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2023.06.04 23:12 Zestyclose-Bench-191 I’m feeling overwhelmed.

I can proudly say that I’m over him at this point, roughly 2 months later. Thank god. However, I think I was cheated on and I found out through social media. If not cheating, I was left right before he decided to cheat, which is essentially the same thing… considering that take a bit of emotional cheating beforehand. I also think he was hiding his sexuality from me. I found an account of his that is soooo different than how he acted with me. You’d think he’s this super dominant straight man… boy was I wrong about that too.
Everything was a lie. I’m heartbroken again.
I’m hurt. Like all I want to do is cry but at this point I’ve cried way too much over him. I feel really sick too.
Why do assholes like him just get away with it? Why do they do this? What did I fucking do to deserve this? I’m literally only 20. What the hell.
Is it my looks? My personality? My life?
I’m overwhelmed and I just wish he never existed. I wish he never entered my life, I already had enough people to deal with.
Ugh. :(
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2023.06.04 23:12 ArugulaZ Help, my SaUCE needs more flavor! (adding games)

So here's the deal. I downloaded the Old Computers upgrade for OneSauce from the usual place, but I noticed that there were a lot of frustrating omissions, especially for its mammoth size (30GB). Whoever put this together had an uncanny knack for leaving out every major VIC-20 release, and for someone who grew up with that system, it's a little aggravating. It's a 30GB file. You couldn't find room for Cosmic Cruncher?
Can more games be easily added to the library? Can I just drag and drop some VIC-20 games in there (or even better, the Mega-Cart ROM that gives you 99% of the VIC essentials in an easy to use interface) or do I have to add graphics and change an XML file before it's recognized? I'd like to know how tough it's going to be to add games, because for a VIC nut like myself, it really needs more of them.
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2023.06.04 23:11 Gr8tJuJuUpDaMountain My weird but brief encounter with Opus Dei

So I live in a predominant city in the American south and am a somewhat successful attorney. I was reared a nominal Catholic but have done some work for another diocese (secular legal pro Bono work).
About five years ago, my ex-wife filed for divorce. I won’t go into the details, but it shocked our rather somewhat devout Roman Catholic families. And as I went through the process of getting an annulment, I soon discovered just how hypocritical other Catholics could be.
Someone recommended that I receive guidance from an Opus Dei priest. They run a chapel downtown, and it seems to be a popular fixture among white collar Catholic professionals.
I scheduled an appointment to meet with a priest. I was surprised the chapel had a security guard, and I was questioned pretty heavily about who I was seeing and what I was doing. The priest met with me and led me to a room to have our discussion.
It seemed to me that I couldn’t really get anything across to the man because as I would explain my story, a red light would flick on in the office, alerting the priest that someone needed confession. He would excuse himself and leave me in the waiting room for around 10 minutes to hear someone’s confession.
This happened about three times. Eventually, the priest returned and just flat out told me that I really shouldn’t be pursuing an annulment and that the best way to teach our children about Christian marriage was to continue acting as if I were married to her “but without conjugal rights, of course.”
I eventually walked out of there and never looked back. I think this was probably when my experience with the Catholic Church in general just started to crumble.
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2023.06.04 23:11 Farmand420 Question about poop

My girl Alice is 10 months old. Her poop is a sort of mix of fluid and solid. It has some more solid dark stuff, some clear yellow/green fluid and some white stuff. Is this normal for her age?
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2023.06.04 23:11 RabbitSlayre Random Indentation/Shelf?

Random Indentation/Shelf?
Hi everyone! My new house has this random cutout / shelf / indentation on the wall in the living room. Is there any purpose to this other than putting artwork/plants up there? I feel like I could put something up there but it feels so wacky and almost out of place. There is a light that points almost right at it, which leads me to believe artwork or something is the way to go. Could move the large painting that's in frame up there, considering it.
Any advice would be appreciated! (Ignore the tucan, recently had a Tiki party)
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2023.06.04 23:11 Cucumber-Other Painting discussion

Brothers of the forge, New to the army bit not the hobby. Wanted to know people's opinions on the contrast paints over the old school layer paints. Did three test models with the contrast paint with the mind set of thin coats, sadly it turned out really splotchy. Watched a few videos on how to use the new stuff, but I can help but want to do the old school way of painting. The ability to go back and do touch up work compared to being really careful now is nuts. Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this
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2023.06.04 23:11 Dizzy-Tumbleweed7983 Ways gyokko could have won that fight

1: kill muichiro in fish tank 2: wait until muichiro is dead 3: leave a strong fish to patrol muichiro
4: spam your attacks back to back non stop every single one of them over and over again 5: use his cockiness to your advantage let him think you are weak
Now after true form
6: spin literally you are a snake your tail is bounded to touch that guy if he doesn’t get away
7: if you can’t see him properly wrap your hands around your neck his blade would then turn into a fish
8: enter your pot back if you know you are definitely gonna lose
9: don’t be cocky that kid is a hashira
10 and most importantly: SHUT UP if you concentrated to that battle as much as that kid did you could have won but no you decided to fight with a 14 year old
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2023.06.04 23:11 BlueBell_Wood456 Warning all radiator owners.

