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2023.03.22 13:16 alison-wood QuickTrick Alignment: The Key to Perfect Wheel Alignment Every Time

QuickTrick Alignment: The Key to Perfect Wheel Alignment Every Time
Are you looking for wheel alignment for your vehicles? Then look no further than QuickTrick Alignment. Wheel alignment is crucial for your vehicle's proper functioning and longevity. It ensures that your tires wear evenly, your car handles properly, and you have the best fuel efficiency. But getting wheels aligned by yourself is a tricky job. If you want to align your wheels, you must go to a trusted service shop for the proper wheel alignment of your car.
Here's where QuickTrick Alignment comes into place. It is the most trusted name in the US. They have a wide range of automotive tools at a very reasonable range. With the latest technology of QuickTrick Alignment, you can measure wheel alignment by yourself, saving you time and money.
So what are you waiting for? Check out our website and shop for affordable & quality car alignment tools now.
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2023.03.22 13:09 PrimeHonda2021 Honda Unicorn on Road Price in Bangalore - Prime Honda

Honda Unicorn on Road Price in Bangalore - Prime Honda
Honda Unicorn has been a popular choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient bike. This bike is known for its smooth ride and excellent fuel efficiency, making it a great choice for daily commuters. If you are looking to buy a Honda Unicorn in Bangalore, then you should consider the on-road price at Prime Honda, one of the leading Honda dealerships in the city.
The Honda Unicorn is a stylish and powerful bike that is available in three different variants - Standard, ABS, and ABS DLX. The Standard variant comes with a 149.2cc engine that delivers a maximum power of 12.73 bhp at 8,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 12.80 Nm at 5,500 rpm. The ABS variant comes with a 160cc engine that delivers a maximum power of 12.73 bhp at 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 14 Nm at 5,500 rpm. The ABS DLX variant comes with the same 160cc engine but with added features like a digital meter, hazard lamp, and a maintenance-free battery.
The on-road price of the Honda Unicorn in Bangalore varies depending on the variant you choose. The Standard variant is priced at Rs. 1,15,808, the ABS variant is priced at Rs. 1,33,125, and the ABS DLX variant is priced at Rs. 1,36,427. These prices are inclusive of RTO charges, insurance, and other taxes.
At Prime Honda, you can get the Honda Unicorn at the best possible price. The dealership offers various financing options and special discounts on the on-road price, making it easier for you to own this bike. You can also get a test ride of the Honda Unicorn to experience its smooth ride and excellent performance.
Apart from the on-road price, you should also consider the maintenance cost of the Honda Unicorn. The bike comes with a reliable engine and is easy to maintain. However, regular servicing and maintenance are necessary to ensure its longevity. Prime Honda offers excellent after-sales service, including regular servicing, spare parts, and repairs. The dealership also offers extended warranty and roadside assistance to provide complete peace of mind to its customers.
If you are looking to buy a Honda Unicorn, then you should also consider its features and specifications. The bike comes with a diamond frame that provides excellent stability and balance on the road. It also comes with telescopic front forks and a mono-shock suspension that offers a comfortable ride even on bumpy roads. The bike has a fuel tank capacity of 13 liters and delivers a mileage of around 60 kmpl.
The Honda Unicorn also comes with various safety features like disc brakes, tubeless tires, and ABS (in the ABS variant). These features ensure that you have complete control over the bike even in emergency situations. The bike also has a halogen headlamp and LED tail lamp that provide excellent visibility in low-light conditions.
In conclusion, the Honda Unicorn is an excellent bike for those looking for a reliable and efficient daily commuter. The on-road price at Prime Honda in Bangalore is competitive, and the dealership offers various financing options and special discounts to make it easier for you to own this bike. With its excellent features, specifications, and safety features, the Honda Unicorn is a bike worth considering.

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2023.03.22 09:45 dondi34 Boostaro Reviews 2023 - Ingredients, Side Effects, Complaints - Is It Legit?

The Boostaro enhancement supplement is a natural dietary supplement that can improve blood flow and enhance blood circulation. It contains vitamin C, L-Citrulline amino acid, and L-Lysine amino acid, which are all-natural components that can keep the arteries clear and improve blood circulation.
It's no secret that men's Boostaro Reviews 2023 reproductive health is often overlooked. And while it's true that women's health gets more attention, that doesn't mean that men's health is any less important. In fact, taking care of your reproductive health is crucial to your overall well-being.
There are a number of things that can affect your reproductive health, including your lifestyle choices, your environment, and your genetic makeup. That's why it's so important to be proactive about taking care of yourself.
If you're not taking care of your male reproductive health, there can be a number of consequences.
For one, you may experience performance problems. If you're not getting enough blood flow to the reproductive organs, it can be difficult to get or maintain a good performance. Additionally, you may also experience other severe problems and decreased energy levels if you're not taking care of your health.
Furthermore, ignoring your reproductive health can lead to more serious problems down the road. For example, if you don't receive treatment, it can lead to infertility. In some cases, untreated male health problems can even lead to death.
It's important to remember that your reproductive health is just as important as your overall health. If you're not taking care of yourself, it can have a significant impact on your life in a negative way.
Today, the health industry is just as concerned about health enhancement. Therefore, dietary supplements have become very common. Each of these dietary supplements makes multiple promises. However, not all can be Boostaro Reviews 2023 relied upon. In this article, we will talk about one such dietary supplement, named Boostaro , which has immense health benefits to provide.
Let's start our review with a short product overview from the table below.

What Is The Boostaro Supplement?

The Boostaro enhancement supplement is a natural dietary supplement that can improve blood flow and enhance blood circulation. It contains vitamin C, L-Citrulline amino acid, and L-Lysine amino acid, which are all-natural components that can keep the arteries clear and improve blood circulation. It plays a vital role in maintaining healthy reproductive organs and ensuring greater energy levels.
The Boostaro male supplement is a safe and effective way to improve performance and vitality in a natural way.
The research team behind Boostaro has put in years of knowledge and research to formulate the product. It is completely non-addictive and works very well for older men.

How Does The Boostaro Supplement Work Towards Enhancement?

Boostaro claims to be effective, but the main question is, how does Boostaro work?
The product has been formulated to help improve performance. The supplement works by boosting blood flow to the reproductive organs, which helps to enhance strength and vitality.
Furthermore, Boostaro boosts nitric oxide levels in the blood, which helps to improve blood circulation and reduce stress. The supplement also contains amino acids and essential vitamins that help to support overall health and well-being.
Additionally, the Boostaro Boostaro Reviews 2023 supplement contains magnesium and pine bark extract, which work together to reduce fatigue. Magnesium is a mineral that is essential for energy production and helps to convert glucose into energy. It also helps to regulate muscle contraction and relaxation. Pine bark extract is a natural source of antioxidants and has been shown to improve blood circulation. This combination of ingredients helps to reduce fatigue and improve overall energy levels.
The product contains antioxidant properties, which can enhance mood and detoxify the body so that the nourishment from food and supplements can be properly utilized.

What Are The Ingredients That Do Boostaro Work?

