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The myth of creation. The balance of the world. A secret kept hidden for millennia. And two groups trying to uncover the mystery, no matter the cost. Will you be able to stop them and restore order, or get tangled in the web of truth and lies?

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2023.03.22 14:30 microwavedalt [Shielding: Steel] [Shielding: Vibrations] [Shielding: Sound] Carbon steel cannot shield vibrations, heavy pressure, lasers, stinging, itching and pulsing sound at ear drum and broca's area. Steel does shield flickering laser light.

Broca's area:
In 2020, I purchased the heaviest plates of carbon steel at Lowes. I tested approximately 8 of them together at a cabin in the radio quiet zone. I took handwritten notes. Because the libraries were closed due to COVID-19, I didn't type up my notes. My notes were stolen. Steel didn't shield. I returned them.
I also tested a WWII steel helmet on my head and five stacked galvanized steel trash cans.
I also tested sleeping in my car. Car frames are of steel. the depth of steel of my car model is not online. Typically,
The 16-gauge varies between 1.4 and 1.6 millimeters.
Most of the frame measures just shy of 3 millimeters thick, and the thicker metal (4 to 5 mm thick) is positioned primarily at stress-concentration points.
With electricity on, steel in combination with the basalt head crate did not shield vibrations and pulsing sound at ear drum and broca's area. Steel does shield flickering laser light.
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2023.03.22 14:20 the_dumbass_one666 Not Good, Still Awesome: The Spellrending Arcanist

The depth of Pathfinder Second Edition's core character creation goes above and beyond in terms of offering potential for players to explore cool ideas and try interesting combos. This great depth is worked into a mathematical system which does its utmost to ensure that basic competency is maintained despite players making unique and 'suboptimal' choices.
what im trying to say is, i want a character who specialises in nullifying enemy casters and generally being a nightmare for them to deal with, all whilst mimicking some flavour from the pathfinder 1e arcanist, and being a fairly effective caster all around
We want to absolutely screw over casters
as everyone knows, counterspelling is pretty widely disliked in this system for being exceptionally niche and situational, this build attempts to try and fulfill a similar fantasy as much as possible whilst speccing into other classic "antimagic" ideals, such as heavy armour and high int. (
The Spellrending Arcanist
Ancestry: Human, this is because heavy armour is cool and we want it ASAP, throw your points into CHA and STR
Heritage: Versatile human, your general feat is going to be armour proficiency
Ancestry feat: grab general training, armour proficiency to obtain medium armour proficiency as a sorcerer at level 1
Background: Student of Magic lets us put a point each into Charisma and Strength again, and also grab the recognize spell skill feat
Class: we are going to go for an Imperial sorcerer, for the skill bonus that can be used for an intimidation package, and for identifying spells, as well as the vast repertoire of spells that can be countered. we get a boost to Charisma. we start proficient in: Arcana, Diplomacy, Intimidation, Nature, Society and Academia Lore. (typically this series doesn't focus much on skills, but a lot of this build is reliant on them, so i will continue to update this as we progress through the levels)
Determine Array:
boost strength, int, wis, cha, dex
14/10/12/12/12/18, we are a little dumb for now, but we can fix that as we level up
build path
level 1 nothing happens this level, unfortunate really
level 2 grab additional lore as a skill feat, i personally like monster lore, but this is really up to the campaign you are in. also grab a sentinel dedication for your class feat (at this level you can switch from a breastplate to fullplate after getting heavy armour proficiency)
level 3 grab incredible initiative and increase arcana to expert
level 4 dangerous sorcery, there isn't really anything else we want this level so may as well grab the quintessential sorcerer feat. for your skill feat grab bon mot to setup for will saves.
level 5 16/10/14/14/12/19 is your new stat array, starting to get smarter. grab proficiency in nature, at this level we can increase our intimidation to expert, and we also grab natural ambition for a familiar
level 6 at this level we can increase our defences significantly through the armour specialization feat, and finalize the sentinel archetype with steel skin
level 7 at this level we can increase our intimidation to master, making our demoralizes stronger, and grab the fleet general feat to offset our insufficient strength movement penalty
level 8 at this level we can start a new archetype by grabbing the chronoskimmer dedication for an assurance that we can get off our turn one debuffs as soon as possible. speaking of turn one debuffs, at this level we also grab terrifying resistance to be a little bit more of a nightmare to spellcasters
level 9 at this level we increase our diplomacy to expert to better face and land bon mots, we also take the multitalented feat for barbarian, trying to fix up our somewhat atrocious health pool. (this is probably flavoured as just infusing our magic into our bodies/armour)
level 10 18/10/14/16/14/20, we have finally reached a decent level of intellect, our strength is high enough to wear full plate without speed penalties (throw our training in occultism from increasing int) , and our spells and skills get a little stronger. at this level we also grab advanced bloodline for that juicy focus spell as well as terrified retreat to get just that little bit scarier
level 11 master diplomacy to face better and land bon mots better, and more toughness with.. toughness.
level 12 at this level we can grab skeptics defense for the power to bully spellcasters into hurting us less, and juggernauts fortitude to better survive that reduced damage.
level 13 at this level we up our arcana to master, and grab bounce back as an ancestry feat for some more survivability
level 14 greater bloodline gives yet another focus spell option, and we all know versatility is king, and quick recognition lets us really start abusing arcane countermeasures
level 15 19/10/16/16/16/21. unfortunately we need other stuff so we cant increase int, but we can at least bring arcana to legendary for maximised recall knowledge. as a general feat we are going to want canny acumen to increase our reflex saves, as direct damage is still our weakness as sorcerers.
level 16 unified theory is an amazing skill feat which will let us use arcana for another skills recall knowledge checks, amazing. we also get effortless concentration as essentially an arcane caster feat tax
level 17 legendary intimidation lets us really start pushing our (not inconsiderable) weight around, ensuring that we get those anti spell bonuses up and running, and heroic presence is a free spell we wouldn't otherwise have access to
level 18 at this level scare to death is just too funny to pass up as our skill feat, and echoing spell lets us more reliably throw low level debuffs at enemies
level 19 legendary diplomacy means we can do even more will save debuffing, and diehard works further towards making us more durable
level 20 20/10/18/16/18/22 max out our casting stats, grab glad hand, because we are running out of directly useful skill feats. and bloodline paragon because 10th levels spells are that good.
bonus section: spells
everyone knows that spell selection is at least half of spellcaster character creation, and yet most build guides will avoid mentioning it beyond one or two examples, so here is a recommended set of "optimal spells" to take at each level *(S) means signature spell
0: Detect Magic, Electric Arc, Mage Hand, Shield, Telekinetic Projectile
1: Command, Feather Fall, Magic Missile (S), Schadenfreude
2: Dispel Magic (S), Ignite Fireworks, Illusory Object, Vomit Swarm
3: Haste, Mind of Menace, Slow (S), Time Jump
4: Dimension Door, Fireball (S), Fly, Invisibility
5: Blazing Fissure (S), Command, Prying Eye, Shadow Siphon
6: Collective Transposition, Disintegrate, Unexpected Transposition, Wall of Force (S)
7: Power Word Blind, Prismatic Spray, Reverse Gravity, Spell Turning (S)
8: Blood Boil, Disappearance, Earthquake, Maze (S)
9: Foresight, Massacre (S), Prismatic Sphere, Weird
10: Time Stop, Wish
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2023.03.22 14:16 ohhidied LEGACY: From the Book of SAW (Chapter 16 & 17) The Survivors

