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2023.05.12 14:55 x_squared_x Meta Gun builds on the fly!

Meta Gun builds on the fly!
I know this link is no secret but I've seen a few people saying it's hard to remember what are the best attachments when they find a weapon in the field. This is what I use on the fly. Just click on the gun and it shows what the community considers as the best attachments. Hope it helps someone else.

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2023.03.16 20:15 layne-staley123 Viable Loadouts for Warzone, DMZ and BR?

Where do you guys look for already created loadouts?
I don't want to research and create my own builds with online tools like TGD, I just want a well created loadout I can use and/or tweak.
WZRanked used to be really helpful and have aggregate player data for attachments, yet now uses pro player data exclusively I think?
Any help is appreciated.
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2023.03.11 18:32 donksdonks42 Best Loadout Website

Which websites do you all use to pick the best attachments and tunings for your guns?
Is there a website which objectively states which combinations will yield the strongest possible gun?
As useful as it is, each website or video on tuning ultimately hinges upon the credibility of the video producer— whom I know nothing about.
It’s frustrating to go on a site like wzranked.com and build the best lachmann sub— only to flip back and forth between my prior build to see that it’s worse is almost every category.
Is there a website which objectively states what yields the best build?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.04 01:39 Mr_Rafi Nobody actually knows what any of these attachments really do and it shows when you look at streamer builds.

So, these guys would be jumping on the best attachments every day of the week. Lets be honest, so would a lot of us. Everyone would be using the same attachments if they knew what was best. That's just a fact of online gaming. The gun meta is clear, but not the attachments. The MW/CW/Vanguard eras of Warzone 1 had obvious "superior" attachment set-ups. You'd have everyone running the same core attachments in those games. It's not the case in WZ2. Take a look at WZranked or any Youtube video and everyone's running something different. This isn't because of attachment diversity, it's because they're guessing at this point. Why do some people run FTAC Ripper, others run Edge, and others run Merc. It's a slot designed for the same purpose (recoil) and everyone runs different things. The barrel usage is also all over the place. High Velocity is quite samey and it's a staple. Same as high mags, same deal.
Again, the attachment selection isn't diverse because of clear options, it's diverse because nobody knows what the the "best in slot" attachment is.
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2023.02.01 23:50 NaregHov [Warzone] Advice for which guns to level in preparation for new rebirth island (AR/SMG/Sniper)

Title. Including screenshot of S-tier weapons on wzranked for visibility.
Like many others, I am exclusively a rebirth player and looking to level some guns in preparation for the new map. I have absolutely no MW2 guns leveled and my question is twofold:
  1. What's the fastest strategy to level guns? I don't have MW2 or PlayStation Plus (not open to buying MW2, but am open to purchasing PlayStation Plus if need be)
  2. Keeping in mind the unlock system in modern warfare 2 where you have to level other guns to get attachments for the ones you want AND my time, what guns should I level that will be "good enough" (i.e. I would like to just be competitive, it's OK if a gun doesn't have all it's attachments if it's too cumbersome)? Looking for one of each: an ABR, SMG, and sniper (from wzranked screenshot below, looks like the signal 50 is the most viable sniper).
Disclaimer: yes, I am a metaslave because I can't play the game as much as I would like, thanks in advance

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2023.01.23 21:51 Leaderide Is there anywhere a rank for weapons?

Hello Guys,
No matter which site I go to, each site shows different rankings for weapons. I am looking for a site similar to the one that exists for warzone (wzranked.com).
I would like to have a list of the stats of the weapons which is seasonally the best etc.
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2023.01.03 16:13 mozza34 [Warzone] Anyone know if K/D ratio stats for each gun will be coming back to WZRanked.com?

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2022.11.21 16:24 AlexIsMyName_ Warzone 2.0 Top Tier Weapons & Pick Rate

Warzone 2.0 Top Tier Weapons & Pick Rate
Thought I‘d make a very short post which might help some players find their ideal build, now the game has been out for a few days. There are a huge amount of viable weapons at the moment but a few have the edge over others.

  • Taq-56 has a strong low recoil build when fully kitted out and comes out on top for ARs.
  • Fennec seems to be uncontended at close range with a very quick TTK.
S-Tier Weapons
  • M4 expectedly comes out with the highest pickrate with 25% of players using it due to easy access.
  • Edit: Signal 50, SP-X 80 and MCPR-300 are the strongest currently used snipers due to very few people having access to the Victus XMR yet.
  • A lot of SMGs here which are viable and will win you fights at close range but are noticeably worse than the Fennec 45.
  • Do not underestimate the P890 which you will spawn in with during later gulags.
A-Tier Weapons
  • Still some very viable weapons here such as some of the marksman rifles and pistols when used akimbo.
All Other Weapons
Pick Rates
For the pick rates of every weapon see the wzranked website.
Top 10 Weapons with pick rate
Updated: November 21st
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2022.11.15 20:15 mferrari_3 What weapons are you leveling for Warzone 2.0?

