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2014.09.11 19:18 Ancient Civilizations and related content

This subreddit is about the past civilizations that walked the earth. Just as us, they also altered their environments to fulfill their needs and left us clues about their lives, culture, beliefs and so on. The wonders of the past shall surface here.

2010.09.17 05:21 ptgx85 Pensacola Florida!


2023.05.28 18:29 Shellerellaaa Very worried after neck adjustment

Hiya. 28 year old female. 170cm 65kg. I smoke about 10 cigarettes a day. Other than POTS (I have low blood pressure with the tachycardia on standing) I have no other health issues that I know of. Recently had a normal brain MRI, clear chest x-ray, clear echocardiogram, clear abdomen ultrasound, normal bloods. Prior to getting POTS I was in the best shape of my life doing pole fitness and aerial silks.
Just wondering if someone could let me know if I'm just overthinking or if there's a big problem at hand. Backstory: recently diagnosed with POTS (got it from covid in 22). I have all the usual symptoms since. In February I had a fall where I hit the side of my head. It wasn't bad and I wasn't concussed or anything. Had an MRI on my brain after and it was clear. Didn't think anyone about it. After a few weeks I started getting headaches and some neck pain along with some dizziness (not light-headed but more like every now and again my head would feel like how when you're sleeping and feel like youre falling. It's hard to describe). I also started getting chronic nausea. I ended up going to see a chiropractofunctional neurologist 3 days ago. He also does functional medicine so I didn't expect there to be any adjustment stuff. I'm just at my wits end so just wanted to try another option. After checking my neck he said it was completely misaligned to the side. He pressed in one part and it was really sore but the other side was fine. He then said he thought a neck adjustment would be beneficial. I was terrifed but find it hard to advocate for myself so I agreed after he went through the risks. He did 2 other adjustments on my back and one on my neck. I didn't feel any different afterwards tbh. But then yesterday I started getting random pains up the sides and back of my neck (not severe but annoying) and my head feels a bit wobbly. It also feels like something in pulling in my neck and my upper back. I have mild pain in the sides of my head at times too. I'm also extremely fatigued (I normally have fatigue with POTS but not to this level)
My question is is this serious enough that I should go to EGP or should I wait a few days to see if it clears? I know some pain afterwards is normal but I read that it shouldn't last longer than 48 hours.
Also just to point out i will not be going back to him.
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2023.05.28 18:29 Abject-Equipment-581 36F Looking for someone to spend time with.

I'm always looking for a like-minded friend, a partner with whom I can share my mind and soul. To me, true friendship is based on shared values and ideas, not appearance or social status. I love connecting with other people and sharing my thoughts, so we definitely have a lot in common.
If you are also eager to have such a precious friendship, please join me! We can listen to each other, support each other, and be best friends in life. No matter what difficulties or challenges we go through, we can move forward hand in hand and draw strength and inspiration from each other.
Let's share life experiences, explore unknown areas, and become soul mates. As long as you are willing to open your heart and communicate with me, then this beautiful journey will start with us!
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2023.05.28 18:28 Bright-Signature-441 25 yrs going for either B.E. IT in Jadavpur University or B.Tech CSE in University of Calcutta. Don't know what to do after so many gap years and being a very old student

I passed high school in 2016 from West Bengal & I was trying to qualify NEET to get admission in a government medical college, but I didn't qualify for a government MBBS seat in all of my previous attempts. So, I also took WBJEE 2023 exam and recently they published the rank card and I got a rank under 110. So, after checking previous year ranks, I am sure I'll get into either Jadavpur University or University of Calcutta, but which one should I choose studying B.E. IT in Jadavpur University Or doing B.Tech CSE from University of Calcutta?
Will it be difficult to get a good placement for me if I start my now because I am too old and have so many gap years! I only went for college for a B.Sc. degree and spent 1 years in total in that college and during all the other years I kept on trying to crack NEET but I failed miserably. I have no option now other than studying engineering. So, which one should be best option for me?
I am already too old and during placement season if I can't even grab some good offers, I don't know what I'll do, my parents already know that I am a failure, relatives and all others always made fun of me because I failed and wasted so many years. I know that mass recruiters and few companies don't accept students with study gaps after high school, then what should I do?
Will I even get a good job offer if I worked hard during my time in either Jadavpur University or University of Calcutta? I don't know anyone who studied from these 2 universities, so I don't know much about them, I just know they are 2 of the best universities for engineering in my state. Will all companies always look down on me because I have so many gap years? What should I do? Ican't do M.Tech because I am already an old man.
It feels like I am dying inside because of my pain and insecure future and literally everyone I know including myself hates me. I know I am an utter failure. Please tell me there's a way forward and please guide me on how to secure a good job. That's all I can ask. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING THIS. PLEASE HELP ME.
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2023.05.28 18:28 btpie39 What doctor can help me determine if my fibroid is a problem and options for removal?

