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2023.03.22 14:03 AlexMikkelsen Making music

Making music
Hello everyone. I'll start right away, without long introductions. This article consists of two parts: theoretical, where I reflect on the nature of creativity, and practical, where I comment on the creation of specific compositions. So, let's go!
Music is an amazing kind of creativity. A song done in a few minutes can take off and earn an author a lot of popularity and a ton of money.
Roy Orbison and his partner Bill Deese sat at Orbison's house trying to compose a song. In search of a melody, they played whatever came to mind. Roy Orbison's wife, Claudette, looked into the room and told her husband that she was going to the city to shop. Roy asked if she needed money, and then Deese got into the conversation with the remark: “Pretty woman never needs any money!". Then Orbison began humming the phrase "Pretty woman walking down the street", and Bill Deese began to beat the rhythm with his fist on the table. He vividly imagined a certain woman in a yellow skirt and red shoes, her heels clicking on the sidewalk. When Claudette returned with her shopping, the song was ready. In a television interview, Orbison said that it took as long to write the song as it sounds.
Neither cinema, nor literature, nor painting can boast such a big difference between costs and results. What's the secret? And why are some compositions successful and others not? I will not delay with the answer: in my opinion, the reason for this lies in the melodies.
If you write brilliant lyrics, make a professional arrangement in a high-quality studio with the best masters, achieve crystal clear sound, draw a great cover, shoot a video for a lot of money and invest properly in advertising, but you will not have a good melody, all this will turn out wasted. Melodies that catch, swing, evoke emotions will be interesting, but just a set of notes, even a pleasant one, will not lead to anything special.
I don’t know why different people’s brains respond in the same way to certain sets of sounds, but we can take advantage of this. We need to learn how to find these sounds.
When creating music, there are principles that are characteristic of creativity in general. In my understanding, creativity is the creation of new connections between elements. Elements can be anything: things, words, ideas. For example, let's take two elements: a table and a glass. Let's create a connection: the glass is on the table. This is trite, but this is creativity. Let's try the other way around: the table is on a glass. Already more interesting. A table inside a glass, a glass inside a table, a glass made of wood, a table made of glass - as you can see, there can be many options, and I think you have already noticed an important detail: most of these connections are complete nonsense. But among the nonsense, you can find something interesting. For example, a table where you can pour water - at least this is a little less nonsense than previous examples)
So in everything that concerns creativity: the majority of creations are uninteresting and useless, and the task of the creator is to find worthy ones among them.
The Russian poet Mayakovsky has a wonderful poem. In the original, of course, there is a rhyme that makes the poem ten times better, but the pure meaning is also worth attention.
Poetry is the same mining of radium.In gram production, in years of work.You exhaust a single word for the sake ofThousands of tons of verbal ore.But how sizzling these words are burningNext to the decay of the raw word.These words set in motionThousands of years of millions of hearts.
The creation process as a whole consists of three stages:
  1. Accumulation of elements. In order to have something to create connections between, we need to find something new. The process of cognition, akin to creativity, is engaged in this. They are closely linked: recognition of something is impossible without creation, and creation leads to the recognition of something new.
  2. Generation of new links. As a rule, the subconscious is involved in this process. It does it quickly, easily, and much better than consciousness. Try, for example, deliberately creating new connections between the same table and glass, and you will see that this process is slow and stressful. But if you somehow convince the subconscious to do this (for example, trying to do it consciously for a while), new connections will pour in. This is inspiration.
  3. Selection. Probably the most important stage at which it is necessary, focusing on your feelings, to choose the best and throw out the rest. One of the biggest challenges at this stage is not distinguishing the good from the best and stopping work before greater results can be achieved. For example, a musician composes a melody, he really likes it, because it turns out to be better than everything that he has composed before, but he does not notice that the melody is still not good enough to use it in his work.
Eliezer S. Yudkowsky "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality":
"Unfortunately for Mr. Malfoy, he is still new to the art of creativity, and so he has committed a classic error of Ravenclaw."..."Mr. Malfoy is new to the business of having ideas, and so when he has one, he becomes proud of himself for having it. He has not yet had enough ideas to unflinchingly discard those that are beautiful in some aspects and impractical in others; he has not yet acquired confidence in his own ability to think of better ideas as he requires them. What we are seeing here is not Mr. Malfoy's best idea, I fear, but rather his only idea."
Now let's move on from the principles of creativity in general to creating melodies. In the case of melodies, elements are notes: their duration, pitch, and the intervals between them. And their combination is the creation of connections. Our task is to generate a large number of melodies, and then select those that cause an emotional reaction, catch. You can just hum or play an instrument. Do not forget that at first the process will be very difficult, and the result will be disgusting. Soon, the subconscious mind may figure out what you want from it (or maybe not - try it next time), and it will start working on its own. This is the optimal state for work.
Another important aspect of working with the subconscious is worth mentioning. The degree of effectiveness of his work and control over him depends on the degree of mental stress. If you are relaxed, then control and efficiency are maximized - you can easily start and stop the necessary processes, there is even an opportunity to hear melodies right in your head and control them there. If you are tense, depressed, then the situation will be the opposite. Therefore, it is advisable to bring yourself as relaxed as possible before starting creative work.
This can be done either with the help of external things that cause relaxation (environment, music, smells), or with the help of the skills of conscious relaxation (concentration on breathing, biofeedback therapy). This is a separate, no less interesting topic, but now we are talking about something else. Unless it is absolutely not worth using nicotine, alcohol or worse for relaxation - the minus is more than the plus.
When the melody is ready, you can create a composition on its basis, and here you will find all the same creativity, all the same enumeration of options - not only notes, but also chords, instruments, effects, features of the genre in which you compose. All this is also important, but not as important as the melodies, and in this article I will not go deep into this topic. As developing any skill, composing music takes time and effort, and it is worth remembering that the fundamental difference between someone who has achieved something and someone who has not achieved anything is that the first one started and did not quit.
On this philosophizing, we can end and go to examples.
