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2020.03.15 21:35 spunth BrendaLee

Brenda Lee, aka Little Miss Dynamite, had her first big hit song in 1960 with "I'm Sorry." She is also known for "Jingle Bell Rock" and "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" (trust me, you've heard them). John Lennon said she had "the greatest rock and roll voice of them all." It's about time this living legend got a subreddit.

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2023.06.04 23:21 kissmyass42069 AITA for wanting to keep part of a furniture set even though we're getting new furniture soon?

My boyfriend's mom just called us and said they were getting a new living room set and offered to give us their current one. It's a long loveseat couch, a recliner chair, and a couch thing with 2 recliners in it and a storage compartment and drink holders in the middle. We've had our current set for over 6 years and was given to us by his family as well, so it's pretty old. I love the L-couch, specifically the shorter part of it. It's super comfy, it's wide, the armrest is wide and long enough to put a bunch of shit on it and guaranteed to not fall off, and I can fit my whole body length-wise on it comfortably. It's a great napping place for me and I said I'd really like to at least keep that part of it (both parts of the couch are velcroed so you can rearrange it however you want, so I'm not asking him to saw the couch or anything). Granted, we don't really have enough room for it so I suggested moving it to the back room, given we get rid of some stuff. My boyfriend is really mad about this for some reason and stomping around, getting the measuring tape, huffing and puffing.....AITA?
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2023.06.04 23:21 LifeIsWackMyDude I hate how much I gain when I cheat

I started IF around December. Starting weight at 235, goal is somewhere around 130.
Fasting is pretty easy and I'm seeing results. But I'm absolutely mad at how if I cheat it, mainly due to needing comfort food after something bad happens, I lose so much progress which is in no way proportional the amount of food I ate during the cheat
I just finished college and literally the day before I was set to drive home, my dog died. I was fasting when I heard and I just wanted to enjoy something to feel even a tiny bit better. I was around 205. I ate a single serve bag of garlic pretzels that I was originally planning to munch on during the drive. Googling the packaging says its about 350 calories. That's it. That's all I had. I weigh myself and BOOM I'm 211! how
And this isn't the first time it's happened. I've cheated before and whenever I do no matter how small it is, if I eat anything during my fasting window I will gain at least 2lbs. It pisses me off because weight loss has been fairly slow as I haven't been able to exercise regularly during school. So I understand it's not going to shed off instantly. I'm just upset about how I've been at it for 5 months and only 20% towards my goal. All because I wanted to enjoy a snack during the wrong time of day.
I just hate how apparently 350 calories = 5lbs of weight. And yeah I know water weight is a thing but I weigh myself every day before breakfast. If I fast, I'll lose between 0.2 and 1lb a day, with some days where I'll "gain" only to shed it off again even though I consistently fast.
It doesn't help that people think I'm lying when I explain my eating habits and whatnot. CLEARLY I'm not telling them about the massive cheesecake they just know i ate because its impossible to gain 5lbs with 350 extra calories. I know with all the stuff going on in my body it's weird and for whatever reason, counting calories does not work. I was told to stay under 1300 a day and I couldn't do it. I was constantly weak and dizzy from how hungry I was. But noooo obviously I just need to ear less and exercise more because it's impossible to lose weight by eating 2000 calories but fasting for 20 hours apparently
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2023.06.04 23:21 skalchemisto Understanding massive recruitment of AI - is my economy so bad?

I'm playing the Tier 2 scenario Shattered Kingdom on normal difficulty for reference.
I thought I was doing well. I had made it through most of the game, was besieging one of the Iron Emperor's cities. I had my own 6x6 stacks of troops around it. And then, roughly 4 turns in a row, the Iron Emperor shows up with his own 6x6 stacks. I could fight off the first 3 turns simply by slightly better unit quality, experience units, and the fact I am a human being. But the shear volume of soldiers he was sending at me was crazy. Here is what seems really weird: he was showing at the bottom of the army ranking this whole time.
My questions:
I accept that I am not a good player at this game, but the ludicrously fast recruitment speed OR the fact that the AI seemed to not have to pay upkeep for all these troops OR both...I am at a loss as to what I could be doing differently to keep up. This is only tier 2 normal difficulty, I can't imagine what higher tiers/difficulty look like.
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2023.06.04 23:20 Raxtz1 19m looking for some preferably long term/close friends! Around my age :)

Please read atleast a bit of this post before messaging haha
It’s currently 4:20pm for me. So preferably around the same time for you. (So we aren’t asleep with the other is awake normally haha)
Hi! How are you doing?
My name is Kyle!
I’m from Florida(CST for time zone)
Some of my interests/hobbies include: Gaming,fishing,listening to music 24/7, occasionally watching movies.
I would love to find some friends to play some Xbox with! I have tons of games! A few being Cod MW2, stardew valley, terraria, Minecraft, Fortnite, Sea of thieves, deep rock galactic, Diablo 2&3, Apex, gta, rdr2, rust I have like 100 games installed. I’m sure we could find something to play! (Im super bad at games, so I’m looking for people that are casual with games)
I also have a switch! So we could also play some switch stuff :)
Gaming obviously isn’t required for us to become friends! And I wouldn’t like to only talk because of gaming.
Music wise, I listen to mainly hiphop/rap. Stuff like carti,lone,ken,yeat,Summrs, lucki,UnoTheActivist,hardrock, Izaya Tiji,kankan.
I mainly watch horror movies. I don’t watch much these days, but I would definitely be down to watch something together threw discord or something. If you know how to set that up haha.
I love saltwater fishing the most, but freshwater is great aswell! I’m always down to talk fishing!
I’m kinda shy at first, but I’m working on it! I would prefer, if you would be down to voice chat, but it’s definitely not a deal breaker :)
I work weekdays. So I don’t get home till about 5-5:30pm cst. So that’s when I can play games and possibly voice chat.
I can message throughout the day everyday. Feel free to dm me! Hopefully we get along!
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2023.06.04 23:20 Darex2094 VU Rig Recommendations - FT-991A, IC-9700, or Click n' Clunk Oldie but Goodie recommendation!