I'm 29 and my husband and I have been talking about embryo freezing. I recently got a transvaginal ultrasound as part of the related testing, and discovered that I have what looked to be a fairly large fibroid, although I don't have a good sense of the size (it says 6cm but I'm not sure if that's width or volume). When I asked the doctor (reproductive endocrinologist) if it was something to be concerned about from a future fertility perspective, she was quite dismissive and said that lots of women have fibroids and if it wasn't giving me any symptoms (it is not) it wasn't an issue.
From my independent reading, it seems that fibroids can indeed pose a big problem for many women, whether because they cause difficulties with embryos implanting or crowd out a fetus. I am nervous about the idea of just leaving it because from what I understand these things don't get any smaller on their own, and the bigger it gets, the more challenges it can cause related to fertility and pregnancy.
Who should I go to to discuss options? Is this something my regular OB-GYN can help with? I would have thought that the RE would be my best option but she does not seem interested in discussing.
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2023.05.28 18:28 AutoModerator [Full] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

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To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator contact me on:
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Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.05.28 18:28 Copperhead_Annie Hopefully this question isn’t too strange.

So, I have naturally red, curly hair that I believe to be damaged so badly that it requires me to just cut and regrow. Its colour and curl are still there, but not nearly to the point they once were. It’s dry and faded and such. So I’m currently thinking about just shaving it off, starting over, and treating it better. But I, for some reason, feel a connection to my hair. I grow it out for femininity but also for reasons I see as religious (but I’m not quite sure why). I am somewhere between syncretic reconstructionist, multitraditional, and eclectic if that makes any sense at all. I worship/venerate many beings from many pantheons and traditions. I was wondering if there were any historically attested rituals for respecting hair that required cutting.
I’m really sorry if this post seems nonsense. Thank any who may help in advance, and have a beautiful day/night!!
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2023.05.28 18:27 ChaosRubix I think I’m losing a friend.

In November after a promotion at work I (24M) met a girl (21F) during training. The two of us hit it off quick and became super close really quickly.
Before you ask she has a boyfriend and I can see they’re genuinely in love and she’s told me she doesn’t see me that way.
In March we had an issue where she said the wrong thing at the wrong time and I could have been badly effected by this comment. She knew straight away she’d messed up and apologised and took it back immediately.
Since then even though I’ve fully forgiven her, our friendship has been rocky something has felt off about it, this is something we’ve both acknowledged and we’re both unsure as too why.
The reasons I believe she is losing interest in our friendship;
  1. Her messages have slowed down. Originally even after the incident we’d be texting and calling each other nonstop, I’d never have to wait for a reply.
  2. She’s rarely talking to me at work. She’s always asking me to do something else or volunteering me to take a role away from her.
  3. She’s talking to members of staff the two of us have previously complained about, even going as far as too take them on jobs away from the main area, even though we use to be each others go toos
  4. Even thought our messages have slowed down, she’s still online and responding in the work group chat and to other members of our team privately while I’m being left on delivered
  5. The way she describes me has gone down. At first I was best friend, then I was another boyfriend, then I was friend, then I was a close colleague and today she said “someone I work with”
While this alone would be conclusive here’s why I’m confused;
  1. She regularly tells me she cares about me, tells me she misses me while she’s away or tells me she loves me
  2. She makes sure I get a break at work often asking to be sent on the same breaks or checks I have been relieved from my duties at the end of the day
  3. She’s the one to invite me to work events, even calling to see if I’m coming out.
  4. When I brought this up with her she said she didn’t want to lose me and that she cares about me.
Finally what confuses me most is that she tells me to “Never take anything she says seriously” she says she’s always joking and hardly means a word out of her mouth.
So what do you think?
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2023.05.28 18:27 SteinerScoutLance 30 [M4F] Ontario/Anywhere - Gentle Giant & Nerd Seeks Cat Ladies, Gamers & Geeks

