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Forager's Buddy is a free application for android smart phones and tablets, designed to help users mark on the map all remarkable places, where they can find various kinds of wild food resources (Using the GPS module of the device). You can use this application in various outdoor activities like: wild herbs / mushroom gathering, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, etc Feel free to tell us about the changes you would like to see in Forager's Buddy.

2023.03.22 14:26 YaaliAnnar NoP: Lost and Found (33)

Another vanisighting?
Another vanisighting:
Thanks to u/Brotanics
First Previous
Memory Transcription Subject: Vichak, venlil school principal
Date [Standardized Human Reckoning]: 2136–09-09
A few timepaws after professor Baslik left my school things returned to normal. I settled into my office and prepared to start my first task on the list, tackling my overflowing inbox. With my mail client opened, I began scrolling through the endless stream of messages. Most of them were routine: reminders, updates, and requests for meetings. But one particular letter caught my eye, standing out amidst the sea of text.
I looked at the email and saw the sender's name, Sirkal (of Kadu from Kleran). It was someone from this town and the host of her mailing address showed why I have never heard of her before. The letter came from the University of Charok, the same institution where Professor Baslik taught. It is not that odd, really. Kleran and Charok are located next to each other. It's not that unthinkable for someone who was born here to move there. The reverse is also true. I remember that the parents of some of my students are from Charok.
"Dear Vichak,
My name is Sirkal of Kadu from Kleran, and I am a legal overseer assigned to the Department of Social Science at the University of Charok. I am writing to you regarding Professor Baslik's recent visit to your school."
As a legal overseer, I have been entrusted with the responsibility to manage a legal challenge that might arise from his visit. I also would like to follow up with you on some important matters related to your institution.
I believe that it is in your best interest to reply to this letter at your earliest convenience to schedule a meeting and I will be able to synchronize with your cycle. Your prompt response will allow us to address these matters effectively and efficiently.
With Respect
The letter from Sirkal and her request for discussion about legal matters made me feel a bit apprehensive. I see how being involved with Professor Baslik, even indirectly, could potentially be controversial. So I did need to tread carefully to avoid any missteps. The fact that Sirkal's mail server was the same as Baslik's is quite reassuring. I'm not an informatics expert, but I think it would be difficult to spoof such a thing.
It was likely that Sirkal was indeed who she claimed to be.
Still, as a responsible educator, It was important to do my due diligence before responding to Sirkal's request. I spent some time conducting an online search, looking for more information about her and her background. As I sifted through the search results, I found several pages hosted by her workplace, as well as her personal page. What I discovered was a woman who was much more than just a legal staff member at the University of Charok. Sirkal also worked as a pro bono advocate, offering her legal services to clients who might not otherwise be able to afford them.
That kind of dedication gave me confidence in her character. So I finally wrote my response to her.
"Hi Sirkal
My school operates in Shift Minus One. I am available for half a claw during the middle of my timepaw. Let me know a suitable date for our meeting.
Regards, Vichak"
Despite people living in their own shifts, we do need a standardized way. The government of the entire planet works in the same shift and they work in what's known as "Shift Zero". The four others are Minus Two, Minus One, Plus One, and Plus Two.
I was about to read another email when my intercom chimed in with a request for a call. Having ascertained that I am awake, the advocate switched to voice call.
"Do you have an agenda on the between 1 to 1.5 claws from now? If not, allow me to visit you." her email read.
The timeframe she had given me was during my mid-meal break, which I usually spent in my office eating. I wasn't sure what Sirkal wanted to discuss. I really, really hope this won't end with me getting bogged down with workplace politics at the University of Charok.
"I mean… I am free, but are you going to visit soon?" I said, hoping for a bit more information.
"Thank you for confirming your schedule. I shall be going." She said before ending the call.
At the designated break time one claw later, I was about to enjoy a meal that my mother and I had made earlier that day. Just as I was about to take my first bite, the school's security guard contacted me through the intercom.
"Ma'am, someone named Sirkal is at the gate right now," the guard said.
"Let her in," I instructed the guard. "I'll meet her at my office."
I took the first bite of the Döner Kebab and I wondered just what she was here for. When Sirkal appeared in my office the advocate sat before I even had the chance to allow her. The woman has dark fur with a shocking white stripe extending from behind her eyes down to her back. It was a pattern that I had never seen before, and I wonder if it was natural or a result of some kind of dye.
"Thank you for giving me the time and place for us to talk," Sirkal began, looking at my lunch box. "Do not let my presence hinder the enjoyment of your meal." Her body language was minimal, and her gestures were subtle, but there was a sense of intensity in the way she composed herself. I couldn't help but wonder if, like Vani and Baslik, there was something "wired wrong" in her head.
Not "wrong", I chastised myself, but "differently".
I extended a gesture of hospitality to Sirkal. "Do you want something to eat or drink? I can order one from the cafeteria." I asked.
"Cold water suffices," she replied. "The wrap you have there has a peculiar form and texture. May I inquire as to what those things are?"
I chuckled slightly at her curiosity. "Oh, this? This is a human dish called Döner Kebab. I've heard that it used to use flesh, but they have plant-based variations now."
Her eyes bulged slightly. There was a barely restrained desire in her gaze as if she was fascinated by the idea of consuming human food. But before I could get further into this topic, Sirkal spoke again.
"I have heard from Baslik about your adventure to the capital," she said.
"I did… yeah. Hey, do you want half of mine?" I pushed my lunchbox toward the advocate, offering her a share of my Döner Kebab.
Sirkal hesitated for a moment but then gestured with gratitude. "Along with this cold water, how much do you sell this for?" she asked, rummaging through her satchel.
"Uh... free?" I replied, a bit taken aback by the question. The advocate had taken a cash card, but she put it back again.
"Thank you," she said, taking one of the kebab wraps.
"Oh yeah, let me get you your drink," I got off and made my way to my bar to pour her a glass of water.
"So, what brought you here?" I asked, finally getting down to the business.
"As per my letter, my colleague Baslik visited your school yesterday, and I have a moral obligation to visit," she said, her voice almost as flat as Vani's.
"How well do you know Professor Baslik?" I asked, placing the glass of water on the table and pushing it toward her.
"I am the reason Baslik is still teaching at our university," she replied. "People he works with tend to get caught in the crossfire, which is why I am here."
Her words left me with more questions than answers, but before I could ask any more, Sirkal pulled out a pad and requested to add her contact information to my device. I accepted her request and watched as her details were added to my contacts.
"We, the crosswired, need to stick together," Sirkal said, looking up at me with a hint of intensity in her gaze. "I'm offering you my service free of charge."
I raised an eyebrow in surprise. "Crosswired? Is that what you call yourself?"
Sirkal nodded, "Yes, though the human term 'neurodivergent' is gaining popularity too. I know you're used to people like me," While I wondered if she meant my students or my brother on Earth, I realized that she stared crossed-eyed with her snout pointing at me.
My brother then.
"I see. I did notice that Baslik has no fear toward humans."
"He's devoid of feeling," Sirkal continued. "Fortunately, his parents instilled altruism in him."
I couldn't help but think of the recently expelled student, Radaktil, as she mentioned.
"I know about your brother," Sirkal continued. "He is blessed to have a sister like you."
Her monotonous words felt like a warm embrace, and I felt a sense of gratitude toward this stranger. "Oh, I can't hog all the compliments," I said, smiling. "My mother also supported Vani throughout his life. How about you?"
Sirkal continued to eat the kebab, savoring each bite as she stared at me intently. "This human food tastes very delightful," she remarked between bites. "Thank you for introducing me to their cuisine."
It was obvious to me that she was avoiding answering my question.
"I'm sorry for asking that," I said, sensing that I had touched on a sensitive topic. "It must have been terrible."
Sirkal seemed to relax a bit at my apology. "In case I am being recorded, I do not consent," she said, pausing to take another bite of the kebab before continuing. "It has been said that I survived the Correctional Facility. Of course, if you search for my public record, you will find that there is no mention of me being committed to such a place."
I sensed the unspoken implication in her words and felt a bit sad for her. The thought of anyone having to endure the Correctional Facility made me dread it, and for now… I wondered again if I had done the right thing with Radaktil.
"How much do you know about my school?" I asked.
"Your institution has a reputation," Sirkal replied. "I could have had a more comfortable life had something like yours existed in my time. I am personally invested in ensuring your school's continuation."
I felt a sense of relief at her words. "Regardless... sometimes we're way over our heads," I added, as the recent incident with the violent student was still heavy on my mind.
"Please elaborate," Sirkal said, her gaze intense as she leaned in closer to me.
"Sirkal, there was a violent student of mine that I might have condemned to a correctional facility," I admitted, feeling a sense of guilt and shame wash over me as I spoke.
"How violent?" Sirkal asked, her gesture twitching slightly as she spoke.
"He assaulted several students, but we only caught him after we installed a hidden camera. Mind you, the student he caught assaulting was crosswired too," I felt a lump form in my throat as I spoke.
Sirkal stared at me for a moment, as if judging me for my character. She took a final large bite of the kebab before continuing. "Our system is built in such a way that sometimes things like this are unavoidable," she said finally. "I understand in a way that does not condone nor condemn."
"Do you think I should do something different?" I asked Sirkal, hoping for some guidance and reassurance.
"That question is your burden to bear, Vichak," Sirkal replied. "I am here to provide you with legal services to protect your school and your students. But making you feel better about your decision is not in my job description."
When she finished, I heard a chime from my office's sound system, signaling the arrival of a new notification. Checking my desk, I realized that I had received a letter from an advocate on behalf of Kiyat. It took me a while before I realized that Kiyat was Radaktil's mother.
"I believe I need your services, Sirkal,"
Sirkal nodded. She chugged the glass of cold water until it was drained empty before taking out her pad from her satchel and turning its screen on.
Memory Transcription Subject: Vani, venlil foreign exchange participant
Date [Standardized Human Reckoning]: 2136–09-10
The next day, after spending a restful night in Dieng, we departed early in the morning for the city of Wonosobo. We needed to restock our supplies and perform maintenance on the Van. Once we had everything dealt with, we continued our journey towards the City of Yogyakarta, but not before we made a detour to a temple called Borobudur.
We approached the temple after we paid the entrance fee. With a clear grassy field surrounding the temple, it looked more like a monumental mound than a place of worship. The details of intricate carvings on its walls became more visible as we came closer. However, we were only allowed to go as far as the fence that surrounded the temple, which was about ten meters from the base. As we stood there, taking in the sight of the temple I wished that we could get closer.
"So… I presume we are not allowed to get in?"
"Back then tourists were allowed to get in and they wore down the stone of the temple. Nowadays they only let religious leaders or scholars in."
Curious about the temple's origins I asked. "Is this a Hindu temple too?"
"Oh, this one is a-" Johan paused. "I have a feeling we might be allowed to enter."
I looked in the direction Johan was looking, and a furless human approached us, they were clad in what I remember as formal clothing.
"Hi. I'm Sudarmo. Do you want to see the Borobudur up close?" My translator was still in subtitle mode and there was no hint of gender in the text. But I think he was a man. Sudarmo has no single fur on top of his head, just like Johan. But he still had fur above his eyes, unlike Stawa.
"But do you not restrict access to scholars?" I asked him.
"Aren't we all scholars?" He said with a smile, the micro gestures on his face implied that he wanted me to get into this tour.
"I suppose you have a point," I said, returning his smile. "Lead the way.
The man led us along the fence, through the crowds of tourists, who stared at us. I guess they are envious that they were not given the same opportunity that we had. Approaching the gate in the fence, I noticed that it was not particularly tall and a human could easily jump over it. However, there seemed to be a sense of respect and decency that prevented them from doing so. I wondered if there were mechanisms in place to detect and prevent unauthorized access.
Sudarmo placed one of his fingers on a sensor on the gate, and after a beep, he pushed it open. A set of stairs on every four sides of the temple allowed us to climb upward. We walked to the one nearest to us, and when we reached the bottom of the stairs the function of a shelf near one of the stairs became clear. Sudarmo removed his feet covering and stored it on the shelf.
"I need you to remove your shoes as well." The tour guide ordered.
"Is this a purity thing, or do you want to reduce the tear and wear on the stone?" I asked.
"A bit of both, but mostly the latter." Said Sudarmo.
The tour guide explained that the Borobudur is slightly younger than the temples in Dieng, but not by much. The temple was somewhat "lost" until it was found in the nineteenth century and restored.
"What deities are venerated in this temple?" I asked, curious about the religious significance of the site.
"This is a Buddhist temple," Sudarmo replied. "While we do have the concept of divine beings, these gods are also bound in the cycle of rebirth. Are you familiar with the concept of reincarnation?"
I nodded. "This is what the people of the Sun in my homeworld believed. The people of the Stars, on the other hand, believe that their soul will ascend into the sky and watch over their descendants."
Sudarmo went on to explain that the temple is adorned with a series of intricate reliefs that depict scenes from the life of the religious teacher who founded the Buddhism belief system. The reliefs were originally painted white and then given color later. All this has disappeared more than one thousand years later.
"You said that humans have restored part of this temple. Why not restore the colors too?"
"Well... it's controversial. We don't know the original color of the relief, for example. Well let's get up shall we?"
When I placed my foot on the stone floor of the temple, I felt something akin to…awe? I thought about the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of humans, who have set their feet on the temple. The sense of "deep time" I felt in Dieng was present here as well.
We climbed up to the first terrace and there we walked around as Sudarmo continued commentary on the relief on the wall and the balustrade of the terrace. He also injected the temple's history and significance. I found myself captivated by his storytelling, and before I knew it, half a claw had passed and we were at the topmost part of the temple. A statue of a human sitting sat before me, he looked so serene in his meditation.
Sudarmo told me that it was the Buddha himself.
"So, your main goal is to be free from the cycle of death and rebirth? How do you achieve it?"
"Well… if I have to sum it up I would use the five precepts. We have to abstain from killing living beings, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, and intoxication. Mind you, this is only a summation, people still argue about the details."
I was intrigued and asked, "All living beings? So you refrain from eating flesh?"
Sudarmo replied, "The vat-grown meat can be harvested without killing. Though I only eat them for my birthday." He added with a chuckle.
The idea of eating flesh only on one's birthday seemed morbid to me, but any argument I can think of against vat-grown meat would be based on my prejudice, not something coherently utilitarian.
Johan added, "Yeah, plant-based meat is cheaper and doesn't taste that different."
Curiosity got the best of me and I asked, "Is there any religion where flesh-eating is its central part?"
Sudarmo looked at Johan and I looked at my human too.
"Well… uh… when I say 'sacrifice' can you explain what the translation is?"
"To sacrifice is to do something detrimental to yourself for the betterment of others."
"Yeah… that is more like self-sacrifice to us. Sacrifice can also mean something we give for an offering to a deity."
"Oh… you used to offer flesh to your deities?"
"There is a religion where the sacrifice of animals was a major festival, but times have changed. That religion now accepts vat-grown meat as a substitute."
Sudarmo nodded in agreement. "Yes, the concept of sacrifice has evolved. The practice of animal sacrifice has been around for thousands of years, but we humans have become more aware of our impact on the environment and other living beings. As Johan said, many religions have adapted their practices to reflect these changes."
As much as they tried to hide it. My time in the museums revealed that humans had gone through dark times in which they waged war and committed atrocities against each other and other species. But as the geologist tour guide said, our ancestors' mistake is not our own. Humans, like everyone else. learn from their mistakes and grow.
Their commitment to creating a kinder future for their society is something that I found comforting. They had climbed up the food chain, but once they came victorious at the top... they looked down at those they trampled and… they chose to fix what damage they did.
I hope that more people in the future will be able to understand this.
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2023.03.22 14:25 madredditscientist Technics EAH-AZ70W True Wireless Earbuds lasted 1 year before charging problems started

