2021.06.24 13:48 Isak_da_one PearlescentMoon

Fan subreddit for content creator PearlescentMoon! Member of Hermitcraft and EmpiresSMP

2021.06.12 18:32 AquAssassin3791YT TheEmpiresSMP

Welcome to the Empires SMP subreddit (unofficial)! This is a sub dedicated to the Empires SMP, a new SMP where 10 content creators each choose a biome and create an empire there! Empire can trade with each other, creating alliances and rivalries. Members include: Pixlriffs, GeminiTay, KatherineElizabeth, Smallishbeans, Solidarity Gaming, Smajor1995, fWhip, Mythical Sausage, PearlescentMoon and LDShadowLady.

2021.04.20 19:17 sycon-senti Limited Life SMP unofficial fan community

ThirdLifeSMP is an unofficial subreddit for fans to gather and share content surrounding the 3rd Life SMP and its sequels Last Life, Double Life, and Limited Life.

2023.05.30 19:17 pengwinftw Let's create teams that are overall balanced but are absolutely cracked at one game in particular

hey there,
so the point of this challenge is trying to create a team which is overall pretty normally balanced and could potentially happen in a regular event based on their average, however abnormally excels at ONE game and would absolutely destroy everyone. Here are a few of my ideas, i would love to know yours.
Bekyamon, Ponk, Ryguyrocky, Antfrost
Ranboo, Hbomb, Antvenom, Michaelmcchill
Battle Box:
Sylvee, ImpulseSV, Illumina, Hannahxxrose
Hbomb, Michaelmcchill, Jojosolos, Cubfan (a bit too op)
Hannahxxrose, Fruitberries, Badboyhalo, Pearlescentmoon
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2023.05.28 15:34 BaconIsLife707 Post MCC31 Power Rankings - A New King

Post MCC31 Power Rankings - A New King
These power rankings aim to offer an alternative scoring system for mcc which limits the impact of team performance on individual performance as well as balancing the fact that different games are worth different amount to individual scores. They are worked on by myself, u/Awesome512345, u/Anuj_agarwal_78, and u/NoticeMeUNiVeRsE.
- full spreadsheet if you want to have a look in more detail
- predictoteambuilder

Game by Game Leaderboards

movement 1

movement 2



Category Leaderboards

Overall Leaderboard


I hope you enjoyed the power rankings! Feel free to ask why any player is ranked as they are in specific games and we'll search the spreadsheet to find the source of how or why they placed as they did, and if you have a suggestion of a more fair and representative ranking system we'd love to hear it! This post takes us literal days to do so if you found it interesting feel free to upvote it and comment anything you found interesting!
The managing, updating and analysis of the power rankings are worked on by u/Anuj_agarwal_78, u/Awesome512345, u/NoticeMeUNiVeRsE and myself. If you're interested you can see the other power ranking related posts for past MCCs with the links below, or if you want to have a closer look at the full spreadsheet that's here:
Or if you want to check out the predictor that's here:
Top 10 Power Rankings in each MCC MCC31 MCC30 MCC29 MCC28 MCC27 MCC26 MCC25 MCC24 MCC23 MCCP21 MCCP22 MCC22 MCC21 MCC20 MCC19 MCCAS MCC18 MCC17 MCC16 MCC15
Overall Power Rankings after each MCC MCC30 MCC29 MCC26 MCC25 MCC24 MCC23 MCC22 MCC21 MCC20 MCC19 MCC18 MCC17 MCC16 (+tierlist) MCC15 MCC14 Season 1
MCC Power Ranking Predictions + Analysis MCC31 MCC30 MCC29 MCC28 MCC26 MCC25 MCC24 MCC23 MCC Pride 22 MCC20 MCC19 MCCAS
Other Predictor Release/Tutorial SG Damage SB Damage Best players of Season 2 so far Power Rankings Ranking Systems Update (December) MCC Elevator Podcast Luck-adjusted Sky Battle Scoring Update Season 2 PVP Awards Season 2 Movement Awards Season 2 Team Game Awards Season 2 Overall Awards
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2023.05.28 12:45 Nowza11 I was so Excited for new life and I just watched the 1st episode and realised they replaced you with marten

I was so Excited for new life and I just watched the 1st episode and realised they replaced you with marten submitted by Nowza11 to JackSucksAtLife [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 11:38 big_dwerg Team of players who deserve a (second) win

