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a place to post about your working and desk set ups at home and at work. Practical, working spaces in which we learn, reflect and create; these are a cornerstone of civilization. Whether you work with code, resistors, wood or a mix of all, this is a place to share your glorious home laboratories!

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/woodworking is your home on reddit for furniture, toys, tools, wood, glue, and anything else that has to do with woodworking as a hobby or profession. Please submit links to how-to pages and videos, pictures of beautiful and amazing pieces you made for us to admire, or help you finish.

2023.05.28 18:25 Chrisg2003bt Custom D100 'Wishing' Well for Shrine of Luck

Hi everyone,
Posted on here not too long ago starting up a D100 list for the Shrine of Luck in Phandalin and so I've created the following from various D100 lists, curses, random magic items generators which are all free to use.
It's in it's finished state now! - so wanted to share it so others can use. Ill still welcome any feedback if you've got it. Only a Nat 1 and a Nat 100 are guaranteed to be negative & positive respectively. Everything else is assigned randomly.
I can't post the whole thing here as its a d100 with lots of info/flavour - So I've got a link to the table: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s444/sh/db2d7849-ccbf-3e0f-6c7b-f8e4a871ba4e/e4790460142e0a9b623589dc25a1aed4
I've posted as much as I can below:
------ ------ ------ ------ ------
Beside the shrine of luck stands an old stone well, the well has a sign affixed to its side that says:
'Loyal followers of Tymora, Goddess of Luck, may test their faith once a day by throwing 10 gp into this well and asking for her blessing. Tymora giveth and taketh - May luck shine upon you.’
Upon 10 gp being thrown into the well the following happens:
‘You hear the coins chink against the side of the well, before splashing in the water. Sparks fly up from the well itself, forming magically into the word [Keyword] before dissipating into the air.’
Then you (DM) resolve the result from the players D100 roll.
D100 Keyword Result Notes/Mechanics
1 Talons Every magic item you wear or carry disintegrates. Artifacts in your possession aren't destroyed but do Vanish. Instantly revealed by the DM
2 Signet A silver ring appears on the rim of the well. The ring has a small hidden compartment. Ring is worth 50gp. Can store reasonable tiny items or liquid.
3 Peace You cannot bare the thought of harming another creature or being. During all combat for the next 24hours you are bottom of the initiative order without the need to roll. Bottom of the initiative list in all combats in the next 24 hour period.
4 Heavyweight You are immune to being intoxicated for the next 1d4 days Role play - Not immune to POISON - just immune to getting drunk.
5 Clover 4 leaf clovers sprout from your hair. The next time you roll below a 5 on an attack roll, you can re-roll. Regardless of if you choose to re-roll or not, the clovers rot and fall off. As described - player informed
6 Reflect Your next spell or attack targets yourself. Unknown to playecharacter until proc.
7 Thorns Spiked Vines grow from your body - any creature that touches you takes additional damage. 1d4 pierce damage - Lasts 1d20 hours
8 Bow Item appears on the rim of the well - Attunement, Analysing or ‘Identify’ spell reveals this is: Silent Bow - Longbow made out of bone white wood that feels unnaturally light. The first arrow from it casts silence (one minute duration) centered on where it landed, regardless of whether it hit the intended target or not. Breaking the arrow ends the silence early. This ability recharges after every short or long rest. Item as described. Requires attunement.
9 Dagger A dagger falls from 30ft above the character, just missing them, and sticks into the ground at their feet. This dagger is cursed to always miss on anything but a Nat 20. Analysing or ‘Identify’ spell reveals this dagger does extra psychic damage on critical - it does not reveal the curse. Dagger does crit damage + 1d20 psychic damage on Nat20.
10 Bow Bow of returning - This is a +2 bow - however it has a hidden curse. Every arrow that is fired, if the arrow misses the player must make a Dex Save DC17 or get hit with their own arrow. +2 bow. DC 15 Dex save on miss or be struck by own arrow
11 Narcolepsy Character falls asleep on any Nat 1 save or check in the next 24hours - DC15 WIS check to awaken. See: 'Unconscious' condition for effects. Revealed to player only on Proc.
12 Spoon The character finds a wooden spoon in their bag. Every time they retrieve an item they find another wooden spoon. Every time they investigate an area they find another wooden spoon. Every time they search a body they find another wooden spoon. If they intentionally attempt to locate, retrieve, or use a spoon the task is impossible. Lasts 24hours. Revealed by DM at first opportunity and all subsequent occurrences.
13 Kinslayer The character is consumed with a lurking urge to destroy those nearest and dearest to their heart, especially the members of their own family. Once every 12 hours the player must make a DC 15 WIS check, if they fail they must immediately attack the closest member of the party. Lasts 24hours, roll once every 12 hours. (3 rolls total during this period - start, 12 hours, and end). Fight lasts until one of the fighting party members is unconscious, then the urge ceases.
14 Cursed Roll a D6 - you immediately lose 2 points from one of the following base stats. (1) STR, (2) DEX, (3) CON, (4) INT, (5) WIS, (6) CHA Remove 2 point from the character randomly chosen by dice roll. Permanently.
15 Agile You feel the power of the gods flow through you - you feel lighter on your feet, you feel like you could backflip and might actually make the landing. Give it a go. Your Dexterity is permanently increased by 1 point. DEX is increased by 1 point. Permanently
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2023.05.28 18:25 elihu_iverson Looking to become PA-C (non-medical background)

