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International Simulation Football League

2017.06.26 20:30 7hawk77 International Simulation Football League

The ISFL is a simulation football league with 300+ active members. Create and develop your player and lead them from the development leagues to championship glory! And best of all, it's 100% free to play!

2019.08.08 03:36 noncongruent earwiggles

Place to post earwiggles by nursing critters

2023.05.28 18:47 let_me_know_22 Working with kids

Hi everyone
I worked in the greater field of social work for the past 15 years. I mostly worked with adults and "older" teenagers in every part of life, people with disabilities, prison, welfare, protective services and so on. I am good with adults, I don't have any doubts regarding this. Now I was looking for a new challenge and am now working with kids and families. I work together with cps in my country, investigating child endangerment claims and working with families long term on issues. Now, after mulitiple months at the job, I am kinda freaking out. I can deal with the sadness of it all, but how the hell do you approach children?! I am good with adults because I am caring and honest and transparent, so the parents still like working with me, but I constantly feel like I am either lying to the kids or overwhelming them. It's fine if they are teenagers, because then they like getting treated with the same honesty and reapect as adults. I am also fine with the small children since they are occupied with their own world and are happy if I step into their world and I don't have to burden them with every reality or question I have.
My issue are the around 7-12 year olds. The ones asking so many questions, knowing so much about what's going wrong around them but where it's not fair to burden them even more. No matter what I do with them, I always feel like I fail.
On friday for example I had an 1 on 1 with an 11 year old who had a horrible week (objectivly so) and we were talking about it and the way they acted and how they told me things, I just felt, there was a big thing they were hiding not only from me but everyone, so I told them that. We have an established relationship, I wasn't insisting on them telling me, I wasn't guilting them or or anything. I was giving them a lot of reassurance about what they told me and than explained my observation, that I have met them multiple times by now, that we had difficult conversations but that I just felt, something was off today, that it worried me, since they was open to me about dark stuff, so I was worried for them, about the part they wouldn't tell. They didn't take it well, tried to distract me, shock me and so on, couldn't deal with it at all. Tried to convince me multiple times: I am fine, I am great, everything is super! Their mother agreed with me after the meeting with the kid, that something is seriously off, so it's not just me. Also their reaction mostly confirmed my suspicion. I still worry, because I reacted like I would with an older person, telling them my observation and thinking right away, but now I am worried I overwhelmed them even more, put even more pressure on them and am kind of at a loss. It's not just about this example, it's more like, I am used to say it how I see it in an empathic and caring way and I fear this overwhelmes children a certain age but I don't know how to approach it differently without feeling like a liar or manipulater? (Aaaaah this is so difficult to explain, ofc I don't dump everything at once and observe stuff more if I feel it's right, but there is always the moment and of truth and honesty down the line and with kids I never know when or how this looks like)
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2023.05.28 18:45 rogovjm Urge to ghost everyone in my life and start completely over. Also depressed

I’m not sure if this is the right place. I don’t have a diagnosis and can’t see my therapist again until august when I get health insurance again. Just wondering if this is something other people go through. I was happy pursuing a bunch of hobbies, doing all my class work, took on 3 part time jobs and now everything just feels bad and numb.
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2023.05.28 18:42 TwoWheelsOneBeard I got burned at a startup I joined 40 days in and was let go as their founding AE. I really need a break or I’ll lose everything soon.

Basically as the title says.
I left a really cushy corporate gig to go work at this really promising startup. I was promised the stars and sky. The founder and I really jived, so I thought, and I really emotionally invested myself into the role.
The product had many parts of it that were being demo’d as a figma but I had to present it as if it was still very real. I had in that 40 days held 12 different meetings and even managed to get 3 meetings into case building.
These are very long sales cycles and I was selling MM with contract values over 50K+ for 1 year contracts. Not at all fast sales but works in progress.
The company itself had only acquired 19 customers in 3 years. Like, I really was giving it my best.
I got the news I was being terminated with no severance with a shitty “not a cultural fit” reason. So I guess there wasn’t alignment on expectations? I really don’t know.
I feel devastated and betrayed. I emotionally poured myself into this role and just feel so heartbroken.
I know i am competent in my job but this came at probably the worst possible time. My personal burnrate is ridiculous and my bank account is running on fumes.
I’ve been in sales for close to 15 years. Worked 100% commission roles where I was part of the top 1% of the company, invited to presidents club 3X. #1 in my market nearly 4 years in a row.
Worked at one series A startup where I helped close 137K in one quarter, generating over 400K in pipeline all outbound.
I burned the bridge of the corporate role when I left to serve that startup, so couldn’t get my old job back if I tried.
I’m not asking for charity or a handout but I really could use help getting an introduction if anyone here knows a startup looking for an AE.
I want to help build and grow the GTM engine. I need help and can’t do it on my own.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.05.28 18:41 moodyMayank Bartender

Where to learn bartending and get a part time job
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2023.05.28 18:41 clearlynotanegg I think that outside of work, a former coworker and I could have been great friends

I think about this a lot, even though its been over a year. There was a girl I worked with, and to be frank she was also part of the reason I left the job. Sometimes she would could come in and be in a rough mood, and working with her would always ruin my day. I probably frustrated her to no end, and she sort of took it out on me. Though many times she would come back and apologize to me afterwards.
I noticed that whenever we interacted with each other, or we talked to each other about non-work related stuff, we'd be having a blast back and forth conversation. Sometimes she'd come back and just talk to me about whatever, which I really liked, but it threw me off having someone so open with me. Gradually I returned in kind, and oddly enough she didnt think anything wrongly of me. If anything, she seemed curious, and it felt like we could always land on something to talk about. It didnt feel strange or awkward being open with one another, which I almost never am with others.
Like, when she was there and wasn't in a bad mood-- we clicked, like, she was awesome to be around. But, whenever things happened at work, say it got busy, or she needed to come and help me out, it sort of set off a fuse.
I hear stories of people saying don't work with your friends, and I cant help but wonder if things were in a similar situation. I really think that outside of work, if we had met under different circumstances, we'd have been good friends. The whole walking on eggshells thing really ruined that though.
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2023.05.28 18:41 HammerBrosMatter "The Hero that saved the World twice already would like to retire, thank you very much..."

Izuku listened to his haters and, to make it family-friendly, Alt-F4 himself by jumping.
He wakes-up in another world full of (RPG GAME) Heroes with his previous memories.
He doesn't Awake a skill like the others, but this time he is fed-up and studies "Ancient Magic"... flash-forward 500 years and "Kuzui" , the greatest Warlock that ever lived and Court Wizard of four generations of Kings and that helped bring a Golden Age of Peace and Prosperity, dies surrounded by friends and loved ones and hailed as a living legend.
(And I talk Merlin on Steroids , "I can do whatever I want with Magic" kind of Wizard)
He wakes-up AGAIN in a world of Samurai with ridiculous abilities thanks to Gods/Goddesses choosing "Champions" to fight Evil... and as you can imagine, Dear Izu isn't chosen.
"...You know what? I am not even surprised anymore..."
Flash-forward 200 years and "Ikuzu" (the similar names is part of the joke the universe has at Izuku expenses) dies as the "Godless Hero" that killed the Demon Lord without a God's blessing and saved the world.
At his death the world wept for the passing of their greatest Hero...
He wakes-up a third time right after "landing" on top of a car from his first jump.
"...Noooo. I did this twice already. I am taking it easy this time! I am on retirement!"
Spoiler: Fate doesn't want him to, especially since he keeps the skills and powers he got in his other 2 lives.
I need help with a couple things:
What normal job could Izuku do that is technically FAR from Hero stuff but instead still have him forced to stop Villains, and unknowingly ruining the Villains plans, stopping the Canon incidents/events against class 1A and others?
I was thinking about various part-time jobs... but which ones?
How can I make it "Dad Present Mic" (with him paired with Nemuri) without killing Inko or making her a bad mother? 😢
I was thinking of pairing Izu with Nejire.
Thank you! ❤️
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2023.05.28 18:40 Allieora Career change