Although Boostaro contains an exhaustive list of various potent ingredients that claim to boost blood flow and spike up energy levels, below we shall take a look at some of its core ingredients in detail:
Pine Bark Extract
The pine bark extract in this product is known to increase blood flow throughout your body. This helps to promote healthy circulation, which can be beneficial for those who are looking to lose weight or maintain their current weight. The increased blood flow also helps to reduce fatigue and stress. Moreover, this ingredient has been shown to increase metabolism and enhance fat burning. It does so by increasing the rate at which we burn calories. All in all, one of the biggest benefits of using pine bark extract is that it provides you with a natural way to increase your energy levels without causing any negative side Boostaro Reviews 2023 effects. You will find that you feel more alert and awake throughout the day. Your mind feels clearer and sharper. You may even notice that you sleep better at night.
Vitamin C
One of the most important nutrients that you need to consume regularly is vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a vital role in maintaining strong bones and teeth as well as promoting overall health. However, many people don’t realize just how much vitamin C they really need each day.
It improves energy levels by improving the oxygenation of muscles. When oxygen reaches muscle tissue, it triggers chemical reactions that produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is the molecule that gives our cells energy.
When there is insufficient oxygen available, our cells cannot create enough ATP. As a result, our energy levels drop. By supplementing with vitamin C, we can ensure that our cells receive sufficient oxygen.
It also works to improve blood flow. One of the reasons why we experience low energy levels after exercise is because our blood supply to working muscles becomes restricted. As a result, the oxygen and glucose required for cellular respiration decrease. With adequate amounts of vitamin C, however, our blood vessels dilate, allowing more oxygen and glucose to Boostaro Reviews 2023 reach our muscles.
Another amino acid that you should consider adding to your diet is Lysine. Lysine is an essential amino acid that is needed to build proteins. Protein is necessary for building lean muscle mass.
However, protein synthesis requires adequate amounts of certain vitamins and minerals. One of these is L-lysine. L-lysine is an essential amino acid that is required for the growth of new tissues. As such, it is very important for athletes who want to gain muscle mass.
A study published online in the journal Nutrients found that when participants consumed a high-protein meal containing 1 gram of L-lysine per kilogram of body weight, their resting metabolic rates increased by about 10 percent. This means that they burned more calories while sitting around doing nothing.
This research suggests that consuming L-lysine supplements before bedtime might be beneficial for Boostaro Reviews 2023 those looking to boost their energy levels.
In addition to being an essential nutrient, magnesium helps regulate blood pressure. It also helps maintain healthy nerves and muscles. Magnesium deficiency has been linked to fatigue and insomnia.
If you are feeling tired and fatigued, try increasing your intake of magnesium.
Magnesium works in two ways to increase energy levels. First, it increases the amount of glucose in the bloodstream. Glucose is the main source of fuel for the brain and other organs. Second, it increases the flow of blood through the arteries. The more blood flowing through the arteries, the more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the working parts of the body.
As mentioned earlier, magnesium is one of the most common deficiencies among Americans. If you suffer from low energy levels, make sure to include magnesium-rich foods in your daily diet while using supplements like Boostaro that contain adequate dosages of magnesium in every serving.
Citrullinemia is a condition where there is too much ammonia in the blood. Ammonia is produced as a waste product of metabolism. When there is too much ammonia present in the blood, it can cause symptoms similar to those of liver disease. These symptoms include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, weakness, and confusion.
One way to treat this condition is to consume citrulline. Citrulline is an amino acid that is converted into arginine in the body. Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide (NO), which is responsible for relaxing blood vessels.
Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels, allowing them to expand so that more blood flows through them. Boostaro Reviews 2023 As a result, blood flow increases throughout the body.
Vitamin K2
Vitamin K2 is another supplement that may boost energy levels. Vitamin K2 is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays a role in bone health. However, recent research suggests that vitamin K2 may play a role in regulating blood sugar.
It also works to improve blood flow and energy levels. This is because vitamin K2 helps prevent the formation of clots in the blood. Clots reduce the flow of blood through blood vessels, resulting in reduced energy levels.
In addition, vitamin K2 has been linked to increased insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity refers to how well the cells respond to insulin. It’s important to note that high insulin sensitivity does not mean that someone will develop diabetes. Rather, it means that they will experience less damage when exposed to high amounts of insulin.
Therefore, improving insulin sensitivity may lead to better overall health.

What Health Benefits Can The Dietary Supplement Provide?

The health benefits provided by Boostaro are very impressive. The dietary supplement particularly focuses on boosting testosterone levels and an improved blood flow. However, it does have some additional benefits. Let's learn about some of these benefits-
Enhances Blood Flow
Boostaro is an all-natural supplement that is designed to improve blood flow and circulation throughout the body. The key ingredients in Boostaro are L-arginine, L-lysine, and pine needle extract. All of these ingredients have been clinically proven to improve blood flow and circulation.
L-arginine is an amino acid that helps to relax the blood vessels, pine needle extract helps to increase blood flow, and L-lysine is another amino acid that helps to improve blood circulation. Together, these ingredients work synergistically to improve blood flow and circulation around the body. This can be beneficial for men who are looking to improve their reproductive health, as proper blood flow and circulation are essential for optimal reproductive function.
Improves Heart Health
Boostaro is a natural supplement containing pine bark extract. This extract has been shown to enhance blood circulation and improve heart health. The pine needle extract in Boostaro works by dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow. This improved blood circulation can help to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.
The pine bark extract also helps to reduce inflammation, which is another factor that can contribute to heart disease. Boostaro is a safe and easy way to improve your heart health.
The pine bark extract is all-natural and has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. If you are looking for a way to improve your cardiovascular health along with reproductive health, Boostaro is a great option.
Boosts Testosterone Levels
The Boostaro male health supplement is designed to increase nitric oxide levels in the body, which in turn can boost testosterone levels. Nitric oxide is a gas that is produced in the body and has a variety of important functions, including regulating blood pressure and improving blood flow. When nitric oxide levels are increased, it can have a positive effect on testosterone levels, as well as other hormones in the body.
The Boostaro supplement contains ingredients that have been shown to increase nitric oxide production, including L-arginine and L-citrulline. In addition to increasing nitric oxide levels, the Boostaro supplement also includes other ingredients that can help to improve overall health and well-being.
Raises Energy Levels
Boostaro is a male health supplement that not only boosts reproductive health but also improves the energy levels of the body. Made with a blend of natural ingredients, Boostaro is safe to take and is an effective way to improve overall health.
The clinically-studied ingredients in Boostaro have been shown to increase testosterone levels. This, in turn, leads to increased energy levels and improved reproductive health. In addition to this, Boostaro also supports overall health with vitamin C, pine bark extract, L-Citrulline, and L-Lysine.
Aids In Weight Loss
Boostaro is a natural supplement that contains nattokinase and CoQ10. These two substances have Boostaro Reviews 2023 been shown to be effective in weight loss and rejuvenating healthy blood vessels. Nattokinase is an enzyme derived from natto, a fermented soybean product.
Nattokinase has been shown to break down fibrin, a protein involved in blood clotting. This action can help to prevent strokes and heart attacks by reducing the risk of clots forming in the arteries.CoQ10 is a substance that occurs naturally in the body and is involved in energy production.
CoQ10 levels have been shown to decline with age, so supplements may be beneficial for older people. CoQ10 has also been shown to improve heart health by reducing oxidative stress and improving blood flow to the heart. Boostaro provides a convenient way to get these important nutrients into your diet.
Reduces Inflammation
The Boostaro health enhancement supplement contains amino acids that are helpful in reducing inflammation. These amino acids are found in the body naturally and help to reduce swelling and pain. They also help to repair tissue damage and promote healing. The amino acids in Boostaro help to reduce the risk of developing chronic inflammation and can also help to improve overall health.
To enjoy the benefits of Boostaro, click here to order your supply now!

