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2023.05.28 18:00 jackychn1 Have signal but no internet

Yesterday, I was at johns beach watching the air show, I have signal 4-5 bars but I was not able to go online, no internet at all. I was able to make call only. But on the other hand my friend is using T-Mobile which has signal and internet as well.
After I left, I’m able to go online again
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2023.05.28 17:59 lalaxoxoo Update- my bf had a threesome with my sister and best friend

So update for those who may wanna know the latest
Aside from being in therapy & cutting myself off from everybody. I decided to hear my ex bestie out over the phone & according to her she wanted to tell the truth about everything. She's revealed that my sister and my ex have actually been messing around behind my back for two & half years and that my sister is currently three months pregnant with his child. She's aborted three of my ex bf's babies before deciding to keep the latest one and apparently they have been in love with eachother for a while & she's hated the fact that he continued to be with me. She really viewed me as his 'side chick' and her the gf even though they were sneaking around behind my back 🤣 she's so delusional. Anyways the baby she is pregnant with now was planned & they had intended on telling me it was the result of a one night stand with a complete stranger & she was gonna raise the baby by herself. They really thought they was gonna raise their baby together behind my back. My sister enjoyed decieving me the whole time and set up the threesome to be caught since she is pregnant and no longer wants to share my ex bf. Ex bestie admitted she slipped me sleeping pills as an attempt for me not to wake up and catch them in the act as she felt bad about their plans. Which I'm so pissed about cus who the f she thinks she is drugging me? Next is when I struggled not reaching thru the phone and unaliving her. Aside from admitting she has feelings for my ex she admitted she enjoyed the threesome & it was the best sex she's ever had. She went straight into detail about everything and how amazing it was. So I hung up the phone and blocked her. She is such a trashy person I wanna forget they all exist. Which I've been doing until last week when a mutual friend of ours reached out to let me know that she has continued having sex with my ex & my sister and they are now in a poly relationship and bestie is trying to get pregnant as she wants to be pregnant same time as my sister. I can't believe she was tryna mend our friendship but starting a poly relationship with them & told me she had stayed clear of them. Apparently going by her social media posts she feels really bad having betrayed me yet again and hopes our friendship can be mended in the future.. they have even posted statuses asking friends if they should reach out to me to ask if I wanna come along to my sister's ultrasound appointments & baby shower which they have arranged for about two months time. Just sick in the head. All three of them.. so anyways that's my life right now. Gonna continue going to therapy to keep me on straight & narrow & prevent me from doing something I may regret
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2023.05.28 17:59 MightySultanAlt Budding, Zombie, Overtuned - not interacting properly

Budding, Zombie, Overtuned - not interacting properly
So, in the current state of things, Overtuned is supposed to let you edit zombie templates to create specific zombies for certain environments. Budding meanwhile is supposed to provide extra organic production and as such synergizes with zombies.
Except for some reason, combining this all confuses Stellaris.
If you have Zombie traits, you can create new templates. If these new templates have budding - no pop can be produced. Likewise, budding zombies *can* be made only if there is existed zombified budding pops on the planet. These templates then cannot be customized and used, as there is no pop of it to produce.
You can see this replicated with no mods in the images. Messing around with names and such had no effect, it appears to just be a bug with the budding trait.
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2023.05.28 17:59 SpaceCloud9 Help me I’ll help you?

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2023.05.28 17:59 KappaOfficer Eternal Kappa —— A Fast growing and focused guild, with priority on helping our members succeed not just for themselves, but the guild as a whole - Active & Social Members - See Comments for More Information

Σternal Kappa
Relaxed group of active and social members! Looking for positive vibes as we continue to grow!
The Eternal Empire is a family of 8 independently run guilds and home to 400 players. We support all level of players from beginners to experienced, end-game all-heroic competitors. Guild GPs range from 350M - 450M+. All active & dedicated players are welcome! We understand that life happens & take that into consideration. We share one Discord server where we have the tools, bots, resources & seasoned advice to help guide you as you progress. Our motto is: “We build together, we grow TOGETHER!”.
49/50 Members, 365M+ GP
1:30 UTC / 20:30 EST / 17:30 PST Guild Reset
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2023.05.28 17:59 alessqun Temu code for code?? These items will really help me save money while I start make products for my new supporters that have been asking. I can start my own mini business!! 158008638

