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The Best Parts of the Anonymous Internet Tor Onion Routing Hidden Services .onions

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2023.05.28 19:25 Few-Pain8611 My wife wants to move on from ssris

I have capsuled shrooms at .25g. She started taking this amount 4-5 days out of the week after she stopped SSRI. Is there any risk of taking this amount for the indefinite future. I have lower sizes capsuled at 10mg but she said it doesn't really help her. Should she just do what is working for her or are there some foreseeable issues. Thanks
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2023.05.28 19:25 sassyLama55 Hi guys, I’ve just got into necrons. Bought a few boxes to give me the following units. 5 Immortals, 1 Canoptek Doomstalker, a cryptek, 10 warriors with 3 scarab swarms, 3 Skorpekh destroyers and Overlord in prep for tenth. Any good add on units for my current collection for a good 2000 point list?

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2023.05.28 19:25 pickled__pufferfish Regression Player Rankings Post MCC31

Regression Player Rankings Post MCC31
After what I'd deem a pretty successful set of predictions last event, it's now time to see what my regression learning models spit out for player rankings in each game and overall. Since the last time I did one of these was MCC29, there's been quite a bit of movement in every game (even Build Mart since it was played in MCCS and was one of few games unchanged enough to include the stats). Either way, these are the results.
Movement Games
PVP Games
Team Games
Overall (Weighted by How Often a Game is Played)
Note: The colours are where, in my opinion, the tier boundaries would lie. Obviously they aren't perfect, but no method is.
Note: The colours are where, in my opinion, the tier boundaries would lie. Obviously these aren't perfect
Some comments:
  • Leading the pack in most #1s is Sapnap with 4, mainly riding on his PVP dominance to get him there. Despite this, he remains a bit behind Illumina and a lot behind Purpled.
  • Speaking of Purpled, he is top 2 in half the games (BM, though still slightly considered, is pretty much perma-benched). He's also top 10 in every non-BM game, only person to achieve that feat.
  • Despite all the recent chatter about Punz being washed, he still seems to clearly belong with the S tiers (though obviously the lowest one). I think his recent statistically weak teams are hiding the fact that he's still a very good player, just not a dominant team carry like in the past.
  • On the other side of the S tier boundary, Krtzyy is making a run at HBomb for the title of "best non S-tier player". RSR and SoT remain his worst games, though he at least made some progress in Sands last MCC.
  • The newcomers of MCC31 have all taken their place in the rankings, with Wallibear leading the way. Interestingly, he's only around the middle of A tier despite a top 5 performance. I'd say a low sample size has something to do with it, as well as being on a really good team masking the first event learning curve. We'll see where he stands after another event.
  • Generally, the overall tier list seems pretty reasonable to me. S tier is pretty much exactly as I'd order it, A+ is pretty close as well.
That's all for this iteration. Next up is MCC Pride, should be fun to test the models on what will probably be another lower comp event.
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2023.05.28 19:24 DangleTiger First build in 10 years

So I built my last rig (my first, also an ITX build) about 10 years ago and haven’t really touched or messed with components since then. Its honestly still in great condition but now my windows is outdated with no more support updates and my graphics card struggles to play most modern games today.
I figure it’s time to build a new pc and in similar fashion I want an ITX build and I don’t plan to tinker with it for another 10 years once it’s completed. So I’m looking for premium quality components to stand the test of time but don’t necessarily need anything flashy. I could care less about lights and colors but I am hungry for realistic performance.
Below are my parts so far but I really don’t know what the best motherboard would be. Im really building this PC geared around the case so that’s really the only non-negotiable on this list but I’m not afraid to spend more if the bang is worth the buck on other components.
I also just want to know if all these parts are even compatible and feasible for this case.
Case: DAN C4 CPU: i9-13900K GPU: 4080 FE PSU: Corsair SF750 Memory: Corsair Vengeance DDR5-5600 (32GB) Storage: WD SN850X M.2 (4TB) CPU Cooler: AIO 280 Arctic freezer II Fans: no idea how many and which kind to get
Less important but I’ve really been eyeing the Alienware AW3423DWF.
Any suggestions are encouraged as I’m a bit outdated with all that’s available in todays market. Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.28 19:24 Gunshot612 How do you unlock life of shine when you already have the moonshiner role?

