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2023.06.04 22:53 No_Contribution_7117 What are some cheap but healthy foods you can buy at the grocery store that doesnt require a ton of unique ingredients?

I'm actually doing ok on beans, white rice, lentils, eggs, sandwiches, ground beef mix (onions, garlic, bell peppers), spaghetti, air fried chicken, kale, and fruits of all sorts but I'm getting kind of bored with the same routine and at the same time I dont want to overspend on $50 a week for groceries. I also make chicken soup and lo mein for times I do have a bit more to spend though.
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2023.06.04 22:42 kitchenmusthaves Instant Pot Duo Crisp Multi-Cooker with Ultimate Lid and Air Fryer 13 ...

#AirFryer #PressureCooker #InstantPot #Recipes #Review #TipsAndTricks #HowTo #Combo #Comparison #ChickenRecipes #Troubleshooting #MealPrep
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2023.06.04 22:41 akasha487 What do you all feed your babies once they can eat solids?

I feel like my about-to-be 10 month-old is ridiculously ravenous. He eats almost the same portions as my 2.5 year-old and I feel like he might be overeating. He has always been in the 99th percentile for everything: height, weight, and head circumference (he's currently 30 inches long, 25 lbs, and wearing 12-18 month clothes). The doctor says to just "water him and let him grow" but I feel like he over-eats. He'll have a whole 8 oz bottle of formula in the morning along with toast and fruit, and then eats oatmeal for morning snack. He eats a half of a sandwich with some veggies for lunch, along with another 8 oz bottle. Then after nap, he eats a snack with his brother, and then proceeds to eat dinner a few hours later (meatballs, pasta, chicken, fish, whatever his brother is having), along with a final 8 oz bottle. He also finishes his dinner in mere minutes while my toddler takes a whole hour to eat his food. Is it normal to be that hungry all the time? I literally feel like I'm ALWAYS feeding these kids. I would just hate to project my own weight insecurities onto my baby, but I feel like he's huge and I just want to make sure he's healthy.
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2023.06.04 22:27 kcw05 Cold sandwiches around town

It's hot as balls. My AC is out. Repairs can't make it until Tuesday. I'm in need of a cold sandwich today that isn't Subway, Jimmy Johns, etc. What's everyone's favorite cold sandwich in town? I'm in for deli meats, chicken salad, egg salad, vegetarian, whatever. If it's a locally owned business that rocks at cold sandwiches I wanna hear about it.
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2023.06.04 22:08 Esnardoo You think I wouldn't eat a t-rex?

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2023.06.04 22:07 L8ToTheUsernameGame At a loss

Species: Dog
Age: 5yrs (rescue, best guess)
Breed: mini poodle mix
Weight: 13lbs on 5/23, 12.2lbs on 6/3
Diagnosis: Pancreatitis
History: details below, sorry I don't have specific imaging/test numbers available
Probably unrelated history, but just in case: he started Reconcile around 3 months ago
Hi All,
So this one is maybe a little strange because (as you see above), I already have a diagnosis. I'm just trying to figure out if there's anything else I can do to help my boy, because he really doesn't seem to be improving and I don't want to keep bothering the vet just to be sent home with a different pain/anti-nausea med combo.
(Not so) bief history: He had a drop in appetite/energy about a month ago, but would still eat some wet food. On 5/15 he threw up red bile, so I took him to the emergency vet. They did sub-q fluids, blood work, x-rays, and ultrasound and told me he was fine, just sick from not eating. Sent home antacid, nausea meds, and appetite stimulant.
I followed up with our usual vet on 5/23 because he wasn't improving and they did more blood work and diagnosed pancreatitis. Started him on Hill's i/D low fat food, Galliprant, and anti-nausea meds on 5/25, once lab work was back. He still wasn't eating much (maybe 1/3c of food nibbled on throughout the day) and didn't seem to be getting better.
I hadn't gotten a response to my follow-up email after 3 days(totally understand, vets are busy), so yesterday I took him to urgent care after he tried to eat and then immediately threw up 5 times. They gave more sub-q fluids, including an anti-nausea injection. Sent us home with more intense pain meds (buprenorphine) and different anti-nausea meds. I added some chicken to his food bowl after he let it sit untouched all morning, and he did start to nibble but he's still vomiting. Literally vomiting while eating. He's also very lethargic, his back leg is shaking, and he keeps whining, but I think that's all side effects of the pain meds?
Anyway, VERY long story short: what else can I do to help him get better and when do I panic and take him back in? I don't want to tie up very busy vets with non-emergent issues, but he's just so small and I'm worried about waiting too long, especially since he's still throwing up even less than 24 hours after an anti-nausea injection.
Thanks for any help you can give!
Edit: sorry for formatting, I'm on mobile
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2023.06.04 22:02 Cap1t4l Calories in Turkish Chicken Sandwich?

