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2008.03.24 22:10 Ferrets

Everything ferret related! This sub is for the discussion of all things ferret related. Seek advice, share your knowledge. Let's see your best ferret photos, videos, and stories!

2010.12.23 21:08 theonusta Endo: treatments, stories, support and research into Endometriosis

This community aims to support all people affected by and interested in endometriosis. We pride ourselves on being a friendly, inclusive place, where patients and loved ones alike can discuss thoughts and concerns, ask questions, and share information. Please try to engage with others in an empathetic and supportive manner and remember that Endometriosis is an extremely varied disease and each patient has different circumstances, experiences and treatment options.

2023.06.04 22:22 Agile-Distance7538 I feel worthless after breakup. How do I fix this?

Basically I was in a horrible relationship for a year. He would say something rude or inappropriate, I’d react, he’d be cruel and leave me. The first incident was when I was drunk. He said he would flirt with other people at work and I went crazy and “dumped” him. The next morning we woke up and I said I was sorry, I don’t wanna break up but past trauma mixed with him flirting with people at work where we both work is too much. He then dumped me after berating me for hours a couple days later. After that we were on and off. He got me so drunk one night I cried and begged him to not hurt me again and he wound up dumping me after ignoring me for a week. We got together again and he dumped me again. The final straw was a month ago. He said he was going to apply to work In my area and I said I don’t think it’s a good idea since we always fight but if we are on good terms, I’d would be awesome. He wound up not accepting the job but blaming me For his decision. He insulted my work many times, insulted me and said I was “too drunk to remember” anything I said even though I wasn’t and overall started a fight for him making his decision. I ended the relationship but wound up reaching out as I am very sad and lonely. He rejected us getting back together. I feel so ugly, worthless and upset. He never complimented me, made jokes about me being fat but he is overweight. Told me no one likes me at work even though people do seem to like me. He was so cruel and harsh with me. Yes I said some things but this man excluded me from his birthday party and left me alone on mine to hang out with his friends. I’ve had men treat me horribly my whole Life. How do I make it stop? How do I raise my self esteem
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2023.06.04 22:20 earthamiga how can i push myself to have a more mentally productive trip ?

semi-experienced psychonaut and first time poster here. i’ve tripped quite a few times and have had almost only good experiences. throughout my life i’ve been diagnosed with a string of different things, and have been in therapy and on medication for the last thirteen years. i went cold turkey about two months ago, and haven’t felt quite myself since. shrooms have always made me feel more in touch with myself, nature, and everyone else around me. i’m nervous this time around because i feel like i’ve lost touch with who i am. i’ve been trying to tap back into things that i used to love, like music, nature, or spending time with the people that i care about and also building new relationships. but i just feel like i’ve lost it all. i’ve been going through a lot of change these last few months and i think i lost a lot of myself throughout there (and being in a controlling, abusive relationship for over a year before that). i don’t care about anything anymore, and nothing makes me happy or feels any sort of purposeful. i’m tripping with a friend, but any journal prompts, activities, or conversation topics that would help push me to feel like a human being again, with wants and needs and loves, would be more than appreciated. thank you for reading :) this came out a bit longer and more pessimistic than i intended, but here’s to manifesting the optimism comes easy sooner than later 🥂🫀
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2023.06.04 22:20 vovagalchenko Blue Iris iOS App as Baby Monitor

Hi friends,
I've been running a 25-camera Blue Iris deployment for home surveillance, both indoors and outdoors. After getting through some initial learning curve, which I had expected, I've found it to be a solid piece of software – quite reliable.
Since my son was born 14 months ago, I have been using the Blue Iris iOS app as a baby monitor. There's a camera pointed at his crib and the camera is integrated into Blue Iris. My wife and I both set up the Blue Iris app on our phones overnight to monitor the baby camera. While the app is in the background, it continues playing the audio from the camera, which is really handy. There are a couple of small shortcomings that can be worked around:
However, in very rare cases (happened two-three times in 14 months), the Blue Iris background audio playback seems to just stop randomly. I don't know if the app crashes in the background or something else happens. In the middle of the night today, both my phone and my wife's seemingly disconnected from the Blue Iris server at pretty much the same time. Blue Iris server logging shows both devices disconnecting within 2ms of each other. I'm guessing there may have been some network event that caused both apps to die for some reason, though none of my other network devices exhibited any issues. Due to this problem, my son was basically unmonitored for about 4 hours overnight. As you might imagine, failures of this type aren't acceptable for my usecase.
I'm curious whether other people have attempted to use the Blue Iris iOS app in the same way and what their experiences have been. Are there other apps that you've used that can turn Blue Iris streams into reliable baby monitors?
I think the problem is that the Blue Iris app isn't really designed for this kind of a use-case. Ideally, a baby monitor app would make a valiant effort to reconnect and resume the audio playback and then if that fails, alert loudly to make sure parents are aware of the loss of observability. I'm thinking of building such an app myself over a few weekends, so let me know if that'd be something that interests you.
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2023.06.04 22:20 WafflePress I'm looking to buy a lot of freeze dried fruits in bulk for work snacks. Where can I find the best deals?

