Erie common pleas court

Mexican man pleads guilty to smuggling migrants after crashing SUV in California, leaving 13 dead

2023.03.22 13:25 tonnie_taller Mexican man pleads guilty to smuggling migrants after crashing SUV in California, leaving 13 dead

A Mexican man pleaded guilty Tuesday to coordinating a smuggling effort that left 13 people dead when their overloaded SUV was struck by a big-rig after crossing the border into California two years ago. Jose Cruz Noguez, 49, of Mexicali, entered pleas in federal court to a charge of conspiracy to bring in undocumented migrants … Continue reading Mexican man pleads guilty to smuggling migrants after crashing SUV in California, leaving 13 dead
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2023.03.22 13:00 shinniethecat [F2M] Long term partner for Arthurian legends inspired fairy tale

In the olden days, England was a land of legends and tales of chivalry and valor. A place where the mighty King reigned and his knights of the Round Table roamed the land, in search of brave adventure and honorable quests. It was a time of legends, full of stories of valiant knights and fair maidens, filled the hearts of all with awe and wonder. The kingdom was vast and varied, from the rolling hills of the countryside to the rugged peaks of the highlands, and from the bustling cities to the quiet hamlets nestled deep in the forest.
The people of England in those days were a mixture of warriors and farmers, of bards and storytellers. They lived in small communities, bound together by a shared history, common beliefs, and a deep love for the land. Despite the dangers of the world around them, they lived with a fierce determination, and an unwavering spirit.
Theirs was a world where the power of nature held sway over the minds of men, where the beauty of the stars and the mystery of the moon were the source of endless tales. It was a world where the people lived and breathed the magic of the land, without ever truly experiencing it, where the sound of the wind in the trees, and the roar of the sea, were whispers from God and his angels or the devil and his minions. Sides were chosen, lines were drawn.
In the heart of England, the power of King and Christ were strong, and the land was safe and sound, hale and whole. Yet even the power of the Great King had its reach. There, at its edges, the law tattered, Christian faith wavered. The old ways still preserved in secret places.
Into these wild and treacherous lands ventured the knights of the realm. Those champions who were anointed in the light of the Holy Church, but who had not yet earned the fame and glory that would grant them a seat at the King's table, or even within his court. These knights, brave and true, but perhaps less shining, less glorious, risk life and limb in defense of King and God - and, if one is honest, in pursuit of a handful of coin with which to buy their next victuals, rent their next room, and maintain their next broken piece of equipment.
And so it was, in this land of myth, that a new chapter in the story of England was about to begin.
Hi, I'm Shinnie,
About Me:
About You:
Premise: A knight errant rides into a tiny, nameless village in the sodden western moorlands of the kingdom. Here, peasants eye him distrustfully as he passes. At the town green he paused, dismounts, going to the moss-grown board where local nobles and clergymen sometimes post notices that almost no one can read. He pulls one from the board with the Bishop's seal at its bottom and tucks it away. In another few moments, he mounts his horse and rides away. Toward the local shire town, where the Bishop has his seat. A long wait leads to a brief audience with the Bishop. There was something unctuous about his manner, but God did not ask him to like His servants, only serve them as he would serve God - and besides, cold hard coin cared not whose hand paid or was paid. That thorp he had passed through, the Bishop tells him, it has seen more than its fair share of troubles lately. Stillborn babes. Cattle mangy and then dead with disease. Hens that would not lay, or sometimes laid eggs with terrible bloody yolks. Goats that butted good Christians into piles of shit, even. Outside the thorp, there is a forest. In that forest, the Bishop is certain, is a witch. The knight is tasked with finding this witch. Bringing her to the Lord's justice. Alive. Untouched. In return, he would have a reward that seemed positively princely. Out of proportion, almost, to the triviality of the task. Still, the job seems simple. The task was godly, and would not dishonor his vows.
Themes: enemies-to-lovers, slow burn, medieval, (dark) romance, tasteful erotica, grim fairy tale, occasional supernatural elements, gritty, (vague) historical accuracy, rotweiler man
If you read this far and are interested, please send me a PM or chat request to introduce yourself and your ideas, so we can discuss this further! Thank you. :)
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2023.03.22 12:56 SouthTT State Agencies and Accountability
Over the years i have seen numerous cases with wasa fighting the general public to the last for issues like this. Actually it seems like a common theme in our country where government agencies cause harm to citizens and then fight to the last to avoid accountability, this brought back memories of the disabled boy who was abused sexually and mentally in state care. Our AG felt the need to defend that matter straight up to the privy council ffs.
This just irritates me as our court system clearly isnt efficient enough to hold anyone accountable in a reasonable time frame.
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2023.03.22 12:38 Viren_02 Sublease for Summer 2023

Seven 07 Apartments 1 Room/1 Bath in a 4 Bed/4 Bath for rent from May 31st, 2023- July 31st, 2023 (2 months).
Stunning and clear view of the State Farm center and Champaign itself. (The apartment is located on the 10th floor).
Rent: $825 ( Negotiable)
-Fully furnished spacious apartments
-Most premium apartment on Campus and Pet friendly
-All electrical appliances (Washer, Dryer, Microwave, Oven, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Smart TV, Air-Conditioner - Thermostat & Electric Gas Stove)
-Parking available with extra charge
-State of the art amenities in the building for break period (Swimming Pool, Ping-Pong Table, All-accessory gym- including Sauna, Basketball court, Cute Study Spaces, Clubhouse, BBQ, Security Personnel on Weekends, Pool Table, Common Area with free Coffee Machines, Vending Machine)
No extra utility fee
Upto $30 electricity cap per bedroom
2 min walk to County Market and 4 minute walk to Target.
Located in the heart of Green Street
Address: 707 South, 4th St. Champaign, IL- 61820.
10 minute walk to Illini Union and Main Quad
Sublet fee of $665 (can be split)
Please reach out through either Instagram, Snapchat, Email or just comment below:
Instagram: virenagarwal_02
Snapchat: virenagarwal_02
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.22 12:08 Sensitive_Bear_662 Next year continuation (Year 2) PT.1 *FANWORK, *Subjective

Seirin High currently the defending champs (Winter cup), remaining lineup in year 2, PG- Izuki, Sg-Hyuga, Sf-Kuroko Pf-tsuchida C-Mitobe 6th- koganei 7-furihata 8-Kawahara 9-Hiroshi Transfered/injured- Kiyoshi & Kagami

Without kagami & no teppei it's unlikely that they win it all, but they still in the top 8,They get new 1st year talents, a skilled flashy 3 level scorer but lazy, immature and stubborn (jordan poole-nick young like SG), a 1st year center post-up machine and can shoot at the perimeter, hardworker,model personality, polar opposite of the 1st year SG(karl anthony towns-sengun like) and PF, fan of kagami back in middle school , raw, similar play with kagami but different(jason richardson like with 3pt++). Now lineup 1st year C & PF starts , SG 6th man, 7th-Mitobe, 8-Tsuchida, 9-Furihata, 10-Koganei.They lose in the 1st early preliminary against Shutoko

