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2013.09.06 07:58 chromer123 The planning center of r/psychonaut's 2014 Ayahuasca retreat!

Come one, come all! Here is we begin deliberation, planning, and logistics for a 2014 trip to Peru to attend an Ayahuasca retreat. This offer is open to all members of the psychonaut community, or anyone interested in expanding their mind/healing their soul.

2023.06.04 22:19 ogcommie I had a seizure and I don't know why. How can I prevent it from happening again?

I, a 110lb, 5'1, 22 year old caucasian woman, had a seizure a few days ago. I have anemia presumably caused by iron deficiency. I take and have been taking these meds & vitamins for upwards of 4 months: Vitamin D3 - 50mcg ; Iron - 65mg ; Adderall - 15mg (extended release) ; Adderall - 10mg (quick release) (as needed) ; Escitalopram - 20mg ; Oral birth control pill (generic and cheap) I also vape lol
To the point, I have been passing out around 5 times a week or more. I have also had unprompted irregular blood sugar spikes and drops. While I could obviously make better decisions when it comes to my diet and whatnot, my current lifestyle is fore the most part consistent and healthy. In mine, and everyone around me's' opinion, I am not doing anything that can be obviously linked to my issues. I have been recently checking my blood sugar and blood pressure fairly often (specifically when something feels off). I do have an appointment made but its not until the end of this month (June).
A few days ago, something definitely felt off. I took my blood sugar and it was 54 at 4:49pm. I'm not exactly clear on what happened after but I did pass out and my partner came out to see me having a seizure. Once I got my bearing I checked my blood sugar and it was 147 at 5:19pm. I did eat a meal a few hours before all this but I didn't over exert myself physically. I wasn't overly stressed that day, either. And before anyone, like my mom, asks; No I didn't have time for a snack while I was passed out and seizing lol. I just don't know what I could have done to cause this or anything. I do have an appointment set up but until then, I'm terrified of this happening again when I have no idea why it happened in the first place. If anyone has any suggestions on how to go about understanding whats happening to me, and most importantly, how to stop it from happening again, PLEASE let me know. Thanks
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2023.06.04 22:16 Aooogabooga Pride getting in the way…

I’ve lost some yardage as I’ve just kinda let myself get out of shape. Not fat, but just desk job and lack of activity. Anyways, the last few rounds I’ve played I’ve realized when I don’t let pride get in my way, and just take extra club, choke down a bit and hit 80-90% shots the ball is SO much more controlled. Almost had two holes-in-one the last two rounds. One 8 iron from 140 and a 7 iron from 145 (slight wind in the face). Just the prettiest little draw with lower ball flight. Every time I dial it up to 100% is when I miss greens by 30 yards left or right. It’s frustrating not hitting my 5 iron over 200 yards now though. Granted my AP2’s are traditional lofts, but I’m admittedly jealous of everyone hitting their 6 irons over 200 yards. That’s my 180 stick at 95%. I also seem to hit everything way out on the toe over 95% these days negating the extra effort in my swing. Pure contact is king and I can’t get it through my thick skull.
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2023.06.04 22:16 nekorb_traeh My (27m) girlfriend(26f) of 2 years seems to expect and want me to spend so much money on her, and I feel like that’s all I contribute to the relationship and I feel as if she also doesn’t contribute anything anymore. Something feels really weird. I need advice.