Basically title. When I was in the states I bought these 15g packs of various freeze dried fruits and they were amazing! And best of all, they were all natural with no added sugars, literally just freeze dried fruits in a bag. About 2$ each bag after taxes. Now I have no clue what is a good deal for freeze dried fruits, but my dad found this site and it seems like a decent start, but I though I should ask here.
I want to buy a bunch of fruits in big bulk (talking like 1 kilogram bags here) of freeze dried fruits so I can make my own fruit baggies for my lunch box as a good energy boost and snack during my break. So please do send be whatever wisdom you have, and thanks in advance!
Your not so local blue collar guy :)
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2023.06.04 22:20 Previous-Driver-124 I’m back - and diagnosed

It’s been so long since I posted or interacted here because I’ve been going through the process of being treated in therapy. My therapist confirmed a few days ago that I have DID. I thought it was true for a while but having the official confirmation from him makes it really real. So I’m getting a second wave of anxiety and worry about how life will change as I do the work with therapy. I have so many questions, like who should I tell? How open is it okay to be, and how can I stay safe and operate in the world with this knowledge. I know I’ve made it all this time without knowing, so I am sure it will be okay it’s just surreal. I also feel like I really don’t have any friends who understand DID at all, and I’ve only shared little bits of my journey with the three I am closest to. They react with compassion, but they don’t ask questions or say anything that makes me think they want to understand how to communicate with me. I get the vibe that it would be best to just mask around them, and I feel like that really contributes to how lonely I feel. So the only person they want to be friends with is really not all of me, it’s just the part of me that I built to connect with people. I want to find some more ways to get to know people who understand systems, but I’m also scared of being taken advantage of if I share my diagnosis with the wrong people. I’ve had several abusive interactions with people who took advantage of some of my most vulnerable parts so it’s hard to know who to trust.
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2023.06.04 22:20 QuickEx-Reddit QuickEx Exchange: Your New Source for Cryptocurrency News, Updates and More

Hello Reddit!
We are QuickEx Exchange, an innovative platform dedicated to providing an efficient and user-friendly cryptocurrency trading experience. Today, we're thrilled to announce our official presence on Reddit. We've set up this account with the purpose of sharing valuable content that revolves around the world of cryptocurrency.
We understand that the world of cryptocurrency can be overwhelming, especially for those new to the field. With the rapid pace at which this sector is evolving, staying updated with the latest news, trends, and insights is crucial. That's exactly where QuickEx Exchange steps in.
Here's what you can expect from our Reddit presence:
1. Crypto News: Stay informed with the latest news from the world of cryptocurrency. From significant market movements to regulatory updates, we'll make sure you don't miss a beat.
2. Market Updates: We'll provide regular updates about market trends, price changes, and trading volumes of various cryptocurrencies, helping you make well-informed trading decisions.
3. Educational Content: Whether you're new to crypto or looking to expand your knowledge, our educational resources have you covered. We'll regularly post content explaining the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and trading strategies.
4. Interactive Discussions: We'll host AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with industry experts, open discussions on trending topics, and more. This will not only foster a sense of community but will also serve as a platform for learning and sharing insights.
5. Support: If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. We're here to help and improve your trading experience.
6. Sneak Peeks and Announcements: Get the first look at our upcoming features, updates, and exciting new partnerships.
This is just the beginning of our journey on Reddit, and we are thrilled to have you with us as we navigate the crypto landscape.
Follow us on Reddit and become a part of our growing community. Let's learn, grow, and succeed in the world of crypto together.
To the moon! 🚀
Best regards, The QuickEx Exchange Team
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2023.06.04 22:20 miyakoe i am so confused pls help me

