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A subreddit for all of the great heart-wrenching poems you wrote about the girl who dumped you, the dad that beat you, the junior high teacher who just didn't care or anything else that gave you a bit of angst.

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Subreddit for the Amazon TV Series 'Upload', created by Greg Daniels and starring Robbie Amell. In 2033, people can be "uploaded" into virtual reality hotels run by 6 tech firms. Cash-strapped Nora lives in Brooklyn and works customer service for the luxurious "Lakeview" digital afterlife. When L.A. party-boy/coder Nathan's self-driving car crashes, his high-maintenance girlfriend uploads him permanently into Nora's VR world. Seasons 1 and 2 Now Streaming on Amazon Prime!

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A place for anyone who has lost a companion to share and heal. Please see below for helpful posts, related subreddits and community guidelines.

2023.03.22 13:46 chenueve Gold Rush

Gold Morning,
If any one wants any item mailed out, I can help out. I am a Season Ticket Holder. I do not charge anything but shipping.
Jersey's can be found cheaper on MLBshop and Fanatics for lower retail of 127ish/160 vs 170/200. If you are a costco member you can buy a 200 gift card for 150 to save even more money.
**Gold Trophy Chains - 50 Dollars.*
Pennants were reported sold out, I do not know if they restocked yet. They are 25.
I live in downtown and can walk over after 3 today.
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2023.03.22 13:45 Fragrant_Artist_744 Inheritance in SG

Hi all, first post on Reddit. bare with me if there’s any incorrect method in writing this.
background: 24F, staying in a fully paid HDB with my maternal grandmother for quite some time.
my grandma has two children, daughter (my mom) & son. but none actually cares and takes care of the monthly expenses (utilities, phone bill, scc, etc). in addition, my mom uses my grandma’s name for phone contract and now a big fat debt. so i have paying the bills mainly cause i feel that since im staying here and her kids arent doing anything. fyi, im also not in contact with my mom cause of past abuses and all that family conflict thingy. do not have a dad as well cuz both her husbands left her lol.
to add on, im not sure but, i heard that the house is under a lawyer’s letter that it’s 50-50 with my grandpa’s second family. they contribute nth to the household as well & only wants the money. but the last time we went to HDB to check, the house belongs to my grandma & great grandfather (passed on alr).
my question here is, 1. if my grandma passes away, other than her kids getting the sum of money, is there a chance that i can fight for the duties i have done in supporting her? do i need actual documents like receipts each month as evidence?
  1. if my grandma passes away, will the second family have an opportunity for their share? how does HDB does this 50-50 thing or like how does HDB determine this flat is out for sale once someone passes away?
my grandma is currently mentally and physically abled. no problem with her health other than old age issues.
i know that will-writing is one method but my grandma is not someone who wants to make decisions on her own. she does not want to be put in a position that she have to think and feel unfair to others.
i also do not wish to put her into pressure cause i dont want her to feel like im after her money or what (which i am really not). im posting this here cause there are friends who asked me and had me thinking.
we do have a counsellor as well that i can seek help/advice from but so far, counsellors can only provide information to client which in the end, my grandma have to make the decision herself.
much appreciated to those who are able to provide informative responses! thank you for reading this long ass post :’)
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2023.03.22 13:45 Cute-Project-3280 Something happened to me, as a child.

TW: possible sexual crimes?(maybe that’s what I’m asking about)
I (23F) have a grandfather(63), dads side, who I now as an adult feel very uncomfortable with. He’s always been weirdly touchy but I wrote that off as older people tendencies. There was some other reason I couldn’t stand to be around him so I took some time today to think. Oh boy did I remember some things. When I was around 6 ish I walked into his room and there was porn on the TV and he just left it on until I eventually walked out. He knew I was there he even said hi. I vividly remember this now I felt dirty. Another time I was sitting on his lap when we were on his computer and he was showing me the different games. He then opened some hidden files and showed me more porn he had on it. At least 5 different photos I fought my way away and felt even dirtier. I remember him calling me sexy when I wore a tankini to the beach I was around 7 I haven’t worn a bathing suit around anyone else since. By the time I hit 9 I was looking it up on my own on my laptop. I remember thinking, is this what I’m supposed to be? Through the years things like this continued. As teenage years hit I had a high sex drive, I stayed in long term relationships but saw sex differently. Sex=if they liked me or not. Now being 23 in a long term relationship, I still have that drive. If me and my partner don’t do it for a while because we’re busy, I immediately assume he hates me. I’m lucky to have him. Hes shown me he loves me regardless and there’s more to love and I’m beautiful and worthy regardless if I’m naked or not. I struggle with what happened to me.. do I tell my parents? Is this who I am because of me, or was it my grandfather?
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2023.03.22 13:44 SpudWithaDream Drake the type of SpudWithaDream to ask his dad for some running shoes so he can get some exercise after work but the running shoes look like this

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2023.03.22 13:44 StressSalt9370 Can i use my father’s card to generate dreamfolks QR code.