Read chapter 15 here: https://www.reddit.com/saw/comments/11rvp3u/legacy_from_the_book_of_saw_chapter_15_dr_steward/
*** CHAPTER 16 **\*
William Schenk enters a shabby apartment complex carrying a red, portable cooler. He passes the commonly empty front desk and proceeds upstairs. When he reaches his floor, he sees a call girl exiting his neighbor's apartment. He flashes a charming smile and keeps moving. His neighbor, ashamed, says, "Hey Bill…," But Bill doesn't stop. He offers a wave and continues down the hall.
Aside from a small TV and newspaper articles, his flat is almost barren. He places the cooler on the kitchen counter and heads into his bedroom. Opening the closet door, he procures a small, aqua green, square-shaped box and a thin strand of rope, approximately four feet in length.
He sets the box on the living room table, then grabs the portable cooler. On the table in front of him, he switches on an old radio, quickly tuning the device to a new station.
The reporter begins to speak about the mass grave that's been discovered, while Bill stuffs the box full of newspaper. He then opens the cooler and places the contents into box. The final step is to wrap the box with the rope, making the perfect knot and bow.
In the kitchen, he takes a black marker from a ceramic cup and writes a note on a small white tag. He slips the rope through a pre-punctured hole on the label and ties it off. Satisfied, The Organ Donor admires his work, then places the gift inside the freezer.
*** CHAPTER 17 **\*
Paint dripped on the precinct floor as Lincoln made his way to the restroom. He locked the door, unbuttoned his shirt, set it on the counter, and unhooked the latch on his brace. The Detective slowly removed the homemade cilice, exposing a throng of metal spikes that had left dozens of painful indentations in his skin. Lincoln stared at his scarred torso, stoic to the pain he had caused himself as repentance. As he watched the blood spill from several small wounds, he remembered cradling Roy's head, and in his mind, Lincoln felt he deserved this.
He allowed his sores a moment to breathe while he struggled to remove the paint from his shirt and jacket. Five minutes passed, and he was granted only a moderate improvement. He reapplied the painful undergarment, breathed sharply, and buttoned his shirt.
On the way to his office, he is approached by an officer, "Detective Riley," she says, "Renee Walsh would like to speak with you."
"Where is she?"
"Agent Webb is interviewing her now. Right, this way."
Following his colleague to the Booking Room, Lincoln feels the cilice pressing against his skin. He reaches into his shirt, pulls the strap to tighten the brace, and readjusts his clothes.
Agent Webb has concluded her interview, and she passes him in the hallway, "She's all yours."
Entering the room, Lincoln puts on a neutral face, "I'm sorry for the delay. Are you alright?"
Renee stands up from her chair and approaches the Detective, "Lincoln, It's been a long time."
"Look, this is just a precaution. You'll be safe here."
"That woman…" she says, referring to Agent Webb, "She's treating me like I'm a part of this."
Lincoln looks over his shoulder, then back to Renee, "I can't reveal much, but there is a connection between the murders and Jigsaw's accomplices."
Renee moves to the table and sits down, "I thought this was over. It's been over two years…."
"Have you been in contact with any of the other survivors?"
She sighs, "Not really, just Jeff…."
"You were close?"
Renee thinks about her response before answering, "He didn't do those things he was accused of… I-I trust him."
"What about the rest of the group?"
"The others? They never really liked me, and you don't often find someone who appreciates what John did."
Lincoln glances at her eye patch, "Why do you?"
She stares at her shoes and explains, "I always felt invisible, but he noticed me. I know it's stupid, but I needed this."
Her words resonated with Lincoln. He slid his hands against his chest and down to his hips. He could feel the Nitrous canister inside his pocket, left over from his session with Dr. Steward. A sudden craving was triggered, "We're going to keep you here as long as we have to."
Renee's face was tinged with sadness, "Lincoln, I can't." She says, distressed.
"What's wrong?"
She bits her lip, "It's not me I'm worried about… It's my Dad and Brother."
"There's no indication that they're in any danger."
"It's not that," She says, "My dad is sick. He needs me."
Lincoln's eyes wander, contemplative, "I'll tell you what, I'll send someone over there to make sure everything is alright, okay?"
"Thank you, Lincoln."
He moves towards the door, and she says, "Hey, maybe when this is all over, you can come by the Survivors Group and say 'Hello'? I think everyone would be happy to see you again."
Stopping at the door, Lincoln pauses and considers the suggestion. He slowly turns his head back to her and then exits the room.
Lincoln's desire to use was growing, but as he was about to exit the building, he was stopped by Chief Savino.
"Where are you going?" Savino asked.
Thinking on his feet, Lincoln replied, "I need to make a personal call."
"Can it wait?" Savino asked, "Have you finished the MP report?"
Lincoln can see Borden and Marlow through the Briefing Room window. Frustrated, he responds, "Just about. I'll bring it to you shortly."
He proceeded to the Briefing Room, where he sat at his desk and sifted through the Missing Person cases from the last ten years. While he researched the disappearances, the others read through a culled list of Jigsaw survivors and their last known whereabouts.
"Listen to this," Borden says, browsing a newspaper article, "Years after surviving Jigsaw's "final" test, "S.U.R.V.I.V.E" Author, Bobby Dagen, was found dead in his suburban home from a self-inflicted gunshot wound,'" He glances at Lincoln for a reaction, "Did you hear about this? … "While a suicide note was not present at the scene, it's speculated that he felt guilt for the death of his wife, Joyce… Dagen was outed as a fraud shortly after the death of John Kramer."
Borden sets the article down and comments, "Wrote a book called 'Survive' and then kills himself. No irony in that, huh?"
"How 'bout this," Marlow adds, "Mother and Son Killed in Car Accident Near Home Residence…." He traces the words with his finger, "It says Tara Abbot and her son Brent were killed in a collision after Tara lost control of the vehicle."
Listening to his colleagues recite the news articles, Lincoln couldn't help but imagine the victims' deaths. He keeps his emotions at bay and continues to glean information from the Missing Person files.
"Here's another one," Marlow says, "Jigsaw survivor, Mallick Scott, was pronounced dead today. After struggling with substance abuse, Scott was kidnapped and tortured by the infamous John Kramer... Neighbors reported a pungent odor next door, and the arriving officers discovered Mallick had overdosed on heroin and drowned in his pool…." Marlow looks at his colleagues solemnly, "He was found with a rubber band wrapped around his arm."
Borden squints his eyes and shakes his head, "This can't be a coincidence," he theorizes.
"What? You think they were murdered?" Marlow replies skeptically, "Who could do that?"
