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2010.08.30 08:08 taylornator7 We don't know, but we'll answer anyway

We don't know, but we'll answer anyway

2011.10.05 03:19 asgard88 Cross section pictures (and videos) of everything!


2023.03.22 14:13 farseer_fitz More pictures of Selena on the set of OMITB today

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2023.03.22 14:13 DaveR007 Synology M2 volume v1.0.2 - A script to create a volume on any M.2 drives

I needed a break from investigating how Synology prevents non-Synology NVMe drives from being used as a volume so I spent a day throwing together this script to easily create an M.2 volume on a Synology NAS without a lot of typing and no need for following any how-to guides.
This script will create a volume on your NVMe drive(s) for you. All you have to do is run the script with sudo, or as root, and type yes and 1, 2, 3 or 4 to answer some simple questions.
You basically just select:
  1. Which M.2 drive(s) to create the volume on (it won't allow you select a drive that's being used by DSM).
  2. If you selected multiple drives you then select RAID 0 or RAID 1.
  3. Then select btrfs or ext4.
  4. Type yes at few warnings/confirmations.
  5. Watch the magic happen.
It even shows an update of the resync progress every 30 seconds until the resync finishes.
It also has a dry run mode so you can see what it would have done had you run it for real.
To download, or just see the pretty pictures, go to:
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2023.03.22 14:12 Amk9519 Ebay listing stated no returns or refunds, is this binding?

Hello, I recently bought a bag for my daughter from ebay, the description stated mild defects and the listing had pictures. Seller also stated in the description no refunds or returns, sold as seen, after seeing the pictures I was happy to continue bidding for the item.
The bag arrived today and while one picture was accurate, one of the "mild" defects isn't that mild and the extent of the damage was not shown in the pictures.
My question is, even though the seller stated in the description no refunds or returns can I try and get a refund based on the misleading description and pictures? Or because they stated no refunds am I now stuck with a bag that is more damaged than originally stated?
ETA: I'm in England and I believe the seller was based in Scotland.
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2023.03.22 14:12 SinningNotWinning Bonobo at Kirstenbosch Gardens

I'm seeing Bonobo at Kirstenbosch this Friday and I was wondering if anyone has any idea what the vibe might be like? Whenever I've seen pictures of the summer concerts, everyone is relaxing on a picnic blanket, but I don't want to rock up with a whole picnic when it's actually going to be more of a rave.
Thanks :)
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2023.03.22 14:11 joshuajunebug Trying to understand why almost all assault rifles don't use stripper clips

I've been trying to study waweapons a bit, and get a handle on why different weapons are designed the way they are.
After spending some time studying the history of infantry long guns, I don't really understand why the vast majority of assault rifles (which obviously are the most modern, current, contemporary rifle for infantry) don't use stripper clips. Obviously a lot of them are able to use a spoon-loading device that attaches to detached magazines, but I am not talking about that. I am talking about loading clips directly into the magazine when it is loaded into the gun through a clip guide built into the receiver of the rifle.
As far as I could find, there are only 4 assault rifles that have this capability - SKS, vz. 52, vz. 58, and a Chinese rifle called the Type 63. And of course the SKS isn't really an assault rifle, because it simply doesn't carry enough rounds, only 10. (Whether or not a rifle has select-fire capability is neither here nor there, IMHO)
I understand why the very first assault rifles like the StG 44 don't have this feature, because they were trying to just get the concept invented and produced for the very first time. But in the context of newer designs like the AK-47 and AR-15/M-16, it comes off as a weird overlooked flaw of the designs. The obvious design limitation of designing a rifle to accept clips is that you can't have that area above the receiver closed off, it has to be open so as to accept clips. You therefore can't have a picatinny rail/optics over that area of the receiver. That seems like the most plausible reason why the designers didn't add that feature to their designs, but I think that trade off is pretty small anyway.
Obviously loading a rifle with stripper clips is slower, that is the disadvantage. But there is an enormous advantage in that a clip is a much more weight-efficient way of carrying ammunition. I am not advocating that we have assault rifles that have fixed magazines that can only be loaded with clips. Rather, have the advantages of both detachable box magazines and stripper clips. It seems like the ideal thing would be for soldiers to carry 1 or maybe 2 spare magazines, and carry the rest of their reloads in clips. The idea of carrying all of their ammo loadout in magazines seems poorly optimized to me, being able to shed all unnecessary weight is really important. We always hear about how out of control the weight infantry carries is, so this would be relevant to help alleviate that problem.
Sorry for how long this post is, but it doesn't take as much time to read something as to write it anyway. It wouldn't take long to skim-read this post. I couldn't figure out how to make the post shorter without leaving out important details.
So am I missing something? Seems like a really big flaw of modern rifles (assault rifles).
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2023.03.22 14:11 bene2111 E36 Leak from sunroof

