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This subreddits is specific for DataHoarders coming from Switzerland. We focus more on swiss deals about SSD, LTO Tape, HDD, NAS/DAS, Software, Thunderbolt Devices, NVME Enclosures, etc. It doesn't matter if you live in the italian/german or french part of Switzerland. What only matter, is that you are a DataHoarder!

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A subreddit devoted to the discussion of the cryptocurrency coin "Nudes," the next-gen decentralized meme token with actual utility built on the Neo3 Blockchain and soon to be on The Metaverse.

2023.06.04 22:33 ticklingman17 ISO switch,lee,ler

Anyone near Seattle interested in chatting? 28/M Switch would love to have a proper session or possibly set something up. Pm me
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2023.06.04 22:33 Weekly_Bid9504 strange upper stomach discomfort all day.. desperately need some advice.

i need someone to tell me straight if this sounds like a sb or fp. i’ve been googling but i’m not sure.
i had liquid d* yesterday that (tmi) floated. after that happened i had a panic attack which led me to feeling extremely n* for like two hours. i genuinely thought it was gonna happen and it left me terrified.
fast forward i took a sleeping pill, but my stomach still kept me up all night, gurgling an insane amount with bad smelling gas. i haven’t had a BM again, but i’m scared something is wrong. my upper stomach near my sternum is cramping every so often, as well as my sides. it feels like gas pain, only my stomach is completely empty. i only ate some granola today, didn’t drink much water either.
i don’t know if i’m actually sick or not 😭😭
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2023.06.04 22:32 xX-The_Inquisitor-Xx I need advice, inspiration & ideas as a beginner in world building.

I need some advice & inspiration for my universe tht I'm building, it's a high fantasy world similar to DnD, I originally wanted to implement it into the DnD universe as a homebrew but now I'm not certain. Right now I'm currently working on a foundation to build upon and go from there. Feel free to ask any questions about what I already have, because I have some lore for them tht just isn't written down yet.
Alrighty, where to begin lol I'll just copy paste what I have written down from my notepad. These nations are gonna obviously be inspired by real world counter parts tho, so this is all a work in progress.
Fantasy Feudal Dominion -Name: Yamahara -Religion: Bushido Canon/ Diktat of Budai Precept -Districts: Prefectures ruled by 5 Daimyo Clans, Cantons are counties within -Ruler Title: Mikado -Currency: Metsu Daiko=Gold Setsu=Silver Bo-ku=Copper
Fantasy Dynasties- Dowei Dynasty Umog Khanate
Fantasy Mono-Theocratic Kingdom & Hegemony -Name: Caldovia -Demonym: Caldovians/ Sub-Caldonesian -Religion: Church of the One -Districts: Provinces -Political Ruler Title: Sovereign -Theocratic Ruler Title: Pontif -Currency: Crowns/Holy Coins Oro=Gold Plata=Silver Feto=Copper
Greco-Roman Unitary Concordat -Name: Thelldrassia-n Union -Districts: Gracia (Democracy) Ramia (Republic) -Political Ruler Title: Kazaar
I'm also working on northern kingdoms whose counterparts are Kievan Rus, Germanic, Vikings, Celtic Irish/Scottish, Beast kingdoms, Indigenous & desert kingdoms as well.
Again I've already got some lore thought up for this universe as well, like how it came to be, why they're so similar to their real world counterparts yet are also different, etc. So feel free to ask me questions and give advice and or ideas.
I wanna use Wonderdraft or Inkarnate later to make maps of these nations, they all won't necessarily be on the same continent either be near each other enough to travel. However surrounding these continents is a massive perpetual storm several miles out at sea tht can't be typically seen with the naked eye. This storm has kept them from leaving the radius tht all the continents/nations from exploring any further. I had an idea tht if any of them could brave the storm and manage to survive making it through tht it would lead to other universes like the Forgotten Realms of DnD, Hyborea, etc.
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2023.06.04 22:32 langseeker Offering: English (Native) seeking Spanish

Hi there(24) from south of England and offering English, I work in construction so have a lot of experience communicating with people still learning the language and helping them, I’m seeking someone who can help me with Spanish, I think I’m around A2 Level, open to Online or IRL if you’re in or near london, I’m chill, open minded, I love nature, anything active, MMA and cooking, I’m also really into art so yehhhh could talk about anything also I game so if anyone wants to do a language exchange while gaming I’m down!! Look forward to meeting you guys
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2023.06.04 22:31 betteroffnightshade Am I spending too much time with my BF?

Recommended to post here instead of AITA:
I (28F) have been with my BF (31m) for three years, and he's had another partner (26F) for about a year now. I am ace, and we agreed early on that we'd see how things go for him with our relationship. So far it's been great, and for fairness we split up our time together, spending a few hours specifically with him. Mon-Tue are mine, Wed-Thur are hers, Friday we usually do something together, Saturday is a 'whatever' day, which might be going out or inviting friends over, Sunday is a personal/cool off day.
I deal with a lot of anxiety, and I'm working on it. Therapy, routines, medication. Lately Saturday night and sometimes sunday my BF is spending with me in adjusting from social environments, of which I'm eternally grateful, and his partner might help too if she's in the mood, but it's sporadic. I made it clear she is not responsible for my problems/anxieties, and I don't expect her to help. Even so, she has expressed lately that it feels a bit 'unfair' that I get significantly more time with him than she does.
On one hand, what we do on the weekends largely is decided by us, and not routine. I'm not asking him for any assistance coping, but he still insists, which I greatly appreciate. On the other hand, I feel guilty that my stresses are causing a rift between us, and yeah he does get to spend more private time with me. She is much more an extrovert and doesn't need nearly as much time as I do to recover from social events, which is neither her nor my fault. She is often cold to us on the Sunday/Mondays they follow if I've had a particularly rough weekend and he wasn't more available to play games or watch something.
Am I being problematic for effectively needing/wanting more of his time and attention when we are trying to split up our time evenly?
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2023.06.04 22:31 LittleMMCX Any else struggling to get a place of their own?