There are special programs for working with music, and they are called DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). There are a great variety of them: there are paid ones, there are also free ones. Those who work with them constantly argue about which one is better, but here the principle applies: the best workstation is the one in which you personally feel comfortable working. At one time I played with FL Studio, with Reaper, but now I mainly work in Cakewalk by Bandlab (formerly Sonar). Unlike the previous two, it is free and at the same time relatively full-featured (although not very popular). An interesting detail: when creating what I will talk about next, I used exclusively free programs, plugins and other intellectual property. You can judge for yourself how much this is enough to create music.
Here is the final result:
So, after a long break in creativity, I decided to write something and remembered that Bandlab has another free DAW that you can work with right in the browser. There it is.
There are a lot of instruments and sounds here, it is easy to learn, so it can be useful for beginners.
Remembering my brilliant theory about composing melodies, I began to strum whatever was right on the keyboard. I am not very good at playing the piano, but nevertheless, after several approaches and many attempts, I composed the main melody for the synthesizer. Added bass and drums. It worked out well. Then, trying to keep up with the style of this melody, I composed the intro. And then the bridge after the main melody. Added a few more instruments. And so, little by little, the following picture came together.
Road (former Blizzard)
It may look menacing, but the project is actually not that difficult. Complex arrangements can have several dozen tracks.
I've heard the expression that music is a combination of the familiar and the unexpected. Following this principle, I tried to make sure that in each measure (rectangle) there was something new - the introduction of a new instrument or a new melody, or, on the contrary, silence.
And this is how the so-called piano roll looks like in this program, where the work with notes takes place. Here you can add, move, stretch and perform other manipulations within the law of your country.
Piano roll
Let's go further. And then I decided to do something cosmic, and, torturing the keyboard, knocked out a few notes from it. I set the tempo down, took a stringy synthesizer as an instrument, and it turned out to be ambient.
As you can see, everything is even simpler here, but the composition does not get any worse from this. The cherry on top was an apparently Pink Floyd-inspired guitar solo. Also played on the keyboard, but in separate fragments, and adjusted to the rhythm.
As you can see, I like to copy melodies and scatter them on different instruments playing at the same time. Here it played a cruel joke on me, and by copying the synthesizer melody to the bass track in the beat before the solo, I got a peculiar, albeit dirty sound. It would be much better to have one note on the bass here, not two. But I don't think anyone really cares.
After creating this track, I got the crazy idea that it would be cool to publish this. But two compositions seemed to me a little, so I took out old records from the stash and finalized them. They are made in Cakewalk and look like this.
Hello World
Yes, my narration looks like:
But, as I said, creating an arrangement is the same often not very interesting enumeration of options, the result of which you see in the screenshots.
Let's say the arrangement is ready, and the nastiest part of the job comes - mixing. This is when a sound engineer adjusts the volume, pan (left / right), frequencies and effects for each individual track so that they sound organic and do not interfere with each other. I set up old projects right in the program, and saved two new ones as separate tracks and loaded them into Cakewalk. True, when saving to the recording, some kind of digital crackle appeared, which can be heard in some parts of the Road and Home tracks, but I suggest considering this as an artistic technique.
Mixing of Road
I must say that the mixing turned out pretty badly, and at the middle frequencies I have a mess, but I think that all this is compensated by great melodies).
The next stage is mastering. This is the preparation of the final recording for publication. Here, the volume adjustment, equalizer and so on also come into play, but this is now applied not to individual tracks, but to the track as a whole. Modern tracks are very loud and very compressed (this is when the loudest moments of the recording and the quietest ones are brought closer to the same average loudness value). The so-called "loudness war" led to this result. Once the producers discovered that the louder the recording, the brighter and more interesting it seems to the listener, and began to compete with each other in twisting the sliders. Thanks to this, the volume of the published music has been steadily growing over the past half century, and we will not be left out either). In addition, the recordings from one release should have the same volume so that the listener does not have to turn the knob at the beginning of each new track.
My mastering skills are even worse than mixing, but here the same Bandlab came to the rescue. The service provides free (which is important) mastering services in automatic mode: you upload a track to the site, and the program tries to put it in order. And, interestingly, she is good at it, although for professionals this approach will cause severe mental and maybe physical suffering.
I'll tell you a secret: individual people, professionals, should be engaged in mixing and mastering, since this is a painstaking and thankless process that can cause a lot of problems for a novice artist. It is a known fact that Billie Eilish recorded her debut album with her brother literally in the bedroom on not the most expensive equipment, and highly paid specialists in the studio were engaged in the subsequent processing. But this does not threaten us yet.
So, the tracks are ready, and they are even almost of the same volume (I messed up here too, obviously choosing different mixing styles for different tracks (see the picture above). Now you need to share them with others, and then collect praise, wait for letters from labels, fend off fans ...
The current time is such that even a schoolboy can send his music to all possible stores, and then collect money for listening (royalties). For this, there are special services - aggregators, which either for a fee or for a percentage of the proceeds send masterpieces to all sorts of itunes and spotifies. I decided that such a scale is not required specifically for this release - tracks in this genre have not achieved great popularity, and it will take too long to wait for the release on the platforms.
The first thing I did was upload my four-track mini-album to Soundcloud. I found some commercial licensed photos on free stock photo stocks and designed the album page and cover with them.
I also decided to make a video with my tracks and put it on Youtube. As a video editor, I used a not very convenient, but free Shotcut. The video featured the album cover on a black background and the song title underneath. Remembering that the standard Microsoft fonts are not very free for commercial use (you never know), I tried hard and found a suitable one on Google Fonts. On the one hand, the resulting picture looks quite stylish, but on the other hand, it is very cheap and creates some kind of tragic feeling. But that is what it is.
I saved the result at 720p, but, interestingly, YouTube itself added 1080p from somewhere else, apparently so that you can enjoy a black screen in HD format.
I also made my own Coub for each song, suitable for the style, and also published it, but there is no particular activity there.
I must say that I do not count on any particular popularity of these four compositions. Yes, in my opinion, there are good tunes (and this is the most important thing), but this is not the kind of music that hits the charts. What I have composed is the first steps, acquaintance. That is why the mini-album is called Hello World.
Actually, that's it. Thanks for your attention!
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2023.03.22 13:54 Rare-Cress-5667 Looking pitty