Hi all! I’m new to this community. Growing up, I wanted to be a doctor but decided against it due to my anxiety about math and the immense amount of school/debt I’d have to take on.
But I’m 33 now and thinking about going to PA school to become a PA-C after realizing that it’s a much better fit for what I really want to do: help people with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) and the constellation of conditions associated with it, including autism and ADHD. I was particularly inspired by my wife’s recent diagnosis with EDS, and by her PCP — a PA who is one of the most incredible and empathetic practitioners I’ve ever met.
I am currently working a corporate desk job and have been writing freelance for an online health publication for 8 years. I have a Bachelor’s in English and a Master’s in Linguistics. I don’t have any formal education in medicine, but have stayed close to the field and regularly network with people in the medical field due to my freelance work.
I would love any advice on how I should transition to becoming a PA, especially whether it’s possible (or even recommended) to begin school part-time while continuing to work full-time to support myself.
Thanks so much for your time and understanding!
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2023.05.28 18:25 MatrixSolution Why does Samsung multi tasking differ so much to other phones!?

I want to have 2 windows at the same time.
On other phones... I press the multi task button and then I can browse around and find the app I want. With my Samsung I have to look through the app drawer. If I hit the multi task button then the first window is gone. With other phones, when I hit the multi task button, the first window stays.
Or another time I want to have a floating window. Making a floating window is a click too many to get on my phone! On other phones it's really easy and intuitive to use.
On my phone I had some extra Galaxy add on called Good Lock + add another Galaxy plugin for that to get something that resemble the default behavior - it's better than the current - but still no good.
Just wondering if there any other options?
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2023.05.28 18:22 idkhourglass Questions/Advice needed for my calorie deficit

My calorie counts for the week: Weight at start: 169.6 Day 1: 1300 Day 2: 1300 Day 3: 1800 Day 4: 1290 Day 5: 1505 Day 6: 1200 Day 7: 1610 Weight: 168.6
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2023.05.28 18:22 jr12347 Conservation Advice

As some of you can probably relate, the turkey population in my neck of the woods has been down and I’m looking to try and help increase numbers. Being the broke college kid that I am, I’m unable to do much in regards to improving habitat so I’d like to focus on reducing predator populations. My plan is to set some traps to try to protect nests and increase poult survival. Is setting traps something that would help? Is there something else I could be doing with very limited financial resources? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.28 18:20 ninjaturtlebomb Help with Stairs