Is There Any Science Behind Boostaro's Ingredients?

To test the efficacy of one of the Boostaro ingredients, one study found that adults who took 2 grams of citrulline three times a day for six months reported improved energy levels.
Other studies have shown that citrulline supplementation may benefit individuals suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. In fact, some researchers believe that citrulline could be used as a treatment for CFS.
In one study, participants were given either 100 micrograms or 200 micrograms of vitamin K2 per day for 12 weeks. After taking the higher dose of vitamin K2, participants showed increased insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity refers to how well the cells respond to insulin. This means that they will use less insulin to process glucose.
The results of this study suggest that vitamin K2 may be beneficial for people who struggle with diabetes.
A study published in the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine found that people who consumed a drink containing 500 milligrams of magnesium, a core ingredient in Boostaro, had significantly lower heart rates and systolic blood pressure than those who drank water alone.
Another study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that men who supplemented their diets with 400 milligrams of magnesium daily for four weeks experienced significant improvements in strength and power.
Yet another study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology found that pine bark extract, a major ingredient in Boostaro, was able to significantly decrease appetite. In other words, it helped people feel less hungry while eating.
In addition to helping us feel more energetic and reducing cravings, pine bark extract may also help us lose weight. A study conducted on mice showed that the compound could actually block the production of fat cells.
There is also adequate research on Vitamin C, one of the core ingredients in Boostaro. A study published by the American Society for Clinical Nutrition found that vitamin C supplementation improved endurance performance. Participants were given either 200 mg of vitamin C or a placebo every two hours during an intense cycling session. Those who took vitamin C experienced higher levels of lactic acid than those who did not take the supplement.
The researchers concluded that vitamin C supplementation enhanced aerobic capacity during Boostaro Reviews 2023 prolonged exercise.

How Does Nitric Oxide Levels Affect Male Health?

Nitric oxide (NO) is a gas that is produced by the body and has several important roles, one of which is regulating blood flow. When NO levels are low in the body, blood vessels constrict, and blood flow is reduced. This can have an adverse effect on male reproductive health, as blood flow is necessary for performance. In addition, other hormones and nutrients that are essential for reproductive health are transported through the bloodstream, so reduced blood flow can lead to deficiencies. NO levels can be increased through lifestyle changes such as exercise and eating a healthy diet or supplemented through nitric oxide supplements like Boostaro.

What Makes Boostaro So Effective?

There are so many supplements in the market that claim to provide the same health benefits as Boostaro does. So what makes Boostaro different and much more effective than others? Well, there are certain characteristic features of Boostaro that set it apart-
The Boostaro supplement is produced naturally and made with natural ingredients that are safe and stimulant-free. The formula contains a blend of herbs and nutrients that help to support energy levels without the use of caffeine or other stimulants. This makes it an ideal choice for those who are sensitive to such ingredients or who want to avoid them altogether.
The Boostaro male health supplement is a non-GMO product. This means that it has not been exposed to any genetically modified organisms during its manufacturing process. GMO ingredients have been linked to many health problems, so this is a major selling point for the Boostaro male supplement. Additionally, the fact that the product is non-GMO means that it is unlikely to cause any allergic reactions in users, as some people are sensitive to GMOs.
Boostaro is a healthy male virility supplement that is a vegan-friendly product designed to meet the needs of those who follow a vegan lifestyle. The supplement is made from natural ingredients that are free from animal products, and this means that it is suitable for vegans to use. The enhancement supplement contains a range of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids essential for good health. It also includes herbs traditionally used to improve performance.
Scientifically-Tested Ingredients
The Boostaro supplement contains scientifically-tested ingredients. Scientific evidence has shown that these components can enhance blood circulation and increase energy levels. The ingredients in Boostaro are designed to improve circulation by expanding blood vessels and improving blood flow. This can help enhance mood and improve stamina.
Additionally, the ingredients in Boostaro can help to oxygenate the blood and reduce inflammation.

Does Boostaro Have Any Side Effects?

Boostaro is a dietary supplement that is claimed to be majorly safe with only mild side effects. The most common side effect reported is headaches, followed by nausea. However, there have been no reports of any serious side effects from taking Boostaro. Overall, Boostaro appears to be a very safe supplement with few side effects.

What Is The Recommended Dosage Of Boostaro?

The recommended dosage of Boostaro is two capsules daily, taken after a meal with warm water. This ensures that the body can properly absorb the nutrients in the supplement and maximize its efficacy. The product needs to be consumed regularly. Additionally, taking Boostaro with a meal helps to reduce any potential gastrointestinal side effects that may occur.

How Much Does Boostaro Cost?

The official Boostaro website offers buyers 3 different packages of the Boostaro supplement to choose from-
● The basic package- 1 bottle or a 30-day supply of Boostaro, priced at $69 ● The good value package- three bottles or a 90-day supply will cost $177. Here one bottle is priced at $59. ● The best value package- six bottles or a 180-day supply will cost $294. Here one bottle costs $49.
Beware, while trying to purchase Boostaro, many other websites are selling look-alikes, so the best option would be to buy the product from the main website.

Does Boostaro Have A Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, the main website provides a 180-day money-back guarantee. This means that, as a new customer, you can try the dietary supplement for a period of six months and see how the product works for you. Suppose it cannot deliver Boostaro Reviews 2023 any promised benefits. In that case, you can file a return, and the manufacturers will initiate a full refund if you return the product within 6 months of purchase.

What Do The Customers Have To Say About Boostaro?- Real Boostaro Reviews

The official Boostaro website and Google have multiple Boostaro reviews. Below we will take a look at some of them.
Alvin Brown's Boostaro review says, "I’ve gotta say it really did freaking work. I decided to buy this because I have performance anxiety, and a couple of times before, I couldn’t get it up or keep it up because I was worried that I was gonna suck. So I ordered this, and it worked, and I had a bunch of confidence. I made her finish multiple times, and she loved it. You can take one dose, and that works too, but if you are really worried, you can take two, but no more than that. Just don’t. It takes maybe like 3 hours to really activate. You could say where you get hard really fast for basically nothing, and there you go. I could go on and on, but it does work, and yea, it lasts like 2 days to 2.5 days."
Another young Boostaro customer says, "I've only been taking them for 1 month, and I can honestly say that I can see it thicker and longer, and I also do have that calm but energized effect. My girlfriend seems to love it. I ordered a new bottle I'll be taking and measuring, but so far, it's a good product thanks! Great for sports as well,"
Chris's Boostaro review claims, "I was skeptical and didn’t think I would get the effect described in the customer reviews. But I did! I have more energy and stamina in the sack. I noticed the effects 2 days after taking it. I’m a firm believer and hope they continue manufacturing. I’m very satisfied !"
A final Boostaro review claims, "This is the best pill ever!!! I love it! I bought this product to mainly increase my size. Overall I am very impressed! Thanks, Boostaro!!! I’ll be ordering more soon!."