Hi all,
I've been having problems with my sunroof where the metal cables come out forcing the guide tubes out, but this isnt what this post is about...
Since having the sunroof problem, ive taken off my headliner and been trying to figure out how to fix it, however in the mean time, my E36 decided to be productive and hit me with another problem as if the sunroof itself breaking wasnt enough.
I now have a leak on my right side, dripping down onto the guide tubes, which slowly drip down onto either the seat, or me when actively driving it.
Other than temporarily placing fabric on the seat to absorb the drips and myself to soak in the water while driving, I have no solution so im hoping someone can advise me on if I have a bad seal etc.
Below is the picture of where the leak is coming from, and as mentioned it slowly makes it way down the bronze tube until it builds up enough water to start dripping (red arrows on pic point to location)
E36 Sunroof Leak
Thanks all!
Edit: One this to mention is that it doesnt leak on the otherside
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2023.03.22 14:11 chickenbirdlady Charge 5 - how to add exercise options?

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to add exercise options to my Charge 5. It’s currently has run, walk, bike, swim, weights, & intervals. I’d like a HIIT or just a generic cardio setting for CrossFit but I do not see a way to add anything. Help?!
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2023.03.22 14:11 nychvacsupplycorp New York HVAC Supply Corp

Commercial Air Con Repairs New YorkYour commercial air conditioner is essential to providing comfort not only in summer, but also during the colder months. A larger area requires a larger air conditioning system as it will take on a heavier workload compared to smaller units. To keep your system running efficiently, maintaining your air conditioning system is vital to the comfort and health of the building occupants.Whether your air conditioner is in an office, a factory or a retail environment, if it stops working this can not only be frustrating it can also be very inconvenient for staff and customers. It is recommended that regular services are carried out to guarantee continuous and efficient performance. Doing so will prevent the risk of malfunction that, in the worst-case scenario may cause electrical faults or breakdown.

Call us Today: (917) 774-0904 or visit:

#airconditioningservices #ineedairconditioning #commercialairconditioning #airconditioningreplacement #airconditioningrepairs #naturalairconditioning #carairconditioning #thankfulforairconditioning #centralairconditioning #freeairconditioning

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2023.03.22 14:10 Salami_Slayer_97 Pre-Market Volume Guy Checking in With Some Juicy Numbers

I have been tracking Pre-Market Volume for the last 485 trading sessions, starting on April 13th, 2021. I starting investing in GME mid-Jan 2021. Most days, I make two small comments on the daily thread with the data. Prior to that, I was a long time lurker trying to figure out how to get enough karma to eventually be able to post.....haha....took a little bit of grinding. Now, it has become a habit. I use Fidelity Active Trader Pro and Power Etrade to cross-reference the volume at exactly the 20:00.00 and 10:00.00 minute to open marks.
At these 20 and 10 minutes to open marks, I post the volume, and compare it to the prior trading day, and the prior week same day. Pre-market volume does not always indicate how the market will move during market hours, but for a sample size:
From the Lowest 20 Pre-Market volume trading sessions at 20 min to open and 10 min to open, the stock has ended the day RED 13 of 20 times and 14 of 20 times, respectively.
From the Highest 20 Pre-Market volume trading sessions at 20 min to open and 10 min to open, the stock has ended the day GREEN 14 of 20 times and 13 of 20 times, respectively.
For today:
With 20 minutes remaining in pre-market, volume (5,002.07M) is up 16,344.02% compared to the same time yesterday, and is up 18,043.89% compared to the same time last Wednesday. This is also the HIGHEST, split-adjusted, volume at this time in the last 485 trading sessions I have been tracking.
For comparison:
The second highest 20 minute PM volume was May 26th, 2021 with 1.249.79M pre-split shares, or 4,999.16M shares split adjusted.
The third highest 20 minute PM volume was March 23rd, 2022 with 1075.05M pre-split shares, or 4,300.2M shares split adjusted. Coincidentally, this was also the Wednesday after the March 17th earnings last year.
Both of those dates ended up green. I am super excited for the future of this company after delivering pretty remarkable earnings, and will likely use this as a way to break my daily habit of pre-market posting on the daily thread.
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2023.03.22 14:10 Dumitru69 I am so tired of my dad

