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2012.11.01 16:32 JMaboard Gentlemanboners but now in gif form!

Gentleman Boners Gifs is a true gentleman's club. This is an oasis like no other! Only the finest eye candy of the classiest nature can be found here. Elegant, graceful, timeless female celebrities are one click away. Be gone with you and your slutty, trashy, & whorish succubi! For they are not welcome here. Do not bother posting if you can not tell the difference between beauty and seduction. This club is for the best of the best.

2023.06.04 22:18 Advanced-Code-998 Max Verstappen wins the 2023 Spanish Grand Prix

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2023.06.04 22:18 Perfect-Life-1621 Max Verstappen wins the 2023 Spanish Grand Prix

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2023.06.04 22:18 Map0ftheSoul_7 People that went to the baltimore show!!!!!!!!!!

can you please send in any pictures/videos you got? my phone died in the middle of bulls in the bronx 😭
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2023.06.04 22:18 acac47 Got bit by a dog on a walk but no skin broken

Hi everyone,
I was on a walk around my neighbourhood yesterday and was walking along a bike path. Most people walk this path and it is a very common area for people to walk their dogs as it is off-leash. I walked past a man as we were walking opposite directions and he had his off-leash dog trailing somewhat far behind him. When I was about to pass the dog, it seemed very excited and ran right up to me and bit my elbow . Not sure what breed it is but it was a medium to large sized dog. I stepped back, panicked, and the dog did let go but was still eyeing me. I'm not really sure how much of this interaction the owner saw as he was not that close by but I took out my headphones (which are completely noise cancelling) out after the dog let go of me and I heard the owner yelling "What are you doing? Come here!". The dog hesitated for a moment but ended up obeying the recall and left. I don't know if the owner apologized since I couldn't hear but they did not come check on me. Thankfully, the bite did not break or scratch the skin but just left it a bit red for maybe 15-20 minutes after and today it is mildly sore. The whole interaction left me a bit frazzled as I have walked this path many times and have only ever encountered friendly dogs or dogs that act like I'm not even there. My mistake was immediately walking away after but since the dog did not bite me hard enough to actually injure me and it seemed more playful than aggressive, I didn't want to make a big deal of the situation. Looking back, I should've asked the owner for information just in case. I know chances are low but I'm a bit concerned about rabies since I do not know this dog's vaccination record. I live in Canada (specifically Alberta) where rabies in dogs is quite rare, so I'm sure its likely fine especially since it didn't break skin.. but does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed? I feel like it is nothing to worry about but I'm a natural worrier! I also have no clue how I would find the owner of this dog to ask for information.
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2023.06.04 22:18 joshellsfit Quick question

I take 5 MG of cialis daily for prostrate issues, although I’m young.
Used to micro dose before the medication was prescribed and haven’t micro dosed in a few years. I can’t seem to find much online as in red flags but always want to ask to make sure.
Am I safe to take microsdose/ small amounts of shrooms on a daily small dose of cialis?
Thank you!!
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2023.06.04 22:18 we_are_ghetto what are your personal standards for this next superman movie

