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2023.06.04 23:26 jkvf1026 Rehoming kittens!

Rehoming kittens!
Hey so someone in the community reached out to me about rehoming kittens & I thought I'd post them here! They still need their spa day (Vaccines, spay. Etc) but they're ready for a loving home :)
You can message me with any questions their mom is a tabby tortoise shell and the dad is tabby orange
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2023.06.04 23:25 Consistent_Effort716 I got SO many candles...

I know it's not the mega hauls some people get, but for the first day of SAS I picked up 5 3-wicks and 4 single wicks. I burn 3w at night, and Singles in the day at my desk (work from home) or in my bathroom when I am getting ready. I feel like I have been missing out on some great scents! I am burning Sea Salt Neroli right now and it's got some epic throw! What have y'all found, and what's been your favorite? (scent notes or mini reviews are much appreciated!)
Here's what I got:
3- Berry Wafffle Cone
3- Chocolate Chip Cookie
3- Merry Maple Bourbon
3- Strawberry Snowflakes
3- Frozen Lake
1- Golden Honeycomb (tester candle)
1- Iced Dragonfruit Tea (tester candle)
1- Fresh Coconut and Cotton (tester candle)
1- Sea Salt Neroli (tester candle)
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2023.06.04 23:25 xbagelsy Rear brake weak after fabric caught in wheel

Hi all, I was riding home last night and what looked like a piece of fabric/nylon (looked almost like jacket material) got kicked up from the road and got caught in the rear brake. I removed it in a panic (NYC highway, no shoulder, almost midnight on a Saturday…so I didn’t manage to get photos) and got the bike home, noticing that the rear brake was very weak. ABS still working, and the brake does catch, but not in a way that would stop the bike at all.
Any idea what could be wrong? I’m prepared to take it to a mechanic (due for new tires and valve clearance check anyway), but I want to steel myself for what the damage might be. Could it be as simple as an adjustment or tightening things? Or am I looking at a full new brake caliper (or worse)?
(Will post photos of what it currently looks like tonight)
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2023.06.04 23:25 Leather_Pattern_87 Leasing/financing a new car

Hi everyone, I (23M) just graduated college and looking for a new car now. Take home will be around $5200 per month, and the major expense will be of rent (probably between $1500 to $1700). I don’t have much student loans thankfully so that’s why looking to lease. I have set around $350 to $500 for the car payment
How are people liking the new accord? I honestly loved the previous generation 2.0t Is Civic also a good option? I like the sport and touring trim
My brother and I had a 2010 civic hybrid and a 2010 corolla le during the last 5 years, he’s probably gonna sell both and get a new car as well and I also don’t want to keep a used car now. Both have their own little problems that we don’t want to fix.
I haven’t had any experience with lease/finance yet, but most people have told me lease is a better option and if I like the car I can purchase it after the lease period. My credit score is 770.
I want to stick to the honda family. I like the TLX too but then again the payments are too much for a single guy like me at the moment. Let me know if there are other options/brands.
I’ll be living in Arizona if weather conditions impact your comment
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2023.06.04 23:25 homestarjr1 2 St. George wards sharing 2nd hour due to lack of youth/leadership

My TBM in laws are visiting us this weekend. They attended sacrament meeting in our home ward this afternoon before they came over. They were surprised at how large our ward is and how many children and youth were there. They said in their home ward, since there aren’t enough children and youth to fill 2nd hour classes, that the 2 wards that share the building are collaborating for 2nd hour. 1 ward starts church with sacrament meeting. The other ward starts with 2nd hour when ward 1 finishes. Ward 1 goes home and ward 2 goes to sacrament. They said there might be 20 kids between the 2 wards’ primaries.
There might be another post worthy story soon if my in-laws did some sleuthing with our ward leadership when they attended today. My wife quit attending at the beginning of the year and I’ve been mostly gone for several years.
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2023.06.04 23:24 The-Fat-Matt Scored at a moving sale

Scored at a moving sale
A neighbor was doing an everything must go moving sale and I found this, a stand, a box and bag of accessories(will post photos of all that later) for $15.
The light needs replaced, it needs a REALLY good cleaning and I haven't checked but I'm sure some of the food and chemicals are expired.
There is a TINY chip on the left side bottom. Is the tank #&@%ed? I filled it up and left it outside over night and it didn't leak.
You can KINDA see it in the picture above. I will add more pictures as soon as possible.
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2023.06.04 23:24 alexefi Are there any tamil communities near vic park station?