I'm 28F and still live at my family home. Pre-Pandemic in early 2020, I was looking for a place of my own, after saving up for 6 years and finally having enough for a deposit. Now, thanks to COVID, Brexit, Cost of Living crisis, soaring House Prices in my area, rising Inflation, Bills and Interest on Mortgages, plus just being a down-hard Millennial, I currently can't afford ANYTHING on my salary and my savings. I went from looking at 2 bed flats and houses for sale, to not being able to rent a tiny 2/3 room flat. As I have joked with some friends, I can't even afford to buy a small bit of land to pitch a tent on. Even though I continued to save and nearly doubled what I had (thanks to that soaring interest on Saving Accounts), nothing is available to me anymore.
Being single and having no romantic attraction to anyone in the past 7 years has impacted me so hard, especially as most things are angled to couples. I can't move in with friends, as they are all partnered up and/or have families, plus I don't want to be a burden. Unless I want a pay cut to start fresh or get a side job and overwork myself with multiple jobs to near death, I can't get another job that will give me a better salary and career than I have at the moment. So, I'm stuck. I do love my family and I'm grateful that they will let me continue to stay here at the only home I know, while I try to get to the next step. However, I'm the only Asexual I know in real life, so I feel like I have no one to relate to or speak to about it. While I have accepted and embraced being this type of queer in most aspects, I do not like this downside of not being able to progress in life like most people.
Is anyone else currently in a similar situation? Because at the moment, I feel with every step forward, I get beaten back 5 steps.
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2023.06.04 22:30 lutherwriteshorror My childhood dog just showed up at my house after 30 years

If I remember correctly, Shadow ran off when I was seven. The story I always heard about how he came into our lives was that my dad brought him home from a coworker who had tried to train him up as a hunting dog. Apparently Shadow didn't display the correct instincts. It makes sense — he was a husky / labrador mix, so he leaned a little bit into the willful side of his lineage.
Everyone else remembers Shadow as the prototypical family dog: loyal, loving, protective. But I have different memories.
Even though Shadow was a family dog, it was pretty clear from early on that he was most strongly connected to me. The thing is, I was always afraid of him.
He'd follow me all around the house nudging me this way and that if I wasn't doing what he wanted. I didn't want to be alone in my room with him, but he always managed to corner me in there, and wouldn't leave when I told him to.
More than once I'd do something bad and I'd swear it was because he told me to do it. I'd always chalked it up to my childhood imagination, but I remember specifically once when I was maybe five years old and my sister was standing at the top of the stairs he told me to push her down.
"No. I won't," I said.
My sister who was a few years older said, "Won't what?"
Then Shadow stared at me and I heard his gruff voice speaking. "If you don't push her down the stairs I'm going to go into her room tonight while she's sleeping, and I'm going to rip her throat out."
My sister didn't get seriously hurt, but she did take on quite a few bruises, and I think that's when our relationship started to deteriorate. It's never really recovered.
I got in a lot of trouble, rightfully. And my parents kept a better watch over me for quite a while. Of course they didn't believe me when I told them Shadow made me do it. Who would?
"You're going to bang your head against this shelf until your parents come to check on you," the dog told me.
"I don't want to."
"I can hear them downstairs right now. I can smell their blood. Do you know how easy it would be for me to kill them? Maybe I'll kill your mom first. Everyone will think you did it since they all think you're a little serial killer already. Then, after someone takes you away, I'll kill your father."
I nearly knocked myself out banging my head against the cabinet.
Shadow liked to come with us on errands. Everyone that saw him said he was the most beautiful dog. “Majestic,” they say. “Gorgeous dog that one,” or “Where did you get him? I’d love to have a dog like that.” And to be fair, he was always the perfect dog for everyone else: calm, well mannered, came when called.
We'd be at the ice cream shop and all the teens working there would crowd around him to give him pets and a complimentary bowl of whipped cream.
When they praised him he’d look over at me with his beautiful, dichromatic eyes — one blue, one brown — as if to say, “See, nobody will ever believe you.”
Nobody believed me about anything.
I guess when I was young I would tell really fanciful stories about when I used to be an adult. I had this whole life built up with a whole other family and career in the post office, and once I told my parents about it enough I think they decided that I was simply one of those kids who couldn't tell reality from imagination. They got mad at me with how long it went on.
My mom tells me once, specifically, I'd awakened her sobbing saying "The bad man. He kiwwwed me. He bwoke in the house and kiwwwed me with a gun."
Apparently she had to be up early for work that morning, so she was especially angry. "It's just a dream, silly bug," she said, practically dragging me back to my room.
I was a little older when I started hearing the babies crying outside. Not every night, but maybe once every couple weeks. I'd awaken in the middle of the night, afraid. Then I'd hear it, a baby crying outside.
My mom threatened to lock me in my room at night if I didn't stop waking her up every time I had a nightmare. And where had that dog gone, she thought if he was in the room I'd feel protected and wouldn't have to wake her up every time I had a nightmare.
I was at brunch with my mom recently when the topic came up about how I was always so imaginative as a child, and she filled me in on some information I wasn't aware of. When I was being awakened by those crying babies there had actually been a string of child abductions in our city that have gone unsolved to this day. Apparently it drove a bit of a satanic panic in our community that escalated until a mob from a church tried to burn down the house of a comic shop owner who sold dungeons and dragons materials.
My mom always thought that I'd heard some snippets of the news and decided to make up a story about it.
That's also part of why they were so thankful for Shadow's connection to me. They knew as long as he was by my side nothing bad could happen to me.
Then one day he just disappeared.
I was about seven years old and hadn't heard him speak for months, and he seemed less and less interested in me.
My mom drove around searching every night for weeks. We put up fliers on posts and fences, called the pound repeated, and did everything we could to find him. But he was just gone.
My family thought someone probably grabbed him from our yard since he was such a gorgeous dog.
From then on I'd had a more or less normal childhood.
I'd forgotten all about him.
Then he showed up inside my house today. I was walking upstairs to check on my son who was napping in his crib, and there he was in the room, gazing at my child.
Every hair on my body stood on end.
It's definitely him. I even found an old family photograph and compared it to him. But how can a dog be nearly forty years old, and how did he find me after all these years?
My wife thinks I'm overreacting. It's just some dog that happens to look exactly like him. But the way he was looking at my son, that everyone always thought was protective, it's the same exact way he used to look at me.
I think there is something evil in that dog, and I don't want my son raised with an animal like that.
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2023.06.04 22:30 Duvyboi Floaty mouse/Icy mouse feel/sluggish mouse/heavy mouse feel/input lag.

