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This subreddit is for lovers of games that feature an incremental mechanism, such as unlocking progressively more powerful upgrades, or discovering new ways to play the game. This genre is growing at a break-neck pace, be part of the revolution!

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2023.06.04 22:26 Pyke64 Emulating Arcade - Garlic OS

Emulating Arcade - Garlic OS
Hey guys, I'd like to get 1944 up and running on RG35xx. But I have no clue how MAME/Arcade emulation is actually done. I dragged the rom files (nff.xxm, 1944.key, qsound.bin) into the right folder but when I tried launching it just hanged on black screen. It finally returned to main menu after 30 seconds of hanging on a black screen.
As this is my first time ever emulating MAME are there any good guides I can use? Any luck getting 1944 to run on this? And am I just missing the bios files or something?
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2023.06.04 22:25 DReager1 It's time to have a difficult conversation about Tears of the Kingdom

It's just not nearly as good as people are saying.
t’s time to sit down and have a difficult discussion about Tears of the Kingdom. I know that you’ve heard from just about every source how this is the game of the year, one of the best games of all time, etc. Well I’m here to let you down gently because it did not reach those heights. I would argue that the first game actually defeats it overall. Tears of the Kingdom ultimately tried to be too ambitious and tried too many things with a lot of them not working out. That’s the big problem here and I say this as someone who has always been a big Legend of Zelda fan. It just wasn’t ready for this and I think the series should go back to the really big story based titles like Skyward Sword. The open world format is cool but it needs extensive fixes.
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Well first off the story starts with Zelda and Link exploring some ruins. Unfortunately this does go very well and Zelda goes missing, lost into the winds. Link wakes up on the sky islands and needs to find a way to get going. He must save Princess Zelda from Ganondorf who has returned to destroy the world. Link will need to meet up with various friends and allies as he reawakens the Master Sword and saves the day but can he do this?
Lets talk about some of my issues with the game. First up, they kept the whole breakable weapons mechanic. So every few swings your weapons are going to keep on shattering. Over and over and over again. Yes you now have the ability to fuse weapons with objects which is a new mechanic to the game but this only delays the inevitable as they will both be destroyed before long. The only exception is the Master Sword which still breaks but it will eventually regenerate. This is a mechanic that should have been removed by now because all it really does is force some extra length into the game instead of just letting you have fun. I don’t know about you but I want to have fun and I want to have fun now!!
Then there is the new Ultrahand mechanic to which a large part of the game is built around. With this you can lift up almost any object in the game. This helps a lot with puzzles and such as you jump from platform to platform. The thing is, it’s not a mechanic that is super fun to use. I think it could have been in small doses like using it once in a while but having to do it constantly is something else. Building objects and such is good fun at time but the game is too focused on having you do it all the time. As it is you don’t have much time to just play the game.
You maybe fight someone once every few hours but for the mot part you’re doing a lot of running and map exploring. I managed to scope out almost the whole Depths can a fairly early period in the game and likewise opened up the lighthouses. It is really good to be able to see the map at least and they didn’t exaggerate about the overall size of the kingdom. The game is absolutely massive and it would take forever to run from one side to the other. It is absolutely impressive and I’ll give the egame credit there. They just should have skipped the overall gimmicks so all of the different styles would be gone and you’re just having fun with combat.
The actual combat is smooth but it feels like that is rarely something you need to do. Aside from the occasional boss you don’t have much incentive to take down the minions. You can get some material for beating them but not much. So you’re just going to be doing a lot of running instead and probably getting stuck at some point by those puzzles. I certainly got stuck plenty of times. In the end it took me 55 hours to complete the game and I feel like a good chunk of that was running around in circles because I didn’t know where to go.
There are a ton of sidequests and bonus content to access but most of them are behind puzzles as well so get ready to try and figure those out. Additionally don’t forget that you have to complete a bunch of shrines to get the stars needed to level up your health and stamina. The game may try to present itself as a rue open world where you can make any choices you want but that isn’t always the case. For example there is one boss that you can’t reach unless you get past a stamina door and to do that you had to buy at least 5 stamina upgrades. I wanted to max out hearts and that’s what I had been doing but this forced me to change gears.
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Also I believe the open world is to blame for this game not having much in the story. After each temple they play the same cutscene over and over again and just zoom in on a different character depending on the temple. It means that the game froze the progression right here and that’s no good. By the time you get to the end of the game it really doesn’t feel like there was a ton of story that you got through.
At least the climax was a lot of fun though. Lin’s battle stance where he gets ready and the Master Sword lights up was brilliant. That was a great moment all around and is exactly what you like to see in a AAA title. Link has been through a lot but when the going gets tough he is always ready to hang in there. The battle involves a lot of dodging and parrying so you do need to really be on point here. Especially since I had used up all of my hearts earlier thanks to the gloom. I had to beat the final boss and the various phases without taking any hits to my hearts. It took me over 2 hours of trying over and over again but eventually I did manage to succeed.
That was easily the highlight of the game for me because I did feel good in conquering that challenge. I’d argue that the game design wasn’t the best to put you in such a rough circumstance since I feel like most wouldn’t be able to pull that off. Of course there is extra gear and food that you could have gotten to avoid that which is worth noting. The game really wants you to stick around and try all of the content so you can go into the final boss well prepared. It’s a noble goal and I know there is a lot to the game but at the end of the day there just isn’t enough to keep you here. Once you complete the game then you are likely out.
The soundtrack is definitely more on the forgettable side but I suppose I wouldn’t say that it’s bad. You just don’t feel like you will need to Youtube the themes afterwards. The graphics are definitely great here. I would have liked to have had Link’s classic green tunic throughout the game though. Lately it feels like that costume doesn’t appear enough even though it’s the best one. I’m sure it’s out there somewhere in the mode but I was hoping I would get it for the final boss.
Nobody can say that the game is short though. 55 hours just to complete the campaign is really impressive and in terms of overall content I wouldn’t be surprised if this is around 100-150 hours. There is so much to do here. The game can also be fun when you are just relaxing and not having to do anything. The problem is that the game reminds you of what’s coming all the time. Just when you’re unwinding the game throws another puzzle at you or some kind of cryptic clue. You simply can’t escape it.
This all sounds pretty negative so just for the record the reason why I would still call the game good is because the gameplay itself is good. The combat is on point and I enjoy the parrying system. The characters are good and the story is solid when it appears with a cinematic once in a while. You will get real annoyed on many occasions and will need to put the game down for a while since long batches can hurt the experience but at the end of the day it’s a game that you won’t regret buying.
Overall, Tears of the Kingdom is one of the weaker Legend of Zelda games for me but I will applaud it on really trying to be as ambitious as possible. It is a huge game but the gimmicks just ended up bringing the experience down. Sometimes less is more and just letting me fight the enemies without having to worry about things would have been great. I want more story and more action next time. Throw those things into the game and I would enjoy it a whole lot more. I would still recommend the game if you want to travel through the kingdom and have fun. I’m confident that you will have a good time here but you will also get irritated at times so definitely keep that in mind. The game is very much a rollercoaster and I need Nintendo to do be better!
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2023.06.04 22:24 Ok_Reality6261 Why Golgari initiative/garden is not more popular than it is?