I bought the moonshiner role through the player menu and for some reason life of shine is locked when I go to the progress tab in settings. I’m also already level 5 trader. What am I supposed to do to unlock it?
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2023.05.28 19:24 AudaciousPanther This is what dating for women was like before the internet

I remember when I was a little kid in the early 90s. My mom was a single mom, and I vaguely remember her dating.
Here were the men she dated in the early 1990s:
1) Carlos. He was unemployed and had no desire to work. He had an amazing personality and was super hilarious. My mom ended up rejecting him because she didn't see a future with him. I think Carlos got friendzoned simply because he had no drive in life. I remember we went to Disneyland with him, and I think my mom had to pay. He did carry me around everywhere, and I know she liked that about him.
2) Drummer in some shitty band. Fuck boy. He may have pump and dumped my mom, I just don't know. I just know she didn't like him and they only went out a couple of weeks.
3) There was this nerdy auto mechanic. I remember he fixed my watch. My mom wasn't attracted to him for some reason. He seemed nice, just awkward. I think they met in a bowling league.
4) She used to go out with her best friend to this bar lounge, but she said it was only drunks there.
5) She met my now stepdad on a blind date who was working at a furniture store at the time. Her aunt set them up. She told me he was one guy she met who was clean cut and kept a stable job.
I think if my mom was in her 20s again nowadays, she would have a bumble with 300 matches of all sorts of guys wanting to take her out: physicians, tech bros and so on. I doubt my step dad would have gotten far with his shitty studio apartment and furniture job.
I mean in my perspective, it's soooooo much different than what it was. It's hard to even comprehend how much the internet changed dating culture. There was no way in fuck my mom had 100s (1000s?) of options back in the 1990s the way women do now. She had five suitors. Five.
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2023.05.28 19:24 Replica10 [US] [SELLING] Blade of the Immortal Omnibus, Gangsta, Girls Got Game, Goodnight Pun Pun, LWC, Love Hina, Lupin III, Ranma 1/2 (Japanese), Rurouni Kenshin (Korean), Suikoden III, and more!

If it's not on the list below, then it's been sold.
Everything is G3-G5 smoke free. Shipped with care
Shipped through USPS Media Mail, will ship out next day. US ONLY
Payment via PayPal G&S. Price includes fees. $3.50 shipping. Free shipping over $15
Alice 19th - $10
Blade of the Immortal Omnibus G4-G5 Vol 1-4, 8 - $85
Boys Over Flowers Vol 1 - $20
Brigadoon Vol 1 - $12
Chobits Vol 1 - $10
Cyborg 009 Vol 2 - $15
D N Angel Vol 2-4 - $12
Dragon Ball / Dragon Ball Z Vol 1-19, 21-24, 33-35, 38-42 G4 (IN KOREAN) - $75
Firefighter! Vol 3 - $20
Galaxy Angel Vol 1-3 - $15
Girls Got Game Vol 1-6, 8 - $25
Goodnight Pun Pun Vol 1-2 G5 - $35
Lone Wolf and Cub Vol 1 (yellowing but otherwise excellent condition) - $10
Love Hina Vol 1, 2, 4-11 - $45
Lupin III Vol 5 - $30
Naruto Vol 1-3 Omnibus - $10
Ranma 1/2 (IN JAPANESE) Vol 1-3, 5, 8-25, 27-32, 34-38 - $60
Rurouni Kenshin complete G4 (IN KOREAN) - $120
Saikano Vol 1 - $10
Suikoden III Vol 1-7, 9 (missing vol 8) - $60
Wild Act Vol 1-3 - $15
Yu Yu Hakusho Vol 8-19 (IN KOREAN) - $50
Boys Be Vol 1
Gunparade March Vol 1
Hot Gimmick Vol 1
Jing: King of Bandits
Miss Me? Vol 1
Negima! Vol 1
Othello Vol 1
Popcorn Romance Vol 1
Rayearth Vol 6
Saber Marionette J Vol 1
Tokyo Pop Sneaks Summer 2003
Assortment of Japanese Manga (choose 1. last pic)
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2023.05.28 19:24 RealRay08 I’m need of food.