Hello ladies! I hope you are having a nice day, and if not, that you find someone who can bring a smile to your face! I come to you looking for a consistent chat partner with whom I can hopefully develop an emotionally intimate relationship with. I’m open to anything that happens, but not looking to rush into anything. Let’s just chat, spend time together and see where it goes?
I’m very left leaning, child-free and emotionally available. I’m a tall, hairy and chunky boy, happy to provide pictures of myself and my cats on request! I love board games, television and film, history, animal care and food of all kinds. I am a big proponent for being active in local community support organizations and do my best to be a faithful friend. I’m far from perfect, but making other people laugh or smile is what makes my day!
I currently have three foster cats who take up a lot of my time, as I am working on socializing two of them who were born outside. We are making great progress! I’d love to meet another animal lover, as my eventual dream would be to open up an animal sanctuary that doubles as a therapy center for humans. I have an unbreakable love for animals, and faith in their ability to help us heal. I think seeing a battered, scarred or withdrawn animal come out of their shell, seeking love, attention and comfort is one of the most rewarding things on the planet.
I’m a sucker for a cute giggle or laugh, freckles, curly hair and genuine passion about what interests you. Intelligence and emotional maturity are big things for me, but I’d also love someone to watch trashy reality TV with! Tell me about your pets, your D&D campaign, your favorite movie, or your dirty little secret! Let’s get to know each other. Please give me more than ‘hey’ or ‘how are you’ to work with!
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2023.05.28 18:27 uroldtamagotchi Staph infection in vagina :(

After 3 months of treating myself for suspected thrush, I’ve just found out I have “heavy growth” of staph aureus in my vagina. No yeast at all! Is this common?
I’m a bit confused and worried as I didn’t expect this at all, I know little to nothing about staph and didn’t even know you could get it in your vag. Does anybody have any knowledge on this? There really isn’t much info online it’s all like scientific papers :( I can’t gauge how serious it is, like do I need to go to hospital? Can I touch my boyfriend? Is the staph likely living in other areas of my body or is it just in my vagina, like can I touch my own cuts and spots and stuff? Can I have sex after treatment and presume it’s gone? My boyfriend has also been tested and it didn’t show up on his test, but I thought staph was like quite contagious? (We’ve not had sex since I started having symptoms granted, but are backpacking and spending every minute together with lots of other contact).
I’ve suffered with recurrent thrush since last year now and it’s always cleared with clotrimazole (only to come back a month later) but is it likely I’ve had staph all along with this?
OBGYN has prescribed me cefuroxime antibiotics, and told me to just look out for more discharge. But she’s based in the Philippines (I’m travelling SE Asia atm) where their main patients are pregnancy ultrasounds, so am slightly worrying in case it’s more serious than she/I think. My symptoms are and have just been unusual discharge and mild itching. Nowhere near as bad as toxic shock syndrome symptoms or anything. Just scared it could become septic or TSS, really out of my depth.
Any advice would be really appreciated, as I’ve not got much to go off atm! Anyone had a similar experience with vag staph?
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2023.05.28 18:27 ehead How much caffeine did I consume?

Drank a grande coffee at a Budapest Starbucks this morning and it damn near had me jumping out of my skin. I've never had such a crazy caffeine buzz, and it was frankly a little scary. It tasted SO strong, but for some crazy reason I finished it. My girlfriend and I had were splitting up to do different things, and she said she ended up pouring hers out.
Anyway, turns out they had brewed a fresh pot when she first ordered and I was in the bathroom. I saw them run out when they finished filling my cup up. We both concluded later that they probably only added around 32 oz of water for the whole brew, which would explain why it was so insanely strong.
Getting a good drip cup in Vienna and Budapest has been more difficult than you would think, even from a Starbucks. Never had any problem at any of the Munich Starbucks. I certainly enjoy a good espresso drink but sort of get tired of them, and it takes a couple to pick me up like a cup of drip. God knows I nearly had a heart attack today though. Think I'll stick with cappuccinos for a while.
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2023.05.28 18:27 heyimok2020 No longer a Bridesmaid, do I still go to wedding?

