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Where do I start?

2023.05.28 18:00 aja1216 Where do I start?

We moved into a house with a pretty big lawn in Buffalo/Niagara Falls NY area. The lawn is being taken over by clover. The grass seems to be a mix of Tall Fescue and Blue Grass. I also have some patches where they are no grass.
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2023.05.28 17:42 SaboKunn Best way to book flight tickets to US?

Nenu August lo Buffalo (NY) ki travel chesthunna, fall MS CS. Flights book cheyadam lo best way eka? Friends direct Etihad website lo chesesaru. Immigration Etihad aithe Saudi area untundhi easy ga aipoitundhi antunnaru. Third party websites problem avthundhi antunnaru. Is this true? If not what are some genuinely good third-party sites worth trying? Thanks in advance...
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2023.05.28 08:27 Christian_9712 What are the odds…

What are the odds…
So I just simulated another year in my franchise mode, and EVERY underdog won in the first round. Also, the underdog won every matchup in the west. This is by far the craziest playoffs I’ve ever simulated.
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2023.05.28 06:30 SirBrothers Red Orange Orb, May 28, 2023, Buffalo, NY

Red Orange Orb, May 28, 2023, Buffalo, NY
Location: Orchard Park, NY, south of Buffalo.
Time: Approx 10:30pm May 27th, 2023
Description of event: Was outside with my brother when he noticed a pulsating red orange light heading from the North East flying West and slightly South in the direction of Lake Erie, sort of over the city. Light was heading in our general direction so we started walking further out in the yard when it was getting closer, it slowed initially and then it accelerated and turned more north west and then shot almost straight up in that direction and was gone from visibility in less than two seconds.
Description of object: Red/Orange pulsating light - no other lights or indicators. No sounds. No discernible body but likely wouldn’t see it at our distance and angle.
Weather: Slightly hazy, but mostly clear with full visibility of the stars outside of light pollution from the city.
Impressions/background: We aren’t far from the airport so assumed it was initially an airplane. As it got closer, I assumed it was a mercy flight from downtown, but you can hear those. As there was no sound, thought it was possibly a drone until it flew closer and it banked and then flew straight up. I’ve seen a red/orange orb about 45 minutes North of here about two years ago closer to Lake Ontario at a distance of about 600ft that had no visible body, so I’m a bit biased and in the video you hear me describing that. It appeared to behave fairly similar (no sound, red/orange pulsating). My brother is stating in the video that it’s an airplane in disbelief and after it shot up and the video ended he was losing his mind. I’ve lived in the south towns for well over a year now and have never seen something fly directly over the city like that. We observed numerous airplanes within the next five minutes of the event so I’m assuming someone with flight tracker knowledge could easily check.
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2023.05.28 06:05 Toolb0xExtraordinary Title

