Stores open now near me


2011.08.05 03:44 TheRapAsshole MFDOOM

Remember ALL CAPS when you spell the man name.

2011.04.09 09:34 oneisnotprime Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

2011.05.22 13:06 captureMMstature Oasis - are ya mad for it?

/Oasis is Reddit's #1 community for all the latest news and discussion about Oasis, Liam Gallagher, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Beady Eye, and everything else connected to members of the band, past or present.

2023.05.28 18:04 alexanderneimet Need 5 cuts to finalize my degen Zimone and Dina list

I’ve put together a [[Zimone and Dina]] deck. This deck is built around getting out expendable creatures to sac to Zimone and Dina, untapping Zimone and Dina, and getting to 8 lands to maximize value.
I have a landfall subtheme due to the nature of Zimone and Dina enjoying a lot of lands and dropping multiple a turn. I plan to generate value through stuff like [[jolrael, recluse]], [[alameda sky dreamer]], [[avenger of zendikar]], [[minn wily illusionist]] etc. These creatures give me both expendable bodies to sac and a large board to swing for potentially lethal at the end of the game using stuff like [[craterhoof behemoth]].
I’m mainly looking for feedback on what cards to cut to get to 100, but am open to any cards that might have gone under my radar
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2023.05.28 18:03 Concerned-Fern Pulls from Scarlet and Violet ETB - very happy

Starly alt is literally my favourite card now :D I love Riolu too, such a cutie!
*Just a diehard bird fan - they’re the best.
Question: does S&V have 3 good card slots??? I got good cards in every pack, 3 times (if you count reverses and holos as good?)
I haven’t opened packs with 3 good slots so I’m a bit confused.
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2023.05.28 18:03 sillypinkfox CW: Sex (and advice!) I'm so drained unable to understand or explain

I have none something has been "off" with me since I was like 24. Recently diagnosed at age of 30... like 3 weeks ago now.
I have been in a relationship for about 2 years with very rocky waters as alot of my symptoms didn't start till 4 months in. I have been melting down a lot, with him leaving me or me leaving him. So many arguments where I feel so empty and have no idea how to explain what just happened cuz I don't even understand. I'm trying to relearn my whole life again with the diagnosis.
Key things I struggle with understanding or even trying to explain:

I keep trying to explain things the best I can on how I feel, what I'm recently learning on how my brain functions. I feel like I'm talking to a wall and gasping for air. I just want to scream, and I do..... I feel so broken and want to stop drowning.
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2023.05.28 18:03 kixiron HAPPY 6TH ANNIVERSARY, R/FILMCLUBPH~!

Hello, it's been quite some time since I posted an announcement on this subreddit. First of all, the subreddit has been growing a lot these past few months, now reaching 76.3k users! Thank you very much! Now, here are now some announcements:
Thank you once again for your support and stay tuned for updates!
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2023.05.28 18:03 dunkan799 5 weeks after extraction my dentist now denied my insurance

So I had a full extraction 5 weeks ago (may 1st) at an oral surgeon that was covered. 2 weeks ago I met back up with my normal dentist and they handed me a bill for $6k for dentures. I was previously told extraction and dentures were covered so now I have no clue what to do (I cannot afford $6k). I am trying to stay calm but I am a bartender so being customer facing has been worse than before. I am starting to feel like I made a horrible mistake. I want to eat pizza again. What do I do?
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2023.05.28 18:02 Flashbackk000 24 M anyone wants to voice call for a bit? [chat]

We can talk about any and everything, I’m open minded, not judgmental and people tell me I’m a good listener so just hit me up
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2023.05.28 18:02 amelia828294 i need a sugar daddy so bad i need to be spoiled

anyone be my sugar daddy for vds
i need a hot hunky man to jerk to me as it’s what i need… My dms are open and i’m super horny and wet. i’m touching myself so bad i’m such a naughty girl can you sort me out daddy? please sort me out i want you to see me punishing myself daddy please i’ll do anything for you daddy. my dms are open just for you to see me touching myself please daddy i’m so honey and need your touch and cock in my mouth so bad!!! i’m such a naughty slut i need my ass spanked so bad by a big strong man thank you daddy my dms are open!
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2023.05.28 18:02 Flimsy_Piccolo3353 Wanted to share — just pulled the trigger, going out of relationship with N father.