"Do you know Mark Hoffman? Do you know how many people he killed the night Jill Tuck died?" He took out three FBI Agents, including Peter Strahm, and a slew of cops."
"That was before I started," Marlow admits.
Lincoln turns to his associates and reveals, "Six of these Missing Person cases were also Jigsaw survivors; Joan Douglas and Morgan Tillman both disappeared four years ago, realtor Brit Stevenson from the Fatal Five trap, vanished three years ago. The list goes on."
A lite knock at the door indicates Logan's arrival. He enters the room with Agent Webb, holding pictures in his hand, "Detective," he says.
"Come in…"
He hands Lincoln an Autopsy Report, and Agent Webb stands beside him, "We've identified the tattooed woman. Her name was Pamela Jenkins. She was William Easton's sister."
"Another survivor." Unnerved, Lincoln asks, "What about the others?"
"Jeff Ridenhour never showed up," Borden said.
Marlow conjures a curious expression, "The Dentist?"
"Neurologist. He was lobotomizing patients…."
"Allegedly..." Lincoln adds.
Webb's face showed concern, "He hasn't called?"
"No, but Gavin Beck is under protection… Stupid, asshole," Borden said, "He wouldn't leave his house, so I got a patrol unit watching over him."
"I spoke with Neil Perri hours ago." Marlow notes, "He sounded drunk…."
"What did he say?" Lincoln asked.
"He wouldn't tell me where he was but said he'd be here… There's more. Simone Howard called out of work the last two days. Her manager received a text stating she was sick. I tried to reach her by phone, but no response."
Lincoln leans back, ruminating, "And Sarah Harper?"
"Nothing," Borden reveals, "but Chief Savino issued an All Points Bulletin on all of the survivors. We're putting her face on TV."
Stepping forward, Agent Webb asked, "Where's the tape from Gordon's apartment?"
"This way," Lincoln leads her to the VCR in the back of the room, "Did you find something?"
"Pamela Jenkins was investigating Jigsaw Copycats. We lost communication with her about a week ago."
Borden joins them at the TV, and Agent Webb rewinds the tape. Using the computer next to the VCR, she locates a folder from the cloud containing several videos. "Her last transmission was from this broadcast."
She presses play on the first recording, and they watch as a camera is positioned on the dashboard of a car.
Pamela captures the heavy clouds that filled the night sky. Raindrops exploded onto her windshield as she traveled up a gravel road towards a mysterious home. A black car was parked outside the house, but the license plate was out of view. She exited her vehicle and shielded her camera from the wind and rain.
"I've seen this before…." Lincoln said, "It was on the news the night Gordon died."
Agent Webb adjusts the footage, filtering it through different settings until everything is visible. The VCR has finished rewinding, and she links the tape with the content from the cellphone.
The front door is already open when Pamela tries knocking. She looks inside, "Hello? Is anybody here?"
The light switch doesn't seem to work, but Pamela proceeds cautiously into the residence and enters a nearby room. On the floor, she finds crayon drawings and children's toys.
"What are you hoping to find?" Lincoln asks.
"Hello?" Pamela repeats.
The body of a small puppet lays face down on the floor next to two small chairs. Upon turning it over, Pamela discovers the head has been smashed. Picking up one of the broken pieces, she realizes it's the Billy puppet Jigsaw would use in his traps. The doll starts to laugh, but it's labored and distorted. Next to the puppet, she finds a hammer and nails.
Pamela grabs the tool, "What the…?"
The front door slams shut, and Pamela yelps, frightened, but no one is there. Trembling, she holds the hammer in front of herself like a sword. The loud wind crashes against the frame of the building, and her nerves settle. She moves through the darkness and finds a door that leads into the next room. However, wooden boards have been nailed to the wall to prevent entry.
Setting her camera down but still recording herself, she uses the hammer to yank the nails out of the wood, one by one and then uses her strength to pry them from the wall. When the last board is removed, she grabs her camera and opens the door.
Two hands quickly pierce the darkness and rush towards her. A shirtless, emaciated man mumbles and grabs at Pamela, tearing her shirt. She drops her phone and attempts to fight him off, smacking him several times with the hammer. Blood spews from his head, and he collapses to the floor.
Pamela grabbed her phone and checked on the lifeless man; his mouth hung open, and she could see his tongue had been cut out. His body is filthy, and his fingers are covered in blood from scratching at the walls.
"Fuck! …Shit!" She says. The footage stops suddenly.
Agent Webb suggests, "We think she tried to call the police." She clicks on the following video.
The footage returns, and they can hear Pamela panting. She walks into the next room, where the man was held captive.
The light flickers as the battery dies on her phone, and they can hear her slapping the camera. Pamela is startled by the sudden appearance of a corpse with a rusty pipe impaled through its neck. The cadaver is a reddish-brown, having been deceased for some time.
"Oh my god," she says, positioning her camera closer to the body.
A bright light in the hallway turns on, and she tilts her camera towards the luminescence. She could now hear the alarming moans of someone in jeopardy through the walls.
Agent Webb inhales and grinds her teeth. Watching both monitors, they prepare for the next scene.
Pamela moves fearfully into the hallway. Her heart is racing, and a surveillance camera captures her every move. Several floorboards have detached from the foundation, and there are scratch marks on the walls as if someone was dragged. Her teeth chatter, and she proceeds nervously towards the muffled groans, the floorboards creaking with her every step.
A masked figure appears behind her, their presence announced by the audible floorboards, but before she can turn around, the hooded man smacks her in the head. The video ends, but the surveillance camera records her grisly fate.
Webb notices something on the wall and rewinds the tape for several seconds. She positions the computer next to the television, restarts the cellphone footage, and pauses the content when she sees the same marking.
"Do you see that?"
With both screens side-by-side, they can now see the symbol of Ankh.
Lincoln leans forward, "What does it mean?"
"The "Ankh" is the Egyptian symbol for Eternal Life," she says, "In the last message we received from Pamela, she said she was investigating the Gideon Meat Packing Plant. I think she followed that car to this location."
"It can't be too far from the plant," Borden theorizes.
"Did you notice the toys and chairs? I think this is a Children's DayCare… I'm going to pull up the city records…."
"Marlow can help you with that," Lincoln says, "Simone Howard doesn't live too far from here. Frank and I will go get her."
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2023.03.22 14:15 happee_aesthetic Husband (m30) told me (29f) if I miscarry it’s my fault after asking for help when sick + getting upset when he said no