Temu code for code?? These items will really help me save money while I start make products for my new supporters that have been asking. I can start my own mini business!! 158008638 submitted by alessqun to TEMU_Official [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 17:58 Dane_knight Katie is a bad character? [discussion]

I'm currently watching Barry for the first time and having reached season 3 episode 4 i must say that Katie is a bad and out of place character.
I don't quite get why they introduced this millenial character who seems to read Barry like an open book despite the fact that he has fooled everybody else, including the police, up until this point. At the point i've reached in the show she has seen him in a bad mood 1 time and heard some out of context stuff about him and has somehow reached the conclusion that he is a violent man who is going to hurt Sally.
Now he obviously is everything she is saying, but i don't quite understand why her character gets to come into the show and suddenly make this connection that very few people have seemed to make up until this point.
Am i wrong here? Have i missed some crucial point in the story? It seems half baked and some cheap excuse to more easily make Sally realise the situation instead of her discovering it herself through self reflection?
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2023.05.28 17:58 Last_Radio4390 The staff at Costa drive through sure do look at you weird.

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2023.05.28 17:58 hfillz First ever mushroom from my first ever grow!! So happy and thankful ❤️ stargazers are beautiful [actives]

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2023.05.28 17:58 Da_boss_babie360 Take a chance on a rising junior looking at engineering in a T20 school. Specifically UCLA, Berkely, and possiblely Ivy and Ivy+???

Intro, you can skip this part.
IWas wondering if y'all had any advice to improve, and overall just what your thoughts are on me!
I'll be putting my projected GPA for 11th and 12th grade, and will be going more conservative in that regard. So I'm going to assume B's in smth like AP Lang or French IV, for example.
So the website I'm using is "" to calculate my unweighted and weighted gpa. Each semester represents a year. And yes, I'm expecting 12th grade to have such high gpa, since it's all gonna be lab sciences (except for 1 which is an advanced humanities course, i put a B+ for that once even though it's prob an easy A, incase it's a hard class)
I believe for an A+ the calculator gives 4.33, and for honors courses it gives +.5 instead of +1. Whatever tho.
Gender: Male
Race: Indian
School: competitive to highly competitive private school
State: CA
Income: Enough where I won't be taking any loans or don't need any financial aid. Upper-middle to upper-bracket
Intended Major(s): Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Comp Sci, etc. (I initially was deciding between med and comp sci, but i kinda vibing with comp sci more both personally and in aptitude, etc.)
SAT: I'm taking it next year junior year. 1480 on PSAT (750 M / 730 EW). Based on practice tests on SAT, planning to hit on the 1550-1600 ballpark
UW/W GPA and Rank: (No rank at my school)
Year 1 : 4.08/3.46 (Bad year lol)
Year 2: 4.42/3.67 (Bit better this year, humanities subjects are challenging, but the trend is upwards :) )
Year 3: 4.58/3.83
Year 4: 5.08/4.08 (All weighted college level courses)
Cumulative: 4.54/3.76
(Our GPA is actually pretty deflated. Our teachers are hard - the 11th graders only have 1 person who has a 4.0 UW GPA..., idk about my grade but I believe no one has)
Coursework: 9 Honors, (Counting Phys C as 1 course:) 10 AP Courses, 6 Post-AP courses (Multivar, Linear Algebra, Data Structures and Algorithms, some english thing idk, Modern Physics, )
AP Tests: (15 total tests) (ten 5's, four 4's, and a 3)
APCSA - 5, AP US Gov - 4
Projected Test Scores for courses I took this year: AP Bio - 5, AP Phys 1 - 5, APUSH - 4, AP CSP - 5, AP Calc AB - 5 and possibly a perfect score ngl.
Projected Test Scores for next 2 years: AP Phys 2 - 5, AP Phys C MEM - 5 & 5, AP World - 3, AP Stats - 5, AP Lang - 4, AP Calc BC - 5, AP Chem - 4
Awards (* Projected Awards): Don't wanna doxx myself so ima be vague
Oracle Certified Associate for Java, and Oracle Certified Programmer I (II this summer)Dell Boomi Certified too (this summer)
* USAPhO Silver at least, if not Gold
* National Merit (Have to wait till junior year)
* Grade 8 ABRSM, probably DipAB after
School Grand Integrator (Calc AB division)
* School Grand Integrator (Calc BC division)
(Graduated Kumon in 8th grade? Prob not gonna put this, but I consistently got rank <50. I mean idk if thats good tbh but hey its something)
[Probably will have more awards like other physics competitions, hackathons, etc. This is all I can think of right now, though]
ECs (* Projected ECs):
Martial Arts for about 10 years. Fully recreational. Competitions not allowed and discouraged in my martial arts school (* belt before black by application season)
Paid intern at internationally recognized software company and will work on cool stuff that will be implemented in medical companies and hospitals
Essentially started my school student council, led it for the past 2 years, definitely gonna hold the spot for the next cycles. - Organized lots of events, and working to spread us on a more inter-school level. (Spent over 15 thousand dollars for school events and such)
Started the STEM Tutoring Club. Regularly lead and teach there
* Starting an organization for student-student teaching.
* Also starting an organization for students to more easily volunteer for the community, making volunteering more accessible
< ^ Definitely going to continue these orgs even after high school>
* Research Paper on taking an IB final project topic from 2009-2010 that was used as our AP Calc Final Project, and expanding it using software to simulate stuff. Very cool. Teacher connecting me to researchers interested... o.o. Writing a paper on it.
Do cool hardware/software project and will write a paper on it. I don't really want to say too much on that, but it'll be hella cool.
Hooks: Anti-hook - I'm indian.
- Old Math Teacher and future physics wrote a killer one (I heard) for my internship. Can expect same for college ones
- Current Math Teacher taught for longer than my life, 3 times over, and said I was one of her brightest students. She gave a great one apperantly for internship as well.
- One of our admins who heads Clubs and Activities is a very holistic person, and I can confidently say the letter she can write to colleges (like she already did, again, to the internship) will be comprehensive and detailed. Very assured she'll write great things for college.
- I also have an interesting relationship with my english teacher. Taught me since 7th garde, knows how I've grown in an area I'm pretty bad in. And he's an english teacher. Probably will be a good one.
Chancing LORs aren't rlly reliable tho, so i'll give my chancing for LOR as "above average"
List: T25, Georgia Tech as an out-of-state, UC Berkely/LA, yk the usual. UCLA would be pretty fun to get into. UT Austin is also on the table definitely since I like the place.
Idk I don't like spending my life running on the tails of colleges, I want to develop as a person and have a strong connection with my fam. So I probably won't do crazy things that take too much of my time. Most of my effort is gonna be martial arts, the fam, and my own personal growth.
Essays: Probably will write em well. I have some unique ideas with my crazy life experiences lol. Drafted some and have good feedback.
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2023.05.28 17:58 GrayGray4468 A look back at Paris 🪖