So, my N father recently retired from the practice of law. He’s always been relentlessly critical and judgmental, but it’s gotten worse than ever bc now he has time to over communicate regarding whatever opinion he’s urging on me, trying to persuade me to agree to avoid triggering N injury.
One example is he tells me that I look old (10+ years older than my true age) when wearing a beard. So I finally sent a note drawing a boundary over discussing my physical appearance. I was extremely careful with tone and closed it with a loving expression. I didn’t expect it to be well received, given that he’s a N. True to form, it quickly turned into him telling me to cease communications with him.
Here’s what he wrote:
Key Message 1:
I admit that I do not really understand your reaction to my comment that shaving your beard made you look younger; to us. You did send us a photo, that seemed to invite a comment. Since the comment bothered you, perhaps it would be best if you did not send us photos on the subject. You certainly look fine either way. We love you with or without a beard. And I am old, so being told I look old does not bother me at all. I have done well on my weight. I wanted to get down to 185 and this morning I weighed 184.
After responding that I didn’t invite the abuse by sharing of photo of myself with him, and related back n forth, including that he should feel free to disinherit me (as he always threatens when we get into a heated argument), he wrote this:
Key Message 2:
Given how you feel do not communicate with me any further. Your comments are bizarre. I sent you a text message advising that I would not make any further comments about your appearance issues and you respond with a blistering reply. I guess you have forgotten who paid for your college and grad school expenses and lots of other costs.
And then finally, this:
Key Message 3:
I hope you save copies of your tirade so that perhaps the day will come when you will see how disrespectful you have been towards your father who has pretty much always done right by you.
I’m almost 53 now and this still continues unabated when I am in relationship with my father.
Can some of ya’ll relate? (Indeed, I trust many can!)
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2023.05.28 18:01 Dchemist909 Suggestion

Right now I have on the 9-42 elixirs, and they’re good strings, but I feel like no matter how lightly I press, I’m still pressing way too hard and it’s bending out of tune, and I play mostly in drop D and they feel kind of loose, and especially loose in drop C tuning, so would the STHB 10-52 be better for me, especially for the drop tuning? Only problem is that they’re too big for the nut section, so I could possibly file it down enough for them to fit?
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2023.05.28 18:01 cowgirl-electra how do i convince my mother to give me back my sunscreen?

16F been using it daily for over a year now and buying it with my own money. it somehow fell from my shelf on my bed and she came to a conclusion that i'm "applying it in bed" and took it away from me? the uv index is like 8-10 here every day.. just cause she never uses sunscreen doesn't mean she can forbid me from it. i barely even reapply, just put it on once a day
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2023.05.28 18:01 vladStojDatura Datura Time - 90s inspired 3D Action adventure

Datura Time - 90s inspired 3D Action adventure
Trailer for my upcoming early access game - Datura Time. Wishlist now on Steam!
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2023.05.28 18:00 ronnyt8 Aftermat ISlands

Aftermat ISlands
Aftermath Islands is about ownership, creation, and community. Own land in the Metaverse today! Which Island will you choose?
15% off all products with this Promo Code - 15%RAX3UXKSKO
About Aftermath Islands
Aftermath Islands is a blockchain-based virtual reality interactive platform.
Aftermath Islands as first described in the initial whitepaper published in 2017 and then subsequently updated, was based on the premise of a water-world that had islands that represented destinations in a global virtual game. Since then, the Aftermath Islands metaverse has evolved and now represents exciting themed based islands, communities, and estates where players can experience a wide range of adventures and opportunities.
In Aftermath Islands’ virtual world, users can buy, develop and trade Virtual Land (VL), property and items, like buildings, crafted items, transport, and other items all through NFTs, a non-fungible token that represents the ownership of digitally created items. Each plot or parcel of VL is unique and owners get to choose what content they want to publish on their VL.
This can range from simple scenery and structures to an interactive game, store, warehouse, dwelling, facility, or destination. Users can purchase VL as well as all other goods and services in Aftermath Islands with CREDITS, the current code name for in-game currency, fiat and other authorized currencies, coins and tokens.
Aftermath Islands is a shared virtual world, much like the Metaverse described by author Ernest Cline in his science-fiction novels Ready Player One and Ready Player Two. Expected to launch mid-2022, Aftermath Islands will allow users to connect and interact with each other, create content, craft, participate in activities and quests and play games. Aftermath Islands will have a virtual economy where users can engage in a myriad of in-world economic transactions as well as monetize the content, items, quests, and applications they build.
15% off all products with this Promo Code - 15%RAX3UXKSKO
The Lost Kingdom of T’Sara early sign-up - Earn 50 Aftermath Island Credits - T'SaraRAX3UXKSKO
Yotube -
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2023.05.28 18:00 THRWY9722 Getting a swab done at Quest?

