Hedman headers

Z bar clutch hitting exhaust headers

2023.04.10 03:20 boioaf Z bar clutch hitting exhaust headers

Z bar clutch hitting exhaust headers
Currently in the process of manual swapping my 64 Elco and I’m running into a problem where the headers won’t allow the z bar clutch to move. has anyone else experienced this? If so how did you fix it and what kind of headers did you use? The Elco in question has a 350 SBC and Hedman headers.
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2023.02.27 15:34 Mrinkeddadbod Do LTH’s fit a 72 Mustang?!

Do LTH’s fit a 72 Mustang?! submitted by Mrinkeddadbod to Mustang [link] [comments]

2023.02.12 18:53 Cheezetit my 1989 3500 454 (7.4) with only 73K miles finally got some much needed upgrades, still need to relocate O2 sensors but I think it came out very nice, hedman headers, with borla XR1s

my 1989 3500 454 (7.4) with only 73K miles finally got some much needed upgrades, still need to relocate O2 sensors but I think it came out very nice, hedman headers, with borla XR1s submitted by Cheezetit to Chevy [link] [comments]

2023.01.16 23:14 PlatinumPD 1966 Mustang LQ4/4L80 Swap

I’m putting a Gen3 LQ4/4L80 into a first gen mustang. I’ve done a ton of research and have a good idea on many things, however I had a few questions you noble scholars may be able to help me with:
  1. Who makes the tightest headers(within reason $$$) for a 6L? I’ve heard hedman, LSA cast, stock manifolds…what do you think? Don’t want to cut shock towers.
  2. Any standalone harness recommendations? Likely going to use an eBay special, ‘02 Z06 harness in there, but would like to hear opinions. Prefer not to go the Holley route for tuning purposes.
  3. Any radiator recommendations? I’m looking at a turbo nasty rad/fan combo.
  4. Anyone sourced a 4l80 mustang specific trans mount? May have to modify a universal for this car.
  5. Any other tips I might want to know?
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2022.08.23 01:26 Nice-day2u Questions about headers

So I’m thinking about buying headers(Hedman part# HED 69690) And I have the Flowmaster American Thunder exhaust system installed already. I’ve heard story’s from family that headers will cause nothing but trouble. I just want my truck to be louder without having to cut the cats, as well as having a reliable vehicle. Should I do it?
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2022.08.23 01:25 Nice-day2u Question about headers

So I’m thinking about buying headers(Hedman part# HED 69690) And I have the Flowmaster American Thunder exhaust system installed already. I’ve heard story’s from family that headers will cause nothing but trouble. I just want my truck to be louder without having to cut the cats, as well as having a reliable vehicle. Should I do it?
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2022.08.23 01:23 Nice-day2u Questions about headers

So I’m thinking about buying headers(Hedman part# HED 69690) And I have the Flowmaster American Thunder exhaust system installed already. I’ve heard story’s from family that headers will cause nothing but trouble. I just want my truck to be louder without having to cut the cats, as well as having a reliable vehicle. Should I do it?
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2022.01.31 22:43 444GenXSi 383 SBC run on

Hi, I have a 383 stroker that has progressively begun to run on more and more over the years. Even with new wires, plugs, distributor cap/rotor, oil, and seafoam it still will run on after it’s shut off unless it’s shut off in gear. Carb has been adjusted and jetted properly. Timing has been set. Could this be due to carbon deposits on valves?
It has Brodix race rite aluminum heads, hyper cast rotating assembly, March front dress, hedman shorty headers, MSD ignition, an RV cam and I can’t remember what else. It’s my dads and was a very expensive build. I don’t know a lot of details on it. Just want to get it running right to sell the Jeep it’s in.
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2021.12.10 03:14 Squidking1000 Stage 2 is happening! Next year rowing gears!

Stage 2 is happening! Next year rowing gears! submitted by Squidking1000 to musclecar [link] [comments]

2021.10.01 15:40 kaempferia Header suggestions, 22R

I have a manual 1981 toyota pickup SR5, 2wd, 22R engine- The header is cracked, and I need a new muffler anyway, so does anyone have a suggestion on header brands that will fit a 22R? I stumbled across Hedman, but was wondering if anyone had experience with them?
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2021.06.27 16:16 coolin68 Stanley Cup Championship MASTER SET Items — Player Reviews, Who to pick , and quick tips!