I have recently found out about dreamfolks app to generate QR code for Delhi airport lounge access. I’m using my dad’s card for same. But the QR code generated has his name on top of QR code. It’s my first time using it.
Will that be a problem?
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2023.03.22 13:41 FinanceGuy005 Insomnia is Brutal

My wife and I have been married almost 5 years now, and just had our first kid about a year ago. Ever since our kid was born, my wife has had terrible PPD and PPA along with insomnia. This has obviously impacted our marriage.
Recently she’s really been struggling to sleep. I do all that I can to be there for her, offer different sleeping arrangements, etc.
If she can’t sleep she’ll often throw a temper tantrum in bed. Turn on the lights and jump up and down slamming the bed saying she doesn’t want to live anymore.
As a support person this is terribly hard too. I’m sound asleep to be woken up to this in the middle of the night. I’m honestly not sure what to do from here. It’s honestly so hard being the support person and knowing what to do, and knowing that I need sleep too so that I can fully function to be a good husband and dad.
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2023.03.22 13:40 Illustrious-Stick458 JNMOM casually brings up CPS as a form of manipulation

JNMOM has casually brought up CPS and grandparents rights for literally no reason. I told her my daughter 3years couldn’t FaceTime because I was busy studying and she said “that’s great you are studying however, if I ever thought you were neglecting your daughter, I would call CPS.” She has said things similar to that twice before such as “I love baby girl so much that if I even thought you were doing wrong by her I would call CPS (child protective services in US). She is very manipulative and when upset tries to alienate me from my extended family. For instance, my husband and I have been together 6 happy years and just recently got married. We had a quick last minute marriage due to love and the need for him to get on my benefits at work. We had plans for a larger family wedding later. I explained this to JNMOM who lives out of state and she told everyone she and the family weren’t invited and played it off like she shouldn’t have to explain my business (like simple hey they had a quick marriage but are having a family celebration later). I am afraid that one day my mom may call CPS and lie that my daughter is neglected and then somehow get custody of her. Or if I do decide to go no contact (would love advice on this as well because that will set her off bad) that she could sue for visitation rights. I love my daughter more than anything. I do have mental health issues (OCD, panic disorder, ptsd) which my mom knows about but they have never affected my ability to parent. My biggest issue is I can’t travel or spend the night not at home. I did take 6 weeks off in between jobs last year before I got on medication but I have a good job, take good care of my family, had savings to take leave, I am loving and NEVER neglected my daughter even at my worst. I have never been in trouble in my life other than a speeding ticket 7 years ago. I now am stable on my medications for 8 months, I’m overall healthy, have high paying job with benefits, own our home, have a nice savings account, my relationship is loving and supportive, and have two spoiled animals. If the police did come they may find a mess from a toy box dumped out or dishes from the night before and a yard with weeds. My husband 32m is a stay at home dad with partial amputations of feet bilaterally from a traumatic injury but that has no effect on his ability to be an amazing parent. I’m just afraid my mom will use everything together to try and take away everything I have. Please help, I’d love some advice on how to navigate this
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2023.03.22 13:39 clutchied One of Many tested and results

I like to post about my parents b/c they've been a lab for the knowledge I've gained over the years and applied to their situation. I also think it can be illustrative for this sub.
A couple of key points; mother stay at home mostly; Dad worked till he was 71. My dad's always done well just skipped the financial market success from 1980 till basically late 2000's. Parents dislike risk in general don't understand the market.
My parents are NOT great planners and about 15 years ago I noticed my dad was saving less than I was dollar for dollar but he made 5x what I did.
I am a CPA by trade and did taxes for the wealthy for a time and learned what success CAN look like.
The Plan: Started by maxxing dad's accounts and he did this for about 15 years. Paid off their house. Started investing in after tax brokerage accounts; mostly bond funds. Getting cash flowing as he was more than happy to just give banks interest free loans at 0%.
Pushed really hard for about 5 years and with their almost zero cost lifestyle I was able to leverage them into investing $10k or more after tax per month for that timeframe.
in that span his 401k ended being worth about 1.2M w/ company match. bond funds about $850k CD's about $800k
He's hit the Social security cap for 40 years and waited to pull until he was 70. He currently receives the max you can from SS ~$4300/mo after M'Care and my mother gets something like $1600. All in they're close to $70k/yr. in SS.
Their bond funds and CD's yield close to $5k/mo.
their RMD's yield another $4k a mo.
At the end of the month they're taking in $15k+ in cash and their expenses are maybe $4.5k
This last part is a warning as they aren't all that interested in doing much different than before. They've had a couple of health scares, but at the end of the day they've won the race but don't know what to do now that they've caught their tail.... I know I've benefitted greatly from getting firsthand experience of what is possible. It also tells the story that it's never too late and having a big "shovel" makes a difference. I know they are grateful for the work we did together but they also would have been perfectly happy to just sit it out and let the wind take them where it may...
Be diligent, be focused, set a plan and care for yourselves!
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2023.03.22 13:38 KittenDealinMama I Adopted my bestfriend's (who passed away) son and now I have to face the father who has no idea