ICYMI -- here are some of the top moments coming out of the final major of CS:GO:

Liquid Rolls Back the Years (to 2019 not 2018)

Who had Liquid 0-2 to 3-2 in the BLAST Paris Challengers Stage?
After getting embarrassed by Apeks & ForZe on Day 1, few believed NA’s darlings would recover from their disastrous start... until they got matched against Fluxo in the 0-3 pool.
Fluxo got 16-2’d by paiN -- how could Liquid lose?
(If I had a nickel for every time I asked that question I wouldn't be writing this)
In classic Liquid fashion, they gave their 14 year old fanbase multiple heart attacks throughout the series. Despite being pushed to the edge, Liquid pulled through to live on at the Major. After steamrolling their NA brethren in Complexity, Liquid faced Grayhound for the last spot in the Legends stage. It was a layup of a match for them, taking care of the dawgs in two maps and continuing their major run.
Surprisingly, they didn’t choke on the opening day of Legends. They destroyed 9INE and Na’Vi to go 2-0, off the back of a disgusting match by YEKINDAR.
Liquid 3-0 pickers slept happy that night, but their bubble was popped the following day 🫧
Up against their kryptonite (5 dudes from Denmark) Liquid failed to take down Heroic to earn their berth in playoffs, which tee’d them up for a 2-1 match against Into the Breach. The Brits vs. Americans — what year is this, 1781?
Liquid made quick work of the world’s 28th best team on an overtime Overpass and one-sided Anubis, securing their spot among the 8 final teams in the Paris major. Despite not going 3-0, Liquid have made NA proud once again — perfect timing for the final CS:GO Major.