I have been testing against it with several decks and it has no weak points you can exploit:
-Against burn: Several hate cards including removal, Pulse of Murasa, Reckoner's Bargain, Spinning Darkness... After sideboarding, Faungren Marauder and Weather The Storm are impossible to deal with
-Against affinity: again, removal and life gain. After sideboarding, Deglamer can easily win the game if targets a couple of critical lands
-Against Bogles: Chainer's Edict and Crypt Rat, although sometimes you dont draw any of them and you get rekt. After sideboarding, Nausea, Fumes and another Rats
-Against u/B Terror: Maindeck Bokuja and several creature removal. After sideboard, Nihill Spellbomb and Duress
And that's against Tier 1 decks. The only deck I can think of with a shitty matchup is Tron, although if you expect many Trons you can deal with them with green/black land destruction
RG Ponza is another serious contender, but you can make it with Pulse of Murasa
I really do not understand why this deck is not taking tournaments
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2023.06.04 22:24 Tstormn3tw0rk PC Xbox games do not detect any of my controllers, cloud gaming, steam, and EA games work fine

This issue has been driving me nuts for weeks. For some reason, any game I use the xbox app to actually install to my pc has the exact same issue, if i push a button on my controller the game's hints and ui change to show the controller buttons, and then nothing else happens. I have used original Xbox one controllers, logitech, elite controllers, series x controllers, dualshock 4, and an xbox 360, and all of them have the same issue. I've tried closing steam, fiddling with drivers, etc, and microsoft support gives no actual option to contact them for this issue. Games work fine when played with cloud gaming through the xbox app for whatever reason, and like I said all other games with controller support detect my inputs, just not the ones installed via the Xbox app. The games detect keyboard inputs just fine, and I have already tried disconnecting my keyboard to see if that fixes it, no dice.
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2023.06.04 22:23 GavinJohnWriter It can't move if you don't look away from it!