Condition: Inconvenienced
Years Owned: 1 years
Usage: Daily
Stress points: Buds occasionally power on in the case and discharge, so when you go to use them, they will not power on. Sometimes also takes two or more attempts to get each bud to actually charge when placed in the case.
Positive Remarks: Excellent sound quality, EQ controls, and noise cancelling or ambient mode. Decent battery life when actually charged.
Price Paid: $172 Cost per Month: $14.33
Would you buy it again? No
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2023.03.22 14:19 apricitydev How I recovered from being ghosted

Disclaimer: Everyone has different ways of coping and handling problems. I just wanted to share how I handled my first (and only) experience so far in hopes that I may be able to help others for their path of healing.

First of, when it happens you may feel either:
(A) Empathy for the ghoster because they may be going through something and you excuse their bullshit behavior or
(B) they were never really genuine with you and you just couldn't smell the bullshit the entire time, that it was all a game.. they may have even been a narcissist (covert or overt)

Right now, the sudden cease of contact might cause you anxieties as you start to reminisce about the beginning, how it was all good, how kind they are, the high feelings you get from someone you like and actually likes you back (appreciates you, respects you, puts you on a pedestal, needs you, makes you feel important or validated, has discussed future plans with you) then suddenly vanished into thin air.
You might start blaming yourself if you did something wrong, ruminating over and over again what caused this behavior:
Whatever the reason, this is not how a healthy functioning adult treats another person. Do not excuse their childhood trauma, attachment styles or victim mentality as an excuse for this poor behavior. Many people have very shitty pasts and painful scars yet they do not treat other people like garbage or shit.

