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2023.05.28 18:54 Mad_Juju Thoughts on this used Steelcase V2 Fully Loaded for $300?

Thoughts on this used Steelcase V2 Fully Loaded for $300? submitted by Mad_Juju to OfficeChairs [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 08:42 Mad_Juju Is this used Steelcase Leap V1 worth $150?

Is this used Steelcase Leap V1 worth $150? submitted by Mad_Juju to OfficeChairs [link] [comments]

2023.05.27 12:09 Momohii buying new office chairs are the biggest scam

i have had this leap v2 for about 2 months now brand new from steelcase aluminum frame for about $2500
i ask steelcase support on how to make the recline less scratchy and they link me a video to use wd40 silicone spray
it works for about 1-2 days until it wears out
then it gets scratchier than before

the scratchiest is when starting the recline
and i dont think i can even return it considering theres no more box and the lubricant they recommended maybe void warranty

I feel like I fell for the Steelcase/Herman miller MLM or something
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2023.05.27 02:25 Ben100014 Bought this Leap V2 for $200. Did I get a fair price?

Bought this Leap V2 for $200. Did I get a fair price? submitted by Ben100014 to OfficeChairs [link] [comments]

2023.05.27 01:22 enlomasher Just got this Leap v2 for $12.99 at Goodwill

Just got this Leap v2 for $12.99 at Goodwill submitted by enlomasher to OfficeChairs [link] [comments]

2023.05.26 18:10 HeadlessZombie Used Leap V2 Price

I found a post, someone offering 4 Leap V2s fully loaded that they bought as a corporate bulk buy. Seller claims it was from a startup company so they only had sporadic use and are in great shape. They are asking $500 CAD each and I can probably get them down to ~$450.
Pictures look like they are in great condition, my only concern is that there are no stickers underneath of the chairs so I have no idea when these were manufactured. I'm definitely not an expert in this field, does this seem like a good buy?
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2023.05.26 17:01 ImportantQuestions10 Where can I buy a replacement Leap V2 chair back frame/shell?

Last week I bought a 2016 leap for 150 bucks. It was in pretty good shape except for a minor tear on the pad. Just found out that one of the arms on the back is broken and was hanging on in place by a fraction of remaining plastic.
No way I can get a return because it was through Facebook marketplace but I am looking into repairs. It should only take about half an hour to swap out the back if I can find a replacement, but I can barely find one anywhere. I tried Crandall but they don't seem to have any. And aside from one eBay posting with a shell with an unknown amount of usage. I can't find backs anywhere. Does anyone know if you can buy a back anywhere? Alternatively, is there a way I could fix this? I'm thinking as long as I use heavy enough stuff, I could just glue the pieces together.
Any help is appreciated
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2023.05.26 13:37 Maleficent_Lecture91 Chair dilemma! Secretlabs titan evo, Boulies master, Noblechairs hero, or a good used office chair?

I am upgrading my setup from a cheap, uncomfortable chair and looking to make the purchase just once. I'm finding conflicting information - some people love secretlabs, others say that they destroyed their back and their livelihood, etc etc. I have mild scoliosis so I find that out of chairs I need good whole-back support and a headrest.
What would the pick be between those three gaming chairs for ergonomics/back support? For the price of a new secretlabs I could also find a used herman miller embody or a refurbished steelcase gesture, would one of those be a better investment? I've become a little overwhelmed with the choices so if anyone could even just help me narrow it down a little that would be great! I'm UK based. I don't really care if the chair looks swanky, I actually prefer black/brown and understated if possible, and I've heard that 'gaming' chairs are mostly marketed for looks, which is not what I'm looking after!
Edit: to be clear, my budget is not endless and I'm looking at around 600gbp MAXIMUM although I would really rather spend about 300 if possible, but I'm of the 'buy once cry once' mentality and if spending a little more means I don't have to think about chairs for another 5 years then so be it.
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2023.05.25 19:49 WannaBeDoctor2 Leap V2 w headrest $400?

