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29 [M4A] LF Co-working buddies in Pampanga

2023.05.28 14:54 cheappeepy 29 [M4A] LF Co-working buddies in Pampanga

Hey there!
I’m a freelance VA living in AC looking for other freelancers and other VAs in the area na umay na umay na sa bahay haha!
We can setup a weekly or biweekly coworking session para lang pare-pareho tayong maging productive.
I’m slowly trying to expand my network and social circle. Open to more than one syempre. The more, the merrier 😅
About me: - full time freelancer since 2020 - will cheer you on and push you, if needed - will be your accountability buddy para pare-pareho tayong productive - loves to explore and chill at coffee shops and work lol - mabait, responsible, trust worthy - loves music, plays Valorant - pwedeng kachikahan! - taken so bawal landiin lol - will answer any questions related to freelancing - I’ll help you grow as a freelancer
About you: - M or F, don’t care! Will treat you with respect - matino and not a creep - fun to talk to - makwento
Hit me up if you’re interested 🎉
PS. I found a girl in SF pala and we’re planning on doing our first coworking session soon!
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2023.05.28 13:33 saacer Favorite non pumpkins song

Pretty much what the title says, drop here your favorite no Pumpkins' songs but with a direct link to the band, id est: 'featuring', collaborations, writing credits, solo projects, side projects, covers, etc. by current or former members (including Zwan), here are some of mine for example:
Marilyn Manson - Speed of Pain
At the end you can clearly hear Billy's voice singing the background
Writing credits
Hole - Malibu
Hole - Celebrity skin
Courtney Love can say whatever she wants, but Malibu is all Pumpkins' and that riff in Celebrity Skin is all Corgan
Solo projects
Jimmy Chamberlain - Cranes of Prey
This could easily be a long lost Pumpkins' outtake
James Iha - Be strong now
This song gives me '...Said Sadly', 'The Bells', 'A Night Like This' vibes... Iha needs more praise and love
Melissa Aud Der Maur - Le Grand Secret
Need I say more?
Side projects
Judith - A perfect circle
Paz Lenchantin doing what she does best
Actually I don't know many Pumpkins' covers, at least no good ones
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2023.05.27 22:10 Proletlariet Aang Main Body

Respect Avatar Aang

Come on, Appa. Yip-yip!
History: Aang was just a fun-loving 12 year old when he discovered he was the Avatar, destined to master the four elements and bring balance to the world. At first fleeing his responsibilities, Aang became frozen for 100 years while war consumed the world. Awaking to discover he was the last airbender, Aang gathered friends who helped him master the four elements and restore balance to the world.
Powers: Aang controls the four elements, can enhance his power with the Avatar State, and has a mix of other spiritual and learned abilities.

Source Key & Notes





Reactions - Bending Projectiles
Reactions - Weapons
Reactions - Misc.

Agility & Mobility

Against others
Navigating Environment
Air Scooter
Misc. movement


Destroys Material - w/o Weapon
Destroys Material - w/Weapon
Moves Material
Moves Individuals
Misc. maneuvers
Repelling Fire
Air Bubbles




Ground Slams



Avatar State


Cont'd in Comments

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2023.05.27 21:19 The_ken_doll Selling one ticket to Noah Kahan in Charlottesville on June 11

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2023.05.27 21:08 pieces159 Cannabis Dispensary, Charlottesville, VA

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2023.05.27 19:00 Lusse-Eldalion We need to talk about Helena Jubany