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2023.06.04 21:35 robertrence I went to Master Chief (formerly Grand Burgers)

I went to Master Chief (formerly Grand Burgers)
Fries were solid. Burger was okay. Would probably try the fried chicken next time.
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2023.06.04 20:59 Direct_Ad_2668 People want to work meaningful careers that can pay for civilized lifestyle and that is not controversial.

Like most things on the internet, I feel like work culture has devolved into a 2 party system. Theres this unsung understanding that your either an anarchist/socialist hippie who just wants a welfare check, or a slaving, mindless boot/grunt who is convinced they wont die before payout or being fired.
The reality is neither.
I dont know of a single person who doesnt want to do something with their life. Some sort of task, goal, mission, they want to do things. They are told they can make a difference, that they are the next generation in a long line of innovators, and that they can have a good life if they try hard.
But then you get out into the world and realize thats not true: unless you are propped up via old money, nepotism or some other extraordinary means (the LEAST likely being that you are actually gifted above the other 99%) you are not going to do a damn thing.
My buddy was hyped to get into a trade union. He was excited to work for a new company doing a big contract. This is in a town with a housing crisis. 2 weeks later he was laid off, and unemployment is behind, so hes struggling again.
Another buddy went to STEM. He was excited to make advancements and change the world. Instead hes banging his head against ChatGPT, trying to craft a love letter out of his resume. He takes calls for a corporation in the mean time, where his entire job can be summarized as "no we cant help you, no I dont have access to that, no my manager isnt available, thats the price, its only going up, and were an effective monopoly who owns all the competitors, so pay up or fuck off."
Then theres me. I tried both. I knew I wasnt strong enough for trades, but I went anyway cause it was what I could afford. No jobs without moving state or country at the time of graduation, which, of course, I couldn't afford without the non-existent job I just went into debt to get educated for. I went into food/call centers/retail, and none could give me enough to save for another degree. But thats what I had. So i sat and typed and talked and got weaker, and stood and flipped and wiped over, and over again, same thing every day until I lost it and quit for some other pointless, meaningless task for some corporation who doesnt give a damn about anything but the bottom line.
It is soul destroying to shovel 20 different vegetables that cant even grow in your country into a sandwich at Subway™ when people are starving. You eat a banana for lunch which has no business being in your hemisphere because you cant afford the very sandwiches you make for others, before throwing out enough food stuff to fill a homeless shelters pantry that you cant take yourself or even give away legally. And its not just food: if you examine most jobs under a microscope youll come to the painful realization that "oh shit, this doesnt make any sense, does it?"
It feels nonsensical and immoral. Its like society is procrastinating. Its forcing us to make life or death decisions at 18 and shoehorning us into repetitive lifestyles more fit for machines, that only benefit machines like the stock market. And when we say "I am not a robot" we are told we are the ones who are morally reprehensible.
If we need houses built, why are big strong people sitting at home waiting for contracts? If we need to solve problems, why are skinny, smart people fighting for a chance to lie to people? If we really give a damn why are we stalling? And in my opinion, if all someone can do is art, or small tasks, or even just home making and activism and volunteering, or hell, even nothing at all, I dont see why thats a problem. Culture is important just as much as science, infrastructure, agriculture, or other "real jobs". Just give them a UBI and KoFi account and let them live ffs.
Because the corporations dont want your Brave New World. They want a chicken coop full of fat, brainless meat they can profit from. LET OUR PEOPLE FLY.
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2023.06.04 20:39 p0sto Really good food