I'm in the market for a good VU rig for my shack. I'm bouncing back and forth between the 991 and the 9700 but I want to give some context as to what I'm doing and why that's my train of thought.
Up until now I've been a strictly HF operator and have thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with and making DX contacts with digital modes. My father recently showed me all the cool stuff he's discovered with VHF/UHF and I checked into a net and met some other operators that live strictly above 144MHz that do some terribly cool things. I had no idea, up until now, that anything above 6m was used for more than just rag chewing on repeaters.
In my shack right now I have an IC-7300 and an FT-857D. I also have an RSP1A SDR. With the SDR I notice that no matter what I do the S-meter in HDSDR is pegged at S-9 +20 or more for noise. I enjoy using it along with the 7300 to pull out FT-8 signals and do some fancy filtering but it doesn't do great with finding or pulling out SSB voice, whether on HF or VU.
What I'd LIKE to do is continue to work up my weak signal game and I hear the 991a is amazing for that kind of work. That's not to say the 7300 and the 9700 are slouches, either. I hear one of two things when it comes to the 991A -- the menus aren't user friendly, but the receive sensitivity is top class and the filtering capabilities in-rig are the best of the best for the price class.
Something that would be of benefit with the 991A is that it's a little smaller, from what I understand, than the 9700. I do aspire to do satellite work and between it and the 857D outside with a handheld yagi I can do that. It's not as though the 9700 wouldn't be able to do this job either, but I know my 857 is easy to carry outside and set up, so I imagine the 991 would be, too, relative to the 9700.
A detriment would be the lack of power in VU. Nothing an amp wouldn't be able to fix, but it's another thing to have to get that offsets the costs savings. It also doesn't do 1.2GHz when I eventually start to explore up above 440 so I'll need a transverter.
The 9700, conversely, is my 7300 but for VU. Everything will be familiar, it will be an ***excellent*** rig and do everything I want it to do, AND I'll have access to 1.2GHz when I graduate up that end. Price isn't really a concern considering what I'll have to get to make the 991 equivalent in capability, it'll just be a more immediate hit up front where the 991's upgrades can be spread out as I grow.
The last bit is this -- I *miss* rigs that were straightforward. I have a Signalink USB sound card for my 857, and one of the things I like about the 857 is the knobs and the buttons. I've messed with plenty of base stations at swap meets and I *love* the idea of and the simplicity that comes with ol' clunky clicky analog dial rigs. That said, I don't know enough about them and what their drawbacks would be for the applications I'm looking to use them in. I'm by no means worried about having duplicate-duty rigs -- if I were I wouldn't have the 857 and would have gotten something strictly VU back when I bought it. If anyone has any recommendations for old rigs that I could hook up to a sound card and is sensitive enough to make out the static from someone wiggling in a chair across the ocean (not a literal expectation but I hope it conveys my intended meaning), I'm all ears eyes.
Thanks a lot for all those that reach out with replies! I look forward to seeing what folks recommend. I know I'm always so close to my own setup and gear that I tend to not be able to see the obvious in front of me, whereas other operators can look at the situation more objectively.
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2023.06.04 23:20 AutoModerator [Download Course] Define Digital Academy – Sell More With Google (

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Remember how I said that one of the biggest reasons for why people don’t see succeed with Google Ads is because their account and campaigns are set up the wrong way? Well, in this module I will show you the exact account and campaign structures that you need to create for success with Google Ads.

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2023.06.04 23:20 AutoModerator [Download Course] Sander Stage – The SMMAcademy (

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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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2023.06.04 23:20 adhonus Week Ahead for June 5, 2023: BZA to hear neighbors’ appeal of Free Union firearm storage business; UVA’s $5 million for West Main going to other projects; Louisa Supervisors considering emergency water ordinance

Five months down. Seven months to go until another year when we can do the whole countdown again. Until then, we have five days of government meetings that you might consider attending, participating in, or perhaps turning into a dance remix. On the latter, I can provide the soundbites if you provide the beat. Anyway, more details are in my newsletter for today, but this is a series of blurbs customized for Charlottesville.

Some one-liners:

Please ask questions! I will try to steer you toward more info and provide more context. Share with friends!
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2023.06.04 23:20 TJP2002 Just in case anyone was wondering... the state of AI in relation to FOB in general

How long do you think before at least one attempt at an ai model of Patrick's voice, or a non-shitty example of an AI trying to do FOB, will happen?
Ive been looking into it, and my gut feeling for the answer is "A LOT longer than you would think!"
What do we know so far?
So far, in case nobody knew. This is where AI fob currently stands
Basically unless someone with the skills and the tech goes all in and sets out with the single minded goal to create AI fall out boy music or die? Weve got a LOOOOONG while to wait before this sub is banning AI content, unless the "I PuT fAlL oUt BoY lYrIcS iNtO AI iMaGe MaKEr aNd GoT ThIS", posts prompt it to happen early😂
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2023.06.04 23:20 spiffiesthippo [NEED ADVICE] Noobie dog owner with my SO moving in

Context: I adopted my dog in 2019 having never lived with a dog before, but always knowing I wanted one. I got him from a shelter in Chicago (PAWS) at 3 years old (he is currently 7), I was told he is a Mini Pin but I'm 99% certain he's a mixed Mini Pin with either Beagle or Jack Russell - I have not done a DNA test but it has to be one of those 2. He is about 16lbs, a small boi.
My dog is very closely bonded with me and is territorial with our apt. I live in a high rise in downtown Chicago and he will only bark at noises/people in the hallway outside my door. When we are out in the park, or at a friend's/my parent's place, or in the car, or literally anywhere outside my home, he never barks, is never aggressive, is not territorial, and is the most docile dog in the world.
Once we enter my home, he becomes territorial.
My girlfriend of 3 years is moving in with me this Summer and I need this sub's advice on how to help my dog see her as "part of the pack".
The two of them have known each other for years now. They can cuddle on the couch for an hour, and then out of nowhere my dog will start barking at her. Similarly, she and I will sleep together with the bedroom door open, and my dog sleeping in his bed near us most of the night, but when my girlfriend wakes up to go to work, he will start barking and lunging toward her.
He has never bitten her nor drawn blood but it's still a scary situation for her - and I completely understand that! I want to address this I just don't know what to do.
My problem is I don't know how to handle this. I tried crate-training him when I got him in 2019, but at 3yrs old, he was having none of it and clearly nobody tried to crate train him prior (the shelter didn't really know his history). In general, my dog is not food motivated and he seems too smart for his own good.
What I find odd is how he can be licking my gf's hands/feet/face one minute and literally become aggressive/defensive seconds later -- when NOBODY around him did anything.
Any ideas from this sub would be really appreciated. She moves in with me this Summer and I want my dog to see her as part of the pack.
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2023.06.04 23:20 FragMut [XB1] [XBX] [M23] Selling Madden 23 Coins @ $18 per Million 100% Safe, 0% Chance of Ban Okie Doke 2.3 Method Always Available Read Post for Details on New Trading Process ELITE REP