My husband (m30) and middle child were sick all week last week. I was thankfully well other than I’m early in pregnancy and very nauseous on and off (I’ve been on the verge of puking but haven’t yet multiple times a day for about 3 weeks now). This is our 4th. Yesterday I developed a cough, by afternoon my chest hurt and I tried to walk in the cold air to get some relief and started feeling a little sluggish, by nighttime I had a temperature and felt horrible. My Husband has been sick for about 5 or 6 days now but his temperature is coming down and not feeling bad until night time. I asked for help that morning (husband hasn’t really been helping in mornings prior to getting sick so I try not to ask, it’s just hard as fatigue has been huge at this stage - even if he says yes the night before he’ll change his mind in the morning- I usually have to get middle child ready and if youngest gets up after he’ll her with a bottle at night and morning alone). He said no.
I became upset because I feel he should help seeing a we’re both now sick. He doesn’t see it that way. I am a stay at home mom but also run our storage unit business where we live on property and try to make extra cash with paintings etc. he is a realtor. I cook and other than the kids usual smaller chores I’m the one who cleans even my husbands plate he always leaves behind etc. he became angry I felt taken advantage of and sad and told me to To stop the fake tears, this then made me hysterical to which he says “if you miscarry it’ll be all your fault”. He knows I get very anxious about that. I can’t control when someone is hurting me making me sad. We’re both sick I do what I can since daycare is too expensive to contribute and I’m not sure why he thinks he has to be 100% better to help - even though he barely ever does when he’s well. Hell often say he will help then doesn’t.
I just feel like he’s not just expecting from me but not the same standard for himself but that he’s being wildly unfair. Has anyone else experienced this? He claims he’s just tired - like it’s normal to say things like this from being tired on and off.
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2023.03.22 13:45 GeoGrrrl Biceps tenodesis or tenotomy, or what alternative?