So basically, i have this problem for 2, almost 3 years now. What i discovered, is that no fix for this problem. The problem still remains unsolved, and does not have a fix solution. I tell you nobody is interested in 15 minute solution, or 3 day sol. and the word it became "better". nobody cares about that bc doesnt mean it fixed. There are 2 types of people, who heard and suffers in this problem, 2nd who never heard it. The 2nd guy is the turn of the pointer precision guy. Pretty funny. But lets continue. Symptom: The mouse movement is weird, not accurate, when u flick, u cant flick it slides away or slides accurately, i wouldnt say more, its a faulty movement of the mouse, what i mean under that, nothing is normal: no fix dpi(meaning:in a normal computer you feel whats like a normal dpi, here if you put my pc, and for example your good" pc next to each other, you notify, the same dpi same sens doesnt feel the same, lower or higher feeling, depends on dpi, its random btw) so what you cant do from it? You were a literal aimgod? yes, and since then your flick doesnt even hit. yes. i met this version. what you cant do is: you cant spray, by the movement the bullet doesnt go where u want it even if u mastern the pattern, you cant flick precisely, nearly impossible, tracking is your worst, enemy, so whats up? you can do nothing, u are literally fcked. same with the keyboard. you cant peak normally bc it delayed. this problem still remains on desktop and in game also, It not caused by internet. 3 main factors, Hardware, electricity, or software problem. Hardware is literally out. I had and many others who suffers had around 6-7 pcs and laptops in their hand the problem remains, from new gen to old gen. Electricity. quite suspicious. Why? i been to several towns, capitals, across the country. i tried 20 alternative solutions even foreign countries. MOVING does not work. who say work its placeboo. why? because they never replied or replied with a feedback, it returned. EMI and dirty elecricity. etc. i think it cant be, but maybe can bc ran out of options. OS aka software: can be. most of the windows users who uses for gaming still lowers the chance this is the problem. Then why is not everybody effected? different hardware? can be but cant. why? This PROBLEM. still remains UNSOLVED SINCE 2009. BY THOUSANDS OF people. Something isnt right. somebody doesnt tell something because this cant be. moreover if it has connection between hardware. why is everybody with different good, the top category ,and even worse, hardware experience this. About this section clean installing win i doesnt tried, i mean fully uncabled only mouse no drivers on my computer, had them on usb stick,and update them manually. Something microsoft put in the os, if thats it, but since 2009, i dont believe. something is fucked up and has connection between something. I dont understand it yet. electricity, what i tried: Moving to new houses. relatively better then buy filters. and moreover i tried also with filters. not worked.
Come on guys bump it up, lets get it fixed. anyone needs a contact with me just write bellow my post. have a good day, and as always, thanks for reading:)
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2023.06.04 22:30 alexsmith2332 A few tips and learnings form our week long trip

A few tips and learnings form our week long trip
Just got back yesterday from a 8 day trip and it was incredible fun (will write a detailed trip report later but just thought I'll post somethings I learnt the time I was there)
  1. Get really good waterproof pants and a rain jacket - Though we were blessed to have 4 days of really good weather, even on those days we were glad to have proper waterproof gear. The reason being that the waterfalls are in full flow and getting even close to them will drench you fully if you are not protected. My wife also wore this waterproof baseball cap which helped keep water off her glasses and atleast not be totally blinded by the spray (here is an image of the Gullfoss waterfalls which were in full flow) so that gives you an idea of the spray now
  1. Talking of water protection, please please get some protection for your cameras: I was incredulous at the sheer number of people who just ran right into the spray with no protection for their cameras against the water (yes I get that some cameras are weather sealed but unless you are absolutely sure, please dont ruin your expensive cameras and images of a wonderful trip by being careless). I used this and it worked decently well though in hindsight I should have gone for this one because the first one got ripped by the wind (yes the wind is another factor to think of) but it did keep my camera dry
  2. Talking of the wind, please keep a warm beanie with you : While having layers and a waterproof jacket was wonderful, the one thing that made my trip from on wet days from being miserable to actually being enjoyable was a warm beanie which kept my head and ears warm
  3. PLEASE get gravel protection for your car rental : I really cant stress this enough, we were super careful and even then towards the end of our trip we got one massive chip in the windshield as a car in the opposite lane threw up a rock up while going 70kph in a 50kph lane (just to clarify, we were not even on a gravel road, this was gravel and new chip seal that was laid to fix the road between vik and jökulsárlón and hence prone to being thrown up. So even if you dont plan to go on gravel roads , road work can result in gravel being thrown up. We also ended up getting another smaller chip on the road between Vik and reykjavík where there was no construction so I do want to emphasize the point that gravel damage can happen anywhere. That said, we were very glad that we had the gravel protection insurance from Lotus car rentals (they were great) and we walked away with no additional expenses after returning the car
  4. Carry a travel multiplug with you and plug adapters for europe : Not sure if it was just the hotels we stayed in , but there seemed to be a shortage of wall plug points everywhere. We had two cameras, 2 ipads and 2 phones plus couple other electronic stuff and if we didnt have a travel multiplug with us, it would be a challenge of trying to try to figure out how to charge everything. Also if you didnt already have one, please ensure you have a travel adapter which would work for iceland (this is the one we had and it worked great)
  5. If possible, get to the spots you want to earlier in the day(before 9 am) or later(after 4 PM) : we found the crowds were significantly lower or non existent (There were about 5 people in total in front of the waterfall in Skogafoss at 8:30 am which was awesome as I could really take the time to setup the shot and take plenty of pics in front of the waterfall
It was also similar when we went early to jökulsárlón and the diamond beach (though jökulsárlón was busy near the parking lot but walking for 20 minutes away resulted us being the only two people in that area. So if you are physically able, please take the time to walk a bit as that will get you away from the crowds)
This was me after a 20 minute walk away from the parking lot at jökulsárlón
  1. Dont make it all about bucket list stops : One of our favorite surprise experiences was the Irafoss waterfallwhich is a mere 10 minutes drive from the more popular Seljalandsfoss waterfall. While there might have been like 200 odd people in Seljalandsfoss by the time we left, there was absolutely no one at this waterfall leading us to joke that this our private waterfall experience. So, as you are planning your trip dont make it all about the well known places but try out the smaller ones too (here is a pic of the waterfall for reference)

Overall it was a really fun trip and something my wife and I enjoyed a lot.
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2023.06.04 22:30 crowindisguise My Identity and understand attraction.

