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35,000+ Tweets, No Self Awareness

2017.03.26 19:57 476pol 35,000+ Tweets, No Self Awareness

Trump Criticizes Trump: A Portrait of Presidential Hypocrisy. For every Trump action there is a Trump tweet criticizing that action.

2012.01.31 02:23 Pravusmentis Shitty Life Pro Tips

A place for the shittiest, most mocking "pro-tips" you can think of. Whether you want to let us know how glue can help out your hair or the quickest way to clog a public toilet, we're the place to post.

2020.12.25 22:23 Krunkworx productionized

It seems like so much of today's advancements end up as vapourware. How many times have you heard of a new cancer drug only to then find out it's nowhere near production or mainstream use? This sub is devoted to promoting news that is actually ready for mainstream use. Whether it be new drugs or new technologies the litmus test is whether you (yes you) can utilize it today. Our rules are currently a work in progress. We'll be posting them here soon.

2023.05.28 19:02 GeorgeBG93 Hi. I got an silver OG Pal PS2 from a second hand store and I'm interested in playing games that got localized in North America and not Europe. The thing is, I don't know if my new PS2 is already region free modded.

Basically, when I first turned the PS2 on a menu/interface that I have never seen before showed up, which promted me to choose a language and then to choose either Pal or NTCF. The default was Pal, then I press start game and it was back to the normal PS2 menu that I remember when I had it 20 years ago. Now I don't know how to go back to that menu to see if I can choose the NTCF option. I'm afraid of importing a North American game only for it not to work. Is my console region free modded already? What was that menu? How can I go back to it? And if it's not how can I play North American games on a European console? If any of you can help, it'll be very much appreciated.
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2023.05.28 19:02 PurpleSolitudes Best VR Headset in USA Available on Amazon

Best VR Headset in USA Available on Amazon
Virtual Reality (VR) has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and for good reason. VR technology allows users to immerse themselves in virtual environments and experiences in a way that was previously impossible. One of the key components of any VR system is the headset. In this context, having the best VR headset available makes a world of difference. Here are some of the main reasons why having the best VR headset matters:
  1. Immersive Experience: A high-quality VR headset provides an immersive experience that can transport you to another world. Whether you are exploring a new city or fighting off aliens in space, the level of immersion that a great VR headset can provide is unparalleled.
  2. High-Quality Graphics: The best VR headsets on the market today offer high-resolution displays that provide crisp, clear visuals. This is essential for creating a truly immersive experience, as lower quality graphics can detract from the overall experience.
  3. Comfortable Design: A comfortable VR headset is essential for enjoying extended periods of use. The best VR headsets are designed with ergonomics in mind, providing a comfortable fit that reduces strain on the neck and eyes.
  4. Precise Motion Tracking: Accurate motion tracking is crucial for creating a seamless VR experience. The best VR headsets use advanced sensors and algorithms to track your movements with precision, allowing for precise control in virtual environments.
  5. Versatility: Some of the best VR headsets can be used wirelessly or with a PC, offering a greater range of options for users. This versatility allows for greater flexibility in how the headset is used and what types of experiences it can offer.

Meta Quest 2 — Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset
Meta Quest 2 is a next-generation all-in-one virtual reality headset that has taken the VR world by storm. Meta, formerly known as Facebook Reality Labs, has made some significant improvements to its already impressive Oculus Quest 2 headset, which makes the Meta Quest 2 stand out from its predecessor. In this review, we’ll dive into the features and capabilities of the Meta Quest 2
Read More

Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset
Virtual reality (VR) has come a long way in the last few years, with companies like Oculus pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible. The Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset is no exception. This headset provides an immersive and interactive gaming experience that truly transports you to another world. In this review, we will be discussing Read More

Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset
VR is no longer a futuristic concept, but a reality that has revolutionized the gaming industry. Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset is one of the leading virtual reality headsets in the market, designed to immerse gamers into a digital world of their choice. Released by Facebook-owned Oculus in 2019, Oculus Rift S has quickly become a favorite among gamers who want an affordable, high-quality VR experience. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the features and performance of the Oculus Rift S headset. Read More

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset
Oculus Go standalone VR headset has been around for a while now, and it's still one of the most popular choices for those looking to experience virtual reality without the need for a high-end PC or console. The device promises to deliver an immersive, comfortable, and affordable VR experience that is accessible to everyone. Read More

Sony PlayStation VR
Sony PlayStation VR is one of the most popular virtual reality headsets on the market. It offers an immersive and exciting gaming experience that transports players into their favorite games like never before. In this review, we'll take a closer look at the specs, design and comfort, controllers, battery life, software, and games offered by the Sony PlayStation VR. Read More
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2023.05.28 19:02 wgc123 Next step for 18 yo with checking, savings, Apple Pay?

My older son recently turned 18 and will be starting college in the fall, so I’m looking for advice on the next step toward helping him establish his financial life. What do you think?
Currently he has Checking and Savings account in a local credit union (6% interest in first $1k of savings!!!), jointly owned by him and his mother and I. He does not have a regular job but wants to get into education and was able to get on the substitute teacher list at a local school (when it doesn’t conflict with his school). He uses Apple Pay configured with his debit card and Apple Cash. Our goal is to help him learn good financial habits within some safeguards, while starting him on the road to financial independence.
What is a good next step? Should I encourage him to get a credit card to start building a credit history? He’s not asking for one and does not have a regular job so I hesitate to push that risk on him. How hard should I push him to get a job, consistent with his education remaining the priority? Should we convert his accounts to be in his name only? He’ll need to eventually and it might help establish his future but also cuts one of the safety nets. His only additional requests have been VenMo: I explained the trade offs but am neither helping nor hindering
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2023.05.28 19:02 Tinkerfitz [PA] Urgent help needed for upcoming drug test