Looking pitty
Look up Sumter County and Oxford there is no report on no missing dog...I've seen it all people will put on a pitty party just for viewers and money....that's why she is saying she can't talk about it...get real it's not a murder case...and u telling others better not put a picture of ur dog on here only if I had a picture of your dog I so would post ..and make u spend that money to take me to court... mary stop being a ugly person that u are and bad shit will stop happening...
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2023.03.22 13:53 Wise_Hobo_Badger Anything players can do when encountering hackers?

So I have been encountering hackers recently at a more frequent rate, I have a feeling this is only going to become more frequent as long as the devs are not doing much about it so I was just curious, what is the best way for players to go about dealing with this. After much searching I found that there is a way to report people on their website which they tell you to send proof along with your ticket and such but somehow I get the feeling if I do that, my ticket will somehow find it's way in a dark corner and be forgotten about without anything happening to the offending players. Am I correct in this? is there no in game way to report players? Do the devs have any plans at all to make an attempt to deal with the growing hacker problem? or is this game just doomed to become a barren wasteland of cheaters pushing away legit players and slowly killing the game? Because if the latter is the case then I might stop wasting my time and just move on from this game.
Disclaimer I am not a new player, I have played this game on and off since like season 4 or so and I have never encountered hackers like what I have in the last few months.
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2023.03.22 13:53 Standard_Prune_1653 The Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment without Braces: Clear Aligners vs. Traditional Braces

The Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment without Braces: Clear Aligners vs. Traditional Braces
The treatment of orthodontics has come a far in the past. Even though traditional braces have been the preferred treatment for decades, alternatives are now available to those who wish to improve their dental alignment without the traditional wires and brackets made of metal. Clear aligners are getting more popular and offer many advantages compared to traditional braces. In this blog article, we'll look at the advantages of orthodontic treatment without braces and then compare them with traditional ones. If you're searching for Orthodontic Without Braces Treatment in Gurgaon, this blog post is for you.
Before we begin, let's examine the benefits of treatment that don't require braces. One of the most apparent benefits is appearance. Clear aligners are almost invisible, so they can be straightened without anyone knowing the treatment. This is particularly important for those who feel uncomfortable wearing braces. Clear aligners are as comfortable as traditional braces. There aren't any brackets or wires that could irritate your mouth. Additionally, you can take off the aligners if you have to take a drink, eat or clean your teeth.
Another advantage of treatment with braces is that it's typically quicker than traditional braces. Clear aligners are a great option, and achieving the desired results within a shorter time is possible. Because clear aligners use gentle pressure on your teeth and are more effective than the continuous pressure applied by conventional braces, you will get the desired results quicker, which could benefit those who have a big event shortly and want to get a beautiful smile at the right time.
There are a few essential differences in the case of clear aligners as opposed to traditional braces. Traditional braces consist of wires and metal brackets fixed onto your teeth. An orthodontist requires regular adjustments to maintain tension in the teeth and then move them to the ideal place. On the other hand, clear aligners consist of smooth, clear plastic that can be placed on top of your teeth. They are custom-made to be a perfect fit for your teeth. They are replaced every couple of weeks as your teeth shift.
Clear aligners provide a variety of advantages over traditional braces. As we mentioned, they are practically invisible, making an ideal choice for people who are embarrassed regarding their looks. Clear aligners can also be removed, and you can remove them for eating or drinking or even take a brush to your teeth. This is a much more convenient alternative to traditional braces. In addition, clear aligners can be more comfortable and comfortable as there aren't brackets or wires that can irritate your mouth.
In the end, if you're seeking Orthodontic Without Braces Treatment in Gurgaon, Clear aligners are an excellent alternative to think about. They provide many advantages over traditional braces, such as quicker treatment times, ease of use, and better appearance. The clear aligners also make it easier since they can be removed and require fewer appointments to see an orthodontist. If you're considering using clear aligners, ask your dentist whether they're an appropriate alternative. If you follow the correct treatment plan, you'll be able to create a gorgeous, straight smile without having to use traditional braces.
Resource Link
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2023.03.22 13:52 dannyboydunn Is it possible to get a reliable Norwegian Phone Number - Without

For context I'm in the process of migrating, I have a and a bank account.
However owing to my present residency status I'm not eligible for an and my account is 'Uten BankID.'
I understand from searching the sub there virtual number services, but I'm a little suspicious of using them as they may be 'less than legit' when compared to a normal number from Telenor for example. The customer service pages/bots haven't been as informative on this particular issue.
If anyone has any experience with setting these up it'd be appreciated. I understand it might well be the case I just have to wait till I have my + BankID first just thought I'd check round here.
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2023.03.22 13:50 n0unce Belgium - 1500 ish EUR - Laptop for music recording/light production