I have been reading posts on this fantastic subreddit for a couple days now, but I find myself extremely shocked no one has mentioned the creepy murder of Helena Jubany! So, in honor of the deceased and of the case having been recently reopened, let me fix this. First off, forgive any mistakes, my first language is Spanish, not English.
Who, when and where
Helena Jubany was a young spanish librarian (27 y/o) who lived alone in Sabadell, a spanish city near Barcelona. She was quite integrated in the cultural life of the city, and was pretty well known on those circles. Around 2000, she joined the Unión de Excursionistas de Sabadell (UES. Do remember this acronym) ,the local hiking association, that would later play a major, and quite baffling, role on her death.
On the 2nd of December 2001, her body was discovered in the inner courtyard of the building where a friend of hers, Montse Careta, lived, naked and with several burns on her body. The autopsy would reveal that she had been thrown from a terrace and would find an incredibly high dose of benzodiazepine, a somniferous substance. It wasn't high enough to cause her death but it did put her into a semi-comatose state. It was determined she had been murdered.
The investigation
The timeline was determined to be as follows:
- 30th November 2001, Friday: Helena was expected at the library where she worked, but she never arrived. It was later revealed that she had been working from home before going to the library. At some point in the morning, she received a phone call (I have not been able to find out who called her or if it was even relevant to the investigation, though I daresay it should have been). She left her flat and drove to a friend's, Montse Careta, house. Once there, someone drugged and kidnapped her.
- 1st December 2001, Saturday: Helena was drugged for the most part of the day. It is believed it was then when she was burned on different parts of her body. It is also believed that night, maybe early morning of the next day, someone brought her to the rooftop of Montse's building and threw her. She died as a result of the impact. Her clothes were found neatly folded on the rooftop next to a box of matches that were thought to have been used to burn Helena.
-2nd December 2001, Sunday: her body was found by a neighbour. She was extremely disfigured. Only thanks to a missed persons report issued by her father next day was the police able to identify her.
Helena was not found to have any enemies or to carry out a life where she could have met dangerous people. She was a young, quite normal girl experiencing a quiet life. I do have to point out that it seems like the police did a lousy job. They didn't take fingerprints on the appartment were Helena was thought to have been drugged, nor her car or the rooftop from where she was thrown. It also took hours for the police to begin the search of Montse's appartment.
However, two very disturbing incidents were soon brought to the attention of the police.
The letters (1)
The family reported that Helena had been receving anonymous letters and strange "gifts" on her doorstep. The police soon found two notes among her belongings.
The first one was received on the 17th of September 2001. It read as follows:
"Helena, sorpresa.
Pasábamos por aquí y hemos dicho:
A ver Helena que se explica.
Somos ???? (Te llamaremos)
“A comérselo todo”. "
Which means:
"Helena, surprise.
We were near and we thought
Le us go check if Helena has something to tell us
We are ??? (we'll call you)
Do eat everything up"
This note was acompanied with a bottle of horchata (a typical spanish drink) and some small cakes. Horchata was Helena's favorite drink, so whoever left it there probably knew this.
It is not known if she drank the horchata or ate the cakes. Some days later, on the 9th October 2001, she found another note:
Helena, ante todo esperamos que te tomes esto con el mismo sentido del humor que nosotros.
A la tercera revelaremos el misterio. Muy seguro te echarás unas risas.
Nos gustaría mucho volver a coincidir en una excursión de la UES.
Ya lo hablaremos!
Ahora vamos a ver si encontramos un lugar bueno, bonito y barato en Sabadell para perfeccionar el inglés.
Ah! Buen provecho, no nos hagas un feo, eh?!
En la tercera ya nos invitarás tú, sin duda. Besos.”
Which means:
"Helena, first of all, we hope you find this as funny as we do. On the third try, we will uncover the mystery. You will absolutely laugh. We would love to meet with you again on a UES hiking trip. We will talk about this! Now, we are off to find a good, nice and cheap place in Sabadell to perfect our English. Oh! Enjoy the gift, don't be a spoilsport, ok? Next time, drinks are on you. Kisses."
The gift the note talked about was a bottle of juice. Helena did drink some of it, but she suddenly felt something was wrong and stopped drinking it. She sent the bottle to a laboratory to be analyzed. The juice was found to contain benzodiazepine, a somniferous drug.
Photos of both letters can be found at: https://www.elperiodico.com/es/sucesos/20220422/juez-indicios-suficientes-asesinato-jubany-xavi-jimenez-13553796. It is worth noting that three different handwrittings can be perfectly seen through the two notes.
The trial
Monste Careta, the flat's owner, was soon arrested. She knew Helena through the UES. A couple bottle of Noctamid, a sleeping pill that contains benzodiazepine and some matches that were identical to the ones found on the rooftop were found on Careta's flat. A preliminary study indicated that she had written at least one of the two notes found on Helena's doorstep. However, later studies proved this wrong and denied any similarities between Careta's handwritting and the notes.
Monste Careta tirelessly defended her innocence. She wrote several letters to friends and family stating that she had had no involvement whatsoever on Helena's death. While she was detained, the judge ordered the arrest of A.E. (2), a friend of Helena through the UES, after a study determined she had written part of the first note that Helena found on her doorstep. Another person was declared person of interest: S.L., who was romantically involved with Monste Careta and, as was later proved, lived with her.
Sadly, after three months in preventive jail, Careta comitted suicide on the 7th of May, 2002. She left a letter in which she insisted she was innocent. Some days later, A.E. was released.
The case was closed three years later, after the judge declared that there wasn't enough proof to keep it open.

- On the motive
This is one of those cases where you can only ask yourself: but, why?. It has been said that everything may have been a horrible role play game in which the participants made Helena a central part. It has been ruled out she were part of any role play, nor had she ever manifested any interest in this kind of games, so, if it really was a role play game, she had no idea she was in it.
This theory does not really fit, in my opinion. Had it been a role play, I think it is safe to say that it would have involved more than just one person. At the very least, there had to be two murderers. The notes and the gifts are, in my opinion, an extremely evil game to play. It almost reminds me of killer whales: playing with their food before they eat it. They were literally playing with Helena while hidden in seemingly "fun" notes (though I do have to say, it wouldn't have taken me one second to call the police if I found food and such a note on my front door. And it wouldn't have taken me another second to get out of the building if said food was proved to be drugged). This amount of evil leads me to think that there was only one person involved. I may be accused of being naive, but I find it hard to believe that such wickedness can be found in more than one person sustained over the period of more than two months. I think someone would have eventually caved out and told Helena the truth.
This leads me to the theory that I find more plausible: Helena had extremely bad luck. If this subreddit has tought me something is that there are just bad people. Like absolutely crazy people that are able of comitting the worst crimes one can imagine and then carry on with their lives. I think Helena just bumped into one of these people, as we can all do at some point of our lives.

- On the killer(s)
The main suspect died in prison defending her innocence, and there was not enough proof to arrest anyone else. This, however, does not prevent people from having theories.
It is worth noting that Helena's family has repeatedly said that her killer(s) is still alive and carrying out a normal life. Neither them nor Careta's family think Monste Careta was the killer. They base their suspicions on the following: (a) Monste Careta was a fairly small woman, who had a back injury at the time of the murder and that would have been incapable of transporting a semi-comatose woman from her flat to the rooftop; (b) Those who knew her said Monste was a noble, caring woman, who just couldn't have killed another person, much less with such a sadistic game; (c) The proofs were said to be planted. The family of both women say it is quite suspicious that the same box of matches was found both on the rooftop and Montse's flat, along with the sleeping pills that cointained benzodiazepine. Montse would have had more than enough time to get rid of all that had she wanted to.
There are those who point at S.L., including part of the police, but there are just no proofs.

Reopening of the case
Thankfully, the case was reopened in 2020 and it threw some light into the case. Helena's computer was analyzed and some very interesting chats were found. In them, Helena talks with someone (the name has not been revealed) about someone who is accosting her. She doesn't know who it is but it frightens her. He/she apparently knows a lot about her, including her curriculum. After the first note and the horchata were left at her door, she even said on this chat: "he/she must know me very well, because I love horchata. I am afraid it might be poisoned, though. It is starting to scare me. "
On february 2023, S.L. was requested to provide a DNA sample. Another person, X.J., also member of the UES, was also considered a person of interest, althought nothing definite has come to pass.
Hopefully, we will finally know what happened that night of December that ended with not one, but two lives.
(1) https://www.ccma.cat/324/un-joc-macabre-va-acabar-amb-la-vida-de-la-jove-de-mataro-helena-jubany/noticia/20156/ (IN CATALAN)
(2) Although the names can be found on the Internet, I would rather not name anyone who is alive and has not been found guilty by a judge. That's why I willl use acronyms for those who are still alive.
Some more references, although most of them are in Spanish. If someone wants something translated, you just have to ask:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Helena_Jubany (ENGLISH WIKIPEDIA PAGE ON HELENA)
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2023.05.27 16:40 Wafflestarship First factory smoke. Surprisingly solid for the price!