Long story short: is there something I can put on the stairs to provide more grip or a back pack like product to help me carry a pittie?
Howdy! A pittie at the shelter I work at has been there 2.5 years (nearly her whole life). She’s had trouble finding a home due to dog reactivity on leash, some stranger danger (can pass by people fine but doesn’t like being approached), and getting mouthy when over stimulated.
Still, I’ve seen her make so much progress despite being at the shelter all this time. Im getting my own place in august and want to foster her even if just for short periods at a time to continue working on her issues and give her practice in a home environment.
My concern is there’s 3 sets of stairs to get up and she doesn’t have experience with them. The back set would offer the most privacy but they’re made of wood and don’t have lots of traction.
Apart from continued practice, is there anything I can put on the stairs or something I can use to easily carry her (55 lbs)? Any tips or product recommendations are appreciated.
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2023.05.28 18:20 ResponsiblePause8838 Acrylic paint to craft paint

Hi- I’ve googled the heck out of this question and I’m not getting results. I hope I’m asking this in the right group. If not- don’t yell at me too much- I’m fragile 🫣
I have a huge set of acrylic artists paint in tubes (Artist’s Loft brand, if that makes a difference). I make wood crafts to sell, and my husband paints them. I bought the paint along with a big bottle of pouring medium thinking I would thin it out to be more like acrylic craft paint, but richer. I didn’t know “pouring paint art” was a thing and just thought “pouring medium” meant it would thin it out.
Anyway, my husband picked up a couple bottles of Folk Art craft paint and insists it’s better to paint with and leaves no brush strokes. He wants to buy a ton of craft paint now. He says mixing the artist paint with the pouring medium in small amounts isn’t giving consistent results. I don’t want these artist’s acrylic tubes to go to waste.
So my question is- If I buy squeeze bottles and squeeze the tubes into these bottles, and fill halfway water (or maybe pouring medium?) to have them ready to go and consistent in color, does that make craft paint?
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2023.05.28 18:20 ThatGuyTy21 4000D Airflow under desk

I have my build in a 4000D Airflow by Corsair, and I typically keep my PC below my desk to open up more space. I have had it resting on a plank of wood from an old bookshelf, so it's not resting on the carpet itself. I have been looking for a proper stand that allows ventilation under the chassis, but it looks like all the "PC Tower Stands" on Amazon usually do not fit the width (9.06") or length (17.83") needed to support my case. Does anyone have any product recommendations for what I can substitute my plank for, my PC gets very dusty and the thermals are suffering from my current methods, and I want to improve my setup as we are moving.
Thanks in advance!
*If this post is better suited for another subreddit I will not take offense to someone telling me that.*
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2023.05.28 18:19 tobinators Q3 ISO 100,000

Q3 ISO 100,000
Side by side of a 100% crop of a Q3 ISO 100,000 shot in DNG, with the result of Lightroom’s AI de-noise function. Absolutely astonishing. It’s even added colours into the flowers, and wood carvings on the pulpit. Madness.
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2023.05.28 18:19 Equivalent_Draft6215 [Letter]

Hi there.
Is it okay to have severe woods due to fetish?
I have fetish on guys in suits, and whenever I see a guy in a suit - I have a wood. (I am gay)
Even if I just take a look at his shoes or pants - that's it.
Is it related to other mental illnesses also? How do I find out how did I get that?
I wasn't like this before. It started after grade 5th or something, and now I am 18 and since 5th grade I am living like this. I have little breaks sometimes but then it is starting over again. I also have OCD and issues with socializing. I don't talk much and I have trouble speaking with unknown people. Also, because of this fetish - I have much more trouble speaking with men.
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2023.05.28 18:18 Soyeljefee Warning all optimistic Charger fans look away. Now that that’s out the way I have no reason to believe in this team until they give me a reason too.