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Boostaro is a very effective reproductive health supplement, and if you are suffering and finding it hard to improve your health, we would suggest you try the product. It has a reasonable price and a genuine money-back guarantee, so even if the supplement fails to satisfy your needs, you can just return the product. Lastly, it also has a 4.8-star rating and is trusted by thousands of men, and it might as well work wonders for you.
Buy Boostaro Before it is SOLD OUT
Click Here:
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2023.03.22 09:19 Jiale88996 Comprehensive Coverage for Custom Parts and Equipment: What's Covered and What's Not

When you customize your vehicle with aftermarket parts and equipment, you must be sure that your policy covers all the custom parts you. Custom parts and equipment coverage is an optional add-on to your car insurance policy, and it will protect the custom parts and equipment you've equipped to your vehicle. But what exactly does it cover? And what doesn't it cover? Let's find out.

Understanding Custom Parts and Equipment Coverage

Custom parts and equipment coverage is an optional add-on for your car insurance policy that will protect the custom parts you equipped in your vehicle. The custom parts covered are not part of the original factory equipment of your car, such as aftermarket wheels, stereo systems, or suspension upgrades. This coverage option protects the custom parts installed in your vehicle beyond what your standard auto insurance policy covers.

How Does Comprehensive Coverage for Custom Parts and Equipment Work?

If you have comprehensive coverage for custom parts of your equipment in case you suffer an accident, loss, or stolen, you can file a claim with your car insurer. You will send an adjuster and will investigate the accident. Once your car insurer’s adjusters verify who was at-fault, and check the repair costs of your vehicle will inform the car insurer will give a settlement. That settlement will be worth your car’s repair costs minus the deductibles you set on your comprehensive coverage policy.

What Custom Parts and Equipment are Covered?

This the list of custom parts that are covered by your comprehensive coverage policy:
Suspension upgrades
For example, if you installed a de-dion type coil spring rear end suspension in your car to get more road holding while driving, your comprehensive coverage for custom parts will cover the damages caused when you suffer an accident.
Performance modifications
Performance modifications can include anything, from upgrading the engine and exhaust system to adding a turbocharger or supercharger. These modifications can significantly improve a vehicle's performance. However, they can also increase the risk of damage to the car or its components. Custom Parts and Equipment Coverage
Body modifications
Body modifications, such as custom paint jobs, spoilers, and aftermarket wheels or tires, are often expensive and unique additions to a vehicle. That's why custom parts and equipment coverage will give additional protection for these modifications in case they are damaged, stolen, or need to be replaced.
Lighting upgrades
Lighting upgrades, such as LED headlights, taillights, and fog lights, are popular modifications that can enhance a vehicle's appearance and safety. So if you installed them, your comprehensive coverage for your custom parts and equipment will cover the damages caused during an accident or theft.
Engine upgrades
Engine upgrades, such as performance chips, exhaust systems, and turbochargers, can significantly increase a vehicle's power and performance. These modifications are covered by Comprehensive Coverage for Custom Parts and Equipment, will cover the damage caused in your vehicle by non-collision damages such as floods, fires, or when you accidentally hit a deer, among others.
Interior modifications
Interior modifications, such as custom upholstery, sound systems, and dashboard upgrades, are often valuable and personalized additions to your vehicle. As we all know, if you install JBL sound system in your car, thefts would like to steal it. In that case, your comprehensive coverage for custom parts and equipment will cover it.
Security systems
Security systems, such as alarms and tracking devices, are often added as custom parts and equipment to vehicles. These systems enhance the security of the vehicle and may also reduce your premiums, but they can also be expensive to repair or replace if damaged or stolen. So in case your car suffers an accident or theft, your comprehensive coverage for custom parts and equipment will cover the repair and replacements bills.

What is Not Covered by Custom Parts and Equipment Coverage?

While custom parts and equipment coverage can provide protection for a wide range of aftermarket parts and equipment, there are some things that are not covered. These include:

Wear and Tear

Custom parts and equipment coverage does not cover normal wear and tear on your aftermarket parts and equipment.

Intentional Damage

If you intentionally damage your aftermarket parts and equipment, custom parts and equipment coverage will not provide coverage.

Racing or Reckless Driving

If you participate in racing or reckless driving and your custom parts and equipment are damaged or lost, your insurance provider will not cover the cost of repairs or replacement.
Damage caused by improper installation or maintenance of custom parts
Comprehensive coverage for custom parts and equipment provides protection for specific custom parts and equipment that are permanently installed on a vehicle. However, any damage caused by improper installation or maintenance of those parts is not covered. It’s your responsibility to be sure those expensive custom parts have been installed correctly.


Q: Is comprehensive coverage for custom parts and equipment required by law?
A: No, comprehensive coverage for custom parts and equipment is not required by law, but it can provide financial protection for your customizations.
Q: How much does comprehensive coverage for custom parts and equipment cost?
A: The cost of comprehensive coverage for custom parts and equipment can vary depending on your insurance provider and the specific terms of your policy.
Q: Can I purchase comprehensive coverage for custom parts and equipment without having comprehensive coverage for my vehicle?
A: No, you must have comprehensive coverage for your vehicle to be eligible for comprehensive coverage for custom parts and equipment.
Q: What should I do if my custom parts and equipment are damaged, lost, or stolen?
A: If your custom parts and equipment are damaged, lost, or stolen, you know your comprehensive coverage will cover the stolen pieces, so once you file the claim, your car insurer will send and ajuster who will investigate the theft. Once the adjuster finishe the investigation, your car insurer will offer you a settlement.
Q: What factors should I consider when selecting a comprehensive coverage for custom parts and equipment policy?
A: If yoi’re going to buy a comprehensive coverage for custom parts and equipment policy, you should be aware that what that policy covers and what not, the cost of the policy, and the reputation of the insurance provider in Better Business Bureau or the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.


When we install some custom parts and equipment we know that will be quite expensive, that’s why we need to get the best coverage for these parts. Comprehensive coverage for custom parts and equipment is the only way to fully protect your car against non-collision damages such as water damage like floods, fires or acts of God, among othters.
If you’re thinking to add comprehensive coverage for custom parts and equipment, you must understand what this coverage option covers and what not. Each car insurer will specify what is covered in your policy, so you have to check the declaration page of your policy. If you still have some questions about what covers your comprehensive coverage for custom parts and equipment, you can always contact with your car insurance’s agent.
Read more in my blog.
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2023.03.22 05:20 GuyWithATophat_ I saw people on r/nicevancouver complaining about the fact that the 20 has two loops and the 29 has none, so if TransLink was ever to extend the 29 to Harrison Loop as well, here are my 3 possible theories. (I like making these kinds of stuff.) Thoughts?