Team of players who deserve a (second) win
This is not a prediction, although I would love to see this team happen one day! This team consists of Ranboo, Illumina, Grian, and PearlescentMoon.
Team average: 8341 (scotts method)
All members of this team deserve a (second) win. Ranboo and Pearl have never won an event. Illumina only won mcc 13 (and pride 21). Grian got his win in mcc 17. I think it's a fairly balanced team.
The reason I want this team is the Illumina Grian duo! With Grian having a friend on this team I could see it happen. Ranboo has never teamed with anyone on this team, but would fit right in.
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2023.05.27 22:32 Tagzil Who Was the Last Person to Finish Ace Race on the First Full Finished Team(with their respectful placement)(Update)

9 months ago(after MCC24) i did the same post and since then there have been 5 more Ace Races. So-
MCC25 - Green Geckos(Jojosolos,Smallishbeans,Seapekeay) - GoodTimesWithScar(25th)
MCC27 - Red Rabbits(Hannahxxrose,Pearlescentmoon,Geenelly) - LDShadowLady(27th)
MCC28 - Teal Turkeys(Punz,SolidarityGaming,Sneegsnag) - CaptainSparklez(14th)
MCC29 - Cyan Coyotes(Jojosolos,Ranboo,Smajor1995) - GeeNelly(25th)
MCC30 - Purple Pandas(FireBreathMan,InTheLittleWood,Smajor1995) - SolidarityGaming(21st)
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2023.05.27 16:23 Smol-Fizzy Full list of players!

Scott/smajor Sausage/Mythicalsausage Fwhip/fail whip Gem/geminitay Joey/joeygraceffa Katherine/Katherine Elizabeth Lizzie/ldshadowlady Callum/seapeekay Shelby/shubble Joel/smallishbeans Jimmy/SolidarityGaming Stacy/stacyplays Megan/strawburry17 Oli/theorionsound Owen/owengejuicetv ScaGoodtimeswithscar Pearl/pearlescentmoon Pix/pixlriffs Martyn/Inthelittlewood
Now go post MEMES
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2023.05.24 01:49 pavilionhp_ Pearl snaps and punishes Scar for his trash troubles

Pearl snaps and punishes Scar for his trash troubles
Taken from today’s B of the double-O episode
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2023.05.22 20:49 remi_daDOOD Teams where nobody has teamed before 2 but actually no one's teamed

Teams where nobody has teamed before 2 but actually no one's teamed submitted by remi_daDOOD to MinecraftChampionship [link] [comments]

2023.05.21 16:02 KappaKGames MCC 31 Last 3 Event (L3E) Placement Averages FULL POST!

MCC 31 Last 3 Event (L3E) Placement Averages FULL POST!
Now that the third event of S3 has happened, we have a clearer picture on how well MCC participants are performing within the current season. Therefore, using a popular ranking system which heavily favors more recent performances, I have compiled every active player into a list who have played at least 3 events from MCC 20 and up. Each player's last 3 event placements, not coins, will be averaged out into a score. To get a better understanding of this, please visit my MCC 26 post here (I know I haven't done this in a long time shush).
The 2 right columns are comparing the L3E scores to the participant's Season 2 average placement, based on reafystats. The placement shifts are color coded based on the participant's L3E subtracted from the their S2 average, with darker colors representing a greater difference on either side than lighter colors, and yellow indicates a very small difference.
L3E Average Placement Chart (Also oops Hannah's placements are backwards)

Notable Placement Shifts:

Top 5 largest positive placement shifts:
  • RedVelvetCake +11.7
  • Krinios +7.8
  • aimsey +7.8
  • Ph1LzA +6.8
  • Ranboo +6.3
Top 5 largest negative placement shifts:
  • impulseSV -9.7
  • sylvee_ -9.6
  • Punz -7.5
  • GeorgeNotFound -7.3
  • TommyInnit -7


First shoutout goes to none other than Purpled, with a dominating L3E of 2. It's no surprise at all how absolutely cracked Purpled has been in MCC so far, and this especially goes for his last 3 record-breaking events.
Second shoutout goes to FireBreathMan, the only player in this list who has NOT played in season 2. He was super good in his debut event and the 3 events he has under his belt are excellent performances.
Antfrost, our newest S-tier, has the highest placement shift out of all the S-tiers. Also shoutout to Ranboo for having the highest placement shift in the top 10 and being tied with Krtzy for the highest L3E score for a non-S-tier.
Shoutout to all other players who has a placement shift of 5 and above, as it shows a massive improvement as of recently.
I arranged the results of the rankings into tier lists, but due to some decline of tier list usage for rankings recently (Probably because it's low-effort and a bit controversial), I'll put these down as a link.
Click here to view the L3E tierlist.


