Cabin air filter 2003 gmc envoy

2005 Saturn Ion 1 2.2L 4cyl air coming out of oil fill spout

2023.06.04 20:22 Strong_Muscle_3192 2005 Saturn Ion 1 2.2L 4cyl air coming out of oil fill spout

So my car is a fixer-upper, and I know that. I just flushed the radiator and engine block and filled them with new coolant, did a complete brake fluid flush (and plan on doing the rotors, pads, drums, shoes, and hardware when the parts come), and also did an oil/filter and engine/cabin air filter change. The valve gasket is for sure leaking, and I'm also waiting on parts for that to arrive.
In the meantime though, I've got a sound coming from my engine that almost sounds like squeaking—but also like bubbles forming and popping. My dad and a friend of mine both said it sounded like a compressor (my A/C is intermittent and I have not yet gotten to work on diagnosing that) or maybe my water pump, but then after taking the oil fill cap off my car just for kicks and giggles the noise stopped.
But with that came the new discovery that there is air being pushed out of my oil fill cap, in like a pop-pop-pop-pop-pop steady rhythm of small bursts. I didn't feel oil splattering onto my hand. The oil dipstick is showing my reservoir is full. What is the problem here?
Tl;dr — My car is making a noise and the only way I can stop it is by taking the oil fill cap off, and when I do so I can feel air popping out.
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2023.06.04 19:48 lets-split-up I went on a cruise, and all the passengers were dead…