So for as long as I've remembered I have liked men and women (and other variations of the gender spectrum) and chose the only label I knew that fit when I was 12. ✨️lesibian✨️ confused baby self aside i learned what bisexual was a little later. Over time I often had small crushes on friends, which eventually faded. Even as an adult I never really understood how attraction worked. People talking about celebrities they'd hook up with, crushes they had in school or at work, and just anything else. I thought I may have been Asexual until I started dating. Even then I wasn't sure what I was doing or if I even liked anything I chose to do. It was all awkward and wrong feeling. That is until I met my current boyfriend, I've never felt closer to someone nor more attracted. Yet I still feel weird about attraction in general. I just don't feel anything for anyone else, not just because I'm in love, I feel no connection. I feel nothing when I think of a celebrity, or watch porn, or see a reasonably attractive person in public. I can acknowledge why one is pleasing to look at but that's as far as it's ever gone unless I have that sense of closeness. I'm beginning to feel I may still be on the Asexual spectrum, but am unsure as I do feel sexual attraction, just only to this one person ever in my near 21 years of life. It's also kind of scary to change my label, and I know Aces aren't well accepted even in our own community no matter to what degree they are which has always saddened me. I'm just not sure what to do about myself.
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2023.06.04 22:30 lelnobody I feel like my uncle could have molested me as a child but I dont remember

So recently I saw a movie called "The Tale" , really a hard movie to watch but very good movie. It triggered me a little bit as it's about the sexual abuse a woman edured during her childhood from a famous medalist. Through all the movie , I thought about my uncle for several times.
It's a weird feeling I have always had since little. When I was a child I would have a very good relationship with him and my cousin. My cousin was like my little brother and we would always play together every week during summer and a lot of the times my uncle would play with us. The thing is , i cant remember my uncle doing anything bad to me but I remember him saying weird comments on my appereance from time to time like how pretty I was becoming, and that I was very beautiful. It's not anything bad itself but it was the way he would say it, it was unpleasant because it didn't sound like a familiar, genuine way of saying to a child that she is pretty but more with a sexual tone, as if he was actually complementing me as a woman. Those comments I would received them since I was 6 years old into my late teens. After that,he began having trouble with alcohol and stopped coming to family meetings and I stopped going to his house because my dad and him gad a big argument. My cousin also, he is 21 now and has drug problems. I havent seen him since I was 16 and now I am 24.
Recently , in a family meeting, my uncle actually came , he was a little bit drunk ( all my relatives hate this). He saw me and told me something like "Wow Laura, you've become such a pretty woman. If I was not your uncle, maybe I would think about..." then stopped talking because one of my relatives went into the room. I remember him saying similar things too when I was a teen.
As you can see, I cant remember anything specific from my childhood that tells me that he did something but my body gets unconfortable when he is near and I have always sensed something. I also used to sleep a lot in my uncle's house. Maybe I am paranoid but could it be the case that I dont remember anything but something could have happened? And if it's the case, how can I explore more if it happened? Just for the record, I also have a lot of problems when it comes to sex. I have a hard time liking it and I am very anxious but when I was a teen I became hypersexual for male validation or who knows, even thought I never had an orgasm and still cant when I'm with someone else.I have never gane to therapy because i dont have tje money.
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2023.06.04 22:28 MaybeThrowaway10 [A4A] The troubles with technology

Tech based characters in a superpowered/magical setting—be they mad scientists, genius inventors, disgruntled engineers, or something in between—always seem to be close to the top. Maybe their gadgetry enhances existing powers, maybe it stands on its own, but regardless, the judicious application of missiles and unobtanium reactors seems to work rather well for the lot.
I present an alternative, the other side of technology, where magic isn’t poorly understood science, but so far above it that those ants scurrying around with their poor substitutes stand no chance. To explore that, I offer two scenarios! To be clear, in both I’ll be playing the poor tech reliant sap who is out of their depth!~
  1. Tech based superheroes:
Josephine slams against the wall, groaning in tandem with the metallic reinforcement within her suit. She slides to the ground, sparks flying freely from a severed wire in her left arm, grounding itself to a piece of metal scrap. She’s damaged, and something feels broken, but not out of the fight yet. She can’t fail here, not after so much work, countless hours of tinkering cannot come to naught. A quick turn of her head, and the internal targeting system gains a lock on her opponent. Data instantly transmitted to a support drone whirling around her.
The cannon mounted beneath it turns to the target, a soft hiss sounding out as the weapon opens its chamber and prepares to fire. Despite the blood trickling from the corner of her mouth, Josephine grins. The drone mounts a light gas gun of her own design, perfectly suited to the occasion, far more powerful than conventional weaponry, there’s no chance in hell that it would—
The explosion cuts off her train of thought. Her target waves their hand absentmindedly, and the drone’s weapon violently detonates, sending it scattering in flaming wreckage around the street. The target vanishes, before Josephine can feel the emergency release valve on her powered armor trigger. She’s yanked out, tossed to the hard concrete, and a boot is planted firmly on her chest. Her foe looms over the girl. She looks so…small, without her equipment and armor. So vulnerable. Surely, they can put her to better use than this charade~
  1. The artificer:
Janek crept through the underbrush, the massive boiler strapped to his back doing nothing for the young man’s stealth. Not that he ever had much of a hope that he would be sneaky, not with the clinking of the carabiners and tubing bumping against each other every 5 seconds. Even him and his ego had to admit, there were more elegant solutions to his particular conundrum. But it was a damn effective one, and he was more than proud of his invention.
The wild boars proved no match for his latest killing machine, even with their thick skulls and tusks. So Janek went in search for ever greater prey, thinning the predator population of the nearby forest quite considerably. And now it was time for the ultimate challenge, a real life field test against the most dangerous foes he could find in the forest! The magically inclined who made their home there, terrorizing settlements and caravans alike with their awe inspiring spells. But they would be no match for the likes of Janek Straka! He was practically trembling with excitement, readjusting his glasses and inspecting his choice in weapon once again.
A sort of rifle, one which had all the trappings of the basic prototypes you might see in a Kingdom’s armory, but with his own tweaks. A magazine holding long iron spikes was fastened to the top, in front of a series of rubber tubing which led back to a valve assembly on the boiler he was wearing as a backpack. A massive chamber of boiling water which, with the pull of a trigger, would flood the weapon with steam and send deadly spikes slamming through whatever was on the other end.
It did not take much longer for him to find his quarry. For they were strutting towards him, rather confidently. Through the dim light let in by the trees, he couldn’t quite make out who it was. The Elven warrior, a proud individual who had practiced magic longer than Janek had been alive? The necromancer, who wasn’t nearly as frail as her undead legions? Or maybe the local Vampire had finally made an appearance, a monster that even Janek had to admit hadn’t lost their allure over the centuries. Oh well, it wouldn’t matter in a few seconds. Janek shoulders his steam-rifle, takes careful aim, gently squeezes the trigger and…only hears a short hiss. A low chuckle comes from his opponent as they keep walking towards him
“Your weapon. I’m not familiar with it, but I can sense it needed fire to work? Someone of your alleged intellect should’ve known that pyromancy is one of the easiest magicks known to man. Snuffing out was child’s play”
Janek stammered together a reply, flipping open the boiler cover to find that the charcoal had gone out “Aha, very clever of you! B-But you are mistaken, I meant you no harm! Perhaps, perhaps we can talk things out?”
His ‘prey’ just smiles, shakes their head in response, and in a flash they are upon the poor artificer
I hope you liked the prompt! I tried to go for a balance there, with both modern/superhero ideas and a fantasy concept thrown in for fun. If you found any part of it interesting, or even if you had your own idea related to the concept, feel free to PM me!
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2023.06.04 22:27 seaniepants Lung cavitation, hemoptysis diagnosed as Sarcoidosis