so i have been crushing on this guy for a long time, he gives sometimes signs that he is into me then nothing it's hot and cold with him, we got closer this past month on socials we would spend hours talking about stuff and sending each other memes, it faded rn, he told me about some pretty private stuff about him that his guy bestfriend doesn't even know, btw his friend is ALWAYS staring at us when we are talking with each other and he constantly teases him about me and i act like i didn't hear what was said or didn't see them smiling at each other and his friend winking at him and my crush just stays silent with a soft smile on his face (noticed our friend group is doing the same) whenever he is telling our friend group a story about him and he mentions a girl he immediatly looks at me same if a girl came up to talk to him when she leaves he would look at me which idk what that means, i noticed that i once mentioned i was into f1 and my fav driver is Hamilton (he is always talking trash about him same goes for all my celebrity crushes) sometimes he would say stuff about him or the sport that someone would know only if you reaaaally searched about the subject and watched some videos about it we talked about our previous relationships which his last one ended badly and our types, (he said that he is attracted to girls who are into gaming which btw i am we talk about it almost everytime), and one time he said that he will never make the first move again and he isn't ready for a serious relationship rn which was a real slap on the face for me tbh, so idk if he is considering me as his bestie or said that to push me away gently or is there some attraction or interest in his part? pls help me i am so freaking confused.....
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2023.06.04 22:20 Mountain-Monitor4469 We rescued a cockatiel...

We picked this guy up yesterday in a rescue situation. He was living for 5 years in a cage barely big enough for a parakeet. We noticed he really seems to have no clue what to do with his body now that he's in a more appropriate cage. He was on a seed only diet and is pretty thin, so we are going to be slowly introducing a healthier diet.
Took him to the vet this morning and aside from being skinny, she found he has a heart murmur, mild bumblefoot, mild cloudiness in his eyes, and what seems to be an old break in his carpal and phalanges that is causing his wing to rotate forward. It's preventing him from being able to spread his wings, which is making it difficult for him to balance.
We have come up with a tentative plan for further diagnostics(which will happen once he settles in a bit and hopefully gains some weight). I have his water and food low so it's easier for him to get. He struggles to maintain his balance on perches and while climbing. Any advice on making his cage as accessible as we can would be appreciated.
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2023.06.04 22:20 ArdentBunbun 30F friends or relationship FL

Hello there,
I’m flexible when it comes to interests; I think it’s more important to share values for compatibility. I enjoy learning, reading and living a healthy lifestyle. I walk four to eight miles a day and recently have gotten back into indoor bouldering. On the weekends I walk gardens, attend local festivals, go to theme parks, museums or volunteer.
I’d prefer to meet someone local, but I’m ok with LDR. I keep up with friends in other states and I’ve lived in four different states.
Thanks for taking the time to read, hope we can connect!
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2023.06.04 22:20 cyancastles Gf (23F) posted Snapchat story joking about finding a sugar daddy. Are my (23M) thoughts logical or insecure/an overreaction?

It said “About to find a sugar daddy to buy me a _“. I (23M) told her I understand it was a joke but that I felt there was a lack of respect, and she then took the story down. Only issue is that I feel it lacks awareness or sense of respect that I automatically have for her, to where I can’t tell if it’s a personality difference or an actual lack of respect or character issue she has that can translate to issues down the line- I’d never post the equivalent of this publicly (it was a story with close friends) even as a joke out of respect for her and how she would feel.
I asked if she would accept that type of arrangement if someone that she liked approached her, and she said she’d probably only agree without sex, and with sex if a lot of money is involved- but to not worry, as if she’s looking for a sugar daddy, she would check in with me first. Yet it’s concerning she posted this thought as a joke to her close friends without checking in. This could only be my perception but I felt there’s already an absence/lack of respect or awareness related to me here, and as at times jokes can contain a hint of truth I can’t tell if an absence of respect/awareness here equals an absence in a realistic situation or even in a general non sugar daddy situation- or it’s completely unrelated.
She also mentioned it’s a low possibility as she knows her worth and can’t be bought off, + that she wanted to mention me first but hates the thought of mooching money off of me and feeling like a financial burden so she referenced a random guy instead, + only said sugar daddy to give the image of someone older and not attractive to her, as her friends knows she wouldn’t go for this- and that I should not overthink her jokes since she uses the least expected outcome for humor.
My thought was none of this addressed the absence of respect - it only said that since it’s improbable for her, it wouldn’t happen but didn’t say it wouldn’t happen because there’s an inherent respect and concern I have for you. We’re 8 months in, and I had concerns related to trust but recently I had felt the most comfortable until this point and I’ve decided to take a couple days away from messaging as I was debating ending it although I don’t want to, as it’s really healthy otherwise. After, we plan to have conversation and would appreciate hearing if there’s any questions I can ask, if this situation is a red flag, if I’m reacting too strongly, or general thoughts.
Highest thanks for reading until this point!
TL;DR ~ Gf posted Snapchat story joking of sugar daddy. I felt there was a lack of respect but want to hear opinions on if it is or not. She took it down, which is good, but her responses haven’t addressed the absence of respect I felt- only that I shouldn’t worry as it’s improbable, and not because she has the concern/respect for me and the relationship to not entertain the idea- at least without my knowledge, despite her words. I feel there’s a missing element of concern related to me or I’m overreacting.
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2023.06.04 22:20 Common-Bookkeeper-24 Recommend me some good Institutes to learn cse courses