Available all day and night. Instant Delivery, no ea tax, no risk of bans. PM if interested
Cash App, Venmo, Btc/eth, Apple Pay, Zelle, Paypal, and Amazon Gift Cards for payments.
2 Methods Available:
  1. Okie Doke 2.3 --- see below for complete details. I will need access to your ea/sony/or xbox account for 10-15 minutes to complete the deal, you can be online simultaneously and change your password right after if it makes you feel better. This is 100% safe
  2. Bid Method: Post 12 91-92 overalls for 100 bid, 1 hour, for every 1 million purchased. This method is NOT guaranteed against bans. The only reason I am offering this is that certain buyers seem to think they can't be banned and aren't willing to do it the right way, even though it is 100% safe, so figured I would add this as an option
The bad news: Ea took away the trade block.
The GOOD news: delivering safe and fast coins is still doable
How so?
  • I’m a professional / specialist in the ART of coin trading workarounds. I was safely trading coins years before the trade block was the most common method used
  • EA will never hold me back . Where there is a will there's a way and I got a lot of will
  • My partners and I invested in proprietary software / techniques years ago for a day like this to come. We can easily handle 100+ million in daily transfers with just as much efficiency and safety as ever before
  • You don’t need to post any cards to auction . You don’t need to gather or find any cards to trade. Just pay and relax while we work
  • You can actually watch me conduct the trade in real time if it makes you feel safer
Ban Free Guaranteed Coins: if you are unhappy or get banned for using my service I will refund your money. Customer satisfaction and safety of delivery are my main priorities.
Exciting, right ?
So what’s the method?
  • We call it the Okie Doke 2.3 Full details I can’t disclose because it’s a trade secret. Just know , It’s some voodoo that the average, inexperienced and even some higher ranked coin sellers can’t do or offer
Why won’t you explain all the details?
  • Because we spent hundreds of hourssss and thousands of dollars researching and developing an automated trading process knowing a day like this would come. You can WATCH the trade happening in real time if you would like
What details can you give?
  • it’s a form of comfort trading. I just need your ea account email and password (not your Xbox , not your PlayStation , although these are ok as well) and about 10-15 minutes for me to complete the work and you are all set ! You can watch this happening real time if you prefer or you can be be playing a game , my process will not interfere.
Is there any chance of being banned ?
  • NO, 0% chance.
Why do you need my account details?
  • Accessing your madden account allows me to use my automation software to complete the trade fast , safely and efficiently
Can’t I just post cards to the auction house?
  • Of course , but it will be like playing Russian roulette with EA.
    I’m sure some sellers will try to entice people by offering low prices or say they have a method that works but I’d be very careful . If they don’t have dozens of accounts, some kind of automation software, and proper networking their method can’t be trusted.
Can’t you steal my coins , players ?
1st- Coins, technically yes, but Why would I want to do this ? I’m Trying to sell you coins and get referrals , why would I steal from you ? I have 1000s of completed transactions and worked hard to earn my rep , I’m not risking that over any amount of money . If you think I’m in the business of stealing or don’t care about your accounts safety , we aren’t a good match to do business
2nd- players / cards , Nooooooo. Your players are locked and can’t be sold on app if you have any ability or added any Training to the card. There is also a lock feature you can use in the game if you are nervous.
3rd- you can change your password right after the trade is complete if it makes you feel better
4th- you can watch me complete the trade if you are on the game
This is a 100% risk free transaction
I understand giving me your account details can sound strange but it’s the safest , fastest and most efficient method of transferring coins. For added assurance, I’m guaranteeing your experience and account safety or I will promptly refund your money.
Final notes/ comments :
Moving forward it will be difficult for new , inexperienced and non trusted coin sellers to conduct business without a middle man or selling directly to a more experienced, reputable seller. Without software / bots and some serious research and testing they can’t offer the same service. Allowing them to practice on your account would be ill-advised.
I have already seen posts stating users are testing a method(s) since ‘Sunday or last week’ with no ban. This is comical , our methods were tested in Madden 15 and every year since . Taking their advice could prove detrimental and I would highly advise against listening to them. We are professionals, don’t waste your time with amateurs practicing on your account.
I have also seen users posting about selling ltds even though it wasn’t possible at the time . This is something else that shouldn’t taken serious. If the seller isn’t aware of what’s going on in the game , how can you trust that the information they are giving you is true ? Don’t be naïve , deal only with professionals at this point.
I look forward to being your coin provider and was able to provide some insight. Thanks for the reading and enjoy your day
Deal With a trusted Seller. Over 650 confirmed trades.
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2023.06.04 23:18 aabb12321ba Sunny rooms in downtown Manhattan

Sunny rooms in downtown Manhattan
Room A - $1300 - The one with Full size bed with built in closet.
Room B - $1400 - The one with Twin size bed
***Room may be unfurnished or furnished (additional fees apply) at the time of your move-in date.
Two sunny bedrooms for rent on the 5th floor next to the F train subway station ( 1 minute away) in Manhattan Chinatown LES. Also a few minutes away from the B, D, M, J, Z, N, R, Q, W and 6 train. Citi bike, M22, M15 and M9 buses nearby. The environment is quiet and suitable for students or singles. Come with a large window, furniture and bed frame per the pic. Rooftop with great views and laundromat around the corner! 3 blocks away from the South Street Seaport which provides beautiful views of the two bridges and is perfect for a sunset jog or stroll. Also steps away from tons of art galleries, parks and overall amazing vibes the people and the neighborhood have to offer! AMAZING location. Less than 5 minute walk from TRADER JOES, TARGET, Fine Fare Supermarkets, libraries and the new Regal Cinema. Located near the popular 169 Bar, JaJaJa Kiki's, Clandestino, Mission Chinese, Scarr's Pizza, Forgtmenot, Clockwork Bar, Beverly's and much much more!
Require no smoking, clean, quiet and responsible person! This apartment is a typical old walk-up apartment in Chinatown. Air conditioning, electricity and gas are not included. Proof of income is requested. Please tell me a little about yourself. I would need your ID and references. When replying please include a small bio describing your work/personal schedule and include social/ linkedin links. Prefer long term with 2 months notice (60 days, first of the month) if you decide to move out. 1 month deposit required.
Email for more photos.
If this post is still up then the room is still available. Thank You.
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2023.06.04 23:18 SawkyScribe Pokemon: Information Societies and Globalization over time