I saw people on nicevancouver complaining about the fact that the 20 has two loops and the 29 has none, so if TransLink was ever to extend the 29 to Harrison Loop as well, here are my 3 possible theories. (I like making these kinds of stuff.) Thoughts? submitted by GuyWithATophat_ to vancouver [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 02:33 _Lyum Two years with my 2019 Honda Civic Type R

This is going to be a long post of my experiences with my 2019 Honda Civic Type R. im writing this on mobile to please excuse any formatting errors.
Ive been a car enthusiasts since i was a young lad. i am now 26 years old living on the Connecticut coast where i grew up as well. my first car was a white 1992 honda civic dx hatch 4 speed auto gifted to me by my lovely grandma who is still currently kickin it at 100 years old. she gave this to me because i used to service it like change the oil, i did the brakes and tie rods in my power tech class in highschool. i fell in love with this cars nimble handling, lightweight feel, and of course the honda sound when i stopped on the pedal and had to wait an eternity for the slushbox auto to downshift. drove this car throughout highschool. my next car was a 2004 honda civic lx that i used to college, i needed something more practical for college with 4 doors and something a little bit safer. once i graduated college in 2018 i purchased a 2018 honda accord 2.0 with the 10 speed auto. this was a fantastic car but still didnt give me the excitement and engagement i was looking for. one year after purchasing the accord i decided a i need to buy a car with a manual transmission so i could learn. so i did my research and decided a first gen miata was the right choice. i picked up a clean one owner 1996 na miata with the torsen lsd and a 5 sp in feb 2020 just before covid hit and drove prices up. i absolutely loved this car as well, the sublime 5 speed, the handling, top down. one of my fondest memories is riding around with my brother along the Connecticut coatsline and having a girl flash us in the miata. flash forward a year later, its Feb 2021, the accord has had daily duties for 2 years, i get into an accident on the highway that lands my accordnin the shop with minor damages. so im now dailying the miata in connecticut winter and ir realize that i do not mind driving the manual transmission everyday, in fact im looking forward to it. the body shop that my accord was at has eveyone get covid so it remained at the shop for quite some time. during this i realized i was watching civic type r videos everyday, working in the emergency room as nurse, which really changed my perspective on life. i decided it was time. i test drove a used type r and fell in love immediately. it was everything i dreamed of. i found a 2019 with 8k miles for 37.9k online and bought site unseen, traded in my accord which i had positive equity in, and sold my miata to my dad. i wanted a 2019 specifically for the physical volume and infotainment controls over the 17-18 MY and didnt want to pay the premium for the refreshed 20-21 MY. first ever picture https://imgur.com/a/mt0lyk7
Ownership Experience
the civic type r was delivered on March 23, 2021, im currently at 30500 miles, ive tracked the car 3x and plan on doing more events this summer. i tracked the car stock only having done wheels and tires and had no issues. https://imgur.com/a/lDnahLe
i have had no issues with the car besides the infotainment occasionally needing to be reset. just regular maintenance such as tires, oil, rear brakes. i immediately put 18x9.5 wheels wrapped in 265/35/18 tires on it. also had it ceramic coated to protect the championship white paint. i love how my first car was a white honda civic hatchback and now my current car is as well. this car really means a lot to me and im very grateful that i have this opportunity at such a young age. i drive this car year round on all seasons including on dirt roads when im camping (full size air mattress can fit in the back) https://imgur.com/a/NaELmJB and snow when im doing snowboarding trips. https://imgur.com/a/nv5j9cn
things i like
handling, power, space! can fit my bike in the back as well at 4 rims and tires, transmission feel, braking feel, seats are amazing. i also love how it looks, ability to track it stock, rev match downshifting is also a great feature for noobs like myself who want to track their car but arent heel toe pros yet. the aftermarket support is also amazing and confidence inspiring
things i dont like
no rev match downshift button (why is it in the infotainment), climate controls could be better, tweeter speakers rattle, 20 inch wheels with rubber band tires stock. this is nit picking yes
things ive done to the car
fk8 mods
ceramic coat - opticoat pro
18x9.5 +38 5x120 rays gram lights 57DR gloss black
Michelin pilot sport 4 all season 265x35x18 on rear
continental sport dws96+ 265x35x18 on front
oem wind guards (came with it)
acuity shift boot collar and poco shift knob
overland designs alcantera center console trim
uniden r3 radar
ma performance street exhaust burnt tip
k & n drop in air filter
3 way dash cam
prl hvi intake
ma performance catted downpipe
hondata tuned with pherable stage 2.0
approx hp/tq 360/360 at the wheels
in the past two week ive added the prl intake, ma performance downpipe and finally tuned the car. (shoutout The Shop in Stratford CT for the work) as you can imagine it feels like i unlocked a whole nother level. it feels exceptionally quick now and i dont feel like i need any more power. the intake sound is amazing.
overall this has been a wonderful experience for a young enthusiast and my first time modifying a car more extensively. ive learned so much, made friends in car community, and still look forward to driving to work everyday. i plan to keep this car for minimum 5 years before looking at used 991.1 Porsches (manual of course) thank you for reading and feel free to ask any questions. i have lots of pictures on my profile of the car. more pics https://imgur.com/a/AcA2pG7
join us on the type r subreddit as well civic_type_r
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2023.03.22 01:33 al322 Low globulin - has been consistently dropping last 9 years. Ideas?

35/f - Texas RX is Vyvanse and adderall, the latter I have been on for 25 years
These labs at link are from ages 27-35. https://ibb.co/bbWFz0X
Latest values: Globulin: 1.5 Albumin: 4.6
First values: Globulin: 3.9 Albumin: 3
All other years can be found at the link above. Of note: my weight is the same now as it was during the first labs.
I know that my immunoglobulins are in normal range. IgG, IgM and IgA all total 991. So, 0.9 of the globulin is gamma. Which leaves 0.6 for the other 3 parts. Am I understanding that correctly.
I’m aware that I’ll need to have the additional testing to determine what each of those protein levels is, but because it is going to take forever to see my doctor and get answers I am wondering:
1) are there any conditions/situations that cause the slow decline in globulin like this?
2) does this even matter? Is a value of 0.6 spread across the 2 alpha and beta protein sufficient?
Other notes: -I have two small children. One has an auto inflammatory IL-1 issue and gets Ilaris injections every 4 weeks, the other has Acute Leukemia that is in remission. -my symptoms: I am getting more and more tired every day but especially lately. I also have been insanely prone to bacterial infections my entire life. I can moderately manage this with Bi-weekly bleach baths, cotton gloves on my hands when I sleep, very loose cotton clothing, showering immediately after sweating, no makeup, etc. I still need abx frequently. I never culture weird bacteria - it is always very typical stuff they say I should be able to fight off on my own, so I wait but ultimately, always need abx to clear it. -ANA was negative -Crp (1.6) and esr (2) both low -wbc always around 4-5, heavy on neutrophils, but lymphs are generally around 1.5. Hgb 12, PLT 200s. -colonoscopy last year showed nothing (had to have due prior to surgery to repair full pelvic prolapse.)
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2023.03.22 01:30 GryphonSK Brains required.

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2023.03.22 00:23 Artsi_Mom Just a rant about Amazon.