Hello guys,I'm looking for a laptop to record some music on (midi drums, midi keyboard, guitar with audio interface)To use with my drumkit, create some loops with the keyboard and drum to them.
Not so much heavy audio processing, I can do this on my main pc. I just want something I can set next to my kit.
I also want to use it on my board gaming table, to quickly search trough rule books, and stream the table to our remote Gloomhaven player over discord (with a gopro)
While on vacation I want to do some gopro footage offloading and light editing in davinci resolve (cutting and adding text to a 5-10 minute vacation film)
I also want to play some simple games on it (Stardew valley, Hades, Hollow Knight, Cult of the Lamb, Runescape,..) but wouldn't invest in a graphics card for that as I have a gaming pc. This is no priority whatsoever because I barely play games anymore.
I want it to be non-plastic, preferrably have an oled display (I don't need a superbright display) and be as thin as possible.I don't like MacOS a lot, I use it at work every day and I just don't like it as much as windows, I also don't like the apple ecosystem and how pricy it is.My budget is up to 1500-ish EUR, there is some leeway upwards, but I'd prefer to get something that's not overkill for once.
I am currently looking at the ASUS Zenbook 14X OLED UX5401ZA-L7016W, it has a great processor for recording, has 16gb DDR5 which I would also like for future proofing.But the processor might be overkill for some simple midi recording and a maximum of three tracks piano loop in ableton live?Is this a good candidate or am I missing something? I mainly looked at Asus because I know the brand, but please suggest me things you like.
Thanks for your consideration
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2023.03.22 13:49 nickhenderso Dr. Sait Bircan clinic FUE 5000 grafts result

Dr. Sait Bircan clinic FUE 5000 grafts result
Hello, was thinking for the last couple of years about hair transplantation but hoped that i will not have to do that. Day by day my situation became worse and worse, even after using finasteride for 3 years. So I didn't had any other option except doing hair transplantation.
In my country clinics charged me for more that 10k $, so i was searching for cheaper options. After some researches i understood that Turkey was the best option for me, cause prices there are almost 4 times less than here. Have talked with almost 50 clinics, the prices are starting from 2000 goes up to 7000 dollar. While talking with clinics, I found out about ISHRS which is international society of hair restoration surgeons. As far as I understood there are around 11 surgeons in Turkey in this association. After reading a bit more information about it, decided to go with one of the surgeons from this association, that's how I found out about Dr.Bircan.
Was following Dr.Bircan on insta for a while, the results there looks quite impressive. Had couple of more options, but Dr.Bircan was the most affordable option between ISHRS members, cause average in their clinic is around 5k. Was talking for a while with doctors assistants and picked a surgery day. My case is quite hard, some of the clinics even refused to do surgery for me, cause i have a large bold area. In DR. Bircan clinic they proposed to do 2 sessions of hair transplantation, on the first session we decided to implant 5000 grafts with FUE method. The main reason why I choose DR.Bircan is cause they are performing just 3 surgeries a day. I was terrified with the stories when in the clinic are performing 25 surgeries a day, that's not what I was searching for.
After arriving to the airport they organized a transfer for me, but the airport is very big so it was quit hard to find it, but fortunately my manager was always in touch with me. After that I went to the hotel and in the next morning i went to the clinic. We did some tests and talked again with doctor about surgery plan. After extraction of the grafts we had a conversation with a doctor again and he started opening the channels. Implantation of the grafts took way more that extraction of them, but thanks god i slept most of the time. The whole surgery took like 7 hours. After I went to the hotel.
Next day i came for washings, took the bandages off and manager explained me everything about after care. They gave a bag with a bunch of medicines and stuff for after care. The transfer picked me up to the airport after that.
I am very satisfied with the result, passed just 5 months, but it already looks very good. The anesthesia was quite painfull, and swellings after the surgery were bad, but i was ready for that. If you are planning to perform the surgery, be ready for recovery process, cause it takes some time. By the way i was expecting that everything will be worse, but so far regeneration process goes quite fast. For now just keep in touch with my manager and send him the pictures of my head, planning to do second session 3-4 months later.
If you have any questions about hair transplantation will be glad to help u, cause I got a lot of support before in other forums and was ready for my surgery


5 months after surgery
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2023.03.22 13:40 thrownbnuy Is this a red flag?

Won’t come out and say what company it was in case maybe it’s not a red flag but in October I was searching for jobs because I was tired of my other retail job and I applied to the company in question. Since then I’ve received what feels like countless emails from them to apply, the owner or some person of a higher position I’ll call W has contacted me twice by text that I can recall- I can’t find the texts anymore; he has contacted to me using his personal email at least from what I can assume by looking at the email address; and he has contacted me with a business email. Now I just got an email from a person I’ll call B to apply. I imagine if you are this desperate it is a red flag, and I’ve been in retail for 3 and a half years so I don’t know if I particularly have anything to envy or brag about. I just want someone to confirm with me my suspicion, because I’m having difficulties at my current job and it’s getting really tempting to schedule an interview to find out.
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2023.03.22 13:33 jamesekeeassociates Criminal Lawyer Forest Park GA

Criminal Lawyer Forest Park GA - 30297
If you are facing criminal charges, you need Criminal Lawyers with experience, who are available to take your case quickly and confidently, who will go the extra mile to thoroughly investigate your case, and who get the best possible result in or out of court.
At James E. Kee Law & Associates are lawyers in Forest Park, GA, and provide representation for cases involving people charged with a crime. We represent people in the GA area who are in need of criminal defense attorneys. For over two decades our firm has represented people in all types of criminal cases. We take time and dedication to explain the legal process to achieve your desired results. Call our Forest Park, GA criminal lawyers for a free consultation. Criminal Lawyer and DUI Lawyers in GA.
Phone Number: 404-870-6719
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2023.03.22 13:33 wavexy Potential Revolut £15 sign up bonus