Wanted to know what people are trying to run, favorite attachments, perks, thrown, killstreaks, etc. Really anything. As far as I can tell without a combat record there really is no way to find what people are running, meta, etc. the way we have now with things like wzranked.com
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2022.11.06 23:48 psyroptus Weapon attachments complete stats available yet?

I know it's been only a week, but data miners are usually pretty quick with these.
Sym.gg released quickly the base stats for the guns, but still are waiting for the attachments. Maybe its long to code into the website? Anyone knows a google sheets, or something that has been leaked yet?
Also anyone knows a website like wzranked for warzone that lets you know which gun people pick, their k/D and winrate, also attachment by attachment, but that has the MW2 stats.
Probably too early, but thanks anyways!
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2022.11.02 05:09 Ingloriousness_ Is there a 3rd party site where you can see your highest kills in a single match?

I've checked on MyStats, wzranked, wzstats and it doesn't seem like they have this information.
Essentially looking for personal records in individual stats.
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2022.10.15 07:42 Yellowtoblerone [Warzone] This gun (MG42) isn't rated at all but it's the best LR weapon in all of warzone

The graphs:
Recoil comparisions:
prenerf UGM stats:
The new king of broken LR full auto is now the VG MG42. Sporting a whopping, 0.07 usage in caldera, 0.05% in rebirth, 0.06 in keep, it's one of the least used weapon and also one of the lower KD at .7-.8ish. In fact it's prob due to gulag or ground loot usage (I'm not familar on how it's calc'd in wzranked). But let me show you what everyone's missing right now.
BUILD: https://imgur.com/Jrt1qGU, bipod is mandatory, rear grips are optional. Even though antimaterial looks great on paper, it's not recommended due to various factors.
Sym link with other built meta weapons: https://sym.gg/index.html?wz-loadout=413i0b3u43490g4g0s1u072i~500b3u434a0g4g0s1u1w28~463r430f464g4o5c11282i~48363r430f4b4g5e1n282i~3x3r430f4a4g4r5c0s282i~3g0g181x2809~463r430f464g4o111g282i
I dont expect people to jump on this post or this gun. But if you happen to have it leveled and want to try something else, this is worth the time.
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2022.09.07 23:46 Watts_What Permanently banned and appeal has been finalized. Please help me find out what software caused this to happen!

Hi all,
First off this is me https://www.wzranked.com/playef44bc04a-8c4d-4337-a639-1b98bb7b13d6. I'm pretty terrible but age is catching up to me, leaving me with a fairly bad but consistent 0.63 KDR.
I know people are gonna just say I was cheating, but I really would like some help as I genuinely have no clue what caused my ban. I was banned for using unauthorized software and manipulation of game data so clearly there is something causing this but cant for the life of me figure out why.
Everything I have running or use while playing I have used for years, and has only been things suggested by large amounts of people, be it here, streamers, or popular gaming sites. I'm happy to list the few things I use/do and if any of them are wrong I'll just have to suck it up. Thing is, I need to know what caused it so I can avoid it happening in the future.
Anyway here goes:
DS4 so I can use my PS controller
An off brand xbox wireless adapter purchased from amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08CY14VGD/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
I use NVIDIA Filters to make the game more colorful
I use LGHUB just to bind P2T on my mouse
I've used some Razer sound program to try boost my sound but that was a long time ago.
That as far as I know is everything, I will also add that I play a game called Path of Exile and its possible that either a program called Awakened POE or Exilence could of been running in the background at some point.
If anyone can help I'd be grateful or if you need more info I am happy to provide it.
Thanks either way.
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2022.08.31 19:01 btk79 Is there a stat tracker for Fortnite like wzranked, that shows the most used weapon, grenades, etc?

For reference I’m talking about wzranked.com, a great website to track what is currently meta in the game.
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2022.08.27 12:35 PARSA006 do you think some pistols in Warzone need some buff?