Is this a good deal? Manufactured end of 2021 and has headrest w lumbar and 4D arms
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2023.05.25 19:00 fyahb Tivimate App Rebrand

Tivimate App Rebrand

Want Your Own TiviMate App

We Have 2 Versions Of Tivimate
  • Hadcoded (Single DNS)
  • Panel (Multi DNS)
We Offer 2 Versions


Message Me On Tele @ FyahRebrands
Works On πŸ“·Firestick 4K Max Gen πŸ“·FireTV Cube 2nd Gen πŸ“·FireTV Cube 1st Gen πŸ“·Samsung Galaxy Tablet 8 Android 11 πŸ“·Shield Tube 2019 πŸ“·Shield Pro 2019 πŸ“·Shield Pro 2017 πŸ“·Shield Pro 2015 πŸ“·Sony Android TV 7.0 πŸ“· Onn UHD Box (Running Android TV 11) πŸ“·Dynalink Box (Running Android TV 11) πŸ“·Chromecast Google TV Android 12 πŸ“·TiVo Stream 4K Android TV 11 πŸ“·Formula Z11 Pro Max πŸ“·Formula Z10 πŸ“·JVC Fire TV 4K πŸ“·JVC Fire TV πŸ“·MeCool KM2+ πŸ“·T95 πŸ“·X96 Max πŸ“·Xioami Mi Box S πŸ“·Buzz TV XRS πŸ“·Strong Leap S1 πŸ“·Amiko V9 πŸ“·Amiko A9Z Blu
Won’t Work On πŸ“·Firestick 4K πŸ“·FireTV Cube 3rd πŸ“·Firestick 2nd Gen πŸ“·Fire Tablets πŸ“·All Android Phones πŸ“·Chromecast Google TV Android 13 πŸ“·Formuler CC
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2023.05.25 18:06 standech Trying to decide between remanufactured Leap V1 and Amia from Crandall

I'm leaning towards the Leap 1 because it seems to have thicker cushion than Amia and it probably leans back farther.
What do you think?
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2023.05.25 15:20 MakeMasiGreatAgain 2013 Leap V2 or 2022 Embody

I have the opportunity to get a 2013 Leap V2 in great shape for 350 or a 2022 embody (non-gaming) for $500
Not sure which direction to go but I know I like the feel of the leap and haven’t sat in an Embody.
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2023.05.25 02:52 SubwayChipsGaming Is it worth it to spend an extra $100 on the steelcase leap v2 instead of the amia?

I found a used Leap V2 for $350 and an Amia for $250 and I was wondering if it is worth spending the extra money on the Leap V2. Personally, I care more about comfort than back support, but I would still like to get good support as I am starting to develop pains. I am on the shorter side of the spectrum (5' 6") in case that makes a difference. I tend to prefer chairs that are slightly firm. If there are any chairs that might fit me better please let me know!
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2023.05.25 01:27 dnguyen823 Back with another Steelcase Leap V2 Mod - Purple seat cushion.

Back with another Steelcase Leap V2 Mod - Purple seat cushion.
Saw a post on here which inspired me to do a purple seat cushion mod and man I’m glad I did. The cushion is so soft without any bottoming out and the best part is it does not mess with the ergonomics of the chair. I tried another Reddit idea of using the purple ultimate cushion but found that I did not like it as it sat too high and you get this toppy wobbly feeling, in addition with the big bottom squares, it felt unstable and weird when all the squares would push in a particular direction so we had to get to work! I proceeded to remove all the bottom squares line by line by scissors being careful I do not fit more than needed. After removing the bottom layer the purple pad felt so much lighter. Also I went with the purple ultimate because it’s the biggest size which will make fitting it to size much easier.. I do not think the other purple cushion would have covered the entire original seat cushion. You could check out my Imgur to see the process and where I messed up.
All in all I’m really happy with the way this turned out other than me cutting my original seat fabric.. I suppose it is kind of nice as I can take off the cover and wash it whenever it gets dirty. Maybe one day I’ll get to reupholstering the seat cushion.
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2023.05.24 21:40 PrestigiousOstrich10 Good deal or no?

