Coleman pool sides bowing in

Ohhhhh we’re half way there!!

2023.05.28 18:31 JustJarvis21 Ohhhhh we’re half way there!!

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2023.05.28 18:30 yeokay My [24M] GF [23F] wants to explore sex with other women

We have been together for a year. We started out fully non-exclusive for several months, before things got complicated and we decided to be monogamous.
We are both bi-sexual with very little experience being with the same sex (only a couple times each).
Recently she has mentioned that she would potentially be interested in exploring being with women again, and was wondering if I feel the same.
She says that we could do this together e.g. a threesome with another girl. However, I think she would also maybe like the opportunity to do it 1-on-1, but also would like me involved (and realises this would help with feelings of insecurity)
I guess a lot of guys would be very happy to hear this, and there is a part of me that's interested in exploring it. But I'm not sure how I feel.
Of course it would also mean that I could have the opportunity to explore a little bit more sex with men, which is definitely something I've thought about. However, I feel like I don't necessarily have the biggest desire for this right now - although I am definitely curious.
She has said to me that it's not a deal breaker to her, and that she would rather be with me exclusively than not be with me and get to explore this side of herself. But she just wanted to see how I would feel about it, and whether I would be interested
The thing is, there's also an insecure part of me that worries that if she truly loved me enough, she wouldn't want to be with someone else, even if it's to explore with a woman.
I know it's a bit hetero-normative, but honestly I WOULD be a LOT more upset by this if she told me that she also wanted to open things up to be with men aswell.
I'm really not sure what to do here, and I can't help but feel a bit hurt, even though I am also slightly interested by the idea.
Is this something that can work? I don't know if I should work through the slight insecurity, as this could be something very fun and rewarding for us both
TLDR - We are both bi-sexual. My GF has expressed interest in exploring being with other women again. This could be together (i.e. threesome), and also separately. It isn't a dealbreaker for her, and she'd rather be exclusive with me than not be with me at all. I am feeling insecure, but I am also slightly excited by the idea to explore more with men and of course have a threesome with her. I'm feeling torn, and don't know if I should be upset or embrace this as it could be fun and rewarding for us both.
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2023.05.28 18:30 CaptainOreo0214 WTS my collection (61531)

I'm wanting to sell out of my collection, trying to move a clean out my stuff I don't need anymore. offer is yours, shipping cost is at buyers expense so remember to include that after what you offer. List of blasters for sale:
Modded DZP MK3: 2s/3s lipo ready, MOSFET installed, EZEs RoF+ Kit and talon adapter, OOD daybreak cage and wheels, ~185fps + 2 talon magazines.
DZ Nexus Pro: Purple repaint, barrel upgrade, Foamdeamic's SCAR barrel, redone seals and x-ring installed ~165fps, 2 worker 10 round short dart magazines, 1 DZ 15 round magazine with adapter.
DZP Dictator: redone and overhauled seals, x-ring added, comes with original dual 12 round magazines with coupler.
Nerf Boomdozer: completely stock, grey nerf stryfe commando stock, and 35 MXL rounds
Nerf Nitron: Shell is in beautiful shape, unsure of condition of internal electronics, no magazine or sight.
AF V-Twin: stock, full belt, no belt supports on the side.
Again the offers are up to you, remember to account for shipping (shipping from 61531 IL, USA). I would like to sell these soon seeing as I need to move and need some extra money and need to clear out how much stuff I have. You can buy all of them for $200 or we can work out pricing. I take payment through Cash App, PayPal, and Venmo. Please account for PayPal because they withhold funds at times and I need to use the money from the sale to pay for the shipping cost.
P.S. please, if you lose interest let me know. Im tired of being ghosted. I don't care why you lost interest, just say "hey, nvm" and we'll leave it there and I'll move on.
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2023.05.28 18:30 FinalPantasee Placement for wall mounted bookshelf height speakers. Help me decide.