White male, 39 years old, 165 lbs,
In early 2022 I discovered I have a lung condition characterized by left lung cavitation, hemoptysis (20-30 times per year, often in mornings or after intercourse, a few teaspoons or a tablespoonful), and nodules. My right lung seems to be okay. My left lung has become much worse over these last 18 months. More urgently, I also had some (what felt like) near death experiences on October 26, 2022 and June 2, 2023 when my body went paralyzed, I coughed blood all over myself, and I fell to the floor becoming unconscious. I'm trying to find out if my diagnosis of sarcoidosis is accurate (my readings tell me it would have to be a very rare presentation to be sarcoid). The diagnosis was based on a wedge resection biopsy that was analyzed by Kaiser, University of Michigan, Cedars Sinai, and Mayo Clinic. It's worth noting that each pathology department did not make the same diagnosis, but there were shared characteristics in their analysis. Mostly they admitted to difficulty making a definitive diagnosis. I've been taking steroids since November 2022, but the June 2, 2023 incident makes me wonder if they are working. I'm very concerned with stopping the hemoptysis, cavitation, and syncope as soon as possible. I’m also very concerned with preserving my healthy right lung.
I have a link to a Google Doc with tons of logs of events, details and CT videos, but I'm not comfortable posting in public. If you are a doctor, please DM me and I will eagerly provide a link.
CT Scan from Oct Incident

Abnormal Tests
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2023.06.04 22:27 AdvisorNo8093 My partner (31m) and I (27f) are fighting a lot and I am having a hard time dealing with it.

Looking for advice
Background. I have bipolar disorder as well as some sensory issues. Mostly I am very sensitive to loud noises but also have a hard time filtering out voices from background noise. I also snore and have generally been having a bad time with my mental health. The issues are mostly in the process of being worked on. I also have childhood trauma related to housing and food. The biggest issue is that my reaction to conflict is to get quite and make myself small. My partner says it’s stonewalling. I don’t know if it is, I think things like stone walling and gas lighting need to be deliberate acts not just a byproduct of other factors.
My partner has BPD, bipolar, and ADHD. He has a hard time controlling his emotions (mostly anger) and has an episode between 6-12 times a week. Specifically his triggers are stone walling (something his mother did when he was a kid), a lack of communication, lack of sleep, and he gets frustrated when I can’t hear him.
We have been together for nearly 10 months and moved in together this week. I thought the fighting would calm down once the move was done but it hasn’t. Our fights are normally over small things (who changed the thermostats, someone didn’t do dishes) which escalate because I get quite and shut down and it infuriates him.
He’s started telling me to leave and his shouting is getting worse to the point that I flinch and that makes him angrier.
I don’t know what to do. Am I bad for him? Is he bad for me? Are we bad for each other?
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2023.06.04 22:27 Bbgirl_of_JakeSully My Unrequited Love (?)

There is this guy I call my "greatest love". I can confidently call him that because that's just how I feel. There is this something inside of me that feels like I won't be falling in love with anyone else as much as I fell in love with him. It might sound like some sort of obsession but that's just how I feel.
Despite not having any sort of interactions with him for years, I still think about him. Or even when I'm not thinking about him, at the back of my mind, he's there. I cannot forget him and my memories with him.
When I'm asked about anything connected to my love life, he's the first person that comes to mind.
Just one interaction with him and I'm all gone. He literally made my heart beat faster when nothing else could but cockroaches.
I have this conflict in my mind. He's so near yet so far. And because he's near, I don't want to let him go, he's all I've ever wanted. And I'm sure nothing will happen if I don't make the first move. After all, between the two of us, I'm the only one who has feelings for the other. But is it worth it? Will it change anything between us? Will it be a good change or is it destined to be doomed? I'm scared.
I'm scared of making a fool of myself again just because of what I feel for this man who probably only thinks of me as a past classmate.
Should I message him or should I not?
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2023.06.04 22:26 Snoo46854 WTF do I do now?