Good deal or no?
Steelcase leap V2 for $350 CAD
  • 2018 Model
  • adjustable lumbar support
  • 4 dimensional armrest adjustment
  • back locks at 5 different angles
  • recently wet vacuumed
  • minor staining in cloth
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2023.05.24 20:00 vikdean Big guy looking for a good chair

I'm 191cm (~6'3) tall and weigh around 135kg (~300 pounds) and I'd like ask for some tips on finding a good Office chair.
I've tried recently the Haworth Very and Steelcase Please V2, but both were a bit too small for me and the seat cushion was too hard on both.
These are the primary candidates at the moment: - Haworth Fern - Steelcase Amia - Steelcase Leap
These are the maybe category: - Herman Miller Embody (for 1800$, it would need to be the most comfortable chair ever made, but I've heard some negatives) - Steelcase Gesture (some reviews mentioned that the seat cushion is quite hard; also incredibly expensive) - Herman Miller Aeron (I have some concern whether the Mesh seat would be a good fit for someone my weight) - Haworth Zody (doesn't really look any bigger then the Very, so no idea about this one) - Herman Miller Lino (looks good actually, but I know nothing about this one)

However, I'm open to other suggestions, as long as its available to buy in Europe.
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2023.05.24 19:39 br0nzeKneecap My mega-desk

My mega-desk
I have been working on this for a while and finally feel comfy sharing it, although it's always in progress. Key things I love - This is a basement, so that light in the top right corner could light a basketball stadium. - my chair is locked to the plywood, the wood is on casters so it pushes back - adjustable height desk allows sit/stand/walk - I have a scanner and shredder, so mail isn't daunting, just scan and shred! - I just switched chairs to a used steelcase leap and highly suggest a comfy chair - I just switched to a numberless keyboard and highly suggest, less wrist strain
Thanks all for the inspiration and suggestions
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2023.05.24 19:13 Fats21 Short Fat Kid looking to buy a chair

Hello All,
I am 5'4 like 330lbs, I am currently looking to replace my leap v2 which ive had for like 10 years. Currently looking at Zody,Fern,Aeron C. Let me know what you guys think.
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2023.05.24 18:08 Klokinator The Cryopod to Hell 491: Killing Unarin