Derrick White (born July 2, 1994)[1] is an American professional basketball player for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He played three years of college basketball in Division II for the UCCS Mountain Lions before transferring to the Division I Colorado Buffaloes for his final season.
White was selected 29th overall by the San Antonio Spurs in the 2017 NBA draft. In February 2022, he was traded to the Celtics & became a key contributor for the team when they reached the NBA Finals.
White was the first graduating class of his high school, as it was brand new. As a result, there were no upper classmen on the basketball team when he was a freshman.[3] A 2012 graduate of Legend High School in Parker, Colorado, White was a six-foot combo guard at the time of his graduation. On 2/17/2023 Legend High School retired Derrick White's High School Number
White was lightly recruited out of high school, receiving no scholarship offers from any four-year institutions. At the time of his high school graduation, which fell about two months before his 18th birthday, he was barely 6 feet tall—after growing two inches during his senior year.[4] The only head coach at a four-year school who showed sustained interest in White was Jeff Culver, then the head coach at the Denver campus of Johnson & Wales University, a non-scholarship NAIA member better known for its culinary program. By the time White was preparing to make his college decision, Culver was hired as head coach at NCAA Division II UCCS, and offered White a room and board stipend for his freshman season.[5] Culver was only expecting White to become a starter late in his college career. He was aware that White's father had a late growth spurt in college, and also knew that doctors had projected White to potentially reach 6'5".[5] As it turned out, White reached that potential height by the time he enrolled at Colorado–Colorado Springs.[4] With his newfound size and athleticism, White became a star at UCCS, starting every game of his three-year career and left as the school's career leader in points (1,912) and assists (343). In his junior season, he averaged 25.8 points, 7.3 rebounds and 5.2 assists for the Mountain Lions, leading the team to the 2015 NCAA tournament.[6] He was named an All-American.
Following this season, White opted to transfer to Division I Colorado to play for Tad Boyle and to test his skills in the Pac-12 Conference, one of the top college leagues in the country.[7] After sitting out the 2015–16 season per NCAA rules, White excelled in his lone season with the Buffaloes, averaging 18.1 points, 4.1 rebounds and 4.4 assists per game. He was named first-team All-Pac-12 and a member of the five-man All-Defensive team.[8]
White was one of 60 NBA prospects invited to the 2017 NBA Draft Combine.[9] He was one of only 15 combine invitees who had not been Rivals top-150 prospects in high school, and one of only three who did not sign with Division I programs out of high school. In addition, according to Yahoo! Sports writer Jeff Eisenberg, he was also "the only one who will use part of his first NBA contract to pay off student loans he accumulated paying for tuition at UCCS as a freshman."[5]
The San Antonio Spurs drafted White with the 29th pick of the 2017 NBA draft.[10] White was later included in the Spurs' 2017 NBA Summer League roster.[11] On July 6, White signed with the Spurs.[12]
On October 18, 2017, White made his NBA debut, coming off the bench in a 107–99 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves.[13] On October 31, 2017, he was sent along with Dāvis Bertāns to the Austin Spurs of the NBA G League.[14] White suffered a fractured right wrist during a G League game against the Texas Legends. He was then recalled to San Antonio several days later.[15][16] On March 12, 2018, White scored a career-high 14 points along with four rebounds, one assist, and a block in a 93-109 loss to the Houston Rockets.[17]
On April 14, 2018, White made his NBA playoffs debut, coming off the bench with seven points, an assist, a steal, and a block in a 92–113 loss to the Golden State Warriors in game 1 of the series.[18]
On October 12, 2018, White was revealed to have a left plantar fascia tear.[19] On November 7, White made his season debut recording one rebound and three assists in a 95–88 loss to the Miami Heat.[20] On December 31, White scored his career-high 22 points with three rebounds, three assists, two blocks and a steal in a 120–111 win over the Boston Celtics.[21] On January 10, 2019, White scored another career-high 23 points with eight assists, five rebounds, two steals and a block in a double-overtime 154–147 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder.[22] On January 30, 2019 against the Brooklyn Nets, White then recorded a then career-high 26 points.[23] On April 18, 2019 against the Denver Nuggets, White recorded another career-high of 36 points to give San Antonio a 2–1 lead in the first round of the 2019 playoffs.
On December 21, 2020, the Spurs announced that they had signed White to a reported four-year, $73 million rookie scale extension.[24][25] On April 1, 2021, White hit a career-high 7 three-pointers in a 129–134 double overtime loss to the Atlanta Hawks.[26]
Boston Celtics: Flourishing off-the-bench role (2022–present) Edit On February 10, 2022, White was traded to the Boston Celtics in exchange for Josh Richardson, Romeo Langford, a 2022 first-round pick and the rights to swap 2028 first-round picks.[27] White played his first game with the Celtics a day later and finished with 15 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists.
In Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Miami Heat, White scored 22 points on 7-for-14 shooting, alongside 5 assists and 3 steals, in a 111–103 loss.[28] The Celtics would go on to eliminate the Heat, earning White his first Finals appearance in his career.[29] In Game 1 of the Finals, he logged 21 points and three assists in a 120–108 win over the Golden State Warriors.[30] The Celtics went on to lose the series in six games.
On February 13, 2023, White was named Eastern Conference Player of the Week, after averaging 24.5 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 7.5 assists as a starter in place of the injured Marcus Smart.[31] At the end of the season, White was named for the first time to the NBA All-Defensive Second team.[32]
On May 27, 2023, in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals, White made a buzzer-beating tip-in shot as time expired to beat the Miami Heat 104–103 to force a Game 7, saving the Celtics from elimination.[33][34]
On August 24, 2019, White was included in the US national team's final roster for the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup.[35]
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2023.05.28 05:15 Mean-Side-9263 Dealing with loneliness