🇩🇰 Heroic and Vitality 🐝

I had Heroic as my 3-0 until I switched them for ENCE. Please do not ask me how I’m doing.
ZywOo decided he wanted to win Paris, so that was cool ig. Bro dropped a 1.38 rating in their 3-0 run. Playing in his home city must’ve awoken something inside of him. Rumor has it the air quality is perfect in Paris — and this has something to do with his performances. On the Heroic side — they swept aside FaZe and Apeks en route to their playoffs speedrun. They took down Liquid in the 2-0 pool for the cherry on top 🍒

G-2 Disappointing Majors in a Row

Déjà vu anyone?
At least this time G2 actually made it to the major before bombing out in the Swiss Stage 🧀 After losing their opening match to the ZywOo Effect™️, they fumbled the bag by losing 16-13 to an org-less Bad News Eagles 🦅
G2's backs were against the ropes — one Bo3 away from elimination in the final Major of CS:GO. FURIA were next in line for G2, but their crippling lack of T-Sides allowed G2 to live another day. In the 1-2 pool, G2 found themselves against the mezii-led fnatic in a game with elimination on the line. After taking each of their own map picks, the two euro-mixes found themselves on the game’s best fucking map for elimination:


nicoodoz came alive on the final map to turn the tides in favor of fnatic, who took the map 16-13. Minutes later, there were numerous reports of Chinese phone numbers hitting up members of G2.


ZywOo decided this was his tournament to win. The Chosen One and his friends took home the slimy dorito trophy in front of the home crowd 🥖
Vitality scooped up their first major in an undefeated playoff run against some of the best teams in the world — Into the Breach, Apeks, and GamerLegion.
Yes. You are reading that correctly. To say they had an easy run is… an understatement. Sure, you can only face who is in front of you, and props to them for capitalizing. It just feels kinda lame how the playoffs of the final CS:GO major played out.
In other news, dupreeh took home his fifth Major title in Vitality’s dream run.
This makes him:
This dude really went from sweating bullets to sweating major trophies, huh?


When the Major comes around, there’s one CS:GO fans always like to bitch about — their Pick 'Ems. According to Leetify, only 0.3% of players got the diamond coin this time around. This was better than Rio’s 0.1%, but still abysmal compared to the 8% and 11% of Berlin and Antwerp respectively.
Why did so few get the coin this time? Some of the biggest names failed to make it out of the legends stage. Teams like G2 and Na’Vi. The ones that did, like Heroic and Liquid, didn’t even make it past the semis. I don’t know about you, but the absolute last thing I was expecting was GamerLegion in the final. Here’s some of the notable matches that led to this wild playoff bracket:

Guys This Isn’t a Disney Movie Why Are All These Underdogs Here 😳

He’s H-iM
Let’s talk about the people who pulled off the upsets, who shook the scene to its core throughout the last major ever.
First on the list is Mihai “iM” Ivan from GamerLegion. This guy was turning heads all tournament with his outstanding level of play against the very best.
Despite him and his team getting off to a disastrous start of 0-2 in the challengers stage, they fought their way all the way to the Grand Final. He ended the tournament with a stupid 1.35 HLTV rating, trailing only ZywOo.
Apex Legends Apeks Playoffs
Another team that surprised everyone has to be Apeks— remember guys like STYKO, jkaem, or nawwk? They impressed everyone by stealing a spot in the semis over NA’s darling.
In a run that seemingly came out of no where, yet another random mix of EU players stormed the game’s biggest stage, broke countless hearts, put up a solid fight against the eventual trophy lifters.
I'm just glad I didn’t put any money on these games. If I did, I’d probably have to resort to writing a CS:GO newsletter just to make rent! Wait...
If you like this sorta CS coverage -- I have a newsletter where I recap everything going on in CS. Highlights, news, memes, you name it. It's called The Defuse Kit. Here's the link:
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2023.05.28 17:58 glittertherave Karlee Hale, Who Has Been Rumored To Be Dating Sandoval, Posts Statement Regarding Rumors.