Author note: The Cryopod to Hell is a Reddit-exclusive story with over three years of editing and refining. As of this post, the total rewrite is 1,929,000+ words long! For more information, check out the link below:
What is the Cryopod to Hell?
Join the Cryoverse Discord server!
Here's a list of all Cryopod's chapters, along with an ePub/Mobi/PDF version!
Want to stay up to date on TCTH? Subscribe to Cryopodbot!
(Previous Part)
(Part 001)
Volgarius, inside a Technopath-controlled stratoscraper where Sangin Lidra talked to Exolis Whitspur, the leader of Clan Dyna, only two weeks earlier.
Abruptly, Hope Hiro materializes on the takeoff platform where dozens of interplanetary spacecraft once rested. This outward-facing hangar is exactly the spot where Lidra departed to travel to Serris, and also a spot Hope chose to leave a Waypoint behind.
But when Hope materializes, he finds that not a single ship rests on the platform.
Hope holds Excalibur in his right hand, and Hammurabi's miniaturized tablet in the other. On his belt, three other powerful artifacts rest, each one specially chosen for this mission.
But despite arriving ready to immediately engage in battle, Hope instead finds himself all alone!
He hasn't even hidden his body. He hasn't shielded himself or made himself invisible... he simply boldly steps out into the light, expecting to draw the gazes of every Psion within a thousand clicks.
What he instead finds is... nothing.
Hope looks around, slightly bewildered.
"The fuck?"
He swivels in place, casting his senses out like a wide net. He speaks several Words of Power, only to realize the once-bustling citytropolis of Volgarius has been mostly deserted.
He does spot a random speeder flying here or there. Sometimes an airbus. Sometimes a hauler with junk.
But compared to the tens of thousands of aircraft that dotted Volgarius's skies only two real-time weeks ago, it appears practically barren now.
Inside Excalibur, King Arthur chuckles humorlessly.
"So it's like that. It seems the Volgrim anticipated you would return. They've evacuated the planet."
Hope's expression sinks. "They did?! But how?! There were like eight bazillion sentients living here!"
"They have Warpgates, young one." Arthur says calmly. "And likely millions or billions of spacecraft. It's not a stretch to think they could do such a thing."
"Yeah, but-" Hope starts to say, only to pause as the hairs on the back of his neck prickle up.
He spins around, startled to see that a High Psion has appeared behind him.
"About time." Hope says, grinning viciously. "You must be Dosena, the Volgrim's mightiest Psion. Here to face off against the legendary Wordsmith?"
The Psion across from him wears flowing red robes, and a dark cape billows behind her back. Her striking golden skin makes her appear quite vicious; an elite among elites. Hope isn't certain if she is Dosena, as he has trouble telling the different Volgrim apart, but it must be her, given how easily she sneaked up on him.
The Psion looks at the human with a complete lack of emotion.
[You are mistaken. My apologies, for I was hoping to meet you sooner. Perhaps under more... pleasant circumstances.]
She pauses.
[My designation is Creator Demila. I am a 7th Ranked Psion, like Confessor Vulpanix.]
Hope blinks. "I already trashed Vulpanix. You think you can do better than her?"
He tightens his grip on Excalibur, ready to leap forward and cut Demila down. However, he still holds back, wanting to hear what she has to say.
[Again. You are mistaken.] Demila says. [I am not here to fight you. Though, if meting out death is the only thing on your mind, I suppose we could do so. Compared to Vulpanix, I will not prove much of a challenge. She is more powerful than me.]
"So why are you here, then?" Hope asks, glancing around to see if a cavalcade of 8th Level Psions will pounce out of a tear in space to blast him to smithereens.
[Founder Unarin has a message for you.] Demila says. [He wants to meet you at the Founder's Thumb.]
Hope narrows his eyes. "So it's a trap then. You want to lure me to your headquarters so you can catch me unawares."
Several seconds pass.
Demila exhales through her nose, in a manner somewhat similar to a sigh.
[I have been instructed not to harm you. We have evacuated the planet to prevent you from causing a mass casualty event. You need not worry that Founder Unarin himself will not be present at the designated meeting site, nor that he will try to deceive you. That is not the Volgrim way. That is not the First Founder's way.]
Hope cocks his head. His eyes flick from left to right, waiting to see if a camera crew is going to pop out and say that he's being pranked.
Obviously, no such thing happens.
"This is a trick." Hope states.
[I can guide you to the Founder's Thumb.] Demila says. [Do you wish to meet Founder Unarin?]
This time, it's Hope who pauses.
He narrows his eyes, gazing intently at Demila like a hawk.
"No need. I'll make my own way. TELEPORT!"
Abruptly, Hope vanishes from the spot!