TLDR: I'm (49F) happily married to partner (48M) for 20+ years. Family friend/co-worker of 7 years (50M) confessed long time crush almost a year ago. The feeling has always been mutual. All partners know, everything is good. NOTHING but friendship has ever happened. My mind is in a totally fucked up twist. What to do?!?!? I have to work closely with this person daily for 1/2 the year. Then miss them terribly the other half.
Started working closely for about half the year with someone 5+ years ago. Families became friends. After a couple years, I started to have a little crush on him. The feelings would come and go. When they would come, I would turn them toward my own partner and marriage. I thought I could kind of sense the same from him, but never knew for sure, but was happy to just be good friends and to have the opportunity to spend so much time together doing what we both love. I sometimes would use it as a little escape fantasy when I needed a break from the day to day work/parent/partner life. I felt like I was keeping it super neat and clean and postive and healthy and was somewhat greateful to not have the confirmation of his feelings to deal with.
A little under a year ago, he let the cat out of the bag. He told me he had had a crush on me for a long time. He said he figured I knew, I confirmed I did. And told him I felt similarly. We agreed we both have very cool partners and we're lucky to get to be such close friends and spend so much time together. And that was it. Then my mind took over....
I started to feel guilty, started wondering if he had told his partner, the weight of having to deal with the reality of my inner fantasies ( long walks in the woods holding hands, seriously) coming to light, it was just all a lot. I spoke with him about it. He told his partner, I told mine. We are all very fond of each other. I don't think anyone was too surprised, no one was upset. He apologized to my partner for causing any stress or bad feelings. We're all pretty caring, loving folks, so we all hugged it out, life went on as usual.
But the realness of everything was still like a ton of bricks on my brain. I have been chewing on this situation, my feelings, and how to move forward nearly every day of all these months. Now, the seasonal work has started back up and I'm working with him every day again and I'm a fucking wreck. We've never had another conversation about it. I'm angry that he said something and screwed up what we had. There are things we did before that gave us a little more time together that now would possibly be suspect to our partners. Like once we went to a mutual friends party together because neither of our partners wanted to go. We went, we had good clean fun, we went home. But now, it would be awkward if we did that.
I'm now confused about my feelings about monogamy, commitment, love, intimacy. I'm not a very sexual person. I connect much more with people on a deep friendship level. If it wasn't for the memories of my 20's, I would probably say I'm asexual. This is not a lust situation. It's kind of clear to me what I want, which is just a little dedicated time with this person. But the thought of trying to navigate that with my partner who already has abandonment issues and is super insecure about my love, the thought of causing any pain to him, my very best friend in the whole universe, is crushing. It's not worth it. But is letting myself just be eaten alive inside worth it? I kind of don't see a way forward without a lot of pain. I have no desire for my partner and my relationship to change. I love the life we have. I love him. Why can I love all my children but can't love two friends on a deeper level? To be clear, I have same sex friends who I feel similarly about, whom I miss dearly, and love, and hold hands with, and hug, and feel very intimately connected to. But I can tell them my heart hurts when I miss them. I can tell them that I love them. I can lay my head in their lap. I'm free to express my feelings for them, but if I have that same sort of intimacy with a friend of the gender I've been historically attracted to, it's a betrayal.
What the hell can I do from here?? I really need some different perspectives on this.
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2023.06.04 22:26 UK_Novice_Breeder Not sure what to do.

Okay, so I'm new to this whole breeding thing, but I've always had the dark drive deep down. (It's kinda toxic tbh)
I've been with someone for a few years, and she's pretty chill, but there is a girl I know, who has said she really wants a baby with me, and I'm not sure what to do.
I have this dark desire, and I kinda wanna be pushed over the edge, and see how far I can take this, but I also know it's messed up.
I travel all over the UK, and will be near Birmingham this week, so I'll need to see what arises or happens.
All thoughts would be appreciated.
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2023.06.04 22:25 DReager1 It's time to have a difficult conversation about Tears of the Kingdom

