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2023.05.28 18:07 rompechiklosos My ex wife cheated on me with her daughters husband

Some of you will remember my post about the audios I have of my ex with her son in law well I left the house and now I’m ready to show my kids who their mom really is but the audios are too distorted how can I make them sound clean? Can someone help me out I need to tell my kids who they live with.
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2023.05.28 18:06 Docosahexaenoic-acid Has anyone filed a case against GSt department for charging GST of 1% on property before completion as it doesn't come under the definition of "goods" and neither a service (as per their logic).

If yes, then can anyone quote the case or any links to it?
Full context- I had been recently attending this GST BAsic course in which my teacher was teaching about how GSt is charged in case of real estates. He told us that before the completion of a property GST rate of 1% is charged on the end consumer, as according to the law the constructor acts as an agent on our behalf and we may direct him to make the property according to our wishes, hence it is deemed as a "Service" and GST is being charged.
But the thing is most of the times (almost all) the builder wouldn't care to change the property layout based on the whims of a buyer, so how it is even a Service?
Just wanted to know whether someone has filed a case against GSt department on this Issue.
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2023.05.28 18:06 JStraulin How important is a good school?

I'm very new to all of this. My ideal school is a school ranked in the 90s because it would mean I don't have to move. Is this too low of a law school to suceed? Should I aim for a higher school? Thank you in advance, I am very new
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2023.05.28 18:05 Actual_Supermarket94 Are humans allowed on zombie island

So at the end of the series it didn't mention the laws were are humans allowed
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2023.05.28 18:05 we_are_mammals Using scaling laws to predict when a scaled-up version of GPT-4 becomes superhuman

Paul Christiano, a former chief of language alignment at OpenAI opined in an interview that a model like GPT-4, simply scaled up by two orders of magnitude, and trained in the same way, might be superhuman in intelligence, and pause a takeover risk to humanity.
Perhaps that was just a guesstimate, but I wanted to look into this a little bit more rigorously, which is the topic of this post.
If you haven't heard of the neural scaling laws before, they show a remarkable ability to predict how your model will behave when it's bigger or when the amount of training data is increased. OpenAI was able to predict GPT-4's performance on programming tasks, from models that needed 1000x less compute to train:
The fitted curve is given by the formula: a * pow(x, b) + c. With a bit of algebra, I could extract the parameters and reproduce the curve:

And this is what it looks like for even bigger models:
For example, at 100x the training compute cost of GPT-4, the model should be expected to have a 15% error rate on these tasks (Strictly speaking, I'm talking about 1 - exp(- mean log pass rate)) That doesn't seem to be human-level yet.
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2023.05.28 18:04 wafflepye Can someone mark my King Lear essay?

Can someone mark my King Lear essay?
King Lear essay, can anyone mark it and give some feedback
My teacher doesn’t want to mark it because of half term and I really need to know what grade this would get. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
The question is “Explore Shakespeare's presentation of blindness in King Lear.”
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2023.05.28 18:04 MidlifeCrisis92 How important is Law Review really?

I'm at a T14. We don't rank, but I finished above median in first semester. Still waiting on second semester grades. I'm working in a clinic this summer and am entering the OCI process with the hope of exiting with a 2L summer firm offer that I will extend to post-graduation... I'm mildly interested in clerkships, but it may depend on what my final student loan debt looks like whether it will be feasible. I have a part-time externship lined up for this fall at the state Supreme Court where my school is located.
I tried completing write-on for the big journal at my school and I physically couldn't. Part of it is that I'm in a really rough spot financially right now, with some family issues sprinkled on top, and have been working full-time since the day I got out of exams. But part of it was that I hated everything about it. Every time I would open the PDFs I would just see everything I hated most about school. Write on felt like stupid prestige chasing to sit at the coattails of tenured professors over stuff that did not even matter. Coming from a social science background, I also hate the lack of peer review in this scholarship, but that's neither here nor there.... I didn't really come all that close to finishing. I did (barely) complete write-on for the largest secondary journal offered, though I went pretty rogue and honest about my feelings with the personal statement.... I am considering doing write-on for another small secondary journal, though I wouldn't like that one as much, and also haven't started (due tomorrow), soooo *shrug*....
I don't have the same reactions to the legal work itself. I don't think I would viscerally hate being on a journal, though I also don't think I would pursue leadership. I did well enough in legal research, though I also didn't like the class or assignments... I don't like law school all that much, not even due to workload, but just not liking paying to do work that is theoretical in nature. I actually think I will be a pretty good extern this fall, and will be a good associate if I can land a gig. It's just a constant feeling that "this doesn't matter" that makes school hard for me after two years in the workforce. The feeling that I'm doing this all just to pass the bar, just to have to actually learn how to be an attorney my first year out is frustrating. But anyway....
In sum, did I screw myself over by not caring enough about / completing law review? If I don't get into a secondary journal, is it the end of the world? Anything I can do to make the resume better posthumously?
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2023.05.28 18:02 Clear-Cauliflower901 Am I expecting too much too soon?