I use to be a backend web developer working in .net. But due to toxic environment, crazy boss who either told me I produced nothing of value or told me I’d be the next ceo of his company depending on his mood for the day, I only lasted a year and a half. This was 4 years ago. My next job was a developer position but it was heavily sql and less programming. I stuck around for 2 years and then left on good terms.
My next job I was aiming for more programming, less reporting but I guess because I have a lot of reporting in my resume it made me a target. I had recruiters reaching out and I openly said I wanted a programming job. This leads me to this last year. In the interview I was promised I’d be working heavily in a database as well as with Python and JavaScript. Programmer analyst position. I took the job and promptly the lady that was suppose to be my manager moved to a different position and I asked the replacement manager how often we use Python and JavaScript. He said he used Python once in 5 years so not much and with JavaScript, he uses it occasionally but nothing complex.
I felt lied to but I didn’t want to just jump ship with two other jobs having only been such a short time. Plus my current manager is really nice and the work life balance is amazing. But the more time goes on the less excited I am for the work, and I wish I was actually building something and I’m a little sad that I feel my programming knowledge is plummeting. I am making small websites at home and discord bots to keep my knowledge but nothing complex and I don’t feel I’m growing from it. I want to be challenged and honestly with my disappointment with my work, I don’t have the motivation or energy to work then do 2-4 hours of coding after work without a friend to work along with. And I have children and want to spend time with them and not just neglect them for a computer all day.
So I guess I ask now what? My resume looks like I should have more programming knowledge than I have but in interviews and tech tests I lack it. I’ve been applying for a second job so I could do both for a little while to decide which is more feasible but part time jobs in tech seem impossible to find let alone something in the afternoons. I make more than an entry level, so I’d have to take a pay cut to get back into entry level I think. Which I’m fine with, to a point. But I’m also afraid that I just get passed up because I started programming in 2016 and have only personal projects to show. Any guidance would be appreciated.
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2023.05.28 18:38 miseroisin my friend is exhausting me

I've been friends with her for a long time, I dont know whether I'm overreacting but I've been finding it difficult to talk to her lately. She's incredibly insecure, and needs constant validation. No matter how much she get though, she won't believe it and can get upset.
Couple recent incidents, there's more - when I went to go visit college friends she sent me a message saying it was suspicious I didn't tell her and asked whether I preferred my college friends or my hometown friends -we organised a trip to the city for a day, but one girl had to pull out as she couldn't afford it. Friend went nuts, accused her of not wanting to hang out anymore, told her she was "taking advantage of her kindness" and that she had let the whole group down. The girl who had to cancel was in tears by the end of it. - she bought up that I talk a lot about my job with another friend when shes there and felt excluded from the conversation. I said I saw her point and will watch out for it in future. She then told me "but I guess it's okay if you want to keep talking about it, I know you prefer friend X over me because I'm not a likeable person". I then had to spend the rest of the night validating her
None of this is meaness on her part, I know it comes from a place of deep insecurity. I just don't know if I have the energy for it anymore. We are 24 years old for God's sake, I feel like this is playground stuff. We've tried to bring it up with her before but she gets very upset and won't hear it, accusing us of hating her.
I dont know what the best thing to do is. This has been going on years and I'm really feeling disillusioned with the friendship. But if I go, she has no one, shes lost so many friends over the years. Or am I being way too mean and overreacting
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2023.05.28 18:38 Pavke How does Magic Find actually work? An Advanced Guide to Magic Find Formula

Warning: This will be a long nerdy post with a lengthy explanation of Magic Find mechanics, including math and graphs. (18 graphs, 4280 words, 20342 characters).
If you don’t want to read this wall of text, you can Ctrl+F and search for TLDR

Frequently, people inquire about the optimal amount of Magic Find. The typical response is that more Magic Find is generally better, but there are diminishing returns. Often, an EffectiveMF graph is referenced to illustrate this point. For example, one of such posts from a month ago.
However, relying solely on EffectiveMF graphs and diminishing returns can be highly misleading! Effective Magic Find is just one small component of the overall Magic Find formula! The Complete Magic Find formula takes several values from the game into the account when calculating your chances to get Unique / Set / Rare / Magic items. The final results are intricate and influenced by various factors. it is not as simple as this graph:
Why is this graph misleading? What does it actually tell us? Effective Magic Find grows Logarithmically, it has diminishing returns! Great! So, what does that mean? How does Magic Find and EffectiveMF actually affect our chances to get Unique, Set, Rare items? How many rare items do we get with 100 MF vs 500 MF? EffectiveMF for blue Magic Items grows linearly. Great, but what does that mean? How many more Magic items do we get?? Is there a limit to MF? This graph doesn’t tell us much unless you are very knowledgeable about the Magic Find process!
To answer all these questions, I have developed my own Drop Calculator with some advanced functions that showcase the actual distribution of items based on player Magic Find stat. My Drop Calculator takes into account all possible variables of the Magic Find function and displays the results in nice Graph form. Before showing the Item distribution graphs, I will first try to explain the complete MF Formula.

Selecting the Base Item

Selecting the Base Item is the initial step before the game applies the Magic Find formula to determine the magic quality of the item (Unique, Set, Rare, Magic). Examples of Base Items are: Diadem, Shako, Short Sword, Long Staff, Mage Plate, Sacred Armor etc..
Magic Find has no effect on Base Item selection! The Base Item is decided through Treasure Class selection and random roll mechanism. It is a fairly complex topic and deserves a post on its own. I won't go to much into details since Treasure Class selection is not the main focus of this post, but in short:
Each monster in the game from Act Bosses through Elite Packs to white trash monsters is assigned a “Treasure Class”. A Treasure Class is essentially a group or collection of items that can drop from that particular monster. There are many different TCs in the game typically comprising combinations of Item Drops (Base Items), Gold Drops, Junk Drops, Rune/Jewelry/Charm Drops, and NoDrop (indicating that no item will drop).
With random rolls, the game determines the type of item that the monster will drop, be it equipment, potion, rune, gold, etc. Once the item type is established, the game then checks if the item can be upgraded to Unique, Set, or other rarities. For the purposes of further discussion about Magic Find formula, we will assume that the game has selected an equipable item (Base Item, be it a Weapon or Armor). So what happens next? How does the game decide which quality to drop?

Selecting the Item Quality

Now that the game has the Base Item (Diadem, Shako, Mage Plate, etc.), two functions are called one after another to give the Base Item a specific quality. (There is some other stuff in between these two functions but this is the gist of it). Functions are pseudonym named: RollMagicQuality and MakeItemUnique (or MakeItemSet, MakeItemRare etc. depending on the roll from RollMagicQuality function). RollMagicQuality function is the main function that determines if the items will be a Unique, Set, Rare, Magic item. But let's first talk about MakeItemUnique:
MakeItemUnique (or Set, or Rare, or Magic) function confirms the roll from RollMagicQuality and double checks if the selected Base Item can drop as a Unique item. This is where you get those “Failed Uniques” as triple durability Rare item drops.
The MakeItemUnique function also determines which Unique item will drop if there are more Unique items for the selected Base Item. It adds up the Rarity value from the UniqueItems.txt file and rolls a random number to pick a Unique item. Examples are Tyrael’s or Templars Armor for Sacred Armor, The Cranium Basher or Earth Shifter for Thunder Maul, Azurewrath or Lightsabre for Phase Blade, etc.. Selection is fully random and can not be influenced by the Player.
There are 3 ways that Unique Item can fail to pass the MakeItemUnique check:
  1. A Unique item will fail to roll if the Quality Level (qlvl) is higher than Item Level (ilvl). Quality Level refers to Level value from UniqueItems.txt file and its fixed. Each Unique item has a predetermined fixed Quality Level. Item Level is a different stat, basically ilvl is a level of the monster that dropped the item. When ilvl is lower than qlvl, a Unique item will fail to drop! Example of this is: Arachnid Mesh can not drop from Pindleskin! Qlvl of Arachnid Mesh is 87, Pindleskin is a level 86 monster that drops items with ilvl 86. Since qlvl of Arachnid Mesh is 87 and always higher than ilvl of Pindle items, Base Item Spiderweb Sash will never be a Unique item.
  2. A Unique item will fail to roll if Base Item has no Unique version. The Item can pass a Unique check of RollMagicQuality function, but MakeItemUnique is the one that actually makes the item Unique. If there is no Unique version of the selected Base Item, the Base Item will fail this roll. Examples of this would be the Unique Archon Plate. There is no Unique Archon Plate, so every time the Base Item AP drops and passes the RollMagicQuality check for Unique item, it will drop as a Rare item with triple durability.
  3. A Unique item will fail to roll if the same Unique item has already dropped in the current game session. Everytime the MakeItemUnique function makes the Unique version for a selected Base Item, it logs the Unique drop in a special List of dropped Unique items. The function checks the List every time it tries to roll a Unique item. If the Unique item is already on the list, the selected Base Item will drop as a Rare item with triple durability.
Base Item needs to pass all 3 checks of this function for the item to successfully drop as a Unique Item! Same thing applies for MakeItemSet, only now the Failed Set Items drop as a Magic Items with double durability.
Before the MakeItemUnique function is called, the Base Item needs to pass the RollMagicQuality selection.