I am currently studying cse, don't know what specialization I will pick but would love to know if there are any good institutes that do help us in studying few courses in the cse field. (Possibly programming languages such as c, c++ python etc)
I do know there are plenty in ameerpet but I cannot be sure which to pick as some friends/seniors said some are scams(as in you do get a certificate but it has no value or you don't really learn anything as the teachers suck over there.)
Thus, I wanted to know if you guys know any institutes that have good courses.
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2023.06.04 22:19 HeightFrequent 1x1 Discord Literate/Novella MxM Post Apocalyptic Modern Fantasy! Looking for someone to play a pre-made character with room to collab.

You will be playing a pre-made character for this! Sorry, but it's based off a poorly-populated fandom characters that I have dumped into an AU. This does mean I have plenty of source material for you to get to grips with the character, though!
The basic setting is post-apocalyptic, where humans are living in fear of the demons that hunt them down, day in and day out. These human-like creatures had been hiding amongst them for centuries, and eventually became more confident over time, and after a savage uprising are controlling a large majority of the world, hunting down mankind in a bid to rid the Earth of them for good. There are humans that try to fight, but none make much difference when the demons always seem to be one step ahead. So far there seems to be no hope of salvation for mankind, with no indication that there is only the worst out there to fear rather than anything that could be worth saving. I have a more detailed breakdown of the world I have created for the setting if you're interested in the topic.
We will be playing a pair of best friends that are struggling to survive after making it so far during the incredibly difficult times, but have heard of the possibility of salvation not too far away from them. There will be themes of angst, fluff, unspoken feelings, peril and adventure, with a lot more thrown in that doesn't fit into those kinds of categories.
I have a character sheet devised for the character I need you to play (complete with faceclaim) and am open to collaboration on it!
What I need from you:
Literacy: Advanced and up, please. I can't be dealing with 2-3 line replies. I'd like something to get my teeth into, rather than one long rambling paragraph. I'm not perfect by any means, but do require at minimum 3 paragraphs of something well-written. I tend to write 4-5ish paragraphs, so similar would be ideal. Also, third person/past tense writing only, please!
Frequency: I'd like a couple of replies a day minimum. I totally understand stuff happens and it might not be possible for you to reply a day here and there, which is fine, but please let me know. If you are going to do this consistently, however, then we won’t work out, as I do require 2+ posts a day to stay interested and to keep the plot moving. This is also long term only; please don't contact me if you can't commit to that.
Just FYI: I'm in GMT timezone, though so far this has never proven to be a problem.
Message me if you're interested, and we can discuss further details of where this can take place, etc. I have a fleshed out setting and character skeleton for you!
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2023.06.04 22:19 ThrowRA9618 I 21M confessed to a 21F