I own and operate a local parts house, and I am SO tired of people coming to me for help figuring out their problem, but turning around to buy the parts online. Now, don't take that the wrong way, my favorite part of the job is helping people figure out their problems and helping them figure out the repair process. It's just that here lately, I feel like I'm constantly being used for a free service my business offers only to be told they are buying the parts online. Im constantly being asked if I can price match, but I still have a business to run, overhead to fund, and I can't just make pennies on the dollar like these third-party companies who don't touch the product or even field questions from the customers. I'm not even the highest prices in our industry in our area. Lol. We are super completive and I am one of only two distributiors of a specific brand in our area. I'm so frustrated by people who think their doing you a service by telling you that they can get it cheaper online. Thank you, Sir. So glad I spent 25 mins helping you work out your issue so that you could give someone else the money. Amazon is just killing so many "mom & pop" shops across all kinds of markets. This isn't a dig at people here who make a living selling online- I know I could make that transition and have been looking into it. But it's more of a frustration that our society has shifted so far away from supporting local businesses. That is all. ** Edit: thank you for the comments, and I If I were to charge a consultation fee, what would that look like? Does anyone here charge a fee for helping people?
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2023.03.22 00:20 madismadrad [SELL][WORLDWIDE] BNIB Drunk Elephant, Glow Recipe, Tatcha, Tata Harper, Murad, WISHFUL, Caudalie, Dr. Dennis Gross, Dr. Barbara Sturm, Shiseido, Kate Somerville, Algenist, Josie Maran & More!

Open to all reasonable offers! Shipping starts at $5 for the US and may increase with the weight. FREE shipping on all orders $50 or more! International, please pm me. I will ship all items within 1 business day. I will include one foil sample for every $15 spent!
Payment via Venmo or Paypal is preferred. I will do PayPal Goods and Services as long as you don't mind covering the fee :)
Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions or request additional photos!
All items are new unless stated otherwise! BNIB = Brand New in Box.
DS Skincare Samples All New Unless Stated Otherwise-
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2023.03.21 22:13 BlitzBiker2001 Worst panel cover fastening system

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2023.03.21 22:01 smartybrome List of FREE and Best Selling Discounted Courses

Courses for 22 March 2023

Note : Coupons might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.

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2023.03.21 22:01 smartybrome List of FREE and Best Selling Discounted Courses

Courses for 22 March 2023

Note : Coupons might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.

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2023.03.21 21:53 Goopeze JUST WIPED! Blessed Rust 10x NO BPs All custom plugins and friendly community! Come join us now!!

Welcome to Blessed Rust Servers!!! If you would like to join our community and check out our server, Join our discord below! A whole year + has went into this server and we are truly one of a kind! Hope to see you there!!
Discord = https://discord.gg/zzyyUCNUy7
Server Trailer = https://youtu.be/DJawwLiQLMM How To Join Server Console Server IP Command =
What does Blessed Rust have to offer? >We host free to enter custom events every Friday for RUST SKINS to give back to the community! >Active Non-Playing Administrators >Constant Updates >Active Moderators Chat Mods >24 Hour Wipe Raid Protection >Cheap VIP kits w/ no sulfur ! >Placeable Recycler >Clans (Max group of 6) >Auto Barrel Loot Pickup! >Custom Balanced Loot Tables >Custom Balanced Shop >Custom Black Market NPC shop for reward points! >MyMini Command For Everyone To Use ! >SkinBox For Everyone To Use 4,000+ Skins For FREE! Free Discord & Steam Kits w/ Amazing Perks ! >Cases (Unbox Rust Items and Kits, Example : CSGO style case unboxing in rust!) >Free Bgrade to everyone for all tiers of materials ! >Remove / repair base / auto upgrade Commands >Well Designed / Modified Website >Backpack >Outpost Teleport / Bandit Teleport +MORE!!!
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2023.03.21 21:49 MarketCrashJuly2021 Power To The Players 🚀🚀

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2023.03.21 21:30 RideshareHeathen Feedback & Thoughts

Posting here, should anyone look for more feedback than just Steam Reviews.

Played about 11 hours so far, with a few short games and then one that lasted for about 6 hours to see just how far you can get. Even with it being EA, I was pretty impressed. The game caught my eye based on the C&C visuals and vibe and honestly is playing better than some phone Tower Defense games I have tried out. A long game like the one I had was certainly challenging due to the lack of additional research, but I have it wishlisted and will certainly give the game a more in-depth playthrough when there is more to do.

Some thoughts:
-Simple game play that might have you losing a few matches at first, but once things can be researched I think it becomes pretty easy to keep growing and expanding.
-While everything is pixeled, the layout and feel is also easy to get used to. It didn't take much to figure out how to build things with some efficiency to keep unlocking more space.
-Pixelation Filter is nice! Feels fun to turn it on and gives that old game vibes, but off the game is pretty clean and sharp looking!
-2x and 4x Speed option is nice and the game doesn't seem to suffer much for it. I know plenty of TD's that just break past 2x speeds, even if they offer higher.
-My Pros list is short as its still EA, but I've already suggested it to a few of my friends as a simple time sink while we have downtime.
--The turret audio gets wildly intense at times and I often played with the volume nearly at zero. After several hours on one map, the audio was just a total mess of "under attack/turret lost" and mine + enemy gunfire going rampant. I know this is a hard one to address, but if 30 guns are firing, I would limit that sound clip to only a few playing vs every single one going off.
--When you are placing anything, such as a wall and you accidentally click another object while in placement mode, it deselects that and selects the new thing. If in placement mode, disabling the ability to select something would be clutch. Otherwise, I frequently place a wall, click a turret, have to mouse back to the wall, select it and go back into trying to place it and hope I didnt lose the turret behind it (I did). Then you have to also re-place the turret and run into a similar problem. Later in the game, this is really painful with walls being blown away instantly and trying to replace your defenses. Typically it was just me letting a huge swath of defense getting destroyed, then trying to rebuild it all between waves or after the blob moved on.
--Boss HP bars are nice, at first, but at one point I had I think 6 or 7 and it consumed nearly 50% of my screen, making it difficult to see paths and build things.
--No mass repair option, or even a choice to auto-repair. Being able to toggle that for say, just walls, just turrets, etc, would be really nice. Otherwise, I stopped using the repair at all and just let stuff die and then replaced it. Only really used the repair on my HQ as needed.
-Turrets have the ability to shoot different things based on the priority you choose, but a 'deadliest' or 'boss' first would be neat! I set a pile of turrets to shoot highest HP thinking that would work, but it looked like they would switch to something else after some damage was done, moving to a higher HP unit because it was new in that targeting range. They don't stick to the boss or the bigger threats. Tried this with several settings to see if I could find one to do this, but didn't find one that worked.
-No mass select for turrets. Having to manually select each one to change priorities is a slow, tedious process.
-On the main home page and when loading, the camera shakes/tries to be dynamic in movement but its just really disorienting. It can follow the unit but it swinging around does not feel thematic or needed. Loading a map the cannon fires and the screen zooms in/out at a tilted angle. I think a little wiggle here is okay, but the zooming tilt effect is a bit much.
-No pause feature. Opening the research panel and it pausing would be nice, or an overall option to pause. Its not a huge con and I get why there might not be one. Still, it can be pretty useful. UI: --The UI isn't bad, especially again in EA and really gives that old C&C feel. However, a few things complicate the game:
--No shortcuts for buildings, if you misclick during placement, you have to go re-select it.
--Opening the research window in a game, its always stuck in a weird place with the camera in the upper right. Have to use WASD to reposition it every time. If its going to open in a static place, maybe a zoomed out full view is better, like it is on the main home page. Makes it easier to zoom into what I need to see.
--Text in the research descriptions is all different. Font size is huge for some titles, with tiny red & green text that's a little hard to see. You have to zoom in a good bit to read it clearly. Feels like the description box is a set size and the text is trying to squeeze into that space.
--The 'Expand' button on multiple playthroughs covers building space. Can you make it only pop up when you hover over the dome?
-Not every time, but most my games when I build the Radar, the spot for it still has the silver background, some games its all black.
Huge wall of text, thanks for reading it all if you did! I know the game is EA, but this is going to be something I keep an eye on and I really think its good so far and has tons of potential! Thanks for your hard work and I am looking forward to seeing the direction you take it :D
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2023.03.21 20:29 autorepairandtint 2

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2023.03.21 20:12 FishHuntJeepCook Oil change AND tire rotation?