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2023.05.27 15:30 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in VA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Nurse 2 Nurse Staffing Travel RN Abingdon
Arete Corporation Defunct Subcontracts Manager Arlington
Lumen Inc Lawyer Arlington
Penske Truck Leasing Diesel Mechanic Ashland
Frito-Lay North America CDL A Driver Bedford
ESS Technologies Wireman Blacksburg
Wegmans Food Markets CRC Specialist Charlottesville
Wegmans Food Markets Cake Designer Charlottesville
Delaware North Night Audit Charlottesville
American Mobile Healthcare Travel Nurse Danville
American Mobile Healthcare Travel RN Danville
Domino's Pizza LLC LTL Driver Danville
Kings Dominion Construction Executive Doswell
Kings Dominion Car Hop Doswell
Kings Dominion Plumbing Worker Doswell
Goshen Baptist Church Music Director Fredericksburg
Jobot Senior Tax Manager - HYBRID REMOTE Fredericksburg
UnitedHealth Group Skilled Inpatient Care Coordinator - naviHealth - Hampton, VA Hampton
Advance Auto Parts Black History Month Store Driver Hampton
Schneider Class A CDL - Team Van Truckload truck driver Hampton
Delaware North Night Audit Harrisonburg
Delaware North Barman Harrisonburg
Delaware North Membership Host Harrisonburg
ICC at Memorial Savannah Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Herndon
Delaware North Busser Luray
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.27 14:10 AutoModerator [Get] Ry Schwartz – Automated Intimacy Download

[Get] Ry Schwartz – Automated Intimacy Download
Download : https://courseshere.com/download/get-ry-schwartz-automated-intimacy-download/

What You Get:

  • Automated Intimacy v3.0 – 5 Core Modules
  • 6 Weeks of Access to the Private A/I Mastermind on Circle Extra Team License (for a business partner VA, OBM, marketer, etc.)
  • Bonus: AI Alpha Launch Workshop
  • Bonus: Private Podcast Playbook & Fireside Chat w/ Chris Evans
  • Bonus: Engineering The Enrollment Suite

The A.I. Revolution(aka Coaching The Conversion Reloaded)

In Module 1, you’ll be initiated into a revolutionary new way of thinking. You’ll move from a mindset of “closing clients” with blunt force tactics; to confidently leading and coaching their transformation between Point A and Point Buyer.
With this initial understanding; you’ll see how automation, behavioral triggers, and advanced segmentation allow you to identify and capitalize on the key moments of heightened receptivity where your prospects are most “coachable” towards the next conversion.
  • Become initiated into the most updated version of the “Coaching The Conversion” messaging framework that’s been behind over 50M+ of course revenue for industry titans like Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman and Copyhackers.
  • Learn the art and science behind Direct Response 2.0; and how to engineer profitable “conversion contexts” that exponentially increase your prospect’s ability to say “yes”
  • Upgrade your messaging and channel strategy using The P.A.I.D. framework to know how and when to move a prospect from an automated sequence to a one-on-one chat
  • How to use Advanced Touchpoint Theory™ to accelerate trust building and drastically shorten buying cycles
  • Newtonian Marketing Vs. Quantum Marketing; and how the common sales funnel fails to measure up to the reality of how most prospects make empowered decisions

Empire Engineering(aka Building the Mothership)

Most online businesses are built to win a single battle at a time; but ill-equipped to dominate an industry, let alone scale an empire.
In Module 2, we’ll walk you step-buy-step on how to engineer the tech side of your business for sustainable, exponential growth.
If you’re self-aware and energetically sensitive, you know that intentionality is everything. Unless you’ve built a powerful system that can sustain and match your vision; you’re not likely to get there.
Whether you’re in Stage 1 of building your empire; or ready to scale the sh*t out of it; we’ll walk you through the exact CRM systems you need to confidently double down on your marketing and enrollment efforts; knowing that every prospect that enters your ecosystem is well accounted for and given the best chance to convert.
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2023.05.27 13:19 alleybetwixt This Week In KPOP - May 27, 2023

Welcome to This Week In KPOP, a collection of everything you may have missed during the past week on kpop.

May 20, 2023 - May 26, 2023


# Votes Thread Comments
1 (+6414) Fifty Fifty will be featured on the ‘BARBIE’ soundtrack 342 comments
2 (+3606) FIFTY FIFTY Breaks BLACKPINK’s Record On Billboard’s Hot 100 For Longest-Charting K-Pop Girl Group Song 308 comments
3 (+2514) NewJeans Confirmed To Make Summer Comeback 147 comments
4 (+2238) Shotaro and Sungchan are removed from NCT. SM will debut them in a new boy group in 2023. 642 comments
5 (+2200) Netflix is releasing "Persona: Sulli"! 45 comments
6 (+2132) IVE’s Rei To Resume Activities Following Temporary Hiatus 76 comments
7 (+2075) aespa members have opened individual Instagram accounts 149 comments
8 (+1796) Miya (former GWSN) - K-pop trainee life was "prison": ex-GWSN Miya opens up about her fresh start @ Asahi Shimbun Digital (230521) 85 comments
9 (+1754) aespa Is Fastest Girl Group To Become Double-Million Sellers After “MY WORLD” Soars Past 2 Million Sales 90 comments
10 (+1672) Former NMIXX's Jinni Makes First Public Appearance After Signing With A New Agency 191 comments


# Votes Thread Comments
1 (+1806) Happy 15th Anniversary to SHINee! 71 comments
2 (+1226) Happy 8th Anniversary to SEVENTEEN! 54 comments
3 (+915) Happy 6th Anniversary to A.C.E ! 49 comments