There has been multiple reports of radiator theft in the central area of Bury St Edmunds, there are two suspects on the lose yet to be identified by the police. They have been targeting venerable or poorly secured houses at night and breaking in, stealing all of the radiators in the property and making off into the night. Police reports say that the criminals only seem to steal the radiators and nothing else. One of the robbers is described by a eye witness as ‘a fat man with red hair and a banana tattoo on his left cheek’.
Just a friendly warning from a local. - John MacQuibbler
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2023.06.04 23:11 kokopelleee But I have the receipts

Kid is off to college this Fall. I offered my $ contribution. Let kid know that they need the synch with ex for what ex will contribute….
Annnnnnd, it’s ZERO!
Because, and the reasons keep changing: I make more, I took all the proceeds from the sale of the house, we agreed that I would pay for all kid expenses forever, I’m a terrible person for not paying 100% for the kid, I’m just a terrible person, I have secret accounts with $Millions in them, and on and on
I tried. I really tried to play it calm. Didn’t bash the ex. Didn’t explain in detail why the ex was full of it, but we all have our breaking points
After the last escalation of nonsense (one way of identifying a lie is how the story changes every time), I broke out the receipts and showed them to the kid. Mediation agreement, escrow documents, settlement agreement, court filings…
I’m no saint. I was 50% of the downfall of our marriage, and the other 50% was on my ex. Besides, DO NOT drag the kids into this. They are old enough, they know math, and they can read.
I was very fair in the settlement. Followed the law. Followed the calculators. Didn’t go after my ex for support even though I’m full time parent. Sorry ex-spouse, but now the kids know the truth. I refuse to bash you, even though you are bashing me, but the truth is now on the table.
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2023.06.04 23:10 burbuja0526 Any ideas why is this happening?

Long story short. In my house there is two electrical outlets within the same wall. One of them is plugged for the TV and a lamp, the other one is only for the internet and router. For some reason, a few days ago I started to notice that the living room lamp starts to blink and the computer shuts off automatically. This is also causing the internet router to shut off as well. What can this possibly be? Is it that the whole electrical line in that wall is bad? Could this be only the outlets (The TV one) in specific that needs a replacement? I am just praying that this is something that won’t cost 1K + to fix since I don’t have the money. Thanks!
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2023.06.04 23:10 koreanatofu Walang yagballs!

Update to sa prev post ko dito. baliw sa pagibig post
Tangina, asan yagballs mo? Nasa anger phase ata ako. Sorry.
Imagine lahat ng message ko seen. Gets ko, healing stage mo to e. Onga naman. Pero bakit ka kasi papasok sa situationship na almost relationship natin if di ka pa pala ready? At ang masama pa don, you acted like you’re 100% ready! Wala man lang disclaimer.
Para mo lang akong dinispose after mo mafigure out na di ka pa pala ready magcommit. Ngayon pa talaga e no? Sa dulo mo pa talaga nalaman?
Alam mo yon, nalaman niya nalang and narealize and nagdecide siya na stop na AT THE EXPENSE OF MY MENTAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING. AT THE EXPENSE OF MY PURE INTENTION AND LOVE. Kailangan may masaktan muna ganon?
Nakakagago lang sobra. Sabi ko nga, anong pinagkaiba mo sa gf mo na nagcheat sayo ng 8 years?! Dinamay mo pa ako. Pinursue mo pa ko. Anong pinagkaiba niyo na nagawa niyo manakit ng taong nagpakatotoo lang sa inyo. Willing ako isacrifice lahat sayo. Pero mabait parin talaga si Lord. Inilayo niya ako. Pano kung sinacrifice ko yon diba? Paka tanga ko. Gusto ko lang naman maranasan mo yung saya and mahal at alaga na tingin mo nagkulang ka.
Eh sa sarili mo palang ata punong puno na nakalimutan mong nakakasakit ka na ng ibang tao.
Anong pinagkaiba mo sa ex mong cheater eh ikaw nagkumwaring ready tapos balot ka pa pala ng trauma tas basta basta mo nalang iniwan yung nagmamahal sayo? Nananahimik ako. Sana una palang no? Disclaimer man lang? Anong pinagkaiba niyo eh parehas kayong nanakit ng taong nagpakatotoo lang sa inyo at nagmahal lang sa inyo?!
At nakuha mo pa ako iblock. Ikaw pa talaga nauna magblock. Ikaw pa talaga nagsuggest na let’s not contact each other anymore. The audacity! Grabe ang lala. Sakit ba nung kinompare kita sa ex mo? Ano? Totoo diba? Parehas lang kayong selfish. Wala kayong pake kahit nakaksakit kayo.
You had fun? Edi sana nag EK ka nalang.
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2023.06.04 23:10 Wildfire-Man Stay safe out there everyone

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2023.06.04 23:10 secretaccount511 First order from multiverse beans. Got quite a few freebies. Anyone have any experience with any of these? Any advice? Also, which ones to start with?!