Side note: this is my first post ever on reddit, so I apologize if I do something wrong.
I'm a single father who will be 30 next month. I have a 6 year old daughter, and have been single for 4 years now. When my daughters mother and I split up, I spent the first 3 years really focusing on my own self growth with no intentions of dating. After the split up, we ended up in Buffalo NY, where my ex is from. I have no family or friends here. I have been trying to get myself out there more. Dating as a single father is awful! Everyone feels like there is some sort of responsibility they have towards my daughter, or that they'll have to be a step mom. I do not want this in the slightest. I just want someone who is a good influence, if and when they meet my daughter. Whatever comes of their relationship will come naturally, the only say I have in that is that it doesn't negatively effect her. There's no "baby mamma drama", I'm a relatively attractive guy, and I've put a lot of effort into being the person I am now. I use bumble and hinge, and have gone on dates. The women that I have met and really felt that initial spark, always run when I bring up that I have a daughter. I refuse to settle for someone I don't have that spark with. I genuinely do not need a relationship, but there is still that want to feel wanted, go do cute couple shit, and build memories.
Mostly just a needed rant to a place no one will know me, but I'm always open to free advice or suggestions. That's my ted talk, see you next mental breakdown.
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2023.05.28 04:11 ArchDukeNemesis Every NWA, WCW & WWE world heavyweight championship run from 1904-2023 combined, if every champion held the belt once.

To celebrate the "Return" of the "Big Gold Belt" on Raw, I thought I'd make a history combining all title runs from the first world heavyweight championship, through it's time in the NWA, its two off shoots in WCW and its appropriation by WWE. All lineages combined, all vacancies ignored, all reigns recognized and all champions holding the belt once.