'After being resuscitated, a woman, is now stalked by a creature that can only move if you look away from it'.
It began twelve weeks ago. The night Scott, my childhood sweetheart and husband of five-years confessed that he’d had a drunken one-night stand on his bachelor party in Europe. The apparent guilt had consumed him for the past five-years, and his sudden urge to be truthful was due to the fact we were due to get married this same year.
His words hit me like a freight train, and the urge to vomit washed over me like a tsunami. I stormed out of the house, our house that we’d bought together twelve-years prior. I felt like the world had swallowed me whole, and in a way, it had.
I was struck with a throbbing chest pain that rapidly spread down my entire right side. The pain intensified, taking my breath away, and I stumbled into a tree to steady myself as I felt my body about to faint.
Then darkness.
The next thing I remember, was waking up in a dark and dismal forest, devoid of colour. The air was dry and had a distinctive, malodorous smell, like rotten meat or that of a decaying carcass. But worst of all, was a terrifying feeling that I’d never experienced before, and one that I pray I’ll never feel again.
The feeling of absolute hopelessness.
The sky was dull and cloudless, and was ripped apart by soundless, ferocious lightning that illuminated the bleak landscape I found myself in. I felt like I’d been wandering for hours, maybe even days when I came across a decaying cave. Animal bones crushed beneath my feet as I made my way towards it.
As I approached the cave, the putrid smell grew with intensity causing me to retch, and I was violently sick, bringing up my own stomach bile. The entrance was made of crumbling stone and was completely opaque. I threw a small stone into it and heard it ricocheting down the stone steps and off the walls. The silenced lighting strobed the area, and I was able to glimpse into the cave and see a few descending steps.
Then, two yellow reptilian-like eyes flashed in the darkness.
I stumbled backwards, and just as the lightning struck, I was forcefully thrown by an unseen force. The lighting flashed continuously, accompanied by a gale-force wind, tossing me around like a rag doll. My eyes remained fixed on the cave, and I crippled in terror, as a pale, gangly hand reached around the crumbling stone. Another flash hurled me hard against a tree, and suddenly -
I woke up in the back of an ambulance with paramedics hovering over me with a defibrillator, and two words that sent a cold and grotesque shiver through my spine.
“Welcome back”.
Welcome back? Back from where? What was that place? That thing in the cave? How long was I gone?
Hundreds of questions raced through my mind, but none of which I had the answer for. Not yet anyway.
“You died in the back of that ambulance” the doctor said as I lay in a bed in the ICU.
The room tilted as I tried to digest what the doctor was telling me. I felt like I was in a nightmare that I couldn’t wake up from. I’m thirty-years old, I eat healthily, and I run four times a week, how could this be happening to me?
My scans revealed I’d inherited a faulty gene and developed hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and suffered a cardiac arrest. I spent the next seven-weeks in the ICU and told nobody of the dark forest and the creature with the yellow eyes. Just the thought of that place was enough to raise the hairs on the back of my neck.
My mother practically moved into the hospital. Fussing over me like mothers do. She blamed herself for my condition, even though her scans were clear, meaning that I inherited the faulty gene from my absent father.
My husband Scott came on the first day, but I asked him for space. I needed some time to heal and process everything that had happened, about both my condition, and his infidelity. Although he kept that promise, he would call my mom every day to check on me, to make sure I was okay.
I wasn’t.
Not because of my condition, but for something else.
I’d started to see something.
I wasn’t sure what it was at first. It started as a tiny dot in my peripheral, nothing more than a spec on my retina. Of course, I had my eyes checked, but all results came back clear, as did the results for my visual cortex.
Days later, what started as a dot in my peripheral began to grow.
The first time I saw it, I was at my doctor’s office. He had left me alone for a moment whilst he consulted with my surgeon. It was dark outside and the sound of heavy rain pit-a-patting against the glass was hypnotic. I stared out of the window, watching as a small handful of people came in and out of the hospital.
Then, my eyes were drawn to an ominous silhouette at the far end of the parking lot. I couldn’t make out any distinguishing features due to the minimal light, but there was something there, standing deadly still in the shadows.
A car horn broke my reverie, a man was getting into his truck in the lot and must have pressed the horn by accident. I turned back to the silhouette, and it was in a completely different position.
It had moved.
It was standing eerily still again, but like it had frozen mid-walk. I could just about make out its elongated limbs, like it’s arms and legs had been stretched out.
The doctor returned momentarily, startling me. He’d gotten my scans, and everything was how it should be.
“Good news, you should be okay to be discharged in a few days” he said.
That was great news, I was so ready to get out of the hospital. I turned back to the window in curiosity, but whatever I saw had gone.
I didn’t think about it again until the night before I was going home. It was late and most of the patients were sleeping. My room is situated at the end of the hall, so I get a clear view of it through my observation window. I wasn’t quite ready to go to sleep and was watching something on my iPad.
Suddenly, there was a putrid odour wafting in through my open door. The same unmistakable smell that I’d experienced in that ‘other place’. Two nurses walked past my room, neither showing any signs that they too could smell it. I covered my nose and mouth to try and stop me from heaving.
Then, my eyes drifted to the observation window, and to the corridor.
It was here again. The silhouette.
At the far end of the hall. Completely still, with its back pressed up against the wall. But I could see it. It was tall and skinny, and had either feelers or tentacles stretched up against the wall like an ink spill. Its daunting yellow eyes stared straight at me.
I saw another nurse walk up the hall and straight past it, like it wasn’t there. Maybe it wasn’t. Maybe visual hallucinations were a symptom of what I’d been through, or maybe it was a side effect of the many meds I was taking. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.
“There’s nothing there, there’s nothing there, it isn’t real” I whispered to myself.
I opened my eyes and, it hadn’t gone.
It had moved closer.
Halfway down the hall. It had dropped onto all fours like a large dog. Starring straight at me. Its long tentacles spread across the floor and up the wall.
I was absolutely petrified.
I moved over to the window, tentatively. The smell that resonated from this creature was overpowering. I watched it for a few moments, until a nurse walked past the window, startling me. And, like before, when I looked back, it wasn’t there. It was as though I’d imagined it. I climbed back into bed, but I didn’t sleep a wink that night.
The next morning, my mom came to pick me up. I left with a suitcase of medication and instructions on how and when to take them. I didn’t tell my mom or anyone at the hospital about my hallucinations. I was worried If I did say something, the doctors wouldn’t let me leave.
I had decided to stay at my mom’s until I was ready to talk with Scott. He brought a box over with some essentials, like my comfy clothes, pyjamas, and my own toothbrush as I’d been using a cheap store bought one up to now. He was sorry, and it was clear he hadn’t been sleeping. He said he’d wait for me until I was ready to talk. I missed both him and our home so much, but I just wasn’t ready to talk about it. Not yet.
My mom suggested that I go into town, see the locals, get some fresh air into my lungs. She offered to drive me, and then we would meet back up at the car after an hour.
Whilst in town, I noticed a poster for the yearly travelling fairground in a storefront window. I have fond memories growing up of this fair. It’s where Scott and I shared our first kiss. We were halfway round the Ferris wheel, when it started to rain. He covered us with his jacket, and then he kissed me. This was the moment I knew I’d fallen in love with him. I was flooded with happy emotions, and it felt right that I text Scott.
“I’m ready to talk, I’ll be at the place where we shared our first kiss at 8 tonight, Chloe x”.
He replied almost instantly.
“I’ll be there, thank you x”.
After a quick smile to myself, I went for a walk through the local market. It was bustling with energy. Vendors selling local, fresh produce, handmade furniture, bakeries, and plenty more.