I am assuming you are reading this because you are finally at the stage of grieving where you are doing a ton of research to make sense of what happened to you.
I am going to use messages I have learned from dating coach Susan Winter (as she is my go-to YouTube channel dating coach expert and I am talking about my healing)
It might be good to watch these videos yourself:

Here are some excerpts from the videos:
When we run into confused people, we end up confused. It's like we caught a cold when we are healthy. We had too much contact with them and they made us sick.
If you run into something that is completely illogical and you're thinking "If I could just figure out what they were thinking and feeling" Stop doing it because it is an absolute waste of energy. Chances are:
  1. They didn't know what they were feeling
  2. They still don't know what they're feeling
Trying to make sense of something that is illogical is ridiculous. You are not going to have the answer. There is no logical reason for illogical actions.
People are run by emotions, run by a default system that makes them run when their comfort level has been compromised. They are people that don't wanna deal with the present day and take responsibility.
Partnership is about consistency. They suddenly bailed because they couldn't do it and there's nothing you can do to fix that, it has to be something inside of them.
You weren't delusional, they were there. Not everyone has a skillset to be in a relationship. Accept they are what they are and go back to your business.

Sometimes the person we are dating feels like someone so nice, caring, thoughtful, respectful, endearing, and . We tell our friends and family that they are someone we like and share our rose colored view of them that when we do sometimes see red flags about them, we often try not to look into it too much.
Here are some red flags I may have ignored in the beginning but when I look back, are really actually red flags:

Take time to go through the 5 stages of grieving. Re-read this again if it helps. I would recommend you download the Breakup Triage audible book by Susan Winter as it helps with moving on. It is inexpensive and only 30 minutes straight talk. It will even help you find closure of your own if you don't have any yet. (Please please please do this, as I did not discuss here the steps she put in there)
At this point, you are at the stage you are probably obsessing about researching about ghosters or narcissism on your free time. Please do research until you find an answer, but when you have searched all you can, read all you can and you feel like you know all you can, I hope you can take a breather and stop. Focusing on the ghoster is not going to heal you.
You need to start looking within, question to ask yourself is:
As you can see, losing yourself sometimes is good for growth. They may not have been a good motivator, but it helps us understand ourselves and the things we may be seeking or missing in ourselves.
Lastly, when you are at the point only that you are no longer obsessed with the ghoster and are focused on wanting to heal, talk to your friends about past loves you used to also have those good feelings for.. Tell them the story from the beginning until the end (please make sure to actually do this exercise to trigger your memory and emotions). You will realize that world is vast and there are many other people who will make you feel the same way but actually are healthy and mature.
All these time you were focused on riding an impossible jampacked bus on your journey to life, that you didn't notice there was another better bus on the other side.
I hope how my journey of healing helped you on your healing as well. Please don't rush to heal.
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2023.03.22 14:17 riviery I need you to convince me not to buy a Retroid Pocket 3+

I have a plethora of devices for emulation, from Xperia Play to a yet not received RG353V (bought yesterday on Anbernic sales).
PS5000, RGB10S, GPi Case, Miyoo Mini, RG35XX (broken screen), FC3000, a dedicated Android phone with a Gamesir X2, a Saitake 7007F to play on my daily driver phone.
I'm selling the PS5000 and the RGB10S, gave my Myioo Mini to my son, the broken RG35XX lays on a drawer, and I will keep the GPi Case, the Xperia Play and the FC3000 as collectibles (I still use the 3, by the way).
I regret buying the RG353V and I will sell it just before it arrives, BUT... I have an itch to get a RP3+ just to play PSP, N64 and some GC, PS2 and light Switch games. I currently playing all of this on my phones, but like you know, it not compared to a dedicated device. I didn't pull the trigger yet due some worries, like:
"it's capable to play games like Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) or Metroid Prime (GC) in some way (low resolution and eventual slowdowns aren't a problem)?"
"I could play 2D Switch games on it, like The Messenger, Scott Pilgrim, Blasphemous, Axiom Verge 2, Astalon, etc?"
"How is it comparable to my daily driver SD845 phone, which runs everything I mentioned in a reasonable way?"
My gaming phone is an overclocked SD865, so I'll have the option to play most demanding games at home, but I expect the RP3+ could fill the gap of my SD845 phone when I'm out. The RP3+ it's not much bigger than my BT controller, and this way I could save my phone's battery too, but I fear to buy another device just for the hype and not using it for anything that my other dedicated devices aren't doing already.
EDIT: the AYN Odin would be the perfect solution, but not an option due price+availability in my country.
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2023.03.22 14:16 ohhidied LEGACY: From the Book of SAW (Chapter 16 & 17) The Survivors