If I’d only followed my instincts, I’d never have boarded that doomed ship. When the Azure Seastar left port, its passengers were all alive, each with smart phones and watches and tablets, as well as the cruise ship’s own communications… yet not a single message was sent before it went missing! No distress call.
The fates of over a thousand passengers and crew remain unknown, with only a handful recovered from a lifeboat, days after the Seastar herself vanished. But the coast guard’s only statement on the lifeboat’s recovery was that “the passengers did not survive.” Rumors circulated about a “thermos full of eyeballs” and a “passenger whose mouth was stuffed full of severed fingers”—but these details have been denounced as lies, sensationalizing and capitalizing on a tragedy.
The official cause of the Seastar’s disappearance is a rogue wave. No survivors. No witnesses.
Well… one witness…
… but perhaps I shouldn’t tell. Better for the world if that ship stay lost forever!
The families of the missing, however, deserve the truth… which is why I am posting.
But first, a warning—the gruesome snippets I recounted above barely scratch the surface of the horror I am about to share, some of which I took part in. I wake screaming every night. I sleep with the lights on. I never enter darkened hallways or stairwells. And I do not ever shake hands. Although I’ve always had some quirks (the handshake one is an old habit), most of these are fresh, a consequence of my time aboard that doomed cruise ship. I do not intend to gloss over any details, but rather to give a complete accounting, including of my own involvement… so be forewarned.
And understand that my story is one of unimaginable horror.
To explain what really happened aboard the Seastar, I need to first tell a little about myself. Sorry, I know I’m like a bit of decorative wallpaper—just sort of there. But I see things.
It all started when I was very young (I do promise this is relevant). I didn’t want to swim in the community pool with my brother because the water was cloudy, hiding a shadowy figure in the deep end. I distinctly remember standing at the pool’s edge, crying inconsolably while my father urged, “Go on, jump in!”
My brother set the example, diving down to the bottom of the foggy water. When he came up, a silver dollar glinted in his fingers, which he dropped back into the pool before I could snatch it. “Oops! Guess you gotta dive for it!” He laughed, the sun shimmering off his sunburned shoulders. “Come on, there’s quarters down here, too!”
Diving for coins was a game we often played, so I plunged in after him, kicking my way down with my eyes squeezed shut. When my hands grazed the rough cement bottom, I patted around.
Silky hair tangled around my fingers like seaweed.
I forced my eyes open against the stinging chlorine—and shrieked.
Wide, empty eyes stared back at me from a bloated face.
When I shot to the surface, wailing about a dead woman in the water, other swimmers looked on, perplexed. My older brother tried to console me and swore there were nothing but coins.
He was correct—not until a week later would a woman drown in that pool, and sink to the bottom of the foggy water while swimmers unwittingly raced laps above her.
The next time I saw was when I threw a tantrum over my grandmother’s armchair. It smelled so bad I grabbed my nose and exclaimed, “Ewwww!”
My parents scolded me for my rudeness. Grandma occasionally struggled with incontinence, so for her chair to stink was, they assumed, the result of an accident. They thought I was exaggerating to make fun of her, but in the sweltering summer, the smell was truly unbearable—like rotting meat and diarrhea and cheap perfume all churned together. I threw such a fit we left, though Grandma insisted on hugging me despite my being an “awful brat.” Her skin was wrinkled, papery-thin and soft as silk, but despite the uncomfortable warmth of her apartment, her embrace was ice cold.
Less than a week later the call came. My grandmother had been found after a neighbor’s complaint about the smell…
She’d died in her chair.
But when the seeing really clicked was in my tween years, two separate incidents. The first was after a classmate of my brother’s pulled up in a car reeking of burnt meat, the interior charred and black. He stepped out of the car seeming not to notice that behind him, another version of him remained belted into the front seat, unrecognizable through the char beyond the glint of a gold chain melted into his neck. I burst into hysterical tears and screamed at my brother not to let him drive. The classmate laughed and called me a weirdo.
He crashed later that week.
The second incident began at a school function, where my brother chaperoned me. A man pulled up in the school drop-off zone—he was one of the more popular teachers, famous for his yearly pizza parties. In the car with him were two young kids. I can’t remember their names, just that the littlest boy was giggling and clinging to a toy T-rex when he hopped out. My brother and I were asked to help carry the party supplies and drinks from the teacher’s car. But the moment I opened the passenger door to grab a box, the reek of fetid pond water made my stomach lurch. I staggered back, clapping a hand to my nose and mouth.