Constantly subluxing biceps tendon after proximal humerus 4-way fracture with likely joint luxation during sports accident. I found some literature recommending one or the other to certain groups of people and am a bit miffed that some papers mention that tenotomy seems to be the method of choice for women. Yeah, people that happen to have xx chromosomes totally don't care about esthetics and neither have nor need muscles. But that aside, I'm looking for a discussion on the pros and cons of both methods, especially taking healing, time of being fully mobile again after surgery, and being able to climb onto trees or crawl into caves again into account. Is anything known for chosing a method for people with Ehlers-Danlos*? Also interested to learn about alternative methods. Costs don't play a role as health insurance covers everything without need of approval. This will be done together with plate removal which causes impingement.
edit: still don't know what causes the tendon subluxations and whether it's changes to the bone, tendon itself or the soft structures holding it in place. For EDS, what comes to mind is that sutures often don't hold (yep), hypertrophic scars might develop (yep), joint subluxations when being in a sling and unable to correct (argh!), generalized muscle weakness (super annoying!), and some people don't tolerate hardware (no problem here). Not sure if there are other risk factors.
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2023.03.22 13:43 Bright-Signature7308 help a teen vegan!

i am a teen vegan and my parents are emotionally neglecting me, telling me to go die, accusing me of wasting money, hitting me, scolding me, and calling me derogatory remarks when I refuse to eat meat. i explained everything nicely and talked about studies and stats. but they are still treating me like this. can somebody please help? i take vitamins daily and I'm feeling energised and okay. i don't show any signs of deficiencies. they only treat me like a decent human being when i put meat into my mouth in front of them (i secretly spit them out later, which is a waste of food!)
vegan communities like these are the only place i find comfort because none of my friends are vegan. they say things like "it sucks you can't eat eggs. eggs are amazing" "i love milk" "i am a proud carnivore".
once i found a toy chick in the music room and played with it during the lesson. it was so cute. it had a button that you press to make it walk around <3.
until my friend said "that chick looks delicious. now i want to eat kfc."
i don't think that's very funny, especially considering the fact your friend is vegan.
i love animals, i love being vegan, and i despise farms and animal products wholeheartedly.
however, everyday, i feel so alienated. when i speak to my parents, i feel like they are just conmen, because i know once i leave the meat on my plate they will start to treat me like I'm not their child, you know? I'm not exaggerating when i say the only reason we can have normal convos is on the basis i put meat in my mouth and make them think that i have swallowed animals. people throw me weird looks whenever i ask, does this have dairy? is this meat? i lost a friend that has been with me for 8 years because of my veganism. my classmates think I'm weird. once we were talking about the way ducks are raised for foie gras and i got emotional about it. they stood away from me for an entire day or two. they stared and glared at me while i was upset over the treatment of those innocent ducks.
I'm not complaining about veganism, i love it so much, I'm upset over how ppl are so cruel and narrow-minded....
when my mom got back from work, she glared at me eating dinner and demanded, "did you eat salmon? did you eat the chicken?" i put it all into the depths of the dustbin when she was not at home. i fingered through dirty leftovers and tissues stained with nose blood and disgusting bodily fluids, and gingerly placed the meat at the very bottom of the dustbin just so she won't notice when she's emptying the bin. i am Buddhist, and it is a sin to lie, but i really had to. i nodded and when i did i felt so bad. i took leftover mushroom rice with chicken and left all the chicken. i thought it would be fine since i pretended to eat the salmon.
there was a huge fly in my study room so i had to study in my living room and my mom was there. she glared at me and told me to "fuck off" and "get out of her sight.", because she hates seeing "my stupid face." when i asked what i did she said "you left all those pieces of chicken on your plate! get out of my sight!"
"but there's an insect in my room."
"i don't give a fuck about the insect in your room. get out of my sight or i will beat you right this instant."
i just walked off silently. it's appalling, almost comedic as to how I'm being treated. it's affecting me emotionally, it's affecting my daily life. what the hell do i do with parents that are insane?
my dad doesn't hit me, but he told me to go and die. he said me being vegan takes up space for another human? he said I'm wasting everybody's money (???) and calls me stupid, insane, extremist, crazy. he said i am self-radicalised and that people like me should be thrown in jail.
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2023.03.22 13:35 Vhok_ Randomlocke and nuzlocke FAQ and tips/tricks

there is a lot to say about the new nuzlocke modes but lets start with your starter.
Starter: for your starter in nuzlocke just pick the one you like the most or take crystle who is the tankiest. as for randomlocke... this is much harder, i would suggest resetting till you get 1 of the following. a temtem with only 1 vulnerability who has 2 types like Ganki/Zephyruff etc or a temtem with 2 vulnerabilities but lots of resistances. or u can be lucky like me and get a valiar who has effective denial and not worry about a vulnerability at all. the reason your looking for a 2 type temtem is just so your chance of getting a stab move is greater, if you see a toxic or air type starter you can grab them to see if they have stab starter move as those types only have 1 vulnerability to begin with.
Other than their types they also need a good stab move within the first 20 levels or so, you want a move with around 12-16stamina cost that has at least 70+ base damage so it will be decent for the whole game but also not cost a ton of stamina so you can use it a lot. my valiar got telekinetic shrapnel as his first move and its still his hardest hitting attack at level 83. you starter will carry you if you reset looking for these things.
Quests: so there are some quests out there that require you to give the person a specific temtem. some of these quests will just give you the temtem you need on the spot and some won't, i think they just forgot for some of them because most do. the one that annoyed me the most was the quest that wanted me to get a gyalis egg, but it didn't give me an egg to hand in making the quest 100% impossible as you cannot breed in nuzlocke. also there are a few quests that need you to beat shrines like the sweatband equipment that you have to beat the crystal shrine for, shrines still req you to only use that type of temtem only. so if you plan on doing the shrines keep that in mind.
Technique Courses: So technique courses in nuzlocke work differently. they are only usable ONE TIME they will not disappear right away but you still can't teach the move to more tem it looks like it works if you try but they do not learn the move.
Moves: A temtem can have 4 moves at max normally when you learn a new move your old moves are moved to the right side of the screen and you can relearn them at will, this does not happen in randomlocke (not sure about normal nuzlocke) which means that any move you replace is lost forever. also temtem does not have confirmations for overriding or cancelling learning a new move because you didn't lose them forever in temtem unlike pokemon so it was not needed. but i've already screwed up learning moves a few times by right clicking and canceling learning the new move by mistake.
"Unbeatable" Fights: in normal temtem there are fights where your expected to lose like the first fight against max or general X, these have all been nerfed and are only slightly harder than the other fights in that area so don't worry too much about it.
Capturing Temtem: just adding this as a reminder, you get TWO temtem per area instead of the normal 1 like pokemon, don't forget to capture that second temtem. Play it safe with wild tem, they will never kill themselves with stamina usage but if you hit them and they use a move that would have consumed their life till they are really low they will die, delay turns and just rest let them bring themselves to low hp. Also you will always encounter just 1 temtem if you still have captures left in that area, i assume they did this to cut down on the dupes so try to get into fights in different bushes so you can get different tems.
Gifted Temtem: there are temtem that you are given in the game or temtem you can trade for, these temtem already have names and can't be renamed but it will still ask you to rename them. you will have to alt f4 out of the naming menu as this is a soft game lock. Make sure you do the quest for the kid who wants to work on the airship before you leave the first island and make sure you talk to him on the ship and say NO YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY ME. if you take his money he will not give you his temtem which is a very very good SV temtem with 3 50's.
TV/SV: SV's which are what the temtem has from birth and TV which are the ones they earn from defeating temtem are important, even moreso in nuzlockes. finding a temtem with really good SV's can make all the difference. once you unlock the second island there is a fruit vendor there who sells fruit that increase/decrease temtem TV's which saves a lot of farming time in exchange for money.
Items: Unless you are doing a no item run make sure you stock up on consumables balms/ethetonics are life savers in hard battles and make sure you get a ton of tem cards.
That is all i can think of for now, if you have any questions or want to add your own tips please leave a message below! Thanks for reading and good luck out there!
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2023.03.22 13:33 ThatAnimeSnob The battle initiative variant