It's been about 4-5 days now since I realised that my gums were very swollen and the gum line was rolled and felt firm. Since then, I have made sure to brush my teeth longer and more thoroughly and pay attention to brushing the gum line. I am using a water flosser once every evening before bed. I can't say that I've noticed much, if any, difference, apart from my gum line feeling softer and less pronounced than it was. The waterpik just makes my gums bleed, no excess food ever appears in the water and I'm wondering if I'm just expecting too much too soon? Online it says that the swelling from gingivitis can take 10 - 14 days to properly treat. I'm feeling low and disheartened so I guess I'm reaching out.
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2023.05.28 18:02 TheWhisperX7 What kind of mattress is this?

So my family and I recently stayed at an airbnb. My mom said the mattress she slept on was really comfortable. It really helped with her lower back pain. She asked the host but they didn't know. She tried to find a name on the mattress but it was too heavy and my dad didn't help her all that much. There was this symbol on the side and I don't know if it's part of the design or what. It was firm and foam.
Photos of symbol-
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2023.05.28 18:02 -Squimbelina- Rules Against Planting Roses?

Hi all!
TLDR: are there rules preventing planting of roses?
I have a lunatic next door neighbour, and am also trying to make my front garden look nice. It has beds around the edge, and we’ve put up new solid wooden 3ft fences. Along the fence between her garden and mine, I’ve planted some roses. One tiny fairy floribunda that’s supposed to get to around 50cm, and two shrub roses that are supposed to grow to around 80-100cm.
Last year, I planted two David Austin shrub roses that grew beautifully, but were only about 50cm (below fence height). This year, they put on loads of leaves in spring and then died. I assumed the frost got them, now I’m not so sure.
Today I’m out weeding and the neighbour comes out and says that it is legally not allowed to plant ‘invasive plants and roses’ along the fence because they are growing into her garden (they are not - they are about 30cm high and the fence is solid - her garden only has grass in it and you can clearly see the roses are not growing through or over the fence). I said goodbye and went inside because she’s a massive pain the arse (we built a garden office, she called planning, made a daily noise complaint, called the police blah blah blah - you get the idea).
I can’t find any laws about where to plant roses. Are there any?
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2023.05.28 18:02 Flimsy_Piccolo3353 Wanted to share — just pulled the trigger, going out of relationship with N father.

So, my N father recently retired from the practice of law. He’s always been relentlessly critical and judgmental, but it’s gotten worse than ever bc now he has time to over communicate regarding whatever opinion he’s urging on me, trying to persuade me to agree to avoid triggering N injury.
One example is he tells me that I look old (10+ years older than my true age) when wearing a beard. So I finally sent a note drawing a boundary over discussing my physical appearance. I was extremely careful with tone and closed it with a loving expression. I didn’t expect it to be well received, given that he’s a N. True to form, it quickly turned into him telling me to cease communications with him.
Here’s what he wrote:
Key Message 1:
I admit that I do not really understand your reaction to my comment that shaving your beard made you look younger; to us. You did send us a photo, that seemed to invite a comment. Since the comment bothered you, perhaps it would be best if you did not send us photos on the subject. You certainly look fine either way. We love you with or without a beard. And I am old, so being told I look old does not bother me at all. I have done well on my weight. I wanted to get down to 185 and this morning I weighed 184.
After responding that I didn’t invite the abuse by sharing of photo of myself with him, and related back n forth, including that he should feel free to disinherit me (as he always threatens when we get into a heated argument), he wrote this:
Key Message 2:
Given how you feel do not communicate with me any further. Your comments are bizarre. I sent you a text message advising that I would not make any further comments about your appearance issues and you respond with a blistering reply. I guess you have forgotten who paid for your college and grad school expenses and lots of other costs.
And then finally, this:
Key Message 3:
I hope you save copies of your tirade so that perhaps the day will come when you will see how disrespectful you have been towards your father who has pretty much always done right by you.
I’m almost 53 now and this still continues unabated when I am in relationship with my father.
Can some of ya’ll relate? (Indeed, I trust many can!)
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2023.05.28 18:02 Itchy-Look-237 Have you ever had a run-in with the law for something silly?