(Sorry if my English is not great)I (21M) have a father (50M) who is trying to push me to either become a police officer,firefighter or enroll in the army and I'm so tired of it. I live in Romania and I have been trying to get a job just to leave my parents house,thinking I could get better mentally. I have been switching between my parents house and the apartment where I'm trying to get the job because I just couldn't hold one for too long and I barely get any replies from companies. And here comes my dad in the picture complaining about everything he thinks is wrong with me to the point where I just can't argue with him either because he made me think those things to be true or the argument would make him rant for another agonizing hour where he would spew useless bull and nothing else,things that he repeats over and over. I don't know how I'm still sane right now. I didn't enroll into college yet because I didn't pass the baccalaureate/bachelor's degree(the exam after high school,idk) the first time. But when I did pass I didn't enroll into college in time(my fault I know). But my plan is to do it this year and he wants me to literally "think about it" even though he is EXTREMLY pushy,but he doesn't think he is. He's just "giving me advice" even though I made my decision for a few months now. He even suggested for me to enroll in the army/become a policeman WHILE enrolling in college. What I want is to just get into college(Programing) finish it and GET A PROPER JOB. I'll go from there. But no,he is fixated so much and he is so dense I can't even describe it. Idk if I should ask for advice from Reddit,but I just DON'T have anyone to talk to. My mom does her best but she doesn't know what to say. And NO ONE ALIVE would be able to get through his dense skull let alone me,my mother or my sister. We've tried...
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2023.03.22 14:09 Notsureortelling When is the best time to see flowers in the arboretum?

I’m trying to gauge when the optimal time for graduation pictures might be since I’m planning on getting some done at the arboretum. I currently have them scheduled for the first week of April, but I’m not sure if that would be too early.
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2023.03.22 14:09 Jhawkjedi13 Just got a 77 B2…questions

I used chromecast w/google 4k on my old TV, is there any downside to just using that instead of webOS? Do pictures look better through native apps or anything? Any settings i need to know about when using chromecast?
If I do use webOS is there a way to hack it so I can get apps that are available on my chromecast that aren’t available in the webOS store?
Do I need to upgrade my HDMI cables since this TV has 2.1? I only use a switch for gaming
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2023.03.22 14:09 KaleidoscopeMore5664 Very Evil Danhausen

I love Danhausen, but I also want him to really be able to be a larger part of a storyline. I think that would mean a return of Very Evil Danhausen like we saw at Full Gear.
I think the overall idea of why he came out that way was great, but I wished there was more of a simmer for it on TV instead of Dark. If it hadn't been against QT and them, I would have liked to see the feud go a bit longer. (Not to say I don't appreciate QT and them for what they do, I just don't think those characters in their current form can carry a longer feud without some more TV dominance first).
How would AEW get to a bigger story with Evil Danhausen? Who should it be against?
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2023.03.22 14:07 Junior-Negotiation-5 I have chest pains!!!

I (28m) have always been a little anxious, not so much so that it would interfere with my social life or anything along those lines more so I'd just over analyze social and romantic situations. I always thought I was just like that, I'm very outgoing, adventurous and have a great group of friends even though my anxiety gets the best of me. The problem started at the beginning of the year after I had just ended a long term relationship with my then girlfriend. Now I get these weird intense chest pains whenever I'm alone. I genuinely feel like my anxiety is peaking and my heart is carrying all the load. Things like anxiety and depression are shunned in my community and I feel like I can't talk to anyone but my female friend who has been there for me since the adjustment. I feel like I might just fall over anytime I feel like this, I can't even sleep. I don't know what to do, tried checking online for otc anxiety meds but none are there. I work out, school and work also keep me busy but when everything stands still and no one is there it feels like I am drowning in myself
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2023.03.22 14:07 Akash-kumar-1 How do I stay disciplined for ICAI CA preparation?