Kuroko grew a bit in height 5'6-8 and now training to be a true PG this isn't middle school anymore he cant hide and limit himself as a shadow forever, metamorphosis is much needed also because he's the MC so i'll give him that MC luck, his 16-17 currently, there's a slim chance he makes the NBA at 23 or at 25 he goes undrafted. That's 6-9 years of training, he has the work ethic and IQ plus I'll give him a height of 5'11 and a half. Kagami NBA, Hyuga, Teppei(B league japan league\) Teppei gets picked up in his late 20s by an NBA team, *Izuki** becomes a coach, Riku head of training staff for Japan engaged to hyuga, Mitobe becomes a baker(since he has finesse, good at using hands) Koganei advisoteacher HS
Too Academy lost early to Seirin in year 1, remaining players SG-Sakurai, PF- Aomine, C-Wakamatsu, and former too bench, Graduated- Imayoshi & Susa. Kobayashi from Onita high new addition transferee PG, a former PF bench promoted to starter(Kleber-Batum like) , Aomine slides to SF and a 1st year SG 6th man, gritty, scrappy always challenges aomine full court defense, motivates aomine due to his intensity, nature and common interests *new buddy lol (pat bev-kirk hinrich like)

Interhigh they lose to Rakuzan, Winter Cup, training arc, every one gets a buff, Wakamatsu improved his overall physique, speed & athletism tremendously, dunks lobs more often and outrun opposing bigs, ability to switch against non bigs improved too, asks Momoi what nebuya strengths and weaknesses are to surpass him, becoming a counter to nebuya, he learns a polish long mid range shot,set screens roll & pop, high handoffs to keep nebuya away from the paint force him to play out his comfort zone by speed and mismatch against guards/forwards who can shoot and are shifty. Also playing by outspeeding, skill and outwit him, Sakurai adds a pick and roll maestro skill with wakamatsu and PF becoming a bit of a combo guard( like mark price)

They play more like a team including Aomine which losing again to rakuzan he realises he needs to get his teammates involved to match the firepower of rakuzan, character development from stealing a lob to wakamatsu to throwing lobs to him, to finding shooters from getting double-triple team, then setting screens for others which would open the offense more extremely hard to stop aomine playing with a screener & setting. Kobayashi guards hayama, Aomine guards Akashi, Wakamatsu Vs Nebuya, sakurai vs reo plus new SF to clamp of the bench, New rakuzan PF vs Too SF, they beat them in the winter cup. Wakamastu and sakurai graduates then Aomine becomes captain *Responsibility and forces aomine to train, lead more lmao. Aomine NBA, Wakamatsu EUROLEAGUE, Sakurai B League/KBL(korea) or retired,Kobayahi pro overseas(europe), Momoi head of scout, and part of training staff on team JAPAN
Rakuzan High defending champs(Interhigh) back to back, runner-up winter cup same team difference is Mayuzumi graduated. After losing to Too Mibuchi, Nebuya, Hayama now graduates, Nebuya focused more on power lifting & body building, Hayama plays in China , Reo is a Medical Technologist. Akashi grew in height 5'8- 6'1 in year 3 added more bounce and a bit of muscle, his the type to complete college then after play in the NBA at 22 yrs old height (6'3)

Yosen, Kaijo, Shutoko and others I'll do them justice and more on them in part 2 Year 3, again this is my story*** but feel to comment your own view/story
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2023.03.22 11:12 FyrestarOmega Lucy Letby trial, Prosecution day 76, 22 March 2023

Now we have Dan O'Donoghue back in the courtroom today. Be sure to check the thread for yesterday's Daily Mail article if you haven't yet, and the article u/mharker321 posted in the comments, for a fuller picture of evidence given yesterday.
On to today:
Nurse Lucy Letby's murder trial continues at Manchester Crown Court this morning. We'll be hearing evidence in relation to the death of Child P, who the Crown say Ms Letby murdered in June 2016 by injecting a dose of air. She denies all charges
Jurors yesterday heard from a consultant who told the court that Ms Letby had asked her whether Child P was “leaving here alive” while they were waiting for a planned transfer of the infant to another hospital
Recalling the conversation the consultant told the court: “I just said, the transport team are going to be here soon, almost thinking out loud. Lucy Letby then said ‘he is not leaving here alive, is he?’, which I found absolutely shocking at the time.”
Ms Letby's defence lawyer, Ben Myers KC accused her of “dramatising for the benefit of the jury and these proceedings”
When proceedings resume, at around 10.30am, we'll be hearing from more senior consultants - who worked with Ms Letby and a number of medical experts, who'll be giving their view on the cause of death of Child P

Consultant Dr John Gibbs is first in the witness box. He is recalling the events immediately after Child O's (Child P's brother) death on June 23 2016
Dr Gibbs tells the court that when he saw Child O, in the moments before his death, he remembered 'feeling uncomfortable and thought oh no, not another one' …
He said he had become 'increasingly concerned at the accumulating number of unusual, unexpected and inexplicable collapses that had been happening on the neonatal unit and that staff nurse Letby had been involved in all of them'
Dr Gibbs tells the court that after Child O's death, his brother Child P was started on antibiotics and sent for an abdominal X-ray as a precaution
Dr Gibbs said that Child P was a 'well baby' on 23 June. He said he was 'extremely concerned' to learn of Child P's death the following day, he said he 'would not have expected that at all
Dr Gibbs tells the court that the death of the brothers was a 'tipping point for realising something very abnormal and wrong was happening on our neonatal unit'

Ben Myers KC puts it to the medic that if he had a genuine concern, he himself would have taken action - Dr Gibbs says he was aware his colleague Dr Stephen Brearey had raised concerns with nursing management and senior managers at the hospital
Mr Myers repeatedly put it to Dr Gibbs that if he had concerns he would have taken action. Dr Gibbs repeated that he knew it had been raised by colleagues with management. He said the senior consultants had openly discussed 'the one common factor' in the baby deaths
He said it was noted that Ms Lebty had been present on the unit or caring for the babies when they had collapsed in unusual circumstances. Mr Myers asks why it hadn't been reported to the police, Dr Gibbs said it was 'difficult' as they didn't have 'the full picture'
Eventually, Dr Gibbs said that consultants insisted that Ms Letby be removed from the unit. He tells the court that management pushed for her to return a month later - they said only if CCTV is installed in each unit
He said the 'TV cameras never came and neither did nurse Letby'
Dr Gibbs said 'over the next 11months we had to resolutely resist attempts by management to have staff nurse Letby back on the unit'
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2023.03.22 10:22 joesanvich A riminder to my fellows of this dismal state of our Republic