This is going to be a bit of a long story, but I will start and end with an upshot of it.
Upshot: Fiance's brother is getting married, I was chosen as a bridesmaid. I was kicked out of bridal party without being told by anyone. Invited to bridal shower (had to go to a doctors appointment I waited MONTHS for that was very needed) so I didn't go. Was invited but was never told until just now. Not invited to bachelorette. Wedding is in July.
I want to preface with this: I do not harbor any feelings towards the decision to not have me in the bridal party. My fiance (if I can still call him this) have been rocky for many months (due to change in finances from unforeseen medical emergencies - we canceled our wedding last late august). His parents don't understand why we called it off and in the end I was deemed to be blamed. I have not seen my fiance since january, except occasionally running into eachother. We still text a bit but don't talk much. Obviously, we are basically over just no one pulled the trigger so to speak.
I was not told I was no longer in the bridal party. I'm not surprised by the decision. But neither bride nor groom told me, nor any of their family members. It wasn't until I received the invitation to the bridal shower that I told my fiance I was confused. I had not heard from any of the bridesmaids about it. I was told then (3 weeks ago) that I was no longer in the bridal party and that I hadn't been since December (not surprised, plus I did not have a dress or anything so I obviously this wasn't a shock). Despite everything, I always had a great relationship with the bride and groom. A week before finding out was the groom's birthday and I saw them all and still no one had said anything. It deeply hurt my feelings not that I was no longer part of their special day (again who wants the best man's probably soon to be ex in bridal photos?) but that I had a great relationship with them and no one said anything to me.
I reached out to her family (bridal shower was a secret) and politely told them I had plans I could not change and sent a gift along and expressed that I had just found out about the bridal party issue and assured her my decision was completely unrelated to this. I asked if her or the bride could reach out to me in the new future to discuss what my new role was (as in was I still coming at the same time as my fiance - the best man - should I come with the rest of the guests? Did they want me to do anything at all still? Was I to be sat with my fiance and his family still or will I be myself at some other table?). I have followed up with the bride since and get a "yes, let's talk sometime" but never actually do.
When I went to send them a gift off their registry, I noticed the RSVP to the wedding invitation was due the weekend before. I had not received an invitation (save the date and bridal party invitation had been sent to my house (have never lived with my fiance, both still live at home - part of the reason we had to cancel our wedding). I had never received an invitation. I reach out to my fiance (who in weeks prior I expressed worry that I would not be invited) and said that it appeared I wasn't invited and asked if he knew. He said he had received the invite for the two of us back in early March and had already RSVP'd the both of us. He never told me he got the invite, that I was still his +1, that he RSVP'd, anything. (Obviously, this was upsetting considering I had been saying I didn't think I was invited numerous times before this and he had that invite and said nothing and that he rsvp'd despite the awkwardness between my family and his - but that's a him and I problem).
This weekend is the bachelorette (bride has to go away for work in June) and I only knew of it because she posted pics today.
I just don't know what to do with this anymore. I know my fiance and I are basically over. I was hoping to work things out (10 year relationship) but the lack of talking and seeing each other points to that being impossible. I wanted to be there for the bride and groom because I have know them 7 and 10 years respectively and we were very close. But the whole being blindsided, no one reaching out, and generally awkwardness between groom's family and I, I wonder if I should go at all. It just seems like I will be alone and isolated the whole time and would not be missed if I didn't attend (and too a much lesser point, while I will be very happy for them, it will be upsetting seeing his family enjoy the wedding knowing we had to cancel ours, but this is just an extra consideration that a decision will not be based on). I don't know what to do. I was trying to be a bigger person, but it seems so silly for me to attend at this point when I have been so isolated and ignored.
Advice? Am I being silly? Help!
tdlr; rocky relationship with best man has led to difficulties with potential BIL's wedding. Not sure if I should attend amidst awkwardness and blindsiding.
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2023.05.28 18:26 LowerComb6654 I don't know if I should call someone?