for me
  1. I perfect mix of bright aspects and dark themes, ik Snyder leaned a lil bit more towards the darker theme for MOS, maybe why a lot of people disliked it.
  2. action/fight scenes, Snyder did the action sequence justice in MoS, although Gunn is decent w action sequence, he hasn't showed me a 1-on-1 fight that impress me, so as much as I love him, I don't think he'll surpass what Snyder did when it comes to action scenes. mind you, he's mainly done CBM where it was TEAMS and GROUPS fighting, not 1-on-1 types of fights where they were insanely impressive.
  3. I def want the suit to be bright and pop, I do love Cavill toned down look in his suit but since we're getting a new superman, let's change it up, I like the design of the flash in the trailer so I hope they can do similar for the suit, I hope the cape is shorter and I'd actually like the emblem to be on the cape too. idc if he has red draws or not.
  4. the villain needs to be written great, I think one of the best part of MoS was Zod, he's one of my favorite villain in a dc movie
  5. him and Lois need to have great chemistry, don't want them to hire just an actress who's good looking
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2023.06.04 22:17 Laptoplelo How to Choose a Good Laptop Bag: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to protecting and carrying your valuable laptop, a high-quality laptop bag is an essential accessory. With numerous options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to select the right one that suits your needs. In this guide, we will help you navigate through the process of choosing a good laptop bag, ensuring both style and functionality. Read on to make an informed decision and safeguard your laptop investment.
Determine Your Laptop Size
Before embarking on the quest for the perfect laptop bag, it's crucial to know the dimensions of your laptop. Measure the width, height, and depth of your laptop to ensure a proper fit. Laptop bags are typically designed to accommodate specific screen sizes, so selecting the right size will prevent unnecessary movements and potential damage to your device.
Consider the Bag Type
Laptop bags come in various types, each with its unique features and advantages. Consider the following options:
a) Backpacks: Ideal for those who need to carry their laptops for extended periods or travel frequently. Backpacks distribute the weight evenly and often offer extra compartments for accessories.
b) Messenger Bags: A popular choice for professionals, messenger bags feature a single shoulder strap and a spacious main compartment. They are versatile and provide easy access to your laptop.
c) Briefcases: Offering a professional and sleek appearance, briefcases are perfect for business settings. They typically have a sturdy structure, multiple compartments, and a top handle for easy carrying.
Evaluate the Bag's Protection
The primary purpose of a laptop bag is to protect your device from bumps, scratches, and impacts. Consider the following protective features:
a) Padding: Look for a bag with ample padding or a dedicated laptop compartment that provides cushioning on all sides.
b) Water Resistance: To safeguard your laptop from unexpected spills or rain, opt for a bag made from water-resistant materials or one with a built-in waterproof cover.
c) Reinforced Construction: Ensure the bag is well-constructed with durable materials, sturdy zippers, and reinforced stitching to withstand daily wear and tear.
Assess Storage and Organization
Apart from accommodating your laptop, a good laptop bag should have sufficient storage for accessories and other essentials. Look for the following features:
a) Compartments: Multiple compartments and pockets will help you organize your belongings, such as chargers, cables, pens, notebooks, and personal items.
b) Laptop Sleeve: In addition to the main compartment, a dedicated laptop sleeve provides extra protection and prevents your laptop from coming into direct contact with other items.
c) Accessibility: Consider how easily you can access your laptop and belongings. Quick-access pockets or side openings can be convenient for frequently used items.
Comfort and Ergonomics
Since you'll likely be carrying your laptop bag for extended periods, it's essential to prioritize comfort and ergonomics. Look for the following features:
a) Adjustable Straps: Ensure the bag has adjustable straps to achieve a comfortable fit and distribute the weight evenly across your shoulders.
b) Padded Back Panel: A bag with a padded back panel provides additional comfort and prevents pressure points, particularly for backpacks.
c) Weight Distribution: Opt for a bag with good weight distribution to avoid strain on one side of your body.
By considering factors such as laptop size, bag type, protection, storage, and comfort, you can select the perfect laptop bag that meets your needs. Visit LaptopLelo for a wide range of laptop bags in Pakistan designed to provide both style and functionality, ensuring your laptop stays safe and secure wherever you go.
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2023.06.04 22:17 silicondt Is this a stock water pumpo?