To remind you all the police are nothing more than soldiers exicuting people like some foreign insurgancy
In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.
In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.
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2023.03.22 09:38 siriuss0840 Decentralized Governance in Q Blockchain: how it works and why it matters

Effective governance in the web3 space is essential for coordinating actions and decisions among people. The ‘civil war’ in Bitcoin or the Ethereum DAO Hack serve as prime examples of this. It illustrates that even with a ‘code is law’ mentality and a highly technical system, the coordination by humans — aka governance — is still vital.
As the web3 space continues to evolve, decentralized governance is becoming an even more important topic in 2023.
What does bad governance mean?
Bad governance can refer to various situations where decision-making is organized in a way that does not result in the “best outcome” for the community. To avoid such situations, it is important to have safeguards in place when it comes to voting and proposals. For example, a common tactic used to manipulate voting is to wait until the end of a vote to borrow a large number of tokens and vote for a proposal, giving the fake appearance of a sudden surge of support. Another example are governance designs, where a high voter participation is assumed and once this assumption does not hold anymore, the system is essentially ruled by a governing minority.
How does Q support good governance?
In the Q protocol, many safeguards exist. For example, any governance decision that has substantial protocol effects is subject to an objection period. Only a specific group of stakeholders is allowed to object and only if it is against the Q Constitution. This ensures that any decision that may be harmful to the protocol is thoroughly evaluated and avoids that decisions are implemented due to a lack of transparency.
The Q Constitution is the fundamental rulebook of the Q protocol. It is written as a private contract, which is an important aspect to understand. In addition to validators, the Q protocol also has a distinct set of independent full nodes called root nodes. These entities are publicly known and can only be elected as root nodes after revealing their identity and receiving votes from Q token holders. This also gives the ability to initiate a private arbitration process in specific situations.
Q’s dispute resolution process has integrated with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). They offer private arbitration as a service. This allows for the resolution of on-chain disputes through an off-chain private arbitration court. The enforcement of this process is possible via Q’s root nodes, which are publicly known entities. Not only does this ensure that root nodes are accountable, but also provides a counterbalance to the per default pseudo anonymous protocol’s validators, which are responsible for processing transactions.
see for more :
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2023.03.22 08:41 Otherwise-Hat2849 Does anyone still think the 2020 election was stolen from Trump?

The only fraud that was ever proven so far has been on the Trump side. (Fake electors, Georgia call ect.) Im not even a Democrat but can see reality. Trump hurt his own vote when he repeatedly instructed his followers to NOT vote by mail during a pandemic.. extremely dumb, would be stupid to think that out of MILLIONS of votes in each state he couldnt have easily made up for the handful of votes (20k or less) he lost in key states that he needed. Also, the whole 2000 mules this was so debunked its a joke. I agree Biden is boring among many other things but most of his votes were votes against Trump not for Biden. Filling stadiums for rallys doesn't prove anything, he was entertaining and most people followed him like groupies, singers and comedians full bigger stadiums on tour but would never get over 50% of the vote if running for office, Biden is boring he is not going to entertain anyone. People typically don't consider being entertaining as a qualification for running the country.
Trump handled COVID horribly and people saw that among other things. Ask yourself, if the government stole the election from trump why would he have won by a landslide in 2016? The government decided 1 term was just fine? Everyone knew Trump's before he ran he didn't change at all so why not stop him the first time? Also, if Trump really believed it was stolen from him why the hell would he be running again??? Trump HATES to lose, seems really dumb to run again if it's unwinnable. If that's not enough common sense for you, add to that how Bannon BEFORE the election in recording described the EXACT thing that happened, unless he is psychic he wouldn't have known that.. Everyone who follows elections knows that most states count there mail in ballots AFTER the day of votes, since trump urged his supporters NOT to vote by mail it's obvious they would skew heavily towards denocrat, a raging pandemic only makes it's even worse and dumb on ztrunos part. Also add the fact that Trump was claiming election fraud months before the first vote was cast, (to save face of he were to lose). If Trump was so popular why did he and the Republicans get CRUSHED in the midterms?? There was no red wave.. was all that stolen too? Every state, every city and county? If dominion was behind stealing the election why the hell would they be suing and putting a microscope up there own asses in huge court trial?? That's like robbing a bank and getting away with it and then suing the bank to put attention on yourself. Common sense people... Also, Rudy Giuliani is on video in court admitting he got his In information on voter fraud from Facebook and Twitter posts, and said he was not claiming any fraud but had theories, over 60 Republican judges some of which Trump put on the bench through the cases out because they were nonsense (like Guliani admitted in court on video) Powell says " no reasonable person would beive what I was saying was true". In the may recounts that we're done where they were desperately looking for ANYTHING for MONTHS actually found a few more votes for Biden, Now add Trump's character and past history of lying and cheating, (cheated many workers he hired for his hotels ect, found guilty with Trump university, found guilty stealing from his own charity, tax fraud for decades, cheated on all his wives, rape accusations where he refuses to clear his name through DNA, got hundreds of millions grifting people, lied to everyone about COVID, lies constantly, ect. ect) I could go on and on.. Again not a Democrat just saying for how they really are. Look into it with a unbiased lens and see for yourself. ALL FACTS AND COMMON SENSE GOES AGAINST A STOLEN ELECTION. I don't get it, why the obsession with this guy... If the government wanted him gone so bad as to have the biggest most intricate plan in history to change every state, county and city votes don't you think they could have done that soooooooo much easier? It would take the secrecy of ONE person vs hundreds of people to pull that off across the country.. where is your common sense people..... There was NO stolen election. Trump is brainwashing you!!!
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2023.03.22 08:39 Justin534 To everyone in the US please do not vote solely on who's going to be friendly to crypto