Warning: long post
I wrote a few weeks back about the strange anachronistic technology in the Pokemon setting. This is a society that can transmute living matter into data but most people were using pagers for example. I thought a lot about why this is the case. The obvious answer is that the games are simply reflective of the technological innovations of the time period they are in, but that’s no fun. I think it’s more interesting to look at how the first few generations depicted world’s that did not operate in information societies.
So what is an information society? This can be defined in one of five ways: technological, economic, occupational, spatial, and cultural.
• Technological: how much and what level of tech is there?
• Economic: how much of a country’s GDP is made up by information activity?
• Occupational: how many information jobs are there?
• Spatial: how connected are we across gaps of time and space?
l Cultural: how much does internet affect our culture?
With this, I think we have a very helpful framework for our discussion. I can confidently say gens I-IV are not information societies. Society has not reformed itself around emerging technologies (I doubt the PokeNav, or the PokeGear had the effect the first iPhone did). You get the sense that most people were working blue collar jobs in Johto and Hoenn, or there weren’t that many jobs available in the tech sector. It’s even said corporations like Devon Corp and Silph Co are more intersted in making pokemart goods that electronic devices. Phones didn’t collapse time and space, most people would call you to bring you to there physical location. You also don’t feel that technology had deeply penetrated people’s mind as a cultural force. I think the Japanese inspired ethos of communing and living harmoniously with nature had severely dampened the effect that new technology could have in reshaping people’s lives. That changes immediately as we move west.
As soon as we land in Unova, we hit a setting that feels very contemporary even when stacked up against the Switch games. Almost every house has a TV. Cars and planes are so ubiquitous that you see multiple highways throughout the game and there’s a town with a whole airfield. With all the skyscrapers in Castelia City, you can tell that a huge chunk of jobs involve information processing. Hell, there’s a literal survey HQ in the city, you don’t get more data driven than that! The most interesting innovation has to be the X-Transceiver.
While older gadgets had been very reflective of their time, I find it interesting how forward facing this little watch was. The idea of a watch that had the capacity to make and receive phone calls with a screen resolution good enough for a video feed wouldn’t be realized until 5 years after the game came out. Even the way your only mode of interaction with Professor Juniper through most of B2W2 mirrors how so many of us have relationships through our devices that bridge physical and temporal gaps between us and the recipient. It really is amazing to see how deeply technological determinism (the way by which technology shapes our lives) is felt here compared to just one game ago.
It’s only in gen VIII and XI that we truly feel the cultural ramifications in full. Global consumption of media has evolved the Pokemon gym challenge from a simple rite of passage to a full blown spectator sport. Reliable access to video streaming devices has increased so much that being a Twitch streamer is a viable and recognized career in these games. Imagine telling yourself that in 2014.
Further, I love how the growth in technology usage has led to a tangibly more globalized world in these games. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, while being geographically close, feel incredibly insulated from one another. The complete lack of cross-cultural pollination had people sometimes thinking these games took place on different planets from one another. Not so in later entries. Technology has shrunk the world and brought it together. It’s why you see so many more references to previous games in later gens, or how the Pokemon World Tournament and the Battle Tree is able to rope so many different trainers from across the globe to compete together.
While initially I thought the disparity between the resources the Pokemon world had the technology that was available to the average person was quite silly, I think I’ve come to appreciate how the innovations that we see between games and regions is a fun reflection of the changes that we’ve seen in our own world. If anything I mentioned up to interested you, you can go read more in Theories on Information Societies by Frank V Webster. It’s a bit dated, but an interesting way to look at the way we measured the changes in the world around us in the past.
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2023.06.04 23:18 tiochristian CakeMoon 🍰 $43k MC 🟢The First Token Of Its Kind Token That Is Designed To ALWAYS Go Up 🚀 Read Why.... 👇 (Cake Rewards)

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2023.06.04 23:18 FoxcMama Listen, Ive moved on from my pwBPD

Ive moved on, my hurt has disapaited, and whats left in those dark hours of the night, in secret, is a disgusting satisfaction I cant tell anyone about.
I feel ashamed to admit it, but I find a sick joy in the fact youll never be happy. Youre a terrible human being in love with your own misery- its a plot device to you. In order to keep people around such as friends, you need to have some adversity, some dark entity to battle. You feed on their pity. You pretend, live in the fascade of a princess in distress. Eventually what friends you have, or your babydaddy, will say something that sets you off. Youll blow up. Youll feel betrayed. Youll accuse them of whatever- being in love with you, or "abusing you", of being in some way evil or two faced.
Youll give them the same, demented, dark, vacant look you gave me. The look that Ill never forget- the moment your mask fell off.
You were never happy, and thats all you learned. You still, as a grown woman, a mother now, throw emotional tantrums.
Youre unhinged and throwing a tantrum and you dont see how your posts make you look. These outbursts dont make you look good, they make you look disturbed. And i feel guilt over seeing your online tantrum and laughing.
Maybe laughing is how Im coping.
Its an odd mix, to feel bad for you, to laugh at your tantrum, and to feel a little dispair that any joy you have will be undercut by your lust for drama and victimhood.
You cant just exist. You dont know who you are. You cant be a friend bc you have no sense of self. But people will always rescue a victim. Thats how these online friends see you. They feed on that negativity too. You keep them at a distance, show them an edited version of yourself. Thats what your relationship with your babydaddy is. You made him your white knight.
You had such a traumatic sob story. And its disgusting how you weaponize that to draw people in.
Its only a matter of time though.
Before it was me you complained relentlessly about your family. I offered you support, I encouraged you to muscle on. I became your big sister. You played into my toxic trait of saving people. Now your family is off the hook, Im your enemy. I married your favourite person. And i had to be kicked off the map. Destroyed.
What you didnt anticipate is your favourite person walking away from you. This fueled my "unspeakable evil". You played into your familys misogyny and racism to get them to pity and support you again. They hated me already for those reasons.
I sit and wait for that energy to fizzle out. Your enabler will get tired. Your mother has over time started to see through you. Your family will turn and find you insufferable again.
The kindling of your life has started and youll destroy every relationship you have. Always and forever. The same pattern over and over.
Ok, i dont find satisfaction. But i cant feel sorry for you. Thats what you want.
My husband, our kids, myself, are happy, and thats something never have. Stay away from us.
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2023.06.04 23:17 vintagehifiincroatia Been trying for a week to find a community who can help me buy an AVR for stereo music