My coworke's mom is visiting for next few month. She doesnt speak any english, so she sits at home all day while hes at work so i thought i might ask here if anyone know places where woman in her 70s can entertain herself or socialize with other ppl from her country.
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2023.06.04 23:24 Frosty_Replacement12 6000!!! Cannot believe we've passed trough 6000 karma milestone! Thank you very much for supporting me for over 2 years. 😉

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2023.06.04 23:23 tries-his-best Can't take screenshoots using keybinds!

I tried both import from imagemagick and gscreenshot.
Config for gscreenshot:
hx keybind $Mod-Alt-s spawn gscreenshot -f '/home/usePictures/screenshots/ss_$hx$w_%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%f.png' 
This doesn't work when Mod-Alt-s is pressed. But when I run this in a terminal it works. So the issue is with the WM?
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2023.06.04 23:23 spreebiz [Discussion] The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green - Chapters 22 - 24 (CNN, Harvey, The Yips)

Welcome back to another check-in for The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green!
Today we look at the news cycle, a black-and-white movie about an imaginary rabbit, and a mental block often found in sports.
Chapter 22: CNN. America's first 24 hour news network began on June 1st, 1980. John does think it provides a service, some investigative journalism, but it does report the news, not what is noteworthy or important but what is new. He discusses how ongoing crises aren't usually covered, and particularly not with background information or context. Then, John describes living with his roommates in 2003, after the invasion of Iraq, means a lot of cable news, while Hassan waits for news about his relatives (they were okay). CNN shows some footage from Baghdad, a home using plywood to cover a hole, and some graffiti on the plywood, implying anger and hatred in the city. However, when translated, the graffiti reads ""Happy Birthday, sir, despite the circumstances." showing CNN's lack of context. 2 stars
Chapter 23: Harvey. John discusses a particularly bad depressive episode after a breakup leading him to leave his job in Chicago at Booklist and moving back to Florida with his parents. After some advice to talk to the magazine's publisher, Bill Ott, he watches Harvey with his parents. The movie provides John some relief during his recovery and is able to return to Chicago and his job, with some hope. 5 stars.
Chapter 24: The Yips. This essay begins with a description of a young pitcher Rick Ankiel, who was a great pitcher starting out, until he contracted the yips during a playoff game. The yips can appear differently in different sports, but is not unique to baseball. John also describes how a tennis player, Ana Ivanovic had the yips in throwing her serves. John also experiences the yips when trying to hit a forehand in tennis. Anxiety can worsen the yips, but seem to be caused by a physiological problem (but maybe one causes the other). Rick returns to baseball as an outfielder and ended his career with over fifty home runs. 1.5 stars
See you on June 6th when u/bluebelle236 will present the next three chapters about Auld Lang Syne, Googling Strangers, and Indianapolis.
If you like to read ahead, check out the marginalia! Beware the spoilers though.
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2023.06.04 23:23 ganerfromspace2020 22 [M4F] Just an aerospace Engineer looking for something to take off