RollMagicQuality Function

RollMagicQuality is where the magic happens! (pun intended!). RollMagicQuality is the function that actually picks the quality of the Base Item, based on your "% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item" stat and other variables in the game. This function determines your Unique / Set / Rare / Magic / etc probability.
Based on your %MF and other variables, RollMagicQuality function will first try to roll for a Unique item. If that random roll is lower than a certain number, the Base Item will not be a Unique item and RollMagicQuality will try to roll for a Set item. If that fails, the function will try to roll for a Magic item and so on.
The order for selecting Item Quality is always: Unique > Set > Rare > Magic > Superior > Normal. This order will be very important later on. If the Base Item passes one of these checks, the RollMagicQuality function stops and the above-mentioned MakeItemUnique(or MakeItemSet, or MakeItemRare, etc) will be called.
Step by step walkthrough on how RollMagicQuality function actually works. After the explanation, I will use my Drop Calculator to showcase the drop rates of different quality items based on Player Magic Find.
Step 1) Chance = (BaseChance - floor((ilvl-qlvl)/Divisor))*128
This is the code of the Magic Find Formula. Game reads the required values from a few sources, the main one, and the most important is itemRatio.txt file. This file determines your drop rates of Unique, Set, Rare and Magic items more than your Magic Find stat!
itemRatio.txt and values within it are extremely important. The game utilizes different values depending on the Type of the Base Item. In other words: Class Specific items, Exceptional/Elite and Normal items have different chances to become Unique items. If we look at itemRation.txt we can see 6 rows:
From this, we can conclude that there are 3 types of different Base items: Normal Base Items, Exceptional/Elite Base Items, Class Specific Items. When the Base Item drops, the game checks item version values from weapons.txt and armor.txt and class specific values from itemTypes.txt. Based on those values, the game loads required BaseChance and Divisor values needed for the Magic Find formula and calculates your Chance: Chance = (BaseChance - floor((ilvl-qlvl)/Divisor))*128
Step 2) Chance= floor(100*Chance/(100+EffectiveMF))
After the first step, the game adjusts your chances with EffectiveMF. EffectiveMF is calculated with the formula: EffectiveMF=floor(Factor*(MF-100)/(Factor+MF-100)) Where
This is where that intial Graph comes from. It shows the EffectiveMF with diminishing returns. Here is the Graph again in more detail:
Here, we can see something interesting for the first time in this post. Graph is NOT continuous but has rather discrete jumps. This is the result of the game using integer division for its calculation. For example:
  1. You have 697% Better Chance of Magic Items on your gear. To calculate the EffectiveMF for Unique drops, you first add 100 to get Character Magic Find and then use this formula: floor(250*(797-100)/(250+797-100)) = 184% EffectiveMF for Unique items
  2. You get two more Small Charms with 7% mf and now you have 711% Better Chance of Magic Items on your gear. EffectiveMF for Unique items is now: floor(250*(811-100)/(250+811-100)) = 184% EffectiveMF for Unique items! Exactly the same!
Going from 697 MF on your gear to 711 MF on your gear did nothing to improve your chances of getting Unique items. There are “Break Points” for Magic Find!
So, the game calculates your EffectiveMF and uses that value to get your new Chance: Chance= floor(100*Chance/(100+EffectiveMF))
Step 3) Chance=max(Chance,minChance)
Where the minChance is the value from the "UniqueMin" column from itemRatio.txt. Game checks if you have reached the maximum Chance for selected rarity. There is an upper limit on how many Unique, Set, Rare, Magic items you can get even with millions and millions of Magic Find on Hero Edited items!
That limit is unreachable for Unique items with standard game gear. But it is easily accomplished for Set, Rare and Magic items. Effects of this upper limit will be seen later in the Graphs.
Step 4) FinalChance=Chance-floor(Chance*QualityFacto1024)
Game adjusts your chances once again based on the QualityFactor of the monster that dropped the Base Item. Higher the QualityFactor of the monster, the better chance you have of getting Unique, Set, Rare, Magic items from that monster. This QualityFactor has a huge influence on your overall chances.
QF of 1024 means that ALL dropped Base Items will roll that quality and QF of 600 means that 4.8% of dropped Base items will become the desired quality at best. Here is the table with all monsters that have specified QualityFactors:
You can see that Andariel has the highest QF of them all. That is because of “Quest Bug” that now became a feature in D2R. Act Bosses also have high QualityFactor. QF of 1024 for Magic items means all these monsters will always drop at least a Magic item and won't drop standard White items.
Final Step 5) random(FinalChance)<128 than: item is Unique
Game randomly rolls a number between 0 and your FinalChance. If that number is lower than 128 then the selected Base Item will become an Unique item and the above-mentioned MakeItemUnique function is called to double check if the selected Base Item can become an Unique.
If the randomly rolled number is higher than 128, selected Base Item fails and the game goes back to Step 1 and redos the process all over again for Set Item check. If that fails, the game redos the process for Rare Item check and so on. Again, the order for selecting Item Quality is always: Unique > Set > Rare > Magic > Superior > Normal.
Now that we know the process, let's look at one example: Let’s say you have 500 Magic Find on your gear, you just killed Hell Baal and the game dropped you a Diadem as a Base Item. What is the chance for that Diadem to be a Unique Diadem (Griffon’s Eye)? Lets go step by step while looking at itemRatio.txt file:
  1. Chance = (BaseChance - floor((ilvl-qlvl)/Divisor))*128. Diadem is an Elite Expansion item, so BaseChance will be 400 and Divisor will be 1. Qlvl of Diadem is 85 and ilvl is 99. Chance = (400 - floor((99-85)/1))*128 = 49408
  2. Chance= floor(100*Chance/(100+EffectiveMF)). To calculate EffectiveMF we use =floor(250*(600-100)/(250+600-100)) = 166 Now we can calculate the Chance= floor(100*49408/(100+166)) = 18574
  3. Chance=max(Chance,minChance) minChance for Elite Expansion items from itemRation.txt is 6400. Our number is higher so we use 18574
  4. FinalChance=Chance-floor(Chance*QualityFacto1024). The QualityFactor of Hell Baal is 983. So we now have: FinalChance=18574-floor(18574*983/1024) = 744
  5. random(FinalChance)<128. we randomly roll a number between 0 and 744 and compare it to 128. It's basically: 128/744 = 0.1720430108
Everytime you kill Hell Baal with 500 Magic Find on your gear and it drops a Diadem, you have a 17.204% chance for that Diadem to be a Griffon’s Eye. With 100 Magic Find on your gear you have 11.063% chance for that Diadem to be a Griffon’s Eye. Going from 100 MF to 500 MF will increase your Unique chance by 6.141%!

Graphs, Graphs, and more Graphs

Now that we know how to calculate our Unique chances, it's time for some Graph! Please keep in mind, these graphs do not show your chance to get a specific item. These graphs show your chance for the Base Item to become an Unique item based on your Magic Find on your gear!
Drop Calculator goes through the complete Treasure Class list for the selected monster, pulls all Base Items that can drop and their probabilities, goes through all necessaries files like treasureclassex.txt, itemRation.txt, weapons.txt, armor.txt, itemTypes.txt, uniqueItems.txt and gets all needed values we talked about and calculates the probabilities for each point of Magic Find and for more or less, each monster in the game… But let's start with something simple:
Chance for a Base Item to become an Unique item (Boss)
Above graph shows the chance for a Base Item to become an Unique item when killing the Act Boss (Duriel, Mephisto, Diablo, Baal). Nothing abnormal here. The more Magic Find you have on your gear the better chance you have for a Base Item to become an Unique item. With 300 MF you have a pretty high chance to get a Class Specific Unique item at 25%! Here are some key details:

Chance for a Base Item to become an Unique item (Unique monster)
Above graph shows the chance for a Base Item to become an Unique item when killing the Unique monster in Area level 85. (standard Pit run, CS run, AT run, WSK run), just for the reference point, Our chances are much lower than from killing an Act Boss. It is because the QualityFactor for Act Bosses is 983 while QF for Unique monsters is 800. (all other values are basically the same except qlvl-ilvl difference which does not affect drop rates that much).

Chance for a Base Item to become an Set item (Boss)
Above graph shows the chance for a Base Item to become a Set item when killing the Act Boss. Now things are starting to look interesting! Why does it look like this? Because you can reach the maximum chance for Set items easily with enough Magic Find! After reaching that limit, your chances won’t increase any further. In fact, your chances for Rare items start to drop off with more Magic Find! It is because the game always checks for Unique > Set > Rare etc in that order. So more Base Items will become Unique items before they can become Set items.
For Normal Items, it maxes out at 290 MF, for Class Specific items it maxes at 255 MF and for Exceptional/Elite items it maxes out at 520 MF. After those values, you will see less Set items.

