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2023.05.28 18:34 CapraNorvegese A questionnaire about Apple M series MacBooks battery capacity

Hi Everyone,
Following various Reddit discussions, the battery life of the MacBook Air M1 seems to follow a strange trend: few users are getting a low degradation over time, others are reporting a severe degradation even after a number of cycles way below the ones that would be expected. Therefore, I decided to create a simple questionnaire that wants to record various data about the battery, the MacBook model and the usage of the devices to see if I can extract useful information to identify some pattern. Even if you don't own a MacBook Air M1 your answer can help us to make comparisons across various models.
To retrieve the info needed for the questionnaire, you will be required to prompt few commands in the terminal, anyway the same results can be achieved by opening the System Information program and checking the Hardware section and the Power section. Don't worry, you will find detailed instructions in the questionnaire.
No personal data or data about your specific MacBook will be collected, the info required are just for study purposes and no more than 5 minutes will be required. The questionnaire is available at this link and the results are saved here.
In the following months, if we collect enough data, I want create a report of the findings and perform few statistical tests. Please, feel free to send this questionnaire also to your friends!
Thank you in advance!
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2023.05.28 18:34 Next-Particular1211 Should I let me cat sit on top of my geckos cage?

Should I let me cat sit on top of my geckos cage?
So I recently adopted a kitten and she has been really into sitting on top of my geckos cage. She’s watching her sometimes but other times she’s just sleeping or chilling, I think she thinks it’s comfortable. My gecko will still poke her head out, eat, and drink fine but I feel like she’s been less active.
Do you think she is getting freaked out by the cat or it would be something that wouldn’t be as much of an issue over time? Would introducing them be a bad idea? I’ve done it with my dog but I don’t trust cats with small animals tbh lol.
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2023.05.28 18:33 steelymaid Had wrong wattage in all light fixtures for a couple hours

Replaced ALL our lightbulbs with a new kind we preferred.
Noticed burning smell from a few of them.
Some were turned on hardly at all. Some others were on for maybe only about two hours.
At first we thought it might just be because they're new bulbs, or maybe dust heating up, but I thought to look it up online and figured out that the wattage is too high for the fixtures.
I learned about overlamping and we replaced all the bulbs with more appropriate ones. No more bad smells from the fixtures.
Now I just worry about possible permanent damage and an increased risk of fire.
So what should we do?
Do we have to replace ALL the fixtures in the house? (there are about 20 of them).
Or is there a way for us to check whether or not the components are damaged on the inside?
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2023.05.28 18:33 NoDiamond8142 These ketchup and mustard flavored chips I found at the store the other day

These ketchup and mustard flavored chips I found at the store the other day submitted by NoDiamond8142 to u/NoDiamond8142 [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 18:33 PsycoKit It's the first Xenogender(?) I'm making and I'm kinda anxious about it

It's the first Xenogender(?) I'm making and I'm kinda anxious about it
First draft of Mimikyugender (Mimikyunic?) flag.
Light blue and pink: False calmness
Blood red: Believing you are a danger to others
Red and yellow: Waring, caution, and the possibility for an outburst
Ditto but with Mimikyu's actual colors
Ditto but with regular Mimikyu under a shiny Mimikyu rag
False cishet version
Really light and dark grey: False heterosexuality
Light blue and pink: False cisgender
Orange: Demanding attention for discrimination in law for something to be done about it
The black here is a placeholder
Ditto but with my other identities as an example
Bisexual, Demiboy, and LycangenderMasc peeking through the fabric, plus a badly done autism symbol in the eye
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2023.05.28 18:33 oshnrazr Canadian Bank stocks and US Debt Ceiling

How have Canadian banks responded in the past to raises in the US debt ceiling?
I suspect that people will begin rotating out of tech and into other areas of the market, since tech has been seen as a safe haven in the event of default.
Please share your thoughts.
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2023.05.28 18:32 nmyster Beef Short Ribs

Beef Short Ribs
First attempt at these and thought they were delicious! Seasoned with my own SPG mix, probably a bit heavy on the pepper but otherwise delicious.
Used Mayo as a binder this time. Put on at 275°F for 2 hours then wrapped and back on until it hit 203°F - rested for an hour then served - deliciousness!
The fat layer on the top was a bit weird - makes me think I got the wrong type of ribs to what I’ve seen around
Any feedback welcome! Oh and check out my instagram for a bit more of it and other cooks
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2023.05.28 18:32 anonymous8543 What no prep food can I eat?