Trial needs to be taken out to receive bonus, if you cancel the trial you need to pay for the card
note I receive no incentive for this, I can’t change the flair
I had a quick search on the sub to see if this had been posted yet, but I didn’t see anything so apologies if it has.
I came across this offer scrolling through Instagram, I’m unsure if it’s legit and I’m unable to test it as I already have a revolut account, I thought it share it in case anyone wanted to give it a try.
It’s being offered by a company called studentsaviour.
Here’s the link :
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2023.03.22 13:27 ProteanFlame37 I hope the reworks update vassels joining liege's wars

Really excited for all the planned changes changes to MAA buffing, vassel stances and better options to manage vassel and county opinion with your planning.
But I would love to see updates for how and why vassels can join wars in support of their liege. At the moment the vessels are so hands off that I barely see my dukes.
Crusade or holy war coming to take away all of your titles and lands? Nah, they don't feel like coming to defend their lands, nevermind that they have no backup plan if you lose.
Faction made of one or two powerful vassels to put some no-name claimant of a different religion and culture everyone hates on the throne? That's our liege's problem, hope they don't revoke all my titles of they win.
Historically, a big chunk of the kings armies was made by the dukes themselves being called to war and having to turn up, and refusing the call to sit out a claimant war was in some cases tantamount to support the claimant, and therefore treason.
Gameplay wise, this is somewhat represented by vassels serving as commanders and knights, and you getting a portion of their levies, but it feels so underwhelming that you can have powerful foreign dukes throw you about when they invade you during a crusade, but those same dukes apparently cant defend their weak king and eventually lose all their land when I come back a few years later.
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2023.03.22 13:25 tonnie_taller Los Angeles authorities offer reward for info to help solve murder of former NBA star’s father

Los Angeles authorities tried to inject new life into solving the 2018 murder of NBA champion Richard Jefferson’s father as they offered a $20,000 reward for information that can help solve the case. Richard Jefferson Sr. was shot and killed in Compton, California, in what police called a drive-by shooting. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s … Continue reading Los Angeles authorities offer reward for info to help solve murder of former NBA star’s father
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2023.03.22 13:15 Lokireview Supreme This is NOTHING like eCom Or Shopify

[\\]( “Better Than ChatGPT” App Generates “A.I. Affiliate Stores” and Instantly Drives Free Buyers Traffic To It In Less Than 30 Seconds... In Any Niche... Without Any Experience... (All Our Beta-Testers Made Money With This...) Watch How We Build “Affiliate Stores” From Scratch That Makes Us $23,546.34 Per Month In Net Profit... First 99 Fast Action-Takers Will Get Instant Access To DFY HighTicket Product Kundan Choudhary: "I can say with confidence that this is the best product I've ever bought." We Get Paid To Sell Digital Products WITHOUT Ads Saturation Proof Zero Upfront Cost Get Supreme And Instantly Create Your "Affiliate Stores" Just Pay Once Instead Of Monthly Everyday. 2,450 Marketers Leverage Supreme To Generate A Remarkable Amount Of Traffic And Sales... (And You Can Join Them In 13 Seconds) Kundan Choudhary: Today, I awoke to a pure profit of $234.54. Yes, I did not spend a penny. I am grateful to Venkata Art Flair. "If you are on the fence, do it." This is a groundbreaking application. I've been hearing a lot lately about AI. Sandy Nayak says, "I have been crazy busy helping out at home since we had our baby girl. And finally, I have something that can actually utilize it to make moolahhh." Fortunately, incomparable does precisely as it guarantees It took me 4 minutes to set up. After I enabled the traffic, sales notifications began to pour onto my phone. Max Gerstenmeyer: "You should take this down now, or charge 10k for it hahaha I paid like 15 bux for it. This is what I have been looking for." Also, made 10x what I paid while I was snoozing" The End product speaks for itself… Here Is The Outcomes From Utilizing Incomparable For Only 7 Days… The Real truth Is At long last Out in the open… Here is All that You Want To Bring in Cash On the web… It doesn't matter to me what anybody says… With regards to bringing in cash on the web… You Just Need 2 Things… #1 A Site To Sell An Item This is your focal center point… This is where you will list anything you desire to advance… You can utilize anything that to fabricate it… WordPress, ClickFunnels, Shopify… hell Be that as it may, regardless of what you're attempting to do… You really want a site that will sell for you… Doesn't make any difference on the off chance that you're selling your item, your partner item, or even a help. #2 Getting Visitors to That Website Having a website that doesn't get any visitors is pointless. It's like opening a McDonald's in the middle of the desert. That doesn't make sense, does it? You want individuals to come to your site so they can purchase… In any case, you needn't bother with "any" traffic… You want designated and purchasing clicks Individuals who are really needing anything that you're selling Correct, That is All that You Want… All that you require to bring in cash online is those 2 things. However, it is easier said than done. Let's start with the website. Building a website from scratch is not an easy task. People spend weeks or even months learning how to do it. It is also very technical and time-consuming. If you decide to do it yourself, you will end up spending your entire life savings and months of your precious time to get mediocre results. There are a lot of services that do it for you. You can use Shopify, ClickFunnel, Wix, or even WordPress Even if You Were Successful in Obtaining Your Website, The Dreadful Experience Doesn't End! If you believe that designing your website is the most difficult part, you are mistaken, my friend. Let's say that you were successful in achieving your goal through some supernatural means, that you were able to pay the outrageous fees for services like ClickFunnels, and that you spent weeks designing your ideal store or website. Are you getting paid? Are you generating revenue? Naturally, the response is NO. Getting high-quality customers to your store is the most difficult task right now. Traffic is even more difficult. Have you recently tried running ads? Facebook is one of the cheapest sources of traffic on the planet, but the prices of ads are insanely high. On average, you will pay $2 for each click. Can you believe that? $2, and even that figure comes after a lot of testing and spending... Basically, you need a small fortune to test ads and run them profitably... Even other sources of traffic are a pain in the arse I hope you didn't because, my friend, ranking in Google has turned into a terrifying experience. You put in a lot of effort every day, but you won't start seeing results for eight to twenty-four months. Can you handle working eight hours a day every day for months without earning a penny? I am aware that I am unable to do that, and even after that, they may decide at any time to remove your website from search results without providing any explanation. Does that imply that it is impossible to establish a profitable business? It's not your fault; the IM community and fake gurus have been teaching you the wrong ways for far too long. Meanwhile, they are making a boatload of money. They do that to keep you chasing whatever they are trying to sell you. It's sickening. But that's the sad reality of the market right now. What If I Told You There Is An Easier Way? It's actually pretty easy. You just don't know how to do it. But the most
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2023.03.22 13:14 ProgramIll6059 apache solr integration with s3 compatible storage to provide search and download capabilities

