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2023.05.28 17:31 Mailman765 Operation Lazarus

Operation Lazarus introduction
I remember the first news of the war. I was sitting in my home when I heard over the radio that the decision was made to finally invade Yavik-4. It had been around twenty-eight years since the first federation war. After losing our people, we were ready to fight for any cause to regain our pride. We needed to boost the economy to pay off the debt from the war. We have been observing a faraway planet for years now. After sending many spycraft and probes, we found an abundance of resources. If we could claim this planet, it might fix our problems. Most of our population agreed. The lines were outside the door at the enlistment stations. Operation Lazarus will take place 3 months from now. I had secured my spot on the transport to Yavik-4. I wasn’t told much about the operation. We all thought it would be a right of passage, a time to learn and help our world. It was no adventure; the government knew the threat the planet posed. It was never supposed to be an easy in-and-out operation. But we didn’t know that, and that’s what matters to them. 4 months later, as I lie still in the cold, bloody mud of the trenches. Everything around me is drowned out. The horrible sounds of my comrades dying, shells exploding, the sound of jets flying by, and the screams of the damned Yet I still sit there, like nothing is happening. I remember my family at home and all of the people I had to leave behind. When suddenly my trance is broken as one of those things jumps down into the trenches, He doesn’t seem to spot me, taking advantage of the moment I stand up and draw my weapon, barely getting a grip on the sweat-covered, muddy handle. I put it on the back of his head. He slowly began to turn around; he appears to be a young one. Tears rolled down his face as he locked eyes with me. He pulls a picture out of his pocket; it appears to be a picture of him and his family. He shows it to me as he begs for mercy. I hesitated to pull the trigger, giving me time to think. I decided to put my gun down and let him go; he was a young man like me. We came to his world and killed his people; he had every right to burn every last one of us. We started a horrible war that pinned man on man, face to face. We may be from different worlds but we aren’t very different.
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2023.05.28 17:31 jomar1992 F30 N55 Engine Vibration at Idle

I have a F30 335i N55 6 Speed and I've been dealing with a engine shake with varying frequency at idle. I am full bolt on (oversized intercooler, charge pipe, down pipe), pure stage 1 turbo w/ blow off valve, tuned with bootmod3 to stage 2. The ignition coils and spark plugs were replaced with tune with OEM coils and N20 plugs (1 step colder) gapped to .020" and the vehicle ran beautifully for a while. The vehicle now vibrates and I'm currently pretty deep into diagnosis. Here's what I have done.
I found the passenger engine mount had collapsed so I replaced both and trans mounts. I was hoping any vibration was being transmitted into the frame, it helped but didn't fix it. I then replaced all the plugs again with a new set of N20 plugs at .020" and reset all adaptations, which didn't help either. I had no relevant faults in the vehicle and the vibration was still present.
So I ran the misfire detection test plan and got "cylinder 1 air mixture something" so I smoke tested the intake and found the blow-off valve leaking, I documented and replaced it with the stock diverter valve. I am currently waiting for a replacement valve. Continued smoke test and found charge pipe leaking at the reducer so I removed, cleaned, and reassembled and no more air leaks. I re-ran the misfire detection test plan and the best result I could get after "cleaning spark plugs" was "cylinder 5: rough running increases spark duration unremarkable." I completed the swap, coil with #6 and spark plug with #4. Re-ran "cleaning spark plugs" and the result was the same, cylinder 5. I then swapped #5 and #6 injector, completed compensation, reset adaptations, test drove, re-ran misfire detection, fault on cylinder 5 still. Unplugging and plugging in MAF doesn't have an effect on idle condition. I then completed compression test and leak down of all cylinders, results were all normal and as expected. I can share these if requested. I then removed the tune and flashed back to stock, also replacing the spark plugs with a set of N55 stock gap plugs. Now I get fault "catalytic converter efficiency," which is expected, no misfires or any other faults, but the vehicle shakes still when slightly pressing the pedal in idle. Checked smooth running values and misfire counter values in the DME, all within spec and 0. I then scoped the ignition coil and injector patterns from the DME. All of these were okay too, I can share these as well if requested. I then reprogrammed the entire vehicle, I was already at 22-xx-xxx so I had to manually select DME and put the factory level VO in vehicle, then reprogrammed my conversions. So here is where I start to load my shotgun, replaced all injectors, compensated, deleted adaptations, no effect. Replaced both oxygen sensors, no effect either.
I'm this close to ordering a DME. I kind of want to try swapping a IVM or start swapping all the sensors off another F30 N55. It doesn't feel like a engine vibration from a vibration damper or flywheel as the vibration almost goes away when driving at higher RPM's.
Anyone have any ideas?
I would also like to note, before someone says it, that I have already completed walnut blasting and the LPFP has been replaced. I have also completed all maintenance above and beyond with all fluids and filters, if it can be changed, I've done it.
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2023.05.28 17:31 Comfortable_Smile710 Jerk to my paki hijabi mom discord Hornypak1234#7936