I'm reading more and more on this sub that people are going to vote for Republicans because they seem more friendly to crypto. I'm begging all you please do not vote solely on a politician's stance towards crypto.
In the aftermath of the 2008-09 financial crisis the Dodd-Frank act was passed to prevent another financial crisis from happening again.
Here is an overview of what the act accomplished and restrictions put in place to limit the risks banks could take so they would not destabilize the entire financial system again.
The passage of this act was straight down party lines with only 3 republicans voting for it in the house 237 yes votes 192 no votes. In the Senate it passed with 60 to 39 votes, again with only 3 republicans supporting it.
Then in 2018 Trump and Republicans rolled back many of the provisions in the law to safeguard the financial system and economy from banks taking too many risks.
In 2018, former President Trump signed into law a bill that made significant changes to the Dodd-Frank Act, including exempting some small and regional banks from its strictest regulations. The new law also weakened rules intended to protect big banks from collapse.
It dramatically reduced the number of banks subject to special Dodd-Frank treatment, including the number of banks that must undergo annual stress tests to demonstrate they can handle a severe downturn.
The administration said that the bill “rolls back the crippling Dodd-Frank regulations that are crushing community banks and credit unions nationwide. They were in such trouble. One size fits all—those rules just don’t work.”
Dismantling the CFPB The Trump administration took the CFPB on a long and winding journey of deconstruction since 2017.
Former CFPB director Richard Cordray resigned in November 2017 due to what many have described as political pressure from the administration. Mick Mulvaney became interim director and slowly started to loosen restrictions by calling off an investigation into subprime lenders, firing the agency’s 25-member advisory board and siding with lenders in a lawsuit against the CFPB.
In 2020, the Supreme Court ruled the director can be fired at will by the president, but the bureau itself remains constitutional.
Loosening the Volcker Rule In 2020, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) loosened restriction in the Volcker Rule. Under the revised regulation, bank capital requirements were lowered and banks were granted permission to make investments in venture-capital funds.
“While the intent of this statute is straightforward, it has been one of the most challenging post-financial crisis rules for both regulators and banking entities to implement,” said FDIC Chairman Jelena McWilliams in a statement. McWilliams added that the restrictions under the original rule were “inefficient” and “overly restrictive.”
One FDIC board member, Martin Gruenberg, a democrat, opposed the changes to the Volcker rule. Gruenberg said the changes leave the rule “severely weakened” and “risks repeating the mistakes” of the 2008 financial crisis."
The roll back of the Dodd frank act was passed with 225 republicans and 33 democrats voting in favor. Then was signed by Donald Trump.
One thing in particular I feel it's very important to point out:
The measure eases restrictions on all but the largest banks. It raises the threshold to $250 billion from $50 billion under which banks are deemed too important to the financial system to fail. Those institutions also would not have to undergo stress tests or submit so-called living wills, both safety valves designed to plan for financial disaster.
Now I want you to look at all the US Banks failing and getting lifelines right now. Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and First Republic bank all have something in common. They're all are over $50 billion in assets and less than $250 billion.
Silicon Valley Bank lobbied exactly for this to happen.
In 2015, SVB President Greg Becker submitted a statement to a Senate panel pushing legislators to exempt more banks — including his own — from new regulations passed in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. Despite warnings from some senators, Becker’s lobbying effort was ultimately successful.
Touting “SVB’s deep understanding of the markets it serves, our strong risk management practices,” Becker argued that his bank would soon reach $50 billion in assets, which under the law would trigger “enhanced prudential standards,” including more stringent regulations, stress tests, and capital requirements for his and other similarly sized banks.
Becker insisted that $250 billion was a more appropriate threshold.
What do we know about First Republic bank?
Like SVB their assets were just shy of $250 billion. Just like SVB their losses were on their top tier capital, treasury securities, simply because they did not bother to manage their interest rate risk.
Who did they give political donations to? They largely favored republicans over democrats. But they did donate to democrats too.
They also spent at least $250k solely to lobby Congress to roll back Dodd-Frank reforms which lead to the 2018 roll back.
So please please please if you're going to vote for a republican (or a democrat or anyone else) solely based on their stance towards crypto at least consider where they tend to vote in measures that could have avoided this banking crisis we now find ourselves in. Ask yourself is this person in the pockets of a financial insitution that has argued it's too small to pose a systemic financial risk - when in fact they pushed through "reforms" which lead to their failure and threaten the financial system today? Please don't find yourself voting for someone who happens to be pro crypto if the cost is also being pro banking and financial crisis.
Please do not vote for some kind of self fulfilling prophecy where crypto succeeds because everything else fails.
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2023.03.22 07:38 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IN] - Supreme Court agrees to constitute special bench to hear Bilkis Bano's plea against remission to convicts in gang-rape case Times of India

[IN] - Supreme Court agrees to constitute special bench to hear Bilkis Bano's plea against remission to convicts in gang-rape case Times of India submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 07:30 AutoNewsAdmin [IN] - Supreme Court agrees to constitute special bench to hear Bilkis Bano's plea against remission to convicts in gang-rape case

[IN] - Supreme Court agrees to constitute special bench to hear Bilkis Bano's plea against remission to convicts in gang-rape case submitted by AutoNewsAdmin to TIMESINDIAauto [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 07:06 Illustrious_Poem_42 How to change the law that governs DMV policy

Edit: TLDR - I’m so tired of the law being run by rich white etc. people and having no power to cut or even see red tape till I trip on it. WHERES ALL THIS RED TAPE FROM??
In the state where I live (Utah), a certified copy of the court order granting a gender marker change isn’t enough to actually change the gender marker on a driver’s license, apparently. You have to get a birth certificate change first, because they do accept just the court order.
I think this is ridiculous, and unfair, and completely arbitrary, not to mention transphobic, and needs to be changed. Who’s surprised that nobody I could talk to at the DMV had any better answer than “it’s the law- Talk to your representative”? Which law? What representative? How tf does the government work? Guess who grew up in a poor uninfluential family? I dug through Utah codes and legal drivel till my ears bled and I can find nothing, not even any resources that make the search easier.
I want to get involved in law and politics, because I think it’s important, especially since ours is a community with such a small voice and so much shit to deal with, but am finding it to be the least accessible world I’ve ever seen, and I work in effing finance. Why do you have to be super rich or a lawyer (see: super rich) to understand where to even go go to find the cause of, let alone be heard about something that is needlessly complicated and aggravating to hundreds of marginalized people? I’m sure this is ridiculously common among all groups like ours- I want to know how to get involved.
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2023.03.22 07:00 ArmyofSpies Cardano Rumor Rundown March 22, 2023

