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Find the Top Modeling Agencies in Los Angeles and Get Discovered!
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2023.03.22 12:20 LoneWolfInCyberia Collateral(2004)
One of my Noughties favorites. a well shot thriller, set in Los Angeles. around a cab driver Max Durocher( Jamie Foxx) who is aspiring to start his own limo business, something he reveals to his passenger Annie Farell(Jada Pinkett Smith, who works for the Attorney of California's Central District. That evening he picks up a passenger Vincent( Tom Cruise) who wants to take him around the city for the night ostensibly for a business deal. Though reluctant to violate regulations, Max agrees for the amount of 600$ that Vincent offers.
Only thing is that Vincent is a professional hitman, which Max discovers to his shock, when a body lands right on his car from the top of a building. It's no way out for Vincent however, as Max makes him hide the body in the trunk, takes him hostage, as he becomes a helpless accomplice to Vincent's shooting spree. And there is a detective Ray Fanning( Mark Ruffalo) hot on the trail of the murders.
Collateral does not have much of a storyline, or even twist, you know that Vincent is the bad guy, and Max will ultimately get the better of him. What works though is the depiction of the relationship between Max and Vincent. the former desperately trying to break free. And there are some warm moments as in the scene, where Vincent meets Max's mom at the hospital, and she actually takes a liking to him more than her son.
Also the way Max tries to impress Annie in the opening scene, she herself is a federal prosecutor who gets nervous before a big case, and the moment where she taps on the car window to give him her business card is one of the best ones. In fact the long drawn exchange between the two at the opening, does not really give much inkling of the mayhem to follow.
The writing by Stuart Beattie is sharp and crisp, especially the exchanges between Max and Vincent. As in the scene where the body falls on Max's car and he asks " You threw him out of the window and killed him" to which Vincent casually replies "The bullets killed him and then he went out of the window", this scene itself sets up the tone about these two characters.
Or the scene when Vincent meets another of his victims, a night club owner Daniel( Barry Shabaka Henley) who wistfully reminiscenes about the time Miles Davis visited there. and then Vincent shoots him as he can't answer a question about Davis.
Mann's movies have always been visually brilliant, and once again, he explores night time Los Angeles, so well, the dim lights, neon lit streets, the buildings. the night club shots. For some one born and bought up in Chicago, Mann explored Los Angeles really well, be it this movie or Heat.
Tom Cruise, when he is not playing Tom Cruise, comes up with great performances, as in Magnolia, Tropic Thunder, Minority Report or this movie. He is just brilliant, as a cold blooded hitman, though he does have his trademark mannerisms, he conveys the menace so well, that you would not really feel comfortable sitting with him on a ride.
Jamie Foxx compliments him equally well, conveying a mix of vulnerability, street smart survival instincts perfectly. In fact the chemistry between these two actors takes the movie to a high, be it the scene of the first murder, or when Max has the showdown with Vincent towards the end.
Collateral is a genre thriller, with no great plot twists, but some smart writing, great performances by Cruise and Foxx, superb shots of night time Los Angeles, make it worth a watch.
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2023.03.22 12:12 andrea_skoch Why You Need a Portable Fire Pit in Edison

A portable fire pit is a great addition to any outdoor space in Edison, New Jersey. Not only does it add warmth and ambiance to your gatherings, but it also provides a convenient and safe way to enjoy a fire in your backyard. Here's why you need a portable fire pit in Edison.
First and foremost, a portable fire pit allows you to enjoy a fire without the hassle of building and maintaining a permanent fire pit. Portable fire pits are easy to set up and move around, making them perfect for impromptu gatherings or for taking on camping trips.
Portable fire pits are also safer than traditional open fires. They typically come with a mesh screen or lid, which helps prevent sparks and embers from flying out and starting a fire. This makes them a great option for use in areas where open fires are prohibited or for people who want to enjoy a fire without the risk of starting a wildfire.
Another benefit of portable fire pits is that they come in a wide range of styles and sizes, making it easy to find one that matches your outdoor décor and meets your needs. From small tabletop models to large, freestanding units, there's a portable fire pit for every space and occasion.
In conclusion, a portable fire pit is a versatile and convenient addition to any outdoor space in Edison. With their easy setup, safety features, and range of styles and sizes, there's no reason not to add one to your backyard or take one along on your next camping trip. Whether you're roasting marshmallows or just enjoying the warmth and glow of a fire, a portable fire pit is sure to enhance your outdoor experience.
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2023.03.22 12:10 FelicitySmoak_ On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - March 22nd

1967 - Michael,at 8 years old & in the 3rd grade, makes his first ever solo public performance during a concert at the James Garnett Elementary School in Gary. He performs “Climb Every Mountain” from The Sound Of Music.
Anita Hill, Michael's teacher who taught him his solo number, remembers him as a student: "Michael was the only child in my class who agreed to sing alone. He helped motivate the other students. Michael always behaved well and was always in class on time"
Anita Hill accompanies Michael on piano that day. According to J. Moffett Walker, a group of musicians were on stage as well, the Beckman Middle School band, led by E. Ferguson. The program states that another student, Morris Carter, sang "Climb Every Mountain" with Michael.
Katherine, Joe and Joe’s father Samuel Jackson attend the show.
This document is the program of this famous show, simply entitled “Instrumental and Vocal Concert”, where we can see the name of Michael Jackson appearing as a soloist
1979 - The Jacksons fly back home from Johannesburg and Michael resumes the recording of the album Off The Wall with Quincy Jones
1982 - Michael is featured on the cover of Jet magazine with Diana Ross
2002- OK! magazine features part one of 25 pages of photos and article from Liza Minnelli and David Gest's wedding celebration. The article includes many photographs of Michael who will also be featured in part two which would be available the following week.
2004 - Michael Jackson has filed a lawsuit against Henry V. Vaccaro Sr. of New Jersey to return MJ memorabilia and close websites displaying the items.
The lawsuit claims that Henry Vaccaro obtained letters, pictures, song lyrics and other items belonging to Jackson through a bankruptcy sale involving the entertainer’s parents and has no right to sell them.
Vaccaro used to head a guitar company, which went bankrupt in 1992. A company owned by the Jackson family agreed to purchase it, but soon defaulted on payments, he said. Vaccaro sued the Jackson family company and was awarded a $1.4 million judgment, which the family said it couldn’t pay.
Neither Michael, Janet nor LaToya Jackson were named in the suit because they had not used money from the company.
Vaccaro said he ultimately was awarded the contents of a California warehouse filled with Jackson possessions by a bankruptcy trustee after paying $65,000, much of which was used to cover the family’s outstanding storage bills.
Vaccaro, 63, said he was awarded the Jackson family’s possessions following nine years of legal wrangling stemming from a failed business venture that wound up in bankruptcy court.
Michael's lawyer,Brian Wolf, said the pop star’s possessions should not have been included in the goods given to Vaccaro. Memorabilia included gold-trimmed costumes, financial documents, letters, awards, one of Jackson’s first outfits from the Jackson 5 and 60 unreleased master tapes -- which contained 26 of Jackson's songs which have never been heard by the public.
The bankruptcy case allowed Vaccaro only to get property belonging to Michael Jackson’s brother Tito and their parents, Katherine and Joe.
The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, seeks at least $10 million for copyright infringement and violation of privacy rights, among other claims Jackson is demanding his things back, but Vaccaro said he already has sold the goods to a European buyer.
“It’s gone,” Vaccaro, a construction company owner said.
Wolf said he would ask for a court order for the return of anything already sold.
Vaccaro said he could not comment on specifics of the lawsuit because he had yet to see it. “We’ll take ’em on,” he said. “They don’t have a leg to stand on.”
Before shipping the items to a European buyer whom he has declined to identify, Vaccaro spent 18 months photographing and cataloguing it for his Web site.
Vaccaro has not revealed the sales price but indicated it exceeded $1.4 million.
2005 - Trial Day 17
Michael goes to court with Katherine & Joe. Testimony of Louise Palanker, founder of a stand-up comedy program, Kid's Comedy Club, where kids learn to write and perform their own stand-up comedy.
Prosecutor Gordon Auchincloss continued his direct examination of Palanker by getting her to describe how she trained the Arvizo children in their acting and comedic skills
Palanker told how she would wind up loaning the family $20,000 dollars to renovate a “clean room” for Gavin.
2019 - Michael Jackson: On the Wall exhibition started in Germany. It was the first MJ exhibition to be shown after renewed allegations surfaced earlier in the year
Curator Nicholas Cullinan stresses that it was conceived long before the controversial new documentary Leaving Neverland went into production.
Despite the renewed indignation against the deceased pop superstar, the art museum in western Germany has decided to hold the exhibition as planned from March 22 to July 14. "Especially now, when new abuse accusations have come to light, it's important to reassess the 'King of Pop,'" said Rein Wolfs, director at the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn.
Rather than being a homage, the exhibition shows Jackson from varying, even critical, angles, the director said at a press presentation ahead of the opening: "I believe it's better to have a platform that enables discussion rather than simply to extinguish a cultural memory."
Cullinan told AP that the show “was never celebratory. It’s about the complexity of Michael Jackson, how he means very different things to many very different people.”
The exhibition features 134 artworks by 53 artists, including different depictions of the pop star by prominent artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Isa Genzken and Yan Pei Ming
Among the artwork on display is an image by Dave LaChappelle, "American Jesus", that shows Jackson lying in the arms of Jesus.
The highlight of the exhibition is Kehinde Wiley’s portrait of, "Equestrian Portrait of King Philip II (Michael Jackson)",which shows him assuming a powerful pose as he rides on a horse with cherubs following behind him. This was the last portrait commissioned by Michael, after encountering Wiley's work in the Brooklyn Museum. The artist started to execute the painting a few months before Jackson’s death, and finished it posthumously
Michael Jackson: On the Wall was produced with the co-operation of the Michael Jackson Estate and received sponsorship from Hugo Boss in the UK.
The Exhibition originally opened in London on June 28, 2018 and was hailed as an instant success. It then moved on to the Grand Palais in Paris, where the show ran through February 14, 2019.
London: 82,525 visitors
Paris:156,307 visitors
Bonn: 22,420 visitors
Espoo: 88,748 visitors
Grand Total: 350,000 visitors
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2023.03.22 12:01 AutoModerator /r/Startups Legal Office Hours by LoveEsq (1:00 pm ET; 12:00 pm CT; 10:00 am PT)