Music is the absolute priority in our house. My wife and I listen to music almost around the clock, much of the time from our turntable, but sometimes from Spotify. But we have a nice 4k ultra Samsung and we like towatch movies here and there. We are not home theatre people, but I guess I am an audiophile. I want dolbytrue lossless audio. And we plan on setting up a 5.1 system. But still, music is the first priority.
From what I've read in forums outside Reddit, I saw a lot of people saying that NAD makes the best AVRs for people who care about stereo sound. But inside Reddit, many people say that all quality AVR companies (Yamaha denon Cambridge Marantz, etc) deliver the exact same music in stereo.
So that's the first thing I'm confused about. Should I look for a specific avr company that "does music" better? Which one is that? Secondly, I posted for some help on the hometheatre subreddit, which I guess was a mistake since they all told me to buy an AVR from within the past 3 years. But none of them could tell me why. The three choices I Am considering but not limited to are -
NAD T765: I lean toward this because of the forum posts about how NAD is best for music. It's from 2009 and doesn't have lossless Dolby truehd, but if I get an external processor then it can run truehd. It's 200 euro on my Croatian version of Craigslist so why not?
Yamaha A810 Aventage: from 2011, 300 euro on the marketplace. Hdmi 1.3 and Dolby truehd. So again, why not? Unless Yamaha isn't the best for stereo music (which again is why I'm here mostly)
Denon 3808: from 2010, 250 euro, homi 1.2 and Dolby truehd. So same applies here as to the Yamaha.
Everyone on the hometheater subreddit told me those are so old that they are useless. And to invest in something newer. I can go higher. I can probably go as high as 700-800 euros. But every euro I go higher is more money out of the speaker budget.And since the only things I want are exceptional music and lossless audio for movies we stream from Netflix I just don't see the point of getting something newer.
They all have lossless audio. I can hook up an external streamer to all of them. A brand new AVR and one from 2011 probably will perform equally when it comes to stereo music since that's not really something that can get any better then "lossless" right? There's no loss anymore. There's nothing left to improve. I guess a newer AVR would have Spotify built in internally but would that be a significant improvement over an external streamer?
I will never ever want atmos. My living room just can't do 7.1
So what am I missing here? Why was I lambasted fortrying to save money by buying an AVR from 2009-2011 when (I think!) the only thing that matters to me is lossless Dolby trued, great music stereo driving, streaming, and 4k ultra. Which is something all of those AVRs can do?
If you know, please tell me what I'm missing here and why I would need an AVR from the past 3 years. And also if any AVR is particularly good at stereo music.
So thanks and sorry if this post is overwhelming. But I'm overwhelmed over here. I'm analog audio guy who doesn't know anything about digital audio receiving or processing and all I want to do is open up a bottle of wine with my wife and watch paul blart mall cop in lossless audio and 4k and then listen to a record in fantastic quality and I don't know why this has become a struggle. Thanks again!
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2023.06.04 23:17 aabb12321ba Sunny rooms in downtown Manhattan

Sunny rooms in downtown Manhattan
Room A - $1300 - The one with Full size bed with built in closet.
Room B - $1400 - The one with Twin size bed
***Room may be unfurnished or furnished (additional fees apply) at the time of your move-in date.
Two sunny bedrooms for rent on the 5th floor next to the F train subway station ( 1 minute away) in Manhattan Chinatown LES. Also a few minutes away from the B, D, M, J, Z, N, R, Q, W and 6 train. Citi bike, M22, M15 and M9 buses nearby. The environment is quiet and suitable for students or singles. Come with a large window, furniture and bed frame per the pic. Rooftop with great views and laundromat around the corner! 3 blocks away from the South Street Seaport which provides beautiful views of the two bridges and is perfect for a sunset jog or stroll. Also steps away from tons of art galleries, parks and overall amazing vibes the people and the neighborhood have to offer! AMAZING location. Less than 5 minute walk from TRADER JOES, TARGET, Fine Fare Supermarkets, libraries and the new Regal Cinema. Located near the popular 169 Bar, JaJaJa Kiki's, Clandestino, Mission Chinese, Scarr's Pizza, Forgtmenot, Clockwork Bar, Beverly's and much much more!
Require no smoking, clean, quiet and responsible person! This apartment is a typical old walk-up apartment in Chinatown. Air conditioning, electricity and gas are not included. Proof of income is requested. Please tell me a little about yourself. I would need your ID and references. When replying please include a small bio describing your work/personal schedule and include social/ linkedin links. Prefer long term with 2 months notice (60 days, first of the month) if you decide to move out. 1 month deposit required.
Email for more photos.
If this post is still up then the room is still available. Thank You.
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2023.06.04 23:16 _The_Sorcerer_ I need some feedback on my guide to datura consumption