Is this a stock water pumpo?
We just got a used Silverado 2006 1500 with 178k.
We are doing some things on it like changing out coolant etc.
I was going to replace the water pump as preventative maintenance since it's almost 200k. but it looks like it might have already been replaced.
Can anyone tell me if this looks stock or something that was done after? I wouldn't think OEM would have used red RTV on gaskets?
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2023.06.04 22:17 movet22 Need help ID'ing jet return piece

Need help ID'ing jet return piece
Hey all, very new to owning a pool as I was 'lucky' enough to inherit one with the house we bought. House is old, so is the pool. It's gunite and about 20k gal, but only has one skimmereturn.
The pic above is of my return: it is about 3.25 inches edge to edge, those two square pieces had #8 size machine screws in them just sticking out, and the hole is threaded but (a) it's some metal and (b) the size won't fit any of the PVC threads I've tried.
I need help IDing the type of piece that screws onto this, as I would like to add some redirection to the return to get a better cycle/turnover in the water.
I'm at a total loss, any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.06.04 22:17 Catsnpotatoes [WTT] [WTS] Send it Sunday Docs, Vertx, Google Home, surplus pants

Timestamp: -Green Doc Martin 1460's size 9. Lightly worn just not my jam $90
-Vertx dead letter sling $70 (will add in Vertx tactigami felt holster)
-Google home mini, never used only opened for the timestamp for proof of life $30
Surplus camo pants from Europe -Romanian woodland winter fleece lined $20 Sizing is different than US. This is a large and very high waisted (above my belly button 5'6") I'd say the waist is around a 37 and the inseam is 28, but due to it being high waisted if you wear it lower you get more leg. I'm a 30 length and these fit fine that way There is a chip on one of the buttons but still works (see pic) Date of manufacture is 1989 if that matters to anyone. I did sell these to someone here before but they returned them
-Swiss Alphenflage shorts $20 these are long, shorts and probably best for someone a good deal taller than me. Waist is about 31 in US sizes and its inseam is 16 inches
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2023.06.04 22:17 Laptoplelo Your Go-to Source for Waterproof Laptop Bags

In an era where laptops are indispensable for work, study, and entertainment, protecting these valuable devices from water damage has become increasingly important. A waterproof laptop bag offers the ultimate solution, ensuring your laptop stays safe and secure even in wet and unpredictable conditions. Laptop Lelo, a trusted online platform, offers an extensive range of waterproof laptop bags designed to provide maximum protection. In this article, we will explore the benefits of waterproof laptop bags and delve into the offerings provided by Laptop Lelo.
The Advantages of Waterproof Laptop Bags
Shielding Against Water Damage accidental spills, rainy weather, and other moisture-related incidents pose a significant threat to laptops. A waterproof laptop bag offers reliable protection, keeping your device dry and safeguarding it against potential damage.
Durability and Longevity
Waterproof bags are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of daily use. They offer enhanced durability and longevity, ensuring your laptop remains safe and secure for an extended period.
Protection Against Environmental Factors
Waterproof laptop bags not only guard against water but also provide resistance against dust, dirt, and minor impacts. They are designed to shield your device from various environmental factors, making them ideal for different settings and situations.
Travel-Friendly Companion
Whether you're a frequent traveler or simply on the go, a waterproof laptop bag is a reliable companion. It offers peace of mind, knowing your laptop is well-protected during your commute, travels, or daily routines.
Key Features of Laptop Lelo Waterproof Laptop Bags
Water-Resistant Materials: Laptop Lelo's waterproof bags are crafted from high-quality materials like nylon, polyester, or PVC, which are specifically chosen for their water-repelling properties.
Secure Sealed Zippers: The bags feature sealed zippers designed to prevent water from seeping into the compartments. Laptop Lelo ensures that these zippers are built to withstand water exposure, providing an additional layer of protection.
Padded Compartments
Laptop Lelo's waterproof laptop bags come equipped with cushioned compartments. These provide excellent shock absorption, safeguarding your laptop from accidental bumps or drops.
Ample Storage Space
The bags offer spacious compartments to accommodate not only your laptop but also other essential accessories such as chargers, cables, notebooks, and documents. They provide organized storage options for convenient travel and easy access to your belongings.
Ergonomic Design
Laptop Lelo waterproof laptop bags in Pakistan feature adjustable straps and handles to ensure comfortable and personalized carrying options. You can choose to sling it over your shoulder or carry it by hand, adapting to your preference and needs.
Your Trusted Destination for Waterproof Laptop Bags
Extensive Product Range laptop Lelo offers a wide selection of waterproof laptop bags, catering to various laptop sizes, styles, and customer preferences. You can choose the perfect bag that meets your specific requirements and matches your personal style.
Quality Assurance
Laptop Lelo prioritizes quality, ensuring that all products meet stringent standards. The waterproof laptop bags are meticulously crafted to provide reliable and long-lasting protection for your laptop.
Customer Reviews and Ratings
Laptop Lelo website features genuine customer reviews and ratings, allowing you to make an informed decision based on the experiences of other users. This helps you choose the right waterproof laptop bag that aligns with your expectations.
Competitive Pricing
Laptop Lelo offers competitive prices, ensuring that you get excellent value for your investment. The website provides affordable options without compromising on quality.
Easy and Secure Online Shopping
Laptop Lelo offers a user-friendly online shopping experience. With secure payment options and efficient delivery services, purchasing your waterproof laptop bag is convenient and hassle-free.
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2023.06.04 22:17 genlcrt mirena iud -> low libido