Really good food
Got the beef shawarma would recommend
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2023.06.04 20:32 rdfiii Did I just put a slice of pork roll on my chicken salad bagel sandwich? YUP!!!

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2023.06.04 20:22 jiuflorian2 help me see if my diet is unhealthy

im not sure if im doing anything wrong, or if im consuming something in excess, so i wanted to ask that here:
1- breakfast is usually 2 bananas, and a peanut butter sandwich (toast) with a teaspoon of honey
2- might eat an oat biscuit, or an orea or nothing at all during work
3- lunch is usually red meat or chicken with rice or pasta
4- green tea with 2 teaspoons of honey after an hour of lunch
5- an apple and a banana before workout for energy
6- after workout, oats with milk and teaspoon of honey and a 2 eggs omlette
7- before sleep, 7 walnuts and/or greek yogurt ( i eat it once or twice a week)
anything unhealthy im doing please dont hesitate to point it out. im kind of worried abt my sugar intake, maybe 3 bananas too much? maybe im putting too much honey? i like routine so usually this diet doesnt change
i am a 24 yr old male , 170 cm tall, 68,7 kg and i do 100 pushups daily plus either lateral raises and shrugs or bicep curls daily
Side note: also is my weight normal? i havent weighted in a looong time last time i was 64 kgs, now im 68,7 although i dont have a tummy or belly or anything, is this normal or is this because im working 9-5 now?
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2023.06.04 20:21 GRENADESGREGORY Anywhere to get spicy hot wings?

I’ve been here for about 2 years and haven’t really been able to find anywhere with spicy wings other than slim chickens inferno sauce and Buffalo Wild Wings hottest sauce. Any suggestions? Preferably somewhere that’s not a chain?
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2023.06.04 19:45 farklinkbot I'll be taking this chicken sandwich and whatever cash you got in the register. And make it quick, I'm in dutch with the wife

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2023.06.04 19:42 agirlnamedlola Food review!