This is a guide to safely using datura be it for recreational or spiritual purposes.
I will first clear some misconceptions before going into the actual guide.
1 Datura is not dangerous (to the extent that hospitalization would be required or death could occur) so long as it is properly dosed as will be described in this post.
2 The physical effects of datura cannot last for weeks, they may at most last for 3-4 days if you overdose. It’s unlikely that datura will cause permanent damage (noticeable at least) unless you take lethal doses or you take hallucinogenic doses too often.
3 Technically you can get high from seeds that you bought but practically >not really<. The seeds you buy have been usually left sitting for years causing them to lose all their potency. Furthermore to properly dose with datura, hundreds if not thousands of seeds will have to be sacrificed in the testing process to find the appropriate dose with the desired effects so unless you can buy in bulk thousands of seeds, ingesting them is a waste of money.
4 Effects from datura intoxication can’t randomly hit 12 hours after initial consumption.
5 The majority of negative trip reports come from individuals who had false expectations of datura in other words they expected a psychedelic or other experience instead of a deliriant one and from people who did not follow the basic principles of harm reduction for datura.
Now onto the actual guide.
Symptoms of datura intoxication
It is essential to know what you’re getting when going into datura. It’s surprising how so many people have written stories about their hallucinations but haven’t bothered to inform their readers of the extreme poisoning they experienced to reach that delirium. In my list of symptoms I will separate them on categories according to how high your dose of datura needs to be consumed to experience them. You will see that delirium is reached only when you are suffering a very severe case of poisoning.
1 In microdoses datura can help enhance your mood and it reportedly also enhances your dreams. Microdoses are also useful in combination with other drugs that cause nausea.
2 In low doses dehydration begins to set in causing you to experience dry mouth, your saliva turns to foam and then it stops being produced entirely making it difficult and eventually impossible to swallow food. You will generally experience a pleasant high at this stage, similar in many ways to alcohol but with nausea replaced by dry mouth.
3 Medium doses. At such doses, you will experience extreme dizziness, dehydration will worsen, the dryness reaching all the way into the esophagus, making breathing and speaking incredibly painful. Pupils will begin to dilate, your skin will become dry and irritable, body temperature will rise causing fever and heart rates will increase. Water will also begin to taste like chemical waste, making the only relief to the dehydration feel like a form of torture. You may experience urinary retention and difficulty walking at this point.
4 High doses. At this point (if you’ve consumed sedating datura species) you will likely become paralyzed and will pass out. You may at times feel freezing and at times feel like you’re boiling (which you will actually be boiling). The pain you will be physically experiencing might be greater than any of those you have experienced throughout your life yet you will find no difficulty in sleeping even at that state. You may also experience some anxiety (for example feeling like you’re dying). Convulsions may occur and if you’re awake your mind will be in complete disarray, it will feel as if it’s a radio station and you’re scrolling through all the stations as fast as possible.
5 Hallucinogenic doses. Congratulations if you didn’t reach this point by accident. At such doses, you will no longer be able to tell apart dream from reality. You may witness the most impossible scenarios unfold before you without being able to tell they’re hallucinations. Depending on your luck and preparation you will be apathetic to them, meaning that you will treat them like you would in a dream. If it doesn’t go like that, then there is a chance the hallucinations will be scary. The greatest threat of datura intoxication is losing almost complete control over your body and consciousness. This unique experience to some might be forgotten to a great extent due to the amnesia you will experience once you regain consciousness. If you consumed sedating datura species, then you might not even experience this stage as you will be sleeping through it.
Sum up of the positive effects you can get: a unique experience, some of the most interesting and intense hallucinations, (extreme sedation depending on species), heavy intoxication, potent anxiety relief and anti emetic effects.
Now that you are aware of all the symptoms datura can cause you, an important question must be asked:
Why do you want to take datura?”
Do you want to take datura recreationally, or do you want to get a unique experience?
If you want to take datura recreationally then your best bet is smoking it or using it topically, not consuming it by any of the other means.
If you want to trip on datura, then the only viable way is through ingestion.
A word of warning: datura is a deliriant, it’s a drug that will not appeal to most people. It has little recreational value because trips involve physical discomfort and depressant properties. Even when administered in its milder forms such as smoking and ointment, it’s still not a party drug or at least, it’s a poor choice for a party drug. The reason someone would come back to datura having already obtained the unique experience of delirium, is for the peace of mind that datura offers in high doses, for a lot of people getting severely poisoned isn’t worth it to obtain that, for some it is.
Onto the guide to dosing then
How to dose on datura
First off some general information on datura that should be taken into consideration when it comes to dosing.
1 Different species of datura vary in potency and they may also differ in their effects to some extent. Generally speaking innoxia and wrigtii are thought to have a higher scopolamine to atropine ratio making them more mellow (less toxic) while stramonium is thought to have a lower ratio making it more toxic and more stimulant than the others. All species of datura and brugmansia are predominantly depressants but they have some stimulant properties (such as tachycardia). Stramonium should be avoided as a first time species because it increases the chance of the user being energetic while on it and wreaking havoc. There are contradicting reports about brugmansia some stating that it’s more mellow while others stating that it’s more aggressive than datura, I would place brugmansia species between innoxia and stramonium.
2 The different parts of datura have different potencies. Generally, the seeds are considered to be the most potent, then follow the roots, then the flowers and then the leaves.
3 Each plant differs in potency. No, you won’t have to learn to dose with each plant or species differently (except maybe for the accursed stramonium) but when you start dosing, until you become accustomed enough to datura, it’s best to only use a single plant. When you’re familiar enough with datura then you’ll be fine using and blending different plants; you may occasionally be caught off guard by weaker or stronger doses but this isn’t cause for concern, datura allows plenty room for mistakes, it’s only those that are blatantly careless who get punished (usually).
4 Tolerance to the mental effects of datura builds extremely fast even if you don’t experience said effects. If you consume datura more often than once per week, then you will slowly begin to become immune to its deliriant properties, even if your doses aren’t strong.
5 If you’re consuming medium+ doses, then you will need to make sure you have the day after the trip off. If you consume a delirious dose, the delirium itself will usually last for ~12hours, you will remain poisoned for 2 days and your sight may be blurry for up to 3 days. The effects of non hallucinogenic doses should be resolved within a day.
Seed ingestion
This is the one and only method everyone wanting to hallucinate with datura should start with. Dosages are easy to calculate with seeds and you don’t need to consume a lot of plant matter to get effects.
I should note that brugmansia seeds are not worth using with this method: it takes too much effort to remove their shell and eating them with it is impractical. (Swallowing them whole will probably cause them to not even be digested, they are basically chunks of wood.)
With seed ingestion you can easily and safely find your hallucinogenic dose with the following method:
1 You start from a dose of 1-10 seeds
2 Chew the seeds or grind them so that they’re easier to digest and absorb the alkaloids
2 Each time increase your dose by 2-5 seeds until you get the desired effects
3 Between each dose of less than 30 seeds you will wait at least 3 days
4 Between doses of over 30 seeds, you will wait at least a week
This process will probably take you over 2 months but by the time you find your hallucinogenic dose (or quit) you will be accustomed to the symptoms of datura. There will be nothing to catch you off guard and you’ll avoid having a bad trip (well, all datura trips with high doses could be considered unpleasant but the experience and the aftereffects are what determine whether a datura trip was good or bad.)
Now onto a less safe but much faster way of dose testing with seeds:
1 You start from a dose of 10-30 seeds (No, 30 seeds can’t kill you or cause you permanent damage even if they’re the most potent seeds in the world.)
2 If you experience no symptoms then you are free to double your dose