Chance for a Base Item to become an Rare item (Boss)
Above graph shows the chance for a Base Item to become a Rare item when killing the Act Boss. Now things are starting to look really strange! You reach the maximum chance for Exceptional/Elite and Class Specific items early on; you never reach the maximum chance for Normal items. Your chances for Rare items start to drop off with more Magic Find! More Base Items can become Unique items and Set items (or Failed Set items) before they can become Rare items.

Chance for a Base Item to become an Rare item (Unique monster)
For reference, chances for the Base Item to become a Rare item from a Unique monster are more flat but they still have maximum values and very slowly drop off with more Magic Find.
Now that we know the chance distribution per Unique / Set / Rare, let's look at some graphs for Normal, Exceptional/Elite and Class Specific items per monster kill.
For this part, we can pick the Monster that we are interested in, we can pick an Item Type we are interested in and the quality level of the item (qlvl). If we look at the initial formula above, the quality level is used in the calculation for a Base Item upgrade. Qlvl only affects the drop chance a little, but I wanted to be accurate as much as I can:

Chance for a Exceptional and Elite items to upgrade to specified magic rarity (Boss)
Above graph shows the Chance distribution for all Exceptional/Elite Items that drop from Diablo. Something looks strange… After 420 Magic Find, NO Magic quality Exceptional/Elite Item will drop! But you are sure you saw some Magic items when you were farming Bosses, right? That is because the vast majority of Magic Exceptional/Elite items are Failed Set items! (when farming bosses). There are very few Set items compared to all Base Items. So when RollMagicQuality Function is successful for Set check and calls MakeItemSet, the MakeItemSet function can’t successfully make a Set item because there is no Set item for selected Base Item. Value of 71 for qlvl is used. It is a median level value of all Exceptional/Elite items that can drop from Diablo.
We can see chances for Unique Diadem (Griffon's Eye) is about 17.181% while chances for set Diadem is 46.292%. Ratio between the two is 2.69. If we go to any Online Drop Calculator, Maxroll Drop Calc for example, and we pick Baal (Baal because Diablo can't drop Diadems Base Items) and we compare the chances. We can see the chances for any Player count has same ratio as 2.69.

Chance for a Class Specific items to upgrade to specified magic rarity (Boss)
Above graph shows the Chance distribution for all Class Specific Items that drop from Diablo. Same thing is true for Class Specific drops. Vast majority of Magic quality Class Specific drops you see from Act Bosses are actually Failed Set items. Value of 43 for qlvl is used. It is a median level value of all Class Specific items that can drop from Diablo.

Chance for a Normal items to upgrade to specified magic rarity (Boss)
Above graph shows the Chance distribution for all Normal Items that drop from Diablo. Things look a little better for Normal Items. Magic quality items slowly drop off but never reach the bottom. It is because of Divisor value for Magic quality in itemRatio.txt file. Value of 28 for qlvl is used. It is a median level value of all Class Specific items that can drop from Diablo

Chance for a Exceptional and Elite items to upgrade to specified magic rarity (Unique monster)
Above graph shows the Chance distribution for all Exceptional/Elite Items that drop from standard Unique monsters from Level 85 Area. Just showcasing the upper limits of monsters that are farmed regularly. After 490 MF your chances for Unique items will continue to increase, but chances for every other quality will flatten out or start to decrease. Same goes for Class Specific items, while Normal items for Rare quality will continue to rise slowly.
Now, let's combine all Graphs per Item Type into one Graph that shows Base Item chance to upgrade for selected monster and its Treasure Class:
Based on selected settings; (what monster are we looking at, Player and Party Settings and if the monster is Terrorized or not), the Drop Calculator picks the corresponding Treasure Class for that monster. It calculates the probabilities for each single Base Item drop for that selected Monster. it checks what Type each Base Item is (is it Normal, Exceptional/Elite or Class Specific item) and calculates the cumulative upgrade Chance for each Unique / Set / Rare / Magic version based on Normal, Exceptional/Elite or Class Specific distribution…
For Diablo kills (for Act 5 (H) Equip A Treasure Class) Item distribution is:
If we apply what we have learned so far, we get a Final Graph that looks like this:

Final Chance Graph
Above graph shows the final Chance for Base Item upgrade. I would like to point out that the reason we are seeing Magic items here it’s because Normal Base Item drops make up 67.85% of all Diablo item drops. Normal Items like Clubs, Maces, Flails, Cap, Quilted Armor, Light Plate etc.
We know that not all Base Items have Unique and Set versions. If we apply that to our calculations and move every item that will always Fail the Unique check and Set check, we get the Final Item Distribution percentage per Magic Find with our gear:

Item distribution
Let's look at Andariel's final Chance for Base Item upgrade and Item Distribution percentage:

Final Chance Graph (Andariel)
Item distribution (Andariel)
Because Andariel is now “quest bugged” by default, her Quality Factor for Rare items is 1024. Which means, technically, no Magic item will drop from her. ALL Magic items from Andariel are Failed Set items.
Let's look at Unique Monsters final Chance for Base Item upgrade:
Final Chance Graph (Unique monster)
Chance for Unique upgrade flatlines rather quickly. It goes from 3.510% at 500 MF to 3.959% at 1000 MF. Chance for Set upgrade basically maxes out at 300 MF. Chance for Rare continues to rise slowly but it is because of Normal item types. Exceptional/Elite reaches max around 490 MF and Class Specific reaches max at 220 MF.


More Magic Find is always better for Unique items. But for everything else (Set, Rare, Magic items), more Magic Find can mean less! No matter your clear speed or players in the game!
If you want to maximize your chances for that elusive item you are looking for you need to have the optimal amount of Magic Find for that specific item
Just considering EffectiveMF graph is misleading because it doesn't show the true extent of diminishing returns of your Magic Find Gear.
If you have any questions or remarks, please let me know.
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2023.05.28 18:38 Leaded_or_Unleaded Ammeter to Voltmeter Conversion: My Tips and Comments

I completed the ammeter to voltmeter conversion yesterday. Advice is spread across forums and videos but sparse on Reddit, so I will share my experience. The total ordeal took about 7 hours after spending several hours researching and making sure I had the right tools. 3 hours to remove the gauge cluster, 1 hour looking at wiring diagrams, and 3 hours for the conversion and reassembly.
Voltmeter: Sunpro CP7985 (use a small flat head screw driver to tediously fold back the black trim/bezel's lip that houses the gauge).
Critical tools that made the job easier: Dremel, step-drill bit, soldering iron, heat gun, wire stripper, circularounded hand file, a long philips-head screw driver.
Disconnect your battery! Also, I already rewired my alternator prior to this conversions, so I will not cover that in this write up.
Removing the gauges: Disconnect the speedometer cable from the speedo-junction box in the engine compartment. This will allow you to pull the speedo cable out from inside the cabin and give you more "play" in pulling the cluster Removing the screws and bolts to pull out the cluster is straight forward, but lowering the steering column helps drastically. There are two "hidden" screws that hold together the upper and lower plastic trim pieces around the column that need to be removed from under the steering column. When all screws/hardware are removed and the cluster is ready to be pulled out, gingerly start pulling out the cluster while disconnecting the electrical connectors from behind the dash. I found the primary, 11-pin circular connector to be the most difficult to remove and required time and patience. It's not bolted or held in by anything - it's just stubborn.
The dumbest/most frustrating part of removing the cluster is the sliding cable mechanism for the environment/heat controls. It's connected to the cluster by a single screw behind the controls and is conveniently placed in the most inconvenient location for a screw driver. Time and patience is all I can really recommend. This is a great time to replace the vacuum hoses for the heater controls if they are worn and cracked.
The Conversion: I only disassembled the ammeter side of the cluster, though many can/will use this opportunity to clean up the entire cluster. I disassembled the cluster until the metal backing plate was fully removed. Use the dremel or similar tool to file/sand down the 6 small metal tabs used to mount the ammeter, or else the voltmeter will sit too far "forward" for the front gauge plate to mount. Use the step-drill bit to drill two 5/16" holes approx. 3/8" below the centerline of the ammeter holes. It's okay if the holes are a bit large - you do not want the threaded studs of the voltmeter to contact the metal backing plate or the reading will be incorrect. Use the circular hand file to file down the ammeter holes in the cardboard circuit board to accommodate the voltmeter. I performed numerous fit checks as I filed down the circuit board and ultimately used the cardboard as the piece to determine the voltmeter's mount location. I liked the hand file over the step-bit for this procedure to greatly minimize the risk of destroying the circuit board connection below the ammeter holes.
Wiring: In the 11-pin circular connector, pin "E" is ignition (for 1978s). I spliced into the ignition wire as my positive voltage source. It's critical to monitor the voltage off the ignition - a voltmeter will monitor volts/draw current constantly if wired directly to the battery and slowly drain your battery overtime. For ground, I spliced into the ground wire coming off the connector off the backside of the oil pressure gauge. Tom 'Oljeep' Collin's webpage was a godsend,
As for the two red and yellow 10-ga wires coming off the ammeter, when I rewired my alternator, I left the red wire hot (connected to the positive starter solenoid terminal but not running an alternator current) and disconnected the yellow wire entirely. Behind the gauge cluster, I used electrical tape and heat shrink to "seal" the connectors used to the attach to the ammeter. The red wire is a hot wire for many components under the dash, so it must be connected to a 12v source. I left the yellow wire under the dash - if needed, I can use it as another hot wire for accessories.
Reassembly: Reverse the disassembly procedure. Again, the heater control wire is the most frustrating part because a screw driver cannot easily reach the screw location. I also used the opportunity with the dash removed to reorient some of the wires to make cluster install/removal easier in the future. Reconnect the speedo cable to the junction box in the engine compartment
I hope this helps. I didn't find this information on Reddit, so I wanted to share my experience. This procedure may vary depending how you rewire your alternator. Some splice the 10-ga red and yellow wires together to maintain the circuit. I rewired my alternator so it goes directly to the battery and no longer sends a charging current through the firewall, so I left the two red and yellow wires disconnected behind the cluster.
Edits: formatting for readability
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2023.05.28 18:36 radegatored Any online job recommendations?

