Pleione blouse

How do all you beautiful people keep your white clothes white?

2019.10.15 23:27 goodestpupper How do all you beautiful people keep your white clothes white?

I'm working on transitioning my wardrobe to more neutral colors, which means that I've been wearing a lot more white. I've also managed to stain three of my favorite (and expensive!) garments so badly that they had to be thrown out within the span of a month.
My cream colored wrap sweater from Reiss went down from an errant curry splatter while I was making dinner. A Club Monaco shirt dress somehow picked up two bright orange spots in the middle of a work day from who knows where. My favorite blouse from Pleione (which I bought to replace my former favorite blouse from Pleione, after splattering liquid eyeliner on it) is entering retirement due to a lamb ragu grease stain that refuses to lift.
Anytime I notice a stain I immediately blot it with water or a little bit of Dawn soap if its greasy. I've tried Tide to Go pens, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and everything else I can think of.
So how do you people do it? Am I just the biggest klutz in the world, not meant to wear beautiful, white clothing items or is there some cool stain fighting voodoo that you all know about? Help a girl out!
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2015.08.14 20:36 healthyrachel [SELL] Mostly L/XL tops for less than $5. Casual/Bus Cas brands such as Pleione, Splendid, ASOS, Kohls, NY&Co, Ann Taylor & Loft + Old Navy Cardigan, & workout gear

Hello and thanks for checking out my closet!
A few notes before we get to the pics:
Now, onto the albums. Please read the descriptions for more info.
Casual - 12 Tops
Business Casual - 6 Tops
Cardigan, Dress, Workout Tops, Sports Bras
Again, here is the link to a Google Doc with a TON of info. on all the items:
I tried to make this as simple as possible, so please let me know if something isn't working, or if you have any questions!
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