Placement for wall mounted bookshelf height speakers. Help me decide.
You can see I’ve got my sides up, already. The back is completely open so no place to put them and opening up the drop ceiling isn’t an option due to noise and this is a rental.
I can go in the front corner of the room, green, or front wall even for the “wall of sound effect”.
Or red - bring them closer to a 45 degree angle and closer to where you might mount ceiling front atmos speakers.
7.x.4 setup.
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2023.05.28 18:30 Krixwell Alphabetical watch orders

So over here, u/Nine_Eye_Ron joked about watching Steven Universe in "alphabetical order", and it got me curious about just how ridiculous that order would get. A little listing and alphabetizing later, I'd like to share the two new ideal watch orders for the series.

Alphabetized by season

In this version, the seasons are in order, but the episodes within each season are alphabetized (counting 1A and 1B separately). It's a little less ridiculous than the alternative, so we'll save the really dumb one for last.

Season 1A

Season 1B

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

The Movie

SU: Future

Alphabetized all together

But who cares about seasons? Let's start the show off strong by watching A Single Pale Rose at the very beginning!
Truly the most logical way to watch this series.
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2023.05.28 18:29 Shellerellaaa Very worried after neck adjustment

Hiya. 28 year old female. 170cm 65kg. I smoke about 10 cigarettes a day. Other than POTS (I have low blood pressure with the tachycardia on standing) I have no other health issues that I know of. Recently had a normal brain MRI, clear chest x-ray, clear echocardiogram, clear abdomen ultrasound, normal bloods. Prior to getting POTS I was in the best shape of my life doing pole fitness and aerial silks.
Just wondering if someone could let me know if I'm just overthinking or if there's a big problem at hand. Backstory: recently diagnosed with POTS (got it from covid in 22). I have all the usual symptoms since. In February I had a fall where I hit the side of my head. It wasn't bad and I wasn't concussed or anything. Had an MRI on my brain after and it was clear. Didn't think anyone about it. After a few weeks I started getting headaches and some neck pain along with some dizziness (not light-headed but more like every now and again my head would feel like how when you're sleeping and feel like youre falling. It's hard to describe). I also started getting chronic nausea. I ended up going to see a chiropractofunctional neurologist 3 days ago. He also does functional medicine so I didn't expect there to be any adjustment stuff. I'm just at my wits end so just wanted to try another option. After checking my neck he said it was completely misaligned to the side. He pressed in one part and it was really sore but the other side was fine. He then said he thought a neck adjustment would be beneficial. I was terrifed but find it hard to advocate for myself so I agreed after he went through the risks. He did 2 other adjustments on my back and one on my neck. I didn't feel any different afterwards tbh. But then yesterday I started getting random pains up the sides and back of my neck (not severe but annoying) and my head feels a bit wobbly. It also feels like something in pulling in my neck and my upper back. I have mild pain in the sides of my head at times too. I'm also extremely fatigued (I normally have fatigue with POTS but not to this level)
My question is is this serious enough that I should go to EGP or should I wait a few days to see if it clears? I know some pain afterwards is normal but I read that it shouldn't last longer than 48 hours.
Also just to point out i will not be going back to him.
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2023.05.28 18:29 EnoughIndependence79 Looking for campsites!

My family (all 17+ yrs old) of 10 is hoping for a decently priced campground preferably with a beach and definitely with cabins. Not picky, love the forest scenery, trails, possible canoe rentals. Definitely prefer more privacy rather than side by side cabins, we can be a bit noisy. We’re currently looking in Sudbury or North bay, Killarney looks gorgeous. Any recommendations appreciated!
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2023.05.28 18:29 TopAir5336 Mod idea

Hello! Is there a mod that could enable the DualSense's adaptative triggers when using the bow in TotK?
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2023.05.28 18:29 Sponholz A20 2nd Gen, defaulting to PC mode after update.