Hi all, 35 m here in the United States. I have been suffering with symptoms of pain in testicles, burning in urethra, and occasional discharge for almost a year now. Gonorrhea and chlamydia have come back negative multiple times. Last time I was at an STI clinic the provider mentioned trichomonas and said however that they did not perform the test there but to see my GP and that I needed to ask for a swab instead of a urine test. I called my GP and asked and they said that they don’t actually do any testing at their location but that if I came in they could write me orders to get a swab done at Quest.
So my main question is, can Quest perform urethral swabs for this? It’s impossible to get anyone on the phone when I call and the times I’ve been to their location it seems like mainly people there giving urine samples and having blood drawn. Although each room I’ve been taken into to have blood drawn they’ve had frosted sliding glass doors and beds inside so seems like maybe they could? I’m fine enduring a swab but don’t want to waste my time going in and having them tell me that they can’t/won’t swab. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.28 18:00 Rocke1994 First Week without a Bot

First Week without a Bot
After my Warning email from Flex Dasher, I moved on to Flex Grabber. Long story short I was scared that I would get a second email and termination afterwards. So I stopped boting in general, and decided to give my fingers/tapping a try. After depending on a bot for all and every one of my blocks for almost a year and a half, it felt super boring and hard to go back to tapping. This is my weekly earnings minus Monday which is my day off. Which is honestly is not a big difference to which I was making with a bot, but trust me it’s doable. For the ones that have gotten warnings, all I could tell y’all that be extra cautious with a bot. Otherwise use them fingers, now it could be hard and you will hate Amazon in general, but trust me you could do it.
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2023.05.28 18:00 Least-Stranger-1486 I got cheated on

Hi. I'm a 20 F and I was dating a 24M for almost 10 months. We met on a dating app and spoke for 4 months before we met, the day we met we were into each other and started seeing each other. it was too good to be true. His first red flag was when he dropped me at a random station at 4.30AM after we had sex. I let it go thinking maybe he was too anxious. Fast forward to next month, he started taking less efforts,not caring about my safety,I could meet guys who liked me, and things just went downhill each month but I was blind towards it,the red flags just multiplied. he started disrespecting my boundaries, he started disrespecting me in public, he started lying, staying busy, cancelling plans.He used to always tell me he was working up on opening a new business and was struggling with it , I was with him each step of the way being his #1 supporter irrespective of hiw he treated me, he promised me that he just needs time to figure this out and later he'd be the same old guy I met. I was patient through everything, was there for him at his lowest,loved him regardless of the hurt,kept going until I could physically feel the hurt in my body. This past week things just got 10x worse, he started following random people on his socials, he always told me he was an introvert and didn't look forward to making new friends but seeing only girls I knew something was fishy. I waited for 3 days he told me they were his colleagues from work, I respected that until I just knew they weren't, I texted them got proof he was cheating on me through dating apps, flirting with multiple people and telling everyone he's never dated anyone. He told the same thing to me and I believed it. I don't know what's real and what's not anymore. Up until today I had given all I had to this boy, every fucking thing I could do was done out of love. And this is what I get for trusting him blindly. I really really hope he gets what he deserves and realises one day all that he did. When I confronted him he said " I told yoh to leave,you didn't" he wasn't even sorry for his actions. I slapped the shit out of him and walked away, I'm not really happy I did it but his response just made things worse. He broke me,my faith in love and all I did was love him irrespective of everything. I really hope time heals, really need prayers. I hope nobody goes through this ever.
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2023.05.28 17:59 lalaxoxoo Update- my bf had a threesome with my sister and best friend

So update for those who may wanna know the latest
Aside from being in therapy & cutting myself off from everybody. I decided to hear my ex bestie out over the phone & according to her she wanted to tell the truth about everything. She's revealed that my sister and my ex have actually been messing around behind my back for two & half years and that my sister is currently three months pregnant with his child. She's aborted three of my ex bf's babies before deciding to keep the latest one and apparently they have been in love with eachother for a while & she's hated the fact that he continued to be with me. She really viewed me as his 'side chick' and her the gf even though they were sneaking around behind my back 🤣 she's so delusional. Anyways the baby she is pregnant with now was planned & they had intended on telling me it was the result of a one night stand with a complete stranger & she was gonna raise the baby by herself. They really thought they was gonna raise their baby together behind my back. My sister enjoyed decieving me the whole time and set up the threesome to be caught since she is pregnant and no longer wants to share my ex bf. Ex bestie admitted she slipped me sleeping pills as an attempt for me not to wake up and catch them in the act as she felt bad about their plans. Which I'm so pissed about cus who the f she thinks she is drugging me? Next is when I struggled not reaching thru the phone and unaliving her. Aside from admitting she has feelings for my ex she admitted she enjoyed the threesome & it was the best sex she's ever had. She went straight into detail about everything and how amazing it was. So I hung up the phone and blocked her. She is such a trashy person I wanna forget they all exist. Which I've been doing until last week when a mutual friend of ours reached out to let me know that she has continued having sex with my ex & my sister and they are now in a poly relationship and bestie is trying to get pregnant as she wants to be pregnant same time as my sister. I can't believe she was tryna mend our friendship but starting a poly relationship with them & told me she had stayed clear of them. Apparently going by her social media posts she feels really bad having betrayed me yet again and hopes our friendship can be mended in the future.. they have even posted statuses asking friends if they should reach out to me to ask if I wanna come along to my sister's ultrasound appointments & baby shower which they have arranged for about two months time. Just sick in the head. All three of them.. so anyways that's my life right now. Gonna continue going to therapy to keep me on straight & narrow & prevent me from doing something I may regret
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2023.05.28 17:59 sonicenvy Looking for good professional repair services that will repair a vintage camera of mine.