Anyone got a recommendation for an auto repair business that'll perform an oil change and a tire rotation during the same appointment? I've been using Pep Boys but I am looking to maybe switch it up. Northeast location would be a bonus. I usually spring for the Mobil 1 if that makes a difference.
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2023.03.21 19:59 missingmountains7 I am 33 Years old, just started a new job, and have $31,606 in Credit Card Debt

This was incredibly hard for me to write and admit., I'm sure I have forgotten important information and have errors.
Title: I am 33 years old, making $80,000 salary ( just started new job ) plus $21,300. Spouse ( 39 )makes $40 per hour plus $14,200, and we have $77,313 debt not including our mortgage.
SECTION ONE: Background
Job: Project Analyst ( new job ) & GIS Analyst
Industry: Finance
Location - MCOL, rural Texas
Context - I have worked for my MIL since 2015 with no benefits. My husband has worked for her since 2013 with no benefits. We were led to believe we would take over the business and have a really good secure income. Instead, we have made less than others in our same careers or near the same, but with no benefits, no paid holidays etc. We attempted to get the plan of action for us to take over starting in 2017, but were met with aggression and personality issues each time. It’s been a long mentally exhausting 5+ years. I have finally broken away.
SECTION TWO: Current Debt and Assets
Credit card debt: Total Credit Card Debt $31,606.30. Breakdown: Card 1 ($10,799.30 out of $14,500) Card 2 ( $17,002.84 out of $18,000 ) Card 3 ( $0 out $0 ) Card 4 ( $3,805 out of $5,000)
Personal loans: $0
Medical debt: $0 paid down from $18,000
Student loan debt (for what degree). $12,534.18 Bachelors in Engineering Technology. Already paid off over $15,000. His grandparents and parents paid for his undergrad; he saved up ( before we met ) and paid for his master's.
Remaining mortgage balance if you’re a homeowner. $298,000 remaining. Originally 318,000 at 4.84%. Yearly Dividends are around $3,500-$3,800.
Auto loans: Truck $19,781.71 u/2.25%, small SUV $13,390.64 @ 2.25%
Any other type of debt and how you accumulated it (e.g., payday loans, title loans). N/a
Retirement balance (and how you got there). Around $5000-$6,000 for both of us. This was from putting some into accounts we opened a few years ago.
Equity $502,000
Our first house was purchased for $82,000 in December 2010 with low interest. We sold it 2016 for $115,000 to buy our land.
To buy our land, we put some of the equity towards credit card debt and the rest towards purchasing the land for $150,000 at a 15 yr fixed rate of around 5% interest rate. We “rebuilt” our house starting Nov 2019 with a refinance and construction loan in one. We didn’t put any down, it was 90% loan to value. The house we built made the value ( once complete ) more than the loan. Currently, the estimated appraisal is around $800,000 leaving $498,000 in equity. We didn’t purchase and build in a typical way. We bought the 45 acres for 150k 4% or so15 year loan 3 years before refinancing with a construction loan. We did put down $15,000 to purchase the land originally.
Savings account balance: $200
Checking account balance: averages $4000-$5000 to cover all bills etc.
Any other assets that are applicable to you.
Main Job Monthly Take Home aka Net Pay I just started my new job so I don’t know what the health insurance etc will look like. My salary is $80,000. My insurance is 80% covered. My husband makes $40/hour with no benefits besides two weeks of paid vacation.
Side Gig Monthly Take Home
We have owned a business for 10 years. It is a contract that has been $30,000 per year until this year; it is now $35,500. This is very part-time, part of the year. We have always worked on this in our free time, until 2021 when I did work it as my main job for that year and a half. We have had our real estate licenses since 2016; we didn’t make any money until 2019. It ranged from $15,000-$30,000, was in 2021. He is quitting real estate and I recently also quit.
Any Other Monthly Income Here
SECTION FOUR: Monthly Expenses
Mortgage $1676
Home insurance Annually $3,000
Property Taxes Annually $3,300
Private Health Insurance $580
Additional Retirement contribution N/A
Savings contribution N/A
Investment contribution N/A
Private School $350 plus $100 for aftercare
Trash Pickup $89/quarter
Husbands Life Insurance $51 monthly
My Life Insurance Annually $180
Debt payments We put extra money towards debt and get out of credit card debt most years, then go back into it. We paid the minimum from when I quit working full time for MIL until now.
Donations (please estimate monthly) I donate a lot; I’ve been on a minimalist journey for years and donate nearly everything. I used to also donate to St Jude's $25 a month.
Electricity averages $200-$275.
Water Averages $45-50
Sewage on a septic system
Internet $71 it will go up to $97 soon.
Cellphone $240 per quarter Mint
Subscriptions Apple TV $6.99, Apple Care $10.81, Discovery+ $6, Hulu Disney Bundle $5.39, Amazon $8 ( sister is taking over ), Netflix another sister usually pays for this,
Pet expenses Approximately $50
Car payment / insurance small SUV $317, truck $526. Yearly auto-ins. $1,000 for the truck, $600 suv
Parking/toll/gas/other transportation costs. $500-$700 we live out of town. It’s a 45-mile drive one way to go to a decent grocery store or to buy most things. Our town only has a tiny walmart ( limited options and bad produce ) and a very expensive small grocery store. He does get paid mileage but also has to have a 4x4 truck for work; although he doesn't work in the woods most days.
Regular therapy/other routine healthcare or wellness treatments. No insurance to cover it, but grandfathered in at $75 when I go. I/we used to go once or twice a month for years on and off. Our daughter did see a therapist last summer. She was $125 every two weeks for a couple of months.
Beauty/grooming not enough, honest. I may get a haircut twice a year and he gets his cut maybe once every few months. This will become more scheduled.
Paid hobbies nodda
Food/Drink Average $800 a month on groceries but during the worst times for us, $2000. I want to get this lower; we don’t buy meat so I feel like we need to do better planning.
Fun / Entertainment $0
Random House/Property stuff Averages $200 a month +
Clothes $0. Our daughter has a uniform for school; I tend to buy when on clearance. I’ve rarely bought anything since quitting MIL.
Any other expense that's relevant to you.
SECTION FIVE: [Write your Deep in Debt Diary here]
Please provide a detailed history of your debt accumulation and payments, including your pay at the time, any strategies you used to target your debt, and anecdotes about your experience. Example:
2010-2014 Worked as a draftsman while getting my associates in drafting. I was honest with them from the beginning about going back for a bachelor's. The most I made was $15/ hour with benefits only in the last year of employment. We started our contract work in 2013 at $25,000 per year.
2014 went back to college for a bachelor's degree and got my first real credit card. I don’t recall my balance when I started working on it but I would say it was over 3k. I also learned he had over 5k in cc debt when we started talking about combining our finances and working on debt. He was making $33 per hour with no benefits. Our contract was $25,000 per year which was broken up into equal payments over the year.
2016 - 2019 We combined out income and I took over finances completely with no help. I agreed to join the family business after finishing my degree in May 2016 and also got my real estate license ( boss MIL was also a broker). Worked full time from May until end of November when our child was born. I made $15-$25 in that time. We paid $800 per month for private insurance and had a traumatic delivery that came to another $18,000 after insurance coverage. I was scared of being one alone with my child; I had postpartum but didn’t tell anyone nor fully wanted to admit it to myself. Our daughter wasn’t easy going even as a baby, she had to be on my body at all times to be happy. She still gets bored easily. We spent a lot of money on stuff to entertain her at home; she never liked anything, not even a swing. We hired a nanny to be at our office with us full time from age 1 month to 3. We paid her $10 per hour in cash. Our daughter started pre-k at a private school at 3. $350 a month. Debt varied as always. I was at the office 40-45 hours but my boss used me to do real estate stuff she didn’t want to do which cut my hours to 30-32 per week hourly; I was never compensated for all of the real estate admin and website building. We both had our real estate licenses but never made anything until 2019-2022. It took up 8+ hours or so of my weekly hours then a lot of our weekends. In 2016, our contract work increased to $30,000 and payments changed to larger payments during our busy time of the year. I feel like that was when we started relying on that income to bail us out of debt.
Nov 2019-April 2020. Refinanced our land and did a construction loan to rebuild our house. Our daughter was out of school and at home with me working which was very hard. Our house was finished April 2020 two weeks before everything started shutting down further it seems. Debt was maybe around 10k because we forgot to plan for the carport that still doesn’t have a slab. It’s just dirt.
2020-2021 We told our boss MIL we were leaving the business. We were tired of the stress and chaos with her and low wages with no benefits. We were given raises ( $33 and $40 per hour ) to keep us there. I told her several months later in a formal notice I was quitting. I was guilt tripped and manipulated to stay; she stated we would make the changes necessary and I would start taking over her job. Of course nothing at all changed. I was a wreck and quit without notice 6 months later after trying again 2 months before because I was a serious mess. This hurt us financially because I wasn’t taking care of our finances and was too upset. I did take over our business contract work so we didn’t have to work on that during our free time. My husband was also a mess on and off, so we kept an emergency fund to support him quitting and finding a job. He told her twice he was quitting but could never follow through. We used up our emergency fund because we weren’t paying attention. Somehow spending 2k a month on groceries for several months. I hate that I have no clue how it happened and how much food waste we had.
2021-2023 I didn’t work for MIL from May 2021-October 2021 when I went back but only 10 hours per week. I went back because we needed the income. I typically worked 12 hours a week until leaving recently. We decided to move to Michigan; I feel like i sacrificed a lot staying in Texas ( I never wanted to ) and putting up with everything working for his mother and all the chaos and control that came with that. We will be moving end of May beginning on June. He still works for her and doesn’t have a set plan.
I feel like our lives have been a wreck the last 3-6 years and I refuse to fall back into it. I feel like not having benefits has hurt us more than we ever imagined it would. Just this year so far we’ve paid $2400 for his emergency root canal and crown. $400 for a consultation and CT scan for my nose for sinus issues. $3500 for a new fence for our dogs. It seems to never end.
I was upset with myself for awhile; I am trying hard to focus on the future. We need to learn to plan and save for large expenses. I am highly considering separating our finances and splitting everything proportionally. He has yet to actually help me with managing our finances although I have mentioned and asked numerous times. He is also supposed to be evaluated for ADHD. He does try and he’s a great partner besides his mom problems and not helping with finances. He thinks just not spending money is enough for our finances. Our therapist thinks us getting away ( even if it is only part of the year ) will change my husband and his dynamic with his mother. I hope he will fall in love with where we are moving, and agree to stay there permanently and sell our home/property in Texas.