What is the craziest thing you've done for love?
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2023.05.28 18:01 ItsNashter How to test Tagless Final Algebra?

I have been learning about tagless final. I prepared a simple usecase to just create user in a repository. I started with example based tests and also tried with property based testing. Had some doubts and got it clarified in stackoverflow. My intention was to have a defined set of rules for the UserAlgebra. Since the interpreters are expected to follow the same rules, it would be easier to develop. Usually, I start with an InmemoryInterpreter implementation. Later another interpreter would be implemented for the real persistence based repository.
Slowly, I got pulled in cats-laws && disciple with scalacheck until I ran into a considerably long phase that I dont understand why the compilation fails.
Here is the snippet. Can experts take a look to help me understand the following?
I have gone through the following -
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2023.05.28 18:00 kmichalak8 Is it possibile that a thuia polinated a juniper?

Is it possibile that a thuia polinated a juniper?
Today I found that a juniper that grows next to my parnets' in law has this strange tiny branch that looks like a thuia. Thuias grow just a meter from the juniper, so I starter thinking if they could polinated it or interlock on it. Is that a possibile case?
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2023.05.28 18:00 MrmarioRBLX Is S21+22 as good as the original F&O run?

As someone who's catching up with Law & Order after more than a decade, I'm honestly rather curious as to this subreddit's opinion on the matter.
View Poll
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2023.05.28 18:00 dfr1238 [(FP-POV Gorou)Fanfiction]38.2 C

Beep—beep—beep—beep beep—
I lifted the thermometer I had placed in her flushed left ear.
Looking at the reading on the thermometer, it showed "38.2 C".
Although a pregnant woman’s body temperature tends to be higher, this was definitely a fever, no doubt about it.
I slowly lowered my hand holding the thermometer, looking at Hoshino-San lying on the couch, I covered my face and recalled this morning.

The usual morning routine, I entered the bathroom for the usual grooming and looked at myself in the mirror.
After coming out, I noticed the mobile phone on the kitchen counter was buzzing with a notification, so I checked it.
I noticed that Hoshino-San had sent me two messages.
I opened the chatroom: "Amamiya-Sensei, I think I have a fever." she messaged—ugh. She sent a sticker—a somewhat chubby white seal looking displeased with a thermometer apparently stuck up its rear—What?
I turned off the phone screen and put it into my pocket. I put on my mask, grabbed the alcohol spray, and rang the doorbell at Hoshino-San's next-door apartment.
After a moment...
…She didn't faint, did she? But then—she opened the door, her face looking somewhat flushed.
"Ah~~Uno you're here~" She—What? "Hoshino-San, are you okay?" I asked.
"Relax! I just feel a little—" she said, waving her hand forward, then her body started to fall forward—"HEY ! HOSHINO-SAN!" I quickly stepped forward to catch her, her head leaning slightly on my shoulder.
"I'll take you to the couch to rest first." I gently assisted her, helping her to lie down on the couch.