Read chapter 15 here:
*** CHAPTER 16 **\*
William Schenk enters a shabby apartment complex carrying a red, portable cooler. He passes the commonly empty front desk and proceeds upstairs. When he reaches his floor, he sees a call girl exiting his neighbor's apartment. He flashes a charming smile and keeps moving. His neighbor, ashamed, says, "Hey Bill…," But Bill doesn't stop. He offers a wave and continues down the hall.
Aside from a small TV and newspaper articles, his flat is almost barren. He places the cooler on the kitchen counter and heads into his bedroom. Opening the closet door, he procures a small, aqua green, square-shaped box and a thin strand of rope, approximately four feet in length.
He sets the box on the living room table, then grabs the portable cooler. On the table in front of him, he switches on an old radio, quickly tuning the device to a new station.
The reporter begins to speak about the mass grave that's been discovered, while Bill stuffs the box full of newspaper. He then opens the cooler and places the contents into box. The final step is to wrap the box with the rope, making the perfect knot and bow.
In the kitchen, he takes a black marker from a ceramic cup and writes a note on a small white tag. He slips the rope through a pre-punctured hole on the label and ties it off. Satisfied, The Organ Donor admires his work, then places the gift inside the freezer.
*** CHAPTER 17 **\*
Paint dripped on the precinct floor as Lincoln made his way to the restroom. He locked the door, unbuttoned his shirt, set it on the counter, and unhooked the latch on his brace. The Detective slowly removed the homemade cilice, exposing a throng of metal spikes that had left dozens of painful indentations in his skin. Lincoln stared at his scarred torso, stoic to the pain he had caused himself as repentance. As he watched the blood spill from several small wounds, he remembered cradling Roy's head, and in his mind, Lincoln felt he deserved this.
He allowed his sores a moment to breathe while he struggled to remove the paint from his shirt and jacket. Five minutes passed, and he was granted only a moderate improvement. He reapplied the painful undergarment, breathed sharply, and buttoned his shirt.
On the way to his office, he is approached by an officer, "Detective Riley," she says, "Renee Walsh would like to speak with you."
"Where is she?"
"Agent Webb is interviewing her now. Right, this way."
Following his colleague to the Booking Room, Lincoln feels the cilice pressing against his skin. He reaches into his shirt, pulls the strap to tighten the brace, and readjusts his clothes.
Agent Webb has concluded her interview, and she passes him in the hallway, "She's all yours."
Entering the room, Lincoln puts on a neutral face, "I'm sorry for the delay. Are you alright?"
Renee stands up from her chair and approaches the Detective, "Lincoln, It's been a long time."
"Look, this is just a precaution. You'll be safe here."
"That woman…" she says, referring to Agent Webb, "She's treating me like I'm a part of this."
Lincoln looks over his shoulder, then back to Renee, "I can't reveal much, but there is a connection between the murders and Jigsaw's accomplices."
Renee moves to the table and sits down, "I thought this was over. It's been over two years…."
"Have you been in contact with any of the other survivors?"
She sighs, "Not really, just Jeff…."
"You were close?"
Renee thinks about her response before answering, "He didn't do those things he was accused of… I-I trust him."
"What about the rest of the group?"
"The others? They never really liked me, and you don't often find someone who appreciates what John did."
Lincoln glances at her eye patch, "Why do you?"
She stares at her shoes and explains, "I always felt invisible, but he noticed me. I know it's stupid, but I needed this."
Her words resonated with Lincoln. He slid his hands against his chest and down to his hips. He could feel the Nitrous canister inside his pocket, left over from his session with Dr. Steward. A sudden craving was triggered, "We're going to keep you here as long as we have to."
Renee's face was tinged with sadness, "Lincoln, I can't." She says, distressed.
"What's wrong?"
She bits her lip, "It's not me I'm worried about… It's my Dad and Brother."
"There's no indication that they're in any danger."
"It's not that," She says, "My dad is sick. He needs me."
Lincoln's eyes wander, contemplative, "I'll tell you what, I'll send someone over there to make sure everything is alright, okay?"
"Thank you, Lincoln."
He moves towards the door, and she says, "Hey, maybe when this is all over, you can come by the Survivors Group and say 'Hello'? I think everyone would be happy to see you again."
Stopping at the door, Lincoln pauses and considers the suggestion. He slowly turns his head back to her and then exits the room.
Lincoln's desire to use was growing, but as he was about to exit the building, he was stopped by Chief Savino.
"Where are you going?" Savino asked.
Thinking on his feet, Lincoln replied, "I need to make a personal call."
"Can it wait?" Savino asked, "Have you finished the MP report?"
Lincoln can see Borden and Marlow through the Briefing Room window. Frustrated, he responds, "Just about. I'll bring it to you shortly."
He proceeded to the Briefing Room, where he sat at his desk and sifted through the Missing Person cases from the last ten years. While he researched the disappearances, the others read through a culled list of Jigsaw survivors and their last known whereabouts.
"Listen to this," Borden says, browsing a newspaper article, "Years after surviving Jigsaw's "final" test, "S.U.R.V.I.V.E" Author, Bobby Dagen, was found dead in his suburban home from a self-inflicted gunshot wound,'" He glances at Lincoln for a reaction, "Did you hear about this? … "While a suicide note was not present at the scene, it's speculated that he felt guilt for the death of his wife, Joyce… Dagen was outed as a fraud shortly after the death of John Kramer."
Borden sets the article down and comments, "Wrote a book called 'Survive' and then kills himself. No irony in that, huh?"
"How 'bout this," Marlow adds, "Mother and Son Killed in Car Accident Near Home Residence…." He traces the words with his finger, "It says Tara Abbot and her son Brent were killed in a collision after Tara lost control of the vehicle."
Listening to his colleagues recite the news articles, Lincoln couldn't help but imagine the victims' deaths. He keeps his emotions at bay and continues to glean information from the Missing Person files.
"Here's another one," Marlow says, "Jigsaw survivor, Mallick Scott, was pronounced dead today. After struggling with substance abuse, Scott was kidnapped and tortured by the infamous John Kramer... Neighbors reported a pungent odor next door, and the arriving officers discovered Mallick had overdosed on heroin and drowned in his pool…." Marlow looks at his colleagues solemnly, "He was found with a rubber band wrapped around his arm."
Borden squints his eyes and shakes his head, "This can't be a coincidence," he theorizes.
"What? You think they were murdered?" Marlow replies skeptically, "Who could do that?"
"Do you know Mark Hoffman? Do you know how many people he killed the night Jill Tuck died?" He took out three FBI Agents, including Peter Strahm, and a slew of cops."
"That was before I started," Marlow admits.
Lincoln turns to his associates and reveals, "Six of these Missing Person cases were also Jigsaw survivors; Joan Douglas and Morgan Tillman both disappeared four years ago, realtor Brit Stevenson from the Fatal Five trap, vanished three years ago. The list goes on."
A lite knock at the door indicates Logan's arrival. He enters the room with Agent Webb, holding pictures in his hand, "Detective," he says.
"Come in…"
He hands Lincoln an Autopsy Report, and Agent Webb stands beside him, "We've identified the tattooed woman. Her name was Pamela Jenkins. She was William Easton's sister."
"Another survivor." Unnerved, Lincoln asks, "What about the others?"
"Jeff Ridenhour never showed up," Borden said.
Marlow conjures a curious expression, "The Dentist?"
"Neurologist. He was lobotomizing patients…."
"Allegedly..." Lincoln adds.
Webb's face showed concern, "He hasn't called?"
"No, but Gavin Beck is under protection… Stupid, asshole," Borden said, "He wouldn't leave his house, so I got a patrol unit watching over him."
"I spoke with Neil Perri hours ago." Marlow notes, "He sounded drunk…."
"What did he say?" Lincoln asked.
"He wouldn't tell me where he was but said he'd be here… There's more. Simone Howard called out of work the last two days. Her manager received a text stating she was sick. I tried to reach her by phone, but no response."
Lincoln leans back, ruminating, "And Sarah Harper?"
"Nothing," Borden reveals, "but Chief Savino issued an All Points Bulletin on all of the survivors. We're putting her face on TV."
Stepping forward, Agent Webb asked, "Where's the tape from Gordon's apartment?"
"This way," Lincoln leads her to the VCR in the back of the room, "Did you find something?"
"Pamela Jenkins was investigating Jigsaw Copycats. We lost communication with her about a week ago."
Borden joins them at the TV, and Agent Webb rewinds the tape. Using the computer next to the VCR, she locates a folder from the cloud containing several videos. "Her last transmission was from this broadcast."
She presses play on the first recording, and they watch as a camera is positioned on the dashboard of a car.
Pamela captures the heavy clouds that filled the night sky. Raindrops exploded onto her windshield as she traveled up a gravel road towards a mysterious home. A black car was parked outside the house, but the license plate was out of view. She exited her vehicle and shielded her camera from the wind and rain.
"I've seen this before…." Lincoln said, "It was on the news the night Gordon died."
Agent Webb adjusts the footage, filtering it through different settings until everything is visible. The VCR has finished rewinding, and she links the tape with the content from the cellphone.
The front door is already open when Pamela tries knocking. She looks inside, "Hello? Is anybody here?"
The light switch doesn't seem to work, but Pamela proceeds cautiously into the residence and enters a nearby room. On the floor, she finds crayon drawings and children's toys.
"What are you hoping to find?" Lincoln asks.
"Hello?" Pamela repeats.
The body of a small puppet lays face down on the floor next to two small chairs. Upon turning it over, Pamela discovers the head has been smashed. Picking up one of the broken pieces, she realizes it's the Billy puppet Jigsaw would use in his traps. The doll starts to laugh, but it's labored and distorted. Next to the puppet, she finds a hammer and nails.
Pamela grabs the tool, "What the…?"
The front door slams shut, and Pamela yelps, frightened, but no one is there. Trembling, she holds the hammer in front of herself like a sword. The loud wind crashes against the frame of the building, and her nerves settle. She moves through the darkness and finds a door that leads into the next room. However, wooden boards have been nailed to the wall to prevent entry.
Setting her camera down but still recording herself, she uses the hammer to yank the nails out of the wood, one by one and then uses her strength to pry them from the wall. When the last board is removed, she grabs her camera and opens the door.
Two hands quickly pierce the darkness and rush towards her. A shirtless, emaciated man mumbles and grabs at Pamela, tearing her shirt. She drops her phone and attempts to fight him off, smacking him several times with the hammer. Blood spews from his head, and he collapses to the floor.
Pamela grabbed her phone and checked on the lifeless man; his mouth hung open, and she could see his tongue had been cut out. His body is filthy, and his fingers are covered in blood from scratching at the walls.
"Fuck! …Shit!" She says. The footage stops suddenly.
Agent Webb suggests, "We think she tried to call the police." She clicks on the following video.
The footage returns, and they can hear Pamela panting. She walks into the next room, where the man was held captive.
The light flickers as the battery dies on her phone, and they can hear her slapping the camera. Pamela is startled by the sudden appearance of a corpse with a rusty pipe impaled through its neck. The cadaver is a reddish-brown, having been deceased for some time.
"Oh my god," she says, positioning her camera closer to the body.
A bright light in the hallway turns on, and she tilts her camera towards the luminescence. She could now hear the alarming moans of someone in jeopardy through the walls.
Agent Webb inhales and grinds her teeth. Watching both monitors, they prepare for the next scene.
Pamela moves fearfully into the hallway. Her heart is racing, and a surveillance camera captures her every move. Several floorboards have detached from the foundation, and there are scratch marks on the walls as if someone was dragged. Her teeth chatter, and she proceeds nervously towards the muffled groans, the floorboards creaking with her every step.
A masked figure appears behind her, their presence announced by the audible floorboards, but before she can turn around, the hooded man smacks her in the head. The video ends, but the surveillance camera records her grisly fate.
Webb notices something on the wall and rewinds the tape for several seconds. She positions the computer next to the television, restarts the cellphone footage, and pauses the content when she sees the same marking.
"Do you see that?"
With both screens side-by-side, they can now see the symbol of Ankh.
Lincoln leans forward, "What does it mean?"
"The "Ankh" is the Egyptian symbol for Eternal Life," she says, "In the last message we received from Pamela, she said she was investigating the Gideon Meat Packing Plant. I think she followed that car to this location."
"It can't be too far from the plant," Borden theorizes.
"Did you notice the toys and chairs? I think this is a Children's DayCare… I'm going to pull up the city records…."
"Marlow can help you with that," Lincoln says, "Simone Howard doesn't live too far from here. Frank and I will go get her."
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2023.03.22 14:09 RarScaryFrosty Loaner phone from apple store not charging and rebooting.

