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Read Special Restaurant - Chapter 12 - MangaPuma

2023.05.28 18:34 LoveMangaBuddy Read Special Restaurant - Chapter 12 - MangaPuma

Han Byeol, who was on a winning streak as the youngest team leader at a five-star hotel, resigns and opens a small restaurant. That small restaurant is located in Bubu-dong, the poorest neighborhood in Seoul, where there is no commercial district. Also, the menu he made is eccentric. Because there is no menu. but the chef cooks with seasonal ingredients, that’s what makes it a special one! ... Read Special Restaurant - Chapter 12 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.05.28 18:33 miraondawall Getting to/from Newport by train/cab?

Hi all - my elderly (mid-80s) parents are traveling to Newport from Baltimore this summer. They will be staying at a hotel in the harbor area.
Their plan is to drive each way, but I am trying to convince them to take Amtrak from Baltimore to either Kingston or Providence and then take a cab to Newport. This is because I am not crazy about them driving that far or driving on 95. I could of course drive them up myself and then take the train back (and I haven't ruled that out) but would prefer not to have to spend the vacation days.
I would like advice on the best way to structure a trip to Newport via train and cab. I know that Kingston is slightly closer to Newport than Providence is, but Providence is the bigger town and so my thought is that there may be more cab options there. The Acela also stops in Providence but not Kingston.
My parents will not consider flying, even though I think that would also be safer than driving.
If you were planning this trip for your parents, how would you structure it? (Assume that the cost of taking the train versus driving is not an issue). Would you have them take the train to Kingston or to Providence, and how would you advise them to get to Newport from there?
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2023.05.28 18:33 kristihurley Commercial Pressure Washing

Commercial Pressure Washing
Commercial Pressure Washing Commercial properties face environmental and daily use maintenance issues. Buildings and concrete surfaces take a real beating from dirt, grime, oil, grease, gum and pollution. By not having a prsssure washing maintenance program in place, a commercial property can take on a dirty,
Visit website for more information:
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2023.05.28 18:33 Concentd Filipino maid gets screwed by customer in Manila hotel

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2023.05.28 18:33 NerdyGurl4evr New anti-bullying law to take effect in Indiana

About time! It's really sad it took for a young man to loose his life for change to take place. Let's see if the new law really brings the much-needed changes we need.
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2023.05.28 18:30 ykkzqbhf Do I have the best cards for a major upcoming trip?

In short, we have not previously been major travelers but I have a significant trip coming up and we're likely to increase travel in the next few years. I'm wondering if the cards I have are the best for that situation or if I should consider something else.

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2023.05.28 18:29 KayInMaine Why would he leave his storage locker padlock and key inside his apartment if he was coming back? Did dad fly out to help him escape to Pennsylvania?

The first question I have is when did dad arrive in WA? We do know they were stopped on December 15 in Indiana and this was the same timeframe where a guy on campus was threatening his roommates and was ultimately killed by police on that day.
The second question I have is what day did classes end for Winter Break to begin?
When the two were pulled over in Indiana, one of the cops asked them what they were doing, and neither Bryan or his dad said they were traveling to Pennsylvania from Washington for the college Winter Break. Spending time with family for the holidays wasn't mentioned either. What was said by the dad (the reason for the traveling) is there was a "mass shooting" (not true) on the Washington State University campus. No mention of the quadruple murders in Idaho either (a nine minute drive from Bryan's apartment).
We do know a search warrant of Brian's Washington apartment was issued immediately after he was arrested in Pennsylvania. The screenshots (in the comments) below are from an article about what the police found inside the apartment. They didn't find a shower curtain, they did find the apartment sparce (not much left in it), and they also found a storage locker padlock with a key. That storage locker at his apartment was found empty (police got a warrant to check it) with the door to it opened. Empty? He must have used it if there was a padlock and key in the apartment.
My first thought when I found out his dad had flown to Washington to drive together with Kohberger back to Pennsylvania was Bryan wasn't planning on going back to Washington. I felt his dad was helping him to escape from Washington too. Seems this could be the case! It's not very popular to wonder about the parents or wonder if they're involved, but some parents would do anything for their kids (Roberta proved this with her weird letter to her son before he left on a cross country trip with Gabby).
Do you think the dad flew out there to help Bryan move back to Pennsylvania or do you think he was going to return?
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2023.05.28 18:28 pantaloonsss Best hotels in Valladolid?