I got accepted to a new job last Monday, the 22nd.
I was a daily pot smoker before then, and that was the last day I smoked any weed in preparation for taking a drug test.
I thought I was in the clear if I gave myself a week of detoxing and following a popular guide someone posted to /trees that revolved around drinking 10+ cups of water a day and exercising while taking B vitamins.
Well, yesterday at a Memorial Day party I was talking to friends who were all experienced smokers and they all told me I had no chance of passing if I had my drug test this upcoming week, which I’m pretty sure is when the employer would want me to take it.
I started panicking and went to a nearby CVS mid-party to get a home drug test kit, immediately opened it and pissed in it in my car, and sure enough to the testimony of my friends I tested positive for THC.
I was very anxious then and going back to the party everyone told me the only hope of passing it was to get one of my roommates who don’t smoke to pee in a transportable bag for me and then use that for the urine sample at the testing facility.
I also took some hits off a joint later that night, as everyone told me I may as well since I wasn’t going to pass the test with my own urine at that point…
I don’t know when exactly I need to take the test this upcoming week, but I am more than anxious thinking about it today, and also regretting the hits I took last night realizing I may have possibly been able to piss clean if I had put as much time as possible between the last time I smoked and the test, but now I just put more THC back into my system.
What should I do in this scenario? Is getting a clean friend to piss for me truly my best option at this point?
Is it still possible for me to get a clean piss out if I know I have to do it this week? I do feel that I would be burning my one chance to provide a clean sample if I tried my own instead of trying to sneak in my friends’.
Also some extra information, I live in Philadelphia, and I did have a medical marijuana card at one point but it expired sometime last year.
I also am working through a staffing agency who presented me as an employee, for whatever that’s worth. The projected start date for the actual job is the 19th of June.
I’m just wondering what all of my options are and what other knowledgeable people on this topic think my best route is to pass this drug test.
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2023.05.28 19:02 BullShtGaming Since I started talking my English learning process more seriously, I always read books slower, looking up words I don't know the meaning of

And repeat reading things that weren't so clear from my fist read, while before that (when I only consumed English content for fun and I wasn't really that bothered with getting better at the language), I always read everything fast, without being stuck on a certain paragraph if I didn't really understand it. Back then I didn't really care if there were words or sentences I didn't understand, I would just keep reading just for the fun of it ignoring those words and sentences. Today, however, when I understand how important it is to know the English language, I dedicate way more time for each thing I don't understand when I read a book or an article, making me read it really slowly but understanding it better. Is it okay? Because sometimes, I get a little tired from the obsession to understand perfectly everything I read, and I think maybe I should be back to reading just for fun, even if I learn the language much slower that way.
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2023.05.28 19:02 ExamUnable5009 Fearful kiddo

Today I am babysitting a 4 year old and I’m counting the hours until the day is done.
I understand that fear is a normal feeling and I don’t mean to shame him but I have no clue how we are going to kill time for the rest of our time together.
And it’s not just being fearful but that they scream out of their fear. It’s about bugs, people looking at them, anything that requires any sort of effort from their body.
I’ve been trying to help them feel brave, assuring them I’m right there with them, or that they don’t have to do something they find scary. But it doesn’t keep them from screaming at me.
I’m just tired and already ready for this day to be over.
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2023.05.28 19:02 YouPotential7823 My take on what is going on.

Been in crypto since 2017.
Seen the ico craze. Seen the manias that came and went. I am no expert at all but these are my thoughts. I might be completely wrong.
Made around 300k last bull run and was able to exit. (Top account value was around 550k)
I sacced for PLS and PLSX both 5k each. Bought HEX April of 2020. Sold way too early before big pay day.
What I can tell you is that the sacrifice, specially for bigger sacrifices paid off very handsomely. I cashed out around 2x for PLS and sold PLSX around 10% below sac price.
Richard Heart has very good takes but the total amount sacced is not 2b. Majority of the sac was in HEX by OA.
Anyway, in finance there is something called "front running demand" this is what happens when you sell a product to awaiting customers even before the launch of the product. Usually this is done for games, concerts, sporting events obviously. The people who will buy or pay for the product already have spent their money on it. Sure yea there might be some new ppl on the sidelines waiting but it is marginal at best.
That means, the existing demand has diminished. The demand was HEX holders and RH followers.
How do you increase demand? You onboard new people. But why would new people onboard? What does PLS offer that no other EVM chain does? What can i do on PLS that i cant do on Avax C Chain, Binance Chain, Emerald Rose Chain, and 100s of other EVMs.
Short answer is, nothing. They are all the same.
I have looked at the projects coming into PLS. They are just copies of already existing projects. Lending, memes, swaps, staking, gaming, defi etc. So what exactly is the value proposition?
On top of that PLS will not be getting any future updates of ETH.
For now I dont see much value proposition here. It is just another EVM copy with lower fees.
There are other projects out there that are innovating and attracting more developers. Do your research and good luck. I hope the best for PLS, i might throw a small bag once the price bottoms.
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2023.05.28 19:02 RockProfessional6911 Apparent leak

Apparent leak
Townhouse; Standing shower of master bedroom located above this area (pics included); Other side of wall is neighbor’s unit; seems apparent that it’s water damage but kind of looks like maybe mold/mildew growth as well? Likely pipe leak? Going to call a plumber soon, any idea how much such a repair would cost if it is related to a leaky pipe, or is there no way to know without cutting the ceiling open? Any additional advice would be highly appreciated.
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2023.05.28 19:01 Ab_normal0 I have the most amazing life right now.