Hi All,
I am trying to integrate apache solr with s3 compatible storage. The use-case is to index the files uploaded in an s3 bucket (s3 compatible storage) and provide the search and download functionality to the end user. Is this possible? Did anyone try this? If so, can you guide ?
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2023.03.22 13:14 PlusFall5285 Little tip for Moon Farmers (FOLLOW UP)

Hi, it's me again
Yesterday I posted a tip for Moon Farmers to get a small bit of Ethereum so you can interact with your Moons. ( It came to my attention that even the most experienced Moon farmers were not familiar with this tip. Also, there were over 100 (of 400) messages of new Moon farmers barely knowing anything about the project. Therefor, I wanted to write a post for some tips and tricks.
What are Moons?
This is for the 100 (or so) people just started. Moons is a governance token from the CryptoCurrency subreddit. It's on the Arbitrum Nova chain, which is an L2 build on the Ethereum blockchain. An L2 is is easy easy easy words a blockchain build on another blockchain to reduce fees and costs to interact.
As you might see on the top of the Reddit you'll see an advertisement banner. In order to advertise (or do AMA's) here you can buy Moons and burn them. What.. burning? It works sorta like a stock buyback what companies do. There is x amount of Moons, when they get burned they'll disappear thus making your piece of pie more valuable.
How do you get Moons?
This is also for the 100 (or so) people mentioned above. You simply get them by interacting in this sub. By getting upvotes and awards you get Karma. Based on the amount of Karma you amass you'll get Moons every 28 days.
Before you start farming, go to setting and click Vault. Open the Vault and go to the settings (within the Vault), click recovery phrase and write the 12 words on a sturdy piece of paper. Why you may ask? In case you loose acces to your Reddit account you can still acces your means? How you may ask? They are stored on the blockchain and not on Reddit, so the Vault is essentially a gateway to interact with your wallet.
If you head over to you'll see 2 important dates:
- Snapshot: the day you'll find out how much Karma you've earned this month
- Distribution date: The day your Moons get delivered to your Vault (this is tonight! Happy Distribution day!!!)
How are they distributed you may ask? Quite simple actually, amount of Moons to be distributed divided by the amount of Karma earned in the month. Every month x amount of Moons gets distributed which is declining every month -> 40% goes to the Reddit tank, 10% to our hard working mods and 50% are distributed for us Moon Farmers.
Information for the more seasoned farmers to amass more Moons
This information is for the 150 (or so) newer Moon farmers wanting to amass more Moons.
What to look out for when making a post:

- When posting a COMEDY post you'll only get 0.1x the Moons per Karma! (CCIP-004)
- When posting a link post, such as a newspost you see all the time, you'll only get 0.5x the Moons per Karma earned. (CCIP-038)
- When posting a SERIOUS flare, you'll earn 2x the Moons per Karma earned. (CCIP-041)
Now before you post everything with a SERIOUS flare. Per flare there are rules so you can't simply upload anything under a SERIOUS flag.

Moons are governance tokens, which means that you have a say on the trajectory of this subreddit. Every months there are polls on which you can vote with your Moons for new implications. For every poll you vote on you get 5% extra Moons! Usually there are for 4 polls thus you can earn 20% Moons simply for participating in these polls
Type in the search bar GOVERNANCE and/or CCIP

25% RULE
Yesterday a kind Redditor donating many Moons to other Redditors didn't know this fact so here it is. Holding your Moons gets you a multiplier or 1.0. When selling, transferring or donating more than 25% of your Moon holdings (every month) you'll get a penalty and thus receive less Moons per Karma next distribution. So, do whatever you want with your moons but keep atleast 75% every month!
You can also upload memes to cryptocurrencymemes and might be rewarded with Moons for your contribution (CCIP-005)
One last thing: you'll need to ATLEAST earned 10 karma to be eligible to receive Moons that month (CCIP-031).

Interacting with your Moons
There are a couple of ways to interact with your hard earned Moons. BUT, before you do you need Ethereum to move them around. You can either send it yourself but since Arbitrum is a L2 it's bit of a hassle. There is an easier way but it's done out of the pocket of some enthousiast so don't misuse it.
  1. Go to CryptoCurrencyMoons, go to any post and type !gas nova -> You'll receive a bit of gas to do roughly 9-10 transactions
  2. Go to, type in your username and adress and the same happens.
Now that you have gas to interact, what can you do? (Don't forget the 25% rule mentioned above)
  1. Sell (or swap), you could ofcourse sell your Moons. Send Moons to a DEX or CEX and sell them.
  2. Provide liquidity, send some Moons to Sushiswap and provide to the MOONS/ETH liquidity pool for a bit of extra APY.
  3. Tip, you can tip a Moon or two to posts or comments which you find funny, good or informative. You reward good behaviour thus incentivising people to provide useful content! It's done quite easy, go to a post or comment and press the 3 dots.
  4. Reddit Coins, a less populair way to spend your Moons is interacting with Reddit itself. You can spend your Moons on a cryptocurrency special membership which is like 450 Moons a month.
  5. Governance, do what they are meant for, vote on the future on this subreddit.
The future for Moons is bright so more use-cases might follow!
Moons is a new project, it doesn't have a roadmap or whitepaper. To help better the sub it's future head to CryptoCurrencyMeta and put polls on what changes you like to see happen
I hope you new Moons farmers now have better picture of what Moons are and how to earn them. For a better source of information type in Google: Moons Wiki Reddit. There you'll find most information said above more detailled.
For the seasoned farmers: hope you learned some tips so you can maximise your Moon farming!
Much love u/plusfall5285
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2023.03.22 13:12 everlovingkindness Oh so THIS is the party of no regulation and personal freedom!