TLDR; my long distance gf wants so many gifts for her birthday, but she won’t let me give them to her physically. I have to keep everything with me, and it’s really weird. It’s like I’m buying myself gifts. But she acts like it’s being given to her. It feels like playing an RPG dating game. But we’ve been together for two years, she won’t meet me in person, won’t tell people about us and won’t let me give her the gifts. But still asks me for them all of the time. I haven’t given her money, she never asked anyway. And I wouldn’t. But it’s about the gifts. It’s a very weird situation, and I feel used and unwanted and sad. I don’t think she knows I feel this way. She’s so expensive.. and she gives me nothing, no companionship, no time spent together. She doesn’t even seem that into me but when I pull away she clings to me. I’m confused
My (27m) girlfriends (26f) birthday is next week, and our relationship has been weird lately. We’ve been together for two years, but she isn’t ready to meet me even though we live two states apart.
But she always wants gifts, wants money spent on her, always, the thing is… never actually GIVEN to her. I have to keep all of the gifts with me, she isn’t ready to give me her address and doesn’t want people to know about us yet, so I have to keep the gifts “safe” with me at my house.
It’s getting overwhelming, because she keeps wanting so much for her birthday. I’ve spent 500$ for her birthday already on stuff that I have to keep here…. And I have a small space, I can’t just have all of this stuff. But I always did it in the thought that I’d be able to send it to hegive it to her when we meet. But … I don’t know.
I feel like she doesn’t appreciate it, she expects it now and it’s just so expensive. She even sometimes makes me feel bad about buying her stuff, but when I say no she gets really sad and says “pleeeeeasee” but then when I do it she kind of jokes about how much I spend on her.
Again, I’ve never given her money, and she refuses to let me GIVE her the gifts. It’s almost like I’m buying myself all of these girly things. I think my roommates are catching on that something is weird because I seemingly have this new obsession with stuffed animals from their pov.
Anyway. For her birthday I wanted to get her stuff that she could actually have…. So I got a digital things, a gift card to buy a game, a cameo, things like that. Because I got sick of having all of this physical stuff… when she keeps giving me mixed signals as to when we will meet.
She also has me buying baby cloths for her and I since she says we will have a family together.
Anyway. Things have been weird between us. She says we are in love but we never spend time together anymore. I basically begged her to FaceTime me the other day as we haven’t in forever. So we did FaceTime for like …5 minutes. It was nice. But then still, she never has time to hangout with me.
And my birthday was two months ago. She put no thought into it. Not at all. She simply sent me paragraphs of messages telling me she loves me and happy birthday, but didn’t even do even the smallest gesture for me. But expects the world of me for her birthday. I was hurt. But I keep thinking.. it’ll get better. Because each time I pull away she tells me how much she loves me and to please never leave her.
It’s a very weird situation and I’m just really strained. Are all relationships this expensive?
I’ve never had a girlfriend urge me to spend so much money on her like this before, while also not giving me any sort of companionship at all. No bonding. Nothing. I feel like a cheap fantasy sugar daddy and I’m sad because I don’t think she knows that she makes me feel that way.
What do I do? It’s giving me so much stress.
I don’t mind buying gifts for her birthday. Making her happy. But it’s the fact she urges me to do this while also giving me no interest in our relationship. I don’t feel wanted
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2023.06.04 22:16 aczeidan Pics of me busking with my suitcase (and some nice views from the Alps)

Pics of me busking with my suitcase (and some nice views from the Alps)
I posted a month ago about a busking tour we were going to make with my band mates. We ended up playing in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Italy, before flying home from Milan. I'm gonna post some videos also but the quality isn't great. Anyway we had a nice trip and my suitcase is officially airport-tested, nothing broke during the flight. 5/5 would recommend!
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2023.06.04 22:15 mischievousmusic NCL flights

Hi y’all! My girlfriend and I have a cruise booked on Norwegian Jade that leaves Athens September 3. Part of the deal was “free” airfare through Norwegian. We were hoping to leave August 31 to have two nights in Athens prior but they’re saying they can’t fly us out earlier than September 1.
Which we can live with BUT I was wondering who here has had experiences (both good and bad) with Norwegian booking the flight.
Were they massively inconvenient and cause any huge headaches? Would it be better to book our own flight and bank the credit from Norwegian? Or is it generally “smooth-sailing” 😉?
So, any stories to share?
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2023.06.04 22:15 Environmental_Law311 Google prediction to date.