Most players notice how the monsters become less of a threat the more the heroes buy more equipment, so here is a simple variant for keeping the same monsters a threat throughout the game.
First change: No more movement dice. Every hero has 10 squares of movement.
Second change: Every extra dice a hero gains in his attack or defense through equipment lowers his movement by 1.
Third change: Whenever heroes start a battle with monsters, the order with which each unit moves depends on its movement. Those with higher movement move first, those with lower movement move last. In case of a tie in movement, those with more Mind Points move first, followed by those with less Mind Points. In case of a tie again, the heroes act first.
Fourth change: Until a unit gets to act during the first (and only the first) round of battle, it is considered flatfooted and unable to defend itself properly. It rolls half as many defense dice, rounded down. This means the fastest units get to act first AND are never flatfooted.
What change does this have in the game play? While the heroes haven’t bought any equipment yet, they get to play first as normal, and the monsters will be easier to hit during the first round of combat (no monster has a movement above 10 and is smarter than the Barbarian). As the heroes buy more equipment, their movement drops because of the extra weight. If a hero gets to buy all the basic equipment, he will have a movement of 5 (minus 1 from the shield, minus 1 from the helmet, minus 1 from the broadsword, and minus 2 from the plate armor). At that point only zombies and mummies will be acting (with halved defense during the first round) after the heroes, while all other monsters get to act before the heroes (who will have halved defense during the first round). Just like that, the monsters become a bigger threat just because they don’t slow down like the heroes.
Further slowing down for the heroes can be done by the magic potions they carry. If you believe they can carry a bunch of healing potions that make them immortal, just remove 1 movement for every 2 potions they carry. It’s supposed to reflect how they have to move slower so that they won’t break the sensitive vials.
If a player wants to make his hero faster, he can deliberately take off certain pieces of armor or potions BEFORE the heroes move to a new area and encounter more monsters. The removed items will be on a pile behind the hero and will not be used during the following battle. They can be equipped again after the battle is over.
During the expansions (after the core quests) the heroes are allowed to find artifacts or buy equipment that is lighter and does not slow them down anymore (Borin’s armor is an obvious example), thus making their money valuable again (gold loses its value once you buy all the basic equipment). Each lighter piece of armor or weapon has its cost quadrupled compared to the mundane variants.
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2023.03.22 13:22 Own-Ad-8445 Need help with my Fakemon typing

Hello, I'm currently working on my mythical Fakemon for 3 months ago. During those 3 months of designing my Fakemon, I struggled to achieve to draw is almost done. However, I'm in the middle of a dilemma about what type my Fakemon accurately describes my Fakemon perfectly. I discussed my Fakemon's typing with my closest friends at Discord, but I wasn't satisfied and still conflicted about the typing. And my friend always told me that I have to make sure my Fakemon isn't way too OP from the stats and typing, even though I felt tempted to do that. I was going to select Normal and Fairy-type for my Fakemon because it fits so well with the description below. Especially, I am most specialized in Fairy-type. But I don't want to lose some elements that I remain toward Normal-type. Here is what you need to know about my Fakemon and it's lore;
That is all I could share with all of you to help me with what type my Fakemon would be.
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2023.03.22 12:43 FriendWontTellYou Questions/discussion about starting a City Block base.

So I'm still fairly new to Factorio and I've been wondering how people transition from bus base to city block. I'm a little confused (and scared) as to how to start it. So I will write what I wanted to do and I would welcome any feedback :)
I'm at the point where I've just built my first ever spidertron (wasted like 3 hours just going around killing stuff since it's so fun xD), production is decent but nothing spectacular(Probably around 30 SPM when my base is NOT choking due to "unforseen" problems :P) and my production of basic stuff is ok(Plates etc. for the bus). But I'm pretty sure if I start adding stuff to it, it will stop functioning and redesigning "some" of the spaghetti there is too much for my fragile heart xD
So my idea was to design some kind of a mall that would be in a center of the base (Probably 200x200 blocks but I'm not set on the size yet), getting basic resources for it using bots(only to jump start it, would switch to trains once I set up more mines and basic production in blocks) and let it act as the core of the base from where everything is taken from for building the rest of the blocks. Point is to have it slowly run and fill up while I design tracks(And I'm horrible at it :P) and other annoying blueprints :P
Anything I should keep in mind? How do others start their mega base? Any other block size to consider? do You snap your blueprints to the grid? How many lanes should I use for trains? I will probably aim to hit 200 SPM.
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2023.03.22 11:59 lovewithdonut How to Make Donuts without Yeast