Hey, sorry in advance for asking about this on the Cancun subreddit. The Valladolid subreddit doesn't have as much foot traffic so I was hoping to ask for your suggestions here, if possible. My SO and I are looking to spend a night in Valladolid before heading to Chichen Itza the next day. Can anyone recommend a decent hotel (between $100-200 per night) and also things to do in the area? TIA!!
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2023.05.28 18:28 pantaloonsss Best hotels in Valladolid?

Hey, sorry in advance for asking about this on the Tulum subreddit. The Valladolid subreddit doesn't have as much foot traffic so I was hoping to ask for your suggestions here, if possible. My SO and I are looking to spend a night in Valladolid before heading to Chichen Itza the next day. Can anyone recommend a decent hotel (between $100-200 per night) and also things to do in the area? TIA!!
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2023.05.28 18:28 thaworldhaswarpedme thaworldhaswarpedme #47 - Dungeons and Dragons (2023)

08/01/2022 - 05/26/2023
Total reviewed: 457
Watched on: Paramount
Synopsis: After spending a year in prison for a heist gone wrong, a thief's attempted reunification with the daughter he lost embroils him in an unexpected adventure.
Great movie. Reminds me of the Indiana Jones movies from when I was a kid. Just a good old-fashioned adventure full of fun, interesting characters with solid story arcs and a perfect blend of humor, heart and action in a fantasy setting. Chris Pine is always great and does a fantastic job as the reluctant thief leading his band of classed characters. Michelle Rodriguez plays the same character she always plays but it works well here as she is the troupe's warrior. Justice Smith's inexperienced wizard provides a lot of the comedy and the changeling character played by girl is a fucking hoot. Owl Bear for life!! The villainous sorcerer Sofina played by Daisy Head is appropriately terrifying.
I really would not have expected to a Dungeons & Dragons film to be so entertaining. Like, I know it has the potential to be awesome but Hollywood has a way of fucking up a sure thing. And yet, this movie was a lot of fun and hit the right notes all the way through. The comedy works very well without the oversaturation that's so problematic with the latest batch of Marvel flicks. The action is top notch with at least three scenes that I was super invested in and the variety of characters throughout assists in the immersion as well. Additionally, my D&D days are pretty far behind me so I'm sure I missed several references but even with my atrophied comprehension a lot of the in-jokes hit with me. I loved just about everything about it. A definite watch.
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2023.05.28 18:27 OkRecommendation7192 Am i [ 26F] being clingy [32M]

I [26F] have been in an LDR with [32M] for 6 months now. He recently went on this vacation with his friend and since then the communication dropped significantly, I could go for 8h without a reply although I can see he is active/online. I m feeling like shit . He has traveled before and whenever he did that he always texted me the whole day , snaps , funny stories, callls when he was on the train etc... which is why I am not liking this. Can he not find just 1 fucking minute to text me 'hey going to xyz now ' or like send me a picture of where he is ?? If it were me i'd show him everything because he is my bestfriend and we are used to talking like that for 6 months. I always manage to find time for him and keep him updated about my day and maybe even call eachother for a few mins. Day1/2i was understanding , sure you can not text me because you re on the road etc but day 3, you're now settled in your hotel and you surely can find time for me . Now I am angry and do not want to text him back and don't even want to hear about his trip when he comes back. I thought maybe I am being clingy but I didn't text him multiple times , just normal replies , asking about how his day was ( he doesn't answer) . It's just the way I am feeling about this that is bothering me , I wish I didn't feel this bad about it . i kept myself busy yesterday but today I just feel so sad and alone without him .
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2023.05.28 18:26 ethereor [109€ statt 420€ -74% Gutscheincode: MYDEALZ10] Schweiz: 3 Nächte im Doppelzimmer inkl. Frühstück im Hotel Blumenstein in Frauenfeld für 109€ Gutschein 3 Jahre gültig

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2023.05.28 18:25 GeNo-MLK Photo I found on Facebook....They said they took this photo in the famous haunted hotel room....Any opinions on the shadow??