Looking at her lying on the couch, she was resting with her eyes closed. Apart from looking exhausted, coughing, and a runny nose, her symptoms didn't seem severe. It's possible that she started feeling unwell on the way home yesterday, and her symptoms worsened during the night, preventing her from sleeping well.
I noticed her constantly adjusting her position, so I went to her bedroom and fetched a blanket and a pillow. I gently lifted her head and put the pillow in a comfortable place for her, and then covered her with the blanket.
"Is there anywhere else you're feeling uncomfortable?" I asked her softly. "Hmm... my... my head hurts a lot." she answered weakly, her face showing discomfort and her hands gripping the blanket tightly.
She couldn't take care of herself in this state, and I couldn't bear to leave her alone. "Hoshino-San, do you feel too cold right now?" I asked her gently.
"Uh... yeah, um... yes..." she answered slowly with her eyes closed. I got up, looked around for the air conditioner remote, found it, and turned up the temperature slightly.
After that, I went to her bathroom, rinsed a plastic washbasin, filled it with seventy percent hot water and thirty percent cold water, soaked a towel in it, and brought it to the living room.
I dipped the towel in the water, then wrung out most of the water. I then gently placed the warm towel on her forehead. Her expression seemed to relax a bit.
I watched her resting quietly.
After a while, I reheated the towel and placed it on her forehead again.
"Hoshino-San, did you do anything yesterday that might have led to catching a cold?" I asked her gently. "Uh... drank too much lemon water?" she answered me.
Uh... dinner last night? If I recall correctly, she didn't drink much.
"I saw you didn't drink much lemon water yesterday, was there anything else?" I asked her gently. "Um... yesterday... I think I took a cold shower." she answered slowly.
"For a long time?" I asked her. "I... don't remember, I think... after dancing yesterday afternoon, I showered until you rang the doorbell?" she slowly—What?
She showered until I rang the doorbell? I had finished a movie before I went to see her!
"Do you only take cold showers, Hoshino-San?" I asked her gently. "Well... at the beginning there was hot water, but later it ran out." she answered slowly.
I got up and gently opened the balcony door. The water heater is the same model as mine, the movie "The Graduate" is about 100 minutes, so this water heater can provide hot water for about 20 minutes, which means... 80 minutes of a cold shower.
No wonder she caught a cold... I heard her coughing from inside.
It seemed that I had no choice today. I walked over to the railing, dialed the hospital, and waited for the call to go through.
"Hello, this is Amamiya Gorou, a gynecologist. I have an emergency to attend to. My neighbor suddenly has a fever and can't take care of herself. She has no one else to look after her. I'm sorry, I need to take a leave of absence." I said. "Understood, Amamiya-Sensei, thank you for informing us. Are you sure your neighbor's condition requires your personal care? Does she need to be taken to the hospital?" the other party asked.
"Yes, I'm worried about her condition. I believe I need to see her myself. I've already assessed her illness. I will observe her condition. If it worsens, I will take her to the hospital immediately." I replied. "We understand your situation, Amamiya-Sensei. How long do you think your leave will last?" they asked. "I estimate I will need a day. I will handle this issue as soon as possible and return to the hospital." I answered.
After some more conversation, I managed to take the leave. I started thinking about what food is good for someone with a cold.

To be honest, aside from catching a cold when I was a child, I don't seem to have much experience with colds. Among the people I know, the one to ask about making a meal for someone with a cold would be...
But I didn't really want to call— I heard coughing from the room.

Sigh. I dialed a number from my contact list, waiting for the other party to pick up.
"Hello, this is the Amamiya residence." the voice on the other side said. "Hey, Grandma, it's me—" She cut me off. "Oh! My dear grandson! How rare of you to call back home! Did you miss Grandma?" she said joyously. "Kind of, but today I wanted to—" She cut me off again. "Gorou, are you bringing your girlfriend home this time? Should I notify the relatives?" She inquired—
Yes, this is precisely why I don't fancy making these phone calls.
"No, no, no, wait a moment! Grandma! Not every time I call it means I'm bringing a girlfriend home, okay!? I have other things to discuss!" I said, burying my face in my hands.
"Well, what could be more important than you bringing back my great-grandson? Gorou, you're nearly thirty now. There are only old folks and adults in our hometown, no children or babies. I'm bored! I wouldn't mind taking care of a child again, after all, I did help raise you!" she started to ramble.
"No, Grandma, aren't you missing several steps here? It's not like once you have a girlfriend, a baby pops out, right? Can't you just let things take their natural course? And today I really didn't call to talk about this!" I answered, feeling helpless.
"So, do you have a girlfriend?" She asked. "...No." I replied.
A moment later.
"Alright then, what did you need today?" she said, sounding a little impatient. "Do you remember what you used to cook for me when I was sick? The kind that made me feel better really quickly?" I asked her.
"I don't recall having any sort of family heirloom elixir. Or are you referring to the usual meals you ate when you were sick?" She asked. "...Yes, the latter. The meals you prepared when I was ill, do you remember them?" I clarified.
"...You don't sound sick to me?" She queried. ", it's not me—" She cut me off. "Who are you cooking for?" She asked, seemingly curious. "Well, my neighbor—" She cut me off.
"Oh!? A girl?" She—what? "Does that matter?" I asked, looking ahead. "Of course, it concerns my great-grandchild." she proclaimed proudly.
"Grandma, please, can you stop fixating on having a great-grandchild?" I said.
After a pause.
"Okay, Gorou, it was lovely chatting with you today. Let's talk again another day. Bye—" I cut her off. "ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! HOLD ON, DON'T HANG UP!" I shouted.
I took a deep breath.
"...Yes, she's a girl, are you satisfied now?" I finally answered. "Oh, I thought it might have been a boy. That's a relief." she responded—what?
"Grandma, you're being too pragmatic." I retorted. "This is about my great-grandchild—so when are you bringing her home?" she asked—wait, what?
"Grandma, first, she is my patient, second, we're not that close, and third, she's only sixteen." I responded.
"Gorou, first, so what? Does that matter? Second, you know they say 'familiarity breeds affection'! Third, I gave birth to your mother when I was sixteen." she countered—wait a minute, the third point, what the hell, sixteen? I never knew that.
"Grandma, what do you mean 'does it matter?' She's my patient, I'm an 'OB/GYN'. How do you think the baby in my patient's belly came about?" I told her seriously.
"And so?" She—really?
"Grandma, babies don't just spring from stones, nor do they reproduce asexually." I replied.
"What is reproduce asexually?" She asked.