Have a question about how to execute on the legal aspects of your startup? Think legal is all about magic words? Or just had a question you were afraid to ask?
Where: As an official Startups official event, unvarnished and neutral legal information can be found at LoveEsq's Legal Office Hours on the Startups Professional Discord Server (look to the sidebar or go to ). We include resources in the accompanying chat.
When: This event starts at 12pm (noon) Central Standard Time on at or:
Brought to you by EsqLove, an Illinois Law Firm. Note no attorney client relationship is formed by this pro bono event, and no legal advice will be given. This event generalizes the questions asked, and demonstrates some of the common approaches used, while always advising everyone to consult an attorney.
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2023.03.22 11:43 mygodisrealprobably Email with pre-order details and new tour dates

New Swans album The Beggar available for pre-order now. Here's what Michael Gira has to say about it:
“After numerous pandemic-induced cancellations of tours for the previous Swans album leaving meaning, and an apparent bottomless pit of waiting, waiting, waiting, and the strange disorientation that came with this sudden but interminable forced isolation I decided it was time to write songs for a new Swans album and forget about everything else. They came relatively easily, always informed by the suspicion that these could be my last. When I finally was able to travel, songs in hand, to Berlin to work with my friends recording this record, the feeling was akin to the moment in The Wizard of Oz when the film changes from Black and White to Color. Now I’m feeling quite optimistic. My favourite color is pink. I hope you enjoy the album!” – Michael Gira
SWANS have announced details of their sixteenth studio album, The Beggar, due for release on Mute / Young God Records (N America) on 23 June 2023. In addition, Swans have announced further dates for a tour across the UK, Europe and North America – full details below. The Beggar will be released on double vinyl in a brown chipboard sleeve with a download card for accessing an additional 44 minutes of music (also included on the album's CD version), as a double CD in a brown chipboard digi-pack, as well as digitally.
Listen to the first track from the album, ‘Paradise is Mine:
The Beggar was recorded and mixed at Candy Bomber Studio, Berlin, engineered by Ingo Krauss and mastered by Doug Henderson at Micro-Moose, Berlin. The album was written and produced by Michael Gira and features contributions from recent and former Swans, members of Angels of Light, as well as Guest Swan Ben Frost.
Primary contributors to The Beggar:
Michael Gira – Vocals, words, acoustic guitar, production. Gira started Swans in NYC in 1982 and has been the primary songwriter, singer and producer throughout the years. During the Swans hiatus (1999 – 2010), he released several albums by and toured with a group called Angels of Light. Gira recently published a book of his short stories, journals, and words for music, called The Knot. He lives in New Mexico.
Kristof Hahn – Lap steel, various guitars, vocals. Kristof first joined Swans in 1989 and was a principal contributor to Angels of Light, and a core Swans member 2010 – 2017. Kristof’s other musical ventures have included the Rock ‘n’ Roll Noir band Les Hommes Sauvages and Kool Kings (with Alex Chilton). When not making music Kristof translates books. He lives in Berlin, Germany.
Larry Mullins - Drums, vibes, orchestral percussion, Mellotron, various keyboards, backing vocals. Larry is a trained symphonic percussionist. He played through the ‘90s with Iggy Pop and later with The Stooges. He played with Swans in the late ‘90s and was a main contributor to Angels of Light. His current main job is playing drums with The Bad Seeds. Larry lives in Berlin, Germany.
Dana Schechter – Bass guitar, lap steel, keyboards, vocals, piano. Dana played bass in and was a core member of Angels of Light. She subsequently released music and toured as Bee and Flower. Her current band is the power-duo, Insect Ark. Dana is an animator and designer in the film industry and currently lives in Berlin, Germany.
Christopher Pravdica - Bass guitar, sounds, keyboards, vocals. Chris played bass as a core Swans member in 2010 – 2017. Chris has played with the bands, The Gunga Din, Flux Information Sciences, Xiu Xiu, Yonatan Gat’s Medicine Singers and has a project of his own called We Owe. Chris is a sound designer and lives in Brooklyn, NY.
Phil Puleo – Drums, percussion, vocals, piano, exotic wind instruments. Phil played drums with Swans in the late ‘90s and was a core member in Swans 2010 – 2017 and contributed to Angels of Light. Phil’s early NYC musical venture was Cop Shoot Cop and has since played with Human Impact, among others. Phil is an extremely talented illustrator and lives in Chicago, IL.
Ben Frost - Guitar, synthesizers, sound manipulations. In his own work, Ben’s adventurous sound-craftings are sometimes harrowing and sometimes delicate and quite musical. His numerous albums and his powerful live shows have afforded him much recognition. He is also an accomplished composer and arranger of music for film and television. Ben lives in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Backing vocals are provided by Jennifer Gira, Lucy Kruger and Laura Carbone.
The Beggar tracklisting
  1. The Parasite
  2. Paradise is Mine
  3. Los Angeles: City of Death
  4. Michael is Done
  5. Unforming
  6. The Beggar
  7. No More of This
  8. Ebbing
  9. Why Can't I Have What I Want Any Time That I Want?
  10. The Beggar Lover (Three)
  11. The Memorious
Pre-order The Beggar:
And be sure to check out the rest of for recent restocks of Soundtracks for the Blind, Public Castration is a Good Idea, Angles of Light “Sing Other People" and We Are Him, all shipping now.
20 May – Leipzig DE, UT Connewitz – SOLD OUT
21 May – Poznan PL, CK Zamek – SOLD OUT
23 May – Katowice PL, Kino Teatr Rialto – SOLD OUT
25 May – Zilina SK, New Synagogue
26 May – Llubljana SI, Kino Siska
27 May – Innsbrück AT, Heart of Noise Festival, Treivus
29 May – Bologna IT, Teatro Duse
31 May – Lyon FR, Transbordeur
2 June – Barcelona ES, Primavera Sound Festival
4 June – Lisbon PT, Culturgest – SOLD OUT
5 June – Lisbon PT, Culturgest
6 June – Faro PT, Teatro Das Figuras
9 June – Madrid ES, Primavera Sound Festival
11 June – Athens GR, Vraxon Theatre
13 June – Thessaloniki GR, Moni Lazariston
15 June – Antwerp BE, Bourlaschouwburg
16 June – Utrecht NL, Hertz Theatre – SOLD OUT
11 Aug – Brighton UK, St Georges Church
12 Aug – Manchester UK, Albert Hall
15 Aug – Newcastle UK, Boiler Shop
16 Aug – Glasgow UK, St Luke Cathedral
18 Aug – Bristol UK, Arc Tangent Festival
19 Aug – Leeds UK, Belgrave Music Hall
21 Aug – Dublin IE, The Academy
23 Aug – Norwich UK, Waterfront
24 Aug – London UK, Troxy
26 Aug – Lausanne CH, Nox Orea Festival
2 Sep – Dallas TX, Granada Theater
3 Sep – Austin TX, Paramount Theatre
7 Sep – Phoenix AZ, Crescent Ballroom
8 Sep – Los Angeles CA, Lodge Room
9 Sep – Los Angeles CA, Lodge Room
12 Sep – San Francisco CA, Great American Music Hall
13 Sep – San Francisco CA, Great American Music Hall
15 Sep – Portland OR, Revolution Hall
16 Sep – Seattle WA, The Crocodile Showroom
19 Sep – Omaha NE, Waiting Room Showroom
20 Sep – Minneapolis MN, Fine Line Music Cafe
21 Sep – Chicago IL, Cabaret Metro
23 Sep – Detroit MI, Magic Bag
24 Sep – Cleveland OH, Beachland Ballroom
26 Sep – Toronto ON, Phoenix Concert Theater
27 Sep – Montreal QC, Theatre National
29 Sep – Brooklyn NY, Music Hall of Williamsburg
30 Sep – Brooklyn NY, Music Hall of Williamsburg
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2023.03.22 11:39 alpha_bionics Basketball News - "The problem, as the Nets saw it, was that Irving's admission came as part of an apology, which was posted to his Instagram account, that should've come sooner.

"The problem, as the Nets saw it, was that Irving's admission came as part of an apology, which was posted to his Instagram account, that should've come sooner. Boston Celtics All-Star Jaylen Brown, Irving's former teammate who serves as vice president of the NBPA, is not one of those people. In reality, the situation is quite complicated. NBA PLAYOFF PICTURE: Updated standings, bracket and moreWhen Towns went down, Minnesota held a 10-11 record. As perfect as that timing may seem, there's much more to it than meets the eye. In theory, welcoming back a player of Towns' caliber can only be a positive. In doing so, it wouldn't appear that Brown's claim holds water. Both sides have interest in a new deal, according to The Athletic's Jovan Buha, which is hardly a surprise considering how he has performed. To which Bishop unhesitatingly countered, “Ok, that’s because their scouts and people drafting did a good job. I think it was like a public ransom note almost, in a sense, where he had a list of demands he had to do to return to the game. About four hours before the apology post, Irving was given ample opportunity to apologize and/or denounce antisemitism in a post-practice media session, but he refused to do so. You see him making things happen, so you allow him to initiate," Lakers coach Darvin Ham said. Maybe not, but Reaves is a young guard with solid skills who has room for improvement. ET on Wednesday, March 22. 35 PTS (career-high) 6 REB 6 AST W For more, download the NBA app: 📲 https://t. co/EfGWQh0QrC pic. twitter. com/LfQWI6uGTM"You put the ball in his hands. "After a brief ramp-up period, the two-time All-Star is back with the Grizzlies. Morant's return comes with only a few weeks remaining in the regular season. "Prior to Monday's win over the Rockets, the Warriors had given up at least 110 points in 36 straight road games. While his jump shot remains a work in progress, he's one of the league's most dominant paint scorers. "That's my job as vice president of the union," Brown says. "The biggest thing we see is just we're so much better defensively at home," Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said earlier in the month. Brown likening this to a "ransom note" is a wild stretch, but I suppose that's a matter of opinion. How was Los Angeles supposed to survive with James sidelined?By handing the ball to the team's other star, of course. - Alpha AI
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2023.03.22 11:35 GeometryDash_Gamer TD Rewatch Thoughts and Commentary: THE GRAND FINALE! (Part 2)