Hey All I'm looking to meet that someone special for the longer term of life. About Me: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So I just finished my Masters in aerospace engineering in UK and I'm planning to move back to Europe (I'm polish), I don't know where yet, I'm in the process of applying for jobs (engineering related) in places like back home in Poland and Italy. If its not obvious I'm a huge aeroplane nerd, love aviation museums, air shows (well I never had a change to go but I really want to go). Would be nice if you had a similar passion but its not a deal breaker, differences can be good! Pc gamer, mostly play war thunder, star citizen and DCS with few other games in between, currently waiting for the new armoured core 6 to come out. However I'm not all gaming, I love martial arts, so far studied 3 ( kickboxing, karate and taekwondo), 4 if you include fencing and I'm looking to start doing martial arts again once I start working full time. I also want to get into things like go karting and airsoft and start doing it regularly, maybe once a month or something like that. I also love travel, I've done volunteering in places like France and as far as remote Vietnamese jungles and Id love to see the world, with that I'm hoping to get a flying licence and travel, at least within Europe in my own plane, but that's just a dream for now. I have an average build, sadly gained some weight over my 4 years at university from frozen pizzas and cheap alcohol however my diet has significantly improved and I'm swimming almost daily and in general working really hard to bring my body back to what it used to be. I'm happy to show photos of what I look like now and what I used to look like before university in PMs if your interested. For the ladies who like Details: Height: 6ft1 (185cm) Eyes: Green Hair: short/ Black Weight: 107Kg Body fat %: 26% Muscle mass: 45Kg What I'm looking for ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I'm extremely open minded, whether you share my hobbies or not, id love to get to know you, if things work out then they work out and if not then they don't. Of course I've only put my basics on here, if you want to get to know me more, you'll have to PM and find out for yourself :)
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2023.06.04 23:23 No-Brilliant2078 Am I able to sell my car, or do I need to wait for the registration to arrive?

I live in Arizona
I purchased a used Tesla around a month ago and long story short, it’s not working for my family and I.
Tesla estimates that it will take at most 2 more weeks for my plate and registration to be delivered to my home.
Is there a way that I can sell my vehicle while it has paper plates and a temporary registration? I’ve read conflicting information everywhere. Some say as long as the title is in the other persons name, the registration can be mailed to them. I’ve also read that a bill of sale will suffice.
I have a buyer who is very interested, but I’m afraid the deal could fall through without the registration.
Thank you in advance
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2023.06.04 23:23 TRASHboat137 How do I meet people in a smaller city

I’m a 21M who’s home from school for the summer and I don’t really have any friends or anything to do besides work this summer. All of my old friends are gone and I’d rather not sit on my computer all summer.
The city I live in doesn’t really have night life or any real bars to go to. There’s a downtown area a city over but that’s really about it. I just don’t really know how to make friends or approach women who I’d be interested in dating. I just don’t want to be alone all summer, I don’t just want to lay in bed when I’m not at work.
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2023.06.04 23:23 ThrowRA885678 My (22f) boyfriend (23m) slapped my hand

I drive my boyfriend to work at 6am every morning because he doesn’t have a car right now. On the drive there, he realised he forgot his lunch. He told me to turn around, but we were over halfway there and he was already running late so I said I’d just bring it to him. He starts screaming at me to turn the fuck around, like, genuinely screaming at the top of his lungs at me. Turns out he forgot his morning coffee on the counter as well, so he wanted to go back right that second. I really didn’t know and thought that I would be doing him a favour by making sure he was on time and bringing it to him when I got back, I wasn’t trying to be malicious.
I’m going to paint this story as honestly as possible, I’m not going to sugar coat it to make myself look good because I want genuine opinions.
I pulled into the turning lane to go back home, and I started yelling back at him. I pointed at him while I was yelling, I cannot remember what I said at all but it was about his over the top reaction and his name-calling. He was already angry at me for leaving the keys in the door for him to lock the house instead of locking it myself (I was out first), so he’d been calling me names even before this whole lunch thing.
He slapped my hand, twice. I immediately started crying and saying that he hit me, why would he do that, etc. It was a hard slap, he was angry, but it didn’t leave a mark or anything that I know of. He demonstrated that I was pointing at him by pushing his finger into the side of my face and saying “how do you like it?”
I told him to stop talking to me because at this point, he’s just calling me every name under the sun. He then starts telling me that I’m evil and manipulative, and I “would be the type of girl to do that” (say he hit me when all he did was slap my hand).
I want to know if I AM being manipulative. He kept saying “I slapped your hand because you were pointing at me, I didn’t fucking hit you”. So I rephrased it and said “you slapped me then”, but he’s still adamant that it was justified and I’m evil and disgusting for twisting it. So I want to know if I’m overreacting. I want to know if I was in the wrong and I deserved it. I know it’s rude to point, I didn’t mean to offend him, I was angry at the way he blew up and screamed at me. I know it doesn’t justify doing it, but I honestly didn’t even realise I was until he smacked me
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2023.06.04 23:23 ExcitingPanic I (24F) think a male friend (24M) tried to kiss me but I’m not sure