I am 21M and I know this girl (21F) from 3rd semester of my college. It was the 5th semester (2021) when we had our first formal interaction in the college library where she reached out to me to ask what things to study and from where. It was our last exam of that semester and she pinged me to solve an assignment together, we did it and we didn't even talked over the phone but just whatsapp texts and a few voice texts here and there. Don't know what happened was it just the hormones of a 19yo guy or what but even after knowing she had a bf I made my mind that she is the girl and I'll approach her once I grab a decent placement. I worked my ass off for the next 1 year and grabbed a job as a SWE at a fintech firm. During our 6th and 7th semester she reached out to me several times but only when she needed something like assignments or only during exams. We studied almost all subjects together during exams but those too virtually on calls. You know we continuously talked for almost a week or two during exams and then the day our exams were over she never pinged me until the next set of exams arrived. In the 7th semester, she was already placed but her bf wasn't and she knew I was good at problem solving, so she even started to reach out to me for getting answers to the coding questions asked by companies. I very well knew for whom she was asking but always helped whenever she asked for. So, in short our 99% interaction were all on the phone calls and we had hardly talked anything else apart from academics. Our college was ending in the next few days, so during my last exam I gathered some courage and asked her for a lunch to which she agreed on. We went on a lunch talked for some 2 hours and this was the last time we met. Over the next few months, we moved to different cities started our internships. She pinged me very rarely (like twice a month) and that too just to ask if I have worked on the tech stack. I helped her with code and debugging stuff whenever she pinged. Then in March she altogether disappeared and pinged me a month later in April mid. This time she started to text me on a daily basis, we had long calls like 3-4 hours too on certain days but again all just for programming things. Talking to her like daily made my feelings for her even stronger and I decided to confess her. I am highly introvert and shy, so texted her what I feel. Now she said I am her good friend and she hasn't thought about this and not in a state of these things rn in life and told that her bf passed away in March. I was shocked hearing this and had instant regrets for my confession. But I also got my answer, I respect her decision and understand that she is already going through a lot and also maybe I am too much of a nerd for her. The issue is that I can't even leave her in such a bad phase of her life because she needs me for very small things and staying fucks up my brain because I am not okay with she just pinging me when she needs some help from me. She still calls me for help as if nothing had happened. I just keep thinking of her all the time and just wish if every notification is her message. I am really into her and I just don't want to hurt her by saying nasty things. Any ways to deal with this. Thanks
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2023.06.04 22:19 AY499 Do I have PTSD from alcoholic parent?

My mother was an abusive alcoholic. All through my childhood after she divorced my dad (7 years old) every day (or at least it seems like it was now) she was drunk, or some level of drunk.
She would trash my room, hit me, hit Me in public, throw up in public, scream at me in a made up language after waking up from being passed out, the lot. I was scared of her, truly. This was pretty much daily.
She has had some help now through therapy, and admitted she had a problem, albeit too late, she has caused so much damage to herself physically and me mentally due to her alcoholism.
I moved out when I was 19 (I am now 34) and we don’t really have a good relationship, we rarely talk, I rarely visit, even without the alcohol she is a very difficult person to be around.
The issue is, now I am afraid of drunk people and being around them in general, and my partner (of almost 7 years) has started going out and drinking. One time a few years ago she got so drunk that when I picked her up I had a huge panic attack and freaked out, I am scared that it’s going to keep happening.
People change when they are drunk, and I just can’t deal with it, and I get flash backs, and just feel generally afraid and uneasy.
What can I do to stop this as it’s affecting her and myself? She shouldn’t have to deal with me being like this when she wants to go out with friends and drink, but I am just terrified of when she comes home.
Ps. I don’t drink at all, and I don’t really do the whole going outside socialising thing, so I don’t go out with her.
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2023.06.04 22:19 Baron_Von_Fab Rohde and Schwarz HE-100

Hi all, i need some help with a device - a friend of mine at a cyber security company is shipping me presently a Rohde and Schwarz HE-100 to borrow as I am trying to get into RF and SDR - I have been looking all over the internet for information on how to use it and use cases for it. It seems to be a bit out of my field of knowledge (yet hopefully!). Unfortunately the best demonstration I could find was in Russian and didn't help me much. Anyone out there who can help shed some light on this new gadget?
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2023.06.04 22:19 Angry_Silent_Noises Bonnaroo Souvenir Wristband and RV Camping

I had a friend bail on our trip to Bonnaroo 2023 So, I've got one extra GA+ (unactivated) Souvenir Wristband (With swag bag), and I'm considering selling my Powered RV camping pass, since I won't really need the extra space any longer. Only really looking for MSRP+ fees for these, I'm not really here to scalp. Power RV $1,000 GA+ $750 Both prices are OB0 and may adjust with market. These include shipping on your behalf, or if local I would be happy to meet you in Atlanta, or at Bonnaroo. I would consider trades for VIP Souvenir Wristbands, area 931 car camping passes, or other VIP camping. I have a total of three GA+ Souvenir Wristbands, will trade all three for two VIP Souvenir Wristbands. All items are 4 Day.
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2023.06.04 22:19 Ozon44 [H] 12 Knives & Gloves🔪🧤& 200 Skins🔫 [W] Fair Trades ✅