Name Date Location Days
George Hackenschmidt May 4, 1905 New York, New York 1,065
Frank Gotch April 3, 1908 Chicago, Illinois 1,824
Americus March 13, 1914 Kansas City, Missouri 55
Stanislaus Zbyszko May 7, 1914 Kansas City, Missouri 176
Charlie Cutler) January 8, 1915 N/A 178
Joe Stecher July 5, 1915 Omaha, Nebraska 644
Johan Olin December 11, 1916 Springfield, Massachusetts 142
Earl Caddock April 9, 1917 Omaha, Nebraska 1,026
Ed Lewis) May 2, 1917 Chicago, Illinois 34
Wladek Zbyszko June 5, 1917 San Francisco, California 5844
Wayne Munn January 8, 1925 Wichita, Kansas 1360
Gus Sonnenberg January 4, 1929 Boston, Massachusetts 705
Ed Don George December 10, 1930 Los Angeles, CA 1693
Danno O'Mahoney July 30, 1935 Boston, Massachusetts 216
Dick Shikat March 2, 1936 New York, New York 54
Ali Baba) April 25, 1936 Detroit, Michigan 48
Dave Levin) June 12, 1936 Newark, New Jersey 109
Dean Detton September 29, 1936 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 273
Bronko Nagurski June 29, 1937 Minneapolis, Minnesota 507
Jim Londos November 18, 1938 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2628
Orville Brown July 14, 1948 Des Moines, IA 501
Lou Thesz November 27, 1949 Los Angeles, California 2300
Leo Nomellini March 22, 1955 San Francisco, CA 359
Whipper Billy Watson March 15, 1956 Toronto, ON 609
Édouard Carpentier June 14, 1957 Chicago, IL 153
Dick Hutton November 14, 1957 Toronto, ON 421
Pat O'Connor) January 9, 1959 St. Louis, MO 903
Buddy Rogers) June 30, 1961 Chicago, IL 145
Killer Kowalski November 22, 1961 Montreal, Quebec 254
Bruno Sammartino August 2, 1962 Toronto, ON 16
Bobo Brazil August 18, 1962 Newark, NJ 1239
Gene Kiniski January 7, 1966 St. Louis, MO 1131
Dory Funk Jr. February 11, 1969 Tampa, FL 1563
Harley Race May 24, 1973 Kansas City, KS 57
Jack Brisco July 20, 1973 Houston, TX 500
Giant Baba December 2, 1974 Kagoshima, Japan 373
Terry Funk December 10, 1975 Miami Beach, FL 1350
Dusty Rhodes) August 21, 1979 Tampa, FL 616
Tommy Rich April 27, 1981 Augusta, GA 143
Ric Flair September 17, 1981 Kansas City, KS 355
Jack Veneno September 7, 1982 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 122
Carlos Colón January 6, 1983 San Juan, Puerto Rico 487
Kerry Von Erich May 6, 1984 Irving, TX 1238
Ron Garvin September 25, 1987 Detroit, MI 515
Ricky Steamboat February 20, 1989 Chicago, IL 502
Sting) July 7, 1990 Baltimore, MD 257
Tatsumi Fujinami March 21, 1991 Tokyo, Japan 116
Lex Luger July 14, 1991 Baltimore, Maryland 363
Big Van Vader July 12, 1992 Albany, Georgia 21
Ron Simmons August 2, 1992 Baltimore, Maryland 10
Masahiro Chono August 12, 1992 Tokyo, Japan 145
The Great Muta January 4, 1993 Tokyo, Japan 48
Barry Windham February 21, 1993 Asheville, NC 210
Rick Rude September 19, 1993 Houston, Texas 178
Hiroshi Hase March 16, 1994 Tokyo, Japan 123
Hulk Hogan July 17, 1994 Orlando, Florida 42
Shane Douglas August 27, 1994 Philadelphia, PA 85
Chris Candido November 19, 1994 Cherry Hill, NJ 97
Dan Severn February 24, 1995 Erlanger, KY 247
The Giant October 29, 1995 Detroit, Michigan 29
Randy Savage November 26, 1995 Norfolk, Virginia 974
Goldberg July 6, 1998 Atlanta, Georgia 174
Kevin Nash December 27, 1998 Washington, D.C. 78
Naoya Ogawa March 14, 1999 Yokohama, Japan 29
Diamond Dallas Page April 11, 1999 Tacoma, Washington 167
Gary Steele September 25, 1999 Charlotte, NC 57
Bret Hart November 21, 1999 Toronto, Ontario 56
Chris Benoit January 16, 2000 Cincinnati, Ohio 8
Sid Vicious January 25, 2000 Las Vegas, Nevada 83
Jeff Jarrett April 16, 2000 Chicago, Illinois 9
David Arquette April 25, 2000 Syracuse, New York 75
Booker T) July 9, 2000 Daytona Beach, Florida 71
Mike Rapada September 19, 2000 Tampa, FL 6
Vince Russo September 25, 2000 Uniondale, New York 50
Sabu) November 14, 2000 Tampa, FL 12
Scott Steiner November 26, 2000 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 149
Steve Corino April 24, 2001 Tampa, FL 91
Kurt Angle July 24, 2001 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 6
The Rock August 19, 2001 San Jose, California 26
Chris Jericho October 21, 2001 St. Louis, Missouri 55
Shinya Hashimoto December 15, 2001 McKeesport, PA 186
Ken Shamrock June 19, 2002 Huntsville, AL 49
Ron Killings August 7, 2002 Nashville, TN 26
Triple H September 2, 2002 Milwaukee, WI 76
Shawn Michaels November 17, 2002 New York, NY 236
A.J. Styles June 11, 2003 Nashville, TN 401
Randy Orton August 15, 2004 Toronto, ON, Canada 231
Ray González April 3, 2005 San Juan, Puerto Rico >1
Batista April 3, 2005 Los Angeles, CA 77
Raven) June 19, 2005 Orlando, FL 126
Rhino October 23, 2005 Orlando, FL 112
Christian Cage February 12, 2006 Orlando, FL 49
Rey Mysterio April 2, 2006 Rosemont, IL 231
Abyss) November 19, 2006 Orlando, FL 133
The Undertaker April 1, 2007 Detroit, MI 37
Edge) May 8, 2007 Pittsburgh, PA 70
The Great Khali July 17, 2007 Laredo, TX 46
Adam Pearce September 1, 2007 Bayamón, Puerto Rico 303
CM Punk June 30, 2008 Oklahoma City, OK 33
Brent Albright August 2, 2008 New York City, NY) 84
Blue Demon Jr. October 25, 2008 Mexico City, Mexico 29
John Cena November 23, 2008 Boston, MA 196
Jeff Hardy June 7, 2009 New Orleans, LA 296
Jack Swagger March 30, 2010 Las Vegas, NV 110
Kane) July 18, 2010 Kansas City, MO 212
Dolph Ziggler February 15, 2011 San Diego, CA 19
Colt Cabana March 6, 2011 West Hollywood, CA 48
The Sheik April 23, 2011 Jacksonville, FL 148
Mark Henry September 18, 2011 Buffalo, NY 91
Daniel Bryan December 18, 2011 Baltimore, MD 105
Sheamus April 1, 2012 Miami, FL 215
Kahagas November 2, 2012 Clayton, NJ 67
Alberto Del Rio January 8, 2013 Miami, FL 67
Rob Conway March 16, 2013 San Antonio, TX 294
Satoshi Kojima January 4, 2014 Tokyo, Japan 407
Hiroyoshi Tenzan February 14, 2015 Sendai, Japan 196
Jax Dane August 29, 2015 San Antonio, TX 419
Tim Storm October 21, 2016 Sherman, TX 414
Nick Aldis December 9, 2017 Sewell, NJ 266
Cody September 1, 2018 Hoffman Estates, IL 1093
Trevor Murdoch August 29, 2021 St. Louis, MO 167
Matt Cardona February 12, 2022 Oak Grove, KY 273
Tyrus) November 12, 2022 Chalmette, LA 196
Seth "Freakin" Rollins May 27, 2023 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 1+