"Anyway, Grandma! Times have changed. If this were to happen, I would be socially ostracized, seriously!" I told her.
"No worries! Then just wait until she's twenty! I can wait a few more years, no problem!" she said. "No, Grandma, this—wait! Today I really just called for a recipe! She's not feeling well right now, can we talk about this another time?" I asked her.
After a moment.
"Um...alright, rice porridge—add a little ginger, steam some chicken breast and dice it." she answered. "With ginger, right?" I repeated.
"Yes, you could also make her a vegetable soup! Add tomatoes, onions, and garlic. Oh yes, garlic is very important!" she instructed. "Alright, alright, garlic, got it." I echoed.
"I used to stir-fry some broccoli, but softer food is better for someone with a cold." she advised. "Mhm, I'll keep that in mind." I affirmed.
"Oh, our Gorou is finally cooking for a girl! It seems my teachings weren't in vain!" she said, laughing. "Grandma, can you not—" She cut me off.
"I thought that since the family persuaded you to become an OB/GYN, you had lost interest in cooking—"
Right, isn't it?
After the family convinced me to become an OB/GYN, how could they think I was still interested in cooking? I gazed at the blue sky ahead.
"Gorou?" She called. "Yes, Grandma, I hear you. Is that about it? I have to go, she's not feeling well." I told her. "Alright then! Don't forget to come visit Grandma when you're free! Bye!" she said. "Sure, I will, goodbye." I hung up.
I should have just googled it instead of putting myself through this. I looked at the black smoke billowing from the chimney in the distance.
Isn't this what they wanted? Isn't this what I had to do? Isn't this why I switched from being a surgeon to an OB/GYN?
After all, my mother—
I heard coughing from inside the room.
Now's not the time for these thoughts; she needs someone to look after her.
I slid open the balcony door and casually closed it behind me, moving closer to Hoshino-San, who seemed to be asleep on the sofa.
I thought about cooking at my place and bringing the meal over later, so as not to disturb her. After all, I just live next door.
Taking the key placed next to her entrance hall, I locked her door and returned to my place next door.
Back home, I took out the necessary ingredients from the fridge. To make a rice porridge with steamed diced chicken breast, I needed to find my steamer, which, luckily, I found after a brief search.
Taking out the chicken breast... ah, it needs defrosting.
Covering my face, I hadn't considered this. But I decided to use the microwave to thaw it.
I put the frozen chicken breast into the microwave and turned on the defrosting function, but I shortened the microwave time.
After each round of microwaving, I would move and turn the chicken breast. It's a bit of a hassle, but at least it ensures that every part defrosts evenly, to avoid some parts being cooked while others are raw.
Once the chicken breast was fully defrosted, it had a nice, even color—from pink to pale yellow. Despite being frozen, it was still not sticky and retained a certain firmness.
I took a sniff; it had no off-putting smell.
Next, I placed the defrosted chicken breast in the steamer and started to steam it. It should take around 20 minutes. Meanwhile, I planned to prepare a vegetable soup.
I cleaned the carrots, onions, garlic, and tomatoes, and cut them into appropriate sizes. I then grabbed a pan, heated a bit of oil, and started sautéing the garlic and onions until the onions turned semi-transparent.
Next, I added the diced carrots and tomatoes and continued to sauté for a while. A few moments later, I added an appropriate amount of water and covered the pan.
The simmering process also took about 20 minutes. By that time, I could start making the rice porridge. I picked up another pot, washed it clean, and washed a cup of rice as well, then drained the water and added four cups back.
After putting it on the stove, I turned on medium heat and slowly brought the rice to a boil until it softened. This also took about 20 minutes, by which time the porridge became thick. By then, the chicken breast was ready. I took it out and let it cool on a plate while checking on the vegetable soup.