Title self-explanatory, got a A20 (2nd Gen) to be used exclusively on a PlayStation, updated the firmware and it just doesn't start on PS mode anymore when.
This was not the behavior prior to the update and I can't change the default mode on Astro software.
Any way to change the default mode after the update.
Side question: Any side effects for PS to have the dongle on PC mode while the headset is not being used, any harm on leaving the dongle plugged with the yellow light instead of the blue one?
Thanks in advance for any answers.
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2023.05.28 18:28 Waiph Experienced players playing savy "retired" characters @ Lv 1

I'm a more experienced player, and generally DM, so I have quite a bit more knowledge than some of the newer players I play with. Or in a group of experienced players that don't want to play a bunch of rubes I think this is a fun way to justify more in-game knowledge than a character should have.
Play a former adventurer that needs to start over.
I'm currently playing an Artificer that was a big deal in the past, but lost all his supplies, notes, wealth, good looks and his dominant hand in a suspicious explosion. He's back to level one, on a quest to restore his fame and fortune, but has to re-develope and reverse engineer all his arcane formula, and relearn to do everything with his left hand and his prosthetic.
Other options are the Fighter that took an arrow to the knee (or just got too old to fighter) and took up wizardry, or join the priesthood or a druid grove.
Anyone can be struck down by a magical blight then develop sorcerous powers, or trade away their pre-existing skill set for "Ultimate Power"™ in a very one-sided warlock pact.
If you don't want to play a geriatric, you can always be a depowered sorcerer, a defrocked cleric (or priest of a dead god) a foresworn Warlock, or an ex-druid.
Anyone else ever play a retiree that is getting back in the game, but has to start over from square one?
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2023.05.28 18:28 Fuel_Antique Possible pelvic floor muscle spasm

Has anyone ever had a really intense muscle spasm that radiated into your lower back and lower abdomen? For background I have had vaginismus for 10 years, I do pelvic floor physical therapy and also get Botox injections to manage the pain and have found some success. Yesterday I got the most painful feeling in the superficial muscles on the right side of my pelvic floor that radiated into my glute and lower back and also into my lower abdomen. It felt kind of like a knife in my pelvic floor area and then cramps radiating out. The only relief I found was sitting on a heating pad and using my pelvic floor wand.
My question is has this ever happened to someone? I’m no stranger to referred pain and soreness but this was next level. The only thing I can think of for this happening is because I took a spin class in the morning and didn’t warm up? But I also spin 2-3 times a week and have never had this issue. Any feedback is helpful!
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2023.05.28 18:28 sadit1982 What is the keto diet?

The ketogenic diet, or keto diet, has emerged as a popular dietary lifestyle in recent years.
This low-carb, high-fat diet aims to induce ketosis, a metabolic state in which the body burns fat for fuel instead of glucose.
What is the keto diet?
The keto diet is a high-fat, low-carb, and moderate-protein diet that typically limits carbohydrate intake to 20-50 grams per day, depending on individual needs and goals.
The diet encourages the consumption of healthy fats, such as avocados, nuts, and olive oil, while discouraging processed and sugary foods.
The keto diet aims to switch the body's primary energy source from glucose to ketones - the byproduct of fat metabolism - by restricting carbohydrate intake.
In the absence of glucose, the liver produces ketones to fuel the brain and other organs.
Benefits of the keto diet;
Several studies suggest that the keto diet may have several potential benefits, including:
  1. Weight loss: The keto diet may aid in weight loss by reducing hunger and promoting fat loss.
  2. Improved blood sugar control: The keto diet can improve blood sugar control by reducing insulin resistance and decreasing blood sugar levels.
  3. Increased energy levels: The keto diet may improve energy levels by allowing the body to efficiently utilize fat for fuel.
  4. Reduced inflammation: The keto diet may have anti-inflammatory effects, which could reduce the risk of chronic diseases.
  5. Improved mental clarity: Many people report improved mental clarity and cognitive function on the keto diet.
Drawbacks of the keto diet;
While the keto diet has some potential benefits, there are also some possible drawbacks to consider:
  1. Difficult to sustain: The keto diet can be difficult to sustain long-term, as it requires strict adherence to a low-carb, high-fat diet.
  2. Lack of variety: The keto diet can be limiting in terms of food choices and may lack variety.
  3. Digestive issues: Some people may experience digestive issues, such as constipation or diarrhea, when they first start the keto diet.
  4. Nutrient deficiencies: The keto diet may lead to nutrient deficiencies if not well planned, particularly low fiber intake and the lack of vitamins and minerals found in many carbohydrate-rich foods.
Starting the keto diet;
If you're considering adopting the keto diet, it's essential to consult a healthcare professional or registered dietitian before getting started, particularly if you have any underlying health conditions.
Here are some practical tips for starting and maintaining a keto diet:
  1. Start slowly: Gradually reduce your carbohydrate intake over a few weeks to minimize side effects such as headaches and fatigue.
  2. Prioritise nutrient-dense foods: Choose a variety of nutrient-dense, whole foods, such as low-carb vegetables, healthy fats, and protein sources.
  3. Track your macronutrient intake: Use an app or a food diary to monitor your macronutrient intake, particularly carbohydrates and protein.
  4. Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water, and supplement with electrolytes if you experience symptoms such as fatigue or muscle cramps.
  5. Be patient and persistent: It may take some time for your body to adjust to the keto diet. Stay motivated and be persistent with your nutrition and lifestyle.
Resources for Further Exploration;
  1. "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living" by Jeff Volek and Stephen Phinney
  2. "The Ketogenic Bible" by Jacob Wilson and Ryan Lowery
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2023.05.28 18:28 EmoryCadet Need advice!