# Votes Thread Comments
1 (+675) [Dance Challenge] LE SSERAFIM Sakura (with LE BODYGUARD) - Eve, Psyche & the Bluebeard’s wife (Dance Challenge) (230526) 25 comments
2 (+572) [Performance] aespa - Thirsty + Spicy (Band Live - ONE Take or NOTHING Ver.) (MDR it's LIVE) 39 comments
3 (+530) [Live] Follow Up Stage: LE SSERAFIM - Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard's wife @ Mnet M Countdown (230525) 22 comments
4 (+529) [Performance] LE SSERAFIM - Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard's wife (M2 Performance37) 22 comments
5 (+479) [Dance Challenge] (G)I-DLE Yuqi (with aespa Ningning) - Queencard (Dance Challenge) (230521) 13 comments
6 (+446) [Dance Challenge] aespa Winter & LE SSERAFIM Chaewon - Spicy (Dance Challenge) (230521) 23 comments
7 (+423) [Live] Comeback Stage: Dreamcatcher - BONVOYAGE @ Mnet M Countdown (230525) 11 comments
8 (+374) [Dance Challenge] MONSTA X Joohoney with TWICE Nayeon & Jihyo - 'FREEDOM' Dance Challenge (230522) 9 comments
9 (+367) [Dance Challenge] LE SSERAFIM Sakura & Eunchae (with Lee Chaeyeon) - UNFORGIVEN (Dance Challenge) (230520) 4 comments
10 (+363) [Live] (G)I-DLE Miyeon (Host: Lee Mujin) - Queencard, When This Rain Stops (Red Velvet Wendy), Teenage Fantasy (Jorja Smith), Feel Special (TWICE) @ Leemujin Service Episode 64 (230523) [ENG SUB] 32 comments


# Votes Thread Comments
1 (+2777) Never really heard of K-pop before, but got dragged along to a concert by a friend and it was GREAT. 371 comments
2 (+284) Getting into kpop during dark times 65 comments
3 (+30) Weekly Discussion (May 22, 2023 – May 28, 2023) 7 comments
4 (+30) What Are You Listening To? - May 24, 2023 31 comments
5 (+21) Throwback: TAEYANG released "ONLY LOOK AT ME" this week in 2008 1 comments


Date Performances Discussion Thread Winner
20230520 Music Core Thread aespa
20230521 Inkigayo Thread aespa
20230523 The Show Thread (G)I-DLE
20230524 Show Champion Thread (G)I-DLE
20230525 M!Countdown Thread (G)I-DLE
20230526 Music Bank Thread (G)I-DLE


Day Artist Album Title Type Music Video Streaming
20th Yi Chae Bin (ex-Awesome Baby Dahee) Just Love Me Like Now digital single Just Love Me Like Now Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
N.Flying Once in a BLUE MOON anniversary single Blue Moon Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Sung Si Kyung Blooming Today Two Tracks 2 project single Blooming Today Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Yiyeon (ex-BVNDIT), Roden It's Been Forever digital single It's Been Forever Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
21st Deepshower, MRSHLL FEELiNGs (New Love) digital single FEELiNGs (New Love) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Huh Gak Sob your heart out Today's Playlist project single Sob your heart out Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
22nd Yeoeun (ex-MelodyDay) 난 그저 바라만 보죠 digital single 난 그저 바라만 보죠 Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
ENHYPEN DARK BLOOD mini album Bite Me Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Ja Jung Good Thing Ear-appealing Project remake single Good Thing (orig. Navi) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Joohoney (MONSTA X) LIGHTS solo debut mini album FREEDOM Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
23rd Bily Acoustie anytime, anywhere digital single anytime, anywhere (feat. YEWON) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Kim Doah (FANATICS) DREAM WALKING solo debut digital single DREAM WALKING Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Mighty Mouth Slam Dunk digital single Slam Dunk (feat. Eunha (VIVIZ)) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
The Deep, Mist Columbus digital single Columbus (feat. JJANGYOU) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Jay Park Candy digital single Candy (feat. Zion.T) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
KARD ICKY mini album ICKY Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Seola (WJSN) Flower Sing Song Sang Song project single Flower Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Sweden Laundry May, Be Love digital single May Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Wonstein Apocalypse digital single Apocalypse (prod. PEEJAY) Spotify / Apple Music / Apple Music
24th Yesung (Super Junior) You, the cherry blossom petals, flew down into my heart Japanese mini album Tsukanoma no Koi Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Chae Soobin, Jo Yuri Yellow Circle Lipton X Starship collaboration single Yellow Circle Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Dreamcatcher Apocalypse : From us mini album BONVOYAGE Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
leanon Period digital single Period (with Cookiee Kawaii, Fatou (BLACKSWAN)) / In ma zone (feat. Fatou (BLACKSWAN)) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
SECRET NUMBER DOXA single album DOXA Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Padi Answer Answer digital single DO (feat. Lee Hi) / OUTCASTAWAY (feat. THAMA, YDG) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
25th ChoCo1 ChoCo In Hollywood pre-debut full-length album Like Ayye Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
COOING EVEN SO digital single EVEN SO Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
DROP The Beat, Athena QUEENDOM PUZZLE TEAM BATTLE 2 Mnet 'Queendom Puzzle' single Charismatic / SNAP Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Kim Ki Tae TO. My Twenty digital single TO. My Twenty Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Nam Donghyun (prev. BOYHOOD) ( ) mini album Blind (feat. nongmill kim) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Paul Kim HANGANG digital single HANGANG (feat. BIG Naughty) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
PLAVE Why? digital single Why? Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
26th Redplum Come with me Future Idol Asia project single Come with me Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
TRI.BE WONDERLAND (English Ver.) English digital single WONDERLAND (English Ver.) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Yellow Claw, Sorn (CLC) Cold Like Snow digital single Cold Like Snow Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
BF (prev. BOYFRIEND) The day of May digital single The day of May Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
INJAE Purple Love digital single Purple Love (feat. Leellamarz) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
KyoungSeo ONGOING mini album 120BPM Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music

"This Week in KPOP" Archive

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2023.05.27 05:03 infosec-jobs [HIRING] TS DevSecOps Architect - Hybrid in Hybrid - Charlottesville VA

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2023.05.27 04:17 primatethief Hyde School Board of Governors 2018

Hyde School Board of Governors 2018
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2023.05.27 02:03 infosec-jobs [HIRING] TS Senior Developer (DevSecOps, Software) - Hybrid in Hybrid - Charlottesville VA