I have a loaner phone from my local Apple store, and it seemed fine when I was at the store last night setting it up. Waking up this morning it's been rebooting all night over and over apparently and has drained the battery and will not charge wirelessly or while plugged in. It's an iPhone XS that is up to date on software updates as well. There is no warning message at all when I go into the Battery screen. Battery health seems fine, and max capacity says 100%.
Does Apple give out replacement loaners when the loaner given to me has issues?
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2023.03.22 14:04 lorderrr PC doesn't boot for what seems to be random reasons (details inside)

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
RAM: 32gb DDR4 (in dual channel)
Motherboard: Gigabyte B450M DS3H
Hello, I am encountering an odd problem with my PC recently, I have been replacing and installing some new parts these past few weeks and I don't know what to do anymore.
Last week I got a new nvme drive, opened up my case, installed it, closed it up and then the PC wouldn't boot anymore. It would power on, motherboard lights would turn on, fans will spin, everything seemed fine, but it wouldnt boot, holding the power button also didnt shutdown the PC when it was in this state.
Spent the whole day troubleshooting, leaving only PSU and HDMI connected (my CPU doesn't have onboard graphics so I needed a GPU) and tried everything, took the CPU, put it back again, used an older GPU that still worked, replaced PSU, replaced the RAM with the older ones, replugged every cable. Taking out the newly installed nvme also didnt do anything. Eventually I had given up, plugged everything back as it was (including the new nvme), closed the case, plugged the peripherals on the back and just left it as is to call a technician some later date.
Then I tried turning it on again and it worked, booted up as normal, new nvme working, everything smooth, could even turn it off and on again with no issues at all, I still have no idea what made it work.
Used it normally and consistently for the whole week until yesterday when my new case fans arrived, installed it, and it started happening again, after a day of troubleshoting with no success I am here trying to understand whats going on, so here are the symptoms:
I don't have any other AMD CPU or motherboard to test, so I fear its one of those components, I wanted to make sure what it is before I start buying a new CPU/motherboard.
Any ideas?
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2023.03.22 14:00 Speedster-Assassin First PC build

Just finished my first pc build. Alot of research online and using buildapc. All new except the Gpu to save some money. -Rosewill Prism S500 case -Gigabyte Z790 UD Atx LGA1700 Motherboard -Intel i7-12700KF Processor -MSI Ventus 3X RTX 3080 GPU -Samsung 980 Pro 1TB NVMe SSD -T-Force Delta RGB DDR5-6000 32GB(2x16)Ram -Deepcool LS520 Liguid Cpu Cooler -Enermax Marblebron RGB white 850W 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply -Microsoft Windows 11 -Z-edge UG30 30" 21:9 2560×1080 200hz 1ms Curved, built in speakers, monitor -RedDragon K551-RGB-BA Mouse and Keyboard, 800-7200 dpi
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2023.03.22 14:00 wazQQ What should I do to overcome this?

Hello, since 2017 that I've been hit with an impairment on my physical and cognitive abilities from the moment I wake up. I've Narcolepsy diagnosis since April last year which I agree with but I can't help but wonder if there isn't something else beside narcolepsy because by what I know I'm not sure if just narcolepsy can cause such severe cognitive impairments and how everything gets mentally and physically taxing for your brain and body.
Does narcolepsy impairs how well your brain functions from the moment you wake up? And the load that your body and brain can handle from the moment you wake up? And after being awake for only 2 hours everything feels even more demanding/taxing for my brain and body forcing me to go to bed even if I don't want because even reading, writting, speaking with someone, watching anime, watching movie, watching twitch, playing videogames, etc becomes too hard for me and demands too much from my brain activities that were supposed to feel effortless or nearly effortless I struggle when I'm doing them.
It gets harder and harder as a day goes on to do everything. Even things that felt effortless before 2017 like speaking, writing fluently, remembering words, not making stupid mistakes while talking and writing and pronouncing words corretly, playing videogames, watching twitch streamers, nowadays gets harder (requires more and more effort) as the day goes on. And it's just not that I've body temperature issues after being awake for some hours my head, face (cheeks) and neck starts getting hotter and hotter while my hands gets colder and colder and there isn't not one day that I don't feel back pain, shoulders pain, neck pain, head pain and forehead pain and from time to time in a day in a less frequent way compared to the parts I mentioned above I get to feel pain in someother part of my body like my belly, arms, legs, etc.
After being awake for 2 hours I feel the strength/energy draining out from my body even if I'm not doing any physical exertion on that moment and with it I got to feel the further impairment on my cognition affecting my perception and awareness and how even harder everything gets. After I feel the energy/strength being stolen from my body even changing facial expression feels harder (like I need to make effort to overcome a sort of invisible resistance) and feels unnatural/forced unlike the first 2 hours of the day and to talk even if before I could start talking effortlessly after that to start talking I need to fight again against an invisible force that acts as resistance. At night and before the second wind my perception is also affected as I feel a decrease on awareness or perception because even if I'm playing csgo my senses are starting to fall asleep (get more and more dull/inactive) and a lot of in-game sounds and what people are saying on discord / teamspeak goes unnoticed or indistinct (like how images get blurred but for sounds in this case) overall I feel that the volume of any type of sounds decreases. When this happens I only notice an improvement on this state when the "second wind" arrives. I've done a lot of attempts to improve this situation over the years but most of them failed and the few things that improved it (when modafinil and vyvanse worked at beginning) didn't improve to the length/extent of how I was before 2017 and only worked for a shortwhile like the first 2 weeks (modafinil) or the first month (vyvanse). So there's days that when everything starts functioning even worse than when I wake up I get to feel despair and mental/emotional distress/agony and let my emotions control what I do or say if someone tries to talk with me at home.
The current medication that I'm on is: 70mg Vyvanse + 1000mg NAC + 5mg bisoprolol + 50mg modafinil morning 1000mg NAC + 50mg modafinil after lunch and 200mg fluvoxamine + 10mg Amitriptyline + 10mg Alfuzosin (I'm taking this while making tests to find out the cause of my urinary issues) after eating the dinner.
edit: spaced the middle text because it felt too long to read at least from my point of view and to add some more of my daily subjective experience.
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2023.03.22 13:56 KitWat FINALLY! Got the One UI 5.1 update today

S20 FE 5G. Ontario, Canada with Bell Mobility. Pretty sure we're last in line, everyone else seemed to have it long before me.
Nonetheless, it's here. Now watch it drain the hell out of my battery and cause a great deal of regret, lol.
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2023.03.22 13:51 petehackett101 Lighting not Illuminating when I boot up

Hi Guys.
So lately I have had an issue when I boot up the lighting will not come on, I have to open the software (which starts on boot), move to lighting and click save then it comes on. This wasn't always the case and it just worked in the past. It's a GMMK PRO and firmware version is v0017, software is 1.0.33.
Any help appreciated.
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2023.03.22 13:50 n0unce Belgium - 1500 ish EUR - Laptop for music recording/light production

Hello guys,I'm looking for a laptop to record some music on (midi drums, midi keyboard, guitar with audio interface)To use with my drumkit, create some loops with the keyboard and drum to them.
Not so much heavy audio processing, I can do this on my main pc. I just want something I can set next to my kit.
I also want to use it on my board gaming table, to quickly search trough rule books, and stream the table to our remote Gloomhaven player over discord (with a gopro)
While on vacation I want to do some gopro footage offloading and light editing in davinci resolve (cutting and adding text to a 5-10 minute vacation film)
I also want to play some simple games on it (Stardew valley, Hades, Hollow Knight, Cult of the Lamb, Runescape,..) but wouldn't invest in a graphics card for that as I have a gaming pc. This is no priority whatsoever because I barely play games anymore.
I want it to be non-plastic, preferrably have an oled display (I don't need a superbright display) and be as thin as possible.I don't like MacOS a lot, I use it at work every day and I just don't like it as much as windows, I also don't like the apple ecosystem and how pricy it is.My budget is up to 1500-ish EUR, there is some leeway upwards, but I'd prefer to get something that's not overkill for once.
I am currently looking at the ASUS Zenbook 14X OLED UX5401ZA-L7016W, it has a great processor for recording, has 16gb DDR5 which I would also like for future proofing.But the processor might be overkill for some simple midi recording and a maximum of three tracks piano loop in ableton live?Is this a good candidate or am I missing something? I mainly looked at Asus because I know the brand, but please suggest me things you like.
Thanks for your consideration
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2023.03.22 13:44 FloryRowan123 Is Apple trying to phase out Beats?