If anybody is able to help in anyway, it would be much appreciated! I’m looking for $10-$20. My gf recently got laid off and I’ve run into car trouble that I can’t afford to fix until I get paid from my 9-5 this week. We have no food in the house and no way to go make extra money (I usually DoorDash part-time). I also donate plasma but have no way to get there. With $20 donation I can either buy food or catch an Uber to go donate plasma. My Cash app is $RayRonnie and Venmo is @Ronnie-NunnJr.
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2023.05.28 19:24 ThemegaHat1999 I've had this screen bug for a while, I can even play but this screen keeps blocking and it only happens when I turn on the shaders i use optifine version 1.12.2 HD U E3 and forge version How can I solve this problem?

I've had this screen bug for a while, I can even play but this screen keeps blocking and it only happens when I turn on the shaders i use optifine version 1.12.2 HD U E3 and forge version How can I solve this problem? submitted by ThemegaHat1999 to Optifine [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 19:24 AlucardHellsing808 Are there any differences in these pcs?

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2023.05.28 19:24 Sonny2p99 Timeline look accurate? / Miloxadile

Timeline look accurate? / Miloxadile
Does the above look accurate?
I’m 42 and I foolishly started taking Miloxadile and I’m 5 months In and nothing growing back.
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2023.05.28 19:24 basurabasuraahora Should I apply to medical school a third time or throw in the towel?

I’m beginning a STEM PhD this fall after my second application cycle last year. I completed an SMP in 2022 in which I earned just below a 3.8. My MCAT during my second cycle was a 508. I was rejected from most places but I did get two interviews. The feedback I received was that my academics were okay but I didn’t have enough clinical experiences and that I shouldn’t have expressed a specialty interest in my primary. During the previous cycle, I applied to a single PhD program because, in my mind, I believed that I would get into medical school following my SMP. Due to this specific circumstance, I cannot get LORS through any other method than the PhD program. My plan is to get to my final PhD year and reapply to medical school. I will soon be volunteering in my local ED on weekends but wonder what else I should be doing to strengthen my application. I’m pretty sure there will be outreach opportunities in my PhD program and I know I will be doing some teaching. Inasmuch as I have about 5 years to build up my application, what should I focus on? During undergrad, I did research and know I have an interest in Neurology or a surgical subspecialty ( I know this might change if and when I enter medical school). I know the cookie cutter ECS for traditional students but wonder if there’s anything I need to or should be doing given my specific situation. Additionally, I had an IA in undergrad but it was non-academic and I know it has hurt me (expressed by an ADCOM).

I have a genuine desire to practice medicine and help people but I just don't know if it's worth it to apply a third time. In doing an Organic Chemistry PhD I could be involved in drug development and still help people, just less directly. If there is anyway to reapply again sooner that makes more sense, I'm open to hearing about it. I know this is repetitive but I'm trying to make a final decision on this so I can move on or put my efforts in the right direction.
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2023.05.28 19:24 Independent-Income-9 Do we have the ability to be really good for each other? I don’t know if I should allow myself to fully fall in love. Do I keep my guard up or let it down?

Do we have the ability to be really good for each other? I don’t know if I should allow myself to fully fall in love. Do I keep my guard up or let it down?
Here is our synastry and composite, im the blue.
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2023.05.28 19:24 starstruckfan7 help f17 and m17