Food review!
Okay so I wanted to give my thoughts on the food and drink I had when I was at Disney a few weekends ago. Growing up we were never allowed to spend our money on park food, we would always pack our own sandwiches, snacks, etc. So this time I saved up hard to spoil my whole family and it was awesome!
Cafe Orleans Best food ever! We got the burrata salad, ahi tuna, monte cristo, and the short rib. The burrata was great, I just wish it had come with some crusty bread. The tuna was fine, but to me nothing to really brag about. Of course the Monte cristo and the pomme frites were awesome! I couldn’t finish mine so I took the leftovers home and they definitely tasted great in the hotel the next day. The short ribs WERE AMAZING. 10/10 recommend that as an entree. We also tried the mint julep, which was too sweet for me but my dad loved it. I will be going here for future trips instead of Blue Bayou.
Cocina Cucamonga (DCA) Potato tacos and the quesabirria. So the potato tacos were nice for a little crunch texture but the filling was kind of bland, so if I were to do it again I would pass and just get more of the quesabirria because that SLAPPED. I know everyone here raves about it and for good reason. I live in a region of US with fantastic Mexican food and this was on par with some great options here. Get them!
Red Wagon Corn Dog Yes the corn dogs are great, however my brother and I both got one from here (different times) and we noticed they weren’t really cooked fully. They seemed inconsistent too. Still tasted good but there is another corn dog place in Disney that I recommend
Stage Door Cafe Corn Dog Cooked perfectlyyyyy. Go here for a corn dog, it’s in Frontierland.
Paradise Garden Grill (DCA) I got the carne asada burrito. PASS. It was fine but nothing special and for the price point, go for something else.
Lamplight Lounge (DCA) We went here for the lobster nachos and drinks. The nachos were honestly okay in my opinion. I think they are a bit overhyped. I was expecting more flavor but it was kind of bland? Also they came out kind of luke warm. I was underwhelmed. As far as beverage goes, I got something off the menu that our server recommended. It was some kind of pina colada with 99 bananas in it (I think). It was really good and fun! I never have silly indulgent drinks like that so it was fun.
Carthay Circle Lounge (DCA) This was the second time here and I was not very impressed. I will preface this with - my dad has celiac so we have to do gluten free whenever we share meals with him. We tried the Malai Kofta Potato, which had no alterations because it is already gluten free. In my opinion - awful. The “curry” tasted like tomato soup, and the kofta had no flavor. I didn’t even one to eat more than the first bite. We also tried the Strozzapreti Pasta with GF pasta. Also terrible. I would be curious to try it with regular pasta, but my assumption is it would still be bad. The sauce was so flavorless! I’m so bummed the food was bad. As far as drinks, I had an Espresso Martini and my brother an Old Fashion. My martini was nothing special, and the old fashion was pretty standard. Honestly I’m so sad this experience wasn’t positive as I love the art deco vibe of the restaurant but will not return next trip.
Ronto Roaster Ok the Ronto Wrap is everything people say it is - absolutely delicious. I actually returned the following day and got another one. It’s spicy and sweet and the naan bread goes perfectly with it.
Docking Bay 7 Black Caf - fun for the ‘gram. While it was decent, I probably won’t get it again. It wasn’t bad, though.
Red Rose Tavern Grey Stuff - Omg I did not have high expectations because I’m not huge on frosting but this cake was amazing. I am going to get this on every future trip I ever take! The raspberry filling made it SO GOOD
We also of course had a bunch of churros, which are better in Disneyland than DCA.
That’s all I remember. It was fun to spend my money on silly overpriced food.
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2023.06.04 19:41 SeaworthinessFar8968 🐔 Double Mighty Zinger Challenge - A Testament to Grit, Grease, and... Gut-wrenching Consequences 🐔

Greetings, Kuwait! Picture this: A Friday evening, KFC, and the Double Mighty Zinger Challenge. Yes, you read that right. Two Mighty Zingers. One sitting. The stage was set for an unforgettable gastronomic saga that would test the limits of my appetite and determination, and leave a trail of... let's say 'chaos', in its wake.
Walking into the KFC, I was a desert fox poised at the beginning of a treacherous journey. The aroma of eleven secret herbs and spices filled the air, but this was no ordinary trip to the Colonel's kitchen. The challenge was the fast-food equivalent of climbing Kuwait Towers... without an elevator.
When the twin Mighty Zingers landed before me, they were as imposing as the grand gates of the Grand Mosque. Each Zinger was a monolith of crispy, succulent chicken, lettuce, and mayo, all encased within soft, toasted buns. The first Mighty Zinger stood no chance. The symphony of flavors was an exhilarating ride, each bite taking me one step closer to the peak of my gastronomic adventure.
But then came the second Zinger. I won't lie, my fellow desert dwellers; this was where the journey turned uphill. Each bite was a battle, a clash between the tempting taste of the Zinger and the protesting groans of my stomach. It felt like a harsh desert wind was blowing against me, slowing my pace, challenging my resolve.
But guess what? I'm no faltering gazelle. I'm a hardened Kuwaiti who laughs in the face of adversity (and indigestion). I channeled my inner Bedouin strength, focused on the goal, and took one hearty bite after another. With each crunch, I was not just eating a sandwich; I was chewing on the fibers of defeat and spitting them out.
And then, just as the sun was setting and casting its golden hue on Kuwait City, I did it. I stood victorious atop my gastronomic mountain, two defeated Mighty Zingers lying in my wake. The staff and patrons alike, who had been watching this duel of man versus sandwich with a mix of awe and disbelief, burst into applause. I raised my grease-stained hands in triumph, feeling as elated as a Kuwaiti kid who just aced his math test.
But as with all great feats, my victory came at a cost. The aftermath of this challenge was akin to a seismic event in my digestive system. The ensuing trip to the bathroom can only be described as a scene of mass destruction. Let's just say, the Mighty Zingers staged a mighty rebellion on their way out.
So here I am, basking in the afterglow of victory, a bit fuller, a lot more legendary, and with a newfound respect for the power of fast food. Regrets? Not one. The sight of a chicken sandwich still brings a twinkle to my eye. And did I make history? Absolutely! The Double Mighty Zinger Challenge didn't just gain a new champion; it gained a legend! 🍔🍔🏆🇰🇼
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2023.06.04 19:38 Gorotheninja You weren't expecting that response, were you, PETA?