Hey Everyone!
Let’s go….
Newly Covered Today:
  1. Personalization is coming to ADA Handles.
  2. Four million Cardano wallets. Nice milestone to cross!
  3. More aerostat activity out of World Mobile. This time in New Hampshire.
  4. You gotta admit. Balaji is genius at inventing new tag lines. First it was “We are all bitcoin maximalists now.” Today it’s “Fed around and find out.”
  5. Apparently, Sushi Swap DAO and its “Head Chef” just got served with an SEC subpoena and they’re asking the community for a $3 million defense fund (with potential for more).
  6. The crypto twitter meme response to the Sushi SEC subpoena was fast and brutal.
  7. People are now suggesting that no member of the Sushi Swap DAO should be in the US.
  8. Very interesting rumors that projects are sitting on 2-300 SEC subpoenas and dozens of Wells Notices.
  9. The IRS is asking for comments on NFTs as “collectibles” (apparently matters for long term capital gains and elsewhere).
Previously covered, but still interesting:
  1. Here’s IOG explaining what Ouroboros Genesis solves in just a single post.
  2. Emin Gün Sirer is right about these centralized L2s. Very susceptible to regulations and cut against our crypto ethos of decentralization generally.
  3. Rogue Galaxies is pulling back on some of their initial vision and re-focusing their plans.
  4. Lots of rumors circulating right now about which DeFi projects may or may not have received Wells Notices from the SEC.
  5. Open AI CEO says full AGI would break capitalism. Maybe. But, either way, I’m convinced the AI will demand to be paid in crypto.
  6. People are mentioning that FutureFest could host the 2023 Cardano Virtual Summit. Interesting idea.
  7. Charles finally did an AMA episode with IO President Tamara Haasen. Turns out she’s an ex-hockey player. Linkedin: also apparently in Friday Night Lights back in the day. Wut?
  8. There’s a new test version of Lace out there with a dApp connector and hardware wallet capabilities. You can give it a try on testnet!
  9. got some coverage in Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance.
  10. They show us once again that their definition of “liquid staking” is not the same as ours.
  11. NFT volume has seen better days.
  12. Algorand users apparently suffered a very serious web wallet exploit in one of their leading wallets. Many reports of drained wallets.
  13. John Woods (now CTO of Algorand) made a beautiful video on wallet security.
  14. Cardano Spot has a very short and concise Cardano Beginner’s Guide you can share with crypto curious friends.
  15. Wow! Utah just passed a bill instituting Limited Liability Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (LLDs). You have to identify one human organizer. You can elect to be taxed as a corp or LLC (pass through taxation). Some will like it. Some won’t. But, the mainstream reach of crypto is undeniably growing.
  16. Sen. Lummis killed it in a recent hearing defending the energy use in crypto. It’s less relevant for us in Cardano since we’re not PoW. But, still entertaining to watch.
  17. Apparently, Gensler says he sees no risk in crypto fleeing the US.
  18. The Coinbase Chief Legal Officer will be testifying before the House Financial Services Committee on Thursday (March 9).
  19. Some hints from Brian Armstrong on whether we see KYC in the early days of Base (their ETH Optimistic Rollup L2).
  20. Powell says interest rates are likely headed higher than the Fed expected.
  21. Liqwid’s Agora Governance instance will hit public testnet in the near future.
  22. Virtua cribs can basically become exchange connected galleries today.
  23. Do you like Javascript and Cardano? This thread is for you.
  24. It’s going down today! Hearing in the House on the Coordinated Attack on Crypto.
  25. Paul Krugman hilariously complains about being locked out of his Venmo account. He predicted the impact of the internet would be about as much as the fax machine and has subsequently opposed crypto.
  26. Even Jerome Powell thinks we need regulatory clarity for crypto.
  27. In the House hearing, he also gave us some new tidbits on CBDC development.
  28. A member of the House committee actually asked Powell about Operation Chokepoint 2.0.
  29. Senator Lummis got Powell to agree that properly regulated stablecoins could have a place in our banking system and that a workable legal framework for crypto is something Congress should do.
  30. Big Pey is launching something called Atrium Lab.
  31. Believe it or not…legal systems made up entirely by coders may not be optimal. Incredibly, the study of law is actually a fully developed centuries old academic discipline that lies outside of JavaScript and Python. Unless you have full anonymity, you WILL be cross-chain bridged to IRL law. Some DAOs will learn this the hard way.
  32. The NY Attorney General just filed against Kucoin for being an unregistered broker-dealer. Here’s the important part: they’re alleging that ETH is a security and a commodity. Their argument is not’s very straightforward.
  33. Silvergate was a failure of fractional reserve banking, not of crypto.
  34. The current US Administration’s Budget seeks to eliminate tax loss harvesting for crypto, add a 30% tax on energy used in crypto mining, hike capital gains taxes on high earners, and beam us directly to clown world with an unrealized gains tax on high earners.
  35. The subcommittee hearing on “the Administration’s Attack” on crypto went about like expected. Paul Grewal of Coinbase along with Prof. Evans of Penn State Law made some persuasive pleas for regulatory clarity. The “Anti-Crypto Party”™ also brought out their favorite witness from Duke.
  36. Rep. Emmer (Pro-Crypto) called the current regulatory approach “lazy & destructive…that is chilling innovation.”
  37. Rep. Foster (Cryptophobe): “this is the essential thing that has to be provided for the healthy development of the crypto industry…somewhere there has to be an API provided by a trusted 3rd party to register your crypto wallets.” Why not just completely neuter crypto?
  38. Rep. Ritchie Torres (Pro-Crypto) pointed out offshore deregulated overleveraged centralized crypto companies pose the greatest risk to consumers. But, the regulators don’t focus there. They incredibly only attack the onshore entities. He also pointed out the absurdity of the idea a stablecoin is a security. (Sadly there’s the Section 2(a)(1) exposure).
  39. Rep. Davidson (Pro-Crypto) shamed his anti-crypto colleagues for their implied claims that these assets are the same as centralized assets and came out strongly supporting self-custody and pointed out there was no FTX risk if you self-custodied your assets. “We have people overtly trying to make self-custody illegal.”
  40. CMC is tweeting about IOG’s Sidechain toolkit?
  41. Now we’re dealing with U.S. bank runs. Among the casualties was Silicon Valley Bank where Centre (the Circle/Coinbase joint entity that issues USDC) was keeping $3.3 billion of the $43ish billion backing USDC. Signature Bank was also shut down by regulators.
  42. Unfortunately, the FDIC insurance limit is $250k.
  43. The Feds were taking bids for anyone to acquire SVB until 2pm Eastern on Sunday. The big question on Sunday was whether the Feds will cover all uninsured depositors. They decided they will and that also applies to Signature Bank.
  44. Here’s the joint statement from Treasury, Federal Reserve, and FDIC.
  45. Yellen said NO to a bailout for SVB on Sunday. She’s obviously got bigger macro concerns. But, it’s funny how that fits perfectly with a strategy of suppressing stablecoins generally.
  46. Here Caitlin Long explains the fundamental incompatibility between fast settling crypto and fractional reserve banking that caused all this.
  47. CZ reminds us that he’s considered buying banks in the past and asks if it’s time yet.
  48. CIP-1694 has been updated.
  49. Here’s a good rundown of all the changes in the CIP-1694 update.
  50. Apparently, Cardano NFTs will be going to space!
  51. Many in the crypto space think that Signature’s shutdown was just an extension of Operation Chokepoint 2.0 aimed at shuttering crypto banking.
  52. Rumors: regulators are calling every bank today and asking if they have exposure to crypto.
  53. Instagram is disabling NFTs.
  54. Cardano TVL is doing things.
  55. Cardano NFTs in space!
  56. GPT4 was released today. It crushes the Bar Exam, the SAT, the GRE, the LSAT, and almost all AP subjects. This will displace a lot of human jobs.
  57. It has already done amazing real world things. In Example #6 it shows you how to exploit an arbitrary ETH contract. Better pay attention crypto.
  58. Report: Gov. Newsom failed to disclose accounts at SVB while lobbying White House and Treasury for a bailout of depositors.
  59. Things are not looking good at Credit Suisse.
  60. The court in the Voyager decision had some pretty harsh things to say about the SEC.
  61. Barney Frank points out that the regulators never claimed Signature Bank was insolvent and wonders if they are the first US bank to ever be closed down without being insolvent.
  62. Charles dropped a video addressing the updates to the governance proposal.
  63. Gensler reasserts his claims that proof-of-stake tokens are securities.
  64. Dudes are already letting GPT4 run whole startups.
  65. Here’s an interesting theory: taking down Binance would create too big a hole, so they took down Silvergate, Silicon Valley Bank, and Signature to insulate the fiat world from crypto. Now they can take down Binance.
  66. The Army of Spies Channel is now TWO YEARS OLD (March 17)!
  67. Yes! Everyone’s favorite Cardano cetacean is back!
  68. I was asked to list a few Irish whiskeys today.
  69. An interesting exchange between a Senator and Janet Yellen regarding the effect of the bailouts on small banks.
  70. Eleven other banks swoop in with $30 billion to save First Republic.
  71. Wut?
  72. Here’s Raoul Pal with a very optimistic take for crypto if you are one who believes anyone understands the markets.
  73. Any buyer of signature bank must agree to give up its crypto business.
  74. Here’s Duncan Coutts explaining P2P in Cardano.
  75. Here’s a visual representation of how CIP-1694 works.
  76. This is one of the craziest things I’ve seen in crypto. Balaji is burning a few million to ring the fire alarm and make everyone aware of what he believes is an impending attack on dollar holders. Counterparty is guaranteed $1million (minus BTC price) if he just buys one additional BTC (or an option to purchase more).
  77. Here’s the Space where he explains his bet.
  78. Arthur Hayes gives you an incredible explanation of what’s going on with this banking crisis and what he thinks comes next.
  79. This is officially the worst regulatory approach ever.
  80. The SEC hide the ball game seems to conflict with how judges actually view the law.
  81. The Fed Quietly opened the swap lines with other central banks on Sunday night.
  82. Here’s why they are opening the swap lines: so that US treasuries don’t get dumped on the open market by foreign banks. This way the foreign central banks can have dollars to absorb the treasuries from the foreign banks.
  83. Charles dropped a video on Markets and Contagion in which he revealed that Credit Suisse wouldn’t allow an account when he was with Ethereum b/c crypto was “too risky.” Bwahahahaha.
  84. Apparently, Djed will also be on ETH and BSC?
  85. Super ironic that the Credit Suisse CEO claimed crypto was in a bubble at $7k BTC. How the tables have turned.
~Army of Spies
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2023.03.22 06:23 D491234 The Vatican's connection with the Anti Trans Movement

