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Equity Question 4

2023.03.22 14:10 keichunyan Equity Question 4

What the hell did you guys answer, I was nearly bawling. That was a company question surely? And no normal injunction question?
I answered for question 4 that perhaps injunctions would be a way to prevent the company shutting down and therefore making the damages unreachable, so perhaps a quia timet or mareva would be appropriate.
Once again I had 4 good questions and the 5th absolutely broke me
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2023.03.22 14:10 BoyThasCap Safe to say it was rough...

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2023.03.22 14:09 irondethimpreza [Tw] With active genocide being increasingly likely in the US, is it still worth getting bottom surgery?

So,some background... I'm around 3 years on mtf hrt. I live in a purple state, annd I have bottom surgery scheduled in the near future.
With the current republican effort to legally, if not actually, eradicate us, is it even worth going through bottom surgery? The idea of ending up without hormones and going into menopause in my mid to late 30s after surgery, terrifies me.
While I went the surgery, the stress of seeing everything going on has made it exceedingly difficult to fully appreciate what would otherwise be a triumphant moment.
I'm just so emotionally lost, and I really don't know what to do, or where to turn. So many cis people are completely blind, even well meaning ones.
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2023.03.22 14:08 HawkKooky2078 Reefer Repair Service in Arizona

Reefer Repair Service in Arizona

Reefer Repair Service
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Breakdown Inc also offers a convenient truck breakdown app, which allows truck drivers to easily request roadside assistance and track the status of their repair in real time. This app has been a game-changer for many truckers in Arizona, who no longer have to waste time and money searching for a reliable repair service.
If you're looking for reefer trailer repair near me, Breakdown Inc is the name to trust. They work with all major brands, including Thermo King, and can provide everything from routine maintenance to emergency repairs. Contact them today for fast and reliable truck repair services in Arizona.
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2023.03.22 14:07 FNKgamer98 7599 4757 4792 Looking to send and receive gifts daily

I don’t have many pokestops near me so the only way for me to restock items is through friend gifts
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2023.03.22 14:06 M4FCuddle84010 [M4f] looking for in my zip code [friendship] platonic

👋Looking for younger, positive, physically active college age respectful ladies in or near my zip code who need to platonically cuddle for health and wellness, not dating, no long distance. In-call only & close to transit. D.M only, no comments pls. Pls no catfishers trying to get me to look at their personal art, not interested. Thankyou for reading
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2023.03.22 14:06 Dxb4fun Al Ain massage contact number 0555228626 Contact number Al Ain massage

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2023.03.22 14:05 partytwotimes Me (26M) and my partner (25F) of 6 years and her Narcissistic Mother

Hey everyone,
My Fiance (25F) and I (26M) have been together for nearly 6 years and over that time we have been working on this issue. My partner has explained to me the lifelong dynamic of her and her mother and I continue to witness it first hand, daily. Her mother's (48F) controlling behaviour, guilt trips, random outbursts, and constant lying in order to put her (and recently I) down is only getting worse. My partner goes to councilling over this but my question is more directed to how active I should be in this nightmare. My partner comes to me daily about the phone call or visit she had that day and the things that were said. Although I listen and try and be supportive since they really do have an unfair relationship, it has become challenging for me and our relationship. I'm finding myself getting frustrated and wanting it to be over because there is no end in sight. It's the same thing, every day. It has completely consumed our lives, we talk about it for sometimes hours every night. Something needs to change but I don't want to overstep or make it worse somehow. She has tried inviting her to counciling and having a discussion as well as setting boundaries but nothing materializes in the slightest.
What advise should I be giving as her supporter and how do we manage this going forward? I'm not sure we can do this for another 6 years like this and it not be detrimental to our relationship. How do I express my feelings without making it about me and simply reiterate the need for change?
Hopefully this all makes some sort of sense.
Thank you.
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2023.03.22 14:05 LmNoP1092 FND is ruining my life, just looking for support