Hey everyone,
It’s Cooolin!
Hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend!! Telll me about it? What’s goin on?! It was raining all day yesterday evening... and my hat outside got quite the cleaning! ... whoops!
Enjoy !!!
••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• •••••
Thanks EA for all the cool Stanley Cup Championships Cards, and MSPs!
—- Just a quick shout-out to u/EA_Hawk, and u/ShadowXJ ! —-
I KNOW its a lot to read, please read til your content. I have sectioned things off to make it an easier read, if you’re looking for something specific.
Before getting into it, thank you for your time, and “click” to read my post!
If this helps you, please tag someone who; may need help picking, is new to the game, wants to know more about the event... and just simply made a quick comment if there’s any feedback or questions you have.
Thank you in advance, fellow HUT redditors, and lurkers of the sub.
Please enjoy.


What are you talking about Coolin...what sets?!
The NHL 2030 and 94 FLASHBACK have >!SUNSETS!!<
The time has come, and it is now!
Follow these steps to obtain these AWESOME , COOL Card Art , CARD ITEMS!

How To Do Sunset Sets for a Beginner

Step 1. Go to “Sets” (this is located besides Auction House).
Step 2. Click “X (PlayStation Button) or A (Xbox Button)” on the highlighted “SETS” header.
Step 3. Move the direction pad, or analog stick, over to your RIGHT until you see a set that has a picture of a man walking with an orange background. If you’re colourblind, it is a combination of red and yellow. (or just read the header - SUNSETS)
Step 4. Click “X (on PlayStation) or A (on Xbox)” on the highlighted “SUNSETS” header.
Step 5. Scroll 1 RIGHT with the Analog Stick or Directional Buttons. (You will see NHL 2030 Sets). Scroll 2 RIGHT with the Analog Stick or Directional Buttons. (You will see NHL 94 FLASHBACK Sets). —- scroll more to the right to view previous sunsets.
Step 6. Click “X (on PlayStation) or A (on Xbox) on the desired set you wish to partake in. - They are here FOREVER!!
Step 7. View the sets by using the analog stick / directional buttons to the right, and left to get back to where you have started. — Click “X or A” to enter a set, and view what is needed. —- Click “O” (circle) on PS4/5 or “B” on Xbox to exit out of the desired set —-click it again to exit out of the “Sunsets” , click it another time to go back to the highlighted “Sets” header in the menu.
It’s a lot more steps than you guys think it is!
The 2030 Sets
The 92 OVR Players cost 6 Gold Collectables, and desired 2030 MSP card item.
The 93 OVR Players cost 5 Gold Collectables, and desired 2030 MSP card item.
IMPORTANT - You cannot obtain the 93 OVR MSP Card Items unless you have upgraded your 92, to a 93. They were NOT in packs.
HUGE!! Thing I have missed and will note NOW — You can only do 1 OF THE SPECIFIC SUNSETS ONCE!! so if you have 2 NHL 2030 Hughes? Only ONCE. — Just like the Winterinternational Trade in, and LIT vs. GRIT — They have a 1 time use for Gold Collectables!!! —
The 94 FlashBack Sets
The 93 OVR Master Set Player Items cost 5 Gold Collectables, and the desired Flashback MSP card item.
The 94 OVR Master Set Player Items cost 4 Gold Collectables, and the desired Flashback MSP card item.
IMPORTANT - Sidney Crosby 93 and 94 OVR can be traded in for his AWARDS 98 OVR Card Item, shown here !!
This is located under NHL Awards Sets. You have until *Monday, June 28th at 5pm EST** to do so.*
Other Sets to obtain the MSPs
• Collectable Sets —— (located under Stanley Cup Championship Sets) - Place in Stanley Cup Collectables , and Gold Collectables for a 97 OVR Untradable player.
(Binnington, Richard, Kucherov, Gonchar)
(Eric Staal, Jordan Staal, Crawford, Murphy)
(Murphy, Backstrom, Seabrook)
(Point, McDonald, Williams)
Discounted Set —— 40 Stanley Cup Collectables, plus 12 Gold Collectables for a Choice (1 of 14) Untradable Master Set ... Stanley Cup Playoffs Players. Say Stanley Cup Playoffs Players, ten times fast..bet you can’t!
• There are 10 Challenges, obtaining 3 stars in the challenge gets you a Stanley Cup Championship Collectable!
—— Previous Rounds , 1,2,3 are NO longer available. (Will update if changed). Maximum amount you can obtain right now is 11. ——-
The plus 1 Collectable is obtained from the store pack for 80,000 Coins , 2,500 points. — “Stanley Cup Starter Pack (UT)”
• The pack also gives you a FREE Gold Collectable! Plus a chance at an 84 PLUS .. OVR card item.
Build Your Master Set Player!
Trade in a Carbon Collectables and Gold Collectables to get the following player you want.
(Get Carbon Collectables by trading in 15 Gold Players, or the Stanley Cup Challenges (Round 4 Challenges - McDonald , Williams , Point)
——- ——- •••••• ——- ———- •••• — —