TDLR at the bottom- Please understand this is my first post here.
My dilemma is: My daughter 13(f) was friends with another 13(f) since Kindergarten, they'renow in 8th grade. I have also been friends with the girls mother for years as our children are friends and we've spent a lot of time together.
The other day my daughter texted me wanting to come home early from school. She claimed she was upset. Here I come to find out her friend of more than 10 years doesn't want to be friends anymore. She accused my child of trying to buy drugs last year, not knowing boundaries, told her secrets and is a bad influence. My child is not perfect, but I know she hasn't done most of these things. Also, the reason why they have been distant is because my child told on a couple girls her friend is friends with in February. They were literally telling this friend to rid herself of thos world! Plus a bunch of really nasty and heinous things that I can't repeat on here.
My daughter wanted to fight these girls for talking about her friend like that! However, ever since the incident her friend has been hanging with those mean girls more than my daughter. There was also a split of the friend group. Those who were on my daughter's side for agreeing those girls were mean and those who are on their side. Apparently, the friend I'm speaking about chose the mean girls side. This isn't the first time my child has been cast aside by the friend over others.
I know kids will be kids but these accusations are just crazy! Plus, she'd rather be friends with the girls who told her to rid herself?
Of course, I had told the mother a few months ago that her daughter was hanging out with those girls. She promised not to tell her daughter my child told me, but low and behold she told her. Ever since then her friend has been distant but this came out of nowhere, because she had apologized a few weeks ago for being distant.
I haven't talked to the mother in a few months because I've been so busy taking care of my ailing mother, plus my health isn't great. She has tried to call me and at the end of the day I've all but forgotten to call back. I KNOW I'm not a good friend sometimes but I was also mad she broke the promise not to get my child involved. I knew her daughter would be mad at mine and I didn't want that.
So here is my question: Should I call or message the mother about what her daughter has said to my child and about what's going on?
I almost just want to wait and see if she calls me again, but I kind of don't see it happening since our kids aren't friends anymore. Her daughter blocked mine on all socials.
I almost wonder since I have kind of ghosted the mom, the daughter has decided to do this? She had texted me if the kids were getting along awhile ago.
I know this might sound childish but I'm in protective momma bear mode rn. I'm also sad that 10+ years of friendship is down the drain. All because of rumors and because my child wanted to protect her friend!? I'd also be here for an hour if I explain every detail to every issue.
TDLR: My daughter tells on mean girls that attacked her best friend, now bff hangs out with those who attacked her, and decided to unfriend my daughter, while making wild accusations against her. Should I call her ex-friends mom and tell her how I feel about this? The mother and I have been friends or at least I thought we were. I don't know if she knows.
Thanks for any advice that is given! I truly appreciate it💕
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2023.05.28 18:26 CheeToes1234 Looking for people to play with around Ottawa, On

I am looking for some people to play with around me in Ottawa, On. I’m level 35 and am looking for some new people who also enjoy the game near me! I play daily but I live in a more remote area.
Add - 6445 3063 0783
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2023.05.28 18:26 AlexRyang Gifting Money to Parents

My dad cashed out his IRA in 2014 to pay for my first year of college. He told me it wasn’t a high balance and he had a few pensions, a 401k, and other accounts that it was fine. He retired in December 2022.
It would have been roughly $17k. I am almost done paying off my student loans and at some point in the next few years, I would like to gift him some (or all) of the money back.
What is the best way to do this without incurring a major tax bill or messing up his taxes?
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2023.05.28 18:26 allnutty Community Update - June 2023

Hi Everyone!
It's been a long time since I have done one of these, and well, there's lots of reasons why. I will get into those shortly, but wanted to start with a subreddit recap.

Community Insights

Over the last 12 months we have doubled our traffic to the subreddit, meaning - previously our 35K views a month now averages around 70K. That's a lot of views and a lot of people checking in! The same can also be said for our subscriber count, there are now nearly 8 thousand of us in this subreddit, which means a lot more posts, a lot more support and a lot more advice to be given.
That being said, more people in a sub-reddit, means more trolls and more spam - so that brings me onto my next point.