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2023.05.28 17:58 Mastahayn Crazy Legendary luck

Crazy Legendary luck
2 out of my last 4 Vintage premium packs have been legends. I don’t know what the odds are but that was crazy.
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2023.05.28 17:57 Beginning_Watch9981 A Monthly Subscription for Toiletries and Essentials?

what do u guys think about a monthly subscription service for toiletries and essential items?
The concept is simple: instead of constantly worrying about running out of everyday necessities like toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper, and other personal care products, imagine receiving a curated package delivered right to your doorstep each month. No more last-minute trips to the store or unexpected shortages—everything you need will be conveniently available whenever you need it.
I would love to hear your thoughts and insights. Here are a few questions that I hope you can help me answer:
  1. What toiletries and essential items do you find yourself buying regularly?
  2. How much are you currently spending on these products on a monthly basis?
  3. Would you be interested in a subscription service that provides these items on a monthly basis?
  4. If so, what would you consider a fair monthly price for such a service?
  5. How important is it to you that these products are environmentally friendly or sustainable?
  6. would you like to continue buying the same brands or would you be interested in a new environmentally AND health friendly one ?
Thank you in advance for your participation, and I look forward to reading your comments
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2023.05.28 17:57 BunkDruckeyes Selling 46s! Closet has reached critical mass! Caps/Bruins/Wild

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2023.05.28 17:57 Aggravating-Yam-1012 Failed attempts at screen time passcode

Failed attempts at screen time passcode
Ok so my 5 yo iPad has screen time enacted. She does not know how to get to screen time in settings. She also doesn’t ever use the internet (safari). She ONLY uses apps that are pre downloaded. (I’m not underestimating her, she isn’t on the iPad much and doesn’t know these things) My husband who has been sober for 2 years, in active recovery with meetings, sponsors, therapy, and accountability apps swears it wasn’t him. But how else would there be failed attempts??
Could something pop up in an app asking for the code? Like it sometimes pops up in the browser saying it’s blocked but you can click “allow website” and when you push it you have to enter the 4 digit code. Because my 5 year old would randomly push buttons on it.
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2023.05.28 17:57 YOLTZsean It’s begun in my area, save yourselves.

It’s begun in my area, save yourselves.
Sad bottom text
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2023.05.28 17:56 V3rri This show means so much to me

I've been having some really tough times this week. I lost a lot of my friends after coming out to them, a project I had been working on for 6 months got suddenly scrapped which means I have nothing to show for all my work, and my boyfriend broke up with me this morning. The only thing keeping me somewhat sane is binge-watching this show again (I'm at Season 2 Episode 8 now after around a day). It's so heartwarming, upbeat and positive even in dark times that it really gave me a lot of hope and strength. And that is a big part of why I love this show so much. It isn't the deepest or most realistic thing I have ever watched, but it feels like the cosiest blanket in the world and is truly comforting every time I watch an episode. I really do hope that it will set an example and we will see many similar shows coming out because of it.
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2023.05.28 17:56 RelyOnRich Demystifying Real Estate Investment Financing: Your Path to Success