News 2025 2023 2030 Images Shopping Videos Walletinvestor Books Maps Flights Finance All filters Stock Price Forecast The 1 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for Sorrento Therapeutics Inc have a median target of 13.00, with a high estimate of 13.00 and a low estimate of 13.00. The median estimate represents a +4,305.29% increase from the last price of 0.30. › quote › fo... SRNEQ - Sorrento Therapeutics Inc Forecast - Feedback About featured snippets People also ask Is SRNE a good investment? According to the issued ratings of 2 analysts in the last year, the consensus rating for Sorrento Therapeutics stock is Moderate Buy based on the current 1 hold rating and 1 buy rating for SRNE. › stocks Sorrento Therapeutics (SRNE) Price Target & Analyst Ratings MORE RESULTS Is Sorrento a buy or sell? Why is Sorrento stock dropping? Who owns SRNE stock? Will SRNE get FDA approval? (Nasdaq: SRNE, "Sorrento") has received clearance from the US FDA to initiate clinical trials with STI-1557, its next generation mRNA vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variants.Dec 6, 2022 › ... Sorrento Therapeutics has Received FDA Clearance to Initiate Clinical ... MORE RESULTS How high will Sorrento stock go? Stock Price Forecast
The 1 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for Sorrento Therapeutics Inc have a median target of 13.00, with a high estimate of 13.00 and a low estimate of 13.00. The median estimate represents a +4,305.29% increase from the last price of 0.30.
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2023.06.04 22:15 Downtown-Band3011 Jaclyn Roxanne - The Solitaire

Jaclyn Roxanne - The Solitaire
I’ve decided I post on here as I can’t find a way to post a review on the iminit website or the shop app (as that’s the way I paid for it)
I got this necklace when it was on offer for $42.00. I can’t deny when the necklace is on its looks beautiful. But the actual quality of the necklace does not reflect the price at all. I feel like I had a cheap display as the JR tag was missing from the end of the necklace and a few of the links were actually bent! Customer service gave me a full refund within 30 minutes of receiving my the faulty item after showing them photos. As it was international shipping it could not be returned. So I can’t fault the customer service team at all and they were very apologetic. But I would have been devastated if I have spent $60 + $17.03 shipping if it was at full price. I don’t feel like I will wear this due to the poor quality and knowing how much it cost. I kind of feel embarrassed that I spent $59.03 on this. Please don’t waste your hard earned money on this especially if you are expecting a good quality item.
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2023.06.04 22:14 JeremiahIsSoPretty Is this carb cap safe?

Is this carb cap safe?
Picked up this cheap vortex cap from a headie shop maybe a week ago. That being said I’m cleaning my glass right now and the green colour is coming off with ISO. Is this gunna be filling my lungs when I hit? should I use a different cap in the time being? Thanks for any help, hope your days going alright🤙🏾
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[REQ] 430 USD - My dad broke my car and is perfectly content with my being stuck here. I need to fix it so I can get work and get out of here. Mt. Gilead, Ohio

Post contents

Sorry for the long post but I've included the breakdown of costs and timelines in hopes of better making my case.
My dad broke my car over a year ago and won't fix it. He's perfectly content, it seems, paying for me to stay here and never leave. I keep asking about it but he basically won't fix it. I get only enough money to feed myself, my cat, and buy soap for the bath.
I need to get my car street legal and reliable. It's going to be a 30 - 40 mile drive to ANY factory so I need to know it won't die on me. After that, I hope to get a job at the Honda plant or at Whirlpool in Marion. I am also hoping to try out American Showa in Delaware. They hire at 17 an hour for floor workers. There's no reason I shouldn't get hired as I have a clean history and don't do drugs. If they'll hire felons, well, I'm at least that good. :)
I need about 430 USD. The breakdown of that amount is as followed and is intended to be enough to get my car street legal again. I've used the cheapest parts on AutoZone for my car.
34.50 - Registration (Annual state thing in ohio)
10.00 - Late registration (Last registered the plates in 2013)
118.00 - Alternator
19.99 - Belt
35.00 - Reconditioned Battery (Local Junkyard reconditions them and they are pretty cheap)
65.99 - Muffler (There is an irreparable hole in it that will get me pulled over)
24.00 - Coolant (This seems the odd one out, but my dad poured motor oil into my radiator. I bought new hoses and can flush it with water. I MAY be able to do this repair myself but even 24 dollars is beyond me to refill it and make sure there's no leaks or errors in my work)
+ 40% this amount for labor on the car. I know a local handyman that I believe will do it for that. If there is extra it'll go towards gas.
I think I can promise repayment of 500 dollars in three months. One month to fix my car, one month to get hired somewhere (The factories are through employment agencies so the process may be slow), and then three weeks for my first check to come in. (Since if you get hired between checks you can end up in an awkward place of not receiving payment for the first three weeks- and the first week will be training- I don't know if that is paid or not.)
I can provide my phone number (for texting) and my relay number (If you want to call, I am hard of hearing and cannot hear on a phone.) Or most other forms of ID.
I have paypal but don't know of any other options.
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2023.06.04 22:09 Boredom312 Display autographs in 'cheaper' frames?