What is in the Pack?

Yes! It is all the Stanley Cup Championship Master Set Players.
There is 14 of them ! ALL 97 OVR ... ALL UT if doing the set!
(Thank you, jddev__ for noticing my mistakes!!!)
4 in Stanley Cup Round 1
  1. Binnington - JBingy!
  2. Nikita ZingZang KUCHEROV! - KUUCH! The Ghost of Marchant?!
  3. Sergei Gonchar ! — WHAT A SHOT!
  4. Maurice “ROCKET” Richard ! - ZINGGG !!
4 in Stanley Cup Round 2
  1. Eric Staal - the cards
  2. Jordan Staal — Staal to Staal ... and he SCORES!
  3. Corey Crawford What a SAVE!
  4. Larry Murphy — In his Detroit Logo! Not the Pens!
3 in Stanley Cup Round 3
  1. Todd Marchant — Who?! TODD MARCHANT !
  2. Nickolas Backstrom — nice!
  3. Brent Seabrook - taa daa
3 in Stanley Cup Round 4
  1. Lanny McDonald — view
  2. Justin “Game 7” Williams — view cards
  3. Brayden Point. here!

Player Reviews!

Currently not on Console! Will update with STATS! All games are played on Rivals, and HUT Champs so far.
Here we go!
—- I currently own 6 out of 14 Stanley Cup Championship MSPs! My goal is to buy / build them all! Why not, right?! ALL of them are 97 OVR, except Seabrook. —-
Reviews are in NO order! Pick your poison
••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• •••••
Nikita Kucherov
24 Games Played 11 Goals 5 Assists 0 (+ / -)
KUUCHEROV! Very speedy, speeds up as fast as a train...starts out slow, but once he goes, he cannot be stopped! Crazy shot thats super accurate - passes on the tape! His hand-eye comes in handy to find the right plays to build up to the opponents net, while getting in the right spot for a shot!
Kucherov can be played on either wing, pair him with someone slow - Marian Hossa, and Nikita will direct a laser pass to his stick when Hossa’s in a good positioning, and SLAP it in for the goal!
He can HIT like a TRUCK, bounce back to his zone when the opponent has the puck in no time, and has both great defensive , and offensiveness awareness.
KUCHEROV is a very agile, speedy bullet, with a force of hits, and opportunities to make your playstyle more offensive vs defensive.
Sergei Gonchar
24 Games Played 4 Goals 10 Assists 7 (+ / -)
Sergei Gonchar.
I know is somebody’s favourite Defender after 98 Team Builder Housley, and Team of The Year Hedman.
He is the FASTEST Left handed, OFFENSIVE Defender I have used!
Maxed out shot with no strings attached... (has maxed out shot right away!)
Can actively play on the Power-Play, and Penalty-Kill... but I find he has more control on the Power-Play!
At 95 Speed with Distributor activated, you won’t see him at all... he will be everywhere you need him to be, swatting away pucks, body checking guys down to ground!! Giving you a HUGE upperhand to get that puck after a massive hit, and pass it on the tape to a Winger or the Centerman.
He is GREAT on the OT , Sudden Death. — Put him at wing, if you please.. he’ll be elite!
No matter what, you cannot go wrong with Sergei Gonchar!!
TO SUM UP... GONCHAR is an INSANE card, and deserves all the love.
Nicklas Backstrom
30Games Played 15 Goals 18 Assists 6 (+ / -)
This was my FIRST MSP Pull!!