Hmm, the scent of garlic was present but not overpowering.
A moment later, I checked on the rice porridge with a spoon. The grains were distinct but had clearly softened. When I lifted the spoon, a thin strand of white liquid was dragged up.
I diced the cooled chicken breast on a cutting board and added it to the porridge. I also prepared some ginger, grated an appropriate amount into the porridge, and waited for the ingredients to meld together.
The vegetable soup was about ready. I seasoned it with a bit of salt and pepper, then covered the pot and brought it over to Hoshino-San's house. Upon entering, I set it on the kitchen counter. She seemed to be sound asleep.
I returned home and saw that the porridge was almost ready, so I turned the heat down and picked up the frying pan, getting ready to stir-fry some broccoli.
I washed the broccoli and cut it into small pieces, then started stir-frying it in the preheated pan. During the process, I alternated between medium and low heat until the broccoli turned green and began to char slightly.
Recalling my grandmother's advice to make it softer, I added a small amount of water. After covering the pot, I turned the heat to low and let it simmer. I took the opportunity to serve the porridge to Hoshino-San, who seemed to have sensed it even in her sleep. With her eyes closed, she appeared to be smelling something.
After that, I dished out the cauliflower and added a touch of salt before bringing it over.
I took a brief rest on the sofa, picked up a tissue nearby, removed my glasses, and wiped the sweat off my face.
The morning sun was illuminating the entire room, and the wind chime on the balcony outside the glass door was gently chiming as always. The quiet hum of the air conditioning wasn't too loud.
Hoshino-San was still sound asleep on the long sofa to my left — albeit with a faint snoring due to her stuffy nose from a cold.
A little later, I went into the kitchen, picked up a bowl and spoon, lifted the pot lid, and served a bowl of porridge.
"Hoshino-San, can you eat?" I asked slowly, then brought the bowl closer to her.
I initially wanted to help her up, but she seemed to get up automatically at the scent of the food.
I handed her the bowl, and she held the spoon in her right hand with her eyes closed.
She scooped up a spoonful of porridge, then — it brushed past her upper lip.
She paused for a moment, then — this time it almost went into her nose.
"Hoshino-San, let me help you!" I said anxiously, fearing she might burn her nose next.
I scooped up a spoonful of porridge.
She kept her eyes closed, her delicate mouth slowly opening to let my spoon in. Once I put the spoon in, she closed her mouth, swallowed the porridge from the spoon. As I slowly pulled out the spoon, it seemed like she still wanted to keep it in her mouth.
She then swallowed, a smile creeping onto her face with her eyes still closed.
...This is just too cut-
No — no, I'm a doctor. I need to stay calm. She's my patient, and she's only sixteen.
I continued to feed her the remaining porridge.
A while later, I had managed to feed her half the bowl of porridge, and got her to have a few bites of the vegetables and vegetable soup.
She didn't seem to like garlic very much and now, with her eyes still closed, she was sitting on the sofa.
Thinking about it now, although I could take care of her all day, I don't have a car in case we need to rush to the hospital. I should contact her guardian.
"Hoshino-San, could you please..." Before I could finish, she had already laid down on the sofa and continued to sleep.
Alright then.
I helped her pull her feet onto the sofa, made her lie flat, covered her with a blanket, and planned to check her phone for an emergency dial setup to find an emergency contact.
Surprisingly, there was one.
I slid open the glass door, walked out onto the balcony, and made the call.
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2023.05.28 17:59 Liberty-Cookies Republican Constitutional Patriots:

Republican Constitutional Patriots:
Just five GOP Representatives from the 117th Congress need to stand with the GOP of the 39th Congress and affirm the 14th Amendment they passed in 1866: "The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned."
Will five Republicans stand with the People and support our nation over their party? It will take a miracle on Capitol hill or a magic cookie...
Free book for review! If You Give the House a Cookie: How the Squeaker of the House Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Democracy. A Political Fairy Tale of an Ambitious U.S. Rep who wants to be Speaker of the House but lacks enough votes. He becomes a Constitutional Patriot after experiencing fantastical visions of the Founding Fathers during Congress' Christmas recess. An illustrated poem like The Night Before Christmas but with a plot like Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Squeaker of the House Kevin McCarthy plays the role of Scrooge.

If You Give the House a Cookie-How the Squeaker of the House Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Democracy. With Squeaker McCarthy’s perilous stunts on the debt ceiling and one vote from being removed from leadership we may have Christmas in July and a new election for Speaker.
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2023.05.28 17:59 gawkersgone No words for this garbage.

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2023.05.28 17:59 DaGawdess Can my Louisiana employer keep my vacation time from me?

I work at a small company in Louisiana, and I recently put in my two weeks, when asking about receiving the vacation time that I've accrued in my final paycheck they told me to put my request in writing.
So here's the dilemma, according to Louisiana law, as far as I know, all of that money is legally mine and should be presented to me on my last paycheck. So when told to write a letter I refused and they assured me I will not get that vacation time money without a written request since it is their company policy. However, that "policy" is not in the company handbook I was given.
Do I really need to write a letter for that money?
Can they legally keep that from me?
(I understand that it would be simple for me to write a letter, but I don't feel like I should just for the principal. They aren't above the law, so why should I do more than I need to?)
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2023.05.28 17:59 JGFX1 Whats a Proper Study Plan?

Hello fellow CISSP members, I'm looking to try and understand the best study plan approach. I understand that having a memorization methodology is not the best approach. It's more of really synthesizing the information and apply it to real world scenarios. Is that correct?
I'm in my 3rd week? Of studying for the CISSP exam. I'm just overwhelmed 29th the amount of concepts, terms, orders of processes, frameworks, laws, regulations, etc. I just want to ensure that I'm taking the right approach. What are your guys's thoughts? There's just so much so I'm trying to dissect through what is needed versus what it's not. Or having the right mindset, so I'm not going down a rabbithole that's not needed.
I'm currently on Domain 3, and I've been taking notes, but I feel like it's counterintuitive due to the fact that there's so much I'm like rewriting a new book.
I've been studying for a couple of hours every day. And weekends 4-5 hours daily Just want to make sure I'm taking the right approach. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! I'm looking at an August date for the exam.
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2023.05.28 17:58 Tenebo [ARMA3][MAIN REPO] Operation: Coup le Dance - 24/06/23 19:00 UTC

Calendar Details:2023-06-24 19:00 Arma 3 Main Repo Coup le Dance



Where? PA Arma 3 Server
When? 19:00 UTC
Join the discord!
Get the mods through our html link, on the discord (in the "arma-info" channel)
When should I update the mods? As soon as you can, PM mods with issues.
Recommended reading:
If you have any issues with any of them, or anything really. Do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other helpers on Discord. Discord is the easiest way to get a hold of me.
Warning Order.
Event trailer.


General Charles Le Tour has been freed from imprisonment and his loyal officers are now actively plotting to overthrow the government.
The Northern Brigade, which was once the fallen general own brigade, has been placed under house arrest, while the Southern Brigade, led by what many see as Charles rival, has been tasked with assisting the government to maintain safety against a growing threat of rebellion. However, the government is unaware of the Southern Brigade's true loyalty.
The country is currently under a curfew, with the Gendarmerie and Republican guardsmen patrolling the streets and army personnel is setting up roadblocks around the capital. The smoke is thinking, and where there is smoke there are flames.

Main Objectives:

Map of AO




Use this in your slotting comment: IGN: SLOT: Alpha MG
Leadership roles will be given in priority to players who have been in at least 3 events at PA.
CO, squad leaders and special roles (All roles in bold letters) should join the TeamSpeak 30 minutes before the event starts for planning the mission.
If this is your first event with us we would also like to ask you to join 30 minutes early for a quick introduction to PA.


CO and NCO has the ability to request support from Tanakya Charlie.
CO and NCO has also the ability to request refuel and rearming from the train section.
The designated driver in the squad has the engineering trait and can provide lightly repairs in the field.
The medics may choice to remove their primary weapon and work solely as medics if they see the need for it. In this situation they will not be a target in the eyes of Opfor, the medic may choice to bear their sidearm in this situation to defend their wounded patients. Misusing this is breaking the rules of war and will have consequences.
The medics may choice to pick up their primary weapon again if they will continuum on after as combat medics.
Likewise, is the ambulance protected under the laws of war, and will not be a target of Opfor. The medics may use the ambulance to transport themselves from or to a location, or transport wounded personal out of the battle zone.
Following the laws of war;
o You cannot use the ambulance to transport troops to the AO, you can only use it to transport wounded out from it.
o You cannot use the ambulance to transport prisoners.
Breaking these rules will have consequences.