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2023.05.28 17:31 JournalistSuch2031 Anybody to trade celebs on insta or tele and stroke on cam together. Dm

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2023.05.28 17:31 throwaway019552 My (25M) girlfriend (25F) doesn’t support my dreams and shuts down my pursuit of them

We’ve been dating for three years now, living alone together for around 6 months.
I’ve always told her about my filmmaking and creative dreams and she’s always shown some degree of support. However I have this passion project that I’ve been wanting to get off the ground for about 8 years that to put it vaguely would be a web series involving a video game, and I’ve always imagined that this project would give me the experience I need to eventually start making actual films. It’s a project that I am deeply passionate about and have already put a metric ton of work into over the years through scripting, character work, and all sorts of other written planning, I’ve also contacted voice actors in the past but never had the means until now. Me and my girlfriend are in a very steady place financially with two very secure jobs, we weren’t in this place this time last year which is why I would give in to her shutting down my ideas, because we couldn’t spare and money or time.
When I bring up wanting to actually start a project she either becomes quiet, very clearly not saying how she feels, or she just flat out goes off about how she thinks it would be a bad decision money-wise and because she knows it will take personal time away from us. This is a fear of hers that I have validated because I am aware that working our regular day jobs on top of working on this would take our time away from each other, but I always try to reassure her and tell her that it would only be temporary (also because this is a web series all of the work would be remote so I would be working on it while we do the things we already do like sit on the couch and put something on the tv while, most of the time only half paying attention to it). I want to put in the hard work on my show so that one day I can drop my regular day job when it’s financially viable, and I would be happier doing what I want to do in life. Also we work at the same job with the same hours so we quite literally are always together, at least in the same building.
Well last night she finally told me how she actually feels, that she thinks my show idea isn’t original because it’s based off of an existing thing and she thinks I should just focus on making a movie, “something that would be actually yours”. I wasn’t surprised because I could always tell that she doesn’t really get it, and in my mind finds it to be stupid. I tried and have always tried to tell her that this is what I want to do and that it would be a stepping stone into doing movies, she still just doesn’t understand. It doesn’t feel good to have the one person I want support from not understand or support my dreams.
What do I tell my girlfriend to get her to understand that this is what I really want to do, and that I just want to feel her unconditional support in my dreams?
tl;dr, My girlfriend thinks my web show idea is unoriginal and doesn’t support my pursuit of it because it would take time away from each other, even though I reassure her that it would only be temporary until it’s viable to drop my day job and do it full time and eventually work my way into doing films.
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2023.05.28 17:31 YepthomDK He Who Fights With Monsters RPG - What system would fit the setting best?

In advance Im sure this post will make very little sense to anyone who haven't read the HWFWM-series, so please bare with me if you havent. It is a LitRPG series that I love and a Setting that is awesome in its potential as a TTRPG.
So I'm sure I'm not the first fan to wonder this, but because I've decided to try and run a campaign in my own version of He Who Fights With Monsters-universes, I have wondered what system would be the best fit for the setting.
My thoughts have been focused on how Ranks/Tiers works, Essences, and powers in general, not to mention the physics where applicable.
D20-based systems like DnD somewhat fits the power levels up to Silver rank. More or less, at least but the Powers, magic system, and general feel of the fights are way off. In general, I don't think any D20-based system is the right fit tbh.
World of Darkness and similar doesn't meet the most basic power requirements as far as I can tell and is not really geared for Superhero levels of power.
Lastly, I tried looking at Savage Worlds, which might work but requires a bit of tweaking and homebrewing. Although one can theoretically die from a single lucky roll even at the highest ranks I figured that could be houseruled away. Ranks in SavageW more or less fit with ranks of HWF:
Novice= Iron
Seasoned= Bronze
Veteran= Silver
Heroic= Gold
Legendary+5= Diamond
However I really dont know what to do about Essences though. They are fantastic but also very specific in what they do, so I've considered leaving it out entirely and just replacing it with Edges and power-ups. I also considered making rolls more relative based on who a PC was trying to affect. FX. if a Bronze attacks a Silver, and they normally roll a D8 Fighting roll, they'd instead have to use a D6, with the inverse being true as well. So a Silver attacks with D8 Fighting they'd use a D10 against Bronze or even D12 against Iron.
But what do you all think? Did Shirtaloon have a specific system in mind? Am I Missing something obvious or do you have any general advice for me?
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2023.05.28 17:30 KLTRR Okay, here's Trip to the Tri-State Area (unfinished) I didn't make it but should I continue it? Tell me in comments.