helloo!! sino po ang may alam ng kahit anong part time online job? Badly needed. Incoming 3rd year student, and Idk where and how to start to earn. I tried sa mga freelancing website but my skills aren’t enough :((
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2023.05.28 18:36 Top_Ant9553 WWYD 20 year old male in the GTA

Good afternoon PFC, currently in a bit of a finance pickle. To begin I'm a 20-year-old male living in the GTA on my own, however, I am returning to college in September and won't be able to work my current high-paying job.
I have no debt other than my car which is currently at 28285.03$ of principal remaining and its 5% interest for the next 6 years (I know a lot however I needed a car within one week last May for work my only option was new unless I wanted to overpay heavy on used).
My current COL is 647.58 (student housing), around 350 a month on groceries, roughly 130 a month on gym and supplements (not up for debate to change), gas is covered by my work mileage, a mind-numbing 420.19 on car payments, and an astronomical 548.16 a month on insurance. Coming to a grand total of 2095.93 a month to live here. No, I do not have any other hobbies than the gym and hiking and no alcohol or partying.
As far as current funds go I have 1855.90 in a chequing account and 5090.55 in a Wealthsimple TSFA invested in since I don't know where I should put the money. Take-home pay after taxes is rough 687.50 weekly at 37.5 hours a week some weeks I can get over 50 hours just depends on how busy we are and I get 242.50 a week in mileage (I only use about 60$ of it on gas and the GO train). For a grand total of 3720 a month. This means 1624.07 can go into savings or any extras I want.
I know I am not strapped for cash or in too terrible of a position but I can foresee the rough time I will have once I'm having to pay big boy rent and when I return to school and will have to work for minimum wage with fewer hours, so I have a few options.
  1. Keep my exact same situation as is and return to school with around 13k in the bank and take OSAP which for me is around 8k and just ride out the year.
  2. Keep living in the GTA but opt for a cheaper car, my sale value is around 25k for my car which means I will need to pay the 3 thousandish difference. However, my parent's neighbours are selling their old Civic for around 7.5k which I can insure for 280ish a month. This option will wipe my saving and make me have to borrow a bit from my parents but I will have 720 a month less I will have to spend on a car.
  3. Move home to live with my parents and keeping my current car, this will increase my commute time by a bare minimum of 80 minutes a day however I will be saving around 1k a month since no housing cost and no cost of food
  4. Moving home to live with my parents and buy the Civic, this would net me around an extra 1700 a month. This would be massive for my savings and is the option I'm most considering.
Pros and Cons time.
Pros of Civic, not having to spend an extra 700 plus a month on a car anymore. Cons of the Civic, I absolutely love my car and all the features inside of it which the Civic just doesn't have.
Pros of moving home, getting to see my parents and saving an extra 1k a month. Cons of moving home, seeing my parents every day and an extra 80 minutes to spend commuting in the car and the train commute stays the same at around 1 hour and 40 a day.
I just need someone to either tell me what is the best course of action because I am unsure right now.
I'm also sure you're wondering why my premium is so high, my insurance address is listed as my parent's house which is in the middle of the country and not the GTA. However, this price is reflecting my G2 driver's license and a tree that fell onto my car while driving which somehow is an at-fault accident since it was only me involved even though I had zero control over it. My premium will drop Monday since I got my G yesterday.
Tldr; Keep spending more money to save 80 minutes a day commuting and driving a nicer car while living alone or move home and buy a cheaper car increasing my commute time but lowering my COL to around 500 a month.
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2023.05.28 18:35 lippylousue FSA + PSLF Form + Adjunct

Okay, bear with me:
I submitted my form in September, in time for the waiver, and it was pretty convoluted because it looked like I had 14 employers when I really had three. One of those employers is a university where I worked as an adjunct for about 11 consecutive years, and for whatever reason that institution generated a separate form for every year I was there - so it was like 11 separate reports on my work history, most of which was part-time. There were a couple of years in there that I was full-time.
When I go to My Activity in FSA, I see two entries for "completed" PSLF forms. One was for the form that I submitted in September, which reflects the 14 employers -- and some of my work history is identified as part-time, because I was an adjunct, and some of it was full-time for the times I was in fact employed full time.
BUT THEN: there is another "completed" PSLF Form from very recent, May 17, that has consolidated all of my work history from this one institution into a single entry, and it now identifies my work history at this one institution as continuous, from my start date to current -- and it identifies the entire period (all eleven years) as full-time at 40 hours. I never submitted a second form so it looks like someone either made an adjustment or -- I honestly just don't know.
Could this mean that my forms were reevaluated under the new standard for adjuncts, and that the FSA has interpreted my work history as meeting the qualifications as full-time? I'm just trying to understand what it all means!
Also, just for reference, my accounts are not updated from the period before I consolidated, so I don't have a full count on either FSA or Mohela yet. Under the temporary waiver, my payments during that time will apply to forgiveness.
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2023.05.28 18:34 Economy_Wedding_8889 Considering leaving Canada because there are too many of us here

I'm an immigrant from India who came here 5 years ago. I have a family, work a regular job, pay my taxes, follow the rules. Nothing to get a medal for, I know. I love this country and the opportunities it's offered me and my family.
But I'm concerned about the number of immigrants coming in, especially most of them just from one place- India. It's like there are no checks in place, and just about anyone gets to come over. We have a healthcare and housing crisis here that is just going to get worse with so many people coming in every year. I already see an anti-immigrant stance showcasing itself on social media and fear that it's going to get worse with time. I also recognize that I'm not special and part of the problem, and so am considering leaving Canada. Canadians are lovely and welcoming people, but everyone has a limit.
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2023.05.28 18:33 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 18 Jobs in NE Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Region V Services Intake Liaison Beatrice
Cargill Poultry Processor Columbus
Madison County Assessor Office Clerk Madison
Lumen Inc Cloud Program Manager Omaha
US Foods Sales Agent Omaha
Apex Staffing Warehouse Worker Omaha
Region V Services Direct Support Person Wahoo
Buzz's Marine Marketing Producer Kearney
Buzz's Marine Lead of Accessories Kearney
Buffalo County Fairgrounds Porter Kearney
Buzz's Marine Immediate Openings Parts Accessories Manager Kearney Minden
Buzz's Marine Immediate Openings Marketing Director Full Time Kearney Minden
Buffalo County Fairgrounds Immediate Openings Custodian Kearney Minden
Educational Service Unit #8 Immediate Openings Technology Director Neligh Neligh
Educational Service Unit #8 Immediate Openings Technology Director Neligh Pierce
HealthCare Support Director of Nursing / Registered Nurse Emerson
McCain Foods Occupational Health Nurse - Relocation Assistance Available! Grand Island
Sono Bello LVN or LPN Omaha
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ne. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.28 18:33 No-Papaya-3339 FanExpo Philly Panelist scandal...