As someone who’s been a fan my whole life(born 92), season tix throughout 2000s and my father before me passing down stories of being a charger fan his whole life, I have more reason to be pessimistic than optimistic. I’ll keep my reasoning strictly to the 2 years with Staley as HC.
This team has come out unprepared too often(Texans ‘21 1st that comes to mind). Doesn’t make the necessary adjustments at halftime. Doesn’t come thru in big games. Knock on wood but the injury bug always hits this team hard for whatever reason. They lost the 2 biggest games during Staley’s tenure(raiders playoff elimination game in ‘21 and Jags choke job in the playoffs ‘22). Then just bonehead decisions like hiring Joe Lombardi, playing Mike Williams against the Broncos, continuing to play K9 and others I’m drawing blanks on.
I really hope I’m proved wrong and this team makes the playoffs and has a run this year. But everything so far during Staley’s tenure says otherwise
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2023.05.28 18:18 SerRolf16 Anon is working night shift

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2023.05.28 18:15 SonOfGuns101 Troubleshooting Theories

Troubleshooting Theories
Alright guys, it’s been a while but now I’m on “vacation” for the entire week to troubleshoot and fix my project car. I’ve made one other post about my problem previously and would like to report back I’ve gone through everyone’s recommendations, the transmission is fine verified by a local trusted shop, the clutch assembly (new flywheel, new clutch disk, and new pressure plate) is all the right parts, I installed a new clutch fork and throw out bearing as mentioned in my previous post.
Let me divert a little and remind you what’s wrong, so after installing my k20a, once we were able to start the engine we obviously took the next step and tried to throw it into gear (my previous post has all the details and a video) but in simple terms it wouldn’t stall if we let up on the clutch while in gear, any gear. The clutch or transmission would also make an awful noise which increases in volume the further up the gears went. I went through the checklist my previous post sprouted and fixed some things, found out how big of a dumbass I am in other things and I’ll go through those fixes now.
First I adjusted the clutch pedal so it’s in spec and should be where it’s supposed to be, before my first post I had no idea that was even a thing.
Second I rebled the clutch pedal for an hour with more experienced people to make sure that wasn’t it.
We took the transmission for a couple reasons, first to take it to a shop and make sure it’s internals weren’t busted, the shop said the transmission was in pristine condition and all gears worked as they should, that the clutch fits on the splines like it should and there’s not any evidence of grinding or metal flakes. I then, under experienced supervision, remounted the clutch assembly and transmission, got new shorted shifter cables from hybrid racing instead of rsx cables from eBay and learned I had my original cables ran backwards which I remedied with the new cables, now the shifter feels SOO MUCH better lol. We again rebled the clutch, started up the engine and it still doesn’t stall or drive power to the wheels, we can hear the gears engage we don’t hear that noise as prominently as before.
At this point I would like to apologize for such a long post, I just want to be as detailed as I can be. Before doing the engine swap this project was just supposed to be a paint job (I’m a painter for wood working and some metal stuff) but while we had it all apart and disassembled, my cousin and I said fuck it let’s ditch the d16y7 and put a faster motor in it, back in the fall of 2020. A part of me regrets doing this, I was completely ignorant in the thinking I was going to be able to get this done before the lockdowns lifted 😭, but a larger part of me won’t let this die.
Finally my question, what would cause this thing to not stall? My running theory is that maybe my half shafts aren’t in all the way and thus the engine has enough torque to drive all the gears because it doesn’t have all that weight the half shafts add (the rest of the wheel base). Could my theory be correct? Well I’ll find out this week, but also wanted a discussion with a wider knowledge base as to this question and other theories people may have. Thanks for your time.
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2023.05.28 18:13 AlternativeShadows [WP] An infinite labyrinth they called it. Adventurers from all over the world have come to conquer it. You despise them since you pass through the labyrinth daily to get home.