Originally posted by u/laying_low_for_a_bit in TrueOffMyChest on March 12, '23, updated March 15th
Original Post
I Adopted my bestfriend's (who passed away) son and now I have to face the father who has no idea
I'm sorry but it's going to be long. I just didn't know where else to turn to.
I (32f) had a childhood bestfriend, I'll call her Jiya in this post, who I was very close to. We were always together growing up. Even when we went to different colleges, we still made time for each other and filled each other in of all the details from our life. She used to talk about this guy she was dating and I could just tell how much she loved him. I eventually met the guy and was happy to see both of them so much in love. She eventually married him and they both moved to Canada as he got a really good job there. She uprooted her life here in India and went with her husband. We were all 24 at that time. With time we got busy in our lives and the close bond that we once had, slowly faded away... Part of growing up I guess. We still stayed in touch... just not as much.
After 4 years, one day i got a call from her and she asked me to meet. She told me she was back in India. I was happy to hear that but something felt off. We met and we were so happy and it felt like we were still the same. But then she broke the news to me that she and her husband got a divorce. Her reasons were just that with time they just grew apart and with both their work schedules they couldn't make time for each other. I understood that. But then she broke the even bigger news that she was pregnant with his child and that he didn't know and that she was planning to keep it that way because she wanted him to move on with his life without any attachments to him. I was shocked and I didn't approve of this at all but it was her child hence she was the one to decide afterall. She wanted to have a life of her own back where her parents lived and wanted to give birth to this child. I asked her what her parents had to say about this and she said they were supportive of whatever she wanted.
What I was feeling was a mixture of emotions... As i was happy to have her here but also sad that she was going to face all this on her own. I decided to support her on every step of the way and be the best aunt to that child ever.
Time passed and she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Rehan (fake name) and for a second everything felt peaceful. She was so happy. She moved back into her parents' house who were more than happy to take care of both her and the baby. It seemed like everything was going to be okay. But peace was only short-lived when only 2 years after giving birth to the baby, my friend, my childhood friend who was like a sister to me passed away. I won't be going into details but she had some terrible health issues and she couldn't fight them anymore. We were all devastated. It felt like I lost a part of myself. I couldn't even imagine what her parents were going through. I wanted to be there for them in whatever way possible.
They were old and Jiya was their only daughter. I was worried how they would take care of Rehan who was now 2 and now didn't have a mother. We had a serious discussion one day and I asked them if they would be okay taking all the responsibilities. I even brought up Rehan's father because he still didn't know anything about his son. But aunt seemed a bit agitated and it felt like she wanted to say something but wasn't able to. I asked her what it was and after a bit of hesitation, she finally spoke. She asked me if I would like to be a parent to their grandson. I was shocked. I didn't know what to say. They asked me to not dismiss the idea altogether and to just think about it. I said okay and went home.
What they asked of me was huge but it also kinda made sense, I guess? They were old and they couldn't possibly take care of a child on their own. On the other hand I've been a part of their lives since Jiya and I were 8 and a part of Rehan's life since his birth. And I was a single woman who didn't really have any plans of getting married. I did plan on having kids at one point in life but I just never got around to it. And with Jiya and Rehan, I just felt like it was enough. I decided to adopt Rehan. I informed Uncle and Aunty that I'll do it and they started crying. My parents were also supportive because they were going to be grandparents as well. Amidst everything, things somewhat seemed okay.