Then last but not least, here are all my various rankings of different facets of the show. Starting off with my episode rankings, and then team and canon ship rankings (in general and season-by-season), and lastly my final character rankings and tier lists (both in general and season-by-season). Though if you haven’t seen my part 1 post yet, I advise you go see it (you can find it via this link)


Deplorable: Z (0.00 - 0.99 Points)
#145: “Sundae Muddy Sundae” (AS) - 0.15
#144: “You Regatta Be Kidding Me” (AS) - 0.20
#143: "The Aftermath: II: Forgive and Forgwen" (TDA) - 0.40
Loathsome: F- (1.00 - 1.99 Points)
#142: “Three Zones and a Baby” (PI) - 1.15
#141: “Lies, Cries and One Big Prize” (PI) - 1.40
#140: “Can’t Help Falling in Louvre” (WT) - 1.70
Painful: F (2.00 - 2.99 Points)
#139: “Sky Fall” (PI) - 2.20
#138: “The Final Wreckening” (AS) - 2.35
#137: “Zeek and Ye Shall Find” (AS) - 2.70
Infuriating: F+ (3.00 - 3.99 Points)
#136: "The Chefshank Redemption" (TDA) - 3.30
#135: "2008: A Space Owen"(TDA) - 3.40
Lousy (Red): D- (4.00 - 4.99 Points)
#134: “Mo Monkey Mo Problems” (PI) - 4.30
#133: “Saving Private Leechball” (AS) - 4.45
#132: “Search and Do Not Destroy” (TDI) - 4.80
Cringe: D (5.00 - 5.99 Points)
#131: “Phobia Factor” (TDI) - 5.05
#130: “A Blast from the Past” (PI) - 5.20
#129: "The Princess Pride" (TDA) - 5.80
Weak: D+ (6.00 - 6.99 Points)
#128: "3:10 to Crazytown" (TDA) - 6.10
#127: "Top Dog" (TDA) - 6.50
#126: “The Obstakill Course” (AS) - 6.55
#125: “Evil Dread” (AS) - 6.70
Lackluster: C- (7.00 - 7.99 Points)
#124: Haute Camp-ture (TDI) - 7.05
#123: “The Very Last Episode, Really!” (TDI) - 7.25
#122: "The Aftermath IV: Who Wants to Pick a Millionaire?” (TDA) - 7.40
#121: “Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better” (WT) - 7.70
#120: “Brazilian Pain Forest” (RR) - 7.85
Borderline: C (8.00 - 8.99 Points)
#119: “This is the Pits!” (PI) - 8.10
#118: "Rock 'n Rule" (TDA) - 8.15
#117: “Hawaiian Punch” (WT) - 8.30
#116: "The Aftermath I: Trent’s Descent" (TDA) - 8.50
#115: “Darjeel with It” (RR) - 8.65
#114: "Beach Blanket Bogus" (TDA) - 8.80
#113: “Walk Like an Egyptian Part 2” (WT) - 8.95
Neutral: C (9.00 Points)
Average: C (9.01 - 10.00 Points)
#112: “African Lying Society-Safari” (WT) - 9.05
#111: “Heroes vs. Villains” (AS) - 9.10
#110: “No Pain, No Game” (TDI) - 9.40
#109: “A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars” (RR) - 9.60
#108: “The Bold and the Booty-ful” (AS) - 9.85
#107: “That’s Off the Chain” (TDI) - 9.95
Decent: C+ (10.01 - 11.00 Points)
#106: “Jamaica Me Sweat” (WT) - 10.20
#105: “A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste” (ROTI) - 10.25
#104: “Slap Slap Revolution” (WT) - 10.40
#103: “Moon Madness” (AS) - 10.45
#102: “So, Uh, This is my Team” (PI) - 10.60
#101: “I Love You, I Love You Knots” (PI) - 10.75
#100: “The Sucky Outdoors” (TDI) - 10.80
#99: "Masters of Disasters" (TDA) - 10.90
#98: "No One Eggspects the Spanish Opposition" (AS) - 10.95
Fine: B- (11.01 - 12.00 Points)
#97: “Suckers Punched” (AS) - 11.05
#96: "Dial M for Merger" (TDA) - 11.10
#95: “Hawaiian Honeyruin” (RR) - 11.35
#94: “Food Fright” (AS) - 11.40
#93: “Down and Outback” (RR) - 11.55
#92: “Greece’s Pieces” (WT) - 11.60
#91: “Paintball Deer Hunter” (TDI) - 11.80
Dope: B (12.01 - 13.00 Points)
#90: "One Million Bucks B.C." (TDA) - 12.02
#89: “Picnic at Hanging Dork” (WT) - 12.10
#88: “I Love You Grease Pig” (PI) - 12.15
#87: “None Down, Eighteen to Go Part 1” (RR) - 12.20
#86: “Super Happy Crazy Fun Time in Japan” (WT) - 12.25
#85: “Finders Creepers” (ROTI) - 12.30
#84: “Niagara Brawls” (WT) - 12.35
#83: “If You Can’t Take the Heat” (TDI) - 12.40
#82: “Hide and Be Sneaky” (TDI) - 12.45
#81: “None Down, Eighteen to Go Part 2” (RR) - 12.50
#80: “The Big Sleep” (TDI) - 12.60
#79: “How Deep is Your Love” (RR) - 12.65
#78: “Pahk’d with Talent” (PI) - 12.70
#77: “Awww, Drumheller” (WT) - 12.80
#76: “X-treme Torture” (TDI) - 12.90
#75: “Not So Happy Campers Part 2” (TDI) - 12.95
#74: “The Am-AH-zon Race” (WT) - 13.00
Solid: B+ (13.01 - 14.00 Points)
#73: "Million Dollar Babies" (TDA) - 13.05
#72: “Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island” (TDI) - 13.15
#71: “Wawanakwa Gone Wild” (TDI) - 13.20
#70: “Mediterranean Homesick Blues” (RR) - 13.25
#69: “Chinese Fakeout” (WT) - 13.30
#68: “Walk Like an Egyptian, Part 1” (WT) - 13.35
#67: “The Ex-Files” (WT) - 13.40
#66: “French is an Eiffel Language” (RR) - 13.45
#65: "Full Metal Drama" (TDA) - 13.50
#64: “Hello and Dubai” (RR) - 13.55
#63: “Bjorken Telephone” (RR) - 13.60
#62: “Rapa Phooey” (WT) - 13.65
#61: “Hurl and Go Seek” (PI) - 13.70
#60: “Aftermath I: Bridgette Over Troubled Water” (WT) - 13.71
#59: “Truth or Laser Shark” (ROTI) - 13.75
#58: “Not Quite Famous” (TDI) - 13.80
#57: “Grand Chef Auto” (ROTI) - 13.85
#56: “Backstabbers Ahoy!” (ROTI) - 13.88
#55: "The Aftermath III: O-wen or Loose" (TDA) - 13.90
#54: “Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!” (ROTI) - 13.92
#53: “Not So Happy Campers Part 1” (TDI) - 13.95
#52: "Ocean's Eight - Or Nine" (TDA) - 14.00
Awesome: A- (14.01 - 15.00 Points)
#51: “Aftermath II: Revenge of the Telethon” (WT) - 14.10
#50: “Twinning isn’t Everything” (PI) - 14.15
#49: “Camp Castaways” (TDI) - 14.20
#48: "Alien Resurr-eggtion" (TDA) - 14.40
#47: “Broadway, Baby!” (WT) - 14.45
#46: "Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Show" (TDA) - 14.55
#45: “Ice Ice Baby” (ROTI) - 14.60
#44: “Riot on Set” (TDA) - 14.63
#43: “I See London” (WT) - 14.70
#42: “Lord of the Ring Toss” (RR) - 14.75
#41: “Brunch of Disgustingness” (TDI) - 14.80
#40: “Shawshank Ridonction” (RR) - 14.85
#39: "Runaway Model" (ROTI) - 14.90
Fantastic: A (15.01 - 16.00 Points)
#38: “Dude Buggies” (RR) - 15.05
#37: "Mutiny on the Soundstage" (TDA) - 15.20
#36: “Aftermath IV: Hawaiian Style” (WT) - 15.30
#35: “Who Can You Trust” (TDI) - 15.40
#34: “A Ticket, a Casket, I’m Gonna Blow a Gasket” (RR) - 15.45
#33: "Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen" (TDA) - 15.60
#32: “My Way or Zimbabwe” (RR) - 15.65
#31: “Scarlett Fever” (PI) - 15.70
#30: “Newf Kids on the Rock (WT) - 15.75
#29: “Monster Cash” (TDA) - 15.80
#28: “Dodgebrawl” (TDI) - 15.85
#27: “Are We There Yeti?” (TDI) - 15.87
#26: “Got Venom” (RR) - 15.95
Extraordinary: A+ (16.01 - 17.00 Points)
#25: “Last Tango in Buenos Aires” (RR) - 16.05
#24: “Up the Creek” (TDI) - 16.10
#23: "The Sand Witch Project” (TDA) - 16.15
#22: “Ca Noodling” (RR) - 16.25
#21: “Eat, Puke, and Be Wary” (ROTI) - 16.40
#20: “Sweden Sour” (WT) - 16.45
#19: “Basic Straining” (TDI) - 16.50
#18: “One Flu Over the Cuckoos” (TDA) - 16.55
#17: “Maori or Less” (RR) - 16.60
#16: “El Bunny Supremo” (RR) - 16.65
#15: “I Triple Dog Dare You” (TDI) - 16.70
#14: “Little Bull on the Prairie” (RR) - 16.75
#13: “The Enchanted Franken-Forest” (ROTI) - 16.80
#12: “Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon” (TDI) - 16.85
#11: “Aftermath III: Aftermath Aftermayhem” (WT) - 16.90
Legendary: S (17.01 - 18.00)
#10: “Get a Clue" (TDA) - 17.05
#9: “The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean” (ROTI) - 16.10
#8: "Super Hero-Id" (TDA) - 17.25
#7: “I Love Ridonc and Roll” (RR) - 17.30
#6: “New Beijinging” (RR) - 17.35
#5: “Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles” (WT) - 17.45
#4: “Hook, Line, and Screamer” (TDI) - 17.50
#3: “Bahamarama (RR) - 17.65
#2: “Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown” (ROTI) - 17.70
#1: “Up, Up, and Away in my Pitiful Balloon” (ROTI) - 17.80