I pulled him Tradable at 97... and he is going NOWHERE.. (might build if its cheaper that way, and there’s a few profits to be made...)
Nicklas Backstrom is SO much fun to play with an Alex Ovechkin of any OVR.
He is GREAT on the Faceoff dot, and is exactly as advertised.
A great playmaker Centerman. Always in the right spot, right time.
Passes like no other, smooth, agile, speedy... not to mention, the SHOT is unbelievable!
Very well on the Penalty Kill , can bolt down the ice and defend if needed...but also gets up the ice in no time.
Does everything well, but if you need a center you can be sure would be a great winger? He is EXACTLY your choice.
Overall, very pleased with this card!
Todd Marchmant
21 Games Played 5 Goals 8 Assists 9 (+ / -)
I had just picked this card up with exactly 20k coins leftover in my HUT. I don’t regret this decision.
Todd Marchant is someone we all don’t seem to know... but don’t sleep on the cheaper one out of the bunch...
Noticed as a Grinder, it’s his EXACT playstyle.
Big body checks, speedy as can be! This centerman can make your opponent have a very difficult time.
Coming off the bench, pulling “Yanni Gourde’s” .... (penalty kill, comes off the bench, shoots it when no one notices him, and score!)
I have only played a handful of games with him so far, but he is definitely worth the coins if you want your first Stanley Cup MSP to be an underrated forward.
Justin “Game 7” Williams
24 Games Played 4 Goals 16 Assists 9 (+ / -)
This definitely lives up to the Game 7 replica. View ...
He is the BEST man for getting apples on the team. (Great assist player)
He is SO good on the Penalty-Kill , and 3-on-3 SUDDEN DEATHS (Overtime).
Super strong, I don’t find him super speedy... maybe not clicking that speed-burst button at the right times... but DEFINITE on going to get the net at the right time to just “boop” shot (redirect shot) it into the net!
SO strong on the puck, its like the man made dreams come true, and was born to literally do just that.
OVERALL, Justin Game 7 Williams is your ultimate “Game 7” to win your games!
Brent Seabrook
49 Games Played 5 goals 25 assists 37 (+ / -)
The best for last , the one you all laugh, joked , and COMPLAINED about.
Brent Seabrook was NEVER a speedy boy like Makar. Maybe in your dreams, but the stats relate to how he plays ... in real life!!!
Not all Defenseman need amazing speed to be good, pair them with someone speedy, and you will be fine.
He will not play like a Makar, but plays VERY WELL Defensively.
Flattens out the opponents, always ties-up the man in front of the net, does some quick, fast passes to the players upfront.
Need a quick break?
Wait a second... then fire up the puck to the winger in your zone if you’re finding it difficult.
He is amazing at the Penalty Kill as he’s very defensive, and the OT if you’re playing it defensively.
Most players play SO much better than the stats given.
Don’t sleep on the sleeper.


Larry Murphy or Brayden Point? Let me know, down below!
Hope those reviews helped! Will update someday with Stats.

Who to choose?