I legally adopted Rehan as my son and even though the process took some time... It was worth it. Rehan is 3 now and I was happy taking caring of him and him having two sets of grandparents was kinda nice. Losing Jiya was a shock to all of us but her death brought all of us even closer than before and we became a family.
All of a sudden I got a news from Aunty. That Jiya's ex husband has come back to India. And that he wanted to have dinner with them. Aunt told me that he informed them he never really got married after Jiya and that he was devastated by the news and he was sorry that he couldn't come to the funeral but now that he was here, he wanted to be there for them. Aunty understood his position but she was worried about how things will turnout so, she asked me to join them as well. The Dinner is in 4 days and I am scared. Rehan is my child. He is a part of my best friend. I am scared that if I see Rehan's father, I'd feel so guilty and Jiya's parents and I, we might blurt out the truth. And if we do so... I'm afraid that he'll try to take Rehan away from us. A lot of things that can go wrong. I'm not sure how to approach this situation.
Rehan's father is not a bad person but he might (and mostly definitely will) feel betrayed that he didn't know about all this that we hid his own son from him. We're not sure how to face him and we know we're in the wrong here. We just don't know if we should tell him about his son and if we do, how he will react and what he'll do and what we can do to convince him to not take him away from us. We're all very scared. It's making my heart feel so guilty. I know we're being selfish here. I just don't know what to do here.
Edit: I've taken into account all your views and they helped me a lot in deciding what to do. Thank you so much everyone.
The comments are a bit divided. Some are praising her and some are very upset that they have kept this child from his father
Update 3 days later
Thank you so much everybody for all the support. I really appreciate all your comments and I've read most of them. I've weighed in both sides of the situation and I'd mention a few things first.
When Rehan was born here, his only parent was Jiya. The father was nowhere in the picture. After her, the custody went to her parents. They allowed me to adopt Rehan.
We don't know if Rehan's father is in india for good. All we heard is that he has come and that he wants to meet Jiya's parents.
I understand that all this is based on a hidden truth and that makes us all guilty of robbing a child of his father's love.
I love Rehan so much and I would always do what's best for him. Even though Jiya is no more with us, and I'm the "mom" now... I promised Jiya's parents AND myself that I'll never let Rehan forget about her. And honestly, I want to do the same for his father. I've talked to uncle and aunty and I've decided not to attend the dinner and that I would let them talk to him get all the necessary details about him. Of course we couldn't figure this out in such short amount of time so, we've decided to take one step at a time. We definitely do want to tell him about Rehan but we still need to figure out how. Meanwhile I'll contact a lawyer to see how things should proceed legally.
The first thing we all want to know is for how long he'd be staying here. And if he would ever consider moving back to India. Jiya made a sacrifice when she left India, we would really like to know or at least have an idea if he would ever do the same for someone (in this case, his own child, whose entire family is in India including Jiya's In-laws) What his responses would be to all these questions play a major role in this situation because we're really in the dark and we don't want to take any bad decisions on the basis of assumptions.
All I ever wanted from the very beginning was to be the best aunt to our little Rehan. It's a privilege that I got to be his mom. And If everything really goes well... I'd be more than happy to share custody with Rehan's father.
Reminder, DO NOT comment on the original posts or contact the original poster. I am not the original poster. This is a repost.
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2023.03.22 13:37 ThatIndiaWhoRoastedU no joke in their database that does not starts with a question?

