It helps to blend and disperse ingredients together. Polysorbate-20 is generally considered safe for use, and adverse effects are rare. However, there is a possibility of side effects, particularly in individuals with specific sensitivities or allergies.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Skin Irritation: Some individuals, including babies, may experience skin irritation or allergic reactions when exposed to polysorbate-20. This can manifest as redness, itching, rash, or hives. If your baby develops any of these symptoms after using a lotion containing polysorbate-20, it is advisable to discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.
      • Eye Irritation: Direct contact of the lotion containing polysorbate-20 with the eyes may cause mild eye irritation. It is important to avoid contact with the eyes and take precautions to prevent accidental exposure.
    • EWG Skin Grade: 3

  • Sodium Hydroxide
    • Sodium hydroxide, also known as caustic soda or lye, is a strong alkaline compound that is sometimes used in the manufacturing process of personal care products, including baby lotions. It is used to adjust the pH of the formulation to ensure stability and efficacy. However, it is important to note that sodium hydroxide itself is not typically listed as an active ingredient in baby lotions, but rather used in very small amounts for pH adjustment purposes.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Skin Irritation: Sodium hydroxide, if present in higher concentrations, can cause skin irritation in some individuals. This may manifest as redness, itching, burning sensation, or rash. It is important to discontinue use if your baby experiences any of these symptoms and consult a healthcare professional.
      • Eye Irritation: Direct contact of baby lotion containing sodium hydroxide with the eyes can cause mild to moderate eye irritation. It is crucial to avoid contact with the eyes and rinse thoroughly with water if accidental exposure occurs.
      • Chemical Burns: Sodium hydroxide is a caustic substance and can cause chemical burns if used undiluted or in high concentrations. However, in properly formulated baby lotions, the concentration of sodium hydroxide is typically low and safe for use.
    • EWG Skin Grade: 4

  • Titanium Dioxide
    • Titanium dioxide is a common ingredient found in many personal care products, including baby lotions. It is used as a mineral sunscreen agent and also for its ability to provide opacity and whiteness to the lotion. Titanium dioxide is generally considered safe for use, but there are a few potential side effects to be aware of.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Skin Irritation: In rare cases, some individuals may experience skin irritation or allergic reactions when exposed to titanium dioxide. This can manifest as redness, itching, rash, or hives. If your baby develops any of these symptoms after using a lotion containing titanium dioxide, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.
      • Inhalation Risk: Titanium dioxide particles in the form of fine powders or sprays have been associated with potential respiratory risks when inhaled in large quantities over prolonged periods. However, in lotions, titanium dioxide is typically used in the form of larger particles that are less likely to be inhaled. Nonetheless, it is important to avoid direct inhalation of powder or aerosolized forms of titanium dioxide.
    • EWG Skin Grade: 3

The grading system used by EWG in the Skin Deep database is as follows:
1 to 2: Low hazard
3 to 6: Moderate hazard
7 to 10: High hazard
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2023.05.28 16:47 Grasshopper-88 [28/05/23] Improv @ The Comedy Store

Hey There! This improv event looks like it could be fun. And my partner isn't around to join me, so I thought I'd post an open invitation here for anyone else with a sense of humour who might like to join.
Comment below if you're interested and I'll DM with WhatsApp details.
The details:
The Comedy Store has a bar & diner open from 6:30pm. But I'm up for meeting up for drink(s) or whatever nearby first, if people want to do that.
About me:
I'm 34m from the US and have lived in London the last couple years. I haven't seen much improv before but am a big fan of stand up. Some of my favourite comics are Jimmy Carr, Dave Chappelle, Ricky Gervais, George Carlin, Bill Burr, Louis CK., Tom Seguro, Eddie Murphy and Patrice O'Neal.
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2023.05.28 16:43 tdong97 [WTS] Magpul MOE+ Grip, CMC Drop-in Trigger Single Stage, Emissary Handbrake, Magpul Rail Section MLOK

Magpul MOE+ grip black (new) - $20 shipped
CMC single stage drop-in trigger (flat bow, 3.5 lb pull, comes with all the screws for installation, ~800 rounds thru it) - $120 shipped
Emissary Handstop/Handbrake M-LOK black (new) - $30 shipped
Magpul aluminum rail section MLOK 7 Slot (new) - $20 shipped
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2023.05.28 16:40 ComprehensiveTax3199 Fellow ode 2 - disappointment