I've had my pair of solo 3 head phones for about 5 years now and love them. They were replaced once for free when the battery died about 2 years ago. I want to get a new pair but there is no upgrades at all from last time for on ear headphones. Do you guys think that Apples is tryna phase the brand our so they can phase their brand in. I use airpod pros. But Apple just ain't the same as beats.
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2023.03.22 13:39 SPACEJEBUSS DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON A CMA/RMA/CNA PROGRAM.... (I am a very upset pre-med student and must vent, thank you)

Hi, I'm 26M. I am a "certified and registered" medical assistant (CRMA) since 2019 [pro tip, there is no difference between CMA and RMA, its literally the same]. I am certified and registered by the American Medical Technologists (AMT). I have always been fascinated by medicine. I was a very young child when I first got hooked, I have been seen every corner of medicine ever since. As it turns out, I'm pretty damn good in the field. I worked on this useless certification since before I was 18. In 2016, I graduated high-school and was a duel enrollment student my senior year. I went to my local community college during duel enrollment and was convinced by my superiors at the time that becoming a CMA was a great way to go.
I was told that by becoming a CRMA I would have bettehigher annual pay rates and higher probability of being hired for jobs. I was told that the credits I would obtain at my community college for this certification would be a great addition to many health related bachelor majors like Pre-Med and RN programs. Even contribute to a faster graduation much "like an associates". Only that I wouldn't have an associates which wouldn't be very "applicable" to the real world after graduation unless I continue to a bachelors. But a certification to get a "large head start".
Jesus fucking Christ, head start this, head start that, benefits here, benefits there. God, I want to vomit just listening to myself regurgitate all these words of affirmation said to me. Over the coarse of nearly 5 YEARS I am here to tell you that NOTHING of what I was assured or told was true.
Now here is the reality of what you will discover, post-covid, what being a CRMA really does for you.
- A CRMA certification grants you NO competitive benefits and NO reasonably competitive annual pay compared to anyone who gets hired with out a CRMA certification.
Literally no Benefits, none. I have been the lowest annually paid Technician, Medical Technician, Mental Health Technician, for EVERY JOB I EVER OBTAINED and WITH my CRMA certification. I worked at many extremely well known medical institutions from Childrens psychiatric residential care hospitals to where I am now working at one of the greatest health care institutions IN THE FUCKING COUNTRY of the USA and I am STILL one of the lowest paid compared to the majority of my fellow technicians. I currently get paid $18.20 an hour in one of the most expensive areas on the east coast. My co-workers laughed at me and then showed me their pay stubs at $24-26 per hour pay FOR THE SAME JOB. Then new hires that came after me getting $22 FOR THE SAME JOB, NO CRMA CERTIFICATION, NO BACHELORS, NOTHING. Yeah. Oh and good luck making that case to your manager. Getting any kind of raise is next to impossible no matter how long you work or how hard you work or how well you work at your position.
- A CRMA certification today will LESSEN your chances of being hired.
Yup, you heard it here first folks. Obtaining your CRMA certification means that you are of a higher education standard and can handle higher responsibilities, conduct more hands on care with patients, and even more universal in the world of medicine assistants for all kinds of levels of care. Yeaaahhh well after covid, that means that any and all health care networks are going to essentially hire anyone else to do those jobs. Qualified or not. According to my past managers, Nursing managers, and most business sides of health care networks, medical assistants have low level qualifications, little education, or education needs to even just become a CRMA. Furthermore, less urgent responsibilities, I guess? I was just doing CPR on a man in a 30 min code sweating my dick off but sure, I guess not. This means that from the business end perspective they don't need someone with higher qualifications to do the same job. It's simple economics. Why pay someone with proper qualifications $35-40,000 when you can choose the less qualified, less trained, and less educated person for $20-25,000 annually and still obtain the same results within a certain field of practice. It's the quantity over quality kind of mentality. Over my many years I have seen so many unqualified, uneducated, and relentlessly lazy individuals work beside me completely unaware of their responsibilities on the floors of the hospital. You WILL experience these people as your co-workers, guaranteed, now days more than ever.
After all was said and done and I "graduated" (I guess..) from my community college I went on to my bachelors only to find out that 90% OF MY CREDITS I TOOK AT COMMUNITY COLLEGE WERE NOT APPLICIBLE. Literally 90%, I essentially was 21 starting at my 4 year university and at ground zero with barely anything to show for my efforts to get this CRMA certification. Then covid hit, everyone had to go home, and that really messed everything up. I couldn't focus at home and my grades started to tank due to my really awful home situation but I'm not here to talk about that. So I decided to take a gap year to get a night shift Technician job back at home as a float technician. Never the less, in academia I was majorly behind. Yes Yes Yes, I know. Life is not a race, it's a journey. Some of us struggle more than others. However, here I am at 26, I need to work to pay for an apartment (which I can barely pay for because I'm just a tech in a really expensive area), I need to stand on my own 2 feet, I need to pay for my car and car insurance, I need my own health insurance as per required by the state, and I'm LITERALLY JUST A JUNIOR AFTER ALL THIS TIME. I'm part time in school now so I don't burn myself out working and going to school (tried that, nearly 2 years of my life 7 days a week, no sleeping in, no breaks, fall-winter-spring-summer, just to try and catch up and I will never do that again.). So, at the part time pace I'm going I will graduate 3 years or more from now if I don't go full time literally NOW. I WILL BE BASICALLY 30.... If I do go full time in school I'll be able to graduate in about 3 semesters, I have no idea how I'll be able to financially do that even with loans.
I have worked before, during, and after the worst of what covid-19 had to throw at us on Emergency department (ER), Intensive care, Progressive care, Medical-surgical care, Post Anesthesia care, Observation, hospice, and psychiatric care units/floors/facilities. I have seen families and children watch me as I do CPR on their Father before being shooed away so they aren't scarred for the rest of their life. I was forced to be sat on 1:1's with fully grown men with biceps the size of my face with the body build of a line backer having explosive and uncontrollable manic episodes, convincing themself that us health care workers were human traffickers, and somehow after hours of screaming what I can only describe as absolute madness, have the strength to bend the metal his restraints were tied too. I am 6'2", 220 lbs, consistently go to the gym and play lacrosse the majority of my life and for a moment I wondered if that was going to be my day. Furthermore, later in the day meeting said manic patients wife, I couldn't help but notice the bruises all over her face, her arms, legs, chest... everywhere.
I have witnessed patients with HSV-1 (facial/oral herpes), HSV-2 (Genital herpes) and HIV/AIDS fling various bodily fluids such as blood, spit, urine, excrement, and even ejaculate attempting infect someone with malicious intent. I had one patient admit that they tried to infect another purposefully because they didn't want to feel so alone. Patients will try to get to know you, you're going to be the one they probably see first or most through out the day when they use their call bell. Mostly, they'll want to have normal chit chat in normal ways but there is always that 1 or 2 with other intentions. I have my last name covered on my hospital ID because I WAS FOLLOWED. I am 26M, and all it took was some good and casual conversation talking about ourselves and our lives. I like to talk to my patients and get to know them so they know that I do care about their well being. Obviously, I'm not about to talk about crazy personal details of my life, separation of church and state n all that but that's all it took. Sad to say but even some of the insane have somewhat decent communication skills. A 12 hour shift and some conversation through out one shift, that's really all it takes. That was just one instance, my co-workers (the majority are female) have to many to keep tally.
You will encounter patients who are uncontrollably releasing their bowels and YOU are the one that needs to clean that up. House keeping isn't around the corner all the time and bleach wipes are there for a reason. You will encounter ALL bodily fluids on walls, floors, sinks, tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, and even on the ceiling (rare but yeah). You will be most likely responsible for your patients daily hygiene, dental, denture care, and shaving. If a patient is incapable of wiping after they released their bowls, and yes sometimes a little to early, got poop on themselves, their gown, socks, and down their leg... yup you guessed it, YOU gotta clean it up and in some cases re-wash the patient entirely. Most cases, your nurse or any help from fellow techs will be somewhere else probably dealing with another mess. Personal hygiene is ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT for a patients health care while they are in your care. It's been proven that daily hygiene being done accelerates patient discharge rates. It matters. Which is why our position matters. If we don't wash our patients on a daily basis they will be more susceptible to infections and diseases. Especially if the patient is already immunocompromised. Depending on what unit you will be working on. You will also likely be responsible for checking equipment, making sure equipment is up to date, doing quality checks on defibrillators, refrigerators, and various other equipment that your unit uses every single day and for multiple times a day. I once witnessed two nurses go feral over a bladder scanner, I already bladder scanned both their patients by that time, both patients were fine. I could rant for an unfathomable amount of time about this position and all the essential things that we must do and provide with quality care and consistent accuracy. Don't get me started on Vaccinations at urgent cares, phlebotomy, obtaining samples for lab to do their mad scientist stuff, and the differences of technician/medical assistant responsibilities between different networks.