Hello hello! I've been collecting autographs since I was a teen, but now as an adult. My collective is quite extensive and somewhat expensive. I have some posters signed by some of my favorite artists/celebrities and recently have been wanting to frame that to display but also protect them better than just rolling up with a rubber band.
I am usually pretty cheap with certain things, especially frames. BUT WITH AUTOGRAPHS, would the ink transfer with those cheap frames from like Walmart, etc? Like those frames that you just put the four sides over the cardboard backing
I just don't want the ink the transfer after sitting in the frame for awhile. I know the front sheet of these frames are plastic, but any ideas?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 22:07 Dry_One_9936 latest news : American imports order kratom that has not been cleaned of bones

latest news : American imports order kratom that has not been cleaned of bones
why does american import make kratom orders that are not clean from bones. does he want a cheap price so order kratom that is not clean from the bones. this is a very bad order from them, so the kratom sent does not have quality standards. I hope for Indonesian vendors and farmers not to accept orders like that.
For all Kratom users, please be careful when buying products so that the products you buy are not bad.
many people offer low prices with low quality products.
I am a farmer from Indonesia, I want to remember you all.
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2023.06.04 22:07 rampantrarebit Mushroom bed

Mushroom bed
Little plug for making a mushroom bed if you have a shady corner. Not particularly cheap to set up, but easy enough. Cardboard, woodchip, straw, grain spores, more woodchip, keep it from drying out: mushrooms.
These are wine caps. Easily identified in case any other fungi get the idea of growing in the same bed.
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2023.06.04 22:06 Alexyeve Help upgrading my Clipper.

Long story short after moving to US 10 plus years ago I've been cutting my own hair, for reasons I will not disclose here.)
I've been using a Wahl Clipper I bought on Amazon under $100. And I think I'm ready for a major upgrade. Looking at youtube videos they all seem kinda sponsored pushing the same brands, I don't know they all seem a bit fishy putting down Wahl over Stylecraft and Boosted in every single video. Now I know I'm not using the high end Wahl but I don't have to use the product to know that Wahl is a time tested respectable brand. But I'm still lost with all this new information about fusion blades, rpms, lots of just sponsored bull crap in the mix.
Reddit rarly let's me down when it comes to getting good tips on purchases so I hope you can help me.
I need a cordless Clipper and trimmer, budget anywhere from $200-$400 for both. Mainly looking for build quality, stand charger option, light weight is also desirable since i have limited hand functin (cheap Wahl I've been using is a workhorse but a bit heavy)
It's ok if my post gets blocked if this is a topic that's not allowed on this sub. Thanks anyway.
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2023.06.04 22:04 um-yeah-whatever I did it!