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2023.05.26 23:38 Quiet-Barracuda-1698 Need help finding care

I don’t know if this is the correct place to put this because I’m not very Reddit savvy (lol) but I don’t know where else to go so here I am.
I’d like to know if any of you could recommend some doctors that I could go to for maintaining my hormones. I live in the bible belt part of Virginia (near the Tri-Cities) and I haven’t had any luck searching online being able to find doctors that have experience or reviews about what they’re like. I don’t even go to the doctor because I’m afraid of being outed and discriminated against. What I’ve been doing since I started living in VA recently has been with the Planned Parenthood in Charlottesville, but I’m finding that to be too much of a problem. The communication is terrible and she is very slow about sending my prescriptions in, to the point where I had my first telehealth visit and it took her 3 weeks to get it sent in and I couldn’t even take a shot that whole time because I was out.
So anyways, yeah, if you guys know of anybody I could go to in the Tri-Cities, or anywhere from there all the way up to Charlottesville (I’m willing to travel) I would really appreciate it. And if you recommend somebody that requires a referral, if you could recommend me a doctor I could get it from that would be great too.
Also: Plume and FOLX aren’t really long term options for me either, they’re too expensive.
Anybody that can help, thank you.
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2023.05.26 22:25 blockade1 Talk me in (or out) of buying a used Wrangler

I'm moving from a large city to Charlottesville, VA this summer and am in the market for a used car. I love the idea of buying a used, early-mid 2000s manual transmission Wrangler. However, I have zero mechanical knowledge and don't want to have to spend a lot of time and money getting my car repaired. Also, I'll be driving from Seattle to Charlottesville...would a used Wrangler make this trip hellish?
Bottom line: Would buying a used Wrangler be a mistake?
Thanks for your advice!
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2023.05.26 16:37 Puzzled-Piece-1390 I can't get a follow through from SSA a year later

I have been dealing with two issues with SSA, and I'm running in circles. Help me with advice on maybe what I can do to get this done!!
  1. After 2 years of appeals, my SSDI was approved over a year ago. (over 3 years total) My 2 girls went to move with their dad because I needed help during this time. My 2 boys stayed with me. They called about dependant claims shortly after approval. I gave them all the info and they said it would all be processed. I had also put this info on the inital application. I got my backpay a few weeks later. They havent gotten a dime. Myself and their father have called local and main, done interviews with different branches, and even went in person. We have been told several times they have everything and it will be processed, but nothing. I have left managers messages too.I went back to the office closer to me last week and was told that it was in a different office and they would ask for transfer to them. I was told she would send an email to management and the case worker, and someone would call soon. I asked how long because no one usually calls back. She said "Oh..someone WILL call you this time. Give it a few days" Its been over a week and not a peep. Today, I am going back to the office. Does anyone have suggestions on how to resolve this?
  2. My 2 boys. I divorced their father 7 years ago. They have lived with me. They haven't even saw their father in years. He is a disabled vet so he gets SSDI and VA..and a con-man.I ran into a tough spot waiting on social and had to apply for food stamps for a few months about a year and a half ago. I was told that the boys should be getting benefits under his SSDI. When I contacted SSA, I was told he said they lived with him. He was collecting some crazy amount for them and they were struggling with needs. He rarely helped out. He was even collecting it on another child who he never saw and lived with his grandparents because his momma died of cancer. They wanted proof that they lived with me. I gathered everything up twice (because they said they didn't get it the first time). They did make it so that they are now getting checks. They said I would get back pay for those 5 years (then). I still haven't heard anything. I even filed a complaint online with the Attorney General office for his fraud. I have left messages for SSA and asked but no one will return calls on this issue either.
How do you get someone to talk to you? Suggestions on how to resolve these issues? Any help at this point please.
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2023.05.26 04:39 hoosjon "New" Jeep Connect App

I had an app on my phone that got "updated" into the Jeep Connect App and this new app could not BE more frustrating. I've repeatedly tried to transfer my information, start a new account, find my "lost" password, etc. It directs me to my new dealership's website (Flow recently took over in Charlottesville, VA) and they don't support online services. The app suggests calling to "update my account,"
Am I just out of luck? Any advice?
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2023.05.26 04:20 AutoModerator [Get] Ry Schwartz – Automated Intimacy Download

[Get] Ry Schwartz – Automated Intimacy Download
Get Course here : https://courseplace.co/download/get-ry-schwartz-automated-intimacy-download/


  • Automated Intimacy v3.0 – 5 Core Modules
  • 6 Weeks of Access to the Private A/I Mastermind on Circle Extra Team License (for a business partner VA, OBM, marketer, etc.)
  • Bonus: AI Alpha Launch Workshop
  • Bonus: Private Podcast Playbook & Fireside Chat w/ Chris Evans
  • Bonus: Engineering The Enrollment Suite
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2023.05.26 04:19 kareylicious Nest Migration Summary - #190

The 190th nest migration happened yesterday!
[Calgary Nest Map] Direct link (http://bit.ly/YYCNestMap)
Nest Migration start: May 24, 5 pm
Next Nest Migration: June 7, 5 pm
Nests are as accurate at time of reporting. Please keep in mind that sometimes nests change when certain events begin/end.
The majority of the nest list has been provided by https://www.theraidmap.com/ If you want more pokemon, please consider subscribing.
In order to keep the nest list updated as timely as possible I would kindly request that nest only be reported in top level comments and avoid editing previous posts to include new nests. The easiest way for me to see when the list needs to be updated is to see when I have a notification from reddit and I only receive those on new top level comments. Thank you very much!
Thank you to all our nest reporters! Without you, this wouldn't be possible!
Please keep the following in mind when reporting nests:
Spawn points in nests have a 25% chance to spawn the nest Pokemon. If a nest only has a handful of spawn points it is common to not see any of the nesting Pokemon if you are only at the nest for a short period of time. Due to this please ensure you have spent enough time in a nest before reporting your findings.
Happy hunting!!