How to Make Donuts without Yeast
Best Donuts in Perth are a darling sweet treat that can be partaken in any season of day. Whether you favor exemplary frosted Donuts or more imaginative flavors like maple bacon or matcha green tea, there's a donut out there for everybody. In any case, numerous donut recipes require yeast, which can be scary for novice cooks. To figure out how to make Donuts without yeast, look no further! In this article, we'll share a basic and delightful recipe for without yeast Donuts that you can undoubtedly make at home.


· 2 cups regular flour
· 1/4 cup granulated sugar
· 2 tsp. baking powder
· 1/2 tsp. salt
· 1/2 cup milk
· 2 enormous eggs
· 2 tbsp. unsalted margarine, softened
· 1 tsp. vanilla concentrate
· Oil for searing (canola or vegetable oil functions admirably)



  1. In an enormous blending bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt until very much joined.
  2. In a different bowl, whisk together the milk, eggs, liquefied spread, and vanilla concentrate.
  3. Empty the wet fixings into the dry fixings and mix until recently joined. Be mindful so as not to over mix, as this can make the Donuts intense.
  4. Heat an enormous, profound griddle over medium-high intensity and add sufficient oil to fill the dish around 1 inch down.
  5. When the oil is hot (around 375°F), utilize a little treat scoop or spoon to drop spoonfuls of the donut player into the hot oil. Be mindful so as not to pack the skillet, as this can make the Donuts remain together.
  6. Sear the Donuts for 1-2 minutes on each side, or until they are brilliant brown and cooked through.
  7. Utilize an opened spoon to eliminate the Donuts from the hot oil and move them to a paper towel-lined plate to deplete off any overabundance oil.
  8. Rehash the cycle with the excess hitter until the Donuts are all broiled.
  9. When the Donuts have cooled somewhat, you can add your number one fixings and enrichments. A few famous choices incorporate coatings, powdered sugar, sprinkles, and chocolate chips.

Tips and Deceives:

· Make certain to utilize a profound griddle or pot with high sides to keep away from splatters and spills.
· In the event that you don't have a treat scoop, you can utilize a tablespoon to parcel the hitter.
· To make the Donuts significantly tastier, take a stab at adding a spot of cinnamon or nutmeg to the player.
· For a better choice, you can utilize entire wheat flour or almond flour rather than regular flour.
· Make certain to just sear a couple of Donuts all at once to try not to stuff the container and to guarantee that they cook uniformly.


Donuts are a heavenly and flexible treat that can be delighted in different ways. While numerous conventional donut recipes require yeast, making Donuts without yeast is a straightforward and simple cycle that should be possible in only a couple of steps. With this recipe, you can make tasty hand crafted Donuts that make certain to dazzle your loved ones. Whether you're a novice cook or an accomplished culinary expert, this sans yeast donut recipe is a must-attempt!
Read More: Most Common Donuts in Perth
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2023.03.22 11:55 NummeDuss Gold player Anivia tactics - Am I doing things right?

Hi, I am an Anivia main, hardstuck gold in soloq for several seasons. I actually think that its more my decision making in the game which sucks and keeps me from climbing rather than my ability with the champion. At least thats my impression. In flex I am relatively comfortable in playing the bird vs plat players. BUT I would still like some feedback on my general ideas on playing the champion, maybe I have some habits that I convinced myself to be great but are actually garbage.
Runes:Comet + Precision vs everything that outranges me (my logic: matchups are hard so better go for scaling) and vs MalzahaYasuo/Fizz
Electrocute+Precision vs everything other than mentioned before
Minor runes: attack speed and adaptive force mr or armor (if enemy team is full ad I take double armor + adaptive force)
Summoners: Flash + TP 90% of the time (love the little egg+tp interaction as a bonus)Flash + Ignite 10% if the enemy comb suggests that I will murder my opponent then I go for that. Usually when I am in a good matchup and enemy has a farming jungler.
Items: Dorans - Tear - RoA (maybe lvl1 shoes before)/Liandrys - Socerers - Seraphs - Stopwatch - Zhonyas/Frozenheart - Frozenheart/Zhonyas - Demonic Embrace (fat are the items I always buy)
Playstyle:Comet: use e to poke whenever comet and manaflow are up and save q until gank or enemy all in. With this build I usually dont really try to get superiority in lane. Just waiting for enemy mistake or jungler to come. Especially vs Yas I really have great stats with this. I think comet dmg and slow has a lot of value, as his windwall is kinda ass to play against. But he never windwalls only my e + comet so great success.
I like using my wall offensively. I very rarely save my wall. So if there was a teamfight I would rather use my wall in the beginning of the fight to split the enemy team than saving my wall for the possibility that my team needs to disengage.
I generally like baiting enemy champions to come to close range. For me its much easier to hit q when the enemy is close. I like to place my ult under myself and place a wall in the middle so I just run around my wall and let enemy chase me. Using E on cooldown and q whenever its up. Also Zhonyas is nice here. I killed countless melee champions cause they thought they can run me down while chasing me around the wall. However alot of my team mates mentioned that Anivia should not voluntarily go in melee range. I think different about it.
My wall logic in general: While I am quite reliable in hitting the w+q combo I dont really often use it. I think in alot of cases it is better to go q +e + aa and then depending on the duration of the fight or the hp of my opponont I will use the w when the opponent is literally running for his life. Sure I will miss a few q's before but usually I rather lose the mana than having cd on the wall in a play will not lead to a kill - mostly I use w+q in situations when my opponent doesnt have any sustain like pots etc.
I like to use my passive as a bait. So I dont mind losing it. I think the CD is quite short and enemies in my elo do often forget about my passive and go for super greedy plays that then heavily backfire (typical yasuo players). Without passive I will play saver obviously.
Roams - according to my team mates my biggest flaw - I hate roaming with Anivia. I also hate to follow roams. I must be far ahead to consider roaming. Reason is that despite having the tools to fight basically anyone who might catch you on the way Anvia is doomed if the q misses. At least before you get some stacks on roa. I often dont like to take my chances and rather fast push mid and go for a plate. Another reason being that pushing turrets with Anivia is quite save imo. Q and wall are both good for disengage and ult is a great tool to zone the enemy away if engaging on you means that they need to walk through it first. According the facecheck I am taking first turret in 52% of my games.
Anyway I could go on but its already alot and probably nobody is still reading, so if you want to comment on that go ahead.
e: skin of choice: Batnivia
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2023.03.22 11:51 NoscopeOWL 1 year progress of my game! It's heavily inspired in pokemon arceus. Hope you guys enjoy :)