I kind of used this prompt to play with some ideas for magic that I've had, involving blindfolds and sight without sight. I had some pretty clear imagery in my mind for this, though I don't think I was able to get it on page like I wish I could have.
Here's the link!
I adjust my blindfold. Damn thing was getting loose. My Sight allows me to see the world around me, although it's... mistier.
"Oh, come on! Not again!"
I hear the empty-headed explorer's voice on the other side of Cobbles. Idiot. This is like the 4th day in a row he's gotten stuck here.
I try to walk silently, but the stones crunch underfoot. I can practically hear him perk up, about 3 walls away.
"Maze lady! ...Mazlady! M'lady? Oh, wait, I remember: Malady!"
His voice is nauseatingly cheerful.
"Malady, can you help me out here? I seem to have--"
"No," I yell, as I continue walking. "No, I will not help you 'conquer the labyrinth,' go back home and chop some wood or something!"
"Come on, please? I only need a little help!"
Did he sound closer? It doesn't matter. "You're never gonna--"
A sound. Cobbles. 6 feet away, around the corner leading to Billows. I take a step back and draw my blade. It wouldn't be the first time I had to defend myself here.
I crouch, ready for anything. A Beast. A madman. I've killed both. Neither was a hard fight.
It was the idiot.
He peeked around the corner, and hit me with a dopey grin. He had something in his hands, something that shined golden with power in my mind. A compass? That would be no use here.
As I tried to identify it, he stated at what was in mine. My shortsword. I knew it well. It darkened where it should have shimmered, and shined in the shadows.
He just... Stared. Maybe someday he'd wrangle up the mental acumen to be able to ask about it.
I shoved past him. Though he was taller than me, he was no threat. I'd learned that on his first day here, when another Beast had attacked him. I'd found him scrabbling up one of the walls, only for it to turn slick and dump him right onto his backside.
I ignored his pleading and managed to lose him as I entered the Billows. True to its name, my cloak billowed up around me. The rest of my clothes were just tight enough that they wouldn't become a hindrance of I had to fight. Normally, the wind irritates people, but it's easily manageable with the right steps.
I hear fabric flapping in the wind. Another cloak. I round the corner, and find a girl, her long hair flailing about in the wind, matching her cloak. She hadn't tied her hair back still? Another idiot. No wonder no one manages to get through.
It seems the only reason she got this far was...
In my mind, I see the labyrinth around me, misty and translucent. The girl glows orange in this realm. She has magic.
Well, so do I. I murmur a few select words, and turn invisible.
She turns. If she could feel that magic, she's more powerful than I thought. Maybe she--
Her eyes.
They're silvery, reflective.
She's a Scion.
I explode in a burst of movement. She can see me despite the invisibility. As I run, I can feel her hold her arms up behind me. A Ward. Magic is increased tenfold within it.
Suddenly, my Sight is telling me too much. Every crack in the stone, every movement of the wind, every heartbeat of every Beast, madman, and adventurer in 3 miles is fed directly into my head.
Screaming, I rip off my blindfold. My spell has been interrupted, I'm entirely visible, but I don't care. My mind feels as if it's on fire.
Eventually, I somehow manage to wrest my mind back from the agony. I stop the Sight.
Everything is so bright. I'm unnerved by the sudden solidity of everything.
After a few breaths, my eyes adjust, and I start moving again. She's not that far behind.
Out of Billows, into Night. I unsheathe my sword, and it illuminates the darkness around me.
Left, left, right, straight ahead, forty steps southeast
Eventually, I made it to a safe spot. Clean water, and a few small food items I've hidden. I stop to breath, and take a drink of water. I turn to leave.
But she's there. At the entrance to my little room.
Her red cloak somehow remains vivid in the oppressive darkness. Her scarlet hair shines, and her inhuman, silvery eyes reflect the light of my sword.
She speaks, but 3 voices sound as she begins to walk forward.
"Malady of the maze, this is the judgement of Anzuerias. You have been deigned unworthy of the power you wield. You will soon be--"
She stops, suddenly. Her eyes bleed to a normal green color. She suddenly looks terrified. She squints, despite how dark it is. She looks small.
I know that feeling.
I whisper to her. "It's okay. While you're in here, the Emperor can't control you."
She takes a step forward. "It's been so long..."
Her voice is pure and clear. And her own.
I give her a blindfold, and begin to teach her how to See, how to navigate the maze. I craft another Soul shield, like mine. A band of intricate metal, infused with the magic of the labyrinth.
I tore her from the emperor's grasp. She's her own person now.
I'm the Malady of the maze. And I'm going to infect every single person the emperor sends after me. Because I was once just like them. And now I know what it is to be free.
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2023.05.28 18:13 Stress-Icy Anxious about my health / MS