3 If you experience dry mouth then you may increase your dose by 20-40% at a time
4 Between each dose which causes dry mouth you will need to wait at least a week for your tolerance to reset
In all instances, symptoms should kick in within 1 hour of consumption and they should peak within 6 hours.
Tea consumption
The beauty of making datura tea is that it is easy to consume and it can be made extremely potent. It is also not limited to seeds but can make use of the entire plant, giving anyone who has access to a decent sized plant an endless supply of plant matter to trip on.
Its downside? It can only vaguely be dosed. For that reason, you should only begin using tea once you’re confident enough to say “fuck it” when it comes to dosing (in other words when you’re already too far gone).
When making tea, the best parts of the plant to use are its flowers, they give it a pleasant fragrance and do not have an unpleasant flavor. Flowers generally have consistent sizes so they can be dosed with.
Leaves may be used but I suggest you do so when they are dried. Making tea out of fresh leaves will give it an extremely unpleasant smell and taste. Leaf sizes are completely inconsistent so they’re difficult to dose with.
Seeds can be used in tea form; they should be grinded before being added. Seeds will add a chemical flavor to the tea, it’s quite unpleasant. Brugmansia seeds can practically only be used for tea making like this (Literally, brugmansia seeds have no other use, even in gardening, you’re much better off with cuttings).
To make the tea, you simply put the ingredients in the water and let it boil for a bit. You can add some honey or sugar to help with the flavor.
Effects should kick in within 1 hour after initial consumption (in fact, in my experience they hit a bit faster than when ingesting seeds).
Consuming datura raw
I don’t understand why anyone would make themselves go through the pain of eating datura leaves or flowers raw. It’s an impractical way to consume them and in my little experience with this method, it almost always caused me some gut pain the following day. The taste of the flowers is bearable, not so much of the leaves.
Making datura wine
If you’re bold enough, you can mix in alcohol with datura by putting dried leaves and flowers inside bottles of alcohol. The alcohol makes a surprisingly good job of absorbing the alkaloids and its potency is on part with its tea equivalent. I’d advise against using alcohol stronger than wine for this purpose. Datura has on its own certain depressant properties and so adding more depressants into the mix might be a dangerous choice to make.
The properties of the wine will not be lost even after months.
Effects will set in within an hour of consumption.
Smoking datura
This is the best method of consuming datura if you’re doing it for recreational purposes though don’t get your hopes high. Smoking destroys most of the alkaloids in datura making it extremely weak in comparison to other routes of administration while at the same time allowing the user to instantly feel the effects and gauge whether they can or cannot take more, in other words it is almost completely harmless for everyone. Smoking will get you high while only giving you slight effects of dehydration. The high produced from smoking is similar to weed but much more subtle and drowsier.
Because a big chunk of datura’s toxins are burnt with this method, it is not possible to experience delirium with it.
You may grind dried leaves and flowers and smoke them on their own or along with weed for a pleasant high.
The effects will set in very fast ~5 minutes should be more than enough, making it a lot easier to dose with this method (not that you really need to).
Making ointment
It is possible to make datura ointment/extract which can be used transdermally (or orally if you’re insane). This is a relatively safe way of using datura as only scopolamine can cross the skin.
The effects caused by the ointment are pain relief, numbness, elevated body temperature and mild intoxication depending on the potency of the ointment. (It should be able to become potent enough to create the sensation of literally flying, though to get such a potent ointment would probably require a lot of care and skill).
Ointment can be made by mixing the grinded parts of the plant with oil and leaving them to sit for days, then straining the liquid and repeatedly performing this process. This can be done with water too but it is way easier for bacteria to grow in it than it is in oil. For maximum potency use enough grinded plant matter to absorb the entire volume of the oil.
The oil may then be applied over blood vessels or wherever you feel pain, it may take over an hour for any serious effects to hit and large quantities will usually be required. This is an arduous process which is not worth if you’re trying to get high or hallucinate.
It is also possible to chemically extract the alkaloids off of datura but by that point, you’re no longer consuming datura.
What to do before/while/after tripping
You can take certain steps to make sure or at least try to make your trip more comfortable.
First off, I am not in favor of the idea of trip sitters because it is very easy for them to mess up your hallucinations/taint your first experience. That said, a trip sitter is the only guarantee that you won’t piss your neighbor’s window in the middle of the night.
Before any effects set in, make sure you have water at close vicinity from any place you might sit or lay down at. It may prove at times too difficult to even extend your arm to reach a glass of water.
It is also crucial that you have a full stomach before consuming datura. Attempting to eat solid food during a trip will result in you choking. Furthermore, the day after the trip, you will likely have lost your appetite so you must be prepared to not eat any food for up to 2 days.
Wear comfortable clothes, you may not even realize how quickly the effects have set in before you can barely stand. If you are sitting down, especially if you’re fixed on screen, you won’t know how severely intoxicated you are until you stand up. You may be unable to take off or change your clothes at that point.
Treating symptoms
It is very difficult to treat datura intoxication as it has both symptoms of depressant and stimulant drugs. For example, if you attempt to treat the sedation and paralysis with coffee, your heart rate which is already high will skyrocket and potentially cause heart failure. If you on the other hand take painkillers to treat your fever and pain, you might die from respiratory depression. There is little to be done to treat the symptoms of the poisoning, if they are unbearable, you are better off sleeping them away. For the dry mouth and sore throat, juice from citrus fruits might be of some help. For the fever, your best bet is wet towels on your forehead; it is especially important to treat the fever as your body can reach temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius and cause brain damage. If you desperately need food to calm your stomach, you might be able to drink a smoothie. You can at least find some comfort in the fact that it’s difficult to die from datura -if- you followed the previous instructions on dosing. It is easy to suffer poisoning from datura but much more difficult to die from it. The underlying threat of the experience adds a sort of beauty to it.
Now if you’re going through all this pain for the hallucinations, you might need to set up an alarm in the middle of your trip. If you’ve been using sedating species of datura, then chances are that you pass out at the peak of your trips. You can attempt to wake yourself up using an alarm or a friend at that point so that you can experience hallucinations. (I must note here that a friend of mine had someone clapping their hands above her face to no avail, so whether you succeed in waking yourself up or not is uncertain.)
Whether you’ll remember or not your hallucinations is yet another issue. Treating this one is difficult, if you had success have good dream recall, then this might be easier for you(seeing as dreams and delirium are much alike). Practicing recalling dreams may be the only way to treat this issue. Practice makes perfect but in this case, regular practice with the actual substance will prove detrimental to the user’s health.
Despite popular belief, you can make away just fine on your own even in delirium, that is if you can outsmart your deliriant self. You might literally be required to troll yourself to prevent your deliriant self from pissing that neighbor’s window. Locking your door and hiding the keys is important but don’t underestimate your deliriant self. You can leave notes and marks on your door which will help yourself realize what you’re about to do. Sharp objects are best hidden away though I have to say that the deliriant self does not act out of character so if you don’t mess around with knives, then such precautions are not necessary, if on the other hand for some reason you have self harming tendencies, then god forbid you try this plant in the first place. Also make sure your car keys are well hidden as well. If you want to be extra cautious, you can turn off the power for kitchen appliances in case you get really hungry during delirium and burn your place.
Now with all these said, don’t go tripping on entire seedpods for your first time and then writing about how you had a terrible experience on datura. This is a safe plant for those who are patient and cautious and it can give you some unique experiences.
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2023.06.04 23:16 urgod42069 No way 😳! Karthus dug up my long-lost Gragas x Garen fanfic! And I think he's a big fan, too! 😁