I have the most amazing life and that is an effin lie. My life right now is in chaos. I am burn out, stress and emotionally not okay. I had my finals and the last one coming up this week. First, I feel like one of my friends is talking about me behind my back (my intuitions are usually and weirdly right and also i kinda heard her talk about some details that i did, behind my back). At the dorm, my roommates are also talking about me behind my back (i heard them while i was in the bathroom and bedroom and i heard my name too). At home, my family does that too. I dont know if there is something wrong with me or the people around me. Second, I cannot continue studying. Im so tired and burnout and my college major is kinda hard and not really what i want. Third, i told my parents about stopping for a year and they wouldnt let me. Im stuck in this situation and dont know how to get out. These are just the tip of the iceberg and the braking point of how much i can handle since the bad water is full and overflowing. None of the spaces is safe whether im with my college friends, my dorm mates and even with my own thinking of just taking away my consciousness forever and not ever waking up. I cant even go to therapy since we are not financially stable and my country sucks. I just wanna know. when will i have the most amazing life? Cause if not soon or ever, its just better to take it.
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2023.05.28 19:01 NavSock Housing as a fraction of total spending

How much do you spend on housing (rent/mortgage, utilities, maintenance) as a %age of your total spending? Mine is 43% which seems very high but maybe it is typical?
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2023.05.28 19:01 Oofer_Raven [A3][Recruiting][Star-Sim][US] 87th Legion

[A3][Recruiting][Star-Sim][US] 87th Legion
We are the 87th Legion. Not to be mistaken as the 87th Sentinel Corps, we are a new late clone wars era unit that specializes in multiple fields of combat. The 87th Legion has a wide range of assets at their disposal which is what makes us an extremely versatile unit.
Some Unit Details.
Our unit has our main ground forces, which are the squads of Clone Troopers with a range of roles, or our small teams of ARF Troopers to support them. We will mostly make use of these two assets in most operations. On the side the 87th has access to an Airborne Detachment that will work very closely with our Pilots. At the time Airborne is only just a role that our gamemasters might have us use. Similarly, the 87th also has access to Clone Commando teams. These units strictly exist to help our gamemasters with more operation ideas, these Commandos will not be used often as they are not the focus of our unit. Then finally, our Pilots. As mentioned before the Pilots will, when in use, work very closely with our Airborne Detachment. Otherwise, Pilots are key units to assist our ground teams with transportation, CAS, and general support. As Pilots are very valuable but powerful units, we won't have too much of them until a later time.
Custom Armor Disclaimer
The 87th Legions armor uses a simple design theme and a dark purple color pallet. You may ask for custom armor once you have been active within the unit for at least a month, but this does not grantee you will get anything. The 87th strives to try and be quite uniform with what armor we have.
What roles do we have?
  • Rifleman - The Rifleman Role is the backbone of most units, typically useful in most infantry fighting scenarios and a useful support.
  • Anti-Tank - The Anti-Tank Role is the best role for destroying most types of enemy vehicles. Can play an important role in the survival of the group.
  • Heavy Weapons - The Heavy Weapons Role utilizes a Z-6 Rotary Cannon to help clear out large groups of enemy infantry quickly.
  • Marksman - The Marksman Role utilizes a longer ranged weapon such as a DC-15X or Valken. These units, not as skilled as an ARF Trooper Sniper, will stick with infantry and are useful in taking out backline enemies during a firefight.
  • Medic - The Medic Role is key to keeping everyone in the fight, a unit cannot function without these clones.
  • Engineer - The Engineer Role is useful for defense. These clones have the training required to repair vehicles, construct fortifications, and disarm explosives.
  • RTO - The RTO Role is mainly used closely alongside any kind of leader, these clones are used to help relay tactics, commands, and information throughout the chain of command.
  • Pilot - The Pilot Role is quite self-explanatory; the Pilots will use what air vehicles they have available to assist with transportation and heavy fire support.
  • Support Pilot - The Support Pilot Role is a specific role designated to assisting Pilots, Support Pilots will always be the copilot or gunner for our Pilots, while also managing any type of radio traffic.
  • ARF Trooper (Hand Picked) - The ARF Trooper Role is a Recon/Support role used in pre-operation recon. These units will also occasionally be supplied AT-RT walkers to utilize with assisting infantry.
  • Team Leader - The Team Leader Role is the manager, and leader, of a small infantry team within a squad. These units are essential in the command structure of a unit.
  • Squad Leader (Hand Picked) - The Squad Leader role is essentially the ARC Troopers of the unit. These units come from hand-picked Team Leaders that have proved themselves capable of unit management and leadership. ARC Troopers must work closely with both teams within their squad and help out wherever they can.
(Roles are subject to being closed when joining the unit so keep your mind open)
When are our operation times?
Sundays and Tuesdays at 7/7:30 PM EST.
Attendance is not mandatory.
We are not a MILSIM unit. We take things seriously during operations in a more laid-back manner, but there's always a time and a place. This doesn't mean we don't know how to have fun.
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2023.05.28 19:01 witch-of-the-wilds Used Book Stores

I have a small collection of books that I was hoping to trade for store credit at a used book store, but I’m not sure where to go. What is the best option? How much credit do they usually give? Any suggestions are appreciated.
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2023.05.28 19:01 AutoModerator [Weekly: Stationery Prompt Day] Have ideas for journal, writing, or stationery prompts? Share them here with the community!