Hello all!
I have a No. 1A Pocket Kodak Jr. folding camera that I would like to get repaired. Unlike other cameras in my collection, I have very sentimental feelings about this camera and do not trust myself to repair it. It was a camera that belonged to my great-great grandmother, and was the camera that all of my grandmother's childhood photos in the 1930s were taken on. (you can see that they are lovely 116 contact prints, that seem to be quite good quality) I would like to be able to use it and take a few pictures with it. It is a 116 camera, but I am going to 3D print adapters (or buy the FPP ones, not decided yet) to use 120 in the camera.
As for the camera itself, the bellows are in excellent condition per my testing, as is almost everything else, except the shutter. The shutter release assembly is completely detached from the camera. When I inherited the camera on my grandmother's death, it was rattling around in the face of the camera and the shutter itself was completely open. I opened up the front of the camera to find out that the spring that connected the release assembly to the shutter was not extant and the screw on the release arm was not screwed (but still extant). I removed the screw and the release arm from the camera and put them in a little plastic baggie for safekeeping. Originally I thought to perhaps buy another copy of the camera for parts, but there does not seem to be much of a market of totally unusable versions of this camera, and I would prefer not to disassemble one that does work, just to repair mine.
This brought me to the idea of finding out if there are still professional repair services that do repair vintage and antique cameras, despite it likely being a very niche service. Google popped up with 2 repair shops, Walter's Camera Repairs and Zack's Camera Repair. I emailed them with inquiries and am waiting to hear back, but in the meantime, I thought I'd ask you guys if you know anything about these two or know anything about any other similar services, preferably US based as I am in the US.
This is a picture of the camera in question.
I know that this is kind of a long shot and a weird thing, but I really would like that camera to be usable, as it would mean a lot to me to be able to shoot photos with it. TIA!
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2023.05.28 17:59 glittertherave Karlee Hale, Who Has Been Rumored To Be Dating Sandoval, Posts Statement Regarding Rumors.

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2023.05.28 17:59 peacockssinofpride Spectre status and Anderson

Im replaying the legendary edition and I have got few questions, maybe you guys can help me answer. Firstly I have picked Anderson as the councillor and he reinstated me as a Spectre in ME2 or at least I thought he did because all the dialogue suggests he didnt. Now I have just started ME3 and I have been reinstated again which I guess must be either a bug or something. I clearly remember Anderson saying he will do it but I shouldnt expect much as the status is not what it used to be. Did anyone else struggle with this? I know its minor but it kills me that the decision I have made was lost. Why is Anderson back on Earth in 3 if I have made him a councilor? Does you guys also find it weird how in ME3 Cerberus goes back into a villain role immediately? I even used the charm option of suggesting Illusive man to work with me again and he straight up refused, I think its a bit out of character for him. Even if he wants to control the reapers it would be better to work with shepherd and double cross him later if necessary. Banking everything on that one plan, and effectively firing one of the most capable people in the galaxy doesnt seem very smart. Is there any out side game lore on why this happens?
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2023.05.28 17:58 glittertherave Karlee Hale, Who Has Been Rumored To Be Dating Sandoval, Posts Statement Regarding Rumors.

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2023.05.28 17:57 MikermanS Any issue with the handle of wood-handled portafilters getting wet?

I've been happy with my Breville OEM portafilter, which has a plastic-of-some-sort handle, but now have been looking at purchasing a bottomless portafilter, the majority of which have a wood handle. Which got me thinking: is there any issue with the handle of those getting wet, when the portafilter gets rinsed out? It's inevitable that the handle of my current portafilter gets some water on it when I'm rinsing the portafilter, which, then, easily is wiped away--any issue with that with wood-handled portafilters? (I assume not, but thought to inquire.)
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2023.05.28 17:56 V3rri This show means so much to me

I've been having some really tough times this week. I lost a lot of my friends after coming out to them, a project I had been working on for 6 months got suddenly scrapped which means I have nothing to show for all my work, and my boyfriend broke up with me this morning. The only thing keeping me somewhat sane is binge-watching this show again (I'm at Season 2 Episode 8 now after around a day). It's so heartwarming, upbeat and positive even in dark times that it really gave me a lot of hope and strength. And that is a big part of why I love this show so much. It isn't the deepest or most realistic thing I have ever watched, but it feels like the cosiest blanket in the world and is truly comforting every time I watch an episode. I really do hope that it will set an example and we will see many similar shows coming out because of it.
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