#13: Pimâpotew Kinosewak (PI)
#12: Killer Grips (TDA)
#11: Wâneyihtam Muskwak (PI)
#10: Heroic Hamsters (AS)
#9: Team Victory (WT)
#8: Villainous Vultures (AS)
#7: Team Amazon (WT)
#6: Killer Bass (TDI)
#5: Screaming Gophers (TDI)
#4: Toxic Rats (ROTI)
#3: Screaming Gaffers (TDA)
#2: Mutant Maggots (ROTI)
#1: Team Chris (WT)

Canon ships (season-by-season)

Worst (Z)
#33: Gwent (TDA)
#32: MacBrody (RR)
Terrible (F)
#31: Skave (PI)
#30: Ozzy (WT)
#29: Zoke (AS)
#28: Derrie (RR)
#27: Gwuncan (AS)
Bad (D)
#26: Coderra (WT)
#25: Gwent (TDI)
#24: Gwuncan (WT)
Neutral (C)
#23: Lyler (TDI)
#22: Scottney (AS)
#21: Lesharold (TDI)
Good (B)
#20: Duncney (TDA)
#19: Gidgette (TDA)
#18: Crimsennui (RR)
#17: Lesharold (TDA)
#16: Lesharold (WT)
#15: Gidgette (WT)
#14: Anne Marito (ROTI)
#13: Lyler (WT)
Excellent (A)
#12: Ozzy (TDI)
#11: Ryphanie (RR)
#10: Zoke (ROTI)
#9: Gidgette (TDI)
#8: Duncney (WT)
#7: Samkota (ROTI)
#6: Aleheather (AS)
Best (S)
#5: Ozzy (TDA)
#4: Nemma (RR)
#3: Duncney (TDI)
#2: Aleheather (WT)
#1: Shawsmine (PI)

Canon ships (general)

#20: Macbrody
Terrible (F)
#19: Skave
#18: Derrie
Bad (D)
#17: Gwent
#16: Coderra
#15: Gwuncan
Neutral (C)
#14: Zoke
#13: Scottney
Good (B)
#12: Crimsennui
#11: Lesharold
#10: Anne Marito
#9: Lyler
Excellent (A)
#8: Ryphanie
#7: Ozzy
#6: Gidgette
#5: Samkota
#4: Duncney
#3: Nemma
#2: Aleheather
#1: Shawsmine
Now for what y’all have been waiting for

Character rankings (season-by-season)

Deplorable: Z (0.00 - 0.99 Points)
#147: Chris (PI) - 0.01
#146: Amy (PI) - 0.24
#145: Chris (WT) - 0.35
#144: Ezekiel (WT) - 0.67
#143: MacArthur (RR) - 0.96
Loathsome: F- (1.00 - 1.99 Points)
#142: Chris (TDI) - 1.21
#141: Chef (PI) - 1.30
#140: Mal (AS) - 1.81
#139: Leonard (PI) - 1.95
Painful: F (2.00 - 2.99 Points)
#138: Kelly (RR) - 2.25
#137: Chef (WT) - 2.54
#136: Chris (AS) - 2.88
#135: Mike (AS) - 2.91
Infuriating: F+ (3.00 - 3.99 Points)
#134: Taylor (RR) - 3.31
#133: Sadie (TDI) - 3.55
#132: Katie (TDI) - 3.60
#131: Sugar (PI) - 3.72
Lousy (Red): D- (4.00 - 4.99 Points)
#130: Tammy (RR) - 4.30
#129: Sierra (AS) - 4.82
#128: Justin (TDA) - 4.94
Cringe: D (5.00 - 5.99 Points)
#127: Staci (ROTI) -
#126: Dave (PI) - 5.39
#125: Leonard (RR) - 5.57
#124: Beth (TDA) - 5.61
#123: Jo (AS) - 5.83 (6.24)
Weak: D+ (6.00 - 6.99 Points)
#122: Sierra (WT) - 6.22
#121: Carrie (RR) - 6.32
#120: Jay (RR) - 6.50
#119: Eva (TDI) - 6.59
#118: Trent (TDA) - 6.82
#117: Devin (RR) - 6.91
#116: Mickey (RR) - 6.92
Lackluster: C- (7.00 - 7.99 Points)
#115: Izzy (WT) - 7.00
#114: Leshawna (WT) - 7.19
#113: Chris (ROTI) - 7.50
#112: Sam (AS) - 7.77
#111: Heather (TDI) - 7.86
Borderline: C (8.00 - 8.99 Points)
#110: Beardo (PI) - 8.25
#109: Mary (RR) - 8.33
#108: Duncan (AS) - 8.40
#107: Chef (TDA) - 8.82
#106: Miles (RR) - 8.95
Neutral: C (9.00 Points)
Average: C (9.01 - 10.00 Points)
#105: Courtney (AS) - 9.09
#104: Chris (TDA) - 9.21
#103: Ellody (RR) - 9.25
#102: Justin (TDI) - 9.28
#101: Laurie (RR) - 9.47
#100: Cameron (AS) - 9.51
#99: Rodney (PI) - 9.75
Decent: C+ (10.01 - 11.00 Points)
#98: Chef (AS) - 10.08
#97: Tom (RR) - 10.34
#96: Beth (TDI) - 10.43
#95: Jen (RR) - 10.52
#94: DJ (WT) - 10.65
#93: Owen (TDA) - 10.69
#92: Ella (PI) - 10.72
#91: Sanders (RR) - 10.75
Fine: B- (11.01 - 12.00 Points)
#90: Bridgette (TDA) - 11.23
#89: Geoff (TDA) - 11.45
#88: Tyler (TDI) - 11.49
#87: Sky (PI) - 11.57
#86: Trent (TDI) - 11.65
#85: Topher (PI) - 11.72
#84: Scott (AS) - 11.73
#82: Zoey (AS) - 11.82
#83: DJ (TDI) - 11.86 (11.75)
Dope: B (12.01 - 13.00 Points)
#81: Ezekiel (TDI) - 12.01
#80: Scarlett (PI) - 12.23
#79: Noah (TDI) - 12.31
#78: Bridgette (TDI) - 12.49
#77: Pete (RR) - 12.59
#76: Gerry (RR) - 12.66
#75: Chef (TDI) - 12.72
#74: Mike (ROTI) - 12.76
#73: Gwen (WT) - 12.87
#72: Anne Maria (ROTI) - 12.93
#71: Blaineley (WT) - 12.96
Solid: B+ (13.01 - 14.00 Points)
#70: Josee (RR) - 13.01
#69: Crimson (RR) - 13.32
#68: Jacques (RR) - 13.37
#67: Dawn (ROTI) - 13.39
#66: Leshawna (TDA) - 13.40
#65: Gwen (AS) - 13.50
#64: Tyler (WT) - 13.63
#63: Harold (WT) - 13.67
#62: Max (PI) - 13.78
#61: Owen (TDI) - 13.89
#60: Stephanie (RR) - 13.90
#59: Jo (ROTI) - 13.97
#58: B (ROTI) - 13.98
Awesome: A- (14.01 - 15.00 Points)
#57: Lorenzo (RR) - 14.03
#56: Izzy (TDI) - 14.07
#55: Chet (RR) - 14.13
#54: Bridgette (WT) - 14.16
#53: DJ (TDA) - 14.17
#52: Duncan (TDA) - 14.27
#51: Sammy (PI) - 14.35
#50: Cody (WT) - 14.45
#49: Ennui (RR) - 14.47
#48: Gwen (TDA) - 14.57
#47: Lightning (ROTI) - 14.61
#46: Don (RR) - 14.68
#45: Geoff (TDI) - 14.80
#44: Sam (ROTI) - 14.87
#43: Lindsay (AS) - 14.95
Fantastic: A (15.01 - 16.00 Points)
#42: Owen (WT) - 15.09
#41: Lightning (AS) - 15.10
#40: Courtney (TDA) - 15.29
#39: Heather (AS) - 15.31
#38: Leshawna (TDI) - 15.35
#37: Geoff (WT) - 15.50
#36: Alejandro (AS) - 15.54
#35: Heather (TDA) - 15.59
#34: Rock (RR) - 15.64
#33: Cody (TDI) - 15.78
#32: Noah (RR) - 15.85
#31: Courtney (WT) - 15.90
#30: Jasmine (PI) - 15.94
Extraordinary: A+ (16.01 - 17.00 Points)
#29: Noah (WT) - 16.11
#28: Lindsay (TDI) - 16.29
#27: Chef (ROTI) - 16.34
#26: Ryan (RR) - 16.37
#25: Courtney (TDI) - 16.42
#24: Lindsay (WT) - 16.50
#23: Scott (ROTI) - 16.51
#22: Dakota (ROTI) - 16.62 (16.95)
#21: Lindsay (TDA) - 16.70
#20: Brody (RR) - 16.80
#19: Junior (RR) - 16.92
#18: Brick (ROTI) - 16.95 (16.77 - 16.97)
#17: Harold (TDI) - 16.98
#16: Owen (RR) - 16.99 (16.97 - 17.00)
Legendary: S (17.01 - 18.00)
#15: Geoff (RR) - 17.10
#14: Dwayne (RR) - 17.28
#13: Duncan (WT) - 17.31
#12: Emma (RR) - 17.36 (17.51)
#11: Izzy (TDA) - 17.42
#10: Alejandro (WT) - 17.45 (17.55)
#9: Heather (WT) - 17.47 (17.57)
#8: Duncan (TDI) - 17.62 (17.61)
#7: Spud (RR) - 17.63
#6: Cameron (ROTI) - 17.67
#5: Gwen (TDI) - 17.74
#4: Zoey (ROTI) - 17.85
#3: Harold (TDA) - 17.93
#2: Kitty (RR) - 17.95
#1: Shawn (PI) - 17.96
#20: Chris (RR) - 0.10
#19: Ezekiel (AS 2.0) - 1.45
#18: Anne Maria (RR) - 7.20
#17: Blaineley (RR) - 7.21
#16: Ezekiel (AS 1.0) - 7.60
#15: Jose (AS) - 8.20
#14: Owen (AS) - 8.70
#13: Ezekiel (ROTI 2.0) - 9.20
#12: DJ (ROTI) - 9.85
#11: Ezekiel (ROTI 3.0) - 10.10
#10: Ezekiel (ROTI 1.0) - 10.40
#9: Gwen (ROTI) - 10.25
#8: Bridgette (ROTI) - 10.60
#7: Izzy (AS) - 11.40
#6: Owen (ROTI) - 14.85
#5: Everyone (ROTI) - 15.20
#4: Lindsay (ROTI) - 15.80
#3: Izzy (ROTI) - 16.30
#2: Heather (ROTI) - 17.20
#1: Duncan (ROTI) - 17.25