I am a newly licensed Realtor since June and my favorite aspect of the career so far is creating marketing. I’ve been curious about the need for marketing assistants or packages. I need to check the licensing in my state about having a “side business” under the real estate category, but have been considering selling marketing materials premade and customized for agents. Things like listing presentation materials, door hangers, individual property flyers, etc all customized to the agent/their brokerage information. I would even like to offer virtual staging as this is something I’ve trained in.
Does anyone see a need for this or is this market cornered with big agencies? Open to any and all suggestions.
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2023.05.28 18:27 grannycakes1 Stressed or bored?

Stressed or bored?
I adopted Baz from a shelter where he was severely underweight (first photo on the decor is from the day I got him) His basking temp stays at around 105°f and his cool side I have to edit and add later. He lives in a 4 x 2 zen habitat. He is always banging and scratching the front and calms down when I finally take him out. Should I be concerned? We don’t know his age but he’s around 18 inches long. He eats literally everything (bugs/greens) drinks water, enjoys soaking during bath time. But he is restless in his enclosure. Sorry I do not have better photos but he has the arcadia uvb prot5 12% and lots of dragon stone to climb on/hammock and then two basking platforms. Also he is in a bioactive enclosure using the biodude’s bearded dragon substrate.
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2023.05.28 18:27 Startinezzz Brake servicing

Brake servicing
On my ‘67 Mustang. Brake pedal is really soft so I’m working my way through the whole system, starting with the rear drums.
Looks like they’ve not been serviced in a decade or more as there was so much build-up which you can see from the first pic.
Took everything apart and had a good brush and clean - I’ve rebuilt this one side as it’s good to go but the pistons are seized in the cylinder on the other side. I’m gonna try to free them but in reality I’m not expecting it to happen so I’ll probably just replace the one (they’re £45 each so not as cheap as I’d expect). Part of the reason there’s so much crap in there is the rear adjuster plugs are missing on both sides, so they’ll be sourced and fitted.
As soon as the rear is rebuilt I’ll get onto the front (my drive isn’t level so it’s difficult to jack up front and back at the same time without tipping the axle stands) and the parking brake, which isn’t working at all but seems to be an issue with the lever or cable up the front rather than actuating at the rear.
Then onto checking the MC before bleeding it all and hoping to see a big difference! The first drive in it was a bit of an experience with 1/4 turn of play in the steering and these shot brakes 😄
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2023.05.28 18:27 organizara21 Flights cancelled - travel agent and airline blaming each other