This list is not guaranteed to be up to date! Quickly look through the comments to ensure your slot hasn't already been claimed.

Platoon Charlie Alpha Player Loudout
Charlie Alpha Niner M151 “Mutt” Jeep
Platoon CO FAMAS F1M203 + LR
Platoon NCO FAMAS F1 M203 + LR
Medical Team Hilux Ambulance
Medical Officer dUMPLINGbOI P90 + Doctor
Medic P90 + Regular Medic
Medic [LOCKED] P90 + Regular Medic
Medic [LOCKED] P90 + Regular Medic
Charlie Alpha One M939 Guntruck
Squad Leader FAMAS F1 M203 + LR
Scout, 1.FTL M14
Light Support Gunner FN Minimi
Rifleman FAMAS F1
Rifleman FAMAS F1
Anti-Tank Gunner, 2. FTL FAMAS F1 + RPG-7V2
Anti-Tank Helper FAMAS F1
Light Support Gunner FN Minimi
Rifleman FAMAS F1
Rifleman, Driver FAMAS F1 + Engineering
Rifleman, Gunner TomoKIN FAMAS F1
Charlie Alpha Two M939 Guntruck
Squad Leader [LOCKED] FAMAS F1 M203 + LR
Scout, 1.FTL [LOCKED] M14
Light Support Gunner [LOCKED] FN Minimi
Rifleman [LOCKED] FAMAS F1
Rifleman [LOCKED] FAMAS F1
Anti-Tank Gunner, 2. FTL [LOCKED] FAMAS F1 + RPG-7V2
Anti-Tank Helper [LOCKED] FAMAS F1
Light Support Gunner [LOCKED] FN Minimi
Rifleman [LOCKED] FAMAS F1
Rifleman, Driver [LOCKED] FAMAS F1 + Engineering
Rifleman, Gunner [LOCKED] FAMAS F1
Charlie Alpha Three M151 “Mutt” Jeep
Squad Leader [LOCKED] FAMAS F1 M203 + LR
Scout, 1.FTL [LOCKED] M14
Light Support Gunner [LOCKED] FN Minimi
Rifleman [LOCKED] FAMAS F1
Rifleman [LOCKED] FAMAS F1
Anti-Tank Gunner, 2. FTL [LOCKED] FAMAS F1 + RPG-7V2
Anti-Tank Helper [LOCKED] FAMAS F1
Light Support Gunner [LOCKED] FN Minimi
Rifleman [LOCKED] FAMAS F1
Rifleman, Driver [LOCKED] FAMAS F1 + Engineering
Rifleman, Driver [LOCKED] FAMAS F1 + Engineering

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2023.05.28 17:58 livsworld98 Husband took the night shift

My babe is 4 months old and has been exclusively breastfed since the start (i’m very thankful for how easy breastfeeding has been for me). She’s taken the occasional bottle with my in laws when I would have to go out or I needed to sleep but really has been EBF since the start. My husband works long hours, nearly works every day and is exhausted by the end of his day. I’m talking he will work 14 hour days for 2 weeks straight. He helps when he’s home or he’ll leave later in the morning so i can have some alone time but we all know, that’s never enough when you’re the primary parent. He has been so kind and loving throughout our babes life and continuously does what he can to help me. I have done most of the night feeds since it’s just easier for me to feed her. Just to note - I don’t mind doing the nights, I truly do not mind and love my little middle of the night moments with babe.
The past week, babe has been in her sleep regression and I haven’t slept more than 2 hours in a row in a while. My husband offered to do the entire night so I can sleep. I was a little hesitant but agreed. He was true to his word, he slept on the couch with her in her bassinet next to him. She only woke up once and took the bottle no issues. She was a dream for him 😅. I woke up feeling refreshed (I got 10 hours of sleep), heavily engorged and i have a happy baby and a husband who still slept a majority of the night.
He wants to do more night shifts to help and I am just feeling so thankful for him. He is a parent and this is just another duty we have but he’s also the primary money maker. He works so hard so I can stay home and raise our baby. He works so our baby and I can have everything we need and not have to count pennies when we need something big. He acknowledges how hard it is to care for our baby and has never expected more than I can do in a day.
Anyways, thanks for reading ❤️
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