I flew twice in four days (this was my first time in 6 years)! The first flight was fairly turbulent, with the seatbelt sign staying on throughout the duration of the flight. I was crying when I walked onto the plane and some through the flight. The anxiety was overwhelming. The pilot came on the speaker and told us that all altitudes were bumpy so they were doing the best they could, which eased my mind. The second flight was exceptionally smooth until a slightly bumpy landing. I actually cried when I landed because I never thought I would fly again. I’m not sure I would have been able to do it without this sub, specifically with the constant input and reassurance from the pilots. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all you do to help those of us who struggle!
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2023.06.04 22:02 nesciones From the sketchbook. Anyone would be interested in me drawing them doing selfie with thom yorke in an artsy cartoony style btw? I know you want it, it's just 50 bucks so cheap

From the sketchbook. Anyone would be interested in me drawing them doing selfie with thom yorke in an artsy cartoony style btw? I know you want it, it's just 50 bucks so cheap submitted by nesciones to radiohead [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 22:01 brownbiprincess Notion Newbie - How do I link the sum of a column from Database A to a cell in database B?

Notion Newbie - How do I link the sum of a column from Database A to a cell in database B?
background: going on a trip with a friend, we're using notion for planning, including our cost breakdown.
I have one database which is "Shared Costs", where we track costs of hotels/flights/etc. per person. the purpose of the shared cost database is to keep track of how much we owe each other.
I have another database which is "My expenses" which will track my purchases of souvenirs, snacks, etc. the purpose of this database is so I can see how much I'm spending in total.
I'd like to take the sum from the Shared Costs and put it into a cell on my second database.
How can i do this?
Sorry if this does not make sense, I'm happy to answer questions and clarify.
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2023.06.04 22:00 Intox_Em A Mothers Love

In shadows cast by a painful past, A mother's heart finds solace at last. Amidst the scars of a troubled youth, She seeks to sow love, unearth the truth.
A childhood marred by neglect's cold grip, Betrayed by silence, her spirit would slip. Within those years, her innocence was taken, By a twisted fate, her trust was forsaken.
Unwanted, unloved, a fragile soul, Longing for a love she could not control. Her parents, consumed by their selfish desires, Left her adrift, fueling internal fires.
Yet from the depths of her despair, A new life blossomed, a daughter fair. With every breath, a vow was made, To break the chains of the past's cruel shade.
She held her baby, so pure and new, A beacon of hope, a love so true. In her eyes, she saw a chance to heal, To build a future where wounds could seal.
But doubts would linger, fears would arise, As she faced the mirror of her own demise. Am I good enough? she'd often ask, Haunted by shadows of the past.
Overprotective, she'd sometimes be, Shielding her daughter with love's decree. A heart overflowing with tender care, Yet fearing her love might become a snare.
Sensitive to every bruise, every tear, She'd hold her close, dispelling her fear. In her eyes, she sees reflections anew, A chance to mend what once was askew.
Her daughter, growing, a radiant beam, A testament to love, a vibrant dream. Confident, happy, bright, and so rare, A portrait of beauty beyond compare.
But bittersweet is this journey's toll, As her baby grows, the pull takes its hold. Independence blooms, like a bird in flight, And she fears one day she'll vanish from sight.
For in this child, she's found her light, Her purpose, her joy, her reason to fight. Yet as the world beckons, her heart clenches tight, Afraid her daughter might take flight.
She longs to keep her close, to never let go, To shield her from pain, her love to bestow. Yet deep down, she knows it's her greatest test, To give her wings and let her find her nest.
In this dance of motherhood's embrace, She carries the scars, a story to trace. But through the shadows, she finds her strength, To guide her daughter through life's journey's length.
For in her love, resilience resides, A beacon of hope where her heart confides. She may stumble, but she'll never break, Her love and dedication, no one can take.
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2023.06.04 22:00 Jack_Cassedy Tic UAP of the coast of San Diego, CA.