Demystifying Real Estate Investment Financing: Your Path to Success
Embarking on real estate investments can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. One crucial aspect that can make or break your success is how you finance your ventures. Don't fret! We're here to guide you through the maze and empower you with the knowledge to make informed decisions. In this blog, we'll unveil the secrets of financing your real estate investments, while introducing you to Rich Barnes, a top realtor serving West Allis and Greenfield, WI. Let's embark on this exciting journey together.
  1. Assessing Your Financial Situation: Before diving into real estate investing, let's take a moment to evaluate your financial standing. Assess your assets, liabilities, credit score, and income sources. This step will provide a clear picture of your borrowing capacity and help you set realistic investment goals.
  2. Traditional Financing: Mortgages and Loans: The tried-and-true method of financing real estate investments involves traditional sources like banks and financial institutions. Take advantage of competitive interest rates and flexible terms by exploring mortgage loans. Remember to shop around for the best options that suit your needs.
  3. Creative Financing: Alternative Options: In addition to traditional financing, consider thinking outside the box to expand your investment opportunities. Rich Barnes, a trusted realtor with Realty Experts LLC, can guide you through alternative options such as seller financing, private lending, lease options, and partnerships. These creative avenues offer unique advantages and risks that require careful consideration.
  4. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): If you prefer a more hands-off approach to real estate investment, REITs may be the perfect solution. Rich Barnes can introduce you to this investment vehicle, allowing you to invest in professionally managed, diversified property portfolios. With REITs, you can enjoy real estate investment benefits without the need for significant capital or active property management.
  5. Crowdfunding Platforms: Crowdfunding has revolutionized real estate financing, providing opportunities for both seasoned and novice investors. Rich Barnes can introduce you to reputable crowdfunding platforms, enabling you to pool resources with others for a diverse range of real estate deals. This avenue offers lower barriers to entry and increased diversification.
  6. Consider Tax Benefits and Incentives: To optimize your returns, it's important to consider the tax benefits and incentives associated with real estate investments. Rich Barnes, a seasoned real estate expert, can help you navigate the tax landscape and identify deductions, depreciation, and other advantages unique to real estate. Maximize your financial gains while staying compliant with tax regulations.
Financing your real estate investments is a critical step towards success. By assessing your financial situation, exploring traditional and creative financing options, and leveraging investment vehicles such as REITs and crowdfunding platforms, you can unlock the full potential of real estate investing. With Rich Barnes from Realty Experts LLC by your side, you'll benefit from his local expertise and personalized guidance.
Ready to embark on your real estate investment journey? Contact Rich Barnes, your trusted realtor in West Allis and Greenfield, WI. Visit or call 414-899-8146 to schedule a consultation today. Rich Barnes is more than just a realtor – he's your dedicated partner in achieving your real estate investment goals. Let's build your financial future together!
Note: While this blog provides valuable insights on financing real estate investments, it's important to consult professionals, including real estate agents, lenders, and financial advisors, to tailor the information to your unique circumstances.
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2023.05.28 17:56 SpecialUsual5581 Help me I’ll help you?

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2023.05.28 17:56 outcaststranger Me [21F] is in a possible FWB situation with my friend [21M]

I met a guy back in September 2022 from school since then we became friends and are together every day that we are both on campus. We study in the library together despite not having classes together and eat around campus. Earlier this year, we began hanging out outside of campus like going to the movies, beach, fair, paint&sip, aquarium, & museum. We like each other’s company. We hug and he gives me forehead kissed and kisses my face. We also FaceTime almost every night and fall asleep together. First week of May, we went to the fair and stayed in the park and talked. He’s also way bigger than me and carries me at times, which I very much like. That night while he was carrying me (we we’re about to say goodbye and was by my car) he gave me those kisses on my face. I did the same thing and he keeps moving his head left and right indicating to kiss him on each side. He keeps moving it until he caught and kissed my lips and I kissed him back. On the same week, we went on a picnic when he was about to kissed me I stopped and asked why. We then confessed that we like each other. I avoided every instance we could kiss because I didn’t want to be caught up in a confusing situation later on. Two weeks later, we went out and we’re together for the whole day, we kissed but those were only pecks. At the end of the day, we ate at the same park we had our first kiss. We talked about the time we realized we had feelings for each other and we just keep making out. We talk and kiss and even tease each other and talk in between our kisses. I dropped him home (it was only 2 minutes away from the park) and we hugged and kissed and kissed again. This went on for almost 15 minutes. On our last kiss, my hands were on his chest and behind his ears and his hands were on my thigh and my back. I moved his other hand from my thigh to my knee (while still kissing him) he paused and said it’s not going there. We kissed again and after that, he assured me that his hand is not going anywhere it’s not supposed to. I trust him, but I’m scared.
I’m scared that I am in a fwb situation or is heading to that direction. I never kissed anyone that didn’t mention being in a relationship with me or is trying to date me. We both like each other, but I don’t like that I don’t know where this is exactly going. I need a clear goal and not keep making out where I end up getting hurt at the end. Am I already in a fwb situation? If not what do you call this stage?
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2023.05.28 17:55 NotAWhaleQQ FLOKI is going global on a Sunday!🔥 FLOKI is trending on Twitter with 2.25M+ tweets, alongside FTM, Floki ads reach 100M+ viewers in China and tens of millions at Kings League, and Bitvavo sees FLOKI trending second in volume!

FLOKI is going global on a Sunday!🔥 FLOKI is trending on Twitter with 2.25M+ tweets, alongside FTM, Floki ads reach 100M+ viewers in China and tens of millions at Kings League, and Bitvavo sees FLOKI trending second in volume! submitted by NotAWhaleQQ to Floki [link] [comments]