I need advice. I’m a 27 y/o man. Been vegetarian for 8 years.
Over the past few months i’ve noticed numbing and tingling on my legs/hands, seemingly when i put pressure on them (sit at my desk, on the toilet, sleep on my arm, etc.) It goes away within 30 sec-3 min probably when I shake it out and move around but happens nearly daily. I’ve also experienced my legs feeling stiffer and my feet turning cold and slightly swollen. I’ve been fatigued and a little light headed. I also have struggled with high blood pressure (in the 130 range) for the past 6 years.
I went to the doctor last week and he ordered a brain MRI to test for MS. I’m absolutely terrified and riddled with anxiety. I have a history of generalized anxiety order and also extreme health anxiety.
We also ran so much blood work tests and my chloride was slightly high as was my B6 levels.
The fear of MS or something more serious has been causing me so much stress the past week and i feel my symptoms getting worse each day. I keep googling my symptoms which I know you shouldn’t do but it keeps stressing me out more and more.
Do you think I have MS? I’m so so scared.
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2023.05.28 18:13 vlub_ DAE torment/harass cats as a kid? Feel so bad

When I was a kid, I would torment cats by holding them down and trying to get them to love me. I wasn’t interested in hanging out with other kids but I loved cats so much. I always had cat scratches on my face in pictures from them trying to claw away from me. I never hit, abused, or intentionally hurt them, but I know I tortured them by holding them down & hostage. I also have had OCD since I was a toddler, and I remember thinking our healthy cat was going to die soon, and I ripped off some of its whiskers and put them in my dresser drawer so I’d have something to remember him by. I know now how important cats whiskers are for sensing, surviving etc. I couldn’t have been older than 5, but I feel so guilty it eats away at me.
I didn’t know they were actually disturbed or upset and oftentimes I thought they were playing or if I could hold them and pet them enough they’d calm down and want to cuddle and play. My end goal was always to get the cat to calm down and love me 😭 and I’d be upset and always want to make it right and make the cat happy so we could chill. My parents would tell me to leave them alone all the time
My mom said my siblings didn’t do this and I should feel guilty bc I was just an autistic kid who didn’t know any better. But even into like tween/teenager-hood I would try to coerce cats into staying with me by petting them and keeping them in my room or under a blanket but not really holding them down and letting them out if they seemed upset or scratched at the door. To add: I wasn’t diagnosed until 14 and didn’t have the best parenting/childhood either. I joked that I am going to be reincarnated as a cat with a family of autistic kids but seriously. I feel sooo guilty and it makes me feel like a psychopath. Am I evil? Or is it just a lack of understanding boundaries and whatnot? Did ANYBODY else do this as a child?
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2023.05.28 18:12 AppleofmyRye My father, a long time resident of the Charleston, WV, area has passed and I hope it's not against the rules to post this Obituary for him