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2023.03.22 13:37 RufusDelgado I (34F) feel like I can't trust my partner (31M) anymore.

To preface this I have to explain something that happened before we got together. My partner, let's call him Donell. His best friend, lets call him Lowell is my ex boyfriend from about 6 to 7 years ago. He left me for his current gf, let's call her Lauren. One night when they were all drunk Lauren decides to cheat on Lowell with Donell. They kept it a secret for a year and were never planning on telling him. Lowell ends up finding out from a mutual friend. These 3 all work together and Lowell is Donells boss so he fires him once he finds out.
A month after this Donell and I start seeing each other through a mutual friend hook up. Let me add that me and Lowell are cool with each other and have been for a while. His gf Lauren seems to always have some issue with me because she is incredibly insecure.
There have been multiple incidents that have happened since Donell and I have been in a relationship. Lowell rehired Donell so now they all 3 work together again as weird as that is...
They ended up having a holiday party at their place of business which is a restaurant. I was invited as my boyfriends plus one. Every time I see Lauren I am very nice to her and try to be as friendly as possible and it's usually me and her that end up hanging out. At one point we were outside with a group of people and she starts screaming about how she hasn't had sex in over a month and how its because she is fat. I try to make her feel better by saying Lowell has always been with bigger girls it's ok blah blah blah.. even though I know Lowell is not attracted to her anymore since Donell told me he said this to him in the past. Later, Lowell and I were having a conversation in the group about my dad. Just generic stuff about how he is doing. It was about 4 am and I wanted to leave. I tell my bf this numerous times and instead he keeps telling me to wait while he consoles a very drunk Lauren who is hunched over at the bar while he is rubbing her back. Eventually we leave and when we get home he tells me she was upset and uncomfortable me and Lowell were having a conversation about my dad and he agreed with her.
So the next morning I get angry and text Lowell about what Donell said to me and I say how that's pretty unfair she is upset and jealous over having a conversation about my dad when she cheated on him with my bf. I then tell him in a joking but light manner to bang her already because she was screaming about not getting sex in front of everyone last night.
I work for a company that has weed products. Donell gave Lauren a bottle of distillate vial that I gave him for free for helping him with a project. She has recently asked him how much it is so she can get some. This is the second or third time this has happened where she refuses to ask me about product we carry and only asks him when I would be the one getting it. So I told him he can tell her to ask me directly if she wants to know.
Week later passes and he is obviously trying to hide he is texting her. I look over randomly while we are in bed and I see her name and he blacks out his screen immediately. I turn away and wait until he starts texting her again. I ask "so who are you textin?" He says Lauren and tells me its about asking for the distillate price and how he told her I said she needs to ask me. He told me she said damn that sucks. I ask repeatedly what was said and what he said and he tells me how he told her the situation is childish and she should just talk to me. I say why dont you just show me what was said because I feel like you are probably taking her side and making her feel like she is in the right. It just felt like he was hiding something. And he refuses to show me and slowly is changing what he said he was texting her. Eventually he does show me and I see how he has lied about everything. He says I've been acting weird about it and I refuse to tell him how much it is until she asks me herself. He instead of calling the situation childish, he calls me childish and dumb twice to her. She says why would she talk to me ever when I've been mean to her (me being mean was telling Lowell how she got upset I was talking with him about my dad and then telling him to have sex with her). And just now I know I shouldnt have but I looked through his phone a bit. Every time Lauren and Lowell argue she texts him long paragraphs about it. She calls him late at night. She seems like his back up boyfriend... I found more things where he is talking shit about me to her and taking her side.
Am I wrong to be upset about this? I feel like he has been fake the whole time to me. He lies about having my back and always takes her side. Like he wants to be the good guy to both of us but instead talks shit about both of us to each other. I feel like things are different now and I feel different now about how I feel about him. I dont trust him, he lies all the time small and big. It hurts that he works with someone that talks shit about me and manipulates him into having these opinions. She acts like the victim when she was the one who cheated. I don't understand why this is happening and I wish they would just not work together. Not sure how to move forward.
Tldr - boyfriend is talking shit with his friend about me and taking her side and lying about it. Important to note the friend is the gf of my ex bf from 7 years ago. Our bfs are best friends and she cheated on him with my bf before we started going out.
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2023.03.22 13:35 Regina_begam Type 4 Support - Sacrificing my Dreams to be a Successful Family Man and Government Employee

Hey fellow Redditors, I could really use some advice from anyone who may have been in the same boat as me. I'm currently feeling lost and unfulfilled despite doing all the "right" things. It's really taking a toll on my mental health and leaving me feeling incredibly anxious and depressed.
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore my family and they mean everything to me. However, I can't help but feel like I'm meant for more than just being a great dad and husband. I yearn to make a bigger impact and find my true purpose in life.
I do have some creative outlets that I enjoy as hobbies, but I've never really pursued them as professions. Have any other type 4s out there been in a similar situation and found their calling? I would love to hear some insight and advice from you all.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.22 13:35 ThrowRATable_955 Abandonment dream: thoughts?