hi reddit i’m losing my mind over this so pls help. so recently i’ve been having dreams about this guy in my class who i know and have talk to a bit. he’s had a girlfriend for three years and i just found out the broke up. we have a mutual friend we are both close to and she has told me multiple times this year that he wants to hang out with me and get to know me and that he thinks i’m super funny and cool. this dude has only come up to me a couple of times. so we’ve kinda talked but not really. recently my class went to the beach for the day. my best friend and i decided to go by our self’s and leave earlier then our grade was. i got a call from the mutual friend we will call her lily. lily is asking where i am so i tell her i’m already at the beach and i’m might meet up with them later. four hours later my bsf and i are leaving the beach and we drive past them so i send lily a pic of the group from the road and she immediately face times me. she’s saying like “hey stop by we wanna see you” well then the guy takes her phone and is like “ emily we really really want you to come hang out. we want you here” and i was like sorry maybe next time i felt really bad but we were supper tired. well fast forward to two days ago which was a week from the beach, i was at a bible study with the girls from my grade and i was catching up with lily and she was telling me during the whole day the guy, we will name dan, kept saying how he really wanted me there and he just couldn’t believe i didn’t want to come. and then he heard that i was there earlier and he “lost it” couldn’t believe i didn’t want to hang out with them. so the whole day he apparently kept saying he couldn’t believe i didn’t come out with them. remember this dude has talked to me maybe five times by choice. well i had a dream about him that week of the beach. a romantic dream. and i’m so freaking confused. i didn’t want to dwell on it bc he had a girlfriend and i felt really bad about it. then the night that i talk to lily abt the beach( that was the day i found out he and his girlfriend broke up)i had another dream abt him. like what does this mean?!? also when my class went on a class trip to rome we were in florence and a couple of girls got roses from the other high schoolers we met from spain(i wasn’t one of them). we are walking to the train and dan comes up right next to me and ask if i thought i’d any of the boys were cute and if i got any of their numbers. i said no then he offered to give me the numbers of the guys he got and i was like “no thank you none of them were my type” and so he goes what is your type? i proceeded to tell this man australian’s were my type. like wtf? so then i think he was naming some famous australian’s but i didn’t know who they were so i told him luke hemmings from 5sos was my type. ANYWAYS. super embarrassing but yeah. does anyone have advice or a solution or peace of mind or literally anything. like am i going crazy or does this guy kinda sound interested in me? cause idk. thanks!
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2023.05.28 19:23 LXIX_CDXX_ Błagam ludzie pomóżcie

Błagam ludzie pomóżcie
Prawie nic z tego nie przerabialiśmy na fizyce u mnie w szkole (niski poziom nauczania) i teraz takie zadanie domowe mi wyjebano i mam mieć z tego ocenę 💀💀💀
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2023.05.28 19:23 Johnwestrick The House on Jackson Street