I am the daughter of Ralph and his second wife, Carolyn. My brother and I grew up in the Hurricane\Winfield area. My dad Ralph was the CFO to a major hospital chain in Charleston, WV for many years. My mother was a teacher. My sibling and I grew up in Hurricane and Winfield West Virginia.
Ralph was moved around during his formative years, being the only son of Ralph Bowles, Sr, and Geraldine Fizer, who were a military/navy family. Ralph grew up from California to New Port News Virginia, places where his father was stationed.
My father Ralph and my mother met while attending classes at Marshall University in the 1970's and married after a long courtship. They were married ten years but were together for much longer.
Ralph was an avid Chicago Bears fan throughout his adult life. He enjoyed learning about WWII and was a voracious reader of all things Stephen King. He enjoyed horror films, especially black and white horror films.
Unfortunately, this is where the account of Ralph's life gets blurry for some people, and would be unless you were there and lived it, as my sibling and I did.
Ralph was married three times and my mother was his second wife. He and my mother had two children together and his co-workers remember pictures of me on his desk at work.
It was around this time that Ralph met his third wife, who was 11 years his junior, as she was working as a cashier at Hecks in Teays Valley. Hecks no longer exists, just as Hills no longer exists. Their relationship started prior to his marriage to my mother ending, according to my paternal grandmother, who told me this information when I was 12.
By all accounts of his third family, he was a beloved father and husband who helped his inlaws with a variety of tasks, even going so far as doing their accounting homework for them. During this time in his life, he enjoyed keeping his grass short and green and couldn't abide a single weed in his yard. He owned a variety of dogs, including a shih tzu, a pug, a toy poodle, a maltese, a labrador retriever, and several bulldogs, his favorite bulldog being named Daisy.
My sibling and I were at our father's house on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and at least one weekend a month. When I was about 12, Ralph and his third wife had a baby girl. My grandmother, by that time, had taken a parental role for me and my sibling with Ralph's second wife, due to my parents' busy lives.
It was after the birth of his last child in the mid 90's that things started falling apart between my father and his second family. Accounts seem to differ but it was around this time that my father and his third wife moved the belongings of me and my sibling to the garage to make room for his third child. It was at this time that my relationship with my father effectively ended. It was also around this time that my paternal grandmother thought I deserved the truth of my family.
The reason for this information is that my sibling and I, as well as multiple others, were conveniently left out of his obituary for reasons I don't completely understand. Ralph was proceeded in death by his mother and father and nephew, and is survived by his first, second, and third wife and their children, as well as in-laws and cousins.
Multiple people have reached out and asked why we omitted, those who remember me and my sibling are just as confused as we are. There are two reasons why I think we were omitted : 1) he's worried we are going to try to come for his money. I assure you that neither of us are interested in that. 2) he has some kind of desire to pretend that my sibling and I don't exist. We do and we have pictures and memories that prove we were there.
My sibling and I are both successful people with careers and families of our own and we have not in any way brought shame upon his name or family other than expressing desire for our truth to be known and the truth of what happened to our family to be known. The people who have chosen to exclude us have done so our whole lives and it is our opinion that this is the last attempt to push us to the side.
Rest in peace, Ralph. We do remember you.
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2023.05.28 18:11 EliteFerrex Updated Map: Scramble Shores

Updated Map: Scramble Shores
Based on some feedback, here is an updated version of the custom Fog of War map "Scramble Shores" I posted. I've expanded the map size, added more beaches to prevent landlock, and sweetened the pot of the center island by adding additional production properties and a bottleneck passage through the middle with a prized Base there!
I've maintained 7 squares between the outer islands' ports and the beach of the center island to give Sami/Sensei an advantage with their transport units' extra range, and avoided woods adjacent to most beaches to prevent traps when landing units as long as vision is provided. I also left 4 squares between all beaches and the center Base to prevent P1 from snagging it faster, leaving a little more breathing room for P2 to siege.
I'd welcome more feedback to keep improving the map!
The original post and map can be seen here: https://www.reddit.com/Advance_Wars/comments/13tv09k/custom_map_scramble_shores/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button
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2023.05.28 18:10 Ungauged NGD PRS Aqua Violet Glow

NGD PRS Aqua Violet Glow
Recently acquired from a close friend at an irresistible price! (he doesn’t play much anymore and this was sitting in it’s case for a year) Not really a fan of purple but damn does it play and sound good.
Custom 24 with a thicker body(single cut thickness) giving that LP kinda sustain. All the private stock bells and whistles with exotic wood might explain the nice bloom and dynamics. Push pull split coils as well for some versatility as well.
And might I add the cocobolo lacquered fretboard is also something not seen on the usual core models.
Been taking the time to compare it with my other PRS’s. So far it does provide a unique addition to the arsenal.
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2023.05.28 18:06 Sammyd1108 [US] [Selling] Arrow, Criterion, Kino, Shout, Marvel, and General Blu-Rays

Shipping is $3.50 per purchase, but willing to offer free shipping and deals if you bundle multiple movies. PayPal or Venmo preferred, and always open to offers.
Naked Lunch - $15
Paths of Glory - $15
Carrie (Region B) - $13
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Region B) - $13
Mallrats (SE) with Slip - $20
Weird Science (SE) with Slip - $17
Brick - $12
Shout Factory
Black Christmas - $12
Dawn of the Dead with Slip - $14
The Fog - $12
Motel Hell - $12
Piranha OOP Steelbook - $16
Regular Blu-ray’s
Complete Phase 1 - 3 Marvel Collection - $140
3:10 to Yuma - $3
Boyhood with Slip - $5
Cabin in the Woods with Slip - $5
Dunkirk with Slip - $6
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind -$3
Evil Dead (2013) with Slip - $4
Heat - $3
Inception with Slip - $6
Jackie Brown OOP - $20
The Lighthouse with Slip - $10
Pulp Fiction with Slip - $4
Touch of Evil (Limited Edition Set) - $10
Training Day - $3
Twilight Zone: The Movie OOP - $50
Universal Monsters Collection - $20
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2023.05.28 18:06 Repulsive-Worth5715 AITA for wanting to change things in my parents apartment I live in?