Hey ya'll, I'm 15, male. In November of 2022 started to feel crazy nauseous, every day, all day, at night as well. It became quickly apparent that there was no way I could continue school so I dropped out and my family and I started looking for help. We did roughly a jillion test, everything was fine, MRI's, etc. I was finally diagnosed with FND after nearly 4 months of confusion, worry anger and depression. Throughout that time, and even after I was diagnosed, symptoms continued to build. I started getting crazy migraines that had me in bed more or less screaming, ultra realistic hallucinations, complete loss of my temporary memory for 3 months, I lost my balance and had to walk with two canes, intense tremors, loss of sight, hearing touch and smell, plus a few more besides. I have been very slowly improving over the last 5 months or so, but am still struggling mightily to go to school and am constantly stressed and angry. My family is under incredible stress with trying to figure out what to do for me and where to turn next. I am looking for any ideas that people have, coping strategies, specific specialists, meditation routines, clinics (does such a thing exist?), good shows, honestly anything would be wonderful and greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.22 14:05 alt_for_ranting Now that we have rotated all days of Thread Luxcavations, what are your thoughts about them?

Do You Want To Get Beat? Hurtily?
Somewhat annoying due to its revival gimmick, the event is tad drawn out and the big bot hits hard if you are not careful.
Pink Shoes
Mostly fine, its mainly mobs without particular interesting points and event is simple.
Doomsday Calendar
If you dragged the fight too long you get wrecked by strong AOE, fortunately it is rather easy to bring it down, and the events are quite entertaining with me having to make sure one mob is gone.
Ebony Queen's Apple
The debuff it hands out is somewhat difficult, but its not too difficult. Gimmick of breaking apple making it weak to all sort of attack is fun to abuse.
Headless Ichthys
THIS F&%KING FISH. Not only its attacks are strong, but also numerous, being 6 which makes it near impossible not to get a hit. So far best way seems to break the body and/or tail first, remove some of strongest attacks and just bash it with EGO
Golden Apple
Infamous apple from cante 1, its not challenging much but as time of writing there is a buy where it charges health when body part gets broken, fortunately even when you auto for most win rate the head usually goes down first and thus is easy to beat.
Alleyway Watchdog
Fragile doggo goes to sleep quick, there really isn't much to say.
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2023.03.22 14:04 GirlRantsALot Nobody told me the puppy stage would lead to breakdowns

My husband and I are first time pet owners with a 4 month old puppy corgi we named Dante. I thought I was as ready as I can be - watched as many videos, prepared all the materials - but in the end it all really didn't amount to a lot when we got the puppy. Had a breakdown the first full day home with him, and now the puppy blues are in FULL SWING. Hubby works in retail so he manages stores and operations across the country, and the first week we have with Dante, I'm doing alone.
My whole life has been upended in a span of days. Goodbye to personal independence as I am unable to leave the puppy alone for even a second since they're not potty trained. Going outside is not really an option for us yet because we need to see the vet first and the 3x a day walks are near impossible when we live in the 7th floor of our condo. Pee pads have been working and I celebrate every small win when he pees on the pad or poops there.
I know the general advice is to be strong and wait it out - it'll get better - but I just wanted to vent a little that nobody really told me just how difficult it would be to raise a puppy, to the point where sleeping and eating have been compromised. I wish more people were upfront and honest about this on socmed where a lot of dog lovers who have never raised a puppy before get their information; it's all cute at first but the hard work kicks in, as soon as the photos stop. And it's HARD LABOR. I seriously can't wait to get past this stage and on to the next where I can confidently say we got through the other side of puppy blues.
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2023.03.22 14:03 Fine_Ad_4364 Oh hey remember when you wanted me to quit drinking all those years?