I had a dream last night where I was abandoned by my family in an airport. Meaning? Personal connection: I flew a lot as a child, at least 8 times a year since five years old. My mom and dad divorced and a part of me is resentful I didn’t get to grow up with my dad, I saw him on vacation but he wasn’t around during school and major life events… around for the fun and gone when I need a hug. In my dream the main characters were: my mom, brother, mother, her ex/current bf (my stepdad for ten years), his two children. We all boarded an airport and we’re beginning to leave. I was following them but somehow they all were so fast. I looked around and all I could hear was their voices. I ran faster trying to catch up. An old man sweeping stops me. He has this grumpy look that’s a bit alarming. He smiles and says they went the opposite way I was running. I asked him if he’s sure because I heard their voices echoing down the stairs he was sweeping. I felt like he was lying to me, but I was too scared to run past him. I said ok and walked through the airport alone. Now all I see are bodies of strangers. The laughter of my family is gone. I open my phone and I’m calling everyone but no one answers. I run and run and I’m scared and alone. Suddenly an alarm starts going off and everyone is evacuated from the airport. I start running outside and I’m almost hit by a car. I keep searching and no one cares, no one helps. I’m crying, I’ve been crying since the moment I was alone. No one cares. Even if they did I’d run from embarrassment. I renter the airport and I’m crying on a chair. My mom and brother find me, they care. But I’m mad, and I hate them. I hate them for leaving me, for lying about caring. They had so much fun laughing together as they left me. Who noticed? When we get back to the vehicle I’m telling her ex how much I dislike him and he tries to drive away with two doors open and me hanging out the trunk. I keep heckling him, I can’t remember exactly what about but I remember feeling extremely unloved and uncared for. I awoke as my dream self stopped caring and was just enjoying staring out the car at the flowers in the road as we kept spinning.
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2023.03.22 13:34 johndoe86888 Mortifying experience in work...

I live at the family home and pay substantial rent. 2 months into a new job, before going to work, I hear a big crash outside, the father (73) reversed into my car and drove off (2nd time doing this).
In fairness its a long scrape down the side of it, nothing too major, but I rang him on the way to work and ask him did he have any accidents this morning. To cut it short he initially denied it, then brushed it off saying it was only a tap and a wipe of a cloth will remove it, which it hasn't.
A few hours later, I'm sitting at my desk on a work call, and the receptionist walks in saying "oh here he is" gesturing to me, mortified, I see my dad standing over my desk with a big grin on his face. The receptionist offers him a cup of tea which he agrees to and I quickly usher them towards the canteen as I am completely red in the face. He then proceeds to brag to the receptionist about all of his life accomplishments and success, all within an earshot of the other employees. Completely boasting. The secretary turns to me and says, being genuinely serious "Why are you working here if your family are so wealthy/successful?!" - We are not at all and my dad doesnt have a pot to piss in.. Mortified..
Anyways, Tea gets made, and I cut him short saying "Hey lets go have a chat about that thing??" and quickly bring him outside the office into a quiet part. I absolutely ATE the head off him for doing that to me and basically told him I didn't want anything to do with him again, took the tea off him and left him there.
Thankfully, the office wasn't as busy as people were out on lunch, but my coworker on my team heard the whole conversation and joked about it.... The secretary said my dad was a lovely man and I should be lucky to have such a father... Mortifying..
TLDR - Dad crashed into my car then showed up in my work unannounced a couple hours later.
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2023.03.22 13:33 finglizardkinggg Update on my homeless situation

Salaam all!
Just wanted to update everyone as everyone was so kind and understanding and helpful and supportive.
Allhumdulliah I had some help from these groups and it allowed me to stay in the place for a further week as I was able to pay some of the rent I owned.
Still owe some etc and have until this weekend Inshallah to get it sorted. I get paid mid April and my dad is really unwell so travelling to see and take care of him during this month, hence again, why I'm financially dry
You'll be able to read my circumstances and history of all this from my previous post on my profile.
Main thing is, I have a roof over my head for a few more days Allhumdulliah.
I ask for your Duas I can sort this and relax Inshallah and be done with it.
JazakAllah everyone again for the kindness and support. May Allah make it easy for you all. Ameen.
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2023.03.22 13:33 bookish_cat_ How do you guys deal with resentment toward your partner when you’re suffering mentally? (TW: self-injury)