1 year progress of my game! It's heavily inspired in pokemon arceus. Hope you guys enjoy :) submitted by NoscopeOWL to Unity3D [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 11:50 NoscopeOWL 1 year progress of my game! It's heavily inspired in pokemon arceus. Hope you guys enjoy :)

1 year progress of my game! It's heavily inspired in pokemon arceus. Hope you guys enjoy :) submitted by NoscopeOWL to IndieDev [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 11:45 Nu_clear_skin Who do you think our closest living relative is?

If humans were to evolve from Pokemon what pokemon do you think would be our closet living relative?
If you don't want to think that humans evolved from Pokemon then what's your idea for how humans came to exist? Did Arceus make us in their true image? Did they make us at all? Could regular animals be our ancestors?
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2023.03.22 11:24 quenode Mares XR XR-Rec vs Apeks WTX-D40 vs Xdeep Zeos

Hi I am looking for singles best trim wing flight friendly setup that does not burn my pocket to much.
My main purpose is diving with singles and having very good trim best I can get, and trying to have something flight friendly. So I have 3 options for now.
So now I am struggling what to buy ? Any good advice would be more than appreciated.
Keep in mind that I am in Europe so have only these limited options near by.
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2023.03.22 11:24 quenode Mares XR XR-Rec vs Apeks WTX-D40 vs Xdeep Zeos

Hi I am looking for singles best trim wing flight friendly setup that does not burn my pocket to much.
My main purpose is diving with singles and having very good trim best I can get, and trying to have something flight friendly. So I have 3 options for now.
So now I am struggling what to buy ? Any good advice would be more than appreciated.
Keep in mind that I am in Europe so have only these limited options near by.
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2023.03.22 10:32 quenode Mares XR XR-Rec vs Apeks WTX-D40 vs Xdeep Zeos

Hi I am looking for singles best trim wing flight friendly setup that does not burn my pocket to much.
My main purpose is diving with singles and having very good trim best I can get, and trying to have something flight friendly. So I have 3 options for now.
So now I am struggling what to buy ? Any good advice would be more than appreciated.
Keep in mind that I am in Europe so have only these limited options near by.
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2023.03.22 10:32 quenode Mares XR XR-Rec vs Apeks WTX-D40 vs Xdeep Zeos

Hi I am looking for singles best trim wing flight friendly setup that does not burn my pocket to much.
My main purpose is diving with singles and having very good trim best I can get, and trying to have something flight friendly. So I have 3 options for now.
So now I am struggling what to buy ? Any good advice would be more than appreciated.
Keep in mind that I am in Europe so have only these limited options near by.
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2023.03.22 10:32 quenode Mares XR XR-Rec vs Apeks WTX-D40 vs Xdeep Zeos

Hi I am looking for singles best trim wing flight friendly setup that does not burn my pocket to much.
My main purpose is diving with singles and having very good trim best I can get, and trying to have something flight friendly. So I have 3 options for now.
So now I am struggling what to buy ? Any good advice would be more than appreciated.
Keep in mind that I am in Europe so have only these limited options near by.
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2023.03.22 10:28 Ranorak Pokemon game on the switch for an old fan. Now, hear me out. I know what you're thinking. Another question about pokemon games. Isn't there enough controversie about those already. And yes, probably. But I have to fill the 300 title limit somehow. So here we are. Alright, ready for my question, pal?

I grew up with the OG pokemon Red, while my brother had blue, we even managed to get all 150 pokemon together. I played the hell out of Silver and then I stopped playing for a while. I did manage to pick up Pokemon White for the DS as well as Soul Silver.
That is where my pokemon experience ends. However, I recently picked up a switch and I was hoping to reconnect with my childhood (and teenage) favorite games.
But I hear so much negativity coming from the new pokemon games, I am not sure what to believe any more. I was hoping someone could point me in a right direction.
Are the newest games really that bad? Are the new pokemon really that bad? And how different is Arceus from the games I played as a kid. Does it still have the traditional battles?
Help me navigate this Voltorb Field
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2023.03.22 09:47 JackieCoffyBrown Which Pokemon Game is Best for the Switch

I just bought my first Nintendo Switch a couple weeks ago & I'm wanting to get a Pokemon game. I've already played Let's Go Pikachu & pretty much have beaten it. It was good for nostalgia purposes but, it was a little bit to easy. I'm not looking for anything crazy difficult, just something a bit more challenging than Let's Go Pikachu. I've thought about either Legends Arceus or Violet. I haven't done a whole lot of research on either. I also have a 9 year old nephew who'll be playing it a good bit too. Any opinions are welcome & appreciated.
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