my doctors and the stuff i’ve seen online said that the hormones are supposed to be localized so there wouldn’t be too many changes but my sex drive seems to have dropped completely since the first period i got since insertion (which has been going on for three weeks with no end in sight) - i got the iud in part to reduce period heaviness and cramping so i’m also not feeling great about that
particularly concerned because i’m not sure if it could be a sign something was dislodged or is off - doctor originally said kyleena might be a better fit bc of my cervix size or something but went w mirena to reduce period heaviness
i can’t go to my doctor for the next week or two about this because i’m staying with my family so am just looking for anecdotal experiences to determine if i should be alarmed i suppose - my mood seems to be very flat and have a sort of anhedonia - not depressed per se but i assume related to the low sex drive/lack of desire situation
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2023.06.04 22:16 traveller-16-16- Under the Authority: chapter one

“I stared into the void, and stared back.” I’ve always liked that saying, very versatile in its uses. It can be a metaphor for a primal fear of the unknown, the great infinite of space perhaps, or even for staring death in the face. In my case it is the latter, I just know that I am so fucking dead and it hurts so god damn bad. Back to earlier however is probably a better place to get started.
So I was just minding my own damn business in my truck on the way home from a job interview in the city with the windows down and the smells of the forest in my face, pretty nice if I say so myself. When suddenly a flash out shinned the sun by about a factor of a hundred or so appeared, blinding, but not quite enough to do permanent damage. I slammed on my brakes filling my nose with burning rubber and my ears with that unholy sound, note, I was not going slow. I grunted in pain as I held my eyes shut with a hand over them, tears streaming out and I had that damn effect in my sight, like when you stare at a light bulb too long. After a minute or two letting my eyes recover the air was filled with a different noise, a slow building electric sound and after a few seconds the most earth shattering boom replaced it, the explosion was so powerful I felt winds whipping through my open windows and felt my teeth chattering. By this point I was able to open my tear filled eyes again as I frantically began looking around to see what the hell was going on, then I spotted it, a ship so colossal that it can only be described as biblical in proportion, as if it threatens to swallow the sky itself. I then look down the mountain to see the city I had just come from with huge pillars of black smoke streaking into the sky, like fingers grasping towards the alien craft in the sky, which had now begun falling apart? No those were shuttles, black oval shapes with streaks of blue contrasting the orange sky of the setting sun “... Fucking what?” was all I could say as the sight lay before me, all I could think is that this wasn’t real, there is no way that this could be happening it’s far to cliche, I mean come on a giant alien ship shows up with a flash of light and starts shooting fucking lasers, with god knows how many smaller craft descending upon the earth. Yet… Here I was, so I needed to run, or rather drive, as fast as I could back home, so that’s exactly what I did, wiping the water from my eyes. I punched it much to the protest of my old truck. As I picked up speed I stare into the rearview mirror trying to get a better view of the massive ship, it’s blocky in a vaguely rectangular shape with the middle being wider and falling in sizes by blocks as it moved to both sides with many reflective surfaces at the end of barely visible barrels, and various random glowing lights dotted around the ship. I soaked up as much of the sight as I could before the trees blocked my view of the sky as I sped faster and faster into the forest towards home.