Well it’s been damn near a year since I had a drink. I’m doing it, I’m living with out alcohol. It sure would be nice to have some encouragement or acknowledgment. But it’s not even on your radar is it? Oh well fuck it I’m doing this for me anyhow. So it doesn’t matter right?
So fucking frustrated. I don’t even know why I’m doing this anymore. My life is empty. I miss having friends. I miss hugs. I miss feeling loved. I miss feeling cared about. In the last nine months there’s been a total of one actual loving caring hug and now I wish it never happened. I’d forgotten what it could feel like and now I know what’s missing.
I’m not giving into alcohol today but I’m desperate for escape. I wish someone related in real life. I wish someone would acknowledge my pain and hold me for just a few seconds. Just a few seconds of relief and safety. I never expected this. I thought I would have given up long ago. Why do I continue? I don’t want to drink but I don’t want feel this either. I feel trapped. What’s the point of not drinking if I’m still trapped?
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2023.03.22 14:03 brokejetflyer 40yo FlatFooter - PowerStep?

Hi Everyone.
As I near 40, I’m starting to really consider the longevity of my flat feet as long periods of standing and running can certainly put me out with ankle or shin pain for weeks.
Finally saw a Podiatrist, took several X-rays, who recommended Powerstep Orthotics. I went ahead and ordered some inserts made for over-pronation.
But I also am reading the other school of thought is that once you use orthotics regularly, walking without them Is a challenge. Is that true ?
And are there any other orthotics you guys recommend for a flat-footer who over-pronates?
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2023.03.22 14:03 kempsam4 How do I get my DBQ?

I know this question has been asked a million times. I read through 90% of the answers but can’t seem to figure it out.
This was not a BDD claim. Any other solutions?
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2023.03.22 14:03 marbear1219 AITA for not inviting my aunt to my wedding and insisting if she tries to attend, she will be escorted off the property?

I (30F) am getting married in June. The invites were all sent months ago. I come from a big family. My mom is 1 of 6. I did not invite her sister, my aunt N (F 50s?) She is the only family member we did not invite.
My Aunt N & I have a very complicated history. We were very close when I was younger. She was the crazy unpredictable aunt that would let us buy and do anything we wanted. As I got older I started realizing my parents probably shouldn’t have trusted her with us in her care. She will do anything for attention. She’s a compulsive liar. And many other things (character limit) Then in HS she kidnapped me in the disguise of a California weekend trip, & held me from ransom against my parents. When I gave her a second chance in college she kicked me out onto the street, leading to me being homeless for over a month in a state where I had no family besides her to turn to for help. For me, that was my last straw.
After that she tried her behavior on to my other cousins, (theres 11 of us) keeping the cycle of trying to be the cool aunt. Then when she would over step, people got mad, & she got defensive & did something crazy. A few times worse than what she did to me. Since then, one of my uncles allegedly got a restraining order against her. She is not allowed near any of his children.
So tonight she called my mom trying to really butter her up with a sob story (for 30 + min) before begging for a invite. My mom told her she would have to talk to me directly, because it’s my wedding. To that, aunt N said “well arnt you paying for it? You should invite who you want.” Which my mom responded with, no, they are paying for the wedding 100% theirselves (something I’m v proud of btw. Yay us!) Aunt N was flabbergasted to say the least. She thought my parents paying for it would be her ticket in, if she could guilt trip them enough.
When my mom was summarizing this us my dad was also in the room. He insisted that saying no to her will not work. That she will try to show up and act like she was invited. I told him that if she decides to arrive, she will promptly be escorted off the property. I don’t want her there. My husband 100000% supports my decision. Also my uncle with the restraining order will be there with his kids. So legally, she can’t. My dad said “you should take the higher ground. It will ruin your day if you let her get to you. Just let her do her thing. I should ignore her & enjoy my day.
I said, having an unwanted guest will ruin my day. Not asking someone to leave. He leaned into it, saying that it is in bad taste. I asked him if I should just let any random person that didn’t get an invite attend. he said that’s different. She’s family.
We went back & forth for a good 15 minutes about this. When he left we were still not in agreement. He thinks IATA for not letting her stay if she intrudes and not taking the high ground. I can’t stop thinking about this and am now starting to question my boundaries. AITA?
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2023.03.22 14:02 Confident-Boss-6585 I (27M) have mentally given up on my family (Father 70M, Mother 53F, Sister 18F still in school)