About Our Weekly Writing Prompt Day:
Find yourself journaling, writing, and doing the same thing every single week with your supplies? Looking for ideas or a fun new way to approach using your tools? Or maybe you're looking for fun questions to ask your Pen Pals, or want to come up with a fun and creative story for your next short story? Whatever the situation, our stationery prompts can come in handy.
How To Participate in Writing Prompt Day:
That's all there is to it! Have fun!
- the ilovestationery team
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2023.05.28 19:01 Able_Possession8736 A Comprehensive Guide to Pro Football Video Game Covers

Another Madden $70 re-skin is upon us, so let's take a moment to explore the history of all the people who have been featured on the cover of an pro football video game.
While the selection of the Madden cover athlete is now an event, there was a wild wild west period of football games from the 80s to the mid-2000s where anybody with a computer could and would build football games, with the selection of the cover being all over the place. Roger Craig was the first cover athlete in 1985 on NFL Challenge for MS-DOS. Madden's first game was in 1988, then by the mid-90s getting a cover athlete or spokesman for your football game was pretty standard.
I wanted to compile those games and covers based on this Wiki article (and a few that it was missing from that list) and see who was on the main cover of all of those games (some games were almost completely irrelevant, so I left them off this list). Some of these may have more alternates with other people, but I'll stick with the main cover.

Covers by Position
*These are heavily boosted by John Madden being on 10 Madden covers
Obviously QBs dominate here, but I didn't realize how little defensive players have been on football game covers (9%), with none being on a cover since Richard Sherman in 2014. I'd love to see more defensive players on the Madden cover. Who would be the most likely defensive guy in the near future? Aaron Donald, TJ Watt, Nick Bosa, Myles Garrett, or Sauce Gardner?

Covers by Team
If a team's player was not a lead on the cover or was not any identifiable player, I gave them a *
The Re-skins/Commanders?, Jags, Panthers, and Bills have appeared on a cover but never with an athlete as the lead or with a real person. Only the Texans have never appeared at all on the cover of any football video game. I'd say the Bills are most likely to get one next (Josh Allen), then the Jags (Trevor Lawrence), then the Panthers/Texans if either hits a home run with Young or Stroud. The Commanders have a long road ahead to getting a feature cover athlete, unless you ask Sam Howell who thinks he should be this year's Madden cover athlete.

Most Prolific Cover People
Kordell Stewart, Daunte Culpepper, and Donovan McNabb (and possibly Lamar Jackson, still too early for him) are the only players with multiple appearances that are either not or are unlikely to make the Hall of Fame. McNabb is the only guy to appear in multiple covers in the same year. Also of note, 7 athletes were on a cover without ever making a pro bowl in their careers: Brad Muster, Pat Terrell, Gordon Laro, Chris Zorich, Albert Fontenot, William Floyd, and Peyton Hillis (Hillis was the only one to be the primary cover athlete).
I'll list all the games and their respective covers by their era below. I'll also attach some of my favorite covers from each era. If the cover person was a Hall of Famer, I'll mark them with a \). If they're very likely to make the HoF but they're not yet eligible, I'll mark them with a +

Covers by Era

Decade # of Games # of Games w/Cover Athletes # of Cover Athletes
60s 1 0 0
70s 4 0 0
80s 11 2 (18%) 2
90s 36 32 (89%) 21
00s 40 38 (95%) 36
10s 14 10 (71%) 12
20s 8 4 (50%) 5
Total 114 86 (75%) 76
We didn't see the first cover athlete until 1985 with Roger Craig. They didn't really become standard until the early to mid-90s after Madden became a big selling point for the early Madden games. The dip in the last 2 decades is because there's just less games, so any generic football games will have a large effect.

The Early Days: 1965-1982

1978: Football! for the Magnavox Odyssey 2 was the first football video game with a cover, but obviously the cover athletes are generic.
Year Game Cover Athlete Team Position
1972 Football (Magnavox) NA NA NA
1978 Football! Generic players NA NA
1978 Football (Atari) Generic players NA NA
1979 NFL Football Generic players NA NA
1982 Realsports: Football Generic players NA NA

The 2D Era: 1983-1996

1985: NFL Challenge was the first football game with a real cover athlete (Roger Craig). This was the original bar for realism in football simulation, to where it was used in a 1988 ESPN Program \"NFL Dream Season\" where they simulated the greatest teams of all time against each other.
1988: John Madden Football released on the Apple II, MS-DOS, and Commodore 64/128 (partly being developed by Bethesda), which was the beginning of the most dominant franchise in football video games. They featured no NFL teams due to a lack of an NFL license.
1991: Tecmo Super Bowl is probably still my personal favorite football video game. It's totally timeless, and if you pick the Raiders then you're a cheater.
Year Game Cover Athlete Team Position
1983 10-Yard Fight Generic Jersey NA NA
1984 Super Action Football Generic player NA NA
1985 NFL Challenge Roger Craig 49ers RB
1987 4th & Inches Generic players NA NA
1987 Tecmo Bowl Generic players NA NA
1988 TV Sports: Football Generic player NA NA
1988 John Madden Football ('88) John Madden* None John Madden
1989 ABC Monday Night Football Generic player NA NA
1989 NFL Generic players 49ers, Raiders, Oilers, Broncos, Re-skins NA
1989 PlayMaker Football Equipment NA NA
1990 Joe Montana Football Joe Montana* None QB
1990 John Madden Football ('90) John Madden* None John Madden
1991 John Madden Football II (or '92) John Madden* None John Madden
1991 Tecmo Super Bowl Generic player NA NA
1992 NFL Sports Talk Football '93 Joe Montana* 49ers QB
1992 Front Page Sports Football Generic players NA NA
1993 Capcom's MVP Football Brad Muster Bears FB
1993 Madden NFL '94 John Madden* NA HC/Announcer
1993 NFL Football '94 Starring Joe Montana Joe Montana* Chiefs QB
1993 Mutant League Football Mutant NA NA
1994 ESPN Sunday Night NFL Chris Berman NA Announcer
1994 Madden NFL '95 John Madden* NA John Madden
1994 Tecmo Super Bowl II: Special Edition Generic player Cowboys NA
1994 Troy Aikman NFL Football Troy Aikman* Cowboys QB
1995 Emmitt Smith Football Emmitt Smith* None RB
1995 Madden NFL '96 John Madden*, Pat Terrell, Gordon Laro NA, Panthers, Jags John Madden, DB, TE
1995 NFL Quarterback Club 96 Steve Young*, Chris Zorich, Albert Fontenot 49ers, Bears QB, DL
1995 Sterling Sharpe: End 2 End Sterling Sharpe None WR
1995 Tecmo Super Bowl III: Final Edition Generic players Raiders, Bills NA
1995 NFL GameDay William Floyd 49ers FB
1996 Madden NFL 97 John Madden* NA John Madden
1996 NFL '97 Kordell Stewart Steelers QB
1996 NFL Quarterback Club 97 Dan Marino* Dolphins QB
1996 NFL GameDay '97 Daryl "Moose" Johnston Cowboys FB