A short drive normally now felt like eons to reach my home in the forest, it wasn’t deep in the woods but it wasn’t just on the border either. I slowed down as I spotted the old rusted mailbox in my gravel driveway before making a sharp left. As I heard the stones crunch beneath me I looked in the mirrors in attempts to spot any strange hunk of metal following me, much to my relief I saw nothing but trees and bugs. As I parked the truck I sat for a second, catching my breath and continuing to look around, my small one story house was tucked in the woods with only 20 feet between it and the tree line and with how the driveway turned there was no way you could see it from the road. I took one last breath and held it for a few seconds before swinging the truck door open and jumping out before running for my fucking life towards my front door, I heard the gravel crushing beneath my shoes and that's it, normally there's at least one bird or the beginning of a cricket’s chorus, but nothing. I came to a halt and quickly jammed my key in the front door, fumbling a couple times but getting it in eventually, it didn't help that my hands were sweating profusely and shaking. I flung the door open and myself inside making sure to relock the heavy ass door, before sprinting like a mad man for my room on the left side of the house. But then I heard it, the sound not too dissimilar to a hurricane outside, looking out the window through the kitchen I saw one of those pods I saw swarming down from the mothership, the body was vaguely oval shaped with a cockpit raised up front through a 45 degree incline, it also had deployed its landing gear and a large door on the left had opened. There was no fucking way I was going to make it to my room, open the safe, load the gun and fire, so I made a horrible decision, I lunged into my kitchen and grabbed the handle of my biggest knife with my left hand while I heard a small explosion at my front door. As I unsheathed the knife from the block I heard things being knocked over in my hallway, but no footsteps strangely. I turned and ran back into my hallway as I heard yelling in some strange language. I looked to my right and saw what can only be described as lamia’s in sci-fi armor pointing a big ass gun at me, the face unseen behind its visor, her visor? It has boobs, but maybe the males of the aliens have boobs and higher voices too. A loud crack and the most horrible pain in my left shoulder and time begins to slow down, and that's where I am now.
Adrenaline is quick to act in dulling pain, but not instant as I learned in this moment. As I look at the creature I see that it is at least 8’ 2’’ and god knows how long with its winding tail. My head is agonizingly slow as I turn to look left, all I see is red, my red spilling from the open wound, blood, that’s the word blood, my blood is spilling out of me in liters. I reach over to the wound and begin grabbing for the stump, there is yelling in the background, I cannot find something that obviously feels like my bicep so I just grab something, falling to my knees. It's hard to breathe now. Something is rising and falling in the wound, wait, that’s my lung, I release it as a horrible taste enters my mouth, I can taste my spleen, that's not good, I think as I slowly turn my head to my murderer. Fear, fear is all I can feel, fear, agony, and rage. There are two of them, maybe more, one is screaming its own lungs out at the one who shot me. I wait there for what feels like years before a third alien shoves both of them aside and slithers up to me, the air is cold now, I swear it was 90 just an hour ago. I fall on my ass as I try to back away from the thing approaching, I try to push away from it but I lack the blood in my body to move my muscles. It turns to the other two and screams at the fighting pair, it then turns to me and lowers its voice in a soothing manner talking to me. It’s hard to keep my eyes open, maybe death will be warmer than here. It opens a large white package and scoops blue goop out of it, I have not the strength to resist as it slathers the stuff all over the gaping hole in my ribcage. The substance makes contact and is unexpectedly warm, but it stings worse than any wasp. Time begins to make its way back to reality, seconds slowly feel like minutes before returning to their former perception. I turn to see my wound and am stopped by a gentle hand and a kind voice speaking an unknown tongue. I slowly close my eyes, surely this is the end, I am dying now, all turns to black as I feel tears I didn’t know I cried, roll down my cheek.
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2023.06.04 22:15 PileOfTrees [WTS] Nike Air Max / Jordan 4 5 6 - Size 6-7.5