“Hey! Everything all right?” the teacher asked.
My brother, no doubt remembering what happened to his classmate weeks earlier, took me aside.
“C-c-c-c-cold!” I burst to him. “D-dark! The smell! Like the rot in the bottom of a lake…”
While I wrung my hands and sniffled, my brother watched the two young kids follow the teacher into the school. He shook my shoulder and said, “Hey—hey, we’re going to save them.”
“How? No one ever believes me!”
I believe you, Hope. Hey…” He gave me a squeeze and looked in my eyes. “‘Hope’ is the thing with feathers…”
What a dork. That line was from Emily Dickinson—my brother’s favorite quote for me for when I was upset. It was corny, but encouraged me.
A few minutes later, we were careening along backwoods roads in the teacher’s car. To this day, I don’t know how my brother got the keys. His plan was we’d stow the car in a garage for a couple weeks, long enough to outlast the vision, since my predictions always came true within about six days. But it hadn’t occurred to either of us how being inside the car would affect me. The damp and rot washed over my skin. COLD. Every hair on my body stood erect, floating as if underwater. I couldn’t breathe… gagging on the fetid water, I rolled down my window. Raindrops from outside pelted my face, and something… something clicked. A sudden terrible question. When I’d peered into the darkened interior, I hadn’t been able to see… who was inside the car?
“Hey,” my brother said, apparently struck by the same thought. “You’re not foreseeing our deaths, are you?”
I don’t know if it was fate that caused us to fishtail just as he spoke. But also he might have hit something, because there was a bump. All I know is suddenly we were flying, off the road and over the side toward a lake, and then plunging, and I snatched for his hand as the impact slammed us forward into the dashboard. Then the water wasn’t just in my mind. It was real. It was pouring in through the car window.
I fought, flailing. Unbuckled. Floundered through the half-open window. Luckily I was still small enough to get through, swimming up and breaking the surface.
“Cory!” I screamed. “CORY!!!”
But I knew already that my brother wasn’t coming up—his hand had been cold when I’d touched it.
Naturally, his death feels like my fault. Oh, in kinder moments I remember that I was a child, and try to forgive myself for letting him get behind that wheel. But for a time, I was driven by the fierce need to atone. I sought desperately to save even one life… ANY life. I’d see a body swaying from a beam in a construction site. Legs dangling from a trunk in the car on the highway ahead of me. A suitcase on sale in a luggage store, dripping blood. Every time I tried to prevent the death… only to fail or worse, cause it. Each loss drove home more deeply my shame, my failure… until eventually…
I gave up.
I don’t try to prevent the deaths anymore. These days I catch a whiff of that familiar sickly putrid scent, and I leave. I avoid human touch, especially handshakes.
I’ve truly become wallpaper. Able to see. Powerless to prevent.
My name, incidentally, is Cassandra… I changed it because I could no longer bear my birth name. If “Hope” is the thing with feathers, I was an angel of death, harbinger of doom to my brother and others. So instead I call myself after the Greek priestess doomed to foresee the future but never to be believed… unable to prevent even one single tragedy.
But let’s get back to the cruise. The missing passengers. The eyeballs in the thermos—oh, those grisly details! Mind you, once you know you can’t un-know, no matter how much you drink, or smoke, or however you drown your despair. Speaking of drowning, a month ago today, I hit the big 4-O. I celebrated my four decades of life by doing the one thing I’ve done consistently since I was old enough—drinking away my failures. Every icy grip. Every unheeded warning. And especially the times I’ve well and truly fucked up. Oh yes. Those are the ones that call for some hard forgetting.
I was on my second or seventh drink at my favorite bar when a voice exclaimed, “’Evening, friend!”
A woman with shimmering purple eyeliner and matching purple hair approached. It was the musician who often played there, Lily Tsuki. To be honest, she was the primary reason I frequented that bar, though we’d hardly spoken beyond my occasional compliments about her playing. She slid into the seat next to mine and clinked my glass.
“Roy at the bar told me it’s your fortieth. I see you in here once a week, always tipping well and drinking like you’re trying to drown yourself. Someone did something kind for me recently, so I’m trying to pass it on…” She fished a hand into her pocket, and to my surprise produced a gift card for a cruise. I didn’t catch all of her story in the noisy bar, but apparently, one of her admirers was very rich, always offering her gifts verging on inappropriate. After finding out she’d be playing on the Azure Seastar, said admirer sent her the card so she could spoil herself on the cruise. She didn’t feel comfortable accepting, so she gifted it to me. “… There’s enough on there to cover your fare. Don’t thank me—thank you, I needed to get rid of it. Enjoy your fortieth, friend!”