The Parity Era: 1997-2004

1997: NFL Blitz came from Midway studios and was a breath of fresh air for football games. They had mostly been stagnant trying to hone in on realistic simulation in 2D form, whereas Blitz came out in 3D and threw realism out the window. I definitely spent too much money on the arcade version of this game.
2000: Madden 2001 started the tradition of having their games feature a cover athlete in this format, which consolidated into nearly everyone following this trend.
2001: Backyard Football 2002 was a more kid-friendly version of a football video game, and they also had other games for other professional sports. I definitely played this a lot on my old Windows Me computer, and Pablo Sanchez is a god.
2002: NFL Fever was Microsoft's foray into football video games on the original Xbox. All 3 of their games featured Peyton Manning as the cover athlete.
2002: NFL GameDay 2003 was 989 Sports' exclusive for Sony on the PlayStation platform.
2004: ESPN NFL 2K5 was the last great football game before the NFL exclusively gave their license to the EA. It was this game that definitely led to NFL's decision though, as they slashed their release price to an unheard of $20, which forced Madden 2004 to release at $30 instead of the typical $50. This pissed off the NFL, who decided to have less competition instead.
Year Game Cover Athlete Team Position
1997 NFL Blitz Kordell Stewart Steelers QB
1997 NFL Quarterback Club 98 Brett Favre* Packers QB
1997 NFL GameDay '98 Jerome Bettis* Steelers RB
1997 Madden NFL 98 (64) John Madden* NA John Madden
1998 NFL Xtreme Mike Alstott Bucs FB
1998 NFL Quarterback Club 99 Brett Favre* Packers QB
1998 NFL GameDay '99 Terrell Davis* Broncos RB
1998 Madden NFL 99 John Madden* NA John Madden
1999 NFL Xtreme 2 John Randle* Vikings DL
1999 NFL Quarterback Club 2000 Brett Favre* Packers QB
1999 NFL GameDay 2000 Terrell Davis* Broncos RB
1999 NFL 2K Randy Moss* Vikings WR
1999 Madden NFL 2000 John Madden* NA John Madden
1999 Backyard Football Steve Young)*, Jocinda Smith, Amir Khan 49ers, Generic QB
2000 NFL Quarterback Club 2001 Brett Favre* Packers QB
2000 NFL GameDay 2001 Marshall Faulk* Rams RB
2000 NFL 2K1 Randy Moss* Vikings WR
2000 Madden NFL 2001 Eddie George Titans RB
2001 NFL Quarterback Club 2002 Brett Favre*, Rich Gannon Packers, Raiders QB
2001 NFL GameDay 2002 Donovan McNabb Eagles QB
2001 NFL Fever 2002 Peyton Manning* Colts QB
2001 NFL 2K2 Randy Moss* Vikings WR
2001 Madden NFL 2002 Daunte Culpepper Vikings QB
2001 Backyard Football 2002 Drew Bledsoe or Donovan McNabb Pats or Eagles QB
2001 ESPN NFL PrimeTime 2002 Edgerrin James* Colts RB
2002 NFL GameDay 2003 Tom Brady+ Pats QB
2002 NFL Fever 2003 Peyton Manning* Colts QB
2002 NFL 2K3 Brian Urlacher* Bears LB
2002 Madden NFL 2003 Marshall Faulk* Rams RB
2003 NFL GameDay 2004 LaDainian Tomlinson* Chargers RB
2003 NFL Fever 2004 Peyton Manning* Colts QB
2003 Madden NFL 2004 Michael Vick Falcons QB
2003 ESPN NFL Football Warren Sapp* Bucs DL
2003 Backyard Football 2004 Jeff Garcia 49ers QB
2004 NFL GameDay 2005 Derrick Brooks* Bucs LB
2004 Madden NFL 2005 Ray Lewis* Ravens LB
2004 ESPN NFL 2K5 Terrell Owens* Eagles WR
2004 NFL Street Ricky Williams Dolphins RB