Thanks for reading! I will be periodically updating this list once every couple of MCCs, hopefully to include more S3 performances as well. I might also create a version based on coins instead of placements, but that's a little more tedious and it's a hard maybe. Comment down any mistakes you see and I'll correct them, but besides that, this is it!
Made by - u/KappaKGames (Me)
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2023.05.21 00:41 Criggan MCC Players' Weighted Averages After MCC 31

MCC Players' Weighted Averages After MCC 31 submitted by Criggan to MinecraftChampionship [link] [comments]

2023.05.20 19:53 lnaber PearlescentMoon's Announcement Post

PearlescentMoon's Announcement Post submitted by lnaber to NewLifeSMPmc [link] [comments]

2023.05.17 21:28 DavidSnorlax Been a While IM BACK with more team woo hoo

Been a While IM BACK with more team woo hoo submitted by DavidSnorlax to MinecraftChampionship [link] [comments]

2023.05.17 07:25 minaclark Red hooded scythe wielder battle royale (Spectre Knight Vs Little Red Mercany Vs Pearlescentmoon Vs Ruby Rose)

Red hooded scythe wielder battle royale (Spectre Knight Vs Little Red Mercany Vs Pearlescentmoon Vs Ruby Rose) submitted by minaclark to DeathBattleMatchups [link] [comments]

2023.05.16 16:36 Fyebil Bard AI is kinda based at making teams lmao

Bard AI is kinda based at making teams lmao
And don't say screenshotsarehard i did this on my dad's laptop i had no way to send the screenshots
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2023.05.03 04:51 eri531 Side Effect of 5up's Block Wars Curse

Side Effect of 5up's Block Wars Curse
As some of you may know, 5up has a captain's curse situation in Block Wars. He's gotten 3rd place team 4 times (out of 8 events he was in including origin) and has never gotten 1st or 2nd place team.
I just noticed today that as of MCC30 he's officially gotten every single team placement in MCC from 1st to 10th except for 3rd place. Could this be a side effect of Block Wars absorbing all of his 3rd place team placement?
5up's team placement in mcc
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2023.04.30 11:56 Criggan Weighted Averages After MCC 30

Weighted Averages After MCC 30 submitted by Criggan to MinecraftChampionship [link] [comments]

2023.04.30 02:48 FelixR4ijin I let ChatGPT decide the roster for a future Third Life Series.

And this is what I get. 1. Grian 2. Dream 3. MumboJumbo 4. Sykkuno 5. Shubble 6. FalseSymmetry 7. EthosLab 8. CaptainSparklez 9. iHasCupquake 10. JackSucksAtLife 11. Smallishbeans 12. Fundy 13. PearlescentMoon 14. PeteZahHutt
Prompt: "Make a roster of Minecraft players, popular and underrated alike, for a future Third Life Series"
Seems like a promising roster. What do y'all guys think?
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2023.04.28 23:06 Packreddity Attention MCC Players!!! I have updated the Guide on How to Pace Efficiently in Parkour Warrior to Fit Your Skill Level to fit the new update video now

Attention MCC Players!!! I have updated the Guide on How to Pace Efficiently in Parkour Warrior to Fit Your Skill Level to fit the new update video now submitted by Packreddity to MinecraftChampionship [link] [comments]

2023.04.23 07:24 TheRoboteer2 Presenting: The Lilac Life Stealers (Spoiler for Limited Life)

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2023.04.22 15:27 akaTowaka Final death messages, if they worked in chat

SolidarityGaming fell from a high place
Skizzleman was slain by Etho
Smallishbeans was shot by Smajor1995
BdoubleO100 blew up
Tango hit the ground too hard whilst trying to escape GoodTimeWithScar
GoodTimeWithScar was slain by Grian
ZombieCleo was slain by PearlescentMoon
Bigbst4tz2 was shot by Smajor1995
Grian fell from a high place
Etho was doomed to fall by InTheLittleWood
PearlescentMoon was slain by Smajor1995
Smajor1995 was slain by InTheLittleWood
impulseSV was slain by InTheLittleWood
InTheLittleWood fell out of the world
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2023.04.21 14:16 Charmander0563 "Shining So Bright!" - A PearlescentMoon Hype Video!

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2023.04.20 02:55 21_chickens Mcc 11 individual and team placement changes

Mcc 11 individual and team placement changes submitted by 21_chickens to MinecraftChampionship [link] [comments]