Normally, teleporting tens, hundreds, or even thousands of miles without returning to a Waypoint would drain the Wordsmiths of their internal mana reserves. Jumping to a new and novel location, for some reason, takes much more energy than one where they've placed a Waypoint previously.
But thanks to the power of Excalibur, Hope possesses practically unlimited reserves of mana. He travels halfway across Volgarius in an instant, materializing in the skies above the Founder's Fingers.
Immediately, Hope erects a powerful force field around himself, one fueled by Excalibur's reserves. He levitates in the sky, pivoting around to look for danger. In his mind, he plans to intercept a half-dozen 8th Level Psions who were surely going to ambush him!
But once again, even when he casts Word of Power to detect foreign entities, he finds... nothing.
No enemies.
No ambush.
No aircraft.
Nothing at all.
By now, Hope is beginning to feel truly perplexed. He detects several scattered Technopaths and Changelings inside the smallest of the five towers arranged in the center of the grassy green nature preserve. This, he assumes, must be the Founder's Thumb. As for the other towers, they are completely empty.
"What the hell is going on...?" Hope mumbles to himself.
Inside Hammurabi's tablet, the old man chuckles quietly. "Solomon told you not to come here, boy. You should have listened. You're making a fool of yourself."
Arthur nods, his spiritual senses easily sweeping the area. "There's no need to go any further, Hope. Unarin has beaten you."
"No." Hope growls. "He's a monster who has treated humanity like cattle. Today, he must die. Whether he's here or not, I'll hunt him down, find him, and kill him."
Arthur shrugs. "Suit yourself."
Hope focuses his mind. He notices a few bio-signatures inside the Founder's Thumb he's never encountered before.
Not Technopaths.
Not Changelings.
Not Psions.
He concludes they must be either Dolgrimites or Ascended.
One of those entities stands on a platform extending out of the Founder's Thumb. This particular Ascended has bright pink skin, and beautiful watery-blue eyes.
Hope teleports to the individual's position, materializing before the Ascended he recognizes as Muuxunuu, Unarin's Head Administrator.
While Hope has never seen her or Unarin in person, he did see both of them during the broadcast where Unarin revealed he was in possession of Excalibur.
When he arrives before Muuxunuu, Hope's heart skips a beat.
He realizes that despite being an alien creature with features different from any human... she is... shockingly beautiful. Much more so than her appearance seemed to be on the video he saw.
Hope becomes momentarily awestruck by how lovely and innocent Muuxunuu appears. Her limpid eyes take a moment to travel from Hope's previous position to his new one. When they make contact with Hope's eyes, he takes a step back.
"I, uh, you-?" Hope awkwardly stammers. "Unarin, uh, take me to him?"
"Hope Hiro. Mighty Wordsmith." Muuxunuu says respectfully, bowing her head toward him. "I am Unarin's Head Administrator, his personal assistant. The First Founder is expecting you."
Hope quickly gets a grip on himself. He frowns at her oddly subservient attitude.
"This is a trick." Hope says.
Muuxunuu raises her head. Her expression becomes one of faint confusion.
"A trick?"
"There's no way this is legitimate." Hope says, pointing Excalibur at her. "Where is Unarin, really?"
"He is in his Sanctum." Muuxunuu says, unbothered by humanity's deadliest weapon being pointed at her chest. "Unarin does not lie. Unarin does not deceive."
"I find that hard to believe." Hope snarks. "Everyone lies at some point."
Muuxunuu simply stares at Hope.
"Not Unarin."
She turns around, presenting her back to Hope without a hint of fear. If he wished, he could reach out and behead her with ease.
Muuxunuu turns and walks into the hangar.
Hope pauses for two seconds, unsure what to do.
But eventually, he relents. He follows her inside, keeping his eyes peeled for ambushes and traps.
As always, Hope hardly sees a single other Volgrim. Once, he spots a Changeling walking down a hallway in the distance. Another time, he spots a Technopath in a sound-proofed room working on something mechanical.
"We have evacuated Volgarius." Muuxunuu explains. "We did not wish to leave countless innocents available for the Mighty Wordsmith to slaughter unjustly. The Volgrim who remain are critical to the functionality of our society. They must continue to perform their duties, no matter what."
"So what you're saying is, the people who are left are so critical that if I killed them it would utterly cripple your species' capabilities?" Hope asks, smiling at Muuxunuu's back evilly.
Muuxunuu nods. "Yes."
Hope's smile vanishes. He suddenly feels as if asking that question was incredibly stupid.
For some reason, he just can't bring himself to harm the pretty Ascended woman in front of him, or mindlessly lash out at the other Volgrim.