I booked some return flights to Japan on flying Cathay Pacific. My return flights times were changed by Cathay Pacific and I had to call to change the return flights because there was an overlap (my second flight had a departure time which was before the arrival time of the first flight). The changes were confirmed by Booking and I was able to see my changes on Cathay up until two days ago. Tonight I tried to check in as I was due to fly tomorrow afternoon (Japan time). Cathay app says my booking is not existent. app shows the booking as normal. Been chatting, emailing and calling both Cathay and Booking for hours trying to sort this out and they keep blaming each other - Cathay says it was Booking who cancelled my flight and viceversa. I am not sure whose fault it is anymore. Both say they can't book me on another flight because it's the other company's fault. I asked for some proof from both sides but nobody provided with anything. Btw I booked my flights with Amex so I know I could potentially ask for a refund though them as well. I don't want to be worse off because I need to book an entire different flight back to London because both parties refuse to help and then wait for some partial refund through Amex.
What are my legal rights? How do I get either of them to book me on some flights back to the UK? Any tips welcome :( never had to deal with anything similar before. I am an EU citizen living in England btw.
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2023.05.28 18:27 TuxAndrew Simple Games

Any recommendations for simple games that’ll work with Famicom controllers? (Of course I can emulate all the older games, but looking for more modern games that those controllers might also be suited for)
Side scrollers like Kingdom Two Crowns are simple for my daughter to get in have been what I’ve been playing and using them for so far.
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2023.05.28 18:27 International-Use-43 Pittsburgh swimming

So my goal is to spend as much time as possible this summer outside, preferably at a pool. Is there a list somewhere of all the pools in Pittsburgh, entrance fees, reviews, etc? If not, I’d love to hear everyone’s suggestions!
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2023.05.28 18:27 DirtyLoneVagrant SP/Valguero Wyvern respawn is broken?

Any other maps I've played, to get a wyvern egg, I'd kill off some of the wyverns, grab an egg and in time they would respawn. On this map they respawn immediately, I killed a dozen ice wyverns, I thought it seemed a lot, but they were just respawning and continued to do so, eventually dropping 3 dozen with no end in sight.
I have a base, literally, 20 seconds away from the east side entrance, with safe house and traps and such. So it's not like I'm going so far away that distance is affecting it. Even eggs respawn immediately, more or less, grab an egg, bring it back to wyvern base, store it, fly 20 seconds back and the same nest has a new egg. I farmed until I had a level 175.
6 of 7 eggs came from the exact same nest.
This may seem fun but the problem is there is no way for me to get anything else from or in that trench so long as wyverns non-stop respawn.
Also noticed none of ice wyverns had talons in there inventory, though I don't know if they are supposed to on this map?
Prior to ever going to this trench I had done a dino wipe for other reasons, but I never heard of that affecting respawn rates.
Doing a search prior to posting didn't bring up anyone else having this issue of too many too often?
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2023.05.28 18:27 The_Ohio_Welder Caught wife having affair, whats next.

Yesterday I opened the laptop and found my wife had left her Instagram logged in with a private dm open. Glancing at it I ended up scrolling back past February and still can't nail down the day the affair started.
Our marriage has been tough in the last year, our youngest has a rare genetic condition and was diagnosed autistic (high function) and non verbal. She started therapy to cope with this... her therapy has put her down the path of getting off all her meds since pre pregnancy and self medicates with weed and micro dosing mushrooms, which she tells me her therapist said was a good idea.
Beening a holiday weekend I can't get an attorney to pick up to see what I can do as I kick her out with out it jeopardizing my custody of the boys.
My head is swimming and I just had to explain to my oldest (13) that mom is moving out when she gets home today... I've never felt more emotions at once as I literally cried while trying to explain it to him.
I want to literally just cut everything off and put all her stuff in the driveway... turn off the phone (part of a large family plan from my side) take her off the medical and car insurance first thing Tuesday morning. Pull her gym membership and tell her to figure it out.
Can I do this (I know it makes me a pos to her, but I already am) or will this hurt me in the long run.
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2023.05.28 18:26 LowerComb6654 I don't know if I should call someone?