As she handed me the card, her fingers brushed mine.
Warm. Alive.
I mumbled my thanks, cheeks warm. Why? Because she chose me? Blushes! I’m an idiot.
Still, I was glowing, and not just because I was tipsy. Why not? I thought. Why not treat myself, this once? The Azure Seastar… it sounded like a dream. I’d go see Lily Tsuki play at the piano bar against the backdrop of a glimmering ocean. I’d drink under the stars. Get a tan. Get my sea legs! And every hand would be warm and every breath would taste of the summer breeze!
Nine decks (eleven including the crew-only levels). Over a thousand people. Pool, bars, restaurants, lounges, cafés, spa, cabaret—the Seastar truly was the Ritz Carlton on the water! I was absolutely giddy! Of course before the luxury came the wait—just like the airport, parking, luggage, ticketing, security. It was as I neared the entrance for ticketing, enjoying the summer breeze, that I caught traces of a sour odor… a whiff of decay… so faint beneath the car exhaust and the smell of the saltwater that I might have missed it, were I not so attuned to death. At port, it was likely some unfortunate animal packed into a shipping crate and decomposing. I’d even read horror stories of people, trafficked in sealed shipping containers and asphyxiating. That faint whiff made my insides curdle.
Then I was inside the air conditioned terminal, packed with passengers—and inhaling nothing but the blessed AC.
The check in was surprisingly quick. I followed the embarkation signs up the escalator to the terminal’s upper level, through the double glass doors, greeted on my right by printed images of pool decks and steaks and wine glasses. On my left, through the enormous paned wall of glass, the Seastar herself loomed. My God, she was enormous!
So many decks! So many balconies!
Then I squinted a little closer. What was that speck? A tiny figure, draped on a railing?
My heart dropped to my toes.
Something was horribly wrong.
The figure, small against the massive width of the ship… had no face. Only a torso and most of its arms. It had been decapitated, and dried blood spattered the rail.
My footsteps slowed. I pressed against the glass, eyes rapidly roving the rest of the ship. Was it just one…? One incidence of violence, or…
Perhaps I wasn’t seeing correctly. It was a stunt. A practical joke. A mannequin. I needed to get closer. I hurried along the terminal, joining the line out to the gangplank.
The bowl of the sky had turned deep purple, the sun lowering toward the horizon, and in the Seastar’s deep shadow, the temperature dropped. A sudden chill gripped me as I trotted out onto the gangplank. I sniffed. Sniffed again, more deeply.
The same putrid odor I’d caught outside. A passenger ahead of me noticed me grabbing my nose, and remarked, “Not used to that ocean smell?” I did not respond, because now that I was close enough to see the ship more clearly, I noticed… cracked glass… broken panes in the sliding glass doors of the cabins… no! I gasped, sinking to my knees, and the passenger kindly leaned to help me up. As her hand seized mine—it was cold.
I jerked back so fast I actually collapsed into the passengers behind us—a mother and her daughter.
“Oh!” exclaimed the mother.
My hand brushed the daughter’s bare arm. Cold.
“Are you okay?” asked the daughter, a child of about twelve.
I crawled back from her, and another person, an elderly gentleman, leaned down to help me up, his hand on my elbow. Cold!
“Miss?” he asked. “Miss—” But I bolted, barely hearing their cries as I launched myself back toward the terminal. No no no no no no no no—my eyes watered and my belly bunched into knots and my heart lurched into my throat and oh God oh God—the ship! The whole. Entire. Ship. It was… dark… windows broken… Not a single light shining in the interior, and spatters of blood here and there visible on its decks and balconies… But worst of all was the smell. I hadn’t even entered the ship yet and already I knew, knew, in the way only I can know, that the smell wasn’t just one body or two. Not if I could detect it all the way out on the gangplank. All the way at the entrance to the terminal. For the whiff of putrefaction to have spread so far, the source was something massive. A colossal pile of decomposing bodies like a herd of dead elephants.
That ship… no one on that ship was going to make it back…
As I entered the terminal with its blessed filtered air and the windows between me and the ship, I turned and looked at the line stretching behind me. Passengers laughing. Chatting. Dressed in their finest. Flirting. Teasing. Buzzing with excitement. Old and young couples. Children.
Everyone on this ship is going to die…
... and I’m the only one who knows…
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2023.06.04 06:24 arcane_beast84 Running lean P0174