Hope really only intended to kill Unarin and any Psions or Technopaths who blocked his path.
But the closer Hope draws to Unarin's Private chambers, the more unsettled he feels.
This is... too easy. It can't be this easy. Unarin must be laying a trap for me.
Eventually, Muuxunuu and Hope arrive at a pair of massive metal doors. Each one appears heavy, as if they must be ten feet thick and weigh fifty tons each.
But to Hope's surprise, Muuxunuu walks up to the doors and gives them a push. They open inward slowly, with great gravitas, confirming to the Wordsmith that they are indeed as massive as he thought.
Holy hell. Hope thinks. This Muuxunuu is... strong! She's not as simple as she appears.
After Muuxunuu opens the doors, she steps to the side and looks at Hope with her beautiful blue eyes.
"The First Founder waits for you inside."
Hope holds Excalibur a little tighter, as if afraid he might drop it should Dosena pop out to attack him from nowhere.
"So you claim." Hope says, but this time, his words lack the same venom as before. He just can't bring himself to be rude to such a nice, pretty lady like Muuxunuu.
After a moment of awkward silence, Hope marches into the First Founder's Inner Sanctum.
This place, where Jason has already walked, carries with it a deep and rich history. Hope glances around at the pieces of artwork on display, the miniaturized cityscapes crafted with impeccable detail, and the beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.
Everything about the Sanctum screams 'high class' to Hope, who starts feeling like a country bumpkin by comparison.
"Unarin!" Hope yells. "Show yourself! Come out and face me."
Hope easily detects Unarin on the second level, up a flight of stairs. Before Hope can approach, Unarin walks up to the balcony and looks down at the young man below.
"Hope Hiro." Unarin says softly. "It's nice to finally meet you."
"Cut the crap." Hope snaps. "Teleport."
He vanishes from his position and reappears behind Unarin, whirling to face the First Founder.
Unarin calmly turns on his heel and smiles at the Wordsmith.
"Not much for pleasantries, I take it. You're very different from Jason."
"I've come to kill you." Hope says, flicking his eyes around. "So let's cut the crap. I know you wouldn't be here, unprotected. Where's Dosena?"
"Dosena is here." Unarin says. "But she will make no move to stop you, no matter your intentions. If you intend to kill me, then by all means, I won't bother wasting any air on the matter. Have at it."
Unarin folds his hands behind his back, stands up straight, and looks at the Wordsmith with an expression of pure apathy.
Hope scowls. He lifts Excalibur up and presses the blade against Unarin's neck.
"You're eager to die?" Hope asks.
"Not eager." Unarin corrects. "Truth be told, I'd rather keep living. I've many things yet to accomplish. But I'll not skulk about, hiding in secret fortresses to drag out my certain death. If a Wordsmith wishes to kill me, I good and well can't hide, can I?"
"So this is it then?" Hope asks. "You just stand there, I kill you, and it's over?"
Unarin nods. "You are angry at me. You blame me for the fate which befell humanity, as you should. I was one of the key architects of your people's fall and later enslavement to the demons. I also authorized those tests to be performed on captive humans. I treated your species like cattle. It's only reasonable you would hate me enough to want to kill me."
Fury begins to cloud Hope's vision. "So you admit to it! Do you think a bit of honesty will prevent me from beheading you, right here and now?!"
"By no means." Unarin says. "Let me assure you. I am Unarin. I am not a clone, a construct, or a hologram. I am the one you hate most. If you intend to kill me, you can do so at your leisure. Dosena will not intrude, and will allow you to leave, unmolested. You can even kill all of the Volgrim inside the Founder's Thumb, if you wish. You'll cripple our wartime capabilities, and the Plague will surely destroy what's left of our Empire within ten orbital cycles."
He adds, "A decisive end to the Volgrim Empire, wouldn't you agree?"
Hope's angry scowl lightens. He stares deeply into Unarin's eyes.
"What are you playing at? You're making this too easy. Trying to use reverse psychology on me?"
"It's nothing as silly as that." Unarin says. "I assume you're a smart human. You possess Solomon's Crown, yes? You should be wise enough to see the folly of what you're about to do."
"The folly...?" Hope asks, Excalibur's blade still hovering a mere millimeter from Unarin's neck.
"Hope." Unarin says calmly. "When you kill me... and the other Volgrim here... what will happen?"
Hope remains silent for a time.
"The Plague will... go unopposed..." Hope says slowly.
"So you do see the issue." Unarin says. "That's right. The Volgrim protect our galaxy from the Plague. We are losing this war, of course. Slowly, we lose more and more worlds to its advance each and every cycle. Assuming no external events occur, we should collapse entirely within one hundred orbital cycles. Perhaps a bit more."
