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2009.08.02 08:06 Pufflekun Modern Warfare 2

The OG MW2 game (2009) is still alive in 2023! The longest running Modern Warfare subreddit. The first and still the best. Find games in our Discord server, relive memories or just hang out.

2015.09.01 16:31 PkmnInfiniteFusion Pokémon Infinite Fusion

This is the subreddit for the fan-game based on the Fusion generator

2009.04.19 17:21 KataDemo GameDeals

A community for sharing and discussing game deals. Never pay full price again.

2023.03.09 00:22 Defiant_Commission_8 Recovery for MW2 & all other cods

Send a pm or add my discord AddyR#0369
All Service Prices
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Modern Warfare II Services
Click to Hide Content MWII Soft Unlock All Service
This is an Unlock all Bundle deal for ALL PLATFORMS!!!
With this Product you get to pick the "Do Not Use" Camo OR "Orion" to have FOR EVERY GUN ON MW2/WARZONE! You will have a Blue print for EVERY GUN that has the Orion or Do Not Use camo!
You also will get to pick ANY WEAPON CHARM that's in the game to be put on EVERY WEAPON aswell! (i.e most people want the glowing dragon egg or the warzone nuke charm!)
You also get to pick 1 OPERATOR!! (This includes the MW2 KLAUS SKIN) We put on ANY operator that's in the game that you want! (Only one that doesn't stick is the Nuke Skin)
This is a Recovery service! So our Host WILL have to login to your account, but you can REST EASY knowing your getting your service from a LEGIT LLC BUSINESS! Your account information is 100% safe and confidential with us, and you can change the password RIGHT AFTER! (Check our vouches if you need more reassurance!) (DO NOT CHANGE THE OPERATOR ONCE WE PUT IT ON FOR YOU OR YOU WILL LOSE IT!!)
Price [25$]
Modern Warfare 2 Bot Lobbies
In these lobbies you can easily complete any challenge you need done, meaning you can level up your guns or gain the camos you want! All as if you have done it legit! If you would like tips on what to do to unlock something specific just ask me! All bot lobbies are now being hosted on SHIPMENT so you can get all your gun challenges done quicker!
Prices 5 Lobbies [$45] 10 Lobbies [$80] 20 Lobbies [$145]
Warzone 2 Nuke Service
This is a Service that will be done on WARZONE 2! (WORKS FOR ALL PLATFORMS!) With this service you will join me INSTANTLY complete the Nuke Challenge in seconds! This includes the nuke defused rewards which nobody else has.
What you get: - Apparition Operator Skin (for Ranger - SpecGru Milsim Operator) - Quest Nuke Animated Calling Card - Quest Nuke Animated Emblem - Quest Denied Animated Emblem - Weapon Charm - Weapon Sticker
Price 95$
MWII Ranked Services
Bronze to Silver - 30$
Silver to Gold - 50$
Gold to Platinum - 75$
Platinum to Diamond - 90$
Diamond to Crimson - 120$
Crimson to Iridescent - 160$
Iridescent to Top 250 - Coming Soon...
MWII Titles and Emblems
Now offering this service so you can have any title or emblem in the game!
All Emblems to choose from can be seen here:
All Titles to choose from can be seen here:
Equipped Title & Emblem - 10$
Equipped Title & Emblem + 3 Showcase Titles - 20$
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2023.01.15 20:30 stathis13567 The pros and cons of MW2 plus my personal opinion on it and list of bugs. (CAUTION: SPOILERS).

So as the title suggests this is a list of the pros, cons and bugs of MW2. Notice: This list might change in the future, so feel free to add anything by leaving a comment. Also feel free to correct me if I made any mistake. So now lets start.


BUGS AND ERRORS (include some Warzone bugs too)

Personnal opinion on the game
I believe that MW2 has the base to be a great game. If the developers take into consideration the feedback and the reported bugs from the players and fix them, the game will get way better, but this is quite the unlikely scenario. The multiplayer is very good, with a variety of maps and gamemodes, but with a lot of campers (even more than MW2019). The campaign is good but it could be better. There are some plot holes (such as when they catch Hassan and then let him go!) which just make the campaign from one point and afterwards pointless. Also, the scene where Graves betrays the team is a bit pointless, because Graves had no apparent reason to turn, even if he feared that the team would find out about the missiles, he could just helped them destroy the third one and not say anything. For spec-ops I don't have an opinion, because I haven't played it. My conclusion is that this game is good, it can get better, but this is at the hands of the developers.


(Sorry for any grammaspelling mistakes, english aren't my native language).
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