First order from multiverse beans. Got quite a few freebies. Anyone have any experience with any of these? Any advice? Also, which ones to start with?! submitted by secretaccount511 to Autoflowers [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 23:10 MSDuarte7 Quirkless Deku in The end of manga

Okay, i Heard and read many people wanting quirkless Deku in the end of manga since OFA is too Strong to keep with Deku and nobody would be a Threat to him, that being said, to those that really want quirkless Deku in The end, after defeat Shigaraki, what he's gonna do? Just become a househusband? Get rich like Tony Stark and become japanese Iron Man or Just lives of his fame of "that kid that defeated Shigaraki" in some average comic con in interviews? I can't see him happy or satisfying being quirkless again, specially being a terrible age of his life. But i want to know about your opinion since some want a bittersweet (imo, a sad) ending to Deku
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2023.06.04 23:10 Soloasmo I think we need to address labels.

Hey! I don’t wanna start battles or whatever, but I DO wanna talk about something that’s been bothering me, and that’s the whole “labels don’t mean anything”. I argue that they very much do!
I’ve seen this post that talked about a trans guy dating a lesbian and he felt valid! Good for you my guy, im glad you feel safe, but I see one huge issue. YOU aren’t invalidated by it, but if my partner labelled themselves a lesbian, that very much means, to me, that they do not see me as my true gender.
While labels have different definitions that change and stuff, I think its a little upsetting that the community os starting to just erase their meaning as a whole, which makes them useless in the long run. Lesbians fought hard to be who they are, and today, girls who like trans men are claiming theyre lesbians? I think it rly invalidates trans men, but idk if that’s just me… and yes I get it, “some people aren’t hurt by it and the label makes them happy” you like being Calld a lesbian good for you, but if ur gonna be dating men, im pretty sure you just aren’t wether you like the name or not . Its insensitive to us as trans ppl (not all of us ig) to literally label yourself as someone who wouldn’t date a man, while ur dating a dude who’s been fighting to be seen as himself his entire life.
Again, I don’t wanna start a fight, but im kind of sick of people saying lesbians can date trans men, because “non men loving non men “ literally means they don’t see us as men. I don’t think that “liking the label” is the right reason to be using it. As much as I love the omni flag, if im not omni, then im just not. I ain’t gonna go invalidating ppl who are actually affected .
Thx for letting me rant a lil
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2023.06.04 23:10 Reddit-kid_ Has anyone noticed this?

Has anyone noticed this?
In the back to school mission we have to find dr. Delaney and spider man says “Delaney is dressed as one of my greatest foes.” Does that mean in the 2nd game it’s not the first time lizard and spider man meet In the gameplay trailer?
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2023.06.04 23:10 Inevitable_Score_725 Train to Busan is one of the greatest zombie movies imo

I recently watched TOB again after first seeing it in theaters, and I got to say, it still holds up. This movie, unlike some films, actually made the audience sympathize with the characters, even the main protagonist Seok-woo, even if he was kind of a douche at times. The movie also did a great job at literally telling its audience "South Korea is F'd"
Me personally, I liked the film because these characters had extremely limited resources. They didn't have guns, they didn't have any knives or axes. All they had were blunt weapons. Baseball bats, riot gear, etc. So they couldn't just kill the zombies, they had to just knock them out and pray they wouldn't rise again. I think that was one of the fear factors for me. Also, these zombies were FAST!, and that's something you do not want to brush aside if an actual zombie apocalypse happens.
I'm not a person who cries during a movie, but holy crap I was ingesting snot and wetting my shirt when Seok-woo committed suicide. His daughter's screams, and the fact that the pregnant lady was holding her back to prevent her from going to her dad destroyed me so much. And by the end I couldn't even think "Yay they made it!". The final two survivors went through so much, I cant comprehend how f'd up both of them are.
Overall an awesome movie worth watching. The second film was great also but the first one is truly one of the greatest zombies movies imo.
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2023.06.04 23:10 babiecheesus looking for an old interview from circa 2017-2018

hi everyone i’m looking for an old interview sigrid did and i believe it’s in norwegian. in the interview she did a challenge of some sort answering questions of herself related to the internet (e.g. do u have a wikipedia page? how many followers do u have on insta? how many search results does “sigrid” return?) it’ll mean a lot if i can find this interview and i appreciate everyone’s help.
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2023.06.04 23:10 bayesian_boy EDS/POTS related blindness/vision loss