How do I stay disciplined for ICAI CA preparation?
Discipline and consistency are two essential keys to achieving any goal in life. If you are a ICAI CA aspirant, then self-discipline combined with dedicated hard work and strategic planning can do wonders for you. Therefore, if you have no idea about how to master self-disciple, read below: 1. To make learning fun and interactive, watch interesting videos of ICAI CA concepts either on YouTube channels like Physics Wallah or e-learning platforms. 2. Try focusing on your daily targets instead of looking at the bigger picture. 3. Try to complete your daily tasks and do not drag them to the next day. 4. Have a proper executive plan. 5. Understand your strengths and weaknesses. 6. Stay away from distractions and don’t let them rule your mind.
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2023.03.22 14:07 Campanerut So, about Switchback(spoilers)

What is your interpretation of the game?
I admit that i'am very confused right now, a demon want to drag you to hell and put you on a roller coaster with the Dark Pictues games.
My best guess is that Belial was involved somehow with all the Dark Pictures games somehow, most importantly, Little Hope(i will make a post about Little Hope about my opinion)
I want to hear about your interpretation of the game.
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2023.03.22 14:06 Accomplished_Flow704 [Tissot] [Identify] Tissot Watch It's missing

[Tissot] [Identify] Tissot Watch It's missing
So I found our that I recently lost a watch with great sentimental value to me as it was the watch my dad bought during his wedding. I am greatly devastated, as I can't recall where I last found it. The location of where I last worn it was at my senior high. I hope it wasn't lost during my commute. Bellow is a sample picture of what the watch looks like. May I also know what model is this watch
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2023.03.22 14:06 Big-Internet-4024 Cell Phone Self Defense Rechargeable Stun Gun with Flashlight

Cell Phone Self Defense Rechargeable Stun Gun with Flashlight
High Voltage Security Equipment The Guard Dog Security iStun self defense stun gun is back and better than ever with an astonishing slim design, and stylish look. Updated to match modern day versions of smartphones, this powerful stun gun could fool anyone into believing it is a real phone, yet any assailant who comes close will receive electric power capable of temporary incapacitation. The clever personal defense weapons design uses the phone's "volume" and "power" buttons as the activation switches for the LED light and high voltage stun gun, keeping with a cohesive look that allows for easy accessibility if needed. Illuminate the Way The stun gun features a built-in LED flashlight, for increased confidence in dark alleys, corners and parking garages. Providing instant visibility and quick identification of potential attackers, the stun flashlight lights your way and is ready to deploy a high voltage charge to deter or disarm any assailant at the touch of a button. The powerful stun gun features a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge for increased security and total peace of mind. Conveniently Rechargeable Ideal for daily use, the personal protection weapon has a built in rechargeable battery, which saves money on expensive replacements and ensures your stun gun will always be powered up and ready for action. A convenient USB charging cord is included, along with an attractive, easy-open leather holster to carry your stun flashlight discreetly at all times. Guard Dog iStun 2 Stun Gun Flashlight Features:
  • Maximum voltage
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Safety switch
  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB charging cable
  • Leather holster
  • Dimensions: 0.4375" x 2.625" x 5.437"
  • Weight: 0.205 lbs.
Price: $14.25
Shop Now :
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2023.03.22 14:06 CaliJordan Forend Spike = Straight To Jail?