I saw him on a night out and went over to speak to him. He embraced me in a really affectionate and warm hug and kind of just held me there for a while and then kissed my cheek. We kind of stayed in that position and he said can I kiss you? And then he kissed my cheek again. In the moment I thought he was just asking permission to kiss my cheek but when I look back maybe he was really trying to kiss me? He also said he would drop me home but only if I kiss him as a joke so now I’m thinking he was being serious. He was really affectionate all night and kept putting his head on my shoulder or arm around me. We were all a bit tipsy and he’s generally a very affectionate and flirty guy.
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2023.06.04 23:23 Jess-VR Messages being green

So I gave one of my friends that are long-distance, my number after a performance that we had. I put it in her phone and she sent a text, saying hi, I saw it myself. Now it turned green and I’ve never had this issue before but I’ve heard that there’s multiple reasons for why. My phone was dead at the time I believe, and it was not in my hands. When I got home, I went to go see if she texted me and there was nothing there, can someone give me an explanation for this? I saw her text me with my own eyes.
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2023.06.04 23:22 ExploringOz Are there any firearms stores in the CBD? (Or anywhere that might stock magazines)

I'm in the CBD for the day and I'm just wondering if there is a firearms store, not from here. Came down to Victoria and left my magazines at home accidentally, hoping to shoot a competition. Specifically looking for a CZ457 magazine!
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 23:22 bigdreamslittlethngs I now view my friend differently because of how dirty her condo was

For context, Allie*(25F) and I(28F) have been friends for close to a year after meeting through mutual friends. This—however—was going to be my first time at her condo as she lives over half an hour away and the majority of our hangouts are closer to where I live seeing as majority of our friends live over by me. Allie always looks pretty decent even without make-up or a fancy do, and I’ve been in her car before and while it wasn’t absolutely sparkling, it wasn’t a dump either. So I never would’ve expected walking into what I did a couple weeks ago.
My other friend Tia(27F) and I were invited over to Allie’s for a casual lunch and lounge day. I was excited as I had never been to Allie’s before and it had been a bit since Tia, Allie and I all hung out. Tia and I carpooled and we wondered what Allie’s condo would look like. Tia had heard through a mutual friend that it was messy, but we never saw many pics as any Snapchats we get from Allie are usually selfies.
We arrive to her condo and walk in and I have to say I was shocked. Every surface was covered with various items and/or dust. Items that could’ve been put away or organized better. The floors and baseboards looked like they hadn’t been cleaned in months. Dishes in a dirty sink, hard water stains in the toilet, silverfish bugs coming out of the shower. I legit could not sit down for more than a minute because I was so disgusted. I do not fare well in dirty places which luckily has only been some hotels thus far but this was a first for me.
Allie has anxiety but no depression or any other significant mental health disorder that would justify such a messy place. She works 32 hours a week so it’s not like she’s never home and doesn’t have time. And you could tell this is how she lives and not just the result of a really busy week or something that would prevent her from cleaning. I don’t know what her excuse is but I hate to say it’s made me look at her differently. I know being a messy person/bad cleaner doesn’t make you a bad person by any means so I feel kind of bad for feeling the way I do, but honestly her condo just grossed me out so much that I do not want to go back there again or stay for as long as I did.
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2023.06.04 23:22 YourNeighborsHotWife How have the church’s standards of women having jobs changed in the last 10 years?