Unarin smiles.
"But then you come along and separate my head from my neck. Our people suddenly lack the leader who has held them together for millions of cycles. I imagine our bulwark will buckle quite quickly. The Plague will rapidly devour hundreds, thousands of worlds. They will come for yours. Humanity shall perish, along with the Volgrim. The end."
Hope's stomach sinks.
"So that's your ploy. You know I can't kill you, because if I do, I'll damn humanity."
Unarin raises an eyebrow.
"That's not true. You are a Wordsmith, Hope. You can kill me, destroy the Volgrim Empire, and hide humanity inside a pocket space of some kind. You don't have to live in this galaxy at all. You can always go somewhere else, somewhere the Plague won't find you."
Hope nods slowly. "Yeah... I can do that."
He pauses.
"It feels like there's a 'but' coming, Unarin."
The First Founder rests his hands on his waist. "But... there is no such thing as an unclaimed galaxy. If you think the Plague is frightening... you've no idea what horrors lay out there, beyond the Milky Way's confines... in the Void."
"There are other sentient species in other galaxies?" Hope asks.
"Hahaha." Unarin laughs emotionlessly. "Far more than you can fathom. Our universe is bigger than you can comprehend. The forces you have seen are dwarfed by many magnitudes of other frightening creatures lurking, waiting in the Void."
Unarin shrugs.
"You have been hurt. I am sorry for taking humanity and turning it into a chattel species. The demons feasted on human bodies and souls for 100,000 cycles. My people tested our technology and abilities on captive humans, as well."
He leans toward Hope with an intense look in his eyes.
"But if you think we did all of that for fun? Then you are sorely mistaken."
Slowly, Hope lowers Excalibur to his side.
"You're saying you had to torture men, women, and children? You had to brutalize humans and their clones? It was necessary for the greater good?"
"Perhaps not necessary." Unarin says. "But... efficient. Your species is quite remarkable. Equal to my own in terms of its versatility. We made many incredible advances by studying human biology. And every advance was for the explicit purpose of turning the Milky Way into a future player in The Game."
Something about those last two words alarms Hope. He furrows his brow at the First Founder.
"What do you mean? What 'Game'?"
"The Game is The Game." Unarin says simply. "The eternal Game between Rulers. It transcends time. When this Eternity ends and the next one begins... The Game will continue, as it always has, as it always will."
Hope begins to feel as if Unarin isn't babbling random mumbo-jumbo, but something of life and death importance. Something Hope must absolutely pay attention to.
"You're not making sense." Hope says. "Explain it more succinctly."
Unarin scoffs. "Weren't you going to kill me? I don't see any point in continuing."
"Fuck off." Hope snaps. "Fine. You've piqued my interest. I won't kill you. Are you happy?"
Unarin widens his eyes. He gasps, as if in amazement. "Truly? You are more benevolent than I expected, Mighty Wordsmith. I will carve this favor on my heart for all eternity."
Hope begins to feel somewhat depressed. Now he understands why Arthur and Hammurabi subtly mocked him for thinking he could just stroll up and kill Unarin.
Although, in his heart, Hope realizes he never wanted to do that anyway. All he wanted to do was get some answers; to learn why the Volgrim would inflict such cruel and barbaric acts upon innocent humans, cloning them and torturing them over and over again for a hundred thousand years.
Finally, it seems as if he will receive the answers he wants most.
Unarin folds his hands behind his back. His expression of sincere gratitude vanishes, an in its place, the same commanding aura as before takes over.
"I'm surprised. I thought Solomon would have told you. If the Mind Thief doesn't know, I cannot imagine why not. He must know of the Game, yet he does not speak of it to you. Perhaps I would be doing him a disservice if I told you myself."
"Solomon and I aren't on the best of terms." Hope retorts. "I've caught him deceiving me several times."
"Understandable. You don't enjoy being lied to." Unarin says sympathetically. "I may withhold information, but I never lie. I have no reason to do so. Lying is something weak and dishonest worms do, not rulers and leaders."
"So tell me about the Game already." Hope says. "Or are you pulling words out of your ass?"
Unarin doesn't hesitate to answer Hope's question.
"Archangel Raphael should know more about this than even I do. If you doubt anything I am going to tell you, you can ask him for clarification."
He continues with a question. "Tell me, Hope. What do you know of the event your people once called the Big Bang?"
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2023.05.24 16:27 corruptcocoa Leap v2 stool/drafting chair