unspoken Scandal
Hello, I am reaching out as a concerned human being with reasoning and advocate for justice. I would like to speak on behalf of a friend and former peer coworker of 3 years about an upcoming convention called "PuchiCon" in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The owner of this convention has filed false Assault claims about our fellow employee and past Board Director of Outreach for the con itself, claiming he sexually abused her. The owner of this convention has included myself and the entire staff to take her side and involved us with false narratives. I don't understand how this is not going viral and not spoken of. He is in fear that if he speaks up about it to news outlets, people would not take his side as he had already found it impossible for fair legal representation in the courts and she has already tried to turn so many people against him including myself. I resigned my upper management role as * Redacted * after being with the convention 4 years. I cannot take this drama and I cannot understand how the staff and community isn't taking sides of an innocent well known and admired man. The owner followed my action of leave by harassing me, threatening to go to authorities and take legal action because I made a public post about my leave.
In short, the owner of puchicon pursued our peer employee with many sexual advances as well as emotional ones claiming she was unhappy and wanted to be with him and have more children with him... She had also disgustingly mentioned her own daughter sexually in nature laughing... "why can't I speak about her like this? others think it's funny". She was denied intercourse from our peer and decided to make false claims and lie under oath out of anger and vindictiveness. she had also been scamming people claiming to be a 501 3c non profit while the whole time operating as an LLC and bragging about the donations and annoyed she could not get grants fast enough so "its better as an llc anyway" once staff was made aware... also falsifying her website and sponsorship materials to claim we were sponsored by Cruncyroll viz media and many others while no such partnerships existed.
He won the court case with proof of her sexual advances towards him as well proving zero assault had been committed, but destroyed him financially by charging back payments made to him fraudulently causing him to lose his bank account and credit card.. yet she managed to convince staff and community that she won and he is a "dangerous" person, defaming his name and companies and isolating him from the cosplay and convention community. She claims her convention to be inclusive to mental health illnesses however exploits the neurodivergent community of free labor and intimidates them out of payment or fair compensation on top of trying to make false claims on our Demisexual, neurodivergent, ADHD, high functioning Autistic peer here who has a lot to lose as he is a respected and know Photographer in the Music industry and former DJ with many celebrity connections in the whole of the entertainment industry. She now has staff signing NDA's to be a part of volunteer staff so no one can speak of the cruelty and truth. As this is all cruel and unfair for him and our staff to witness, I wish for this matter to be investigated and concluded in perhaps an article and or action.
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2023.05.28 18:33 MaleficentPassion771 A rollercoaster of emotions, did I get the job?

Day 1: Applied on Linkedin for an entry-level Software engineer role, using easy Apply.
Day 2: The person who posted the job emailed me saying they liked my resume and I got selected for a "mail-to-mail" interview the next day, so I need to put aside 2 hours for this.
Day 3: The actual recruiter emails me a doc that has a few questions and says I need to answer these and return them. I have a hard deadline of 75 mins. Out of those questions, some are technical, some are behavioral, and a few are related to pay and joining date. I returned them after answering those questions.
Then, after some time I get an email from the recruiter saying they sent my answers to the hiring team, and they'll take a decision based on my answers. They want to expedite the process so I might not have any interview and directly get the offer.
After 6-7 hours, I got an email congratulating me that I got selected and I'll get a formal offer letter the next day
~~I was very skeptical of the entire process and felt something is wrong~~
Day 4: I got the formal offer letter with the pay rate being the lowest value I quoted in my range.Then, I got a call from a guy from the company saying, "we have sent the letter please go through it and get back to us"
I asked the guy 3 things "1. Can I talk with some technical manager to understand more about the role, and my responsibilities" To which he replied you can have that call after your tech setup is done which is very sketchy
"2. (I am an international student who recently graduated) My OPT start date is after a month, so can I join then?" To which he said we are ok with that date so yeah
"3. Is there any room for negotiation, given I am this this this, can you please consider the upper limit of the range I quoted" To which he said, yes we'll decide and get back to you.
After some time I got the offer letter with updated pay and joining date. I was asked to sign it that day itself, I read it thoroughly and signed it. (It doesn't have any weird clauses).
Then I got a mail from the recruiter that my check is being processed by the account team and once that's done I can use it to buy my work-from-home setup(iMac, etc etc). I received that check after some time, and I deposited it in my bank account. But it is still on hold.
I sent them the confirmation number of the deposit, they were like we can see a hold so can you deposit to some other financial institution you bank with. I said, let it take its time, anyway I'll be joining a month later, then they were ok with it.
Day 5: I get an email from the recruiter saying, some of my equipment is being delivered today so I need to pay some amount out of my pocket as the check is still on hold.I replied, I have an ample amount of time before I join so can you reschedule the delivery, I’ll wait until the check is processed. Also, I am just out of college, I cannot afford that kind of payment
~~Ghosted no reply~~ I tried to call the guy who called me the other day, but still no response.
~~I was convinced that I got scammed, and it was completely fake~~
Until that evening when the guy actually called me and said I understand your situation, is there any way for me to send that amount so that you can take the delivery? I again said the guy the same thing, that I am joining a month later, so why the hurry, then he was like “Yeah!! I will reschedule the delivery for next week.”
~~I am still very skeptical about this whole thing~~
I will wait until next Wednesday and think of reporting them
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2023.05.28 18:32 RBZL FAA Investigations for Pilot Deviations: Everything you never knew you wanted to know!

Hey everyone. As a bit of background, I'm a former FAA Aviation Safety Inspector (ASI). No, I'm not your_friendly_asi, though I've communicated with them. I've previously posted about my path to 1500 hours, and I've made incognito comments about what the FAA is or isn't likely do while I was employed as an ASI. However, the FAA's social media policy is both ambiguous and strict, so I was careful about what I said. Now that I'm no longer employed, I'm comfortable sharing a bit more about the ASI job, and what the FAA (either as an agency, as a FSDO, or as an individual ASI) is likely to do in certain circumstances.
Of course, one of the biggest concerns as a pilot is what happens when you become the subject of a FAA investigation, whether you were the one that screwed something up or you were caught by proxy (i.e. as someone's instructor). There are a lot of misconceptions among the pilot community about what's going to happen to you, and what you need to do. So, let's talk about it!
Obligatory note that I am no longer employed with the Federal government of the FAA, and that the information below is my personal viewpoint and not an official position of the FAA. All of this information is available publicly via FAA orders which dictate how investigations and deviations are handled. I'm not telling you anything secret or proprietary here. Also note that each FAA office can operate a little differently, but still be within the policies and guidance.

Why would the FAA investigate me?

The FAA is charged with investigating anything which falls within it's 9 "areas of responsibility", as mandated by Congress and 49 USC. See FAA order 8020.11, as revised. Those areas include the competency of FAA-certificated airmen, and violations of Federal Aviation Regulations (14 CFR). Therefore, if the FAA becomes aware that there is a possibility that you may have violated a regulation or that you might not be competent for whatever reason, the FAA is mandated to look into it.
You would probably find yourself in this situation after making some sort of error or mistake. It's not hard as a pilot to violate a regulation, if we're being perfectly honest. 91.123(a) is probably the most common violation - failure to comply with an ATC clearance. This is fairly all-encompassing. You could take a wrong turn during taxi, land on the wrong runway, get off your assigned altitude or route while IFR, or anything else you can think of which ATC instructed to do but you didn't for whatever reason. And this is just one single regulation in Part 91 - obviously there are hundreds of regulations in 14 CFR which you could potentially run afoul of, though ATC clearances are the most commonly investigated because ATC notices you deviated from your clearance and essentially snitches on you (not hating on them - more on that later).

How would I know I'm being investigated?

Ultimately, you'll know because eventually someone at the FAA will contact you. It will usually be an ASI. Depending on the source of the report and the workload of the ASI, you may not hear anything until a month or so after the event. The ASI may send you a formal Letter of Investigation (LOI), a Compliance Program and Pilot's Bill of Rights (CP & PBR) brochure, or they may just try to give you a phone call initially. ASIs CAN text you and email you! Many ASIs are issued cell phones, and nothing says they can't try to get a hold of you using any means. My process was to call the pilot and ask for an email address so that I could send some information that way, instead of needing to physically throw something in the snail mail. Policies can vary by each office, though.
If you mess something up and ATC issues you what's known as a Brasher warning (i.e. "possible pilot deviation" usually along with "I have a phone number for you to call"), it doesn't guarantee that you're going to end up being investigated. Depending on what happened, though, ATC may be required to submit something called a MOR, or a Mandatory Occurrence Report. So yes, ATC sometimes snitches on you, but they're required to for certain things. It can also be controller and facility dependent as to what they will file reports for - if a facility is seeing a lot of the same deviations/violations, they might start filing reports even if it's something minor in order to try to put some attention on it higher up. This report makes its way through the ATC chain until it is eventually forwarded to the FSDO with responsibility over the event. If you're a GA pilot, the FSDO covering the geographical area where you messed something up will investigate. If you're a certificate holder or fly for one (part 121, 135, etc), the report will go to the FSDO, CHDO, or CMO which manages that certificate. Routing all of this is a whole process, which is why it can take a month or more after the event to be contacted by the FAA.