2003 GMC Sonoma 4.3 crew cab SLS running lean, sounds like air being sucked in, sort of lags on acceleration and when it does go feels it lags.
Recently had heads rebuilt due to bent valve n got new y pipe w new cats from rockauto. Sprayed curb cleaner around intake to check for leaks n got nothing. Any advice would be appreciated.
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2023.06.04 04:05 Nerdmiga Service engine light 3 times

Service engine light 3 times
Fwiw I am planning to take it in AGAIN but I’m at a loss for what is happening. 2016 Renegade’s SE Light came on in early May and was struggling to turn over when the temperatures were in the 80s or above. Took it into the dealer (I’m past my warranty but my bf’s mechanic said it was throwing too many codes) and they replaced the battery. SE light came on a week later. They replaced the cabin filter, air filter, and Fuel tank pressure sensor.
Light is on again and doing the same thing, but this time it’s only when I fill the tank. Not over-filling it (stopped at the click) and not waiting til empty (had two bars).
So frustrated and already put $1,000 into the first two fixes that didn’t seem to fix the problem.
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2023.06.04 03:50 Halobruhv How to get out a bad car smell from some sort of air freshner?

I just bought a car and the previous owner has used some sort of air freshner that has a weird sweet smell that is giving my entire family a bad ass headache.
I've put a new cabin filter in, i've let it air out. I've whiped down the interior with miguire cleaner and used miguire carpet cleaner. Still hasn't gotten the smell out. I then used a carpet shampooer on the carpet again and it still hasn't fully got the smell out.
Any other ideas on how to get this smell out? I've cleaned every nook and cranny on this car and can't get the smell it. It's a 2016 and there's no stains or sign of any spills that would source the smell.
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2023.06.04 01:33 flippp1 How are these maintenance service intervals for a Mk8 GTI?

I know some will think this is overkill, but I really want this car to last as long as possible. Here are my planned service intervals:

Oil change- every 4k miles (LiquiMoly or Motul only)
Cabin air filter- every 10k miles
Engine air filter- every 10k miles
Manual transmission fluid change- every 30k miles
Differential fluid change- every 30k miles
Spark plugs- every 40k miles
Brake fluid/power steering fluid/tires- as needed

Will try to avoid taking the car to the dealer at all costs since I don't trust them even for an oil change. If someone catastrophic happens such as engine/transmission failure I will go to a reputable mechanic who specializes in German vehicles.

Some other notes- I only fill up with 91 at Chevron or Shell. Did an oil change after the 1000 mile break in period. When I start the car I let it idle below 1k rpm before driving. Will also idle for a couple minutes after hard driving to help prevent turbo overheating. Is there anything else I should keep in mind?
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2023.06.03 22:26 Strong_Artist_7960 Enhance factory Bose subwoofer - DIY

Enhance factory Bose subwoofer - DIY
I've done this in several vehicles and just did it yesterday in my 2015 Q70 - this works for any sedan. Results are impressive! Bass is much deeper and fuller, with more impact. My girlfriend immediately noticed so it's not placebo 😎
Overview - Apply peel and stick deadener to rear deck and behind the rear seat
Here's the premise - The factory subwoofer is a free air design. Free air subs can be amazing - but they still need an enclosure separating them from the cabin. The design of the rear deck and behind the seats have large openings in them from the factory which diminishes the performance of the subwoofer by allowing the rear wave to cancel the output.
I just traded out of a car with aftermarket subs and this is a very noticeable improvement for less than $30.
Next step is working on the 3.5" mids in the dors - if they're the same as in the G37, they suffer from significant cone breakup over 9kHz so I'll install a passive 12dB low pass filter at 5kHz to take the vocals and higher frequencies.
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2023.06.03 21:48 SkyHigh-Baby 2016 toyota Corolla S ac

Hi my ac wasn’t blowing too cold it just diminished over time, it hadn’t been topped off since I bought it. I changed the cabin air filter because it was super dirty. I had someone put Freon into my vehicle and now it’s blowing hot air, any advice tips? Or what I can do to fix it or what it might be maybe I’m exaggerating?
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2023.06.03 18:08 tibbyteresstabs C/s the a/c isn't working very well - 2013 Chevy Sonic

C/s the a/c isn't working very well - 2013 Chevy Sonic
Pretty sure this cabin air filter is the original 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
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2023.06.03 17:42 AisMyName Is $2,500 for 5yr/50k planned maintenance a good/bad deal?