I spent a long time having no progress on weight (goal is more muscle mass), and recently I've been pushing myself to eat more. The problem is I have 0 time to cook/prepare meals other than just lunch and dinner, so I'm looking for foods that I can eat with no preparation needed that can help me put on some weight. Any tips?
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2023.05.28 18:32 bill_e_midnight The victories worth celebrating

My last post
I’ve been meaning to write this for a while and life got in the way. So it’s a little longer than I would like. To anyone who reads the whole thing, thank you.
For those who prefer a TL;DR: My progress has been so fucking good. I completed a 4.2-mile race I’ve wanted to do since I was in college. I spent a week in Disneyworld for the first time ever and did multiple open to closing days without feeling like I wanted to die. I am on track for my goal of being under 300 pounds before my 30th birthday and take my first discovery flight on that day to begin training to get my pilot’s license.
I feel so fucking good.
Now onto the full post.
I never thought I’d write something like this.
When I was in college, my mother passed away unexpectedly. It was, as one might expect, extremely difficult and something I was nowhere close to being prepared for.
My mom was a spectacular woman in many ways but what I always admired her most for was not putting up with any bullshit people tried to give her. It was likely her upbringing in Jersey City, in the shadow of the skyscrapers of Manhattan, that fostered that.
When she passed, my immediate feeling was numbness. After returning back to school following all the business that had to be done at home, the feeling remained for a long time.
I remember not long after she passed, I was given my first internship. Since completing an internship was required for graduation from my program, it was something I had been long stressing about and venting to my mom about. So even after hearing the news I couldn’t celebrate.
Why should I if I couldn’t call my mom to tell her?
Suffice to say, my mental health after she passed was not good. I spent a lot of time by myself and when I was with friends I was not a pleasant person to be around.
It was around this time I had the idea of running a race that is organized by a foundation affiliated with my alma mater. I could not tell you how overweight I was at the time exactly but it was definitely well over 400 pounds so I knew I would have to do serious preparation to do it.
But I don’t think it will come as a shock that I couldn’t do it. It was a goal that simply was far too great for my current mental state and I gave up on the idea not long after beginning a moderate gym routine which I also abandoned to return to my room where I’d spend my time in much less productive ways.
It’s been over 8 years now since my mom passed.
If anyone has ever experienced loss in that way you’ll know that it never really leaves you. It certainly gets easier to live with but the thought of your loved one not being there for you is always there in your mind no matter what.
I have done plenty of growing in that time. I’ve had a few jobs. I started my first real relationship with a woman who I know beyond a shadow of a doubt loves me for who I really am and who I love in return. I have, what I honestly believe and will argue to the end of time, is the best group of friends anyone could ever ask for.
But there was always still this feeling that I was missing something.
If you’ve read my other posts here you’ll know I began losing weight back in September but really began taking it seriously around February. It was around then I decided to commit to walking more and more every day and being more mindful of what I eat every single day. During one of those walks it hit me that the same race from college was coming up in a couple months and they always have local versions of the race organized by the alumni associations.
I decided then to sign up.
I wasn’t planning on even jogging it. I was planning on walking the entirety of the race just so I could say that I could. But when I was on the sign up page it included a training schedule for people who wanted to prepare for jogging. The race is slightly over a 5K so the training plan is a somewhat modified version of “Couch to 5K” programs.
I realized that if I started the program that week that it would line up perfectly with race day. To make this as short as possible I’ll just say I was shocked at my progress in the program. There was only one training session I wasn’t able to complete. I felt great.
Mind you I was not jogging very fast, and still don’t go very fast on my jogs. Before the start of the race I had the goal of finishing in an hour and 15 minutes.
The run was not easy. Even with all the training I’m still carrying so much extra body weight that it is still very difficult. But I had so many of my fellow runners giving me signs of encouragement along the course I felt truly phenomenal.
I crossed the finish line in under an hour and hugged my girlfriend and cried. Her and my friends had come down from Los Angeles and made signs and all made t-shirts spelling out my name. Typing it now is making me cry again.
Race day was April 15, 2023 and I weighed in at 353.8 pounds.
Today is May 27, 2023 and this morning I weighed in at 332.3 pounds.
As of posting I am officially down 90.6 pounds since last September.
In the time between I got the chance to spend a week in Orlando visiting Disneyworld and one day at Universal Studios. It was the only week since I began training that I did no jogging but, in my humble opinion, I think I made up for it with the amount of walking.
Even on the “off” day I took from the parks I spent most of it walking all around Disney Springs and the resorts exploring. On the first night we stayed past close to ride Space Mountain and I felt incredible.
I love theme parks but for context, in the past I rarely if ever stayed to close because my body simply wouldn’t let me do it. We stayed to close multiple nights during the trip and I never really felt that bad.
I came back from the trip essentially at the same weight I left it despite having some poor options for food in the parks (literally the first thing I ate in the Magic Kingdom was a hot dog with electric green relish). The amount of movement during the trip was able to offset it thank goodness.
Upon return, I’ve tried to keep the jogging going although there have been one or two nights where I skipped it but even on those nights I went for my long walk. I’ve continued being mindful of what I’m eating while not feeling like I am missing out on anything at all.
Did you know you can get a power bowl from Taco Bell that tastes like all their other items but you can make it so it’s only like 450 calories for like a good amount of food? I just got that last night for dinner and while it’s not something I get regularly it feels like cheating.
Going to Orlando was a good reminder of one of the goals I have. For those like me who are big and also love theme parks, you’ll know that Universal is not a very accessible park. I can go on my soapbox but I’ll just say I think a lot of times it’s just out of sheer lack of consideration.
Despite my progress there were still several rides I couldn’t do. And even though I didn’t need a seat belt extender for an airplane I did need one for the Jimmy Fallon ride, but whatever.
But one of my goals from the beginning has been being able to go on thrill rides like those without worrying about fitting in the seats. I fully believe that goal will be achieved.
The other two goals I’ve had also are well within my reach. Firstly, I wanted to be under 300 pounds by my 30th birthday in November. At my current rate, I should be well under it by then.
I also have a goal of taking a discovery flight on my birthday as the first step to getting my pilot’s license. I’ll need to start calling flight schools to see if they have specified weight limits but I feel good about the possibility of it happening.
I still have a long way to go but there have been so many little victories as well. I recently have finally started seeing a difference in progress photos I take. There is a shirt I’ve had in the bottom of a drawer I wore maybe twice because it was too snug and I put it on recently and it was actually loose.
I feel really, really good. I feel like the things I’m doing continue to be sustainable. And I feel like I can do anything.
And I also feel like anyone reading this can do this too. Be consistent, don’t let one day define the story. It’s a long road but it can be filled with wonderful moments worthy of celebration.
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2023.05.28 18:32 Aperture_TestSubject Daily PSA - you don’t need to post your QR code daily. There’s an easier way!