No way 😳! Karthus dug up my long-lost Gragas x Garen fanfic! And I think he's a big fan, too! 😁 submitted by urgod42069 to LeagueOfMemes [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 23:16 Karsticles If you want more people to raid, let raiders find bases they want to raid.

Right now, you can abandon any raid you want with no penalty. So if I find a raid I do not like, the only thing I lose is time.
So let's skip that step: let me find the bases I want to raid in the first place.
Replace the current list of 15-18 bases that appear in when going to raid with a large list of bases like we see when going into Social.
Then, add a set of filters for players to thin the list. Filters for:
1) HRV path.
2) Guard count.
3) Trap count.
4) Plot size.
5) Prestige level.
6) Builder level.
7) Capacity used for traps.
8) Accolade rate.
9) Kill Ratio.
10) Trap density.
11) Path block density.
There are definitely other filters that could be added. By "Path block density", I mean the number of blocks the HRV path is adjacent to on average. So a base that is 100% one long tunnel will be around 4 (bottom, top, left, right blocks), and a base that is completely open will be 1 (bottom/ground blocks).
Some people will reply to this and say "If you do this, players will only raid _____", and I in response to those I just want to say "Yes, players will raid! Exactly!" Let players find what they want to raid, and you will find a lot more people playing and enjoying raids.
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2023.06.04 23:16 madlaspadla Puppy All Of the Sudden Barking & Crying at Night Not Wanting to Sleep in His Crate (He's Crate Trained)

We have a 5.5 months puppy - toy poodle and he's a very chilled dog. He's crate trained and never had a problem with napping in the crate and sleeping there in the evenings/nights. His usual night schedule used to be 9:30-7:30 in the crate sleeping, where we would take him for a pee break at around 11:30pm. Nowadays, he just doesn't stop barking and crying when put in the crate overnight - this started just a week ago. He goes on and on... We tried pushing his night time to 11:30pm when he goes to sleep after his last potty time and let him hang out with us in the bedroom (not a fan of this as I don't like having him on the bed and he's not very responsive to "off" yet), but that isn't making it any better. Instead of screaming at 9:30pm and 11:30pm he still cries and barks at 11:30pm. While hanging out with us (we watch the TV) he's still barking every 5 mins or so on moving images and sounds on the TV.
My question is - has anyone experienced this with their puppy? Is there a solution to this? E.g. Putting a lamp in his room where he sleeps; letting him cry it out; anything really...
He started teething recently but he has no issues sleeping in the crate during the day, it's just the evenings/nights that he is freaking out, so I don't think this is the cause. Maybe he's entering adolescence and testing our limits? Not sure, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you :)
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2023.06.04 23:16 strongbad4u (spoilers main) Exploring Brans potential abilities in the fuure

Something I think people truly underestimate is the extent of the training and lessons that Bran could be getting from Blood Raven considering all of the abilities Blood Raven himself has.
If we are to understand what kind of skills Bran could potentially have lets examine ALL of the skills and abilities that Bran could develop.
1.The ability to send people dreams: This ability is not to be underestimated and a major way that Bran would be able to communicate the vast amount of knowledge he will receive from Weirwoods. More than that though this is a way to manipulate people. In countless George RR. Martin novels psychics send people dreams and visions as a form of social engineering and manipulation. Indeed Bran has already shown talent when he is cloaked in darkness at doing this when he contacted Jon back in Clash. Proximity to Weirwood trees does seem necessary for this ability, one doesn't necessarily need to sleep directly on a log the way Jamie does in ASOS but it seems they do need to be relatively close
2. How to build schemes and conspiracies: Expanding upon my point of number one as both hand of the king and as the three eyed crow knowing how to use your vast wealth of knowledge to get people to do what you need them to is a key talent of Blood Ravens and something that he very likely could be tutoring Bran on... The dynamic is possibly quite similar to Little Finger and Sansa without the talking tree corpse wanting to be intimate,
3.The ability to passively control multiple animals at once: This is something that is much more expanded upon by Varamyr Six skins chapter where it's revealed that even if he isn't actively warged into his bear or his shadow cat he has a low level of psychic control over them. Euron is implied to possibly have this power over his crew and Blood raven has this power over his many flocks of Ravens and possibly the elk Bran was riding on to his cave.... There are alot of dark possibilities with this power not gunna lie but the least dark is Bran controlling a huge army of animals.
4. The ability to see throughout history: It is likely that the training regarding this has to do with being willful and intentional in what part of history you want to go to and what you want to see. This is the ability most people think will make up the bulk of Brans Winds story but I would honestly be surprised if that's the case.
5. The ability to see possibly anywhere: "The singers singers carved eyes into their heart trees to awaken them, and those are the first eyes a new greenseer learns to use... but in time you will see well beyond the trees themselves." Considering that Brans first Crow dream went from him being able to see all the way into Assai by the Shadow as well as him being able to see all the way into the Land of always Winter, this ability is pretty wild.
6. The ability to send messages from far away (speculation): It's uncertain how willfully Bran will be able to do this but Theon's scene in the Godswood does seem to imply that " Words are wind" has a double meaning. Either that or Bran might be able to actually physically manipulate at least Winterfells Godswood as the leaves rustled Theon's name. Will the abilitiy to make a trees branches shake be important? Probably not but who knows.
  1. Time Travel: I think it's pretty clear that once Bran begins the time travel element of his plot all of the previous skills he has learned from Blood Raven or inspite of Blood Raven will be put into use. There's no use speculating on what kind of time travel Bran will have as that's it's own vast un ending discussion. But what I am firm on is that whether its closed loop, ground hogs day or some wacky Tenet time travel it will have effects beyond making Hodor simple.
Conclusion: While George is intentionally vague about the extent of Brans training it's very likely it involves skills that go beyond simply collecting information that functions as exposition for the audience. In particular Brans ability to send dreams to other characters may very well play a huge role in the upcoming story.... Once we reach the time travel part of the story though genuinely anything could happen.
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