Reported Nests

Downtown Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points
Houndour Central Memorial Park 5+
Grubbin Eau Claire Park ?
Joltik Princes Island Park 20
Snivy Shaw Millennium Park 6
Spearow Stampede Park 49

North East Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points
Purrloin Munro Park 10+
Marill Nose Creek Parkway / Confluence Park 22
Houndour Rotary Park 5
Houndour St. Patricks Island Park 11

North West Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points
Snubbulll Botanical Gardens of SS/Sarcee Park 13
Burmy Bowmont Park 15
Phanpy Bowness Park 12
Poliwag Confederation Park 29
Tympole Crescent Heights Park ?
Snivy Dale Hodges Park 24
Buneary John Laurie Park 7
Tangela Nose Hill Park 35
Snivy Riley Park 9
Phanpy Shouldice Aquatic Centre ?
Houndour Shouldice Athletic Park 15

South East Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points
Poliwag Carburn Park 14
Tangela Lake Sundance 12
Phanpy Pop Davies Athletic Park 13

South West Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points
Oshawott Canada Olympic Park 40
Wooper Edworthy Park ?
Houndour Edworthy Park (river side) ?
Bunnelby Lindsay Park 20+
Sandshrew South Glenmore Park ?
Foongus Stanley Park 14

Unreported Nests

Downtown Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points
?? Barb Scott Park 4
?? Bow River Pathway Eau Claire 5
?? Central Memorial Park 5+
?? Century Gardens 4+
?? Connaught Park 5
?? Connaught School 3
?? Eau Claire Park ?
?? Harley Hotchkiss Gardens 4+
?? Harry Hayes - Red Machine Stop 2
?? Haultain Park 3
?? James Short Park 2
?? Lougheed House 5
?? McDougall Centre 10+
?? Nat Christie Park 5
?? Olympic Plaza 6
?? Princes Island Park 20
?? Rouleauville Square 5+
?? Shaw Millennium Park 6
?? Sien Lok Park North 3
?? Sien Lok Park South ?
?? South Bow Park 3
?? Stampede Park 49
?? The Family of Man ?
?? Thomson Family Park ?
?? Tomkins Park ?

North East Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points
?? 40th Ave Park 5
?? Abberfield Playground 3+
?? Airways Park ?
?? Bridgeland Park 2
?? Bridgeland Sport Fields / Park 6
?? Cityscape Music Playground ?
?? Coral Shores Pathway 3
?? Coventry/Country Hills Pond 11
?? Coventry Community Garden 3-4
?? Coventry Nose Creek Park ?
?? Crossroads Park 2-3
?? Deerfoot Athletic Park 9
?? Deerfoot Business Park ?
?? Don Hartman Northeast Sportsplax NESS 4
?? Ecole la Mosaique in Martindale 2
?? Edward H. LaBorde Viewing Area ?
?? Genesis Centre 9
?? Grant MacEwan School ?
?? Harvest Community Garden ?
?? Harvest Hills Playground ?
?? Highland Park Urban Beautification 2
?? Lester B Pearson School Field ?
?? Marlborough Community Association ?
?? Marlborough Park 20
?? Martha Haven Cricket Ground ?
?? McCall Lake Off Leash Dog Park ?
?? Monterey Community Centre ?
?? Monterey Park Fields 13
?? Murdoch Park 5
?? Munro Park 10+
?? Nose Creek Parkway / Confluence Park 22
?? Pinecliff Park Soccer Field 3+
?? Pinehill Playground 2+
?? Pine Ridge Road Playground ?
?? Pineridge Playground 2
?? Prairie Winds Park 10
?? Redstone Participark 3
?? Renfrew Athletic Park ?
?? Rotary Park 5
?? Rundle Community Association 2-3
?? Rundle Park ?
?? Rundlelawn Park ?
?? Skyview Landing Playground 7+
?? St. Patricks Island Park 11
?? St. John Paul II School ?
?? Temple Community Centre ?
?? Templegreen Park 4+
?? The District Outdoor Gym 4
?? Tom Campbell Park 7
?? Tuxedo Park Community Association 3
?? Village Square Leisure Centre ?
?? Whitehorn Community Centre 4
?? Whitehorn Field 10-15