Here’s an easy how-to guide on generating a QR code to use for the Shenron event during the 5th anniversary.
  1. Open the Notes app on your phone and create 3 lines on there, all beginning with a 4 followed by a comma with no spaces. At this point it should look like this: 4,
  2. Get 3 of your friend’s friend codes. This can be done by them going to their DBL game > Friends > Copy friend code. You will then take each of those friend codes and enter them in after the “4,” from step 1. It should now look something like this: 4,rz0qd8mb… remember, no spaces!
    • You can also get your friend’s friend code by going to your account and going to Menu> Friend > click on the yellow card icon in the top right of a friends name > in the bottom right section labeled “friend code” there’s a QR code and to the right of it is their 8 digit friend code.
  3. ⁠Go to the Shenron event on YOUR device and select “Get Code”. Underneath the QR code you will see a section that says “Code:” followed by your own friend code (8 numbers/letter) and then 11 capital letters. Take ONLY the 11 capital letters, and add them to the end of your lines in your note app. The final codes should look something like this: 4,rz0qd8mbNHEIPCDAYPH
  4. You should not have any spaces between any numbers, letters or symbols!
  5. Go to and click the text option. Copy and paste each code from your notes app into the “Enter your text” field and press “Generate QR code”.
  6. Screenshot the QR code. Once you screenshot the code, you can refresh the webpage and paste the other 2 codes you have to get a maximum of 3 QR codes that you can do in a day.
  7. Open up DBL and go to the Shenron event. Press Scan code, then select picture. Select the screenshot of the QR code and it should work!
NOTE: You will need to repeat steps 3-7 daily to generate new and current codes as codes are only active for a few hours.
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2023.05.28 18:32 resounding_oof Help with mysterious laundry stains