The Madden Era: 2005-Present

2005: NFL Street 2 was the second in the NFL Street series as a kind of spiritual successor to NFL Blitz. EA tried to have some diversity in their football video games outside of the Madden franchise, so they had the short-lived Street franchise under \"EA BIG\"
2006: NFL Head Coach was a new perspective on NFL Games where you play as the coach instead of the players. I enjoyed these although they could get a little boring.
2007: All Pro Football 2K8 was 2K's attempt at keeping the 2K football franchise alive without the coveted NFL license. They got three HoF players on the cover in Elway, Barry, and Rice, but not the actual license to any NFL team. This game received praise for its mechanics, but poor sales showed that a non-NFL licensed game would always struggle to make it.
2011: Madden 12 was maybe the last good Madden game. Also, Peyton Hillis. The only guy on a NFL football game cover to never make a Pro Bowl. This guy is an actual hero though, so good for him.
2019: Doug Flutie's Maximum Football was a mix of american and CFL football as another attempt at making a football game without the NFL license to poor results. They have announced a new game as a free to play title on new platforms, but no games in this franchise have released since 2020.
2020: Retro Bowl is a mobile game more in the style of Tecmo Super Bowl than Madden. It's probably the most successful non-Madden game since ESPN NFL 2K5, and it's pretty fun. People should definitely give this one a try since it's free to play on any mobile platform.
2022: Madden 23 gave the cover back to Madden for the first time since 1999 to honor the passing of the legend John Madden. Unfortunately the game inside the cover was crap, has been the style of Madden games for over a decade.
Year Game Cover Athlete Team Position
2005 Madden NFL 06 Donovan McNabb Eagles QB
2005 NFL Street 2 Jeremy Shockey, Xzibit Giants, Pimp My Ride TE, Rapper
2005 Blitz: The League Generic players NA NA
2005 Backyard Football 2006 Daunte Culpepper Vikings QB
2006 Madden NFL 07 Shaun Alexander Seahawks RB
2006 NFL Head Coach Bill Cowher* Steelers HC
2006 NFL Street 3 Chad Johnson Bengals WR
2007 Backyard Football '07 Ben Roethlisberger+ Steelers QB
2007 Madden NFL 08 Vince Young Titans QB
2007 All-Pro Football 2K8 John Elway*, Barry Sanders*, Jerry Rice* Generic QB, RB, WR
2007 Backyard Football '08 Tom Brady+ Pats QB
2008 NFL Tour Shawne Merriman Chargers LB
2008 NFL Head Coach 09 Tony Dungy* Colts HC
2008 Backyard Football '09 Tom Brady+ Pats QB
2009 Madden NFL 10 Troy Polamalu*, Larry Fitzgerald+ Steelers, Cards DB, WR
2009 Backyard Football '10 Frank Gore+, Eli Manning+, Kurt Warner*, Peyton Manning*, Adrian Peterson+, Jason Witten+ 49ers, Giants, Cards, Colts, Vikings, Cowboys RB, QB, TE
2010 Quick Hit Football Logo NA NA
2010 Madden NFL 11 Drew Brees+ Saints QB
2010 Backbreaker Generic player NA NA
2011 Madden NFL 12 Peyton Hillis Browns RB
2012 Madden NFL 13 Calvin Johnson* Lions WR
2013 Madden NFL 25 Barry Sanders* or Adrian Peterson+ Lions or Vikings RB
2014 Madden NFL 15 Richard Sherman+ Seahawks DB
2015 Madden NFL 16 Odell Beckham Jr. Giants WR
2016 Madden NFL 17 Rob Gronkowski+ Pats TE
2016 Axis Football 2016 Generic player NA NA
2017 Madden NFL 18 Tom Brady+ Pats QB
2017 Axis Football 17 Generic player NA NA
2018 Madden NFL 19 Antonio Brown+ Steelers WR
2019 Doug Flutie's Maximum Football 2019 Doug Flutie Generic (Stampeders) QB
2020 Sunday Rivals Helmet NA NA
2020 Retro Bowl Generic player NA NA
2020 Legend Bowl Silhouette NA NA
2019 Madden NFL 20 Patrick Mahomes+ Chiefs QB
2020 Madden NFL 21 Lamar Jackson Ravens QB
2021 Madden NFL 22 Tom Brady+, Patrick Mahomes+ Bucs, Chiefs QB
2022 Madden NFL 23 John Madden* NA John Madden
2023 NFL Pro Era Lamar Jackson Ravens QB
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2023.05.28 19:01 ghebinkim First Bash - Arrma Vorteks BLX

First Bash - Arrma Vorteks BLX
Ran two 2S packs through this car today, and man what an upgrade from the Granite Voltage. I can't imagine how fast it will be on 3S. The build quality is miles better as well.
Checked the axle stub shaft screws and gear mesh, and set the end points, before taking it out as I've seen recommended here and elsewhere. Loosened the mesh ever so slightly but otherwise everything seemed ok from the factory.
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2023.05.28 19:01 PvtMurphy Evidence of manipulative AI

Alright my friends, this will be a lengthy one.
TL;DR: AI speed up or down based on your level and perceived player ability while their level remains the same. Avoid this game if you want your racing ability to matter.


More than a month ago I released a small experimental youtube video where I waited for 25 seconds at the start of the race and then try to catch up to the AI. Then I raced the same race from the start. The finish times were as if the AI waited for 25 seconds at the start of the race as well. Evidence of manipulation.
After that, I decided to go a bit bigger on it. Though halfway through editting my video I realized I was putting more effort into this than Gameloft had and I kinda binned it. So instead I'll quickly summarize my findings here since rubberbanding has been mentioned again in another thread.

Acquiring of data

This time I wanted to grab something that I could measure. The average speed of each racer. Because we know the duration of the race and we can find out the track length, we can easily use that formula we all learned in early high school to find out the speed.
When I waited for 25 seconds at the start, I wouldn't use any items until I caught up with the 7th place racer so that I wouldn't sometimes get teleport and sometimes not. All of this just for clean data.
I wrote down my times for all these races. I wrote down the tikmes of the fastest three AI's and the slowest AI. Then I averaged these all out to get to 1 average time per variable that I've described above. Then used that time to measure the average speed.