Community Moderators

As you may be aware, there is only one moderator for this subreddit which has not fared well for keeping up with modal / reporting etc. I have personally looked to appoint moderators in the past, but have then found they do not carry out any mod actions, or where not in the right place mentally to be monitoring a subreddit with such a contestable / difficult topic.
I am opening up the doors again to get more people involved to bring this subreddit back in line with it's 6 Core Values, which as a reminder are:
  1. Be Kind, Be Courteous, Be Friendly.
  2. Remember not all BPD Episodes are the same.
  3. Persons with BPD will have flair.
  4. No BPD Bashing or Hating.
  5. No pushing or selling of snake oil treatments.
  6. No posing as a therapist.
If you are interested in this, please send a message to the moderators with your reasoning and I will get back to you. I am to bring in at least 4 moderators, and in the interest of working to everyone's best interest, I am looking for a diverse crowd - i.e. some people with BPD, different races, different cultures, so we can ensure we also have a voice for different viewpoints in the posts that may be reported or removed.

Core Values

In addition to the core values above, I am adding one more:
Need I say more? This is not /BPDLovedOnes - we do not encourage "run" comments. However - that is not to say people cannot give advice about leaving. Ultimately there is a fine balance - if someone has a partner / friend / loved one with BPD that they do not have the strength to look after at that time - it is okay to say you may need to take a step back to look after yourself before helping a person with BPD. Not all BPD Episodes are the same - I've seen them at their worst and best, and if you are already struggling mentally with your own issues, sometimes you need to take that break.

Rules Update

Following the BBC Panorama episode on ADHD where it came out that the journalist was pretending to be someone with BPD and a researcher amongst other things to gain credibility in online spaces - we will no longer be accepting any researcher requests access to the subreddit. If you see these, or get a DM from a researcher, please notify the moderators and we will ban them.

Community Posts

On other news, we will be introducing two new community posts in June and going forward, these will be:
Support Materials will focus on publications, reports, news stories etc which will allow users to share information which has helped them with understanding of BPD, or helping their loved one. All articles / content shared will be archived and added to the community wiki.
Feel Good will be a place where users can show the good things to help show that a relationship with someone with BPD is not the "horror show" that many news articles and other subreddits show it to be.

Personal Update

I created this sub-reddit to be a safe space to ask how and why to helping someone with BPD. As many of you may know, my partner has BPD but this is not what defines them. They are self accomplished in their own right, and I just sometimes helped get them in the right direction.
The main reason for my lack of attention to the subreddit in the last month was because we tied the knot! It was honestly the best day of my life, and guess what, there were no "episodes" or "triggers" during, after etc. Those words are used to box in what BPD is - but with support, therapy and love - someone with BPD can move past that definition. My partner and I are a good example of what positive life someone with BPD can have. So to everyone here, I will work hard to make sure this is a space for you to be able to do the same.
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2023.05.28 18:26 MangoMobile6360 Am I a Deep Winter?

Am I a Deep Winter?
I'm tanned, but I know that's not supposed to interfere with the results of the draping. I think my undertone is slightly cool, my value is dark (I believe dark colors look best on me), and my chroma is medium?! Bright colors can overpower me. I think I'm a Deep Winter (but can use some neutral tones from the Deep Winter palette). What do you think? Please help my figure out my season 😅
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2023.05.28 18:26 Girl-y- Could my skincare not being oil-free be what has caused my sudden breakouts???