After browsing the stalls, I was hit with that smell. That horrific, nauseating smell. And I felt the hairs on my arms prickle up.
I knew it was here. Somewhere. Observing me.
My eyes narrowed as I scanned the area. I weaved in and out of the locals looking for it. Paranoia struck me like lightning. I was bumping into people as I went. All eyes had now turned to me. I burst into tears, sprinted back to the lot and leaped into my mother’s car.
I was sitting in the passenger seat crying my eyes out. I looked out of the window and saw my mother rushing back to the car shouting my name. Someone must have told her about my freak out.
I looked out of the opposite window and, IT WAS THERE, standing on top of a vehicle several cars over!
“GET AWAY FROM ME” I screamed.
My mother whipped open the door.
“What is it? What happened?” she replied.
She couldn’t see it. Nobody could. I told her that I’d had a panic attack. I hadn’t been around people outside of the hospital for a few months and I felt overwhelmed. She knew I wasn’t being truthful, but it’s the only answer I could give.
That night I decided to go ahead and meet Scott at the fair. When I saw him waiting for me by the Ferris wheel, my heart felt hole again, if only for a moment. We got our tokens and went on the wheel. We talked as we went round, about how sorry he was and how much of an idiot he’d been, which I agreed with.
Everything was going well until I saw the creature again. Standing on top of the ghost house attraction. Watching me.
I kept my eyes on the figure whilst grabbing Scott’s arm.
“Do you see it?” I asked with a shaky voice.
“See what?” he replied.
“It’s standing right there, on top of the ghost house”.
I could see him squinting to look, but I knew deep down that he wouldn’t be able to see it, because only I could.
“Sweetheart, there’s nobody there, look at me” he replied, calmly.
“I can’t” I said solemnly. “If I look away, it’ll move”.
“Chloe, look at me, there’s nothing there” he said, as he grabbed my chin and turned my face towards his.
“No! it’ll move” I screamed.
I quickly spun round, my eyes darting back to the ghost house, but it wasn’t there. I looked around, anxiously, Scott looking on with worry.
“Shit, where is it?” My anxiety palpable.
I looked down, and it was at the bottom of the Ferris wheel. It had moved inhumanly fast. I screamed and almost fell out of the carriage, but Scott held onto me.
“Hey, hey, I got you, what is it?” he said, desperately trying to keep hold of me.
I stood up in a panic, rocking the carriage, Scott tried to hang onto me, but it was too late, and I plummeted twenty feet to the ground.
The last thing I remember, was Scott screaming for an ambulance.
I was fortunate enough to only suffer a sprained wrist and a slight concussion. My doctor wanted to keep me in overnight for observations, which I reluctantly agreed to.
I decided to confide in Scott. I told him everything. From the cave in the forest to this creature that’s stalking me. This monstrous entity that must have crawled out of the pits of hell. And worst of all, it’s getting closer to me.
He could see that I was terrified, and instead of trying to explain away what I was experiencing, he just held me. And, for the first time in a long time, I felt safe. We spent hours just holding each other. He offered to stay the night, to stay awake in the chair whilst I got some sleep, but I couldn’t have him doing that.
After Scott left, I managed to get a few hours rest. I woke up just after two AM and grabbed my bottle of water from the nightstand. That’s when I noticed the door was closed, even though I specifically requested it to stay open.
And then, there was that horrendous smell. I knew it was close.
It was in the fucking room.
It was crouched down in the corner on all fours, blending into the darkness, watching me. I desperately tried to scream but no sound would come out.
Keeping my eyes on it, I slowly climbed out of the bed with my back pressed firmly against the wall. I knew it couldn’t move if I didn’t look away. I side-stepped along the wall towards the door.
I started to manoeuvre around a set of drawers, knocking something off that caught my eye for a millisecond. But that’s all it took. It was now standing on its two legs.
It must have been eight-feet tall with outstretched limbs. A streak of moonlight illuminated part of it’s pale-blue face. Its yellow eyes glistened in the light. Its slimy tentacles spread up the wall and onto the roof.
I kept my back to the wall and kept moving. I made it to the door, grabbed the door handle, but it was fucking locked. I kicked the door, but nobody could hear me.
I could see the key for the door on the table in my peripheral. I fumbled around on the table without looking. I grabbed everything but the key. I knew I had to look to find the key.
I quickly glanced to my left – Saw the key – Looked back, and the creature was point-blank in front of me. Reaching out for my throat, its black, curved talon had pierced my neck and blood trickled down.
Somehow, I managed to scream and within seconds two orderlies had barged through the door. All they found was me, alone with blood trickling down my neck. I barged straight past them and ran as fast as I could out of the hospital.
I ended up running all the way home. I banged as loud as I could on the door, forgetting that it was almost three-thirty in the morning. Scott answered the door in his pyjamas with a worried look plastered across his face.
I told him what had happened at the hospital whilst he bandaged my neck.
“See, this is proof that what I’m seeing is real, this is physical proof, you believe me, right, you have to?” I barked.
After a momentary pause, he replied:
“Yes, I believe you. I believe... I believe you’re seeing something”.
I registered the pause, and the hesitation in his voice. He didn’t believe me, and I didn’t blame him.
After talking for a few hours, I had calmed down enough that I told Scott to get some sleep. He was reluctant to leave me, so he took a nap in the chair. I grabbed my laptop and searched the web for anything related to what was happening to me.
There’re thousands of incidents across the world relating to haunted houses, demons, cults, and possessions, but none that was specific to the entity that was stalking me.
Every time I heard a sound, a car outside or a floorboard creek I jumped. I was a nervous wreck. I went into the kitchen to grab a glass of water. I looked out of the window into the darkness, expecting to see it watching me. But it wasn’t.
I went back into the room, and –
I dropped the glass, and it shattered on the floor. Scott leaped from the chair.
“What, what is it?”
I couldn’t speak. My lips were glued shut. I slowly raised my hand and pointed at it. It was standing at the far end of the room. I kept my eyes on it the entire time. Scott rushed over to me.
“Hey, Chloe, there’s nothing there sweetheart, whatever you’re seeing isn’t real”.
He headed towards it.
“NO, SCOTT, PLEASE DON’T!” I pleaded, as I grabbed his arm.
He shrugged it off and marched over to it.
“There’s nothing here, I’m going to prove it to you” he said.
He cocked his arm back and swung his fist, only his arm stopped mid-swing.
I moved to grab Scott and stood bare foot on the broken shards of glass, cutting my feet, I screamed out, and for a split second, I looked down.
And that’s all it took.
When I looked up, the creature had already grabbed Scott and folded him in half like a piece of paper. The sound of his spine breaking echoed through the room. Scott laid dead on the floor, his eyes widen open and looking at me.
I screamed and backed away into the kitchen. I slammed the door shut and ran to the rear door. It was locked and I’d left my keys in my bag in the front room. I noticed Scott’s cell on the countertop, so I grabbed it and ran down into the basement.
I shut the door and pushed the spare fridge in front of it. And then I hid in the corner. Crouched down beside the washing machine.
Which is where I am now. Hiding. Crying. I can’t call anyone because Scott’s cell doesn’t have a signal down here, which is why I’m recording this message on his cell in the hopes that someone will hear my story.
I can hear it now, moving around upstairs. It knows my eyes will be watching the door, so it’s looking for another way in. I’m so scared.
I’m the reason Scott’s dead. My true love. And I’ll never forgive myself for that. The thought of that is far worse than anything that monster can do to me.
Oh God, it’s here!
The old fucking laundry chute! Goddammit!
It’s watching me with those horrifying yellow eyes.
I can’t keep running because it’ll find me.
And I won’t put anyone else in danger.
It’s me that it wants.
Scott I’m so sorry, I love you so much.
And Mom, I love you so much.
I’m going to close my eyes now.
Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.04 22:23 robbiekhan System Shock remake's lighting and reflections with no ray tracing are AAA quality, without the AAA technical issues associated actual AAA games...