Character rankings (general)

Deplorable: Z (0.00 - 0.99 Points)
#88: Chris - 0.21
#87: Amy - 0.24
#86: MacArthur - 0.96
Loathsome: F- (1.00 - 1.99 Points)
#85: Mal - 1.81
#84: Ezekiel - 1.92
Painful: F (2.00 - 2.99 Points)
#83: Kelly - 2.25
#82: Leonard - 2.93
Infuriating: F+ (3.00 - 3.99 Points)
#81: Sadie - 3.17
#80: Katie - 3.19
#79: Taylor - 3.31
#78: Sugar - 3.72
Lousy (Red): D- (4.00 - 4.99 Points)
#77: Tammy - 4.30
#76: Justin - 4.96
Cringe: D (5.00 - 5.99 Points)
#75: Staci - 5.15
#74: Dave - 5.39
#73: Sierra - 5.73
#72: Beth - 5.88
Weak: D+ (6.00 - 6.99 Points)
#71: Carrie - 6.32
#70: Mike - 6.47
#69: Jay - 6.50
#68: Devin - 6.91
#67: Mickey - 6.92
Lackluster: C- (7.00 - 7.99 Points)
#66: Beardo - 7.20
#65: Chef - 7.52
#64: Eva - 7.70
Borderline: C (8.00 - 8.99 Points)
#63: Mary - 8.33
#62: Trent - 8.67
#61: Miles - 8.95
Neutral: C (9.00 Points)
Average: C (9.01 - 10.00 Points)
#60: Ellody - 9.25
#59: Laurie - 9.47
#58: Rodney - 9.75
Decent: C+ (10.01 - 11.00 Points)
#57: Tom - 10.34
#56: Jen - 10.52
#55: Ella - 10.72
#54: Sanders - 10.75
Fine: B- (11.01 - 12.00 Points)
#53: Jo - 11.06
#52: Sky - 11.57
#51: Topher - 11.72
Dope: B (12.01 - 13.00 Points)
#50: Scarlett - 12.23
#49: Sam - 12.24
#48: DJ - 12.52
#47: Pete - 12.59
#46: Gerry - 12.66
#45: Bridgette - 12.92
#44: Anne Maria - 12.93
#43: Blaineley - 12.96
Solid: B+ (13.01 - 14.00 Points)
#42: Josee - 13.01
#41: Crimson - 13.32
#40: Leshawna - 13.20
#39: Jacques - 13.37
#38: Dawn - 13.39
#37: Tyler - 13.27
#36: Max - 13.78
#35: Stephanie - 13.90
#34: B - 13.98
Awesome: A- (14.01 - 15.00 Points)
#33: Lorenzo - 14.03
#32: Chet - 14.13
#31: Sammy - 14.35
#30: Courtney - 14.38
#29: Scott - 14.39
#28: Ennui - 14.47
#27: Don - 14.68
#26: Lightning - 14.72
#25: Cody - 14.82
Fantastic: A (15.01 - 16.00 Points)
#24: Owen - 15.11
#23: Izzy - 15.31
#22: Noah - 15.47
#21: Rock - 15.64
#20: Heather - 15.74
#19: Jasmine - 15.94
Extraordinary: A+ (16.01 - 17.00 Points)
#18: Ryan - 16.37
#17: Geoff - 16.39
#16: Cameron - 16.61
#15: Dakota - 16.62
#14: Lindsay - 16.70
#13: Brody - 16.80
#12: Junior - 16.92
#11: Brick - 16.95
Legendary: S (17.01 - 18.00)
#10: Gwen - 17.11
#9: Dwayne - 17.28
#8: Duncan - 17.32
#7: Emma - 17.36
#6: Alejandro - 17.48
#5: Spud - 17.63
#4: Zoey - 17.69
#3: Harold - 17.94
#2: Kitty - 17.95
#1: Shawn - 17.96
Other characters aside from the main 87 + Mal
#17: Fang - 2.83
#16: Jose - 3.40
#15: DJ’s Mom - 6.60
#14: Intern in Glamouriffic’s template - 7.30
#13: Brittany - 8.05
#12: Leshaniqua - 8.10
#11: Scruffy - 9.45
#10: Mr. Coconut - 9.80
#9: Josh - 10.20
#8: Bruno - 10.25
#7: Chester - 10.64
#6: Svetlana - 10.90
#5: Sasquatchanakwa - 11.10
#4: Molotov - 11.11
#3: Manitoba - 11.62
#2: Vito - 12.00
#1: Loki - 14.59
And then as a bonus, here’s a link to my entire Google Sheets I used to assemble each ranking chart. I’m too lazy to explain every facet of how I calculated things, or how it works. But if any of you are actually curious and comment more specifically, I can answer

Outro + what I might do in the future👀

With that all being said, this completely concludes my super long rewatch series. Once again, thank you to all who actually followed this series at any point! With that being said, I figured I should briefly talk about what I have planned in the future. Well for starters, I still have to continue my poll series. And now that I’ve completed this series, stating my opinions should be even easier now. Also, the new seasons are coming up soon. So I may or may not add onto this series once the episodes air, whether it be doing full-on episode by episode reviews, or just going by the slightly more efficient commentary style I did where I go through a few episodes per post. On top of this, I’ve also recently watched a couple of fanseasons on YT, that being Disventure Camp and Adventure Camp. And I think I have something planned for that
But for now, this is Geo, for the last time in this series, signing off✌️
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2023.03.22 11:29 SHKMEndures The Eye was rimmed with fire, but was itself glazed, yellow as a cat's, watchful and intent, and the black slit of its pupil opened on a pit, a window into nothing.

The Eye was rimmed with fire, but was itself glazed, yellow as a cat's, watchful and intent, and the black slit of its pupil opened on a pit, a window into nothing. submitted by SHKMEndures to evilbuildings [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 11:28 StaticNocturne Most 'alpha' males are among the most insecure men in society