I went to see some good loadouts for some of my guns that I want to level up and decided to see where pistols are in WZ. Pistols are my favourite class on the game BTW. I looked up and saw that they're not in a good place. I know they're supposed to be for last resort but come on. We've had pistols like Renetti, Sykov, Diamatti and AMP63. Why can't other pistols be at least closely viable? In WZRanked website, some pistols can still hold themselves like the AMP, Diamatti, VG 1911, Sykov and Renetti. These have a good pick rate and a decent KD which means that they could hold themselves and be used. Some like CW 1911, CW Magnum, MW .357, RATT, X16 and the Marshal are almost never used and have a KD ratio of less than 0.6. MW 1911 thought is kind of a special outlier in the class having the 2nd highest pick rate in the class (12.51) with a 0.65 KD. Idk why this is the case. Please let me know why. Some weapons like .50 GS (Deagle), Klauser, Machine Postol, M19 and top break are kind on in the middle of both pick rate and KD with .50 GS having the higher pick rate between the 4. so make it as you will. I think some of the weaker pistols could really use some damage buff. But let me know what you think.
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2022.08.05 14:09 WZHUB World Records on wzhub.gg - How it works?

World Records on wzhub.gg - How it works?
How to make your records to be added to the list?
  1. You (and your team) must open your profile on WZHUB.gg at least once. After that the system will start tracking your matches.
  2. Your match should be uploaded to the database so the system can track them. To do this, just open your profile on WZHUB.gg and if there is a record in your last 20 matches, it will be automatically added to the list of records OR use our stream-overlay https://wzhub.gg/overlay
  3. The cycle of updating records - once every 30 minutes (+/- 5-10 minutes). We are already working on an update to make real-time record updates without significant delays.
What difficulties you may encounter:
  1. Your profile is in private status. Yes, it can be opened on codtracker.gg because they are an official Activision partner (btw, wzranked have same access starting 2022 Q2) . All other trackers require your profile to be public. If it doesn't open your profile the search box will show you how to make it public , or use our FAQ, which describes in 8 languages how to make your profile public -> https://wzhub.gg/faq#how-to-publicize-your-call-of-duty-stats
  2. New account. The system will not track matches for new accounts. This is done to prevent cheaters from appearing on the record list.
  3. There was a random player on your team whose profile is private. This player may have a new account or be a cheater (not necessarily with an aimbot, he can just use WH). That's why the system is configured to track only public non-new accounts.
I do not want to constantly open the site to download their matches, what else can I do?
- You can use our overlay -> https://wzhub.gg/overlay. Your matches will be downloaded automatically in the background while the OBS app (or streamlabs) is open.
Why on another tracker I do not use overlay and do not open my profile, but the matches still appear in the records?
- The answer is simple - it means that the other player with whom you met in a match opened it (or used overlay), thus added your match to the database. The more users use the tracker - the more matches appear where other players intersect.
If I made the same record as I already have in the list (the number of kills is the same), why am I not in place above?
- Whoever first made the record is the record holder until his record is not beaten by someone else. If you made the same number of kills, your record will be next on the list (sorted by date).
If you have any questions about records or a suggestion, write in the comments.
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2022.08.01 14:58 LeBradyyy do Stims provide too much of a benefit?

do Stims provide too much of a benefit?
having a speed boost & fast health regeneration all in 1 item is blatantly powerful, is it too powerful?
they're good in offense & defence and boast the highest average K/D on all 3 maps, while being the most picked Tactical equipment on both of the Resurgence maps
the health boost is essentially equivalent to putting on 1 all the way to 2.5 plates in a few hundred milliseconds, while the speed boost is useful in escaping players & hunting players trying to get away
many people are now complaining about "inconsistent TTKs" and blaming it on Serpentine, but the truth is Serpentine only meant you needed to hit an extra bullet or in rare cases 2 bullets (depending on what gun you were using), whereas the health boost from Stims can mean you need to hit up to an additional 4/5/6/7 bullets, and the Serpentine perk covers up the Stim icon so many people blame Serpentine when it is actually the Stim

The highest average KD & second most picked Tactical equipment on Caldera. Source: wzranked

The highest average KD & most picked Tactical equipment on Fortune's Keep. Source: wzranked

The highest average KD & most picked Tactical equipment on Rebirth Island. Source: wzranked

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2022.07.28 18:34 edwadokun RANT: My lobby KDs are too damn high!