Forend Spike = Straight To Jail?
I couldn't find any information in the sub or online specifically regarding the legality of a forend spike in California. Looking to add to maverick 88 w/ fold stock but will have to be a bit longer than the pictured spike since the forend doesn't reach as far as the barrel. What do you all think, not worth the risk?
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2023.03.22 14:06 Dr_Wayne0202 An OG's Retrospective of the Mainline Pokemon Games: I'm enjoying the modern!...but let's not forget where we started

For context, I am a late-20yr old but still consider myself an OG since I've been a fan of pokemon since RBY came out and fully loved and experienced late 90s pokemania.
My inspiration for this post is the following tier list and podcast:
I was so happy to see a list and group of old pokemon fans that I finally agree with. You can skip to the end of their video to see the final rankings, but I pretty much agree with 99% of their placements. The following will be a little further detail and addition of my opinions on the mainline pokemon games. Everything is obviously my opinion and I wil try my best not to make any opinions that come off very objective. You are welcome to disagree. For example the fact that I will be ranking BW2 as S tier even though circumstances in my life didn't let me play it may discredit my opinion to you which is fine. At the end of the day this is all for fun.
Red/Blue/Yellow: The games that started it all. My first ever pokemon game was Blue version and of course I played the hell out of it, even if I was so young that my name in initial playthroughs was "AAAAAAAAAAAA". I think these games are truly iconic and later on I'll express how they should always be respected and thought of in creation of newer games. I'll try my best to rank games based on the time they were released and how they hold up today. For their time, they are considered one of the greatest games/innovations of all time. For how they hold up today, of course they have the least mechanics and numerous bugs. For that reason , they will be - B TIER
I will now go into what I consider the golden age of pokemon, that is Gen II - V. There will be a few games that are relative duds, but for the most part, this is where gamefreak clearly put their heart and soul into each game. The common theme will be connections and homages to previous games that create a greater pokemon world.
Gold/Silver: Perfection. If I were to describe these games in one word. These games along with crystal will probably be the games I have spent the most thousands of hours in. Let's put the whole "other region" thing aside for a minute because that arugment has been beaten to death. Just the sheer amount of little easter eggs and small details that I kept discovering the more I played the game was just genius and really showed the effort of gamefreak. Of course, the inclusion of a super boss in the end was the greatest surprise. The only reason why they are not S tier is because other games will take these games to even greater heights. A TIER.
Crystal: This game is my personal greatest pokemon game of all time. Nostalgia definetely factors into this, but I think there are a lot of valid reasons why TO THIS DAY, Crystal offers a wholistic pokemon experience. It takes the perfection that is GS and adds a legendary story as well as (For the time) modernized features such as improved graphics, Boy/Girl, and even a Battle Tower. I'm okay with anyone else placing this game as A tier, but for me with a little bit of nostalgia glasses, it is S-TIER.
Ruby Sapphire: Came out post pokemania. For the longest time I viewed these games as the lesser after generation II, however there are a lot of amazing features that were introduced. Not much of a post game though. A soft reboot to the franchise. B-Tier.
Emerald: Emerald is going to be my first "greatest game I haven't played". I actually did complete one emulator playthrough, but it did not last long and I didn't get to fully experience it. From other people's opinions and looking at the "extra effort" factor of a whole anime inspired (or vice versa) Battle Frontier, this game desparetly needs a replay from me. This is the number one game that I am hoping gets a Switch release. Has potential to go up, but for now, A TIER.
Fire Red/ Leaf Green: Modernized the classics for the time, which was amazing. Added a decent amount of post game as well. A - Tier
Diamond and Pearl: One of the first duds. Also were released during one of my pokemon hiatus. I did not like how slow the game was and some of the elite 4 trainers pokemons didn't make sense. Also not much postgame. C - Tier
Platinum: A vast improvement and a solid game. Homages and easter eggs to previous games. A whole battle frontier just because. A-Tier.
Heart Gold/ Soul Silver: One of the most popular amongst OG pokemon fans. These games are the PINNACLE of what I mean when I say gamefreak puts in effort and heart into the features. So many easter eggs and homages to older games. So many added features that did not even have to be in their. Battle frontier, fleshed out second region, post game story details like Giovanni/Silver. Arguable the best games of all time who's level of effort has not been replicated since. S-TIER.
Black White + BW2: So these games are the second of my "greatest games I've never played". I've actualy never had the chance to play these games as they came out during another hiatus of mine. However, my brother swears by BW2 and from what I've seen, especially with the World Tournament, these games connect the greater pokemon world so well with so many added features. I think the general OG fan base also agrees so I will base my opinion on that. BW (?), BW2 - S Tier.
X and Y: Now these games are special to me because mega evolutions brought me out of my pokemon hiatus. Added so many amazing features such as easy EV training and PSS. HOWEVER, HOWEVER, HOWEVER. with the lack of postgame or even third version, I believe these games mark the beginning of a down-hill spiral where pokemon games stop trying to connect to the greater world and good fleshed out post games become a rarity in mainline games. Gamefreak, I believe, begins to get lazy starting here. Nonetheless, these games are underappreciated. A-Tier
Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire: CArried over the excellent gen 6 features and added to the already great mega evolutions. HOWEVER, skimping out on the battle frontier was a signficant let down. B-Tier