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2023.05.28 18:21 StuckinConfusion I LOATHE Working With Men! They always think I want them in *THAT* way.

So I started an internship. Mind you, I haven't had a normal/nontraumatic conversation since I left my mom at a hotel . We'd been hopping from hotel to hotel because we had no place to stay.
Then weeks prior, I got an email (that was sent to about 4 other interns) from a intern, I'll call him D.
D emailed us and I responded. We kept everything non flirtacious. I was nervous about being in a state I had never lived in, knowing that I had generalized anxiety and ADHD , I never lived on my own and I had to make a drastic change.
We joked about the internship. Since gaining weight, the idea of wearing anything business casual, gave me shivers. I barred myself to wearing baggy clothes. Which is all I said and I asked him where he went to get his business casual clothes. Most of his places were way too expensive for me, I went places that were cheaper.

He double texted me a lot because I didn't have much time and I also didn't have anything else to say most times.

Anyway, the day of the internship, he's talking to everyone but me. He even stood behind me, disrespectfully reached right aside me and shook the hand of my tablemate, who sat right across from me. I didn't say anything or force him to acknowledge me because he was just being human...and humans can be so wishy washy . He waited till most people had gone by the end of the day, to talk to me .

I responded and let him leave.

Every since then,due to my internship being male centric, he managed the day before to get the number of the male leadership member (who will soon be my project lead). After the first day, I started to notice a weirdness about the other men around us. My soon to be project lead could barely look at me and the others soon followed. I knew it was over when my own male project lead gathered all his "boys" (male interns) and had their own little chauvinist club DIRECTLY behind me. Talking about some uncomfortable stuff here and there. I noticed how all of them had a weirdness towards me too.
I had to take two days off and I left my group presentation early because I started to have a nose issue. I went to the hospital and they told me I might need to take a day or so off. I had been gone since Thursday and got a text by D friday. I deleted him from my messages Tuesday and just moved on. He says, "where did you go? " , then an hour later, "u ok". And I ask "whose this". He tells me its him and asked what happened to me. I just told him I was advised to take a day off due to my health. He responds with, "whose this". I tell him, " A 12 year old boy named D apparently". Like why text someone and try to be funny after learning about their health issue.
I'm not new to the idea of men/guys behaving weird around me because they think I have some other romantic interest towards them. I remember working at Hot Topic at 18 (my first job) as a seasonal employee. My objective was to get hired on and one of the ways (aside from doing a good job) was to try and make friendly convos to the other employees because maybe they'd put in a word for you. I've talked to everyone at one point except for the only guy there. He does the same thing. Just straight up acts weird like I was trying to suggest something else. I was never flirty, overly smiley, I was normal.
There were numerous other situations like this...
This one with D really bothers me because I really can't just quit my job, drive back home, order food and decide IF I want to work again. I have to stay here otherwise I will have to pay the company back OR go back to live with my grandma in my other home state but I don't because she's terrible.
I'm up to my wits end working with men. There's one guy I sit next to (because the seats are assigned) and we talk on and off. He's the only sane acting one. He doesn't take our conversations as me trying to flirt . He stares at me when I talk to him. He's not dotting his eyes away . I don't want to speak too soon about his character just yet though.
It bothers me because the other women in my internship, they are treated VASTLY different. There's only 7 or 5 so women in our internship and the rest are guys ( there's 24 interns in total).
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2023.05.28 18:21 Rufian1984 The risk of being robbed or worse in Colombia