An ASI contacted me after some sort of event happened... F*%#. Now what?

Straight to jail, obviously. Might as well cut up your certificates too, before they come pick you up. It will show the ASI that you feel bad about what you did, and that you respect his authoritah, which may lead to a reduced sentence.
Nah, you're probably one of about 12 PDs (Pilot Deviations) on the ASI's desk right now. Remember that whole mandate for the FAA to investigate certain things? The ASI is most likely not out to get you, he's just doing his bureaucratic job. Keep in mind that an ASI is also a pilot, holding at least a Commercial Pilot Certificate and meeting Airline Transport Pilot qualifications, and if he's a General Aviation Operations ASI he's also a current CFI with at least a few hundred hours of instructing. He's going to contact you as described above, send you the Pilot's Bill of Rights in some form, and probably try to schedule a time to talk with you about what happened. This will normally just be a phone call. The ASI might also ask you to provide copies of some things, like your logbooks showing that you were current and had the appropriate endorsements for the type of flight you were conducting. Your pilot and medical certificates can be looked up, but you may also be asked for copies of those to verify that you have them in your possession and that they match. Other things may be requested, as appropriate, depending on what exactly happened.
The purpose of the interview (phone call, or otherwise) is for the ASI to determine a few things: what happened, why it happened, if it was intentional, and why you are or aren't likely to do the same thing again. In short, the ASI is tasked with gathering all of the facts associated with the event, and performing a Root Cause Analysis to determine why whatever it is that happened did happen. Your input and perspective as the pilot is very important to this, because nobody knows what you were thinking or what you were seeing except you. Without your input, the ASI has to make a determination on what to do about the event with only the other limited information available.
The possible outcomes of this investigative process are typically: No Action, Compliance Action, Remedial Training via FAAST, 49 USC 44709 Reexamination, or Enforcement Action. There are also things called SNAAPs which are basically warning letters, but they aren't commonly used in most FSDOs for GA pilots. Ultimately, the ASI and the FSDO/CHDO/CMO is empowered to take any action which they feel will ensure continued safety of the National Airspace System.

Some of those outcomes don't sound encouraging. What's going to happen to me? Sounds like "straight to jail" is still on the table.

I'd say that over about 95% of the time, a PD is going to be resolved with Compliance Action. This is part of the FAA's new Compliance Program/Philosophy. I'd really recommend a quick read of FAA Order 8000.373, as it's only a page and a half and really sums up the point of the Compliance Program. If you get the CP & PBR brochure (see it here), it also explains the general idea. The FAA at one point figured out that to actually enhance aviation safety, they needed to obtain the perspective of pilots involved in deviations. Pilots aren't willing to share information which might be incriminating, though, if there is no incentive to do so. Why would you tattle on yourself if the FAA is just going to use that information to work on taking your certificate away via Enforcement Action?
The Compliance Program allows an ASI to resolve a probable regulatory violation or deviation without resorting to Enforcement Action. The potential corrective actions are pretty limitless and are at the discretion of the ASI and the office, but typically this is accomplished via Compliance Action Counseling. The ASI is going to review their Root Cause Analysis with you, and offer feedback and suggestions in order to help ensure that the situation does not occur again. This is normally done via a phone call, with a follow-up letter. For simple violations, half of the time I would simply complete counseling on the phone immediately after the interview with a pilot. Occasionally, Remedial Training would be suggested if a pilot was very rusty and the event involved something like a runway incursion where the consequenses were potentially more serious if things happened to go really sideways.
The thing with the Compliance Program is that the ASI needs to be confident that you also understand the root cause of the event, and that you are willing and able to comply with applicable regulations in the future. "Willing" means that you're willing to openly talk to the ASI about the event and share what happened, what you learned, and how you plan to mitigate against such a situation in the future, so you might want to think about that before your conversation. "Able" means that you are competent and proficient enough to exercise your privileges without invoking future violations, among other things. Entering into the interview conversation having already thought about the root causes, and what you've already done or are going to do to ensure that the event won't be a repeat occurrence will do a huge amount to assure the ASI that you are indeed willing and able to comply in the future.
If there is a serious question as to your competency, you might be looking at a 44709 reexamination ("709 Ride"). As most pilots know, this is essentially a checkride, or a portion thereof, conducted by the ASI to evaluate whatever Areas of Operation of the applicable ACS or PTS that you have been identified as potentially being deficient in. These are fairly rare, and generally only occur after things like accidents where a pilot's actions or story indicate that they really may not have known what they're doing. If you mess up an instrument approach in IMC reeeeally badly, ATC has to intervene repeatedly, and you don't think that you did anything wrong after the fact and that it was all ATC's fault, you may also be looking at a 709 ride, for example.
Enforcement Action is typically reserved for the most egregious violations, or violations where a pilot willingly and deliberately engaged in a violation or another sort of illegal activity. If you're flying with literally everything expired, both in terms of yourself and the airplane, and you're doing other dumb and illegal things during that flight like buzzing people or houses, there's no way that you shouldn't have known better. This is the process in which your certificates are in danger, or you're looking at civil penalties or criminal charges, as applicable. If you made an honest mistake, even if it resulted in a totaled airplane and a hospital stay, Enforcement Action is extremely unlikely because the Compliance Program is designed to handle most unintentional violations. Enforcement cases are also a huge workload and pain in the rear for both the ASI and the office.

So for each outcome, what does it mean in the end? Will it be on my record anywhere?

For Compliance Action, Remedial Training, and a successfully passed 709 Ride, typically, no. Once you successfully complete whatever the requirement is for you to return to compliance, you'll receive a letter stating that the FAA/ASI have determined there is no cause for further action and that you may consider the matter closed. These events don't show up on any record that the FAA would normally forward about you, i.e. in a PRIA request or via the Pilot Records Database. However, many aviation employers and airlines do now specifically ask if you have ever been the subject of a FAA investigation, a 44709 reexamination, or something along those lines. Whether or not they have the means to verify this with the FAA, I'm not sure and I honestly really doubt, but it would be at your own risk to not report such events to an employer if asked.
For a failed 44709 Reexamination (x2 - you usually get two shots, unless the first one was so terrible that the ASI believes you have absolutely no chance whatsoever of passing a second time) or Enforcement Action, those will turn up because the result will usually be a certificate suspension, revocation, or downgrade. Enforcement Action will likely having you talking to the FAA's attorneys in an attempt to settle the matter with a suspension or something similar. If you did something really big, illegal, and intentional, you're probably headed to the NTSB judges eventually, though they're backed up years because they handle all of the Department of Transportation cases and not just the FAA. They also do so with only a handful of judges.
So really, an honest mistake with today's FAA isn't that big of a deal so long as you weren't intentionally violating regulations, and you're willing to talk about what happened and why it's not going to happen again. The ASI will appreciate your cooperation in quickly clearing another PD off his task list, and you can get back to flying without the trip to jail.


Why are pilots so afraid of this process, then? If you're not lying, it doesn't sound so bad.

The "old" FAA didn't have the Compliance Program. The only tool in their toolbox was a hammer (Enforcement Action), and every violation or other problem was a nail. Any little mistake that a pilot made did carry real jeopardy that their certificate was in danger. Obviously, that didn't foster trust that the FAA was really there to help, because they often weren't. There was also a time before ASRS/ASAP reporting and other programs which reduced or eliminated the penalties in exchange for information sharing. Essentially, the FAA finally figured out that if they wanted to improve aviation safety, they needed honest and accurate information from pilots. Pilots weren't inclined to share information if it would be used against them and enforcement was the only outcome. Programs were created to remove the consequences of an unintentional violation, and those are now the primary ways that deviations are resolved. Many pilots are still afraid of the "old" FAA, even though in practice it no longer really exists.

Do I need a lawyer to talk to the FAA or ASI during an investigation?