Is there a way to turn a leap v2 stool version into a normal v2? I saw one posted for $40 and I was wondering if the stool and added height are just extra parts I can take off or if it’s an entirely different system? Does anyone have any experience with this?
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2023.05.24 15:26 ClassroomDecorum [USA-FL][H] Steelcase Office Chairs [W] Local Cash

Located in Orlando, FL near UCF. Zip code 32765.
I have checked online prices, eBay prices, Crandall prices, BTOD prices, and have ensured that my prices are very competitive. Thanks for looking!
PM or Reddit chat with me if you have any questions.
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2023.05.24 14:17 BetterBettor Some questions about the Haworth Fern

I will more than likely be buying a Fern (eyeing this configuration: added lumbar, no headrest, metal base, mesh). I am looking for a chair for leisure, tasking, relaxing, gaming. So a jack of all trades essentially. I am between 5'11 and 6 foot and 165 lbs. I have a few questions:
  1. Is the seatpan depth a problem for people above 5'10 who own the chair? When I initially sat in the chair I felt like I either had to have more than 3 fingers gap between the back of my knees and the seat OR have my tailbone suspended off the back end. Not sure how comfortable this would be in the long term. Maybe the rest of the chair is good enough to overlook this and deal with having a larger gap (a fist or so) between the back of the knees and the seat?
  2. Is the metal base worth it given that it would either be metallic base in black or black plastic? I am worried about it scratching with time. Also, does anything other than the actual base material change? I think I read somewhere that part of the armrests also changes in material if you choose metal vs plastic.
  3. Which kind of seat fabric is the softest and coolest? Also, how dirty/smelly does the seat fabric get over time and how easy is it to clean? Obviously this depends on the user but assume a very careful one.
  4. What are my options for aftermarket headrests if I choose to go that route? The OEM one by all accounts is not worth the money as far as I'm aware.
I live in Greece and the return policy here is non-existent. This is true not only for Haworth but for basically every other brand including Steelcase (the Leap V2 is the other chair I am considering). This means I will have to pay for the chair and order it, wait 2 months or so and then I will have to keep the chair no matter what. Given this unfortunate situation, the salesman at the dealership recommended I bring my laptop there and work on the chair for a couple of hours to see how it feels with prolonged use. Is this a good way to test the chair or is it still possible that I find it comfortable for those 2 hours but regret my purchase later?
Finally, given that this chair would cost me 1100 euros (the Leap V2 would cost 1050 so very small difference) and the fact that there is no return policy AND the warranty in Europe is much inferior to the US, would I be massively overpaying? I know a lot of the cost of these chairs is in the generous returns + warranty policies, both of which are not available to me. The trouble is that the alternative to these brands are imported and rebranded Chinese chairs which can be had a bit cheaper but are undoubtedly worse quality and worse ergonomically. Here are some of the Chinese chairs in question: GTChair ISEE (800 euros), Motostuhl (Eazeechairs) Mission (629 euros).
Thanks in advance for any feedback or advice. I am also open to other suggestions that fit the bill for the use-case that I intend to use the chair for. I have tried the Gesture, Amia, Series 2, Leap V2 (next best choice after Fern), Fern, Zody (available for 450 euros new which is quite a bargain, but is a heavy task chair unfortunately and not suitable for leisure, gaming), Aeron, Embody, Mirra etc. (was not impressed with HM) and a bunch of other Chinese chairs which don't compare with the big brands.
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