Guys, I am not doing so well. I don’t feel like anyone truly understands what I’m experiencing and I have very little support. Unfortunately, I don’t have any close friends currently (moved to a new area and life with a baby makes it hard).
I’ve had PPD/PPA for a while now. My baby is 6 months. My mom offered to help every other week but it’s been months since I’ve seen her now (she lives a few hours away). I can’t share what I’m going through with her because she is not understanding of emotional issues whatsoever. Husband reached out to grandparents and only his dad has offered to come by to help if I have a meeting.
My husband, who has since admitted this and apologized, was pretty crappy since the birth of our child. He smoked a bunch of weed, went out to pursue his hobbies when I was afraid of being left alone, and one time took my leftover pain pills — just for fun. He helped and cleaned at times, don’t get me wrong, but it was not to the level I needed. He prioritized going to the gym after work while I’d been home all day working from home and caring for the baby. Needless to say, I am still recovering from how he behaved and I don’t feel like I can truly trust anyone right now.
Now, my husband has stepped up very recently and pitches in as soon as he gets home. He quit smoking and does a LOT more, which I’m grateful for. It feels more like teamwork more often.
However, in addition to working full-time (and getting home most night at 8pm), he wanted to start a business. This requires a lot more time, which he has very recently started to work on after our baby goes to bed. It does require him to be gone on some of his days off for 6-10 hours at a time (he fishes and is getting material for videos to grow his business). He is open to taking the baby when he gets home so I can do what I want, but honestly, I just want him to be around more instead of being obsessed with his business.
I’ve pleaded with him to hold off on the business until our baby is a little older and I have a more solid support system. I am so overloaded from working FT from home, caring for the baby nearly alone most of the time (sitter comes by for 12 hours/week; daycare currently not an option in our area - we are looking at other options), pumping, juggling house stuff that I am mentally unwell. I hit myself in the head hard enough to give myself a mild concussion and I tried to cut myself. I am ashamed to even admit this. I shared this with my husband hoping he would understand. He said I could quit my job, but we’d be losing a lot of money and that worries me.
He just suggested having time together twice per week (on days that aren’t as good for him to work on the business) after the baby goes to bed. I’m thankful he’s changing but it doesn’t feel like enough for me.
I just want more support and to be less lonely. I finally have a therapist, thankfully. My husband is not going to stop his business (he says it’s his dream and wants me to be supportive), but I have NO clue what to do with my resentment. Pretending to be nice, feeling it, ignoring it, exploding - nothing works.
I feel like I need to accept this lot currently, but it’s so, so hard, and I’m tired of being so lonely.
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2023.03.22 13:33 finglizardkinggg Update on my homeless situation

Salaam all!
Just wanted to update everyone as everyone was so kind and understanding and helpful and supportive.
Allhumdulliah I had some help from these groups and it allowed me to stay in the place for a further week as I was able to pay some of the rent I owned.
Still owe some etc and have until this weekend Inshallah to get it sorted. I get paid mid April and my dad is really unwell so travelling to see and take care of him during this month, hence again, why I'm financially dry
You'll be able to read my circumstances and history of all this from my previous post on my profile.
Main thing is, I have a roof over my head for a few more days Allhumdulliah.
I ask for your Duas I can sort this and relax Inshallah and be done with it.
JazakAllah everyone again for the kindness and support. May Allah make it easy for you all. Ameen.
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2023.03.22 13:33 PumpkinAny7975 AITA for telling my sister she's reckless and irresponsible for 'helping' me come out to my brother?

Context: I (28F) came out as bi about 5 years ago. My family didn't take it well. The reactions varied, but my siblings are really still rude/nasty about it and my dad has refused to speak to me since as a result. My eldest sister, Anna (43F), was actually the nicest about it. I recently discovered I had a brother, Matt (55M) through my dad who was given up for adoption at birth. I've been getting to know him over the last few months and we've gotten quite close. My other siblings have a different dad, so they're not related to Matt, except for my youngest brother.
Fast-forward to last weekend. It was my youngest brother's engagement party and he'd invited the whole family, including my 'new' brother - it was his first time meeting everyone. To preface this, I haven't told my brother I'm bisexual. It's not something I bring up often and given the reactions of my other siblings, I was nervous about it.
Matt arrived at the party and within an hour, Anna sat by me, Matt and his wife and said that she and her bf had a bet on whether I was gonna bring a man or a woman as a plus 1, and asked whether I was 'into meat or veg' these days. Matt naturally was a bit shocked and asked what that meant. I pulled Anna to one side and told her (again) that I hadn't told Matt I was bi and that I was anxious about it. She waved me off and said Matt and his wife were cool and I should just tell him. I said no, to which she said she'd tell him for me and I should just get it over with as it'll get harder the longer I wait. I panicked and begged her not to. Long story short, she told him.
He was shocked but ultimately said as long as I'm happy, he's happy. This is where I may be TA.
I refused to speak to Anna for the rest of the night and ignored most of her calls until the next day (we'd all been drinking and I didn't want to argue at my brother's party) until I text to tell her that she was reckless, irresponsible and a self-insert who had no right to take that decision and I needed some space from her to cool off. This upset her immensely as she says no harm was done since he took it well and I don't need to hide anymore, she did it out of good intentions to help me come out to him and my reaction has been childish as it ruined the evening for her. I asked her what would have happened if he didn't take it well, and she thinks that I'm punishing her for a scenario that never happened and that I'm being over-dramatic. She thinks I'm being an AH since she was trying to be supportive of my sexuality unlike my other siblings and I don't appreciate her gesture, as she sees her telling Matt as a show of solidarity to indicate to Matt that me being bi is no big deal, and that I should apologise for being so harsh to her when she was only trying to help as she could tell I was nervous.
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2023.03.22 13:32 clarajane24 My catalytic converter was finally stolen...