No. If you have access to one at no cost through another benefit like AOPA or employer insurance, go for it. However, lawyers just become an intermediary to work through, especially for simple deviations. If you want to minimize consequenses, you're going to personally talk to the ASI and you're going to openly share information about the event. A lawyer can't get you out of an investigation or the outcome, because they can't override the very broad 49 USC authority that the FAA has been given in both investigating and reexamining airmen. If you know for sure you're looking at an Enforcement Action, you can still settle with the FAA attorneys on your own, but a laywer at that point is up to you. Heading to NTSB court? Yeah, lawyer up, because you done messed up now, A-A-Ron.
You are always free to retain a lawyer and direct the FAA to communicate with them at any time, and most ASIs really don't care one way or another, but I would say it's an unnecessary expense if your deviation was an honest mistake. Do whatever makes you feel better, though.

Should I really talk to the ASI during the investigation? This seems like a trap.

As explained, the Compliance Program is only an option if you're willing and able to comply. If you're not willing to openly and honestly talk about the event, you're not really willing to comply. The alternative if you are determined to have violated a regulation is Enforcement Action, soooo... your choice!

What if I don't want to disclose everything to the ASI? What all do they know/have access to?

More often than not, the ASI has the ATC data regarding the event. This includes the radar data and ATC communications. They can play back the portion of your flight in question, so they can see where you actually were, what you were actually doing, and what was actually said. They of course also have access to the FAA databases for your certificates, medical, aircraft, and prior contact with the FAA. I wouldn't suggest lying about any of that.
An ASI reviews all of this before reaching out to you, so usually your conversation is just to fill in the gaps and figure out what was going on in the airplane from your perspective. If I can see or hear from ATC data that you took a wrong turn during taxi and then were embarassed about it before I even talk to you, I probably just have one or two gaps to fill in as to why it happened. Otherwise, unless this is the third time you've come up on my desk this year or you tell me something really abhorrent when we talk, it's almost certainly going to be a Compliance Action Counseling conversation and then good day, sir.

What about the NASA ASRS report? Doesn't that get me out of jail?

Kind of - honestly, an ASI typically isn't even aware if you filed one, or what the status of that is. It would likely come into play if you were facing Enforcement Action. Filing a report will not guarantee that an investigation does not occur, or that you will not need to talk to an ASI. It only guarantees that you will be immune to civil penalties or certificate suspension if you file a report in a timely manner, and you weren't doing something illegal. The information in your report also can't be used for enforcement purposes. That said, if the FAA finds out about a potential violation a month later, and you knew about it but didn't file a report, you generally can't go file one after the fact as an oopsie-daisy to try to avoid the consequences. If you suspect you violated something and you're worried about it, it never hurts to file the report. And as explained above, unless you were grossly deficient or intentionally violating a regulation, you're probably only looking at Compliance Action either way.

I received a Letter of Investigation. Am I in more trouble than just receiving the CP & PBR Brochure? What's the difference?

Not necessarily. You're supposed to receive the Pilot's Bill of Rights in some form before the FAA talks to you about an investigation into an event in any substantial manner, regardless of the nature of the investigation or what the expected outcome is. The LOI is required to be sent to you prior to any Enforcement Action, so some ASIs/offices send out LOIs for any report of a Pilot Deviation just in case something is discovered which pushes it into enforcement. Both the Brochure and LOI contain the required Pilot's Bill of Rights notification, so either one works from the ASI's perspective of simply being able to talk to you about the event. The LOI does inherently come off as more intimidating, though, as it's more formal and on the FAA letterhead.

An ASI randomly handed me a CP & PBR Brochure on the ramp, at an air show, etc - am I in trouble?

No, unless they wrote something in the brochure indicating something specific about a potential violation. ASIs are supposed to share the brochures to raise awareness of the Compliance Program whenever they interact with pilots.

I had a bad interaction with the FAA where _____ happened, and it was nothing like what you said.

Sorry about that. Like I said, not every office is the same. Generally, ASIs want to use the Compliance Program to get things out the door where they can. Maybe you got a grumpy ASI, or their office had seen that sort of thing a lot and was cracking down, or there was more to the story. Like any organization, let alone being the fed, there is some inconsistency between regions and offices. Every ASI I personally knew would have done their best to be fair and to follow the CADP (Compliance Action Decision Process), which I more or less explained in the sequence of events above.

I have another question about what the FAA would or wouldn't do.

Feel free to post it or DM me - I can't guarantee any specific course of action or outcome, and I don't speak for the FAA officially, but I might know some stuff about things regarding your Q.
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2023.05.28 18:32 purplepixie69 Need help with state pension contributions being explained to me please

I have just checked my account for pensions and I have 10 years of credits from being on ESA support group/PIP. I have autism and don’t always understand everything perfectly which is why I’ve come here with questions that google isn’t helping with
I’m struggling with the forecast estimate. It says Im forecasted to receive £203.85 a week pension in 2061 but the forecast says I need to still contribute and I will get that much if I contribute another 25 years. So will I have a pension in 2061 or not? It also says I can’t improve any further and that my estimate is £58.75 a week based up to April 2023 so I’m a bit confused
my worries are because eventually I will want to move in with my partner and I won’t be able to claim ESA anymore so I will only get pip and I don’t think you get contributions for that? so I’m worried that I won’t have a pension without contributions in future if I’m unable to work
I would like to work in the future although it would likely only be part time. would this nullify the 10 year credits and make me “start over”? do you get pension credits for part time work? I don’t think I would be able to claim anything else as my partner works full time
sorry if these questions are ridiculous
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2023.05.28 18:31 CodDull6049 How doable is working part-time while taking summer physics?

I’m taking calc based physics 1 and 2 in june and july with Perrera along with the labs. I know that summer classes are super fast passed so Im wondering if it’s a bad idea to also work part-time 2-3 days a week. I don’t necessarily need a job but having an income would be nice since I’m paying for my own rent.
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2023.05.28 18:30 MikeMele300 Is this even worth it

I should start by saying I took my first part, FAR, on 4/27 and got my failing score of 55 on 5/24.
I don’t know if I’m alone in this, but I don’t feel myself learning from this exam. It just feels like another thing I memorize and spit back out for a grade that’s not representative of how I would fare in the real world.
Nothing about this exam feels accurate about professional life, especially having to memorize everything that’s thrown at me, when in real life we can look anything up at any time. I get having to understand certain things, but anytime I memorize something for an exam, it’s gone when the exam is done.
It’s not even a requirement for the job I’m pursuing nor am I getting a bonus for having it, which is just salt to the wound.
Has anyone else felt this way?
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2023.05.28 18:29 azucarleta Hey Fiona, I wish you would have said something supportive about the Free Britney movement

Calling you in, girl, because I love you.
Why now? I have severe alexithymia, so that is partly why I only realized recently that it kinda hurts my feelings you never said anything. I love that you were there for Sinead O'Connor; I cried so much about all that. I love that you were there for Kesha; god so many tears. I love that you are there for all the people being shuffled through court (I've watched that sad parade myself, too). I love that you shoot your mouth off with good reason way more than most people, much less famous people; you take risks and I love it.
And you're so honest. And so sensitive.
So I get confused and a little hurt but not sure why thinking about why you told the Guardian you just didn't know much about the Free Britney movement, like, no comment basically. It's only now that so much time has passed that it hurts to read that. You and she are basically neighbors, nearly the same age, came of age in the same industry at the same time, share so much in common, like no need to list all the ways. So I'm not sure how to take or believe you didn't know much about it. Or haven't learned about it since. It was was/is a human rights movement with one of your peers at the center during a time when you are focusing so much on human rights and legal issues (thank you for doing that).
I forgive that you may not have known what to say then, OF COURSE. It's so fucking complicated, it's not easy to know what to say. So, let's forgive the past and look forward. Britney still hasn't seen justice, like nothing. Her fucking captors are still free and Britney's explicitly stated number 1 need is to see some accountability for those who abused her. There is ongoing civil litigation, but really no indication that any criminal investigation has even begun. The Los Angeles District Attorney, and the Clark County, Nev., District Attorney's should be pressed to answer questions about whether and what they are doing in terms of investigating Britney's father Jaimie Spears, mother, brother, and her former enslaver Lou Taylor, who is a serious risk to other young women in the industry ongoing to today in her position at Tri Star Sports and Entertainment.
Your younger peers in the business, and beyond, need some help here. Britney is onward and upward but the predators are still free, one of whom is well positioned to harm or capture other young women breaking into the same industry you know is so predatory. Would you please look into the situation using your contacts -- you must be separated from Britney by only a degree or two of separation a million ways -- and just take a stand. It's not too late, I say. We need a criminal investigation of Lou Taylor, Larry Rudolph and the Spears family, that's the present state of things and where you can begin your considerations.
As you know, folks with mental health issues or even just queer, sensitive behaviors are at extra risk of being abused and Britney's story is so emblematic of that.
Thanks Fiona. I love you so much.
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