North West Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points
?? 12 Mile Coulee Pathway 15
?? 14th Street Pathways 10
?? Arbor Lake School Park 5
?? Baker Park 10
?? Blakiston Park ?
?? Botanical Gardens of SS/Sarcee Park 13
?? Bowmont Park 15
?? Bowness Park 12
?? Bow River Pathway - Kensington 10
?? Bow River Pathway - Point McKay 2-3
?? BP Birthplace Forest 6+
?? Brenner Park 5
?? Brentwood Community Garden 6
?? Canmore Park 6
?? Castle Ruins 3
?? Catherine Nichols Gunn School 3
?? Childrens Village School Field ?
?? Chipmunk Playground (Ranchlands) 2
?? Citadel Pathways 3
?? Citadel Way Playground ?
?? Confederation Park 29
?? Confederation Golfcourse Playground 4
?? Country Hills Golf Course ?
?? Crescent Heights Park ?
?? Crowchild Twin Arenas 2
?? Crowfoot Crossing Pathway 5
?? Crowfoot Library 3
?? Dale Hodges Park 24
?? Dalhousie Community Association 10+
?? Dalhousie LRT Pathway 3
?? Dalton Park 4
?? Edgemont Off Leash 3 15
?? Edgemont Park ?
?? Edgemont Ravine 14
?? Egerts Park 3
?? Evansborough Way Playground 2
?? Evanston Pathway / Ball Diamond 3
?? Evanston Pathways 5-10
?? Foothills Athletic Park ?
?? Funny Wood Pillars ?
?? Giddy-Up Playground/Silvercreek Park ?
?? Hamptons Athletic Park 5
?? Hamptons Park ?
?? Hawkwood Pathways 3
?? Helicopter Playground ?
?? Hidden Valley Pathways North 10
?? Hidden Valley Pathways South 5
?? Hidden Valley Pond 2
?? Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Assn. 4
?? Huntington Blue & Red Playground 2-3
?? Huntington Hills Community Centre 10+
?? Huntington Hills Skatepark ?
?? Inland Athletic Park ?
?? John Laurie Park 7
?? John Laurie Pathway: 14th to 19th St 10
?? John Laurie Pathway: 19th St to Charleswood 8
?? John Laurie Pathway: Charleswood to Brisbois 5
?? Karl Baker Offleash Park 10+
?? Laycock Park 11
?? Macewan Glen Park ?
?? McHugh Bluff Park 20
?? Montalban Park ?
?? Montgomery Ave Playground 3
?? Nolan Hill Park 8
?? Nolan Hill Playground 5
?? Nolan Lake Pathways 8-10
?? Nose Creek Playground ?
?? Nose Hill Park 35
?? Nose Hill Spring Park 2-4
?? Panatella Hill North Pathway 3+
?? Panatella Hill South 2-3
?? Panora Close Playgroundy ?
?? Panorama Hills North Pathway 10
?? Panorama Hills Pathway 4
?? Panorama Soccer 3+
?? Parkdale Community Centre 3
?? Patches Hill ?
?? Patrick Burns Gardens ?
?? Poppy Plaza ?
?? Queen Elizabeth Park ?
?? Ranchlands Community Association 4-5
?? Ranchlands Off-Leash Dog Park 5-10
?? Research Park 4
?? Riley Park 9
?? Rocky Ridge Pathways 7
?? Rocky Ridge YMCA ?
?? Rocky Ridge Point Pathway 3-4
?? Rocky Vista Park 6
?? RRROCA Park 3
?? Rosedale Park 2
?? Sage Hill Pathways 3
?? Sandstone Area 3 Off Leash Dog Park 4-5
?? Sandstone Macewan 1-4
?? Sandstone Park 15+
?? Sandstone Place 2+
?? Shouldice Aquatic Centre ?
?? Shouldice Athletic Park 15
?? Silver Spring Nature Park 20
?? Silver Springs Outdoor Pool ?
?? Triwood Community Association 4
?? Triwood Park ?
?? Tuscany Club 6
?? Tuscany Fire Hall Greenspace 5+
?? Tuscany Valley Playground 2+
?? U of C: Athletic Fields 20+
?? U of C: C Train Station 2-3
?? U of C: Gallagher Library 2
?? U of C: Prairie Chicken ?
?? U of C: Science Theatres ?
?? Utah Drive Park 12
?? Varsity Estates Park ?
?? Varsity Ravine Park ?
?? Varsity Sport Fields ?
?? Varsity Soccer Pitch 4
?? Varsity Village Park 5-8
?? Watermark Community Gazedo 5-8
?? West Hillhurst Community Assn. 10+

South East Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points
?? Acadia Community Garden & Art Society ?
?? Acadia Tennis Courts 3
?? Applewood Park 7
?? Auburn Bay Kids Only Pokestop ?
?? Auburn Bay Kids Park ?
?? Auburn House ?
?? Carburn Park 14
?? Chapala Drive Playground ?
?? Chaparral Ridge Circle 12
?? Copper Pond ?
?? Copperfield Community Centre 3
?? Copperfield Hoodoo Park 3
?? Copperfield Park 6-7
?? Copperfield Park II ?
?? Copperfield Park III ?
?? Copperfield Trifecta 2
?? Copperstone Blvd Park ?
?? Copperstone Grove Park 3
?? Dogwood Crescent Park ?
?? Douglas Glen Park 4
?? Douglas Glen Pathway ?
?? Douglasbank Park ?
?? Eaglequest Golf Pathway ?
?? Eastside City Church 4
?? Elliston Park 3
?? Fairview Off Leash Dog Area/Flint Park ?
?? Fairview Park 6
?? Fish Creek Park 100+
?? Flavelle Road Park ?
?? Fonda Park 7
?? George Moss Park ?
?? Great Plains Recreational Facility 5
?? Harry Huish Park ?
?? Inglewood 11th Ave Playground 2
?? Inglewood Bird Sanctuary 20
?? Inglewood Golf Course ?
?? Inglewood Wildlands 5
?? Inverness Park ?
?? Jack Setters Park 5
?? Lake Bonavista School Field ?
?? Lake Sundance 12
?? Legacy Playground ?
?? Max Bell Centre ?
?? McKenzie Meadows Golf Club ?
?? McKenzie Towne Park ?
?? New Brighton Central Park 6
?? New Brighton Park Playground 3
?? Pearce Estate Park 25
?? Pop Davies Athletic Park 13
?? Penbrooke Meadows Park 6
?? Prestwick Fountain Park 2
?? Prestwick Inukshuk 2
?? Olympia Drive Off-Leash 3
?? Quarry Park Pathway ?
?? Raddison Heights Park ?
?? Raddison Heights Park East 6
?? Rainbow Park ?
?? Ralph Klein Park ?
?? Ramsay Community Association 5
?? Ramsay School Park 6
?? Reader Rock Gardens 4+
?? Remington YMCA in Quarry Park ?
?? Riverbend Community Centre 6
?? Riverbend Pathway ?
?? Southview Park 10
?? Sue Higgins Park 15+
?? The Lone Pony ?
?? Valleyview Park 3
?? Walden Playground ?
?? Willow Park Gardens Playground ?
?? Wyldewood Estates Trellis ?