The House on Jackson Street

By John Westrick
I used to walk with her, now I walk alone. We used to marvel at the beautiful houses together, now I look down at my feet. Each home a grain of salt in the wound, each house a reminder of what I lost. Even though it hurts, I still find myself continuing our walks. Sometimes pain is good. I’d rather feel the pain of her passing, than not feel her at all.
She’s alive when I walk. She’s the shadow that strolls behind. Though I can’t see her, I can feel her. Her presence is like a windbreaker draped across my shoulders in an especially violent storm. The pain isn’t gone but it’s bearable when I’m moving. I can’t speak to her, but she’s there. When I trip over a root, a hand steadies me. When I veer off course, I feel a gentle nudge.
And every day I end up in front of the same house on Jackson Street.
A grand home, at least at one point it must’ve been. The windows are boarded closed. The door is locked. Beware trespasser signs are strewn haphazardly across the tangled mess of the once impressive lawn.
I feel her presence strongest here. It is almost tangible, as if she’s hiding behind a thin curtain. I call to her, yet she never answers. I reach for her, yet I can never lay hands on her. It is here on my journey where my emotions get the best of me. Every day I come, every day I cry.
The neighbors look at me with trepidation, but long gone are my days of caring what others think. I stand there an old man, face in my hands and weep for the woman I lost. Let them think what they want, but my Lenore was worth every tear.
I feel a tap on my shoulder, and look up to see the front door of the house swung wide. Light is pouring out of it, and there she is, my Lenore. I rush towards her and the gaping maw, towards the woman I’ve lost. The woman who heard my cries and has returned for me.
As I barrel forward through the brambles and overgrown weeds, I hardly am aware of the scrapes and cuts. Nor does it bother me that I trip over a hidden bottle and go tumbling face first in the dirt. I sling myself forward with the stamina of a much younger man.
And then, I am there standing in touching distance from her. It’s her. She’s got the same strawberry blonde hair that always tended to leave me breathless. It’s wrapped in a French braid with a daisy tucked behind her left ear. She looks younger by nearly twenty years. Her nose and cheeks are dusted with a fine layer of freckles.
I began to giggle like a schoolboy as I remember I once tried to count them. Twenty-three is the highest I got before I found my mouth on hers. And suddenly I have an inappropriate urge to pull her close and continue the kiss in front of God and all the neighbors.
Shortly before I do just that, she vanishes, leaving me standing in the front door alone once more. I look around the hallway and notice it’s fully furnished. There is no dust or decay. The parlor is in perfect condition. Even more shockingly I hear someone playing the piano. It’s Fur Elise and I could recognize that sound anywhere. Lenore was playing it the day she died.
The Turkish rug leading down the hall looks familiar, the pattern of the wolf howling at the moon, the picture of the ship sailing in rough seas. I know it. I walk forward, no longer in control over my own body. Instead, everything begins to flash in front of me like a movie. I see my own hand reach for the gilded door knob. I know on the other side of this door is a set of stairs that leads to the great room.
Still, I don’t remember, I can’t remember. They threaten to come back, but I don’t let them. I don’t want to remember. I’m back. Oh God have mercy on me, I’m back to the day my wife died.
I come to this conclusion even as my own traitorous hand throws wide the hallway door. I fight for control. I do everything in my power to not see. My eyes fling wide and I look to see the back of my sweet Lenore’s head, the damned daisy still perched behind her ear. She’s playing and she doesn’t know I’ve arrived.
I know what is coming but I don’t want to. Yet those damned feet, those mutinous mother fuckers keep pushing me forward. First up one step then two, before I even know it, I’ve scaled half of them. Now I can see her back, she’s in a flowery dress with what looks to be hummingbirds sucking at the honey. Fur Elise is ramping up, and the song is nearing its climax.
And then I see it. Him to be precise. He’s lounging in my chair, drinking my whiskey, with his shirt partially unbuttoned. Rage, white hot fills me once more. I look to the left and then the right, and that’s when I see my cavalry saber hung on the wall for decoration.
I remember the outcome, yet I can’t force myself to let go of its hilt. My hand turns white from grasping it so hard. There’s nothing I can do to lessen my grip. I see myself marching up behind her sword held high in one hand.
Fur Elise climaxes as my arm swings. I strike her left shoulder blade and with a discordant whine the music stops altogether. Inwardly I scream. I curse my God’s damned temper. I watch as she slumps out of her chair.
Without a second glance, I am charging the man just beginning to look up from his comfortable spot in my seat. My blade penetrates his right abdomen, he lets out one shriek before my second swing catches him directly in the throat.
I am appalled at the blood spurting from his nearly decapitated neck. My hands are scarlet, I feel wet stickiness oozing down my face. Yet I can’t control my own limbs as they swing and swing and swing, chopping the man into kindling. I try to close my eyes but they won’t, so I see his hand go flying. I watch as his innards come bubbling out of his abdomen. I split his head like a grape and watch his brain matter leak out of the side of it.
To my dismay, I hear a gurgling sound coming from behind me. I turn knowing what I’ll see but powerless to stop it. I look to see my Lenore’s face towards me trying to speak. Blood bubbles drizzling out of the side of her mouth. I don’t need to hear the words to know what she is trying to say. “Please, no more.”
Pity fills my heart and my own eyes refuse to cry. “Please don’t do this,” I scream at myself in vain. I watch as I slowly move towards my former wife letting the blade carve a wicked groove into the marble floor. With no mercy my arm swings the blade up once then twice then three times, and all goes black.
Finally, I regain control of my limbs and body. I look up to see a vandalized great hall with a nasty groove in the marble floor, and there my chopped wife lying on the floor looking up at me with dead yet still very much alive eyes.
I see the monstrosity of my late wife clamber to her feet. Her left eye slides out of its socket running like egg yolk down her face. Black pustule blood leaks from her wounds. Her right eye locks with mine and in a slobbering wet noise she said, “I will never let you forget what you did here. Jail wasn’t enough for you. You didn’t stay your hand, so even in your Alzheimer’s I won't let you forget. Same time tomorrow, honey?”
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2023.05.28 19:23 ChadHammer [Memorialrestock][jellyegg] [AAA] need one to finish off