Hi, after moving into a new apartment the laundry machine seems to inconsistently stain my lighter t-shirts with drippy gray marks. Looking into it, it seems likely the machine’s pipes are backed up with residue due to the other tenants washing exclusively cold washes. It’s extremely frustrating and I have put off trying to get the stains out. I’ve hoped that I can get results with OxiClean, but I’ve only reserved that for whites before. I’m bothering the owners about fixing the laundry machine (I already tried running a machine cleaning cycle with cleaning tablets). Have you had any experience with stains like these and have you had any success getting them out?
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2023.05.28 18:32 Quatr00 2023 Mazda 3 Hatch prospective ownership advice

Been looking to purchase a new vehicle for a while. My search has led me to the 4th gen Mazda 3 hatch in the premium plus turbo trim. Ive done a bit of research, but was looking to see if anyone here had additional info I should have. I'm aware that some have mentioned the 4th gens have oil burning, differential issues, and tire valves releasing air unexpectedly. Anything else coming up so far for gen4? Are there any straight out of the factory issues that seem to be pretty common? I'm looking to own this vehicle for at least 7-10 years, so I'm trying to prepare myself for what issues I want to be aware of upon receiving the vehicle and those that might lie further ahead ahead.
I'm also interested in getting some light mods after I've had the vehicle for a while. Ive heard corksport has good stuff. Any other mild interioexteriofunctionality mods you'd all recommend? I'm for sure going to get some of the piano black and other parts of the interior covered in a subtle wrap to protect from scratches and scuffs.
Thank you ahead of time for your input and experience.
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2023.05.28 18:32 sdolgy YR3 business management recommendations

Hi All, have just finished YR2 and now looking at YR3 modules. B302 is mandatory, curious from you all which other modules you chose and your candid feedback. Happy to read feedback about B302 also.
Did you find the other module(s) interesting, engaging, amazing tutors, complex with group work, or something else?
B391, B329, B328, B327, or DD309 show as the options I have. Best regards!
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2023.05.28 18:32 Pigg69 Looking for 1-2 other people to first-time thorium mod with me

Hi! I'll do a little introduction. I have been playing Terraria for damn near my entire life. On normal Terraria I have 900+ hours (Ik ik) And have gotten every achievement On modded terraria once again I have around 1.2k hours, nearly 90% of it on Calamity, I've played so much Calamity that I can consistently no hit death mode S-Cal (One of the hardest bosses in the game) And I've beaten every boss on Infernum calamity mod (Yea... just look Infernum mode calamity boss fights) In other words... I need a change of pace so I've decided to come here!
I'm looking for a group of people to just chill and play thorium with me... Through all my hours I have never truly played through Throium, and I honestly want to give it a try. I Will list my mod packs that I will use down below, I'm only looking to play with 1-2 other people as I don't want to deal with not having a specific person on and not being able to play.
Mod List: Thorium (duh) Magic Storage (Duh, Basically easier storage) Alchemist Npc Lite (Who likes farming potions late game?) Ore Excavator(Duh) Boss Checklist (Duh) Boss Cursor Better Blending v1.0.1 (Just makes the game look better Imo) Recipe Browser (If you don't play modded with this you need help) Fargo's mutant Mod (Makes some later game grinding easier) Happiness Removal(This allows us cheaper prices when we have npc prisons, But this is OPTIONAL if we want to build different towns) Tomb Tweaks (Cause F**k graveyards) Starter Classes(Basically easier starts due to getting decent weapons at the start)
So thats about it! You can either comment here or chat/dm me and ill get back to you with my discord! Again I'm looking for people who have either NEVER played modded or people who have NEVER played thorium mod (At least never gotten past WOF like me)
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2023.05.28 18:32 rooberroo Zodiac tour in Jokulsarlon.

Hi all, I’ve look over a few posts for Jokulsarlon expeditions. Looks like the general consensus is a Zodiac tour over a Kayak tour, and most operators seem on par with each other (we’re looking at using
Is there an ideal tour length? The is our is 75 minutes. We’ll be heading up from Vik that day, and driving back to Vik at the end of the day.
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2023.05.28 18:32 uneasypenguin Large dose tb-500 protocol

First off, thank you for all the support of those in this group!
My question is: Some people recommend a very large dose (2-5mg at a time) anywhere between once a week, twice a week, or once every 3 days.
On the other hand, other people recommend a dose of about 250 micrograms to 500 mg once or twice a day.
For those who recommend such large infrequent doses, what is the reasoning behind this?
I've been running tb 500, @ 500 mcg x2-3 per day (x2 most days, sometimes x3). I've just gotten into peptides for healing a chest cartilage injury I've had for a few years that won't heal.
I've also been running bpc about the same amount, but I think I will lower it to 250mcg x2-3 per day.
Yesterday I got MK 677, Ipamorlen, and CJC (no dac). With those I have started: MK @ 15mg orally x2 per day. IPA @ 200mcg, CJC @ 100mcg both x3 per day.
Would love some feedback on my protocol. Am I overdoing it? I really want to heal this so I can get back into yoga (and lifting of course) as it really improves my life.
I've been sleeping with blackout curtains I just installed, drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of protein and nutrients as well as running a few times per week. Thanks! :)
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2023.05.28 18:32 Extra_Blackberry_802 Is this fantasy race too extreme and violent?