The results:

There is some really weird stuff going on with the AI and their speeds. Check it out.
Waiting at -1 Recommended Level
Time: Average Speed: Adjusted -25 sec:
Me: 2:39:20 132.2 Km/h 159.3 Km/h
Fast AI: 2:25:47 143.8 Km/h
Slow AI: 2:43:53 130.4 Km/h
Race at -1 Recommended Level
Time Average Speed:
Me: 2:16:05 157.1 Km/h
Fast AI: 2:19:33 153.2 Km/h
Slow AI: 2:31:27 141.2 Km/h

Waiting at Recommended Level
Time: Average Speed: Adjusted -25 sec:
Me: 2:37:24 135.9 Km/h 157.4 Km/h
Fast AI: 2:27:48 144.7 Km/h
Slow AI: 2:44:42 129.8 Km/h
Race at Recommended Level
Time Average Speed:
Me: 2:16:20 156.8 Km/h
Fast AI: 2:18:40 154.2 Km/h
Slow AI: 2:33:00 139.7 Km/h

Waiting at +1 Recommended Level
Time: Average Speed: Adjusted -25 sec:
Me: 2:39:30 134.1 Km/h 159.5 Km/h
Fast AI: 2:31:24 141.2 Km/h
Slow AI: 2:45:54 128.9 Km/h
Race at +1 Recommended Level
Time Average Speed:
Me: 2:16:07 156.1 Km/h
Fast AI: 2:19:33 153.2 Km/h
Slow AI: 2:32:13 140.4 Km/h

Waiting at +18 Recommended Level
Time: Average Speed: Adjusted -25 sec:
Me: 2:28:00 144.5 Km/h 148 Km/h
Fast AI: 2:34:00 138.9 Km/h
Slow AI: 2:51:00 125.1 Km/h
Race at +18 Recommended Level
Time Average Speed:
Me: 1:56:00 184.3 Km/h
Fast AI: 2:03:30 173.2 Km/h
Slow AI: 2:05:30 170.3 Km/h

Race at -13 Recommended Level
Time Average Speed:
Me: 2:11:40 131.7 Km/h
Fast AI: 1:50:40 193.2 Km/h
Slow AI: 2:15:20 158 Km/h

All raw data can be found in the link below. I apologise for the absolute state of the spreadsheet. I don't feel like tidying it up and I mostly used it as a sort of notepad for when I was editting the video and recording the voice-over.

Kowalski, analysis:

Hyper-speed AI when I'm underleveled as f-
The most interesting thing I've noticed was my latest experiment. Here I was playing as a lvl 1 Mowgli, the AI suddenly went at 193.2 km/h. Which is something my lvl 32 Mike can't even get. Keep in mind that this race recommended level is 14. So just because I went with a lvl 1 racer, the game decides that winning should be 110% impossible. And breaks all the rules to make sure this happens.
If we take three data points for OUR average speed:Level 1 = 131.7 Km/hLevel 14 = 156.8 Km/hLevel 32 = 184.3 Km/h
Now we can make a VERY ROUGH estimate of Km/h increase per level.Lvl 1 to 14 = 1.93 Km/h Per Level AverageLvl 14 to 32 = 1.72 Km/h Per Level Average
We can see a downward trend, but let's forget about that. Let's give the AI the benefit of the doubt that there is no downward trend. This will make the following the best case scenario. We know my lvl 32 speed, and now we see how much faster the fastest AI is. 193.2-184.3 = 8.9 Km/h Faster. 8.9 / 1.72 = 5.17. See the conclusion for this result...


Cheating AI proven
So because I was a level 1 Mowgli doing fairly well. The game decides that the fastest AI should race at the speed of a Level 37 Racer just to make sure I don't win.

Rubberbanding made manifest
If I wait for 25 seconds at the start at around the recommended level of the race. The AI will drive per average 10 Km/h slower than when I race from the very start. Now we have to wonder, right? Are they slowing down for me? Or are they speeding up when I'm racing from the start?

The other side of rubberbanding
Who doesn't like the absolute thrill of having enemies on your ass the entire time even though you're absolutely outleveling this race? While the opponents levels remained the same. When I came back to the race while being +18 levels above the recommended level. Then suddenly the opponents went roughly 19Km/h faster too.
Which we can now calculate. The level 14 AI went the speed that's associated with a level 25 racer. Just because I'm higher level.

Perspective matters
If we only take the times where I raced from the start without the gimmicky waiting at the start. Then we can really tell the variety in average driving speeds. If we take my slowest driving speed (Level 14 Mike at 156.8 Km/h) and my fastest driving speed (Level 32 Mike at 184.3 Km/h) we can see the difference between them. That's a speed difference of 15%.
Now if we do the same with the AI speeds. The slowest AI speed (Level 13 Mike at 153.2 Km/h) and the fastest recorded AI speed (Lvl 1 Mowgli at 193.2 Km/h) we can tell that the difference between that speed is greater at 21% difference.
So why does the AI scale harder than the player depending on levels? It's not in the player's favor, I can tell you that.