It's just not nearly as good as people are saying.
t’s time to sit down and have a difficult discussion about Tears of the Kingdom. I know that you’ve heard from just about every source how this is the game of the year, one of the best games of all time, etc. Well I’m here to let you down gently because it did not reach those heights. I would argue that the first game actually defeats it overall. Tears of the Kingdom ultimately tried to be too ambitious and tried too many things with a lot of them not working out. That’s the big problem here and I say this as someone who has always been a big Legend of Zelda fan. It just wasn’t ready for this and I think the series should go back to the really big story based titles like Skyward Sword. The open world format is cool but it needs extensive fixes.
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Well first off the story starts with Zelda and Link exploring some ruins. Unfortunately this does go very well and Zelda goes missing, lost into the winds. Link wakes up on the sky islands and needs to find a way to get going. He must save Princess Zelda from Ganondorf who has returned to destroy the world. Link will need to meet up with various friends and allies as he reawakens the Master Sword and saves the day but can he do this?
Lets talk about some of my issues with the game. First up, they kept the whole breakable weapons mechanic. So every few swings your weapons are going to keep on shattering. Over and over and over again. Yes you now have the ability to fuse weapons with objects which is a new mechanic to the game but this only delays the inevitable as they will both be destroyed before long. The only exception is the Master Sword which still breaks but it will eventually regenerate. This is a mechanic that should have been removed by now because all it really does is force some extra length into the game instead of just letting you have fun. I don’t know about you but I want to have fun and I want to have fun now!!
Then there is the new Ultrahand mechanic to which a large part of the game is built around. With this you can lift up almost any object in the game. This helps a lot with puzzles and such as you jump from platform to platform. The thing is, it’s not a mechanic that is super fun to use. I think it could have been in small doses like using it once in a while but having to do it constantly is something else. Building objects and such is good fun at time but the game is too focused on having you do it all the time. As it is you don’t have much time to just play the game.
You maybe fight someone once every few hours but for the mot part you’re doing a lot of running and map exploring. I managed to scope out almost the whole Depths can a fairly early period in the game and likewise opened up the lighthouses. It is really good to be able to see the map at least and they didn’t exaggerate about the overall size of the kingdom. The game is absolutely massive and it would take forever to run from one side to the other. It is absolutely impressive and I’ll give the egame credit there. They just should have skipped the overall gimmicks so all of the different styles would be gone and you’re just having fun with combat.
The actual combat is smooth but it feels like that is rarely something you need to do. Aside from the occasional boss you don’t have much incentive to take down the minions. You can get some material for beating them but not much. So you’re just going to be doing a lot of running instead and probably getting stuck at some point by those puzzles. I certainly got stuck plenty of times. In the end it took me 55 hours to complete the game and I feel like a good chunk of that was running around in circles because I didn’t know where to go.
There are a ton of sidequests and bonus content to access but most of them are behind puzzles as well so get ready to try and figure those out. Additionally don’t forget that you have to complete a bunch of shrines to get the stars needed to level up your health and stamina. The game may try to present itself as a rue open world where you can make any choices you want but that isn’t always the case. For example there is one boss that you can’t reach unless you get past a stamina door and to do that you had to buy at least 5 stamina upgrades. I wanted to max out hearts and that’s what I had been doing but this forced me to change gears.
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Also I believe the open world is to blame for this game not having much in the story. After each temple they play the same cutscene over and over again and just zoom in on a different character depending on the temple. It means that the game froze the progression right here and that’s no good. By the time you get to the end of the game it really doesn’t feel like there was a ton of story that you got through.
At least the climax was a lot of fun though. Lin’s battle stance where he gets ready and the Master Sword lights up was brilliant. That was a great moment all around and is exactly what you like to see in a AAA title. Link has been through a lot but when the going gets tough he is always ready to hang in there. The battle involves a lot of dodging and parrying so you do need to really be on point here. Especially since I had used up all of my hearts earlier thanks to the gloom. I had to beat the final boss and the various phases without taking any hits to my hearts. It took me over 2 hours of trying over and over again but eventually I did manage to succeed.
That was easily the highlight of the game for me because I did feel good in conquering that challenge. I’d argue that the game design wasn’t the best to put you in such a rough circumstance since I feel like most wouldn’t be able to pull that off. Of course there is extra gear and food that you could have gotten to avoid that which is worth noting. The game really wants you to stick around and try all of the content so you can go into the final boss well prepared. It’s a noble goal and I know there is a lot to the game but at the end of the day there just isn’t enough to keep you here. Once you complete the game then you are likely out.
The soundtrack is definitely more on the forgettable side but I suppose I wouldn’t say that it’s bad. You just don’t feel like you will need to Youtube the themes afterwards. The graphics are definitely great here. I would have liked to have had Link’s classic green tunic throughout the game though. Lately it feels like that costume doesn’t appear enough even though it’s the best one. I’m sure it’s out there somewhere in the mode but I was hoping I would get it for the final boss.
Nobody can say that the game is short though. 55 hours just to complete the campaign is really impressive and in terms of overall content I wouldn’t be surprised if this is around 100-150 hours. There is so much to do here. The game can also be fun when you are just relaxing and not having to do anything. The problem is that the game reminds you of what’s coming all the time. Just when you’re unwinding the game throws another puzzle at you or some kind of cryptic clue. You simply can’t escape it.
This all sounds pretty negative so just for the record the reason why I would still call the game good is because the gameplay itself is good. The combat is on point and I enjoy the parrying system. The characters are good and the story is solid when it appears with a cinematic once in a while. You will get real annoyed on many occasions and will need to put the game down for a while since long batches can hurt the experience but at the end of the day it’s a game that you won’t regret buying.
Overall, Tears of the Kingdom is one of the weaker Legend of Zelda games for me but I will applaud it on really trying to be as ambitious as possible. It is a huge game but the gimmicks just ended up bringing the experience down. Sometimes less is more and just letting me fight the enemies without having to worry about things would have been great. I want more story and more action next time. Throw those things into the game and I would enjoy it a whole lot more. I would still recommend the game if you want to travel through the kingdom and have fun. I’m confident that you will have a good time here but you will also get irritated at times so definitely keep that in mind. The game is very much a rollercoaster and I need Nintendo to do be better!
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2023.06.04 22:25 SlayerTaco 22 [M4F] Southern US (Mississippi) - Adventurous, Caring, and Ready for New Beginnings! Looking for something serious.

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Michael, and I believe that life is all about embracing new experiences, creating meaningful connections, and sharing laughter along the way. I extremely value honesty and find that one of the most important qualities in a person is their willingness to tell the truth.
I'm 22, 5'10'', with black hair and brown eyes (Hispanic). I may not fit society's conventional standards of attractiveness, but I believe that beauty lies in one's character and passions. That being said I am not a slob but it wouldn't hurt me to hit the gym more often lol.
I'm a compassionate, loyal, trustworthy and genuine person who values deep connections. I may be a bit introverted, but once you get to know me, you'll discover a passionate and witty side that loves to engage in meaningful conversations (May end up talking for hours lol). Laughter and honesty are the key to my heart! I have an interesting sense of humor and enjoy sharing really bad jokes and references. If you're up for spontaneous bursts of laughter and appreciating the lighter side of life, we'll get along swell.
When it comes to interest and hobbies I like things like cooking, road trips, stargazing, reading, and I love all genres of music (I actually mean it when I say that). When it comes to media I love stuff like Star wars, DnD, MTG, Pc gaming (fav is Stardew Valley), Anime, LNs, Manga, and Pokémon.
I am looking for someone who I will value as a partner who embraces authenticity and sees beyond superficial appearances. Someone who appreciates the genuine person beneath the surface and is open to building a meaningful connection and isn't afraid to just be themselves. It would be great to find someone who shares my passions and can introduce me to new and fun hobbies. Whether it's attending IRL public conventions, marathoning our favorite shows, or just traveling around the country, let's create our own future adventures. That being said having different interests is ok with me and just means we get to show each other new fun things.
In conclusion, I am mainly looking for a partner around 20 - 28 (+- a year or two) year range. I don't care what religion you practice as long as you do not try and push your religion onto me. Politically I lean left so if that's a turn off (For some reason lol) look somewhere else then again IDC as long as you don't try to force me to change. I also prefer if you live somewhat near me, as to build a semi ldr. So feel free to reach out, and let's embark on a journey where true connection transcends societal expectations. oh and if you read this far let me know by telling me your favorite song. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Warm regards, Michael
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2023.06.04 22:25 amisa8 Narrow lane, downhill...lessons learnt