South West Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points
?? AD Ross Park 3-4
?? Babbeling Brook Park 3-5
?? Bankview Community Association 2
?? Battalion Park 25+
?? Battalion Park School 10+
?? Braeside Park 10+
?? Braeside Park Tennis Courts 7
?? Britannia Slopes 9
?? Buffalo Park (Garrison) ?
?? Canada Olympic Park 40
?? Champlain Park 2
?? Christie Estates Playground 5
?? Discovery Ridge Pathways North ?
?? Discovery Ridge Pathways NE ?
?? Discovery Ridge Pathways NW 2
?? Discovery Ridge Ponds 5
?? Douglas Fir Trail Lookout Platform 6
?? Edworthy Park ?
?? Edworthy Park (river side) ?
?? Eversyde Park 3
?? Flanders Park 3
?? Galbraith Park Playground 3
?? Glamorgan Park ?
?? Glenbrook Park 3
?? Glendale Meadows Park ?
?? Glenmore Athletic Park 12
?? Griffith Park Playground 10+
?? Griffith Woods 30
?? Haysboro Community Park 10+
?? James H Gray Park ?
?? Jenny Elliot Elementary Field 2
?? Killarney Glengarry Community Assn. 5
?? Lakeview Community Assn. 20+
?? Lindsay Park 20+
?? Mahood Commons - Ambrose University 2+
?? Meadowlark Park ?
?? Millcrest Park 3
?? Millview Greenspace 3
?? North Glenmore 13
?? Old Banff Coach Hill Off Leash Park 1+
?? Optimist Park 40+
?? Patterson Place 2
?? Peacekeeper Park 3
?? Picnic Park 4
?? Poplar Park 2-3
?? Prominence Park 7-9
?? River Park 13
?? Riverdale Park ?
?? Roxboro & Erlton Offleash 7
?? Sandy Beach 9
?? Shaganappi Park 5-10
?? Shawnessy Pathway 10
?? Sienna Hills Playground 3
?? Signal Hill Old Fashioned Playground 4
?? Signal Ridge Playground 6+
?? Simcoe Playground 3
?? Silverado Skies Pathways 3
?? Sirocco Park 10+
?? Somerset Water Park 6
?? South Calgary Park 12
?? South Glenmore Park ?
?? South Mount Royal Park 2
?? Springbank Hill Community Park 21+
?? Springborough Playground 5+
?? Springborough Stormwater 4
?? Sprucecliff Community Association ?
?? Stanley Park 14
?? Strathcona Christie Aspen Community Association ?
?? Sunalta Park 5+
?? Turtle Hill Park 6+
?? Valour Park 2-3
?? Westside Soccer Field 5+
?? Wildwood Community Association 3
?? Woodbine Athletic Park 4
Thank you to our nest hunters!
Nest locations only: http://bit.ly/YYCNestLocations
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2023.05.25 22:55 Bummerhouse4 For Sale: Three bed, two...bath?

For Sale: Three bed, two...bath?
Three bedroom, two bath, with this as the second bathroom.
Second \"bathroom\"
Guess how much?
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2023.05.25 17:03 Andre3000RPI Yahoo Morning Briefing

Follow all the action throughout the day on Yahoo Finance and on the Yahoo Finance app.

Sponsored by Smart Asset
This Billion Dollar Startup Wants to Help You Retire
This Princeton grad's startup raised $161M to help people plan for retirement. Now you can easily get matched with vetted financial advisors who serve your area.
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What we're reading
Markets right now
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Note: Data is as of the time of opening this email. To view real-time markets data click here.
Debt ceiling: How Wall Street learned to stop caring — and why that might be changing
Today's Takeaway is by Brett LoGiurato, Yahoo Finance's front page editor.

As we noted here last week, Wall Street has treated the latest version of Washington drama over raising the debt ceiling with a collective shrug.
It's Thursday, and we are officially one week from the "X-date" that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen keeps warning about in official letterheads that give off vibes of increasingly sternly worded emails. (I'm expecting her next to simply read, "pls fix.") By the way, the Treasury Department began using so-called extraordinary measures on January 19 to stave off default. So even though this is just becoming a full-fledged crisis now, it has been brewing basically the entire year.
But much in the same way Wall Street has powered through talk about a potential recession and the Federal Reserve's rate-hiking campaign, the debt ceiling hasn't yet made a noticeable dent in the market's rise so far.
Even with a bit of a shock to the systems over the past couple days, the S&P 500 is up over 7.5% this year and down a meager 0.6% over the past month. A far cry from the index tanking itself almost 20% during the famed 2011 debt-limit crisis.
Why are investors nonplussed? The simplest explanation is that we've been here before — literally dozens of times — and things always have a tendency to work out. NPR correspondent David Gura said Wednesday on Yahoo Finance Live that he's surprised there hasn't been "more of a market reaction," but noted that "we've been here more than 70 times."
But this may actually be the time the boy has a point about the wolf. The dynamics of this fight are much different than prior battles that went down to the wire. In 2011, for instance, both President Barack Obama and then-House Speaker John Boehner had an incentive to come to the table — Boehner building on a momentous midterm victory on the back of the "Tea Party" movement and Obama because of those dynamics (and what was, at the time, genuine interest in a legacy-defining deficit-reduction deal).
Now, however, President Joe Biden (correctly) sees little incentive to negotiate and continue the precedent of hostage taking over spending that Congress has already authorized. Speaker Kevin McCarthy appears most worried about satiating the desires of his most rightward flank.
The other possibility is that everyone is concerned under the surface but trying not to admit it above water. Republican Rep. Patrick McHenry, a negotiator on McCarthy's team, said this week that his text messages from people on Wall Street are a "dumpster fire."
In any case, Wall Street's apparent lack of caring is a big problem for the negotiations. Washington might need a kick in the pants to get the sides closer — or to get one side to finally budge. A dramatic hit to people's 401(k) plans might get the public to get more vocal about it, as well.
The last couple of days have shown what may be the beginning of that kick. The S&P 500 is down over 1% over the past five days. Nick Colas, cofounder of DataTrek Research, also called attention to recent moves in Treasury bills — and how 1-month to 6-month bills are all yielding more than the federal funds rate.
Some market observers have the end of this week circled on their calendars — if we're still stuck in neutral by the weekend, Tuesday's return could bring some of the ugly consequences that have been warned about for a long time.
In the end, though, markets have remained calm largely because it's somewhat unfathomable to think about the alternative.
As Colas told Yahoo Finance: "DC likes to color in between the lines rather than create a new picture with uncertain consequences." The next few days will be critical to that picture.
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2023.05.25 14:32 OTplaydoctor Areas to move to in VA?

Hi all, I’m hoping to gain some insight on areas to live in VA for young families. My husband and I currently live in the Boston area as he’s in the military but are considering living in VA after he medically retires. We want somewhere within reasonable distance to my family in Raleigh, NC and love the mountains of VA, which is what led us here. We’d love recommendations for areas that lean blue, are great for young families with quick access to outdoor activities. So far Roanoke and Charlottesville have been recommended by friends, but would of course love to hear what residents think. Thanks in advance!
submitted by OTplaydoctor to Virginia [link] [comments]