System Shock remake's lighting and reflections with no ray tracing are AAA quality, without the AAA technical issues associated actual AAA games... submitted by robbiekhan to pcmasterrace [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 22:23 tawarmadivision [A3] [Recruiting] [EU] [New Player Friendly] [Semi-Serious] The Art Of Warfare ( [16+] Recruiting Recruiting

[A3] [Recruiting] [EU] [New Player Friendly] [Semi-Serious] The Art Of Warfare ( [16+] Recruiting Recruiting
With over 14 years as a unit (and 21 years as a gaming community), The Art of Warfare (TAW) is the perfect place for someone looking for a stable, long-term unit to join up with. The friendships formed within our unit extend beyond both ARMA and borders.
The Art of Warfare is a semi-Mil-Sim unit that strives for an even balance between tactical, smart gameplay and those "ARMA" moments that you can't help but turn to your battle buddy and ask - "did that just happen?"
Largely focused on modern military settings, our campaigns are carefully crafted and Zeus'd by members with years of experience.
We have around 50 members who are currently split into four squads. Three infantry squads and One support squad. On-top of that we have Zeuses and Field Command.
Looking to join? Right on! We just have a few requirements
  • Must be above 16 - no exceptions
  • Must own a legal copy of ARMA 3
  • Ideally own Apex & Contact due to Maps / Vehicles
  • Must have TeamSpeak 3
  • Must be able to attend majority of events
  • Must not be a part of another ARMA 3 unit that is semi milsim
Decided to make the leap? Good! Find the Discord link at the bottom of this post, or contact one of our recruiters below.
Almerra - Almerra#3090
Antiv - antiv#0015
BalintHUN - Price99#6578
TyrannesRex - TyrannesRex#0166
If you have any questions feel free to contact one of our officers on discord. You can also sign up on our website.
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2023.06.04 22:23 Away-Progress6633 Save file don't show up after finishing demo