Tagged / Timestamp Pics
Model Size UPC Notes Price
Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro Thunder (2012) 6.5Y 408452-008 $60
Nike Air Jordan 6 Retro Infrared Black (2014) 7Y 384665-023 $50
Nike Women's Air Max 97 Ultra 17 Pure Platinum Grey White 7 917704-005 $30
Nike Women's Air Max 90 Essential Gray Volt 6 616730-022 $30
Nike Womens Air Max 1 Linen/Anthracite-Purple Dynasty-Sail 7.5 319986-202 $30
Nike SF Air Force 1 Mid Black Anthracite White (GS) 6Y AJ0424-004 $30
Jordan 5 Retro Fire Red (2006) 7 136027-162 Sole cracked on both shoes $30
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2023.06.04 22:14 pesver27 Identifying large emails?

My mail app is taking up a lot of space. I want to identify the culprit emails to delete, but I can’t see any option to sort emails by size. Is there a workaround?
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2023.06.04 22:14 desi_conundrum Your opinions on this design of using CSS for each component?

Defining a Styles class for each component
TLDR: Need comments on this way of using parameterized CSS with components.
Here's some background on my requirements:
There are multiple solutions for my requirements, of which I can mainly think of:
I bet there are other solutions such as using emotion CSS to handle themes and screen sizes. But I needed a structured and expandable way to define CSS for elements in a component and to keep it separated from JSX but just beside it. I would welcome any other recommended solutions that I missed.
Coming to my solution, I have defined a base class of Styles and currently considers ScreenType and Theme to give CSS for elements. Then, I have a component called NavBar. It has it's own styles.ts file that extends the Styles class and exposes methods to give elements styling. NavBar initializes the style class with screentype and theme, and re-initializes the object when any of those 2 value changes. The respective styles get updated accordingly.

What do you think? Is it helpful or a pile of crap that I wasted my time on? Also, not sure if I'm using useMemo correctly. The complete usage is: const styles = useMemo(() => new NavBarStyles(screenType, theme), [screenType, theme]);
Should I have just used useEffect instead?
TY in advance!
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2023.06.04 22:14 MeatMechanic321 Iki island purple and orange flower locations

Hi All, I am in early in the Iki island expansion, and I wanted to see if anyone knew of any good locations for purple or orange flowers. Right now all I can find are the red flowers. Thanks for help!
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2023.06.04 22:13 Middle_Assignment_58 Finding the right sized bra from 32/34c to 28dd

Hi, im quite new to reddit but id just like to say how thankful i am for this group.Ive finally managed to find a bra that fits me thanks to the helpful people in this subreddit. I used to wear 32b,32c and 34c interchangeably changing the tightness of the band and straps. They never fit me properly and i did my research, went on tiktok and found “a bra that fits” online, i measured myself and it said 28dd. It at first made no sense to me since i have small boobs and a small ribcage however i found out about this reddit page, downloaded the app and explored to see if anybody had the same problems i did, to my surprise i actually found people that had similar problems to me in terms of fitting and also experiences about being told my boobs were “too small” to be a dd cup. I’ve learned so much from this page of wonderful educational people from how bra sizing works,how boobs can be different shapes and along with that different bras for those shapes,how a bra should look and fit and it has honestly helped me so much.
Once i found out my bra size I went to clothes shops such as Primark to find bras in a 28dd only to find how there were none in that band size, i also told my mum about what bra size i thought i had and she immediately shut me down and said that i couldn’t be a dd cup(she has a lot bigger boobs than me, she also has the same problem as me not being able to find bras in her size instores) we then went online and saw how expensive they were ranging from £28-56, she said id have to save up my own pocket money to buy “these sort of bras” since she didnt want to be paying so much money for something i wasnt even certain would fit me.
But i went onto Boux Avenue and found bras in a sale ranging from £10-18 and thought id buy one before the sale was over to try some out. I was so nervous when it arrived but tried it on and to my surprise along with excitement and relief it fit me.Ive shown my mum how it fit and she brought me 3 more from the sale, she also uses this online shop for her bras too, they are quite useful for affordable bras ranging from 28A to 44F. Sorry this went on for so long but i just wanted to share this to express how much i am thankful for being able to find a bra that fits from every helpful person in this subreddit. I hope this maybe was helpful for some people that have the same issues i had and wishfully some hope for people who feel they want to give up trying to find their own bra that fits,finally to give people the recognition they deserve here for being so kind and considerate to those people who want to find a bra that fits.
Here are my measurements to help others and also im free to hearing any advice or any critique in which style of bras would fit me more and some other online shops that sell reasonably priced pretty bras in my size :)
Measurements(in inches)
Loose underbust-28 Snug underbust-27.6 Tight underbust-25.7 Standing bust-32 Leaning bust-33.3 Lying bust-31.7
Im 2/5 even on top and bottom shape Im slightly to average projection Full on bottom and a bit of even fullness Perky boobs Tall root Im not sure if i have narrow or wide root
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2023.06.04 22:13 becomingfree26 Is this rug too big?