Oh so THIS is the party of no regulation and personal freedom! submitted by everlovingkindness to PoliticalHumor [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 13:11 kkunaalsharma Top Tips For Those Looking For The Best Jobs in CA Firm

Top Tips For Those Looking For The Best Jobs in CA Firm

Jobs in CA Firm
Do you aspire to become a successful chartered accountant? Deciding on a career choice is not easy unless you have a robust plan for future steps. If you want to become a successful chartered accountant, you need to take the correct steps at the correct time. For instance, pursuing the article ship program from a reputable firm would simplify the requirements to the next level. So, here are a few efficient tips that will help you recognize the career opportunities as a chartered accountant by applying for the best Jobs in CA Firm.
The firm and their reputation Firstly, your focus should be to find a finance firm that has an impeccable reputation. The industrial expert of a finance fund determines the ability of the company to offer technical resources to their employees. Therefore, your focus should be on the salary package and the resources you can avail yourself of through the farm. Learning is an integral process of the career of a chartered accountant, and you need to ensure the best solution.
Can you find the expected exposure? While searching for CA Articleship Vacancies, focus on the futuristic opportunities. Unless you can find the best professional exposure, it is impossible for you to excel in a career you want to pursue. Becoming a chartered accountant takes multiple years, and you must follow the correct steps to ensure a robust career with a high-paying salary. Therefore, focusing on professional exposure should be a priority from day one.
Is it effective for your career? Do you want to restrict your career as a subordinate in a chartered accountancy firm? Most people desire to open a firm of their own, and thus they need to learn from their initial steps. In such cases, you need to connect to the top firms in the industry to understand what it takes to develop a robust status in the high-competition market.
Consult with the experts in the industry. Another efficient way to ensure the best decision for your career is by consulting with an expert in the industry. For instance, if you can find the answers to your doubts, it would be effortless to resolve the requirement. Talking to an experienced chartered accountant can help. Otherwise, you can always review the website content of the top firms and get an overview of their offerings.
Maintain the correct approach to learning. Lastly, it is vital for you as a professional to maintain an approach to learning throughout your career. Especially for those pursuing the article ship program, it is influential to learn as you work on the project. It will help you obtain practical insight and an overview of the industrial requirement. Make the best choice by maintaining a wise approach toward learning.
Excel in the field with the best team Go for a team that brings ample opportunities for you to learn and work on projects of esteemed clients. Make the best career choice, so you do not have to worry afterward. Select wisely and ensure a robust future.
Find our list of the top organization in India that offers CA Articleship vacancies:
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2023.03.22 13:09 MathematicianBulky40 Sites which offer a lifetime referral bonus?

One of my favourite features of any beer money site is the ability to gain a lifetime bonus of referral's earnings. Meaning that any person you refer is potentially an ongoing passive income stream for you!

These are the sites I use so far:

Inboxpounds. A "get-paid-to" (GPT) site offering paid games, paid surveys and a variety of offers. This offers 10% of referral's earnings for life!
Search for latest Inboxpounds post
Attapoll: A paid surveys app, very simple and easy to use with a low minimum withdrawal. Offers 10% of referral's earnings for life.
Search for latest Attapoll post
Freecash: Another great GPT site. This seems to offer the best prices on third party offers at the moment. It initially offers 5% of referral's earnings for life, but this increases when you earn above certain thresholds.
Search for latest Freecash post

Honorary mentions:

Swagbucks, possibly the oldest GPT site, offers 10% of referral earnings for life. But it is bad form to refer UK users as they can get a better bonus on moneysavingexpert.

RewardXP and Gaintplay: GPT sites offering 5% referral earnings for life. These, however, have basically the same offers as Freecash but don't pay as much.

Note: in all cases the referral bonus is just that: a bonus. It does not take anything from the referred users earnings and the referred user will often get a new account bonus for using a referral link.

Drop a comment if you know of any other great sites that offer a lifetime referral bonus!
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2023.03.22 13:06 Vladd88 A realistic timeline of events for the trans community