Basically, the title. I play on Steam Deck, and after finishing the demo I launched the full game, and there is no any save files. I cannot continue from where I left off in the demo, despite what's been promised on the demo screen.
Is there any fix/workaround for that, or do I have to start all over again (which I'd not want to) in the full game?
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2023.06.04 22:22 RepresentativeRuin55 Mac Gaming is Getting Better!

In this month alone we have the release of No Man’s Sky, Unreal Engine official support on Apple Silicon, Stray for MacOS announcement; and Directx12 support from Cross Over on Apple Silicone Macs. Plus emulators like Ryujinx have games like Tears of the Kingdom running perfectly on Apple Silicon Macs! What are your thoughts? 🤔
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2023.06.04 22:22 James_M-McGill I can stop whenever I want (I've been playing gwent for 3 straight in-game weeks and i have no intention of stopping)

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2023.06.04 22:21 GIANLUCA706 Why did no one upvote my comment? Does no one know about the greatest game of all time, Batman: Arkham Sex? Are they stupid?

Why did no one upvote my comment? Does no one know about the greatest game of all time, Batman: Arkham Sex? Are they stupid? submitted by GIANLUCA706 to BatmanArkham [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 22:21 farren122 PC won't turn on. Motherboard flashes once after connected to power source

Today I assembled a PC using GIGABYTE B650M GAMING X MOTHERBOARD GIGABYTE 850W GOLD PSU AMD cpu+graphics card
This was my second time building a PC (first time was 7 years ago) so I hope i didn't damage something mysellf.
Everytime i plug in the source cable and switch on the power supply, Blue light flashes once in the area that is circled. The flash seems to be right under those 2 circular parts(rezistors?). imgur link:
After I turn the pc on with powerbutton I hear a click and nothing happens, not one LED control turns on and fans also won't start spinning. I tried repeating the steps without GPU and CPU but everytime I get the same result Can the motherboard or powersupply be damaged? Not sure what to do anymore, I am thinking about taking it to the PC repair shop but then I will have to wait too many days so I want to try fixing it myself first
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2023.06.04 22:21 penoleme Didn't honor lower rate and discounts.

Comcast constantly calls us offering "deals". I'm sure you are all familiar with that - and after getting sick of my bill, in early May I answered. I talked to a rep and he offered me a lower price (I didn't realize I didn't have a "term") and promised I'd get the autopay discount WHICH I HAVEN'T BEEN GETTING. $10 if you deduct straight from checking, $5 if from CC. I've had it from CC FOREVER and they've never given me the $5. I dropped the autopay, re-set it up against checking and this month. NO CHANGE IN PRICE, NO $10 DISCOUNT and yet - they somehow magically are taking it from checking.
I am so sick of this game.
Now I have to waste my freaking time pursuing them for what they already agreed to?! This is so much BS.
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2023.06.04 22:20 XDM_Inc How to find out whats wrong with my NVME drive?