Still relative new in terms of road cycling, went for my longest ride ever today which included a few hills and downhills.
First downhill, nearly ended up in the Bush, good job I has hydraulic brakes.
Second downhill, narrow countryside lane and halfway down and car coming opposite, hit the brakes realised I'm gonna hit the car, so went into a slide (non derailleur side)and stopped a foot in front of the car.
Got up, shouted "I'm alright" driver came to check on me, had his kid on drivers passenger, looked like he'd seen a ghost, poor kid, sorry.
Damage to self, bruised left knee. Damage to bike, broken carbon bike cage.
Lesson learnt, keep on brakes full time when going downhill especially when can't see round corner and narrow lanes!
Also, you can clip out of pedals while falling!!
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2023.06.04 22:25 noxidae Possibly homeless soon

Not really sure what kind of advice I'm even looking for right now. I (20m) got kicked out from my dad/stepmom's home last year due to religious issues. I had to move cities overnight and have been staying in different places with my mom since then.
Even though I've been living with her, it's never really been permanent or proper. She won't let me change my address or be on the lease at these places. I'm not even allowed to receive mail at them.
At this new place, we rented personally by some word of mouth recommendation from one of my mom's customers. The whole thing has been kinda sketch, but it's a decent place. Problem is, the rent lady is just out of her mind. This isn't some professional rent organization or anything, just an individual person. She had a lawyer write her a lease. And now she's using that same lawyer to attempt to serve an eviction notice.
Their reasoning is that it's because I'm staying here without her approval and that I'm not on the lease. It was never a requirement, and my mom explained the situation upfront that I would be staying there before signing.
My mom got a note saying a lawfirm attempted to have mail delivered today while she was gone and has to go pick it up from the post office now. Highly suspected that it's an eviction notice.
My mom might try to sue for unlawful eviction. But she doesn't want to rent again, and quite frankly neither of us really have enough money to put down on anything bc we have both been financially struggling. She says she wants to just get an RV to live out of but I'm not sure how likely that is to fall through.
Regardless, I'm trying to plan it through as the worst case scenario which is that we part ways and both of us become separately homeless living out of our own personal vehicles. If something better comes our way, fine. But I guess I just have to prepare for the worst.
Additional info: I live in florida. I have a job but its damn near impossible to make enough to live on my own out here. My own bills/debt (not utilities) cost $800/m and average rent here is $1500/m. I only make about $1500/m to begin with. I am also trying really hard to get back into college full-time this upcoming school year. My older sister has mentioned previously I can stay with her temporarily if something happens, but she has her own life and child and limited space so I can't stay long term.
Again idk what advice I'm looking for honestly. I'm just so lost right now. Anything helps I guess
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2023.06.04 22:23 ChickenDinnerGuy I thought I'd move on if I talked to her again, but I haven't. (Crush on an old friend that blocked for nearly 2 years)

A few years ago I became interested in a girl younger than me. She was 19 and I was 30 if I recall. We were coworkers and I decided to give it a try because why not? She kindly rejected me and I respected her decision. Despite that, we became friends. I hoped to win her over but if I didn't, I would still be grateful to be friends with her. She ended up quiting the store to focus on school. It was around this time that she was becoming a bit more distant. I understood, she was busy. Shortly after, she messaged me on my birthday and said how she would like to take me out to eat. Unfortunately she didn't have a job so she asked me to wait until she started working. I said we can have dinner whenever she's free and I'd gladly pay. I just wanted to hang out with her to be honest. This same day I she told me she had a boyfriend. I did get sad but life goes on and I liked her friendship. Afterwards, she wouldn't write back the way she used to. What hurt the most was when she shopped at the store I was still working at. In 2 different occasions, she barely spoke to me. She said the minimum. She said hi, asked how I was doing, and that was it. I was also hurt when I messaged her when COVID started. I messaged to check on her but she gave me generic responses. A few months went by and she messaged me about some stuff I had let her borrow once. I replied a day later and said I'd have to check my schedule. A month later she messaged me again about the stuff. I didn't reply that time. I felt hurt. After I quit my job, i went to pick up my check and bumped into a coworker. The subject of the girl came up and I said she no longer kept in touch with me as much. My coworker's theory was that the girl's boyfriend probably told her to not talk to me. I don't know if that's true or not. Then a few months later, the girl messaged me about the stuff I let her borrow. This time I did reply and I wasn't happy. She offered to drop off my stuff but I told her she can keep it or toss it out. She said she'd still hold on to it if I changed my mind and I replied telling her "trust me, I won't" and ended up removing her from my contacts. We didn't message each other again. Since then, I kept feeling anger, hate, and sadness toward her. Not because I never dated her. But because I feel like she made me believe we were really good friends. And because I think she could have handled things differently instead of basically ignoring me. Eventually I got a new job and things were going well for me. One day I saw her from a distance inside the store I was now working at. Luckily we didn't bump into each other that day because I still felt anger and hate. A few weeks later or whatever, I saw her again. This time we both made I contact. It felt awkward for me. Neither of us said anything and we just pretended it never happened again. So many emotions came to me. Days later I realize that the way I feel isn't healthy and I wasn't okay with it. So I told myself I'd say hi next time I saw her. That day did come last year. It went better than I expected even though I was nervous. She was walking by with her mom ready to pay. I said her name and said I could help her out. We had a nice little chat and I did feel like the weight off my shoulders had been lifted. I no longer had any hate towards her. But I still feel something for her. I still like her for some reason. It doesn't make a lot of sense because my friendship with her wasn't that long. Anyways, after nearly a year later, I saw her shopping at the store again today. I normally don't work Fridays but I did this time and maybe that's why I hadn't bunked into her sooner. I was busy at work so I only managed to say hi to her. But that small interaction made my day. She looks even more beautiful than ever. And here I am today, still having a crush on her or whatever you want to call it. It took a lot of me to speak to her again. I'm not going to lie, I did hope talking to her again would spark the friendship again and she'd ask to hang out or something but it hasn't happened. I really thought doing this would let me move on without anger and hate towards her. But I only managed to get rid of the hate and anger I had for her. I still want to be a part of her life even as a friend. But it looks like it won't happen. I'm too much of a coward to ask for her number because I'm tired of getting hurt. I don't want to get hurt again. I guess I'm happy that I spoke to her again. But Im still sad I'm not her friend. Now I'm just a former coworker that she knows.
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