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2023.06.04 19:20 towergrovesouth St. Louis restaurant staple Juniper to change up their model

From chef/owner John Perkins:
Juniper is becoming something new. The old needs to pass away, and in its place, something new can emerge. I recognize this is a sad moment for many folks who have come to Juniper over the years. You came for special occasions, anniversary celebrations and birthdays, graduation, date night, or a great cocktail and a delicious bowl of shrimp and grits. But the world has changed, and we must change with it. What might have worked a few years ago just doesn’t work today. And that’s ok.
I admit that I have fought against this change. I gave in to thinking sentimentally about this place, named after one of my daughters, which started nearly a decade ago with a few scraps and a lot of determination. I viewed it, at times, not as a business but as an extension of myself. Juniper was my baby. But that sentimentality clouded my judgment. I had to be honest about what was sustainable in the new post-covid restaurant world.
Our last service as Juniper will be on July 2nd. It’s a brunch service. We will re-open as Sunday Best by Juniper sometime in late July. I am hoping by the 26th. Sunday Best grew out of my childhood experiences eating at roadside fried chicken places in the bootheel, Sunday Suppers with plates piled high, and bowls of mashed potatoes and sweet tea in mason jars. It is something old but new, familiar yet fresh. We will have oysters, fresh and grilled. A few small plates, sides, soft serve ice cream. Back to basics on our bar: the return of the Presbyterian, a punch of the week, more beers and bubbles. And, of course, our fried chicken, better than ever. Two-piece, four-piece, whole bird, our sandwich (available grilled too!), and tenders.
Here are a few other changes: no reservations except for large parties, counter service lunch, and Happy Hour is back! Brunch is staying. Days of operation will still be Wednesday through Sunday, but now 11-9. And Sunday Suppers on Sunday evening with industry discounts. More to come next week!
It will be familiar but not the same. I am excited and eager, I hope you will be too.
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2023.06.04 19:16 BidAccomplished529 Omad Week 2 Update

Guys so I have been doing omad since 2 weeks now I have lost around 9.2 pounds in last 2 weeks But I have not been able to observe much change in my body structure
Could you guys tell me if I am commiting any mistake in my diet and workout
So basically I break my fast at 5pm I eat 4 boiled eggs, a bowl of boiled chicken, some snack like noodles, sandwich, Pani puri, Samosa,etc and a fruit bowl / fruit juice (with added sugar) And then I eat a protein bar (10 g one)
Then at 8pm I have dinner [I try to keep it very light usually I consume Dal Rice or Chicken Curry or Biryani(once a week) ]
I have been following this 20:4 religiously along with a cheat meal once or twice a week (still on OMAD)
I am staying in an university so it's really tough to cook my own food so I am not able to cook eat like other people doing omad here so yeah I am being confused over the same
And for workout
I usually perform some random cardio exercises from YT or I go to swim ( I swim for 1 hrs mostly) or I play football with my friends [I workout 3 /4 times a week] Please guide me out guys
Also I would love to connect with people from Indian Universities who stay in hostel and have been doing OMAD so I might be able to relate with them and get some tips for the same
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2023.06.04 19:14 lesbianarsonistclub home of the rule