I have a 2tb pioneer nvme and lately it is acting weird, (I am using Linux) this is a game drive and when i would play a game after a while the game would freeze and when i look at the drive it has gone to emergency read only mode (in linux means something went wrong with the drive). then i have to reboot to get it back online. when i do this a bit too much it starts to corrupt the game and i have to reinstall it again. but the issue is that no matter what kind of test i throw at it rather it be smart test or testing each sector it all passes. when i run the journalctl -k command it said something along the lines of Buffer I/O error and errors on superblock, remounting filesystem in read-only. i tried plenty of test and none stand out. at first i thought it was maybe overheating seeing how it was right above my gpu on the motherboard but then i check its logs and monitor it ant at at worst was like at 57c. so i moved it to other spots on the board including external and still the same . So i thought it was the motherboard so i brought a new nvme and no errors at all in any spot on my motherboard.
my issue ended on replacement BUT its a shame to not use that old 2tb for something. back in the day when a rotational HDD had bad blocks id partition off that bad spot and use it for non important stuff and that was pretty good, id like to do the same here IF i can only find where the defect is.
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2023.06.04 22:20 Impossible-Change-39 Cleaning level up!

Are you ready to take your cleaning game to the next level? Look no further than my cleaning blog! From time-saving tips to in-depth cleaning guides, my blog has everything you need to clean smarter, not harder. Whether you're a busy parent, a working professional, or just someone who wants a cleaner home, my blog has something for everyone. So why wait? Click the link below and start exploring today!
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2023.06.04 22:20 Impossible-Change-39 Cleaning level up!

Are you ready to take your cleaning game to the next level? Look no further than my cleaning blog! From time-saving tips to in-depth cleaning guides, my blog has everything you need to clean smarter, not harder. Whether you're a busy parent, a working professional, or just someone who wants a cleaner home, my blog has something for everyone. So why wait? Click the link below and start exploring today!
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2023.06.04 22:19 Scared-Gift8980 My May Earning Report (£437.25)

Beer Money Earnings
Bank Switch £230
Matched Betting £120
GPT £57.75 & £3 Tesco gift card
Surveys £19.50 & £20 Zizzi gift card
Market Research £1.80
Sign up Offer £6.20
Interest £2

Bank Switch = £230

Another month and another bank switch completed, I've started to do one of these per month. In May I did the RBS switch for £200 & I also received a £30 bonus from Quidco from when I did the First Direct switch. For Junes switch I've started the Lloyds one, I already got their last bonus from Feb so I'm not sure I'll get this one but from what other people have said I think it will go through still.

Matched Betting = £120

This total comes from doing the weekly bet clubs, reload offers, daily free spins, and odds boosts. If you're thinking about starting matched betting have a read through some of the posts in here & I'd definitely suggest signing up to the free trial of OddsMonkey or OutPlayed to show you the ropes.

Get Paid To Offers = £57.75 & a £3 Tesco gift card

Inbox Pounds = £30 Sign up & get a £1 sign up bonus non-ref
Inbox Pounds is a great GPT site that has some very high paying offers for playing games, signing up to sites/apps & more. In May I cashed out £30 for completing the Empires & Puzzles game. I've just started the Family Island game which is currently paying £30 so hopefully I complete that.
Cashback Earners = £15 Sign up & receive a £6.50 sign up bonus non-ref
Cashback Earners is a GPT site that has lots of casino offers where all you have to do is sign up & deposit to the casino via their site, wait for it to track on Cashback Earners and then you can withdraw from the casino again. I've had £15 in there for awhile from a casino offer and was able to withdraw it this month as I had one successful referral.Each casino offer ranges from £10-£17.50 per one!
TopCashBack = £12.75 Sign up to TopCashBack non-ref
Topcashback seems to be the site with the best cashback offers out there! In May I withdrew £12.75 from signing up to BetUK.
Unbanx = £3 Tesco gift card Sign up & receive 150 bonus points non-ref
Unbanx is an app that allows you to earn points each month by sharing your spending data through open banking. Once you reach 492 points you can cash out a £3 gift card.

Surveys = £19.50 & a £20 Zizzi gift card

OnePulse = £15.50 non-ref
OnePulse is an app that has surveys in the form of polls, which are all 5 slides or less so they only take a few seconds to complete each one. You work your way up to earning more for each 'Pulse', atm in at 21 cents per pulse.You can cash out once you reach $20 (£15) which I hit each month now.
Consumer Pulse = £20 Zizzi gift card non-ref
On Consumer Pulse you take a weekly survey about your shopping habits. Each item you enter gives you 500 points. You can cashout a £10 gift card at 10,000 or a £20 one at 20,000. They also sometimes email out other surveys to fill in for extra points. I think it took me about 2 to build up enough points for a £20 gift card.
Testing Time = £4 Sign up with my ref link non-ref
Testing Time is a site to sign up for if you want to start doing more market research as it offers tasks to give feedback on things like apps, websites, physical products, gadgets & food. In May I completed 2 quick surveys, each for £2.

Market Research = £1.80

Testable Minds = £1.80 Sign up with my ref link non-ref
Testable Minds is a site similar to Prolific as it has academic studies posted by researchers which I find quite interesting. I completed one quick study on here last month for $2.30.

Sign Up Offer = £6.20

Lightyear = £6.20
Lightyear currently has an offer to deposit £50 and receive a $10 share, you then have to wait 30 days & can withdraw it all. I ended up with £6.20 at the end of the 30 days. I don't have a referral link as only certain people receive one so search the sub if you'd like to take advantage of this offer.