I know everyone is scared right now. Violence against trans people is way up, laws across the country are being enacted. People are looking into seeking asylum in Canada and other countries. Everyone wants to know what happens next. Are they going to start mass arrests? Put us in “re-education camps” to “protect children”?
80% of this country think lgbtq people deserve basic human rights. I don’t think they’d all stand by as we’re led to the gas chambers. So what’s likely to happen?
First, a trans teenager is going to be denied hormones by their doctor. Meanwhile a drag queen is going to be denied the right to perform. The ACLU is going to approach both of these individuals and say, “can we pretty please sue the state on your behalf and ride this up to the Supreme Court?” They’ll keep asking until someone says yes.
It will take years until the Supreme Court hears the case. In the meantime kids will be forced to detransion, many will take their own lives. These deaths are the responsibility of the Republicans. The ones who claim to be “protesting children” will of course ignore the measurable spike in teen suicide.
Finally the ACLU will get on the docket. For the sake of argument let’s say it’s the exact same Supreme Court makeup we have now. We have three liberal justices, without question they will vote that denying medical treatment without clear evidence of harm to children violates the equal protection clause. Chief justice Roberts, appointed by bush, has voted time and again to affirm lgbtq rights. Alito, Thomas (a black man) believe that if minorities were supposed to have rights the founding fathers would’ve written it down. Barret will likely vote against minority and women’s rights as well. That leaves a single man, our dark horse. Neil Gorsuch.
Here’s the thing about the Supreme Court of the United States, once they’re on there they never have to come off. They don’t have to run for reelection or worry about their poll numbers. Presidents pick them and hope they’ll tow the party line, but there is literally nothing stopping them from going rogue.
That’s what happened in 2020 with “Bostock v Clayton County” and “RG and GR Harris Funeral Homes Inc vs Equal Employment Opportunity Commission”. Gorsuch sided with lgbtq rights in both cases even though he was appointed by Trump. Fun fact about Gorsuch, Obama tried to get a republican controlled Congress to elect him the last year of his presidency, but they stalled hoping for a more extreme alternative. He got in anyway.
So what are the odds he flips and allows trans teens to be denied medical care? Or denies drag queens their first amendment right of expression? I think it’s very unlikely.
People keep saying, “but they overturned abortion rights!” This is terrible, but not surprising considering the supreme court’s members. Again they don’t have to follow the party line. Roberts and Gorsuch opposed abortion rights and support lgbtq rights. These bills will likely be overturned in a 5-4 decision. Kagan, Sotomoyor or Brown Jackson will write a gleeful majority opinion saying that the everyone deserves rights, laws are supposed to protect not harm and that this isn’t nazi Germany. Thomas will write the dissenting opinion saying trans people are yucky and he wishes he was white.
In the meantime we’ll have to grin and bear it. Avoid Republicans at all costs, don’t bother arguing with them, they can’t argue in good faith. They don’t know how to anymore.
If you’re one of the unfortunate teens with conservative parents in conservative states please don’t take your life. I know going through the wrong puberty is painful, you’ll need to do more work as an adult to fix things. But there are so many amazing looking trans men and women who didn’t transition until there 20s or 30s. I’m one of them and I love my body, even if I’m 6 foot, have a deep voice, wide shoulders and some hair loss. Even if you don’t pass you will find love and acceptance. We have to have each other’s back over the next few years. JK Rowling doesn’t matter, she isn’t on the Supreme Court. Trump doesn’t matter, he isn’t on the Supreme Court. Desantis doesn’t matter, he isn’t on the Supreme Court. We need Roberts and Gorsuch to come through with the buzzer beater and stop the second American civil war. As painful as it will be I’m hopeful we’ll win in the end.
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2023.03.22 13:01 StraightOuttaDinkton [MLP 101 (Weekly Q&A Thread)] Ask anything about the NLL here. Post your question for other members to see. Anyone can ask and anyone can answer.

[MLP 101 (Weekly Q&A Thread)] Ask anything about the NLL here. Post your question for other members to see. Anyone can ask and anyone can answer.
- Some of us are new to the game and a lot of us probably don't know everything about it. This is the thread to help improve your MLP IQ.
- There's no such thing as a dumb question, so ask away! (Any disrespectful comments will be deleted)
- If your question doesn't get answered, try asking again in the following week in case your question was missed.
- If you want to look at older MLP 101 threads, either click on the flair, or do a Reddit search on "MLP 101".
Many thanks in advance to everyone that helps provide answers!
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2023.03.22 13:00 YrsaAse Newest EPD update

Newest EPD update submitted by YrsaAse to MissingScottieMorris [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 13:00 Wonderful-Ad-6070 more meth hijinx

Ok so awhile ago I posted something about an occasional but very very annoying side effect of meth turning my ability to concisely speak into befuddled gobbledygook. Well heres another beef I got with it.
Yes blindness. At times, I swear to you, I go blind as a bat. No. Bats have just GOT to have better vision than I do on a good meth buzz. No creature on earth could be more unable to see and still survive. What I mean is shit like this....ok I wanna take a hit but I can't find my lighter. I begin looking all over for it. I mean everyfreakingwhere. Like, I know I didn't go anywhere since the last time I used it and I live in a small one bedroom apartment thats sparsely furnished. Up, down and sideways I can't goddam find the cocksucker anywhere. I eventually get the notion of the possibility that maybe I stuck it up my ass and boofed the retarded thing....and then I give up in total exasperation, sit back down at my desk where I started....and I'll be damned to hell and back if I AM NOT LOOKING RIGHT AT IT, the very place I could have SWORN I checked a dozen times if once.
There's only two possible theories...either prank playing trolls escaped from under the bridge a mile away and decided to invade my spot in order to slowly drive me insane, or I go batshit blind at times on this shit.
Another case in point from just an hour ago. After the lighter fiasco, I figure maybe it's time to slow down on the clear and smoke me a J. I find my weed. I can't find my papers. A little man sitting on my shoulder chuckles snidely and whispers in my ear, "oh, here we go again retard". I search. And search. And this time I DO actually look up my asshole just to be sure. Nada. Zilch. Disappearo. Fuck me running. Then I finally recall that I placed my papers on my weed tray. But they're not there. Then I recall I was using the tray also as a cigarette ashtray and that I dumped it out just earlier. I run out to the garbage and pull the trash bag out, bring it back inside and sift through its disgusting smelly contents (not so much for the papers per se, but because this shit has gotten personal now dammit) and lo and behold there they are....
Like, when I went to dump the damn thing I couldn't fucking see my papers sitting RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF ME like the freaking lighter fiasco??
Now I need a shower since I'm kinda fumigated in this new snazzy cologne I discovered called Eau de Garbage
God hates me.
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