Tic UAP of the coast of San Diego, CA.
Found this video taken from what looks like a passenger seat on a commercial flight. The photographer sees another jet liner and then notices two white objects flying on either side of the jet being filmed. The two objects are then joined by a third while one maneuvers behind and across the jet. I have no info on who took this other than what is mentioned in the title.
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2023.06.04 21:56 Outrageous-Ad8583 My UK budget EDC

My UK budget EDC
This is my current UK legal carry.
  1. Victorinox Waitor- I find this has all the tools and cutting ability I need day to day. I'm planning on swapping out the toothpick for a ferros rod or pen. I haven't decided whether I want to keep the tweezers or swap them put too. Currently awaiting a set of black scales with an integrated pocket clip to swap with the original ones.
  2. Notebook- just a simple notebook, I can't remember the brand, it's too big to fit in the pocket organiser so I'm considering getting something smaller but if I take a bag I usually leave the organiser in that and like to have the notebook in my back pocket.
  3. SENRISE pen torch/ flashlight - a combination of a ballpoint pen, an LED flashlight and stylus. I think thus is a great little product. Always handy to have a pen and the LED light is surprisingly bright and comes in handy as a backup or when my main torch is out of reach in my bag. The stylus is especially useful when using one of those touch screen things when ordering some food or drinks at a fast food place.
  4. PIRNA RFID blocking card wallet- its small and unobtrusive and has some room for a bit of cash in the centre too. My favourite wallet at the moment due to its minimal profile.
  5. Casio F-91W watch- An absolute classic watch, and one that's cheap enough I'm not too bothered about it getting beaten up. The waterproofing is surprisingly good as I regularly take swimming. And the very minimal weight makes it feel like its not even their.
  6. Felony Nylon Storage pouch- just a little pocket organiser. Though I tend to keep mine in whatever bag I'm taking for the day, unless I'm wearing trousers or shorts with additional pockets. In this goes the flashlight, powerband, bit driver and in the zip pocket on the reverse is a cable for the charger and some pain medication and anti diarrhea tablets just in case. The Weyland moral patch goes in the velcro on the other side.
  7. PNY power bank- gives me back up power to charge my phone if needed. Will pretty much fully charge my phone from empty once.
  8. Rolson bit driver- carries bit drivers within it of various types. I haven't had it long and I'm just seeing if it's comes in useful or not.
  9. Olight flashlight- I really like these little torches, small but pretty powerful.
  10. Address book- so I've got access to all my numbers if my phone breaks or is lost. I. Planning on swapping this out for a notebook of a similar size and an emergency contact card.
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2023.06.04 21:55 vtsgamer I love this game!

First off apologies if this turns into a bit of a ramble. I decided to create an account to post about my experience of the game so far.

Bought the game and xpacs around the first week of May and have already wracked up nearly 155 hours. Occasionally I have left the game running while I have been doing other things, but the majority of the time has been in-game figuring things out.
The crazy thing when I first stumbled into the subreddit was seeing all the "I'm still a noob, only X hundred hours played" posts and wondered wtf was going on. Didn't realise people were actually being serious and it was just a joke.
I can honestly say in the ~155 hours I have played I have barely scratched the surface. I completely understand what all those posts were about now.
I have had about 3 or 4 runs at the moment. Each not getting too far in till I decided to restart and try a different strat or start. My main focus has been on the economy. I have to admit this game tickles every single dopamine receptor I have for gaming. My previous go to was Patrician 4 purely because of the logistic side of things and trying to get that efficiency across the Hansa.
So, like I said, I have been focusing on the economy and struggling along, picking up bits of information and refining what I do. The mules and warehouse mod has been an absolute godsend. It just makes getting things moving so much easier.
Admittedly I did have some troubles with it at the beginning where my ships didnt seem to want to transfer anything. I got round this by the following:
This seemed to get things moving around although I do still get the odd time where ships just keeps taking things back and forward.
I have also been dabbling with mining stations. These seem like a good way of keeping output maxed while distributing resources to the required station. Was using L miners to gather and M to move things.
I have got as far as making a hull parts factory most of the time before things start to slow down a bit and I make an attempt at another method of keeping credits flowing in to match the building I have been doing.
My last play I went and claimed the abandoned destroyer from Xenon space and then bought a fleet of 20 Ides Vanguard then created 2/3 ship fleets at each of the shipyard/warfs set as an anchor and then set them to DeadTater. This was pretty decent until activity started ramping up. I couldnt keep up the building and ship losses made that worse.
My current playthrough I have had 2 interceptors set on repeat orders to fly and wait behind the Second Contact / True Sight gate then Collect Drops. I then have a third interceptor set to Inventory Collector (great mod btw). This has been generating some great income which has helped me quickly spin up a mining station, solar station, graphene and refined metals factories.
The only issue with this current playthgrough is the Xenon seem to be pretty aggressive and have wiped out the Argon Warf. I have resorted to using the Paranid Warf as my ship maker for the time being. I dont think this is even that long into the palythrough, around 10 hours.
This has slowed down my build speed as I keep losing interceptors and the Argons were pretty cheap to buy from. I also seem to be stuck with nearly 8m worth of illegal stuff because I dont have enough rep with the HAT Free Port to sell slicers and other items of the ilk. I have been working on this though. I had already completed the initial HAT plot line and have grabbed some other smaller quests.