Interest = £2

I know this one isn't really beer money but it's because of this sub that I decided to try out some new savings accounts. I'd had my savings in the same TSB account my whole life at a horrifically low interest rate which I've not really thought anything of until I started hearing about banks with interest rates around the 3.3%-3.8% mark. The thing I love about them is they pay monthly too and not yearly like my old one. In May I tried out Chip but didn't really like the app & also found it annoying how you can only deposit & withdraw through one account through open banking. So now I'm trying out Chase & I love it so much more already!


Shopmium Ref link to get free Dairy Milk Buttons or enter my ref link W3AN4K non-ref no bonus
Shopmium is an app that has offers on products you buy at the grocery store. You buy the product and upload the receipt to Shopmium to either get it for free or at a discount. This month I received cashback for baking paper, coffee & cocktails.
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2023.06.04 22:19 Chadchrist Homebrew/DIY flash cart success?

Hello lovely people of n64, i'm new to this subreddit, but I still wanted to toss some questions out into the wild. Im in search of a solution for a DIY/homebrew flash cart solution and in looking for one such solution, I found this project on pcb-way.
I was wondering if there's anyone else here that's tried to or known someone who has tried to use this flash cart solution for their system.
I know of the existence of tried and true methods such as the EverDrive series, but im poor and don't wanna spend $200 on something that won't teach me anything, as im trying to ease my way into the retro hardware/software space.
More specifically on what im asking, Id like to know if theres any limitations on what games/software work with the system. What limitations there are on storage media that can be used with it(what type of sd card I might need) . Will I need to do any component robbing from existing cartridges for things like lockout chips?
Any information is appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.06.04 22:19 cockroachmilk1 Im on a 10 round loss streak and I’m having so much fun

Decided to try faceit after nonstop smurfs and being hard stuck in silver, and the level of tilt and salt I have ran into is amazing. Game after game the amount of rage I have seen is hilarious, wish I played this earlier. There is nothing more funny than hearing some Zywoopeek sweaty nerd lose his mind after you flash him because you genuinely suck at the game. People see my L L L L L record in lobby and immediately get mad and call me a shitter, but it’s so funny to me I can’t stop laughing almost every game I join. Why are there so many sweaty tryhards at 700 ELO?
Also I have a factory new dragon lore and people absolutely lose it when I can’t hit my shots with it, I’m not even griefing I’m just genuinely terrible, why are people so mad? Is there a problem with being hard stuck at level 1?
submitted by cockroachmilk1 to FACEITcom [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 22:17 HMasteen Impossible to login to DSM fwhen using a Cloudflare proxied domain

I have no problem to login from the LAN to the local IP or from internet to my personal public domain which is linked to my NAS public IP. These are the most common scenarios but I would like to hide my home public IP so no nslookup can find where the NAS/my house is located.
To do so, I use Cloudflare to proxy my domain. By doing so, all the client sees when checking the domain IP is a Cloudflare gateway and nothing more. My actual domain is routed to a Cloudflare server which acts as a web proxy. All the traffic from the NAS is routed to the client through the Cloudflare gateway as well.
The problem is I can access the login portal when using this domain name, but for a weird reason, my credentials won't work and the checking wheel from DSM login space won't stop loading.
I have checked the Cloudflare gateway is located in the exact same country as my client. Just in case. So not a problem from this.
HTTPS certificates are fine too. At least in my client's browser if shows Cloudflare's certificate issued by let's encrypt. If the login portals shows up I guess the https connection between Cloudflare and my NAS is fine too.
ALSO, I have a warning message from DSM: "DSM has detected a new login behavior". But I have unchecked Adaptive MFA from DSM 7.2 there there's should not be any blocking. And I can't find anything to unblock anyway.
I have tried both an admin account and user account. Same problem.
And the logs shows the connection was successful.
Yet, I haven't entered DSM.
Any idea of how to solve this?
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2023.06.04 22:17 InterestingGolf7876 New player, help appreciated!

Hi all.
I'm very new to the game and have several questions about the game.
1) What items to keep? i know it's way too general but...i have 1 build (actually as of today, 2 builds) and whenever i max out my inventory i have no idea what's worth keeping for maybe some other build i might need. so i end up putting everything in recalibration library and then dismantling everything else for materials but i'm not sure if that's correct strategy.
2)How does optimization work? So let's say i have backpack in library with max crit chance (6%?). I tried getting my backpack that had 3% CHC and used optimization, but it literally only went to 3.2%. Is it just "luck" how many times you're gonna need to use it to max it out or? Not sure how exactly that works.
3) Today i finished some beginner level Heartbreaker build. Every guide said to use acs12 shotgun to build up stacks so i assume every pellet from the shotgun counts as a stack (so it would be like 4-5 per hit?) but my heartbreaker bar fills so slowly that i'm not even sure if that's how it works. Also i think that build requires skill because i'm playing on challenging and getting my ass handed to me.
4) What is this number i see on agent profiles (attached pic)? First number is SHD level, but i don't recognize 2nd number anywhere.
Thanks for the answers!
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