I feel this rug is too big but the next size 5x7 is too small. We can’t move the couch or TV. There’s a bedroom door to the right of the tv. Thoughts? I feel given the design of the rug, the couch and tv need to the centered with the white rectangular middle which is where I was hoping to center our coffee table which hasn’t arrived yet.
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2023.06.04 22:13 Few-Persimmon8577 FEEDBACK PLEASE

The writer has made use of many techniques and devices to describe Ugwu's impressions of the city.
Firstly, the author has utilised hyperbolic verbs to describe Ugwu's impressions ofㅓㄷ the city. The author writes, 'too choked with expectation' , 'itched to lay his ch eek.' The use of verbs like 'choked' and 'itched' are used by the author to greatly exaggerate Ugwu’s emotions of ecstasy and excitement, they serve as a method of telling the reader that Ugwu has positive impressions of the city.
Secondly, the author has excluded conjunctions in the first part of the extract. 'Ugwu did not believe…the back of his neck.' The author excluding conjunction[s] creates the impression that Ugwu is so amazed by the city as asyndeton heightens pace and excitement.
Thirdly, the author has made use of parataxis to show Ugwu's positive impressions of the city. 'But he did not mind. He was prepared to walk more in even hotter sun.' The use of short sentences places emphasis on Ugwu’s shock of the conditions of the city.
Finally, the author has made use of similes to convey Ugwu's amazement. The author writes 'like polite well-dressed men' ; ' like tables wrapped with leaves.' The use of similes with positive connotations, 'well-dressed', conveys the idea that Ugwu only has positive thoughts about the city, [this is supported by an absence of information stating otherwise].
0 4
Focus this part of your answer on the second part of the source, from line 20 to the end. A student said, ‘From the moment he arrives at Master’s compound, the writer portrays Ugwu’s feelings of pure excitement, but by the end it seems that he may be very disappointed.’
To what extent do you agree?
In your response, you could:
• consider your own impressions of Ugwu’s feelings
• evaluate how the writer describes Ugwu’s feelings by the end
• support your response with references to the text.
[20 marks]
One way the author has conveyed this impression is through the way they ended the story. At the end of this extract they wrote 'Ugwu stood by the door, waiting,' this contrasts to the previous 'choked with expectations.' In the end it seems Ugwu’s expectations were grossly inflated which may in the end lead to him becoming very disappointed.
On the other hand, there are moments where it is possible that Ugwu may have been emotionally neutral. The author has written quite vaguely, not allowing the reader to truly know whether Ugwu was disappointed or not, however, judging as Ugwu’s expectations are based off of his imagination and greeness, it is likely that he isn't disappointed but instead shocked and as a result putting on a more realistic mindset. Ugwu is constantly amazed, although, his master doesn't seem very welcoming 'faintly distracted expression,' 'oblivious that he had just asked people in.' It has little to no relation to his expectations, ' something sweet,' 'good fortune,' 'like a necklace,''never seen a room so wide.' Ugwu still only being amazed shows that he as a matter of fact isn't disappointed.
Another reason he may not be disappointed is because of the reason for his excitement. Ugwu is excited to to be in a place so different from where he is from ,'thatch roof,', the author has portrayed Ugwu as not excited for for the job or for the master, but, for the new experience, this is evident throughout the extract, 'the lawn glistened,' 'shaped like slender hills,' the use of similes being used to compare the setting places emphasis on the idea that it is not the master or the job that excites Ugwu, meaning that he can't be disappointed with for having a lackluster master[, or for something he doesn't seem very keen on in the first place].
It could also be said however, that Ugwu is disappointed. Whilst this isn't said or *noticed* in the extract it can be inferred from the extract. This inference could be made from Ugwu’s master's response to him which almost demeaned Ugwu, 'the child?,' 'remember something more important.' The use of the comparative 'more important' means that the Master doesn't view Ugwu as anything important, and so the reader infers that in response to that Ugwu feels depressed and slightly disappointed as things might not be as 'sweet' as he had previously thought.
In conclusion, I do agree with the student's statement as the sudden juxtaposition/change in mood has led me to believe that before he was cheery and after he was disappointed or melancholic.