I was literally JUST having a dream that my 2013 Prius Three was parked and someone was trying to steal stuff out of it, until I was woken up by the sound of loud sawing. It kept me awake, and I thought, "who the hell could be doing work like that at 4:45am?" Still, I ignored my instincts. Then I heard a BOOM and a car sped off, and that's when I finally got the courage to go check on my car. There was that pause between the electric engine starting before the gas kicked in and suddenly I've got a car louder than my younger cousin's lifted diesel truck.
I'm supposed to drive 400 miles next week to attend my grandpa's funeral and pick up a disabled family member on the way there. Those thieves messed with the wrong girl, in Karma's eyes.
Thank goodness for comprehensive coverage *sigh*
Any tips on those catalytic converter cages or anything to deter thieves once I get a new one installed? I've heard the cages really just sort of delay the theft, but doesn't stop them completely. I only have street parking where I live, as well.
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2023.03.22 13:31 Formal-Ad8037 have you ever been banned from attending a funeral?. how did you cope

a bit of background:

a couple of years ago, my grandmother of 96 passed away in a nursing home. leading up to her death, I did try to contact her and to see how she was, but my abusive mother wasn't having any of it- threatened to get the police involved if I called there again, and though I did, the receptionist told me she wasn't allowed to accept my calls and would be passing my attempts first to mom, then the police.

when my grandmother died, my mom emailed me this long long email about if I ever attended her funeral, it would be the last thing I ever did. grandmother didn't want me there, she said, and nor did mom.

so, because at the time I was living.. well at least 4 hours from the funeral site, I didn't drive down out of fear for my life

but, even these years later, I am struggling with the fact that I never got to say all I wanted to her, have a proper goodbye, mourn her, etc. (she wasn't a great grandmother by far, but it still hurts)

has this happened to any of you here and how did you? (or continue to) cope knowing you never had that final goodbye or moment to greeve
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2023.03.22 13:31 lisalim169 My dad’s investment tips

My dad recently shared with me his tried and tested ways of investing, and wants me to follow in his footsteps. Writing it here to refer in case I ever forget - Would love to know what you guys think + how it can be improved!
Dont’s - Don’t do stocks - Don’t buy insurance plans except for the necessary/ government ones - Don’t invest in CPF except the bare minimum or to decrease your income tax - Don’t use robo- investing services
Do - Fixed deposits (he recommends DBS/ UOB: you can get up to 3.7% but you must use the DBS promo code). 70% of his money is in fixed deposits and he generally recommends only this! Also due to high liquidity and low risk that CPF/ insurance doesn’t provide
My plan: - Stocks: Currently, I have 5k (I’m in the red), bought during Covid and planning to hold until 5-10 years later - Insurance savings plan: AIA decreased the interest rate so it’s not looking good, but I’m forced to put in a few $k every year as it’ll only mature in another 20 years - After graduation: Add in $20k asap to CPF and start S&P500 (or similar) investment, to hold until retirement/ buying a house - After graduation: UOB seems to have the best rates nowadays, so planning to get a high yield credit card like UOB One. Hoping to do fixed deposits consistently and hit the $100,000 requirement for the 7.86% rate one day (although probably will not hit because we’ll need to buy a house one day, or pay for further studies)
A little twist on my side, and forced insurance savings >:( but hope this is a decent life plan for FI!
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2023.03.22 13:31 A_Seductive_Cactus RomanceBooks Spring Reading Challenge!

RomanceBooks Spring Reading Challenge!
Get excited for our Spring Reading Challenge, all based on popular request threads from the past year!
Below is the challenge bingo board and beneath the image is a list of each book request or discussion thread that inspired the square. Choose a book from the linked thread or find one from your tbr that fits the category!
The challenge will run through the Spring season, ending on June 20, 2023.

RomanceBooks Spring Reading Challenge

Posts that inspired each square:

  • Read a separate book for each square - but if you get stuck and need to use the same book for multiple squares that's okay too, this is all for fun!
  • No rereading, try to pick a new book for each square (unless instructed, aka "Reread a favorite")
  • Books must be finished to count for the challenge
  • Try to get BINGO first (5 squares in a line) and if you're successful, try to black out the entire board. Additional "hard mode" challenges are listed at the bottom for bonus points
  • Share the books you read for the challenge in our WDYR threads. We'll have a wrap up post when the challenge ends.
For the challenge bonus points, here's the list of AMA Authors and link to the Book Club discussions. Happy reading!
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