TDLR at the bottom- Please understand this is my first post here.
My dilemma is: My daughter 13(f) was friends with another 13(f) since Kindergarten, they'renow in 8th grade. I have also been friends with the girls mother for years as our children are friends and we've spent a lot of time together.
The other day my daughter texted me wanting to come home early from school. She claimed she was upset. Here I come to find out her friend of more than 10 years doesn't want to be friends anymore. She accused my child of trying to buy drugs last year, not knowing boundaries, told her secrets and is a bad influence. My child is not perfect, but I know she hasn't done most of these things. Also, the reason why they have been distant is because my child told on a couple girls her friend is friends with in February. They were literally telling this friend to rid herself of thos world! Plus a bunch of really nasty and heinous things that I can't repeat on here.
My daughter wanted to fight these girls for talking about her friend like that! However, ever since the incident her friend has been hanging with those mean girls more than my daughter. There was also a split of the friend group. Those who were on my daughter's side for agreeing those girls were mean and those who are on their side. Apparently, the friend I'm speaking about chose the mean girls side. This isn't the first time my child has been cast aside by the friend over others.
I know kids will be kids but these accusations are just crazy! Plus, she'd rather be friends with the girls who told her to rid herself?
Of course, I had told the mother a few months ago that her daughter was hanging out with those girls. She promised not to tell her daughter my child told me, but low and behold she told her. Ever since then her friend has been distant but this came out of nowhere, because she had apologized a few weeks ago for being distant.
I haven't talked to the mother in a few months because I've been so busy taking care of my ailing mother, plus my health isn't great. She has tried to call me and at the end of the day I've all but forgotten to call back. I KNOW I'm not a good friend sometimes but I was also mad she broke the promise not to get my child involved. I knew her daughter would be mad at mine and I didn't want that.
So here is my question: Should I call or message the mother about what her daughter has said to my child and about what's going on?
I almost just want to wait and see if she calls me again, but I kind of don't see it happening since our kids aren't friends anymore. Her daughter blocked mine on all socials.
I almost wonder since I have kind of ghosted the mom, the daughter has decided to do this? She had texted me if the kids were getting along awhile ago.
I know this might sound childish but I'm in protective momma bear mode rn. I'm also sad that 10+ years of friendship is down the drain. All because of rumors and because my child wanted to protect her friend!? I'd also be here for an hour if I explain every detail to every issue.
TDLR: My daughter tells on mean girls that attacked her best friend, now bff hangs out with those who attacked her, and decided to unfriend my daughter, while making wild accusations against her. Should I call her ex-friends mom and tell her how I feel about this? The mother and I have been friends or at least I thought we were. I don't know if she knows.
Thanks for any advice that is given! I truly appreciate it💕
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2023.05.28 18:26 Smemerline Good questions about the ship

Edit: it’s supposed to say “food questions about the ship” Oops
It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been on a Disney cruise and this will be my first trip as an adult so I have a few questions about food and restaurants:
I’m going to be 14 weeks pregnant when we go and so far I can only eat very small meals/snacks scattered throughout the day without getting sick as opposed to sitting down for a normal lunch and dinner. Hopefully I’ll feel better by then, but I like to set my expectations ahead of time. Fried foods (like the quick service stuff they have at the pools) are also difficult for me to eat atm. So, my question is, what are the limits to the buffet? Like, if I go once to eat a small lunch and then come back a little later will they let me in? I remember once when I was younger being turned away because I’d already eaten, but I can’t remember what cruise line it was. The last Royal carribean cruise I went on didn’t really have any limits on where you could go. Also, if I go to dinner and I can’t stomach anything there can I leave and go to the buffet instead or am I out of luck because I already went to a dinner? I like the theming of the sit down restaurants and know I can look at the menus beforehand, but sometimes I don’t know something will make me feel sick until I smell it or taste it. I know room service is always an option, but i don’t want to spend a ton of time in the room throughout the day if I don’t have to. Thanks in advance!
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