The above template was modified, with permission, from MoneyDiariesACTIVE.
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2023.03.21 17:36 sarminka GMC Acadia: Purge Flow Problem & Exhaust Repair - South Main Auto Repair

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2023.03.21 16:40 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in KS Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Hirschbach Motor Lines CDL A Driver Derby
Shryne Group Inc. Inside Sales Representative Kansas City
AMC Theatres Theater Director Kansas City
AMC Theatres Theatre Manager Kansas City
The Creeks At Gladstone Leasing Agent Kansas City
Fieldstone Apartments Groundskeeper Mission
AMC Theatres Theater Director Olathe
Yarco Company Inc. Community Manager Overland Park
Avon Apartments Community Manager Shawnee
CYRUS HOTEL Hostess Topeka
Preply Online English Teacher (100% Remote) Andover
Avon Apartments Community Manager City Of Kansas City
Fieldstone Apartments Groundskeeper City Of Lenexa
Fieldstone Apartments Groundskeeper City Of Olathe
Switzer Senior Villas Pt Maintenance Technician City Of Shawnee
Preply Online English Teacher (100% Remote) Douglas County
Lazer Logistics CLASS A CDL DRIVER Edgerton
Lazer Logistics CLASS A CDL DRIVER Edgerton
Lazer Logistics CDL A Driver Frontenac
Lazer Logistics Class A Driver Frontenac
Lazer Logistics CLASS A CDL DRIVER Frontenac
T.O. Haas Tire & Auto Automotive Tech Hutchinson
Lazer Logistics Trailer Mechanic Kansas City
Global Medical Response Float Mechanic - Fixed Wing - Located in Wichita, KS Kansas City
Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated Journeyman Electrician Kansas City
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ks. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.03.21 16:11 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in NE Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Natural Lands Director of Planned Giving Fremont
Jimmy John's Sandwich Delivery Drivers Omaha
Potter League for Animals Associate Veterinarian Omaha
Midwest Freight Systems CDL A Driver Papillion
Arnold Motor Supply Full-time Parts Puller Bellevue
Heritage Communities Driver - Part Time City Of Omaha
Arnold Motor Supply Dock Worker Omaha
T.O. Haas Tire & Auto General Service Technician Boys Town
Preply Online English Teacher (100% Remote) Capehart
T.O. Haas Tire & Auto Mechanic Central City
Jimmy John Sandwich Delivery Drivers - All Shifts Available City Of Omaha
T.O. Haas Tire & Auto Shop Manager: Automotive Repair Elkhorn
Jimmy John Sandwich Crew Elkhorn
Preply Online English Teacher (100% Remote) Farmers
Preply Online English Teacher (100% Remote) Fremont
Buzz's Marine Parts & Accessories Associate Kearney
Findtutors Chemistry Tutor in Lancaster Lincoln
Banner Health Multi-Modality Technologist I Ogallala
Banner Health Licensed Practical Nurse LPN Physician Practice Ogallala
Banner Health Registered Nurse RN Med Surg Ogallala
Jimmy John Sandwich Crew Omaha
Lazer Logistics CLASS A CDL DRIVER Waverly
Fremont Public Schools Immediate Openings Principal Preschool Nurse SpEd Business BMIT ELL Math Speech Language Pathologist Fremont Fremont
City of Kearney Immediate Openings Deputy City Clerk Kearney Kearney
City of Kearney City Clerk Kearney
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ne. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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