Okay, here's Trip to the Tri-State Area (unfinished) I didn't make it but should I continue it? Tell me in comments. submitted by KLTRR to OkBubbyRetard [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 17:30 LanceCampeau 250+ to middle of the fairway off the 1st... Or drain a 20' putt on the 18th for a bogey?

As above...
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2023.05.28 17:30 Dismal-Pie7437 Weird Iphone issue

My Iphone has suddenly begun to shut on and shut off rapidly. Every few minutes, it will turn completely off, like it has run out of power, and then turn on as if it has been recharged. It will then enter this "turning on" state over and over again, without actually turning on and allowing me into my phone. I have tried force-restarting the phone, but it doesn't work. It now overheats rapidly and loses battery at a fast rate.
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2023.05.28 17:30 thatdani Superhero movies are inherently cheesy, but what MCU scene did you feel went too on-the-nose in its storytelling?

Tried posting this in marvelstudios sub, but those people are legit fanatics who will not tolerate any sort of dissenting opinion.
I know a lot of people will say the "She's not alone" Endgame scene, and while that's absolutely fair game, personally I feel like a bigger contender is the Hiroshima scene in Eternals.
Something about it just rubs me the wrong way. First, it's such an obvious choice that you don't need to both show it, and also have Phastos break down talking about it. It felt like they were overexplaining the point. Less is truly more sometimes.
Second, the way the scene slowly starts off all ominous, colourless and bleak, then Phastos and Ajak are shown in their regular-ass human clothes was such an unintentionally funny contrast. Would've been better to at least have them wear their actual costumes, to show that while they feel for the humans, they still are other-wordly godlike beings.
Third, Phastos's lines don't make any sense. He can't go from anguished to apathetic in the span of 20 seconds. Grieving the loss of life due to his creations, and then saying "these people are not worth saving".
7000 years of unspeakable atrocities - I sleep.
1 atom bomb - denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, all in the span of 20 seconds.
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2023.05.28 17:30 PuzzleheadedDrop6463 Monaco Podium? Check! ✅

From start to finish Esteban never put a foot wrong, kept Sainz back on the Mediums and Hards, and defended brilliantly against him when the rain started (heart in my mouth)
George definitely put a spanner in the works getting ahead of him on the inters, but that closely followed by him visiting the run off at turn 5, shortly followed by being speared into the air by Perez, 5+ penalty.
With George sacrificing himself for Alpine (how kind of him) Ocon once again showed brilliant composure and general calmness against Hamilton who was close behind. Genuinely, from the onboards I saw, Esteban looked so comfortable, there was no stopping him. Not showing him crossing the line at the end is a sin, but I’ll let it slide. 300% deserved that podium, drove brilliantly from start to finish, driver of the day is the icing on the cake.
Well done Esteban 👍👍👌
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2023.05.28 17:30 matt-lh LIGHTHOUSE: Earn up to $1,000 off your next apartment lease (+$50 referral bonus)

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2023.05.28 17:30 WiIzaaa Momentum 4 on ear detection sensiblity