My little sister left my parents house late at night and moved into my home. I desperately want my own space but understood her situation and took her in.
My father (70) does not even care. It is his only girl and his youngest child who left nearly a month ago in the middle of the night and he hasn't even so much as sent her a text to wish her well or find out why she left. The best my sister has gotten was a second hand message from our mother from him telling her to "do her best with her studies".
My mother (53) buries her head in the sand and pretends as though nothing has happened. She thinks that this will all blow over and we can all carry on as a happy family with enough time. She is more concerned about people "finding out" that our family has issues than with my sister getting support. She instantly panics and melts down at any problem.
My sister is clearly full of trauma. She breaks my stuff and lies about it. She makes my bills more and is barely eating. She clearly needs therapy and counselling but I frankly don't have the money, expertise or patience to give that to her. I have literally only just bought my flat and so much of it needs doing.
I tried to sit down with my parents when my sister was at her part time job to try and find a solution. My dad told me that he is too tired that day (Sunday) because he has work the next day and to ask him on Saturday as that is the best day for him. Later, he told my mother to tell me "nicely" that he doesn't want to talk about it and wants to focus on his retirement plan.
I am exhausted. I feel like this is not my responsibility, I often work until late hours of the night and look after both of us with basically no support.
Not sure if this sub is for platonic relationships but any advice for how I am feeling would be welcome.
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2023.03.22 14:02 haisjssj I absolutely hate to say this!!

I absolutely hate to say this or even think about it because I would never want any of my children to pass away. But Cassidy and Allen isn’t going to know what to do after Brayden passes away and the funeral is over with and people stop donating to their family and I’m aware it might take two or three months but eventually people will stop donating and her and Allen ain’t gonna have any idea how to provide for their selves or their two other children because all they’ve ever done is use Brayden as their cash cow to get income from everybody else so they don’t have to work And I hope that little boy lived a long time but if something does happen to him in the near future, they ain’t gonna have any idea what to do bc they money is going to stop flowing in no more fundraisers no more go fund me no more wish list because of the people that just buy the stuff on there because of Brayden she’s gonna be really lost when that happens. it’s going to hit her and Allen hard when they both have to get out and get a job to support their other two kids
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2023.03.22 14:02 stinky-birb WIBTA If I asked my friend for my money back after commissioning art from them?

For some background, my friend (27) and I (29), have been friends for almost a decade. They've had a really rough go the last few years, and I've always be as supportive as I could be with them. Our friendship is something I cherish greatly because we've been through so much together.The last couple of years, they've been struggling financially, and I've tried to help where I could ($50 here, $25 there etc). Unfortunately, most of our conversations have been reduced from "Hi, how are you?" to "Can you spot me some cash/buy this thing off me/commission me?" I don't give in as much as I used to, because I've felt like an ATM rather than a good friend. They've also never paid me back for the money they borrowed.
About a year ago, I asked them to draw a memorial portrait of my wife's family dog and my parrot (they had passed away 2 weeks apart). I had paid them in full ($60) after confirming they could do it. Since then, I've watched them flaunt expensive purchases, and complain they have no money while begging me and their followers to spot them. They've also been posting and sharing art in our circles that other people had paid for, while I've received nothing. I haven't even seen a sketch in a year. They've pulled this on me before when I purchased about almost $80 worth of stuff, and then didn't ship it out for nearly 9 months. I'm not rich either, I have my own bills to pay and I know more than anyone how hard it can be to struggle and be in debt. I understand that life and shit happens, but I feel like I've been taken advantage of because I'm a good friend.
Recently, I've been asking for some WIPs because it's taken so long. I've been told twice that they're coming, and still haven't received a line of artwork. My last message has been completely ignored. I don't give a shit if it's not done, I'd just like some transparency. Would I be justified if I asked for my money back? I've just messaged them again explaining that I understand that life happens, but I just need confirmation that they've actually started. I'm frustrated and heartbroken that this is what our friendship has become.
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2023.03.22 14:01 spicygay21 My roommate thinks we get along fine, but I'm seeing her as more and more obnoxious.