This should come as nothing new but it's always worth remembering that a lot of behavior misinterpreted as masculine and 'alpha' is just manifestation of deepseated insecurity. I put alpha in inverted commas because I don't agree with categorizing humans according to fallacious ecological hierarchies but everyone knows what types of individuals it refers to.
Most 'alphas' are not the roided up meatheads grunting while they egolift, nor are they the womanizers hellbent on maximizing their body count, and they're not the guys who have to prove their worthiness by being a money grubbing mercenary working on three side hustles and signing so called friends up to ponzi schemes and doing whatever it takes to make a buck. They're not some pack of frat boys or jarheads who have never once thought for themselves and get a hard on everytime they see the star and stripes. They're not the wannabe mavericks who go to great lengths to try and look 'weird' (but not too weird!) because they start dissolving when they're not in the spotlight.
Genuinely 'alpha' men are of courage and fortitude and humility. They have accepted themselves. They have nothing to prove to the world, and they carry themselves with quiet confidence. They're not volatile or aggressive - they're stoical unless there's a very compelling reason to react with wrath and violence. They don't need to derive their identity from some ingroup and they're critical thinkers and skeptics even when this pits them against the rest of the room. They can put others before themselves in a way that isn't simply ego-serving. They pursue women to a healthy degree but aren't obsessive and they do it for the experience not because they need to prove something. In relationships they give their partner all the space and freedom in the world because they trust them - if the trust is betrayed they move on. If family or friends violate their boundaries they cut ties. They have sufficient self-respect and integrity - they don't compromise their values to make a buck or fuck. They don't turn to a 2000 year old book to quell their fears of death and uncertainty , they live in reality. They're proponents of equality and disavow bigotry of any form. They have a strong rationale behind their major choices in life. They can admit when they're wrong and change their ways. They don't seek confrontation but realize sometimes it's necessary, and wont' shy away from it.
My grandfather is probably the most strong-minded person I know, considering how he was able to rise above childhood abuse and neglect and institutionalized racism to become a doctor of psychiatry who refused to go into private practice and charge people more than he thought they should have to pay, he was conscripted into WWI, took on scientology and was almost assassinated, had patients try to murder him for various reasons etc and yet he was with one woman his entire life, never actually made much money, is soft spoken and humble and has never complained about his life - the opposite of 'alpha' figures in pop culture who I refuse to name.
You hear endlessly about the supreme value of being outcome independent when pursuing women but funnily the men I know who have the most notches on their bedpost do not operate with this mindset. When I was travelling Europe with friends I met a mutual friend who had all the makings of a ladykiller fuck boy - he was admittedly smooth in action... until he had a rough patch where not only did he not get his precious little willy wet but he had to bear witness as a few guys from our group (including yours truly ) did... he soon turned from mr cool calm and collected to a bitter envious cunt who was trying to steal his friends girl so egregiously one night that it almost resulted in a fight and his exile from the group. That's one of many examples I have.
Nowadays you often see these self proclaimed 'alpha' types preaching messages of inspiration, as if they're a born again altruist who's about uplifting and helping everyone become a victor like them, but the primary source of most of these guys confidence is steeped in the fundamental belief that they're better than others - better looking, more sexually desirable etc. If they suddenly became paraplegic or encountered some sort of seismic change in circumstances, do you really think they would be carrying themselves with confidence? propounding the same messages? I think it's fair to say that many of them would collapse in a heap from which they would never recover. You can build self discipline but you can't build real confidence in a gym.
We also know beyond doubt that being ultra dominant and aggressive isn't a sign of confidence so much as a need to control others and avoid hurt - the epitome of cowardice. Many narcissists and sociopaths are guilty of this. At risk of kink shaming If someone considers themselves extremely dominant in the bedroom that to me is not a sign of masculinity or passion, it's a sign that the guy ought to see a sexual therapist because there's a good chance that there's a less savory reason behind it.
And social psychology 101 tells us that people who bully either have inferiority or superiority complexes - in either case it's not a hallmark of a strong mind - yet it's rife among most 'alpha' circles
I endorse sexual expression, but it must nonetheless be said that it takes more strength to resist our animal impulses than to submit to them - yet submission to sexual impulses is so often what we see 'alpha' types do, and this actually bolsters their masculinity in the minds of some fools, as if throwing civility away and being animalistic is somehow admirable. Maybe when you're already balls deep in someone who's asking you to fuck them harder or if you're fighting for your life, otherwise behaving in a primal way is something to be condemned and doing so often jeopardizes relationships, friendships, career.
Then of course there's the vile side of machismo cult/ure that is 'do whatever it takes to get laid' ...whether that means hacking away at someones self-esteem, physically intimidating them, feeding them alcohol, implying that if they don't comply they might find themselves in a bit of trouble (the dennis reynolds strategy), jumping through any amount of flaming hoops - this type of scumbag shit isn't reserved for hypersexual sociopaths though, I've moved through circles of relatively outwardly regular guys who boast about how they managed to fuck women who weren't really interested let alone enthusiastic as if it constitutes a more impressive feat. I'm noticing this less so over the years but I'm not sure whether that's a sign of the changing times or whether the circles I run in are just getting older and less possessed by pussy or they're just more discreet about their thoughts and behaviors these days.
disclaimer : of course women aren't all angels either.
That's my rant, no refunds
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2023.03.22 11:27 Raptor013 [OC] New World Order - Chapter Twenty One

The latest Chapter for the on going story, New World Order is now available for everyone's viewing. It can also be found at