I've been using my M4 for a few months now, and I feel like the on ear detection has become less and less precise ( or even more depending on your point of view ) : I sometime would have my M4 pausing the music and ANC when I simply readjust my right ear cup.
This did not happen at first, this seem to be linked to either - a firmware update ( I'm on the last one ) - deterioration of the little detector in the right ear cup after only a few months....wiping it lean seem to somewhat help
If anybody from Sennheiser read this, it might be nice to make the on ear detection less instantaneous and add some delay or detect overs 2 to 3 seconds before switching from on/off ear. I don't think I am the only one having to disable this feature, and that's too bad as I quite liked the experience I had during those first few weeks
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2023.05.28 17:30 Capocho9 A while back, I made a post where I mapped out the garden in the loading screen of Garden Noms, but it was super expensive. Now that decorator’s week is here, I thought I’d post it again in case anyone wants to make it

A while back, I made a post where I mapped out the garden in the loading screen of Garden Noms, but it was super expensive. Now that decorator’s week is here, I thought I’d post it again in case anyone wants to make it submitted by Capocho9 to dragonvale [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 17:30 Jojoceptionistaken Hey guys! I recently broke the motor of my 16th scale traxxas and ran into a problem...

... my ESC was speced for min. 14 turn motor for off-road use and about 8 for Onroad use. The brushless ESC traxxas uses in the VXL version (mine is also brushless but off brand) has the same specs, except for the turn limit. Would it be okay to use a motor with less than 14 turns in the off-road because it's 1 16th scale?
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2023.05.28 17:30 PudimDasAguas Graviton Lance feels like it wasn't properly tuned to fit into its new RPM

*using numbers from Aztecross's videos
Graviton Lance in season 20:
1,468/5,505 crit - 6,973 (burst crit)
887/3,323 body - 4,210 (burst body)
Graviton Lance in season 21:
1,883/2,541 crit - 4,424 (burst crit)
1,136/1,534 body - 2,670 (burst body)
Graviton's 2nd shot damage dropped significantly while the increase for the 1st shot isn't even close to compensate it.
Revision Zero in season 20 before mid-season patch:
2,411 (1 crit) - 4,822 (burst crit)
1,509 (1 body) - 3,018 (burst body)
Revisiom Zero post mid-season 20 patch:
4,219 (1 crit) - 8,438 (burst crit)
2,640 (1 body) - 5,280 (burst body)
Mag size and damage comparison using season 21 numbers:
Graviton: 15 bursts - 66,360 (crit) and 40.050 (body)
Revision Zero (using base mag size): 9 bursts - 75,942 (crit) and 47,520
Revision Zero with FTTC will be even stronger but I don't need to calculate it since it's already better. Removing the kinetic damage bonus doesn't change it since Graviton's damage is worse with more bursts anyway, the DPS is way worse and the total damage of 15 Graviton bursts is almost the same of 9 Revision Zero bursts.
Graviton was pretty easy to control the recoil and the second shot stronger recoil was predictable. Revision Zero have insane stats and with both firing modes and both RPMs it's easy to control.
But now Graviton still is pretty easy to control but the animation feels off. It seems that Graviton is exactly the same as it was but the animations are sped up to fit the new RPM. I was expecting Graviton's animation to be adapted to be less aggressive since it's firing quicker. It is a minor problem since it's still manageable, but indicates that Graviton was poorly adapted to the new RPM.
Cosmology and catalyst
The perk apparently is the same, but since the weapon is weaker now, you're relying more on Cosmology explosions to compensate your low damage.
Vorpal Weapon is really helpful to compensate Graviton's low damage against stronger enemies, but Revision Zero also have access to Vorpal.
Turnabout is really good as a bonus perk, but doesn't help Graviton in a meaningful way.
Suggestion for future changes
Reduce the mag size and increase Graviton's damage to match Revision Zero, so both are balanced and the only difference is the kinetic damage bonus and the exotic perks.
Adjust the recoil animation to match the new RPM while preserving the unique animation of Black Hole.
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2023.05.28 17:30 ss-mcbrn AITAH for bringing up my bf doing drugs with his ex while we were dating?