I recently moved out of my exes house with our 3 kids (6, 4 and 1.5). We moved into a garage apartment behind my parents house that my dad set up/built for us. I really appreciate his hard work and everything he has done for us and I have told him several times. I’ve made myself available to help him with anything around the property he asks because I know I’m forever indebted to him. But there are a few things I wanted to change and it appears I’ve offended people.
The first is the bunk bed he put in the room for the kids. He built them himself and said they were a pain to put in there. Which makes me feel bad but no one will sleep in the top bunk (the ladder was just pieces of wood nd hard to climb). So my oldest has been sleeping with me in my full size bed and it’s been driving me crazy. I couldn’t let him fall asleep with me and put him in his bed for obvious reasons. My toddler learned to climb the ladder so my dad removed the ladder and gates off the top bunk for safety reasons so it’s not usable anyway. But he still will not let me remove it even if I offer to do the work myself.
The second is the table we are supposed to eat at. It’s a bit bigger than I’d like for the small space we have. Instead of chairs, my dad put a bench we’ve had for a long time there. But he had to cut the sides of it a bit of it would fit in there. The only spot for it is up against a wall so everyone has to slide in like a booth and if the person on the inside wants to get out, everyone has to move.
I told my mom I wanted to get a smaller breakfast table with 4 individual chairs and she told me I couldn’t because my dad permanently altered their furniture to accommodate us. I told her I appreciate it but if I had known I would have insisted he didn’t do anything permanent like that. She called me ungrateful and spoiled but I just have safety concerns (the bench has fallen over on the little one before) and I’m also a single mother to 3 kids so I didn’t think wanting convenience was so awful.
I guess my mom told my aunt who told my cousin and my cousin messaged me and called me an asshole for not appreciating everything and trying to change their apartment. I apologized to everyone but I’m still unsure if I was completely in the wrong.
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2023.05.28 18:04 crxwley__ terrible phobia of bats please help

Hi so i've been suffering from OCD for years now and i feel like it only gets worse.A big part of my OCD is worries about my health,so illnesses and such,and in the last few months that has taken form of horrible fear of rabies and specifically bats.
Now i live in a country that is free of rabies but idk how much that stands for rabies in bats.I've never encountered a bat in my life so this sudden fear is absolutely baffling to me.My neighborhood is a fairly well lit one on top of that.But one time when a friend was leaving my house at night she said "was that a bat that flew by?" while in my yard.Now logically i think it most likely was a bird or a bug or something but since then my fear has been upped 10x.I am so horrified that a bat is secretly living in my house/bedroom mostly to the point where just a few minutes ago i started frantically taking apart my room (checking closets,moving the bed,the desk,etc..) to be sure that my room is empty (it was thank god).Now last night when i went to bed i don't remember having anything wrong with my face but when i woke up this morning i have this kinda tiny scratch on my face,doesn't even seem like the skin was broken,just grazed,and again logically it's probably me scratching myself with my long ass nails while i was asleep but i can't shake the fear that a bat scratched me.What's also to note here is that i went to bed at around 5 am,so it was practically daylight outside,and yes i did close the blinds fully so my room was dark but i didn't have a window open or nothing like that and i always keep my bedroom door closed when i leave the house so how the hell would that thing have come in anyways?
now you would think that all these facts together would put me at ease but no,my anxiety is still convinced i was scratched/will be scratched by a bat and get a terrible illness and die so that's fun :))))))))) any advice is welcomed i'm genuenly freaking out
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