Two arrested as mob sets upon protesters outside Mark Latham event in Sydney Rainbow rights group says peaceful protesters were set upon outside a Catholic church in Belfield
A gay and LGBTI rights group says a group attacked peaceful protesters outside a Catholic church in south-west Sydney, where One Nation’s Mark Latham was giving a speech.
Community Action for Rainbow Rights said on Twitter that as they were protesting outside St Michael’s church hall in Belfield, a mob set upon the protesters.
“Several people were punched in the face multiple times & hit with rocks and bottles as they were surrounded by a mob 30 times their size,” Community Action for Rainbow Rights said in a post.
Footage posted by the group on Facebook appeared to show a large, mostly male crowd confronting the rights activists and throwing punches as police officers attempt to hold back the group.
One of the organisers of the LGBTI protest, who requested anonymity due to fears for their safety, said they had intended to simply hold signs on the street opposite the church, make their point, and then leave.
“When we got there, we were full-on mobbed,” the protester told Guardian Australia.
“They grabbed one of the protesters by the hair and threw them to the ground, they punched people in the face, they threw bottles, handfuls of gravel.”
“We were just surrounded by these people who were out for our blood, basically. It took a lot for police to push them back and for us to make our escape.”
New South Wales police said two people were arrested following “a public order incident” involving about 500 people.
“During the event, it is alleged a number of glass bottles and other projectiles were thrown at police,” police said, adding that a male constable was hit by missile, which injured his hand and forced him to go to hospital. A 38-year-old man was pushed to the ground and assaulted.
Police reinforcements gained control of the incident, police said.
The protester said police were overwhelmed and struggled to maintain any sort of line between the two groups.
“It was such an extreme situation,” the protester said. “They barely had a handle on it, they barely had enough people to maintain a line between us and them. These … people kept jumping in and throwing their fists at the top of our heads and stuff like that.”
A 34-year-old man was charged with encouraging the commission of crimes and bailed until 11 April. A 41-year-old man was arrested and charged with common assault and ordered to appear at Bankstown local court on 30 May.
Latham, who is an outspoken critic of discussion of gender diversity in schools, said he had been advised by police not to attend the meeting but believed that not doing so was a “denial of democracy”.
Neither he nor One Nation – which is bidding to gain seats in Saturday’s NSW election – organised the event.
He said he had spoken about religious freedom, parental rights, school education and protecting non-government schools from what he called “alphabet activism”, and had not seen any trouble.
However, he said he was told by police that there had been violence “so I thoroughly condemned that and urged everyone to disperse peacefully”.
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2023.03.22 06:03 mathfem [EVENT] Corruption in the Cathedral