If there are few moments in life that come as clear and as pure as ice, when the mountain breathed back at her, Zoe knew that she had trapped one such moment and that it could never be taken away. Everywhere was snow and silence. Snow and silence; the complete arrest of life; a rehearsal and a pre-echo of death. She pointed her skis down the hill. They looked like weird talons of brilliant red and gold in the powder snow as she waited, ready to swoop. I am alive. I am an eagle.
How does the writer use language here to describe Zoe’s feelings?
You could include the writer’s choice of:
• words and phrases
• language features and techniques
• sentence forms.
[8 marks]
The writer to describe Zoe’s feelings has made use of a variety of language devices and techniques. How the author has done so will be explored in this 8 mark question.
Firstly, the author has made use of a perspective switch to describe her feelings. The author writes 'she waited, ready to swoop. I am alive. I am an eagle.' The noun 'eagle' has connotations of of freedom and exhilaration. The author has switched the perspective to place emphasis on these connotations, saying that Zoe feels free and exhilarated,[additionally,] another way emphasis is placed on this is the switch to the first person perspective which personalises Zoe’s situation for the reader making it easy to understand that perhaps Zoe does feel free.
Secondly, the author has described Zoe’s feelings through the use of repetition. The author writes 'every where was snow and silence.' The repetition of 'snow' and 'silence' places emphasis on the idea that snow was all there was for her creating an impression of total serenity, making the reader think that Zoe is at total peace.
Lastly, the author has made use of parataxis and asyndeton. The author writes 'snow and silence; the complete arrest of life; a rehearsal.' The use of asyndeton and parataxis both create excitement and increase the pace of the story which may have been included by the author to replicate Zoe’s feelings, namely that of excitement.
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2023.06.04 22:13 TheHunteR5800 Can I run a dvd burner externally using a 3.5 inch hard disk enclosure?

I am looking to get a dvd burner for use on my laptop however I had an old project pc that was long dead with a dvd burner in it will I be able to run this burner with a hard drive enclosure?
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2023.06.04 22:13 Spammingalot Red blinking lights on my GPUs PCIe 8-pin plugs

Hey there techsupport,
since a few days ago here there have been blinking red lights on my GPUs power plugs. Sometimes they are there, sometimes they are not. I know that this is supposed to indicate a problem with power. I checked the connections on the GPU and PSU side but they still appear. Haven't encountered any noticeable performance drops or anything.
Do I have to worry about it or can I just leave it? If I shouldn't leave it which other ways are there to troubleshoot this?
Ty for any replies in advance!
System Specs
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