Hi guys, Just wanted to share my own experience with the new fellow ode gen 2 I received 2 months ago and in general the fellow products. Spoiler: im a bit disappointed to say the least.
Fellow kettle: the first one I had started acting up after 5 months ish and temperature sensors went crazy I believe as it was always overheating a lot. In some positions the kettle was reading a temperature way lower. Coped with it for 2 years more and then decided to contact Fellow who gave me a new one even if it was after the 2 years warranty. Very good experience but disappointed into the kettle itself.
Fellow carter everywhere: an odor in it that I cant get rid of. And pouring with it just makes a massive mess. Doesnt recommend.
Fellow canister: so far so good, still holds well.
Fellow ode 2: this is actually my biggest disappointment. I have a df64 with ssp mp and wanted the ode 2 with ssp brew burrs. It’s extremely messy, the anti static doesnt work at all for me. I wtd my beans but even if i do it’s a mess. My df64 with mods is wayy cleaner. Also the retention is insane. And beans are always stuck in the hopper. Im so disappointed.
So here you go, just a point of view of my experience.
Not to look like a negative person, here is my favorite gears in the pour over space: kinto jug, ember mug, orea V3, ZP6, lotus water drop :)
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2023.05.28 16:31 Efficient-Support974 Tenant Broke Main Entrance Door. Who Should Pay?

Hello, I'm in need of some advice regarding an incident that happened in our building.
Yesterday, my tenant accidentally broke the glass in the main entrance door to our condo building in NYC. The security camera footage shows him pushing the door open on the glass rather than using the handle or the aluminum frame. While it's hard to definitively say if he was pushing too hard, it struck me as concerning how fragile the glass seemed to be, particularly considering its usage on the main entrance.
The question I'm grappling with is - who should bear the responsibility for the repair costs? Should it be the tenant who caused the damage, myself as the unit owner, or the building management/HOA, given that the damaged door is a common property?
I want to clarify that my intention isn't to dodge any financial responsibility. I am just trying to ensure the cost is covered by the appropriate party as per our roles and responsibilities, and as per the norms in such situations.
I would greatly appreciate any insights or advice from those who have been in similar situations or have relevant knowledge. Thank you in advance!
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2023.05.28 16:22 rkershenbaum Belt-drive TS Brake Pad Mod

Belt-drive TS Brake Pad Mod
Brake shoe modification for my wife's belt-drive TravelScoot.
In hilly Istanbul last fall (and many other hilly places we've been), the brakes were mostly useless for holding on hills or slowing on hills. She was using her good foot to slow down or stop, but that was a strain (and a little scary).
I cut a 1.5 inch sections of steel pipe to length (1/2 inch wider than the original pads) and cut a large slot in one side with an angle grinder. Drilled holes in the pipe section and in an old aluminum brake pad for mounting bolts. I had to file down the old pad a bit to make room for the nuts. Then I used a Dremel with a cutting wheel to cut grooves into the pipe for additional grip.
This is probably going to be a bit harder on the tires. But the tires can be replaced -- she can't be. So far, it seems to grip 500% better than the OEM parts, and the steel shouldn't wear down.
submitted by rkershenbaum to TravelScoot [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 16:14 Clutch_Vinyl_414 This Week In Clutch - Week of May 28, 2023
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2023.05.28 16:08 gurkalurka BBP + bottomless issues

BBP + bottomless issues
Have been using my breville pro at home with no issues for past 2 years. When I first got it I dialed down the grinder to setting 3 for finer grind.
Wifey recently started complaining that coffee was too acidy for her liking, so like a dope I had the brilliant idea to reset the grinder to default 6. Here where it all went to hell…
No matter what I try now, I put in 18g of beans and try every setting combo of burr grinder adjustments (back down to 3) and grind settings on the BBP itself everything from 4 up to the max and in between, I cannot control the flow on the bottomless filter. It squirts all over the place I’d not ground fine enough, or flows extremely fast though the filter like a gusher: I’m at wits end here what to keep trying to solve this. I’ve never had this issue ever. Always dialed it in perfectly but now it’s like nothing is working.
Frustrated, now just buying at a new cafe that opened 50 feet from me with a really amazing barista and machine setup but feeling defeated as hell over this.
For fun, here’s the new cafe setup - have serious jealousy looking at this beast.
submitted by gurkalurka to espresso [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 16:00 fnu_lnu_ [US-VA] [H] New Savage65 Red Aluminum [W] PayPal (Timestamp)
Brand new Savage65 keyboard by CannonKeys
Burgundy/red color, Aluminum, no scratches or dents
$250 Shipped
All items in the photos will be included when shipped
Thank you for your interest.
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2023.05.28 15:47 Inner-Description461 What I Use To Make Great Espresso on My Breville Barista Touch