(March, 1509)
A servant stood before the court. A secretary to one of the Canons of Mainz Cathedral.
"Your master met with a messenger from the Elector of Brandenburg, did he not," asked the Elector of Mainz.
"He did. The messenger bore papers with the seal of Brandenburg."
"And what did the messenger present to your master."
"He said 'hi you want money' and he slammed a purse full of gold coins and two artifacts on the table."
"And who did your master vote for to be the next Elector of Mainz?"
"Albrecht of Brandenburg," said the servant.
The next day another man was before the court.
"I have heard rumors that you paid large sums of money to a number of the Canons. Is this true?" asked the Elector.
"Yes, it is."
"How much money were you asked to distribute?"
"200 thousand florins"
A gasp spread through the courtroom
"And what were the instructions you were supposed to give to the Canons?"
"They were supposed to vote for you, my lord."
A second gasp.
"And who," continued the Elector, "gave you the money."
"The source was anonymous, and insisted to remain so. However, it was clear that whoever he was, he was very rich. There is no way that you, as Bishop of Verden, could have hired the assassins that threatened me if I was to misplace the money."
The Elector of Mainz has tried a large portion of the Mainz Cathedral Chapter for Simony. The amount of money that was floating around Mainz during the time immediately after the death of Elector Jakob was unprecedented, and rumors of simony had gotten out of hand. Such large sums of money should not be involved in the election of an Archbishop-Elector, especially not less than two years after the 1507 papal bull against simony.
As ecclesiastical courts are inquisitor-justice, Elector Hermann is able to act as both judge and prosecutor. This gives him a great deal of control over the judicial process, such that, if he wanted, he would not have to try any of the Canons that ultimately voted for him. However, he is a man of principle, and has insisted on trying not only the Canons that voted for Albrecht of Brandenburg, but also those who accepted bribes to vote for Hermann von Wied himself. The fact that the name of the Elector of Brandenburg has come up numerous times in court, while the names of Hermann’s own backers have been kept anonymous is surely just a coincidence.
The trial of so many Canons is sure to create large numbers of vacancies in the Mainz cathedral chapter. Elector Hermann will fill those vacancies with men of upstanding moral character. Both commoners and noblemen will be eligible for the positions, but Hermann will be careful not to appoint Canons for political reasons as his predecessors have done. Men from Swabia will be prioritized as Mainz’ role as head of the Swabian Circle has drawn it closer to Swabia.
As a point of principle, one support of Albrecht of Brandenburg has not been tried and expelled from the cathedral chapter but has instead been promoted. Joachim von Hohenzollern, son of Count Eitel Friedrich of Zollern, did vote for his cousin Albrecht. However, Joachim did so out of family loyalty, and did not take a bribe. Joachim has been named Vice-Chancellor of the Holy Roman Empire, supervising the Imperial Chancellery on behalf of the Elector of Mainz. He will have the opportunity to serve the Empire in the Reichschloss even as his father has recently retired from those halls.
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2023.03.22 04:45 jjherrARW Top Changes to Each Marvel Phase 4 Projects (part 2)

Moon Knight
Doctor Strange & Multiverse of Madness
In the whole screenplay the only thing that works & makes sense is using the events as a way to provide introspection of Strange & Palmer’s relationship. Everything else needs to be reworked. The major changes I make are :
Ms Marvel
The style of this show with the added comic graphic elements and the family/community element is absolute perfection. 100% keep.
Thor : Love & Thunder
The style and tone did not match the seriousness of the Gorr / Jane Foster cancer storylines. Any humor needs to be dark humor in the “if I don’t laugh I’ll cry” vain. - Movie starts : 500 years ago - Gorr’s family dies. Gorr gets sword. After a montage of some god killings by Gorr he is defeated by Thor, Lady Sif and the Worriors Three. Gorr escapes to the Shadow Realm. - More Gorr butchering gods as he attempts to build the God Bomb using the Pools of Forever. - Lady Sif tells Thor “He is back!” Her arm is magically replaced and she remains to fight along side Thor, Jane and Valkyrie. - The hammer Mjolnir IS the only thing keeping Jane alive. In the end they realize Thor can’t defeat Gorr without using both the hammer and axe. Jane sacrifices herself to defeat Gorr.
She-Hulk : Attorney at Law
Black Panther : Wakanda Forever
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2023.03.22 04:44 gyptzy Thurston County WA

Thurston County prosecutor allowed the Thurston County Involuntary Commitment Commissioner, Megan Card, to screenshot a woman’s Twitter posts, to say that the Twitter content was criminal harassment against said commissioner.
Same commissioner-attorney, Megan Card, allowed her own client to go septic in family law case where Twitter user had DIRECTLY STATED to court that Cards client needed mental & physical healthcare. Court ignored statements—guy was LifeFlighted to ICU after x called around the restraining order to get him welfare checked.
Claim of criminal harassment (for statements screenshot on Twitter) went to Zoom court. Zoom court booted out “Twitter user” & court falsely claimed “Failure to appear”.
Twitter user spent 41 days jail.
Case dismissed because “court failed timely trial”.
County only collects audio from zoom. Emails sent day of court appearance, texts in Zoom court sent, and county failed response. Could not gain entrance to Zoom again after booted out.
Twitter users Tweets (printed screenshots) do not appear by url.
MEGAN CARD would have to follow Twitter user and have a Twitter account in order to view Tweets.
Megan Card, Thurston County Involuntary Commitment Commissioner is the harasser.
Twitter user has extensive safety and health care experience & licensing in TWO STATES.
MEGAN CARD has less experience as an attorney than Twitter user has in healthcare, social media emergency management, state volunteer service WA EMD vol of both Pierce County & Thurston ARES / RACES and C.E.R.T. Disaster Response Team.
Thurston County District Court ignores protected 1st Amendment rights.
Nothing can be done. County refuses common sense.
THURSTON COUNTY WA is NOT a reflection of USA.
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2023.03.22 03:59 CNIS-Azerbaijan-Baku “The current activities of Western institutions and the diplomatic corps serve to discredit the West in Azerbaijan…”