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2023.05.28 02:23 morselpix17 600 over 60

In two weeks I'll be on the trail across NY state from Buffalo to Manhattan. The route itself is nothing scary: along the Erie Canal for 250 miles, then to Cooperstown and through the Catskills to the Hudson River Valley for 200, then south for the last 150, with various diversions. 16 days, averaging just under 40 miles a day, with a few peak days just over 50.
What worries me is pressure points. I'm 61, in great shape overall, but in my training rides, my right wrist gets sore and my feet and toes start to go numb. I shake out the wrist and change positions on the bar-ends. I take my feet out of the stirrups and change the contact points on the pedals. I take breaks. It's totally manageable for local rides, but longer rides with more weight and multiple consecutive days? My body may not make it.
A couple years ago, my son and I rode through Yellowstone, and my toes on one foot were numb for the next 3 months. So now I wear stiff-soled shoes (golf shoes, actually, not biking).
So this post is really for cyclists over 60. How did you prepare, did you have any physical problems on the tour, how did you deal with them, and do you have any tips?
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2023.05.28 01:44 PanglosstheTutor Well we made a list, I don’t know if that’s a good thing.

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2023.05.28 01:26 lpebers16 Yo! My band Autoignition just dropped 2 new songs, we're 17-20 from Buffalo, NY pulling from Saves The Day, Lifetime, and No Pressure.

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2023.05.28 01:25 lpebers16 Yo! My band Autoignition just dropped 2 new songs, we're 17-20 from Buffalo, NY pulling from Saves The Day, Lifetime, and No Pressure.

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2023.05.28 01:23 lpebers16 Yo! My band Autoignition just dropped 2 new songs, we're 17-20 from Buffalo, NY pulling from Saves The Day, Lifetime, and No Pressure.

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2023.05.27 23:12 martymcflhigh What are these little guys?

What are these little guys?
We live in Buffalo, NY and saw these little red beetles crawling all over my garage door. What are they?
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2023.05.27 22:44 Competitive_Pear_207 Found in Buffalo NY

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2023.05.27 19:59 TheStrayOtaku Found them all over a rose bush in front of our house. Buffalo, NY

Found them all over a rose bush in front of our house. Buffalo, NY
I didn't take the pictures, a roommate sent them to me for an ID. If you need better photos I can hunt down the bush with my DLSR.
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2023.05.27 19:57 AmongstTitans Sisto detonating minds at Lost Lands ‘22

Sisto detonating minds at Lost Lands ‘22
Playing at Buffalo Riverworks in Buffalo NY along with Midnight Tyrannosaurus on August 12
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2023.05.27 19:14 kritiklmass 37 [M4F] Buffalo NY: Looking for a gaming partner?

Hello! I'm a single guy in my 30's looking for a lady with some shared interests . I'm pretty laid back and chill in my free time. I'm an introvert and can be quiet, but love to chat about things I have a passion for.
Mostly a PC gamer. I'm playing a lot of Apex and V Rising at the moment.
If you're looking for someone to watch a TV show or anime with, let's see if we have similar watch tastes.
Feel free to DM, I also have Discord for VC.
-love to read (mostly fantasy) -pc gamer -motorcycles -love music (lots of genres) -movies -history -tv shows -sports fan -anime/manga -gym rat -in general, a lover of all things nerdy
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2023.05.27 17:57 TheHypnoticGamer Taos Pueblo Art Identification

Taos Pueblo Art Identification
I’m from Buffalo, NY visiting your beautiful state. I bought this plush buffalo art piece at Taos Pueblo yesterday and the seller couldn’t tell me the artist but kept saying “they’re famous!” The work is signed “PRJC 2016”, any help identifying the artist would be amazing, thanks!
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2023.05.27 17:15 Dalits888 Homeless per vacant house by city

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2023.05.27 16:02 locuraelegantia Looking for an attorney for Wills/POA

Hey everyone!
In July I'll be traveling from Canads to visit my folks in Buffalo. Despite being senior citizens, they don't have wills or poas. I work in family law in Ontario (NAL) so I could draft something but obviously the rules in NY are going to be different. Could you recommend a good estates attorney in Erie County that I could set up an appointment with? Alternately, anyone you think I should steer clear of? I love them, but they're exactly the kind of people who would get upsold or scammed.
Really appreciate any advice you have!
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2023.05.27 13:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Entertainment] - ‘American Idol’ runner-up Megan Danielle breaks silence on claims show was ‘rigged’ for Iam Tongi NY Post

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2023.05.27 07:34 Objective-Victory843 Reddit Fanbases

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