Some issues that I have run into:
Stations do not have any traffic.
Literally zero civillian traffic floating around a station. The usual NPC ships come and go but nothing that would turn criminal that you can shoot for rep. Fix this by save and reload.
Stations not being populated with traders.
Walking into the trading area and there is no NPC to speak to. Same with other areas of the station, save the manager, generally. Save and reload to fix.
Game doesn't exit or reload properly. Recently I have found that when I save and reload the game it just gets stuck on initialising. Does nothing after that and I have to force quit and restart the game.
Similarly when exiting the game it just gets stuck on the last scene shown and then I have to open task manager and close it.
Mods I currently use:
I Have tried to keep it pretty close to vanilla - I see these as almost required QoL mods.
I have plans in future to try out the SW Interworlds mod. Love the idea of this.
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2023.06.04 21:55 m00ntides Putting in first order

It seems someone's always asking what's what it's like to be on the other side. So here's my story.
I put in my first order on the shipt app because I have a really busy day today, and I wanted to give it a try, and I have just realized that my order is quite likely not very desirable to some people.
It's a perfect example of a pleasant surprise i hope because I'm not shopping for anything complicated, alternatives are listed in app for convenience, and I've tipped a full 20%.
Reasons not to take my order:
  1. There are delivery instructions for my apartment complex but because there's infinite approaches from all directions I can't give "turn here" type directions.
  2. It's a walk up, 2 flights. But 70% of all apts around here are walk up so it's unavailable. Nothing heavier than a milk jug though.
  3. It's a ~$100 order that is not prepaid.
  4. It will be marked as a first time shipped consumer which I know some people are afraid of.
But I did pre-tip just under $20 and it's interesting how unlike other services I use, that isn't going to help get my order done faster. It's only if that individual person randomly sees my order again that will help me get better service in advance. As a consumer, I don't love that.
Like, I know with " bid for service" platforms I always put a minimum of $8 for just food pickup because otherwise people don't take my orders. When we were new to this building, I hadn't figured that out, and I had food delivery more than once just leaving on a bench outside somewhere.
But after 3 years of living here I get no issues with food delivery and it's always here pretty quickly, so I'd like to think I'm a 🙂 in a lot of tipmaps out there.
I just wish that translated to good service on a new platform!
It's supposed to get delivered in about an hour or two. I haven't gotten any kind of notifications of any kind yet, so we'll see.
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2023.06.04 21:54 Radiant-Map8179 Another bit of dark humour that I chuckled a bit too much at😅

I worry what this game is doing to my actual value for human life. The last bit made me 'lol'.
Also, any suggestions on what to do with this guy, regarding what role his starting stats would probably be best suited for (seperate from the needs of my roster), would be welcome. My assumption is that he is good for lvl 1...but having increased the difficulty from my last run, my criteria for what's good has been re-evaluated.
He's fresh fish and only been with the company 5 days (random hire as he was cheap), with no battles....I'm entering the last stages of the Greenskin probably not the best time to train him up if I want him to see lvl 6/7 and beyond.
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