Sun Moon/Sun and Moon 2: These games came out during a pokemon hiatus and during a down time in my life so I did not play them. However, there was just something about the vibe of these games that from what I've watched on online playthoughs I just do not enjoy. REd and Blue coming back for the battle tree as well as Rainbow Rocket is pretty cool though. Z-moves is just a not cool gimmick as well. C- Tier.
Lets Go eevee and pikachu: I don't really consider these as mainline games but for fun I'll include them. I enjoyed going through Kanto but the lack of basic pokemon standards makes it just a side game for me. The graphics however were gorgeous and arguably the best I've seen. B-Tier
Sword and Shield: Now we enter modern pokemon. I have a lot to say about these games. For the sake of a ranking, I will include DLC. If I went just based off the main game, these games would be C/D tier. Starting with the negatives, the story was the worst of all time and seemingly the shortest. I hated how much they skimmped out on the routes. I won't knock the wild area too much because it gets expanded later on and is more of a prototype. THERE IS ZERO attempt to pay homage to older characters and games, with minimal easter eggs and secrets. I do not consider Gmax forms as homages, as you can argue that a Gmax charizard is just a Galarian exclusive thing. Now the positives, the DLC did add a lot and expanded the wild area for the better. As you will read later on, the random Wailord in the ocean was a great inclusion. Further positives, these games were incredible for simplifying gameplay mechanics and quality of life features. These games made creating competitive teams incredibly easy and were the first games I was able to dable with competitive pokemon battling. I mentioned before these are arguable the beggining of the modern pokemon games that focus on online features and raids and lack in post game content. I thought the frequently changing monthly raids were lackluster in comparison the SV, but they did succeed in keeping me coming back to the game. Major props to the Mewtwo raid, I think it was the introduction and precursor to difficult raids that require signficant strategy. B-Tier
Scarlet/Violet: I'm enjoying these games, even more the Sword and Shield. I'll get the negatives out of the way, AGAIN, these games are failing to connect to the greater pokemon world aka the past games. Is it really that hard to throw in a past character as a cameo??? Is it that hard to have an in-game post game with a secret super boss? Does everything really have to be online related and DLC? Why can't we have characters talk more about past regions? This is all very frustrating to me about modern games.... alright now the positives. The story is actually intriguing. The overworld is amazing. As I'll discuss later, how pokemon interact in their wild enviorments is one of my favorite things about pokemon and they do it so well in these games. I love seeing Forretress hanging from a tree and burrowing pokemon popping out of the ground. Continued most quality of life features. I'm finidng Terastalize as so far the most competitively intriguing gimmick. The raids are so much better than Sword and Shield and as everyone is finding, are actually challenging and take strategy. I'm PRAYING PRAYING there is some sort of homage/cameo/easter eggs SOMETHING to the older games in the upcoming DLC, but my hopes are not high. Nonetheless, A-TIER
BDSP: F Tier. Worst mainline games of all time. Peak laziness. I know it wasn't gamefreak but so disappointing. If they remade Platinum these games would've been decent.
Wolfe Glick: If you look up his ranking of pokemon games video, I feel like we couldn't be any different. I respect what he's done for modern pokemon and I enjoy his recent longer videos. As pokemon OGs though, I get the sense that he got into pokemon after the Later 90s Pokemania. I feel like his first game was probably gen 3 or 4. He argued gen 2 and HGSS were not higher tier games because "he didn't have time or interest for the daily events".... The essence of the Golden Age of Pokemon are the in-game experience that lasts on average 3 years. I LOVED exploring in Gold and Silver and after 2 years of playing finding out on Fridays Lapras appears. I LOVED thinking about what day I'm playing and if I can rechallenge my rival or give an eevee a haircut. I think his opinions are valid for modern pokemon. I respect that he's a world champion for VGC. But as a fellow OG, I challenge him to give Gen II a non-streamed thorough playthrough over a month long period.
What do I love about pokemon? So what I love about pokemon is the essence of the Pokemon World. It's hard to explain, but my thoughts of what makes pokemon so awe-inspiring is what I think of in the first couple of seasons of the anime. Seeing pokemon in the wild almost like real animals is so exciting to me. Another example is how they are portrayed in the TCG, both old and modern. My favorite example to explain what I mean is the original Mankey from Jungle, swinging from the trees. I love well-done pokemon art showing them in their wild enviornment. Modern TCG continues to do this well. The other thing I love about pokemon is the greater connection amongst games, as you guys can tell. I LOVED the random inclusion of Crasher Wake gym leader in the Celadon Market in HGSS. I LOVED Janine from Gold and Silver randomly in DPPT. Stuff like that is sorely missing in modern games and it's such a shame. It makes the greater pokemon world feel disconnected.
- Pokemon Origins/Generations/Twilight Wings, etc.: Random side thought, but I LOVE how these expand and connect the greater pokemon world. I enjoyed how in Pokeon Generations I got to see events of Gold and Silver remastered essentially. I watch Pokemon Origins annually because it was so well done. The anime style Black and White 2 trailer with high quality animations is exactly what I'm talking about too. Seeing Arcanine aggressive and dog-like.
Final thought and dream of my ideal modern pokemon game!: So I'm enjoying the modern pokemon games, but I want to share what I think is MY ideal modern pokemon game.
  1. Has homages/easter eggs/cameos and connections to prior games
  2. Has a FULL In-game experience that is not reliant on online expansions. Aka this includes post game super boss, areas, etc.
  3. Top-down experience ala BDSP
The essence of pokemon to me is being able to enjoy a full pokemon adventure during long care drives, airplane, under the covers. For games that are meant for kids, these games should be able to provide the full expereince without WIFI. If it were up to me, I would keep the Breath of the Wild graphic dreams to the Legends games. Keep the mainline games to the basics.
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2023.03.22 14:05 missbbb_ New employees asking to see my ticket 10x