I'm in my first year of college and live in a double with a randomly assigned roommate, meaning I didn't know her before we were assigned to live together. At first, we got along great. We had similar friend groups, did certain activities together, went to meals together, etc: all the typical "new to college" roommate interactions.
Late last semester, my roommate and a few of her friends formed a club together. For the last 3 weeks of classes, this became her sole activity. She's a theater student, and everything that the club had to do to form on campus was made twice as dramatic (I have a friend who also formed a club under similar circumstances, also at my college, and it was nowhere near this dramatic).
When I arrived back on campus after winter break, I began to realize that my roommate ticks me off. I'm not sure if anything changed other than me having my own room previously. Either way, the small things that used to be fine started to genuinely piss me off. She talks loudly on the phone, treats everything like a huge deal, complains about the tiniest things, and has unsafe habits like leaving the door unlocked when she leaves. Additionally, she left a club we were both a part of (I'm part of the club leadership) because we said there might be a conflict with an event of her new club. When we tried to say we can't completely cater to everyone and work around every club event on campus, she got really passive aggressive. Additionally, I've had to stop hanging out with her and her friends because of how obnoxious they can be. Because they're theater kids, they're constantly trying to be the loudest in the room and have all the attention on them. That times 10 is just too much for me.
My roommate also just has the weirdest schedule that has pivoted from that of last semester. She sleeps in until 10 most days, and goes to bed around 1am. she doesn't party: this is solely due to her sitting in our room and watching tv. She'll occasionally talk about her tight deadlines, and I have to bite my tongue from saying that if she kept to a normal sleep schedule and tried to cut down hanging around time (not eliminate) she'd have more time.
The most recent thing that pissed me off happened when we had to all evacuate our dorm. 3 floors worth of students, huddled outside at 1am. Most of us had been asleep and were very tired. But not my roommate and her friends, who had all been awake watching a new show (individually, in their rooms). Instead, they start singing music from their theater club rehearsals-- very loudly. Everyone is staring at them (why are a bunch of freshman harmonizing during an evacuation) and me and one of my friends (whose roommate was also singing) were standing off to the side with a "wtf" expression on our face. Eventually we moved to the other side of the building to avoid them.
I support my roommate taking whatever classes, and I think it's cool that she made a club, but she's just obnoxious at this point. It's taking a lot of energy to not just rant all of this at her and make the room awkward for the rest of the year.
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2023.03.22 14:01 No-Coach8285 Looking to acquire empty commercial property

Hi all,
A bit of a strange situation - there's an empty commercial unit near me that's been vacant for about 12 years, I've managed to identify the owner and hired a search firm to trace them, but they've advised they are not within the UK. I've also spoken to the architect who submitted a planning application on behalf of the owner in 2017, who advised that they think the owner has moved back to China.
I'm interested in buying said property with a view to bringing it back to active commercial use (which I believe is also what the council wants) but without being able to contact the owner I'm really not sure on how to proceed.
Enquiries with the council have so far been fruitless.
I wondered if anybody had experience with anything like this or had any suggestions on how I might move forward?
Additional related advice or guidance is also appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Edit 1: Included location.
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2023.03.22 14:00 drchipdeurologist Best Urologist In Indore Urologist Near Me in Indore Aaradhya Uro Care

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2023.03.22 14:00 tf2-mod-developer-32 I'm a very sexual person dating an ace person

Emotionally, I have never met someone that understands me more. We have been cultivating an extremely nice and beautiful relationship, they help me so so much, and I like to think I help them in part. <3
But I am a near hyper-sexual person, I think about that stuff a ton, and all our cuddling and closeness increases those feelings.
I know this is hard. We have discussed this a ton before (good communication), but we haven't found any solutions.
I want to make this work, this makes me happier than anything in my life before. But as someone that's affected by hormones this hard, this is scary.
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