What I Use To Make Great Espresso on My Breville Barista Touch
If you are looking for suggestions on how to make great espresso with your Breville here are the things I use. Having a good workflow and the right tools help to make great espresso.
Espresso Machine: Breville Barista Touch
Grinder: Turin DF83 v2 Single Dose Grinder with SSP 83mm High Uniformity Burrs
Scale: Tiemore Black Mirror Nano
Single Dose Storage: Knodos Single Dose Coffee BeanStorage Tubes
WDT Espresso Distribution Tool: Meion
Espresso Puck Screen Paper Filters: Icofer
Puck Screen: Normcore Puck Screen
Breville Shower Screen: IMS Shower Screen
54m Basket: IMS Precision 18-22g Basket
Dosing Funnel: Normcore 54mm Magnetic Dosing Funnel V2
Coffee Storage: Fellow Atmos Vacuum Coffee Canisters
Tamp Station: Saint Anthony's The Bloc Tamp Station
Distribution Tool: Saint Anthony's BT Wedge
Distribution Tool with Bachman Accu Drive
Palm Tamper: Saint Anthony's The Levy with BachmannAccu Drive
Portafilter: Saint Anthony's The Harold - Bottomless 54mm Portafilter
Breville Grinder Cover: Saint Anthony's Wood Grinder Cover
My workflow: 1. Grinding: I single dose 22g coffee into the DF83 grinder (usually 18g or 22g based on your basket, I use the 22g 54mm IMS Basket) 2. Prepping: I add a wet puck paper filter to the bottom of the portafilter. 3. Dosing: With dosing funnel on the portafilter, I add the grinds from the grinder cup 4. WDT: I use the WDT tool to declump the grinds in the portafilter and prevent channeling 5. Distribution: I use a distribution tool by Saint Anthony to distribute the grinds in the portafilter 6. Tamping: I use a palm tamper by Saint Anthony to tamp the grinds in the portafilter 7. Puck Screen: I add a puck screen to the top of the portafilter to help reduce channeling 8. Weighing: I add a scale on the espresso machine below the group head, add my cup and tare the scale 9. Brewing: I start the brew and watch the scale looking for a 1 to 2 ratio of grinds to water. In my case I am looking for 44g out in 25-30 sec and then stop the brew. 10. Drinking: I stir the espresso and enjoy.
I highly recommend these items if you use a Breville Espresso Machine, especially the Turin grinder. These items and my workflow provides great tasting espresso.
Let me know if you have questions or comments. I am always learning.
submitted by Inner-Description461 to BrevilleCoffee [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 15:25 werd00 [WTT/WTS] Send-it-Sunday- Mitutoyo Calipers, Primary Arms LPVO, Magpul SL stock

2x Mitutoyo Digital Calipers
New in box. $110 each. PICS
Primary Arms 1-8 SFP ACSS, .223/.308 reticle, color is from the factory, it's wolf gray, which has since been discontinued. Comes with Aero Precision SPR mount, and an aluminum throw lever.
The front flip cap is broken and falls off when opened, but I'd suggest changing both caps anyways since they're cheap garbage that came with the scope. Other than that, no salt on the scope, very small amount of salt on the top part of the mount. $225 PICS
Magpul SL carbine stock
FDE, good shape, ships in original box $45
If you buy more than one thing, I'll cut you a little bit of a better deal.
Trade items I'm looking for:
Holosun LE117ir, Holosun LS/LE 221, Unity FTC Omni (FDE only), Magpul CTR milspec stock (FDE only), Surefire DS00 Tailcap
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2023.05.28 15:05 HEBAMOHAMED216 مظلات وسواتر الرياض بسعر مميز سواتر دوت كوم

تعتبر شركة مظلات وسواتر الرياض هي الأفضل على الإطلاق في جميع أنحاء السعودية، نتكلم في البداية عن خامة مظلات وسواتر الرياض جميع القطع المكونة مظلات وسواتر الرياض بخامات عالية الجودة ومميزة، جميع تصميمات مظلات وسواتر الرياض فريدة ومختلفة لذا إذا كنت ترغب في الحصول على أشكال مظلات وسواتر الرياض التي ليس لها مثيل عليك اختيار شركتنا و ترك الباقي علينا شركة مظلات وسواتر الرياض تقدم جميع الخدمات المتعلقة مظلات وسواتر الرياض من تصميم وتنفيذ وتركيب وصيانة فيما بعد جميع الخدمات بأسعار مميزة، كما أن شركة مظلات وسواتر الرياض تقدم عروض مميزة على الخدمات، جميع المواد والقطع المستخدمة في عملية تركيب مظلات وسواتر الرياض بخامات متينة تتحمل الضغط الكبير، لذا عليك الاتصال السريع على رقم مظلات وسواتر الرياض للتعرف على الخدمات والأسعار وتكنيك العمل، نقدم أفضل خدمة في أسرع وقت وبأفضل سعر.
مظلات وسواتر في الرياض
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مظلات سيارات الرياض
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مظلات وسواتر الجنوب
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سواتر بلاستيك للحوش
سواتر المنيوم
مظلات جدارية
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مظلات وسواتر وبرجولات الرياض
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