I am not trying to be rude by any means, but it’s gotten to the point where I’m so fed up with the LIRR that I’m nitpicking everything. I think this week they had a bunch of new hires, and these new hires asked to see my ticket 4 times on my 30 minute ride (yes, I counted) both today and yesterday.
Is this some new policy to avoid fare evaders? I looked at the girl and said, “You’ve seen it 3 times though” and she just shrugged and asked to see it again. Do I really need to pull out my phone and pull up the app every 5 minutes? Jesus.
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2023.03.22 14:05 CommeDesMidnight [FS][UK][EU] Kiko Kostadinov, Moncler, Visvim and PAF

Kiko Kostadinov Irenes: Cannotcopy batch
Size: XS, Fits a waist 29-30, measurements included
Condition: 8/10, slight pilling to fabric on right pocket as pictured
Price: £40 + Ship

Moncler 1952 Genius Ski Pants: Makeprogress batch
Size: 44, Fits a waist 30, measurements included
Condition: 10/10, never worn It's quite thin, I was expecting a ski trouser, but it just has the shape, similar to balenci pulled cargos, but definitely a thin/summer trouser
Price: £60 + Ship

Visvim Eiger Sanction Cargo Pants: Sonofloong batch
Size: Tagged as Small, Fits a W30 L32 same as above
Condition: 8.5/10, worn a few times, near new but the button did fall off on one side pocket.
Price: £50

Post Archive Faction PAF 4.0 Zipper Jacket: Don't remember batch, maybe richill
Size: Medium, fits on the longer size but boxy too. The fit around the hood isn't great.
Condition: 9/10, worn once, but one of the zipper handles broke.
Price: £30
Tagged Pics + Measured:
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