Does this fictional race sound too evil?
Zaraths are medium-sized species that resemble purple-skinned goblinoids. They live in small tribes in rainforests near swamps and marshes,as a warm habitat is most comfortable for them. They're a bit shorter than humans on average,as an average male is about 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) and females a little over 5 feet (152 cm),on average weighing between 140-210 lbs (63 - 95 kg). In general,they tend to be within that weight range and between 5-6 feet (152-182 cm) in height,with some rare specimens nearing 7 feet (210 cm) and a whopping 300 lbs (135 kg). They resemble larger,bulkier goblins with purple scaly skin,somewhat pig-like noses,and vampire-like fangs protruding from their upper jaw,described as having a 'monstrous,abomimable appearance'. Their lifespan is between 60-80 years,some even reaching 150. They are omnivorous and opportunistic,eating anything they can find ranging from insects and carrion to plants they steal from farmers and animals they hunt down themselves
Zaraths live in small tribes with strictly regimented hierarchies,where the largest and most violent males often end up at the top. Laws in zarath societies are harsh,tyrannical,overly strict,oppressive,unfair and draconian,with violent and brutal punishments for anyone caught breaking them. Their culture is one that glorifies cruelty,war and violence,with the chief god of their pantheon,Bezagoth,being the god of war and fire,as they sometimes set ritual bonfires and chant to honor him and other times they see slain enemy soldiers in wars as sacrifices to Bezagoth.
Zaraths are known for their crude,vulgar and brutish demeanor. Their tribes often enjoy brutally massacring and enslaving each other in wars,and tribes very frequently squabble,but are willing to ally in certain situations like wars with non-zaraths. They also have a reputation for burglary,as zarath soldiers often break into houses in villages during wars to steal any valuables they can find inside. They also use brutal psychological fear tactics against their foes during war,such as putting the severed heads of slain enemy soldiers on pikes and carrying them around as a warning. Zarath sorcerers are known to cast dark magic spells on enemy armies to weaken them.
Zaraths have very limited intelligence and are semi-literate,as well as being very easily distracted and forgetful. They're capable of logic and reasoning somewhat,but pretty much only the bare minimum,having a hard time grasping abstract concepts (by D&D standards,they would prob have an intelligence of 8-9).
They are known for their short tempers and for being very easy to provoke,and when this does happen,they will basically just start throwing a tantrum and grabbing any random objects (rocks,sticks,etc.) they can find near them and throw them at any living thing in sight,as well as making animalistic noises like grunting,shrieking or roaring. Their fighting style lacks technique,as they often charge into battle while swinging their swords,battleaxes and other weapons around randomly while hoping to hit something. They are militaristic and warlike in nature,sometimes losing wars against other races because they get distracted and start fighting with each other over petty reasons. While they do supposedly have 'tribal codes of honor',these 'codes' are often vague,arbitrary and inconsistent. They're also known to be sadistic and verbally abrasive,often heard loudly insulting,cursing and yelling at their enemy soldiers while fighting.
A zarath tribal chief is known as a despot:while this term for humans is a negative one that implies a tyrannical or oppressive figure,to zaraths it is a neutral term simply meant to refer to any leader of a clan,regardless of whether they see said leader as good or bad. Thus,tribes are known as despotries,while several smaller tribes united in a larger confederation are known as an overdespotry,led by a chief known as the overdespot.
Zaraths engage in various taboo practices any civilized species would be disgusted by,such as ritual sacrifice and cannibalism,with zaraths being documented to carry away,cook and eat corpses of enemy dead they find on the field after a battle ends,including the flesh of rival zarath tribes.
While most civilized species fear and dislike war,zaraths and others similar to them rejoice and celebrate the sound of war horns:they don't even care if they themselves end up dying,as zaraths see waging war in and of itself as a sacred act,relishing brutally massacring their enemies and seeing death in battle as an honor,with zarath tribes often building temples/shrines to honor fallen commanders.
Non-zarath farmers hate them the most out of everyone because when a zarath cavalry arrives in a village during a war,they'll steal all the livestock and crops they can find,break into and burglarize houses to search for gold and other valuables inside,and sometimes even kidnap and enslave conquered villages.
Some of their biggest advantages are their poison resistance and pain tolerance:their stomachs can digest rotten food and they are immune to several types of poison,and they are physically resilient enough to charge head-first through a wall and smash directly through it without feeling much pain (to a zarath,this would just feel like a small,brief headache rather than a straight up dangerous injury).
Do these guys sound too extreme and brutal?
View Poll
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2023.05.28 18:32 DeanoTheOld I need help bad