2023 rx 350 hybrid. Dealer says he will cut me a smoking deal for $2,500 to get 5 years of all service. I looked up the maintenance schedule and it says every 10k/1yr an oil change+cabin air filter, 1.5yr replace the batteries in your keys, and everything else is inspect inspect inspect…. It sounds like a rip off from what I see, but I had to ask. I have an independent shop we have been using for years that is Toyota/lexus/Hyundai/etc and they always had very fair pricing for work actually performed.
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2023.06.03 05:18 ndlacajunwiseguy 2020 (goldilocks) ridgeline with modifications

2020 (goldilocks) ridgeline with modifications
Wanted to post the 2020 ridgeline (goldilocks...I like the old style, but has the new transmission) version that I bought new before all the pandemic weirdness

1: 2 inch traxda lift. This is really the sweet spot, going over really runs up the price and 2 inches puts it on par with the taco/rangecolorado that run next to you
2: firestone destination at2 265/60-18 . No rub on full lock forward/reverse. Reason for getting was white lettering and the reviews were very positive on highway manners and wet performance. Wet performance is big for me since I am driving in the wet a good majority of the time.
2A: Tires plus lift is roughly 2 1/2 inches up. Wife: why did you make it so high? its hard to get into!
me: muahahah
3: under body protection of mostly no low design front skid, front diff and catalytic protection (mostly to slow down/prevent someone going after my cat...its a thing in my area)
3a: front skid plate NEEDS replacement m6 bolts on the front that are automotive grade class 10.9. The stock bolts are meant to hold a tin shield and they will loosen and cause a bunch of creaking/groaning. If you attempt to tighten..they just break.
4: fog lights are diode dynamics SLF white, the 780 lumens is a great match and does not over power the main headlights. They are actually very useful in our dark and rainy nights here in Louisiana!
5: Brush guard, I think this was CarID...but not even sure you can buy anymore. It was roughly $350 at the time. Downside is the top tabs running under the hood...I had to take a stainless pad to them and really scour them and put on real black paint that could stand up to the rain. The stock coating rusted very quickly.
6: AEM drop in air filter. Clean/wash it every 3 great.
7: CarID for the dash cover, I keep my vehicles for a long time and most end up with cracked dashes so wanted to prevent that on this ridgeline. Plus I could geek out and put my gamer handle embroided on roll eyes... me dont care.
8: Steering wheel cover off amazon for $20, keeps the steering wheel in great shape and the aftermarket is really decent.
9: Full size spare on the back. This takes some need a m8 140 to 160mm in length. I got the 160mm in length from England and its just a tad too long. I used rubber spacers on the stock insert. The stock tire holder requires a new hole, I screwed in my bolt...put some paint on the top and put the tire on with the stock holder. It showed me where the bolt hit the stock holder and voila...drilled my hole there. Its pretty much right on the 2mm off the edge if you need to guess. I put the bolt in and put a rubber spacer (again 160mm is a tad long, 150mm would be perfect) and just used a ratchet to screw it in. Is the view out of the back window great? No, but it beats the tire just lying in the back. I would love the tire to be side mounted on the bed behind the driver...but I don't know how to fabri-coble such a beast.
10: threw the engine cover away...I like to hear the engine.
11: Yes....I put a honda Trailsport badge on it. Its the version of the 2020 ridgeline that is really trail rated, but never made. haha...true unicorn
12: Put ceramic tint on the front windows. Its a bit less then the stock rear so nobody questions it and its a good look imho. I had it done professionally and it looks stock and has held up for 3 years with zero problems...and it really does block out the UV. They were also the same shop that installed the traxda lift, it was unique for them since they do a LOT of custom lifts...but never a ridgeline.