For my lifetime in the LDS church (1980s-2010s), women were strongly discouraged from “working outside of the home.” I think I knew of one woman who had a job in my large ward growing up, and she was a realtor partner with her husband.
So much has changed in the last 10 years that luxury is available to fewer people. In my city, now anything under $150-200k annually is living paycheck to paycheck, so most families have dual incomes.
Also, “influencer” women weren’t a thing when I left. I know several LDS women who do this now, and I assume they make a side income and are popular (more or less) in their wards. I have a hard time believing that the church likes having women with this level of influence, but I hope to be wrong there.
So what’s the current status of women’s work equality culture?
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2023.06.04 23:22 afrocyborg 30[M4F] US/Anywhere - Gamer boy looking for his player 2

Hello, fellow redditor. How are you doing on this fine day? Has anything interesting happened to you this week?
Are you still looking for a new best friend/significant other? Someone that you can gush about your passions in life? One who you can message at ungodly hours of the night? Somebody who can help to alleviate the daily stress of feeling like you are alone in the world? Someone who you can message when you are feeling down? Or maybe even someone who gives you butterflies every time you get a message from them?
Well, do I have an offer for you!!!!
For the ridiculously low price of a direct message, you can meet your new best friend!!!
All you have to do is pick up the phone (or get on your computer) and send me a direct message. And, in the next (whenever I'm able to get a chance to check reddit), you can meet your brand new best friend!!!
Don't wait!!! This offer is only available for the next (whenever I decide to take this post down).
In all seriousness, I appreciate you taking the time to check out my post. I'm sure that you're here in the same spot as I am. Just wanting to try and form a connection with new people. So I figured I'd reach out to the internet and try and see if I can vibe with some new people. Maybe hopefully it grows to something more.
I'm a 30-year-old guy looking for a relationship (or friendship) through reddit. I know it's probably not the best idea, but I haven't had a lot of success with dating apps in my area. Plus, dating in your 30's is hard when you're an introvert. I will say though, I have made some great friends through reddit in the past, so I figured I'd try again and see what happens.
A little bit about me. I'm a typical redditor. Gamer, anime watcher, music enthusiast, and occasional movie watcher. I'm also a giant sports fan as well. Right now, I'm playing Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. It's pretty much taken over my life at the moment. There are a lot of games coming out this year, and I can't wait to get my hands on them. Marvel's Spider-Man 2, Final Fantasy XVI, and so many more I can't think of right now. It's gonna be a great year for gaming. I can honestly talk about gaming for hours. It's the best. Let's talk about our favorite games, or possibly play some together.
In terms of anime, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is my favorite show. Yes, it's ridiculous and over the top, but that's what makes it great. I haven't caught up with My Hero Academia Season 6 yet, but only because I want to stack them up and power through them all at once. Outside of that, I've been watching some Spy X Hunter. What a charming little show this is. Anyway, I'm always looking for new recommendations. What are you watching now?
Sports-wise, I'm a Los Angeles Lakers fan and a Las Vegas Raiders fan. I know. This has been a very disappointing season. Hopefully, the Lakers pull something wild off, and players are able to stay healthy. Otherwise, I just can only hope for a better season next year. I need something to be excited about. I have a lot of random useless sports information in my head. I've loved basketball and football my entire life, so I'd much rather stay at home and watch a game than go out and drink or party or whatever.
My favorite genres of music are Hip-hop and R&B. I would have to say a few of my favorite albums of all time would be Channel Orange by Frank Ocean, Because the Internet by Childish Gambino, 2014 Forest Hills Drive by J. Cole, Malibu by Anderson .Paak, and To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar. I also listen to a bunch of different genres. What are some of your favorite songs or albums? Let's exchange music playlists with each other.
Anyway. I feel like I'm rambling at this point, so I'll stop here. That way we can get to know each other and see if we vibe together. So, if you're interested in getting to know a nerdy introvert over the internet, by all means, shoot me a message. Hit me with your a/s/l so I know it's real. I'm totally down to exchange discords and have a little discord date to get to know each other. If not, thank you for checking out my post, and I hope that you find whatever you are looking for.
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2023.06.04 23:22 Responsible_Ad2153 T Results of an 80 year old