Let me start this post off by saying me and my current bf Sam (fake name) have been together for a year now and its mostly been going great. He moved here from a different province almost 2 years ago and thats how me met. His ex still lives in his old province so he and his family don’t see her very often, but around October of last year she was staying at his place for a week (we are both still minors and his ex is a family friend of his, so he didn’t really have a choice). This made me uncomfortable already because although me and my bf have lost out virginities to each other, he had done some sexual things with her in the past. He mentioned that he might smoke with her and his brother. I told him not to because first of all; I’m very against the idea of drugs and second of all; it would be with his ex whom I didn’t know at all. He ended up doing it and told me after, apologizing and whatever but I didn’t take his apology seriously anyways. I know I can’t control him but I had a little hope that he wouldn’t smoke weed with them. He ended up doing it at least 2 more times while she stayed there and although his brother was always there I still feel uncomfortable with it. So yesterday I was saying how I might want to just eat an edible or something so that if she comes back I can join them without seeming like a supervisor. He told me not to because he didn’t want me to do drugs for him but instead for myself (which makes sense). We kind of got into a disagreement because I was talking about how it made me uncomfortable that it was with her and something could have happened. Which turned to him saying that I don’t trust him enough to not cheat. Which isn’t true, I just overthink a lot and I didn’t trust her at all. He did reassure me that all feelings between them were gone and nothing would ever happen but the thought of it still makes me feel uneasy. AITA?
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2023.05.28 17:30 ScrewySiu HyeMiLeeYeChaePa E12 2023.05.28 (Season Finale)

Description of the Show:
Six sisters -- Hye Ri, Miyeon, Lee Jung, Ye Na, Chae Won, and Patricia -- get cash through quests.
They play games, dance, eat, sleep, and decorate their homes in a remote mountain village. The six members with different charms become friends faster than anyone else. They create tension, showing off their visuals, talents, and charms as they over indulge in games. Look forward to the bustling livelihood of the six girls who have been reborn as true sisters to settle comfortably in their dream house of nothing!
720p-Wanna magnet:?xt=urn:btih:2a1feb069a32d351a220acdcadef210b71e8852c
Streaming - Viki
Streaming - Kocowa
Shows of the Week Post
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2023.05.28 17:30 Garnx13 [RECRUITING] Prestige Point (#2Y90VVY82) Clan Lvl 12 Long Term Members Wanted War Clan

Are you searching for a clan to make your new long term home?
My name is SimplyGrizz, I am the th15 leader of Prestige Point.
Look at the things below to see info on our clan:
-Must use both attacks in war (when put in war) You may also opt out when heroes are down
-Must get 1000 clan game points each clan games
-Attack who you are told to attack in wars.
Cwl: usually your mirror
Regular wars: Usually below your mirror, so you can easily get more 3 stars.
-Must contribute to donating troops throughout the season
-Be active and be social within the clan
-Be respectable to others in the clan
Other notes:
Discord: Isn't required, but if you'd like to join you can.
War attacks: We are patient and will help you if you struggle. We want to help make you better and keep you long term. Not just have you hopping from clan to clan
New players: All is welcome, we will help newer guys. (Town halls below 11 might not get attacks in cwl though)
Communication: If you communicate concerns and struggles, or just in general, it makes it easier to keep you around in the clan than if you are dead silent.
Roles: Earned through activity, help within the clan, and performance in wars and clan games. (Earned and not given)
Casual/Competitive: We are a leaned back and casual clan who likes to have fun, but we also want to win. If we lose it's not the end of the world. We just learn and get better off it. (You won't get yelled at or kicked out for 1 mistake)
If you have more questions please dm me. Thanks for reading and clash on!
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2023.05.28 17:30 MayNott First Time AGB Modding