I’ve been on the Queen Gibdo boss for ages! It’s so hard to beat! Every attack she does one shots me even though I have plenty of hearts (12 total) and I’ve already beaten the other three region bosses. I’ve watched YouTube but all the clips are of people playing after doing literally every quest besides the boss so they have OP weapons and armor. What is a good strategy to beat her on phase 2? Any item locations that can help too is appreciated.
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I am a professional tutor with over 7+ years’ experience.
Reach out for excellent work in your Essays, Graduates level projects/assignments, Literature Reviews, Research Proposals, Discussions, Case Studies and Dissertations among others.
You are guaranteed of confidentiality, timely and plagiarism free work. A few of my samples can be found here in my profile and more can be provided on request.
Charge per page (Double Spaced) is $15.
Share your rubrics and timelines to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.05.28 18:32 HollandJim We're @ 1000+ subscribers!

Yep, it's small but a very important milestone.
When I started this, all I wanted was a place where we could ask and help each other without the usual brand competition, and all the poor citizenry that often accompanies all that malarkey.
Thanks to everyone in VWid3Owners for helping to make this a decent place to meet, chat, ask questions and help each other along!
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2023.05.28 18:32 psychedduck Some advice on Rhode Island and Mopeds.

Hello moped, I come to you in a time of great need. I'm looking for some advice on finding a new moped community. The girlfriend and I are up and moving to H. P. Lovecraft's city in the not-so-distant future. I saw on Moped Army that once there was a group there called the Metal Ponies, but that they've since disbanded. I'm wondering if any other two-stroke moped riders are in Rhode Island. I had a lot of help from Adam at Pike Powder coating in Boston, and it looks like there aren't any shops like that in Providence. One thing too that makes me nervous, is that it looks like Rhode Island requires mopeds to be inspected. My Maxi has been modded to be 65cc and tops out at around 43 mph right now. Wondering if that might be a problem with bringing it over from Mass. Thank you in advance for your wisdom.
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2023.05.28 18:32 TYP-TheYoloPanda Which Pokémon generation do you prefer?

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Hello everyone, today I had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine about which Pokémon generation we liked the least. I should mention that my friend and I are 25 and 23 years old respectively, and we have played all the Pokémon generations up to the fourth one. Unfortunately, I had to stop after the fourth generation due to an unfortunate incident where my Nintendo DS Lite fell to the floor and broke. After the fourth generation, I decided not to invest any more money in buying a new DS and playing Pokémon games beyond Platinum. However, my friend continued to play all the titles up to the present day, while I have been following the various video games as a spectator rather than a player. So today we were discussing which generation we liked the least, and we have very different opinions on which one is the worst overall. Personally, I believe that the fourth generation (Pokémon Platinum) marked a turning point for me in terms of the design choices for Pokémon. I don't like many of the Pokémon from the fourth generation, but there are others that I adore. On the other hand, the fifth generation is the one that definitively marked a change in design. Many Pokémon, from an aesthetic point of view, don't appeal to me, and I also find that the new generations drastically alter a Pokémon after evolution, which I find unsuitable. In fact, I believe that an evolution should be a gradual process rather than a complete transformation. While in the earlier generations I could accept that Magikarp evolves into Gyarados as an exception that confirms the rule, I increasingly struggle to appreciate things like Yamask evolving into Cofagrigus or a Ducklett evolving into a Swanna. But this is just my opinion, and I realize that it may not be shared by everyone. However, I wanted to know the community's opinion on which generation they prefer the most and conduct a survey about it. TL;DR I discussed my least favorite Pokémon generation with a friend. I stopped playing pokémon games after the fourth generation due to a broken DS Lite, while my friend continued and we disagree on the worst generation. I wanted to know what the community thinks about it by asking which is your favorite pokémon generation. Vote here:
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