‘Did you really have to threaten to open fire on one of your fellow countrymen?’ I hear Jensen ask via an overhead speaker.
“Jensen,” I start, wincing slightly as I readjust my position in the makeshift bed, I had been forced into despite my many protests, “I don’t make threats. If I say I’m going to do something, I’ll make it happen.”
‘That doesn’t help,’ Jensen replies, ‘It also doesn’t help that you delivered that statement to an Enlisted Officer.’
“He’s lucky that’s all I did,” I reply, “Mark was a self-entitled bully back when we were at school. And his attitude certainly hasn’t improved based on our brief encounter the other day.”
‘They’ve lodged an official complaint,’ Jensen states, ‘Apparently they want know why a Nazi flagged ship entered the harbour, threatened the Coast Guard and then simply sailed off.’
“They don’t want to know anything about the attempted air raid, or the battle just off the coast that repelled that air raid?” I ask.
‘There is no mention anywhere in their complaint of seeing any aircraft above the harbour,’ Jensen replies, ‘Although they are also wanting to know about the mystery figure they spotted skating around one of the islands in the harbour.’
“Out of interest,” I ask, “Has anyone from the Chinese Government made a statement about this?”
‘Not officially,’ Jensen answers, ‘Although there have been some back-channel discussions. From what they have disclosed to us, they did witness the air raid and the defensive actions your fleet took. As to their inaction. They were unable to verify our warning to them in time to be able to raise the warning with their boats.’
“That entire engagement lasted almost two hours,” I say shaking my head in disbelief, “If they want answers, I’ll answer them if they can tell me why their only response was to send a single Coast Guard cutter out to investigate.”
‘As I said,’ Jensen begins, ‘They make no mention of seeing any of this in their complaint.’
“Then they are either covering it up, are incompetent or both,” I state, “The lack of action from the Chinese ships that were in the harbour can probably be explained as not wanting to start an International Incident. But I’m not buying the story that no one else saw what was going on that morning.”
‘It certainly does seem that someone is trying to cover this up,’ Jensen agrees, ‘However, without a full investigation into what happened, it’s your word against theirs. And being as you withdrew from the area almost as soon as the battle was over you can see why it doesn’t look good.’
“They’ll have a hard time explaining away all the evidence from the battlefield,” I say, “The boys at the lab are going to be busy for a while documenting everything.”
‘What evidence?’ Jensen asks.
“Well aside from numerous parts from the aircraft that attacked Darwin,” I begin, “The reason I withdrew as fast as I could was, we were able to recover one of the enemy boats.”
‘Have you learned anything about how they work?’ Jensen asks.
“I haven’t been aboard,” I admit, “I’ve been confined to bedrest for the last week.”
‘Its not like you to follow doctors’ orders,’ Jensen comments, ‘You normally ignore most medical advice.’
“What doctor?” I ask, “I still have to be given the all clear from the medical team once we get back to Midway.”
‘Sounds serious,’ Jensen replies, ‘What happened?’
“A concussion of some sort and what I believe to be at least two broken ribs,” I answer, “The ship came under direct attack and Eugen was forced to make some rapid course changes, which sent me bouncing through a hatchway on my way to the deck.”
‘So how long until you reach Midway?’ Jensen inquires.
“Probably two weeks at best guess,” I reply, “Between the slow speed we need to maintain due to having a heavily damaged ship under tow and the rough weather down here it’s making for a slow return voyage.”
‘Well keep in briefed,’ Jensen comments before I hear the audible click as the phone connection ends.
As the skies slowly began to illuminate marking the start of another day, I found myself out on deck during one of the rare moments I had been allowed to leave my quarters.
In the distance the outline of the main laboratory building came into view as Eugen skilfully navigating her ship around the atoll towards the area reserved for offshore mooring of large ships that visited Midway.
As the ship rounded the western most edge of the atoll, the details of the upgrades the team had been working on became apparent. The barge which had been used to transport the huge generator from Darwin had been beached not far from the main power station.
Another larger building had also started to take shape not far from the main laboratories although its purpose was lost on me given the last reports, I had read indicated that we were only using around sixty percent of the facilities storage and research spaces and under forty percent of the living areas.
“It would seem that the team has been busy in our absence,” I comment aloud.
As I say this the rising sun clears the top of the main building, bathing the waters around the atoll in light. Taking in the sight I spy Bogue’s ship moored in the distance. My gaze is soon captured however as in the growing light across the waves a pair of large, heavily armed gun boats lay at anchor.
As Eugen slows her ship and in the near distance I hear the rattle of numerous anchor chains, I take in the details of the closest ship. From the stern flag post a white flag with a red pattern hangs limp in the still morning.
As I scan across the length of the ship, I take note of the numerous sets of gun turrets spread along the length of the main deck from just below the bridge structure running back to just ahead of the number four main battery.
My attention however is soon drawn away to the second of the gun boats, this ship despite from the distance appearing to be slightly smaller in size projected more fear despite fact that like the other ships anchored around the atoll was simply floating at anchor in the low morning swells.
I put the additional sense of projected fear down to the fact that the entire ship appeared to be painted in a flat black paint from the waterline all the way to the very top of the super structure. The only hint of another colour was the flag hanging from the stern post.
“Do you have any lingering effects from the hit to your head?” the doctor asks.
“No,” I reply with a shake of my head, “The headaches cleared up about three days after. The burly vision and ringing in my ears cleared up around the same time.”
“Well,” the doctor says turning off the torch he had been using a moment before, “I’d say you have a minor concussion. But if you aren’t suffering any of the after effects now, you should be fine to return to your regular duties. As for your ribs.” He continues turning to a scan pinned to a light board on the wall. “They are healing well. But you definitely broke two. There’s not much else we can do to speed up your recovery there. Just take it easy.”
“That’s easier said than done,” I retort sarcastically.
“Yes,” the doctor agrees, “You do have a habit of being right where the action is.”
“Speaking of action,” I say changing the subject, “What have I missed here?”
“A lot,” the doctor admits, “However the Professor said he’ll brief you once we were finished here.”
Five minutes later, after the doctor signed off on my medical reports, I enter the main research room to find the Professor sitting in front of his usual multi monitor setup rapidly scrolling through an endless stream of what appeared to be computer code from a distance. “Pull up a chair Nathan,” he says, “We’ve got a lot to discuss.”
“It would seem so,” I answer remaining standing a short distance away next to a table littered with pages of reports. “Can we begin with an update from the Global Explorer. Surely Jim has reported in by now?”
“He sent a pair of video data folders yesterday,” Professor Strickland answers, “Two separate files he says are from two different locations. He labelled them with the co-ordinates.”
“Anything interesting in the videos?” I ask.
“Plenty if you’re interest lies in the contour of the ocean floor,” Strickland answers with a slight chuckle, “But aside from that. Nothing of importance. I still don’t know why you sent him to either of those locations.”
“Because I needed to confirm a theory,” I reply, “Both of those sites he checked out are where the wrecks of the Akagi and Kaga were found.”
“And that proves a theory?” Strickland asks.
“It certainly lends a lot of support to my theory,” I reply, “Whoever is behind the attacks out at sea has been testing us. Well testing our military at the very least. So far, they’ve employed tactics from our history against us, and are using weapons from our past against us as well.”
“To what end though?” Strickland asks, “None of that makes any sense.”
“I agree,” I say, “But look carefully at what we know. Pearl Harbour was attacked in very similar fashion to how the Japanese did at the start of the Pacific War. And what do we find floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean but a ship that matches perfectly to one of the very ships that was involved in the original battle. A ship that by rights should be on the bottom of the Pacific a couple of hundred nautical miles away from this atoll.”
“But we still don’t know the who or the what,” Strickland insists, “We also don’t know how far this goes?”
“I think we can safely say it goes as far as every ocean on the planet,” I reply, “I’m certainly no expert when it comes to warfare. But whoever is behind this is playing for keeps. They’ve already openly attacked at American Naval Base, a British Fleet out at sea and conducted two Air Raids on major ports in Australia. Plus, there’s enough evidence to believe they ambushed an American Fleet as well.”
“So, your theory is that we are at war with an unknown enemy?” Strickland presses.
“Yes,” I answer, “So far though. I believe they have only been testing our abilities. Otherwise, this would be on every news network around the globe. Right now, the only reason we know anything is through sheer luck.”
“It would seem that you are not alone in thinking that,” Strickland admits, “One of our newest arrivals is of the same opinion.”
“Yes,” I begin, “I meant to ask earlier about the two ships anchored off the atoll. Care to fill me in on that?”
“Do you remember the briefing before you left,” Strickland says, “Where we covered our theory on what those cubes we keep finding are.”
“I remember,” I reply, “The theory is that they contain data of some sort. Only the scanners could not complete the scans due to overheating.”
“The new generator solved that problem,” Strickland announces proudly, “With the extra power, we were able to stabilize the power supply and run additional cooling. We’ve also been able to read quite a few of those cubes now. We found a few of them to be blank however.”
“Blank?” I ask.
“Yes,” Strickland confirms, “Blank. Nothing on them at all. So, one of the junior programmers wondered what would happen if we tried to load data into a cube.”
“What sort of data?” I ask in a worried tone.
“It started off simple,” Strickland admits, “The team transferred about a dozen different ship designs into a couple of cubes. Then transferred data about various types of weapon systems, radars, tactical data from reports that we obtained from Jensen.”
“Does Jensen know about that?” I ask.
“He said it was okay,” Strickland answers, “He said most of the reports were public knowledge already and those that weren’t, were not subject to any privacy laws.”
“Okay, so now we have a bunch of cubes that contain technical and tactical data,” I say, “How does any of that equal two ships anchored off shore?”
“We subjected some of them to a large electrical charge,” Strickland answers simply.
“You didn’t,” I say feeling the colour drain from my face at the prospect.
“We sure did,” Strickland admits, “In fact your timing is perfect. Our first arrival from those experiments has just arrived.”
Turning towards the door, I notice a tall woman with long brown hair step through the open door to the lab. As she makes her way towards us a feeling of familiarity hits me. Everything about her appearance feels oddly like someone I had met before. From the prominent fox-like ears, numerous tails lazily waving behind her, even the style in how she wore her hair.
Then it hit me. Aside from the lighter shade of colour in her hair and the more modest choice of clothing, she nearly was identical in appearance to Akagi. Someone who for the last several weeks had barely been out of my presence as she had insisted on making certain I had remained in the makeshift medical bay to recover from the injuries I had sustained during the battle.
“Please forgive my lateness, Professor,” she says in a voice that despite its calm nature, hints that should the occasion require, could dominate the room. “I lost track of the time studying the history papers you gave me.”
“No need for apologies,” Strickland replies, “I was just briefing the Captain on the latest progress the research team had been making.”
Turning to me, “Allow me to introduce our senior Captain, Nathan Harrison. He oversees our research ships and is one of the teams leading theoretical researchers.” Strickland announces, “Nathan, this is Amagi. Her presence here is the result of one of the experiments I mentioned a moment ago.”
“A pleasure to meet you,” I say with a smile.
“The Professor has spoken of you often,” Amagi says, “He mentioned that you lead from the front and take a very hands-on approach to the projects you oversee.”
“I certainly try to keep myself busy,” I reply, “Being able to have full control of the ship certainly makes the research side of my job easier given I have a greater control over the variables.”
Amagi nods silently in agreement.
“Would I be correct in assuming that the larger of the two cruisers anchored off shore is yours?” I enquire.
“You assume correctly,” Amagi replies, “Are you familiar with Japanese Naval History, Captain?”
“I have a very limited knowledge when it comes to naval history or even tactics for that matter,” I admit, “However I’m certainly learning a lot recently given the events of the past several months.”
“From how the Professor explained my arrival here and the arrival of the other members of the fleet,” Amagi explains, “It would seem that the cubes used in my creation have taken the form from my original design.”
“Your original design?” I ask.
“My ship was original designed to be a battle cruiser, before an attempted conversion to an aircraft carrier was halted due to my hull being badly damaged,” Amagi replies.
Before I can reply, the phone on the table beside the Professor buzzes. Picking it up, the Professor listens in silence before speaking, “We’ll be over in the minute.”
“Problem?” I ask seeing the worried look on the Professors face.
“Maybe,’ he replies, “The radio guys are picking up a radio call from the Global Explorer. They say it sounds like a distress call.”
Crossing the room to where one of the team’s radio operators was listening closely through a headset. As we approached, he held up a hand to prevent any of us from speaking. After a brief pause, he removed the headset and turned to face us. “I have cleaned up the recording as much as possible. But there is a lot of static.”
“Play it,” Strickland says.
‘Glo..l Explorer .. Midway. Encount.. hostile ….. Attack.. Sink… Host… head… fo. Mi..ay. Se..nt..n hour. No..h R.n’
Sharing a look with the Professor as I mentally replayed the message in my head filling it the blanks with the most logical word. As I realized the full message my eyes widened in shock. Going to the nearest computer and sliding the operator out of the way, I rapidly log into the facility’s secure server.
As the opening page loads on the monitor, I take note of the spinning icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Double clicking on the icon, my worst fears are confirmed. “The Global Explorer is dumping its logs onto the server,” I report.
“What does that mean?” I hear Amagi ask in confusion.
“It’s the last action taken before abandoning ship,” I reply, “It’s either manually activated by one of the senior crew before they leave the bridge, or automatically triggered if the ships internal sensors detect multiple compartments flooding.”
“Any chance that it’s a false alarm?” the Professor asks.
“None,” I reply, scrolling through the data logs, barely giving them time to finish loading before moving to the next. “I don’t know what happened out there. But the engine room temperature spiked to over a thousand degrees before dropping down to eleven. Both the forward cargo compartment and rear loading deck compartment sensors are indicating flooding. And the trim sensors are showing a forty-degree list to starboard.”
Looking away from the computer and taking a deep breath to compose my thoughts, “That and the radio message,” I say, “It was definitely Jim. He clearly said hostile and attack and that whoever they were, are headed this way.”
Standing in the conference room fifteen minutes later, the realization that with the apparent loss of the Global Explorer and the loss of the Intrepid and the very real possibility of a hostile enemy closing in on Midway, the team stationed here had lost both main pre-planned escape options we had prepared for in situations that required the rapid evacuation of the atoll.
Behind me I hear various people entering the conference room and taking a seat. As the scrapping of chairs being moved dies down, I turn to face those gathered. Before I can speak, a couple of late arrivals step in through the open door.
The final member of this group is a young woman with short, light peach coloured hair. Who on seeing me, turned away from the group and ran straight for me. On reaching me she wrapped both arms around me drawing me into a tight embrace.
“I see you’ve met Roon,” I hear the Professor call from the doorway as he enters the room.
“So it would seem,” I struggle to reply, “I take it she is the second result of your experiments,” I add.
“Yes,” Strickland replies joining me at the front of the room, “It would seem that she’s a hugger.”
“Would it be possible to have my body back please?” I ask.
Slowly releasing me, Roon steps back, before silently re-joining the others seated in the room.
“I think she likes you,” The Professor comments.
“What makes you say that?” I ask gently feeling my ribs which feel like they are on fire.
“The fact she followed your request,” Strickland answers, “You’re the first who’s been able to get through to her.”
“That’s great,” I mutter sarcastically, “We just need to work on her introductions then. I swear she just re-broke my ribs.”
“If its any consolation,” Strickland begins, “Her combat prowess is second to none based on what little we’ve learned to date.”
Shaking me head in quiet disbelief at the Professor’s continued unyielding push for results rather than showing any concern for how those results were obtained. I scanned the room to find that everyone was looking in my direction.
Everyone save for Akagi. Who was staring through narrowed eyes towards Roon sitting a few rows away.
Clearing my throat, “As some of you may already know. We have received a warning of a possible hostile enemy that is heading straight for us,” I explain, “To those of you who are in senior positions. I need you to wind up any work your departments are working on. And execute our evacuation protocols.”
“Where are we going?” someone from the back of the room calls out.
“The team will evacuate towards Hawaii,” I reply, “There they will either report in to the Navy Yard. Or if advised carry on to the main land.”
As I finish this brief explanation. Over half of those gathered, stand up and walk out to begin the evacuation. As the door closes behind the last of them Professor Strickland speaks up, “Do you really intend to run?”
Looking across at the Professor I reply, “I intend for you and the others to run. In case the rest of us fail to stop the enemy from reaching Midway.”
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2023.03.22 11:23 hootanmelamedlos 5 Key Areas Entrepreneurs Should Focus On To Achieve Success In 2023

5 Key Areas Entrepreneurs Should Focus On To Achieve Success In 2023
Becoming a successful entrepreneur is a dream for many people. Hootan Melamed Los Angeles says the journey to success is challenging and requires hard work, dedication, and focus. As we enter a new year, entrepreneurs must reflect on their strategies and focus on areas that will help them succeed in 2023. This blog post will discuss five key areas entrepreneurs should focus on to achieve in 2023.
Innovation is a crucial factor for the success of any business. Innovation can come in different forms, such as creating new products or services, implementing new processes, or adopting new technologies. Entrepreneurs must focus on innovation to stay ahead of competitors and meet their customers' evolving needs. Entrepreneurs should continuously look for ways to improve their products or services and differentiate themselves from competitors. They can achieve this by conducting market research, staying up-to-date with industry trends, and collaborating with their customers to understand their needs.
Customer Experience:
Customer experience is another critical area that entrepreneurs should focus on in 2023. According to Hootan Melamed Los Angeles, A positive customer experience can lead to customer loyalty and repeat business. Entrepreneurs should strive to provide exceptional customer service by listening to their customers' feedback and addressing their concerns promptly. They can also improve customers' experience by personalizing their products or services, providing timely and efficient delivery, and creating a seamless and user-friendly website or app.