I will gladly consider downgrades, upgrades, or 1:1 offers. Browse my inventory and choose something interesting for you, keep in mind that every day, new skins arrive. Feel free to send me a reasonable offer or add me to friends I'm trying to answer A$AP! Only quick and safe trading only! ★ Huntsman Damascus Steel (MW) ★ Bloodhound Gloves Snakebite (MW) ★ Ursus Rust Coat (BS) ★ Hydra Gloves Case Hardened (MW) ★ 2x Broken Fang Gloves Needle Point (MW/FT) ★ Survival Knife Boreal Forest (FT) ★ Gut Freehand (WW) ★ Falchion Boreal Forest (FT) ★ Gut Stained (WW) M4A4 HellFire (FN) USP Printstream (FT) ★ Hydra Gloves Rattler (FT) M4A4 Asiimov (BS) AK-47 Asiimov (w/ 4x VP holo) ST Glock Bullet Queen (MW) ★ Gloves Racing Green (WW) ST AWP Hyper Beast (BS) M4A1 Chantico Fire (MW) w/ 2x Tyloo Holo (86$) ST AK-47 Phantom Disruptor (FN) AK-47 Neon Revolution (MW) P250 Digital Architect (WW) AWP Neon Noir (FT) M4A4 Zirka (FN) AK-47 Empress (WW) AK-47 Redline (FT) & Many different Play Skins (0-20$) Trade Link:
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2023.06.04 22:19 SalthusSeabound [LFA] Talize Garrick, gnomish artillerist

[LFA] Talize Garrick, gnomish artillerist
Talize Garrick was raised by alchemists but found her calling in her grandfather's workshop, tinkering with gears and crystals, weaving magic into the mundane. When fate compelled her to adventuring life, she turned her passion for invention into deadly tools yo keepbher friends safe and her enemies dead.
She wears her hair in a punk side cut style, ginger with blonde highlights. She fashioned a set of goggles to help her see underwater and protecy her eyes from sandstorms. She wears reddish leather armor with blue trim, and weilds a modified crossbow that slings spells instead of bolts. Her turret stashes away in a large rucksack on her back, and she keeps a bag of holding on hand for stashing interesting materials.
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2023.06.04 22:19 Ray_Jostar Will moving places work?

I'm 17 almost 18M, and I hate it very much here. I feel like every part of this place is holding me down, My parents, my loser friends, my trashed house, my university, hell even I'm bringing myself down with this kind of hateful mindset, but I love blaming everyone equally for my shitty life, cuz if I take the whole blame myself I'd definitely end up with crippling depression, I feel like I'm able to do so much and everyone in my life is an obstacle, I know that moving out would make my life a lot more difficult, I'd have to depend on myself in every situation, But somehow I feel like I'd be happy going through adversities as long as it's just me. my parents would be perfectly fine without me and I don't have anyone that would miss me here. will moving out really help or am I just immature and full of hate like my mother says?
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2023.06.04 22:19 Big-Fault-1126 24 femme NB looking for nice and cute friends in the PNW

Warning: I have NSFW on my profile, this is NOT that lol.
Hi there! Im a 24 nb (she/they, born and present female), looking for friends in the PNW! I'm close to downtown Seattle but travel for the right people is always an option. I love live performances, sporting events, outdoor adventures, really anything that gets me out of my house! I'd love to chat w any and all that thing we would vibe. 420 friendly, ofc not a dealbreaker.
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2023.06.04 22:19 NormalRedittorLMAO For psn users, If I appear offline, Will my friends be able to see me online/observe me if I'm in a game?

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2023.06.04 22:18 BreadDependent2770 a bipolar friend just quit contact with me, mentioned experiencing paranoia, i think i handled it badly..

Like title says, an online friend of mine just sent me a message abt 15 minutes ago saying we can no longer be friends because they are scared of what might happen (me or what i might do)?
We had some more further conversation and they definitely sounded like themself. At first i was positive it was mania (if thats what its called), but it didn’t sound at all like a different person.
They were very vague about it but still acted friendly, used their signature emojis and even made a joke to me which i didn’t laugh at as i was being kind of cold to them on purpose because i was upset.
The reason i got upset was because they deleted every single chat from the entire time we’ve been friends that could ve been used against them in any way. they don’t trust me at all and it hurts. i don’t know if this is mania, i know its extreme paranoia but i don’t know if it’s a symptom, or what i should do. please someone give me advice.
i did afterwards remove myself from the chat which i do regret in case they needed me or changed their mind, but they still have other ways to contact me.
summary: friend told me they wanted to cut me off, i got upset and unadded them after they deleted all their messages, (they have other ways to contact me but idk if i messed everything up by not being kind and supportive)
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