This is a small section of what it means to be a dedicated Medical Assistant/Technician. Do yourself a favor. If everything I said doesn't worry you much, go for it. If you want the experience or the desire for the experience and you are in a state where you can value the experiences more than the pay, go for it. I was like that once too, now I have no choice but to think more about how I will pay for myself and my future. Regardless, The Lord knows we need the help and I'll be happy to meet you and train you. However, you must know that you will always be appreciated. You'll hear the phrase "we appreciate you" or "Thank you for all your help today", from your nurses, fellow techs, managers, nursing managers, and doctors alike right before you leave to clock out. You'll just never be properly valued the way you should for the immense efforts you provide. You'll be just a tech. The health care field worker bee....
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2023.03.22 13:38 Stanlow HTC U11+ Intermittent Wifi reception/connectivity

Hi all,
A strange issue has recently started up with my HTC U11+ where the wifi seems to keep losing all reception before coming back and connecting for a few moments, and then dying again. Other wifi devices cannot be found by my phone during the 'drops' either.
All of my other wifi devices are working fine so I have confidence that it's not my router that is an issue.
I've forgotten the network, reset network settings, and also gone as far as wiping the cache partition just in case some temporary stuff was causing the issue, but no dice.
I did replace the battery and the back cover of the phone, but this was several months ago, whereas this issue has started up in the last day.
Any advice/pointers about what to do next? Could it be a failure of the actual antenna module?
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2023.03.22 13:35 EvitoQQ Retro Joshi #433: JWP November 29, 1999, NEO December 2, 1999 + NEO final show, Jd’ December 7, 1999 & GAEA November 27 - December 12, 1999 - The Bloody vs. Yoshiko Tamura

Retro Joshi #433: JWP November 29, 1999, NEO December 2, 1999 + NEO final show, Jd’ December 7, 1999 & GAEA November 27 - December 12, 1999 - The Bloody vs. Yoshiko Tamura
JWP Visit 11/29/1999 Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
Kaori Yoneyama Debut: Kaori Yoneyama vs. Kayoko Haruyama (9:34)
Haruyama continues to show nothing and Yoneyama was on debut. Very basic and boring, they pretty much just did their holds and a couple of basic spots at the end. 3/4*
Carlos Amano vs. Chihiro Nakano and Azumi Hyuga & Acute Sae vs. Devil Masami & Maecela were clipped. The latter had decent action.
Dynamite Kansai vs. Kana Mizaki (6:02 / 8:46)
The first minute was good and it looked like it would be a fun match, but Mizaki injured her knee on a plancha and that was pretty much the end of that. She continued the match and tried to fight, but shouldn’t have. She couldn’t do anything, Kansai gave her a couple of near falls from flash pins and then pinned her after a Splash Mountain. It’d be unfair to rate this.
They showed highlights of 11/13 Akutoshitei Hamamatsu: Azumi Hyuga & Dynamite Kansai vs. Ran YuYu & Takako Inoue and 11/14 Osaka IMP Hall: Azumi Hyuga vs. Command Bolshoi. The latter match saw Bolshoi upset Hyuga, just in case any confirmation that the company weren’t behind Hyuga as their ace was needed.
JWP Openweight Title Next Challenger Decision Match, Lumberjack Rule: Ran YuYu vs. Command Bolshoi (26:40)
The usual story as with most JWP matches. The work was crisp and good, and they did lots of nice moves, Bolshoi gave an impressive performance and Ran always does a good job. That was all there was though and it fell short because there was little selling and they didn’t build the match to go anywhere. It felt like it went for an eternity too. Ran won with her brainbuster to earn the match with Hyuga in December. **
NEO Ladies Neo REAL LIFE 12/2/1999 Korakuen Hall
We’re coming to the end of NEO and they were trying some wacky stuff here. The show was bookended by an angle with Kodo Fuyuki and Kyoko Inoue, which ended up with Fuyuki challenging Kyoko to a Kanaami Death Match on 12/25. They had also been doing an angle with ASARI and Convini Goto II, which ended up with ASARI making short work of him on this show. They also ran a one night tag tournament. The early matches were clipped and not very good. The semi finals saw W Inoue defeat Tanny Mouse & Chihiro Nakano in another nothing match. The other semi final finally saw a hell of a match with LCO vs. Genki & Tamura. LCO came to work this time and gave the younger girls an exciting match and you could buy Genki and Tamura as a threat. I’d go ***1/4 on this one. The main event saw the finals between W Inoue vs. LCO. It wasn’t as good as LCO’s semi final, and lacked drama. **3/4. LCO won the tournament.
The final original NEO tape saw the shows from 12/25/99 and their final show on 1/6/00. The 12/25 show was headlined by the Kanaami Death Match between Kyoko Inoue vs. Kodo Fuyuki. This was a serious match, I’m not going to rate but it wasn’t as bad as you’d think. Kyoko did a good carry job and Fuyuki bled all over the place. This was a precursor to Kyoko’s run in FMW, which I can’t imagine was worthwhile and I’m not sad that I don’t have any of the FMW tapes from that era to watch it. The final show on 1/6/00 saw Kyoko work 6 matches. She worked hard but none of the matches were really worthwhile and they were all clipped anyway. They final match was a 3 vs. 5 tag match with Kyoko Inoue, Mima Shimoda & Etsuko Mita vs. Misae Genki, Yoshiko Tamura, Saya Endo, Tanny Mouse & Yuka Nakamura. NEO would relaunch in March as NEO Women’s Pro Wrestling, but there’s no tapes from them that exist until 2001. NEO couldn’t be described as anything other than a failure. The company started out hot with his first shows, but fizzled out quickly and for the remainder of its run it was the least popular of the seven women’s promotions. Nothing they did seemed to draw much fan interest. I’d blame a combination of things for that - Market oversaturation, uninteresting booking, a thin roster and Kyoko having little drawing power by 1998.
Jd' Get Miracle 1999 12/7/1999 Kitazawa Town Hall
Tiny Jd’ show with one worth match. The undercard wasn’t much. We had the Yuki Lee retirement ceremony. Sachie Abe vs. Obatchi Iizuka (10:32), comedy match, Obatchi came out dressed as a Christmas tree, grabbed Abe’s boobs a lot and put a stocking over her head. DUD. Hiroyo Muto vs. Fang Suzuki (10:11). These two were okay together and there was none of the usual interference, but it was just basic and uninteresting, at least Muto could do her power gimmick against Fang. *1/4. Megumi Yabushita vs. Ranmaru (4;54). Very short match, which was probably for the best given how green Ranmaru is. The action was good while it lasted. *3/4. Cooga, Yuko Kosugi & Sumie Sakai vs. Lioness Asuka, Morimatsu & KAZUKI (11:40). Again on the short side. It wasn’t too bad, it had plenty of action, though it wasn’t anything close to the normal level from Kosugi, Sakai and Lioness, and the other three are stiffs. **
AWF Joshi Title Match: The Bloody vs. Yoshiko Tamura (15:56 / 19:01)
The match this tape was worth watching for. Bloody wrestled most of the match cleanly, and didn’t bring in the chairs until late in the match. They got off to a slow start, and it was fairly dull, lots of holds but they were quite meaningless. It picked up as it went along and turned into a good match. They had good exchanges in the second half. Bloody did the footstomp with Tamura draped over two chairs again like she did to Kosugi, and hit the Dragon Suplex afterward but Tamura survived, coming back with a double wrist armsault to win the belt. ***
GAEA G-PANIC #28 (11/27/1999 - 12/12/1999)
IRON HEART 11/27 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
They did a 6 vs. 6 match which was Aja Kong, Mayumi Ozaki, Kaori Nakayama, Akira Hokuto, Sugar Sato & Chikayo Nagashima vs. Chigusa Nagayo, Sakura Hirota, KAORU, Toshie Uetmatsu, Meiko Satomura & Toshiyo Yamada. It was under 1 v 1 elimination rules with the loser confined to handcuffs. The matches were mostly the short GAEA sprints we’re used to, and it was fun, if they’re going to do those short matches I’d rather them do it in a format like this, though as usual, it was a washed up veteran going over at the end. Chigusa defeated Aja in 50 seconds, then Ozaki quickly defeated Chigusa. Lioness Asuka’s music played and the crowd went wild, but it turned out to be Hirota. Ozaki went through her, and then was beaten by KAORU. Nakayama was next in and beaten in a couple of minutes. It became the Hokuto show for a while as she ran through KAORU, Uematsu and Satomura before being defeated by Yamada - the best segment of the entire match was Hokuto vs. Satomura. Yamada bleached her hair, got new gear and was painted up, she was barely recognizable and looked ridiculous. Yamada vs. Sato went for 8 minutes, which was a lot longer than any of the other matches but wasn’t much good. The final match was Yamada vs. Chikayo, which was longer again, but stop/start with the psychology being the two trying to avoid falling into the other teams corner where they were all handcuffed. Yamada botched her Reverse Gory Special to a scary degree and had to repeat it, giving her the win. After the match RIE dragged a bleeding Takeuchi around. I don’t know how to rate this, it wasn’t any kind of high quality wrestling but it was very entertaining at times, particularly in the first half. I’ll be generous and give them *** for the whole thing.
PROPHECY HITTING 12/12/99 Osaka IMP Hall
Mayumi Ozaki & Akira Hokuto vs. Chigusa Nagayo & KAORU (4:51 / 8:27)
Joined in progress, and just a bunch of spots. Ozaki defeated KAORU with a strangle hold. *3/4
Lioness Asuka & Sonoko Kato vs. Aja Kong & Chikayo Nagashima (6:13 / 8:43)
Also joined in progress, except this match was actually quality despite being so short. Lioness defeated Chikayo with a Tower Hacker Bomb. Lots of yelling after the match seemed to be setting up Chigusa & Satomura vs. Lioness & Kato, which would be cool, but it's hard to get excited for GAEA matches when they usually just do a sub-10 minute sprint, especially when Chigusa is involved. ***
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2023.03.22 13:34 alyykyk freelance training programs worth it ba?