5 Key Areas Entrepreneurs Should Focus On To Achieve Success In 2023
Marketing is a crucial factor in the success of any business. Entrepreneurs must focus on marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and drive sales. They can achieve this by creating a solid brand identity, developing a content marketing strategy, leveraging social media platforms, and investing in paid advertising. Entrepreneurs should also stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and technologies to ensure their marketing efforts are practical and efficient.
Financial Management:
Financial management is an essential aspect of running a successful business. Entrepreneurs need to focus on managing their finances effectively to ensure the long-term success of their businesses. They should develop a financial plan, create a budget, and monitor their cash flow regularly. They should also seek professional advice and explore different financing options to ensure they have the resources necessary to grow their business.
Team Building:
Building a solid team is crucial for the success of any business. Entrepreneurs must focus on building a group of talented and motivated individuals who share their vision and values. They should invest in their team's training and development to ensure they have the skills and knowledge they need to contribute to the business's success. Entrepreneurs should also create a positive and supportive work environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and innovation.
In conclusion, successful entrepreneurs require hard work, dedication, and focus. Entrepreneurs must focus on different areas to succeed, including innovation, customer experience, marketing, financial management, and team building. By focusing on these critical areas, entrepreneurs can improve their chances of success in 2023 and beyond.
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2023.03.22 11:18 lovelyladyheather Using Zip Pay for Hotel Security Deposits when overseas?

Hi Everyone,
I hope this is ok to post here, If not please advise where to go.
Next month I am going back to the USA to see immediate family and childhood friends in LA and then to New York to be in a wedding. I have a full-time job with lots of annual leave banked up to cover me while I am gone and some savings.
I have paid mostly everything by now:
-Flights (All International and Domestic flights for both USA and Australia)
-Travel Insurance
-Hotel rooms*\*
-Bridesmaid Dress

Hotel Rooms**\* - For Los Angeles, I don't need to worry about accommodation and transport as I will stay with Mom and do all of my traveling with her.
New York, on the other hand, does require accomodation.
I have prepaid all room and tax for all hotels in New York.
However there are those damned security deposits, which is a standard everywhere, that are the pain in the ass!
I was thinking of using Zip Pay for hotel security deposit expense specifically as it is refunded to you within 10 business days and if I accumulate the monthly fee, it's just under $8.00.
What are your thoughts on this?
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2023.03.22 11:06 -SilentMunk- Looks like the defenses made it into the app! They take up a command card slot, and there is also a command card that allows you to remove 1

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2023.03.22 11:01 sportsclub_100 NBA MATCHES SCHEDULE OF 22nd and 23rd March:

On March 22nd and 23rd, 2023, basketball fans around the world will be treated to an exciting lineup of NBA games. Here's a rundown of the games you can catch and where they will be played:
First up, the Washington Wizards will take on the Denver Nuggets at 11:00:00 PM UTC at the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. This promises to be an exciting game as both teams have been performing well this season.
At 11:30:00 PM UTC, the Dallas Mavericks will go head-to-head with the Golden State Warriors at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. Fans of both teams are eager to see their favorite players in action, and the rivalry between these two teams is sure to make for a thrilling game.
Meanwhile, the Miami Heat will face off against the New York Knicks at the Miami-Dade Arena in Miami, Florida. This game is expected to be closely contested, with both teams fighting hard for a win.
Over at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada, the Toronto Raptors will take on the Indiana Pacers at the same time. Fans of the Raptors will be hoping for a home win, while Pacers supporters will be cheering their team on from afar.
At midnight UTC, the Chicago Bulls will play against the Philadelphia 76ers at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. This game promises to be a battle of the titans, with both teams boasting some of the best players in the league.
The Memphis Grizzlies will also be in action at midnight UTC, taking on the Houston Rockets at the FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee. Fans of both teams are eager to see how their players will perform in what promises to be a thrilling game.


In another midnight UTC game, the Milwaukee Bucks will go up against the San Antonio Spurs at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Both teams have been performing well this season, and this game is sure to be closely contested.
Meanwhile, the Minnesota Timberwolves will be hosting the Atlanta Hawks at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Fans of both teams will be hoping for a win, and the players will no doubt be giving it their all on the court.
Finally, at 1:00:00 AM UTC, the Utah Jazz will be taking on the Portland Trail Blazers at the Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is another game that promises to be closely contested, with both teams having a lot to prove.
Last but not least, the Los Angeles Lakers will be playing against the Phoenix Suns at 2:00:00 AM UTC at the Arena in Los Angeles, California. This game is sure to be one of the most watched of the night, with both teams boasting some of the biggest names in the sport.
If you're a basketball fan, March 22nd and 23rd, 2023, promises to be an exciting night of games. So mark your calendars, get your snacks ready, and settle in for a night of thrilling NBA action!

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2023.03.22 10:58 ThrowRA3326 Do I (28F) move on or do I shoot my shot with him (M40)?

Earlier this year I (28F) had an impromptu dinner with a man (40M) I've been friends with for probably 3 years. We work in the same place (same massive site, rarely interact), play sport together weekly, go to trivia nights with colleagues. He's been divorced for 4 years and hasn't been on a date in that time. He's genuinely a good person (I've been with primarily narcissists, I'm good at picking them now)
Anyway, about 7 weeks ago we went to dinner with colleagues and ended up the last two there. We stayed for a couple hours and talked. And both of us realised fairly simultaneously that there was a spark there. Over the following four weeks we started hanging out a bit more, just the two of us, and sparks were really flying.
And then after about a month we had a beautiful evening, he invited me over and he lot a fire pit, we sipped drinks and talked until 2am. He told me all about his ex wife and kids who now live in another state after she manipulated things and decided to move with her new boyfriend. I told him about my fears in dating and why I was feeling good about us. It was so beautiful to hear a man be so emotionally open and intelligent, to communicate so thoughtfully and carefully. We kissed and he held me by the fire. And boy, did I feel some feels.
The day after I realised I needed to talk to him about, if we are to go further with this, I want to get one of the big talks out of the way because I didn't want to waste his time. I told him I wanted him to know I wasn't interested in just a fun time, I want to find my person and look into my future. He said he really liked me, he thought there were a lot of good things about us, but there are things that would make it hard. He has an ex wife, and kids, and those are big reasons for him to not know if he'll still be in town in a year, or two years.
I was hurt, but also realised he probably is feeling guilty (he's admitted this) that he let his kids go and also guilty that he was feeling happy for the first time in a long time without his kids, and that hit hard for him.
Since then we've stopped hanging out, we've both said we should not pursue anything romantic. But he's seemingly going out of his way to talk to me, at work and at sport, with my colleagues and friends I'm close with and he's not. So it's hard to cut the thoughts off completely. And if I'm honest I absolutely do still have a crush.
So I'm just wondering, I want to ask him if he really doesn't think it's worth just trying and seeing what happens, no expectations and no pressure. But I'm terrified he'll cut off all contact possible and things will be awkward. He's so kind, so good, and I know he doesn't want to hurt me, and I him. He's done nothing wrong.
How do talk to him what I've explained? I'm prepared for the worst. Kind of.
Tl;dr: ended short fling with no hard feelings, still have a crush, how do I speak to him about it?
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2023.03.22 10:45 majestwest13 would love to discuss the vagueness of motivations on old episodes.

so ive created an insta where i review each episode based on the fact that i've realized there is one very specific unsub motivation that occurs often. i call it padii. (it's in ref. to how the majority of motivations are sexual in nature.) i want to create a pie chart at the end of each season but sometimes the unsub motivations are vague.
for example s01e02 - fire starter: her motivation is clear. i have her under the religion catagory.
but s01e10 - fake satanists: even the b.a.u. was divided on this one. did the motivation come down to teen lust or was it just the unsub having to prove he is superior to everyone else?
there r plenty of episodes like this and it would be awesome if i could have fellow fan two cents.
i have as catagories (and i do want to whittle this list down) 1. padii 2. religion 3. revenge 4. death wish 5. hero complex (should it also include angel of death and street cleaners?) 6. mental break 7. psychopath (either stright up evil or severely abused.) 8. drugs 9. money 10. fame 11. ptsd 12. raised to be a killer 13. to save them from a horrible life 14. accident
initally i just had 4 catagories: padii, revenge, crazy (religion/drugs) and power.
anyway there are plenty of episodes like this. i just wanted to start with one though. cant wait to discuss with fellow fans. :)
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2023.03.22 10:32 AvatarSayang Do i have any options?

I failed my PIT test 3 times. Was told to wait to hear from HR. The next 2 days i went to HR and was told they don't know what happens when someone fails. That I have to speak with a certain person. They took my information and told me i would get a call. Never got it. On Tuesday i was finally able to talk to that person and she told me she has to speak with someone and to comeback later that day. I came back later that day and she said she still didn't have an answer for me, but i can continue to work my regular schedule. So i go in the next day and I'm fired. Do i have any options or just take the L?
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