Closing statements

I didn't want to go into -all- the results and go full data-analyst on it. Though I think that the evidence I've provided is more than enough to show that Gameloft designed their AI to be manipulative. To give a false sense of competition. To detract from the player's ability and skill in favor of racer level.
It's downright embarrassing. You may as well not play the game. Gameloft if you're listening, you didn't need to make the maps. Or the racers. Or all the assets you put into this. All you had to do was set up the leveling system and then have a big auto-resolve button. If you meet criteria, you get the reward for that race. If you don't, well, buy more upgrade tokens and try again.
It's obvious that this game is a mobile cashgrab. If you value your time, if you value actually playing a game and mastering it. Avoid this embarrassment at all costs. Because none of it matters. It's all smoke and mirrors.
If this game was fair. Then the average speeds of the AI would be the same all the time. It wouldn't matter what level I was. The race as for recommended for level 14. AI racers would have a max speed, like players do. They would have a handling setting. They would have a boost setting. A combat value. (Whatever that means) All of these would be static. And go higher when the race is a higher level. And lower when the race is a lower level.
That simple.
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2023.05.28 19:00 External-Excuse-3678 Life is basically unfair...

Parents sent me to the best school in the state. Literally grinded as hard as I could. Family issues... Couldn't score much in borads despite being 4th ranker in pre boards. Somehow got in a tier 1 university. Had a soul crushing time. Years of being uptight caught up even at such a young age. Health issues which a 45 yr old has, I had them. Somehow about to get done with 5 yr degree. Got to do a masters :l no other option. Meanwhile due to stress and health issues, which are way better btw, I lack social skills. Most women simply say I'm too nerdy, which I am. Women I talk to are more or less appreciative of how genuine I am and I guess that's the issue.
I don't regret not having a social circle or not doing things with people but years of academic stress just made me hate myself and also very individualistic.
Even though family is now supportive and considerate and future looks good too👍🏼. Just feel somewhat guilty, unsatisfied about whatever happened in the last 5 yrs of university life.
Years of hardwork and still have to do more.
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2023.05.28 19:00 Impressive-Amoeba-46 Summer holiday bbqs are great

Went to my in laws yesterday. Majority of them alcoholics just like me. And they know how to party. I had 12 white claws, idk how many Surfsides and numerous tequila shots. Someone brought a bottle of Patron and we killed it in 15 mins. My FIL demanded we needed more so they went and got 2 more bottles (the one sober person drove to get it). Finished those too. Somehow I didn't black out? Strange. I usually do, but I did actually eat through out the day so that had to help.
Today I get to go to my cousins house for a BBQ and know I'll be kicking back beverages there as well. Unfortunately I have to work on Memorial Day so I'm hoping I don't feel too shitty tmw. I don't plan on being productive and I work from home so I should be ok. I just know I'm going to wake up and want to continue drinking, but last time I did that I drank way too much and went to bed mid work day without telling anyone. No one noticed but the fear and shame of it all took a while to let go of.
Anyway I'm surrounded by alcoholics so no one's worried about me. For now my life is still somewhat together and I have no thoughts of ever giving up drinking. I just have to be smart about it, which an alcoholic can't really be that smart about it. Once I start drinking, my body is programmed to drink until I pass out. It does suck always thinking about it and worrying that you won't have enough. It's a vicious cycle too where you wake up feeling shame and anxious about what you did while drinking, but continue to drink more to forget about those feelings.
Ok I kind of went on a tangent there, but chairs everyone! Enjoy your bbqs and especially the alcohol!
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2023.05.28 19:00 Kronik352 RED VELVET Flower REVIEW

HERE, I reviewed the Red Velvet strain from Cookies, in their flower form.
Not QUITE as good, overall, as the Madison Square Gumbo strain, talked about and shown, on a previous live, here.
With that said though, this stuff....even though it was my wake-n-bake sesh of today, hit me with GREAT sativa effects! Had me really enjoying that 'stoner like/fuzzy/dazed' high that I love so much. KINDA hate how they 'machine fuk' the hell outta the buds, tryna trim em.
Red Velvet Flower
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2023.05.28 19:00 enterpriseF-love Just want to show some credit to an absolute mad lad from this season (and some thoughts on the final 4)

Charbel is equally amusing as he is talented. I wish we got to see more of him and his wacky dishes. Probably forgetting a bunch of moments but here's a short recap:
I do wish he came back from LCK but credit to the remaining 4 chefs. Buddha has tremendous momentum and it feels like it's his game to lose. Whatever happens in the finale, it's gonna take some next-level shit to beat him. Ali has been consistently strong throughout displaying flavors from his culture and I'm pulling for him the most. Gabri is pure chaos but he reminds me a bit of Hung only just like 100x more nuts in the kitchen and I love him for it. I think he's a complete wild card. He has some iconic lines too: "you better cheer for me bitch!" His flavors tend to be on point if he can manage his time well. Sara has managed to put a Southern spin on dishes that have shown complex flavor profiles and it's been a delight to watch her personality change from season 16. Much more relaxed and fun especially considering the enormous stress of being away from her kids. I feel like this finale will be the best one we've ever seen.
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2023.05.28 19:00 g28802 The 3 delays on my board.

The 3 delays on my board.
I really love these a lot, the carbon copy honestly my most favorite. It just works, it does so much with so little. It, other than my tuner is the pedal ive ram the longest. The supa-puss can get insanely whacky and can create some really fun space and ambience, and the lucky cat does work, period. Honestly, I need to spend more time with it so I can figure out how to use it “the wrong way.” Now I find myself needing a lo-fi/8 bit, crushy type delay to help fill the void for the music I’m writing. What have you guys used that hits that mark?
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2023.05.28 19:00 AutoModerator Curious Question Sunday - May 28, 2023

Hey everyone,
Have you always wondered or been curious about something piercing related but it feels like a dumb question to ask a piercer or piercing enthusiast or you’re embarrassed that you don’t know the answer?
The only dumb question is the question you never asked, so welcome to the weekly curious question thread!
Have you always wanted to know how do people sleep with all those piercings, what LITHA stands for or if others get nervous as well when changing jewelry, then this is your chance. Drop your question in the comments.
The rules;
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