I’ve been following Reddit trt progress stories since receiving T results from a trt clinic last year.
A second recent test confirmed similar results:
Albumin 42.9 g/L Free-Testosterone(Calculated) 0.238 nmol/L SHBG 29 nmol/L Free Androgen Index 38.2 nmol/L Testosterone 11.20 nmol/L
Age 47 5.8” 11st workout 3 x week low sex drive (for some time since kids 7 years ago) Always motivated at work / life Emotionally stable I believe Get told I’m grumpy by wife at times! No experience of brain fog Can grow beard Good diet Don’t smoke Drink rarely
Curious what others think of these results (how bad they are, am I correct in conclusion)? Google concludes I’ve T levels of an 80 year old, not so good for a mans ego.
I’ve not seen a trt doc yet. The last results followed with a clinic message to get in touch ‘urgently’, sales pitch unsure. Other than low sex drive I have never felt I was in the danger range (who does), nor felt overly abnormal or at risk of effects of having low T.
I got the test due to low sex drive, and slower results in gym vs looking at others (dreaming of a six pack). I still get morning wood at least 3 times a week..
I’ve avoided the full trt treatment, trying the range of healthy eating, high protein, good fats, supplements ranging from Tongkat Ali, Ashwagandha, VitD, Zinc etc. No improved T blood results.
I’ve concluded I’ve got to take the plunge with trt & hcg, knowing it’s likely for life (I’ve put off for over a year).
Advice / thoughts welcomed.
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2023.06.04 23:22 AutoModerator Here’s How To Watch ‘Sisu’OnLine For Free ON Reddit

Lionsgate Films! Here are options for downloading or watching Sisu streaming the full movie online for free on 123movies & Reddit, including where to watch the historical action film at home. Is Sisu 2023 available to stream? Is watching Sisu on HBO Max, Netflix, Disney Plus or Amazon Prime? Yes, we have found an authentic streaming option/service.
Watch Now🔴✅: Sisu 2023 Full Movie Online Free
Watch Now🔴✅: Sisu 2023 Full Movie Online Free
The filmmaking industry is still enjoying an action film renaissance, and that’s set to continue with the latest film from director Jalmari Helander, Sisu (2023). Fans of the action genre have understandably been most talkative about the latest entry in the current fan-favorite franchise, John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023), which is all but guaranteed to be one of the year’s biggest blockbusters. It’s certainly one of 2023’s most anticipated films, but inevitably, action junkies will be patient for the next installment once the film premieres later this March. Thankfully, perhaps foreseeing the itch for some more entertaining action films, Lionsgate is set to release another film that looks quite “Wickian” in nature.
Sisu takes audiences to World War II-era Finland, where a seemingly average elderly prospector by the name of Aatami Korpi (Jorma Tommila) stumbles upon an absolutely massive repository of gold. Now he has to travel over five hundred miles to deliver the gold to the nearest bank but hits a significant speed bump when he encounters a band of greedy Nazi soldiers. Armed with his trusty dog, a pickaxe, and a whole lot of guns, Korpi will have to fight his way to the far-off town and dig up some painful wounds from a past life.
Jalmari Helander’s action-packed extravaganza already made a big splash in 2022 following a premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, and now it’s set to get a wider theatrical release fairly soon. To learn all about the new film’s trailer, cast, and release date, here is everything we know so far about Sisu.
When and Where Is Sisu Releasing?
Aatami Korpi’s rampage against the dying Third Reich officially begins when Sisu arrives in theaters on Friday, April 28, 2023. Sisu is currently set to enter theaters across the U.S. only a month after the premiere of John Wick: Chapter 4, ensuring that action fans will have plenty to feast on in 2023. No plans for a streaming or VOD release have yet been made known by Lionsgate at this time.
Will Sisu Be on Streaming?
The newly rebranded Max will almost certainly be the streaming home for the film once its theatrical run ends. The streaming service has become a hotspot for horror content with The Last of Us becoming a darling among fans and critics, so if you haven’t jumped on the HBO Max bandwagon yet, there are both ad and ad-free subscription plans available.
When Will Sisu Be Available to Stream Online?
Nope, Sisu is a cinema exclusive for now. We’re sure it will make its way to streaming services and digital platforms in the near future, but it’s a scary trip to the multiplex for now.
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