I follow an attractive Colombian laddy on Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. I live in the USA. One day I messaged on IG, if she'd be interested in meeting me, having some intimate time in exchange for money. We chatted a little bit, she told me to add her on whatsapp.
I did, then I asked her if she has facebook, she told me to look her up. I added her, it looks legit. She sent me sone audios on whatsapp, it seems legit is her. The problem here is that her faceboook says "in a relationship" and she has older photos with some guy. The latest photo is in April. Maybe she broke up and single, I haven't asked her yet.
We chatted on whatsapp and I told her I could travel, stay at a hotel and you could come visit me. She wants to do a video call to get to know each other better. Even so, is a kinda weird she accepted my offer for intimacy so easily, as most women wouldn't or think twice, also the fact that her facebook says in relationship.
I read about so many stories of guys being drugged, robbed or even killed in Colombia.
Besides from the fact that I will have to spend hundreds to travel and stay there, is the risk of being somewhere I don't know. I speak Spanish and look hispanic, even so, there is no guarantee of anything.
I could end up being robbed or kidnapped, I could have a great time, who knows. If I stay at a hotel and she comes to me, is unlikely tho, especially if we meet at the lobby to make sure is just her, even then I don't know if she is carrying something or whatever.
So tho she seems like a nice person, who knows. I could just see ladies here in the states, tho is way more expensive. I'm from Peru and I could travel there, since I know the place, is safer.
Should I even do the video call with her I mean i dont lose anything, i want to ask her things to get feel of what her intentions are
My intuition tells me is a risk and something bad could happen but you never know, then is the other part of me, the lizard brain who wants intimacy
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2023.05.28 18:20 Trick-Two497 Discussion: An Abduction

This story picks up where the last one left off. Holmes has been embarrassed again in front of Ganimard and his fellow police officers. He’s angry, but leaves respectfully. One his way out, he sees a garnet and picks it up. Then he notes that the house was designed by Destange as was the adjoining house. He verifies with a beat cop that the man and veiled lady came out of the other house.
Holmes returns the next day to investigate the house. In the cellar he finds another garnet, then some footprints in the dust. He hides when a door swings open and a man comes through. Holmes jumps the man and tries to question him without success. But the man has a box full of the garnets with an address on it. He leaves the man tied up and goes to the address on the box. He takes the box in and learns that a lady will call for them. He goes back out and watches until the veiled lady appears, picks up the box and leaves. He follows her to an apartment and then through a secret passage. He finds himself in her wardrobe where he stays hidden. When he finally sees her face, it is Clotilde Destange!
Clotilde is crying when Lupin enters. There is a tender scene where he reassures her that she should not judge herself for the wrong she did. She expresses complete devotion to him. Lupin tells her that Sherlock is on their track and that one of their men is missing, which frightens Clotilde. Lupin admits that the situation is serious and that he cannot reach Holmes due to his isolation. He is going to move his base of operations to somewhere safer. He cautions her not to go out. She walks him out.
Holmes examines the house he is now in and finds it is the home of Destange! The two houses are on adjacent streets. This is how Clotilde can leave home while still appearing to be within. He conceals himself in the library and waits until everyone is in bed. He goes through the architect’s papers and finds all the houses that Lupin as Maxime has worked on. He then hops out the window and goes back to the hotel.
After a nice smoke and meditating on what he's learned, he sends Ganimard a message - he will meet him briefly this morning and wants Ganimard to be ready in the evening with at least 30 men to make an arrest. He then engaged a car and driver to take him to Mon. Destange’s house, and he has the driver wait for him. He does a bit of work, still pretending to be Destange’s secretary, but when Clotilde appears, he approaches her. Before she allows him to speak, however, she calls a dressmaker. Then, she listens as Holmes tells her that he knows that Maxime is Lupin and that she should come with him or he will reveal her to her father as the infamous Blonde Lady. He accuses her of killing the Baron d’Hautrec, but she says it is a lie. The baron, in a fit of insanity, which he was known to have, attacked her and in the struggle she only acted to save her own life. He is ready to reveal all of what she’s done to her father.
She agrees to go with him, and they go out to the car. He tells the driver where to go, and then he goes through his plan in his head. Eventually he notices that the driver is not going where he was told to go and realizes that the driver has been replaced by Lupin himself. Holmes realizes that the call to the dressmaker was really a call to Lupin for help. Lupin confirms the extent of Holmes’ knowledge. They change into a different, faster car that has been brought along by Lupin’s gang and they drive a long ways until they reach the Seine. Sherlock is loaded onto a sea-going yacht. The captain is given orders to take Holmes to England but not to get there until after the departure of the midnight boat. Holmes is tied to the bunk in the captain’s quarters and Lupin departs.
The next morning an announcement is placed in the Echo de France stating that Holmes has been ejected from the country and sent back to England.
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2023.05.28 18:18 SweetFirefighter2048 25/23 [MF4M] #Houston GF wants to try sucking 2