“The current activities of Western institutions and the diplomatic corps serve to discredit the West in Azerbaijan…”
(Lack of) Human Rights and Liberties
Elvin Mustafayev (Atilla Khan), a critic of the government on social media, was arrested for 25 days on charges of resisting the police. Activists and opposition leaders called Mustafayev’s arrest politically motivated.
The Chairperson of the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFP) Ali Karimli commented on the recent arrests saying that if president Aliyev doesn’t give up on repressive policies, the arrest warrant issued for Putin would be issued for him as well. Karimli: “Ilham Aliyev still does not want to draw conclusions from what happened to his friends. For 41 days, he has been quietly watching Alizamin Salayev, who has been on a hunger strike, would lose his life at any moment. He ordered shooting the protesters, including a 16-year-old, with a rubber bullet. All the dictators and authoritarian leaders in the world have one thing in common: they believe until the end that they can avoid responsibility. They think that even though the other heads of state who commit similar criminal acts are caught and held accountable, they would be able to avoid responsibility, and they can stay in power forever. However, it is also a fact that many cruel heads of state who are confident of their inviolability have to take responsibility for their actions when the time comes. History indeed teaches that many learn nothing from it. Freedom to Alizamin Salayev and other political prisoners!”
Commenting on the arrest warrant issued for Putin, a member of NCDF Tofig Yagublu said that a similar scenario would happen for Ilham Aliyev as well. “Ilham Aliyev will definitely stand before the court one day, but unlike Putin, not before the Hague Court, but before the Azerbaijani court. Elvin Mustafayev (Atilla Khan) was arrested yesterday and sentenced to 25 days in prison. Alizamin Salayev, who was arrested and imprisoned, has been on hunger strike for 40 days in protest against his illegal arrest. Leaving aside Ilham Aliyev‘s corruption and other crimes, there are thousands of cases of slandering and imprisoning innocent people, and it will not be possible for him to avoid the trial. Freedom to all political prisoners!”
Governance and Corruption
The US urges the Azerbaijani authorities to consider the recommendations of the Venice Commission and the OSCE regarding the new law on Political Parties. The spokesperson of the Department, Ned Price, tweeted that the US government is “troubled” by the recent law. The spokesperson’s tweet: “The U.S. is troubled by Azerbaijan’s recent political party law. We urge the authorities to incorporate Venice Commission and osce_odihr recommendations and to respect fundamental freedoms, including of association.”
Activist and former political prisoner Ilkin Rustamzade argued that the current poor state of human rights and democracy in Azerbaijan is also largely due to ignorance and negligence of the West. Rustamzadeh’s Facebook post: “The West is also responsible for Azerbaijan’s current miserable situation. For many years, in the name of civil society and democratic circles in Azerbaijan, they worked with such people that the public was disgusted with the whole democratization process. They left out the people who were more or less at the forefront of political activism, who devoted their lives to the political processes, and instead, they supported both morally and financially the people who were mostly irrelevant. The people who would have a good reputation and whose activities were well-known have always been sidelined. I don’t know if they did it on purpose. But the fact is that the current activities of Western institutions and the diplomatic corps serve to discredit the West in Azerbaijan.”
“A movie was supposed to be made about the second Karabakh war, but it never happened because the allocated money was embezzled”, said the actor George Gafarov. The actor shared a post on the matter, which stirred the debates on corruption on social media.
The customs generals arrested in July 2022 were released under house arrest. The head of the Operation and Investigation Department of the State Customs Committee (SCC) at that time, Major General Masum Rasulov, and the former director of the “Azerterminal complex” association under the Committee, Major General Ehtiram Khalilov was arrested as a result of the operations conducted by the State Security Service officers in June-July 2022. The generals were accused of embezzling millions of funds. It is reported that they were released under house arrest on the basis of payment of the alleged alimony – the damage caused in the criminal case. In the official statement issued by the State Customs Service about the arrest of the customs officers, it was stated that Ehtiram Khalilov violated the rules of organizing and conducting customs auctions and was accused of organizing the sale of state-owned goods and vehicles below their real value. It is claimed that General Ehtiram Khalilov carried out these works together with his subordinates. In addition, he was accused of accepting a large amount of bribes from several people. In the information of the Ministry of Defense, it was emphasized that the cigarettes confiscated and stored in the “Azerterminal complex” unit should have been sent to the relevant structural units of the Ministry of Defense for distribution to the military personnel of the Armed Forces. But instead, Masum Rasulov violated the procedural rules and handed over the cigarettes to “an employee with whom he had a personal connection.”
Chairperson of the Azerbaijan Democracy and Welfare Part (ADWP) Gubad Ibadoghlu warned that if the government doesn’t launch urgent economic and social reforms, there will be a massive scale socio-economic crisis. Ibadoghlu: “The social policy of the state in Azerbaijan is based not on social protection but on the exclusion of the people from social security. This will ultimately lead to a social crisis. Such a crisis has already begun, and the reason why it doesn’t lead to a social catastrophe is that there is a lack of politically active citizens, and the society has not yet reached a level that would act as a political entity. I will try to explain my point with some statistical data. As of January 1, 2023, 1 million 114 thousand 200 pensioners were registered in Azerbaijan. However, as of January 1, 2022, their number was 1 million 200 thousand 500 people. So, the number of pensioners decreased by 86 thousand 300 people in the last year. If the decline continues at this pace, most of the elderly in Azerbaijan will not be lucky enough to get the right to a pension. It should be noted that only 11 percent of the population in Azerbaijan receives a pension. No nation would tolerate a government that implements such a social policy with so much wealth. The problem is not about available funding. This situation is an indicator of the government’s attitude toward its people. In the first two months of this year, the surplus (leftover, unspent money) in the state budget is 2 billion 217 million 200 thousand manats, with which it is possible to increase all types of labor pensions by at least 40 percent. But since the government does not serve the people, it will direct those funds to construction projects in Karabakh, where it will be misused due to corruption in a closed and non-transparent environment.”
President Ilham Aliyev declared 2023 the year of Heydar Aliyev, as it coincides with the 100th birthday of his father, the former president who ruled the country from 1992 till his death in 2003. President Aliyev came to power only a couple of months before his father passed away and has been in power since then. Member of the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) Tofig Yagublu said that because of the official announcement this year, the government would perhaps exaggerate its glorification of the former president. Yagublu’s post: “This means that the number of shameless lies about Heydar Aliyev that characterize him positively will increase by one to five. Nowadays, we celebrate the Nowruz holiday. During the Soviet era, this holiday was not observed at the state level because Moscow did not allow it. Only thanks to the efforts of the former leader of Azerbaijan – the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan, Vali Akhundov, permission was obtained from Moscow to hold this holiday at the state level, and Nowruz holiday was celebrated three years in a row (1967-1968-1969). However, in 1970, the Nowruz holiday was canceled again. Do you know why? Because Heydar Aliyev had already come to power and everything that was national in the country was ridiculed, and the country was Russified. That is why Ilham Aliyev, in every meeting with Putin, happily reports to him about a large number of Russian schools in our country…”
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2023.03.22 02:26 Mantishead2 Foolsbreath slab on PC $30 plus calculated shipping. I got this on an ebay auction from fantastic cactus for $36 plus $10 for shipping.

Foolsbreath slab on PC $30 plus calculated shipping. I got this on an ebay auction from fantastic cactus for $36 plus $10 for shipping. submitted by Mantishead2 to sanpedrocactusforsale [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 02:20 Moist-East6842 What kind of places could I practice racquetball without an actual court

Around me (East TN Kingsport, Bristol and Johnson city area), I only have one dedicated racquetball building. Any other place that has a court is either too far or had it taken out due to unpopularity. The dedicated building is the place I frequent but they are only open 2 times a week (4 hours a day). I’m fairly new to the sport and it’s a growing passion of mine. In my town there are zero outdoor handball or racquetball courts. So I guess I’m looking for an idea of a good makeshift outdoor court that can be commonly found.
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2023.03.22 00:23 ICURUNING just got 12 months probation in georgia for dui but have been told conflicting answers on wether ill be drug tested or not

when i spoke to my public defender i was told that id be randomly drug tested if i went along with my plea but once the court sentenced me i spoke with the georgia probation (btw im not from georgia) and they told me that i wont be drug tested or have an ankle monitor and that i can do my community service and just speak woth my georgia probation officer over the phone so that i dont have to commute between states. does anyone have any idea if i should be believing my public defender or if that probation might have been lying to me
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