worth it ba magenroll sa freelance tranings? im minor pa but i want to work so i can provide on my own na since magcocollege na ako, any opinion or review, planning to enroll on one of these three:
REVAMPED WORK FROM HOME TRAINING PROGRAM RRF - 339 PHP (1 month long training refundable deposit at the end of training with condition, live trainings in zoom) pros: mura, this was recommended to me by bloggermary herself because minor pa daw ako and other sites required na dapat 18 na. cons: dahil recommended ito for minor nagooverthink ako if makakaland ba ako ng job ang basic ng freelancing training, need ng schedule usually months pa before u pay. offer: basic of freelancing
by: BloggerMary

Social Media Business Blueprint (SMBB) - 9999 PHP (sobrang enticing ng offer see the link for yourself) pros: modules and step by step video, 3 courses 1 program, i felt like mas matututo ako kasi mababalikbalikan ko yung video unlike live in zoom, maraming materials, after paying no need schedule kasi videos(?), maraming case study. cons: MAHAL! idk kung makakland din ako ng job kasi baka di pala pwede sa minor. offer: social media managemarketer
by: Thea "tey" Peralta

PRO VA GENERAL VA COURSE - 2000 PHP (just read feedbacks from her mentees sa tiktok na naaland daw sila ng job) pros: compared to the SMBB course mas mura, i saw na may namentor siyang minor na nakaland ng job cons: live in zoom im not for zoom live set up na training, need ng schedule. offer: Virtual Assitant Training
by: Pro VA

im a graduating student po kaya im not fit sa mga schedule training, wala pa akong niche pero san ba ako fit? im someone gusto laging may output, like nakikita ko yung result ng ginagawa ko.
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2023.03.22 13:33 DoriftuEvo Living Room Gaming PC

Build Help/Ready:

Have you read the sidebar and rules? (Please do)
What is your intended use for this build? The more details the better.
Casual living room gaming. Mostly cinematic, RPG type games, with a preference for beautiful graphics and immersion. Not for competitive shooters or PVP.
If gaming, what kind of performance are you looking for? (Screen resolution, framerate, game settings)
4K, 120Hz, max graphics settings where possible.
What is your budget (ballpark is okay)?
About $2,000 USD
In what country are you purchasing your parts?
Post a draft of your potential build here (specific parts please). Consider formatting your parts list. Don't ask to be spoonfed a build (read the rules!).
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 3.8 GHz 8-Core Processor $209.87 @ Amazon
CPU Cooler Noctua NH-U12S 55 CFM CPU Cooler $74.95 @ Amazon
Motherboard ASRock B550 Phantom Gaming 4 ATX AM4 Motherboard $99.99 @ Newegg
Memory G.Skill Ripjaws V 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL14 Memory $76.99 @ Newegg
Storage Samsung 980 Pro 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive $79.98 @ Amazon
Video Card ASRock Radeon RX 7900 XT 20GB Radeon RX 7900 XT 20 GB Video Card $849.99 @ Newegg
Case Fractal Design Meshify C ATX Mid Tower Case $108.99 @ B&H
Power Supply Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 850 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $99.99 @ Best Buy
Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM - DVD 64-bit $119.98 @ Newegg
Monitor LG OLED 83C2AUA Existing
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $1720.73
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-03-22 08:31 EDT-0400
Provide any additional details you wish below.
The current total is a little under budget. If you could upgrade something, what would it be?
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2023.03.22 13:30 Garabir AppleCare+ payment returned, but still covering

In March 13th, i paid the AppleCare+ for my new AirPods Pro 2nd gen. As always I received the e-mail "Thank you for purchasing AppleCare+." and saying that ill receive the Proof of Coverage in 24 to 48 hours.
Almost 10 days later i didnt receive this e-mail, and today i got the payment refund. And there's more:
  1. In the Apple Check Coverage page, that information is that the product are covered by AppleCare+ up to March '25
  2. In the Support app, the says that the AppleCare+ covers up to March '24.
Whats going on?
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2023.03.22 13:30 DerryDoberman Battery Crimp Issue Suggestions

I never did much with my flipper zero until recently with the alternate firmwares becoming available. I have the battery issue from way back when and caught it late. Dismantling the device and "wiggling" the wires and reassembling sometimes mitigates the crimped wires for a bit but that lasts maybe a week.
Been shopping around for alternative thermistor enabled batteries and almost nothing fits at the 2000 mah capacity. There are definiteely options in the 1200-1500 range but they're also $35-40. However I'm comfortable replacing lithium polymer battery protection boards but can't seem to find ones.
Goal would be to replace the crimped wires but I may also potentially modify the case so I can use arbitrarily large 1S lithium polymer batteries. To do the later I need to be able to modify whatever battery I buy to add thermal protection but can't find those boards anywhere.
Anyone know of a good/reliable source for these protection boards? Also is there an easier path and there is a drop in replacement available at close to the same capacity?
submitted by DerryDoberman to flipperzero [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 13:23 joscher123 MicroOS Distrobox questions

Hi, I have a few question regarding using Distrobox in MicroOS. Not sure what's the best place to post it but because I would be only interested in Distrobox in the context of MicroOS I thought this would be the best place.
  1. Is it best to use the Tumbleweed distrobox guest? Is there deduplication of binaries/storage used (as MicroOS is based on Tumbleweed), which wouldn't be the case with, say, an Ubuntu or RHEL distrobox guest?
  2. Is there lots of overhead (battery, CPU, RAM) connected to running a Distrobox guest? Is Distrobox suitable for background apps you want to run the whole time? Or would it in that case be better to try and install it "natively" (e.g. transactional-update) to save battery?
  3. How come Distrobox is not part of the normal/official Tumbleweed repo? If you want to install it on Tumbleweed you need to add an additional "containers" repo first. Is this an "official" repo?
Finally, I have two main use cases for applications that are not available as Flatpaks.
  1. kDrive (cloud sync). Only available as an AppImage which doesn't run on MicroOS as AppImages are not supported (missing fuse). Can I simply run the AppImage in Distrobox and have it sync my files (all in /home/kDrive) that way? How do I add it (kDrive in Distrobox) to the autostart applications (in Tumbleweed I could simply add the "native" AppImage to the KDE autostart settings and it would work)?
  2. Microsoft Office run in a Windows VM and integrated into Linux via Cassowary ( This requires installing libvirt and virt-manager in a rootful Distrobox (apparently Distrobox supports this only for Alma Linux and Tumbleweed, so the default Tumbleweed guest should be okay as long as you can run it with root) and installing the Python application Cassowary ("pip install cassowary") that then "finds" Microsoft Office in the VM and integrates it via FreeRDP so that you can for example click on an XLSX file in Dolphin and it opens in MS Excel running in the VM. Can this approach still work all in a Distrobox? So that basically I click on an XLSX file and it then opens in MS Excel running in the Windows VM in the Distrobox via Cassowary in the Distrobox? There's a lot of layers here, namely: MicroOS -> Distrobox -> [Cassowary + FreeRDP + Virt-Manager + libvirt] -> Windows VM -> MS Office, and I wonder if this would even work.
  3. Also, relating to the last question, can you "convert" the default Tumbleweed guest to run with root, so that libvirt works? Or do you need to create a new, rootful container?
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2023.03.22 13:13 SubjectCraft8475 Anyone bought a Steam Deck then discovered Moonlight here to then sell the Steam Deck

I remember buying the Steam Deck and thought it was a great device. Until I started playing games that kill the battery in 2 hours and having to also bring down the graphics for games to run as well as fan noise and heat. I then discovered Moonlight PC game streaming. All of a sudden I can play games running at max, way better battery life, no fan noise or heat and no compatibility issues with and Epic Games software. This made me realise what was the point buying a Steam Deck if I'm streaming. I'm better off using a much lighter device as well as having a better D Pad and screen. I then purchased a Switch OLED and now running Moonlight and playing games on the nicer OLED screen, have a much lighter system to hold, and way better D Pad thanks to Hori Split Pad Pro joycon. Same can be said about using a G Cloud, a small tablet with attached controllers or a large phone with attached controllers.
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