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2023.06.04 18:56 scmcneill1986 I need help! Quite a bit (considerable really) of blood in diarrhea

I just joined this group looking for some help and support. It's Sunday so my options for medical advice is limited until tomorrow but I'm really scared.
Background: I was diagnosed with Crohns about 20 years ago when I was 15/16. Am now 37(F). I have had some ups and downs with it. I have been on Pentasa and Prednisone in my teens and early 20s. I have, for the most part been in remission for the last 10 years or so. I got pregnant at 33 and had my daughter at 34. I was fully prepared for flare ups and other issues during my pregnancy (following the rule of 3, during pregnancy about 1/3 of patience get better, 1/3 stay the same, and 1/3 get worse). Considering i was basically symptom free you would assume I was in a good way not to have too many bad effects but I'm a skeptic lol I did have some bad constipation a few times but overall had a really good pregnancy. Since I gave birth (via c-section and OB did a little poking around while in there and said "everything looks really good") I have again basically been in remission. I have really struggled to lose the baby weight however and I did go to my GI just see if there was anything going on to maybe address this struggle. I had an abdominal MRI. I live in Canada (Ontario) so we generally only get a call to discuss anything abnormal. I never heard from them (about 18 months ago) so assumed everything was fine. I do have to be careful with spicy food which I really love. Nothing horrible but I will get diarrhea for at least 1-2 days after if I eat a good amount of spicy food. Additionally, my husband is deployed overseas since Dec and back in July.
So to my point, finally. Yesterday (Saturday), my daughter was at my moms for the day/over night. It wasn't very nice our so I was inside pretty much all day and decided to do a big purge and clean out my daughter's closet and install an closet organizer. I had felt like i needed to go to the bathroom a few time through the day but not much was happening. I took a swig of mineral oil. I didn't lift anything too heavy but I took about 6-8 trips down the stairs with loads.of stuff for the thrift store. I had an ice espresso from Starbucks around 11 and didn't eat anything until 5. I had a Buffalo Chicken Poutine from Harvey's....i know, not a.great choice and def not good for any kind of IBS but I was on my 3rd trip to the thrift store and starving. My stomach was super impressed. Again tried going to the washroom around 6 or 7 and still not alot so I took another swig of mineral oil to help the constipation. I don't do this often but it was a hectic day and I was kind of tired of trying to go to the washroom.
I will add that I had a little scare about 1 year ago with a blood cloth in my head and I will sometimes get the same odd sensations and so I take a low dose asprin a few times per week. I took one the night before (Friday night).
So Saturday around 10pm I was finally done all my clean up and sat down in front of the TV and I had a piece of apple pie and a cup of tea. I felt I needed to go to the bathroom badly...finally! Well....it was like water coming out. I wipe and just about passed out from the sight of a toilet bowl of blood. Well I know that when blood withs water it can def look worse than it is but omg I was so scare. I immediately had to go again and the same thing happened. Dark dark red, I couldn't tell if there were clots or not.
Sunday morning I go to the washroom and same thing.
I have no pain in my abdomen, no pain when I go to the washroom. I do have a pretty gurgling tummy but this always happens when I have Buffalo sauce. I'm so scare to go to thebwashroom again. I had to pick my daughter up from my mom's house so now I have a very active 3 year old running around.
Since last night I have had no appetite. Which is normal for me when I'm stressed or scared.
I will also add that I did recently change my diet to include Brazil nuts and walnuts daily (about 5-8 and 4-7 respectively) I am also trying to eat a much healthier diet (yesterday was very much an exception!!) With more protein, more fiber (natural, not supplements) and less carbs but not cutting them out completely.
I know this is a lot of info but I feel it's all pretty relevant. In super worried so any info or advice is very much appreciated.
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2023.06.04 18:47 mozzarellaman24 T-rex

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