All honesty, pick YOUR favourite. Picking YOUR favourites will make YOUR game have the BEST NHL HUT experience, win or lose!
— but if you need some insight...
Please note I have not used them all. I am reading other people’s reviews as well, and coming up with logical, quick-to-point answers.
• If you’re looking for a Centerman that is the cheapest out of the Forwards?!
Todd Marchant is your guy!
• If you’re looking for a Centerman that is heavy on the puck, and shots insanely well as a RIGHT HAND ?
Brayden Point is your guy!
• If you’re looking for a LEFT Offensive Defenseman , with an INSANE SHOT!
Sergei Gonchar is your guy!
• If you’re looking for a RIGHT Offensive Defenseman , with a RIPPER of a shot?!
Larry Murphy is your guy!
• If you’re looking for a RIGHT Defensive SLEEPER Card!?! (Underrated)
Brent Seabrook is your guy!
• If you’re looking for a RIGHT handed, SMALL POCKET ROCKET?!
Maurice Richard is your guy!
• If you’re looking for a LEFT handed ALWAYS IN THE RIGHT PLAY man?!
Nicklas Backstrom is your guy!
• If you’re looking for a Right Handed, Always determined player?!
Justin “Game 7” Williams is your guy!
• If you’re looking for a LEFT handed Speedy Boy?!
Nikita KUCHEROV is your guy!
• If you’re looking for a Two-Way Centerman, thats always rushin back and forth?!
Jordan Staal is your guy!
• If you’re looking for a Playstylist Centerman, that can be played on the Wing as well?!
Eric Staal is your guy!
• If you’re looking for a RIGHT handed shot that FLAMES the puck into the net?!
Lanny McDonald is your guy!
• If you’re looking to just have fun, relive some amazing NHL Saves, get those shutouts, W’s and some L’s ....
Crawford and Binnington are your guys!

Quick Tip!

If you made it this far, congrats. It’s a lot to read... but I’ve left you this!
If you’re wanting an easier way to build an expensive 97 OVR Stanley Cup Master Set Play Item....
Get a Flashback 94 for 300k or less
Get a NHL 2030 for 250k or less
It’s definitely worth the investment for an “endgame” card

End Note

Have a great night/day , wherever you live!
Hope you’re having an AMAZING weekend!
I hope this helps out your game, and; understand the event, players, who to pick, and the quick tip!
Take care!
Stay safe!
Happy gaming!
• Coolin Killin It
Life is like a puzzle, you just have to find the right piece.
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2021.03.27 02:03 L-Profe Not a shiny or super fast power plant. Just clean and simple. 302 V8. Holley 750. Hedman shorty headers. I went restomod on my Mustang.

Not a shiny or super fast power plant. Just clean and simple. 302 V8. Holley 750. Hedman shorty headers. I went restomod on my Mustang. submitted by L-Profe to classicmustangs [link] [comments]

2021.02.25 23:50 WesleyStreamSnipez A few questions including: Proper Cold Air Intake Installation that properly accommodates MAF function

A few questions including: Proper Cold Air Intake Installation that properly accommodates MAF function
State goal: Tune the ECU right the first time.
Secondary goal: Get at 150k miles out of the donor motor (currently at 70k)
Problem Statement: Unknown if improper MAF installation will affect performance fuel economy or both.
Hi everyone my friends builder is researching a cold air intake to install in my friends 68 Camaro. The donor motor is a 2015 L77 6.0 PPV Caprice non VVT with AFM.
One of my questions is: How important is air flow leading up to the MAF sensor?
Does the tubing leading up to the MAF have to allow air flow that is constant and consistent?
What are the consequences of installing tubing that has a sharp bend right in front of the MAF or the diameter of the tubing leading up to the MAF is not consistent?
When my friend ordered the engine harness from PSI why didn't the technical sales guy ask about the cold air intake system that or the exhaust?
Currently 4 into 1 ceramic coated headers from Hedman Husler are on order and should be arriving next month.
Don't both of them affect air flow?
Lastly, How is important is the PCV valve to an engine and why can't I find a PCV valve online for this 2015 L77 6.0 PPV Caprice engine online or anywhere else? Are the PCV tube and valve one?


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2020.11.18 01:47 victorwithclass Help me build a dream league

I've dabbled in hockey DFS over the years but have never gone full-season and I want to dive in this year. I've had success in creating a soccer fantasy, category-based league that personally I think is brilliant and a ton of fun and want to bring that to hockey. The key is of course finding owners who will dive in as well and I want to hear from you guys good ideas, bad ideas and if you are interested.