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2023.05.28 19:23 peppechem How to evaluate the sound of a violin

Hello everyone! I am ready to purchase my next violin, and I am looking at spending something around 10-15 kEUR. Unfortunately my professor lives 2000 Km away, so I will have to choose alone or, at best, to just send a recording. I have two questions for you: - What do you usually play to evaluate the sound potential new violin? What parameters should I use to evaluate the sound?
- How do you evaluate the sound of a violin just from a recording? I have been at a shop and tried some violins, that to my hear sounded completely different from each other. I recorded my trials because I wanted to show to my teacher, but the recording were quite disappointing, as all the three violins sounded (almost) the same! I even tried to use one website where they provide recordings of different violins at different price points (Amorim fine violins) but I really have difficulties in uderstanding the difference in sound from a 5 kEUR to a 40 kEUR violin (in the recording, in real life it's ok). Thank you in advance for your suggestions :)
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2023.05.28 19:23 Nat1Video I made a Mimic... mutant... crab.... Thing. First time using Super Sculpy

I made a Mimic... mutant... crab.... Thing. First time using Super Sculpy submitted by Nat1Video to polymerclay [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 19:23 Kindly_Bumblebee_952 31M,USA - [Chat], [Friendship], Etc.

I would like to talk to a man and see how it goes.
I'm located in Utah, USA, so ideally someone local or you can be in another state only if you plan to visit me/meet up. I would also prefer that we have phone calls and other forms of communication, not just text.
The ideal guy should have a job, be emotionally stable, and take care of his body. I'm not into overweight or bad odor.
My age cutoff is 45. I'm 31, male, 5'8, 130lbs, slim build, brown eyes, brown hair, and an introvert. I would like us to get to know each other and it would be wonderful if we hit it off and plan some trips this year. :)
Message me if this is something you want to try.
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2023.05.28 19:23 pipidasstr Text generation error

Text generation error
Hello! I was able to set up the Tavern on my phone, but now when I try to chat I get this error. With what it can be connected? (I have Poe API connected)
Thanks to all those who reply (⁠´⁠ ⁠.⁠ ⁠.̫⁠ ⁠.⁠ ⁠`⁠)
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2023.05.28 19:23 Masher8 [SOTC] 2023 update

[SOTC] 2023 update
There have been two new additions this year to my current collection, so I thought I would share an updated photograph.
Longines Conquest Heritage - I had my eye on this for a lot of 2022, but I was getting married at the end of that year so most of my spare money was being pumped into the ever-expanding wedding budget. Come early 2023, the usual January sales swung in my favour and I picked this us for just over £700. It took a while for me to get used to the smaller size as I had daily worn my Black Bay GMT for the last 18 months, but I soon fell in love with the charm of a small, lightweight watch. I think it oozes class and the simplicity of the dial is something that I enjoy staring at with it’s sunray finish.
Black Bay 54 - I wasn’t planning on buying another watch this year, but when I saw the press photos of the 54 from Watches & Wonders something inside me clicked. I fell in love with the dimensions, the case shape and the history. I phoned my local AD to add myself to the list and got the call within a week. It has barely left my wrist since. I love the symmetry of the dial sans date, I love the clean bezel with period-matched font and I love the contrast between the warm tones of the dial and the clinical tone of the bezel. The T-Fit clasp is absolutely fantastic and I find myself adjusting the bracelet 4-5 times a day - it’s so simple to get a consistently comfortable fit. It’s the perfect subtle companion to accompany me through life.
I’m at a point where I think I could just rotate between the Longines, BB54 & a G Shock. Maybe some watches will leave the box this year.
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