This is not a request for medical advice, but want to get a gauge on other folks’ experience with periodic vision loss!
I am 28 years old, diagnosed Ehlers Danlos + Osteogenesis Imperfecta overlap disorder confirmed by genetic testing. For the past 6 years or so I have been periodically losing vision in the left eye only and only for several minutes at a time. The effect is often flashing lights or lightning or kaleidoscope-like, or billowing grey clouds punctuated by flashers. The extreme light sensitivity lasts for quite a while afterwards. It renders me functionally blind for up to 20-30 minutes and afterwards my brain often feels depleted for the rest of the day. Nowadays I can feel the onset of it a few seconds before it happens. It’s almost certainly POTS related; happens when I stand up too fast (though not exclusively), worse in the summer and in humid weather or after prolonged sun exposure, worse when menstruating, worse when I’m dehydrated or haven’t eaten enough.
I have seen many, many, many specialists about this over the years: ophthalmologists, neuro-ophthalmologists, neurologists, cardiologists, geneticists, EDS specialists, and on and on and on.
I know that this is a condition that a solid minority of individuals with EDS/POTS experience and I’m wondering if others who experience it could weigh-in. Has it gotten worse or better for you over time? Were there any lifestyle changes, or medications, or surgeries (e.g., cervical spine fusion) that had an impact on it? Have your medical specialists offered you an explanation as to what they suspect the mechanism is for the vision loss/abnormality?
TL;DR Any input from personal experience with EDS & blindness very very much appreciated : ) ♡
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2023.06.04 23:10 ryry29 Should I take the job or stay?

I know there’s a lot more details needed to make the decision but high level curious if you guys would take the new job or stay put? I know I am very lucky to be in this position and this has been over 15 years of hard work in the making:
Personal Info
Age: 37
Single income family of 5 (younger kids)
Net Worth: around $500k
Current Job
Service time: 7 years
Role: VP of Sales
Base: $185k/yr
Bonus: 75%-125% of base (capped)
Total: $325-$415k/yr
Equity: $5M-$12M (guess actual number will be in the middle)
Target Sale Year: 2027
*important note that company owned by family office
Pros: pretty low stress, strong job security, strong market, healthy financial support
Cons: lower salary for role, no push to sale by ownership (even by 2027), hitting base ceiling soon, few years out from possible C level opening, small enough I am in the day to day, capped comp % on growth annually
Job Offer
Role: Chief Strategy Officer
Base: $350k
Bonus: 50% of base at target achievement then uncapped
Total: $475-700k/yr
Equity: $1.5M-$2M
Target Sale Year: 2025
*later stage PE group with a solid exit strategy and ripe market outlook
Pros: shorter sale timeline, c level role, hyper focused M&A area, stronger base salary, uncapped comp % on growth annually
Cons: more corporate politics, low man on the pole if times get tough, 100% remote role (new jobs I prefer office to build internal relationships), maybe grass is not greener.
My biggest issue with current role is that who knows if they will sale even by 2027 so am I chasing a carrot I won’t catch? This company is preparing for sale soon so basically I come in help push it to the finish line within 2 years and cash $2M. At that point I could stay on possibly for another 5 year term with closer to the equity I gave up with current company or take some time off or something slower paced since I would be close to my retirement target.
I have some issues with my current company president but nothing that is just ripping at me…..FWIW with the additional salary at the new role nothing would change in my life so it would all go to investments or paying off my house (which I could do by the time we sold in 2025).
Would you stay and wait it out for the larger equity payout or take the title, higher annual comp, and smaller but faster equity payout?
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2023.06.04 23:10 volume32 32 [M4F] UK needle in a...

I'm a co parent to a 7 year old and it's hard as hell but I stick to it. I literally live the other side of the country from my entire family to be close to my daughter, and I'm proud of that. I do a crappy job full time whilst I plod on through a psychology degree, I drink when I want to and try to enjoy life as much as I can. I find people insufferable most of the time..obviously I'm way too honest but I'd rather be real and be myself ✌️on the plus side I have a good sense of humour, I cook for a living and I do enjoy a half decent intelligent conversation. I'm having a whirlwind 😒 of a time rebuilding my life from nothing and I'm looking for somebody like minded.. long distance is fine, personality and the ability to hold a conversation is everything. In return I offer good food 😅
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2023.06.04 23:10 AutoModerator [Download Course] Cody Wittick & Taylor Lagace – The Influencer Marketing Blueprint (

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