What I like:
1:Payload is great, I've really pushed it a few times with 1700lbs...but it handled it like a champ every time.
2:Towing is fine, small trailer for my daughters band, a few boats, etc. I do need to install a brake controller on the off chance it hits 4k lbs or more.
3:Ride is great...way better than most every truck I've driven
4:Handling is vastly better in the corners, I can really whip this thing into a tight turn and not end up plowing or bouncing like mad....this is NOT something you want to do on a taco/rangecolorado.
5:More height on the sidewalls makes a real difference in handling pot holes...ride is not as jarring. We don't have great roads here in Louisiana.
6:I use the in bed speakers waaay more than I ever thought I would.
7:Love the transmission
8:making people regret not getting a ridgeline after they borrow my truck for the weekend
9: its pretty damn unique in town, I mean ridgeline is already pretty much "wheres waldo?" in a sea of ford/chevy/dodge/toyota...but this puts it into the unicorn status
10: oh yeah..cabin space is awesome!
11: trunk really keeps the cabin clean...just toss it in the trunk!
What you need to accept:
1: acceleration takes a hit with more weight and bigger tires
2: gas mileage goes down. stock height/tires it was easy to get 25-29mpg, now its around 21. I drive like a monkey in town...17
3: Head unit is slooow. It doesn't crash/freeze...but it is slow. Basically android auto is your friend.
4: getting it aligned takes more than your usual shop. They have to work with lifted trucks...your normal shop has no clue on how to get this aligned. I took it to 2 shops, multiple times..fails. I then looked around for an alignment shop that knew wtf to do with modified trucks and it finally was done right.
5: eco mode in town is takes so much off the acceleration that to turn into traffic is: ok..barely going..push more pedal...hmm still not moving...more pedal...damn they are right there! mash it to the floor!

Sum up:
I am totally that crescent wrench guy....I don't do anything that well, but can toss myself into most situations and make it work. This is my perfect truck in that it can do pretty much anything I ask it and my daughters are learning to drive on this as it has most of the modern safety features.
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2023.06.03 04:07 ranchseltzer Air filters and AC not cold

Air filters and AC not cold
Subaru Crosstrek '14 passed inspection, recc $100 to change cabin air and engine filters, said no thanks. Went home bought and replaced, prior to the AC and heat functioning normally and now will blow air but not cold air? Could engine filter be not properly sealed cause this?
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2023.06.03 03:22 Avcomp5 TSX maintenance

Hello I have a 2010 TSX with 243k miles that I’ve owned since 2013 when I bought it certified pre owned with 30k miles. The only maintenance I’ve had to do for it has been brakes and oil changes so far. After doing a little research on here I decided to change the cabin air and engine filters last year which were extremely dirty as you could imagine. That alone improved my mpg from 23 to 26.
Next I’m going to do the spark plugs since I seem to be way over due for those, my question for you guys is there anything else I should be doing? I feel pretty lucky I haven’t had any issues with the car yet and I want to try to be pro active to hopefully have it last another 100k miles. Thanks
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2023.06.03 03:10 Avcomp5 TSX maintenance

Hello I have a 2010 TSX with 243k miles that I’ve owned since 2013 when I bought it certified pre owned with 30k miles. The only maintenance I’ve had to do for it has been brakes and oil changes so far. After doing a little research on here I decided to change the cabin air and engine filters last year which were extremely dirty as you could imagine. That alone improved my mpg from 23 to 26.
Next I’m going to do the spark plugs since I seem to be way over due for those, my question for you guys is there anything else I should be doing? I feel pretty lucky I haven’t had any issues with the car yet and I want to try to be pro active to hopefully have it last another 100k miles. Thanks
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2023.06.03 02:08 jaego 2021 Cabin Air Filter

Hi all,
Can someone tell me if the EV uses the same size as the regular version? For some reason when I enter the EV as a body style, I can’t find a “standard” size on the usual sites.
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2023.06.02 22:29 Nillsf Prepaid maintenance - scam?

Bought a 2021 CX-5 with a prepaid maintenance plan for 3 years in 2021.
Went in on my 4th maintenance now, and for the second time my dealership is charging me for services not included in the plan. First was about $100 for a cabin air filter, today was $229 (AFTER discount) for a brake fluid flush. They even recommended a tire alignment service for $139 today, also not included.
When I was sold the prepaid maintenance, I was told the only service I'd owe on would be tires. I can't help but feel scammed by my dealer, but not sure if that's accurate or if I'm misunderstanding prepaid maintenance plans.
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2023.06.02 19:38 ThriftStoreDildo 15k mile maintenance at dealer?