My ideas:
  1. Category based league. Each matchup there are 10 wins up for grabs: 2 for goals, 2 for assists, then 1 each for hits, blocks, shots on goal, CORSI, takeaways and shutouts (for skaters). This kind of fantasy setup makes for a much more strategic game as way more and different players have value and you can re-jigger your team much easier to be competitive, but it still highly values those guys who get Goals and Assists.
  2. Multiple matchups at once: I'm envisioning you play 2 week matchups (instead of the regular one-week) but playing double, triple or quintuple headers depending on how large the league is. So your dominant week in blocked shots isn't wasted facing the team who finished last in blocked shots.
  3. Deep rosters: with so many scoring categories, there is depth and strategy everywhere so something like a 15-player starting lineup (3 C, 6 W, 6 D) and 5 man bench is my idea with as many owners as we can get who will be serious about it.
  4. Dynasty and auction. Auction is much fairer than a draft and sets up for a dynasty league very well: salaries can be set and each year you keep a player you add $3 or $4 to that initial salary.
  5. Minor league slots. This was a fun part of a past soccer league I did, but each team can have a few minor leaguers on their rosters.

How the scoring system values players:
Fantrax (where we would host the league) ranks players from last year based on the scoring system...I don't think they do it perfectly but they do it quite well. Here is what they ranked players last year
  1. David Pastrnak
  2. Auston Matthews
  3. Brad Marchand
  4. Nathan MacKinnon
  5. Roman Josi
  6. Sebastian Aho
  7. Max Pacioretty
  8. JT Miller
  9. Mark Stone
  10. Nikita Kucherov
other top D-men: John Carlson (17th overall), Alex Pietrangelo (24th), Victor Hedman (27th), Shea Theodore (29th), Neal Pionk (31st), Jaccob Slavin (38th), Jeff Petry (39th), Kris Letang (50th)

I was looking for big problems and maybe you guys can help me, do you see any big problems with this list?

Looking at MVP voting I see Leon Draisaitl, the league MVP, was ranked just 14th in Fantrax scoring. He had a terrible corsi, had just 1 shutout and low block and hit numbers. Connor McDavid, 5th in MVP voting was ranked 23rd in Fantrax for similar reasons. #3 in MVP voting: Artemi Panarin, ranked 11th in fantrax scoring. Not necessarily sure these are big problems with the fantasy scoring but you can tell me.

Let me know what you think of this idea and if you are interested in playing or have suggestions. I just want people who will care about their teams and the league to join and hope it will be fun!
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2020.11.11 18:52 howell1711 Buying my first vehicle

I have been looking at older trucks for the most part and I was wondering if this was a good deal. It looks pretty good cosmetically (on the ad) but I'm not sure. They have it posted for $6,000
1981 Chevy C10 with 350 and Richmond t-10 4 speed trans. 350 is built up with World products angle port heads, Edelbrock airgap intake, edelbrock rpm cam, Hedman long tube headers , flat top pistons, Holley 650 4 barrel ultra double pumper carb. Have some new parts as well, interior trim and motor related parts. Interior is in very excellent condition with new dash and door trim. whole truck is in very good condition. Zero rust, anywhere.
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2020.09.15 21:58 SpicedIcePirate Do Hedman Tight Tubes on a 318 LA require a mini starter?

Title sums it up. before I drop my 318 back in my 77 Volare wagon that I'm manual swapping, I'd like to put headers on it since it's got a pretty stout cam in it, and the Hedman tight tubes seem like the best option since I have power steering/brakes/etc.
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2020.05.08 08:25 saxophonematts What do y'all recommend for a muffler set up on a mildly modded 305 and custom exhaust? 85 z28

Im working on setting a custom 2.5 exhaust system in my 85 Camaro, I have hedman headers and y-pipe and will be doing the rest custom. I'm stuck on what to get for a muffler set up. Any help will be appreciated.
Also should I get a resonator or not?
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2020.04.21 08:07 Punamatic5000 The 350 is just about ready to go into my 93 Safari. New Hedman headers, all new gaskets, and paint.