Preface: Using this as a bit of a story time, tldr and full mod list at end of post. Thanks for reading and thanks to the community for so many helpful posts!
I recently visited my folks and while poking around my old room I came across my DS lite, Pokémon sapphire, my brothers SP and a link cable. The gears started turning and I’ve been itching for a lil project. I never have a GBA of my own but have fond memories of using my brother's to play Advance Wars 2 or playing on my friend's consoles So I reached out to my friend group. We all agreed that it would be a great time to bring GBAs to the bars or shows with us so we could play Mario Kart or Pokémon together after a few drinks. So I went about purchasing a knackered AGB-001 to use since I like the form factor better than the SP. To eBay! The first unit I picked up for $39 and was pretty rough. Screen was ruined, speaker was abysmal and it was crusty as all get out (listing). There are some issues with the board and I plan to use it as a donor for future projects. Second unit, $61 (listing). Case is discolored and rough but the internals are in great shape and the screen is immaculate (plan to use this for another project later). Cleaned up the internals and re soldered a few bits. Popped in Sapphire and I was cruising. Modding time. Full list below but I wanted to make a workhorse that I could take around anywhere. I originally wanted to do a full blackout but it seems to be done a lot so I went for something a bit more unique. I kept the scheme pretty neutral with a gray shell and the original buttons. A little too plain for me. A set of black buttons and teal start and select for a little pop of color. Perfect. I posted it on discord and now everyone is on board. The plan is that for everyone’s birthday they are going to purchase the parts they want and I’m going to build a unit for them off of their childhood systems. I’m also planning to surprise my brother with his SP restored with a few tasteful upgrades for his birthday in October (I’ll post that here too once it’s done if anyone is interested).
Onto the technical side. I’m very happy with the laminated IPS, power cleaner, and battery. I walk to my local coffee shop every Sunday and wanted to be able to use headphones to play while I’m there. From what I read and tested the power cleaner was a necessity after I installed the screen and today was the trial run, it worked great, no noise on the output at all. I’m not so pleased with the shell though. There is multiple gaps around the screen that are noticeable when you look for them. Not the end of the world and I can live with it but I’m kinda disappointed. Not sure if this is common with these shells. Potential mods are tactile L/R switches since the originals are pretty mushy. But I need to get some more time with the unit before I actually decide if I want to do them. Plus they look like a pain in the rear to desolder. Same thing with the speaker. The original is plenty loud but I may need an amp for public spaces like the subway when I’m using headphones. Gotta wait and see. I also want to get some holographic stickers for the back, including a service center one with Mario. If anyone has an Etsy Seller they like or produces them feel free to link the store!
Thanks all for reading 😁
tldr: First time modding a console, happy with the outcome for the most part. Going to be making units for all my friends to play when we go out together. Implemented Mods: + FunnyPlaying 3.0 IPS Laminated Screen & Shell (in SFC Gray) + FunnyPlaying Li-Ion Rechargeable USB-C Battery + Helder's Game Tech GBA Power Cleaner + Retro Modding Buttons in (Black & Teal)
Potential Mods: + TE Connectivity L/R Tactile Trigger Switches + FunnyPlaying 2W Speaker + Helder's Game Tech GBA Flex Amp
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2023.05.28 17:30 Lord_of-the_files using Google Photos to edit video

So. My needs area extremely basic. Just want to cut down some clips from my GoPro to cut off the beginning and end of a short video. On videos I've shot on my phone, I just do this on Google Photos. But I can't get access to the GoPro files through Google Photos, no matter whether they're still on the SD card or imported to internal storage.
I've got pretty limited mobile data and really really don't want to have to upload big files to cloud storage but I'm wondering if that's the only way?
Or I guess I could use different software but for such a simple task I was trying to avoid that.
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2023.05.28 17:30 scrystal00 Scheduling

Hey everyone! I have a question regarding y'alls scheduling and store runnings. These include; SM= Store Managaer
How often does the SM edit it after it's been posted in the app.
Are training shifts meant to be added a week or less out to an already posted schedule often times on days off you have plans for already?
Is the schedule not considered finalized until the SM has a hard copy print-out in the back of the store even if it has existed posted in the app for upwards of a week?
Is it normal for the schedule to only be done a week out now, ie as of now I have the schedule for the week of 5/29 but nothing past that. And even then I've gotten used to our new SM (whose a transfer SM from another store) to add/delete/edit shifts as the days go by or if your unable to come in early per her "request".
To clarify policy we are allowed to use our sick time for mental health days and effectively they are used just the same where we'd call the store and make sure the shift on duty is aware as well as keeping the SM in the loop as well. As our SM has made one of our other Baristas come in as she conveyed to Barista that her other shifts that week would be jeopardized if she didn't come in that shift.
This is less me but more our Baristas that are minors but they have it so that they are unable to work more than 18/20 hours a week due to schooling/activites however SM will keep scheduling them for more than they can work ie 22-25 with the reasoning being "it's in your availability".
Has other SMs ever come in to help support the night shift if they are short handed? Ie there is just the shift, Barista amd another Barista who is under restriction via Sedgwick and can only work register and NOTHING else. From 4:30-close it was just the three of us as from what I later learned our SM "...meant to find coverage from another store but I forgot to" as the other 2 partner had called off earlier that week as it was their graduation ceremony that night.
Biggest reason I'm asking is I'm wanting to get advice from y'all first before I move ahead because I'm feeling like some of the stuff SM has done warrants a call to ethics but I might be too emotional to make the proper judgment. So thanks in advance!
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