im at 18k and never got this service from the dealer, it seems it covers an oil change, engine and cabin filter replacement, clutch and brake inspection and wheel rotation. I rotate my wheels every 10k and i changed my engine and air filter by myself at 15k. Oil changes around every 3.5k.
No complaints from braking or using the clutch, i tend to not slam gears or my brakes so I imagine i dont need that inspected… is it a gimmick or am i an idiot for missing it? it’s 500 dollars lol and feel I did what was important anyways.
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2023.06.02 19:31 Wayward_comet Reminder to change your car's cabin air filter if you haven't recently, all that dirt and mold gets blown onto you when the air is on

Reminder to change your car's cabin air filter if you haven't recently, all that dirt and mold gets blown onto you when the air is on
The new one was a little too big, but I made it fit 😉
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2023.06.02 04:58 spayne1111 Bad smell in my new truck

Hey detailers, I thought this the best place to ask for advice.
I recently got a new (used) truck that has a slight smell of spew inside. The car was detailed by the dealership so it's spotless inside and out, the carpets are SUPER clean, and no stains on the seats. But when turning on the AC it smells pretty funky. What's the best way to problem solve this? I have put a few trays of baking soda in the car overnight in the hope it would absorb any smells, but I'm thinking now it's in the vents. Do I replace the cabin air filter also? Any and all advice is welcome. Thank you!
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2023.06.02 04:55 ngagner15 PSA: here’s your sign to check and replace your cabin air filter, if yours is bad then not only are you straining your car’s HVAC system, but you’re also breathing bacteria and other crap that isn’t getting cleaned out properly

PSA: here’s your sign to check and replace your cabin air filter, if yours is bad then not only are you straining your car’s HVAC system, but you’re also breathing bacteria and other crap that isn’t getting cleaned out properly submitted by ngagner15 to Camry [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 04:17 OkraNo8365 2005 Corolla

Pretty clean all around, new tires, brakes, battery, oil change, air filter and cabin air filter per the description. I offered $5400 after checking it’s value on KBB. Seller countered at $5700. Worth it? I’m going to look at it this weekend. The Toyota tax is real.
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2023.06.02 03:34 psyched_albatross 2014 Crosstrek AC not working, I am very confused

2014 Crosstrek AC not working, I am very confused
Hello everyone! I would like to start off by saying I do not know literally anything about cars, I am just a poor grad student who is trying to not have to pay $1000+ to have my AC fixed. I am sorry if this is slightly long, I am just very clueless.
So, I drive a 2014 Crosstrek, and I’ve had it a little over a year. Last summer the AC worked relatively well, not perfectly, but mostly worked. This summer it will alternate between cold and hot, and sometimes if I hit the buttons a bunch or turn the AC on and off that helps I (the air also smelled a little musty, but I changed my cabin air filter today, so I hope that solves that). I’ve also realized the AC does better when I am driving faster. I wear business casual clothes for my job, and I got fed up being sweaty while wearing slacks, so I took it to the mechanic. The mechanic checked the entire system using dye and recharged the AC (it was around 50%) but could find no real issue. I then went down the rabbit hole of trying to determine what could be the cause of the weird AC problems.
To start, I found all the threads saying some compressors are faulty and it’s a known issue by Subaru. I checked my serial number and I think it is in the range that could be affected by this. However, the AC still works sometimes and according to google, if the compressor fully stops working the air won’t be cold at all? I then found other threads saying the issue could be due to a gap in the AC clutch and you must either remove a shim or add some shims. I looked at the front circle thing on the compressor (or it’s the clutch? I am so sorry I have no idea what I am talking about, I will attach a photo) and there are 3 spots for little plastic things, and my car only has 2 things in the spots. Would this effect how the AC clutch engages/works? Could this be part of the issue of why the AC sometimes won’t work or stops working?
I hope this makes literally any sense and I appreciate any insight people are able to give me. I simply know nothing about cars, and I am really struggling! Thank you!!!!
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