The 350 is just about ready to go into my 93 Safari. New Hedman headers, all new gaskets, and paint. submitted by Punamatic5000 to projectcar [link] [comments]

2019.12.27 18:38 mejum Carburetor Recommendations

I'm looking for recommendations for a new carburetor for my '57. I would like something turn-key that will start every time I turn the key, idle smoothly, and perform well when I put my foot into it.
Engine is a 350 that's been mildly built: Edelbrock Performer RPM aluminum heads, Comp Magnum 280 cam, Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold, Hedman Headers, etc. The engine/truck was built for fair-weather street/cruising. I don't have any immediate plans to start daily driving the truck, go racing, or drastically increase hp/tq with this engine.
I've gone through the various online carburetor calculators for my build and a 600 cfm is recommended. Is a 600 cfm carburetor sufficient for this build/engine? I don't want to limit its potential.
I've just scratched the surface in terms of research, but the carbs that I keep seeing come up are the Edelbrock 600 and the Holley Bralwer 600. Anything else I should be looking at or anything I should avoid?
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2019.08.20 03:13 the_perkolator What's a good muffler choice for a 1975 Toyota 20r?

I have a 1975 Toyota Hilux with 20r and 5spd. Previous owner's exhaust setup is too loud for me and I want to either swap the muffler or add to it to quiet things down a little. Tried looking for info online and sounds clips on YouTube but didn't really find a whole lot of real info.
Current setup is a desmogged 20r with Weber 32/36, Hedman header, 2"+ pipe (I think it may be 2-1/4, gotta measure again), what looks like a 2-chamber Flowmasteclone right before the rear axle, then exits out the normal spot behind rear tire.
I think it sounds pretty awesome when you're on the throttle - but otherwise brings unwanted attention and it definitely drones at cruising speeds. Truck also has stock 4.10 gears on those little tires, so that may be contributing to things too.
Have considered adding onto the exhaust to change the sound -- such as a glasspack in front or behind the current Flowmaster, maybe a resonator, I dunno. Would location (before/after muffler) make a difference if I put in a glasspack? Also considering chopping out muffler and welding in something else - but what sounds good on a carb'd 4cyl?
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2019.02.11 05:27 bb5999 Engine Pull and Replacement Part 2 - Exhaust

Following up on my original post.
I will replace the factory carb when I am ready to put the new engine back in. I’m leaning towards the toyota250 setup. The right price and simplicity that agrees with me. I will also put an entire new exhaust system.
Tell me about headers and exhaust. Remember that I do not need to pass emissions. I think this means no EGR, but am not certain. If I go TOY250, can I go Hedman Header to pipe to muffler?
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2019.01.10 18:46 tman008 Learn From My Mistake

I recently had the TH400 out of my FSJ rebuild by a local transmission shop. As part of the job, I also went about rebuilding the transfer case (Dana Spicer 20), installing some Hedman headers, replacing the motor mounts, etc. Finally, after working off and on over a period of 5 or six months (I was attending school so I didn't have much time for Jeepin') I finally had the Jeep reassembled with its new parts, minus an exhaust, which would have to be modified by a muffler shop for the new headers.
I went to test drive the Jeep after testing all the gears and topping off all the fluids. I ran the car up to speed, and it made it through first and second gear without a hitch. Then, as the transmission shifted into third, my RPMs spiked and power to the ground was lost. After towing the Jeep back to the garage, I began troubleshooting. Somehow, there was no power to the ground in 2wd High, but the car would move in 4H and 4L. This was definitely a problem with the transfer case.
After the painstaking process of removing the crossmember, juggling exhaust pipes and transmission jacks, the transfer case was back out. I pulled the cover and the input off of the case and inspected the gears, forks, and shifter. Nothing seemed to be wrong. I was stumped, until my father came across a snap ring dangling on the transmission output shaft. Then, finally, we figured out what went wrong.
The input to the transfer case (the part which accepts the transmission output and drives the transfer case gears) is held into the input casing with a snap ring at one end. We had reinstalled the snap ring incorrectly when we rebuilt the transfer case and it came free. Under the torque of the engine during the test drive, the input gear had walked out of place just enough so that the input gear stopped meshing properly with the Hi/Lo shift gear. This meant that in high gear, the rear wheels would receive no power. We didn't even initially get power in 4H because we forgot to lock my front wheel hubs. The entire operation of the Jeep came down to a single snap ring.
Moral of the story, make triple sure that everything is properly seated and don't be afraid to spend some time checking and testing components before reassembly, because it may just save you some time in the long run.
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