We are a 25/23 mf couple visiting Houston for Memorial Day. My GF expressed that she wants to experience sucking 2 dicks, and I am supportive of her. You will be receiving oral only, no sex. She can take her shirt off, but her pants stay on the entire time.
We are looking for a guy to come over, get sucked, and leave. Please be 18-30, clean, and in decent shape. We can host at our hotel
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2023.05.28 18:16 Jades5150 H.U. Explicit XXX music video?

A friend and I were talking about x-rated music videos, and this band came up. It seemed to me they had a video with female nudity and blood, maybe like a murder scene in a hotel room. Does this ring a bell? Anyone know what song this is might be (it’s not Undead) or where I can find the video?
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2023.05.28 18:16 Halo2wasfire Setting boundaries for visits

Hi all. I’ve posted here a bit about my mother and my mil, and I’m back for some advice. My husband told me last week his mother and creep step father bought plane tickets to come visit in 4 weeks. Honestly, I’m not okay. I had a massive anxiety attack. I have ppd and my in laws are a huge factor in that. I’m upset with my husband for not putting his foot down, but that’s a whole other issue with him being a chronic people pleaser for his family. I need advice on how to bring up setting boundaries to him about his parents. I am not comfortable with them, especially the step father, I told my husband that creep is not welcome in my house but I know he won’t enforce that. I don’t even want my mil holding or kissing my baby. I don’t want these people who wanted my son to be aborted to even be in our lives, which I don’t get why they want to visit since they wanted him aborted in the first place. 🫠 I love my husband to death and I’m going to really press us starting couples counseling, but he has been trained that “ mental health issues aren’t real and therapy is a waste of money “ by his family. He did tell them they need to get a hotel since I had recently gotten rid of the spare bed and I don’t like guests sleeping at my house, so there’s that at least, but I know they are going to come in my house and dictate everything and disrespect me and keep my son from having any time with me. I’ve been no contact with my in laws for over 6 months, so them visiting is ruining that in my opinion 😐. Please give me gentle advice on setting boundaries and please help boost my confidence to put that racist bitch and creep in their places while they are here.
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2023.05.28 18:15 kristihurley Industrial Tank Coatings

Industrial Tank Coatings
Industrial Tank Coatings Industrial Coatings For Storage Tanks of All Types Maintaining storage tanks with industrial coatings, along with the pipeline systems that feed them, is critical. Whether tank in question is holding something as simple as water or as volatile as jet fuel,
Contact us:
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2023.05.28 18:14 sparky31290 Ants in Central Indiana

Ants in Central Indiana
I realize it’s difficult to tell based on a swarm pic, but I’ve lived in Indiana for most of my life and I’ve never seen ants swarm like this here. The way they move looks very similar to fire ants. I was hoping they could be identified by their nest. In this pic, you can see that the eggs and larvae are basically right on top of the ground. I was weed whacking and all it took was moving a little dirt and I could see all of it. I didn’t test if they sting, but could it be the new to Indiana invasive Asian needle ants?
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2023.05.28 18:14 Balakay112 Parking for Breakers

So, I'm going to the parks for 3 days in June with a group of 9. We have to take 2 vehicles because of this. If we present the same room reservation for both vehicles when parking will they allow us both to park? We're staying at Hotel Breakers.
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