For context, I am a teenaged female. I used to have horrible acne, then last March I saw a dermatologist who perscribed me tretinoin 0.025% and clyndamycin phosphate lotion 1%. After a month of purging, I started to see results, and around July my skin was relatively clear (minus some mild PIE on my left cheek and my chin). I also started getting super serious about sunscreen, double cleansing, and not touching my face.
Things were going pretty well, up until late October, when I switches moisturizers and suddenly got around seven new pimples on my forehead, and three on my left cheek. I had not broken out for nearly four months at this point, so you can imagine my shock.
I was also using a new hylauronic acid serum over the tret at night, so I cut that out, and my skin was okay again, but I noticed my pores were bigger than usual and I had a whitehead underneath my nose (I had never had a whitehead before).
I continued to change up my routine, and tried around two different moisturizers and three different sunscreens, and three different cleansers, and my skin just kept on breaking out over and over again. I even got acne on my right cheek, which had never happened before. Painful papules, too. I cut out dairy and sugar because I thought maybe that was the problem, despite the fact that my diet had never caused acne for me before.
After six months of this, I remembered something I heard, that said if your diet has changed, but you still have acne, then it's probably an excess sebum or oil issue. I also remembered having heard that not having oil-free skincare and being acne prone was not a good combo. So, out of curiosity, I checked my skincare ingredient lists, and sure enough, my moisturizer and sunscreen both had oils in them. The ones I used when my skin was really good were completely oil-free.
So, do you think my new skincare not being oil-free is what caused my sudden, painful breakouts? Also, do you have any oil-free sunscreen recommendations? Would appreciate some help!
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2023.05.28 18:25 maxiedaniels Inferencing endpoint, best combination of products?

I’ve got a PyTorch model that I want users to be able to run inferencing on, and I’m trying to figure out the most cost effective way to handle an endpoint. The model takes audio and outputs audio, and on the longest audio file people will likely use, and it’s about 12 seconds on an M1 Max without MPS, and 3 seconds on 3080 RTX. If a user needs to wait 4-5 seconds, that’s not terrible, although I think something closer to 3 to 6 seconds would be fantastic. Either way, the model can only handle single inferences at a time as far as I can tell. I doubt I’d ever have more than ten to twenty simultaneous jobs to do.
What would my best option be given my situation? Amazon Inferentia2 looks interesting but I don’t know if it allows me to run simultaneous inferences since my model only supports single inferences. AWS Lambda seems interesting too since it sounds like I could run as many inferences as I need at once since i can keep launching lambda functions, but I don’t know how long inferencing would take on those and I know there’s space limits. Any advice?
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2023.05.28 18:25 Cats_have_teats I really want my 40th birthday to NOT suck

I'm 37. Soon to turn 38 in August.
My life is not at all where I want it to be. Every single milestone birthday has been terrible.
I didn't even have a 16th birthday party or acknowledgement. On my 18th I went for a meal with my parents and cried in the toilets. I went to an awful all girl's school and had no friends and had zero interaction with boys until I went to University. I was incredibly emotionally immature.
On my 21st I had a boyfriend and I was pleased about that but we didn't do anything, he got me a present. To date this is my best milestone birthday.
On my 30th my most recent partner (turned out to be abusive and left him at 37) arranged a meal for me and his friends. I didn't have any friends for him to invite. I only have two who now live abroad. It was nice of him but I felt humiliated. They all thought it was odd I had no friends or family there of my own.
I'm down I have no partner, no kids, no friends. I'm also 196 lbs at 5'5 so obese and currently on a strict diet. I lost my Mum in 2021 and put on loads through grief and covid. My job is ok and so I'm glad about that and I own my own house. The last part is all I have going for me.
I NEED my life to be in a much better place for my 40th. I want to have a party and have friends there at a minimum and to feel confident.
I don't know what I want from this post really. Technically I've not asked a question... I think I want encouragement, advice and hearing from people who understand I think. If it's relevant I live in the UK.
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2023.05.28 18:25 Ancestral_Grape Endgame SnS Sets?

Looking for a bit of guidance here. I've been plugging away at the early anomaly investigations, and I've reached a point now where I feel I need a proper armor set with decent damage skills. Thing is, I'm a tad overwhelmed by the sheer number of new damage skills in the game now, and while I like aggressive playstyles, the idea of draining my health or constantly swapping scrolls does not appeal to me. I come from a simpler time, where you just got the attack stat as high as possible and threw on some crit boosts. What sort of skills should I be looking for in terms of bang for my buck, and what skills synergise best with a more aggressive, rush-down playstyle that focuses more on hitting the monster than constantly hitting weak spots?
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2023.05.28 18:25 Fast-Cut-4022 45m 27f

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