Ever since s4 started, my friends and I have been getting lobbies significantly sweatier than in previous seasons.
The 4 of us have KDs of 0.67, 0.81, 1.23, and 1.27. With our powers combined, we form vol- have a team KD of 0.99.
Before season 4, our lobby KD averaged 0.9 arena. We were generally in the top 10% of the lobby (kd wise)
In season 4, our average KD lobby went from 0.9 to 1.09. Maybe 10% of our games this season have been under 1KD. We've seen as high as 1.48 lobby where it had team KDs as high as 5KD because they were streamers like Newbz. Streamers aside, there are still so many teams with team KDs of 1.7 and higher. These used to be rare, like less than once per week rare. Instead of being toward the top of our lobbies, we're in the middle to the bottom tier.
It's extremely frustrating our rag-tag team of dads was at some point thrown into the ringer. I'm not just saying we're getting a few more high KD lobbies, I'm saying 90% of them are. It wasn't a gradual change either. It changed overnight.
I don't know if the player base changed where there are fewer casuals playing or if someone at activision changed the SBMM algo or something. On one hand, facing tougher opponents forces me to improve, and winning a match where the average KD is 1+ vs 0.8 is more satisfying. It's been an uphill battle, to say the least.
Is anyone else feeling the same? Just us?
To answer some questions and address comments. Also, thanks for responding. Appreciate all helpful comments.
Current season KD: .83 according to wzranked. Weekly KD is about the same. Last 7 days is MAYBE a 1 KD. So, I'm not "improving" at all. If anything I'm doing worse. Way worse.
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2022.07.28 00:46 Checo-Perez11 Is anyone else finding they can't unlock the new AR? (Vargo S)

There are no unlock requirements listed on the weapon even though multiple websites say 15 close range kills. I did the 30 gun butt AR kills to get the AMAX and it didn't unlock. Edit: WZranked.com has nothing listed for win rates or attachments as well.
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2022.06.22 23:40 Player72 CMV: We should have longer queue times for those who are in the top percentiles of players, for more balanced and fair matches against players of their skill level.

2.3 kd caldera mouse and keyboard PC if this even means anything in the context of the post.
Dude I'm sick and tired of dropping high kill games on shit players. It's so not rewarding and means nothing. I'd legitimately rather drop 15-20 kills against a lobby full of people who are same skill level as me than drop 30 on a 0.8 kd lobby. It's just much more rewarding to be up against people who are just as good as you and do well against them.
College football analogy: No one cares if Alabama drops 70 on a shitty FCS team. When talking about how good a team is, people talk about Strength of Schedule, which is how good the teams are that you've played.
I know for a fact that clickbaiters out there drop these high kill games and act like it's something impressive when the whole lobby is 1.0 (or even worse, 0.8 or less)

Disclaimer: I used KD just because I couldn't think of another metric off the top of my head to determine skill, but I'm sure the game can come up with something to figure out what constitutes a "good" and "bad" and "mediocrre" player and everything in between.

Here goes.
I literally would rather wait like 60+ seconds before a game finds a match for me, as long as the game itself is ideally filled with players who are the same skill level as me.
Warzone has a huge playerbase. I refuse to believe that if I queue up right now, I can't find (in rebirth) 39 other players who are 1.8kd or more.
The queue times would be EVEN SHORTER for average players. If you're 1.0 kd there's a billion other players that are also 1.0 kd. If you queue up, you should be getting 39 or for caldera 149 other players that also have 1.0 kd
Increasing queue times by a minimal amount in order to get these WAY more balanced matches is a better experience for everyone.
Yet when I go on wzranked and take a peek at the lobby stats, 25% of the players literally have a 0.6 kd and 10% have like 3+.
Why the fuck are these guys in my game? The playerbase is huge, I should be getting (ideally) 39 or 149 clones of myself.
Longer queue times for the higher skilled players already exists in other games such as apex, valorant, and csgo (faceit), and no one complains because they all understand that there are less people the higher up you go in skill level.
Give us better matches with a tradeoff of only SLIGHTLY longer queue times.
  • Good players will go up against other good players.
  • Complaints of sweats will go down because in lower kd lobbies, those average or shit players will see way less good players in their lobbies. More fair.
  • The average player will not be affected by this longer queue time issue because there's more people in the playerbase like them. Simple bell distribution curve shows that the most players are around 0.8-1.0 so this shouldn't even affect them.
  • You wait like 30 seconds more if you're a high KD/really good at the game
  • You wait like a minute or two more if you're super high KD/REALLY really good at the game
  • You don't get to smurf anymore. Sorry buddy, your 4 kd ass won't be able to farm 1kd people for a cookie-cutter 40 kill rebirth island gameplay on youtube. Cry about it.
More fair for everyone. Good players against good players, bad against bad.
Again, I just used KD so I could quantify it to explain it to you guys properly. As one of the commentors said, KD is not strictly how SBMM works.
I can tell SBMM is working to a slight extent, but why don't they just enforce it all the way? This would make it better for everyone.
I'm sure the playerbase that views this post is also varied. I'd like to see input from both good and bad players. Lmk what you think.
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2022.06.02 01:13 OGRiad I like this site wzranked.com. I might not be great, but at least I'm getting better!

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2022.05.24 05:11 MarvelousWololo How does wzranked get the stats?

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